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We are taking this week off to spend time with our loved ones and the reminder that we are blessed with so much. However, we never take a week off in our minds, and the families with a missing loved one are always in our hearts and thoughts. We decided to re-share an episode from a few years ago about a missing child who disappeared many decades ago, Vinyette Teague. If you have not heard her story, please give it a listen. If you have heard her story, we encourage you to listen to it again as her mother, Kathy, remains a steadfast reminder that the loss of a child is a wound that never heals. As we enjoy the special celebrations and memories that come with the holidays, we want to honor the family members of the missing and recognize that your missing loved one is not forgotten. Please keep all families with a missing loved one in your hearts this holiday season.

On June 25, 1983, 18-month-old Vinyette Teague was in the company of her grandmother, extended family, and neighbors while her parents took the evening off to watch a movie. It was a warm summer night in Chicago, Illinois, and Vinyette’s grandmother and a neighbor took turns holding the toddler while getting some fresh air in the open air hallways near their apartments. When the phone rang, her grandmother went in to take the call, and the neighbor set Vinyette down on the ground near a table where neighbors gathered to play games. When her grandmother returned, Vinyette was gone. Vinyette has never been seen again.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Vinyette Teague, please call the Chicago Police Department at 312-747-5789. You may also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-800-843-5678.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download the app today we taking this week off to spend time with our loved ones and the reminder that were blessed with so much. However, we now we'll take a week off in our minds and the families who have the missing loved one are always in our hearts and thoughts. So we just I did to reassuring episode that we covered a few years ago about a missing child who disappeared many decades ago. Vignette teak. If you have not yet heard her story. Please give it a lesson, and if you have her, her story. We encourage you to listen to it again. As her The kathy remains a steadfast reminder of the fact that the loss of a child is a wound that never heals as we enjoy all of the special celebrations and memories that come with the holidays. We wanted to honor our family members and recognize that your missing loved one is not forgotten,
They may not have physical reminders of her baby daughter, because the police took them and subsequently lost them or refuse to give them back to her. However, the daily- constant reminder that she never got to see her only daughter, grow up remains a fur shhh wound that you can hear in her words, please keep of the families with a missing loved one in your hearts. This holiday season, mediately I'd, start looking for story tat. We had darted in peace years ago and unfortunately, I couldn't find any. We never covered this woman's story. That's the sad part in all of that we went through archive and archive, and two managers media managers- that's what they call they're called. I had them trying to help me. We couldn't find anything on this little girl went missing, some thirty, six years ago there so many people who have a loved one missing. You know and and.
They just want some help. They want you to put their picture out. There would be no help me find something On the evening of june twenty fifth nineteen, eighty three eighteen month, old, vignette teague was in the company of her grandmother, cousins and many neighbors and friends her parents treated themselves to the rare occasion of a night out to see a movie together, A neighbour and vignettes grandmother took turns holding her until grandmother, went to take a phone call inside and the neighbour set vignette down near a busy hallway family, and friends milled about ass, she sat near a table. Were her uncle was playing cards what time passed and the family realise that vignette was no longer sitting near the apartment door or in the hallway she was nowhere to be found in the third six years that have passed since that day, vignette tee, he has never been seen again.
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under maintained and overrun with violence. The house, projects were not at all with the city had hoped to accomplish, Still, these community served a purpose came home to many local families. Looking for an affordable environment in which to raise their children, it was this development that the teak family was raising their three young boys and baby vignette, while work towards a better future growing up. And yet smother Cathy had always wished for a daughter envy. It was the child. She had hoped and prayed for. We spoke with care the four this story- and we asked her to tell us what she remembers about her baby girl What will we love you baby? She likes me, or she didn't afraid everybody big guy. You know she loved her poplar illusion, with tat. She loved him. But you know, but only
eighteen months is not much. You really can get from a toddler you now but you see below that they have. This was sweet baby then she loved your guide. Mama about god bless you were there. Baby, and she, like pink, take, was pretty to her She loved boy would disappear. What may sound like unfavourable living conditions to some cathy has We positive memories of her first years in the housing development where she had moved in the late nineteen seventies when her oldest child was born, it was wonderful because I m afraid tat. I grew up with. We are with back she required they say about baby and we lay at their one another. You know my phrase that I grew up with you. Now We have very close family, we steer stay in touch but more
them they stayed in my building within your came up missing their day. At now,. The evening of june twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty three was a warm one and vignettes parents. Cathy and albert, had decided to take a break for the night For a reprieve, from the busy shuffle of working as well parenting for young children, as evening settled in. They got ready to leave for a movie. When we spoke to him, The she described what she remembers from that night thirty six years ago,. Ok, one out loud spending. Want, go out a lot more they go out. I'm gonna get four key. Ich You know, I need a break. You knowledge culture, the eu or lack of it? We? What we might. We took our charity, They gave him all that level. With my mother or love, it didn't make them the man. He said. Ok, let's get a guy,
my at work, daughters, whisper come down and get our later, and he said. Ok, and so my mother was the air. I of my problem occurs. It and Ella was stiff neighbours on the galleries. Rabbit shaded plantation, is this large ports, a step of course called it a gallery was hard out in every society without playing cards and atypical it's out I want to show you level about. Eighty, eight. Thirty there, my mom was sheridan outside the apartment. labour. Edna may flower was how lit up she live. Right next door, was wholly in kenya. Shamardal that love They say my mother got a phone call, but nobody can give
locked share. The aim of when the power me and my mother won an apartment, and air should deals Marshall. allowed charging me and my arm my mother, why? I don't love but gave one but my mobile showed I left. My problem occurs in vienna If the neighbours the base law that was still how in vignette- and they say she decided to get up. I wish I hadn t heard dishes scattered completely edge of my mother. She killed at the hall. When I left, just be now: shut down bad away and water apparently delegation have been seeking their problem, Player to carve a lot like more global, just seven there watching them on that for sure, I don't know how well she had been missing the one they discovered they ve been yet was not there
everybody went looking for that labour, a guy who is now a case, I gotta didn t look bad, then he felt that they didn't have on the floor. When they realise that the toddler was missing. Vignettes family for thought that she may have been picked up by another relative. everyone said they hadn't seen her services should the building was set in motion family members, neighbours and other residents had already started going door to door. Packing the nearby buildings and looking everywhere they could think for little vignette, but there was no trace of the toddler one of at lingering frustrations over all these years has been She doesn't know all the details of what transpired that evening, or why the neighbour would have set vignette down in the busy hallway to go into her apartment and wash dishes when we spoke, her she explained. What she believes happened with the neighbour in the sky.
The lay out of the apartment, they say she. By the hallway and well in favour not bad at all. Why sharing Down below will feel trying to figure out the policy issue Why would she said are better how why did she just take her to my mother? Their question have never been asked you ever make couldn't even after the question do lemme our whole directly. I've heard now If the big man, the same thing could have happened to me. So I can't whole letter here at been made, but I will dont know why she'd never took a chair. My mother know why she was one day in hot permanently. To what did we see your fan a strange, but it may is dear to know so I make sure did she held there. I didn't hold their her. There are in touch with her. He settled down by the healthy on key
then was bad, a hall why it was a door. There was the whole weight, but our problem was right. There Why do I guess it always state because people were- I'm not going anywhere went out of the hall door. When you walk out that door level, this just the stair landing in them, the stair you just walked out enable the stairs right there to your. Why didn't just started walking down boy? He saw walking up I only know what I'm want to nope on one aberdeen, I love until we get back after a few. Hours away from home, cathy and albert returned it the early morning hours of sunday june. Twenty sixth- building was still alive. With the sounds of residents bustling through the hallways butts thing? Wasn't right, as he soon realised this, just the weekend buzz of neighbours and there was a woman yelling, her name, king if she had her baby confused
Cathy and her husband went up to their apartment, hoping that this all. Just simply a misunderstanding just lady scream in my name. I love it. Who me this time or more Do you have your baby right now my baby and be asleep. I should like to know your babyish mission, I want to say- maybe one you know I got a light. It was like a trance. and you know what I've got a job look at my mother say said my mother roused face he did. It was sure slot went back the door once the not for door to door knock. My baby, a nation, it now? they love nightmare for match with dervish kathy doesn't remember if the police had already arrived on scene when she and her husband got home worth came later. According to the
Port we received from the chicago police department police arrived at the building where vignettes family resided at ten thirty p m and can did a search of the apartments and other areas in their search for the missing baby. There is anything further in the report that gives us any information about what police found or how they continued their investigation. when we were researching this story, we look for news articles from back when vignette disappeared, hoping to fall and more information, but we They found one according to a small article, published thirteen pages back from the headlines of the chicago tribune. Five days If the vignette had vanished police on tuesday continued an intensive search for one and a half year old, vignette t teague who disappeared over the weekend. It continues on quoting the chicago police sergeant as saying that, while he would not speculate that there may have in foul play
child should have turned up by now, have been no ransom demands and no one has contacted the mother. We know Kathy isn't entirely sure who called the police when no one could find vignette and doesn't remember if they were already there when she and her husband arrived home. What she does vividly recall are the police interviews that began soon after she and her family were taken to the local police station. After that, arrived back home, I loaded to mohammed myself camp. Was there too we are referring morning said molly, we'll have to come in and get me admiral. when they take off about my awkwardly like what they were. And about my her than in my family, the saying that blue, yet flung back into the union, and he didn't like the waiter was tree hoagie there's something I would never do
the family. They know it all. I ever wanted in life was a little girl at fifty land urban area. Three boy could be a god bless me and with care and eu funds restored, my life a year and a half later by take it my daughter, you now for somebody excuse. You can come back if Shall among you, notation all we know- and so on his way from each other levels evident that he had a gambling problem. It somebody you know look out the old and sound did you write about light character, sat down, but I understood this was taken the need to make sure that we didn't have anything do what I do want to miss. Nothing out beauty, I believe, and my baby paris, it anywhere in the world, My
Now, when you leave your baby, which you load, Escobar's pouch, when, in the face of long hours of questioning and what felt like unrelenting accusations cat, did her best to remember that the police were only there to do their jobs. However, there's one encounter from the police interviews that Cathy remembers as being particularly cold hearted. Material, gave me an unwelcome lady. Poems are perfect, but I guess she paused to dinner the shader. alpha or whatever cause she legit. I came her name, I feel alone, had never once said. I the clean up of torture. There may be a gear, I'll call she liked the way she was me and my hope, and against each other, each other. Not every book fear that we be come back and stay alive, daughter or she So for Joe I mean that's what you think of this type and happened. Blackie MA am
the color of key, if it doesn't matter either europe into a black jack of man, Mr Adam city and funding right now, when you sit near and they would flop back and looked after awhile so they had. It came up in your conversation, One insensitive police officer didn't get to Cathy, though she was well to recount us the many positive experiences and memories she has of the chicago police, as well as the fbi who she too almost immediately began working on vignettes case, then the affair. And when they came in twenty four hours later are listed. Wonderful. I was alone. ladys came in, and you know they just help. Tomorrow in my mother and my mom my crew in india, and I don't know where they want to ask the dead birthday.
They treated me with love and respect approaching, like there was better than what the police war but happening. Out of a police and they found out that you know my Right now was really gone and we back to come back to kill bed. Yet it was easy far better will just those powers hours. So pro may I say: let me come and home and family now dead. You know I've nightmare head the gate. He wasn't black police officer there. a fire to her case. It was me before he made sure that he would have been the case. Whatever me. kay me, and he was there. You know, the term media freedom can we already and we go in investigating You know whatever lolita area was really allow suddenly became death death before you, Charles taylor, if he were alive, they give case manager from the national sailor to me- you you don't want it.
About them. They tears to my eyes because they really took care of me and made sure that my baby, what's out there, they left no stone. turn to make me loaded? They care there. Was they go that far talked about, and they may should. I checked on me for her birthday I and of those who today just a few yards you allow even the fb the ag, you know we called and we were child want gear. May I thank god What name dawn came with his name, but they are The charge is there because it's been so long. even when it makes five years has been the case, a glance how they see or make sure that that been yet was being put out there. Well, I feel in my case at that time there was new to everybody. and they didn't know how to deal with David know how to handle it It was what he wants.
Maybe they try to get a birthday do well. Qualified out of shot de at newgate genes. Good data James, could even know. Maybe you nobody, he had come the chicago from the national centre. For me finish, wanted children and he sure he came near yale, my high and any made video his baby for five years. Indeed, when he could take it no longer, he gave it to another. Wonderful may a charge treated as you. investigation continued then. Yet the picture was put on posters, grocery bags, t shirts and just about anything kathy and her sister Dorothy could think of to ensure her photo was posted around the chicago area. When we spoke happy sister Dorothy. She told us about some of their efforts to make sure that they spread the word about the missing toddler as well as, all the different ways. They tried to find information. I mean we look. Baby. You love me
you see, I mean able crazy, but we want to see cited. We want to see hi reader. You would you fear about trying to find our way with renewed it's a lot of money. Do I know what I mean. You know when that happens, just what you go to there we got a lot of phone calls. I never knew that so many people Babies, They found a baby found him and got his cabin class embarrassing there. I supposed to come down to identify, but none of them was in yet we need to know every time we went, we had so many. the problem is so times you thought there were less than it was like a fairy, maybe even factors in everything. One of them told us that she will then once downy they couldn't tell secondly, where They were her by the police to work on the case, but she said you live in an orange county forever.
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the whole dot com. Sash. Am I a or text? Am I to five hundred to five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible, dot, com? Slash? Am I a the. on one search: Cathy and dorothy had received a tip about a little girl at a local day care who resembled vignette. They immediately jumped into action. Here's what worthy remembers, which only a grocer ebay, they ve got it, is on the drowsy wage dumping. A call from a daycare center. One day, as you told us that we need So I got in the car me can't and a friend of ours and I drove it was a supper. Therein were drawn gear. The take yourself the lady told us before we came, she said
pierre and unwelcome, lose my job he's got a mom was a hundred percent sure this is this is when yet. This is the maiden ambrosch ebay sleeve, the debate has gone founder birth. We gap, and the job. You look like when one word you have been messed up from the present, but you didn't have to share the burden and they played They played a game, they deal the footprint, listen to me, Other problems are aware: they will do in order to to give the day a deadline. New found again without children, It ended up not being her. there were other times that Cathy received information about vignette being alive door. he told us about some of the times that she and Cathy learned of the child that might be the missing toddler. I'll. I you told us that he was adopted ask the doctors. If you speak with exit the people that got really believe. Whoever made
it was that somebody made a burden indicating to get here. Everything that go with it. taking a legit Fear today was raising her and said made viana farewell now. This is years after proud of that. He said if you play the piano and was gorgeous Was there a daughter? it's going be? A nurse was gone for nursing work in a hospital. She don't if you're going to see it one day say when he, when you see her, she has gotten to know you and you're going to know her, but it happened. Yet the he's continued their work on vignettes case too. Have you told us that the police talk to many people in their search but didn't come up with? much in the end, what Why are you a lot of people they couldn t see nobody will ever young there that they say toilet they seen a man in a year or the year after he got.
When he came back, I see a good lad. He just wanted attention the sour nobody saw I don't know that's what he came back and tell me Well, a lot laugh. A lot of people who want to be famous, I just wanted to have something to say: sandy what they love. Are you a little black tie in them and they were convinced me? I did. He was my love void, domain They know me about it now we need to the in Cathy spent, nearly all of their free time. Looking for vignette in the cargo metropolitan area, but with so many families, with a missing loved one. All the time and effort spent looking for vignette, took a toll on Cathy's marriage, the police, Your views had cast suspicion on cathy and albert separately and according to Kathy albert began to believe the insinuations made by police and given credit to buy his family,
after several years their marriage broke up and albert left adding another obstacle for cathy to overcome in the search for her daughter, kathy, believes that vignette was taken by someone who wanted a child of their own to raise She is alive and well unaware that she has missed and loved by a family. She doesn't remember when we talked with her she told us how she believe someone could have gotten away with vignette. well, you know what they probably saw, someone with her, How do you know that was my baby? I knew what a strange one where we go about her harlan. They she'll tat phrase No, she was screaming because she had let people touch her. Well, you know what my mother touch her. She just her a of peaks at that age. So we knew she was claiming it covered her face, and you were
it was enough to put her head down a hole in it, so they couldn't see our fate. Kathy, doesn't know of anyone who would have wanted to harm her or who have wanted to take vignette, but busy weekend night in a crowded residential building it possible to know everyone who was hanging around the world. taylor homes or constructed at sixteen stories. Each in long structures in the sun if the building were two elevators and two stairwells which could restricted the number of exits from the seventh floor, where vince and her family had been that evening. being that it was so busy that night that could have made taking a toddler in a crowd, much easier as no one would have been able to hear her cries. Mrs may not have realised that vignette didn't belong with this person, but Having a toddler would be no easy feet on such a warm weekend evening when residents were spending their time outside enjoying the company and the weather.
Could no one have seen anything dorothy, also believes that vignette was abducted, and told us that, while she doesn't believe the crime was planned, the design the building would have lent itself too quickly, leaving with a small child. The project every bad you down on corridor they play cards are determined card table that is able to be in it. Really bad to go down the stairs just to think seriously about how to get up and let your back. Now. The elevator was in a similar way, he could about away. If elevator openness she's got on me a beta but I'm thinking about the planned it now nobody there was something captain I will decide last minute, debate will go out, didn't like they were tat. We go out, drag you never. You know, though no just a last minute thing: the devil, Debbie, No! No! I don't think it was clear
It might have been an opportunity at all mobile in a way to give up hope because they said, along with their own, find her chair he still on their markets, major in Moscow, private or even you know Don't let them lonely, not lonely, whereby some man again you know at all. But I hope and pray that the man I don't think. Indeed I do think she's alive somewhere, but where I haven't then here at all. She were chicago, no calls. Capitola, we hung preachers law behind pitches everywhere we have of trees. We went in a restaurant half journal or maybe just europe just everywhere weeks baker. anyway, to calmly If a man was noticed, her face was taken away. I think she was taken. chicago I can be. I don't know for sure
someone take off with vignette that evening an escape without being seen when we spoke with door, the she told us about a chilling story of an incident they observed while they were handing out flyers. This serves as a reminder that anything can happen in front of a crowd of people. Their will When did this happen, values we were a poor hall this old man well dressed in everything He was back out of the blue hall. but his hands in his pockets. United, we will it'd be mistaken. Fancy I've got a fucking but anyway this young girl came out. She was actually the attack in here. and the old man fell down to say at the man you spare me as you didn't stop. And the blood will just all over her, and let me guess just standing there looking man him, let alone! mother, young lady having a screen is obeyed about it with a viable something. But do you know
The same I mean just amongst their walk, a moving picture and the ball he's doing well, a young man who gave a young girl a jacket. I thought I could check it out the jacket on around corn. if you came back when the police came, there was one, this man learn about an older man, you know ask him about it. The people wow, I mecca, believe it I'm lookin like. I don't believe you I have been a bit of my I almost one to one of the me. If you with me, What tell you what happened well? He we are talking about the future. of the couple: stayed him about the near future, and he walked down with me, and I told him after the young lady ass, she came back home in this dream. when I my husband and get back there no matter what the man has ever made. It is there she wants
Let me ask you open the jacket up, you'll see all the blood I said, but I don't want nothing to do just going to going through enough myself. We have a tragedy it out. I wanna be involved and made get in the car. I love you, but I've gotta use I'll ever better get the mouse. Yet You saw what happened, but we know about it up at the summit, and fell vignette, and they would matter if you listen to the show for a while. You probably know that many of the families that we ve worked with are often victimize during their search efforts Sadly, Cathy was no exception to this awful practice. She told about some of the horrible experiences she's. Had They were gesture about? You know people alcohol say: I've heard your baby was caught up optimal. Turkey has taken a green garbage back or somebody What pal?
for a whole month to put up a baby on the fact that it was a baby, but ah tat made. It was a baby and put them in. The die alone lab ireland, mom mom, mom mom mom, like like them. I tried to tell the police We need a czech edge awarded to our family. call me a bullet. That is why at the pace watch wasted, because my file, but in the real life there's somebody we do want levels, and that was called me Much has been kidnapped in there. They gotta, screaming mommy mommy that charge it make. The fact that, where it came from sounds like, but they didn't do anything about it, but because the stop after they felt that way it was coming. but then I feel I should lead the paid a trace. Following a cage on it was,
Our arresting a baby, all the foulest queen and murmuring mommy, because kathy, wasn't home when vignette vanished, Collection of events is based on what other family members, neighbours and others told her took place that night, while she and her husband were out seeing a movie, an entirely different story can be found in the small news peace that was published in the chicago tribune, a few days after vignette disappeared, which said Kathy, had gone up to another floor. To visit with friends we be certain about how this misinformation was circulated in if he may never know which version of vignette story is true or what actually happened to her, because no one who was there that evening has come forward to share what they saw heard or remember kathy, contains a relationship with her two sisters and brother that we're home on the evening. The her mother was watching vignette when she disappeared and though it seems difficult to keep going without answers,
the values the time she has with her family members and accept Everyone has handled this tragedy differently. You know nobody said, you can write another day, muffled, don't talk about it, but they can't remember the it missed the mark Why did not there? Never! the guy you know from my curve and to my brother dose for people like change tat day well my alive let them know that I don't hold their gas them, so I shall stay close to them, for they will feel that blame them at all? this year, but they blame them sale and they just can't get out of it. So they don't talk about. Didn t you some talk about it, I just come in they just my boys. Do every year for her birthday and anniversary. They just be that they make. And ass, they should day without due
We used to do belongs in case, but I'm afraid you know is that here now, not only to do any that anymore During our research into the story we made, multiple attempts over four months to contact the chicago police department, The intention of asking for an interview that could possibly answer some of our questions. We wanted to learn more about the basic timeline of events, the night that vignette disappeared and to clear up the confusion caused by the cloud of time as of this year, No one has returned our calls or answered our emails. We also filed. An open records request which was granted, but to date We ve only received a two page supplementary report, which document, someone who came forward claiming to be vignette according to the report, the police emailed cathy, a photo of the young woman to ask if she could be vignette. The rope remains: open ended as us. Seers ago away
Cathy's response, though she told us that she remembers receiving this photo and it was not vignette the preacher. She was talking about. Yes, idea seemed to me. nah say what lovely them was. The marquise went with me my boy I not really wanted her to be gay saucer I really tried and make it but love. You got my boy. Why do they? Should there they were trying to ban are with them with her. There was no with them. She aware- and I had another woman from their loyalty Is she wanted to begin yet to basel com, therefore heartbreaking, one caused the dead, you're, hoping against guess all open they're there. night and day. You know people want to give me what you, because they say why How do you know a slot her when you have a faint job here,
I have to explain to their model here daddy through our family traits of us, all and change. I shall we So tried speaking to the national centre for missing and exploited children about vignette story who asked. To make our request via email or email requests have gone unanswered. We had hoped speak to a retired detective who was working on vignettes case for years, the women reached out to his current organisation. We received the following for reaching out, but will have to refer you to law enforcement are consultants deploy to assist law enforcement and we never discuss individual cases. working on vignette story, sometimes it felt like everyone except Cathy, had stopped looking for her. It wasn't law enforcement that wouldn't respond ass, we ran, two dead ends everywhere we looked hoping
one news report or one person who would talk to us about the baby who vanished and whose identity and story seem to vanish. With her ear in the immediate aftermath of her disappearance, the media, Rarely mentioned vignette, in fact The chicago tribune mentioned her only once in nineteen eighty three and that short article that I shared with you earlier that same news. Peace says the following of cathy: she was employed and unmarried, and she lived poverty at the chicago housing authorities, Robert taylor, homes, on the south side, when we speak Two cathy: she had a response to those things that were written about her in the one news: peace ever written about vignette at the time of her disappearance, while freedom lot of those vote, what they wanted to write to make store. You know you say it. I will marry both in my lab. We knew we were married, you know, show matter what nobody wrote about. Those who fear that what did you know that
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Membership separate offer ends december. Twenty fifth cannot be combined with other offers, see additional terms at one palatine: dot, com, the decades, since there has only been sporadic mention of her name in any newspapers nationwide. Just It seemed that vignette story had been whisper waiting to be given a voice. We found it. Local chicago reporter, Regina Waldrip. She shares some of the same passions that we do here on the show in and highlights local missing persons, cases that haven't gotten any media attention. We spoke. her for this story and asked her how she learned about vignette. So, to be honest, I ever
sister who's in her late fifties and she is homeless, and sometimes we don't know where she is, and I try to make time to maintain contact with her every few weeks I hadn't heard from her. So I reached out to the missing persons group on facebook and it's it's called the cook county. Missing persons and they were working with me to try to find my sister and while I was looking on their page, I saw that vignette had been missing bore more than thirty years, then that I reached out to the woman who put the facebook page together and you will it you need to call her mother. She did you ever anniversaries coming up. You should do a story about this and that, I got the ball rolling so immediately. I start looking for stories that we had done it in pc years ago. well an unfortunately I couldn't find any. We never covered this woman's story. That's the sad part in all of this. We went through archive and archive, and I had two managers. Media managers, that's what they call they're called. I had them trying to help me. We couldn't find anything on this little girl who went missing
some thirty six years ago, like us, Regina, was surprised at vignette story. Hadn't really been covered by the local media. Unwanted make sure this changed right away. She reached out, vignettes, mom, Cathy hoping to find a willing voice, to tell her about this missing little girl. Again the woman who organized the facebook page. They call her right now, so I called her. She picked up the phone and the second ring and she was like hi. This is kathy and I'm like kathy. My name is you know, waldrip, I'm a reporter NBC five, and I want to tell the story of your daughter nothing more than thirty six years and she was like all my goodness- I Campbell if you want you want to tell her story- and I said yes, I, like your daughter matters to me and you like it or not- they got us by, but I don't think about vignette until they come on over today and I should be happy. I can't come today without workin on another story, but ass. It is soon clearly with my manager, we're gonna, come to your house and we're gonna talk. You we'll put the story back out there as we approach
now, the anniversary of the thirty sixth anniversary of her disappearance regime did talk with Cathy and she I heard some of what kathy has told her and what she's learned about vignette? She told me detectives kept all of her all the baby's clothes. The only thing she has left is one shoe one pink shoes. She said they they kept all of the baby providence and they never returned it over the years, they ve never get anything returned. You know she. She, she often wonders what can a woman it's been yet, though I work in a woman did become so that would do and as you know, as she gets older day by day, she is what kind of woman in my daughter would be an anathemas heartbreak. he has a mother, is to look at another mother and I dont know I can answer that to see that you only have once you, won. T you that's all you're holding onto you know: she's move place the place if you live in another four apartment out. All she has her mother bodies, but once you Regina and the team. She works with with the local NBC affiliate, have tried
farther in tracking down the missing pieces in vignette story, but Regina, says it's been a challenge. I would hope that some investigate herself Where do you know what my alarm would take this case up it and want to bring some new attention to it? Cappy think she'd? out there somewhere alive, you know Kathy and her heart of hearts believes her daughter's out there somewhere and has now a you know, an adult. She believes she's out there and I'm going to go with that. I you know I'm going to go with what you believe. She believes her daughter's still out there He went back to where the robber taylor homes used to be, and now you know, there's this area if the building wasn't just empty land, we went back there looking and it's just empty land. Now, two thousand and seven they raised that building the building is no longer there. It's gone, there were firemen out there practicing or doing some water drill. There's no nothing to ever show you he'd never never showed that they used to be a project in that area. Large housing complex, nothing just empty field,
following the story, has inspired Regina to work on showcasing other missing persons. Cases that need more media attention She told us what she feels. A media environment is like for missing people right now and how she's working against at the racial. By saying is it is today I mean you if you're pretty white girl who goes missing. I think you know there's more attention paid to you. I mean this is little black girl missing from pocket. You know that that is the bias right now, I'm I'm run into buys right now and there's a white woman missing in brooksville. You know, there's a pretty blonde woman missing in brookville and it's just a story. I don't know we it. You know I'm getting pushed back even covered that story right now, the gatekeepers just you know I've been news, gatekeeper That's what I call in my address. I dont know they did they just after all, wrong these data on what should be covered and what shouldn't the challenges remaining in working to ensure that all missing persons receive some media coverage.
Regina, says that eliminating these obstacles is part of what she feels is important in covering cases in the chicago area. I think it is a several things happen. I think the way newsrooms work even for me, I was tall. You know I love covering these cases or missing in the chicago and could county one there. So many people who are missing it's on facebook every day is all these people are missing, and I just think you gotta be a voice in the newsroom and you've got to find a way. If you have a loved one missing to be able to keep that story out there. I try to put the stories out there and I try to because we have several women missing right now we have a pregnant postal worker and we have a mother from the field in her fifties and I go in and I want to be- the voice want to be the advocate for these people who are missing, but it's kind of
I'm fighting an uphill battle. I was told last week for the woman in brookfield who's. Fifty three is missing that this becomes and it becomes white noise and people don't want to hear it. And I disagree. I disagree. It's not white noise, everybody has a mother or a loved one. Who may may you know just vanishes. Why don't you want those stories that they be peak interest? I mean dateline and b c. They do these stories almost every friday, but people are missing and I think it is of interest and if we don't tell us Where is the media? Then how do how do these people? How do they ever find out what happened to their loved ones? If we don't tell the story in pushing our station to deal with. On my own I've been meeting with detective who work with the cook county sheriff's department. They have a cold case squad. Just looking at coal cases and people went missing, had been pushing my station lets just every friday, focus on a certain person is missing. Let's try to you know did just bring new life to these cases, but again, there's pushed back and I think that's death, big part of the problem.
so what happened? Vignette teague on that warm summer night, more than thirty six years ago, we do know is that Cathy and her husband had left vignette in the care of her grandmother while they left to go see a movie the building was full of people that evening, including family members, friends and neighbours can was told that our mother left vignette in the care of a neighbor. While she went into her apartment to answer the phone after that the neighbour set vignette down in went to wash dishes. It was asked this time that vignette disappeared. No one is come forward claiming to have seen someone take her, and no one has said that they saw her wandering. the authorities, have not released much information about their investigation. We don't know with anyone who was living in that building was ever considered a person of interest. possibly someone who was visiting that night had some
in planning to take her and saw the right moment to make their move. When her grandmother got up to answer the phone, is she alive and well with another name and identity? But no knowledge of who she actually is. Where was there's some kind of accident on her parents were gone and someone covered it up because they were afraid of getting in trouble. Kathy he's been searching for answers for almost thirty seven years, with the hope remaining that someone who wanted a child talk vignette and that one day she ll see her daughter and recognize her the time of her disappearance, vignette Trudy teague was eighteen months old. She was approximately two feet: eight inches tall in wait around twenty seven pounds. She is. I care and brown eyes today She would be thirty, eight years old, if you have any information about the disappearance of vignette teague. Please call the chicago police department at three one, two, seven, four, seven, five, seven, eight nine email
so called the national centre for missing and exploited children at one eight hundred the lost you know every year I gotta do this story and until the utopia, was already, and I can't even alarming every year when a good story, though my mammy, the maya, pounder right now this and all the other. He now missing people that I've come in contact with their look if I'm going to do their stores in July, I bring them some justice. That's my job as a reporter. I would think part of my job when you meet kathy in person. You just you you field It's from our you feel at home. You know her eyes fill with then a third not knowing what happened to her daughter. I can imagine. I have a dog one of her son me, an email me wasn't around the. He could mean email thanking me or doing that story because she said at birth needed. No, how they would it. You don't mean doing
sorry, but then he sent me an email. Just thanking me on that. He was so appreciative that I had talked to his mother and I was trying to shed new light on in the the hmm I the.
The brings us to the end of episode. Two hundred and six I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for their story, the missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and a discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher, cashbox or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do one way to help the vanished. As my supporting our sponsors, you can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing unpatriotic where you can get early and ad free episodes thanks for listening the what makes a person a murderer. Are they
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