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Shortly before midnight on March 26, 2021, 70-year-old Sandra Eckert got into a fight with her husband. It wasn't their first, in fact, it may not have been their first that day. Sandra and her husband had remained in a mutually miserable marriage that was plagued by COVID quarantines, inheritance disputes, and other issues. So when Sandra and her husband's vehicle disappeared around 11:30 PM, it seemed possible that she left in anger and went to stay somewhere else. But just a few hours later, before her family knew anything was wrong, it became clear that Sandra didn't choose to disappear.

Tune in to hear from Sandra's friends and family about their journey to find answers, including the last person to see Sandra alive, her husband.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Sandra Eckert or her car, please call the Franklin Police Department at 414-425-2522.

You can follow developments in Sandra's case at Help Find Sandy and helpfindsandy.com.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today you ever watch tv Do you ever listen to the nose? I mean you got. You got one lady with a pocketful of cash. I need to get up, but I feel she's not decide now because she didn't reach the kids or grandkids. So I don't believe she said now. She has checking accounts, savings, accounts and credit cards, name them She would. I can't watch and all your comp they'd know right away. If something were spent, get back to me
I would know I I get to build some of my own. She didn't charge of them yeah. So that's about that. I just say something: bad happened that saw that she would have contacted my kids or my grandkids. I thought you just laughter contact or a runaway uncontacted lawyer night, you have no iron Yet we are you later. shortly before midnight on march, twenty six, two thousand twenty one Seventeen year old, sandra Eckert got into a fight with her husband. It wasn't there first. In fact, it may not have been there first that day sandra and her husband had remained in a mutually miserable marriage that was plagued by covered quarantines inheritance. Disputes and other issues somewhat sandra and her husband's vehicle disappeared around eleven thirty p m. It seem past well, that she left in anger and went to go, stay somewhere else, but just
a few hours later before. family knew anything was wrong. It became clear to me he set sandra, didn't choose to disappear. Amerika and from wondering this is episode, three hundred and fifty of the vanished sandra eckert story Academy award nominee carry mall again. emmy nominees a week, asean story. She said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited
if in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores oscar nominee patricia clarkson emmy winner, Andre brower, Antonio they're jennifer freely with a cat a war nominees, Samantha Morton, she said, isn't, leaders. Now we ve in many cases that follow the pattern of sandra story. But ever story and every missing person is unique, and is no exception? Well, you may hear familiar themes, as an aspect of sandra case. We only have on very seldom occasions and that's the vote. some perspective of the primary person of interest in the case, soon story starts and ends with this person, her husband wesley It was the last to see her on the night. She vanished and We decided to start with him and their relationship, and that is how
story, took shape for us and we wanted our listeners to hear the same journey we took when we first talk to wesley. He told us about our relationship with sandra about seventy nine or eighty we're mutual france and my first wife I'd love man, where'd, mutual friends and the mutual friend broader around them wanting lead to another and putting I was a baby in the restless history. I thank god. I think the baby might have been to use all the time or some along along exactly remember, but yeah yeah. We was a reason they get married. Yes, ah me and heard him go on for twenty years, so we got robot. Four years later, she learned.
If only it would with money, she'd help spend it or keep it. She'd help save it and she does spend it all at two jobs. She worked, but sometimes kept the money aside, but she'd keep it aside for family interests, genoa, vacations and stuff, like that. She'd been part of exactly. She spent I'm family, so she is. She just learned that if someone valor values their cash, its away to push him around. Throughout this story, you'll hear different viewpoints on whose sandra was as a person syndrome, friends and children all described her as kind caring and loving, while her husband, grab sandra as preoccupied with money as we work through the story, it will become quite clear that at least one character in this tale seems obsessed with money.
And it doesn't seem as though that person was sandra at the time of sandridge disappearance. She was with her husband wesley at their home and frank. Was wisconsin a suburb of Milwaukee. The two had been married for decades between them they had fortune, Dron wesley, had a son John from a previous relationship. Then Sandra and wesley went on to have three children together: Daniele kelsey and wes. According to Sandra husband wesley, a couple had been unhappy for many years, not before sandridge disappearance wesley had inherited money after his mother passed away. Wesley claims It was his inheritance that sparked a fight between them on the night that Sandra went missing. I wasn't going fairford affront anymore, because I wasn't gone up the challenge. My mother's will that's what the was about challenging my mother's. Well, she probably why your garden and laughed and
worried rural much about her lawyer common on the dry. When ruined my life, it hasn't happened yet it's a year, as previously mentioned sandra. Has one son named wes this then, a nickname for wesley his name is simply wes. So we wanted to clear I who were referring to do to similarities in names. We spoke to west and he told us that he has no memories of his parents, marriage being a happy one and believes they stayed together because of generational differences, I mean they were a little bit older and I don't want to sound like agents hear anything or like say it was the baby boomer thing to do, but a lot of people in our generation like yeah, that's what they did. They stayed together and tried to make it work. You know stay together for the kids,
This is a very common phrase, so I believe it was one of those situations, and I mean my dad was working most throughout during the the day. I really only see him on weekends, though she was doing most of the parent and while he was our work- and I always knew they had a horrible relationship and that's how I grew up that seem normal and you never thought anything would happen or that she was actually in danger. I don't even want to like relate this to bed, but recently, like the biggest thing that changed in the past like two years leading up to it, is that they are quarantine them out together and actually had to spend time together for the first time in their marriage, and that. Had anything to do with that. No one said anything that would have seen the alarming alarming to me.
I spoke to my mother more than my father. I live about an hour and a half two hours away from them kind of just growing up in that household, with all the family problems. Once I moved away for college, I kind of just stuck around up there and made a network of friends and kind of just like not to say to keep the family at arm's length, but just to try and stay out of the problems. I stayed up here, so I wasn't as close, but Every a week I would talk to my mom on wednesdays. We called it was a wednesday. I would call her on my way to work or coming home from work depending on if I was working first shift, a third shift at the time- and you know I'd talk to my dad every couple of months, usually when something was going wrong with my car or something like that, he was a genius when it came to like cars and mechanics and stuff that and literally been doing his whole life. So he could always helped me out, and I never have to go to a mechanic, but we still got along talking about car stuff, or
in about re saying just normal stuff, I mean I always knew is weird quirky, but I wouldn't say like in their fight for never really picked aside between either then it was just the endless cycle and eventually remove myself from that situation and kept everyone at a distance, even though wesley and sandra had children Sandra is best. Friend. Barb felt like something was quite right in the relationship and remember the early years as though there are recent memory, even though it was decades ago. I believe I met him in nineteen seventy three when he was working at hardest for your corporation with my ex husband, my ex husband, levant lovato pit because the racing and saw we went to the rights that local racetrack fan. I met him and I thought all good looking guy, he was very good back in the day and now about gentlemen, iceland's kind of quiet- and it was always in the very thing and then later
but all guy knows his racing. That's all in our talks about that was his whole life drinking beer and lay things, and that was that when, she and him started day. He knew my ex husband, that's how they got into dukes. They both worked at the same place and he was I kind of a quiet die than I thought. We had some social anxiety. Whatever I don't know, they ve got divorced My girlfriend at sandy had gone to a break up an ice and one which should come to the race track, whose westwood race cars on the side. So they came and she was saying what a nice guy he was, and I thought while disguise really change you know, he's dress should not be taken out to dinner. They do. All these lovely things, that's great okay. So now they end up getting married and later things changed after their marriage
I told us that things seemed to change and wesley was heavily focused on money for many years. I know how to explain it, how he changed and then, when she started questioning because she's, like I'm sick it's kind of life and you don't want to go anywhere. You want to dress up. You don't want to shower, he said well. I was that way because I tricked your almond do that they tricked the women to get them and then once they get, their cells. They had three kids. I dont know how she felt when her mother had her. She had gone too. An orphanage for a while, and then her mother took a back. I'm feeling deep down inside
He never wanted a lose her family because what she went through she tried to keep all all together. I'm guessing she would say little thing. She could be very private. I think some of this stuff she was a little embarrassed for we were close in fact the day that she I say, died cause I believe that he killed her. We talk on the phone for two hours boy, but just call back and forth jerked my always get so weird and the money she says, he's on at internet every day, watching that investments and all that the way she talked to me. She was, it should care about the inherited he just use. That, I think, is an excuse and his mentality was. I worked very hard. You're not get half my money when they started arguing about divorce. That was his stain
sandy talk to me about the inheritance and she goes. I guess he wanted to buy a model t whatever she didn't care. He act like he's a big breadwinner and she did nothing. She was a little lady that stayed home and had a stupid little job. You know that was his mentality where she worked and she raised three kids and she did a darn good job, dangerous daughter, kelsey is the person who initially reached out to us. Ask us to cover her mom story. She told us She believes the foundation of her mothers. Disappearance was laid approximately year before she actually vanished, but my parents went from never seen each other could then both being retired, which is a huge change for people that have worked their entire life and then throw colbert
they're in there together. Twenty four seven, my mom took coded pretty seriously my dad not so much. My son has an auto immune disorder, so in the beginning of coven, we all kind of took it really seriously with the unknowns. I think he thought about it and almost in a weird way like fantasized about it, like he told me since I was six years old, how he would kill my mom or what he would do to call my mom or how he would kill my mom. He told his friends I'll hide her in a junk car. He said these things for years and years and years, but no one ever thought he was serious. No one ever thought this would actually happen. Obviously I would have done everything in my power to prevent it. If I thought he was actually going to do something.
To my mom one of the first things he ever said to my fiance, who I've been with for like ten years now, was how my mind is such a bitch and how she's controlling and how he was going to kill her my ex boyfriend. After seeing what happened with my mom reached out to me and was like dude, your dad would tell me all the time about. How are you gonna kill your mom and it was like. Yes, we all have heard and everyone turn in favour. I dont know the right word. It's bizarre. Tell me shit. More bed, but he said that for a long long time I dont know if it was land necessarily. I think it might have been like a fight that went too far in it with maybe be an accident, but then he put his plan his fantasy into action and carried it out that night. We can see Andrews husband wesley explained to us that the argument he and Sandra had the native her disappearance start. Over an inheritance dispute exacerbated
by years of discord over money. I also bear this argument came up because I would not bear the start getting started to say one thing: or directions. My mother just died and she had some money and those four of us, siblings and my sisters were getting a better deal. Nye was getting which was okay, because my sisters took care of her in her dying days, so they took overnight change, diapers and stuff, and and I'm down here and walk in there up, north and This is the cavern. My sisters are getting a better deal. The well well me and my brother don't care about that, because they are that they took care
a better deal out of the world that doesn't bother me or my brother, while anyway, the arguement was about I'm supposed to go up north and challenge the will- and I was not gonna- do that, because those girls earned any special treatment organic anyway. Our goal- and we argued- and the last thing she said- is I'd hear from her lawyer- cause she used to control me by threatening me that she knew I cared about my money. So I cared about my money all the time and that's how she controlled me for twenty years and this time I said now and in the last thing she said you hear from my lawyer and that's the whole thing in a nutshell. I rose argument and she laughed and she said I hear from rural iron. She love with a bunch of cash I think she might of ran in the fall by acres. She didn't show up contact anybody, then
on our. She is a car anything. She ain't been spending or credit cards or check in a car out, but you did would cash but that one lit blast last that long I think it's your own, a foul play player old woman with a bunch of cash. She laboured between four and five. We discuss this further later on in the story, but Wesley's claims about sandra trying to force him to contest his mothers will don't align with what everyone else reported to us about sandridge feelings about the inheritance wesley also mentioned in that clipped at sandra left. With about forty five thousand dollars in cash. We can't confirm that to be true, but it's after argument that wesley claims that he took Sandra car keys away. He says that she was quote wine drunk again some everyone else disputes throughout that day and evening Sandra had spoken to both of her others and her friend barb. No one noticed that anything was wrong and she didn't sound drunk at all
following westley story. He says that after he your keys away. She left late in the night in his car. Even behind oliver belongings, except her phone kelsey, that wasn't even twenty four hours before she realized her mom wasn't ignoring her something had happened. She was nothing obviously before She knew she was my thing and I had given her a couple faith time called she didn't answer I base time the morning of saturday, the march twenty seven, and then she didn't answer pictures that J. My fiance had sent in our group chat and we had a good chat going for years with the pictures of my son and whatnot, and she always answered in fact should answer to my we'd, be at work and she'd be having a long conversation and we'd have to be like mom. We can't text all day like we're working, but she didn't answer our texts or anything or our face time. Saturday, Sunday, the twenty eighth rolls around
she still wasn't answering and it was banned that we kind of looked at each other. Like wait, she didn't enter your group chat. She didn't enter my faith time. We called her. Her phone was off were like something's, not right So I called my dad he immediately went into this long winded story. He was blown up out of breath and spoke five minutes. Wait and didn't. Let me say a word and I really wished looking back, that I would have recorded that because you know initially you're, just like where's mom, trying to figure that out and not trying to like think the worst of the situation, but I really wish I would have recorded that conversation because it was weird it was not normal. It wasn't natural. It was a rehearsed long out of breath, long winded story and his story like I write down everything that happened,
and my log is now honestly- it's sitting right informed me of forty pages long, so he knew that my mom was missing friday Nan through a sunday morning as when I spoke to him and if she laughed in the middle of the night like he said she did and was wine drunk. You think, according quote mine, drunk you'd, think that he would be concerned when he wakes up and you ve gone, that he would. At least I mean they're relationship wasn't perfect, even if he doesn't give a shit about where she is. You think he at least- texts, one of us, girls me and my sister, and be like hey mom with you like everything, okay, but nothing did not say a single word from the beginning. I knew that like after he gave me that long winded story, I was like looked at you're, not tap like I'm, not wired. Tell me what the fuck excuse, my french, you did to mom and he laughed and who wore it and then after I got up
I immediately got up upon that. My crime was over. I thought maybe you're watching jack, I'm going to the police department, I'm not leaving until they file anything person case. I don't give a damn about their seventy two hours. Whatever and on the way I'm calling my mom has two siblings and poured I'm calling her bats branch of making sure that shouldn't dr anywhere and getting them all in the little. That is as quick as I can, and my mom bats friend had been is a detective retired police officer, the thirty five or thirty years, and I said, go to dad's house right now and and quote unquote interview him and he did and in the beginning they a lot of people believed my dad in the beginning, and I probably just seemed like the crazy, petty one that was like no. This is not right, but I think now it has
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had already gone through an entire day as though nothing was a mess he got up and then he went to you just want to breakfast like nothing was wrong. Could his car was gone? He just took hers, he didn't say anything us until some day, so Friday night went missing saturday, cars missing nothing. Sunday doesn't say anything until about one o clock and that's one. Ah, my middle sister kelsey she stepped in because my mother was supposed to come over to a village jack and they were all gonna go out to lunch. I believe her maybe uses babysitting so healthy could go somewhere. I don't remember the full story, but when she didn't show up or that that's when kelsey had sprung into action and kind of alright. Well what the heck's going on this is completely out of character. Why didn't she call or text or anything like that? She was canceling plans. She would have. Let us know if she was trying to get out of the house to go, get a divorce at all.
the clock or three on whatever time it is now she would allow us not. She was called when he first started, telling a story. You think he's gonna come what and up the driveway with a lawyer and some blue paper. It's like that's what he saw your story, was an after a week of no comment that no bank activity no cell phone activity during the check, your iphone, the fear she turned her phone on. None of that, my ok, I'm back to believing what I originally thought happened. Happened is no longer with the phones never been found. I think the last abs, I was at the house sought and hope they died there. He turned it off their look. Car and there's one jacket. no belongings of hers have been taken other than their instantly me and kelsey thought he had something to do with it. I wouldn't say we saw
It's coming. We just knew they had a bad relationship and instantly the fingers pointed here as is causing so many uncharacteristic behaviour that my dad was describing in his story like for my mother. I didn't get down there too much. after everything. So we found out things sunday and then I went to work for a little bit Monday morning told everyone about it would be gone for a little bit and then eurobonds in Milwaukee to see what was going on, and I gotta say I tried to believe my father story like ok outrages mad at you born some steam she'll be back with a lawyer great one week later. Ok, what's goin on here dad and then I went back to my original thought with lucky. Finally was fed up with it I was doing it over the money or whatever and either lost his school. I get set out an office was we meditated or an accident, but only that signor left, night in her husband's car, or at least her huh. The car is missing, Sandra is missing and her cell phone is nowhere to be found. The rest
her belongings were home, including her glasses She would have needed to drive at night her wallet, purse medication and of her other personal items, but there's some curious about the fact that its not sandra car, that's missing. Here's kills. That, though, according Oh, my god. He took her keys away because she was wine drunk which I'm not gonna, say never drink. I work with that would be a lie, but she, when she would drink it, would be like a glass, wine or a martini. What then or whatever she would never be too wrong. She would never be drunk at home by her, so she would never drunk DR she never drove at night the typically they wine drunk and have a bought all kind of staged bottle and cop staged. I wish that we would have taken that be tested for her dna or whatever, but she would not finish a whole bottle of.
wine because she was pre diabetic. I think she was like right. Borderline like she might have already been diagnosed diabetes, but her a one see was being very closely monitored and she was making some serious diet changes so that she didn't have to be on full on medication and insulin and what not, there's no way drink, a full bottle of wine. Although sugar and then there's away she would decide to drive after drinking a full bottle of wine. She would simply just wait until the morning my dad sleep till I can. She would just wake up out six or seven and lee you. He wouldn't have stopped her there. Really trouble very much. You know she can do whatever she want, though she could walk out that door right in front of him. She wouldn't have left in the middle of the night, but according to him he takes her keys away and done remember that she has a fair set for his car. His car and didn't have a spare spot, because I had that car down on the east side of my walk in it, someone trying to steal it and they
hot wired, the car and must have the ignition and he had to get a new ignition put into it. I dont think that car ever had a spare said, I think, there's one set of keys on my dad's, though habit, and I think he strategically chose to ditch that car, because it's worth less than my mom car. So now he drives my mom car. It was two days after she went missing that he got himself an insurance card on the policy to drive the g per car, and now he dragged back car round like it's normal. That car that has been largely was ditched and I think it was dead. Streak of it was the cheaper value of the two cars, with some simple
and more bad, but I think that wide and just like simply that she left without her glasses without her medication that you take that very day without her wall without her purse, without the cash that she had stashed away. Without ever touching any money from her separate bank account and my dad said her cash, but I maybe she did whatever your story. I maybe she took them cash, but she had a full dash of cash and she had a whole for bank account at my dad did not have access to she. Even I have a copy. It literally sitting right in front of me of a check that she wrote to herself for ten thousand dollars on january, twenty fifth, from my dad and hers joint account. She wrote one to her separate account for ten grand. I think it was to repairing herself broke the floors or something that she paid for, but You know if you are planning to like what away you're gonna be using that money, that you took your and bring your glad you're gonna.
you're going to ask for my hope. You're, not you're, gonna get your grand aim to get your kid the missing car has never officially been found, but there was confirm, citing of by law enforcement just hours after sandra, vanished police spotted the dark. two thousand five dodge stratus in the nearby town mosquito wisconsin, but since Sandra had not been reported missing, yet they had no reason to pull the car over west toto. what he knows about the sighting of sandra's car, the car has never been found. It was seen. It was three am on march. Twenty seventh cause. It would have been saturday early Saturday morning at that point in time it was spotted eight miles from my parents are my dad said she left around. Eleven saw how it took her for our
where's to go eight miles and have no record of her being anywhere else. There's no confirmation or video footage that we'd receive from the police saying who was driving the car the car was never pulled over. It was just spotted from afar, trailed for a little bit of its driving down dark roads at three in the morning in didn't, take any swerves or anything so the cop to let it go. You think if she was so wine drunk that he, red tape or keys away, so she wouldn't hurt anyone driving that she'd. Probably get pulled over for drunk driving a three and theoretically I mean when you look at the title for the stratus, I think technically it's in my mother's name. She bought that car for me and healthy back in, like two thousand Seven, two thousand and eight when we were both in high school, we were driving it around and then I think kelsey was using it for a little bit at u w Milwaukee. He goes around like maybe like twenty fourteen fifteen,
sixteen of in that area when it became my dad full time car, and so it goes older car, so it was held together with junkyard parts, because that's how my dad would fix things. She would never happen that car it was literally not safe to drive. She would have just found a spare key to her jeep like. Why is she taking the spare key of the stratus another funky thing about the keys since we're talking about that so Madame said, she took his keys. Alright, like the next day, I was at the house, and I see his strategies are still on the keyring. I'm like what are you talking about. You said she took gave, but all she took the spare keys that you guys have since you were in high school and I go care, while that of the really had up either dad, because when kelsey had the start of the new Toby Milwaukee, some people too.
the steel, the car. They only made a one block because they tried to started with a screwdriver in an anti got system. Kicked him completely ruined the whole steering column on that car and my dad had replaced with junkyard parts got a new steering column at a neutron, clears the news I think there is only one key to that car and I think you still have it the most uncharacteristic, behaviour of my dad and the whole situation is that he would I either crush, destroy shred or sink a perfectly well in his mind, a perfectly good running car. He was pretty cheap like that. He keep anything on the road you fix anything, and the only weird thing is that he would get rid of his car that the only weird behavior that I can tell in that situation because heartbreaking as that is when your mom goes missing, but instantly think it was your dad.
there was talk, but but what do you think the police declined to grant as an interview, because centrist disappearance is fairly recent and the case is active, but we didn't. I have to ask the police if they had a person of interest sandra husband wesley told us himself I admire the youngest waitin here, and people accused me of things in the cops nothing on man, one daughter specially and another daughter on occasion, and now one summers accuse me of thanks I know hanging in there. I only hear two of them, accusing me of things and, and the other ones talk to me
The spouses all is a low hanging fruit too, and I've been through that and the cops have mandated then sucks miles and they searched my rental properties. At me, they did all kinds of crap to me and they found nothing and I dunno I'm just a low hanging fruit. We didn't have a good relationship, but I I I what bothers me is getting accused by kids and and not nazi and grandkids and stuff. For that reason, and and all the internet crap people accusing me of things, I guess I don't check the internet site on anything about it, but I keep hearing from people and ah well anyway, it's a whatever I'm just hanging out. also signor son west told us that, within days of his mother's disappearance, he gave his first
interview to police, bearing. I gave my interviewed my first interview to the cops. It was a tuesday or wednesday, and I was on my dad's side thing like yeah there's a chance, but maybe she watched it and she's just out drive in there somewhere and the way they were asking their questions. They were almost trying to convince me or like poke holes in the story that I was trying to give on his behalf when I was trying to you know hope for the best take his side a little bit, because at least that madman was still alive somewhere. So yeah. The police have always been kind of look in the general direction. At the at the obvious thing that we all kind of think happened, they interviewed him two or three times they actually took him in when they were searching the property and held him for, I believe, a full twenty four hours
He says they didn't even talk about the murder and they were just holding them there, so they could search like I dunno if they actually interrogated him, and he just doesn't want to play it. We also spoke to the husband of sandra's best friend, barb, don retired law enforcement officer. So when this offer began, kelsey knew she could turn to him for help barbs husband, don explained he never worried for sandra or so. Concerning behaviors by wesley. In the decades he knew the couple they weren't close knit friends, but I'm struggle to see wesley doing something so heinous especial for the reasons that seemed to float to the surface, I and my wireless dreams when the thought that he's capable of murder- he just isn't she wait. I mean. When I talk to me, it was all nice and pleasant. I've never really seen him get mad. He just did not seem like the type to do something like that.
But like I told by run any given day any personal, even the right circumstance can commit murder. I live. but I just didn't see in doing it, we got a call from kelsey and she said in her. Mom was missing. So that's how we Well now, and then we went by welsh that same day to talk to him to try to find out what happened. When she first told us we didn't, I didn't have any specific thought and then after we went and talked with Wes, my first thought was that she might have gone to get a motel room until she got a hold an attorney. That was my general first thought, because again I didn't see west as being capable of murder. He told us said she said from my lawyer this week and my part was ok. She went to a more tell just to get the hell out of the house that lasted until pretty much after we talk to him.
Bringing up about my money, my money by mining, my money and it's very dawning on me that maybe something else happened, all circumstantial evidence You know you gotta come up with the evidence to get a search warrant. It took them two weeks report. It could get out into a search to issue a lot of time to get rid of something. Two weeks is alive. Last time. Don isn't wrong. Where's told us a police did execute, search warrants on the nearly eleven acres of land owned by both of his parents, the police, eventually to search the place. This was maybe I was two weeks after I had already been down there, that the police were searching the place and brought cadavers.
Dogs and whatnot. They took files as computer. I know they took one car off the property cause the dog had hit on it. They took some of that like the bedding and stuff like that, but it was just a severe lack of physical evidence in this case, which is why it's kind of been difficult. I think, for the police to you, know, put their finger on it and try and figure out how or what happened. We have a junkyard literally in our backyard. We had ten acres at my parents' house. so there is the house than in my dad had his big shop garage rude work on cars have always tools and whatnot. Let me add a little bit of woods and I'm in the middle of the woods there's where he kept all the cars before he took him into scrap yard some stuff, like that, when you say he owns a junk yard, he didn't like learning,
the junk yard and ever crusher and scrapper, and what not on his property, but he cleaned and crept vehicles to take them to actual junkyards. I guess that's what you would say there there's a little bit a swamp area back there too, and I think this is maybe four or five years ago I remember my dad this thing or body would bury talk back where it says weird stuff like that, but also made a slight point: the finger at him and the instant lakers. While they worked signs. He would do this. It's almost like he was fan in this for years that are carrying out a murder covering up a crime scene and disposing of a body. Smartphone and car is a task difficult for one person to do by themselves and on told us, from his perspective, If wesley was involved, he had to have had help. I believed her how to be a second version, because again, if he took her somewhere,
dispose of the body, and there are large amounts of water around him. Where you know the body could be with chains on it in the water somewhere, one yeah. It's still a lot of work for one guy, because you gotta wait on the bio eight, which adds weight to the body and two. If the body and the car or in the same location, you had to have somebody drive them back and that's? I think you either one he had written a body in the water or you get rid of the body and a car together in the water and in the other case Is it the body one in the water alone, then his son would probably had to help him get rid of a car. His son sandy step son he's gonna junk yard. River and he shouted junkyard malarkey. saw, I mean a literal big junkyards, sir he's got the capability of. Dismantling cars getting rid of cars. I personally think somebody else involved. There are small
laid out in the area where they live within, let shaped mild worry live, There are numerous lakes, there is a swamp land. There are quarries where you got the water. It there's a package, a quarry, maybe about four or five miles from their house, so You know you could dump a body or dump a car and about again and because you did junkie here showed me one day when I was over there, he had hundreds and hundreds of feet of torture change maybe a twenty four hour. Maybe a ten put her thirty put his hundreds of feet, a change. use they could erupt your body and told chain to weighted down and then just get rid of a body of water waste mention two people who might have had more information than they ve shared with any one. His uncle mark wesley's brother john westley, sun and western half brother tonight theory that currently in a lake somewhere, he used the drop dead connections.
if something- and I don't even know if a tar and body would have gotten disposed of at the same time, one more sketchy thing march- twenty seven saw my dad's brother lives in maguire ago. The things mark here well here, like a place other, if you follow where the car was last seen in his head it that way, and on march twenty seventh, my uncle birdie, in a load of junk it was just water heaters. My got an offer, they could stash something in there and do that because most junkyards and twenty twenty one were actually closed on saturdays just to to covert. They were kind of keeping things a little bit more shut down a controlled, but they use their connections to still drop off a load of junk, which I think is highly sketchy, I think it was the saturday after socio, unless an on friday and saturday after that, my main junk yard. My dad users had like a pretty big fire. They just have a big old pile of metal. Men are fairly, can
I'd up pretty easily. I dunno, if from all like the gasoline leaner, whatever just the fluids from cars and oil, but there is a a load of drunk taken the day after my mother went missing and there was a fire at the junk yard. Plied dont think girls are good. Things could just be coincidence, is I don't know Like her husband, don barb also told us that she didn't think wesley was capable of this kind of horrible act, but his seat his disappearance went on. It came into focus for her. I thought what was a very powerful person used to be. He was given last year. in his life, he reaches Mary, weird, and I dont know why the girl called me sunday morning, a pace march, twenty six for the friday night when a queen gap. She went on ethics for them. We have all day saturday, the twenty seven and sunday morning. The twenty eighth is when I don't remember if it was both girls or one of the girls
the text to me are you with my man. Have you seen my mom like now thought? So I believe it was. Daniel that I tax to say what's going on then that morning, between both of the girls I found out that she hadn't been hall and unsure kelsey told you that you is concerned, because she was Fanny was supposed to be over there that morning could take care of her little boy. And she was a wonderful grandma and mother. She would never not come, though, little concern and I went into my husband, a nice sandy's, nothing. I said I'm gonna go over it. And my husband said I don't think, that's a good idea. I said why and he said I you know what's worse than that, what he meant when he said well, given an opportunity. Anybody could do something, and then I says one god, because this is my good friend you know I gotta find out. What's going on or I'm going with, or without you, of course, you came with me cause
want me to go alone and I'm texting danielle on the way and in all what scott she thinks. I'm at my dad's house and I says, where's, your data won't talk to him and he came in and I think she knew like old boy faces. What's going on, he says we had yesterday it was over. My mom's will and she drank a bottle of wine. Well right away. The light went out and drank a bottle of wine hey back on the day she and I drank partied shots, just like everybody else in your twenties, but now that we're older now I drink. I have wine. I have a cocktail here or there, but not like that. She at a high
one see diabetes runs in the family, so I knew that she was really watching what she drank. We'd go out, she'd ordered a shot of vodka with seltzer and she would sit, and that would be all that she would have so when he cut a bottle of wine. It's like there's no way she drank a bottle like she got drunk. We were arguing over my my mother's estate. I took her case that he wanted to leave and drive. While I was the second thing because you suppose it. doing nothing and great power and the other car was hers. There's no way should take the strategy. And, of course, annoy him with the money he's not gonna. Let the good cargo he's gonna, keep that one. So you know all the steps went through my head right away. fanny but like driving at night,
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Who is this missing person, and so we first assent kids to answer that question and explore the family dynamic to us. We started off with wes is what he shared theirs or we have a half brother John. He is my dad's son from his first marriage and then with my mom and my father on there's danielle, who was born first calcium than me, so I'm the youngest all my sister lived like around the block, basically through the backyard, so she lived close and she has two sons: didn't yell and then a mother sister kelsey lives in shorewood, and she has a little boy who just turned ball. Now he's three and a half, so yeah definitely involved with a helping out with them. Whenever she can, she had actually just had her seventieth birthday in February and then yeah march. Twenty six was when she was last seen. She had
adult onset type, two diabetes. She did like a keto diet and was doing some other sort of diet that she got that under control of him, that there wasn't really any glaring health concerns that I know of my oldest sister Danielle was a nurse, so she kind of handled that aspect of the parent relations anything health related didn't was always on top of that she was all well put together, still very apt, when the community, whether it be volunteering with the police department of the school, all leg with her grand sons and what not that's a very active seventy zero lady. She seemed perfectly fine. She had retired a little bit ago, saying with my father, thereby in the seventies, enjoying retirement gap, but yeah her career before that she worked as a waitress were forever right down the road from our house. With my most my whole life. She worked there until she stopped. She helped to do in like reception work at some of her friends.
I think she used to work in hr as well. Who's scared of a bunch of different random little office cleric stuff and a little bit a waiter staying on the side that he worked like a machine shop worked a couple, jobs and stuff doing most of the bread winning she's gone raised that very caring, wellbeing. Lady, I'm not going to shy away from this and my dad hasn't shied away from it in news interviews, neither but my dad and heard and necessarily get along, and then I guess, have the best relationship. But it's come one of those deals where you stay together for the kids, I kind of figured they'd get a divorce once I was done with high school, but they decided try to stick it out, but yeah other than that loving lady, always helping out in the community she'd always taken in our friends stuff like that and very easy to get along with, and just one of the brightest smiles. I guess I would say I definitely remember her smile and as her going to events early and stuff like that and just got ours.
brightening up every room, she was then kelsey echoed west and how supportive sandra was as a mom and how happy their childhood was. With her. We got such a plan. Dr warm description of sandra as a mom and person. Overall, she toshiba cooper and ball. Then anyone she met. She would remember them, add them on facebook. She was really pop up. My friend coworkers like she was just really genuinely interested in other people's lives and how they're doing and their new boyfriend and their pregnancy- and she was like a really caring her thin she's, really involved with the community, with my a few words with my fine she volunteered at church. He was a book club. She did citizens academy for frank on police department, so she kept herself busy doing mean.
Full thing I mean she was retired one. This happen she was about, I think one and a half years into retirement, but she worked her whole life. It was always kind of like side job. She saved her money to send us the private school and to take us on vacation, and so it was a money that was needed in our household, it would just side job like she was the waitress than a hostess and helped out with her friends company to pay for the extra within the household shaded. All the child rearing on my dad worked. Second shift, our whole lives, so by the time we would wake up for school, he'd be sleeping having just gotten home from work up. You know three, four, a m he'd be sleeping and then, when we got home from school, he'd already be gone for his share, so we really never saw my dad, except for, like Saturday Sunday is, but he also was a race car driver and on the junk yard. So
it had a side business too that kept him busy hobbies and business on the weekends as well. So we really didn't see my dad at ton. My mom definitely did all the like childbearing going to volleyball games and track, and, and things like that, and then, like I said, her job was kind of paying for those extra that maybe my dad didn't prioritize like private school for our kids or vacation, It's like that seniors best friend barb had nothing but the same happy memories of her dear friend. Well, I met her in nineteen. Fifty six. In first great, we went to a parochial school and we were standing in single file line with our parents. and they were told its kind to leave.
And I broke out a line started crying because I wanted to be with my ma and sandy came up to me and said: don't cry! My name is sandy and I have a pet canary and we've been friends ever since right away. That tells you about her character. Six years old, she was just a kind soul. We just connect when you talk your school for eight years together and we ve been a constant in each others, live through the last sixty five years. Of course, in and out in all you go with different friends, but we were we always we conducted, I use a maid of honor and her wedding, tat mother to one of her children just very callers. We also asked wesley directly about his marriage and children, but
Strangely, he didn't seem to know or remember much about them. I guess you're married thirty. Forty years, just a get always this over forty, we always girls, probably late as a young girl around thirty one. Boy around twenty five Danielle's the guy she's in her thirties and kelsey is monroe, probably late, twenties as a boy around twenty five in my job to keep track, though let me know if it's birthday. I couldn't tell you now that, as I'm getting all, I can tell you a lot less moon. Foresman has been support. an active in their search for sandra calcium west, both told us They remain inconsistent contact with the detectives assigned to their moms case, but the families plague
other issues we often see and missing persons cases, here's kelsey we evolve unlike working together just for my mom, whether that, through fire than facebook pages are now pod, Catherine and I think the reward and everything we can do on our end, we're doing I think, personally, the evolution for me. If I knew the answer from the beginning, I don't want that to be the answer. Even when I get that closure and anther is devastating, my life doesn't get better when I
the emperor, but the closure well. How? By think for a Y all around christmas in january, I felt very defeated just pushing my head against the wall, not having a third. If I didn't have something to be personally working on toward getting answers, I felt like I was not doing enough like I needed to do everything I can fly felt very defeated. I had hired private investigators who didn't come up with much wasn't hearing much from the police, the round the holidays. I felt very defeated. It wasn't in pillar round my mom's one year, which was march that I feel very motivated again. There has been so many trials in the last couple years of nobody, homicide that are making strides real answers for sale,
This was done the worst year of my life. I can't imagine some of these cases that are gone. Twenty thirty forty years, my sister's, isn't involved in on my ma, am basically did everything for my sister and I think, she's really struggling with out my mom and all she had left to cling to my dad, and I think she doesn't want to accept the reality of what's going on, because then that means or her parents are gone and then she's on her own, so she's, definitely struggling with it a lot mentally, financially emotionally she's, not in a great place right now,. Wesley confirmed as he does have custody of one of Daniels children we did interview, Sandra's other daughter danielle, but due to some ethical shoes we uncovered, we chose not to use her interview in order to protect her prey the sea and that of her children. Instead,
simply sharing what wesley said about his hope that Daniel is able to get better and have her family reunited soon. The daughter has given me the art of stone She'd wanna see me art a kid issue again: another grand well, I got leavenworth makers. They gave me temporary support this kid or temporary. Wherever skull, I got placement over one granted, because mother's not doing real well right now and when mother gets better he'll be back with mother, but I got official wisconsin placement of them. Her mother gets better he'll, be back. He's laugh with me a lot and he has little trouble in school on that. He I will just give sulawesi and then he is a little bit of trouble. So sorry, I'm busier than I want to be yes, but it's it's okay, I it's better vm being in some group home somewhere. So I step up to the plate and I'm doing the best. I can,
Throughout this story of her discussion of westley obsession with money and money that Andrew might take from him if she left him during. a research. We learned that wesley had inherited some money and he was worried that he might have to share some of that money with Sandra west told us more picturing that change right before my mother's disappearance was the january. I think it was January eight key there. Maybe it was around the twentieth. My grandmother had that's the way and that my father's mom and I know they're burn arguments over the will and where was going before. There is a disagreement in the act Out of the family had been trying to get dad's documents and get us checks. Sense were like mother sandy and all that day who said so, she couldn't get her myths on and I think they sat once someone
at their damages openly plodding gonna keep her out of this will, and I think my dad took the final step whether was premeditated or a accidents. I can't think of service. I wasn't there that but that's what me and my sister in law, the cousins and my dad said there was no scuffle, but he he took her key away ass. He was trying to leave at marketplace, set my dad worry is that around seven or eight p m they were gonna. Having a bit of an argument, there say knows about the will. Basically, my dad said that my mom was upset that his tears are getting more up the will and they lived up by my grandma in Dore county. The strange thing about this narrative, that's andrew, was upset. Wesley sisters were getting more money than wesley is that she never express this Anyone else that we spoke to to them. She didn't seem up not at all about any money that might be coming her way. The only thing that you mentioned was concerned she,
at about unfair distribution of funds to the next generation of family members that really welcome the kate, but all the biggest. problem my mother had the will was that my step brother John, was receiving a large sum of money, even though None of the other grandkids really weren't. You really think that was fair. I told my mom years ago are really care where if money go there where John's getting it and where's it coming from. But he says the dispute was about the sisters, but it was really about John saw, I kind of wanted to clear that up and he set her on seven. They were arguing about that and then at eleven p m he thought he saw come down the stairs with their code on and he said she had been drinking that night in my thirty years on my mother was never really heavy drinker, maybe a glass of wine at dinner, and she was He came down with the code on and ours
be leaving and so that you're going to hear from my lawyer- and he said he Didn'T- want her driving drunk. So he took her jeep keys away the keys to her car and then she she said she went back upstairs and he went to bed. They were sleeping in separate beds at the time that was a common occurrence where they cycle through sleeping in separate rooms, but he said that he woke up the next morning and his
it was that dodge stratus that you've traveled seen all over the news stories and flyers. That's his story. He does have a criminal record, but that's all stuff from like the seventies and it's like financial crimes stuff. So that's really nothing Pena! My mom just wanted what was fair for like the grandkids. That's what she cared about the whole time. She has a gary wolf, John, giving money, give money to everyone like she wasn't saying, don't give money to John. Even though John got his own legal troubles too so any inheritance he get. I think the status taken away but yeah, so his story was that his car was gone in the morning and then, when I asked him about At this years ago she took my keys then and left in the middle of the night. My mom's never drove a car past. Like nine pm. She was like kind of one of those old, ladies, where, if she was in, she was in she's not going anywhere and as she wasn't, the person that would get wine drunk like he said, and
if anything of my knowledge of their relationship of my life on the circle Thirty years the chief threatening believe go see a lawyer he's not taken or even give them apple issued about her tat. I like take the keys and look up her well being You don't get it. Do you get into a crash or anything? I think that was all just made up to cover the fact that his car was gone everyone. We taught. You told us that the inheritance issue was an issue at all for sandra, for once it, didn't seem to be enough money that would last summer long if they needed to start a new life after more than forty years of marriage. But there was something else too.
His husband, John told us that the state of wisconsin doesn't consider inheritance money to be community property, so wesley would have gotten one hundred percent of whatever he inherited from his mother's estate. He would not have been financially ruined the correct order. There will be enough money there for both of them. Neither one of them would have to work nor he gets his pension. She enabled his assertion security. What about and fight between four or one case and up opera house land, wherever that two hundred, yet I got that was truly ism. I'm sure he knew that money that was wheeled to him by his mother hearing with cancer that you inherit yours, agnelli, property wesley, on the other hand, seemed overly concerned about money. far more so than about the well being of his missing wife. In fact, this was his interpretation,
of what would happen to the inheritance money. She was entitled. The very thing at the drop of a you know, flip a switch to get up everything in wisconsin that would affect makers. I worked two jobs, my whole life and I'm retired now, and she used to control me with a frightening little or she told me for years with money and that the button do in her way, though, Oh I like and Joe seemed I wanna stay down, she said a couple names at me and wore a mile scared of Gaza. One was a big shot down town and it gets his way and family court one I made a career out a ruin and families lives. She tore at name around the reason the guy could control family card so marching. His daughter was the cart commissioner.
so this lawyer got his way all the time and use ghastly people's lives, so she uses name a lot because he was used against me once with the first wife you may remember our series on donna barrel, which we covered in so one twenty four one: twenty five one, twenty six and finally, two hundred and one her husband was in viewed for the series and was subsequently rested, charged and convicted of her murder. Forty years, after she vanished for kelsey done,
may's story was instrumental in continuing to keep up with the search for her own mother. I just might have a daughter at and missing persons event. Last weekend, Jackie. I mean crazy similarities with that. Very obviously, they sat us right next to her. She run the program or part. She helps run the program, so I think she kind of perfectly sat herself near us just to meet up. I mean obviously we're both like instantly crying, because when something happens like this to you like you know, people obviously have felt sorry for me and I'm very blast that I have a lot of friends and family that have been helping with us, but no one really gets it. You know, and so she got it and she was just giving some really good advice, unlike just never give up, and it's not worth fighting with your siblings over at, even if you don't agree and blah blah blah, so she was just really an insightful person to meet and and very genuine and very smart. So I feel
a lot more motivated right now and I feel like we have good momentum going after my mom one year and I'm just I'm not going to let that momentum die down. The search for seeing the car and answers continues in earnest. Many feel like this, one case where they are looking for answers, but rather fashion, a crime scene and physical evidence. This is what don shared with us right now. The circumstantial evidence shows proves to be that he is there's always a chance for a car without a body, it's difficult to shave. Ok, let me then, sharing I'm probably ninety nine percent, confident there's always that outside chance, but I don't think so. I mean the credit cards never been used. The bank accounts of never
judge. How does somebody survive for over a year without any money? Maybe I'm even ninety nine point. Nine percent sure that he did it there's gesture by circumstantial evidence of all the kids and everything Kehl she and her little boy, a sandy just adored him and should not voluntarily leave and that she that that little grandson I'm hoping that something comes up within the next year show or career. I'm type resolution to this and most of all I'd love to see that if he did it that he would admit to wear the body is so that its closure, the kids, get their closure. Barbara deserves closure, so and something comes up everyone we spoke to with the exception of wesley, who had his idea of closure and answers continues to hold out hope for sandra and that the truth will come out, calcium
those where that stands right now they could take something Cadaver dogs had hits, and I don't think I'm supposed to say much. I don't think I'm supposed to know what they took, but I did see the list at my dad's house extra. My sister saw the list and infanta captured me, but anyways. We do know exactly was taken, and I know not supposed to say much, but I know a lot of it takes time. They took a computer and me three will be raised on their. So all of that takes time and search warrants. Son there's a lot of moving parts. I think we have more evidence they're letting us know, but you know it's still in open investigations that we have to respect their time. we were kind of quiet on our and for a while and let the police do their things. I think we're ok was sharing. Our side of the story is kind of like if you have a brain, that kind of the obvious outcome of what has happened here: now there's a clear motive, and you can tell another time that my dad did speak someone the news,
immediately in both interviews immediately. He brings up money without even being asked about money. So it's clear motive. It's clear premeditation because he had checks from my grandmother, so his mom she passed away so his inheritance. He had checks from her her inheritance that he did not cash. So in my opinion that shows premeditation. It's all about the money he said that, with the his interview with the police too, it's like they immediately figured out motive. That's obvious! We're just kind of lacking physical evidence like a body and whatnot he's very confident in his story and he's very confident that a car and a body is not going to be found. He straight up told the police you're not going to find a body, and he kind of stumbled over his words and he's like hush. It cause she's not done so. His story is pretty consistent but definitely inconsistency them a story, it things that have changed and then
random new addition to additions to the story without being asked for those new edition, because he notices discrepancy them story on his hat and kill that make them as an example. He has his. You know rehearse story of they were fine. And he had her keys. Could she was drunk. She said you'll see my lawyer than he sees her come down, and you know winter co. Then all of a sudden, she's gone on cars gone doesn't say anything. He has this repetitive story, but he added that. Oh, the power was out and half of the house, and I can't figure out why he says that I don't know what that addition to the story of meant to cover than the other addition to the story is: oh, I came for
different way in the morning when I want to breakfast, I didn't come from the normal way. I would go to breakfast in the morning because I was checking swish fish ST paul, but whenever first and it was too crowded so then I want to end up you, but I took a different route and it's like no. You took a different route because you had to ditch that car and get a ride back. Someone had to help yo, so someone someone have the answers that we needed to this story to this cave and that's why I raise the reward to fifty kate is hoping that that someone who knows the answers that were missing would come forward, but we ve had a bunch of tip and ass pity hasn't really told me what those tapes are, but that there actively following up on every lead that come, then, even if it seems something diamond small. If you were surprised that wesley talk to us so where we kelsey
was it. She was under the impression that he was not going to give any further interviews prior to our conversation with him. I think someone told him to stop talking. You can see some different said from that. First, new click that he dared to him. Speaking at my mom jaw, which you wouldn't even invite him there, but he showed up and he spoke there and you can tell that he's being coached by someone on changing what he said and then also just like what he swearing and stuff, like that, I, like my dad, always wore bib overall than a baseball hat, but to the joy. He is wearing a winter captain lake, normal genes and assure, and then he went from on the new fang don for me to come home for the kids to bang at the vigil come on further
as a means to you can tell that from telling him what to say. So. I think that some one also told him don't talk on recording anymore. He thinks he can outsmart people and he might be able to outline. Is law minded family or have small minded friend, but you're, not on outsmarting professional you're, not outsmarting behavioral analyse private investigators, law enforcement officers. It's pretty cut in dry. What has happened here and it should the matter of gathering all the evidence to prove did not have any flaws in that the debunk can poker and when we reach the end of our conversation with Sanders husband and asked him what he thinks happened to his wife and where he stands in all of this. answer should have shocked us, but didn't so I'm just thinking foul play in that said, I don't miss her so much cause she rubbed my ass pretty bad. For twenty years,
I was worried by coming back and in the rest of my life financially in. She didn't come back yet or at all or didn't contact anybody, and that's why I think foul play no one's gotten the answers, but I'm I think foul play or something she wouldn't hide from her kids or grandkids. This law no way, but it's it's hard on the kids and grandkids pardon me so what happened to Sandra occurred on the evening of march twenty six, two thousand twenty one The woman who didn't drink to excess drunk did she does I drive off into the night in her husband's car without her glasses. Whenever went home. That she didn't even drive at night indefinitely, have left without her glasses and wiser, cell phone gone, but her medications, purse wallet and other belongings still at the house. What information herself on hold, and could it be? The key to
ending sandra according to those we spoke to, she didn't overly concerned about money, except for the claims has been made and she has children who were perfectly willing and capable of supporting her. We ve covered any cases over the years where domestic violence appears to be the only logical conclusion and soon restoring seems to fall into that category. Two with domestic violence often referred to, intimate partner violence today, at the forefront of the show conversation right now. We can't look away from a damning circumstantial evidence at Sandro was likely a victim of this type of violence in that she's like we deceased, pritchett and recognizes as well soon victimization, is slightly different from other cases. We ve covered. We're friends were or the missing person indicated that there is violence in the relationship prior to their disappearance sandra didn't, here to be afraid of wesley and despite his odd tim
in strange fascination with telling his own children how we dispose of a body. No one thought he was capable, but was he did? Something else happened wesley reported that sandra had several thousand dollars with her when she laughed. If that's true would she have been robbed, as wesley suggested many of those those two sandra question: how many people were involved in her disappearance? Could one person have pull this off on the wrong. We usually and a story with more questions than answers, but insane this case we have so many apparent answer said. Simply need confirmation, the time of sandra's disappearance. She was seventy years old. Her family reports issues I feel, seven inches taller and wait approximately one hundred and thirty pounds she had short and hair and green eyes she was last seen in franklin was constantly on the evening of march twenty six, two thousand twenty one,
in several hours later, police in nearby mosquito wisconsin spotted her husband's vehicle, which is also missing person driving a car remains unknown. If you have, information about the disappearance of sandra Eckert or the missing car you're urged to call the franklin his department at four one, four, four, two, five, two five, two two if you loved one, are the victim of intimate partner violence, please reach out to the national domestic violence hotline at the hotline dot org. For the attacks by sending the word start to eight eighty, seven, eighty, eight You may also call the hotline twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week at once, red, seven, nine, nine safe as one eight hundred seven, nine, nine, seven to three three like losing both parents. I mean I am a normal relationship. We were never like a fan
I mean, like we weren't ever emotional and hugging and hanging out on the weekend, but we all really involved in each other's lives and helped out when they needed to. I wasn't ever super super close with But then, after having my fine he's three and a half After having my son, I looked, there was much closer with my parents, because it was important for me that my father had a relationship with them, so we would spend you know. some days together, our go to church here and there in just spend more quality time together. That was important for my father. He was very close with my put my mind. and with my dad, I'm very like real person, daddy thing emotional, my mom, it also gets like a very real person time, fine, with whatever they wanna say about her about me. My my older brother's story is that I'm hiding my mom was like cool, say whatever you want to say about me like, I would take one for the team. I would
when my life in jail. If that were the outcome, that my mom we're alive and I was hiding her cool, but absolutely not the case. I know on our and we have to prove all of that to prove our side of the cape, but it's a kind of obvious in today's danny. You can't live off the grid. Long and just totally start a new life secretly without anyone knowing a bang- and she simply wanted to that too too- for granted to my fun, he was so injected in everyone live. That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifty I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story.
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