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Stephen Millis Part 3: Family Ties


Last week, we brought you the first two installments of Steve Millis’ story. We explored Steve’s life, the night he disappeared, and several people who were rumored to be involved in his disappearance and had some sort of motive. In today’s episode, titled “Family Ties,” we are going to pick up where we left off with Teresa and how her stories tie back to some of Steve’s own family members. You see, there have been consistent stories about one person that you heard from in Part 1, one of the last known people to see Steve alive. 

If you have any information about the disappearance of Steve Millis, please contact the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office at (231) 689-7303.

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I was there. I understand that, but yesterday's my ass, there is you're taking one thing with freestyle. You, Nada did not know how one substitute you gathered on the tablet upon your soul,. Really? The truth again was for my sean as he wrote this, he got his name. This is around the sixth grade. you tell me why all the suddenly you it's wrong? to me now you got an eternity very short presentation. Why john aren't you? but look at it, but surely out of work, You shall be my position
You do look suspicious, pretty shop motions for my part Could you know you run just being there? I know that every outside it now I didn't do that. I knew I love ok, No, the law He'll suspicious, I looked, I know the law last week. We brought you. First to instalment of steve millicent story, we explored gives life the night he disappeared. For people who a rumour to have been involved in his disappearance and had some sort of motive in today episode, titled family ties, we're going to pick up where we left off with teresa and how her stories high back to some of steve's own family members there consistent stories about one person that you heard from impart one one of the law snow people to see Steve alive,
I'm marisa and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and twenty one of the vanished part. Three steve? Millicent story Are you wasting money on subscriptions? Eighty percent of people have subscriptions. They forgot about help is here with rocket. Formerly known as true bill, the shows how you're subscriptions in one place and then cancels for you would have you dont still want rocket. Money can even find
inscriptions, you didn't know you were paying, for, he may even find out you've been double charged for a subscription to cancel a subscription. All you have to do is press cancel and rocket. Money takes care of the rest. Get rid of useless subscriptions with rocket money now go to rocket money, dot, com, slash! Wonder he seriously! It could save you hundreds per year. That's rocket money, dot, com, slash wonder! He cancel your unnecessary subscriptions right now at rocket money, dot, com, slash, wonder E. Steve millicent story may be the most difficult one that we ve ever attempted to untangle today, There are so many people with motives to harm steve, and so many rumours swirling around hysteria about what happened. Eve and who was involved steve sawder amber acknowledges the difficulties that investigators have faced while try. Define, steve and appreciates the efforts that they have put forth to find the truth, I Bali fully understand that that is a big portion of what makes us
Complicated I mean one day person is that a lot of the people that I think are involved, have criminal history, so they understand how it works how to just try to sharpen down to the right are but the other the other issue here is that he was in love and like so many high risk activities he was using drugs. He was a screw around with horrible people He was with a married woman. There's somebody like possible, like motives, just makes it so difficult for the place at it. I feel about them and then also a significant issue is that most of the people involved or people who have knowledge of a happy they're, all drug attics, so hard to get straight. Sorting out of anybody. and then to take any of this to trial can be like. Are you kidding one difficulty for swell producing this series was while new way go county, granted our request for records, and we were given hundreds of interviews to come through along with Steve's case file. The
Stu gaiters were not granted permission to speak with us, so we were unable to ask them. clarification on anything. If you list to all of the audio they asked nearly every person to take a polygraph, but it appears They only followed through with a few of the people who agree to take polygraph. Now we know, the polygraph are controversial subject because it can be an accurate and not admissible in court. However, theirs still commonly used as an investigative tool. Today, in this storm of steve story, we're going to take a look at some of the people who have taken polly graphs and failed one of those people. was teresa. Do you learned In part, two at the very and of our last episode amber talked about this new story, that steve was killed a teresa's house in his spiraea. If you remember this was that Travis owned with his wife and she stayed in the home with their children when the two split and travis lived up to the baldwin property. There was
It is that investigators spoke to goods. new year's eve with teresa and Travis Steve was. So there was some other people person remember seeing steve at teresa's just a couple of days before he disappeared, still heaters asked this witness how he learned that steve was missing. So after the circuit did you see you again, was the first five years. Diva gear vessel face trees, palm trees in it.
I know six or seven years later after that facebook and bring back steve years, the hang on so are you sure it was a sixty seven? She told you and why the law, after what it was like after he went missing, was like the day off the day after it says later on. It does not like. like early, we just found out when she knows she can find out on the job. Sean Beattie. If you remember from part one shot beady, Steve's, nephew steve. Sean's house tonight he disappeared to use their wifi. What position she's
the reason that chinese messaging should say no to hot body. The two together should know them all. alright keep up your. I got a coupon code, he told you said message, sean who really okay then found him so bad. But also we heard was Stevie Emmy you creases on the first and second highest are arm saying that he agreed with Mr Travis is on the roadmap and that's the truth. The truth from the bottom of it should be scattered around. As long as I am, I mean like our travesty, that the only way I think the model tries to eat the bugs do, but Travis ain't do shit and Charlie Miller was harder.
The fault lies why news media through a appointment or forbear the ogre. So who do you say that to who did you say, charlie or dessert that your true, Where was I wondered? Dollars? Take place or forced to be right you said it is you have the second. You heard a couple different things from tree, sir. She said he ass. He thought his thoughts on offshore tax to see this programme it's you before we knew about it. People have told us that you told people that stevie came out to a party and carries sb and that you were there. Okay. Now, if something like that was said,
il. We did figure out. Why I said: ok, if somebody ever tell you that they saw stevie be dumb. They, where would you get there from okay, tell me what you said about still be down. Alright. Tell me: why had a conversation do there? This was this a thoughtless? You appreciate. We not us ok here when I hydrogen operating like that? No, I Don'T- It is neither ok here, but we need to figure out what happened it in and we did find a true. So let's talk about you, who told you about still be down cycle. He did not have any traces. Ok, let me limits one might slow down a little bit cause. I gotta make sure I keep operate. So true
who told you that sean shuttle trousseau someone broke his neck, it was their choices. When did you? today it is. In her room goodbye. I sat down. She said. Okay, show some sometime, Well, let me is lucky new data so that a year ago, sometimes you think on six or seven so huge reserves, and what else did you say about what chancellor shant old teresa and did you say how the giant altruism, This happened? Some traces of debt was broken How do you know? I didn't have to replace a miracle go and you not there all the time to understand so there
Do you think that you personally now is it treats who told you that someone broke his neck? in cody, told you that shun facebook column in one help the body goes. You do things that you know nothing else remember this name: cody will discuss further in part for, but for now we to take another look at sean, beady, Steve's nephew before sir, had gone to the dollar general the night he disappeared. He had been at sean's but sean clean, I have no knowledge of what happened to Steve. He said he never saw him again after he left to meet someone at the dollar store this witness You just heard from said that he didn't believe that steve was killed. It teresa's because there were, it's there. However, investing leaders were getting tips that Steve had, in fact, until it teresa's home that someone the throne steve against the fireplace and his neck was broken,
They then rolled his body up in carpet, put him in the rafters later, moved his body under a manhole cover consistent theme. You were here as we work our way through to the conclusion of this story is carpet Sometimes the stories are exactly the same, but the carpet is a constant. The witness you just heard, from also told investigators about carpet being removed from teresa's house around the same time that Steve disappeared, though, when you work, is what you do any work, and I also think either. I guess Are you? Are you guys there from what you know atrocities? when you work on the house, any renovations or anything like that artist living apartment occur when was at roughly comes to carpeting out. The document is on the day I shared my dog, yellow bulldog,
I just wanted to roughly ten disease started, a senior I'm not going to record with a girl. He didn't see any blood on it now and where did you see the carpet? yeah with the water out on my blog. She wrote the button. nobody, those outside their state of wrong, doing interview with teresa investigators asked her about the carpet weapon and carbon off her
he burned and burned it. Why did you burn it? It was nasties. When was that teresa, I'm not asked for an exact ages. Roughly no, I think was before after stevie care visit? It was teresa is difficult to hear in some of these clips. It sounds like she's. whispering, or maybe she sick, but she clean But she got rid of and burn the carpet before Steve disappeared. However, witness that you just heard from recalls it happening after Steve went missing. The witness had so claim that teresa said sean called her and said that some one had broken steve's neck. They ask
We're about that as well. Did you get any phone calls for anybody to tell you what happened to steve mills in particular, to talk to sean Barry about canada, alright, and what did sean tell you happened? I.
What what do you mean? I guess it's all about a year and that some some like that, it's it's a murder, asked me a murder. You would forget so like that idle trees, you can forget come on. I will listen to me. Listen to me, I'm! Ok! You got a call from sean, ok, I'll, get a new tool. You now run like about what happened, what power haven't stevie Melis hiking up? How am I to of what would it would have shown to you?
Can you give me like a it'll, be really good, so in haste he called you and told you what happened. I know if I do something I'm really sticker, I would tell you guys: did you did you have relationship it offers sean diddy, hope that relationship did or did not go into finance? Okay, so yeah he had sex. It was a relief because that's what I meant by relationship, I'm sorry yeah, so I wouldn't want those five were never married Ok, we want one was. I can't tell you that'll wasn't before
where stevie was messing or after I or y se, but for a yes a heads up before, because then he whatever we like kind of had sex a couple times and then he had then I just stopped or whatever, and then he had hooked up with that, so that soundless salad, tina whenever I dunno cursor shows before you hooked up with soliciting. Oh, yes, it was okay. They they're supposed to work together. It's time know that. Did you sleep with him? That was around football season? Okay, yep! I remember that. But what about what about? After new years, did you guys hook up. yup nope, not that I remember no, because that was all around like football season and then yeah he had to have bandwidth. I think it was with Celestine around new year's eve or new year's right.
Now our fisheries, so did you still talk to show them? Romania would break out far wherever not Did you get some mouth from China? We once while, ah yes, the joker I do not know because I'm ok, I told you you're, not. You were not trying to put a case on you. Okay, if you tell us you get to tell us the truth right, I am telling you the truth. Well, there's things that I don't remember or like parts of that was because why? Because the math I made the best player on the heat, so like when people bring something offer little pieces helps me so going back over the talk about the sulphur yo sean beating Call you up and tell you what happened. Esteemeth com
You know I saw what he would say that I am again but the important thing about me. Do they forget that got on and they said there was a fight here. We still remember that is. possible sean call job and said some words tv How do you do that? What would you do that? I would hope, but I dont know why he would it, but if I went Ok, I mean that we have done what we want. We have proof we have proved. says that sean called you? Would you go? Ok if you area approve it happen. Oh, did you go there's no way, I will tell you there's no way, but I know that he did call me They saw so he called you a few times like yeah, so it's quite pass. We could ecology.
and told you saw me yeah and I'm really hard. I promise about my work. like we're not seeing sti or archons evolve, we're just trying to care about myself right now as an insane number of people with. Oh, you would if we said that he was killed here and we have proof, I would say no, a elway was killed here, no way, I'm promising. I would. Battle, not a guy. Your person will not see you involved worse than that, but what's up or maybe you are here and is heard about what happened cadet happen. I may not be here and he the elder. Don't you think
Therefore, I think that that's how you found out no way no way he was killed. You know what You weren't gone any of those days somewhere overnight. Not that, I recall then did then how could I get killed her? I mean you are here that I want to get killed if he got killed her I killed her. I do not believe that you are freaked me out of this. What people are saying? I don't know why I know people are. They are talking about me and I don't understand. They are really neither. I was over. That's why I'm here, since you know, I don't know why everybody is china no, no! No! No! No! Nobody said that you killed them or italian or people are saying like tourists and all we're saying is true. Then, as I have a point here,
areas of human beings emails. Like my pride, would you take a polygraph yeah teresa? did take a polygraph which she failed to beef. air teresa's niece passed away in a car accident. Shortly before the polygraph was administered and her nieces funeral was the following day. We don't know if this could have. After the results of the polygraph, it remains unclear. What theresa may or may not know about what happened to steve, but she is deeply nor twined with many people close to this case, including steve, sean and Travis Many of us are already planning our new year's resolutions to work out more and twenty twenty three, but let's face it They rarely stick well. Politicians gotta give for you
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use called married hand. That's m e r R. Why ten at check out for ten percent off your first purges? That's code, mary, ten maximum value of fifty dollars offer in December thirty. First, two thousand twenty two c terms at etsy dot, com, slash terms, as we were, going through the records in interviews. We notice that things kept back to sean beady, Steve's nephew airport, more about her cousin sean shot, his cousin. We know that shown has a long history of violent crimes and drug use like he was like back manufacturing,
drug dealing wherever we know that at the time that made out was missing, Sean's dad's so shall jet of my doubts, brother Carl, his hand, gun came up missing, He didn't report that will place. Where do I believe, like report sets out to people in town? Like my comments, I gotta guns and missy, I give him a handgun. He lived in the same. The turkish on I'm just on the road they were close. they made? It was his uncle John, I believe, was his drug dealer but and I spent a decent amount, a time machine and fellow Siena sure you have to Steve, disappeared sean's. Was searched after a tip came in about steve, while they didn't find steve they found large amount of drugs, there's a big twist with his situation, so when the police got a tip that they had. kill my dad and put my dad under the under his trailer like moved the skirting to the side and slid,
dad underneath the trailer for like a night or two while they Can I got their bearings undecided what to do with him and it was winner. Sulphur. her frozen and it is performing you could you can do that you can move skirting over inside something under that saw the please there were the words with a dog to we'll do a search for my dad and while they were there, they found that Shawn's girlfriend Selah Stina had a decent amount of mass in possession in her own possession. Then there was like some paraphernalia in the house, so Shaun and his brother, java and socio were all arrested on the drug possession once they got to the jail. On sad. You know it's all mine. All of that shit was mine and they said no one can tell us, you know he knows hers and he's had no actually not as online. None of the tears with all my soul sean was on parole, so he had less than a month and you would be off his parole. Finally, after we had just gotten out for like seven years in prison from like me
making it an up. It's all mine and there like listen. You are I gotta go to prison for years over this, but she's only in a few months in jail because she hadn't really been in trouble before he said nope, it's all mine. She did. one single out, and he did he cylinder his you think it's earliest oddy is twenty twenty four. So I am convinced that he took that charge because if he hadn't taken charge He could have said hey. Take it off my little charge, I'm going to tell you what happened to see if the two of them had only been dating since october, so it only been a couple of months, but he was he couldn't let that happen. So he ok, I'll just take this charge, and then she get anything so he was willing to take that charge. To get for bigger charge or to get you know, tat limit his risk of getting a beggar judge, also sean insults. You not got married well in jail a couple months later, beautiful matrimony, holy matrimony after Sean's arrest,
They questioned him again about his uncle. Your refund your mouth we're not like us before. We were not here to talk to you about that. Ok and they divided the Tobin tax conversely, we will we wanna buy stephen where there is ok or some have we don't know what we were trying to reduce or not trade figure it out here in in one of the things that brings us to you you're one allows people to talk to him. Ok the text message: Did you see him? working missing is find it here. When are you coming well. That would to me would imply that he's coming back to your place, why house or house, for you. that was before he went to the dollar store everybody, two in this case it is either
mass her co, or heroin whatever in that's a whole separate issue are thing for the family. If we want to fight steve and deal we can do that is by talking to people close to us and an ivy very frankly, their people today to give us the run around. Why don't we don't know where I was I can do- and I appreciate tat, but start doing anybody any good to try to find this guy, but Who is my father missing here would we really concerned hill and he was your uncle. I think he you know which ones are nobody wants to give names up, but we want to. We want to do the best. We can. for the family that, but you included our information. We ve got an boys point. A finger to you I have some. You are aware
You were my wife and my sisters that night yours do that night. If the dollar general or do you the laugh I'm on my way, I mean I'm not saying that other people are, sure everything on girlfriend was there, but why would they say that? I mean it's just that one person it's two three four people If they want they're going to say what exactly was an envelope. Otherwise people see him. The man left my house once the dollar started me. food is that everything had tell you why I've heard only different things up, as we all know. What did I do, her well I was crazy.
shown, denies any involvement in steve's disappearance, the rumours about sean have been going around since very early on one tipp. They came in just weeks, steve disappeared. So sean shot steve because of greed and the money from the safe job as well as the guns, here is another witness who came forward with information about sean's alleged involvement and steve's disappearance and death short. Really bright about shootin steam. How did you this year, this second thirty energy here directly by somebody who is involved directly from the person that hurt sean. Beady told him direct, he shot him in the back or shot in the head. As on phone up your dog I talked to a couple days later, as I remember you just high and told me that anyone here, my dog watermark, mentioned to me something about safe
yeah. It all started over a safer like some this. Caressing girls already had charge of the safe, but at something with their safer historian twist around so much right right. The rumours are huge right now, so so you you too, as stephen would stevens involved in a deal with this same that was going to happen there. My understanding is that sean said There is a sort of dope and that's all went down. You think Sean did it. That there's no doubt in my mind He hasn't even started the bt family again because they know more than what your land, which is crazy, because Steve's related to him. Media fail, family? Don't cross? You guys know that If not the arming, whether it's fight or whip your, but they will they will ruin you in any way. I can It comes down to financially going to your boss, because they're all buddy buddy with anybody around here owns a business or anything.
We'll do whatever they gotta. Do you just don't cross immediate family? They will way the hurt you were. There were ruin life. That's just that amount about you. When states found his body of the property problem review probably want to state my livelihood. Children are the that's just my feeling on it. There are no facts behind it. That's just how I feel it's pretty strong feeling it's that trumped about it, I'm not it's a tweak. bullshit talk at some fucking he's on drugs, shit, I'm dog and I've dreamt about it. Since I found out that he was missing before I even heard anything about shawn being involved. If you could take a wild guess where were your scientists to pick up a check, the obvious the farm right there are celestine and know something to they more than what their dollar things, though, why the fuck they want to cover.
John's dirtbag, ass or somebody's fucking keinen is decent as the sounds of you. Whatever happened went too far and they went oh. What do we do now? You know I don't sound like they planned it. If it, you know whatever happened. That's what it sounds like me is by what you're saying in all in and all my interviews in all over I love stew. You saved my life. I should like us trying to have. You told me that I mentioned down. I was sick, nodded mud laden s barrier, there's no, other major hooker zero serve other my face. What message popped up steep collar it naturally grandma harold needle pullback tied up. Chevron in my arm, my phone rang I'll, get fucked with anybody's, got to say: that's god, you know He has talked me like I'm during dawn, broke out on like us doing so I've come of it. very often schemes as good a sufficient. Are you still down.
Now, the only time just under three months after Steve disappear, Sean beady married his girlfriend Celeste Stena. There has a lot of speculation surrounding their marriage, did they tie them, because they were in love or did they do it as of spousal privilege, which is protection hence being compelled to testify against your spouse. A witness told investigators at the sunday or money after steve, disappeared, so tina had allegedly told a couple of people that Steve was dead later less tina, also allegedly told these same witnesses that she married sean so that she didn't have to testify against him another witness this to say about the strange communication she had with less Dana when obey I guess she had went to jail and I had only read about it on facebook. I really didn't know what was going on at that point. I didn't. I just knew that they got rated whatever won't either. walmart at one point- and she see me
I'll get warmer than she message me afterwards and vital? Did it was you that I think our market, that while we got it popular, would arrange, there is actually quite a bear stephen shine and persuasion messages and I actually random too, of a couple of my friends and I might just the way that she is answering. It s a thing. Some of this does no more than she's beijing was like edges, a whole power station was suspicious than like. He was just like you here. If you hear anything or any of you hear anything or see anything how she put it along the steel, You please, please let me now and get ashore and then do anything's handwork sprang everyday that he showed up and not from the door the way that she was staying at like an of waiting for shoes overboard. polly, our version so yeah see, definitely worth and other messages between her and the others.
less dino original interview with investigators. She tells the same story that sean and his brother, Joe or hunger, told them initially several slater after she had married sean celestial came in to speak with investigators voluntarily with her mother two were suspicious of her reasons to marry sean, Why all of a sudden? You went wrong to me, an hour began turning very john, why you married John papa okay during a recent example. there might be, but look very good report in my position zone suspicious You do look suspicious, greece out my shoes or my partner because you know you run just being wearing I know that every outside it now I do
it was all. I knew. I knew the law. Okay, I know the law and you see what I'm getting at I know the law some of that retrain. Looking, I didn't see there what you are acting, they just one more word You are a little man. Even this whole situation, had no ideal ratification yourself into in this case. What happened to you? That's true! You know you are a lot of things. Why did you let them know better? But here are things like it s, not until the peculiar decided under payroll, cited. They have come forward with truth on non zero.
My own opinion and you can go good, but what I'm saying is: okay, the rain Locations are where you're going with all this, I believe, and I'm not one hundred percent. This is my gut feeling I'm not gonna give my opinion anywhere. This is my opinion. Ok, I got here. You mean you shut down a long road you take care for what it's worth, because he told him information and I to tell you you know, that is to say information. Now, that's the law, because you Mary was to shop Are you willing to sign the uncle John? Are you trying to break down the line? The knight of the couple hours before if he was laughing at the turn out and then went to dollar general
I wanted, and I want to know. what sean told her directly and why she got married sean this predicament, because this is not nor when is very suspicious, that she's doing to testify. Tell me: do you know that you're, ok, I've been view public, twenty people, you in jail and everything else. I know guys back their running around together and what are you doing everything else I believe you, Sean's intentions are married. You hear it I think she knows why. Why do you married you in the first place, She has been up front about. You know that dying when they are available how two years off
anyway? There's a lot of rumors out there boy. Here's. The thing was what I thought in everything's, rumor is always you know, I've heard them all and neither there's yes, We ve done and we got a pretty good idea. Now. Listen to me right Well, I'm sure thing are you. Are you know that? Well he's the one please you nothing about buying not anymore? are you kidding? I mean it.
It is clear that no one here mom. Here. You go. That's one thing you're or something you know. You never told me there too, There I been in three interviews with you ever said that you ve never said it great right there, I thought you were told information from in writing. I can only confirm or deny that But what I am saying is that you ve never told us. Never do you we ve now You see where a little information can really screw things up can you talk it draws stealing and said. Does everybody is. We put forward here. I don't want a little while sean when you're still dating trust me. I do
One of the sources what I do away. You know I and I'm not going to get into that. Those are not permanent. Things, but not very your jaw anyway, that one that's one thing tat, you see she was held out. What else? What else? Now What is You might not have been a good man. Ok because of the matthews he was a great father of great britain even in the matthews you that guy needs to know everybody deserved to be. At least you are. The longer this goes on there? He was one of the robbery and I think they got some money last day you didn't, I wouldn't Nobody? Why don't you don't forget?
we have a lot of things. We can do that. Finally, near? The end of this interview was less Dana and her mother. She, the investigator some information. That could be an important clue. Why somebody don't worry about me. Thinking about did he ever screw over sean and the kinda deal? You know those forty I know, but I know that I'm new you won't, let me concentrate on ensuring by him, I'll be in the chair, and he has is everything ok
inside of it, I is that you are bipolar game Anyone who are sent out fifty bucks Anything to do to this. One later on in last, He is she he's talking all the time that happens. We're out interesting has take that
and you should take one- goes sean that clip was a little difficult to understand. So, if you missed it less Stena was alleging that steve had stolen a gram of math from Sean she says this occurred on new year's eve just days before Steve disappeared on the fourth. Could that have been motive to harm Steve in june of two thousand nineteen celeste Stena took a polygraph and failed in a post polygraph. Interview she pointed the finger at on brother, Joe or hunger,
shy from getting the go ahead disappear right. We had our suspicions. Besides god, he thought, maybe for Joe how come because he just I wait see like where stevie would come over to get a call like off the door showing us the door, always let him in, and she would just shit At the time in everything he wishes, I could use another house all the time he had math. All the time like we didn't know, whereas it's probably just my job, know your hobby or criticism to which is very. We rethink that, like he yours, he always had drugs. he was a worker. Yours had money
with him is that he never worried me and always had my mac on the highway, which is weird because it does not hit her communion toast butter before Shawn's brother. You know, I don't think that I would either if only he was capable. Did you talk to Joe at all or anything like that? Not that I can remember the number two digits John confront his brother about this. Now we never ever should retain chardonnay and never talked to the prior stuff that you know a coach on your damn phone has like my suspicious, is still the same person. When I first heard about ma about his or her will. It was just a weird trip or something I'd have nowhere to now reselling or drugs or anything to have so much jog.
I have gases grapple with all the tone for just that day, ten dollars for a couple of weeks. So where do you think haga was getting it from? I was only we never ask both as he is again shine star, start getting his mouth from John l. Is there anything else you could think of, would cause problems here today I mean then for a long time in here. And I don't know anything about these machines- he comes in and tells me he'll up or down, and that's that's all. I get yeah hi and he said gg. You didn't do so well here and that you may know something. So I get a difference here and there either either. You did something or you know something or you don't know anything that is three parts so
long after he became a missing. It was reported to the forty Yes, I was almost have ten days yeah, but will we talk before So after a couple days, not hearing from stevie, you guys got concerned and Did you say things anybody, then it must stephen db, missing or haga both now walker's, I, after the room days, for that friday and suffer the next and they re shy. the side view like repression, like a worker who, who did you really disappear and like hydrogen was.
This, isn't good enough either korean or haunted thought that maybe something had happened long ago to so many of them. Do we need people like you to be quick blood to be one hundred percent with us here in this chamber. I have the same feeling and would think they know something. You talk sean on the way out briefly yeah he will he tell you that that he felt her, no one, something to the other thing. I guess you say as exertion You just heard them say that sean failed us polygraph as well. However, we dont- any interview audio with sean from after his polygraph ambulatory. about some strange conversations. She's since had was Celeste Stena. She is Attics you know in and out of jail still
felt in her mom several times in the past couple months and been arrested for it. She started a facebook page like a hate page against me called The real truth are the real justice for the innocent as they like that where she said that I was a heroine act and I killed my dad out because I asked him for money for drugs and he said now, but in the beginning, right after getting out of jail for the first time and right before marrying Sean. She, her. I word like talking back and forth on the phone and she's texting me and she was, I told her. I lied and I said if somebody in jail just rolled errand, something there and very soon like finally, there talking and she said I guarantee it was sean and unlike wait what and who they well, and you know what an over for an under as, unlike now she's like well. We know that, on new year's eve, your dad body grandma match. Sunshine, but also stolen with a of meth from sean, so about one and stolen and sold it.
You shut up with this random grammar math want needed, fella sell it all. That must be the one. I was missing from that night. She said so sean said he gonna set your dad up in it an over for an under to get him back and unlike it gets where you like stage robbery and you you get. The person jumped above love it like also there's you get to witness it happening, so they catch him off, guard and she's like so I guarantee that's how it happened, but really that it's the first. I had heard of that, and I'm like. Oh my god. I bet that is what happened and then she also said some weird stuff like she felt like he was. in her and she that digital like like pairs the pairs shift. I keep waking up in there. We like appear on my nightstand and she's, like I feel, like you like, trying to say me, whenever I d, like you, just have a really guilty. We're conscience right now, so just come on with a cut out the witchcraft shit like what happened. It is interesting that Celeste Stena pointed the finger at sean's brother. While he do,
we was sean and select stena. His name wasn't coming up in the stories or rumours like sean's wise position attempt. off investigators, Joe or haha, was also arrested when drugs were found at the home, he shared with his brother and select stena. In The gators interviewed him again to see if he had anything else of interest to add on the I don't was you were there. It is as if they went back to her bedroom. I dunno watched him feel the same time and I'm pretty lead anywhere. You know I mean I don't I'm pretty sure they're just get undressed enough. They deserve working on my door, and I remember them, play music down? There is less and less can shut down so curious, as also assume that you should proceed.
so Steve have been there and they want to know where they went together. Left her there tonight, I've ever seen, there may be in danger. There waiting walked my mom or grandma's dog or something we have a lot of people phones, including shores we actually going was my own and we know sean was now. Is it true that you love for a period of time I'm not his baby sitter, I dont know he's a grown up. and when I remember him venus, My first even became listen
The target man for river ma saran wrap around. I have no, I have no ea air businesses, air business, anything we didn't talk about your blood and your blood, but, like I said and then what has he drunk? What has over the drugs, because you're, taking me down with what you know with the drugs. I was doing the clean. You know and then we started living together and I started using it but, like I said it was a trigger for, like I said you're gonna. Tell me down drugs minute scramble exactly what I said that were made He did everything I do not want. It comes down to it in its own fact, historically low level I love my brother there,
that's why you know it, but I by no means am I holding that information from you at all, because at the same time there's still my uncle. That's my family too. I'm trying to type what happened to mile. I want to know too, because next year Joe didn't have much of importance to add. He stuck the story that he had told investigators about the night. That Steve disappeared. One important to point out, is that the investigator said that they have proof that sean left his home. That night, we aren't you if the investigator was bluffing to catch joe off guard or if they have proof that sean leave us home that night. Another thing, we do know, is that sean had deleted things from his phone. Before skaters were able to take a look at it that doesn't
that they were able to recover deleted items. We can see and steve's file that they obtain search warrants for the phone records, facebook and Google accounts for nearly all of the people. You ve heard about Unfortunately, we can only see that those records were logged into evidence. We can't see the details. So we don't know when information those records may hold If you manage teams of more than ten people listen up, this is gonna. game changer, for your teams, ability to get stuff done and will make you look like a rock star to your boss, clients and colleagues. Imagine much more. Your team could accomplish together with an extra day, work each week that so much time we'll save with click up the one apt to replace them all click up as a collaborative work up. That brings-
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a person, but before we can get to that, we need to discuss. an important event that occurred nine months after Steve Melis disappeared in september of two thirds. Nineteen called the new way go Kenny sheriff's office to report that she had overheard a conversation between two people. The conversation was about steve millicent wallet being found in an area called fishermen's trail. The person who claimed to have and it allegedly said that it was burnt, but that they were. still money inside he said he took the poorest. We burn money to the bank and exchanged for new bills. The gators went to speak with one of these people who claim that it was someone else who had found the wallet. They said The bag was found along the river with a wallet inside. Invest. Together then went to the residents where this man lived to see if they could talk with him themselves. Who are your mom?
Okay are your name him Amy. I talked to some people that said that Jamie said he found the lost wallet yeah. So I'm trying to figure out talked to me himself often what he told me. You know that his wallet it was a freak accident that freaked him out. Ok, he just laughed when he said he doesn't even know if it's still there or not so easy, he did say he found symbol as well. He felt a the images he just if see that one is causing problems. Did he If anybody is the wiser when it came out the same hole that freaked him out really bad. You know when he said he found it awhile ago
It's if you have any idea. What are you fond swallowed? A very healthy? That's all you know how and I ll be, whereas here's some people's those he just kind of exaggerating blows things out of fortune yeah. I just are not truthful, sometimes just just to say things. and I dont know Jamie Madame saw his. You told the truth here. What you think of the way he came home and how they tell us what you told me of it thought it back to his work. He was trying to help us dive
back to it's owner and the dog. The earth was like. I don't know what the fuck was going on, not that dog, like Margaret beckett, older and I just love who who's the weather at the time, because I'm so sorry, I I believe mc doesn't over exaggerate that it's okay, I've been with them for years. Oh well, you know those could be quite the exaggeration, but some people said he kind of yeah yeah he's not always truthful. So I need him to get all me as soon as spoke. I need him to take me out where this was he. If it does it's out there and is potentially an area where we could look first aid melis. We need to know that investing you're spoke to this man who allegedly found the wallet unfortunately dont have the audio from that interview,
Jamie said that he was fishing out by taylor bridge when a dog came up behind him wanting to play. He didn't know the dog belong to but proceeded to play with dog bit then the dog when it the word line and started digging in an area. The dog came back to him, holding a fanny pack in its mouth. He started to play catch with it. by throwing the fanny pack and the dog would bring it back to him and he would toss it again. Eventually, He decided to open up the fanny pack inside he found three ideas belong to steve mill us and to belong to women, but he couldn't but their names were also some credit or debit cards inside the fanny pack? Jamie claim that scared, tossed it and took off. He said that, returned to the area days later, because someone had told him more information about steve being missing any thought that may be He should go get it, but he couldn't find it investigators took jamie out to this area, but they were
ever able to find the fanny pack jamie described or steve's idee amber, told which she knows about this. It was found at a place called fishermen's trail. It is right by taylor bridge I am mistaken county technically, but if they would call that whole in area, it was apparent sound by a guy who was looking for like mushroom. And fish, so that area is less than miles away from dollar general. It is near pines point area that so brought up. A lot is a river bank by think something and to know about it- is that that area is highly trafficked by fishermen. So it's a little odd that it wasn't noticed. Prior if it had really been there the whole time. Another detail that weak about it is that there was apparently a burned I wanted to. There were seven, there are seventy dollars in there and that it was burned, but not beyond, like use
took it to the bank and exchanged for fresh bills in this came from so the guy who founded the mother in law was also at home at like at the house at the time, and she heard I telling his wife and then she turned on called us in beside the sounds really messed up. The please said that they were, out there with the guy and that the guy was just kind of confused and they think that's it. I was lying the whole time when I asked like more questions clarity. They were so we can get into that. I want to talk to the guy, though the guy said that anyone out there with the police and that the police basically side- you don't really and did you because Jesse you know if you found at that you weigh more involved in this than you wanna, be and so I think, it's for setting. and actually find it. You were just talking of a game to your friends and to get click, ok, yeah that'll get. I would like to think that there is. Somebody would make that up. However, maybe he did they get up
caps and the burned up seventy dollars part doesn't make sense either because he bought cats in dollar general with change like we were. I watch the video he pulled change out and brought together guesswork. So how did he also have seventy hours in us and also if he was, I grabbed her son like the distant take. Seventy hours maybe has while it was planet there too. There was not one of these, son of a guns. Has a spare suddenly bucks to burn up they? No chance of man. just as it seems with everyone? In this case we don't know if Jamie was telling the truth about finding the fanny pack, if you is telling the truth that could be a place to search further whereas the amber said, perhaps it was planted there. Another thing that we would like to discuss as we prepare to go into our fourth and final instalment on this case is Steve's vehicle. We come through the file to try a piece together everything we could possibly learn about it. We know that,
was later found at the dollar. General were Steve, had been on the night that he disappeared. Did Steve but there and get into another vehicle. We know that was meeting build. Their bill had suggested that half Steve was meeting someone else there to people who described him as a wheeler and dealer. Could he have more than one meeting that night. If he did, could the other person have driven a cadillac would would explain, Steve's message saying that he would be an academy. We have no proof that stuff, at another meeting set up that night besides bill we found other mentions of people who drove cadillacs, but no one there, very close to this case, Deborah had said the two investigators that perhaps Steve had planned to come to her house before bilge. to the dollar general and switch to driving her cadillac together. We know that they are they had to go to mosquito later that night after he got the money from bill. Did something happened
to Steve left the dollar general that thwarted his plans and ended in his disappearance or could see have driven the jimmy away from the dollar general and someone else returned at later to plan at their adding further. confusion to the case. We don't have the answers to questions. We can only fear is based on what we ve learned. So, let's take, Look at what we know about Steve's gm see Jimmy together spoke to an employee at the dollar store. Who was working that night they could see. Employee on surveillance. He would periodically to the door open it and look around here, that. This is something he routinely does throughout his shifts. He looks for abandoned parts that need to be returned to the store from what he could remember. He saw the assistant managers vehicle in the parking lot and an s. U thought to be still When he made his rounds at night, the
Cedars in this case have gone to great lengths to find any clue about who may have been in the area that night they were able to obtain Google geo fence warrant to show what does some were using google within a specific range of the dollar store. They also got a for the dollar generals router to see who was using their wifi around that time. They tracked down patrons from the store to see if they saw anything what Person remember seeing a black suv in the parking lot and thought it was broken down? It's quite possible that, was steve's vehicle that she remembered seeing one person who could be helped in determining if Steve's vehicle was their shortly after he disappeared, would be bill. The man, the is due to meet unfortunate he seemed to be a bit confused about this. What kind of cars did you see there tv's overnight or nice away away, as you will see, because in it,
the other day, some twenty people split up. I saw a couple like that: the parking there is kind of awkward people were coming up and backing up the black su bs war. Yet the blazers the g blazer another brain felt like I didn't. Even I thought he was there. I was looking around for Steven. Black blazer, and I didn't see it because the one that was parked up by the by the store I parked right next to. I was almost sure for only for about two seconds I considered it could be cds, but does it kid that works there, whose mom works at the mobile dad's house, and I could have swore that kids, who a blazon so the guy- that's nice, tvs because that one is grey on the the internet and hundred antivirus smoking so thumper sure that was his nose know his. I mean get out looking at your photos, see them on the feet in our open door, bin laden former, but I I didn't. Even we can't tell you
Sure that Steve's Jimmy never left the parking lot, but the one employee, a customer, possibly bill solid park there bill seemed a mistake. The vehicle for dollar general employees at least what he said to the investigators. The vehicle sat, parking lot until january fifteenth, Investigators looked at over, they made one observation that could be potentially important The driver's seat was pushed overly close to the steering wheel. Steve was foot nine inches tall and they thought it was too oh for him to drive comfortably. They also noted they found a hare tie hanging from the turn signal. Shifter finger and dna swabs were sent? The lab for processing steve's keys have never been found. The Jimmy was toad away and later investigators called the towing company to see if they could check how much gas was inside the vehicle. The toys company had to make a key for it. Found that it was out of gas could Steve, have existed
dollar general and realise that he was out of gas and that's what's that TIM from showing up at debs when he said he would be their shortly. If that is what happened, would he have nor ride with someone or walk to a home near by where one of friends or family members left Steve new, several people within walking distance of the store we will splore some of these theories further tomorrow. One frustrating about steve's vehicle and what evidence it may or may not hold is, as you heard part, one amber told, at several people admitted to going into the jimmy during the day is that it sat at the dollar general before Steve was reported missing. We don't know if there was essential evidence in there. That could have been disturbed. One of those people was travis. The jimmy the register to him after all, but he and did that he went in and got some w g forty and a thermos
Person was in possession of some of steve's belongings after this time too, and that was bill who claim investigators at suv that he saw that night in the parking lot he thought that it to some one else. This is a source of frustration for amber because she I didn't know who she can believe vulgar and my dad have been friends for like years many years back before drugs. In any of that, I think my dad was like a father figure to bell kind of. He was a local kid. He went to school with my sister. They fishing. They traps together, trapped furs and hunted infection whenever bills original story to myself. In my sister still got looking for trouble. You Your dad he was cannon in debt to a few like bad people. I think he just hand got out of town were like. I know, thanks avail because he's never ever and our entire lives, not cap in very close contact with the sun does make sense and we started noticing that bill. Just one give actual one return, calls
in both as while you know, I was supposed to be meeting on that night to buy some fishing pulse from him, but when I got to meet spot, which was dollar general, he wasn't there. You know someone else, has in the beginning that bill said he drove by the meaning, fattened didn't seem an advocate, and so he just kept going unlike made other plans, but then were hearing from somebody else at bills that oh yeah I you know I went to the meaning spawning stock. Gift card, I waited for a little bit, but he never came out. So I figured he was in the star S. his sister, pinned him on that, and he said oh well. No, I went in the store, looked for him but didn't see him, but we watched the video and bill. Never went the store, so history just wasn't really making sense, and so we're kind of like listen bell. Were you there just to like buy drugs from my dad? Because if you were it's fine, just like beneath the holes Where, though, no absolutely not no, it wasn't. He says, and I never saw your dad- and I you know I haven't heard from him or seen him since, but then we get screenshots from a girl that he met with that night and he tells the girl that he did me
my dad and gave my data honey. In sixty dollars, but then they got screwed him up by not coming back with drugs. I would like ok, you know that, while that makes more sense than the first story so that when the girl up with him night. They met, they went together by drugs and he had a bunch of stuff in the passenger seat of his car that he had them. to me, it was ass. Trot. He had a move to make room for girl to get in, and it was some of my dad's like she recognized as being my dad's? It was like an overnight bags impose. It was a hope, a whole saga, stuff and she's like. Why do you have steve staff? Then he they call it If something happened to steve this is have you brought me to have just to hold onto form this is before anyone really is missing. She's like one that's weird, whatever. She also noticed he's in the car. With him, there was a man from somebody else's vehicle that had been knocked it was like up on his dash and she's a while. You have that unease at all. I was rushing to try to meet steve and many other car like sites like each other, and I knocked a mere off and I just took them.
and we did an exchange of information and she's like one like this: without really weird, then told with another story and I cry in and really upset. He said that that day, my dad I got a hold of him earlier in the day and my dad was at first irritated, but like still kind of call him and he's like hey I'm in a jam, I have to come up with x amount of dollars. It was like hundreds now, I have several things for sale. Would you want any of them? I have to come up with money now and he's like. Oh, I dunno yeah, maybe I'd be interested in like cause. He collected antique fishing, poles and lures and stuff, and my dad had a lot of that, but at the krakow, seldom to you, that's what I have so throughout the day get your calling him now, and he says that he heard two men in the background and that the guys were, like getting increasingly irritated with my dad in their like we're tired of your shit. Let's go and might add like getting more pressing with it. Like you got a hurried out hurry, so bill says flew back to barrier, to try to help them out and give him the money, and by the time he got there, he was gone,
He also said that made I kept saying: how do you in a cattle or caddy he kept calling like he's waiting in the caddy, bill says that he was meeting. to buy those, but he said that several times, and he also said it to the girl. He was I was buying them specifically, just because Steve was with these guys who he owed money to and like sounded like that, like he had no choice but to pay them like immediately or something would happen at this point in the story, I think we've made it quite clear, you that just about everyone in this case has something to hide, and it might not be the did something to Steve? This is a case. an abundance of suspects, may not be a good thing when it comes to actually solving this bringing Steve home getting answers for his family. The truth has been clouded by. all of the rumours and half truths tomorrow will be exploring. People at the centre of the most consistent and reliable stories about what happened. Steve millions. If you
like investigators have a good idea of what happened to steve and who is involved. They just don't have the physical evidence, at least not yet. courteously and you come right above his name keeps coming right. John reasoning. Ok, ok, three! so you're saying a hundred plus people. Ok, plus all the rumours that we have talked to the other thousands, people are all lying models every single time has to be some truth. if you sit or stand the people I run as for the cartel, if you guys know anything about it, I tell you: no, I don't give a shit. Man die ass. Nobody's die here they are what they do
so he's the one who The sun is: what are you doin Are you job loss on meeting I was there was another. Was there with a jerk what they were gonna do, or did they talk water about? What has been done, They had some providers it turned out so tonight approve. I think they said that was the house that they were missing. They kept the carpet out in the living room. I guess saturday than their washing somebody late that the police. Do you think the gown thing No wonder that urban areas, that they recognise
Why said they kill them either. Eventually wrapped as bodies garbutt there too, three big, o semite irony basis, she's dead, it'll tell your face of the other big huge tires burning through I'm the body and rolled up in the carpet. I thought he said it went up fast and I was burning the crazy stuff like elissa. he's gonna get down here, but this that the whole down washburn dust Oh yeah, they scraped operation. They got all the bonds of abandoned them. He said one thousand tobacco drug long. I was driving,
those ran out of shape. The that brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and twenty one I'd like to
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