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Stephen Millis Part 4: The Darker Side of Hesperia


49-year-old Steve Millis disappeared from Hesperia, Michigan, on January 4, 2019. On the surface, it just seemed that Steve went to the store to buy some cat food and disappeared off of the face of the earth, but things weren't that simple. When investigators began looking into this, they were thrust into the dark underbelly of the drug world. They were trying to build a case, and each person was leading them to someone else. It felt like they were getting closer and closer to the truth, but each story was shaky. The storytellers were unreliable. They all seemed to be lying about something or had something to gain from pointing to the next person in line. Through it all, they did seem to be getting some consistent threads. Sometimes there is a bit of truth in every rumor.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Steve Millis, please contact the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office at (231) 689-7303.

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Hey, prime numbers? You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today we have this paper paid, bringing female at home page where people and have them in their events. So many women who have called and said you know I looked back before. Finally, after all these years of abuse or whatever- and I just want you to know- he said that he was involved in your dad's disappearance or I was at the bar and stones with talking and they said They were involved in your debt, just the o. Some people were saying they like helped cut my dad up after he was killed. They cut him. I put pieces of him in the back of the truck with the tailgate down and like drove fast, those pieces would fly out. We've heard some of the most stopped up thing like you chase them down, and you look these people.
and facebook and stuff into the gallery thing weird one lady was like: oh, that guy is with a chainsaw and bolivar, be like look them up into eighth picture that came home to change up and I'm like, oh but like it, never really went anywhere Forty nine year old, Steve milon disappeared from his spiraea michigan on January. Fourth, two thousand nineteen on this. This it just seem that he had gone to the store to buy some cat food and disappeared off the face of the earth, but things weren't that simple. When Stu gaiters began looking into this. They were thrust into the dark underbelly of the drug world. They were trying to build a case, Each person was leading them to some one else. It felt like they were getting closer and closer to the truth: Each story was shaky. The story teller. were unreliable. They also, to be lying about something or had something to gain from pointing to the now
person in line through it. All they did seem to be getting some consistent threads. Sometimes there is a bit of truth in every rumour, I'm marissa and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and twenty two of the vanished part for us. De millicent story?. Are you wasting money on subscriptions? Eighty percent of people have subscriptions. They forgot about help is here with rocket money, formerly known as true. Will the apt shows all your subscriptions in one place and then cancels for you would have you dont still want rocket money can even find subscriptions. You didn't know you were paying for you may find it
you, ve been double charged for a subscription to cancel a subscription. All you have to do is press cancel and rocket. Money takes care of the rest. Get rid of uses subscriptions with rocket money. Now go to rocket money, dot com, slash wondering seriously, it could save you hundreds four year, that's rocket money, dot, com, slash wondering, cancel your unnecessary subscriptions right now at rocket money, dot com, slash wondering over the past three episodes we've taken you wanna journey through the investigation into what happened to Steve Melis, we start with those who are suspected early on and alone the way investigators began to focus in Steve's, nephew, sean and a couple of other people who were being mentioned consistently today we're going to take a closer look at these people and the stories swirling around them stories that have exposed a darker side of her spiraea.
His burial. Michigan is a small town situated in both knew I and oceana counties its described as a picturesque unity along the beautiful white river, surrounded by a national forest as well. several inland lakes and streams his spear only has a population of just over nine hundred residents. Perhaps up I, the rumour mill, has been so active in a place where everyone seems to know everyone. Sometimes it seems though small towns hold the darkest secrets, but this story isn't confer and his spiraea, the investor Asian has stretched out into different areas of new egg, oceana and other surrounding counties. Even down to florida and back we title this episode. darker side of hysteria now because there's anything specifically ominous about this town starker underworld that we ve been exploring that exist in his spiraea and the surrounding areas can teach us
lot about the drug world that exists everywhere from small towns to be cities in part. Three, we d sean babies girlfriend at the time. So I stena to later married shortly after steve, disappear, Sean is currently incarcerated and war eligible for release. For several more years, a man, whose less has since stated came forward with information about a night the two state in a motel room together and she confided in him about Steve. She was invented like to tell me you, love and all tat. She said. the she went into detail details tell him.
ones, sure want show off your excuse going to tell me no know. Is she going to tell you what sean told or was she going to tell you what she saw, someone saw him and as soon as chooser, because the reason why I say that is because of the secondhand all right, we can use secondhand stuff we're bursting with that means. She has to be there. What did she say? So far, so, and oh, when did she tell me all this, even though I got one I got on, may twenty seven we were fine hotel room for about ten days. I forgot all this. May twenty one
Probably I gonna tell them that from two years, and curiosity of the cost of drinking shit she's given to an astral body she started getting emotional crying on the corner seems like she set herself on the corner corners on a parallel track. So jobs that are more like crazy time ok you really want to see some sort of spain,
so long ass. They were even him, though. Wherever there did, you know I guess we're talking over their arrogance it over one are we talking about week? I guess he went there and got some dope or robbed the guy who broke into place when he went over there and some shit and he knocked up a whole bunch, though Have you never comes over their begging for have brands can behind, That's because they were all living animals and he'd come over there and stay in the showers. Stay there and he'd be gone for clarification on that. I guess nicole songs, little fuckers, where you take all those sounds like a lot of
Oh no here it comes to go for the boy was coming over bush's little bushes shit under italian. I bring you do that There's no need to sell my best friend that house, a house started off at him and it was planned out because that's one car, wherever it was at the store to stamp it out, his carbs. Let plans were he wasn't seen in the video, think the real lesson there. She said: Xiong vs grasshopper as a child harder somebody who has given us.
get him out. One thousand last season she started talking I was like is not how I started to believe. I thought my fucking nonsense that I don't believe leave and I want to know what happened and I'll say nothing. I don't go to. The conference comes out of emotion, that's kind of like an accessory of the crime. I'm not gonna. Listen to that shit. Your brain is telling me the last part of your little thing, they're just trying to poison into the people love to go sources. right, but why would he need to point out three one
This reasoning, for we are not a word. The only season were, he goes Where is this guy problem area caliber or anything house, It was thing that I almost supposedly songs was come here. I really know his real name. together? She said that she two hours Let me say to us: This is a shit. These shows you know. Celestial was there for the conversation, but she wasn't there. She didn't tell me whether or not she was cut off
I don't think that from what I got, I don't think you know what I mean. That's that's what my parents told me it was puppy sean casino. People were willing to help dispose of the body gone to real history. Things happen, There is a first happen. just seeing Try that No doubt in my mind, did she tell you what it was. She says that Shaun shot three people,
if you mentioned Steve or how did she mention his name, he said his name or he cook for five minutes or less uncle. Okay. She always seemed like it was nice. So it was a done deal bad, somehow, sunset alchemy. sure dollars or something she said she has gone from one hour and then he came back. She went he picked her up and they went somewhere. most of christmas, life is over
okay, imagine that he brought her. So whatever situation happened, but you can tell us the solution to talk about it or tears. try. This person claim that Celeste Stena said that steve was killed because he had stolen some drugs from a dealer. We know that shit was dealing drugs in his spiraea, but this witness claims that sean had gotten. supply from someone in the in that state had gone was shown to pick up drugs from that dealer. After that it was alleged us eve, had stolen drugs from this dealer, who was above sean and the dealer began to pray. You're on to do something about steve? You can tell from the internet He was less stena that investigators. That she was the weak link that might turn on the others Then she married Sean philistine. I did
investigators that she and Sean thought Steve had stolen a gram of math from sean on new year's eve, but she never meant and anything about steve, stealing from a dealer and risky. Could there be some truth to this story, It is also mentioned. A woman named buffy buffy is real name is bethany, but most people you. you refer to her as buffy there recently investigators were hearing over and over in interviews, sean cody and buffy. This is a witness that you heard from in part three. He told investigators a he heard that sean beady had shot steve. Here's but more from that conversation showed very bright about shootin steve
now. Did you this year, the second third hand, or did you hear directly by somebody who was involved or directly from the person that hurt himself quotable? Okay, where did you hear from cody three weeks ago, is on two and a half weeks now, two and a half three weeks ago? Do you remember what day it was? No, I don't, and that was a conversation, threw up over the phone. What did John Coady coty nobody's nobody's? You think cody has arisen, the fabricated, that's that that sorry, armor gets along with sean. I knew there were body body breathing caught Ebola. Actually did it coding in a shooter and guitar of that which would would cody come forward and tell us he's going to hide it runs on. Here is, if you guys look for him, you he's he's got rabbit blood boy, good luck! They chased him a misdemeanor wars for three years type, a guy or so myself worked worthwhile as he's gonna run is denied.
Where does he's not going to talk to you about that? Sometime he's not going to work he's that kind of guy nope I ain't doing it talking to you, do not take me jail for my once he's that kind of guy I've watched him do the same thing as me: he charges for people the way that these three people are connected is that sean and cody were friends and buffy was dating cody at the time. and she was also a close friend of sean's. Many people came forward, claiming to have heard things directly from cody me of them were his own family members. We have compiled some clips of the Stories for you, as you listen I pick up on some similarities within the stories you know Steve. I don't know thing but my bobbin to have him as the loser, bagi coney, kobo kobo. What would you bulky? Do?
Well, the other guy one of steve's relatives are so good. They were. It's amazing to me. How did you die where they put them in about china It is anything else about cody anything else, also according to lose the two guys, the pan I've heard more. did you said no more than one conversational multiple conversations sometimes in jail little bitty pieces come here and there it was. It was just on one occasion, but when he wanted to, but I sense that he wanted to talk about it again. Somebody else came in that particular area and hookers shut down. So the speedy. You said that cody he just
I wanted help with the body needed help with the body. Okay, that's what I assumed, but I wanted to make sure I hit her straight. Tell me after cody shows up to help this bd guy. What did he say anything more? He didn't really say anything: how did they transport the body that I'm not sure cause he's the one that called and asked for help or something and said something about.
I've been in a carpet and the carpet was already changed and where did they transport a map or two, I'm not sure, there's two places he talked about that. I remember specifically, there was some house down by pint point down that road with a house down there believe it's a females house down there. Then he talked about back in the woods and stuff back in there and he also talked about tanner slump. Now is the body's supposed to be inside the house or in the woods I explained he didn't really say if it was inside outside nothing like that, he just said that you guys will never find them. While I never find him, he that's just what he said I do
He had talked about a couple of pistols yeah. I was going to get into that, but what kind of pistols he didn't really say what they were. He just said that they're very behind it's a shit boat for about a week, but the second day I was there. I grew up with estimates, usually when we talked to somebody or grow up with them get totally accepted. I asked about sixty miles case, if he took care of it will have to worry about him. That word when he told you this, when I already told you that he told me had a video on his phone that he gave to his drug dealer and hooker. I don't know if what he said or what he called a real detail, but in fact he has done that for one bright, isn't good, okay did cody say who is with him, and I mean Celestine sean.
The glove is kind of irritating at the time other than that one conversation Dakota ever bring it up again. Nope. I tried talking to them about the budget you ever talked to buffy about it. Is there anything else about Mister melissa that you think I should know about? Cody said something both very over here on getting rid of his phone, because I prefer to use the follower. I see him hanging out with them and haven't said he got rid of it good on cody who you're buffy.
in the yeah yeah cody came home one night, kinda scared and said that his friend Steve had shot or his friend had shot his uncle Steven face on the wintertime. He showed that his friend shot Steve holcomb. What is the eye?
It was freaking out when he was like that's what it was like. I dunno I dunno why he did it or why he did it. I all, and he was just trying to give your name or who or where I can't remember. The guy's name was- and I supposedly called his friends with his nephew sean sean sean diddy. You we've talked to two hundred people or so, and we found some people that have talked directly to cody and cody has told them that he didn't shoot steve and but he helped move the body caters. the difference between shooting somebody and just helping out afterwards? So I'm thinking that's, why cody's a little afraid right now, but there's a big difference between murder and helping them little body after you know that someone's been killed.
Okay right here, we've been looking at kodi, real close because he's made those statements and we found more than one. You know the people that he's told her to be. That is told that too and we're trying to figure out. We want to figure out first of all, what happened to steve and who was involved. Ok, it's his four. sean told him that he shot him in the face or of coty was their unity. There are no doesn't mean you participated enough. So my I was told me about a conversation you had with cody, and you tell me what the what what was said. The message you got game he said he came over in tennessee is about it while he ended up staying at the end, he said he's all right yeah. I know he wants me around. The guy. I remember is always late.
Why you know about that and then he goes yeah the blah blah blah. I was like okay well here there Nobody is already under way. How are you buy as well? guys, I actually murdered him got a hold on the corner. He said hey: can you help me with something he said yeah sure so, in over there. I don't know who it was clear. He didn't say his name was. He said. went over there to the guy's house and he had a dead body there he said: can you help me get rid of this policing, yeah so cool? He told me, let me put it in he's telling him. Where was he to revise? It must have been shown beady
the woman he coty help by the body, and I guess it guns poppies house, a grenade buffy. She was like a barrier. Some beady is one I killed them. Call you just try to cover for everyone. four sean because shown that call with another couple of years back in the present time for coty that's what I heard you know so it's you say she said what happened there repeated prison to have recorded it. You did. Eighty montfort got how imagined quotas was coyotes was uniform. Yet how can these older form an idea. Steve daughter, amber runs a facebook group for her dad called bringing Steve Melis home. She has her. Stories as well, and all of that variations amber, told us her thoughts on cody and buffy coty bow was a local eleven hole in he.
was charged agency or to reform. It have a meeting with stealing a hand on, and I met a meter. I had never heard of him until this time and I am not sure that my dad really you have well at all like I'm- not sure that there was any grievances between the two anything like that, but I know Coty and John were good friends and when and was initially arrested call. You went and lived at his trailer, just sick. I like how set for him or whatever while he was gone. I know that coty a meeting after they got right around the timid element missing, but after sort of posing really we're things on facebook, like god, forgive me for it's taken one and I can take another, would post things like suicidal tendencies? Also right after my dad went missing, he posted some pictures on facebook like some selfies and like his knuckles were tore up. Then there was like a script deep scratch on his neck when the police finally tracked buffy down to get a hold of her to go into, interview, so she agreed to do it. This was a week. You agreed to do it on monday that night coty not all of the windows out of her vehicle
and she asked into a friends house on the road with that vehicle and tired. I told the cops outcome interview with I'm just a clear. cutting out all my windows out and then that night, while she said at the friend's house, her vehicle went missing. For now the police said they did get one of her vehicle and search it. They just said yeah we are like. We searched a vehicle, buffy car was later found abandoned in muskie. Again, it was search and they found no evidence related to steve's disappearance. Amber too, more about cody. I also know that he told sir several of his family members and friends around the whole hysteria area that he did not kill my dad, but that he hoped to get rid of him and gave like a lot of different versions. All of them include water. Some include like a sinner background Is there something or tightened or centre back some included like threw him off a bridge. Others were just took them to the water and sunk them. There was another story for
a local guy that we don't really know about. He said that his daughter he It was babysitting and had heard from her in a couple days, so he went to this shack and horton where he a lot of these, I younger kids, drugs and party in one He knocked at the door and coty opened the door and he was sure list and he had a hand in his waistband and yet uphold the money on the counter or table, but he originally told a few people that she had. They had begun the rafters at her moms house, harmless right in town in despair, She also just told a couple people She was there. There was a sad. I thought it was. Oh, it was exhilarating thing that seems fairly consistent about the stories that various witnesses claim that cody told them is that sean called woody asking for help the night that Steve disappeared ever tell?
it's about another witness who claimed to have gotten a call from sean that night the night he went missing a good friend of his a girl who lived down the road sean knew her and her dad most of his life. Sean apparently called that girl and asked if there's any way they could at her dad's tractor out. He needed help she, for whatever reason she didn't do it and she won't talk to the police, and she will not like. She says: nope nope never happened, but her sister says. Yes, it absolutely happened. I was in the next bedroom or whatever heard it happened. I listen to the whole thing. It did happen, but she says nope never happen.
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one witness who seemed to have some insight on this. The people I run through as for the cartel, or if you guys know anything about the cartel. You know there are dangerous people. No, I don't give a shit who they are. Okay, a man died, possibly okay and nobody needs it I don't care who they are, what they did so legion as the one who fucking he bought the drugs from and sean as Kelvin. How do you know what sign are you talking about Sean Beattie? How do you know that? Because I was there when some of them were talking about it, it was
lafayette. Some other guy was there. Where were you at least, tell me where you were okay muskegon? They talked about it, a told him what he needed to do, because, like Sean John, all the money to the head boss to reserve the time, the conversation, Sean Beattie and me why I just walked in I bought drugs, and then I was getting ready to go. But I heard I heard him say about eva brokenshire, have pictures on his phone and said he was in tears when I heard he was pants on me- and maybe I misunderstood. So as you shone in whoever this person's ultra was there anybody else or my was friend
and I was leaving, but that was my guy dude sean and buffy buffy reserve. Were they talking about what they were going to do or did they talk more about what has been done to death? His body swap and then they had to show through. I didn't see the proof, but I know that showed the proof. I've seen sean at my dad's house three different times and once he was he was ordered to do. shit and then he would who was supposed to have nobody involved, but there was the second time he had somebody involved and do told them to get it done whatever the third time he told them that he was in tanner swamp and showed them the proof or whatever he had on his phone like I didn't stay there for the whole conversation. Like my job, I was walking and getting drunk and leaving the show had been there quite a bit cause sean usually went everyday shoe
sir John. Had you, dealers also lose three times: yeah, ok, jocular and correct me. If I'm wrong, they d the first time the t answer the second time, were there he saw Shaun near the this dude? Did you get your gut doctor told Sean he needed to get it done? He meant kill still the top guy, though okay, he was told to kill steve Steve all four Something where you are in the same room. Nobody could see that when you walk in there's like a there's, a bedroom right here and then the living in Oregon and then the kitchen was there that they were standing in the kitchen. I just was right here in the living room. women's cartel guy was up there that night, when John user over some, I had ever seen backing
They didn't see me they were. They were in the kitchen like whatever they were talking to him like that and turn around when I came in buffy came in the first time and then no both came in second and third time. Okay was sean was Sean he would. He was supposed to show proof and whatever and then the third time he said, he's in town or swamp a couple of week period. Well, I went to a couple of weeks, I'd say within a week or so the time frame between the second or third time but fused with them both times right with sean correct the second time he was told to do it the third time he confirmed it correct we have to do it and not have nobody involved. Ok, first time and then second time he was like. Well, he slipped up and said that buffy was there blah blah. Well, then, third time it came out that there was a third wheel cruise, the third wheel, I dunno
was some guy name. I heard it, but somebody the brook and some somebody associated with sunshine cause. I thought I was the one telling him to stay for a long time like he was just like a user. He really wasn't to do or nothing. You know what I mean you swapped, basically yeah, so I have a folk singer from first december and steve we're still getting stuff from sean. I I'm guessing like showing hard to explain like sean. I don't see him doing anything. You know what I mean like nothing
the jean said he did it for do. I believe shown that I'll, probably not, he probably had an allergy to it. Susana Missouri yeah we're both saying it's on Shawn's fault, maybe sounds home, maybe above his on the phone. Somebody or third day has proof of Jesus' day. So the third time, that's what he said it was done,
at the end he had to tell him where he put the body and the worries about you. He said I heard him say something about tennis, mom and he's what I didn't see the picture. As a group, though cause he said that that was paid off. So when was the third time what what was the datum? The third time she is the first time and then the second time was when I was the fourth or fifth. Maybe third time was on sale, the next day or the day after your six or seven? I noticed the trump and that's how the trauma from how do you know he was the cause. That's why dad said that he was in trunk, Santa Monica Lehmann drunk. He was paranoid to a third term. This city was in the trunk
If he didn't want to drive around with them and the trump so they drop it. So that's why he didn't care for him. and this is the third time this week was your cadillac in the driveway. At all. Honestly, I didn't see ts. I didn't pay attention to the vehicles, not raw gold, silver silver. I've seen that guy reported, though several cars come out before driven by buffy. I think, once this story that the witness told sounded very similar to what a witness said that Celeste Stena had confided in him earlier. Could Steve have been killed over for honey an eighty dollars was her evidence on a phone to prove that steve had been killed? If you remember, mention in a previous episode that sean had deleted things off of his phone and we don't know if those items wherever recovered, but there never been any photo or video evidence were covered, showing what happened to Steve milly s following
thread a little further. Two witnesses came forward in late, two thousand nineteen. claiming that a woman named Brittany had confided in them about helping to dispose of steve's body. However, female yeah ooh, what do you mean by that and, as you just start, freaking are shaken real bad scream started screaming,
crying that she was there. So she having nightmares about stuff that I'm nightmares about these now my family should be having nightmares about sneeze. Then she was bent over when she talked she flipped her hair up, and she looked at me for evil, walk that never seen brittany before and that I helped hide inside. I went over there. She called me I needed help. I went over there. I wrapped his body up and she goes to associate hope
we're both not very developed a machine for a carpet, and she said that when they called her, she was found in the area and Buffett said buffett called out buffy and her are that friend, that's from another time, buffy's boyfriend. At that time he died also britney's boyfriend and cousin right now, they're together, who the whoever is calling for sean, no chloe, oh yeah, Ok, you shouldn't have something in the play. You suddenly tell ready to leave. She says
romeo and call on all the slave. We'll have a nurse Steve grand here and then and then she says she answers. What do you mean? nice to see you don't know what I've done and she started shaking. You don't know what I've done or what you've done. I help get him. I'd have wrapped him in the seats I helped wrapped in the carpet. I helped mold him. I have unload him and he wouldn't stay down in the muck. I pushed him down further anxious or not he's not in water, what he's going to swap, but they didn't get him out far enough into the water. He went into the muck,
this one? He or she said she had a brother. He ended up killing themselves. Now, I'm wondering if this was. Why was it? Who didn't really get me? brother. He ended up in July in July, he's missing transitions from monitoring to apply because of that stuff, which is her brother. She said they both went out to try to get out. They were hi, I'm now they went to try to get him in her mouth when the king heard again. the variety I'm trying to tracking shot. Why did they try to call? I don't know, I really don't know if that was an interesting shot. I didn't know because you remember it because we're talking about because
She needed the tournament and she said I cannot do that. We tried and I was going to show something I tried to pull him up in a while, but most of our summer we thought we went out research closer to her. Really, you know you are not sure. Why didn't you tell us, don't waste your time or something you know they have to we've been spring summer changed me that way. Yeah we haven't looked in blizzard hm. I forgot. How can you not say something? She's, like I couldn't tell nobody You are the only one who knows what have I done. She told him by stoning. Britain is for me a lot of things to do in Europe.
But you know I've got over the earthly her I'm like a man to her. She caused me. Man It was hot and then they shot me. I say whoever shot so she says hey, but she mention of his name. That was there. Yeah she mentioned earlier. There was enough. She is now it was just pointless. You know, as long as life foundation, facebook about how could you? How could you marry somebody in a converter, as how could you have something your church around
you should have hunted you married him. I made a comment as well. Why you're married so many so you ain't gonna transpire to on the phone, so she didn't join the party and fluffy puppy face yeah coney, she didn't say code, yes, cody you're not allowed to When I got into anyhow. I know why else would you make the time to well? Why do you think she would marry somebody in prison as a cover up? Because you don't have now- and then a fire me imagine life, Yeah and then they're like how would you end up like cfls in a slump and I'm like duh?
when was that Are you crazy? she's, not all right, but still I do yeah. If you could give me a copy of that. Take a screenshot, okay, yeah, I'm midst of an argument over but she hadn't heard of that. I'm going to end up in the swamp and then one day, you're gonna, I'm gonna, kill you she ain't going to pushing on the police station port or that she says, and they won't have to put up a mission posters for your ass, because I have you right there in a nutshell, correct me if I'm wrong, but she says she goes on registered crime rates and she says that fluffy call her who's with cody only person, they don't know coding or cody, was
I'm in a celestial body and both are above your biggest holiday, are usually various for some reason she comes over. She helps them wrap the sheet up for or rat mill or something she put them in a carpet wrapped up and they take on two walkerville. well, he was wrapped up in herba, one throw them in the water. Mr, the water hit the mark. Murphy brittany is reversed, name stomped him into the mud ready once the points he was still showing. What over, which he has carpet was so she shut down further. So she's turned down we think this may the women think about something that had occurred shortly after new year's eve in two thousand and nineteen
the one woman in the interview and her husband remembered hearing a gunshot that seemed very close to their home. I don't remember what it might impact on the mouth, but my husband and I will welcome the dumpster fire that I'm a non smoker. However, we were gunshot at. This is now nine millimeter was close to win
give me a run both times. It's all right that allow a child in tension, ten thirty at night, because they do not share the date. You have multiple news. Was it after years before new years last year? Actually is ok new users in january, the first videos after that now? What does it say Was it a monday? It wasn't Wednesday will we have to say friday or saturday at the time it hasn't got closer to the first. My husband was home for christmas or new years he had to leave right after the holidays from back in the third between the third and the
So you remembered uprooting. He said. if the video is a dollar again on the fourth, he needs a dollar general. So I'm going to tell you that, because itself, there is no big deal. Okay, We live right across the street. When I first heard about this, I was an alleged drug over for me. Early access, especially, was so loud and so cold, and that's not fireworks it's right here? Let me when I told you you have waited. Why did you say it was an email system? I thought at the time he heard gunshots. Next, you know her from concentrating on. Dantonio
Well, that's what it was like. How do you know like you could just tell that the phone was hosted in chicago or seven times. I didn't know how to carry a small piece of grammar. It just so happened that one their neighbours was buffy grandmother and these homes in question are right. Next to the dollar general, where Steve was last seen alive, even more strange was that there were renovation being done on this home right after this time. Ok, honey
huh yeah. She says we have to do that. We have to paint bedrooms new carpet. You have to paint the garage we have to do other stuff to get it up to close with a company firing, that's really cool about a week and a half later I got the mail with her. I'm also calling from holidays she's telling that came mind you that lady don't watch or come up to my car. I hate it. If you see couple of cars and people in and out of my house to worry about who was right after he was killed, I mean right after within I'd, say before the trip he got killed.
and I would have to say he says, don't worry if you see people over here late at night having enjoying property, and I ask to remember why are you painting and carpentry when you're already a carpet? Well one room batman, one of the bedrooms, scotland, stuff math stuff? I looked at her daughter, like was the hat, and I still didn't think too much about it, and I looked at last. I looked at my tongue scraper or something man. I just told that the houses completely done. Why are they were spent on carpet? They just put down so we just let it go then donut she looked up. She had the rest of the carpet and replace it, and she just
so um. She said. Oh people are going to be here after placing carbon year after year and they were um. They were there a couple of days, painting and flooring at night yeah they were working at night, which we talking really weird. I thought What all this happened with the gun shot in the neighbour saying not to worry about the renovation going on at night, these witnesses warrant Are there any one was missing they just It was a strange occurrence until Brittany confided in them. Investigators spoke to brittany and she and tell them the same stories about being there when Steve's body was allegedly disposed of sheep.
Since as herself and claims to have heard things from buffy and her boyfriend after the fact what it would involve research, should I tell you that your cylinder supplied the guy that someone had bought the gun from her. Someone, as that was my understanding I had heard then still had been killed. In the house across the street that somebody was moving out of it and somebody was moving and was they were taking the carpet out. He was buried, he was dropped on I'll, walk or know someone who was steve, cabled him off in the carpet and that's what he was rolling. I don't know Well then it over him stevie and roll ups as carpet. Tell me about that. He said he was runner up in the guardian, that's how they got rid of him. They got him out of the house, that way. It didn't look suspicious
one directly. He set aside hearty laugh at our general there's a house. He the new was, he explained to me what it looked like. It was brown and the reason why they picked that spot he said was because somebody was getting ready to move into it and they had to tear out all the card poker. investigator spent hours interviewing brittany on multiple occasions and what she told them was that most of what she knew she heard from her boyfriend jake, whom she claims said that he was always helping to cover up things for buffy. She, I urge that she wasn't there when Steve's body was dumped, but at least time she was with her boyfriend when he was burning things like carpet clothes and a sheet. That she believed were related to the disappearance of steve mill, us the women who had come forward to the police, about what britain he had told them drove
any out to the area where she says this happened and the sheriff's office had a recording device in the vehicle. She said stirring the drive that sounded like she was present when Steve's body was disposed of. Investigators later confronted her on this, when she mentions the name? Jake, that's a boyfriend. She claims to have. The information from we heard you say that what a lovely red Al Qaeda you remember that is what I'm gonna do all these deserves exactly so, according to just listen today, ever since I first and then the tanker nobody. That's what I thought you said you consumer more said again
ass the earth is I told you no more exciting a river Well, when you were sixteen from tell me about that, what did you say? Something like I like hardy, almost like a cataract? Okay, that's ridiculous! There is sometimes a fire we still. It was sunday What did you think buzzard was? He does have patience. I read very well I'm to have that the other thing. She says she's in the later material and it wasn't curtain to the small as it goes anyway. That's the stuff. She said,
us very far don't worry I'll decide exactly, can I tell you, I didn't tell her that the senior I really should have seen the body doesn't bother you other than plain otherness, because, especially from a professional, your life, health, better editing or the state that I find very unusual. who certainly coding, lobbies very dear Helen. Brittany seems to go back and forth between clean to have first hand knowledge of what happened to Steve.
but just knowing what she's allegedly been told, these types of leads have been frustrating for steve's family. They sound like they have some truth to them, but then they don't pan out, but he got drunk and said that one night she got a call her and her brother. They were costs only like a year and age gotta call that buffy and sean in cody insulting needed help to come to this house. They go over there and they find it made. was had been shot through the eye and he was dead in this house in a back bedroom. My dad was already dead by the time they got there, but so they helped roll him up in this carpet. They took them out to palmer lake first. They thought they were going to just sink him in the while rolled in the carpet to sink the whole carpet roll into the lake. But then they found that the lake was a look around. The edges was already some ice starting to form
and the only places that could have like were able to carry him to was not deep enough. So she gave a long story about how she stood on the carpet and her buffy held onto a tree branch overhead and like jumped up and down on the roller carpet until it filled with water to try to seek it, but it wouldn't sink. So the guys pulled the carpet out and tried to light it on fire, but they couldn't get it to burn and then tat the girls they laughed with the girls and then went back later and took care of it. So but the place with a story came to me: certain myself and then went to the police and the police wired her car. They had had her. Tell brittany like hey. Let's for copyright what're, you show me where it is that you guys put steve so they did and the girl give. wholesale story, and she did. Taken to havana like thou. She took her to a swamp, really klaus and said: I think it's our here, like the system,
I like the ones you like, I know, but I, but I still think this was aware it was whatever place where they're waiting police arrested her. She also had drugs like they searched her and she had drugs since she got arrested. She was in jail for few weeks and the police would let her like sober up because she was on drugs, and so they didn't think she was like making sense once she felt up a bit. She took them polygraphs and in the polygraphs she said that she was there and the distant happen, but the polygraph showed she was lying. hmm unless you take the police on. I think they told me it was three separate times to the location where she thought it was and she would cry and she's like I was there. I know I was this is location while she would say I am confused about the location, because you said they were shooting alcohol into their veins. The police say that between the math and the shooting vodka into her veins that she,
He was like delirious, so she claims that she was in the maxie and she was must have on drugs, and then she was like disorient, because what just happened like us just traumatized, since you think maybe I'm just confused about where exactly what you think I feel like it without here but like may get tough spot wrong, but she was really convinced that it happened and that she was there, but they could not find a shred of evidence there that he was ever nothing there's nothing. How at that it's like they dove the lake. They sifted the lake. They brought dogs with a huge search of the lake and think there's just nothing that would show that they were that he was ever there, no evidence, so they eventually let her go because there is they just what could they do? However, since all of this recently like about a month ago, I got a call from a stranger to me. Who is over in some way to Brittany, who said that pretty recently got out of jail again, she's always at an out and she came to the girl- gave the girl the whole entire story again, the same story
like I'm there I don't know I was there like. I don't know why the cats can't figure it out that I was there still also of note breeze brother committed suicide a few months after all, this happened in here. Possibly was they are helping. I get ready made at either. She was there and she saw this. She does has her areas mixed up before she was told this story by somebody who was there and she just has had a twisted it to be like that she was there. I just know that most the stories we've heard all include him, either being wrapped in an area rug or wrapped in carpet like that, the carpet was cut out of the room that he was killed in room got the carpet bloody, so they cut the carpet out rolled him up in it and then took them out while it was theirs. I think a couple of people there cody bow and sean Beattie would have been the guys. I think I don't know which of the two actually did it. I think sean though, and then buffy
then there and I think she help set it up and she was coty his girlfriend. One interesting thing to note is that this whole story that brittany told steve being killed in the house where Bobby's grandmother lived, is at its incredibly closed, the dollar general. In fact, it's only about three hundred feet from the dollar store parking lot in part. Three We discussed some theories about what may have happened to steve after he exited the store. Did someone pick em up? Did he walks somewhere? We also told you they learn that Steve's vehicle was out of gas. Could Steve have walked over to that After realising that he was out of gas and something happened that ended in his death. Thus theatres did take a cadaver dog to the property with negative results. To this day it remains unclear if what brittany claimed had any truth to it or if she made the entire thing up. As amber mentioned
They went to great lengths to search the areas where she claimed that he was dumped and they never and a single shred of physical evidence to back up her story. You heard a witness. Say earlier that cody wouldn't cooperate with investigators that instead, he would likely run from them. the investigators did try to get cody to talk with regard to our people and while people are brought up for me, those are yeah. I'm just kinda wondering why I mean you know that many people, I know you know what I think you're. Ok. I don't know anything about the situation. I really don't worry about moving his body young, by no by me as this outcome they do a movement
do. You know Some people are saying from our own. so. These are the threatened not now from your mouth there's model. one is we're trying to figure out, which is something that things got out and was something that a body I just got did something stupid and you just helped motor the market situation, I don't know. Why would people tell us no idea why or anything and these people these people still consider you as their friend. I have no idea, I don't know degree? I think there's something deeper than what you boys
Might I think he s only. Do I really do If you were going on the road one day- and she said I was a you know- steve hitter, wait for, like twenty grand written in shoes, I steamed into the box and asked him who I was I was fiber. I says now because I got real larva, what he got rid of the white book and she got off I feel the way that is better left unsaid, a couple of you know mean and then what a fucking? equator on your award, or that you killed steve, waugh blah blah to do she turned to see what you're saying. Let me clarify as you think of this man. I think she might have something to do with it as she ever had a gun.
Why was the shop man I know you got if I say that I do with it you, and I would say that all this dollars now we're just words rearing, what other people told us when you separate from buffy. When was that yeah, the car incident- and you guys were still talking a little bit after that and jean I don't know I don't have to worry about, the girl was able to talk to her. When I didn't talk to her, when you got locked up, you said you'd talked to her. We got the cover into her own. dinner. I do love you ve ever conversations most emails that once it is about that
Three days later, gone disappear knowing vines half an hour get out there doing much more attention, also dataset goes above then, after cootie asked for a lawyer. The investigators left the room and then returned to show coty a video. You will you're the audio from that in this short clip coded of solemn worker. Talking. I know right exactly and
the I mom's car that you done about? thanks and sheer to give it up. We have now seeing this video with our own eyes in the file. It says that this video was recovered from facebook records video buffy, a shooting, a gun and its belief that coty is filming and the person. Speaking in the background amber, hasn't seen the video for herself either, but she's talk to someone who has there was,
a video, but it's I guess it's dark like it outside and its dark in the video. So you can see maybe like the tree line. This is coming from somebody who the police had brought this guy in and had this guy, listen to the video and watch the video to be one of the witnesses to identify the voices that he could hear in the video. He was like a good friend of theirs. You can't see it's not like in here my in this. According to the kid who listened to it, he said you couldn't like hear my dad being like. Oh no, don't shoot, as you know like it's. Nothing like that, so you can't even tell are the shooting a street sign. Are they shooting the person or the shooting in the air? I have an idea they did get arrested for the video, though, because they were both on felony parole and you can't be in possession of a firearm then so they both were charged full time. After this time, cody didn't agree to speak with investigators about Steve again, however, Buffy did talk to investigators and explained which
He knew about steve so long on funding one from shop with your boyfriend. I do realize how do you know steamy than he? Let on a couple, insists on time insisting on the man before the probably I you remember his forty five years. Are we more divorce or you know business huh the whole? You know something
I heard offered in money I'm good how'd. You do some idea, I heard a call. You know how to talk to us we ve all heard the thing of all your colleagues, one death nobody, why If you knew how, during this you buffy claims to know nothing, but during a follow up in her view, they pressed buffy
for more information or girl, washtenaw. So much stuff's gone wrong. I think it's a little more just around like where there are stuffing inside baseball game every single day, I'm getting right. So I don't care what he's going around this rumours exactly. It was what I know. How can I told you everything that I know I did. I really did what dinnertime this is getting so old. What kind of rumors of your we've heard all kinds of stuff that mostly they're just saying that I know something that I'm not saying it but most, but some of them are saying that now that was sharm, chinaman things that I heard and now his colleague shot him I shot him or something- and I mean just all kinds of embodies, like just things crazy stuff, like the picture that I posted of him missing
like there's so many comments that I've kept them manner because, like I was going to show you guys all stuff that people are saying, there's like two hundred and some comments on it I don't even know how an image involved any of this to begin with, but because I one why enemy caught his name is coming up yeah, no matter what ball evolves with me. That day I mean I don't know if I can prove that you're guilty punish association, the same period. Why, were you put? Your name keeps coming up. I know because everybody keeps playing there for some reason I don't know, I don't get it either. I promise you, I didn't, have anything to do with any of this. To begin with further, because by car that was, I of a car another saying something about white Van me and my brother picked him up in a white van from dollar general? That's a rumor going around when up anyway,
We have been parked at my mom's for two years with no brake lines to go ahead and fucking say it out here, I'm so tired of all this. It's really getting to the solar wind, solar and all. I want to find those weapons. I get that, but when your name, coming out is going to go up when people are going to keep making all these immunizations. But that's a lie right there maybe that's bullshit occasion there's enough, there's another life, I grew angry,
I will show you on my phone like I can screenshot it and show you exactly where I was through that day. I didn't have anything to fucking. Do with this. Listen to me real closely. If you have information and first hand information on us. This is the time to tell me- and this is why I say that if not for some asking you rape, if you don't give it up, then I have trouble. Financing is called necesary the affair. I get that and that's why I told you everything that I know I mean after he said she said she said,
but if I were to know something straight up, I would tell you I swear to god. I will tell you I don't want to get in trouble with the ship, the army. Why would I want to ruin my life over this and the fucking bitter myself, and I just keep it keeps? My task is haunted me that the root for your boyfriend, the boyfriend, was cody bowl that was stupid as fuck ugh. How? How much? How much meth have you used in the last week, or so none time out, now you're lying I haven't now, I'm not. Why not wouldn't want any. I certainly to John. Did you take a drug test? You did where it was resulting came up positive for the family. Somehow I swear to god. I didn't do any, though I promise you I'm not went and bought it or nothing. I swear, I know, and I know that looks really bad, but I was going to also from my house of like- and I asked him if he could-
be positive from touching the boyfriend. He doesn't is an issue between between you and the writer. Are you still a person of interest aside? I mean your name comes up and stories come out. The rumors come up decode the same thing to you above mills now think hard, because I don't want you to screw up you're. Okay, no anger that he told me you know that supposedly he told me that he didn't and supposedly he told me where the body was or something like young, but I he didn't deny that in cody, never revealed anything. Two investigators about their alleged involvement, sean cody and buffy have all been pretty tight. Lipped about the case, number toward us. An interesting story about buffy in cody she's had a few men come forward, claiming that they were victimized by the pair a week after
I don't want meetings with the week. We were learning that made out of missing somebody who came forward and gave us a story said that he was with two other people that we think is involved buffy and cody. They picked him up to go, hang out and buffy had. As I'm aware, she would set guys up to be robbed by her boyfriend and we have a few people have gameboard and told us that two guys were like you didn't want their names out there. One was married and the other was a super merest, but he said he wanted to hang out with her and basically the one she tied up one of them, and he thought it was some kind of sexual thing and he ended up getting rocked by the boyfriend and the other guy had a basically the same situation except he wasn't tied up. Could this have all been set up? Could they have thought that Steve had money from the safe job? We We could end this story by telling you that all of these tales have led to finding steve and bringing justice to his family, but that hasn't happened despite that, The stories have never stopped coming in gothenburg.
The early years were about coding, audible, he came from muskegon county kernel and it's allegedly like having a private conversation with me in the sound of that, at a party and our own values iverson involving both stability. I have moved and I she's, supposedly what what exactly decoding tell you? for example, had time for your outings I've alsatian talking and something happened to teresa house and where he had called carpenter, spiraea and moved by unwilling lie ahead of us for tyres They burn to taste. I promise
I a guard foolish and some shit like that, if you guys want a final My tale a bridge too far. Most of all by television case. So This gave this conversation came from cody here. I'm assuming you guys marcel together at the time, and he Baby sit down. Having coffee has not unusual shown just children. How The conversation about gmos come on. He said he was questioned and asking on Buffy k coding, use question about him, a buffy. You know what do them nor russia. Ok, so he told you he was questioned and again, new buffy, so the conversation came up, tell me how he went into these details. Tell me more about her sight once someone just soil
in case. You guys exchanging pro What's going on in your lives yeah, he was telling me about. Two detectives talked to me, whiskey and they're on his ass about that, and they gave them like eighteen months to thirty months for a probation violation cause. He thinks he got that because they couldn't catch them on the cover of Stephen Ellis and what did cody tell you about it, his mom, and what did he say? He was involved with just help move into by just moving the body. He didn't say if he was the one who actually killed them. Okay, this is wider than the conversation there's a lady named theresa. I think her name is in here and I think they said that was the house. That day
we're missing the cut the carpet out of hookah cause even that house. I guess the police had already been there question. Somebody else made that the police didn't even think to look out and think hmm. I wonder where that carpet is, I guess, whatever laughing about that, how they recognize body of the carpet, but they notice they rolled them up in carpet, started as a tire fire cause. They burn. Really hot when he said they put the body on the fire. You said we stood there in the ground for an hour. Maybe longer said it stunk, so bad. You can hardly stand it with the way he was telling the story. It seemed real. You know what I mean like he wasn't good like he tells me. I had a lot of details. He told you He said we we we kill them, he didn't say hey, he are we so obviously haven't been. He said they killed them, beat them to death, eventually
apt his body to some carpet. They had two or three big o semi tires a tire very hot new face of the other big huge tires burning through them, the body and they rolled up on the carpet on top. Instead of on a vast, the osbournes, crazy stuff, like elissa, you said I could hardly stand there but the whole time. Watch them burn the dust, the gold at the end and they scraped up made sure they got all the bones: scraped up bag and then he said one guy was in the back of the trunk, and one guy was driving. The guy would pull out that was driving. That will shape the here mammy a measure to me who their kory kory came to tell me about misunderstanding about how they were far more fine rom,
okay, then they will talk about. They want to break it down a little bit and buffy and sean. You know what I mean. You know Sean's last name, meeting, okay, fair enough, so if you're curious about it, you bring it up, to describe the courtiers emotional here my size. We mean by that details on this vital myself. why bother and I'm like he's been out for days already- I can't remember a time conscience was getting into yeah. in the dollar me so right. You mentioned that day. Him boffin and sean we're gonna, Robin but this up out of the hunt cody bring that because at first what years were turned around or something that he didn't say like he just kind of he was. He didn't want to go into detail. I want you, just as I am you
I just came what can give me? I look like yeah, I fucked up. What point did he tell you he shot he's an esa has said he did. He was playing what point during this conference. Did he tell you? Shop and worrying rise in iran is a year, didn't know. He'd say we're. Did I I shot him or did he shot? Okay, have you ever know cody to carry a gun yeah after cody said that he shot him in the face and he said that buffy and sean were. There were a lot of awards. New mothers, as I said above shown, okay, what they say they did with sean, I'm sorry with stevie. He wouldn't say a name or not. I can't remember either but like he was saying the german, the german sleigh origin, the time talking some other, that one swamp with a baby jean before baby,
draw a long time ago too. That's totally fine! I was a saint pit bottom of it. Is that either wiggers swampy lay your legs now I'd say it was outside. It is bizarre spare. You know who mom Said the name when you know the name, maybe ten or song, tat I thought yeah I bet you it is. I wonder if it is, do you think he was being honest with you or do you think he's trying to get some street credible? I I believe them the reality in hooker mason made us there. They were talking in house. If I knew about arms in the evening was saying, and she started talking in detail. She said the puffy told her that shall be reason. We shall leave miller's in that Could you were always involve amber
who is involved involves issues there. She was there when she was there when Sean shot, menaces wonders yes, outcasts there there is a monster vainly dollar in Siberia bunker. And then shut up. He was involved in islam because coteries graham hairs in relative. him happy is skills row as well The thieves body was is buried in a swap around sloppy area. Honestly, his room, yes, Henderson, because she was there when all this happened. Yes- and you don't know, Bobby's less-
same and this all took place over a safe that had gotten robbed and that girl, I don't know a girl's name, but it was her. Twenty eight thousand dollars, okay, yeah twenty thousand fled the state got caught. the eight thousand knows was be split between miller's military. Receive none of the money. Returned. He was is because it was the relay insurances, families, lights, sound to keep their house or something and trying to tell in this matter,
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of where the case stands today remains difficult for steve's family. They heard so many awful things about what happened to him just about every hole. wilson scenario you ve seen play out in horror movies. They ve heard it we spoke to him. several times, while working on this over the course of the past year and she told us what her thoughts Sorry on her dad's case today, with all that I've heard I think that I know I guess cause I mean I guess I don't know, but I think I know I think it was set up and I think there were several people passed him, probably rightfully so, honestly and I think several people were in on this and then I think they're also it went a little further than maybe they had expected it to go like I was probably just supposed to be. Beat him up Ben scare, him Kennedy,
and run them out of town. Maybe all they thought that he was getting out of town. So I think that they really thought he was leaving town anyway and they were just gonna whoop his ass one last good time and I think it got out of hand and then they didn't know how to recover from that. So they accept, while not actually, but I think they had to an end. Involve extra people took backtracking to cover their tracks, and so I think what probably started initially with maybe like six people, knowing about it, I think turned into like ten, but I think most of those ten people have talked on some level to other people. So I do think that, like the basis of the rumors is true- and I think then other people get involved and spin it around and kind of get weird with it. But I think that the basis I think that the original stories that we started hearing in the very very beginning like that first month. I think those are true. These aren't credible people
It's just that I forgot they're not going to be. It's not gonna, be easy to get any of these people to actually shop decor actually take the sand actually get them to be believable. To not have their like history, be something that that the defense attorney is able to be like. Are you sure, because maybe you run method the time? If you didn't even see that You know, what's there's like so many crazy things that all like aligned for these people for this, so I go off without a hedges maddening steve sister Cindy, also struggles with all of the stories and rumours that she's heard about what happened to her brother
from what I know is he owed somebody some money and he turned his back on him. So the guy that you go rough, steve up and I'll, forgive your debt. You owe me and here's some math while they did, they arranged to pick him up under falsehood and they took him to a house nearby and we were told they broke his neck, but we don't know because we don't have the body and there's johnny, then they supposedly took body and put him in water. We had so many surges. We don't know where to look, but we know that the knight of the killing the kid who was actually his nephew had called a few different people asking for people to come and help them dispose of a body. We ve had several searches
please have done several water dies. We had one witness come forward to explain that it was her and her brother that help dispose of the body and what how they did it. The police did three. Brad searches in that area and they found out
If she, while her story, is credible, we still never found a body. We knew right from the start that steve would never just disappear. He would just never walk away. We knew sti better than that, even though we were doing the tough love he kept in contact. When we found out about the crowd that he was running with, we knew right away within months it no longer became a search and recovery. It became a recovery. They took. A dog walked it around. The outside of the perimeter of the house that we're almost positive is where the murder occurred. They walked the dog around the outside of the premier and called perimeter, and called it good in another instance. Shortly after Steve disappeared because buffy was staying in this house.
right around the corner from the dollar general, where Steve come up messy and she's, the one that lord him out, a big dumpster was brought in. They started peering out walls and florin and putting everything in it. The stump stir, Steve's outer ashley, is desperate to find her father in remains hopeful. That one of these leads will be the big break that they need. I hope that people come forward and kept everything s information so that we can find. Everyone just keep searching keeping their eyes out. You know a flannel shirt. That's that's a big thing that a huge stand now I feel a people would notified, in the woods are in the water. Anything. If you see the first steve's wife Stephanie, she thinks about all of the things that stuff
has missed in the nearly three years since he's been gone. I have gone through every emotion and now I can usually chalk about most of it without Here and now by every now and then still gets me, will you just had a good saw? I just missed him. I missed in all. We had another grand baby guarantees been missing, and that was so fast. You know even walking. so that hospital room to meet this baby for the first time. I was already in tears because that was the first baby that we had in our family that he wasn't going to be there to share all of their grandkids sporting events. Every time the grand catch catches are fish all of those things we just mess him every part of him.
Well, I got all sorts of different emotions. You know, I'm sorry that the things happened, junior light happened and that this is this is just but it is now too. Why why? Why didn't you listen to me, I tried so hard to help you. If you hadn't you those drugs, you know and stayed with it too. I just miss you. I love you so much. I would You're here ever remains the driving force behind keeping her fathers story out there in pushing for justice. She explained how juggling her father's disappearance, family life, work and school is a constant struggle. I was talking to one of my girlfriends about it recently and I'm, like you know. The problem for me is that on days when I have to invest any amount, mental space or emotion into my dad, I m
not available for anything else and that it- and I have four kids so like I have to be realistic about when I can let that happen, because I can't let it affect them so like I and I still need to work and I'm in school, I still need to like gun class. So I have to be careful because it really I mean it's. It affects you to the point where at work I'll catch myself.
He's doing like this, tackling the stream, the thing to screens like not even actually like making something happen in its because I'm just so I get so I'm shot. I can't there's not enough to go around. If I mind we get off my mind. As I might add, I it's not an ounce which is hard, but because this is because this is still an open, caisson, very ongoing investigation I have to, I feel, like I have to consular keep things rolling for it or it might fall to the wayside and in who is there to keep this going? Nobody really. I mean there is actually no beholding the police accountable for this looks like they could choose to stop working this. They could choose to say you know we have exhausted. All of our current leads weave spent thousands. I came in
imagine how much money they've spent on this investigation and the money's already tight in this area anyway, so they very easily could just be like you know: we've done what we can. Maybe something will come in the future, but in the meantime, we're going to lay at rest. I can't let that happen. I have to keep it going, so I have to keep it out there and I have to keep picking at this old wound nonstop. So it's not going to heal, but maybe that's a sacrifice. I have to make to to get closure for this and that's okay, that that's a trade off I'm willing to make. At the end of the series. We still have a clear answer about exactly what happened to steve mill us and who was involved or why I've heard so many stories, but it's difficult to know who to believe. Are these p? simply repeating rumours. Are they bragging for shriek credibility? Are they telling investigators what they wanted? here, because they want some sort of deal on their own crimes. It's really hard to tell it's difficult to build a cat spaced on these stories, when the foundation
and shaky. You can base your beliefs of what one of these people has said, but then start to see holes in their stories or outright lies, and you have to wonder. anything they have said was truthful at all. This has been a constant struggle steve's, family and law enforcement. This is not he's where we would complain that they haven't done enough or that they haven't tried to solve them. Or they don't care, they have gone to great lengths to find steve. Investigators have interviewed hundreds of people in conducted many searches of different places that they have heard Steve spotty was dumped, everything has come up empty, but their hoping that, with their. nude interest in this case that something new will shake loose and led them to see even those who are responsible, what we know about what steve is that he walked out of that. Of the dollar general and was never seen again. We didn't theorize at someone picked him up or that he walks
but we have no solid proof of anything with steve targeted because he stole drugs from a drug dealer. We're because he stole from sean or does all circle back to that safety in people thought We had money, we simply don't know we didn't set out to prove. you that any one of these theories in this case is the true, but we wanted to explore, all of the main theories. In the case. Let you hear the inner his for yourself and allow you to decide what you think happened. If you of information about the disappearance of steve melis. Please contact I go county sheriff's office at two three one, six, eight, nine, seven, three zero three they're. Finally, realizing that this all probably began with a safe situation, and so I know that they're, like looking hard into that, I do think
The detective is honestly really working on this, like. I think it really does matter to him, and I think it really like he told me he has like nightmares about it like he wakes up think about it in the night, like I just tried some not cited as the rest of us, so I do think that law enforcement is taking seriously and they are doing what they can. I actually had a friend of mine because her and her daughter go out looking on the type of steve, because Steve was known by everybody. Everybody he's got over seven thousand followers on his page and she said may a pitcher yesterday of the location where his wallet was found because they said that they tied his body up in a tab and then put more exciting. While she sent me a pitcher yesterday of a brick with a rope
So when I get done talking to you, I'm going there, which is about forty minutes from here, but I'm going to go, look and see, and I did la amber now. I went out and bought a fifteen hundred dollar drone and we've used that relentlessly, but nothing so. I have to check out that brick. Just for my own peace of mind, I just can't stop. I still go look. Last week I went out, and I looked some being keeps driving me to look for him, I'm trying to keep a promise to steve that we will never stop. Looking will never stop,
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