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16-year-old Toby Anderson had found himself in some trouble during his teen years. Toby’s life wasn’t easy, and he began to act out. Toby was sent to a juvenile facility in Northern California and was shifted around between different family members. Then, he just disappeared, and everyone seemed to believe Toby had run away. Since Toby had been in trouble, running away didn’t seem far-fetched. Toby’s father searched for him and contacted relatives in other states to see if he had turned up there, but he never did. Then, Toby’s dad died, and not much was done to look for him. Decades later, a cousin took an interest in finding Toby. She learned that some of what she had been told about Toby couldn’t be true, and what she began to uncover was truly horrifying.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Toby Anderson, please contact the Oregon State Police at (541) 776-6236.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The today I believe that the time lapse, to the family, believing because Toby's juvenile record that he ran away and we were all being told he ran away. We all believe that, and we all believed he would show up when he was eighteen or even when his father died. We backed it down or when his mother passed, we back to tat and he never never came forward. There had been no, he was still a child. I think he needs peace like he was
I'll teach us needs to be found and I think our whole family needs to heal and maybe that's the only way we can get whatever is in those past is finding Toby in finding out the truth about my uncle. sixteen year old, Toby Anderson had found himself in some trouble during his ten years. Toby's life wasn't easy and he began to act out, Toby was sent to a juvenile facility in northern california, and was if it around between different family members homes. Then he disappeared, and everyone seem to believe that he had run away. since Toby had been in some trouble over the years running away, didn't seem far fetched toby's father searched for him and contacted relatives in other states to see if he had turned up there, but he knew who did then? Toby's dad died much was done to really look for him as far as any one is aware today,
gates. Later a cousin took an interest in finding Toby after learning that some of what she had been told simply couldn't be true, in what she uncovered was truly horrifying unrest and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and fifty nine of the vanished Toby anderson story and The. Academy award nominee carry mall again Emmy nominees a week, asean storing she said as new york times, reporters megan to iii and jody canter, who together one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault. In hollywood, needed a shift in american culture that continues to this day.
Film co stars oscar nominee patricia clarkson anyway. Andrei brower and tony winner jennifer easily with academy award nominees, Samantha Morton. She said it isn't. Theatres now. Before we get started. I wanted to mention that this episode is more graphic, the most of our stories episode contains descriptions of adult subject matter, including child sexual abuse. Please he care, while listening, Toby Anderson, was born and bell texas on December eightieth, nineteen sixty nine to eugene and Nicky Anderson, but told spent most of his childhood in ten years in northern california. His pen split up and his two younger, siblings state with their mother and Toby, went to live with their father for the majority of the time. Toby story is one that is difficult to piece together. Both
his parents have since passed away and his siblings were quite young and disconnected from his life in the lead up to his disappearance, but waste Both his sister mercy and brother Randy mercy, told us what she could remember about her big brother and their tumultuous childhood. The way that we grew up, which really not a great environment. My mother, my divorced what about three years old and I dont really remember toby living with us when we younger, my mom re married and that man and was very He says and so I remembered I believe, Toby mostly lived with my father mostly time when we were younger growing up, although he would come in visit from tat, the time you know it's hard, Toby is five years,
older than I am so you know I was pretty young when he when he was around. I don't really remember having moments where we played together, like I said, our our home environment, wasn't the greatest and so Last time. I really remember seeing him wise in my head and I don't know if I'm off a little bit by age, but what I was thinking was. He was around sixteen. and he had come to hang out stay with us. He was there for baby a week or two weeks I was, a long time, and it just kind of- and I remember him just being very quiet. I remember my my arm and my ex stepfather at the time and being gone and us hanging out just can a movie. They gather basically at risk I dont have a lot of information. I have a lot. It picture my mom is tat all dressed up all the same. I have theirs toby and theirs
south- and I have a younger, other randy and all three have the same parents, I have a half sister as well. I have picture, my mom dressing Toby and myself and randy all lookin like similar out back then I'll win. Still things like that. I think things too and when my mom married, this was accepted mine, like I said, with very abusive and then things Can I started changing after that? You know been afraid to lake do then the house, you know been afraid of getting in trouble. You know my mom was kind of your tip the glue abuse housewife as well. We were all kind gun shy to do anything that would have. It will really have fun and don't remember ever really doing keeping fine are playing with him. I really remembers pictures and a teddy now that I have of his still, that was his when he was when you
little. I remember he was approximately Sixteen then came He was very quiet. Kind of a rough looking ahead I think he was living with my dad at the time. My what kind of a workaholic and had remarried had to stop daughters. I dont know what that relationship was for him. I remember goin in visiting my dad lodge at his home. He would come and see us Mercy remembers this visit when she believes that Toby was about sixteen, but she isn't one hundred percent sure how already was or when this visit occurred, her memory our clear, but she knows that she never saw Toby again after that after he asked our house. I I saw him again, and I remember asking my mom about him. I remember her things. something along the lines of getting in trouble and
from what I know he had kind of been in and out bull and that's why you live with my there. But stanley. You got in trouble he ended up, going into do now hall and I thought he was but to be there till he turned eighteen. Remember my mom talking about it, and then I just never saw him again over the given when turned eighteen o neil see Toby again now dead did and my mom didn't really talked much about him and Nobody knew where he was. These brother Randy was even younger than mercy, but does have some distinct memories of toby. Your deal, which is where we last seen Toby Well, I'm here I'm lesson to learn: that's gonna! big to me. I was wondering about that. I've been thinking about it. I don't remember if it was when he came. one night when we were living on Davis street. I dunno smart, but yeah he'd come in the middle of the night and I went down to the bowling alley and- and he took me back to, from his shoulders
maybe a short time after that I went to my dad's house in ukiah work toby in debt lived together. at a trainer and indeed yard there. At the time near when I was when I seen him there, because I got and I didn't get in trouble, but I got to be in trouble because I told them for being bad levied a la carte. Is that would be my dad sister. and she lives in ukiah. California and Toby had lived with her and her for a time as well as my god, in Ukiah. Her husband is to share the mendocino county that carry yet you he's been arrested in the county in and he was in juvenile all in minutes. no county before him. I seen him one of em Last time I seen him, it was two in the morning and we get a call and until we get the bowling alley. The underside of rio deal it so much wakes me up and in my began star, walking towards the bowling alley. Then he picked me up and carried me on his shoulders. Back to the back to the house they were about to do
During that time, my mother had this antique phone What we thought it was antique, it was really a replica, but he had his anti phone and I dropped it broke it all apart in Toby. it was quick like he was. It can get super glue and with super glued it all together for this nobody ever you'd never got in afford, never noticed it until years. Later, probably two thousand doubt and six or so I was at my my mother's house, and she had on the on the wall and, unlike you realise that it has been super glued together. Had pulled her the storm had she thought she had never, never noticed that mean toby fixed. It was kind of funny He was outgoing. I think he was kind of a tough guy times I was a random, he wasn't, it was never shy, ran always had friends a random, but I think that the court the french or in question, but he always yet. people random like liked you like that one picture that you have their next to that cheap
I was his pride and joy that that really cheap it gets house there was your eye had stashed away. On the cheek and when my dad worked on the cheap, and it was just that it was just this thing. He like like a painter regarding in especially that cheap dead, some or susan and a member and put me on a horse sometimes eyes At dad's house- and he was there- he put me on a horse and and kind of taught me how to ride the horse around the yard and stuff. he explained to us toby balanced around from family member to family member to juvenile hall and back his life. Wasn't stable sometime, in that period. Even bounty back and forth between my dad and and and my aunt therein ukiah and randy you I was named after, whose, on my brother, my mother's side to it, probably uncle randy a lot more really need the others. After you getting into trouble when dad trade
help out dad put him into a trainer out front and get in trouble, went back to juvenile hall whatever and went back on granting. Can I know all this because uncle randy with founded the closest to him, because every candidate of the same character, What I think a lot of what happened is a family. Did it dad and enable a veto, especially cannon gave him some hard love there for a little while they just if some hard love and of you know he gives you shit, you know and they can and my dad kind of kicked him out the place I was even Read it again. Toby marcin randy have a cousin on their father side of the family. Her name Denise denise- Is the daughter of their father, jean sister, the story, you will notice that these families are very disconnected, Marcin randy were mostly with their mother and didn't have much access to their father cited the family during childhood. Toby's fathers. Family is also very disconnected, they lived,
Eat distances apart, some in california, some an organ saw some in oregon and others in the Saint louis area that has worked. his cousin Denise grew up Toby's fathers, family wasn't just disconnected due to geographical distance. There were two eric events that occurred, that fractured their family long before Toby ever disappeared may not sound like an important part of the story, but its key here is tat. His cousin Denise my feet Why was very disconnected because my mom and Toby's dad our brother and sister? They were both. taken away from my grandmother at a young age, because her husband was doing things that he should have been doing to those kids and there was five other kids at home, so they separated when they were younger. My mom went to live with an aunt. My uncle went lived with another family, her husband lasted and rate my mom for years until she was taken away, and now with proven,
and then he molested, his grand kids and their grandfather went to prison for molesting them too. My grandmother knew this about my mom and her jean Toby's down She knew that mean before She died. She told me, and my MR my mom. a poor and I'm my mom. ten years old when she's taken away from you. How was she a whore so that was never much of a grandmother's at all in she nodded good person denise his mom and Toby's dad we're close. They had shared a traumatic childhood in adult they kept in touch disk. Jeanne living in california and nieces family in the Saint louis area, Denise wasn't involved in toby's day to day life, but their families were in contact. I know she always had pictures of toby as growing up by my mom, we talked had toby on the phone course. You didn't have speaker phone back then see you have that you know
could say hi, you know, because we're cousins. We never got to travel because my dad being in the cia, my mom was blind Cancer is a child, so it wasn't like we ever got to go anywhere are due anything. So it was always phone calls with my family we had been in some trouble during his ten years and was to a juvenile detention facility. Denise knew about this and she thinks I Toby may have been acting out after suffering. Abuse at the hands of a step farther Toby was abused by his. Tat. We do know that we think the beginning of his prophet in the given our was due to some abuse from you. Stop the act for tuna california, where, he lived when he was younger. They moved around so Toby was found around from family members a lot, but it was around the Fortuna area.
Did you been up? The first turn It was when he pulled a knife. the kitchen door on your mom and dad. The second time was when He took his dad bronco for joy bright. some point during the nieces adolescent ears. She heard that Toby was missing the heat run away, Denise believing that the juvenile facility was where Toby had disappeared from Toby seem to have a letter which I they call try. And that's what he got put in home for and that's were, I always thought he went missing from where's. Anyone is aware. Toby was not reported missing in the nineteen eightys. We No, if his father did try to report him missing and no one would take a report because Toby was considered a troubled teen or what could have happened there from Denise his recollection. She believes that that was the case,
When my uncle jean Toby's dad, to Ellen way back in the between eighty seven to look for toby he had stated to that they he tried to do a police report. They would not file wondering data, he most likely ran away and he will come back home Toby's father did look for him. He thought that be toby, had gone to live with family members and other states, so he checked there, but Toby's dab, passed away in eighteen, ninety in the sea, four toby seem to end their windows. screw up. She became curious to find out whatever happened to her cousin Toby. Did he start a new life somewhere? His home if wasn't great so maybe He did run away. I remember my uncle visit? us in Saint louis Say only one define was a sign and that's his last letter before he died of anybody ever sees. Toby. Please tell him, I love him.
when marcy, where that to me, I said all right, marcy we're doing us for find em mercy remembers receiving this letter from her father before he passed away and shoe I believe that it meant that Toby was alive and justice wanna be in contact with his family. They had it. of life and she thought that may be had found somewhere, safe and stable to land. Ass letter. My dad said man literally, into you know him just prior to him having a bone marrow transplant and talking about things he wanted me to have and how he wanted me to be, and then the end of it. You know he, about if you find Toby and oh, please, please tell em other than that. I wish she was here with us, so I at that, Am I know my dad thought that with alive and ages missing, I thought. That's all I mean no toby, just with mad at my mom mad at my dad fur. Putting an indignant hollan
and the environment that we live in, that the maybe that's why he didn't come around. Then that will mean Why? Why would he now trying Fuck me archive trying contact her brother randy in it. never has when we were go to over the years I brother randy was closer with some cousins. We have on my mother's side over it santa Rosa the bay area, and we have come patients, over years about my brother Toby running off with the circus By now he was involved with some drug deal was shot and killed. I also heard that he was in a car accident- had a lot of different respect. For you know things like, to Heaven. None of them, which we know are true or not true,
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and the crying that she did. She just said dont know anything. Could she said she didn't know? Like but vanished. I'm so embarrassed could have my family didn't even know. Toby existed, we dared because my mom and jean our brother and sister, so they talked all the time, but I do get to meet my uncle until he went in search for toby. It's just so sad that my family has been so disconnected mercy didn't have a lot of answers for Denise mercy, told us that she tried to look for her brother when she grew up, but our options were limited back then I've tried certain in the past, you know, like the whole one hundred search things then nothing came about from now. So I just got like a bunch of random names, although The country- and I tried calling a few in one of em that match up had wrong middle names and things like that the family was really strange. Like I said I, you know, I grew up in a not so great.
Environment, and I didn't know my dad ma. I get it now, my grandmother, my dad side until my dad got sick with came here and died? When I was fifteen, he was forty three. his old, I didn't go visit. My aunt their or my group. I bet didn't, know them and tell my dad was sick and in the hospital. So I kind of kept us in the dark. As far as his side of the family and the things that I am now Finding out happened. Denise was still working under the assumption that Toby had disappeared from a juvenile detention facility, and then he may be alive and well until she's. To another cousin of toby's. I told the families now. This is what's going on. I'm doing this research on Toby we're gonna, hopefully find, and maybe get to know him again. I thought he was alive until she called me and then she me that news- and I just was floored, nay, said, wait a minute. Why was
in Oregon. He was in a juvenile home. And she goes now he was living with us. I said why you know so then things together so much uncle Billy was lebanon or again so my oregon. At that time, the toby was staying with home get my phone. All about my uncle. A year ago, I just kind of leaned down. I was at a baseball game for my bonus child and when I got there phone call I Canada's kneel down on the ground crying because I thought That's not what I thought now but what I even I just all these years, he ran away. he ran away and he just wanna be found. The cousin, who gave Denise as information is the daughter of toby's fathers, brother elmer, who goes
Billy what she told the niece was at toby had come to live with their family and summer or again. No one is exactly sure why, but Toby was sent to live with his uncle in Oregon in february of nineteen eighty six again billy? Is the younger brother of Toby's, father, jean marcy, told us that she is memories of when Billy lived in California and she used to play with his daughters, my uncle billy S, daughter I remember playing with them when I was really young, I must have been probably six or seven. They lived right next to us. and apply them in the open disappearing. One day we played and then the next morning we went to go. I went to go play with them when they were gone and they dislike up and left in the middle of the night. as we dig further into this story, you will learn. The uncle Billy has a history of doing this. Moving up, firstly in the middle of the night, really
told us that he has no memories of billy until much later in life when he saw him at his grandmothers. Funeral uncle Billy I dont know him. I've only met him one time in my life on it and when I went to arkansas the berry grandma jesse, you miss eyre with them Please help through what not examined him. I've ever met him in in my life. Since Billy is an uncle on the father side of the family and more seein randy were raised primarily by their mother that x why they didn't really know him. But marcin and randy never heard the full story on what happened to Toby. They were He told me he had run away It wasn't until Denise began speaking two billion children that they look they Toby had lived in oregon for a period of time before he ultimately disappeared The first story to come out about how Toby went missing was that he ran away from Billy's home you know. I do know he was lebanon organ at the time. I know there was a fight between
my uncle gene, which is Toby's father and my Uncle Billy and I dont know what that was about. I, There was something more to that fight rig, toby, they said He ran away. later. In a letter to Denise from her uncle Billy, there was a different version of events that included toby touching one of billy's daughters. I billy in letter said that this is, what they claim it. Now I can't say it's true fate. Of course, if Toby did us than there needs to be told in order to find him. He cried that he had touched his daughters in appropriately We don't know if this is true that Toby did anything wrong. Toby was still a minor at the time. An uncle Billy is a bit of an unreliable narrator. We will gus us further later on, but billy molested other children in the family and was
were convicted of reaping two little girls as young as two and three years old and militia a seven year old boy. We dont what toby may have been subjected to while living with billy. Denise told us that Billy's daughters have not been able to confirm that Toby touched any of them, but they of blood. A lot of memories due to tragic events that occurred during childhood denise doesn't want to discount their trauma. If Toby did in fact touch them and appropriately. She said she doesn't remember. He might have touched with his foot in. private area, but they were sleep in the same bed. So I just I don't know, I don't know he says the girls said that he touched him and appropriately so he got my fight with Toby and He took toby out, The car and told, the family. He was taken up to the job
detention centre, now. They said this. Was it night from what I understand from what the police had told me: there's not one near there. It would hours and hours and days he was gone and he claims which different story than what they're saying but he drove him to the police department and dropped tim, awe and hop, came out and said: what are you doing and he said he's your problem now and drove off. That's his story, daughter said he came back and said: I dropped him off at the juvenile detention centre and laughter now there's no evidence of that. Yet there was another version of the story told by Billy he asked told his family all his daughters that he went picked up my uncle jerry and had him with them, because otherwise he would kill toby
uncle jerry says he never picked me up. I didn't live that close. I live ingredients pass so he said that never happened, He then went to Josephine county this last week and talk to them because sad I've been searching for toby for years because we thought he just ran away and then had told him about. Toby was on drugs, the first time but my uncle jerry, which is my mom youngest brother with last week. That's forty eight years old, and here I talked to him. first time and heave and said I've been searching for toby for years and I just thought he ran away because that's what everybody sad, because that Billy told everybody that Toby ran way, and then told everybody that he died in the car accident. Well, there's evidence of that I have urged all the the coast for any kind even his mother and father will, if they had a car accident, you isn't it wouldn t know
there seems to be endless versions of stories about what happened to Toby Denise, we're to find anyone else who could confirm that Toby had been in oregon with Billy. That's when she found a family member on Toby's mother's side of the family, who remembered why Toby had been sent to Oregon with billy after he was released from the juvenile detention facility. Toby was once again shuffled around to an uncle on his mom side of the family until he got into a bit of trouble again As we know, there was an episode that one It hasn't gotten. His mom's side had told me the second time he was we from juvenile. He was staying with his uncle brandy, which occurs mothers, brother and come neighbourhood and Toby had appeared. currently stole one of the neighbors christmas gift and that when, we ended up going to You are uncle in Oregon. Kid
well on his mom's side and his uncle on his dad's side lives next door to each other. They knew each other very well, and they were friends obey remained frame years later I mean it was years, and we did find out that her one of the causes she went with her dad when he took him to our oh billy's, in organs that with something definitely knew that we found out because we did not know how we ended up with our uncle. Now we have you know a statement, from another family member on the other side of the bed. with that I'm not related to who remembered. I've been him their despite. at their toby had gotten into some trouble. Denise told us that she is never found any proof that Toby had a history of running away. There has now,
been any reports of him ever running away prior to why are uncle had faded? We were just hold that Toby ran away because you don't want to go back in juvenile. That's what we were told growin up, never report. The only thing that was ever reporting is when he took the bronco. I do not think that we can better to run away. free time. Denise began calling around to find any records of toby being in Oregon. Narrow down the timeframe in which Toby disappeared. I called every high school in california and oregon and washington. That's how I found this high school. I said five to six hours a week on the phone with people I look at john doze, I look. A name is there I nothing. I dig just get a case number two. her home I can I'm fine. I'm missing persons report from back in the eighties ass. I went to Josephine county unreported cause- that's the last.
it's area that I found him out I contacted juvenile homes and I even looked up. Court records and nothing I've checked prince. He's not imprison, nor has he ever been arrested. Theirs The thing, nor am I ended up, calling Every high school in the west coast found him in Oregon, had it sent to Scott Wilson, his school records, So we do know he was in Oregon. That's his last known even the active, gave me the address and said here- is a a mile parasol that school had him register to do you know anything about it. I dont know my car so that's where they lived, though he d lived there, but that's last Anybody has seen a firm, so that's been. there is nothing new. For citizens. No doubt Certificate, if
look up Toby's case in some missing persons. Databases you'll see Toby listed as missing since nineteen. Eighty eight, because, when Denise reported toby missing decades later, she was working off of a range of time that she had from memories of family members. Not the databases have been updated or changed, but since a time they have been able to track down. More information in to narrow that range that Denise started with from. couple of years to a weekend in november of nineteen. Eighty six that after Denise had called around two schools up and down the west coast Toby had attended illinois valley, high school in cave junction oregon, and I was thankful that the school spoke to me after I sent them his missing person by and showed them. The idea report him nothing that they gave me not the exact date. He was a cool but very close to the weak, though we know,
with the school on friday, and I know on tuesday my uncle had went to school and find him out fading he would. He moved to California back with his father, which that's not true, though that was the first ah catch moment for me. Every monday, as my toby day, Call continuously You know for a fact that he was enlisted in school in February nineteen. Eighty thick his with our uncle billy ended in. member of nineteen eighty six according to school records? So that is a document that we have that the school had bent the detective fading the timeline, but the family faded with proper
in january or february that Toby had went to live with uncle billy that a nine months and months time after years of phone calls trying to find any trace of Toby Denise found out that he attended school one week in november of eighty six in the net sweet uncle Billy went to the school to withdraw toby from classes stating that he had moved back to california, but Toby's relatives in California ever saw him again studies established at toby was last with Billy and there was no trace of him after that time she wanted to take a closer look at billy's history. Billy is a half brother of Toby's, father and Denise. His mother Billy's father had molested children within their household and why Toby's father into nieces mother were sent away, but billy as other siblings remained in that household
my mom and Toby dad was sent away and though kids remained and how we ve been told. Yet there was some abuse with the other kids still and the other four kid remain In the house I do no. There was the coop exchange with that man that he had rate somebody else after he is the father of the other. Children so once my mom and toby that was sent away and separated You know my mom could contact with some of the other kids, like my aunt periodically so we would know who they are in about bottom and we knew about the conviction with their father. We don't know if billy was molested by his father too. the pattern continued that we often see and multigenerational abuse cases billions
accused of molesting, multiple children in his family and was convey It of raping two and three year old girls, also molesting a seven year old boy in two thousand and one we are going to go into detail about these crimes, because the court documents are extremely graphic and disturbing. You convey The court records online if you would like to read them for yourself, billy has been incarcerated since that time crimes occurred shortly after Billy married the grandmother of these children that he victimized. He was eligible for pearl last year, you were in the crowd was denied, I dont know That's why he was denied the goal is a convicted child rapist, enacted conviction of three kid and I wonder deeply why He turned to his own children, anger. In children We compel you never touched me hidden. Done anything to me.
benjamin comfort, him or his family? His is the fact that I have a missing carbon, and here victor child rapist he didn't, have much interaction with her uncle billy growing up, but she does remember her father keeping her away from him occasion to Denise that others within the family, new or suspected that Billy was a predator. The only interactions I had was as a thirteen. thirteen year old, when we would go with it. Grandmother, she got married. My dad, you basically dated do not be alone with him. They collyer you're fired without Wanda, but do not anywhere uncle billy state, I didn't You're saying why I did not question that I just thought there was an issue.
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enjoy free shipping at veronica shoes. Dot com with promo code vanished at check out bionic shoes, dot com, that's vienna, with a v as in very comfortable and very stylish Johnny, It is also deeply concerned that her grandmother may have help protect Billy and come what happened to Toby she's. is passed away but made several misleading statements over the years to be Yes, my family has a lot of skeletons, but no He talks about this stuff and I am first one come out and say: I am ashamed of this that we have protected something. Evil in our family. My grandmother protected, like I've, talked to her brother and sisters who are alive and they just How does he was a different person and why
protected billy over thinks he's dying, but I think the family suspect some but nobody else say anything and that just makes me absolutely set to my stomach that he could have done there I dont know. Is he capable well see in that report of he did to those three kids me here. I don't do that. the annual daddy's done more? To be honest, is it studies. Three kids, possibly been Toby. How many more kids, grandmother: I call on my biological grandmother, parent did and would tell the fambly for years. Toby we was calling me toby did this well, that's not true and that's what I'm finding out. So I've done pretty much all the investigation of research. Because marcy and randy
brother and sister didn't know what to do. My grandmother said: oh, I heard a private investigator that never happened she's gone now so he's lied all these years and I truly think she knew what happened to toby in hindsight. Denise things that are grandmother was actively trying to mislead the rest of the family, about toby by making them into believing that he was alive. It's dead. To imagine a grandmother doing such a thing, but Denise spain, that are grandmother, had history of disturbing behaviour. My grandmother used the story after my uncle jean Toby father passed away. That toby had contacted her in now eighteen. Eighty eight and recall Did money from her, and told him no and that the last she heard him in Jeanne eighty eight, my
well billy, then, who was living in art and thought out with his family, told his daughters Toby's an arc thought looking for you and they were did that he was we tell em, Toby's gonna come get you. That was the story. They hold whenever younger those story don't make sense, because Toby never met his grandmother. Now I can tell you very I worry. I recently found. Toby fathers obituary. They set Toby. With living in arkansas at the time of his death. We believe that obituary king, my grandmother, then I went on a huge search, toby, looking anderson in the fate of arkansas that obituary faith that he was at that time, which there's no proof hobby I see norway. Indeed, let my group mother and tall. Ninety ninety one your dad died. They did not know about her.
The information that my uncle had faded but Toby had contact. my grandmother asking for money when they were there and scaring the kid. Failing that told gonna come after them. That's not true. He never knew her that do you like a story that has continued. we didn't hear this story until europe later before she passed in two thousand and four. She never told marcy that story that story actually never came out into my uncle Billy had wrote me a letter and one of the girls had faded that. So, if it was true, she should have told her from the beginning- and it was never told the any family members. I just remember she said Toby ran away just forget about it. It was her answer
this is all very distressing to take in four denise. She was never close to her grandmother and witnessed her manipulation of other family members first hand. So this is an overly surprising to her, and I can tell you that Only can she came around without us is when he would be that our aunts and uncles and my mom insisted on going insane her mother, because my mom was a tall. She wanted what's her mother, but the day my grandmother died, my mom begged for her attention. But I can tell My grandmother always told my mom, and I remember that Diane. Don't ever bring up the path, the path if the path- and you do not discuss that in the family, forget about it. Then she called billy kid that too she was closer to Billy it then she was with any of us. Grandkids There's a lot about growing kid that I've spoken to since then,
and you didn't know our bar grandmother either now we were always told fire mother and I remember best from a young age My mom was a whore and she slept with her husband and whatever my mom got in life. She deserved and she didn't understand how my mom got such a good. Looking. professional man, she very lucky, that's the hardest thing. Could hake Is knowing that she protected the ones that she had who was evil and she protected him till the day. she died. She was going to see him in prison the morning. She died in that car accident and she protected him and she spent every last dying. She had confirmed trying to get him,
I hope that never could prove that he was innocent in the charges that he is sitting in prison for that really hard. I love my kid, but if my children would have done something wrong, I'm going to up until the day they die, but I am not going to protect them if they did something wrong, they need to pay the price for their crimes. now, if it because my dad was an army special services- and this is the way he read tat, but I get always said several things that stuck with me draw my life. You find out the truth and you'll be truthful to yourself and your family because your family needs to come is number one. But if somebody ever heard from you tell the truth, even if it hurts you, though, if somebody or does something to you. You find out the truth, and you tell the truth. Even if it hurt
and believe me, this is the hardest thing I've done with my family, his talent, toby story, because I'm hurting other companies who are living at least. I feel some time been. I'm protecting marthy but Toby true hacked to come, and we have to find him because I don't think we will ever here until we do it's a black cloud over all other through her research denise, also learn that billy had abruptly move from Oregon again in the middle of the night, just months after Toby vanished filling up the arkansas with a family in the middle of the night within less three months after Toby went missing dating Our grandmother was thick in about ready, die and needed to go to our people to help her. She would have been in haiti. Toby's. Grandmother wasn't sick, as Billy had stated in
she went on to live a healthy life for many years following this time and when she did eventually pass away. It wasn't due to illness, she was in a car accident. Was there another reason that Billy left so abruptly have something to do with toby in it m together as much information as she possibly could deny began writing letters to Billy imprisoned in arkansas, He seemed to enjoy conversing with others, but his stories have evolved with time d. I also notice that it seemed so billy was trying to manipulate her by saying horrific things about toby and her mother and Denise eventually had to back off for the sake of her own mental health. My uncle Billy. Anybody who writes in the water? Oh he response, he loves it. He think them they can be a friend and he loved the attention. There's been water from my uncle computers. The letter
not really saying that he did it, but he said tell me what the monster you got them. The thing about my mom. I mean, I think, the biggest thing you pretty much in some of the letter But my uncle has worked to eye he he continued by tat. Toby was the monster, but he's not months, and he had you get rid of. The monster was pretty sure that You don't tell me no longer with us. We just don't know where he got it hard, because my uncle and He talked about my mom in ways that we you were children. What happened to her but to say the things that he has said about Toby dad and my mom five and six year old kid a thing hard. He swallowed for not only me but Marcy become just a therein. There are parents were bubble,
five or six years old and they wanted it and they deserve Did you know you? You seek derby point in that he would make excuses for everybody by itself you don't blame. Put the blame on toby going the thing on everybody but himself but then emotional roller coaster. The fact that Toby was a monster he did what he did. That was the hard one that was my last letter to him, because hearing that I dont think Toby was that it I think he did. He call them lies on its september. We don't know, exactly what happened. We believe there were thing going on. I know it ten or fifteen. He thought tat. Bronco he's dead, felt he had no choice but to contact. The police can do that and for him,
do minor things like that and have the life that he had come to the letter. it'll right knee and they don't. You know, I'm your favorite uncle. Don't you know trying to help you while he never have. I think that he has faded, right helping you. Car you what you contact me back? Don't you remember? program off, had a lot of money. You know worried tat. You could get that why would you tell me that? Because one she'd been decision, two thousand and four, she had no money. You'll put the blame on my mom, stating my mom took all the evidence of him with his heart rate chargers why he them or then that is not correct, because I did prove that with my burma that fund that my mom not take anything. I actually have. court documents which are also on mine, available what he did he do. Blame those children. That's why he's currently in prison that they're buying? What's he do
to his daughter, Toby folly They he doing to Toby, I don't know, but it's emotionally hard. He seems to be, like he's defending what happen like, he he's afraid. You're he's back one. We should all love him he's not the monster. Toby was a monster. Both came from his words, he had to say family from the monster, but remember I'm not a monster andean, acute things I'd never die. I mean in this. Thing. He said: maybe your Well, Gary had something to do with it. Maybe we ve got killed him. He was probably hit on. back about head with a whole and heat we buried. Did you look? do that that the waters I get he'll twisted allowed in state, but your mom
she loved to sexually assaulted. By my dad I watched it, your mom begged for him to do. After those letters. I stopped riding him because I knew he was just gonna get worse. We can say that we fought Denise for cutting off contact with Billy. He seemed to be trying to play games with her and horrific things about the abuse that Denise his mother and Toby's father endured in early childhood billy sounds like a deeply disturbed individual and it was I ve been a huge relief when his parole was denied last year you're, probably assuming that, with all this information that Denise has gathered that billy and interviewed by law enforcement about toby, but as far as Denise is aware, that hasn't happened at least from what we understand. I do not think he's been interviewed at all its powers, Toby cave
Do not know if anybody's ever spoken to my uncle or to any other suspected case. Denise learned that a family member has some of billy's belongings that her grandmother had in her possession at the time of her death denise jumped on this opportunity to see if there could be a clue hidden in billy's belongings that I just paid for to mail me all of my uncle billy's belongings, because when my grandmother died in a car accident, my mom ended up with a box of billy's belongings, it's just a lot of pictures and there's a lot of pictures of kids and it's weird. after receiving the box of billy's items, Denise was only more disturbed and concerned now that I his belonging, that I did offer his daughters and nobody took it, so I have them and there's a lot of the near. That concerns me other cousin at that makes sense without stating it there's.
Curbing photos in their of certain cousin that he had contact with, I still can't to this day. I dont know how to say anything because those put, you should not have been in his custody, eber other parents pictures that they take out. Whatever, but it makes you or why these photos are in the position they are and wider in his custody. Firstly knowing what he's done Denise feels like there must be a grain of truth within these different stories at Billy has told about toby over the years. Some of the stories are outrageous, but there are common themes throughout my globally have repeatedly stuck to his story an he stated that the night that death all happened, Toby was cod inappropriately touching his younger authors Then there was a fight. Toby had
outside hid in the chicken coop toby was taken out of chicken plan put into the car my uncle. Thank you, only a way to somebody else in the family and then to grow toby. to be just the thing county, cave, junction, police department watch him off and the police officer ran out to the car and that you can't just led the kid here and my uncle billy state Toby had either way and off into the wood, and my uncle billy drawback, though Keith as either and up to the word. But he's not sure the police officer took him under his exact words. He had toys the story about multiple times in his letters, you know The research in finding out toby was with our own ball, which No one in the family knew at the time until I
doing research. He had said different stories of toby dad came in gotham and he killed probably kill them. buried him on the edge of the ranch in california He has twisted it and said that Toby was alive and living in arkansas. He had they did. I get them other uncle killed him, which is our oh gary, and I have spoken to him since then. So He had put the blame on two of his brothers. Then I questioned him, but he has taken to the point of it. The inappropriately touching his daughter. He does not ever state which water. By the way he gets a daughter. The daughter she refuses to go The detail, and the only thing she had faded to me is just find the truth. They don't think
except the older one who had, wrote me a letter and it was not very pleasant about how I need to mind my own business. I am no longer her family. I try. To destroy her dad for some reason and I'm not because I'm willing to get him to help he need. I know that strange, I'm off the willing to help the girl get the help they need if something had happened but for not speaking about what happened. Helped me a lot for some decision. find out the true. Why day. Unless you tell us what happened last night when you don't say what happened and tell us what he did it, he did anything. How are we supposed to find out? That is the truth, because the truth is a hard thing to swallow and if you don't pick up It makes you wonder if that were true, but nothing led to tell
doing that and that coming from? the girls in the family, dating he never touch them. So I can't prove that story of toby, inappropriately touching the girls. Never came out until I reported missing and what the family. Now these wonders of billy's children no more than they have shared. But it's a Ricky subject to approach with them. There has been of trauma within the family, and some family members do not want to revisit that time while other. I've tried to remember bits and pieces and somebody bits and pieces have lined up with different versions of billy stories, the same I have heard about the chicken coop comes via multiple sources of who was there. Be grand out after five darted anne was hiding in the chicken coop before me uncle took him. And put him in the vehicle and the family did
Return until the next morning, a couple of them has made us land he remembered the fight and she remembers Toby, leading the elder to have never spoken to me except the older one. Writing a nasty letter I respect and she doesn't want to be contacted. She doesn't want to be family. I respect that. It's her wishes. Think they do. No more. That happened in what is being stated. We cannot prove any story of my uncle Billy that Have any true the only route that I can confirm is he was toby by multiple sources. That Toby was hiding in a chicken coop and I have contact the people currently on that property and that chicken coop is still there if billy's, why New of anything she never spoke up. I do no there were some abuse confirmed by
a daughter, his wife, my aunt Wanda aunt Wanda was a wonderful woman, wonderful kind, hearted soft spoken, woman to all of us. She had asked away again tell you one thing about you wonder that I never will I didn't we got older that she would always proactive over like. If I did it, She would always say just stay close to me sweetheart. I think she knew I just didn't. I didn't realize until I'm older Billy claims that he caught Toby doing something to one of his daughters but billy actually been convicted of crimes similar to what he was accusing toby of Denise. His theories on what may have actually happened the night that Toby disappeared. He might have walked in that night on something I don't know because nobody said
anything there have been reports of my uncle doing stuff to his children. I can't confirm it because they won't speak, but there have been reports by others they do no. There, but I can tell you one cousin in particular, says she does not want her children, knowing the past toby and from if there is a fight that broke out Did he ran away? He could by the way, so you don't think anything happens because at that time, I don't think anybody knew of Billy's history with children until he went to arkansas- and there have been other people came forward to me about my uncle billy-
don't wanna put their name out there and I respect it that bay. They had something done to them, though he was just not caught fire to that. You really good and date, these innocent in everything from everything I've taken to him. I didn't do that. It must have been somebody else that look like me on my thing, Toby might have walked in on a situation that was going on between my uncle in one of the girl maybe what one to tell on my uncle and maya. Or violence. Ten, do I think was buried. There is a possibility. He was Their buried are dumped ip old, maybe he's on property toby. You have been found in this long, my uncle even god, because he recovered his. Very well. With that case, I think, with a lot of things, down over the years he's smart enough to
Oh how to hide what he's done, Since the niece began her journey, been seeking any trace of Toby and she's been look for anyone who knew him. He seemed the ghost within his own story, even before he ever disappeared. Peoples to just barely remember him. Denise still looking for people who knew Toby, but did find one classmate so far, and even though billy describes Toby as a monster This classmate has a different recollection. We We have spoken to one person, a girl who went to school with toby that had stated he was bare. quiet, unreserved bite. He said he really didn't talk to anybody. to himself. She goes. I remember him. She goes. He was funny when you get em tat heart, but he said other than that. He was kind like somebody dropped a book. She said he picked it up and just say
you know. Here you go are your welcome. She could, but he never opened up to anybody which could mean that there were the story of the view him as a child when, on the step that could explain something I think that went on much of the family has remained silent about toby the boy you vanished so long ago, but denied has been getting some family members involved in the search efforts, we'll bury. He said he would go to billy power and said toby and he thought he was a good kid. He had always use the hard worker the day I told uncle jerry about what billy data about him helping. Maybe he did something My uncle Billy daughter stated that she thought our uncle jerry was involved in Toby. Nothing I reached out to me uncle jerry and
my uncle jerry was for, I guess, a break. I'm in law enforcement he lives in Oregon. He was very hurt by the common hated toby was such a kind. He had a hard worker and he said he got up and disappeared. And nobody knew why and billy get said. Oh, he ran away we'll Gary never even heard of the story that Billy data, now, and they were close, though, that me a lot about the story? The thing I learned about my uncle jerry taken to him the day I hold him the next day and his wife drove the way to the police department and tat in that police department until they were able to speak to a detective. You gave a statement. That meant the world to me as far as other family members
I am getting a lot of support. Unfortunately, dirt Toby, we lost a couple of never helping me get a lot of information, mercy told us that she doesn't expect to find out one day that her brother is still out there alive. She doesn't think that its possible and she holding out hope for that she's, realistic and just wants to find her brother for my parents. leave my brother for dinner. He's united it would be nice to know find them, and in my heart I know that is gone. You know. I just know this and I suspect that my uncle Billy had something to do with their. I really believe, that's probably there, The things I just to be able to find him and put him at last. With my dad, big brother Randy has similar feelings about finding Toby Myanmar,
he was so young. We didn't really get a chance to look for me, Joe, in recent years right now, but I think that at that time frame the family was given in some hard love and they really just didn't think he was anywhere, but I'm gonna walk about so to speak, so nobody ever filed and missing persons reports are called the cops about it or it engages cannot ignore. Who tell my father, came down with cancer and needs bone marrow transplant when he needs the bone marrow transplant. We hire private investigators to search for it's been five years, you eat type a closure, her brain we might be able to get, are gonna, be grateful. I we like mercy, I know said again on where we know he's gonna kill him. I was still in the air. So what happened? Toby Anderson after he was sent to live with his uncle billy and somewhat oregon and nineteen. Eighty six denied It's able to track down school records that show that Toby was enrolled. There attended in november of nineteen. Eighty six, then billy
drew toby from school, claiming that he went back to california, which Toby was never seen again Billy told several different stories about toby. For many years he just told family members eddie ran away later. He said that he caught him touching one of his daughters and after more than a police station or juvenile facility, but there's no proof of that ever happening. We don't have any proof that Toby did or didn't do what billy claims and it's important to remember that the man who was weaving this narrative about toby has also been convicted of raping and molesting several young children himself. We dont know what billy was capable of and what
he could have done two toby in the months that he stayed with him and no one has ever found any sign of toby being alive after this time it seems as though Billy must know more toby's family continues to press on for answers. They have a social media page dedicated to toby and hope that more people will come forward who knew him or have information about what may have happened to him. They ve also been working on getting their dna into every database out there in the event that their answers along that avenue, they remain hopeful that this renewed push for answers will lead them to finding toby view of any information regarding the disappearance of Toby Anderson. Please contact the oregon state police at five for one, seven, seven, six, six to three six. I think the guilt I feel is that nobody in my family, even cousins, said who is he
I didn't anybody ever say anything. Why didn't they know and they would sweep it under the rug. Like my grandma would always say: that's the past. Let the past go, don't talk about it. That's how she told her kids till she told her grandkids. You were molested it's in the past. Let it go, don't tell people that it. That was her reasoning of moving on and forgetting things and that's not right, and I think that's why our family and so distant and they keep to themselves and not talk, hardly and this uncle needs to be held accountable for what he's time. If he's done, and I want to find toby whether it's his remains
and give him a proper burial just to know what happened to him and to know did he suffer? Is he alive? You know we don't know. I want to find him for marcy and randy to have that peace in their life to know that their brother didn't just run away or whatever happened. They deserve that, and I can't imagine I lost my sister anne, oh five, thirty, eight years old and I love my system, and not having her in my life It's been hard on me, so I can't imagine having a brother the missing and not knowing you know, anybody in your family and not knowing that hurts so bad. That touches my heart, I think, going in the right direction. I deal with this and I don't
to get emotional. It's been hard because I think my uncle's done more. You know, and I it- and this is my heart saying this is- I think he needed help all these years and he never got how and I think his crimes escalated. the and the. The
the brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifty nine I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story. If you have one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case, submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review, follow the vanished amazon, music or wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen to ad free by joining wonder e plus on apple podcasts or the wondering app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them, you can help us offer the show for free another way to support the show is by filling out a survey at wandering dot com. Slash survey be sure to tune in next week we'll be bringing you an update on a case that recovered in two thousand and nineteen thanks for listening the.
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