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William Jamison Part 2: The Cost of Doing Business


In the early morning hours of March 27, 1981, Bill Jamison disappeared after a night out at a bar and stopping for a quick bite to eat at a diner. When Bill left the restaurant, it was a clear night in the mid to low the 40s. But something happened to Bill after he left the diner. The waitress who served Bill didn’t notice anything was wrong. Bill ordered the same thing he always got during his late-night stops. Bill finished his meal, walked out into the night, and disappeared forever. Yesterday, you learned about Bill’s disappearance and the efforts to find him early on. His family didn’t feel like they were getting enough help from law enforcement, so they started their own search, sometimes using unconventional methods like psychics. They met with law enforcement, begging them to do more. Over the years, family members sent letters to just about anyone they thought might listen or have resources that could aid their search efforts. Forty-one years later, Bill’s disappearance remains just as much of a mystery as in 1981. Today, we will look at some things happening at Bill’s work during the lead-up to his disappearance because a lot was going on. His family has always wondered if that could have something to do with what happened to Bill. 

If you have any information about the disappearance of William Jamison, please contact the Roselle Park Police Department at (908) 245-2300 or the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit at (609) 882-2000.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today. I got dragon today canny sheriff's office in they brought. This is profile thing in. What question to which and accused me My impression is that the delay was, but I can't prove it. I don't really know for sure, but he was, I think, involved with a union problems and the guy his name was scott o anthony scatter. You want the prison, but do it better than singled out what a distant object.
Maybe they tried to play ball, but do it disappeared, not a trace, not a clue. Bill Jemison disappeared in the early morning, hours of march, twenty seventh nineteen, eighty one you went missing. after a night out at a bar and stopping for a quick bite to eat at a diner when bill if the diner, it was a clear night in the mid to low forties, but something The bill after he left that diner just who served bill didn't notice. Anything was wrong here the same thing that he always got during his late night stops bill finished. His meal walked up the night and disappeared forever yesterday We told you what is known about bills, disappearance and what efforts were put forth early on to find bill. his family didn't feel like they were getting enough help from law enforcement, so they say their own search, sometimes you. and unconventional methods like psychics. They met with long force begging them to do more over the EU.
His family member sent letters to just about anyone. They thought might listen resources that could aid in their search efforts. forty one years later. Bills. Disappearance remains just as much of a mystery as it was in eighteen. Eighty one today were to take a look at some things that were happening at bills. Work during the lead up to his disappearance. because there was a lot going on in his family It's always wondered if that could have something to do with what happened to bill I'm orissa and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and forty five of the vanished part two. Bill Jamieson story. Academy award nominee carry mall again
Emmy nominees a week as an story She said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most important stories in a generation a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited, If in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores, oscar nominee patricia clarkson Emmy winner, Andre brower Antonio, jennifer easy with a cat. A war nominees, Samantha Morton, she said, isn't leaders. Now many of the people that we spoke, who described bill Jamieson as a loner. He didn't have much on in his personal life, though he did stay in frequent contact with family deeper? We looked into this. It seem like there was more going on it bills work than in his personal life. That we're adding to bills stress levels which were our
the at an all time high after the passing of his father in january of nineteen eighty one at the very end of part, one You heard bills. Brother Jack say this. I talked today the day before he disappeared. There was a sense of aggravation, there, the company there were some something Go on. There is somebody gonna visit him. I can't his name is there. I think. Had met him in the past, but billy was looking forward or was crystal out that this guy was common and ate. It aggravates body here, things to do at his own house down assure before my mother got back from our trip. wasn't necessarily gonna make up, the my house had previously planned for a duck decoy exposition of
away, so he was, he was agitated say he was, but in just the way he was is normally priorities you down at least with me, and I could send some frustration. So what Pressure was bill under at work. Coming to see him that he was stressed out about we're going to dig, the situations at bills work. There were many things going on around this time in this part of this we can get a bit complicated when build. Appeared in march of nineteen eighty one he was working at the helm, dyke, in company and kenilworth new jersey, this was within walking distance of bills apartment the company, is owned by jack's all of em. I wanted to note that there are three different jack's in this story. There's bills brother. Jack, Jemison bills, boss, Jack Sullivan, other jack was coworker. We will disk him later in this episode, I'm going
who's there first and last names to help you keep track of this story, the german and family is related to the solvent family through marriage bill sister, key is married to jack Sullivan son James. We spoke to james and he gave us a background information on the Sullivan's businesses and how bill came to work there starting in nineteen. Seventy, my dad own to businesses, ones manufacturing company, the others, a sales company I had an older brother that went to work for the sales company and then switched over to the manufacturing company and moved up to north jersey. As my brother Steve. He did that and about nineteen. Seventy two, I graduated from college in nineteen. Seventy three and went to work for my dad in the sales agency piece of the business. These two businesses were quite separate. The manufacturing company had its own
customers and its own location up in kenilworth, new jersey and aid live down here in the philadelphia suburbs. I went to work for the sales agency and basically I was the only guy there within a few years. I was able to buy the business from my dad, so my dad to businesses a fork in the road when I got involved in the sales business and in seventy seven bought it from him and the men. factoring company when its own way that they have died casting up in kenilworth jersey. They were looking for a plant manager and bill jam. Ascent was looking for
job and one thing lead to another, and bill went to work for the manufacturing company that my dad out that my brother was working in and they also had an accounting guy by naming jean Mccormick so it was james as brothers, Steve Sullivan bill and another man named jean who were mostly running the company alongside Jack Sullivan, then jack solemn, left to go work for the Jimmy Carter administration and left them to run business in his absence, my god went off to war for Jimmy carter in washington, and three of them were running the manufacturing company. I was not involved in the manufacturing business at all. I talk to my dad all the time. Billy proudly
and to work for them a year or more before my father went to work for Jimmy carter, which was january of seventy. Six to Billy must have started with the manufacturing company in seventy four or seventy five. So my dad goes off to washington, leaving me three guys to run the business and the way the business was organised. That way, the management was organized. Billy was kind of responsible for being the plant manager, my brother's dave, with responsible for sales and engineering and jean Mccormick handled the accounting function, and then my dad goes off to washington, leaving me three guys
to manage the business and I believe he granted them each ten percent of the stock of the company or less to assure their loyalty and to ensure them that they were. They were gonna, be responsible for running this business. so. What is it about this situation that could have led to some trouble for bill? James T what he knows. There were two opportunities for billy to run a foul of union flash mob activity. A union I'd figure was the: u s, w organised, how die casting in the late seven days. If I were a pickup,
number. I would stay nineteen, seventy eight, seventy nine somethin like that they came in and they got a union vote and the workers that have voted to go union with. I think it was a: u s w, which of course was not something that the management group was happy with, but that I dont know whether there was there was enough. Friction there. To speculate very much. James told us that there is a whole other side of this involving a family member of his who was the president of another business and that business
tied in with the mob. There is a different element: my father's cousin water or heard the mcgrath corporate should my father's name was John mc grath, Sullivan, ok and then the grass is there because his mother was a macgregor them. A grass had a large stevedoring corporation head, in new york started in the early teens. Maybe the early twentyth stevedoring are the guys that unload the ships at the docks, so the Mcgrath corporation became very successful during world war, two with all of the shipping that was going on surrounding the war and they came out of world war. Two as the largest stevedoring company
possibly in the country, but certainly on the east coast, said I. It was a significant company by the five mcgrath brothers. They call them the ankles and when you're operating on the docks its billy, unionized and heavily mob infiltrated work environment, On the docks in new york as president of Mcgrath services, my father's cousin walter O'Hearn was approached by the f b. I who explained to him that they had been watching his lieutenants pay off the new york mob. I believe the guys
and what's the anthony scotto who was the head of one of the mob families in new york and the f b, I having basically surveilled the payments of money from Mcgrath services to the mob. Slash union representatives asked him to go to have his vice president go under cover and where a wire and provide information against anthony scotland during the time that his lieutenant was the you now wearing a wire secretly against this mob activity, the water. Hearn and his family were handed the next best thing to witness protection. They were basically in hiding. You are probably wondering what this all has to do with bill. Well,
during this time period, when the company that bill worked for was considering becoming unionized and bill sought out advice from walter, o hearn on how to deal with the whole union situation. Oddly enough door somewhere in this time, and I think in in relationship to the union organizing that was going on at bill jama how die casting. I think bill was seeking advice from walter about how to handle the union, because the Mcgrath services corporation was dealing with unions all the time, and I have a vague recollection, that that water hearn had somebody in his employ. That was a union expert that bill was sort of visiting to get some some guidance in some information on health,
and though the union at the manufacturing company. I don't think the two unions are connected in any way I don't really know. I do think that bill was talking to walden, earn an older hearns lieutenant who was their expert on union stuff built, had visited and talk am I you know. I don't know whether, as wants her four times but had been seeking guidance from them so after build disappears. One of the questions that naturally comes to the fore is was there's something about this relationship that waller hurrying had with his mob flash union confrontation, that fell on billy in the wrong way. I don't think we have any information about effect, but it's just something that make you scratch your head. Here is something
and information on the case against anthony scarborough that we found from court records he was, president of the international longshoremen's association, local eighteen fourteen, which was low that in Brooklyn he was up the vice president for legislative affairs for the international long shorelines association nationally from nineteen seventy five, eighteen, seventy nine. Scott all received labour pay off from six waterfront businesses from what Oh Hearns, business alone scot I was paid fifteen thousand dollars quarterly plus another five thousand at christmas, which added up to sixty five thousand dollars annually today. That would be more than three hundred and forty seven thousand dollars each year and that was for just one of the businesses that he was receiving payments from in return scottie, was assisting in reducing fraudulent and exaggerated workers compensation claims filed by union members scott, who was
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or return them for full refund within thirty days, if you're not satisfied for any reason at all enjoy free ship ryan shoes not come with. Promo code vanished at check out viaduct shoes, dot com, that's vienna, with a v as in very comfortable and very stylish While we were speaking with members of the jamieson family, we ask what they knew or had heard about the possible mob connection. This is what bills brother jack told us there were more or less was the negotiator and they we're trying to bring a union in there. I think Billy's job was to resist it as much as they could for one while the believe he was a you, know,
It's some of the union members. I don't want to say harsh, but you know he was a tough boss, we may not have thought it was ass, much ass issue at the immediate time when maybe even within the several months, even when the cops were trying in question is simple Is there anything there any any body trying to get into the company? The marbre that you and you know- and we shall be said there were trying- the organised, the union, but after all, this time deserved recollection version, supposedly wore a wire to some meeting, Jack Sullivan, the owner of the company billy work for or who, at the time, Billy disappeared. I was just getting out of his ah duties with the carter administration. He was the head of the railroad administration or something. But anyway
My impression is that the delay he was, but I can't prove it. I don't ruin for sure, but he was, I think, involved with a hands union problems. And the guy's name was scott o anthony scatter honours. He went to prison, tours away or a hern is and the the the unions were. He was making payoffs said union and then ever there was a er may have went to the feds and they, you know, are trying to help him not lose as much money to the stevedores and paying off these rackets to get his ships unloaded and stuff like that they may call upon Billy may have. I say I heard something to that effect that that Billy was going to wear a wire, and the reason they'd go to Billy is because he doesn't work for them directly, but he's an extra army officer. He was decorated, he's
probably considered very intelligent, yet at the same time, fearless and principle, so they may have through a hand and whoever handling him by the f b I or who? Who have you right there, trying to get trying to get a little below the mob action curtailed, though he could have, could have a been identified that way by the mob as a possible target. I have no idea. Delay could have been singled out as a distant object. You know, maybe they tried to play ball thy way, but do it disappeared, not a trace, not a clue bills, Your katy gave us hope perspective on all of this walter oh hearn? He no sooner takes a job as president that he's in form the fbi that they want him to wear wire sick, put away.
A guy by the name of god, oh and his family, within protective cost, for a while. He wore a wire and put this big mafias both in new york away. But I didn't feel like this initially, but, as the years have gone by, I have felt that with Billy guy up to walter's office in new york to negotiate the contract that they wanted to craft. For thee anyone markers that, maybe with a cop their initial attitude, maybe they know whether the way what happened I mean he's out with some drinking they go to where he goes to. I am a diner after drinking has breakfast gets in the corridors?
fierce? Maybe they know, and their attitude was that this is a classic mob hit. If anything, I dunno could that be what happened and why the cops took the attitude they did, that they knew right away, that this was a mob hit and were were never going to find out what happened to this guy now why this die? Casting company? Isn't a big fan they want a many little companies in north josie, I mean I don't I don't know. I then the only connection that makes me think that now, when I look back and look at- and I try to look for a reason why they pull, this would have the added to their toward me. Maybe they know that it was a mob hit and they were trying to save me. The aggravation of of what I was going through and the connection would be that they thought they could effectively. They couldn't get to walter's family, so they got to somebody that they knew was down line person. It was the sensors
at the time when Billy disappeared, I mean, I think, my father in law. Walter, probably thought could this day and maybe they thought fat billy's too distant from the immediate family. I dont know well this bob angle is certainly interesting and not something that has ever been ruled out. There are other things we're going on a bills were too there was a line worker who had accused bill of negligent behaviour. That lead and being poisoned at work. This man was or about the situation and disliked bill. This employees, wild a lawsuit against the company which was later dropped. Private Stu gaiters went to this man's home and they were met his wife who was described as aggressive. She that her husband didn't kill him. We can assume. She was speaking about bill when the man was, viewed by private investigator. He said that light bill, but also he didn't kill him. We found a note in the police work
indicating that this man was interviewed in nineteen. Ninety enduring in the interview he offered to take a polygraph or even truth serum to prove his innocence. Jack told us what he knew about this incident. You know Fletcher. I think what they're trying to do were trying to help on both the gag shake or something and ended up in the hospital and the the guy, come the blame Billy if billy didn't get him and his unemployment or benefits compensation that there might have been something there. I'm not sure I can't read but for sure, but Fletcher yeah. He was one of those guys in it. It was a meal, that we had other investigators. There was also another incident that jack was aware of one another, we got injured on the job in bills. Action to the event shocked some of his coworkers. There was one guy, and this is all speculation on us not
one guy working on a machine and he got his hand caught in the machine and lost a finger. Billy got the guy to the hospital and when he came back, believes the one who cleaned up the machine and he picked up his finger and walked out the back door of the facility and threw the finger which was totally crushed. There is a palm back there and threw it into the pond that supposedly could have ruffled some Feathers of some of the workers who may have witnessed that so no names who work or worse, you know it, wasn't well like by the rank and file, because he was a it's kind of a a tough boss. He ran the show there, but we try to make that a profitable business for jack solomon to come home tonight.
there are notes about another former employees who was allegedly fired after taking a two hour, long lunch break when they said This man, his w too in the mail. He called to complain that he had received, w too, and then it was in tiny, shreds bills. Terry said that she had put it in the envelope in one piece. She also, that the man called on three separate occasions cursing screaming, in a way that she described as off the wall, built Secretary also said this man made a threat directed at bill, saying I'll, get that fat son of a bitch. Jack Sullivan, the owner of the company, that bill worked for was interviewed by please and nineteen. Eighty four any hinted at some other issues with the business. This is what the report says after Jimmy Carter's victory, he was given most of the director of the railroad and kept communication with the company primarily through his son, Steve Sullivan and jean Mccormick during the course of
time that he was away from the company they hadn't ploy named christianity and mister Salvin had approved sealskin tuition payment to complete his college education during the. few years. Mccormick, Jamieson and sealskin had been running the company and sealskin mccormick. became very close in turn. seal ski began, making a large amount of money compared the other employees who had been there longer. There was a lot of this harmony between seal ski and another employee who had been there for Thirty years this led the employer to quit the company with bitter feelings, jameson and sealskin sky had allegedly had a good rapport with each other. Mister Sullivan stated that he returned from washington d c and took complete control of the company in April of nineteen. Eighty two and fired mccormack ceo sky allege We took this very badly due to him and Mccormick having control for the company more or less he wrote a letter to solve in nineteen eighty two and never came back to work.
Mr Sullivan found all of the money in the petty cash or missing sullivan, went on to say that he had purchased another company a maryland and sent sealskins got a piece of machinery and when he went to the maryland company short time later. He found that everything had been cleaned out Mr Sullivan stated that he later laid everyone off when he returned to the company after finding out the cup. He was losing money a complete refers. of when he was actively running. The business mister. Solomon believed that seal ski along with mccormick and possibly Jamieson, were milking. The company when Mr Sullivan was in d c? That is the end of the report about this interview mean take away. Is that Jack Sullivan believed that it was possible that the people he left in charge the company, while he was gone, may have been skimming for company katy read this in our view that her father in law had with the police and she some issues with what was said turnover
It was Steve Sullivan, jean Mccormick and her brother bill who are essentially running the business, but in this inner. mister Salvin left his son, almost completely out of the narrative, was jack olive in trying to shield his own son by leaving him out of the story. Here's kate again when I read in our view that my father in law had with the police. My brother billy worked with J, Mccormick and steve solving and the three of them were managing the company. Those three guys thought that they were gonna buy, jack out, run the company Well that didn't happen. Jack jack came back from washington and fully expected to be running his on company. well in the interview that jack gave to the police, he never
mention Steve as being somebody who's managing the company. He talks about J Mccormick and my brother billy, and this guy chris sealskin. It was very strange to both my husband, I myself, when we read that report thinking about what why wouldn't jack mentioned steve. So that gives me back to. I wonder if the union was in sending a message to watch or o hearn who was jack's cousin, that they can get turn that they want and that's how Billy's disappearances that they cause jack, not mentioning steve and tells me or makes me think that maybe jack was trying to protect Steve NASH, jackets deceased, the former boy that Jack Sullivan had told the police about christine ski. He was interviewed by police as well. This is what the report says:
Mr Siekierski related the following about William Jamieson bill began to drink heavily after the death of his father, and it I'm came into work either late or with a bad hangover or the smell alcohol still on his breath prior to his father's death. He only drank coca cola to his knowledge, and that is what bill related to him very moody attitude. At times, anyway, use much diplomacy when dealing with trivial matters. He told of one time when I was soon began to yell at some female employees, because we're doing something the way he wanted it done. He said that, four showed anything to him. That would cause you to believe that thing was bothering him until his father away. He undressed the german and his father had apparently had an agreement about his drinking and after he died, he went back to it pajamas since father died. He became depressed and
off the handle a lot of times but never appeared self destructive to seal ski Jamieson spoke of the house. He bought at the jersey shore getting alone through the vizier. He always talked about his nephews and nieces and it appears to seal by the way Jamieson talked about them tat. He would some very much if he disappeared on his own free will and would at least want to see them occasionally Jamieson kept self and didn't appear to have any close friends. He heard the german and would drink too much and get into arguments and bars regularly over little things with people that he didn't even know football games, etc. At the end of the report, the investigator noted that sealskin appeared to be honest with his answers and statements and would make himself available for future inquiries. Bills fan believes that it was steve solving jean mccormick bill Jamieson, who were running the company while Jack Sullivan was off working for the Carter administration, its unclear
jack solving left his son, steve out of the narrative when he spoke to the police, perhaps afraid he might get a son in trouble from we can gather from interviews and records. There was apparently no good in the business while Jack Sullivan was gone and he was unhappy about this There was some uncertainty about what might happen when he came back to town Jimmy Carter's president's He ended in january of nineteen eighty one just two months before bill disappeared, so the situation seems to be coming to a head jack solemn, felt that one or more individuals have the milking the business. While he was away checks, olive and later fired. The remaining members of the management team after bill disappeared reading through the records it appears, some people were suspicious of Steve Sullivan Maybe he knew more about what was going on with the company. At that time, that could have put bill endanger bills. Brothers gave us some information about steve. The cabin
were billy or last trump was working for years. I must save a pretty good buddies, I would say- and stephen they would come out of my house on long island would shoot large and drink scotch, and some beers and gamble will bid. I mean I have nothing against and I didn't I didn't mind his personality, but I will, I will admit it he can. He can and a shame a little bit strange at times. Philly to my knowledge likes. These may have felt sorry for stayed because he was the older brother, but I think the younger brother, Jimmy Sullivan, was a little bit more favored by the father, but billy. A search dave was a rather upright by that
I mean uh, you know straightforward and I'm an honest guy. I think he might have been reluctant to divulge everything that was taking place there because, as I was saying he, the father was coming back from washington and coming to take over the business hard to get back into. and I think steve and I think it might have been Jim Mccormick. I dunno the name for sure who was the treasurer or something like that and billy. They gave himself as some type of a bonus and the I bought some shares of the company or something like that, and I think I think Steve was too happy that the the parade was gone and then his father was coming home, the parade, meaning that they were.
In trying to work the business all of it that I think there was real happy when he got their bill. Sister in law. Cathy explained to us that many members of the jamieson family felt like Steve Sullivan, should have known more than what he has said, but ever occur stranded costs they went to school together said. I know each other from the time they were very young and my impression from everything that Billy ever said to me. He likes to you very much A lot of respect form thought it was very bright die. We thought he close to bill Anna. He should have known more and didn't. to now much. I think it caused some awkward instances and thereby beginning because of the relationship and the feeling of certain people
We also spoke to Steve Sullivan and he told us about his relationship with bill. My younger brothers, married the gate billion were in the same class in grade school from second great through a great I'm thinkin, we went to different high schools and he went the temple. I want the two lines, so we were very far apart in college years. But then I was working at a family. Foundry Billy came to work with us. I can't where exactly when he started, but he disappeared. I meant to say something like march of nineteen eighty one that would say that we probably together for raw, probably seven, eight nine years in it was a small business, so we were together from seven in the morning until eight o'clock at night. Five of five days a week, sometimes six
I think he had a degree in accounting. He would mainly mainly worked up front in the office, and I worked in the factory year for the most part I mean I had an office at durban. Most of my time was spent on the shop floor. Most of his time was spent in his desk, even though he spent some time on this. The, but we were together for many years, including after work weight, have the meetings at the local local boys I was married. He was single. My wife usually got home from work, run a dirty or nine a clock. I would have hoped to meet her and they would be off doing whatever he would do after that steve mention something to us that we have heard from a lot of people. Steve would often get drinks with bill after work and he's The bill enjoy debating others early with him all the time for, like seven or eight years I made my my wife used to catch the seven o clock train and come back at nine o clock at night
and work all day saturday till noon on sunday and then we should stop stop and we go play tennis and that's sir. So I had a lot of time on my hands while she was working and most of that time was spent with Billy no debate that he shied away from ever and forget ninety percent of the time it was good natured, but he occasionally would get a little aggressive verbally. I don't think he ever got angry, but he also he would debate either side of any question. He liked that verbal conflict. He didn't lack any confident any confidence in his intelligence. He was very intelligent. He was pretty funny too Steve told us what he wrote:
worse about bill's disappearance. He just didn't go to work one day and then two days then three days you know we started as asking around he trying to think. There was a particular couple of bars that he went to that were frequented by let's say the opposite of the country club crowd some pretty rough characters by reputation. Nobody had seen him. The local cops hadn't seen him that you know the regular crowd at the bars that we would go to hadn't seen him, so he hadn't been in any of those places. A couple guys at work force had heard through some of the places that you know he might have been at one place or the other. I can't remember the name of them, but not places that I would particularly go to literally nobody had a clue as to where he might be. I don't have any specific memory about it, but I am certain they must have talked to me. At least start by the plant. One of our engineers had a younger boys,
it was a in local law enforcement, so he would come around the plant all the time. I don't know that he was particularly involved in looking for billy, but we talked you know like certainly talked to him about paid. You know where could he possibly have gone and- and I don't obviously think billy much anymore, but back in those days. It was just astounding that there was just not a clue. You're, just like you, and now you see him now, you know. I'm guessing knee was in a bar late at night got into. argument with the wrong guy. That's the only thing it makes any sense to me. I guess his carded disappear. I can't remember steve had a thought about how someone can make a car disappear, easily and experience ass. He had himself in one instance, so a car for cash. You know the car buyers
came into my kitchen opened up. His briefcase took the forty five of the cash and then peeled out. Eleven thousand dollars were the cash gave it to me and the car keys, and as it were, you gonna go with the countries hit. This girl be in brazil by tomorrow. That was pretty interesting was sir, that exactly. We expect that the sole my car, I think I recall him saying he was gonna- drive it straight to a porter newark. This guy said he he bought like a car. They do I mean I was while the guy had a briefcase bullet full of cash or hundreds, I'm like how many hundreds, kenya, fetnah bridges, steve didn't seem to remember much more from the time period that build disappeared. That could be relevant to the case in the records we found report that was written by a private investigator who interviewed Steve in june of nineteen eighty one when his memory would have still been fresh. He said that new bills and second grade the p I asked
if he noticed any changes in bill recently, and he said never really knew him well, He went on to say that he had only seen him at weddings and family affairs until he came to work along I'd him in nineteen. Seventy five steve said they would go drinking every night after work and sometimes bill would Her uneasy about the bar. They were at and would say, let's get out of here. Bill often spoke of taking it. Crude vacation time and going to california for twelve weeks. He had not. hagen a vacation in four years, Steve studied about going away every night. The report says normal conversation would be. I'm thinking about quitting of going to California or florida or maine do anything. Open a snow cone stand on the boardwalk. We can't you that any one was milking the business while Jack Sullivan was away working for the carter administration. We simply dont have any evidence to prove any wrong doing the business
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her about it? That was jack report even today there are some inconsistencies about this story. Steve told us that he sent laporte over two billion apartment to see. If Billy was there and jack the ports have absolutely not. He said I drew past phillies apartment, and I would know whether I beat him to work whether his car was in the parking lot or not the day that Billy didn't show up for work. His car was there, so I thought it'd be me again and then, when he never showed up, I he said I was never sent back to that apartment. To look for billy and steve was the first one to go into his apartment. Investigators tracked down jack, laporte and questioned him. The report from the teen. Eighty four says the following: Laporte described Jamieson as a loner who became very irate at others quickly. He drank a great he'll after his father had died.
get into heavy arguments with people in bars. Just for the sake of arguing, he was a very intelligent person and could start a new life doing any job. He never appeared self destructive, He had seen him on many occasions become very angry with employees over little things. He was a very rough person to work for the data bill disappeared, jack, what was sent out by his boss to look for bill. He was given petty cash. This happened for several days, The port remembers bill mentioning his father a lot and, after is their died, he d, more and started smoking again. He used to frequent many bars and the area, but laporte see him the night he was last seen. Laporte had known bill for three to four years prior to coming to work at how in recent katy began, looking for jack laporte to see if he had the information that could help find bill. I didn't unlocked calling all dunlop ports jack laporte.
In new jersey. But I did talk to him on Sunday. I found him. There was no way for me to reach him through the phone book that I could look up on the computer, so I pay for I ran search and we have a lengthy conversation. Kate described Billy very much when he started drinking Billy like to it. It would appear to some people that he would aggressively one of argue, but he was more or less a debate or an that's exactly how jack described them. There's somebody and jack with
hey. This is not the place for us to be in a conversation with anybody, everybody's drinking, your ability they want to have a good time. They want to forget their troubles. He said, billy was respected and the Chris seal sky guy that everybody in my family was suspicious of including richard Walters. Jacques laporte claims Philly, and he claims that Chris Sgu feels sky was a strange guy. but he claims that billy and Chris had respectful relationships with each other's jobs as far as that goes and claims not to have known steve very well, because Steve was in the in the offices and in in charge of sales- and he told me that I call him at any time. Talk to him about anything. I asked him if he knew what
I happened to Billy and he said no, and he said at first I found Billy to be depressed about your father's death and that I thought that he just took off that you know he just needed a break from everything, but then, when I realized that the I was messing with him. I just not a normal disappearance. That was that statement. He also didn't know of Billy's sexual life at all. All the shell lounge was a place that was one of the last is that we knew of it and wind in the building, to an jack report had never been to that place with Billy according to him on sunday, but he also told me that he was brought to the sheriff's office three different times and he was pressured into trying to tell
what happened to billy and he said I have no knowledge of it and he said I felt like he was they were being pressured by someone they give information, but he said I really dont have any information to give. Here. We wanted to talk to jack Laporte as well. It took us awhile to make the connection, but we finally got speak with him shortly before the series went into production, giant, told us how we met bill and what their relationship was like. That's how I met him outside of work. It's the only thing I had in common with him. We would drink after work. I was alcoholic I drank every day and we would drink after work and I'd buy drank in excess. He was single, you know I would, of course I would go home sometime and he would keep drinking, and you know I don't know he drank in different places. As a matter of fact, that's how I got the
up there. I worked someplace else. I met him and then I went to work proud, digesting die casting a very argument in approaching when he he the euro had liked an argument, a debate, I should say not necessarily an argument. You know another gee, what it was, like a loner okay here- about the war a lot you know? I was always under the impression after a few years, knowing them that he had, you know like an agent orange or something or whatever you want ptsd, whatever it was, but he he talked about the war ally he. He was a very opinionated person. He he would meet somebody he would get in a conversation with somebody. He would be the type of guy that if you said the sky was pink, he would say it was blue. Even though, if you looked outside it was pink the debater, I guess you would call it an empty subject not to the point of a knockdown drag out type thing, but
If you look like the good argument put it that way a couple of times I had to ah tell him to shut up in a way. He'd know if you've gone too far. I would yeah but hey. I could see if he had one too many, and let's say somebody like me, wasn't around you know, but endeared me: take care of themselves right now. I never saw him get any into anything like that. But then I didn't worry when you know I have an aunt. In other words, I went to three or four places I'm under might have went to three or four places with him, but he was more of you know. He wore suit and- and I was like maintenance typing, what is We can always spoke of his family, his father and all that in the files we could see that witnesses reported that echo port had allegedly made comments to others that they thought were. Suspicious, like maybe you get a promotion. Other bill was missing. Jack was very candid
Thus he was struggling with alcoholism around this time and he doesn't clear memories of everything but jack did tell us what he could recall about bill disappearing, totally just disappear. That's what I thought, because they I originally when he when he went missing. I was from around here- and I was the only one from like around here, so I got involved would they brought into psychic? So I went in that sad day or whatever. While she sat in his desk and bitter meditation, when we want to call it I got a mother. I know a guy who was a private detective views to be police chief arose, l until I got him involved because he had gone into business and they went local. You know the places that a matter of fact he even had talked to bill wanted place because he'd met him in a local restaurant. I'd edit it as much as I could. to help jack said that a few years after bill disappeared, he was. Finally,
question by the police and he felt like they were trying to put the on him. It was like fire six years later I got dragon today sure sawfish in a broad. This is profile thing in and they the question to me and as much as accused me and I'm like you know at the time I was still drunk, and so I was like you know I didn't. if the sheriff's office coming in and then I it just occurred to me. You know you're there to collect legs, one of these guys coming off and they got this profile and they asked me what I thought I said I thought he was still alive. I told the guy I'd be honest with you. I thought he just got up one day and disappeared bill. I thought he just had it whatever the company would everything, and just I would if I thought he had the wherewithal. I thought he had no family. No, nothing! That's what I seriously believe back then, and I had this and that- and I said
yeah like you're, trying to tell me that I I I killed this guy or something and I'm like I don't know where you're coming from. But what was my model from black cause it he said he was like money at all geez. You can have all my financial statements going back. You know I have none, and then I come to find out that that the I think the family put pressure on, buddy, there's something could not always moving. In other words, nobody was doing anything about it. I think somebody complained that nothing was being done. Does it same time. Then, when I started thinking about all of a sudden posters were gone up in roselle park as I live in roselle park, and he sees information. Posters were going up as any. seen this those kindly table. Somebody must repression. Somebody in they have to do so. This other bringin somebody people in in question. In them I really I really dont know I need a guy.
I, like the guy, get me a job. I I I really kid who use a good friend, my dear you know, They brought me down to the county made through this. What you call it AP news does book. You know this whatever they did on him. They had him alive in florida, working in a seven eleven. As the date told me, the county told me after he did this, whatever his computer computer Provo, if you think he's dead, what he had told me that he think of the probe well since he's working in seven eleven. They put one guy in front of me and a desk and the other guy sat in a chair as soon as he sat down. He threw his jacket when you show me a gun, I might just started laughing and then they must have known it was over with right. Edgewood would go back to my tv, I mean I can't go through this typing. Somebody told them. I have to do something I was brought in, maybe two or three other people brought in, so they can put on paper that I was interrogated they were Moving on this particular missing person nobody's ever savings. It jack report
It was his take on what he thinks happened to bill. He would drink beer in a lot of beer, but he would always get in his car and drive home with no problem at all. You know I never had to drive him home. He never got a ticket to mind. I like tat. He may I never saw him as far as the staggering boil down drunk. I guess it asked a look like fell player. where there's a lot of bodies of water, but I I dunno pretty already driving to drive into a bottle around here. No there's not like lakes around here, that's even better do what to make of it. Why give any around here is. Is like my house, the only thing separating me from my house in the next two houses is a driveway there's no open space, and so it's pretty hard to hide any concrete, little junkyards, any big city in any big city. What is
a high rate of stolen cars. You can get rid of a car and no time I mean somebody around here is going to cut it up or get rid of it or crush it or something play for the right price. His mother, I think, was still alive because his father just pissed weird enough. He would have done that in too close to his I don't understand any enemies that he really had his his new jersey sort of mobs all over the place. He has chemical body, nobody should be forgotten and he wasn't a bad guy, so he definitely shouldn't be forgotten. He he wasn't a cruel, a person by any means, one person who must have known a great deal about bills day to day work in who he was speaking too, would have been his secretary bills. Separate Harry wendy was interviewed by a private investigator and nineteen eighty one and few interesting things to note in her interview she so that a couple of weeks before bill disappear a man named lance called and stated that he was a friend of bills. Bill was
to lunch when lance called, so they didn't speak at the time. The next day, lance appeared at the door. The reporter I want to say he was described as nasty looking he world, their jacket with a shirt open to his waist and had a great deal of flashy Looking jewelry wendy that bill was not happy about this visit and when the man left bill seemed annoyed and disappointed when Steve Sullivan was asked about lance. He said he is no friend of Billy's, the private, skater said he then brushed off any reference to lance in another interview with Steve Sullivan. He told the p that last was someone who worked in the same industry as them, but that he had in long island and later another place in new work. We don't know much about this lance person, but it's me sitting of this episode. You heard a clip of bills. Brother jack talking about how bill spoke to him. The night before he disappeared and expressed frustration about an upcoming visit with some one.
jameson believes that person was lance webs I believe it will show up the meat Billy either the next day. later that data can't delete come ahead. Some axed upper windows about lance that we noticed in the file was that a neighbour Where did that an unidentified mail was banging on bills door. One night for forty five minutes. The neighbour the bill was inside, but he never answer the door bills secretary, believe the timing of that lined up with when lance was looking for bill. When the neighbor was questioned again, she said been didn't want them involved that it was time in this occurred and she didn't see the man we cannot say for sure that this man, knocking at bill store, was lance, but it Makes you wonder who was knocking at bill store for forty five minutes right before he went missing bills? Their Jim knows that his brother was under an immense amount of pressure around this time. Their father had just
I'd in january and now all of these, troubles at work. Jimmy it's about how this may have all contributed to his disappearance and it'll grow. He was actually probably depressed and, oh sure he was depressed. You know it is in his life. You know up there in north jersey there was some stuff going on in the company and there was something fishy there. He was in a funk because of the pressure of the business that he was because Jack Sullivan, my brother in law's father, was a driven man in a naval academy and all that jazz and ran Jimmy Carter's pennsylvania campaign, with the reward of we're going to get you some kind of position. So then he asked to leave his business. Is his nice little chief business and he's got going up here
lisa tools below to four hundred employees and their nonunion. So here comes the cycle. They try to you so he's under pressure. As I am sure you can imagine due to the fact that bill worked for a company that was owned by a family that was related to the jam through marriage with care he being mary to James Sullivan. This was touchy, subject at times Jack james and told us that his family never wanted to accuse anyone of anything. But the subject was unaware. But because there were so much going on with bills, work. Germany shall other ways very forthright. Bab stays about his dad about double that a treated belize. They gave my mom money, as about salary or a their daily. Whatever you now made some finance,
well a gesture, but that was through Jimmy's and Katie katie's. You know married into that family, so I thought Jimmy was good, but steeping are a part of the family and yeah. There was a sensitivity, but not not of jimmy. I don't think any one of my brothers or sisters or felt that jimmy year had held any Eric, did anything about his family, had thank. He was very forthright with the various potentially shady things going on with bills, work his family even wondered if he could be in witness protection, but one of bills. Simply
instead the best they could to check into that, are marshall? U s marshal and I don't know circumstance- and I don't know which brother or sister was that had the contact that called upon this individual and he did some research assuring us could find out. If Billy was in that program and he kind of came back and told whoever was in my family As information leads on, the blue belly is not in the progress. There seems to be many possibilities related to bills, work that could have left some one with a motive to make him disappear from the people who worked under bill and described him as a difficult personal work for and seem disgruntled all the way up to the mob, but we're still with nothing concrete part of the problem is that many of the people you heard about in this story were never interviewed by law enforcement at all and the ones
that were most words spoken until years later, when their memories had already faded. Many the interviews that we do have to go off of were conducted by private investigators hired by the family. It seems Much of the investigating has been left up to the family to do on their own, or it wouldn't have and at all next week we're going to those active series by going over all of the different theories and also discuss some other important aspects of this case like bills: mental health, and go over the report, their forensic psychologist, richard Walter prepared about this case. You one amiss. If you have information about the disappearance of bill jannissaries, please the rose, l police department at nine, zero, eight, two, four five to three zero, zero or
new jersey, state police, missing persons unit at six zero. Nine, eight eight to two thousand at first woodville disappeared. I gave zero credence to the. Tat, he might have done it voluntarily. I don't think he would have ever done that I assumed he came. He came in to foul play and being being that he was at a bar in the early morning hours in a neighborhood that We want to have your children there. I assumed that it just ran into the wrong couple of guys on the wrong night, but then, when they had disappear car, that's a whole new level. You can lead to speculate that it was more than just a barber all right. I immediately thought that he had run the foul play. I don't know why, but some of the pool the police tried to pretend that he's just took off. and to me in my mind, there was no chance of that. Would now.
This is a very close family. He had no and to do that he would never do that, your mother or his family, mercer. I just this at that immediately, so I thought him from the very very beginning that he had run into foul play but having gone that far, we know had any. We had never had any clue as to where to look
That brings us to the end of episode three hundred and forty five. I would like to thank everyone who spoke of us for the serious issue of missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the shelf, there's a case emission form at the vanish podcast dot com. If you like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook and twitter vanished, pod and also on inscribe, if you enjoy their show subscribe now and leave a five star of young couple had cast spotify or whether you listening right now. Do you know support. The show there are a couple of things you can do. One way to help the vanish is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes, another way to What the show is by contributing on patriot, where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week for part three of bill. Jameson story: thanks for listening
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