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Apple 'Far out' rumors, Twitter is a mess, and this week in streaming


The Verge's Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and David Pierce discuss this week in tech news. 

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The love collection, cartier, hello logged, diverge fast, the flagship podcast, audience measurement rig it. dow's endows our douze F down f Dallas, I think, is a real theme of this week. Hi, I'm your friend Neela the host of the ship David Pearce's here hi. I count as precisely one that's the only thing. I know. No one's ever monetize. Do you in your life, David france is here, I'm just feel and bad for david, never being monetize. yeah? What is a daily user if you're, not a monetize able dailies or do you even have here. We don't want you, A lot going on this week there's an apple event that is officially announced now on the seventh. We gotta talk about that as we have endows. Douze elan versus twitter reach new heights of absurdity this week.
There is much gadget news. Criswell has a big scoop on any sooner speaker. We talk about eve, Prices are everywhere. The palatine ceo is doing metaphors about ships all in all shaping up to be a perfect for chest. You know when the seals are doing ship metaphors, you you're in for a ride. What sort of an apple other streaming news out for a bunch of streaming news. I did I mean this is just the chefs christopher rundown, I love it. Let's sorrowed apple, though the event is called far out. We are assuming based on long historical record. This is the iphone fourteen event. There is a lot of rumor or speculation that feels very solid. That we'll see a watch in the mix. What are we thinking here? Maybe two or three even three will be the three and I guess it's just two there's the new watch and then the the gigantic new watch. It's different sizes. That's why you're thinking three, the apple watch pro max ultra, isn't weight so that there's an update to the the watches that we know and love yet right. So that's two!
just cause it's two different sizes. Ok, just don't right, three watches its is it one? Water is a three watches. No, ok, it's way way way lately. Just this is my my theory theory the case here I phone every size. The island is a different iphone model. Yeah right, I mean that's down at the iphone. Many in the iphone ten are the iphone promo Earl different, primarily distinguish sunscreens isolated from models. The watch is not that there is the apple watch for in an apple watch, se or whatever in each comet two sizes, which is actually very interesting, split apples, lineup, it's more like the macbook than the ipad or whatever. So I think it's too which is right, were expecting a regular updates, the appalache who, in an dislike sports, orient like the guy. our competitor, you can shoot it with a gun. Don't shoot it with a gun. Is some youtube were right? I was taking notes being like. I got an idea further, just cocking
firearm getting ready to go yelling at their parents. Getting the garage find the guns. We've got to get ready for this apple watch to come and find me bullets, oh my god, but yeah, so so yeah! There's can be this other one that meant to go after the garment folks, it's meant to be for like rugged outdoor enthusiasts, who all love their garments passionately where these ugly devices, and hopefully the apple device, will be a little bit, I'm sorry to every garden. User, but you know your devices are out of there ugly in a way that now has become a brand yeah. It probably won't like the well. Even the apple watch, the apple watch, we all kinda thought was maybe ugly and then were like. No, the apple watch is cool, so it is very much like that. Did he did we get? I'm not sure we got to that point. I think it's just like. We just decided it's fine. It's just there
It's just like a it's like you, have a large glass rectangle on your wrist, like I dunno that anyone is going to look at it and be like that is a beautiful object, but like it's fine, it's good enough and I feel like garmin. It took a while to get there, but it now like it has this connotation of lake yeah. I wear an ugly watch, but I'm faster than you yeah want to fight, and every time I see a person, I'm like that person can climb a mountain yeah which may or may not be true. I hadn't done any real. To validate. I don't just walk up to people make I've noticed your watch. What's your top speed, I think Every garment owner wants you to a climate mountain, regardless of it have again. This is like why you buy vehicles for off that. Don't forgot like ok, fine, so we are expecting a big sports watch. Here's my question at that, because I think that is fundamentally more interesting than the iphone at this point, because it represents an entry into a new category. Four apple, which has traditionally one apple, has the most
new ideas and then over time they have to whittle those down to reality. I submit you the apple watches, of which, as you will remember, was announced with enormous fanfare, about the digital crown, which tim cook likened to the mouse and multi touch in turn, input devices that revolutionized the world. It's a wheel, it's it's and I never use you don't feel revolution at one. In literally, I feel revolutionized. When I turned I mean who hasn't turn at the digital crown and thought to myself. This will revolutionise computing on the order of the mouse. Anyhow, the watch is like a new product categories, for them can't just be more appalache right. There a do some new sensors, they ve gotta, do some new activity proofing, they ve gotta, add new sports to it.
then make the battery last longer. That's the main thing I hear from german pierre, the garmin owners. I know in my life say two things with the apple watch, one. It just looks too delicate, even if it's not too delicate for the things they do right. It's like waterproof, it's dustproof, whatever they think it's too delicate and they've got their garments, which looks like tanks and then to the battery life. Isn't good enough for camping or whatever it is. You want to do with your garmin so that those who feel like the two things apple has to solve from a horror design standpoint and on software side you've got to make it easier to use while you're running, like all the things got like garmin's interface, yeah. It's like dead, simple compared to an apple watch. I mean I dunno, if they're going to do that, it's got a two inch display, like that's the rumor right that it's going to have a two inch display. It's going to be huge. I wonder if blaby they're not competing with garmin as much as offering a really sturdy counterpoint to garmin, like rather than say, we're going to do everything. Garmin does but better, maybe they're going to be like we're going to do everything you want your garmin to do, but totally differently. Isn't that cooler yeah, I kind of thing
The move here is to make the apple watch do more stuff and they're going to like put a big screen on it, which is going to help with battery life. Just because there's just more place to put batteries. I think, to some extent like that problem will solve itself with better chips and space, but then on this big screen like if I'm apple ongoing way further, down the road of like? How do we make this a totally self sufficient device with o insulating you dont need your phone, you dont need anything else. Just like take this thing and climb a mountain. I don't know if that's where they're going, but that's what I would be doing with this. It's like how do you appeal to like the ultra power users and the ultra fitness people is a give them this giant thing that does not need another device to be useful. That's what I would let me unearthed some david pierce history from your interregnum between stance at the verge.
Dark tests. We call this the david for a long time was one of the most notable traders at the very start come, and he left us to go to a technology. Oriented print magazine is a true story. Gray magazine. We all know it, we all of it, and why refused to name it like voldemort, and while he was there, he wrote a big feature on the apple watch whose thesis was this thing is going to replace from. No! No. That was not my thesis that that was not my thesis that was apples thesis. That was not some grant theory of the case. That was what apple told me over and over and over on. The record was that this device, the headline of that story, was iphone killer and apple hated it, and I would like to know what the problem is with this headline is it the store? It's what you said on the record like him, nor the quotes I recorded. I would point out that I didn't even get to them.
Of my version of the story report David erected nobody's this, keep going I think you might understand why I brought this up. I have a feeling where you're going with us, yeah well, so apple pushed back against the story after it came out. Yes, this your read: it's a good story, David's, excellent writer, even though he worked for the enemy but back with us again, this figure out his great there was pushed back apple, this is not actually what we're doing the toothache. or together, for obvious reasons, right apple, saying Canada is the phone when the phone is our biggest source of revenue is not what they want apple thinking mind. Oh this thing will grow to be independent of the phone, a man. It's too market will be as big as the phone market as opposed to just a percentage of people who have phones makes all the sense in the world that, but
I haven't done. The watch got a little bit more independent in its app model like a little bit. They have something remote controls of your phone apps, but that's kind of where it's er. They added. Obviously cellular connectivity, that's kind of where it stopped and it's been stopped there for a couple of years, so David, your thesis, is now big screen. Big battery can go a couple of days. They obviously still have cell connectivity they're going to make the turn I mean it seems like this is a moment you could do it right, like apple has spent the last couple of years getting developers to move more of their stuff onto the watch, so it's already more self sufficient than it once was like for the longest time you couldn't like download spotify things for when you are away from your phone and on a run, which was just like absurd rate, but a lot of those prompts of insults. That was like a spotify thing to write like it was. It was one of their deals. I think, with samsung, where the the agreement was you can't you can
I only do downloads with us. You can't do it with any other companies yeah and- and there were like a million versions of that rate whereas like for me, it was podcast like I listen to podcasts when I run, and none of my podcast apps would download podcasts onto my watch, and it's just like this is dumb, but anyway, so they've solved a bunch of those problems and the is getting better and I think, like one thing, that's really happened is a lot of people now have wireless headphones, which can, in theory, correct connect directly to your watch and voice. Dictation is now very good, and I think that the biggest thing you have to solve, if you want this thing to be self sufficient, is communication right like that is the thing most people do most of the time on their phones, and so it's like, if you're ever gonna start to push now. It feels like there's more of a case to actually start to do some of that stuff than there was but the problem is the wireless headphones are very good, like there's a good enough right there good enough to listen to and you're like going on a iran or walking a dog or whatever I use my pods daily. Would they still have a lot of pain points that you don't have
if the phone right like you earlier today, I was trying to do an airpod huddle with our how to use editor but barbara going great, and then we both had on wireless headphones and both for wireless headphones decided to stop like connecting to our devices in the middle of the huddle like I was easy, I could put them away and just say: hey, I'm on speaker. We continue to make this case a deal while we talk great if I'm on, my watch have to be like hold on hold on. Like do I go speaker on my watch that works in the house. Doesn't work in like out in public, like no speaker works out in public speakers, bad everywhere right for you shake your phone or you can put it to your, you're in a jam, your finger into your other ear for sure it'd be like. What's that he can't do that with watch know that soldier, by the way, just just to put this out there for people. If you ever get a phone call, you don't want to take nothing around.
me one thing you can say, regardless of circumstance, that no one can check is hey. I'm on my watch. Can I call you back and everyone immediately understands that they should hang up the phone it's pretty get in there It's just a matter of how badly do you want to burn that relationship, but hey I'm on my watch. Can I call you back everyone's like oh yeah? No, please! Please! Do they know what its spending a lot of conversations so I think my question is: like ok see, add some down. You ve got a big battery yeah, apple stated reason for not allowing a lot of these things to happen is for protecting the battery life? Yes, there are other quieter reason. Is we want to sell preference? The music app incentive spotify invite us. I try to turn a weakness into a strengthening you, and we ve signed a deal to let you download on samson in its area, stance and whatever, but that's come to an end. Right like the spot of app, is more full feature.
You can do things on the watch now that make it feel like a true app platform, yeah yep zeke. Now I got a bigger battery. It can be even truer perform. Do you want, when you're going off grid, to run up the mountain to have a fully featured slack app on your watch, cause that like. What did I replaced this, for? I don't wanna do that when I'm down on the ground right What I'm saying is you can put your phone away your watches on your body
So it's like you're solve this problem of getting rid of your phone, and then you ve created an entirely new class of notification management problems that are literally strapped to your body tear. Yet this is like the fundamental problem of the watch, which is that the thing that it was originally pitched, as is like it, frees you from your phone actually sucks, because what I can do is leave my phone somewhere else and that's good, and if I don't wanna get notifications, I just don't look at my phone, a thing that buzzes my body is harder to ignore in that sense, and this is like gonna get even crazier on his are getting into like a our glasses are that's up, but I think that is like the fundamental unsolved problem of the watch is basically how to like. should it up and down depending on what you wanted to do, and you just can't that's the digital crown is for notes and focus modes, thought the focus in my god of advertisements to the crown of god. That's probably coming it's happening and turn the volume up. I'm life,
Mural a drag down a minister idea, both of you stage manager for the apple wash you scroll through the piles with the digital crap know you're that guy do the thing where, when I'm talking to someone, I want to like indicate that I'm paying attention. I flip my phone over on the table. Yeah. It's like this is how much I'm paying attention to you. It's here. It's not out of my sight right, cloudy and set its upside down. It's like you, pick up your watches rule making eye contact and slowly role, the crown Alright, so there's a watches we we I, I am very curious to see what happens with this bigger sport watch. I think there's a big opportunity there for apple to reinvent a bunch of it right, because it's bigger displays that you do wacky
things in software and in this new use case of targeting garmon means they have to capture those users by trying to appeal to them. So I'm excited about that. We should talk about the phones. It's it's funny that I like they're, going to what they're going to fix the cameras, not fix michigan. It's funny that I'm like they're, going to make the camera slightly better they're, going to processor faster to no purpose. People are trying to read into the invitations and assume that we're going to get astro photography of the invitations that meant anything in the past like five years now. But what? If it does this time, like, I think, that's I think that's affairs now everybody's like no, we gotta say it's you and something because we want to be able to be like you called it yeah I dunno. We should do a retrospective on that actually go back through the last like twenty invitations and try to figure out if they actually
turned into anything as if not it is a truly masterful ongoing debt from apple yeah liam we have to cut this whole part. This is too good a story. I will keep it if you're out there and you want to write this. This is incredibly tiberius stuart, sentenced him eat medical aid That's a great story edge! It's a lot of invitations to look at me like who did this? blob, actually mean anything, It'll, take a look at all the a r blobs once again, but it does seem like the phones. There are two things I would say that seem potentially interesting. I dunno, I think the the rumor is there's going to be either less notch or no notch, and potentially just a smaller, like hole, punch for all the sensors and cameras and stuff which I dunno people are excited about. I
literally I have reached a point where I absolutely have no feelings about notches and if, if they they could make it bigger- and I would say, okay and they could make it smaller and I would say, okay and then just move on with my life. Ah, the one I think is potentially very interesting is the always on display, which is another one where it's like I've seen a lot of people start to do interesting, stuff, with lock screen widgets in ios, sixteen, which I think is going to be very cool and that plus a display, that's always on it's like. I think there could start to be some interesting stuff that blake, what can your phone do when you're even touching it is a pretty interesting idea, ah, but that may end up being as much an ios sixteen thing as an iphone fourteen thing, so I dunno, but that's the thing I'm by far most curious about so always on screen, plus the new widgets they're doing in iowa. Sixteen, which include things like live, updating sports scores, you kind of get a little like always on widget display. You can tie that to a mac. That seems like fascinating to me. I'm assuming that is only coming.
A pro models. How is the programme to be the one to by this time I mean I was by the programme and other guy. I've never been appropriated, but this is the year that seems like it's. The pro is going to be like demonstrably better other than just like the one, slightly better camera that it only has I'm an updated my phone since I'm on and so on, the eleven so whatever is coming out I'm gonna be getting some variation of events in eleven. Have, I think, one of the wealthiest iphone cameras, It's not grow, even taking some extremely samson photos. This whole time. That was like that. The first one that had smart html, yeah and they just there were like what, if shadows didn't exist, just like my dog always looks so surprised that can just doesn't have anything contour to his face and the phone every time. I look at photos from that year. I'm like what was going on this camera. It's time alex.
Zack cited, Tessa wages run of the rumours are always on display in the pro forty eight picked, megapixel rear camera that all of us who do pixel bidding to go down the twelve or whatever lodger sensory collect more light. Great, not situation, maybe a processor of it. That is like, if they actually significantly up where the camera in that way at the always on shore, makes sense, here's one I think, is actually in the general sales. You young, oh my theory, that big chief screens, the regular iphone fourteen will come with it max version. Six point: seven inch, despite version so will be a cheaper, but have the big sweep make fun and its? I am. This is they will write like this is the one this is going to be the martin. I think we can all complain about phone sizes. All we want and then we, I think we have an allison piece The site today like as we speak, nobody buy it yet hope, reinforce the idea with their dollars. Man and they vote for big, cheap screens. Don't do it. They can walk into the store me like that. Forty eight inch led tv looks beautiful in this,
he see l series for never. even heard of the word black is huge. I'm going with grays. Let's do the graze. Every time. The motion is so smooth, yeah puppet chief screens always when it is the law of the universe. I said to me that is actually the whatever. Like you tell people the pro has better camera, but they look at bigger screen for less money and they're going to pick the bigger screen. Everytime yeah, but like that's, what we're looking at right like oh, maybe some airpods, oh eben, on the iphones yeah. I was gonna bring ce yes, but on the iphones looks like that's what we're looking at and then yes, airports were getting some new airpods pro. It sounds like maybe I think, there's a decent chance. Airpods pro end up being like the thing, people are the most excited about about
The new launches, especially if they can add some of the lake fitness stuff into it and whatever sensors that are going to put into it it's like they, they might add the fins that are in the beats, which will make them fit in a lot more people's ears, comfortably like I that that might be the kind of thing that everybody comes out being like. Oh those phones are cool but like oh, my god, I'm gonna buy the hell out of those airpods like I this might. That might happen. I I love the current ones like I'm on my second pair of em, because at some point all airpods just stop right. You will have this experience. They just stop working me the law is, I will lose them on the ninetieth data for them they would they just and poof out of existence. I see I haven't lost them, I'm convince there's some like cash in blue tooth that doesn't get automatically cleared. So all bluetooth headphones have like a limited life's
and because of his cash I've been told for years, but I I can convince because, like he eighteen months and it's like okay time to start looking for some new ones, so I'm very excited because I'm at like nineteen months right now- oh no! This is for me personally huge this year, extremely made up cash theories, pushed to the limit well. I gotta I gotta make it. I could believe in me. So these airpods, you know some fitness features
cause. They might have motion sensors in them. Some of this wingtip design holding years better. Here's the big one, there's hints that they'll support lossless audio title title. This is your moment, while apple music has lost the time to do that, you need to get beyond bluetooth, and this is where apple makes a turn and as proprietary wireless protocol for their part. If it doesn't sack like I'm, I tend to be totally against proprietary stuff, but apple has made a much better glitchy radio than anybody else out there right like it. Just is hands down better at communicating with your device because it is proprietor rare, and so if they want to go even more proprietary- and it means I don't have to be like hold on Barbara. Let me smoove this huddle over the speakerphone and then yeah, and I feel, like apple, has made very clear that it does not give one single crap about connecting your airpods to your android phone or your windows computer.
and I feel, like apple, is going to be perfectly happy to be like this thing will work with your apple devices and nothing else, and you all can go screw yourselves kid you imagine if they cared they kerala there like bluetooth, is, were serious about it. Anybody's bluetooth works. They have to pretend to care, because the european regulators, one bring the capitals of europe are like ha. I constantly because here in our path for ability, All this, I think they did give out as a codec and friends codec. It's like it's great. Everyone loves saying it all the time and that's where they talking about in france, it's cheese and interoperability between codex and anyhow. They have to pretend, but I have also like insane walking on the phone because of their headphones. and no one else can compete in head remark: variants apple because of the proprietor nature of at airports,
I'm gonna tell the audience now that our producer liam is insistent that we get through the showed an hour this week that he wants us to do it, so he's put a time or on the screen that his about which signals that we have to wrap the iphone preview segment. Please addresser your to Liam the giant red timer. I think you would love to hear from you We have plenty of time to yes, we gotta go to sending in army this time. It's like five of us are going so we'll have much more in apple to come when that event hits on the seven. Alright, we'll take a break, come back tat little streaming. No other universes twitter earlier. This episode is brought to you by anville when farmers travel, happily aside from the traffic jam headaches, that is, they have a
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we're back to you on versus twitter zagreb. It would start with streaming tumors back in four or five. Because of whatever is going on in ratio whatever is going on in netflix real quick, start, hbo, hbo, plus discovery, everyone or media, whatever it's called again slogan- is the stuff dreams are made of which literally sounds like they found centre, went up its there's gold in here, like the corn, kid on Tik tok, like that's where he would come up with, I say, is tat. I know the quotas in reference to the classic mary, but just imagine having too walk into that company everyday. It's deeper, like the stuff dreams, are made of tap a sign on the wall. The stuff dreams are made up every morning and it's like I'm an accountant like what am I supposed to do? Okay, but there in a really strange spot right tonnes, dead.
Irish people more away asked to come. Their water market cap is down right on eighteen warner. Brothers like something over a hundred hours share like one or nine and right now, the combined companies trading at fourteen so weird times over that company. They, I think they're there is there's a rumour today. I think, in fact, that the new street Platform will be called hbo discovery, which is the right man, it's hbo disco- is right. There is a super right. They could just call it disco. Discouraging, like that's one hundred percent, the fig version of disney plots, but they had they had house there. this last week. It's here Alex it says here that it was their biggest ever. It was their biggest for tin, tin million people like tuned in to watch it in the united states
I think was going to be really interesting, is how many people tuned in for episode. Two like most of the reaction, was yeah. That was some game of thrones. I was hot and it wasn't like super enthusiastic, but it also wasn't super like this is horrible, so the CBS made an entire business out of making that kind of content. Unlike being the most successful linear broadcast network, history, so it's certainly possible that everybody can be like yeah I'll keep watching. This show mean if you can run law and order s v. U basically the same episode over and over for twenty five years like why not game of thrones, and that appears to be where they're headed yeah. But I will say, did you see that video that was going around that somebody shot in new york where they were looking into the windows of an apartment building? And you could see all the tv's changing at the same time, because everybody's watching house of dragon, that was that video was from now and not from actual game of thrones, know it's possible. It's fake. I don't care,
because we re and if it is really like it is definitely true that, like the house of the dragon, it's it's been like this indra things. Territory of like there are like a handful of shows feel like everyone. I know, pays attention to and this kind of got there on the first day, which was pretty impressive. It was pretty weird like charles our entertainment critic, and I both got screeners for the new house of the dragons and we both watched it and were like yep. We we've seen it all, and so we we watched it. He wrote his review went up great. We completely forgot about it until like sunday night as like, why? Why is twitter like quiet just because everybody was watching of dragons, like I just forgot, the rest of the world was was tuning in Gee. That's what you want. Maybe that's Israel's entire promise, as we can quiet down twitter for an hour a week, yeah will that other service to america and the world twitter is like stop? Don't do that truths?
I the one thing about australia, I'll say whenever it's even one show it it's fine. There is horrifying scenes, as you would expect, really disgustingly, horror, mines, wakes, flagrantly others wig issues. sad guy with a naked lady like everything you expect from game friends, I have just described them so wrapped sodium threats, the city I budget is like for the show us theoretically, more expensive to make them game assurance, that's what they didn't say: yeah, but that open in the fly over scene, where the dragon goes around the tower as like? This is a cut scene from a pc game from two thousand and twelve I had exactly literally, I would put the year like two years later, but I had exactly the same reaction. What am I looking zone assassins creed cuts that like, where did one is the I'm assuming the money went to the sea July, because a good didn't like the costume ing is like you, don't pay them.
Dragons are expensive, like the whigs or add like this cast. It's not like I'm not seeing this cast. Is poland and Big numbers find andrews one time when they are walking up the staircase and there was a chandelier burning with fire. Yes totally in the background, no one else notices I why we watched it three times, because the fake smoke from the fire was like I'm lucky pixelate in smoke of work, fake smoke and ask what I know we can do its twenty twenty, two like This looks like in any sixty four. I hope they do better, although I will say like cheap you, shortages, was that this may be coming around hi, Debbie, you wanna, talk, I've to surprise you with this youtube tv story, ok. So there is this. You two tv. Sorry, there is a report that youtube tv is gonna. Let you watch four channels of time, and it was like a private thing that Youtube told a bunch of its partners. They had some who ideas about shorts and stuff, but this
he's one of the things we like, we put it on the site as like. Oh that's, that's neat and then it was like gigantic lie popular as a story. This is like one of our most read stories this week about like a relatively small feature, that is on youtube tv and I don't understand why it is so popular. But apparently you do. I do cause. They looked college football twitter, eight story, breakfast, like hundreds and hundreds of people were alive, f, yeah youtube tv. This is all I've ever wanted a devil did it for sports fans yeah. But it's like this one. Sometimes a story finds an audience in a way that you will never expect. In this one just landed on college football, twitter and everyone's like we did it. Is it like specific, like divisions is just all college football twitter
Look that deeply. I think the thing that's interesting here is college. Football is a sport. You have access to multiple games at once. All the time on saturdays yeah, right so like going from channel to channel to see different games is relatively easy and it's an easy jump to. I can see how this feature helped me watch more college. Football cannot do that with the nfl. It's very hard to get access to lots of games me. I fell so sunday ticket the steam powered up that I used to wash Pakistan's, as some multi screen features. The s espn has multi screen features, but they don't actually have the content It's very rare that you're going to watch your open. The espionage watch whenever the Monday night football now I think it unchanged they have aikman on Monday night football and outright get a threat. They just paid him crazy. Money, yeah and joba, so they it's very rare, they are going to open Monday night football and then also be like well. What else is on E s? P, n, and it's like curling,
like it just doesn't seem like that's. What's real experience, you want, I will say the world excel championships, ernie espy into which is something that you can. You can just go watch television element, It is incomprehensible, it's like people being be like. Did you see that formula he's had his back pocket all time, it's identity, hurry the same way about watching it that it than I did about watching ballet, which is sitting there in being like I'm confident. This is very impressive and I dont understand anything Surely this is good and harm. I just mean another beer. If I'm gonna keep watch a few days, we how I wish you'd do alive reactive, you watching both by way and the world exulting since at the end of it, was alive, I'm watching the candidates for his that streaming. Let's talk about twitter, you on a lot going on with twitter. Do we are on the right, mainly twitter. Well, was a hearing on discovery than theirs
explorer David, want to take a shirt shirt so and to your point, Alex the one of the big open questions of the week was how much this was about elon, because basically, the the like, very short version of what happened is peters echo, who is better known in the hacker community as much dislike long term beloved white had hackers who everybody believes it. Who was briefly the head of security. A twitter then turned whistleblower, and there was this big disclosure this week in which he basically said twitter, the company is like a total security disaster like too many will have access to too much stuff. A bunch of their stuff is not up to date. There just not running correctly used like this whole thing. And then buried in there. He also said I think it is: Any words twitter is lines elon musk about it spots, so that became a whole thing, but then sort of aside that there is also this big open question about.
Twitter is a security might matter which has F to see inflammation, because twitter has basically promising at its act together in the past, and they brought back all the stuff from two years ago, when all these famous people's accounts on twitter were hacked by what turned out to be like a couple of teenagers and then used bitcoin scams to not make very much money. It was like the worst hack of all time, but they did and yeah, he basically was like twitter is a mess, and I said so internally and they fired me for it. So I have no choice but to say it publicly and then elon ask showed up and was like monetizing daily, active use, hurts, and now here we are Under your age limit inside of merges filing with the ssc, he did it through law from called whistleblowers. Its formal whistleblower productions. Also means is really high. Talking for many people, ears filings, you can deduce from them what will that means? A filings are fun read they really everything its cure. All of his feelings,
feelings like twitter is a for profit. Company and it's like yeah yeah nailed it really accurate, so there's as part of the filings where much talk, that monetize will daily active users, which is the number twitter reports in its earnings, because it's the number that counts in all. It is a made up number. No one else uses a symmetric twitter users. because it only makes money on ads. So the number of users, that it has the our potential we seeing adds, is the number is related, how much money it can make, which is one caravan. So that means, if you use other twitter clients, you're, not a monetize for daily active user, because twitter ads aren't coming in through their getting promoted, tweets and all this stuff, and it means that bots don't count because bots don't buy anything
It's not log into twitter, and so you just got this mushy definition of what it monetize will. Daily acts of user is twitters claim is five, percent of it's monetize will daily active users or bots in it. That's the number. It cares about right, not five percent of all twitter users. So there are probably many total. There are more things on twitter and a huge percentage of those are botz as anybody years interacted with twitter can probably attests to it. It is weird because what is as is basically twitter, is saying out of all of our users, who aren't botz less than five percent of them. Are we didn't, like so transparently accurate rate, but then you must get saying well, other people use twitter who are botz and twitters like ie. Yes, that's so like every he's just sort of talking past each other about different thing: and twitter is saying well,
It is true- and I must say well what about b and twitters like well now, a slick images like the kool aid man- all of your liars and thieves and thoughts. Bots are everywhere pretty much, and one of his lines is like twitter, active skipped bonuses for growing users in it, I get bonuses for reducing botz right, which, on the first cut, see, a totally reasonable thing to say I got your like well, of course, they get bonuses for growing the number of monetize mobile users tell it works everywhere, cause that's what makes them the money yeah and if they hold it at five percent, and then they can have infinity bots as long as The number of money got the money number case up: ram So you want to see some us he's making a lot of noise. fundamentally the much whistle blower complaint like actually validates twitters version of events in terms of that's not all the other stuff, not all the
The government of India has installed agents inside of twitter to spy on indian twitter users, who might be dislike. That's very bad nazi. too many twitter employees have password access to everyone's dams. That seems very bad, but on twitter its part, is that all this is a false narrative and lacks context, which is what do you say I really they could have. searched on twitter for what executive say when accusations are made answer company and its competent tasted it- and you say this- is a It's a really great waited to cast aspersions without actually refuting anything like false narrative, doesn't mean anything and lacks important context means like we're trying as hard as we can that's okay, that doesn't to be fair. That's what you're saying- and you are seizing on this being, like everything I said, is true, and then there was a discovery motion in the delaware, chancery court or favourite court in america but is amazing. Twitter account called chancery daily, which has just been a daily news account for the chance report for years and their like. Well,
do the thunder, because it's a white speed, hard core court amazing like this. This, and actually worth follow, because they think the whole thing is so funny so they have a hearing about discovery lawyers request everything we can trust anything. Twitters ever said. We want all the data from the fire hose twitter says that's ridiculous I believe the court said Ellen was a big dummy. Yet a court essentially cited twitter there's this amazing line where they basically said. If we were to do what mosque in his lawyers are asking for, twitter would have to produce trillions and trillions of pages of evidence and data points on. It was like every possible thing two hundred million users could have maybe done, and it was basically just like this is lunacy. We're not doing this so essentially what this specific phrase by the way from the court defend? data requests are absurdly broad scope,
yes, it's actually where they landed, is basically like they're going to give you on. My in his letters access to the process that twitter runs in order to make these determinations, which seems to be, I think, probably what twitter would have expected cause. Twitter is basically been through this just like we do a magical process to figure out how many spam bots there are, but we don't keep any data and we're not tell you anything about it, but you should definitely trust us for real. It's totally fine, so like twitter has definitely obfuscate it in the course of trying to figure out how these numbers work, which I would and everyone is like actually totally immaterial to what happened and beyond muscatel out of time to do due diligence and waved it, and we don't need to do that again: not so important, explain that it has actually that's my favorite part of all these doing a good job of convincing everyone. The bots are important, but they are not know. The crux of this He'll. Is that your musk, who surely said that fixing the boy, problem was one of the reasons he wanted to buy twitter agreed to by twitter and signed up binding agreement that had nothing to do with spam. Bots there were no, but
contingencies in the agreement that you're musk signed to bite linen waved like the right to even care about it. Yes, so it all, This is totally immaterial and seems to be on must basically trying to negotiate down the mountain he's gonna have to pay to walk away from the steel like that seems like by a wide margin. The most likely outcome here is that he will write a very big check and walk away. Who knows because it must I always assumed the most insane thing is going to happen. So I assume this will go to trial and he'll end up owning twitter like who knows that is the most insane thing, but anyway, where this landed, italy is what it seems like the judges saying is: twitter needs to be more trends. about the process, it runs, but elon musk cannot ask twitter to basically give him everything that has ever happened to anyone in the history of twitter, which I think is reasonable. I would point out that most of the wealth is in stock and weed and cover this is another new. Thus, tesla had a three four one stock split like today, which was announced ages ago break.
Mon. He just sold him, but she felt like billions and was like it's it's it's for reasons to worry about what it's like got. My twitter money twitter, but I associate, I mean there's just a lot tied up in humans finances in the market and all the stuff that is like. Oh it's, like my CNBC brain, not my first cast brain but I do I agree that the outcome here as he pays a lot of money you walk away with. I don't you want stone, twitter and, I think twitter. Maybe has taken a hard look in the mirror and like we are a what, if you want, I we'll, but chancery daily anchor. Literally, this account is having the most fun. It's mine, you, fair twitter followers. Also gravid in addy and which is right. This weekend, you on our pop up you on musk newsletter, which is quickly We must reach because there's so much you ongoing on lately. So my yes, I think today growing anti mobile have an event right where there are not some kind of partnership and start
also is randomly lowering the prices for some people, like, I think, Thomas rigour. An email, we're starling was just like your stuff cheaper now, and he was like me. Yeah not was the end of that. Actually I did not come from throwing, but yeah that you must. Chaos is relentless and is never gonna go way out is most recent version of this we can on which is about all of this. Monica the act of user. Nonsense is very good and clear and a good report put it the additional pressure the clock is read again. We m is turned his camera on her smiling, but it said smiling that means is used mad at you. a smile ready for the yeah. That's my we gotta take a break, We back a little bit of lightning rebecca. Why didn't dinosaurs sound like
here's jurassic park. Take the bat. Roar was mostly made up of mammal sounds, but dinosaurs were a lot closer to huge birds and instead of a roar, they might have had more of a hunk, it's a haunt, but it's like a tuba honk. The big deepest weirdest haunt. You can imagine yet to arm to buzz and have them play to different notes, and then they could run and why a bicycle shrinking from the rumble they can blast you with two. Very low notes. He could get really interesting.
Is we got unexplainable? Is it possible to figure out what dinosaurs actually sounded like scientists are given at their best shot new episodes every wednesday follow unexplainable wherever you listen I'm alex heath and I'm co hosting land of the giants. This season matter the company formerly known as facebook. So far we ve The story of mark Zuckerberg journey to reaching billions of users from the creation of the new speed to the acquisition of instagram. But such massive scale that comes at a price.
Coming up asserts will examine how the company has had to grapple with the uncomfortable side of its power from how to reckon with former president donald trump I think mark in the end, the felt that if you can start saying that heads of government com threatened to deploy force to restore poured that sex are really quite a virus and present to the harms its own technology amplifies or line harmful sensational content. Fundamentally does better under used. Will soccer birds high stakes pivot to building the matter verse work? does: what does that mean for all of us follow land of the giants wherever you listen to hear new episodes everyone's Back sliding ran time limits,
the clock. The the best part about the clock I have to say, is I don't know how long it set for. So it just terms, because yellow fur, that's just whenever Liam gets bored, he just six it to read and so shut up. Three minutes of this is enough. Birch cast over alright lightning round Alex which got old chris to found yesterday, as in the office with Chris welsh, and he said, hey alex check, slack, there's a scoop, you need at it and I went oh and then I clicked and was like hey chris. He wrote a scoop, that's what happened so he got a scoop. A little scoop magnet in all the scoops that not a word is a scoop that can be now. Chris Welsh appears just live inside of size, we're on the clock. Okay, who knows when this is going to turn red sorry leah, any minute he's going to turn to reddit stalking. I do
speaker? Basically it sounds like sonos- is going to be. Sourness is working on a new speaker. That's all the the reporting that Chris Welsh got add. It looks like it will probably replace the play five, which is the like kind of it's flagship speaker that hasn't been replaced in years and is the only one that has it had like a big update and it's going to have a lot of speakers in it firing and a lot of directions instead of just like speakers firing one direction, as is most of them, do this one's going to fire like forward to the sides up so it'll also have some atmos support and it looks like it's there's going to be a smaller one as well more like the the sonos one that will do the same thing with the
firing? Speakers so feels very atmos intense and it's going to be called right. Now it's code named the optimo two, which really implies there's an optimal one. Yes, it does when we don't know what that is, and for what I can't figure out about the speaker is where it goes because it's like if I do this sort of firing in all directions thing. It's like it's very sort of home potty in that sense, and so it's like, maybe it's a you know, you put it next to your tv and use. It for music, or is it like a semi, sound bar thing, and it does rounds on all by itself like what is this thing going to? I think supposed to do. Do all other things, lake, what he was looking at a lot of the stuff he's gotten suggest that this is gonna, be one of the best sounding speakers they ve made on. This is very good at making speakers are found really really good, and this one is something that you'll be able to put. You know, use it as that sound bar.
get three of up front and you ve been assented warfare and you ve got three point. One surrounds out where you have a real chance. One point to sir answered re cause: you got there, they atlas upward firing speakers, so I think that's not plan here is is most of the money that sources making nowadays is in that home theatre space. That's really where its moved as moved away from speakers in every room of the house to tv lets you that better in this Could theoretically help that without having a big, ugly soundbar? Every now and again I find myself reading her site like a reader, and then I have these moments. So there's a line here, The verge is viewed early work in progress images of optimal too, and, as I wait, that's me, I viewed the signatures Africa you saw the prisoner who doesn't do differ. I am particularly interesting like cake. Break. Is it at all these? The big home, in all these drivers in it and What was really intent on doing beam forming it with me?
Are the echoes in your room in real time it would use the walls and like send some frequencies at the walls. Creative play a false. Her answer. Like me, yeah. They said a lot of things about them, but in the end it was just an ice annex weaker. It did sound good though there was a ridiculous product, but it sounded really is it yeah? The two of them sounded infinitely better than one which I think was there miss fairley and it was like it was fine. It was I think the hummer was always if you who are the sort of person who has the capacity to listen to home pod centres, five and whatever else like in a line, you will put the on board in the top two
But if you are not doing that specific exercise, you cannot tell the difference between them. There yeah right, like expensive speakers of that class, are all just kind of different and all kind of the same. This feels like not that to me, because I think it is aimed at that big atmos music market, that is a differentiator for sonos very few products to analyse music. So I see I don't think it's actually targeted a tv stuff and you don't think that might yet they ve got sound bars and that's like there be if sandler sales are down because tv sales are down and you buy a sandbar when you buy a new tv and rarely people are some of the clock. Turned yellow I'm freaking out I don't like auschwitz go go, go go. I think this is a music speaker like a high end music speaker to do sir, like atmos audio, which I think is a Will we interesting forced on us to try comments, play five customer separate so now we can have zeppelins descend. a wire above page, sneaking out behind you
not by you and does not apply sorry, but he's ever wanted a boeing U s. Bc Leinen, a pet, the potentially on this device, which is lacking. I'll do what's running around. I gotta talk about peloton, let me just review this work to do no further discussion, because the clock sheila This is the ceo than new ceo of ballot on very mccarthy. He's writing a letter to shareholders is how the letter ends in high school. I spent three months working on a cargo ship after midnight. On my second voyage, I was asleep when the alarm for the general quarters woke me. My reporting station was on the bridge and sentence next sentence. Fear is a great motive. it's a long story of the ship is leaning the captain, Strawn attorneyship around we say
too many lives at night. They ve lost at sea and the mediterranean for several days, a fortunate happy, ending palatine, like that cargo ship, We ve sounded the alarm everyone's at their station. We can see to add new inputs to evolve or go to market strategy to restore growth. When will the show respond is the question. Our goal is fiscal year. Twenty three does he think he just invented the idea of a ship being hard to turn a useful metaphor for business. The kazi in it he just he's been on a ship guys. I done dacia, I just know that when big companies, where it was the burning who is the burning platform, nokia got oven and my other clocks yellow to protect stephen, you yes, a one time verge, has sisters. Remember the last time we discussed ocean. a force for companies, it was boy Stephen you up to
after microsoft became the ceo of nokia and then sold nokia microsoft in a move. No one saw coming. He scared Kenny, love again, but he sent a memo. That was like two people are stance. a burning oil platform in the middle of the frigid, see choices to be engulfed in flames or jump in the frozen ocean and we. Nokia, are using windows phone which we must now, therefore, wasn't a frozen ocean big. Big burning platform, vibes from very mccarthy anyway, will see thousands. a billion dollars a quarter and the like we're on track. Farragut, it's a real lake, like trust the process. move like there is this nb, a team, the philadelphia, seventy sixers who sucked so bad for like six years, and they were like trust us we're going to be good eventually and, and then they weren't is the
loaded the lisbon process. There was, they, threw a lotta games to get drafted in a blue, drat correct stretches. Aha you have to do a good thing at the end of the process, which is what belet Fear is a great motivator, a big she's got to reduce its just like the hardest caught in the Middle EAST. This paragraph, terrific idea, was yours. Mine is this news that came out just before us. Are recording that ford is hiking the price for the twenty twenty three mustang mark ii by as much as eight thousand dollars- and this is part of a few, sure thing where there is a study that the average price of an electric vehicle has gone up like almost fifty percent, and this is bad for like a lot of you by climate change, we need more electric vehicles reasons, but its particularly bad for me, because I have to buy a car and every single day. It feels like I just like watch more of my money disappear into the car buying process and I haven't even bought a car. Yet it's not great. Will
and you gotta buy a card for end of causing the tax credit situation. Next year's going sally so I am also ok. I gotta. Do I gotta go by navy, you are you deaf doing av games I don't know this is like an ongoing debate with my wife, because we don't really Have a driveway sorra, like overnight, charging infrastructure is less than ideal, but like two years for now, David is going to feel really stupid. If I don't buy the e v, is I dunno I'm I'm torn that's? Why I at least cause as like a really want a wii, but I live in new york city, and it's not the two hundred so tired. You went out on the guys, I'm sorry, I'm sorry so yeah, I guess it is growing by own in seconds, are never nice democratic give go and what kind of progress for nerds is? Let's wait. It's this fog astronauts What's he gonna violent, visitor, we gotta get explain over Mandy, that's getting. More complicated, especially russia, that cars are made fewer,
hours will qualify next year because some of them are made in the united states like the ie, six Bmw's and then a few years now that if the batteries are made, nine states cover, so there's like a race. I wasn't a cardio today this morning, actually cause I'm I decided that it should not by a billiard ten thousand arbiter, Bmw somebody I put my family and We like imagining you every morning just swinging by and they like, they see you coming in the last year and you like know all the people at the dealership by name now hear him watching a car dealer go from thinking that I'm an easy mark to being like. Ok, I got it. Risk farmers, even cars, to sell just this week, jeep, which has still not shift the hybrid venture. He sent everyone hats today, that's it again. They ve announced it again. This week they sent everyone has to play or to some other I went from red to blue, which is, I don't know, what's going on, it's even worse being straight, but I hope it starts strobing, but you gotta
I carb for the new year, if you want to cut it because next year is going to go sideways, but there are no cars to buy. Also for going up by eight thousand dollars when they are now guarantee. to get more. Seventy five hundred our tax credits every dealer. Is going to say that it's price went up but just crossing out you're, getting it right back and I think that's fairly cynical and for export yes, we'll see, but the drums that you can't any of these cars. What are even complaining about there seems to be. No better in sight like it's. It's the chip shortage keeps going, the people are like everybody bought too much stuff were this, doesn't seem like it's gonna get any better like shortly it's a problem with the vs is not so much the trip shortage. It's battery shortage, for it has no battery capacity yeah, that's the problem. They need to solve. That's actually why the the future tax credits are pegged to battery
in the united states cause guarantee. We know you need battery capacity. You better put it here. If you want these credits, give a chip shortage started to go away right, that's tough! I dunno the answer. I kind of I ask people. The ceo of arm is going to be on decoders in the podcast that we don't talk about on this never heard of it. To me. The whole episode this time when we have such from a clock running very david. Where did you were? What was the magazine now that we're not allow the name? I don't know who can remember so Let's see if anybody can sell me an electric car, please whatever it as long as it can plug it into something, can bring you a decoder, something like walking over showed up where new whole episode or a car salesman just has to deal with me. It'll, maybe our best saw a limit. Blake, listening to the sound of a car salesman cells, Listening to the sound of a car sales persons voice, when I asked exam, We, which version of adaptive cruise control a car, as is their just like, I don't know, I say something like
a picture of the cruise control stock and send it to me, and I like what, because that's what happened and then you say things like over when the forts egoism dakota he's gonna like will have one at that, Let us show the clock is turning all kinds of colors now Williams. and from smiling frown and it's gone. These were very cute. That's it that's the show you can sweeteners. David is up. There's ounces alex each cranes, reckless you can go. Read that story, the iphone killer, which David Another emotional reaction to when I set it you really were in a world of shit for like a month after that story, skip yeah yeah it? Would it helped to quotes from the record going out. If you say it, yeah cabinet, Why? Why do we hammer home working on the record? Some much? Does it's not our fault year,
there's a bunch of great stuff on the verge of more coverage. Summing up of the upcoming apple events, what's that weak ones, exeter raw facts, was this week on Wednesday episode David this week we spent the whole talking about the stream deck and buttons, because the votes cast Let's just and it's very fun upset and even to go and have a stream tat. You should listen to although there's like a forty percent chance, you'll end up buying a stripped deck at the end of it. It's very true. Someone sent us a picture of a rack, mount stream document. It's all incredible and that's it we up. and that's a rap for verged cast this week, things for listening. If you enjoy the show, subscribing podcast up of your choice or tell a friend, you can send this feedback the cost of the birds dotcom. The show is this by me clean james and our senior audio director, andrew marina. This episode was edited.
Mixed by amanda rose smith are editorial. Director. Is brook mentors and our executive producer is eleanor dominant diverge cast us production of the verge and box media podcast network barnett's. It we'll see you next week.
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