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This week on The Vergecast, Dieter Bohn is joined by Emily Yoshida, Nicola Fumo, and Sean O'Kane as the panel checks in for the first time since CES 2016. The topics of discussion include the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Oscar nominations, and bad tech fashion.

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Greetings not accomplish readings. Bauble accomplish yours. Well, that you have urged cast today is january, fourteenth two thousand and sixteen I am dieter bone meal. I is away doing something very special and secret, but I am joined by people that are way more interesting than him. Well, I said Emily Yoshida. As our shadow came, I and nicholas, and I've seen You just survived your first see. Yes, I did revelations. Thank you. You died. Axia holy yeah. Alright, everyone was like. Oh, we go to this thing in vegas for two weeks. It totally sucks- and I was like no way, there's no way. Two weeks in vegas, good, no I'll. Have you been too vague idea as it is as basic? Now I can tell you that I believe is also item. I can make it fun. I can make anything fun, that's my thing. I have fun how'd, you do and I didn't
how did I did you stay in the merrier? Yes, okay, so vague, super found out, how did I get people capping, lighthouse vegas, but I'm not in vegas. This area are super early, because they want to fly all the way back from your parents, las vegas and since we're at this matter,. out of the milliner MIKE. I wanna have a drinking and there's nordic, I walk like twenty minutes found a walgreens bottle handle vodka. Unlike swaps, I'll, be back to my hotel peddling phase it out. They sell line in a jar, John locke, adaptable all tat is sitting in the fridge all day and all night. The era like not great, I would say that pass escapade, though, is when we like a dozen of us split into small groups and tried to break in hot tub, favouring mary out razumihin guy and that all like lost each other in a very like, like a very like it was like a horror films
we did wind up Gabriel summer can be yeah yeah sorta like doing a found footage video for it. We should have, and next year next year, that was the appropriate response to your for zs breaking into a hot up. No, oh, my god, oh yeah sucks whenever I love at its best yea as the EU has a terrible weren't talk. What's it yes anymore, because over over and painful, and we have like four podcasts in the in the podcast stream in the field that you can listen to. I know that some of them were Donald's are broken for a while, but shall be fixed. Apologies for that, but we do have news today, which I should be excited about. Oscar nominations. You should have opinions about it, which I guess it's sorta the same thing as being excited about something
I have a few opinions, so I dunno do you wanna? Do you wanna tell us about the oscar nominations, to start listing off movies, oscar nominations, the revenue got twelve nominations: revenant yeah, it's the best movie, Leonardo dicaprio, I dunno it's the big question, oscar fever, whiteness. We are okay. That's a lot to take in really like there's one movie and then there's some other ones and then a bunch of what is really really that that israel is a youth seem to be advocating your real feelings about this move because now definitely not have you seen it now have not it's. You know. I was not a big fan of bird man in it. It's weird leave very similar in the way that I don't like it is very similar to the way I want to show you remembered man. There's no points a married man rather than like a man struggle and my very specific, so he thought
nothing very universal about it would have spoiled birdman birdman was great until the last scene was like. Oh this I was like. Oh my god. I totally this is going to be dark. It's gonna be great yeah and everything's going to fall apart and then The ethical realism been do interpretation nine over. That's what they hang it on its like there's, something very, very similar that happens in the last of revenue. It's like the jumps out of light breaks and then was like just kidding we're friends, gotcha yeah. No, it's it's! There's a there, isn't really a point up until then, but you're like oh, it's going to be really satisfying revenge story at least yeah, and then you don't even really get that cut is spoilers for the I. I won't be specific about it, cause it's not really. I can't really spoil the ending, but still it's just it's not. I think that a manual lebowski for sure deserves an award for cinematography, because it is a great looking movie
spent aztec and he's my favorite cinematograph cinematography, which is not a very difficult opinion to have, is the best buy. Yeah. I don't know, there's not a whole lot going on there. At least we will have to deal with the same. The martian one best comedy yeah yeah, that's twitter, Although I gotta say Matt Damon, getting a nod, robust actor in the martian, I don't know he was fisher one of the weaker. I'm really really is good, but like that, I came away from that movie really just like. Ok, ok, that was like a fun like feel good. I did. I thought there was and we we mourn and maybe that's because it's supposed to be a comedy, but now it's not simplicity, it. Never it's illegal. Only. It was only nominated for political reasons that just yet so it could get an incomplete to the other, a sort of space movies that have come out in the last couple years like gravity it's it just felt. There were no stakes at any time like they had this wonderful setup. They could have made. It feel very nerve. Wracking
ray there's, no emotion. The treaty should be like very claustrophobic, even though your on a wide open planet you're, the only one there like they could play into that so easily, and they never did. It was just kind of like almost superhero yeah. I like that. I like oars shoots up when he's like, not even than the unenclosed rocket bloody, and yet I was meant that oil and there are some green eyes from the book he better get about. He gets off of mars. They bring him home I know I didn't like that movie either. I have to look through and see what actually liked it. Okay, well, we've got well, let's look at lewis, the big short yeah. Let's go through wilson and bring us them highlighted shortest, for me is like the classic get it when I can stream at big.
Which is terrible, but I I liked it it's where I'm at it's do it. So this these are trends, I'm I'm I'm an observer of trends. Twenty fifteen was a great year for process, oriented movies, spotlight the martian and the big shorter, like the biggest examples of this, but just like take like trusting that an audience wants to know the nitty gritty details of every single step in doing a whether that's like planning, potatoes out of pcs or or you know, bringing down the catholic church. There was those or both really weird moment, mad max fury road yeah. Oh man
We rode to two favorite best picture nomination. Oh yeah, it's fantastic, I mean that's that actually seems like a genuine, like critics were just unanimous in their praise of it and they actually got through in a way where it's like. Nobody cares about the danish girl or something, and that still manages to find it's way into every single category. And I'm like I'm saying this to somebody who saw the danish girl. It is not a good movie, it's not like I, I it's it's really kind of it as as as it gets further and further along the oscar road. It seems more and more of like a nakedly if the political, oscar bid type thing okay, so fill me in on what bridge of spies was because that's not going to hanks movie out oh visits and reading that title. East berlin. Wasn't that a movie that came out in like twenty but yeah. Now I remember yeah. I saw it on the plane and I see that seeing that seeing british spies in the plane is the best place to see see it it's like. Well, I got this says a lot about him: oscar nominee
it's a said movie, but it's like whatever well seen it on a plane is very similar to seen in a theater, except it's like a little less voluntary, but you're stuck somewhere and you can't go anywhere else or like pick up your phone necessarily, I mean you could but like if you're sitting there in front of a screen. It's like right here well also despite me, and I'm I'm approved four minutes so too, but like british, buys a safe plain, but because you know, there's not going to be like a gratuitous sexy and I will never forget the time I watched enough. The soda girls, the laying of the boy, the episode of girl, so the very specific sex acts like smash, cut right do, as I say how sorry I am that won't allow. I went to amsterdam a few months ago on the plane there. It's like ten o clock at night, completely full plain
it's an international flight, and so everybody gets free movies, apparently, and everybody's watching complete, uncensored, fifty shades of grey everybody. That's like That's like, though I better reflect while get around this phone diagrams shared it. Certainly I can imagine what like waiting for the line for them, term after that, where everybody just kind of like? So what did you think about how it's not sexy, thou? It's like real It really weirdly clinical. I dunno I especially for people from Amsterdam they're going to be like ugh. What is this american? You know cheesecake, I dunno do you? Do you have something that you hope wins best picture because of the two big ones are best picture of? Mr yeah, I I warrant george Miller to win everything. everything. Yes, my other favorite of these nominees is spotlight, love, spotlight. I was really I swallowed a movie. I should quit going to fear that I can. I can. I could see minutes
it's not something you need to see on the big screen, but it's it's what I think there is something that's effective about being in a theater with a big screen having that concentrated thing, because it is so detailed that you want to just like hunker down and focus solely on. It are a lot of really great performances and just getting them in that format like mark, hello. I remember for the first five minutes of just like man. This is he's really going after this role and plain it up and by the end of, I was so glad that I saw it in that form. I s eye, so I saw spotlight in room. the same day. Tell my room. I know nothing about room room is based on a book that a lot of people read. I did not read it, so I wasn't like as prepared for what it was. Oh, this movie yeah. It's got brie larson does anybody really gonna? We can explain what it's about rather than just using ira this. Oh I'm. Looking at google, yeah,
she Larson won for best actress for the golden globes. She'll, probably win it for this she's really good in it, and it's a movie where it's like so specific the situation but like it didn't really get me when I was watching it because it's like this such a specific problem? They have a really trying hard to feel this, but there should tell people what the specific problem right she gets abducted when she sixteen. I think it's supposed to be and is like in confined room by this. Her captor who, like she, has a kid, and that has kept her son and intervention they break out and then she has to return to the world and its it's. It's a really like a set of specific. Have I
very law and order. He like ripped from the recent headlines. The last couple years mean that the most interesting thing is everything that happens after they get out and like how the two characters deal with it differently. It's like a dark, unbreakable, kimmy, schmidt, yeah. It totally it. Well, that's a that's like a knock on commission met, though I was like this is actually a really traumatic thing, but that that show is actually pretty honest about how horrible the situation is, but I but yeah. I actually thought a lot about that movie, though, for the next like week after I saw it the more I thought about it, the more like the It is not my favorite by any means of anything that came out this year, but I I still think it's good. I think it's worth seeing as someone who who looks at I mean we were talking. We mentioned really quickly earlier about sort of the politics of this, and there is also some controversy. there came out with these nominations. Let someone who has come around on a war, shows inelastic couple years like for five years, really thinking like it's just
it takes like. Why would I ever want to care about them know I still watch like sort of, and I don't have cable anymore. So it's like. I watched the twitter reaction to it and I kind of follow along to that on the night of but like. Why should I care about the oscars and are like how should I view them? Yeah, that's a very good question. We talked about it on my
the castle blitz of hot over gsp, which is coming back every week every week, but we talked about this a little bit because it does seem like one of these things where it's like. How can you not just not watch the set of complete cynic quality, and I I have a different answer this time, because the first time I was like well, it kind of influences what gets made and what gets seen as important. It's a good bellwether for like what did we think was important at the movies this year, like whether or not that's actually reflective of anything real. It's a it's interesting to see what, like the hollywood establishment thinks, was important, got here like not important in terms of money necessarily but important. In terms of like issues and like hot filmmakers or whatever and there's something to say, because in light of these nominees, I'm gonna say the oscar nominations are just like a giant.
Wall of of establishment to just chip back from like all angles, because it's crazy, I took this more ignobly. Ah, they carry isn't really an hour s days, boy at length. I mean, I think everybody is like we like people or writing some everybody linking our profession and ino. Another professions as well are constantly commenting on the lack of diversity within hollywood in their fields like we're, broken rucker like ok, eventually that this year, they'll get it fill they'll hear us and it doesn't matter yet, but hopefully, well some day, it just seems insane like, especially because we just have seen like the most successful movie in america. All time now is star wars, which is led by three non white actors, yeah and, like so far so that, like it's, become like that everybody kind of grabbed a hold of that idea, and now, a couple of weeks later, it's already turned into like them.
that I see the most on facebook, which, as you know how he would never thought we could lead a movie with a woman and a non white person yards like the picture of doing. I might be yeah but like it that one picture of in in re. It's really funny that not funny it's terrible that, like that, could reach such a critical level and then something like this could happen today. Cause you're like oh, this is the thing. That's fascinating! Is it's like you like now action blockbuster movies like like when we think of as being like, you know the biggest movies with a star wars and, like you know, a lot of marvel stuff is getting pretty good at this. It's still not great, but it's getting there it's engine there and and still this this prestige hollywood is really really behind the times and I lake No no date. There's I've talked about danish girl before I feel like I'm in some other capacity, but it's the crash flake, but
ends moments of twenty fifteen it. So it's so it's so dull. It's so just hitting all right now it so it's like we did an important move, you guys, which is a really unfortunate, because there was such a better. If you wanted to pick, you had to pick a trans movie to make it like I've, topical cool oscars this year, we had tangerine, which was incredible. That was this year only it was last year yeah. So it was all wow. They campaigned, they shouldn't they shouldn't, okay, so that they are robbed. Who else is robbed? For? Oh creed was Michael B, Jordan and ryan kugler were both shut out what else was wrong there and didn't get it for mad max or better than out garbage yeah. There's there's a few, and now my computer has locked again, oh cause. I haven't capitalized There are a few that didn't work. I mean
carol got all these all these a word nominations and then didn't get best picture, which you know, I'm not terribly passionate about the phone, but is very, very good, and I dont know that it's like. I don't know that the revenant or britain spies is better than it. Like. Oh yeah, you know I dunno there's. You can pick almost anything to complain about within the oscars and while I'll be there for you. I there's just I I just I feel like a tangerine is the biggest one where it was like. Oh they're actually doing a campaign like like their their distributor, is actually like pain for money to put the seed in people's heads. That, like maybe do the do. The two leads from
should have should have been nominated for supporting or for best actors, and you just don't how. Where now now nickel has gone, I see any movies allotted user netflix movies. Well, did you watch the items you asked about love nah as an airplane. You have checked the golden globes. They were terrible. It was rough. I was still checking his hotel. I had I had wifi as well as on twitter, and I was like in the rack lounge like while we're doing our coverage, but I couldn't actually see it yeah yeah. It's that's how I watch board shows now. If I do watch them know, like following the reaction having fun with that. I'm I realize this last week the was great yeah, a camera news broke, but there's just something about how it was the alps
but the thing I'll just like I don't even care what the specifics are, but reaction twitter like that first five to maybe twenty five minutes is like it's like the best drug. It's available right now, I'm watching it, even if we want people trying to come up and play partner to everybody does mostly, but that whole dynamic has just so much we can make less joke or like just even something it out like that. El chapel thing was one because new york times was immediate, with their sort of like here's. What's important from this crazy article from rolling stone and it was being passed around so much in the first five minutes there was hard to tell who actually had the sean penn interview cause. I was like a new york times. Hired sean penn to interview El Chapo was that at that, like mayhem was so much fun. My version of that was kanye. Real friends were my personal twitter feed just exploded, pictures of kanye next to anything,
ever been next, where they actually real friends perfect. But it is a perfect, as I do the best part of the echo chamber that we create for ourselves on twitter jokes about written down at the riff he glared giving created and being themselves we have to Stresa, leonardo thing, I thought we it's like old and tired. It's been old and tired for, like five years self, perpetuating machine of a story. At this point, I just I don't think he's a good actor. I think he's bad in most things that he's been in, except for romeo and juliet kyoto shutter island is spent, in that merely they act then, oh, my god, I know I was thinking about this causes. Like
do sometimes, and I have very strong opinions, anti a person or an especially somebody who doesn't then create a third artist of some sort. I really don't like leonardo dicaprio. I was like what I have if I met him like out of bars, it was like. Oh emily, you gotta meet leonardo dicaprio, like oh yeah, he's, like you know, going for his oscar this year, like tell good luck or whatever, like what I have the guts to say. Like oh yeah, I don't like think you're that great and I I wouldn't, but I was thinking I'd tell him. It looked like you had fun yeah. I thought about this this morning. If I had to have a conversation with them, it was like it'll be like felt like fun, because it did just looked like like going to extreme summer camp or something winter camp, but I don't know I mean he's really dislike, that's the ultimate. That's like the male version of lake get the. make up vine and gain weight and stuff lake go. Do something extreme. In the outdoors, that's monster, yeah yeah, it's totally the
male version of monster, and he doesn't even have to get that ugly. You just has to get like how has all this gunk all over his lips? I thought it was really funny that I still haven't seen the revenant, but it took until a couple of weeks into it being released that they really pulled the focus back from him. I really thought this was going to something like the road or like even grizzly man where it was like cause. You heard so much about him and the bear and surviving in the woods, and so I was like. Oh it's, the story of like this guy who, like it's lost and like needs to find his way home, there's like have like other people, seeing a movie set pieces yeah. There are other people like totally focused on him, yeah which, like obviously, but I had no ate like distorted the idea of what the picture was going to be yeah just through the marketing. Now it's it's a, I think the the biggest achievement of that movie is is the setting and the cinematography and there's like a really amazing battle scene like really early on. That's just incredibly well shot and that's that stuff, that's actually genuinely cool in it. I was just thinking that the people who got nothing because revenant got nominated for
make up. People who did best make up should win for best actor. If landowner does it re? He did a lot like yeah there's a lot to do, That is our own oscars. Like I'm getting eleven twitter, I'm not saying that the movie, the most is better than the book. I'm just saying the ending of the martian is better than the book's ending. That's how I heard the book was really boring, know your ted writing. Also, you mean the book was written by a former weber engineer I know I know I don't know. I do not merely in my championing the bit to read a novel by a former, whether less than we mainly on speaking of one who, as we know, is that we are going to talk about z S, but dieter have married at sea. Caesar Hallo verily believe that, like me and undertakings
indian, was like a melted down macbook. That was ten dollars on amazon, prime. There you go. It's I think it's tungsten is tungsten. Dieter dieter is going to get like actually married later this year, with a big sara about him and his wife, and without wishing to surprise lousy, we needed papers behind the papers and we're getting married again. Country in the paper could have been a hassle arrested. I know they have said yes and they all just like booked it from the hotel dressed up nice nose like boy they're, going to an editors dinner, real early, aren't they like three p m and next an hour. Later leaders got a picture on it I'm with. Where did you go the chapel of the bells, they never linearly. May I draw the line, I wouldn't know I've never heard of it. We when we remember that about getting married at a tiny chapel in las vegas. Is they won't? Let you take pictures inside so they, like literally tell people like put your phones away. They they
shoot the video themselves like. Do you want dvd of europe of your? I just way too much money, and then why thirty or like a hundred I was like a hundred and then you d, better hiring of turning the ugly one like they. Then there was a photographer which they wouldn't let anybody else. Technicians and things are the needs. We like ok, take some pictures whatever, and that was like three dollars or something I want. Those holes but the photos come on what those little many cities remember those many disk. No airlines, but its half the way game, elude the kind that you're afraid to stick in here by the way I have to go to amazon and buy a dvd player for my computer, because I don't have anything that reads: dvds, so yeah? That's! That's! A growing problem have to like rip the video,
anyway. I don't know where they had. I was amazed to see I asked very there that rulings museum and I want to know where nicolet thinks about the oscars heavy, not seen any other movies. Is there anything interesting to watch at the oscars? Yet what do you do watching whiskers, I will for professional and practical reasons, and also just to be a part of the now just handed media slogan. but yeah, no I'll watch I'll watch the red carpet for sure and I'll, probably watch the beginning and then I'll get bored and tired and stop watching. Did you find the red carpet to be more entertaining than the show itself? That's like it's part of the it's part of my job. I gotta know People are aware that the things does its influencing the other people in what was the best of last year
hmm pete, I don't even remember I'm not a big celebrity person. The red carpet is a chore. It's a good thing. I have to do it's not like you watch it on mute, so you definitely are not. Usually I all of us react girls get together. We watch it together and like tweet stuff, the hardest thing about watching the oscars when you have to work during it is like regulating your alcohol intake. Actually, last year we locked in the verge area. on a sunday when the hearing turned off and there is sufficient, like father, I've looked, like my right hand, champagne in you. I remember the answer and we took out over there. Nobody s dress on the cardinal last year. Was you guys in the boardroom? Yes, pattern bottles again
for a couple of slanket that got sent us like slim, Jim, that I think we haven't thrown away yet that just sent a slanket thing about those blankets, slim or slim jims, blankets, is that I feel like they must be scented. Like slim. Jim must be like a part of the product which sounds horrible, and now we're going to have an oscar party at the ridge office. Really yeah can I come yeah. Okay, everybody can come, but you have to produce one piece of content. I can do that. But you have to produce one piece of content. I can do that probably has also run on rats weakens lighted up, it's like bringing again. Intent, and everyone donate one piece of cut, I'm trying to think of one other. They can bring up about the oscars. That's important.
think of one other thing I can bring up about the oscars, that's important, or that people should pay attention to and there's a lot like a lot of the documentaries I feel like you couldn't watch online yeah. I would if the smaller categories, the short animated, film, short short films and documentaries? It's hard to see a lot of these things because there's like use like they are at film festivals, like that's, where you see them right, yeah, that's true! It's easy to forget that the show really does kind of make or break some of those yeah you forget that this really does gonna make a break some guy I mean I have a friend. Do I went to school with with tray who has a
nominated documentary for that, but yeah she I mean she's been working on that forever and- and you know that's it's like five seconds out of most oscar viewers attention, but it's like a huge life changing thing for filmmakers, though I was trying to you know I like those wherever we can sighed out cod sunday super team, that's on the site, and people should read it. It was really router interview, yeah he's he's they was as for short and now it's not it it as most pixar films, kind of go straight to the oscar nomination or the short films do. But it's a it's! It's it's it's good! It's a it's! It's different than a lot of like visually and subject wise so yeah. That's that's one cool thing that the oscars do sorry Dennis just
our from running foursquare me does also Alan recommend is no longer with us. Yet we ve started, have twenty sixty when some pretty serious deaths and as far as the date, but with eyes related rise I'd just gotten into detroit, which may mean that settles headway, us, but no we're not using that site. I know, but I've just gotten into detroit for the detroit auto show from c e S and I'm sitting there. I like was trying to finish up himself. If I went to bed. I look back up because, like good luck, sleeping after say yes- and I welcome back up like right as that was starting to spread on twitter, I hopped into slack to like help rich was the only one on a reporter in Japan, so I'm just trying to help him. Like figure out that problem, you have to figure out with every celebrity death which is like is
Real did the reactor there aren't any. There is already a false alarm like a few hours ago and then people even early some even entertainment, borders or trying to do the like stand down. I've talked to his people, its rhine, and they were obviously wrong. So is it. It was a very strange wound, just like start the weak down. Now I was It was definitely a strange way to start the week was like in a legitimately bad mood for that for for, like the past few days, I was going to say for that day, but now, I'm still in a bad mood and yeah. No, it's it's it's it's bad. I don't have anything else. I really can say about it. It's just a very, very sad thing and I feel like now. It's really, I think it's sobering now, as you hurt to get into like people as like. Oh, I actually like this isn't somebody that was like my parents person,
when the boy was like it's like this is somebody that I cared about. While I was like you know, a teenager, and in college and stuff like that and yeah it's it's it's a weird thing to to process. Did you see the clip that mtv posted of bo yelling at them and like oh yeah, for not having a blanket or something yeah, that's amazing, and also him predicting the internet and teeth that are like the effect like the social web. Basically, which is insane, I mean he's he's like I I I I want to have escape from a lot of people are like. Oh who is this amazing alien came down and landed and stayed with us for awhile, which was like cute until your cute thing is sort of like there was a movie and everything, but like as a human you as a person you're, just very smart and good at being a person like that that now we call that being an alien, but you should just be a good person and that's that's all I have to say.
I have written at some point in the near future. The worst thing. Now, how do I transition from the students? Do it sorry workspace cry cry you listen to this, just because building a website can be tough when, even if you David Bowie would know. If you read earlier this week, yeah he helped the yankees. Don't like what you can celebrate with somebody did yeah yeah yeah. You should we have one we're topic and they really do ok I'll bring it bullets pretty house really try. No, these are let's talk about these virgin galactic spacesuits. Now lately I thought these fields state aid or veinlike jet mats threats may not have visas their flights. I actually had a long sigh conversation with this morning to figure out exactly what the hell is going on line. Three is ongoing,
labourers. Data is an urgent matter, though. It's like very much like it's very fan boy like big with like the hippies throat and is known for, like all black like super minimal, and you like cool avant garde, whatever so yeah. So that's the missing link that I look at it and I think that it's boring you're like oh. This is yamamoto look yeah. This is like minimalism perfect. Also, these ghosts would go so well with a pair of yeezys yeah just throw mine
around the moon, but their none other day. Was that day that virgin galactic, which is was basically the first company promising people? Private space rides right on a space plain that while they started pop promising those that years ago, people pointed up to fifty thousand dollars for tickets, and it's that sort of become the running joke and space industry, because they just sort of key keep kicking the can down the road of like our first light will be this year. Our first fight will be this year and then, during a test late last year there spaceship had a really catastrophic accident. One of the pilots died, the other one was pretty badly hurt. They ve been grounded for a year and a half they're going to reveal the new look of their new plain space when in february, so there, finally like getting back to the point where they want to get back flying again. The news today was that they had partnered with why three to make these
these new flight suits and boots, and they are apparently very fitting with lie. Threes stuff. They are fire resistant. Like all the things you expect from a space like flight to read, fire resistant they've got like extra tough soles, they're, all like brought over from other brands, extra tough soles yeah, so that you can like. going to sit around when you're walking around in the space clan and then say: yeah yeah, there's a whole company that, like us, that is like a million citizens. When I get the uncertain. Thank you and indeed, as has its own, like weird sort of off its main business. It's on my custom, insults thing and select: that's part of it. It's like this whole big. Let's throw all this stuff into this one pot, and so I don't have the three stripes and their boots so they announced today. I think they look and boring. Nicolaus really really hard about can carry their crops like what level
exciting, allowing one when you re right away in their approach. at garage. Yeah are, usually you can't you can't I mean you: can it zips all the way down basically to your belly button, so you could yeah, but your belly button that you need to go to the bathroom with like. Well, I mean so. The whole idea with virgin galactic is that you're not going to be up there for a long time. It's a suburb, space a girl, and we hear a lot of water mazur so well. Maybe it would be like las vegas, we're like the taxes of a cleaner They weren't, you play your nerve. Eighty thousand dollars a fly with virgin galactic and, unlike maybe an extra two hundred. If I can read it to you, I mean it gary flight. I'm hearing I dunno, I'm I'm big on a lot of private space companies, but virgin galactic is kind of. It seems like the ultimate example of richard branson, saying like. Let's make that a thing, and you know people just get so yeah people just have to do it because he has a lot of money and like that's, how his company's work and they've sort of taken the long road to getting there. But you know what they did
we got celebrities on board. But that's how you that's, how you make a brand, they didn't mean you could probably make the argument that, if virgin galactic, hadn't really spun up enough interest, as it did in the early two, thousands that spacex, probably wouldn't have been able to get into what it was doing yeah. It would have been harder for elon musk to pitch people to invest in spacex. I mean the fact that they made they made a press hit out of the fact that this is what the clothing, that their actions will be wearing is like its? I it so virgin of them to do this, and it's like? Why is it that brand is strong? And this is how you do that? How long until we get the by one of these jumpsuit myself? Well with the more to me, the most interesting thing was that they are also making a. I love this a jacket celebrating the collaboration, oh my god that will they will give to the people that celebrate ain't got to get the the
raise. As I announced the announced, the inclusion of a jacket and a swag bag, you basically pay thirty danger picture of alpha cackle collaboration, or is the jacket just like something they ordered off like problem It might be the ladder they didn't show. It though I was I got that is the most attainable part of this finance bag, and they did a component that the average person can like by into is like again just virgin cleaning it up. They need a really strong logo. What is their logo kind of weird that the only thing is that I I like the design of it, it's it's kind of like it. It's a little. It gets a little fascists, but it's like ok, okay, it needs it needs a good pop of color somewhere and it can be a minimal just one of us share pop of color. My papa workers needs like the relevant
ashes papa color. Rather the purple show title pediculae topical, oh yeah, the red. And the purple the yeah. I do you think they have lighting in the cabin like they do on virgin. Wear clothes cause. That's the best part of it they website can be tough and you'd. If you know your way around coating, making something it looks good and actually works is takes a lot of time, whether you're making a business site a portfolio the restaurant site or whatever else right now, you're going to need a website, so well lucky for you and for all of us really squarespace makes it really easy to build beautiful websites without breaking a sweat, but if you're wearing one of those jumpsuits soldiers get worked away, but you wouldn't make one of the first I'm not making this joke, they provide simple, powerful and beautiful websites that look profession, we, regardless of your skill level, and you don't need to learn how to code. Do it. Not only do you get intuitive and easy to use tools to create said website,
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too many websites doesn't have the other. We should just go back. I think that your city, I felt that thousands arafat that when it was like angel fire daily, I think it's really not much room for all of these star wars. Vampires came so close a couple weeks ago to finding a stern, a dvd dragon. Leave em page unable higher herself not close to finding it, and then I also in looking for that discovered that I I had a programme on one that I made and I If someone has your real name attached to these things, I know, but I have my screen name from then I found which is outside I'll. Tell you this. I found someone's angelfire page that is still around today that link to remember that that was the thing was limbata linked section: here's nine hundred links to other people who try to link to their site that linked to my programme on page, but that
I use the: u r l shortener back, then that is a service that doesn't exist anymore. So I found the link, but it goes through the pass through link and that thing is dead. So now I can't find it. I was so close, geocities many dentists, all a huge favor. By having that four digit number and like you know how you built your site and it was like you had the section of it and then you had this subsection yeah, so it was like I dunno. I think I was on something like hollywood, something or other. Neighbourhood and then a four digit number. That was your address. I will never remember. The moselle never mind, do yeah interference in the way that you can download it could do so. These archives and go trolling, throw defiance of thank god yeah? I don't. I don't. Even really I mean I die. I was very prolific. I was prolific on geocities in tripod summit, too many websites. Now there many websites, I was a website which I will not name which in the end, like the late ninety
early, two, thousands you just like son, a short story, they would like have three. murders eternit for you and give you feedback, and then they like you'd get at it now just published. It is great. I like you, should postman had a bunch of writing should just go say those same words in silicon valley and someone will just throw a billionaire yeah. I thought what a great idea: alright cars cars. What's the best thing from the detroit auto show man. You know what I was really excited to go this year. It was a fun show, but compared to last year, where last year, Chris Ziggler alone, which amazes me. It was not as crazy as c s is like for him to be there. here where they announced the prototype of the shabby bolt, which is one of the most important cars ever made, the forge e t and an accurate and are an asset which are too
like legacy supercars that both of those companies are resurrected this year felt a little down, but only because there weren't- those like you, know aaa blockbuster announcements. Probably the coolest thing weirdly was from buick buick, announce this concept car. I know right and that's what everybody it was the thing that was definitely the most talked about. It the show is like walking around the show floor. You just hear people talking about like man, I can't believe buick made something that looked like that. They were totally right. Everybody made like big ass, coops right yeah, so everything there were so many to your cars and they were either like executive class. There are two big trends: yep performance, coupes or executive class, coupes and sedans, and so like. If you, if you really like, futuristic looking two door cars
was definitely show for you and if you are a ceo of some sort of company, big or small, it was also probably they shut for you, because you're gonna get gipsy driven around in one of the cars announced at the show. This year the armrest on the lincoln continental Oh, my god, it has like the entire dashboard in the back seat. Yet. Well, that's big! That's something pretty standard on these executive class. It animals like adding them all the music or they amusing, a heat, and it has a thing it has everything except for a screen, because which is weird, because a lot of other rear seats in these kind of sedans have that now you know the hyundai, so Hyundai's been making these cars under the name genesis for the last, like seven,
there's like the sunday genesis whatever and there like they're, really nice sort of mercedes competitors, and they spun that often to its own brand. At this show in their first car, as just genesis is basically like their version of lincoln continental and it's got, it looks really kind of urgency. It's like trapped, strapped to the back at the address. Almost looks like it was bungee dawn, but they ve got like an invitation system in the back seat for people that are sitting there, and then you see that same sort of trend and like the back of a may back or all these other like luxury kind of cars, and so but because it was his buick. This buick vista is what is called the concept car two doors and it really
It's just it almost kind of looks like a smaller version of porsche's been making that sort of hatchback car and so like the front end of a porsche, but the back end kind of rounds out. It looks like a much smaller version of that, and you should. You should just check out the photos on our site to get an idea of it, but it's super concept. The inside. It's got these like things that will eventually be touchscreen displays, but they're, not just screens they're like projecting the animations like through, like a piece of glass at super weird. The headrests are really crazy. Looking it's definitely like a concept car. Whether or not gm ever makes it. It will make a version of it. Maybe that's what they do that, based on the camaro right yeah, which is based on like that
if a platform, it's like a weird hand. Me down of a car, but it was, if not the prettiest, then one of the prettiest things at the show. The other was accurate, made a concept that was another two door or excuse me. I keep calling it to her. It's suicide doors has got four doors, but it's this really crazy. You know super angular concept, car and that was really cool and then Lexus made another coupe and Lexus is looks like a concept, but it's an actual car that people will be able to buy, which is probably the craziest thing that happened at the show. Just because a lot of other car companies came with these concepts and lexus came with one. That was pretty much a lot like the concept had shown a couple of years ago and now they're selling it. So it's really kind of kind of funny, but yeah then there's there are all these links. The lincoln continental is probably the funniest event, just because here's this this sub brand of ford, basically that
fort ceo came up and was introduced in the continental. It's the first time they made one in over a decade and they're trying to bring back. This idea of you know Cynthia frank sinatra, Elvis presley all used to drive linking continentals cause they're awesome yet but, like I don't know what celebrity prize it. It's a nice looking new car, but I don't know who buys it as over any other like mercedes or anything else by lincoln navigators, yeah yeah I mean that could help, but they had like a jazz band play. I mean they did this they'd, like really did the whole thing up to try and like play up. This spread is brand new, lincoln continental has the actually the weirdest thing. You mentioned the backseats, the weirdest thing, the front seat, which has individual thigh adjustments and its I swear to god, like that's like happened, the inner seed adjustments that started become more more more of a trend, encourage way like up.
Down yea bagger. Also so you ve been able who just like in your seat, but this one actually splits em so like the front of your c in the front of the car, is actually split down the middle and you, move it. I think I d check it out. I wait. No, I can feel like you'd want because sometimes yeah, you want your driving leg to be like lower and more forward anyway or other like to build up you gotta, because you don't want to get dead leg zactly what they said. You must really is really not allowing mess it dear posture yeah over time. It would probably throw you re like this he's a sin. For a while in the other direction. Yeah, not the ceo, but one of the other ford executives spoke during. That presentation was like. We want yours, your lincoln continental, to fit you like a suit, just like the most yeah hell yeah, brands yeah. So that was some of the craziest stuff.
Against that you want to create that you like a syrian. What don't you want to you? I mean we are just the other, really crazy thing was Sadia mercedes showed up to the detroit ought to show this year announced its new high class well because they they have won, and thus their new e class another new equal sedan. Unlike saturday before the show even started like just drop the news, I sort of sat back and was like compete like come at us and did nothing. The rest of the show was amazing and it's the e class. Can then the craziest thing about the new e class is that it can drive itself up to one hundred and thirty miles an hour can handle itself with just the autonomous stuff which is insane like I dunno I mean you, don't really ever need that. But what is cause like you have to be able to know that it'll work at that level, because that will trickle down to you
learn things at that speed that you would need to know right in my inform you being able to drive it like. Seventy are also out. He made a lunar rover, oh yeah, totally, for that yeah yeah. We should definitely go look at that. They pulled a pack that thing up and like pulled out the second day, which was kind of a bummer out. He is so Google's been running. A thing called the lunar extra competition for the last couple years and its basically they are they said was like will give. Somebody thirty million dollars. If you can build a moon, river landed on the moon, have it dr five hundred metres and take hd video and their ip like one other acquire, but it's like first person to do that first team. To do that,
It's thirty million dollars so out. He probably doesn't need thirty million dollars, they don't, but what's really cool about it is that they need us talking about outing, exactly and well, and- and it helps lunar x prize to because up till now there have been all these smaller private space companies that have been trying to do this and they're having such a hard time making it happen that, like they keep delaying okay, you can launch by twenty sixteen okay, you can launch by twenty seventeen, and so they keep pushing it and pushing it and audi getting in the game is definitely the first it'll be the first company that anybody actually talks about, and they did it right. They brought eugene cernan. Who is the last man to walk on the moon to the event and like he was there? I got him on r snapchat channel. That was really crazy, so they know what
we're doing, and oh man, the guy who is running this program. That audi looks just like he could be. He looks like a be brother. It was very, very bizarre yeah, but but yeah it's really cool that they're entering this thing, because no one really talks about x prize and like no one really knows that there is a legitimate competition that go to the moon right now, and this maybe helps elevate that a bit so and it's cool. Looking it's a nice little yeah. Let's, let's talk about the looks of this thing: yeah, it's just a big flat solar panel with a head sticking out of it. Basically, it's got a cute little head yeah. That sort of companions got a little tale too she's nice. Doesn't it yeah? It's got a little tale, yeah a lot of is going to be what's what's cool about this is that they don't I just fill those requirements for X prize. They want to go like to retreat three times further than that and accomplished some other things, so they want to help analyze a big thing about going back to the moon,
nay, and using it to hear a sort of hopping point to get to mars or just for setting up a bases, knowing how much in is in the soil so that you can use it as basically fuel. So they want to help. Do that and then the the probably the coolest thing is they want to go find when they, when the astronauts I left the moon for the last time. They left the lunar roving vehicle there, which is like that big four real thing that you've seen video of and that's just been sitting there getting bombard. By radiation and dust and all this stuff, so they want to go over. The best we can do is train like telescopes and stuff out if they want to drive this audi moon rover to that, and it examined it up close. What is really funny about that is that nasa is working with them to come up with a course that zig zags to the old rover, because if something,
makes on this out here over and it just keeps driving in they can't control. It is more than just crashed so like as much as I don't want that to happen, for them like I'll, be on. Even if it's like editor of the murky editors like interplanetary our crash, definitely not a good look for out he so happily working with nasa. I'm excited me I was sent for that, but it was weird that that was one of the bigger stories that this auto show, because there wasn't really like a big blockbuster
if announcement tesla wasn't there because they don't really love car shows, it was really cool. Seeing the chevy bolt up close cause, it's now a real production car, it's not available yet, but here's this car, an all electric car that can go over two hundred miles an hour on a single charge and that's going to change a lot for some people. It's going to cost around thirty thousand dollars depending on your tax break, is the bestest. Yes yeah. It was our best to seat yes, because chris Ziegler actually got to drive it there so yeah it was cool. I have a question about car shows, which is that, like for the electric cars for stuff, it's a little like solar cars. All the stuff is very far future more like conceptual and stuff. How much does that stuff and the enthusiasm for that stuff jibe with the kind of more old school car culture stuff?
on their, I think, a show like this, which is really big and full of a lot of executives. It's that animosities kind of hidden, if you go, do like any other like car, show cars or any of the smaller ones that mix that sort of car fans and executives are here. It's definitely a lot more easy to spot. Oh really, yeah I mean it. There is what's going to be really interesting to see where the net Well, yours is you have companies like porsche that are taking the lead from tesla and saying we're going to build an electric car that can go three hundred miles as well? Some of them even have concepts out or porsches, even already, actually starting production on theirs. So it's going to be interesting to see how people react to. There are a lot of people that are going to hold out to the n, be like. I don't want my car not to have an internal combustion engine but like the car companies are finally starting to go after that, and that's going to be
I that's there. There are just going to be people holding onto this for no reason any more, but there is there's still a really weird divide and then especially as you get more towards like the performance car side of things like people who are racing, fans and stuff, it's like it's very like get off my lawn, it's like very, very ideologically, divided and they're they're, quick to point out like oh there's, not enough charging stations, and it's like that's not going to be the case forever. You can build them so but like, but what? What kind of charging
what does the bolt use? We're gonna talk about plugs now, because they all use different plugs right, yeah, I'm pretty sure I mean, I think that one works off of like you. You have to pull off the side of the road and it'll work off like the standard charging right. So it's just tesla. That's like standing alone right now, if it's supercharger yeah, but it's been opening up other cars to that platform like get on the tesla supercharger platform. If you want the problem with that is that there are even fewer of those than for each charging station yeah, but that is it to make electric cars happen that has to be adopted like faster charging has to be adopted like a stop on the side of the road has to be twenty minutes or less for sure. Twenty minutes is a long time. If you think about going and give,
bite eager to serbia, icy, here's emmy, here's the thing you have to build premium, restaurants! Next, to this thing with it. So there is an opportunity for premium consumers. This is our lives in the cab oasis of chicago. If, like charging stations on my guide, t j fridays, that's two cups. No I've had a lottery like major lake, lay heavens life events at the top up or if you want to bring it back to the first word ass, we did its it yes last week, just like, maybe your car is semi autonomous and you have inferred,
fatima in there till I watched you know your favorite cbs, you haven't you reported and what, if its autonomous, you ve already been sitting in their watching for the pathway hours anyway, so you need a break seated get our last stretch. I asked about the culture clash at the car show because I did a very interesting thing for me over christmas, which is I went to the what's. It called america's car museum, which isn t come a washington where my mom plans show that so my mom and its apparently the biggest car museum in america, which I would kind of believe having been an end, its enormous liked, some guys privately on car collection, link, Ali's amazing, classic cars and muscle cars and stuff, like that,
and like. I was surprised because I feel like like I'll watch a fast and furious movie. I, like I, I lived in l a like I enjoy. I enjoy driving, I enjoy watching people in movies, dry drive, I enjoy watching car crashes and movies in movies and and like that kind of side of things- and I was in this museum- was like. Oh, this is like a history of how we destroyed our planet like all of us is like. I could not get it out of my head and then- and so it's like obviously like there's a certain demographic that goes to the car museum, and then they have one hall it's like all of these sort of historical and electric cars were amazingly steam powered cars, eighteen, twelve, nineteen, twelve ones. Those are the three options, but yeah it was incredible and it was empty, like all the other halls are like full of people that oh yeah love. This
let me touch with reality: oil, it down. It's your it's a fetish as eastern explosions, you know, like internal combustion, engines are just very controlled and very many explosions happening all this. we have. You saw me if we didn't go what stackpole chris patten, I did what I like about tesla, that kind of dives alot into that. And if you run a real deep, this guy runs a website called wait, but why did a super deep thing about tesla? That really is just like the history of cars and like gets eventually, you know twenty five, some words later gets to open yeah, the electric car earn tesla, and it's it's a really fascinating way to think about like. Why is? There is a split? We got select nineteen, the early nineteen hundred than we had these three options: it steam we and gas and electric and there's a reason that we went towards gas and it's it's crazy to think that it could have gone like either
the other two direction, yeah yeah, but it is really strange. I was not aware I have I I I think I've seen some of those old old electric cars- I've not seen the steam once it was wild part of the reason why no one wants to let that go too is like, if you think about why a lot of those like really people who call themselves gearheads, is because they really love to get in and tinker with the car and like change just this thing or to tweak just that thing. When you're talking about an electric car, you have, instead of hundreds of parts you're around talking about like twelve fifteen. The number is way way shower, and so it gives you a lot less control over that car, and so then, all of a sudden, you don't have control over something. That's scary for some facial nikola yeah. Perhaps we could talk about smart watches, cause you're, a really good piece Thank you yeah. Let's do it yeah? Where do we start because, as you know, the one
I'll. Just I wrote about why women are buying smart watches, which we I mean this all begins. I dunno doesn't run it all begins, but that's kind of what I was doing at sea as a sort of digging into like what's happening in wearables and which is kind of the most obvious marriage of fashion and technology, which is why I'm here and you're listening to me in your free time, but so I found an amazing statistic that I was able to start this off with, which is that of the wearables market. Fifty four,
and of fitness. Tracker owners are women, so many like dig in finnish, trackers, goin great watchin steps cetera, but of smart lodges. Only seventy, no seventy one percent of smart owners are men, which is a courageous. He raises splittin so that I basically broke down like what I perceived to be the problems like what some of these issues are, which obviously begin with design and the fact that there is that there are a lot of good options to choose from and like. Why aren't? They could actually do? and they don't fit right. Look weird the common like idea of like shrinking and pink. It is still not here were alike. I take it shrinking shrinking to sing in his leg, amazing that used to be the old like active, where adage before, without this whole new world of aware, but it was like a women's,
football jersey make it smaller, make it pink now, they'll buy it, and it's just like. No, it doesn't work like that. Modern girls, don't want pink, sparkly things. Why do you keep making pink sparkly things? It's nothing, but just like it's just insulting. It is truly insulting, and yet, last week it's a yes. We saw companies announcing smart watches for women, though yeah nothing, but just they just like like glued rhinestones on yes, yes, yes, you can watch me on facebook live on the verge facebook. like ranting like executives are not executive but like a rep next to me, just like staring me down, but yeah, it's just so so yeah, that's what I wrote about I got. I got so much amazing amazing feedback from people like women emailing me. Like you set all the things that I don't know what you just said.
well. The things I've been thinking about for a year and like awesome stuff like that, so it was really escape. I first of all, I don't think most people should buy a smartwatch right now. Men or women said what do women want? Smart watches, I what I would like. I know not how you look at me, like this all sucks or, as you got there so so laying before you answer nationalists, you need to figure out like why do men want to re watch because, like what just said something incredibly ridiculous, women were hurrying in. Writing like I don't I hate dinners It's women like these things that men like those that's awful and that's data, then I'd address that in here, like talking about that stuff is dated, but I think part of it is like the activity. Tracker promises something very specific and it also promises like a better self, and I think a lot of purchasing is hinged. On this. Is me, but better like if I buy this thing
Maybe it's yeah and I'm gonna have this vision of myself and I don't think smart watches offer a thing. Besides, knowing everything instantly will conspicuous, another of the third thing is more watches the third thing for the strikers Who is work? My watches doesn't even think they work. Thou show your attack welders, like a lion, orgasm double yeah, alot of like problems, the hurried monitors and several hundred thing often suffered that no good to be sceptical about the I mean the. I will say how reminders of origin for using it for actual medical stuff. You should stop right now: but like the general like that move around more this week than I did last week. It's actually like it in that very broad wildly accurate sense. That's what I use it's like. There's that out, it's like a help to get off the culture is really about all it's gonna do have you at the island to take the history of the wristwatch, because wasn't there wristwatch with wasn't that the women's watch first and I might be missed remembering because as a packet, what package,
predates the wristwatch. I can't really like that. I modern developments and I feel like it was for women. Ok, I don't. I don't remember specifically. I've also had a long running like theory that turkey, most men like have their smartphone in their pocket like on their body attached to them. At most times, women a lot of funds have their phone in their purse or lay on the table and not physically attacked them, and I think there might be a little bit of mental block going the idea of having the computer with the screen on your body, yeah, was the the common wisdom by the way is that the wristwatch was invented. A row of people strapping pocket, watches to the rest around the time of world war, one so that they wouldn't have to pull it out when they were in the trench They look yeah yeah first soldier, that's what I mean increasing like a really long line to draw that, like that's, where I get value out of
wearing a smart watch. Some non push the elder. Whenever the metaphorical trains will you can't can't give you have a choice you can either put on when you're gas or you can look at pull the watch on your pocket. You gotta pick one. I didn't bring this up my interview two years ago, but I as needed, the archduke for both of you and then I hopped in a time machine with James franco and I came to detroit to stop jfk from that movie looks terrible You are either a part of the series right yeah. I I'm, I can't say I'm not going to watch it because of
I really thought we were going to get to see it at sundance, but we're leaving before it. Premieres, though I don't I'm not that bums but yeah. No, I I I'm interested in in in the role yeah the like what what what women tend to want to hold versus have on their body like yeah, I dunno you think of of accessories, like an average woman is probably wearing on average, I'm not talking about every woman, more accessories on their body, then yeah I'd, say the perfect thing. It's an excess like it should work and its clearly like failing now, I don't know from smart hearings. Is that how we think about nine super super tiny curious to see what happens if you like the next year. Year. Will like be a quick tell of like this thing succeeds. Are we just like? Let it go,
I dunno. I always imagined that if I imagined there being where bulls in, like I dunno when I was like working on some story or something I imagined something that was like this though? Not here lay in wait a minute you highlights very low from future, lay some ear. The turn your arm over for that still feels outside of your body, so close to the smart fabric stuff coming out, so I can do like touch sensitive clothing, yeah, there's a there's, a smart bra that made a big splash in cs. Oh wait: did you see this okay? I this is madness by myself with I rescheduled my appointment, I'm like three times in that I skipped it and I'm so sorry, you didn't see those Barbara and I know- and I was just like I like it seems gimmicky to me- I was like oh it's whatever and then it's gotten so much plays sense that I did not try it on and I roomed with lauren good and she had one in our room and then I should have. What does it do I dunno
That is like a really like big mistake. This is one of the mistakes are made at sea, is booming and see us learn from mistakes. Gad anything else from interrupt. You did. I worry me earlier. We are giving out you're smart, lock, future peace. You also took to the show forward, lorn good. Yes, now looked at some of the west. Around scarcely radio. Seven minutes of learned advise everyone is in Heaven learn good, that's what I wanted to sweet, but I didn't say that it now of walking around it about this. About about these restrictive it was amazing like she and I like obviously attack this from different places and like I just think that I learned so much from her and like gi, not to like put words in her mouth, but I think that she got a lot out of me as well, so it was great. It was really great and it's documented on the
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