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Netflix wants linear TV to die, Thread border routers are Matter-ready, and Tesla sold most of its Bitcoin


The Verge's Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz run discuss Tesla earnings, Netflix's next move, and an upgrade to smart home standard Thread.

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Hello! Welcome to recast the flagship podcast, the future of television you are now in the quantum's. I dunno means teacher televisions, quantum physics, quantum dots, that's where that's where my brain went, but that's just a display technology. the future television is navigating tiles on multiple apps, with no universal search and what you want is for tv to be so confusing that you just give up and read a book and then you read a book and the friends they industries are really trying to like make it better for you like make your social life better they're cutting your screen time I'm your friend me lie david piercing hi, I'm your friend who will stand there and hold the rabbit ears for you, so that you get the broadcasts. Television I'll, do that for you, anytime, Alex transit here I mean friend, who will say eighty I see three when o is coming down, where you got it save broadcast television is one of the
maybe the only other person who cares about broadcast listening to or to or making the show right now, I'm like watching likely in the background cringe with fear, and you need like a meter, that's like boring and not boring, and you can just tell us which way we're going in real time. So I have an antenna connected. My tv now yeah because youtube tv, compresses everything so badly, as I am getting in tenor for football season, yeah set up in the woods. I had a monkey randomly pick up the the CBS and fox stations to pick up gains. In my local cbs station, tell me, I see, vs looks better than fox fox the broadcasts in seventeen. Eighty CBS is attentively
The local cbs station is like no actually our main feed, we're going to do seven twenty p and then we'll have three sub channels of infomercials. That's worth the money its yes. I don't believe that atheists see three point. I was going to roll out and do for hdr broadcasting and broadcasters around america are going to be like we should use all of our bandwidth or quality or be like we're going to do forty five more infomercial channels, like I don't even think, they're capable of shooting in four k at this point I think most shows are still shooting in seven twenty There's football Boca that there really excited about most of us are just like sony ace. It's on the sideline However, I do remember like barstool sports. It's like I love this new eight k, camera and I wanted to, but I don't want to engage you, but I have some notes about your whole situation. Don't get excited just a mere like some guy just had a mirrorless camera anyway It's a neal, mohan friend of the rich, has had a product youtube. I was watching the n b, a finals. I sent him a note as like dude, yours
youtube tv sponsoring the NBA finals. Why don't you just give him? The cameras leads your young wine around which certainly more than some of them like send a move. he's like we have offered like it's a hard proof. With many stakeholders- and we have certainly been like we'll just do it but he's like it's a hard problem. Many stakeholders, it's not as simple, and that was the in the point o will fix this. That's what's going get them on board you know it bundles goosey five, which will fix over the magic I just wanna before we move on that like a lot of people like, oh disney. I believe the things that he says like is he really this serious about everything and the fact that you have youtube tv, but when and bought rabbit ears so that you could get ten eighty, I football is like that's. Your truth, man. I respect that. I don't like that. Russian
Do I do a full hour, I'm way red compressors, more importantly than in any other color, because I can do is leading to explode. Please don't do that. Go against of like are theirs actual news earnings season, shirts ass rackets, who for many years, has had to tell her in your team, it's earnings season and then like program earning season, I got into they ones yet, but tesla netflix supported earnings the test. The story is really a story. Competition in the EU market at this point, If their deliveries are are down. They they've been on this run of record deliveries because they've been ramping up their factories and there Unlimited demand for tesla model. Threes model lies far as I can tell, but There's covered shutdowns in china, others supply chain. Elon has the supply chain thing is basically a nightmare. So they are delivers around. They have delivered two hundred fifty four thousand six hundred and ninety five, the task order and that's down from three hundred ten thousand the court before
and that is happening as ford- is ramping up the mach, an f one, fifty lightning in some weird you think they're going to make and midsize suv. It's also happening like gm is like having up chevy eve theirs. What the competition is Macarena. It seems like it's a rough time for it. again like especially for tesla, which has is like building out gigafactories factories and like really being up its own capacity. But then you have these other companies that have been very good at making cars for a very long time that our now indeed- do you space and it's always just been like. Can the carmaker's go electric before tesla figures out how to make a lot of cars and like this? Is that moment where it's going to happen? It doesn't help that the ceo is also like. I want to spend forty four billion dollars no, I don't want to spend forty four billion dollars. Letters down didn't help, there's a little distraction going on with that company the island, but it's a good answer The emperor it's a big camp. I was wondering leg, the not all waken up everytime you like as you on
the intention to us? Should we go to work today like that? You have continued to make cars, I think the distraction is more like is the product roadmap on track? Is the head of autonomous driving going to drink out what she recently did like the second is stable, can accompany whether we storms, You aren't going to buy a whole bunch of bitcoin for some reason, and then this quarter. They sold it all because they just needed cash to deal with other challenges. Like this. Seventy five percent tesla sold seventy five percent of the bitcoin. It holds and that's like you I think this isn't a verdict on bitcoin, I'm concerned about the overall liquidity of the company. Given coverage shutdowns in china. We need the cash in then he said we have. with any of our that's the best part. It's. it's yeah, I'm deeply suspicious of that argument. A bitcoin is way down.
I think they ended up saying they took like a hundred slightly over a hundred million dollar bath on selling their client. Yes, they had bought last year. They bought at one point five billion dollars, bitcoin I think, they're going to end up they'd sold a chunk of it and then sold majority of what they had left, but I think number, was like one hundred and six million, or something going to end up losing on their bitcoin investment. But then tesla has like, Eighteen billion dollars, free cash, which is a lot of money, would not lead you to believe that they are so desperate for another. I think it was nine hundred and thirty six million dollars that you, have to sell all of your bitcoin right this minute. So to me it's like this looks to me like Ilan musk is looking around me like. I have a lot of investments that are all losing money that we have here is a way to get out. I want him. Just seemed like this is not verdict on bitcoin, but I still have all my dose going is like a hard. It's a hard thing to say in a row yeah
but he also called all of the crypto currency side of the court. A sideshow to the side show. He also said- and I quote I might pump, but I don't dump, which is very good, but he did and then he dumped it, but he didn't pump it that he didn't dump at the time. That's true! That's true! well, if you like. What I do is pumping dumb schemes and you like, but I take a bath time, but you are a bad confident, that's not how that works. Nights fundamentally, there's like some things is tesla they're, very popular people really like the cars. Muslim, limited demanded this I've run I can make and no one is. They haven't like made a lot of cars before the show out so saying total intestines history. it's somewhere around, two million total cars most sold last year last year, where they only just sort of wrapped ramped up production right with the three I like that. That's relatively new for tesla that they have these high volume mainstream cars that,
model. S and model x were not like. They were luxury cars. They competed high numbers. People are not out there buying model, it just looks like the x and Y are the ones and those are reasonably new cars. So that's where I'm is undergoing a volume but they're up against ford, which is like putting in different kinds of batteries. Success it as it is a necessary iron. Phosphate batteries sustained, arrange lower energy intensity, but cheaper than to get ford, is Shipping, like one f one, fifty lightning day keep trying. I would love to I keep calling dealers and they're like yeah, this one's just for show. But if you want it, when we're done letting people test drive, it will sell it to you for twenty thousand over stick I that seems like a horrible deal now. Do you want to be on the list? It will cost five hundred dollars to be on the list. I think this is why people hate guard healers yeah, but whatever, like the ford's making them they're selling them they're selling a lot of monkeys. People really like monkey.
and then chevy just announced its the silverado otto is like going to hit what was a little ugly. One chubby has a lot of little ugly cars, the blazer. New blazer and there's a new equinox they're coming GM ceo said not to twenty one. In an recently reaffirmed she says by twenty twenty five. ammo. Seldom most electric vehicles, united states, which means they're going to beat tesla cars like tesla, sells fourteen times more evil than sugar, as chevy is like here's, the bolt and like she's, like What been three years or to some more than teslas has a huge ramp. They think they can do it. Don't they have to make cars that look good today That age. Have you seen this new chevy blazer and you just take a break and just like look it's it's real something. What am I looking at? The future, that's a future car, that's a car where someone says I want future and they didn't say. I more than that, and so the designers just went
continental yoda spent years being. Like you know what people want is angry robots drop their children off at school all their cars are taking their pulling back from that now and show he was like alright angry robots. So it's going to be our thing and they're going full angry robots. I love it, but they look. They look white. The blazer is just an answer's going to ship the equinoxes and the ship, and apparently they've got other ones to read. They've got the cadillac, lyric and all the other stuff, the Celestine, which is supposed to come very soon, which Who knows this is the thing right, because I feel like people have been throwing this like everybody's, going to start making more cars, and then your host thing at elon musk for like years now, and he keeps basically just like sitting back in his chair- is being like call me when they actually ship something and like he's been right, basically every time so far so now I have coming up to the point where it's like ford seems to be like genuinely on track to doing something, big and real, but even but I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to believe some of these targets, and it's like twenty twenty six is like an eternity from now in and yeah.
as far as I'm concerned with any of the stuff and like like the the celestine like I feel like I was like four years old when people started talking about, I dunno like his nila. You spend more time talking to these people than we do like at what point do we believe any of these timelines? Like isn't all of this just vaporware and tesla still kind of the only company shipping a lot of electric cars? It should be a lot of extra cars. It is impossible to buy a tesla right now. True, they feel like how to buy a model. Three there like good luck. Enjoy to buy used model three for ten thousand over its msrp at was new, and I know that seems bad, and then you end up looking on facebook marketplace for ten thousand dollar two thousand and six Bmw convertibles, which very entertaining. I can do that you should not like one hundred and eighty thousand, should by the fourteen each macbook pro as discussed, and you should all
always ask your wife. If you should spend some interference in but I think like fundamentally you're, seeing the the big companies ramp they'd know it's existential, that's the thing! That's getting all of these companies in europe, they've got to get there The regulations are such that they have to get there They made all these promises to their investors that they're going to get there and so yeah I mean I'm the one who calls all the cars vaporware, but they know that, like their future, in doing this, and in particular I think, with ford there slowly splitting that company into the two right- was everything else that they announced. They like quietly, are going to lay off eight thousand people from gas division of the company, so they can invest in the ii division of the company set ford blue in fort Greene. No, they didn't call him ford when ford green. I think they it's ford, blue and ford, Oh! I like Alex's idea better. Do you think they would change it, but could we could we call them and see if they'll change it
so. My understanding of this is that both choices were bad. My model rest. You call one model either and you've got to call the gas cars the model t which is deeply insulting, and if you call the gas cars model or ford blue. and you call the other one ford green. The pickup truck people won't buy from ford green because when you deal this is like a real problem. They had so they went with model e and blue can't have those green cars commie cars, have you know all ivies they've stopped doing greenhouse have all gone to blue eyelets, there's a whole story inside of the connotations great wow! That's so! All of these are now doing electric blue instead of green. It's. Why should we call em like ford read like certainly give association like red instead of green, because, like the entire planet yeah and on fire by this?
And then people are like? I love that color. This is definitely one of the dogs just going to do. You know they're going to like rebranding, an e muscle car brand and they keep shrek showing will renders of cars. Don't exist but its edges, central for them like they have to move away from gas cars, internal roller, I'm going to let them keeps on gas. Cars are going to build that infrastructure, and then they have to deal with the fact that, like a lot, is there a recurring revenue is like parts for gas cars and like maintenance contract, so they and all this stuff like then like electric cars, they need that. So that's what you see like Bmw, doing heated seats for eighteen dollars a month or whatever due to their trying to move there, trying to turn the car into literally. I found where every button you push me example: money in that that's their dreams, like that's what every car ceo is like and eventually Other lines are revenue in the car and am I owe you mean charging infrastructure and they're like no.
Like enough tease butterfly play. I cannot wait to jailbreak an electric car that wants to charge me eight ten dollars a month from a heated vice, actually motherboard, whom we love. As a story that grey market hackers, so Bmw has been doing this for a long time now. So by Bmw has all the parts in it all the time for sports are played at least thirty dollars a year in a bmw owners like this is a great deal for the privilege of dry five, soon, I didn't like rolling it out to other components in the one that blew up this past week was heated seat, so in countries outside of the united states they're shipping, the cars with a heated seat hardware- and are not enabling it. You pay eighteen dollars a month or so. What's the lifetime four hundred and fifteen dollars for this is the heart of theirs. I don't understand is like the idea that you buy car and then they overcharge you for all. The upgrades is like how cars have worked.
Forever rarely do, bluetooth in your car that sixty five thousand extra dollars and then delay We want to ensure workers and set a one that six hundred bucks- and this is just like What happens when you buy a car and I don't open he thinks this outrageous like way overblown? Because what we are actually doing is it's it's like by now pay later, where it's like no you're just paying this improved in instalments, we ve changed nothing. It spirit airlines right like like it's when all the airline companies do now we're there, like yeah, Bmw, your spirit airlines in the situation, to be clear. but it's the same thing where they're just saying: okay, nickel and dime yo. You you want to bring a bag on the plane for when you're, going on your trip shocking twenty five dollars, please it's it's three. Hours every time you open your friend like in your beauty. Would I personally, like tat, just have that baked into the price, so I dont get irrationally angry when I check in yes but they're they're calculus is People would rather be like ooh. I save twenty five dollars by wiggling, all my clothes. Under my shirt.
If I saw a great tech talk of a travel influencer who's like here's, what you do you get a huge pillowcase, you shove all your clothes in a pillowcase and they can't stop you from bringing a pillow and it was. She was dead serious like that. Okay, things are desperate, so that the argument for the airlines about the nickel and dime is always, but it makes airfare cheaper, and then people some people pay for the stuff, but, like we've, democratized air travel because the base prices are cheaper. I dunno how I feel about that argument, but that is arrogant they will make, That is not the argument. Bmw is making Bmw is making. Is we ought to ship features like adaptive, cruise control and lane assessed. But when we added as an option package, no one buys it. This is a good, their quote in english, drs broke the story and so we're just going to start building into the cars, and then we can like advertise it to the drivers and get people to pay for it, because it's a great feature
people want. They say that stuff, nobody buys it, but they also have the power to control what they ship. Right now. When you go to a car dealership to buy a car that, like I'm sorry, we only have the most luxurious trim in stock. Do you Why buy a car right now? That's it so like they have people over a barrel. I mean, I guess they won't in a couple of years when cars are shipping again, but like I stumped by that. I'm not saying Bmw is full of liars, but that's that's actually, VW. Sorry, just like this car does not have emissions, but it could if I'm going to estimate what sort of thing this is like just like back out to a computer thing right. It's weird, to have hardware in your house, that is software gated away from yes, in most cases, people think that's a key and like we accept that You might have software on your computer, that's gated away from you, but like that's like every app on your phone. Every video game is like here. It is,
all the thing is here you pay. Some money gets more functionality and that works since world, it is super weird to be driving around a bunch of like inactive heated seat hardware where I think, there's a something there that, like psychologically, these companies have not figured out that this is after all in software, and it is not accept one hour in the car companies. Are there forever going to be hardware company, yeah, and so the idea that you can make the cars cheaper to produce by standardizing the build by standardizing that they all have heated, seat, heated seats and they all have adaptive cruise control instead of doing that, build time, which is what they want to do. so, if you by the end of you and you, don't hit the option, then it just doesn't have a hardware in the car shipper. They're saying. Well, actually we could like muddle. To an average and just below the cars. The same and then the people will want it can hit the button and pay us a recurring subscription at a high enough margin to cover the muddled out. The same, build cost
All of this makes sense to like accountants and consultants like they like popcorn, in pain bottle when they like hit the button. The excel spreadsheet rendered the graph and an electric into the real world and everyone's like. But we hate this year, don't think they they've solved that problem at all, is it end, is my thing like I'm just looking at this and like we, we talked a lot about the heated seats thing, but Bmw will also charge you, Well, let's see, I believe it's ten. euros a month, for I beam assistant, which will automatically switch your high beams on and off when there's oncoming traffic. That is, like that's a safety feature of a car. Like now you've gotten to the point where I'm like we're we're like two seats away from like okay, we'll give you a gas pedal and for eight dollars a month. We'll give you a break, though, and I'm still like: where does this end it? You can pay for online entertainment cool into that you can pay for accurate maps like nope. that is a thing that I should have, because that is how you drive cars. I think it's when the EU finally says wait a minute. This is horrible.
The anti consumer and if we can make apple put usb in an iphone owner see you're, forgetting that the industry is a german company in german carmakers get away with things continue like they're, so politicians they're still reasonably corrupt and you can save us. I just think this is nuts we're going to keep interviewing course. He has any code or I'm going to keep pushing it. But, like you see where the car industry is going right, like moving edis, these getting rid of all their own old revenue lines that had to do with gas and like gas, cars, and how they needed maintenance and like those regions on transport big referring revenue the dealer. Getting you back in there to do an oil change every three to ten thousand miles, depending on your desire to risk it seven thousand. That was like a big source of money for these companies because they sold the dealers, the parts in the oil and that and all that's gone to they got they got to come up with other stuff and the pressure to go and compete with tesla on these companies is wicked. I will say I mean like
You mention when shall laborers. I have to point out. The tesla has the ultimate vaporware car right now ass. In the cyber truck, which you are now says, it will ship next year shared it's one more year when should wiper development taking out, one and they're gonna break, we figure still haven't figured it out. I get why they haven't figured out that the prototypes we've seen right now are staggeringly ugly. one should care to I'm having for three and a triangle miles summary on twitter, sent me one rendering of three and a triangle, but if anyone else wants to send me with three in a triangle. Would look at three windshield wipers and a triangle with that guy on the cyber truck you know, will put it in the next broadcast most of it. Alright, break and come back inside netflix. There's some threatened users. All kinds of stuff graham will get back, get back to the one step would audible take to listen to what you love like site by ethics gripping thrillers true crime and wellness
whatever you're into you can find the best of it on audible, with best in audio books exclusive originals popular podcast. And more. help you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or just be entertained, sign up for europe free thirty day trial. Today, at audible, dot com, I'm sharing ghaffari and I'm alex heath were hosting land of the giants, a pod cast about the biggest tech companies of our time. This season promoter, formerly known as facebook, it's a company in a particularly call controversial and vulnerable moment. Mark Zuckerberg is placing a what a billion dollar back towards an imagined met averse future. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still grappling with what is already built. This season going to talk to the executive, steering matters biggest decisions and you'll, hear some of meadows sharpest critics. Its former employees works
or wise ochre burg is taking the company in a bowl direction and how facebooks passed will inform future plan of the giants, the facebook mega disruption from rico diverge and the box media pike, network this season is sponsored by Cleve. You subscribe for free you listen and get our first episode on Wednesday July thirteenth, we're back yet more earnings. That more news are suchlike. flakes. You wrote this week a headline cs ready for tv to die shocking, which is funny because they make tv YAP. So what on earth do you mean? I mean I was being a little clip baby. I'm gonna be honoured,
here I love, you pull the click on my stories and reward me. That's that's just the way I am, but the really ready for linear tv to die. That means cable. That means broadcast tv because that is their primary competitor. It's not disney. It's not paramount, plus its their parent companies. Yeoman ethics is up I think in paramount plus you all the time, our interaction. Hastings like what's our peacock strategy, yeah they're not and I'm saying this for, like eight years now he's been saying tv is going to die and generally he says, tvs dead in twenty thirty and this time he said tvs dead in five to ten years, and he said it with a lot of confidence like he was kind of leaning forward. If you watch the the earnings, video he's kind, leaning, four and well, you know it's just dead in five to ten years I, but in incentivized
it's easy to say that, because they've run out of subscribers and now they're starting to lose subscribers, they lost, but two hundred thousand in q, one and q. Two they lost one point three million over three months and part of that was a bunch of people subscribed during covert and are now doing other things and don't need it anymore. Part of that is just like general churn. People just are like I'm going stop subscribing to this until strength? Your things comes back, so you should actually subscribed now guys if you're doing that, but also the future of is unethical disclosure diverge made a show, and I thought I saw them it's great If he's a love, it was that your disclosure, my netflix a slogan. I was very happy. That's like watch my show, but that's That's like all the more netflix inside I have. Is that our shows on the service and sank at that. second, more important part of this closure is like that that we have had a total independence from ethics. Today they can't tell
what to do, because otherwise, they would say don't blog about the fact that we lost a bunch of subscribers. This year and they're they're running into the situation where they they're losing subscribers. They have kind of like kept their. The amount of people that are going to buy subscriptions just willy nilly or is, is gone like there are people who are rich rather watch tv. My mom does not know how to log into netflix like she's. On my account, if I asked her to log in right now, she would say I don't know how but and then there's a lot of people who just don't use it or, more importantly, they're using friends and family's netflix accounts there, they're sharing and so netflix also said during their earnings. Call that they're. You know they're working further on this ad supported tier earlier this week they announced that microsoft is going to be working on, like that's going to be their partner and deliver all the ads for them, and this tier is not going to have everything that netflix airs on it. That's because of rights right, yeah, yeah, they're, saying that's because of licensing rights like they. They have these licensing agreements, some of the stuff they just can't
screen. If they're gonna hoping had two, we get to talk about a lot and ass vaudeville. This is my favorite son, don't get in there and end so they're they're, looking further other money, also with these new anti password sharing testify running in south america right now where there's like, if you're using somebody else's password, it'll pop up and be like hey, we noticed you're doing this. You should instead pay five dollars or whatever a month and get your own home. And an independent, which I'm sure my mom is going to do with the one time she finally logs into Netflix she's immediately going be like oh yeah. Thank you netflix. For this reminder. Great if they somehow targeted that towards a specific if they could like detect the relationship yeah and like target the copy, be like it's time Let your mom go or like this relationship obviously ended two years ago, and you just haven't talked about this, like he's, moved on, I'm ninety seven percent sure my college girlfriend still uses my netflix
I can't prove it. But there are things in my recommendations that note it doesn't make any sense. Otherwise, how likely story mister of here and listen. I'm just saying it's they're saying it's a dollar, seventeen per household! Look! It's fine! If you think richardson is a banger, it's people like it when you just We get a lot of like kid programming and a like. Oh some, using my account. I don't have those. I don't watch cocoanut Alan what's happening here. Sadly, I do Even though we've made max an account, we still just use mine. It's great she's got a profile and we're still just like whatever we're using the main one she's going to love the grey man she's going to have a great time. They talked about the grey man, a lot they're they're really focused on there I so excited our man and saying that kind of thought was interesting. Was they said that their content is enough right, like you, and I were talking about before the show david jamming. They were basically like. So did the asia versus s fighting, is general, genuinely my favourite subject in an effort,
to make as much money from streaming services as possible that the indus. basically split into two sites, there's there's eva, which is advertising supported, video on demand and theirs I would just attractions what a video on demand and those are two completely separate things to which people signed different rights so you can have like us. You can have a streaming exclusive for subscription service and a different streaming exclusive for an advertising service, and now netflix has both, which means going to have a bunch of deals that exist on netflix. That literally, do not apply and are actually prohibited from the ad supported side of netflix, which is wholly yes, and all of this is backwards and bonkers, but what it means there's going to be a bunch of stuff on netflix that doesn't work on netflix ad supported but
said serena is basically like. We don't care. Netflix originals are good. People will pay five dollars a month or whatever it ends up costing. They don't care because I mean also a lot of their biggest like their heaviest. Hitters are already gone from the service right like friends. The office are both now on peacock, which are really shaking in their boots. Over marvel's gone like they, they lost all of those like grey's anatomy was a huge one for them. All of those cw shows riverdale all america. Those shows do monster traffic for netflix and now that sea w is breaking apart because of the warner, the warner discovery deal and seed of EU is owned by paramount and warner brothers like they're, losing a lot of issues, they were going to lose them anyway. So, like again, they can say: oh yeah, we're good enough. I don't know if they actually are like. I think we just haven't seen enough. Is there you don't think the admiral will just be free know they are going to charge for the ad here. They've made that clear, they haven't said like how much they're going to charge, but they're definitely going to charge for the ad tier. I bet it's five bucks.
It'll, be fine. I mean that's, that's what I the amount that you just like it's the most you can spend before it feels like money. I think, to a lot of people. Yeah for ninety nine a month, it's like this apple figured out with apple. It's just like okay, and I do think it is true that people more We go to netflix to watch netflix stuff. Also, This is I I just went to netflix's top ten page, which is top ten netflix dot com and it's always fascinating if either of you heard of a movie called the sea beast. Yes, what is the number one movie on netflix? It's for little kids. I have never in my life, until this minute heard of the movie and it's the number one movie, and if people could just send us a plot summary of the cbc contributed at liam age dreams or producer he'll he'll pass them on to us yeah, but yeah yeah, like I think, netflix actually has a lot of problems because they aren't really good at creating those big followings for their shows. Apart from stuff, like bridger,
and stranger things yeah. It has a few of them. They've had a few of them, but every time they talk about, like oh yeah, we have the biggest movie in the country. Who do you know talking is talking about the gray man who talked about bright after bright came out besides ted saran. Guess who was like this is the best. I talked to bright a lot because bright was It was. It was trash, that's how people talked about it like bird box. That thing was probably the last one that really kind of like hit the the public consciousness in a way, so is still struggling there. Well- and this is why grey man is so interesting, because it's like netflix has made pretty clear from the beginning that it sees. Gray man as like a Our vote. Sized cinematic he's got them. It's going. You lots of stuff with directors in He asked the reserve others. They spent like two hundred million dollars on the movie. There's a bunch of books, read them all. The first six are great and then they're awful. I feel, like my recommendation, no much more like jason bourne, he I would say so. I'm like I can see how they'd make a few of these.
I'm not sure I see like a gigantic cinematic universe, and also I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews are not good well, they mean this is we've seen them do this again and again, where they chase. he's franchises because they know like everybody knows they need franchises parents. Entire business is built on taylor sheridan and start track, like that's their whole business peacock is like we have friends, don't you love friends, come watch friends disney plus has all of pop culture. Netflix doesn't have these big pop culture site I spoke with apart from stranger things. Squid game. They got squid game. Redly definitely have a few of them Their strategy has been for the longest time right. The studios like looked it. x is like their last stop yeah for money. They would go to theatres they would go to tv and they would send to kate and netflix. Had the rest, it's. A netflix is like strategy from the beginning was just like quantity, we're just going to buy everything
and for an informant it after they were done with that. Their shadows, you just quantity of show runners, so every show runner in hollywood, just like gotta, netflix, steel love this for them. If it no notes just go nuts right. Shonda rhimes had the time of your in It's like the strategy has to shift to quality. I don't think netflix is unable to do, but if you just where they have been like The middle three episodes of every netflix show are basically designed for you to look at your phone while you watching them, rightly whatever, is long as you watching netflix you're not doing anything else and they've said this a lot before right, reed Hastings is our true competitions, is, does if you're for and here I'm watching netflix and sleep in sleep, yeah, and so now, they're like oh, our competition is like apple tv plus our competitions, hp max, like all these, that will mean I'm, not saying the issue of access a best catalogue, but like it's a superior catalogue leah, It's a lot of stuff that was made for h, b right.
years. Also the show head of the class, which is one of the weirdest envy sharon's hassebu our traffic. Will you talking about? it's like crazy, there's an upcoming about youtube. Ah, it's very good I, the author, on the other, show that I'm not allowed to mention on the show to count we've. Another show used to love. Reading it and like the the professor from head of the classes, I got key character in the story of youtube. Is like a real thing. Internationally head of the class is everywhere. You know it going. For car. You see that model of car every like everywhere, unlike the classes everywhere. It's happening man it's moment, but if you're, if you're, netflix in that moment, you're. Ok, we ve got stranger things that we can hold that up against. What's the new, show the house of the dragon house of the dragon. Good at like all this, like multi channel event, marketing and always been known for well, that up against westworld. We hope
up against the last season. Tat lesson which apples and go all out on It's the last season of ted lasso and like netflix, just hasn't been in that mode They've been in the tiger. King is a viral sensation and everyone's watching it, and we didn't do anything to make it happen. And I think they just have to shift into like hollywood mode in a way that I think is very different for them. It's also really hard, like the part of the it requires, is knowing what's going to be a hit before its ahead and netflix is historically fair I think it networks is actually really bad about that, and I want to bring him back to her up plus because I do think paramount plus is like a sneaky competitor here, especially with its the tailor sheridan machine, this is a huge yellowstone's, a huge franchise calling taylor sheridan taylor? Sheridan did ended security cowboy yeah he he was in. He was a writer and also on the show sons of anarchy, and then he did. are you again? The common thread here is characters who can be
cried the sad cowboys the assistant like sand cowboy motorcycle begets and cowboy you're a cop sad cover he's a sad cowboy on his little horrors is the tailor shared and cinematic universe. Yet he has built as this cinematic universe. He actually like. He went out and he built it. It's a monster. It's a it's one of the most watch like yellowstone as one of the most. What shows on tv right down on any of these platforms and paramount is actually made of tv people who maybe we don't watch all their shows in cs, but they're huge monster. Successes like these are shows that people talk about, and people watch impairments really really good at it, and also has has been to is doing the ad supported stuff like there being much more thoughtful about it than netflix who's kind of like coming from. Has this real disadvantage because they haven't had to do this before they
now know how to do this in been doing it for a while now to some success, yeah as usual different so This is why I would bet on on netflix. I'm still betting on netflix, it's in it's enormous. It's got way more subscribers mothers that there's like just inertia, but there's also like netflix has like teams of engineers who are good at their job. and they can like stream, lively and forte with servants out and paramount places like this app runs. There's a ham serenity. Well, and we actually he doesn't power the app we just let him design the app it's actually a guinea pig hamster h, b, o max. I mean it's just like the hollywood. Companies are not good at making the technology and that's a great thing that Netflix still has the massive advantage on impossible, they bought bam tackle a long time ago, and they like made the app good yttrium accent they've done a bunch of like redesigning stuff along the way and they said they switched out like he went down today, but was
the thing that happened, the middle with asia disappeared for awhile, so we'll see you have I have no one can watch it or the experience of watching it is horrible. I think people will revert to netflix and I think that's like a big challenge for these. The hollywood companies is their user experiences are bad. Yes, a hundred percent, I'm not sure. That's true. I think the idea that people will pick the best user experience is a thing that is not true in reality that, like the hoops people will jump, bruh to watch their dumb ass shows, That knows no bounds. Right like this is why the streaming world exists, because it's like, if I have a show you want to watch, you will do whatever weird shit I make you do in order to watch it, and this is how H, who keeps winning like hbo max is on fire despite being a trash app if people want to watch the stuff on h, b, o max, and so I think what what netflix has to do now is figure out like how to make.
Good things and tell everyone about them, and those are the different skills than netflix has shown it asked. I mean, I think, I think, there's other companies do act We have to make good apps, though I began suddenly. Like anything, I think at some point. I think they are going to run out of steam at some point and people are gonna be like well. I've seen all the content to want to watch this you're doing boring shit. I wanna go back to that flax and think amazon was kind of a shocking women. week, where they're redesigning their whole app, which is Thank god the ugliest they made it netflix netflix algorithm is terrible, but netflix has like a good user experience one. I think, there's also just like us, sheer women that we ve seen this and how many interfaces over how many things over time they all urged to something really familiar so they're not trying to make you think too hard, and then you can just like watch. The boys right, like that's all they're trying to do in all these apps launched, and we sat through
shout out to Julia alexander, sat through millions of presentations about how this app was different. and peacock has alive tab to recreate the feeling of live tv. in and max is like cartoon. Work experience in you'd like David. What's two shows Almost all of it is like this is too much like a haven't This all the way through you just needed little bit different, It can be people trying want to get to the shows and david where they just want to hit play and then you're done with the app like once you get to that point, you don't need the app anymore, and I think we are seeing now with amazon particular like there's a virgins to hear this. baseline user experience that everybody wants and the idea that keep you in this at forever. Like these, let go of there's so much competition. The team that did the prime app is led by drew grant. 32a design htc for years and years
he's a smart designer and like at the if the day they like I think that familiar to people, not just like the game that you have to play games we think of when I second christian from the youtube tv team for the verge cast last week, one of the things talking about was that, like spreadsheet tv, which it turns out everybody in the entry recalls the spreadsheet, which made me really happy cause it's just like the sickly like when, when we launched youtube tv, we had a million of like objectively better ideas about how to program live tv and we're likely it will be easier to be easier to navigate. You can just search around and the an overwhelming response was like where's the spreadsheet. Well, that was what happened with hulu as well cool? It was like no, no, no, we got this. We do have a new amaze, experience and the very first thing everybody said, including myself- was this sucks, whereas my grid totally, and it took hulu way too long to put up. Will it now Ben smith? Who was, I think, the head of product at hulu
or that redesign is at amazon and took much safer approach. Second, do you know that for years there were just like massive patent disputes with a great guide released there yeah the guy was like a patented approach to doing it. So for years, tivo didn't have one back in the day cause they they couldn't get around the patent, and then there was like five thousand patent lawsuits and out. They're all expired. Who is the patent honor, it was a company called rosy. It was like the digital tv guide. We found it This is probably twenty twelve two thousand and thirteen it was like. Inside there's a lotta just like ptsd in the industry that they can't do it, so they have to reinvent it in other areas. It can just whatever I think, like fundamentally, you look at where all these companies are worth. Prime video is: watch shows like they got the boys. This is the part How about for an hour? we ve got a very expensive. Lord of the rings show coming. Yes, the wondering
have not talked with netflix. Is the microsoft deal which he shot briefly? I only wanna make this one point. They signed at microsoft to be their ad provider, which is their community targeting and the placement of all the stuff. The ad tech netflix I want to build that allentown, which is interesting cause they build every other part of the tech stack on their own. The reason they sign with microsoft, like it was in the journal of Bloomberg, is the natural partners for such a thing or like google, and on netflix runs on a ws and they're like We can't because they also compete with us in ISAF is like we don't also have xbox. You want to do games and there's that whole thing happening there. We're like microsoft, one because they don't do everything if they don't have a content studio and so the ad provided, what you don't think of myself really in this adds conversation but we come a major player in tv adds because I haven't done you to a regional or made the boys or, like whatever all the other things, and I
I am proud. Alot about these companies are being too big, but that's like a really funny outcome of being too big. Is it like you, I d make you to a regional one too many times and does not guarantee that you won't try again, so you don't get to run our adds business place. I'd have that's not yet what end its work. We have really fun theories on the internet about whether microsoft we could acquire for netflix, which I think is ridiculous for, like a hundred different reasons put, it is any twisting like that idea that Microsoft is not in that his realm is, I think, like less true than either side would like it to be. I mean microsoft activision blizzard, which makes video which netflix will not shut up about how it competes with and is becoming like a real content play in a lot of ways, just it doesn't make original shows that's true, but like the export, is becoming as big
generator of ip and time span yeah as anything else. So it's like I'd I'd. These things are coming together in such a way that I think, like netflix, inactivation buzzard might not be that apart for very long having martyrs off a boner folks know cause. I don't know why netflix would sell to microsoft. But let me also Microsoft had the most disastrous attempt at being like we're gonna, be the centre of your living room we're going to make the xbox a cable box and then was good idea. The worst idea they were like The presentation when they did the big e three presentation and they were like the xbox one, the center of your living room and at the end of it they're like here's the Fucking IRA blaster. There was no way I like go to l a and be like I'm stopping this presentation and shutting this down. No one believed me: it's like an old. I hope our older listeners remember how very angry
What's with all you got years of verge casting out of our blaster say I mean I look and I are plaster, though Alex the idea to everyone thinks so the right of petition. Ir blaster the product has failed. had been true since, like the eighties and that's why the and the first invidious shield failed, I didn't blaster. Well, we all own one. I know ninety percent, less energy shield people going to show up now we're going to show up and the shield people alright taken away. We can ask one more question before we do, I'm still on netflix's top ten page. This is very important to me. if either of you ever heard of a show called boo, bitch, yes, Alex watches every show I like here's. What I got I got a shield, I got a plex account. I got every show to see. Who is the ghosts? It is the ninth most popular show on netflix right now, it's not worth watching. to the very end and closing mr booby
I want is for netflix on a tv platforms. Will chromecast apple tv would whatever to have a two speed one way of vice, like a wash it. That's why I watch all usually, like my point, seven five on my tv, it's great if they did for like that, home decoration, shows where they just skip to the reveal. I would press that, but be great I want to see what the sex room looks like. there's a show right now on netflix. Where were this little this lady design, sex rooms for people? it's been incitement to diverge. Hast, it's been right, ride, be ready, they five dollars a month. Flushed efforts polishing a show either about goes through sex rooms. That's if you networks and he could learn about a saint andrew crop. We're gonna come back in talking about smartphone protocols.
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Alright we're back. There's a bunch of gadgets us talk about the end here yeah sure that's sensibly gadgets from July. This is it's been a fine techie week servant wait, I'm just saying I hope everyone had a good ad break. You've all recovered you, watch movies are alright, let's start with what I think is tiny news, but huge news thread: one dot. Three Dato is out the tiniest news, the world, some of the biggest news Tat like this is the underlying bluetooth. Five is here story of the weak, so threat and, as you know underlying wireless protocol that will support and matter than you, smart, I'm standard will. Let you for all of your stuff on all your stuff, so matter standard. All your I just going to show up in homekit, oh yeah, just going shopping, alexa all yeah just going to show you don't have to do all this weird cross about this stuff apple has called it
architecture. They all said out loud at events, we're gonna sport matter threat is the wireless entered. The matter until today we ve been trying to move forward five hundred years, yes, five hundred and one and give it s like first gen janeiro had like thread radios in it and they were like it's going to be huge. It's two up until there are two thread devices you the most notable I naturally flights you people, but the border writers that, like sit between your wifi network in the thread devices we're all totally incompatible with each other, so we nest hub. Max the second gen nest hub the apple tv four K. homepod mini we're echoes the Natalie stuff euro stuff all had thread. Radios in them are connected, and then passed signals onto your thread network, but all of were totally incompatible, could not talk to each other cannot monsieur there, so he had multiple. These devices has had multiple weirdo threaten networks,
devices were not cross compatible, which is even crazier to some devices supported what thread. One point three: it's here one point three that which is very specific, backwards about all them, so now that all just mesh together- and I just want to take a minute- like devices from google and apple and amazon all can talk to each other. Because of this one different, so homepod mini and an apple tv for K and a nest, wifi and hub and newer echoes, like yet we're just one wireless mesh network in your home to support smart home devices when they update do they play. We are the world. they're like we're, sorry that we did this to you for years, we apologize that your house was a weird disaster. You have a linux box in the garage to fix it. It's a weird song. There are
some backing singers I regret it that it was like melodically perfect, but I think it had. It had bars in it commissioner, this is a huge rights means matter is happening. It means that, like his gentoo, he read about this. While she got a great piece on the thread itself and then she has peace where she interviewed our equipment who directs amazon, smart home and they're like this, the thing that unlocks excellence, welcome that will will be able to see all your stuff be more productive, build intelligent automations that we like for you that are cool. It's tiny little stand. Story, but you rarely see a standard like come to life Nobody support it and say this is the way it's going to go. The way that this is slowly beginning to happen and thread is like the thing that enables the thing right, like matter, is just like the the interface that understands all of this across the things. But, like you said, none of this works. If
is not sitting on any of it actually building a single network that makes sense doll. These devices the This feels like one of those things, and it's can be interesting of how quickly everything sort of gets on word, but it seems like everybody's committed and this is going to happen pretty fast, which is very exciting yeah. The fact that now, like you, can have thread border routers in your house thread border under such a bad name. like these things can't run wifi, wifi is too power. Hungry requires too many components. They can't run bluetooth because bluetooth sucks, while isn't bluetooth. A black loses. Other range right like it is low energy in particular desirable. I lot like capability so thread sits in the middle, where you get kind of like pervasive coverage. Your house, plus everything is meshing together to get even you can extend the coverage really fast, really easily, plus it's super low power. So this is the thing that like if you What all the light switches are has to go. They don't have to be on wifi, that's too hard or you don't need the the levittown or the lutron hub or whatever it is that have you just combined the devices on the go?
and so, like apple knows, and amazon knows, everybody knows like we can't. We can't ask people to like Kate, their entire houses to our weird smart, my dears, and the downstream manufacturers lights light switch manufacturers will just kill them if they are to make five versions of every product It's been a long long, long long time coming is here and there's like already. some beginnings like eve, has a new motion sensor that runs on threatened. All the stuff, and I think we're we're just going to see kind of an explosion throw devices. Now the underlying. Now that and say anybody with hope had many can run at anybody with a new echo can work anybody with a nest hub. Second gen can run it. Anybody with your writers can run it, and it's going to like it's going to speed up adoption really fast I'm guessing that when apple does apple's new iphones and like an cause expiration, with the next version of ios, then redesigned the home app, I'm guessing. There's gonna be a wave of accessories that come along for the ride cause. That's when that's when the matter support will be here.
Or like apple, don't release the version of ios than six months from now they'll ship, the dot update that as matter in it. But like that's the moment, I think the the salt starts to really happen. goes and it feels like as we talk I have the stuff part of. What's wild about these things? Is it's like we're just explaining how it like, obviously, should have worked the whole time just like? Oh, you have a thing. It connects to a thing and they talk to each other. And then you have another thing that also talks to it and it's like yeah. No, that's that's what is supposed to be its again, is described. It is like that time when we offer scott cell phones, when you could only call other people on your carrier, and then everybody is like what this is ridiculous and just like you call other people who had phones- and this. This feels like that moment to me where it's like. Ok, we ve gone from this, is dumb and bad too. This is how always should have been, and on the one hand it I'm trying to like remain very excited because it is very exciting, but it's also like yeah dude
nobody's, inventing anything new or interesting. Here this is just what it should have been. I mean they've been trying this. They will have his her five years. That was out earlier this summer. I got delayed by several months like the there's a bunch of underlying political tech. Stuff like what's the standard b is ready? Should we ship it, but I've accident it is happening on all these devices at once and they're like mainstream devices, it's a commendable like the industry, actually did it. and the upside of those five years that it took is all of these companies have now seen how badly it would go if they tried to like the whole wall themselves like there was a, It were home. Kit was like we're going to build a whole gigantic accessories ecosystem around homekit and alexa was gonna. Do the same thing and Google was going to do the same thing and everybody was like that's ridiculous eddie that I will exclusively by google devices for my home is just not going to happen in the world. And they all now know that for sure- and I feel like it just helps a lot in the last year. I like that, it's going to force apple and amazon and google to maybe have better home management.
It's got out elegantly rate like I hope that happens, because right now, there's been competing with like amazon's just like we have, and we support everything and apples like security and Google's like we're here two and now have to like actually think about it and compete if they want to be in this space yeah it's going to be like an interface race for the first time ever, which is very exciting. Underlying bits of matter are very much hunk I will just like basely, gave home kit yeah to the standard. What was most secure of of like all of these standards up until that point raised a lot of their leverage. As I do you wanna be on our phone, you if you're going to do our thing so, like there's, there's a lot of that politicking underneath the hood here to having you seymour things going to end up, looking like the home, app, apple assailants redesign held up in the new version of ios. It appears that this words like ovals social He would tell me it's beyond its video thread. One point three:
If you you've got one of these devices like the quietly update, you should go. Get an anna it'd, be like it's so fast, actually cool thing about it like compared to wifi, bluetooth, lightning. Fast control from your phone to the thing, like that's the coolest about other gadget news sample gonna, folsom friends at us. Yes, he himself has lake. Way announced the date of the new unpacked thing like forty five times and then eventually just announced the thing there are like odin. say that all of you knew it was going to be it's going to be that since august, tenth we're are going to get at least one foldable phone prison. mobley a bunch of other wacky stuff cuz, that's what sense instead speaker Let's me speaker man, what was it was. It was like what was The galaxy tab was Alex the grill like it looks like a little weber grill. It did look like a little tab. It looks like, like you'd put a potted plant in it. It was a galaxy home. That's what was called the galaxy tub
galaxy tab. This I mean I will say this might actually be an interesting moment, because if it's like that, the thread stuff is happening and obviously like all the stuff that samsung is about to ship, it has been working on for a very long time. So it's not like it spins this stuff up in two weeks, but it's like seven His kind has had smart things for a long time and his kind of not talked about smart things in a long time Maybe Samsung has a reason to try to get back into this in a this If it can be part of this, he goes as mega every lake nine months I get an email from somebody who's like I'm working on smart things, you and I'm gonna tell you about our new thing and like what is it? It's it's are you putting your pool yeah? That tells you that it's a pool? This is the secret of smartthings like that and added the longest they're, the most compatible with the most things. Yes,
they're down to like it's a sensor that detects whether your pool is full of water, because we've made every other kind of sensor that can exist and the people who are in the smart things are like. I had moved in on their platform, but I can't get this one sensor that tells me at the door. Knobs are hot and it's like. No other way to tell? If there's a fire in the house, only the doorknob detector, it's real it's like once you once you're like at that level of like very specific product lock and you're like and smart things for life. L yeah What's a samsung says they sold a bunch of folding phones. People seem to like the z, folds, Yes, that exists. I see him in the wild now, no, I seem same as I see a riven truck lake, they exist. People are using them who are not tech, journalist. LEO had one for, like fifteen minutes there, It's a day where Liam shut up on a car and was like hey, I bought afford and then the next day Liam
not out it was longer than was alarmed that you will ever is too weak sucker the return buried. Sampson's like hit their samsung moment right, where there if sold a lot of em. They know other people want like and don't like they don't have to make wages claims about them. They just have to continue to iterate, like apart from the blue bubble situation. there, the most interesting phones and this is also in the life cycle of a most products but especially samsung products where they tend to be good. Like historically, The like third and fourth of a thing samsung makes is where they start to kind of solve it, I'm so surprising, apple apple. Usually this is right around the time. Apples like hey, we ve invented this. Therefore and they haven't done it yet behind who are they ve got a real I've had problem, I figure I'd stage manager and my stage manager and your folding iphone would be the death of me, which I can easily relate now yeah. I can't I can't do it.
At the pile windows, zero, my phone, but I mean that that's their problem right. You unfolded like a max size. Iphone you've got an ipad mini yeah, one that I mean. I want to hold an ipad mini up to my head folded. The dream. Other news reviewed the pixel six, a which seems fine. Excited about this phone actually, because it's like ghouls well thing when they launched. This was basically like the tensor chip is going to make all of our phones great, no matter what and we're going to like on ai as the thing that can make even our cheap phones with less impressive hardware good and by and large, that seems to be the case it's like, Allison Johnson reviewed it's really good review, but it's like there's like little things, bad with it like sheep, the fingerprint sensor is slow. screen is not like wildly impressive, but it has a good camera display having not as impressive camera hardware is was Google's other phones. It has good battery life and, like the the processor, makes a difference, and it's like if Google, like the the vibe I get from the
this. Basically, it's four hundred and forty nine dollars, I think, for basically all of the Are you get out of the more expensive pixels? Even that's cool lived in the uk. Would you get this or nothing I'm so excited. I love like thinking about that, because I can't talk about the nothing phone. Is this. Some years ago we company made that message, nothing, I feel you would have to them. I punch them in the face and walk over here. It comes up here given having four would you? at this design, language. Google has this weird camera line. You know you don't like the hump just the worst to hump or bump. It is not a great looking phone. I think the the thing is like I dunno I just I like this idea that Google's big, that is, we can fix a lot of things with software and ai and at least in part, that is panic thought classes hire a good designer, apparently not they've, hired. So many
Finally, we have to have a lot of designers were good and they ve got along this. Yes, I think it's eminence part of, like just schools, entire design languages like we want simplicity, so things will load quickly, so you will not leave our sight and they can. Then they translated it to hardware and that actually translates badly. There's like a level of like Google goofy in us. I to extend it to this. As my sixty other day and my pixel such whereas, like he really you didn't even get dorothy genome saint Pierre yeah, Google news they've got new prototype. They are glad ass. Is the third gonna start putting out in the world yeah. They they announced that they are going to be testing. These you may be seeing them in the world that a lot of times they're going to look like actual glasses, but they're going to have a ton of c
in them, and gather a lot of data so that that privacy nightmare part of odd minted reality. They are not addressing their just be if its common, this to me was the funniest news of the weak and it's not even close, because what happened? I absolutely promise. I have no knowledge, but I'm absolutely confident this is what happened. Is somebody had a meeting and somebody is like? Ok, there's things cool. Can I like get home for the weekend and test it somebody else, went remember the last time we had a our glasses that we let people go out in the world, and so they had a whole big thing in there. Like okay, how do we? How do we solve this problem like we? We can't name it anything like glass, Glasgow's, glass hole was pretty funny, and every resource remembers that we have to tell everyone that you might see a google employ in the world wearing a our glasses and it's ok we're we will not harm you and theirs. The rules I get like. I'm sure there are rules like you can't wear them into a bar. Please one of them in the shower there's just like there there's just like a glass holes, mistakes list,
in this room at google in this announcement makes me so happy to here's your what's a photo question for reading this I say we're going to start testing these things, don't freak out We just need to see how they work only a few dozen googlers and select trusted testers. Call me, don't punch them in the face if you see them these, types will include inland displays, microphones and cameras, but they'll have strict limitations on what they can. For example, our air prototypes don't support photography in video turkey, though Data will be used to enable experiences like translating the menu in front of you are showing you do, things to a nearby coffee shop. What is the difference? between the image data, It shows a computer what's on the menu, so so they can translate it for you and photographers e nvidia greasy. It's not a key pact. Yeah. If you don't save it, is it a photo? Like that's the question I mean it
if the status being stored, I think if we went and pushed them, it would be like formats there's a line of cases and cover all about ephemeral, copies and whether they constitute illegal infringing copies and the court's got it wrong for a long time and made people pay licensing fees, A federal copies are your real thing right at some point if you're doing that, you are definitely capturing image data, can't translate an image without capturing imitator, bright liquors, there's no way they. I don't support. Videography but I can definitely read this video feed and then spit out what the word say all their saying hears it doesn't record. The video for play back that has to be with us. It is right that they gave makes you think of like the thing where googling amazon used to say that their voice assistance that they not record you and it's like now. Actually happens as they just recorded for every two seconds and then throw it away so good recording all the time. It's just
saving any of it until it hears a word that it likes this. This to me feels like exactly the same thing where it's like: no, it's actually recording. Always it's just not doing anything with it until you tell it to would be my guess, but it sounds less scary. That way, I will say that they're announcing it cause, people are going to see it. People are gonna freak out so then, like when people see it, they freak out that you might find this blog post like that, rather getting ahead of their own controversy. The stack of a are problems is still huge there right that I don't know display technology they're, going to use no one's invented, one, that's any good for a r yep. I don't know what processors they're going to use it do all of this. I know if their battery life will be any good these things are gonna be heavy, like I think, they're saying it so that he can get out ahead of whatever new cycle and like both positive and negative right now. Here we are talking about ghoul a arc, but there's not close like no one is close because core underlying technologies are not close,
yeah somebody who's going to take a picture of somebody in mountain view, with like a gigantic motherboard strapped to the side of their head and google is going to be able to be like, we told you, it's gonna now is. What about this? Is it's gonna, be an age tc vied with like just a pixel fun. yeah and there's going to be a person trailing behind them. Holding a desktop pc that'd, be amazing, like one of those like lidar sensors, on that exactly I think it is most the other mixed reality stuff and they're saying these are glasses, so both we know apple and facebook are going with basically full vr headsets with that's what cameras cameras, Nancy they create mixed, show you reality. Radio screen can't can't solve password to display problem. We just don't know what goes on sale. It says it will have prototypes. It looks like normal glasses and I have an inland this, So if they have solved the display problem, that's a big deal. I mean it could be just they. They own north, now right and like north, looked like regular glasses. This could be like
other stuff, but remember that video they showed it io of the the translate thing like yeah that basically it was like north or just like very advanced, just sort of a heads up display in front of you. It's those things where you don't need a whole lot of of vision, augmented vision, you just need a little It does show you what that thing on your menu means like they do on north wishes, like a smart, glasses company, but north. Just like projected notifications in front of you, there is augmented reality not happening. I've ever seen like like these, could theoretically still be using that display technology and just say: okay, we can't make the displays bigger let's figure out how we make our? U eyes, cohesive and interesting and smaller yeah, although you I would. I would quibble with your definition there. I think a lot of people think that projecting stuff on screen in front of your eyes. Count is augmented reality. I think a lot of louis pedometers, it's not augmented reality.
at augmented reality, man, you have to look at the world around you and then you have to like label it and it can't be postage stamp sized It's like a little display that shows you other stuff, even if it's a related to location. I gladly new york Subway, like you come off the subway, I don't know what direction you're pointed it would be great I've heard a that was just like turn around. That's Google maps live view thing, that's what they've been trying tried forever yeah I just knowing that I wanted reality really okay, but if it shows you that on a tv display up in the right side of your vision, vs project it on the building in front of you is one of those they are in. One of those is not a yet other otherwise is just a little display, but their functionality, Yovanna at the world. But, What world do you do? You only want the big screens
No I'm saying the name is augmented reality. So, like you have to augment reality, I have a little computer monitor in my glasses does not accomplish that if the case than your iphone is happily augmenting reality all day long, I mean apple woods, It been talking about iphone and ipad a r five years. Let's just say they stand over the table and they're like you, can't see this, but this minecraft build incredible. This is just sort of like somebody is going to try to sell you a tiny little display in the upper right side of your vision and they're, going to call it a yard, and I'm saying you should have higher standards. We should have a little. We should have little dignity. We should just be like look an reality. You've got to of the problem with the hardest? of all of this is that the disease play on your glasses. What's projected on your glasses has to remap itself as you move your head around? Yes right, so I q you, you the virtual billboard on the side of the building and any move your head and says to look. I get some plain. That's all
a processing power, that's a lotta head tracking. That's a lot of re rendering. No one is ready for this. Yet we're talking about like Google's, going put notifications on your phone like carplay for It's right. It's a second screen for your phone, though we're going have to deal with augmented reality. Beach ball effectively like just a little I'm thinking and trying to reorient myself like it's just be a little beach ball. When you turn your head too robust glitches, whereas I shall just click the again another now gather like others. I hope it's a cute beach ball. Have all been like with our phone in a place like through a tunnel and the gps screws up, and it's like it thinks you're five hundred feet till after whatever in your car navigation every time I go through the hall and tunnel is like you're in a train yard you need to get out. I will just imagine that, but it's your experience of reality because glasses, like lock us cheaply s big it like this, is a hard is.
minting algae. If ever saw him only, they ve solved it and are not even close like not even where they closed, like that rumors from apple are like five thousand dollar virtual reality headset with cameras cuz. It will be beer for them to reconstruct, all of reality inside an expensive headset than it is to actually I'm a reality. Can you imagine how man you'll be? Lay I get mad at my phone when it when it when it screws up. If my glasses get screwed up lake, the fling a castle done now. This is the problem right. It like it that being so high stakes, because it's just trying to do Molly, it's it's that same rages like I need to princess in and mail it in an in ten minutes that exact same like fury when the printers idea hoddan. I think your inks out I'm just saying the whole time in the street like things are chasing after this, and they maybe they are, and we certainly have skipped a bunch of it in like whatever We should have some standards. When I say I went to, it cannot be a little projector and
the side of your glasses being like north, always self. It's great are treated. From a lightning around stuff. Here yeah you it must went to court or boy and said I want my The certainty that the euro area and the judges like no, he was everyone's outcome. So there trial, starting in delaware in october, already a raging battle inside the verse team of who gets to spend that time in delaware, the blood fight it's going to be five days, long too, which means it's like. Like the the last trial, I really spent a lot of time. Thinking about was like Elizabeth holmes, which was like months. This one is just going to be like a five day bloodbath. It's going to be insane. Look you don't mess around in the delaware court of chancery. They have time, for your nonsense settle the class action against the butterfly keyboards or fifty million dollars, which means everyone gets like ten cents. What are you gonna do with your ten cents per se,
as for hair classes, would have saved ten cents a day until real a hourglasses come out. I will have millions of dollars put them towards that. First apple, pear yeah. He should sign up and get your ten cents, but kind of amazing that apple caved. Finally, and then lastly, I'm just some big stuff trust bills. The united states antitrust spells that we've talked about on the show forever and ever they're sitting in the united states Senate. They have not come to the floor and there is a massive amount of lobbying from tat companies to try not to make them go away so that there is like the brewing political fight happening, Amy klobuchar, I she has a vote. She wants to bring to the floor. Chuck Schumer doesn't think that hasn't brought them before yet says he wants. The votes he's been spotted in seattle, visiting microsoft, and amazon is safety, but they're, bringing and ships built on the floor to invest in semi, conductors there's a privacy build up my head, for. There is a lot of
regulation back and forth in the middle. This to like push the spells, committees at hearing this released more documents that are like here's. exactly how amazon games the buy button like to the scent. make sure that they always win here facebook and google, like absolutely like self preference, their own products on their platforms, it's pretty wild stuff. It's one of those things that it's like it. It just makes you realize how specific the knowledge of all of this phase. It's another one of those things are it's like it's it's been so, obvious and allow these hearings that this is the kind of thing that's going on, but it's like it is with extremely deliberate and extreme calculated, how they're doing this stuff and become he's even kind of understand the dynamics of the other companies it is just like these are just like open secrets within these gigantic tech companies that this is how this works and has been really interesting to watch this sort of drivel of it come out where all figuring out how to compete with each other when they all kind of know exactly. What's going on, yeah
There's a mouse here. Do executives. Raising concerns at samson will compete on search. There's goods it discussing how amazon won't let Google assistant compete with alexa and a Will you see? I am keen to products from the amazon store? google competes to act like they're all in it, the arguments around this like in the background. The spell is either going to pass soon or get help, because you know congress has there's not enough. There's like not a lot going on so congressman. I go on vacation again. and there's a ton of tech companies. There's a bloomberg report on TIM cook, like personal, Lobbying senators, like the amount of money apple, is spending the amount of money. Amazon, swelling tiktok is spinning out of control. Lately the tech companies are are lobbying. Congress like like no one's ever seen before so we'll see what happens like it's a it's a little moment. Obviously, Mckenna and ruslan added
we're positive, we're tracking closely, but that's it alright we're over. As always, I want just as this piece on ai reading fiction for kindle those who, like crank out fiction for kindle books all day. It's like one of the best and funniest pieces we have in a long time. also one of the coolest layouts, the virtues ever is this health chuck tingle keeps tingling us got it. You got a cool house to spend a little too sexy on the verge castle. That's how you could treated us alex's out its grand by all means: twitter. Your favorite episodes, whatever whack wackadoo netflix, show she's watching We aim, as always, is at Liam H. James have no soundboard. So let's keep the pressure up. My friends, that's it! That's a virgin
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