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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is here and so is the Galaxy S10


Samsung unveils its new Galaxy foldable phone and the new S10 at their latest event. The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Dan Seifert, and Paul Miller react to the latest Samsung event and debate whether a foldable phone priced at a nearly $2,000 will be a game-changer. They also discuss the new updates to Samsung’s S10 phone, including a headphone jack.

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And this I'm so virtuous- and we actually almost all samsung the galaxy fold, the s ten s, ten plus the s, ten e and the galaxy buds, your best friends, from a trip halfway around the world to spontaneous fun on Friday night I tore- is the way millions have discovered in booked a world of wonderful experiences, download the via tore up and save ten percent. With the code, the I ain t o r one zero. Board for this episode comes from sales force. Did you know that pivot is now unseen force plus its sails bourses new streaming service, where you can now stream award winning original series live experiences and virtual learning, but sales force, plus business leaders can happened to the latest, engaging inspirational stories and get thought leadership and expert advice on demand. Join for free and watch new business series like pivot, on demand and sales force, dotcom, slash, plus the
universe, ass, the flagship, podcasting vocs media podcast system. This system will make you healthier and happier it's a system of an up. It's like cheerful That was why there was leader. Bone today will be his last day diverge on your friend, eli panos. Here, hello density, today we have down on the show cosette samsung weak dan and data played with father knew new ten phones, Jaap looked at some watches were done so we may get into all of that. I really quick wanted to. I want to go. Listen to our interview with the ceo of foursquare Jeff Glick, which went up on tuesday if you're at all interested something we talked about a lot, which is how companies track you why they track you put. The limit should be got really deep into that, so you'll, listen to that, if you haven't listened to it yet. But let's talk about these phones, so we had an argument before we began the show it wasn't like it What are you have arguing, nonetheless, of doing begin with a galaxy fold or the s ten right,
and upon made a strong case that we should begin with the full and neil. I tried make the case that that we should begin with the the s ten after the argument. You have already made their points and neil I folded. Here's! What swayed me tweeted this morning I'll, say it again on the show. I think we all we're all to join fundamentally that, action in the galaxy fold was entirely to jaded, so the folders, the fold It has a little screen on the front with huge vessels in unfolded to big strain. I believe dieter coined the term mega vessels in our life as negative as often they brought the unfolds. Big rainwater towers with seven point: three inches: it's like huge, a costs. One thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars and space can to start to start. You can speak get up to more than that. It'll come out in April, like four people are going to buy this thing, so everyone was like. I don't want this android apps, Tough! These mega vessels are stupid. It's two thousand dollars. Who cares you look at the gift on our side,
thing unfolding near like was even see g I'd, a fake that, like tenure, yeah I'd, rather you didn't you couldn't even fake it. It sucker it's it's a computer that unfolds It's crazy like we should all just people happy with that for one one brief minute of twenty nineteen. We should all take a break and watch the thing unfold and pretend we in the future and then here next we will watch things and next week will have case. Yonder shown he'll tell us what facebook is. Gonna, kill us and it's gonna be fine. Like this a moment. You know the that it unfolds. It's so cool, I'm watching the gif right now and it's just like I can watch it over and over and over again, even with the mega bezels like like you, look at the outside and you're super turned off by the thing you're like what is this and then they do the trick, and it's like whoa, dieter. You were there at the away there that this is the one thing from this event did not leak. What we yeah aiming for the name. But what are the virus go so that the bill grams civic auditorium, which is a space that apple has held events in
curious see how samsung handled the space I think they handled pretty well, they had meeting all the way up to the very front of the stage, I was literally three feet from their like laid upstage right that floor of the stage of the screen, which is wild, samson does precarious. And so we got to look ahead of time, but other people dead, but it still had a hands on area, so we rushed in there. They didn't have the fold there, but it was like a pretty decent of you know it doesn't reach like apple levels of hype and craziness. I don't know it felt like it was well put together with the WI fi failed, like it always does, but I think samsung put on a relatively good show as a samsung keynote. It wasn't weird samsung weird it was pretty dead ahead. I think they strategic
I chose not to address certain things, but overall I thought it was a you know: a nice atmosphere, nice place nice, you know nice, it was nice, that's that's the bottom line. It was nice but yeah. They lead with the fold, and I will say that in the actual audit, Graham, there were two moments when the entire audience like had the exact same reaction. The first moment was when they announced the price of the galaxy full of nineteen haven't eighty dollars, I'm just gonna recreated for you here. Were horror, watermelon watermelon water, watermelon watermelon. Didn't you say when you're an actor on stage in europe must act like you're mumbling to somebody you're trying to create myself. So earnest taken aback and then they got it and then they want to talk to me about it, and then they realise that,
Two hundred eighty dollars is a super strange price point. I must add that, had I not just two thousand, you know what a joke right: the joke, what happened in eighteen, eighty kinds I was- worn, ask us first rate for him and say that I was getting very funny run reign was like to president. The other thing that I couldn't. I didn't realize in the moment during the keynote, but I knew, but there was something in the back my mind. That was bugging me tom, more nailed it they did the exact same like cadence and saw as microsoft's surface studio reveal, they did appear imagination. The willy walk, a song as strange I'm send staging? You should go watch it. If you don't see, I'm out be shocked if no one, if anyone listening to this hadn't seen it but the big crazy stage, the wraparound The floor in the background, were one jagger, basically standing on a giant screen which is awesome
and adjust, it occurs to me that you apples, wives, are very friendly, like you, don't need to know about these specks everything's great, but we're just all here and save jobs, the It's like being at home. Sampson's rivals like we're giant technology cooperation with the most advanced technology- and we can put one of these in every part of your house. Welcome to the samson lifestyle experience. One will be provided it's like, thereby bixby writers, so much more aggressive in a way that I respect, because every year, google what's really friendly apple. Once we really friendly sampling is like get em samsung bus and orderly, you're samson job is your samsonite. Here's a samsung, lapped, here's the same theme song that we're gonna play on loop, the entire time you'll be. Directed by the samson missile defence system, like the whole time, unlike its greatest
it's good to be a little bit different than everybody. I can explain that vibe, google and apple, and even to some extent, amazon's ecosystems- are super. Real right. You can go live in apple. World apple has to be nice and friendly because, like you, probably live in apple world or google world or whatever already, and if they are like chest thumping about look at you, you can live in our world. People will get creeped out samsung world galaxy world, it's real, but it's like! Does anybody really aspire to my timezone cut off right at so they need to like they need to really tat the fact that they have this all encompassing ecosystem, because if they don't people, just wouldn't notice right like how many people are like hype, fur samsung health in the way they are for apple, health or even like fit that system right is there like, but it's just there
it's the same thing with as of samsung software product. Her name is samsung ecosystem product. What you don't love using samsung mobility connect telecommunications services with your galaxy buds and tab as five e, which is just sandman real sentence. They said if I were the actual galaxy fold, so it is seriously one thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars to start, it's gonna hit eighteen, He ain t mobile and the u s, it won't come with the galaxy buds for free today it is arriving as there is no jack headphones. Headphone jack, shrill kicking the pants dick. I ask one quick question is: is nineteen eighty before after a carrier. Subsidy. Is that a real number, it's the real number yeah they will. They will the nineteen eighty up into thirty six payments, it's coming April, three six, seven point: three inch infinity flex display that is like a weird can afford for by two or three
ass by croatia, with a giant notch in the upper right hand corner that his way bigger than I had expected it to be. Yeah and so hilariously. They use google maps to show this thing, and it looks I thought of their share. Africa page at first. I thought it was a browsers out, and it's not it's just a gigantic weird notch at the top right of that screen. That's where the cameras and stuff are fraught. It's got a four point. Six inch display that's used for phone That has the mega vessels around. It is weary I'd be in a place where we're like a small four point: six inch display that's just where we are in the street. It's a strange scream. Eggs of ram its financial data storage. It's gonna call on processor, its six cameras, three on the back to on the inside one on the front: yeah yeah,
it also unfolds. So that's the thing that is fascinating to me is they put like two on the insights. They expect you to be taking selfies with the fold open, yeah, oh yeah, I mean I would absolutely can we dive in to this hinge yeah, because the the the obvious thing with folding screens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, there is no true creased screen fold. You always have like a eight. There needs to be some well there's, no such thing as as an infinitely perfect fold even with paper, but you always have to have there's some radius right to the actual fold. Part. So Samsung is hiding that radius in in a hinge innocent
no, no, you can see it and gadget like they desire polluter with. What are the probability is in. There is one angle where you can see: there is a small gap when a thing is closed. Next to the hinge, I was kind of hoping the screen, what sort of when it closed or be perfectly flatter alike, balloon out inside the hinge in some way, but that's not it interest. There's a tiny little car if there is a tiny little gap when it clear it's, nothing like the royal or whatever that was, I saw at cs or, like I think, of like the microsoft surface book hinge. That's this big, like book hinge, it's it's nothing of that sort. Somebody found the actual thickness when it's closed and it's slightly thicker than like and intend to switch when it's closed, it's not terrible. It's not terrible and it unfolds right. So so it can cause special matter right leg. You not really gonna buy this thing. Really care if it has a twelve megapixel camera
in a sixty megapixel ultra wide and it's an xbox itself like right like we're. Not when we review this thing. Are we going to spend You know when we re iphone, but again I say a day. Looking at extremely close crops are vital. Photos and arguing about less. That's, not you're not going to do that with it. I hope we're not going to know. I mean like really it's a we'll talk about the s ten in a little bit, but it's basically the S. Ten technology stack with this crazy I'm saying that point. This is not, however, the camera The point of it has even how long the battery lasts The point is that it unfolds. Yes, I mean I, I tweeted this, deleted, because I had a typo, but you do you realize you were born in eighteen? Eighty, so you remember this: cause your old son see my social security number like twenty to restart the gourd gecko phone later. It was a status symbol and people used it sure they do business with people thought was cool whatever, but, like you buy,
that thing to say that you had that thing to pull that thing out and be the person who owns that thing. That is a galaxy folds primary purpose so that the people who buy it can be the kind of people who buy things like that yeah, but also to prove that samson got there. First, like oh yeah real. Well, I think it is the astonishingly status symbol, status, symbol that we ve had in this industries, as I can't even think since with since the razor. I agree that, because, like samsung cells, two thousand dollar android flip phones in china that run like old ass technology like like busted specks? Unlike software and they sell for two thousand twenty one hundred dollars because they are pure status. Symbols
so you're saying as people want folding funds, but like I've saying this, has all the status symbol we parts of being a status symbol like being very expensive and flashy, while also being like a true the logical feet at the same year. I think of the expensive part of this is a strategic move to discourage people from not buying s tent like if there was price that, like fourteen hundred dollar say. Yes, that's extremely expensive, it's on the high into smartphones but you can buy in a stand for fourteen hundred dollars. If you get enough storage so like this is price. So high that if you work- Securing buying understand you're, not likely to wait for this, because it's just can be so high out of your budget, any but I only very on both at many points this status. Simply part of this is like I enjoy a spectacle. Like every now and again, I, like slack, damn like good ebay listing
escalate, it's a thing that happens. I can't imagine like calmly sitting at dinner and being like. Hang out. I checked we pick unfolding this phone like that. It's a moment and people. Some people want to buy that moment. It's great, but, to your point, part like the razor was a status symbol. The original iphone was a status symbol. The iphone for had a status and in the story with all of those is that they got past their status symbol level, it became the ultimate mainstream, thinks the razor became now intimately mainstream in the matter of couple years, the iphone obviously being very mainstream very quickly. So does that mean that the folding found this is this: it's a status symbol this year, how many years until everyone's hopeful for that's my campaigning for how long until it's the best phone right is already very interesting prospect as a tablet that can kind of b a phone, but it might be alive,
time told the best phone right there. Also somebody treated this at me today, which is like I'd westering like us, his magically. We shall take a minute in this like do this, then we can go out. Are complaining that anodyne tablet which we ate up. I should only boy, it's kind by its common for us, but someone like you re, get hype about all kinds of things that are real like we are or holographic displays, or google glass and my counter amen to that is the utility of those things still like unknown right like I, don't we are pretty cool ersatz, his knee like great but the utility of it, some kind of unknown what we have to build apps for that Google glass was always done it just always was from the beginning it just was it was exciting, but it was ultimately like dumb the utility. This is very obvious. It makes a big thing. Small right, like you, don't have to sell that to anyone know if you have a big thing and you can make it
all right. If you can get that to a mainstream price, you can put the top end specks in it. Suddenly you're like are used for personal. The small phone, but have you got it? having a smartphone that turns into a big phone and it runs like. Oh that's great. I love this, so I think That alone is going to drive like demand to it. Like there's a very simple thing of the big thing it's small people are going to be into that, and I think that's why the camera, the selfie cameras, front when its unfolded in law, to be working to use it as big thing in and put it away Will you take your horse didn't fold like what is thy book fold. I wish I had a scroll likely ethnic grounds. For that
exciting proposal for, for both the technology and the media business? What about bring back? The four three aspect ratio now hear me up step. One eye max movies are tall they're, not super wide. There tall step to folding phones, it's easier to have a four three aspect: ratio: I thought I had three legs were basically bring back for three it once and for all its four point to my three I was reading. That's makin it was it was. My brain was breaking as there were so many doubts and diverse. But it's four point two by three sets briefless. Imagine watching a tearing tino movie on this day would be mostly
at black bars. No, but then you fold it up and you turn it sideways the way. Acquaintances! Look. I don't want to name shaq quentin too many times and I think Clinton would be fun huh, so look I were going to get it and we're gonna play with it and we're going to find all the apps. Don't work yet so do you know this is your moment, but I just before we do all of that. Can we like the fact that are going to make this piece of hardware, and it will be I my guess, is it will be medium good? Yet the hardware like like the thing is like samson, can innovate on the hardware which they're showing very well, and the hardware will probably be fine. It's obviously going to have lots of software struggles. So I'm saying, let's all just take a moment, to appreciate the hardware that can beat pull over in a car, be like a folding phones exist one is shipping and eighteen tee in t mobile on April, twenty six retorted the absurd price of one thousand nine hundred sport, and think in two months away its two months. If you live in that world,
talking to your local t, mobile store, store, emulate. Give me this folding phone in. We would like one thousand nine hundred eighty dollars irony of going to a team. It will start to be like I only want to pay forty five dollars a month for my service, but I'm going to buy the two thousand as primary. You live in that world. Let's just say: that's that's great! Okay, also live in a world where andrew tablet, software has to run on this. The egg, which is through they, while we medium good deed, or what did you think of the three absent one? the sort of unfolding was a junkie. I think it's gonna be a little bit jane. We know that said the sectors are twelve gigs of ram, such probably enough to run three abso once I recently and Samsung already like. If you have a s, nine plus or you get an s ten or an s. Ten plus, like you, can long press on the icon and multitasking to like do the split screen or do like a little pop over thing. You could like take any app in a samsung phone right now, just make a little app window that floats around on your screen
If Chad had just you could just do it? It's wild, so they know how to have multiple apps running or active or on the screen at once. Think about the elegance of, even though it's awkward like on an ipad. You can like sighed over from the side and have like an app scutcheon than sketch out or on window or on an ipad. You can split screen and then adjust the width between that stuff having used some of those those features. Unlike android on cromwell s, I'd have Andrews now ready for that. The aps expect be one size when they open on the phone the end. So I think that's why apple or not why samsung went with this panel system because it solves the problem of android. Apps expect to not be resized by and large, and so they expect to just be how they show up actually think it's one of the reasons that the site everything works. The way it does maybe
I get better over time, but I dunno I'm looking at the picture that we have in our article of the three up apps, and I don't think this screen big enough to really make this make sense. Like you look at the what's up screen, it's tiny! You look at the browser. It's like you're, not using that browsers like what is even the point. Wait look at the size of youtube. Video, That's great amazing. Think of the original sort of criticism of andrew tablets. The aps are bad, add on big screens, but if you, The small android tablet like a nexus seven say: everybody's favorite android tablet of all time, and if it's not you're wrong, that's great right, because it's just like a big phone, and now we all just have big phones. Why would you buy a nexus? Seven et cetera, et cetera, but this is only seven point. Three inches. Just like not that big and so even though android apps don't play well at like fire long tablet, big screen sizes, I think at seven point three you're gonna, be like math sure this is Yet if you, if you stretch it out to the whole thing like Anderson,
like in this three panel, three apps multitasking world that they showed off. I can imagine that working very Well, yeah, I mean right. This is like a weird set of apps, like just like kind of flatly who ever watching a youtube video, its tiny size, while looking at There's more screen real estate in this screenshot devoted to the neck. Three videos you might want to watch them. A video you're watching, then they ve got through, conversations and what's up what so like the older? move it in a tiny, unsettling phones where they had to split screen and like intervention that the floating out or whatever? Is you park, your youtube video at the top? And then you tweet about it in twitter below it, using like two thirds of the screen, for twitter or, like you were watching alive stream of football game or socrates, or whatever any tweet about it, like you can multitask
All of this just brings me back to this. Like very core think we talk about all time with the ipad and we had we just don't talk about it with andred tablets, a lot because because their andred tablets fat, but leg. You need a window owing system to like actually make this thing sort of work like you can't lock these things into these boxes because no one really wants to work this way. But it's possible that there like two windows system here right that you ve got a big one on the left in a skinny one on the right. Which is how the ipad started right, sir, I'm I'm not that mad about about this thing, yet until actually try it and see how it is to like open these things. And how do you actually manages differ windows and what not so and, like I don't know man, it seems a little bit hypocritical to be like obey gathers too many apps on the screen. Freedom, so confused when like in you, know, nature
daddy. When you were born eli, you could get a windows system. I like a four hundred and eighty x, three hundred and twenty display added like peewee, wanted that and it works right. Saying, I think that's. Actually. The solution to these constrained displays is overlapping apps, which is what winnowing systems like what Are you kidding me? I have you heard of a of tiling window managers yeah, I use one like I have a tile manager on my app on my mac. It just I don't like. I often overlap windows space. I find it so liberating once you have a system that keeps your windows from ever touching or overlapping. You feel more proud dave and smarter power you that katy like didn't. Let your green, such ass, potatoes, you want to Are you that's that's definitely magazine. So I imagine
This is therefore an android understand what it is about exactly what is less national play to get the kids that keeps all the foods of little compartments. I've never been a big phone person, so really understand the mindset, but I'm getting most people are getting the note because you can have to act at once on it. They just want a big screen right. Yeah are doing phone things on large screens. I think lots of people do picture in picture video notes right. It's like one of the best things you can do with a screen that size so yeah sure I, like that's a great You can do it. I've had. It is bizarre that you cannot do it on the larger iphones. I wish she could. Ultimately, though, the thing fault, but I just wanted to bring us back, I think the utility that fundamentalism is big thing made smaller, so that's cool, but the sort of like what happens when you unfolded. I dont know This is connected to any andred tablet: ecosystem stuff. Rather, Google buzz
some facility for these displays within correct that to the tablet version of andrew. As far as I know, there's no such thing as a have averted demand right. It doesn't exist No, I do this or it's just it's just android. They have been trying to build out the the you know, ecosystem for people, though, that resize absolute apps can exist at any arbitrary. You know heightened with and like that as well and then there'll there'll be on chromo ass, but you know the only companies making android tablets worth a damn or samsung and huawei right now and that that's fine, but less worried about like that of coral s level, stuff of android, that I am about ab support and sampson's gonna play around with different ideas.
Windowing systems on the bigger screen, but ultimately I don't think they're going to matter that much because at least as of right now it folds out to seven point three inches, which is like the size you want for like a one app, maybe two but you're not going to use this thing like you, would an ipad pro you're not going to open up a ton of apps at once at most you'll like do a picture in picture, have a second like site, We're on the side yeah, you know in app later I would really like on on a screen like this is, is along the right side instead trying to squeeze too apt in squeeze kind like a dark like just a row of icons, so you can quickly switch between apps and you can drag and drop things just like to that bar and Is that the switch the next app? I wonder if this thing supports slider, I was gonna say I wonder if it supports decks like how wild it'd be, if you plug a doc into this, and it just turns a desktop computer, then you've got a second display port same thing: here's the thing on: it's phones, called apps edge or edge screen
like swipe in from the side, and it brings is like tat of short cuts, that's kind of like launcher launcher. I could see them like adopting that kind of idea, like you're, just ascribing onto this fort pretty easily It could just stay up. Will you get on the phone? Is it takes up like a third of the screen, but I could see them allowing you to keep it. I cannot wait to play with this thing. How much like how much samson crazy in the software, like we kind of don't know this all the crazy like. Could they not in all the crazy cars, just like the the making the fold work was enough, I can't I I'm very excited I'm going to buy this shit. I can, I say, things that can, I guess I related yes, I remember The third reason for four three: if you look at me tvs? wanna living room, there's more room above the tv than theirs to the left or right? This is one thing. And then the other thing is you know the next phone
Then there are the next milestone that we now can look forward. To is the phone that folds twice yeah? What something that can double see this? This phone doubles screen size when it opens up a phone, the folds twice will come. Drew pull it screens right. So easy, basically open it too, like a small tablet, and then you open it. And to a big tablet, is that you're up your phone? is the size of a razor when We follow, you pulled it out and it's it's a razor size yet routes for making phone. All the razor following may not like a man's faces. So yes, the razor phone then you fold it one more time and you can watch quit interned tina, we're gonna, take a break from that from that hopeful vision of the future memories I with the essen,
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business leaders, including you to learn new skills, pursue career opportunities and drive change in the world sign up today to watch pivot and more exquisite content at cells forced our com, slash plus that sells we're star com, slash p o. Who s? Ok, I'm going to start with something you already now we need to do. The accelerating impacts of climate change, and we need to do it now: Here's something you may not know. Microsoft has been carbon neutral since two thousand and twelve this committed to being carbon negative by twenty thirty and their commitment to sustainability focuses on innovative approaches. Take, for example, the problem of plastic and our motions, almost all of the plastic pollution in our seas. Gets their via our rivers, but microsoft. Technology helping power, a little robotic, both called clear, but would you say I to identify, identifies a trash before flows out to see these many fleets are expected to
banter rivers harbours and canals across the globe. Here's another example: microsoft created an ocean ass, a mouse that has a shall made in part from the plastic waste recovered from our oceans and beaches. This is the first, the ocean plastic, has been recycled for consumer electronic plastic and microsoft The science so others can adopted. Sustainability is a top priority for microsoft, learn more whose down microsoft outcome. Flash climate- ok we're back, but I wasn't without about some future phones- dan talk about the now phone than iphone. Literally now, because we've got one here, you can preorder. Now it's going to be in stores in like a week and a half or whenever you listen to this week later or whatever and it is not like one s. Then there are four of them why is there so you got? The estonia implies those it like this
since last year's as nine as nine plus, then you ve got the s ten e It is perhaps maybe the most interesting of the new line, which is a small phone priced against like the iphone tenor, and then coming even later after the fold after the fault anyway, you there's a five g s, ten, that's coming to rise and first and then hitting other carriers, and that is not like a five g version of the essen plus. It's like its own separate model with an even bigger screen and other features. But the ones that are like important, renault s, ten, a simple us destiny, and this dinner. You made an entire video about one you I, which is this new gestured thing is happening with the bottom: that's an option, that's not necessarily the default. I turned the option on on the phone meals using to confuse him greatly. It is No, it's not because the one thing that you want to do the most swipe up from the bottom to go home
is also, depending on the timing of your swipes, the thing that activates samson pay or the google assistance? This he always say what does k is down there what's going and when you swipe up, am I going to pay for coffee. Am I going to talk to Google, or am I going to go to the homescreen? Describe this? This timing? Are you? Are you flicking up? Are you dragging slowly before
when we get there so samsung has options. The default. Is your standard samsung layout of multitasking home button back button on like Google, which is trying to come up with a full swipe system, samsung defaults to that you can switch it to a swipe up system where you swipe up from one of those three parts of the screen to activate one of those buttons. However, you know holding down in the home button or like a slow. So I pick you go to a full swipe system. They still need a way to get to those other features at the bottom of the phone, and this is why you guys were into this problem. One last point old, saint, the last couple of generations: samsung phones had like sons, version of forced touch, which was just on that that one spot you could they press hard and get home, and that is now gone. I assume, because they needed to make space for the ultrasonic fingerprints sensor to replace it. So having said all that the swipes are like they're there and we can be very angry about them, but it's not by default. So I I I
I guess, there's a learning curve. I think once you get used to it, you kind of learn it. I have now learned to completely be one unable to bring up. Samsung pay when I first met this found, it was all I could do it now. I can't do that. I myself, I think it only from the homes green is the same anyway. So this argument changes to this franconia signs of that. It most notable one while the two most notable ones, one a and one b, one a is at the top. Bezel is much smaller and the bottom bezel is much fun and we got the infinity o cameras punched out the punch camera, hole, punch cameras? Dan has pointed out to me that every one of samsung's wallpapers fades out to a black gradient in the top right, so it hides it, which I think looks great actually like just hide it was for for, for what it's worth is the exact same thing as with its default iphone, while neighbours, yes and then, when you like, do anything there, just like a black rectangle overall thing there and then obviously the fingerprint sensor,
and so on. The town in the us ten plus there's no rear fingerprint scanner, there's no capacity one. It is under the screen, ultrasonic, which I believe, I'm not sure if it's the first on the market, but it's the first ultrasonic fingerprint skinner I've used other under screen ones like the one plus six tee is an optical based once it is a little bit different technology that Samsung says is more secure, faster, harder, spoof stuff like that. But basically you place your thumb on the lower part of the screen and trying kind of find the right spot and it reads it and unlocks the phone is a fat with a rip. Effect on the screen. Just like yes, three set them the river stones, s three as you know it's funny, you realize you listed what you thought were the most important hardware aspects of the s. Ten any did mention the fact that they like through another Camera on there is fascinating. He has internet loegria signal to care
well, no, I was just saying the big two design changes from the s. Nine are the front camera and the fingerprint sensor yeah the stuff you look at all We are right in the fingerprint sensor, in particular Ozga hilarious, narrative of samson. Just finally getting here like we're gotta go she put it in this drawer under this rock, not a bad right next to the us than IE does not have this fancy. Favorite sensor, because it's cheaper, so they put it in the power button on the right side of the phone, which is what set sony has done for four years, and it's like a capacity of thing on the site it for us. I what so we can see where the cameras so there's two an affront on the essential on some of these simple answers on the fro, the regular centres, just one correct this kind, It is not what I had hoped it would be correct so there, pixel three has like a wide angle, selfie camera, yet which I would just for the record time, dieter on the show would be the most popular thing about the pixel three and he poohpooh me, and I was completely right because our animals
However, since I did not copy this great idea and then said, this is like a depth camera. Right. So so the main camera is a ten megapixel, oughta focused camera, which I think is unique. In that sense, I basically the only mainstream manufactured using auto focus front facing cameras. Everyone else's fix, focused. So that's pretty interesting they ve been using overtly yours, but then the second camera on the s ten plus, is an eight megapixel, our gb depths sensor, and they are using it for better what they call lie, focus, but basically your portrait mode types of features and stuff like that. They are not using it's not like us face idea array, so you can turn on face unlock, but it's just using a simple picture of your face as opposed to a treaty scanning array, and you cannot get an ultra wide field of view. What is interesting, though, is, if you, I think, he's Neil explained with a camera up right now there is
button to go a little bit wider than normal, but I think they're just cropping and uncropped yeah. I think that's what yup! That's what they're doing it's it's hilarious! That's why this camera is sam by forerunner of the story for us, but how every company ute copies the iphone camera app and it is probably the most influential software on the world. Yes, that's true warwick, so that's a front cameron's, let's not forget what what's going on in the back seat. Yes turn in the us ten plus. They have now three cameras in the back is basically your standard, which is a wide angle. You ve got the telephoto camera. That was, on the s name was last year in a new era. Photo is ultra. Why who goes even wider than normal, so you kind of have its cut me because it's like you got three different perspectives or feel the views in in your phone. The boat touch of a button away, yet I love this wider. No camera is exerting on carers great
like, if I don't know the exact specks of it. But if I had to guess what the equivalent of that are not like a large camera would be. I think it's like ten millimetres. It's really, why is also extremely distorted, yes, which is why, when you are very close to your subject, it will distort the interesting about that camera. Is it's not an auto focused camera? It's fixed focus, but at those extreme right angles that does it really matter that much so do we think these take better? I mean that's a lot of others, so it's a lotta lenses, so three different lenses, three different sensors, Only real new lens and new censor The ultra wide camera, based on what I ve been able to gather so far the. Why if the camera or the main camera and the telephoto camera are basically the same ones as were on the s nine last year. So the f one point, five switching of two point: four aperture on the main cameras still has a mechanical aperture switch thing of two point: four aperture. On, the telephoto seems, I sensor same, do pixel to focus on them, but they're not like stepping forward with the sensor technology like
we're seeing lots of phones this year with these forty eight megapixel sensors, that capture twelve megapixel images and they lets them down and get a whole bunch of data out of them, since it is not doing that, so we really- They need to do a lot of like more work and testing with this did say are there any better or worse but paper? It's not really pushing evelyn. I say that I'm just zooming in on some of these wide angle shots and they don't hold up great. They look really cool. Yes, they don't withstand. Yet so the wider, your cameras, a sixteen megapixel sensors, that's a new one and its negative tutor to ireland. There's something I don't know what I'd stay. But now it wants me picks revision, yet so that they can legislate. Use the phone for a while, the earth, the dog patent law about looks like you're taking a further, so we For that too, there's a bixby button. There is a victory by in it launches bixby. It does makes me things lie, but on the units that I looked at the hands on
area. There was a setting inside the bixby feed, it's not like in the main settings. It's in the bixby feed settings go to that. You tap the hamburger menu, blah blah blah blah, and you can find a place to customize the behavior of the bixby button and there's three things you can do with a button. You can press at once. You can press a twice rican, long press. It long pressing will always launch bixby voice for you, ask a question of bixby, and then you can know why it makes me just discuss and then one of those single or double process will always launch the bixby feed. You can't do that, but then you can customize the other one. So you can set the single press to launch an app or to launch a bixby routine? So you could you can in some ways customize it now at the thing on his unit doesn't have that option. It does not, and that was illegal in the first things I did after pulling it out of the box was to to see if we could change that, you definitely
in the right place where I was yeah. I was looking in the right place, but it lets me do is say: launch bixby with one press or launch bixby with two presses, but it does not. Let me choose a different app I've reached out to so for clarification on as they are currently working on it. So I dont know if it's a software update that might be pushed to this Vienna is ahead of want right now that we're about it, we can halfway from launch, so it's possible that could be adjusted. It's possible that the ones the demos had software that by not get to suppose we'll find out will definitely clarify and looking over sure yeah. Since then by the way notorious for having five fell, was in builds of software customized for every carrier for every region for random like different ship that they use. Who knows? Yes, it's always a delightful grabbed by, but you know it's gonna, be there bixby Yes, so on the the s turn in the us and plus we taught by them a bunch area inside you got your snatch agony for five, like specks out the max or whether we can get one terabytes s, ten, plus that sixteen hundred dollars
You can also get this impossible ceramic back, which is kind of crazy the one thing that's remarkable I've been showing us around the office today. Everyone says smaller than they expect, and it does feel pretty small for what is arguably a big phone like there's, no getting around there's a big phone big screen, it feels smaller than you would expect. If you really want to small phone, that's like the s ten e, which is kind of an interesting story. So ok asked any. I guess we'll just compared to what you miss from the s ten, so you look at the other side of things. Answer. You only have these single self a camera the front, and you have the is the regular and the teller on the back array learn. The wide I can remember eager to us is on the back. It's the regular and the ultra wide its it does not have the telephone. I actually think that's better. I would rather have that the screen is flat. Instead of curved, also has slightly bigger vessels, but in a manner that pretty small, if you're, really complaining about the vessels on it whatever it. So fifty dollars. It sells. Havel Jack's. Those use bc
elsewhere. Charging so has the same path. Sir, so has the cheapest model. Has but less ram, but whatever the slightly more storage, one has assumed a ram and that's kind of it. It's a five point. Eight screens was a little bit smaller, it's like comparable in size to the iphone ten, but it feels but narrower in my hand and negative actually like half a millimeter, millimeter thinner. What on earth and less narrow, less why'd. I don't know I I I think it's pretty solid, The question is: is it for small enough compared to the s ten people. I want the small one to justify it and
it's only one hundred and fifty bucks less than the s ten and if you're the kind of person that goes on a payment plan, that hundred fifty bucks like becomes a couple of bucks a month and so blair. So I have no idea if this thing is going to you know, live or die, succeed or fail, or what now samsung phones get discounted pretty aggressively pretty quickly, so it's possible. This thing will get more discounted than the s ten does so it will end up being like the cheap phone option and be more successful at being the cheapest option than the uneven they had. Our was, if that does happen, like its. It would be really compelling you're getting like cutting edge. Twenty nineteen tech inside of it, yes of processor, LP, sports stuff, The other confusing part of all of this is the best, and we mention has a five point: eight and screen and its smallest last year's s. Nine has five point eight, green, but the s nine is bigger than the us ten e because he has nine has more vessels
That's only nine like the size of the us ten, which has a six point. One in screen so like it gets confusing. You really eventually should just go. What is actually higher, but if you do that, it won't help because who hold s ten, ten you're like man, these are really close in size. I could barely till a difference. I guess I should just get the bigger one and then you set down the s tiny, and then you pick up the us ten plus a you hold them next, man these are really close in size. I really can't tell the difference that much I've just got. I should just get the bigger one. If you put all three of them too, other. You can see the size difference, but when you try to compare them, wonder why you like it. It is almost like. Saying that they have three phones at almost like they're, not identical sizes are obviously from sizes, but they're so close to each other that it's hard to know which one to get that sought so insane. That's like that samsung story thrown over seven chart of samsung screen sizes knows everything from like one point: two did by twelve point: seven
literally every little incremental, serene sizes available. So if it does get discounted, so intimate God odyssey that, I would say the big him here is not in this sort of five hundred dollar crop of phones, but the iphone ten are to Dan's point. If you get a ten, are you get the apple's best processor, but you don't get their best wireless performance? You, don't you only get one camera you to get face Id in the frame taking the damages, whose great that's, what I really cares. What you're getting within the tenors is a better life is like the basic values. The better, but you don't get their best screen like the cutdowns from the tennis than ten or are not illegal or noticeable. I think we all agree that tenors the restaurant from us. We will be like the that, if you want that other something's going on us, but in like samsung world, the cutdowns are not nearly a severe register right there. I mean yeah, it's still a it's, it's a it's a little bit lower rez, but at the smaller size, it's like negligible difference to your eye,
If you get there build a new modem super emulate, whatever it is called. You have the same process: processor yup! You do get two cameras in the back yup like that. And if it gets this kind of five hundred now apples like really looking at some competition. Well, sir, its apples and also in the other competition keep in mind for that, as ten e is one plus, because it makes killer phones at a price point that you know lower than that they might be creeping up this year. Who knows but like they make five six and of our funds that are really good, but then the downfall always like hair the camera. So if the destinies camera maintains or does better than what, like one plus those other. You know. Five hundred ish phones do then its golden, but if those phone step up there
camera game. Then this thing is really gets squeezed because you're going to have people saying ask grid I'll, get the really nice one or ask route I'll say if I'm going to save one hundred fifty bucks I might as well save one hundred and fifty more because the cameras almost as good anyway and get like a bigger screen and stuff like that, yeah yeah. So it's like it's in a weird spot, so I think Samsung did the right thing by yet as the small screen fallen, because I do think that is its best selling point into sampson's credit. There are very good at sort of harnett, like looking like mean based consumer demand, look. I don't really know how to put it like. We here smartphones a lot. We write about smart phones, we tweets what's wrong, go viral at any. Like look the the raw, and people nobody by smart energy buys. I you know, I think it's a convenient marketing line for them. To be honest with you, I really I think that he has ten? He exists so that they can have a phone at seven hundred and fifty dollars and then push the price of the s ten in the us ten plus up, because, yes, ten starts at eight ninety nine, the western plastered and ninety nine like it. You can spend up to sixteen hundred
as regards the world is in one thousand nine hundred and fortys naked. I mean, I guess it more headroom further for their higher racing and like for what it's worth the essen is seven. Fifty it looks like a deal. It still starting at more expensive than the s nine started last just a year ago. So I guess it's it's a is to allow them to raise their prices above the board and then are across the board, and you know, compete with apple on pricing in terms of the kind of say how bonkers does it we're talking about a five and five point? Eight and screen is of small phone. Just put that out there, not that's! All I want is happening. Andrea. Yes, all of them have objects Is this a- and this is kind of what I mean about like meme, based demand right so that, like almost like, it's almost like these are the anti iphones right, so they don't have a notch. They've got a whole bunch cut up the headphone jack. They have a smaller screen on the seven under fifty I'm out, instead of a bigger screen like the ten. Are it's almost like all of the thing
that people get really mad about animal the iphone and apple saplings like well. You're mad about? If you come over here we have those things you're mad about losing so It feels very much like an answer, which is what why yet is competition and lighted it I just it's there. Very happy and excited about it. I think they will actually move units because it's there, but the fall doesn't have one and they were very clear that the fold is like the the future right yeah. Is this the last one with advantage What do you think? The question I mean like? I wouldn't have been surprised if they dropped it this year, I actually more surprised that it has it than it doesn't have it like we'll see, like you know, they're going to do another flagship phone in the fall with the next note or whatever. I will say the fact that this phone in this design, with this set of features with this amount of stuff in it at this thin
is just like a slap in the face for every apple person whose, like they could never fitted in there its water horrors. I've got a tiny bottom basil. Actually, the bottom vessel is smaller than the iphones bottom basil. I, like everyone, loves talk about how the iphone has no chin, because a fold the Emily panel or whatever, like simply talk about how it did this display, but it did. It is just like every excuse apple has ever given outside. We need you to spend a couple hundred bucks and airports. Not existence with his own eyes run. Put the so I put it out there in the world. It's also funny that they included the headphones jack because their pushing, Galaxy bud so hard get free order. The thirty bucks cheaper than the airports, you can charge the galaxy buds from the phone. I know. I know that
the river the next iphone will have like the universe, whilst charging or whatever, but that feature alone is killer. I like I don't know why I'm so excited about the fact that the phone can charge other things. But I love it specifically or the idea of travelling. HU, a hotel room, having just one charger for your laptop for your phone, and you don't even need to bring one fear, your buds, because you can just sediment top your phone it. Mr Des turn on the charging literal quick It's something, oh boy, I'm going to try to put my apple watch, so I'm going to tell him, and this isn't going to work. It's him. Try it's either not going to work or it's going to start a fire like those who might not work with an apple watch. It should work with an iphone. It won't work. And I will watch because it is a charging me. I've doesn't use it, but you got an iphone there. It's charging my iphone now it charges at four point: five watts, which is less than like. Slow wireless charging. Slow wireless charging is five watts. So it's it's not a fast charge. It's really designed for, like dinner, set excess
he's like your headphones and it's funny that you mentioned that link their pushing these galaxy buds. You get him free if you pre order there. You know their latest true eyeless headphones eco charged with the phone. That would have been the perfect excuse to drop the headphones act like all. We dropped edwin jack, but apple charges. You a hundred, sixty votes for airports. Here these are free and you can charging therefrom. I sought sacrament the gas about the bodies. I love their called galaxy buds, yeah. I just like just as a thing like yeah, that's a win for samsung. They have a product called the galaxy buds, I'm trying to remember what it used to be called. The galaxy best icon, acts they had the worst named the prior generation. Zadig buds come on ok stamp assurance me earlier they charge while santa phone. We don't know. If the sound good, they around! Ok, I've been working on for a day, lads who do the full review, but I will tell you that there are. Less noise, isolating than say the java. Sixty five t elites elite, sixty five tease barroso, slightly more uncomfortable after, like three or four hours.
Just funny, but their smaller and their lighter, and yet they are here find that I found the cheap the resolution of six hours about life, which is basically as best as you're gonna, get we ve seen yet from these sends a things they have identical touch controls on both. Aids, and because it was ok for apple I give you volume control on airports sam's, I decided I cannot avoid troll on the bud, so you can play pause next track last track and invoke a digital assistant like lawyer, to speak just three bluetooth. Yes, so there funny is like they do the same thing as airports. If you put them next soon as ten, you open the case, if possible,
in the screen. It tells you the charge if they're, not paired, you can click that to chart or to pair just like you would do with airpods on an iphone which is kind of fascinating, because I don't think I've seen an android platform rip that off quite so hard before. But it's there it's a nice feature to have like I'm not mad at it, but it is not original how much that costs. One hundred thirty bucks to the right or free, if you promoter and less dangerous than plus this a bad it's better than when they are giving out like galaxy gears. I think you ve hours of etiquette. Do you do on this like kind of doom smartwatch platform or how about this plastic? Shell, like it's better than that I'd, take that yeah! No, I think I think it's a it's a good little giveaway, alright speaking of galaxy gears, the I walked, veered us right into there's an he swore watch this, at the same time disappointing and also may be kind of interesting, its
the one hundred and eighty nine bucks writes two hundred bucks: yes, yes yeah, so it it, they got rid of the road, getting basil. They mean in, I feel, like maybe a smaller. They want by wanted screen its super ridiculous. The lights, but its it took an operating system on a watch that, like felt really cool cause Like rotated thing and like the hollow s was like designed to work with something being rotated, and then there Patient got replaced with like a swipe, left, swipe right mechanic, but yourself to rotate, and so it just feels genk ear to use them. One, even though its like the exact same thing as the last one. In terms of you know that the core you I install it just feels worse Is this thing- and I saw these they seldom to samson device honours or or there are often turns lots of bundle, the old special when the holidays, you buy something crony, get a free, I just like they added this feature to the where it can measure blood pressure like or they can hurting people who are like
a future for me, I mean you're, not selling it. I've used it worse! my phone, but it's super clumsy like people when iphones, are either buying apple watches. Maybe someone's buying a hybrid watch because they don't want to charge it or they're, not buying us smartwatch other great owners which really don't matter because something on the market, but like other energy device owners. If you buy assembling smart watch with it, you have to install half a dozen apps, it's kind of a clumsy you, I clumsy experience they really work, That's what samsung phones! They are designed to be used with sampling found, which kind of makes a whole lot of sense, but there I don't think they're like converting people over here, like they will sell them as many as they saw of sampling phones, but not everyone's gonna buy one rights I mean this gets back to the like cancer.
This is why samsung has to paula table and say we have an ecosystem of galaxy stuff. They they need to convince you that you want to live in that world and that they have got everything you want there and they're there. You know a real big boy ecosystem. What's interesting, is that this at least they didn't announce that one there's no lt version of this watch, which is one thing and samsung has had, for the past few years on it's generations of smart watches and seems to actually be popular with a segment of customers who want to have connectivity and can't have a phone on them. So I know a lot of service workers use these kinds of watches without econ activity, because it can get text messages and calls without like having their phone out on the floor or something like that and I love. I lt stopwatch, know you're mad. I am doing this thing where, like we got with the child on the weekends- and I don't take my phone and I'm like distinction, we should have more apps.
That's good yeah, but so like so what's interesting is that I think carriers are the ones that probably push the most galaxy watches because they do bundle. They do sell service ornaments of like that. This one does not have a d carriers play not generally sell it, so that croatia can you charge the watch on the phone while? Yes, yes, yes, nice, Is it uses? This is one of the other new things with this watch that use standard charging. So yes- and it does sleep tracking- of the battery lifelines last long enough, that's one feature that it's a bunch of that. Has the upper watch carefully do natively, I was not aware that we were ready technologically for reverse wireless charging. I guess I just wasn't paying attention and fairly the new user, but you missed it on the one. While I phone with its excited right. This idea of my gadgets, we're all gonna, die together
we're all going down we're at five percent- we're not gonna. Last long, but I'm gonna be listening to music for every last night, damn laid out the scenario and endangers the documents you of go on the road you plug in your phone. It over and you charge your buds by who sit on top. I think I'm ok with that. I'm into that I mean, It also implies that, instead of ever getting sure usb c- and all these things, though, just in great, extremely slow charging, which is like not the correct nightmare that I was conscious of. It well nobody's doing that yet, like the they made their neighbors coming for you, but right now you still get you a species I at least on the galaxy buds yeah. I just I anticipate a world in which you now apples like you know what I know: no more power extremely so your wireless charging for all and then and how does it to your you're holding your phone up against a blank wall outlet?
ashes Yang everyone's any more just sort of like desperately seeing their founded along the edge. That's the night! You'll like it! If you, if you ve ever been to see yes for the past like decade, True wireless power, man, that's coming ass, great Alright, let's take a break. Paul's going to do is regular occurring segment, which I did not forget. And we're gonna a little lightning round. Some regret you do it all being a boss, exactly tuesday, ten as to the kids homework, and you do it all in style. That's why we, aided the all new infinity queue at sixty a luxury tv as functional as it has stylish and as versatile as it is serene with premium features like it and erratic moon roof and level massaging france's to bring ease everyday reality. Infinity queue at sixty designed to take on life in style,
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interrupted. I was talking about this fanciful idea of what, if what, if they brick a piece of clothing with a software update, well, nike has bricked a piece of clothing that is after update. They have bricked or some of of nike adapt bb smart sneakers, an apparently some of them were running an earlier software biller, something that they ve been bricked by a softer aptly and I'm just really excited We live in a world with folding screamed and bricked. Shoes way. I want to be clear, once got. No a lot of trouble for saying that microsoft, it breaks the surface tablets fell game right. Which was true because their work, but then the tablets we're fine and the network that make us a bill had gone down. Received many emails explaining that the service product itself was wonderful,
But just because of that experience I want to be clear about what happened here. Nike put out the adapt babies actually carmen went to night, he saw the shoe met, tinker, hatfield filled the whole thing. Great video go check it out on. You read article. The shoes work with an app to automatically lace rather like the back to the future shoes there is an eu us up in an android up. The usa is in that it doesn't break that she does that, the android app is very bad. Had it does very well the is unclear distracts, so if you ve got the irs accurate view, your shoes or lace inured you, you know, you'd be, and what you do you jump in It is a job at all over the place. Issues are involved. I repeat your live in your best like if you have an end, it found it is probable Your phone will only here too one of your shoes
if he we other shoe unlock aids where you're joking will be constrained where it is Clear is whether your other shoe the unless shoe is fully brecht or works manually with the buttons on the shoe. So if, shit, some hard. Some users report that the buttons don't work for them rights, our son it's really a grab bag. You ve got an android phone. You got your robot shoes, what's going to happen next, who knows, but it isn't it. Important that I was using the word brick a loosely or brick as in completely unrecoverable, and then there's my I use brick to mean turning it on and off again doesn't fix it it it. It is broken to the point that it needs some serious intervention and then there's like obviously there's something like
crash? I wouldn't call it crash and a brick yeah. I think, you're right, I think the loose definition of brecht is a simple power cycle. Does not restore you to an unknown good state. That's good of shoes. Working is being based on your feet. Just figures agree Paul that a proper if you own a pair of these shoes, if you own a pair of these shoes, just put them on, and just you know, open up your app and just like a very simple test is that if the shoe software it. Why well, as I said the top of the show. This leaders last episode. What that segment? How is delivered british shoes, others one more little segment of samsung staff to talk about where new lightning ran. And also announced the s ten five g, which is a real
phone. They announced it with a bunch carrier partners, while its exclusive to verizon for a quote limited period. And then it will be going to the other but then fortnite yeah, but they put, sprint had a video t, mobile was there in a video vodafone. Was there in a video, notably a t and t not present, because well I mean they're going to get it yeah. They are if they just want to hang out with certainty model, but right now This moment galaxy s, sevens on the a t and t network are showing a five g e logo. So a voucher. Eighteen years and allow through that, and I really want it gets greatly. If I phone you know, and knows how to talk about five g like well. I can tell you I will talk about it, don't buy this five g phone but you do not mind, is home. Well, there's that what I want to get in specifically the weighted samsung thought to demonstrate This phone was a very only a glossy products, video but
just like zooming lines through chicago like overhead, sauce or chicago line lines zooming through the streets and making right angle turns, and they ended up and presented was like. That was amazing. Those lines zoom lines man so they're, going to gonna it you shouldn't by its attacked m o the other sort of care. Hype around five g- is full tilt at night. I think you should wait for sixty rights and and trumpet the trouble is, he doesn't know what to do with way which you wants to prevent from coming into the country. But rural broadband providers are saying weiwei's equipment is cheaper, so that's it. Prevent there. Like five you roll out. This is all stuff. So today he tweets Then we should have five, jean even sixty networks as soon as possible, which probably if you're lying just agree yet, but if you're variety like we need to design their rights as well,
old hands are left, wingers call it six years. I want the switch It's amazing team over a five year factually about its upcoming value network. That does not even mention biology But just by the way are just real, quick on on on the trump tweeting about this and tweeting. Weird things about you know couldn't tell us how I saw tweeter what was very confusing chaim gartenberg intrepid reporter reached out to the city. I, the industry sociology for the cellphone carriers and ask them for comment on trumps call for a sixty network, and there are just like I don't know man there's a statement, sure who is the best okay, so I want to connect to dots for people so there's is five g hype. There is a five g phone as rising saying we're going to be in thirty more cities as eighteenth. He just lying just what they're doing and then there's like the reality of what the five, what they really think it will do, which they don't say out loud, so
randal stevenson, who is the ceo of eighteen? Tea, was recode media with Peter kafka. Just go, listen to it great podcast and peter. If you know Peter is kind of like no nonsense, and he was like tell me what the hell, five gs and again this whole conversation, and so here's randall's answer. Listen to this, this low latency, zero latency thing is a really really big deal. It's the game, changer all of the stuff. That's in that smartphone that you're holding right there, the storage no longer needs to be there stores can be bad. The network. The compute capacity no longer needs to be there to be back in the network. A wiser. Their vision of five g is that they will take storage in compute away from the consumer and they will own it at the network level. That's their like long term vision of five. Gee that's what the ceo of agency a saying about it today and I read that and I'm clients were then I'm like I've filled with liquid like an existential dread
eighteen t owning what is computed in store for me I don't think anybody is really like put those things together. Like Y all this hype, it's not because a faster speeds. It's because there that the telco network, as in verizon has said something like this to me as well. So I don't want to put anything to you. This is just we happen to have audio of the dude saying it that to me, wild right, I don't answer- is getting enough attention. So you hear about all the times you stuff is the 5g galaxy whatever. If the promise is, We actually need way, thinner clients, because we're gonna do compute and storage, it's zero latency we should probably be having a bigger conversation. Privacy and security with our telecom companies cause they're, not making. That promised us right now right and that's where they're going like you know. He has this whole line in here about how like we don't need wifi anymore cause. Let's be five g everywhere: it's like no dude. I do not want you managing my network. Their faces, like I'll do that on my own, like put a fiber line to my house
I just want to bring it up. Cuz that to me it's like 5g great think they made a new phone. No one should buy it. But if that's the promise of these networks, I think we all need to start paying into it Paul, you look very thoughtful right now. I I had not heard this quote. I just I have so many thoughts. First thought: a bounty hunter watching my remote desktop connection while I play like mine, sweeper honour a windows, two thousand box whitewashing bounty where both because carriers just give up everything to better hunters, as we recently discover yeah. That's really interesting, because I wrote a piece of a while ago about edge computing, which is that there is a since there is a lot more processing in work that needs to be done on the device like you want to do. Sir, in, like you, dont want to send everything over the network. If you don't have to and so platform companies like,
microsoft and google are an ardent or doing a lot more. I would say towards edged computing and an owning more of your platform so that they don't have to do everything in the cloud so and also that. The first thing I thought of is all the promises of of light clients back and like the year. Two thousand like that was what the internet was. Gonna bring us in the first place, was these tiny thin clients to real computers, and I dont think that other than the enterprise that really hasn't ever taken off. So I'm very suspicious about this being a thing, but it's kind of exciting it if it would pit the carriers against the platform companies. The platform companies want to own more of our life with edged computing and the carriers want to have more reasons for bandwidth to happen, as
inspire more of our life after a pause lets us further, despite its neri out, so both that we all have thin clients and our computes and our storage are happening in the cloud, because her zero latency so is no reason not to allow others a competition between the telecom companies to provide that service to us and google and microsoft and apple. You know what I would like in that world. I would like some sort of I don't know law that keeps you from. You know throttling my access to my preferred service provider for my compute should be neutral on the net in somewhat more like a policy really a law, but just sort of like a like our reinterpretation of a law. Yet
Regulatory. What? If? What? If you just had a serious about an hour gentlemen's agreements, but but but put to clarify data- and I do love that you brought the sting net neutrality but to clarify- I think of it, as is possibly a productive tension in this, in the sense that platform companies will once more to be happening on the device, while carriers, what less to be happening on advice, amiss and I'm probably make making their way to blunt of a description, nigh garcia, It s a but there's one example. I would use it cuts against. You, polly said thin clients who never taken off while there are an awful lot, a hundred four yonder chrome books at their right in that they are taking over one particular segment of the market. In education. So I think Google actually sits right in that middle zone where they're like yeah, do everything on the web like we, we we own that that's actually harvest. No one else can make money,
an apple in other than any apple will continue, put enormous one of effort, pushing things to having locally and advised, because that's they want to stocks fronts of hardware. That's a good way to do it. They ve got their privacy and going on I just that quote to me was the first time I like really heard a telecom executive say on the record. We don't think you need compute and storage right. What we want to do that for you at the network and that will enable the things at five g does and I think, struggled door too, it right rightly it samson doing zoom lines. It's a lot, Nonsense about a are examining at a whole segment yesterday about eight are like the galaxy s ten I ve, now, will scan this room automatic. What? What does that have to do with the five gina? Nothing but they need a like mash these things together, so they can.
Come up with a zero latency application and a rs a good zero latency application. Cars are good, zero, latency application, but no one's like pining to buy a five g phone, and then you kind of like connect that to how bad, I believe the carriers want to sell it to you and you're, like there's gotta, be something else here where you can't just be turned to sell more phones, and this is the first time I've heard of telecom executives say that it's their fight to to not be a dumb pipe, but they tried to be media companies for a long time that some of their still media companies, because they don't want to be such a dumb pipes- are now. The next move is to okay, we're just going to take it all and you're just going to have this little a little dry, limousine physical, there's, a little bit of business. His here like My understanding is that the millimeter way of technology for five years- I actually very compute intensive. So you need to build
some data, centers and and compute centers like near the network, and so you will necessarily have this excess capacity. So, okay, now we've got excess, compute and storage next to the network and all these places we could just sell it, and you know we'll we'll keep atlanta, but the idea that you won't eat any of it, I think, is. I would like to press them on that more because it to me it just openly scary right, like they're, not great, at protecting our data right now. So why would I give them more and give them my computer. I would I would go so far as to say they are actively bad yeah, protecting our data right now yeah some of the edges. It was interesting, alright, lightning round. I don't want to actually, around the stuff, was just there just like a handful of topics that we like wanna, get cleared out, and then we can wrap up here. So neither what what's fussing about talk about good claims. A built in nest mike was never intended to be a secret. You dumb me
the revenue that, if you put on making the thing your own by criminal, if you say so did you just do bid so very just to be clear. This is not an us thermostat, which was a thing. Most people have reason. Ass, protect wishes slightly. It's the nest, alarms dust guard, the guard. The camp had thing right: I tested and reviewed last year and had to make the front of my house all the time yeah. If they had just said, funding to maybe someday it'll blake, listen for a glass breaking this whole thing would have gone away if they're just said there is a country that has not turned on whatever just a their excuse was. It should have been on a spec sheet put watson which is incredible, and then, after that, I want to call it two stories from nyx that the build on a ton of work people than doing footing in associating tech about apples Enterprise, developer programme makers it had linear apple, dug a tunnel beneath the app store in the rats or getting through this stuff
There's a big story about facebook. Using this enterprise. Trivia programmes install this research expire on every issue the two and evans bad. We shut down facebook for a day because apple, this all its bad, turns out. There are entire secondary, iphone, app stores that rely on the certificate program. Super well known- are full of life pirated games and weird stuff in nyc was like here's tiers. One with tiered is- and I tweeted it and all these people are like. Oh yeah, you didn't know about that. One reason for like four years Are we able to present a about this interest? The stories that a kind of like the original story when winter crunch broke? It was like? Everyone was kind of mad at facebook for good reason like facebook was like doing this kind of shady stuff in using data from teenagers is of a guy. In the reason facebook was able to do that. Those cause.
His house is kind of a mess when it comes to these things, and this story basically shows how bad it is and, like apple talks, a big game about it's walled, garden, Its users mixtures that- and you know that they have stores censored and clean and all the other stuff you know, there's a backdoor that exists almost like when people by computers they want to be able to run. Where that they didn't have to pay for gather the ivy like these busy, exist solely for piracy, pirated that is. That is not entirely true. I yes a lot of it, a good amount of it, but there is an aspect to this where I just apple. Can't. I just very frustrating to me that,
I quit I quit for this very reason, so I don't have to worry about anymore, but I wes should be able to run software that you should be able to push a button in your system preferences that you just like you do on your mac, the says. Yes, I do trust this developer. I want to run this arbitrary code on this. A thousand dollar computer threat you, can do that android? Yes, others executives exactly what I'm known about these these! where's, though you wouldn't have had to leave. I had really. I literally did not know about these works. What idea I think the word time, people about them in a positive way- and you say you have some light. Awareness of android has a real, healthy culture around this with f droid it. It is a store of full of open source programmes, and I can go check. The android also has a massive at piracy problem writer, but so that the point here is
but I don't know if it's as as android, but it exists on the iphone, and so the question is: if apple were more open about allowing untrusted sources to install software one. Would it be like critically damaging to the security of the platform, maybe maybe not to Would there be more lights? Would there be more light on these piracy sites and would they get taken down from like some other means red? The answer is probably no. They can pull their certificates right now. There is an element of this words like apple wants to protect its like perfect house, suited invest sort of an uneasy truce with the people that doesn't want. You know like for whatever reason, I'm just thinking demolition man like this, They just want Dennis leary in the basement and like they're, fine, don't let him be. I mean this is like how cops like they they they acknowledge some criminal activity. His eyes were like someone,
violation of that activity and they keep they can keep it at bay. Of apples, opens up. Like you see, I'm saying yes, Am I just making a number of veiled references to the wire right now, because that's kind of what, if you, lastly dinner? Actually I want your take on this apple to combine iphone ipad and mac. Apps are twenty twenty one says Bloomberg and also there's a like on. Our macbook is like sort of possibly coming in two thousand, and twenty is probably part of this. Do you know what fine like the the mac ecosystem is not doing super hot right now. The mac appy ecosystem, the Equality of the mars perhaps have we seen so far, are not super hot either. Makes sense to want sort of universal binaries, and we got that across iphone and ipad. You know like used to have to ship two different versions. You know to two different things and that you can ship one thing: it's fine. It makes sense at some point they gotta do it like at some point. The the mac needs the
I s needs to like do the next thing it's going to do, and- and this makes perfect sense to me I I know a lot of people are having lots of feelings about it and I have respect and value those feelings. But I also think that, if not this, then what and I have not I've yet to hear a really clear elaboration to that answer. If the magazine to continue continue to be a mass market consumer thing. They need to continue to develop ways to make good software for it, and this is probably the best shot. Now it's easy to make fun of all this, because we can make fun of universal windows, apps metro ups or whatever the hell they're called now, you there's there's lots of examples of this like big fat, binary thing that have not gone well, and so it's
quite possible, it could not go well here, but I also think that you look at the you look at the five year time line of what needs to happen to max software, and you look at the possibilities that are there and I think, just keep on keeping on is not a good option yeah, I just it, makes me sad that the ios s, it is so big it's overshadowing two largest at how big the mac market is, so they can't get attention and support for their big market. It's a big market like walt. We thought we were talking about entourage delete what will be like the mac alone is a fortune one hundred company like. What are you doing like? Why did he blowing it? But it's because I was so big. It just makes me sad. That answer just makes me sad. Alright, I didn't mean to end on a down note. I just want lt e on a mac that were to happen to earlier discussion in the podcast bixby
he consultation will be available through future sakharov date, but I would donna when there is also about it on em. Simpson D: I love that they had to go all the way to blog post. That's how much people want a customer big. Previously we ended on a high note, there's a folding phone and you can customize the big spooky. That's the verge cast everybody we want again victory is ours. Thank you for Listen to our show is been listened to watch will happen, binge listen to better work. Which is excellent, check that out and wherever you find a broadcast, you can listen to pivot, kara swisher and scott galloway, listen to function with a neal dash, it's all available for you, go to podcast, VOX media dot com. You figure it out to me great. You can talk to dancy varieties at dc secret paul's feature Paul dieter's back on I'm reckless, that's the first cast Rock'N'Roll Paul Blue
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