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This week on the Vergecast, with Dieter, Nilay, and Nicola missing we have put together an alternative cast featuring Chris Ziegler, Sean O'Kane, and Loren Grush, with video director Mark Linsangan and social video reporter Kirsten Frisina discussing the news of gravitational waves, Google cars, and maybe a little Valentine's Day talk. Also, will there be a Clockstoppers 2?

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Hello and welcome to diverge cast today is February eleven twin Sixteen, my name is chris similar know. My name is eli patel actual you may notice there is a lack of data, I hear weave put them in a closet there. Concealed for the moment, no, surely dears wedding is this weekend is far far away. Yes, I figured I'd clapping. It was right for dinner for dieter well deserved I so he is not in the country. nor is any lie. I'm subbing joined by china, kane luring brush. I think you both banana just before I have your together familiar to the verge audience and then in the hype desk not one, but two people joining us level dusk, priscilla and markland sagen
video directors who, is a high peace for phones. At my right mark s visit Fifty eight only whispers and high tech funds cannot attend ten out of ten year phone, I now decide check. Phones in general So, if you're joining us first of all, you're not joining us, let's, let's not kid ourselves, because easy season. Three just kicked off and the life of pablo live stream is supposed to happening right now, learn spaces like yet. The labour party was supposed to be live streaming right now in title, but I'm I'm hearing. This is live information being piped into my skull that that there are problems with that streams. if you're taking a break from it to us, you were up to thank you for that, hopefully don't turn back once the stream starts because want to keep your attention for the next hour
undivided. Actually weep. Andrew are producer and I were looking earlier that we should just put picture and picture easy in three picture picture and then have the life of pablo kind of playing in the ground, this entire I like that idea. I also like that. I mean we're about to talk about her, really crazy scientific discovery and and that happen today. Yet live streaming and video conferencing or stone like the biggest trash writer in technology. I get twenty two and we can't figure those two things out. Why? Why did albert einstein have to spend his time working on this theoretical nonsense when he could have been solving lives? The real problems every day like livestream, it's ironic, because the livestream announcing the scientific today also cut out end of his mormon momentarily pulled the frown, because youtube is so yet, which he about its copyright claims. Also, they changed the name of gravitational waves, like four times before the actual speaking of gravitational waves. We should get right into it, so you may have caught the announce.
this morning at ten thirty. I stress that they ve discovered these waves. For real this time. Real learn what you tell us about that. So this was a concept put forth by albert einstein was about a century ago. It's part of his dear of general relativity and basically everybody thought they existed. There really was. No, you know no about eight, although maybe some but not vanilla, but no one had like how much we do. We actually put an albert einstein, s question. I you know not a faith. I mean his. Theory has stood up against the test, time and on me now tons of tests, india in general. What is time anyway you're? What is time? What is space time? Well, let's get really existential, lay a great question: ass. We have a delightful video that kind of explains we'll gravitational waves, not as an what space and time really are. So we can play that,
Let's go roll scientists say they have found evidence for gravitational waves for the first time ever that every was made by a group of researchers called lego, and if it's true, it marks one biggest scientific fines in decades ground, he tional waves are considered ripples in space time what space time. Let's try to visual is it by imagining it as this blanket yes work in pressing for dimensions and three. A smaller object on the blanket surface doesn't change the shape. All that much it will just all straight across. But if you place a bigger object with more mass on the blankets surface, it warps the overall shape much more significantly and affects other passing objects. This is basically how gravity works in our universe. Objects seem attracted to each other, but really They follow the curvatures of space time created by the
dozens of other larger objects. Now, let's which things up a bit instead of a blanket imagine space time as a pool of water. If you move and object through the pool it causes a ripple effect outward assent or scenario happens when large masses move throughout the universe. They produce gravitational waves that warp space time everyone basically agrees that gravitational waves exist, but nobody been able to prove in fact the move of every object in the universe supposedly produce these ways, but they're usually way too weak to be observed, so to find them I insist that lie. Go look for the biggest ones out there. That means observing true super dense black horse merging far away this huge exe. Of event generates enormous waves that can be picked up by legos observatories. each facility is shaped. Like a giant l, the arms are vacuum, sealed tubes, two point five miles long at the end of each
is a mere window. Invitational waves past the mirrors they warp space time, making appear that one mirror is closer than the other. The science. can measure this phenomenon by timing, how long it takes for lasers to bounce back from me, The relative movement of these measures, is incredibly slight by the time the waves from the black holes make it to earth. They only change like those instruments. By about one, ten thousand, the size of a protocol these measurements are incredibly difficult to detect and our very susceptible to error plus this. In community has been burned before on gravitational waves in twenty fourteen, Scientists studying the early universe said they had found evidence for the waves, but later it turned out the measurements were just the result of cosmic dust, but finding
Gravitational waves is still a huge deal. It confirms the last big part of einstein's theory of relativity. That has yet to be proven. It could also open up a whole new way of study in our universe. Before now, we have been able to see objects like black holes or neutron sars, because their way to faint, but we could use gravitational waves to study these objects more directly than ever before. this a little more but can I just say science is insane. I can not believe you guys compressed four dimensions into three. How daring? Oh, my god, can we talk about? How genius that video is amazing? It's an amazing video shout out to Miriam Nielsen and phil esposito who, who shot and directed this and did some amazing animations for it really like. I understood it so shout out those guys, but I mean science is insane. We time, others earlier the fact that this
necessarily have immediate pact like you, and I am not going to experience any change in our lives because of this discovery. But still the fact remains Are these mirrors separated by thousands of miles the detective? This insane thing coming last minute well alone, over the there there different parts of your yea. So then this this detect is how many light years away. So it was one point three million light years away. I think the area that is ridiculous. Yet that is completely ridiculous. Does so technically the waves that they'd detected happened, yank the explosion of black holes happened one point three billion years ago and it just now getting to us the effect better just now. Getting too I write that we can for them and their end there. So slightly go like they're, saying it's one, ten thousand the size of a
china's is how much it warps the space time around these mirrors. So the fact that we can you make those measurements with that kind of precision is just insane so albert Einstein has been completely vindicated at this point. All of his theories have been proven yeah, but in the end right, like they're gonna, deploy this into space somehow the year so that the idea is will bring. The only way we can really look at objects in the universe is by using light of some kind of some kind of objects, but you can't do that with black holes. neutron stars are way too faint to see so The idea is, we can see They may be manipulate the gravity around them. With these grab it regional waves. I urge you to learn more about them in kind of see them in a different type of way got it like a whole new. I mean it's like a whole new starting point and you have not been able to work with if, like a medium, you haven't
put this meeting me at nine that you know how to detect them and where it is and how sensitive he need to be. In a thing, I can go back out to all these places that you've been sort of pegging throughout the year, like oh, maybe this would be a great place to detect gravitational waves, etc, etc. Now you can go back to those spots and like real. Work. Would it wasn't your studying right, just one of them, physicists you had a really good point. It's like when we discovered radio waves or mina built the first like radio telescope. We discovered all these crazy new things, so Finding a new medium for measuring the universe, will probably discover things we never thought or even possible, and that's really cool of typical and this end, this specific instrument or set of instruments was only at like a third its potential sensitivity right, I mean like definitely amplify the senses. So this is just the first step now new needs.
yet the confirmation of the way to be like. Ok, we found the gravitational waves now the time is to keep them, in them and to make our insurance more sites so that we can actually use them. as a form of measurement, rather than you're saying that there are there- and this is this lake- fully pier You did this pointers that another step that they need to go through. No, they publish they publish their study in the nickel journal. I can't remember the exact name, physical journal, letters or whatever you're, saying it wasn't us make now. And so that went through purview hadley get that over a thousand authors on it. Do so much people signed off on this and I'm sure it's gonna have to face up to a lot of scrutiny. You know, even if its peer reviewed things that go through purity are always correct and people are definitely looking at this. However, you know it seems pretty legit. They have a lot of people on it, and so I'm
being a mean fingers crossed that they got everything right, I'd, love to and that this won't change people's lives, because I think that it's this kind of stuff it makes people more interested in the science that's going on about our earth and about space. And things like that and when you start to go down these words of learning about what this stuff means, it changes your perspect yvonne everything and I think a country that doesn't have like yes, that, like immediate impact like I'm, not gonna not going to work tomorrow, because there are gravitational waves now you can't go by some gravitational we're taking a personal day to sort of absorb what this means to absorb that way. Yeah it's no. I agree with shannon that yeah for sure it's, it's super cool that they were able to do this, and that is like the most reductionist way to talk about that. So cool, good job, guys next thing cause west, but it's all yeah, But that being said, it is always nice when they can connect it to something
rightly what the implications are, and I think what what makes this more exciting than your normal scientific discoveries, the fact that they don't even know how big implications area right because they don't know what they're going to discover, knowing that they have this new internet available yeah. I think yeah, that's kind of what so big. So the change to the lives of many in the scientific community is not. it's an. It doesn't have an immediate impact for us right now, but I think it definitely will have an impact on just our understanding of science and how we study it. I need to hype check two things. First, I need to hype check gravity the movie historic, clooney, different different rating gravity. By the way, speaking of the movie gravity, I have an alternate theory of of what happened in that movie. Please explain: yeah goblin played george clooney's character was did not die
If I saw that movie spent a couple of years, it's been a couple of years get on it. I don't like. I. I think that he was actually in the the the cat, like he returned to the capsule. Think that, why totally be because it was too real, it was too real. Also, can we talk about how george clooney did not need to die in that movie cause if you're going to have a son, first on she is so he was flying off. into space. Sincere and she grabs him with the with one of the cords and stops his his flight, and instead of that, would have just stopped him and he would have A gentle tug would have come come back, but for some reason some kind of invisible forest was making reputational snelgrove unified theory. The movie gravity has finally come together: yeah matured corneas spent three years waiting for vindication and now the theory of how he died. But if they are about it is always a problem. You have gone up and down in an isolated attachment
Okay, so we've gotten the the hype track of gravity out of the way. No way we didn't know we kind of got sidetracked. I think kirsten wants to take over that. No, I refuse to hide the fact that, while know like the, tool for the other as a priority. The young talent of ten nice very generous high destiny, then hijack gravitational waves maybe seven out of ten? Oh wow, Nazi they're coming, you have a letter there are even higher or lower hired me. This is like inventing lake. Basically, a new type of telescope says is like peak height and suchlike. this is a tentative tat, so we got as so. What's what's the shining, fine. Equally, five from africa, the others math is a little beyond our pay grade. Let's move on can someone just check
For me very quickly. Is the the easiest live stream up Jesus or what your us? It is the easiest season. Three lazy season, easy excuse me, geez. Our entire staff is like sitting up on the couches watching that live stream too, like we are, we are alone in a bubble. We are oh, I know Jamie. Is having some struggle. Literally nobody's is widely known, even typing in our main slack channel I tell ya, know nothing really. Well, I really that's it. You know what we're lied to table will make it max for later evening began when you're done with. I hope. Yet. tomorrow night, yes, Let's talk virgin galactic you're, going where next week to them a desert desert you desert to see we're going to see at virgin galactics new spaceship, it's the replacement first patient to we're after it severed and send fortunate crash lush
two years ago, yeah yeah, you have your happier so we're gonna go see that maybe maybe not stephen hawking might be there. You don't know that would be cool and would be cool depends on his head. Is what they're saying and so yeah we're, hopefully going to get up and close with it, and do we have any speculation? What we're going to see The changes are not changing, assume at stored, similar space plane. Style, is still connects to the spaceship want. It's. The white knight weightings, white knight to yeah so still connects the white knight to their just replacing the you need to learn an entire new language to the attic his right, so it so as some background on virgin galactic for people don't know it. They are not your standard rocket company there. They don't make the cylindrical vertical, take off rockets at you normally think of when you think of rockets, they make space planes that yeah they have to be taken up
an additional plane which takes that so explain to a certain altitude deploys. These plain and then that goes into suborbital space, and they were the first, basically, the first major private space company to burst on the scene and early two thousands promising like once this Technology is ready, we're going to let everybody go to space we're gonna start by selling tickets for two hundred fifty thousand dollars. All these celebrities and bigwigs decided to start buying up these tick. in advance of that promise. And then every year it was sort of like wow, we'll get to it next year, and then every year the next year, you'll get your ride next year and it just kind of kept getting pushed until they finally start testing and then once they started testing the flights. That's when every debate disaster here they re yeah so honour hollerin, I think, got over twenty fourteen year. They I remember cause I was getting ready to go out.
area of getting dressed in white costume, and I and that news bereft of like well having now yes So what happening is okay, so I explain it correctly: the the spaceship has a thing called feathering technique where It changes the position of its wings and what happened was one of the pilots accidently and unlocked that feathering press that's too early, and so it as the wings to change, fishes changed position before it was at the right spot, and that kind of I think that made that the plane, speed any change in arid and annexes, yet not good and wound up being so, if nothing else, they would probably make that somehow safer, whether they automate that process or make it more difficult to. I would assume it's. I would assume that it's going to be more automated or at least protect against user error, because that was when the
the things that I believe is the interests be bored that looked into it they concluded The original design was would did not account for mishaps from the pilot, Themselves has been one of the biggest criticism in the last couple years since our last year and a half since, as happened was that seems like a thing that, with thorough review you should have realized. We need to make sure that this these, like foils, are locked into place and that they can only be deployed at the certain speed that they need to be deployed in that was it it's been I think part of the reason why it's taken this long to unveil the new version of the plane, and even longer because it won't be for another at least couple months before they get back up in the air. So you know I am armchair quarter backing here bit, but I mean, if you, if you about how automated a modern airliner is. Why would they not seek to make in aircraft with as many critical failure?
points as that has as automated is possible yeah, that's what I'm going to ask. Is this normal of other like space lunch? vehicle. That's the thing I mean give humans that much control. Well, the thing is space launch vehicles are normal, so and ones piloted by humans. Exactly so it sullen, a very experimental phase. The industry is, and that's a kind of good and are in art desolation around it right now, too, there's not a lot of regulation. Terms of how the vehicles are supposed to operate, because it's very is still very Much considered a new experimental field, so that's definitely changing. Now, that's well. It's been it that sort of rains have been pulled in a little bit since virgin had its Didn't I know the ep is like at least paying more attention to these specific. I'm sorry. I do agree with that. They did just pass legislation, though that said, that's going to extend this period of this experience.
or period without regulation, but I can from what I've got whether the f is a little hungry too start to step in and and now go crazy with regulations, but maybe maybe a few adjustments speaking of the a just gonna squeeze more thing in here, because if this actually goes through its it's big news, Ben popper just wrote about this. I believe a few minutes ago There is some discussion of changing the the rules about drone registration, so would only apply to drones above four power, france, which is a very important number, because the phantom is under four pounds, You must have the ones that people think about our under four cons about commercial drones. Would they still cause damage? feel like the ones that are under
proponents are you said when you saw this, I think I still mess up somebody yeah yeah, if yeah right, if I mean it's, if a if a three and a half pound phantom goes into a jet engine, it's still going to be a problem yeah. The idea is that they are still restricted to a certain height right. There, yeah they're, still restricted to daytime use only below four hundred feet. Of course, People are necessarily going to obey the rules but death, but that that the bottom line is that if this goes through, wouldn't pretty dramatically changed landscape of who needs to register drones and when and why, because I I don't think there's any real consumer drowns that are reformat, maybe like that inspire one. What's the evident and hats kind of presumed here, the airline? What's the real right now everything it was everything over half pound it yeah, whatever whatever was like little toy micro drones are like the only thing under the weight limit right now base, so that would be amazing if you had to register those little like tail number for your at your palm drone yeah right, I have a bunch of those things. I love this, it's a it's that's going to be the
one of things. I mean there's so much that we cover and so much that we don't cover that like is gonna change dramatically over the next like five years, let alone like the next ten years, but drones is one of those things that is going to be, I think, make rat differences in certain areas, maybe not as like, will broadly reaching, as we think like now. Drones filling the skies but like that One thing that runs out of fill the skies. That's the thing right, like all these shipping companies get their way can be these routes of drones, rest nonstop, all day and all night moving across. sky, so they do need to have any. You know Ben poppers a lot of reporting on this bolivia. You know they need a collision avoidance. They need to interface with aircraft using hideous beer, some other transponder technology. They know they need all these things in place so that they can talk to each other. An agency knows where they are, is an easy to put areas be on a drowned. I think you're think they ve done. It google and amazon of both.
Done it already. As long as you don't let the people who run countries live stream, do they're, not gonna get it done. Its is kind of you self, its maritime running his online stream malware. History is like the radar technology. They re tracking technology for planes right so that they can talk to each other in the sky and backed eighty see. And yeah I mean they're they're, just going to have to be very careful, but how that goes because again, you don't want to suck those things in a new jet engine or hit him in a personal plane or virgin galactic enough, I don't think making it does highest verde reflecting spread over. You could see how like, if someone was trying to film it from above, and then I don't know it could be bad news anyway Let's, let us talk about swear space, shelly, I'm an italian let's go airspace. What is square space well he applied you ashine, building webs can be tough and he
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you decide to sign up for square space, make free use the offer code verge. That's the e r d to get ten percent off your first. Jesus and to show your support for verge cast, rethink score. Space for their support of the verge cast you should I've run burgundy I'm gonna, run, handle that really well, I am definitely way too old to have any idea what clocks to our citizens and I'm not Not me I'm a lonely and movie great movie. I will describe tomatoes disguise is writing others one? It was a great deal
check out. Are you guys have to hijack that's ever you all eleven out of tat coming out more than gravitational waves right now, right now, I am to be five five point. Two hundred and twenty nine percent run tomatoes and forty percent of medical hypocritically varies maguire. Probably we will get the hype check. in this google card so that people in high school stuff. You know where the high desk thinks about it is, I have to say personally, and maybe ya'll don't agree with me, but personally I find that the lower the run tomato score for moving or I enjoy it now array. Absolutely if I'm example crank too, craig too is phenomenal film, probably as a zero enron. Tomatoes is my guess. it can. You do reach sixty three percent, while we gonna talk about how real quick we're talking about the fast and the furious a charlie's there.
Might be a villain fastened right and we talk about that and they actually watch a fast in various lowering. The fact that you have you not in the entire series. So can we ever watch party at your house, a hack, yeah yeah it'd, be first of all mark. Let me just Clarify every day is a watch party. I have all the films they might bill tv there, to you whenever you like, and their extended edition. Absolutely actually only the best are my buy on amazon. Now I just went down a really weird rabbo cause you're talking about clocks timers. Why cause and for some reason I thought about all I still really want is that in back in november, when the alien watch got remade by psycho, the I told her. This is god's. I there's a real european route. Rabbit hold that no one else here and is in you remember that looks us Amy. They re issued the watch from alien, and maybe it is ever sale. Can you buy them?
I don't know it still doesn't make any sense, because the site is in japanese guys I was I watch is now we hear the verge got known well, I would be proud revising things during the burden that is, that is a tradition of thanks to score. I believe that I believe that neil I bought his next six p during colleagues have my yes, as if you were, I can confirm, which, which I don't I think he still uses or may even one did. I don't even think I've ever seen him hold that no judge mentally, like you, don't burn through tech gadgets and after noon, okay, but the difference is that he holds them for like yes and then I keep track of them. If I, if I, if I need to dispose of them, which occasionally I do, I know where they're going wing and when and why neil, I probably still that nexus! Six has no idea where it is it's for three: hundred and eighty six dollars to get you you by some that I'm in taiwan cars
Actually, let's talk car. This is my verge cast nature and we're talking about cars buckle up Oh yes, yes, goodbye rough. So the first thing. The first thing we're gonna talk about. Is this this tentative decision for the the national highway safety transportation agency the authority association nets- I just another minute is ruling that damn v, Google basically can a computer can be a driver if you want to boil it way way down to what's happening at a very high level, and this has broad implications for self driving overall, because what it means, though, if you look at the regulatory framework right now for how cars exist and operate on u s. Roads me
of those regulations are around the very valid assumption until recently that there's a human behind the wheel, because in nineteen sixty, why would you assume otherwise? back then like in nineteen, seventy or nineteen? Eighty? Maybe you could say that, but nineteen sixty was like when everybody was like the future. It's going to be great yeah food will cook itself by night, I was in eastern series. Rather so the The bottom line is that this means that a lot of feed hers and now and bells and whistles about a car that are there for the function of facing with the human driver don't necessarily need to be there because that their interfacing directly with the computer instead. Now, if you will extend this this, this broad thinking that, A computer can be a driver to other areas. as well. You can see how this might apply to say, liability, you're, saying that
computer can be considered a driver or I don't know, the bottom line is that the implications go far and wide for this. If it actually sticks, but that's not to say that every computer can be considered a driver, you still need to go through the. the testing to ensure that you actually know how to drive a computer is no different, you have to mean- this regulation start to change state to state around the country which is also gonna, take which there yet they're trying to harmonise, but this good reasons that we all bit for there are- and why are you here is about, though, as I know fur, there is a whole big thing: bout google's somewhere in cars they im ready and then they have to change them because they had to be able to have a person in the driver's seat. That does that kind of take away that requirement now, in the long term. That's certainly the goal is to get to that. Eighteen
if you summon a car with an app and it pulls up- and there are just two passenger seats- no driver seat right, the the cars that are on the road right now in austin and in in mountain view, and soon and in washington state a steering wheel, davenant emergencies, shops which they have petals and, for example, Reason is like a human needs to be able to take control for both Lee reasons and also because the computer software and finished so like if the car gets itself into trouble with the computer in the earth. gimme, the human needs to be able to take over but theoretically long term when they get everything sorted out which, I believe is still many many years away, but some day they'll be in a position where they can just let the computer do everything so crazy. How does this change? How people are developing driverless cars now feel like? Does this change? If apple is hypothetically working at a jar? Does this change the way that their developing this disease just take away the steering wheel. That does a very good question. I of the wherewith look here
it is the same way you look at say uber, where silicon valley being silicon valley has just sort of been in the mindset of pushing forward as quickly as it can, irrespective of through. Regulatory hurdles that it faces- and I think that's been the case with the driverless of that region- they have just assumed along that they would find a way around the rules or they would find a way to change. The rules, and so late last year we code reported this voters did as well. They sent a letter to accessing yo like what we need. Sort this out and that's where this Is this new or this temporary ruling came from yeah and I think that Google knew all along that they were going to get to that point? They'd, be, you know, have a huge lobbying organization and in that industry in general, I think, is very convinced that they can get around. Those restricts, not just silk. Silicon valley, though I mean it's, some of the traditional auto manufacturers have been assuming that as well. I mean like that's why when I went out
last year to see dinosaurs, self driving bigwig mean they He went to one of the only states that would let them do like basically develop and test that and they just sort of like, but but big difference there is that they are very careful to tell you that still need a truck driver right. They were very careful right that, but I think half of that is coming from not wanting to offend the truck driving pace agreed agreed, but but I do think in talking with gm and forward as well and toyota, some these other big automakers legacy automakers. I think that they are taken much more measured approach to how they think about this stuff They are thinking in terms of you know a lot of its very pragmatic thither, trying to push lie belief as far as far off their played as they possibly can, with the exception of all those who says, they'll take full responsibility, so they are saying look at the end of the day. There is possibility falls on the driver to make sure the card is drive off the road or and do another car edward, regardless of what
computers doing or thinks it's doing, and then you have tesla. Just like a google which is like we're just going to deploy this in beta we're just going to push this to every car overnight. We now have a you know. I can drive itself its beta, just be careful and then, week later we see like all of these videos of people exactly of these crimes, inside of a highway exertions help people? Oh hey, we're gonna, give you the software that, like will totally jeopardize your life just like keep your hands. We actually strange to me that they didn't get more push back on that cassettes. since then. I love that only the way that they approach software in those cars and what they're trying to do with a lot of that stuff. It was initially without harming the sunlight on most of the rolling unto them or less but and as someone who wants to buy a model, three probably his next car, which will we should talk about next, I love that idea, but I also think that there is really crazy. That day I mean
you can only assume so much like how people are going to treat you're talkin, cheap, yeah working. It is it. It gets at a very deep rift between the legacy of auto industry and the new auto industry, where the new added industry coming from tat is to the mindset of what you know it's it's a continual. It's an innovative process of improving the soft, we're time you just pushing software updates as you need that's how we're gonna do it and then it, but when you get to a car it as a matter of life and death yeah it's funny, because it sounds very reminiscent of what musk does with his rockets. Do you know a layer of each new rocket there we ve. now that they were kind of changing things around for each launch or even testing things like reality amount in the biography about him that they would often up some rockets with like competing technologies stuff that they were building in house so that they could come, you know,
that data back after a launch and say that go to suppliers and say: hey. Look like you're thing did, worse than anything that we built and how a slave mute. Can we get it for cheaper or raise they do a lot of that stuff no one's riding on raw his rockets yet sunday. What I really wonder about anyway with that? Obviously this is like temporary google's not talking about it. Others suffer this sort of raw wing from the enhanced usa. Does it like you said, I don't think it changes how people approach this technology, at least in silicon valley, but does it say The timeline, like everybody, keeps talking about ten years out, o twenty years out and they have like sort of different gases on when we might get. You know over there are autonomous or lift that are autonomous, air or commercial. Action cars that are autonomous, there's like different time once for all those it all starts about ten years out. How does this mean
that time line we know you have. You have three different variables that are pulling on one another. You have the right. the tory issues, you have the liability issues and you have the technological issues and if you'd asked a question a year ago. I would have said it in its regulatory that that that's going to be the long pull, because they have so much to figure out and they don't know what they're doing and lava in there. doing on a step by step basis, which is insane and then, if you ask me six months ago, I would have set out its programme, be the liability issue like that. No one it figures known as figured out like who is, but when a self driving aircraft, Is there a sign that it can be solved anytime soon? Now I think actually coming full circle back to the technology of oven because sector. Fox used, bergmann transportation secretary is very hard and trying to standardize this stuff he's trying very hard to harmonise address states which was an enormous concern?
and he seems to be pulling on all the right threats to make that happen. And the liability side still lot to figure out there, but volvo has are like I mentioned before he has come out and said we will take responsibility for our cars crash and that just seems what's going to happen going forward- I mean they are. They are the first domino to fall in the right recipe, though it's going to be the company's yeah. Well yeah. Well, if all those precedent ends up spreading then yeah. What would be the other option? how'd. You know. There are many reasons why I think I think the m. I think that The assumption for a long time- and maybe the assumption still with somebody makers- is that if as long as you have someone sitting in what is traditionally the driver's seat. Even if the cars controlling itself in the car gets into a crash, it's that person's fall below. You should have seen the crash is going to happen and take control back and anything There are still companies who are hoping, that's how it plays out there's just no, it can go that way, because, like one when the technology moves forward a couple more steps, people who are
that position if there are even stole like wheels and pedals there for them to take back over. Going to more and more. I believe that the computer should be able to protect them from whatever they see on like income as yet, and even if they eventually we're going to take over and try and avoid at the last minute like that hesitate caused by knowing the technology is, there is like enough to. Let me know atlanta person of these things happen so quickly, area, there's no way it seems ogilvy way safer to have a computer making. decisions one and we ve already without so, This has already happened. I ral. We had that. The company crews, I think, is the name of the company. They were testing their aftermarket self driving solution on a nissan leave in san francisco view that we read about this insight let's just go and in the process. Of transitioning control from the computer to the driver, the car crash and who is ruled by the drivers fault. in its sights wiped her part car
Well, it's like in the millions of miles of google's self driving cars have driven so far the only handful of like dozen fifteen or sixteen accidents. I think that have happened have all been human or human, not just human error, but the other driver's fault right yeah, but isn't that what google said yeah but is it They can they capua dodge the reporter figures. Yeah, I'm you like, if you think about the logistics of it, it would be very hard from them from the lie out of that, because there were there'll, be insurance issues, unlike her eye, and on top of that they started so they definitely started self reporting that stuff which liking it at your right, question it, but they also are self reporting it and attaching like the police reports and all this other. It's not just them saying like no trust us. It's actually come back right, yeah, okay, what do you think happens? First, all fifty dates? Allow some right now? It's we have what nevada, california, sworder florida and there's one more right for their sport, like four states that allow
the testing of self driving cars on public roads well equipped Sadly, yes, then there's a broad grey area with other states like tax it. I swear you contestant nonsense, yet I, but so, but that, shows like how slow this is rolling out cause, that's just testing when alone mighty allowing it to get. So. What do you think happens first, that sort of regulation spreads to offer these states or marijuana legal s. That's it that's the races on, because you have colorado and enlargement in Washington DC. That's a very good point, not equip I've considered before they may actually heard they may happen in lockstep, because as more drivers get high, the more they need to rely on computers to get where they are safely right. Everyone's just going to be smoking weed in their driverless car yeah. It picks it up for a foggy in cars. It's like a bob marley branded weed bread.
we adolescent universe ass. We went down this weird road, on adequacy ass about once all stuff is happening. All the self driving cars and like uber and lyft are self driving. It's like it's all just can be branded it's going to be. Oh, I can Ten bucks for the ride from the airport self driving live like you, pay five bucks for, like the CBS network, wrapped one and like I get the big bang theory, I did, in my view the entire right from the airport. There is no amount of money. Cbs could pay me to have a big bang theory. Did in my favor you, if you can ok, but if it's like five bucks from J f K, nerve its words like such misery pricing surprising, but if you want a ride and like the tv s like continent, o brien car, these are the kind o brien car would be terrible it.
We clips of any rector director is is from illinois. Sorry, I like I like her, etc, etc to be as this James franco relations winter agents. Are ngos self driving car sardines James regos, watching the virtue hears that there will be a movie and like twelve, my name's ranco direct aids, James franco in june, franco, franco as tracking device, James franco, produced by the un's this directive will spring breakers james, very high praise hijacks driving cars. Oh my gosh, these are suffering as the easy. I hope I'm not a big fan of soldiers, cars I like driving cars. Can I do to you, it's a nice feeling. I feel a little arm.
like a minority report, kind of universe, or I robot yeah, we're like he had option of the steering wheel, gentlemen down when he was when less done honestly to want other people driving cars like I get that you oughta do no harm I don't want anybody else, driving their own car on me now this is exempt, would be so much safer. This is exactly the more I have made my the trip I made the trip from my home in abstaining or two like ever since I started going to college in long island have been down in the city in making that six, our trip relic my entire life and the more I make that trip the more. I realise how awful the drivers are around me and the moron wow. I dodged like seven bullets on this drive home or on this drive back to new york and every time I get specially bigwigs, especially but all just like regular passenger cars and every time and make the drive I get to where I'm going home or back here like man, I'm kind
ready for it now in terms of hype. Check, though, maybe have current level like a self driving cars or in our lake I can agree with the aims will give it like all, grew that five, I would say there, lay there too long. I mean stream. Yet there are some cases, a you may, while the car to drive you, but at the same time wasting the happy middle ground is in my opinion, is that we are reaching the we were in the next. I think, five to ten years max, cars are going to be virtually unquenchable like cannot be self driving, but it will not be possible for you to crash one. Of those already almost there. They have this system called city safety that I think is standard in vehicles now is about to be where
below. I think it's thirty miles an hour like you basically can't crash at like if you try to stared into something it'll just be like note and like I so I mean like we saw this trend is to try and that at that ensure an auto show. Yes, where it's like that kind of technology immune just basically, collision avoidance and stuff, but even that kind of technology, which is really important. Almost an afterthought. When you talk to these automakers, obviously Detroit there like trying to there's a lot of those company, are still going after sort of traditional like it's a visa it's a be twelve of them in their their pumping out like more additional, like sexy, ato s back since we did like an hour in the in the back seat of rolls royce don yeah, but like it so place. Now that these cars are having that's a built in their almost forgetting about it, or else it was always like an offer that what was it, the lincoln continental was like the only presentation when they announced that car that was like technology first car
interior like engine. All that say a second. Do we have any statistics on how added is anything changed, or is this not been implemented widely enough, like these kind of anti measures you have you look at the stats over the last decade when I think Billy control became required by law. There is a broad trend towards low. crashes per million miles driven approach per mile, driven whatever the inner measures and there is light this made news recently there was a slight up in the past year. No one really knows why a very popular theory is that people are playing with their smartphones but things. But when you look at the uptake in the context of how much the crash rate has gone down in the last decade, so pretty miraculous this is why I am really excited about what tassels doing mean all these other Our companies are are building in this sort of safety, but that's like I met of,
mindset of. I don't really want an internal combustion engine anymore. I don't care how cheap gaskets like I just don't. There's too much on the of how that caskets to my car, as far as like farming, they might and I'm ready for an electric car, and they they have do. They have to kill elephants for every gas yeah. I just don't want to tire way for the elephant get into my car. So this is why I'm really excited about the model. Three. I think we should talk about therein now, because we are finally found out that a march thirty we already knew like in march a numerous twenty sixteen tesla's next car was going to be unveiled, but now we know March thirty, first, a yeah. The last I mean it's like give it. It was like when spacex to turn to flight, it was like the week before chris. If musk is anything, he is reliably inconsistent and it's like, of course, they're gonna like push it very under when he was trying to say he was announced his car and so they're going to reveal this car, but then we also reveal mean how much god he's so
australia and and earnings call yesterday he was literally lake I haven't decided how much of the the car I'm going to show. I don't know whether I should have show it or like hold some parts close to the if they're gonna play taking pre orders on that day. They have to show it like you can't just luck, but in fairness they could just flash like the headline of the car and they were we'll get a million preordained would. But that's really really, I mean they're not going to do like a faraday future seat cs and show like a concept car they're, going to show like they're going to the car. It's going to be it'll, probably My guess is that it'll be a concept version of the car. I dont think it will be a production, mental, maybe a well. I vote. I think you know. If you look at the model acts and the model ass, they showed They showed designs. There were very close to the production design before well before the car actually came, but did they start taking priority? Or yes, the model acts they they been taking curators since the eighteen, hundreds and it shows, and shipping in volume say. I think you know that the business final as
like annoying as it is works well for them and people are responding to it. So I am, I I think it as long as they are able to sustain, and I like the way that their treating their business, but obviously Question is like whether or not there sustained until this car comes out, because everything really hinges on the model. Three, I mean right, the model the model ass everything has been almost not a does a diversion like not even really groundwork as much as it is ground swell or the model three yeah like they are trying to get people interested in the idea of an electric car at the roadster is like hey. We can make a really sexy car in italy, electric and of crazy range and will be really fast. No one will be able to afford it right. The models ass is like us much bigger step. down from that still way out. Everybody's price range, but like a normal looking, Sudan has really great range, is really fast enough to beat like lamborghinis off the line and is ready to by the way, congratulations on launching you're, sick single urge, thanks to
kirsty for producing that. Yes, look at look for that next week. You I hope you get big enough, that you have people ripping it and putting on youtube like dj, khaled snapchat, yes or like. Oh, you missed sick lambo. This week we got you it's on youtube or well, then I'll tell those people you played yourself yeah, but then then we have model x. I mean it's like we've gone through this winnowing of like bringing things down to more affordable and now there's going to be this big jump to the model three, which is supposed to cost thirty five thousand dollars before any tax incentives and the federal In this country will give you seventy five hundred dollars back. If you buy an electric car and then your state will give you differing amounts up to hi is like six grand. If you live in my colorado and stuff, so you could theoretically get the model three for twenty five these thousand dollars, depending on where you live. So am I someone, you hasn't own a car and six years. How, as this changed, is it feasible to actually have an electric car like what Yes, what is it? What is the impression
you're like for that. Yet so a couple of very important things have happened. whenever one one is that the twenty sixteen is the first year and twenty seventeen and earnest, where electric cars with practical, ray Inge are becoming affordable, we're seeing that with the chevy bolt and then we're going to see that with model three in theory, the other important thing that has happened is there has been this explosion of level, two chargers, which are like the standard, fast chargers that you see in parking garages like fill up in like twenty or thirty minutes? No, no, no level too is like four hours I think, and they nicely super charter is super chargers, and so tesla has done a fantastic job of building out that supercharged network, with the idea that you can take a reasonable cross country trip and hit supercharged along the way, get lunch, It's like a half hour, fill up and then you're good to go. It's a eighty percent half an hour right so question Chris.
Are all the tests is: can they take super chargers. some of them can't write what is so soon charging at one time was an option on the model ass. I believe I believe it was an option where you could speck a model s without for charging support. I don't think that's the case anymore I think that all model is currently sold have super charging they'll need I mean they need that to be centred. They builders. They knew they can, however, that there is by the way, because this is true in every single industry, on the planet. There is a there's? A speck were for a fast charging course. other super charging, witches, proprietary, tesla and then there's dc faster, and there is another called child among which is only used by the new suddenly, if I believe by its technically a standard, but in the u s, only car, only real car, the people only that use,
gmos is leave diesel. Ass charging is being supported by basically everything altruism, tesla, gm, Bmw, volkswagen. With this is going to become more and more of an issue, and do they have ways to find charters and cars themselves or yes, so the model s has ruled out in sovereignty. Last year, they rolled out a system where it basically communicates to you, as you drive, whether you're getting into an if he like if your ranges loan of so that it can be difficult for you to get to a charter in time which is kind like you, don't have to be actively navigating too to a place. You can just be driving in there indicators like you, you might want to like look for a charter now, so that that's in that car, but bait think. Basically every evie sold, including the bolt, and I think even the fault, they all have some sort of integration, the navigation system that makes it easier to find charging stations, and the thing is like
the the charger network is a huge seal fur share and there you know, teslas got really big ambitions on building that out even further than it already has, which has already been. pretty extensive, but the model We can get you close do, depending on the circumstances about three hundred miles on a charge right. The bottle three Well that sorry old model. Yes, my losses, yeah! It's to seventy five ish, I think a model three is going to be two hundred. We don't know it wouldn't. You will be over two hundred and eighty five would get around to seventy five yeah. I think I can go up to three hundred its. I mean it's doable if you're not constant. You like going eighty miles per hour, yeah and musk has said on a tall last year when he announced the p ninety. He said that he expects the battery technology to reprove literally every year. So one surprise me: if he rolled out a pianist,
if this year and then a p one hundred the year. After that, you know it just keeps getting incrementally better yeah, along with the software updates, like his big, his big thing for tesla. Is that like, if you buy a model s? today and I buy one in two weeks like mine, pretty like assuredly. be better? I ain't your mentally garcia incrementally but like, if not just because of the software, and you won't have to download it, but because of things like that like if they do finally hit that break through and a gig factory, it can come up with new sets of battery like the new found that you'll need to get the new, the new tesla in two years, tesla six, zero billion to even two hundred. It say the model three is two hundred miles rob. I hope more than that, it's at least two miles? I get plenty there's plenty. Basically how much you know. Chris P, suddenly There is no peace in february the seventy woozy mileage on that
I had two. It was over two hundred, I don't know the exact when it wasn't going over to fifty, though I don't think so now right, but I think You know there's a psychological barrier for people where, once you get above two hundred, it feels comfortable like you know, it feels practical level that the leaf the first generation leaf of, but when it first launches what fifty I've or somebody it's like, and even now it's only a eighty five year and its industries, the eagles too, and it's like to settle enough for most greenland israeli horses sure, but but it doesn't give you that that buffer, that safety buffer to make you feel a little uncomfortable. And also doesn't match- and this is very important for people psychologically doesn't match. The range of a gasoline Now it does lead towards the averaging gasoline goin
the three hundred four hundred yeah I mean just depends on the tank in the car, but kind of like maybe stupid, simple question: how long does it take to charge a battery on a tesla so, like you're, saying, it'll go like three hundred miles, but so on. So I just got the drove a tesla for like several weeks when I was living in California, I would take super charger. It would take an hour from that's two hundred percent rate yet tend to like war. They don't want you to actually charged to two hundred percent I want you to go through like eighty five, ninety, because the problem for charges now is that, like, as they might have them in like every place that you can charge up, but like there's only one or two there, and there is this, like war of like everybody riding Ceci. When I went through supercharged there's a ton of people cornea, there are tons of people drive electric cars and most of them are driving test. and so you you're in four wait. You remember what I test when I test for my less ink in california went paint when it first came out. Basically,
the super charger in the name of the town escapes me south san francisco. I came but anyway I'm yeah. I had to wait- and this was like there were like ten have model us is on the road at this point in, but to answer questions question even plugin overnight, right in your garage yeah. If you want to, you can even plug it into regular while let it will just take forever, but you can do that. So many wrap up in a minute. I want to go through a few quick things that that you should all be aware of their is a new winter time line, which is apt in right now- is that right there, but I haven't, I have been prompted by anna. Had I didn't need ortega, I dont think you get prompted. You have to go into your settings. I didn't see the toggle yeah, I didn't mean didn't, show up until this, morning s mind. It is a good about yeah. What's different honestly, I really like it. It's basically until you pull down for the first time and I'll, give you like algorithmic stuff, but then, if you go back to the top of your feet and pull down
those back to reverse granite water. It's out citizens like more expanded version of the sort of while you are aware of their rights. While you were away without the while you're away like little I'm totally fine any. I like that more while you're away as well. So it's more than just like my students. Fresh he's the. While your way to like things that you guys posts from like well yeah, there's a guy you're away is always curricular. My it's like only there, maybe dan islands, all nicholas, obviously safer tweets, I will say it is little: it's like vaguely unsettling when someone faves a tweet, that's like hours old you're like what what what circumstanced lead you to be. Looking at my tweet from aid like there's something it's like miles away from like
going into someone's, instagram and liking one photo from like five months. Yeah. That's like the true, that's like a whole different level of theirs. This is true. Next we should mention that there are rumors. I think the wall street journal reported this of a google developed VR, headset and ideas that would sit somewhere between gear viewer, which is you requires the phone and like a full, fledged like rift set up survive. This is between were itself contain, to me. It sounds like the goldilocks view our heads have either. I bought of gear, we offer a couple easy. I've been using a note, five pretty exclusively since december, and I finally bought the gear we are in it definitely has its limitations. But it's it's. Nothing beats how easy it do you yeah. Do you use it? Is it just for games? So that's what's weird about it. Like the experience is great and you don't have to charge it, I mean there's so many things about it, that it's light and that's great. What's weird is like I never feel comfortable using it in the apartment because, like my girlfriends always there- and so it's so it's like you- get that we're
social moment of like diana use, this like, while she's in the room or like even while she's in the next room, like I usually just wait and then, if I find myself alone with a couple of hours like alright, let's pop in see what's new, so it's matrix for a few minutes. It's really kind of weird like yeah. It's it, it will often get used to it someday yeah, so we'll see put maybe it I owe this will be a thing of your heads. I will see there would be cool. I would love to see them rolled out there. Yet Then there would be a good thing for that. we have mentioned before, but but you have to know this by now, there's a new kind of west album out. How could you do not know this alpha, presumably slice remarry? Now here we have a theory that kenya knew about. The gravitational Its announcement before it came out because he announced album was gonna was within drops day and it was originally difficult waves. Yes, like what and then on monday- The lego collaboration, which discover the way
said they're, going to announce something big onwards on thursday. the next thing. You know if that called without I got what he changed. The name like Bergmann are your warning. He knew something he can. Is jacked into their where scientific community more than we could possibly know the title of communism is now called. if of public life and partner. was tell oceania, philip and we were, we were speculating when it my meal, We know the love of physics and if you follow, follow sugar cane and on twitter came one is posting rapidly a bunch of life pablo album covers with different when they had one for andy ordained order, and then I made another joke on cause. I always make every time there's like a big twitter. You gotta make jokes indian threes. Yet why
without will make it, for I don't ruin that can mean a cemetery. I don't know if I were to have the figures and under no one more quickly near fashion week is in the midst of starting it's going on for the next week. I think Our own kwame upon is going to be at some of the events around this, but also Also, you should follow. Sister site, rack, dot com, They are, of course covering becoming heck out of that in their arson. Tech implications here fit bit announced a partnership with with a fashion house. Earlier this week there was an an event where their printing textiles communes. At that. And there are things going on you'll want to check it out here is another- is like men happening. There are having better inter disciplinary thurston than the tech industry in the fashion industry late. Both of them want to be the other. So bad, I am it's a mess. It is a very thrifty collaboration and on on that, no wait. One more
before we go. Tv news is coming back that just broke. While we were doing the show, if Kurt loaders, involved. I dont care exactly his privilege right answer. Ok Here's denmark, once you give us some social channels, national channels, Wowzer beef actually mentioned. We had a new snapshot, showed this week with Chris, his grandson glamorous was so good gas, so you should follow the virgin snapshot, we're just verge on we used to be the real version. We got really cool where it was my first real yeah we're still radio. Now you can die minus, whereas real as gravitational waves. Yes, let's see you all day should subscribe to the eu to chant search, youtube. Dotcom slush diverge got, it of awesome videos coming soon, that's true including one I want to give too much away, but when I saw this coming next week, there said it about
there isn't really crazy. The amount of self that's coming got reminded, headed something we have contact half day consensus even before this is when greece we have were virgin. Twitter is right when they say. Is that right? Of course it's right, I know what it's like you ever advent and What are you twitter handles? You both have twitter are both on the twitters. Ireland had in flux in time Hey marco and then Lauren you're, an just pretty simple, loring rash. L, oh, are you know, underscore shown, as the most complicated- I don't know, but I bet it's like an old username. Well, it was consistent with like everything I used and like the old web, and now it just followed me forever and I've been trying to get. If you're listening, I want either. Ok, I've been dimming their twitter account. You got me so came one as O came one line after long items power
and that's it? They were watching by.
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