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WWDC 2022: Apple's iOS 16, new M2 processor, macOS Ventura, and more


The Verge's Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz discuss all the important announcements from Apple's WWDC.

Also: USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024 and the Xbox game streaming TV app feels almost like the real thing

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Today on the verge cast for good and all things w w p c redesign macbook air, the new features come, and I ask the mac and neil. I explains why he thinks the car play features coming, might actually be vaporware and at the end, will talk about Xbox tv app news, and whether or not this is microsoft, game streaming dream. Finally, coming to reality, that's all come out right after this the recast of the flagship broadcasting drag and drop technology. You thought you knew but which the rich company in the world demo. It was startling innovation and twenty two that's entitlement for, drag and drop. The drag and drop alliance actually put out a press release higher for any idea. Fierceness here hi, I'm your Who will always remind you that command tab exists and that's actually just the best way to move around your computer. Very true. Where's, your house, I'm still just thinking about, drag and drop alliance like what was in it. There's gotta be one taking part punk band that I would very much like,
the summit, has got alike, have tried to form an industry coalition about writing yeah, but there was one for plugging in must be stopped in the windows and mike I was very proud of it and I don't remember what it is called because it honestly that was I drank. Information way it would. That was my god. Now you daddy, the more they dont dated anymore. If it wasn't called the plug in play alliance it so that we can just what we need is go that lots of these as we David, I were doubled over you see in person which is very fond of that. There's a guy news. There's a new talk about health. This list for some reason there actually is much extracts news or doing game sharing and samson tvs. Yes, I'm all that I want to start. Are you saying something very cool? This is our five hundredth friday episode of the version, so, we ve alex's on many serious and also the south, but friday episodes He cast classic this episode, five hundred, which is kind of incredible crazy. I thank you all for,
winning for over ten years. If you are at from like the engadget podcast ten years of this paragraph is crazy thing about I drank and also those memories away too. I thank you for listening. We ve got by big upgrades for the votes cast in store, very excited. Let them we're not ready to talk with them, but I would say the next couple weeks soon, yeah we've got some ideas that are coming and we're excited to share them all with you. I think it's going to be a good time, but it's episode. Five hundred of the friday chromecast classic, the upgrade is you're only going to be able to download it from the windows, app store, surface RT and you can drag it from one place to another. Seamlessly drag it from one one display to another, but yeah it's been I would say the show we launched the entire verge off the back of the show we brought that audience over and folks who've been there the whole time with us. That's incredible! If the folks who have joined us over the years, it's a pretty fun show to do it's a pretty great community. So, thank you all for listening. Okay, now get out of here,
we talk about computers. I made my dad and things like expressing effectually kick out, as I cannot get out of here. Go, makes the mountain but sagrada literacy. Broadly, there are four. We talk a lot of it. It was great to be there in person and others like allotted donks about brought us all other than we watch the video Yes, that's usually inherently. Thickly silly that occurred, but it's not like during, live dummy dvd sea like I was raising my hand to be like item number of questions tat. It's always a presentation. I mean in a funny what you could actually argue. It was better to watch the video lie, like actually being there than sometimes it has been in the past, to sit in the autumn. Because there are a lot of things that like when they do those our demos, that's, how is my favorite when it's just like a person walk around on stage there? I've had to be the stream you can see. We are looking at an they cut around and look sort of cool we're just watching a person. Why
around a stage looking at, and I soon it definitely was like. We flew to cooper tino to watch a video Ay, that's only like a small part of adobe tbilisi actually is and be like the vibes we're just so good people so happy the lake be around these people again? It was actually an apple, in the spaceship in there like huge gorgeous. Fatigue area which has really cool, it was just I don't know it was. It was fun to be back, I think, in part just because it was fun to be pack but also make their the event pretty well. I thought they did a good job David kept, describing thriving revive as the first day of summer camp. It was they ever just happy to be outside together. Right and, unlike the point, is like not the presentation when is afterwards, we got hold the computers in our hands and I'd say till schiller and gradually we act in TIM cook, walked in like he was
Ariana Grande, surrounded by security, and I got very quiet like it was strange at first there was clapping and then there was a dead hush and it's like you're going to like the macbook air, and he went looked at. It was, though he'd never seen it before the thrown it to the ground. It would be amazing, like an amazing troll would be like if he was like what is this well, it's kind of what it felt like because normally he's have johnny I've who would like give him the tour of apple products, but this time he just sort of walked around himself be like one issue, the huge harsh but people using open, nowhere near by himself. No, there is no one to like give him the you know dog and pony show. It was just tim cook sort of casually considering a laptop in front of hundreds of tv cameras. Surely there is that, and there is also the united off like in it feels using even remark on this, but we were all together we were sitting behind. Mark has Brownlee and next to renee, richie and Joanna stern was too rose
in front of us and jason star was there and I like a high five gruber like we were together and being able to watch all those people react to. The news all at once is a very different feeling than watching a streamer, be on twitter, yes, it's verifying that we want to apple work for them. World's fanciest drive in movie, stayed home. I wear my pajama pants does rolled over off of my bed to cover the event It is great. It is easier to I've played this russia. The stream like except this one where the stream was like six minutes behind or something we we lived in the future by being. No, no, you guys were almost exactly two minutes ahead of us whence I kept like is like reading the lie bargain about right. Next person get ready, they're like how do you know about my life ass, a david I receive we, invented a bunch of these moves, and then we completely forgot them. Why did you bring a camera and David was like? I did and like go five year interfere effort issuing get an extra camera off him, so we're going to get back
That part was great. I just want to say that, like we haven't done, thence in my three years Google had like. I can for people. When I owe you full of weird, like Samsung one in one out moments. Apples like did it was great as coolby nerves, coolly, you shall see it or other. We didn't where national theatre wearisome, like the beautifully wit hands on space above the fear, is that where they showed off the the laptop was in the the lobby. All the while the thing- and I definitely mentioned before the wireless signal, the sea, jobs, theatres or speakers all around it like hidden in the grass- they long path to it. Just play like new age, music it sounds I kept describing. It is like the way like the wedding march, that, like tom cruise, would have played a scientology wherein clearly how, unless you know like it's like so exciting, but at the same time as I also we might all die and seventy zero that girl. It's like real. Like who, like me, his thick and adjust, fills,
space around the pseudo sooner. It's always wild when you walk in two that, like hall for sale from the outside, because it is suddenly just like suddenly music is playing the unlike you don't the cars you not hear them. It's like gorgeous, like landscaping, ok If you have evidence like his johnny, I was going to murder assault that could happen in this environment yeah. This is someone gonna emerged from the brush and either show us a laptop or kill us. It's not not like the circle is what its new. I did in fact say to an apple employee as we were around and she was like he d. You get back I was like that's, but that's like the fun of it, like you, just don't get that at home, it just made. Re watching my hands. I videos- I am just like way more excited about a macbook air than legitimately thematic areas. Exciting cause? I was just happy to be there, so he wants to talk on the air, so they announce. The m two processor will then ask questions that's all their software suffer go through. Those in turn across platforms, most
Something else is like massively cross platform, which is interesting, but there's one. Big piece of hardware news which I got right. All of you told me it was gonna, be more amazon stuff and I called it on the m two new macbook air: I'm to ship. It feels like it once there is a lot to say It's also a new numerical garrison empty yeah like it. Very interesting because, okay, this is their second generation technically right, like we ve gotten a bunch of different processors from them, but those are all kind of under the same general architecture and design and stuff, and this is slightly different architecture. It's a slightly different process that they're using the five in p, instead of like the five nana nanometer since, like a slightly enhanced process, fur slightly better speeds, and they just felt like it. That's that's like every processor announcement is that it's always
hey. We got a new processor, okay cool. What's new about it, it's faster okay, cool what else faster, so it was like. Yes, this is very exciting. This is a huge monumental moment, but also like okay cool. It's it's it's faster. It's raising the mac laptop has the same performance. Conversation problem as the I found this had for years. Yes, like the a series chips in the iphones and are so much faster than any competition that all you can say it. I guarantee you that this will last for ten years, because your you're not gonna need all this overhead, ten years now, you'll be it. The limit of this process are like that's amazing, for all these products, but like here too, a windows laptop, which is almost certainly Thicker almost certainly has lower better life and performance penalty. It's like one out even better,
like interesting as the ones are kind of based on the eight fourteen, and the into is is a pearson based on the eight fifteen and so were seen like the same kind of jumps there, but were also we'll see, will potentially some downsides too If so love the work, that's gone into the m or on the the power efficiency cores. So, theoretically, this is going to be like much more efficient, but then they've also put a lot of work into the clock speed, although they didn't disclose those clock speeds, but it should like it's going to run fast
in that way. So it's like it's interesting. How they're doing it cause? Usually it's we're going to do more power efficiency and we're going to do better clock speeds, but it's all one processor, and here because we have these like power, efficiency cores, and then we have these other cores that are just moved to do like hardcore power, so split up and weird and wonky. I just want to get into my hands and test it and see if it's actually better cause we're also hearing that the cpu can actually draw more power, so the gp theoretically, if you're playing a game, you could theoretically see less battery life on the exact same game between an m one macbook air em to macbook care. So we don't know about. That is how big the battery is. So. They were very clear in a variety of ways that they had design the chip for this enclosure, which has one exert apple and life. You didn't. Do you think? What are you going to do not desire to illustrate this
for your smallest enclosure like whatever, but so that they are very clear? They did that and it's not it's not that what shape anymore, right rights inside our traditional slab, its thinner and The answer is no, and we are talking to the executives wandering around like it was very much the way if as iconic but getting away from what shape made us, let us even out the thermals. Put in a bigger battery and let us can actually thinner because you're not packing ever towards the back of that which yeah, so I think, there's a islands between yet maybe maybe chicken drama but they ve added more battery inside of that thermal envelope year. They also enhanced the thirteen his problem, the end to maneuver design changes whatsoever. He announced, as even like a strong term, for what apple did like day. They just sort of off handedly mention that had existed and then much bigger. I just developed a theory. I've gotta theory for whiteness exists. Now
so so you can actually do if you are going to test the speed in the battery life and everything between the end, one macbook air and the into macbook ere. You couldn't do it right because totally different like designs, different batteries, everything, but you could do it with a macbook pro, so maybe adjusted yes, so we'll all by ad hoc benchmark the into just exists for benchmarking once gets here in a second. So just to finish, the battery live conversation One thing about being there live and not doing it at home is screenshot their graphs and an work myself up into a rage, rather graphs. I'd like way, I got back to the hotel like hours later and then I was like. Do I have the juice to be mad about graphs? And it's like, let's see in the answer, was to die. Furthermore, as many of them at this time there was- It just said eighty seven percent and had two lines, and that was that was like they were like that's enough. The axes are complete. There is always the axes are labeled in almost meaningless terms like yes,
watson, unlike relative performance, so we have no idea what terms then the one that was useful was photoshop times right. They said the new areas, one point four times faster than the outgoing: it's an outgoing taken but then the old and one air, but we actually don't know which and one they were measuring, so it might be the outgoing one, because only the base model remains. So it's like who knows. Yeah, right. It might be the fastest wanna. Maybe this lesson which led to an end, the battery life claim is the one that is like the most bonkers, because apple historically has been so good at making battery life claim all. They said was eighteen hours of video play back in Joanna his like done amazing video on this in the past and the dying deep. Apple means by this. What they mean by video by that time, as you watch a video like low rightness with all of the radio's, turned off from a computer over and over again for eighteen hours. Until it
it's not how you use your computer to look at home in the dark yeah, so Do I believe that apple historically dollars great, better left across its products? I do right, then one is it spectacular? This I am one pro I was sixteen inch and one pro macbook pro. I got tripped up by optimized charging, because I this plugged it and I did open the lid and let it figure out that it was on pacific time. Incentive is east coast time now, agents four hundred percent in the mornings entity. It readiness, the whole date apple of exciting parliamentary site. Try it's ninety one percent I went to. I live blogged the whole event I published hands on post. We air dropped a bunch of stuff we're on the wifi came home. I worked a little bit. I watched to happen so the stranger things. I closed the lid, worked again the next morning and like twenty, four hours later. The battery was seventeen percent in san
it's like this is ridiculous, and you had your radios on and everything yeah it was like. I was using the hell out of this computer like for a day and a half right, so I do believe I'm pretty sure the apples good at this. I just think they're stats are getting increasingly in the realm of like ludicrous useless, yeah, there's fancy ways to be like it's very good, we're so much better than everybody else that it's not even worth. Comparing move on with your lives, I mean that's what they did in the phone space right yeah like the phone space for years. We all knew that they were better but like they were never going to get like qualcomm. They just left them in the dust, and so it's like we're not even gonna bother like we got the new, the a fifteen go, it's great cool, moving on and and they're kind of reaching that space. It seems like potentially that they're going to able to do this same for laptops. Maybe it does not feel like anybody is competitive. With this new there yeah, we should ask Monica spends all the time reviewing laptops. We should like ask her when it's time for her to resist atop. It just looks looking to provisions claims looking at it, we'll see
like there's a sense where they ve taken another weep and will see the thing measurements and mac, which is particularly hard, is on the iphone their essential? accurate because they collect all of the usage telemetry from everyone's phones, and then they have. Like a model of an apple each day that has average decree everyone's phone in the world like him, apples idea differential privacy way of doing it. I can't let you can't quite do that laptops that can run any arbitrator. We ve taught, How can we create your battery model and they, like? You, cannot break This is a matter like its eighteen hours, a video play back it too bright. As with all the radio off in the apple tv up alone, and so I can recreate that lie would do that. The next thing China is the web cam, probably yeah. We need It has one that has a notch in the display. The display is bigger. It's a ten hp webcam, it's a thirteen point, six inch display, which is bigger than thirteen point three and the the new pro you can have.
Is what an arch but see them on my laptop or my phone anymore. So whatever The camera looks nice and my theory with a camera. Is it it's not cropping like all of apples centre stage cameras do so am I we look at impossible to know until we get it yeah I mean we, the only thing we saw. I did think it was very funny that you and I, when we both walked up to the macbook air instinctively did the same thing which is open face time and look at it faces independently of each other when it says that I first thing we did, was we both locked up and play the looked really good, but that room is is like perfectly. Signed for great natural light. So it's it's hard to know. It's the most nicely lit room in the world. Thea, but it is deaf
it'll be some measure of an improvement over what has come before. I think how much as we're going to have to see in a review, do you think it's notable that they didn't do centerstage on it? Like you mean it is arguably for like why it looks better, but why didn't they do center stage during laptops? Don't have stage ipads and desktop macs of center stage, which I don't understand either, but so who knows I think this could be the moment to move it from that. The ipad. I think we should get rid of it entirely. I think they should find whoever invented centre stage break into his office and delete it and then we will have a camera that I don't like the idea to solve all our problems, all at once, like centres ages, a great idea in theory and it's a fun demo and then in practice it just like zoom in all over the place and a major camera. Look worse, what fortunately remember dropping rightly so. Much of apples theory has just been ultra wide cameras with tons of cropping and I'm
ensure there's a version of the camera that is so good that that works, but with the camera quality that currently exists in these webcams. It just doesn't, and so you end up sacrificing actual good looking picture for like a nifty thing follows you around, and my thing is like I'm very happy to just like swivel. The screen of my ipad politik just make me look better in the camera. How many people were like walking around their ipads in in studio displays set in their the only demo. Anyone ever gives is little kids running around valea. That's the only one which, obviously, you ever do through laptop. That's only for the ipad in the imac people who plop it down on the coffee table. All I'm saying is this story of the studio this way, even after this update, it still looks bad and it looks bad because they put a a real camera in it. Then they corrupted all the way down to nothing. So I am hopeful, because there's no centre stage here this cameras and prevent my expecting anything better than that tension
the camera on the sixteen inch and one promise I'm absolutely not but imperfect light. It looked very nice. We should briefly talk about the thirteen inch pro, which again, the chassis was designed for an intel chip like now as an end to in it, and it still has a touch bar for some baffling reason: and, like the answers, were we still make it so we keep making it. The reason is not baffling at all. The reason is like every, I think, the simplest Answer here is just like apple has a bunch of these left, and it's not that hard to just what an m two in it and there are a bunch of people who will buy it. Like oh look, way, bigger enclosure than we need, and it's a pretty good laptop that people mostly like, like the other point it's a second wrestling locked up in the air is number one in the thirteenth program or two, and I want to be like, but because it like the slightly more expensive one, even by that logic, you made the air better. Maybe now make the probe it's like a talladega nights. It's like keep
like the air, shake and bake, and it's like that's how that's going to work. You know like you're just along for the ride. Dude like like you're, not isn't for you it does sound eventually change it. But I asked about the touch bar and yeah. We just didn't change the design, and that was the only answer. Any them would offer I mean soviets, take a break in have a lot of things were carefully, with the rest of the show is just meet. Him did buckle up. This episode of the recast is brought to you by future. Let's face it, we all want to build a workout routine and stick with it, but It's easier said than done. You might get a good streak going in january, but usually by march, even the best planned resolutions start to crumble features an app that's here to help you change that for fixed monthly price future connects you with an expert trainer who offer unlimited personal work out sessions in custom designed routines that fit your needs. Future coaches are there to keep you motives,
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hold it in, I just I still hate alex for saying, buckle up. We will pass that way too. We had a whole outbreak and we still mad at alex for saying but at length drivers there. Oh my god. For a start worth carpets, they now so much stuff a bunch stuff, the end of the ira segment there like an we that the future of car play. This is just a sneak peak when I was sixteen, you get a bunch of widgets and all the stuff in there like now what, if your cold car was widgets and so like They like you, asked for it and you get it in the first thing they showed was like h fact, controls which is like a perfect thing to add two car play right you're in car, but I just want to remove the fan. Upstart got one. Those cars that have taken the buttons away again makes sense and then they move already instrument cluster and there like display like that speedometer the map. What, if
opium gauge looked like a progress bar from o s tender with older. Recently, equal economic and themes will do themes and inside you know, even do things in your other operate like so like this. That is why, in a flash- and they put up this huge slide of carmaker logos, inner, like our partners- love it these cars. This is just a sneak peak cars we and ass to the end of next year. There was one one of their beat of that before you get to how in saying that whole thing was they started. The whole our plaything by basically saying play is so good that people won't even buy a car that doesn't have it. I think there is something Seventy nine percent of people that were surveyed said they wouldn't buy a car without car play, and so it's like that Shining here is like apple is, is basically like. We make the only car software anybody likes. Nobody will buy a car without car play if this alike were taken over bitches, and that was like. That was the whole vibe of the rest of that presentation, which are that was just fast,
and those numbers are largely true, like every carmaker had has had to get on board. Like honda didn't do it for a long time they had to do it. Mercedes you're from want and dare to do it Bmw. So you car players a subscription there, yeah you nerds or pay thirty nine dollars a year for harmful and am like that's how they sell, two people who, if you you get when you will be set financially viable and I'd like it's crazy. But it's also just like not like that. Tension in the auto industry is Carmakers know that they want to steering wheels to go away. And then you're going to be trapped in there like netflix, cocoon where they want to like programme advertising to you, and we would We have all these harmony seo come on and they all say things like the way were measuring the success of our our car business. Many osiers. We deliver to our centre stuck because we want to compete with tesla. Slight, notably, does not support carefully because for all humans. Many faults. He knows that give his interface awaited. Him cook is a bad idea.
It's true. The carmakers make garbage software and I keep making the show, require viewer. If you watch the videos like just gesture at the serene ike complaint android on, but that's what that is for, but like what that's really for is yet maps on it. Can you get your music on it in those acts are necessarily apples. Apps, like it's like spot, a fine Google maps show up on. Send our screen and that's what people use it for they want the maps especially if they're going to do self driving, especially if they're going to do advanced driver assist they're, not going to give you the instrument cluster in like so they put up the side of the logo Andy Hawkins goes in emails every company. None of them are committing to this poor pole started well I'll, be just read something so Bmw. Currently we have placed a clear focus on further enhancing our I user interface system I this run- will continue seamless integration of apple's ecosystem. Integral to these efforts. Have evaluation of how
in the latest innovations announced the wbc can be integrated in our solutions. Volvo at this time, we have nothing to share. We can't comment on future product design forward. Thanks, we do not have any additional information. Jim Jim has no commitments Mercedes is very good. Merci, This is a most polite. German gifts Will you let me I've ever heard in my entire life? In general, we evaluate potentially relevant new technologies and functions internally. In this context, we also hold discussions with apple so that the sub text of all of these big, my I read of this is like someone who gets email these statements. All the time is that, like the lowest level person on the carpet, marketing team called the first phone number it find at every one of these companies and was like was like car play right. The person, on the other hand, was like a car play, and then there, like they're gone on the slide done it. If you like, it the cinema to that are beyond this there's paul star.
Alex mentioned by the pollstar in volvo, are like sister companies. There volvo's that are like literally like the volvo XC. Ninety eight powered by Paul star, is that's the name of a volvo. You can and isn't. Pollstar, like android computer on wheels space yacht pulsar runs august, eminent so but, of course our says apple carpet. We'll come to pulse tartu as part of an update, letters are so that even supported now wikipedia comic, just excited to say our plates coming period, We're also thrilled to announce that the next generation of car will be coming to pull cars in the future totally wide open. That could mean anything but thrilled to announce it because there are a so that's the Like someone said something to to middle instead of in this country
We also hold discussions with him and then there's still atlantis, which makes jeep and ram and fiat in others, still anxious, which rigs ram and jeep and fiallan every that's. Your big european conglomerates. The same. It is. This is more of an apple operating system for automotive applications, rather than a car play upgrade. We have not made any announcements regarding that system, so there they're like trojan horse alert you thank you. So scientists as interesting, pulsars interesting for it. Interesting bunch of companies have signed up to android on their cars for good. This building at Jim Farley was just autumn. Can he's like for the working, canaan andy like making a custom versions thing: that's gonna look like ford sink, which may be they should re evaluate whatever, but it's like Google runs on a car pulsar this runs: android automotive disposed urban gas. That's that
on top of services, there's android automotive and gas runs on top, and then there's also android auto, which is a whole other on the carpeting better, it's very bad. It's very google all of them have their own messaging service, enhanced atlantis, just forked android they its own andrade thing with amazon, so you have this mobile phone code ruddy in cars over the place, so it's very actual to assume what apples it has risen club play is like apple code running on the car, but we asked about it it is not it's all running off your phone or they didn't say whether it was wired or wireless direct. But all of this is on the phone there's no code on the cars and that your speedometer is running off of your phone and, as what happens if the connection drops, unlike last before back for it going ways pedal who metal so that just like from space technology perspective unclear other thing work,
unclear why those logos were in the presentation when none of those partners want to commit to this at all. Maybe our partners of the existing car play an apple just to David's point just like the leverage on them? The other Where is that I'd, say? Oh, this is just a preview. The apple carbon, the app car almost certainly be an easy. This thing have I ass gauges and mpg figures they do not end there. Well that if you would you look at the screen shot, they showed and you're like this design is punk but it makes no sense. Now the colors are nice, its size.
Scrolling widgets there go all the way over to the passengers. You know what a deafening wanted to reach all the way over to lake, where the glove compartment is to change the song that I'm listening to like this is terrible written and they ve got a counter which it they had a air quality which it that is separate from the temperature widget, which has a different part of the screen like air quality, was higher lake. If you're looking at you you're going to sea air quality before you see what time it is enough, The time is, is little analogue clocks instead of just like snow. Those are the world clock, so there is theirs. Do sorry, I'm honored by down. Unless there is a little, forty one p m digital, but then you have a big world clock for tokyo in new york city, that's what you always eat in the car is to know several different time zones at a glance, but wait me like Juno, Spain, something me that you mentioned just like in passing the other day that I still have been thinking about, which is like the one screenshot that abolition
of card lay, whereas ok. This is like a genuinely good thing that I hope exist was the thing where it has had. The heads up display- I just showed you to me. And I was like this is a thing that should obviously exist, and your response was that already happened, and just no one wants to do it set true so card. Hey right now has the ability to support various. I strains and re map the interface to different, says screens, and it also absolutely has the ability, since I was thirteen to appear in the class, that adds up to sway and a lot of some carmakers, maybe one or two have done it, so What you know, you're apple car, play for mathematically in your centre, screen the carmakers enabling. So then, how do you get from that exists and no one really wants to do it to taking over the rest. The instrument cluster of like that's the leap these companies
have to make it so enormous another you get there at all. I think this is the exact same thing we saw with apple in energy. The tv space they were late there they didn't want to like actually have their operating system, be on the tvs natively. They wanted to sell their own hardware. That runs the operating system that you plug in and then they just got lapped again and again and again by android. An exact same thing is happening in the car space and like okay, yeah, like ford, is going to go, build a whole big fancy, tons of displays on their dashboard and they're gonna, put android on it and then you'll be able to plug your phone in and just switch over to apple. Like that's the plan, as I understand it in, like I mean that's cool, but it's always you're always going to have
those weird inter operability, things right, you're always can be well. I should actually use the android version, because if my phone runs out of battery or disconnects, I don't want to know, I would still like to know the speed limit. I am going one so the the idea released again. I think this is often only favour The idea is that was presented to us. Was it the car, can. I connect its internal systems to the phone Phone is surrendering the display in some of the controls. So far, so good enough ass, its dispute on this Your speed is I'm incalculable phone. It's the graphical display. If the speed in bidirectional communication, but isn't it weird that you would have one speedometer when you have your phone with you in the car and a whole other speedometer. When you do like just the idea of it, my driver
experience completely changes based on whose phone is plugged in and also like you and I were driving the other day me lie and we used my phone for car play very weak, so that lake is this. Just doesn't make sense with how people use their cars. Me there's a reason we keep asking courses for when he heard her there's a reason. I wanna be a decoder. They are all trying re characterize themselves as effectively software companies. Right in a car is a phoney wheels like there's all these endless cliches and you can We did an entire roundup episode of what carmaker said decoder it it people to judge on it's a great episode. Usually gotta, listen to it, but they all have the same problems she's. They know that the primary user interface with the car has moved from the steering wheel to the centre stack right if the steering wheel is becoming less and less important over time and I have to add more more driver assistance features and eventually during all my go away and then what you want to do is your approach much entertainment in the car or you want to change how you sell cars or you want to sell advertising on those screens or
you want to take a thirty percent cut of every purchase that in the instagram app on your car, like they see the revenue potential for all of these things. They want to strike a partnership with the emu charging networks and direct to one and take a kind of whatever like they see the money that can be made. There are any those at his great, they are not, but they, but all of them are basically advertising or recurring revenue services or whatever they but they see all that money that if the film makers have made in these ways, interesting, more cars, our funds and wheels we're gonna make that money too. I think a challenge they will have, as people will still have their phones. So I am not were that. That will happen for them, but that's where they're going its exact same as the tv space right like everybody, they saw the ad revenue, they saw all the things they could do, so they all went in several working to build it here and then ultimately, a lot of not everybody, but a lot of us just go get a set top box, yo yo like a router and apple to me as the same thing as a phone like? Ultimately, peoples are not gonna, bring my own opera,
consistent differences when you're, like ties in tv crashes, rewrote who tv iraq about, complain play you're, hurtling along the highway. If I'm right here, just like a victory, this eggs are very different. That's what kind of like blows my mind that the players that apple is making the google is making to the carmakers are making a so similar to the ones for tvs, because one we ve already seen how plays out on tv is, like you guys know exactly what's coming, you know exactly how entire back and forth is gonna play out into the stakes are so much higher like actual lives on the line stakes verses, just like I was gonna eat my dinner and watch Obi wan and now I have to go restart. The tea We must bring this forward right now in cells, blue crews, in its f one, fifty like wagons and I'm the mustang oghee. That's like it's Oh yeah, it's it's advanced driver assistance system it has made add a bunch of highways. Split
sweetwater highways, America, that's luminous, work being taken, after the wheel, the system monitors your eyes. We look away for too long. It beeps at you appearance and it works for all people on it. Okay, like just think about the components of said system like it, has a map of highways that works on it is looking at you it is driving the car like one of those components. Are you going to give to run on your phone you're going to give to apple to take over? Are you going to give them the blue cruise button to run on the iphone you're going to give them the map or you drive, car like regional weaponry, render all of that you. I, however apple once there there never gonna do it. And then the flip side cushion for apple, which is torn firstly unwilling to give its code to other companies. How much of that stuff is apple, going to be willing to give to car companies to put in the car for fail safes and for when your phone bluetooth
dies and whatever, like neither side, has any incentive to play nice. Then they have to hear in the us ouch your point on tv is like this is the ultimate tv problem like ray tv maker has its own weirdo operating system now, so apt development has just like it's a real fall back. Various weird html five systems- extensions, fine, so at your age. Vac system is going to be the h b, o max of car. It's not good. It's never going to work so we'll see like my thinking just having asked around after. This is apple, announced it to see what would happen right like open the door to put some pressure, you're on those partners whose logres appeared on the thing in that the got to moves, they can say if you want car play at all, got a support. This seventy nine percent year buyers won't buy a car that car play in see who breaks first and then everyone
I slowly follow along just like kondo did back in the day or they're just going to put out their own car right and it's like or we'll kill you. We'll sucker bird, you and then in the corridor, is kind of like the even threatening us with his car for a long time. The best of luck sheets, as this kind of them saying don't go in partner with unreal to have your weird skimmer effect car you I just partner Actually, that's a great that comparison. We taught us with Andy lesson right like if you are really in just spent all this money and unreal doing all this stuff, built this built. I you I to computers. Are you gonna be handed over to apple? Actually, that's your differentiated on top of the fact that you have a pickup truck that some people can like five people here has anyone still show you what to do with the wipers on the sidewalk like wiper just the one way an amazing picture of the cyber driver came out, and I just One way further doesn't go all the way up. The windshield inside your passenger gets nothing
and you as a driver, by the way, also get nothing on that side of the windshield might not go all the way as a very good don't be tall at that. People focused on many other weird problems in his car which, like tell us in general, have we had problems it, but it's a private actions. He can't fought them but, like, though, I prefer is like is that even we humans lifelike eight eight months and you only got to deploy of them, since I'm gonna go all the way home. There's someone there's a lot of theories of the waiver telescopes all the way out, but it's like high Why would you build that its evident? Doesn't telescope out one day and you're out in the rain. China is also now. What is the proof is thoughts. What purchase make the long white it's very. I heard you ever negotiated it's incredible anyway, that's hardly we will see. I told you not to feelings on it, but end of next year, both cars that are gonna be announced at the end of next year. There already done quarrelled is slow.
So you're telling on a car that we announced lazy months from now like that car as well in designed. Yet it is in full, like manufacturing europe. The car makers are like four five year cycle so we'll see, I think they just wanted to announce, isn t weapons that's very much. The sense that I got from everybody that was part of ios David, there's much of iowa stuff that you're like in love with. A bunch of so that I mean the big announcements. If I had to like boil it all, the way down are basically new locks, bunch of wacky new ideas about notifications and which I guess goes hand in hand with the last green stuff, but basically the ideas you can. You can personalized behaviour locks green. Now you can choose different fonts. You can have different pictures. It'll be sort of helpful in helping figure out what looks good and what doesn't, but there's just like infinity. Knobs, to play with on how your phone looks, which I mostly think is great, We're curious to see like how that interface actually works, because the only thing apple showed was just like swipe back and forth to change stuff, and I'm like that seems like a giant pain in the ass. But who knows so that's why
during the second one, is a bunch of new ideas but notifications they're moving the notice like there's a now a notification bundle down at the bottom of your screen that I dont total first and there's also live activities which was grabbed me as basically notifications, built on the tax sack of widgets, see you get that kind of like constantly updating information, but it lives in your notification. So, instead of like a new notification, my fear is able. This is like the one my own life is like. I get a notification every time, somebody on my fantasy football team, sforza touchdown, getting a new one every time I ll just show me my fancy football team score all day, like that's a good thing and then the third thing is messages. I think they there's a bunch of other little things going on, but the big one was. You can now mark messages on red which to me is like they could have just a study to be- and I would have been happy because now I will remember to text my friends back. Edit a message after you send it for a period of time. I think it's fifteen minutes and you can also an a message
so it's all like nothing, sort of life, changing a new as just a lot of these like little quality of life, make your phone make. No more sense to you stuff, mostly I'm into it very curious to see if anybody picks up live activities- and I know the night it's a thing- you have feelings about too yeah, there's also improved tactics to write. Dance seaford on our team has physically not shut up about how excited he is that you get have to feed back on the keyboard for, like three days now he's like it's just a game. Changer. This changes, everything is the biggest new, but then also still uses g board, which means I don't trust, is about funky bars. I turn off all the half. Six on saturday stop blessing, If I'm yeah, like I'm good, it shows me the letter after I type it like. That's pretty much all the android phones used to like do have to Israel, but they had horrible haptic engines. So you like push a button like I hate this I'll, give it a try. Is he right very sad about live activities like it's the first new notifications. I was in a long time there is a lot of
I would say: windows phone lifestyles embedded in there also andrade widgets, like These are things that have existed other places enter it doesnt sending widgets notifications does show not this year. That is true, but like the interactive, which everything is more the handwriting. So I think that's really cool, like the thing that we we have learned since is that only apples the party widgets get to be interactive. Mike have controlled, music player will have like buttons and like whatever that's it live activity. Third party ones are just display, so sports scores and things like that I think. First, you have to see if anybody adopts it really, what you're saying is no one's gonna use. My this innovation is innocent people into my up. It's just gonna remains Is it in? For me, display surface that related to my app and we'll see, we'll see like, I think, that's a big decision programme makers will that's we're retention rate like as as apple does like it's rethinking notifications, its
its putting more information under lock screen. That's like making the widgets more four and putting the more places in that the thrust of it is like spend less time opening apps on, she's looking at jam, apple even talked about it. The idea that, like Craig saturday, he he was at the the live recording of John gruber's, talk, show which was great and I'm not sure when it's coming up, but everybody should watch it and he was talking about the thing where you open your phone to do one thing and then sort of get lost in another app and how they want to start to solve. For that- and I think one solved, for that is to just like make your phone a little more classical but you're going to do that at the expense of every developer? Who makes an app on your phone? That requires you to actually look at that app from time to time, which is like that tension is really fascinating. Yeah. I think I do think, like the europeans, the world, we'll just do out activities like I will see. I mean I'm very sorry for its first new notification, indian. Quite a long time. Besides sports, like I keep trying to think of other ones, and I, like all I've heard, were sports like they talked about sports, you guys talked about sports. What are the other like? What would be a use case for life?
activities outside of sports. So, okay, so I'm looking at it. Here's one. I have five notifications on my phone showing me calendar events and I think in a live activities world. It would just be a persistent thing that shows me my next calendar event that's just a widget. No, that wouldn't be allowed activities. A calendar widget, oh right, cause? That's not changing. You want a notification of something that you're going to get another notification about, fort scores is like the canonical one, because any key, loves him. Some warriors whatever. So that's like the easy one I think, if you want to monitor a stock price for a day which, if you're gonna play like maybe from time to time, you want to monitor that stuff to anything. That's gonna change over time, but that you don't want to monitor permanently is a candidate for this are really hopping. Whatsapp group, really have, if maybe I mean like the I, that would be like a thing to experiment with directions: flight status, flight status, director- oh that was they demoed fights at us, or they did okay, the travel stuff
if you want to monitor for a day, but you don't want to travel widget, you don't like monkey with adding and removing travel. Widgets like it's like a temporary, which yeah ephemeral, widget, and I think that's neat like The idea has not existed. It's a combination of many ideas that have existed you just at a much better job, explaining it than any other way effort to explain like the ephemeral which it dear like I love that its again, it's a remix of many ideas, including lifestyles, including much upon stuff, but it's one of the first. Truly novel. You are you ideas. Apples had at one time there's a lot of surface there. But, as I was saying like this tension without developers like if your flight aware you're, not getting, people like opening your what you just sending them a widget that goes away after day, like what enduring value of that relationship, but theoretically still need to get the abbe silly to pay for the app
yeah, but where does he get to show me ads if I'm, okay, not looking at the app all day, so that kind of those ad based developers are the ones who are going to like feel that sting or like e s, p n, like they want you to open the spf like watch other streams like read their content, like do all the stuff in the spm. I guess that's unless you have usb and plus but you don't like turning europe into a commodity. Information provider is like a real tension. It is, but I think a lot of people are going to buy into them, because the users will love you and look that's a good thing too. I mean, I think, the similarity there is like between media and aggregators, like news aggregators right like it's, it's the exact same thing that we want you to click on our site. And look at our rats yeah, but would I if, in a world where we had an app what I'd say, we should do a live activity for all of our lifelong, so it'd be like yes and then, like our business, I'd be like, but
we could have the will and the thing about that is like it's not that hard to draw a line to like apples, big theory about the future of everything from that. Like apple, has not been unclear that it would prefer. You did not have an ad based business model I found out an apple would really like you to charge a monthly subscription that it can take thirty percent of so if it can like incentivize you to become that kind of provider that people will just pay for, and it's just like pulls things to me at the best way like that's what apple wants. So it gets it's incentivizing this pretty heavily in a direction that also makes sense for apple as a company. I thought it was interesting, though, that, you mean like we're even less likely to get our cs. You're no mentions worship at all. There was a mention of matter the other standard they send out loud. They set out with we joined the matter consortium, and then they said nothing about what that means. They kind of implied that take created at workers. Router matter is basically hunker. So, like there's a lot,
a family resemblance their side. There, like every gave them home kit, so they wouldn't steal your privacy, that's what they would have done, that's who they are. One thing it's interesting is as if I was sixteen I've had. Can no longer be home kit cubs. I love this plan right. You need An apple tv or homepod mini, probably because matter needs thread in those devices, have bluetooth radios and thread dredges, No. This is actually an improvement, because right now, if you're maybe have a lot of apple devices- and you didn't understand what the hub was- and you may be activated on everything not understand but you didn't do it maybe always go to your ipad. We really didn't want it to end you'd be like started or would choose like the one apple tv that you, every year, the still like not a hypothetical example, and that really decided. I don't just go, save yourself there.
Well, no, I'm very I'm honestly very excited that they're getting rid of it cause, I think, like I think how apple is rolled out, so much of like home has been really badly done like they have not explained it. The how they explain everything about it, how to set it up. It is not super intuitive. I would not leave it to my mom thread bulbs and a home pot and say have fun. I doubt would be hell. The calls would be nonstop lake. I can send her a laptop and be fine, maybe, but she can set that up and so like any move towards making it a little easier and getting rid of those excess choices. In a really like choice. Fatigue scenario is great, the other thing they said and just along those lines for like an all new home, app, that's easier to use and am looking at him like they changed the wallpaper and some of the buttons.
Apps are different. It's very hard to see what the difference is. You can see cameras that counts for something they can see. Cameras in the current home app are higher now they're, not at the bottom if anything, it's clear. Something is happening in the matter and it sounds like some of the obligated, but there's just little is very little there. Sir we'll see, I'm excited about the matter call out it's like when apple says it ideally, means its close. It was delayed, or earlier this year's muscle launch already Three, when the stuff comes out in the fall sets, the ios. What's really interesting is like we talked about widgets, Private messages result all the platforms and without a bunch it's coming to every platform like iphone stuff. Really is like the lock screen. They changed a lot themes, we don't even talkin, But you can change your clock fought and you can great I should say that sought nothing like the de there is this subject:
of apple users that, I think is probably most apple users who just like want to turn their thing on, and it works like that. The percentage of people I suspect to have. All of the apple icons in their same order on their home screen is like massively high. But then there is this, so the people and is like a growing group of people who like go on tipp toe and see all these crazy things you can do with icons and all the wacky. Some people with widgets, unlike apple, is, I think, trying to give those people like more knobs to fiddle lydia without making the sort of default experience harder, and that's like it's a good idea, and I think it's the right one. I think it's gonna be super super hard to Ask the flip side of it is. There is now a million buried cool features in ilo s that I, never tells you about the only way to find them is to like this criticism from some weird tik tok greater. If you know one of the two talkers, he was told themselves a lucrative career being like have you seen the setting on the island I want them on decoder, just like connect me,
cause, I'm dying to know what their lives or like like it's like other day in the lambeau. Looking for settings that no one's ever heard about, please starbucks drive got a pup cup for his dog celebrate there, the a dvd racy stuff and a little bit of aligning around gadgets we're back This pride, everyone's coming through for the trevor project on youtube shorts join us, create a short showing how your stepping up proprietor using the hashtag youtube pride challenge, come through for pride on youtube. Shorts visit youtube, dot, com, backslash pride, unexplainable is a science show about everything we don't know got a new series lost worlds about some of the wildest mysteries of the deep deep past Looking at a kind of world that has existed for millions.
Time is so huge that scientists can ask all kinds of unexpected questions billions of years. How do you know that we are the first technological species on there's a lot we don't like. Where did the moon come from? We have idea why the moon is here and the moon song. This is some strange faraway thing. It's it's, the moon, it's almost as if time forgot this place or was there ever life on mars? Maybe life is so fundamental, a process that you can have two different life generating events in the solar system as a whole universe out, thursday. When's comprehension subscribed to unexplainable for episodes every wednesday, starting to june everybody should we just do the ipad and mac together. Since apple smashing them together. Anyway, there's only one thing: I want to talk about for any one of them anyway, but the story of the stage manager right, yeah, ok, a stage manager Alex you go,
I've had I've been yelling about stage manager to like strangers on the street for the last three days so like, let me not go first, Alex you go first, I wishes yelling at everybody in slack, the like, it's just. It's just another doc, it's basically just expose a, but then you have a whole other dock of windows. In addition to your doc of apps, and I really do question how many windows, the average user of ipad or mac o s, has open at any one time that this is a super usable thing like that it fixes anything cause right right like I consider myself a fairly big power user, they don't have that many windows open and I can look at them all. Screen it just did it. You guys, don't know it, but it just did it like. Do people need more than that? Do people really have like they were showing in the the demo, like twenty pages open and like two people really have that many open at all times tabs? Yes,
I'm the exact opposite from you like. I would. I would like to be able to see and interact with eleven different things simultaneously on my one screen like is that a good use of my life resources no, but that is roughly how I try to use my computer at all times, and I think this is kind of the problem right, like the the the forever challenge of the mac, is that everybody uses it slightly differently, and especially it's now. It's very popular a lot of people use and so obvious blake perpetually trying to do things and its now caught in this, like very microsoft e world, where everybody is so set in their ways that, like that the time when I think what would have tried to do is come up with something like stage manager. Ditch everything can be like this is now the new way to use your mac, we believe in it. We have killed and control, we have killed command tab, like sir manager is the future and now apples response is basically like we're going to give you all the ways to do every
and you can just sort of pick from this grab bag. Whatever makes you happy and to me, that's just a total cop out and what it actually leads to is people using none of these things and just continuing to be confused by how their computer is supposed to work? Well, they got the real They got the real windows from rather can't take anything away, like Alex's mission controlling four days. Every like you can ignore. Taking that away from me what they cannot do that so the operating system is twenty something years old it has, crafts and apples better than most removing craft trip, but there's some craft, I think they have stage managed on a mac as they built it for the ipad and if you have a bunch of I've, had users- and you like and you should buy a mac to do the things you can to interrupt that you need to you- need, like a windowing environment, that's familiar to them I have it haven't like whatever like on the mac, though it just feels it says, renters, this bizarre hybrid, where you want to.
Back to be more like a single tasking operating system. It really is like back to the early early days when I was ten like two thousand, there was tat there was a purple button in the menu bar It was called single window mode and they announced it and no one knew what it meant. An apple had like figure out what it meant, and it was like. Smith. This window beg like you would make no sense, but it feels like back to single window mode where just going to hit a button and one apple take over your screen and you didn't pick another one, another or single apple take over your screen, which is how the ipad works the ipad with that gives you is you ve got more at once, and you can like reason as the windows in it beta. So that looks a little monsieur it now, since as we, tweener between making the had more like a mac and making the mac more like an ipad that its aim like a user base of maybe exactly for people who are tim cook, filch expense.
I just I don't know like who is like clamoring for this. They were all clamoring for windows on the ipad. Same achieved, that in some strange yeah just also command tab on your ipad. You can you can but it can only do command. Haven't. I've had like literally the whole thing like sly, It's like a very dramatic like you're, going from after. You're moving. The other does not have the concept of spaces right right, sustain man, there is about reducing the drama. That shows the way the way Craig described it again at the talks at which I thought was really interesting was basically like the problem with the mac and the way he does it was that you're always cleaning up after yourself, which actually that was a good clever way of describing it right. Like the thing you when your computers like over two billion tabs and apps, and then just slowly proven in an open and prune, and it's like its it gets messy, sir cleaning up and then on the ice
add people were running into like. I need to be able to see multiple things at a time, and I want to like have the thing where I can be using a browser, but have an app behind it, that I'm using for reference or whatever, and the thing that they designs to meet in the middle is stage manager and I think apple likes to have things that work in both places, because I think people use both those devices and More apple can like make the interfaces make sense. The happier it will be, but to I just feel like they made a thing. That is, the exact of the Van diagram and actually does assault anyone's problem in any particular meaningful way. It's ok he placed on both sides and other great which so what's fastening. What that is only available on the m one ipads right, because the m one I've had now support virtual memory like fast swap, so they can do it right. Or multitasking, I've had had the great advantage or re disadvantaged depleted point of view. The I've had ruthlessly calling applications for memory
Would you like sleep or suspend applications or quit them entirely just to preserve its memory, cause you're only doing one thing at a time and then the outside over in the south. It now you're limited to three months. With and swap and memory swap on I must you can do mac like things like multiple live applications at once, that quickly, switching four. I think it eight a time right, like eight per pile. Referred to, whereas a pile of windows, and that's like you guys like we're just quickly the they also announced a bunch of ipad stuff. They called it desktop class, a eyes and a desktop. The files is getting improved the desktop class, and then they announced real display support so right now he in way into an ipad just mirrors your ipod, no matter how big. That is why, as you get laid for three eyes, had the middle of it and ass, we get mouser. Extended this way, and there is a whole sequence reads like a now one window from the ipad seamlessly to another display
I really wish you could all here. The noise that neil I made in the middle east is sadly lacking up in this. I'm here, to apologize to everyone else and around four percent even put the second. I think I can drag my cursor seamlessly. Meliodas goes its twenty twenty or even the dragon between displays for a long time yet and did another drag and drop general he's like I found this file on my desktop, and I just on the map by the way, if you click on the desktop. Now all the windows go away, you get the desktop, which is great, very exciting. Yup vegan present a very good idea, but he's like, and then I picked up this picture and I just dragged it into this window and everyone's like ooh has a if you know what I'm eighteen eighty, but what are we drag and drop alliance? it's real messy now right if you got the three twenty nine ipad, which is excellent,
plus machine for all the children. You know if you ve got the ipad air, which is I've had actually is more. It has once again your stuff, then you ve got the pros which like, add a stylus and also stuff, but the app might like. Now you can window and you can do a thing. You ve got stage manager and the aps run on a mac, and it's like It's real messy, unlike apples point to us every time we we have literally started. Referring to this is like did gregg jaws. We act. Memorial question is like What's the difference you I've had in a mac and the answer is always like people buying both they haven't both they love It should be easier to use together like no making this decision, the way that you think they are and I buy it, but as a get closer and closer to each other, I think the risk of people actually making decision gives much stronger and I will say I wandered around asking people like: did you just me: surface rt. Why did you make that weird,
down version of windows. It only ran actually appstore in its worth yeah, that's way more successful than that. In the squint there's one. Nerves, emitters, windows, archie, I don't I just don't know how long take they travel to just give in and where the ipad run max or put a touch going back and let it go into ipad mode ray. I think the second thing is much more likely per se, but here I mean that your your point about I've had line up. I think this is the right one, because what happened now is there is a version. The ipad line up that makes sense next to the mac rate, like the three Twenty nine dollar I've had his is a demonstrably different thing than any mac, but if you're by like the high and I've had pro with a magic keyboard and a macbook air like those are damn close to being functionally the same. Device overtime, especially as like your average user, is gonna use it right, like the kind of person who is not
fucking around in the terminal and editing video all day that, like you, experience of those two devices is going to be remarkably similar now, which I just think it's fascinating seems like apple, is doing that on purpose overtime, as I wonder, as those things get closer, how they're going to talk about it. Yeah I mean whoop. Once or twice a year asked this question, and the answer is always the same so I think, there's a little bit of other max stuff. In this conversation we have to talk about continuity, camera. We have two. I love the colony and continuity camera. What an insane name for this feature like that What can we glued onto continuity exists or continuity is visually I'll? Take you copy on a mac and paste on an iphone or use an ipad, as a handoff I did not put when two together that that's why this is called continuity. I hate it even more now right so, but that's like the overarching name for a bunch of all that stuff that like makes an iphone and a mac work together, it's continuity and now it works, but the camera on your eye. And we ve got continuity in the camera. So now you can play. I think you can,
wired and wirelessly but I can use your iphone camera. Is what can we just lawyer says: that's like for you. Like why? Don't you just put an iphone camera in the back and they're like we got you one. Better is better the word we who it is very specific, iphones right like it's. Only the iphones that'll work with iowa sixteen, and they they the really pruned the number of devices being supported with this move. So so you're older iphones are going to work with that the ones you would be most inclined like uses a web Yeah yeah, like that, the the camo app has had a big run over the last couple of years, because there were a lot of people who had like you're, saying Alex old iphones sitting around with that app. You could just plug straight into your computer and use it as a webcam and now the pictures closer to like attach your actual phone that you use every day to your laptop, which strikes me as a much bigger, more complicated thing to ask.
What do I feel like? I wouldn't want to do that unless, like if somebody said Alex, you have to go on BBC America and an hour I'd, be like okay for that I bought camel yoda, because I was in my hotel room after them seriously the next morning and I had a b and c and we see and have looked at the webcam irish like myself. Too much and I spent the money on camera. It's a good up. That's a great reason to use contiguity how many people needed a camera for an emergency for a tv. Tim cook. Sometimes there are the funny thing about that. As I didn't have a mouth for my phone, so I with my laptop perched on a night stand on top of an overturned garbage, can and then I may like a triangle with the lid of the laptop, and I went to my phone in the triangle and if you sets, you may see her interest me looking terrified, I can't see what's on this really does my my right and it was and I was like, is this phone gonna fall over? So apple will solve this problem of like
MT solicitors. Let me about him out. The phone they're, showing that stuck to the back of all these laptops is ugly and it's ugly I keep thinking. It looks like a like a little kid suction cup. That's they just like ripped off of something and just went through onto the back of your mac mounting your phone on the back of a laptop is different. Phones are heavy so, like your laptop, what is going to go in either direction my wife piece of advice for people who actually want to do this is by he needs any tripod and just stick that behind your laptop at a height where it just give you at the same place with your laptop all the time which most people do buy a tiny tripod and stick it behind there it'll work much better for tim cook. Please go buy a tiny tripod So this is fastened. It's a good idea. Another laugh moment. The crowd was like ears amount, we're making for the pro my because it doesn't.
If the camera isn't everyone is like, but I could use that with my studio. This sounds very good. We'll see, I that's exciting, I'm like that's a very obvious and traveled to I'm glad they did it. In our safari, pass keys, they're doing with fido alliance, Google or microsoft, or doing that, that's very exciting to that basically using your devices is passwords and getting rid of hazards entirely. That's a big deal, and then this is really cool, both I was seen in matchless ventura they're, getting a single rapid security response. Religion issue Security updates without issuing operating system operates, which is cool, What can I say? One other really quick thing about the mac that I think is fascinating, and this is also like speaking of things that are sort of coming to all these platforms. Apple seems to be really interested in operating spotlight as a thing there's. I'm going to be a little button on the bottom of the iphone. That says, search like where, where the little dots are that show your home screens, if you hit that ring up spotlight instead of having to drag down for the middle and also their adding all kinds of like image indexing on the web to spotlight your do more actions and spotlight like there have been ruined
years, that apple is gonna, build a search engine and actually think this is probably what that search engine looks like like, rather than trying to knowledge, the web. The way the google did apples just gonna like index your stuff and all the stuff you care about and just pull it all into spotlights. You can do stuff, and I I think, that's kind of fascinating spotlight is one of those like under loved features on a lot of these things that I think most people like don't know he exists or how to use it. Every time I show it to somebody they're delighted, they're, like wow, you can do that. You can just like to hit apple in space and find it up. I will say that apple, putting a search button at the bottom of the phone looks an awful lot like android. Yes, it does The most intrepid, like me, than the lock screen and widgets. The other that's interesting to me, though, is that there was. There was a time when I would have assumed that that button would have been called siri and my my pet question w, tbilisi is how often to syria come up, and that number has just been dwindling and dwindling and dwindling to the point now we're like all the things I thought would one day just be like SIRI are now nazi.
It was like. I did like search and its spotlight, and it is like Syria's being sort of slowly like written out of the stuff that you should be doing. All day every day there were some siri mentions here. Like you know, conversational queries in the sessions are some serious stuff. Yeah I mean it it's still around, but there was a minute where it was like, like in the way that who is trying to sort of make assistant take over your entire Google lifelike syria's very clearly not doing that within the errors? yeah? I mention tv. Yours only only say that nothing happens. We're numa on that front of absurdity abound. Like where's, my youtube tv five point, one audio support, so they announce it, for Google tv advertising revenue- and we're still waiting on our other platform partners to give us what we need. In an opponent CBS. Sixteen, as I have been doing nothing virtually nothing else in tv. Sixteen, the only thing I know is that its support hd, our ten plus now leave europe samson.
The owner, dont revision. That's it that's about it, but there's like no content in each year templates, so hooray you don't wanna watch o s stuff was was kind of interesting, like they're gonna do prescription tracking now, so you better be able to track your prescriptions and as a worry work with an old mom who lives by yourself. I'm very excited about that. There is also the potential for privacy, nightmare or yeah, but that's like a health feature, that's a cross. This is one thing about WC we roasted out, like that's a feature in apple health that is breast across all the platforms, it's gonna watch feature the through who say like it's interesting to see how many features were des thought of his apple features and not product features. This is super nerdy, sorry inside baseball, but when you're, when you're planning to cover these these events, we usually will be like okay, this person's on mac, o s as persons on ios. Okay, this person's going to be on these
scouts and increasingly, in the last like year and a half, you can't do those hard assignments anymore. Cause you'll be like okay, you're going to be on home. Well, there's not actually a home section it sprinkled throughout, because this home feature is going to be really important for the ipad and this one's going to be really important for the homepod and this one's gonna be really important for the mac and makes it super frustrating to cover this stuff. But it also is like I mean it's probably good in the long run, because it's it's apples, like kind of putting it on everything, yeah all the features everywhere. This all features everywhere. The watch is getting new running metrics. So if you are running it until you tried to lengthen how efficiently your running victoria is very convinced that this is all leading to a rugged apple watch in the hall. That is that's it. That's why we're get knowledge stuck out as they can. Finally, compete with garment and polar thing. Apple has figured out about the watch, which I think is
correct and it doesn't always figure this out like there was a thing rose like you can have podcast discovery on your apple y. No one wants now, but the thing that apple has figured out is that the watch bake by definition, is just like the fiddler s device. It makes things, and so it's like do you want all of these super deep running metrics, and do you want like this medication reminder thing: it's like all those sort of little stuff that you can do, watch is just like. It is four fitness and it is for health, and it is basically for nothing else, and so apple is just like deep down both those rabbit holes now, which strikes me as the right answer, but then the other That was interesting to point about all features everywhere. Was fitness the app coming to the iphone? And I
being able to like do the same, not the same, but like a lot of similar fitness tracking stuff without a watch. I just thought that was very interesting and like that has been the watches moat for so long that it was interesting to see them actually pull it off and put it on the iphone. I think it's like a key frustration for people, because battery life is still probably the number one concern for most people with the apple watch. Right like it's battery life is nowhere near anybody else in the space it's bat and a lot of times, you're like okay, I gotta I gotta close. My rings hold I have to go to charge life watch. So when I go for this walk it counts now you can just her for your walk and not have to worry about it. So it's like having a kind of his addressing those battery concerns. Not necessarily lay people probably will one especially those like hard core runners
It's not me, but they exist and they apparently want of a better watch. Little acid entire marathon and the apple watch gonna struggles with that right now, and so this is like that nice little cross over for them. I made my watch binary survival, That's my strategy. This really care at the watch runaway more than my personal. Such activity. We see like yours, Are we able to buy now pay later, which is a little shaky and their financing of themselves and I'll? Have a bank partner, like the participants, are expert apples doing its own They don't have a bank charter, but they're, basically bank. Now it's we'll see. Thereby navigators at various thinkers. It's it's for payments over six weeks with our interest, and I tell everyone like unless it's an emergency and sometimes rumoured a laptop now your phone broken into folk, and you can't afford it right. Okay, I get it, but for situations? If you can do for payments over six weeks. You should just the money aside for six weeks and make was just a little
by its. I don't understand why that's their structure for this, and by not be later, firms are like well, yeah a little shaky. This was a weird time for them to announce it, because a lot of those firms are having difficulties right now we may or may not be heading towards a recession, and that means all these people may or may not be able to pay all of these bills, if now given themselves the apple financial services stories like there, and I just apples making re products. Now here in any danger, but why gee turning itself into a financial services, companies, a thing that kill g sounded means avenue. An insurance company. Is things kilts like danger to cook? okay, but that's a wc and like buy now. Pay later is like by far the smallest piece of news, and we got to get this. At the top, we gotta get this stuff. It's all coming out in the fall. We're excited about what's the little lightning around here U s. We see mandatory for often sold in the eu by autumn. Twenty twenty four
So this rule goes into effect this year than firms have twenty four months to comply. Laptops get forty months. So that's aren't twenty four is iphone sixteen and we already heard rumors apples doing it this, like the greatest ever governance, regulation history. Yet we I need you sweetness, because right before we started recording you use ok, I understand how this time I spoke works. I'd like you to explain it because I do not understand the timeline splits work. So I don't understand how the european union works. Like I look at it, and the europeans try to explain it to me and I'm like huh. It's like cricket theoretically, I understand My dad calls me is like an age. It open, sling tv that I pay for on your ears, so you can wash match with me and like what is happening. European years they ve passed Moreover, they haven't formerly past it right in their formally pass in september I dont understand how that port works like at all, and I think I just refuse. I think what at will
literally seems to be happening, is they're all that's gone vacation, and so they decided that as soon as they get back from vacation, they ve like made a pact. To pass this as soon as they got back from vacation wicked little really think that's what's going on and I respect the hell out of it. Ok, but then the thing like the idea is basically to do bundle chargers from devices which makes sense for a bunch of reasons, one of which is environmental and then make it? This applies to basically, everything that comes with a charger rate is that that is at the idea yeah anything You want to charge you gonna battery. That is the message must definition you could possibly imagine rightly it's like this is. This is why this is somewhat fund, like anything with a backup. Battery is now suddenly like a subject to this rule. I this this I dunno My home has a backup battery. They took just like also to keep it as if it were a thing like that. What is a computer aspect of this is messy, but What I mean is phones, laptops things that you charge
right, leg, mobile devices that you charge they're, trying to cut down on e waste to reduce charges in the world. Would you like a noble goal, so pretty like most things already charge via Let's be standard because of you european union, and I there's a wise once before, there's one electronics manufacturers that makes this network, but look around the industry of computer stuff? It has been micro, usb areas we see from, this is a kick to move the industry s. It's not just apples we're gonna, get a lot of these smaller companies that have in sticking to their micro usb, finally going to u s bc. So that's that's nice big when oh yeah all the like weird audio gear, in the universe that has been on micro and occasionally even mini usb, is all going to it's going to be great those that stuff. I'm very happy about it'll be interesting, though, because there's a lot of those companies and the these very specifically I like well, we haven't updated because it's costly for us to like move over to usb c, like we built on a micro usb and now like they're, going to have to spend that money even
they may be can't afford to so we'll see. I think apple's gonna make some noise, but there's rumors that they're already working on this phone with your thesis, which is amazing, do you think it'll? Be you only phone nah no way like, I think, that's a huge. Stake and lightning is run its course in it. Hey. You want, your phone to run an entire car dashboard. You need more bandwidth, so, like It was like there's no way they can do. Offer scarp so like we'll see but like the future, is the power and bandwidth of? U s. We see not lightning, which way over ten years old, we'll see. I also I didn't. I dont think there ever gonna make a totally porthos iphone as johnny. I dream that even mag safe is like not fast enough, not well supported, other big news last night thing, there's a hardware store that they can order with math undressing minnesota and very important. Last night, everything this is actually big news. It's like, if you like, kit, very quietly xbox
it's a game sharing out that works and samsung tv, as are other smart tvs escort. If he's he's this is here, It turns everything into a game council, that's crazy, yeah. I think this was always kind of the plan for for microsoft. Forces. Sony like Sony is like very we're. Gonna just have them just cancel you can buy and microsoft is like we're just gonna be everywhere, so you can always play video games, and that makes a lot more sense. I think they're still like a lot of things they haven't, insert. Then they haven't addressed and they're very aware of, like the internet infrastructure in the united states. Just isn't there and that's why we we consistency is consistently see microsoft, releasing these hey the internet in the? U S, sucks reports like
we're going to continue to see those if anything, they're going to invest more over there to say, look how much the internet sucks, because they need it to not suck to sell this stuff. But this is just like microsoft's big grand plan finally coming to fruition, or even hinting at it for a long long time, they've been wanting to do this for ages and they're. The first thing to really do it, like nvidia, has been right there along with them it would it's really those two companies. We want to talk about, google whatever, but it really has been nvidia and microsoft chasing clock, gaming and microsoft is kind of finally gotten there. Maybe cameron tested it out on the samsung tv he really liked it. That's obviously like in a very sure set up everything. Was we working? We sought to test it. Anybody hammett samsung tv. Let me now but lake this is cool. This is use like it's happening there. Finally do in it. It's me think that, like the console is sort of heading up the video games,
level into like the world of pc gamers, where it's like, if you want the best perform since game streaming is almost certainly never going to be that thing right, like it's You literally just cannot compete with the thing that is just sitting in a box in front of you and that can compete with a thing that yours, in front of with a mouse and keyboard that is wired and causing us right so like, but those today, think we're gonna like move, weigh up the chain to the top, and now it's like most gamers me included, I'm like sitting around playing fifa so like getting one hundred and forty four frames per second, is like not interesting or necessary. My life, suddenly games. Trimming becomes the main thing and I think, that's like microsoft is actually headed their faster than I expected and unlike nvidia and like super. Unlike Google has a really long path of like being able to pull it off the content and game said, yeah well, the owner of the game, studios yeah in a way, that's just super hard for anybody to catch up to and like this,
This is always the thing that was going to come together and it's like I mean I think nvidia is not out at this rate like, like. Obviously, nvidia doesn't have the same kind of back end infrastructure that that microsoft has with azure, but it has a very powerful back into structure like we. We don't talk about it a lot, but nvidia has got a huge server business and and that's why they've been doing this stuff so like there and they've, also got those really great relationships with the with the studios that microsoft doesn't own, which is like four of them now, but they still got those relationships like the reason nvidia has been so big on pcs, vs amd one because amd sucked for many years, but once it finally got better nvidia was still but better because it had these really strong relationships, and so it could get all of these, like software enhancements and stuff that on these games, that amd couldn't so like this,
well very much in that running and are arguably they have a much better library of games, but microsoft is way easier to use and now way more accessible. I think the thing that's really interesting here is there's a lot of rumors that they were going to announce a tv streaming device like a a sticker like a roku competitor, and we don't know where, where that one, like there's a nurse maids cancelling the three rejected, but that gets you ok, this works ok on your smart tv as an app works really! Well, if you buy this review thing and then it works great. If you buy the council right, like suddenly like the idea that microsoft can just do netflix for games, with game pass and it can deliver to all the people at various levels of quality or by any don t. You have to find an xbox. Do the blood spore defining xbox online. Like that's wild and I like they're getting their way first, but I think that's where the whole
We ve seen the attempts to disrupt the consummate stadia. What does that was lunar? Whatever amazon has am I use out just like we actually is going to do it well now, unlike its ethnic stated here, the big question: sony because sony doesn't have their own club, I mean they have called gaming service, it's actually run by microsoft and they didn't even know that microsoft was gonna, be running it and They felt like those deals were all made and then they're like. Oh our cloud gaming is run by our chief competitor cuckoo cuckoo cool, but there there's they're stuck way behind now, right like how. How did they get there cause they're, not nintendo, like nintendo, is always going to have a really strong console business. It doesn't care about cloud gaming. It's audience is very different. How it's audience plays interacts with these things. Microsoft and sony are neck and neck for the most part. Usually, and now, like a kid can say, hey mama want to play halo I need like. Can you download this on the tv?
the first is dedicating like pay. Mama wanna play. I don't, let's what's a sunny game, this appropriate for a child to heed hopes for the future. If we do not feel you but they're both go in there right like the road going there microsoft got there so much faster and that could be a big change for them. They've they've historically been behind sony in the last couple of console generations like just in sales in uses people, people buy it to play halo and that's about it and now, like there's a lot of other games, that it supports that you can just go play and you don't have to go, spend five hundred dollars to find has five to play on your tv that can't even support all the cool stuff that it does like we'll see. I just think it's fascinating that this Donald come out cause. That's the real it's like just and samson tv sets its view. It's very someone's only some citizens interviews so like there's reasons It could be earth shattering, is, but definitely is,
the technical habits yeah it's like when, when there's like a cheap xbox device, or it comes to lots and lots of tv's or heaven forbid the apple tv which one that will never happen, I think you could probably get it now on a lot of the android tvs I messed around with it. What's on samsung tvs, which runs Tizen yeah, but you can get like like you, can get the cloud program now kind of on the andrew. I told you at the ape uk from andrew to enter into the yea. That's what I like to back. That's very alex france. Like that's that's. What you like you're in those shield forums inside me and assign the plan on our andrea tv is second there sdr Alright, that's a great place to end this episode, France has to go, recruit, insidious, sheep or didn't run. Pirate exploits whose, wherever listing five hundred episodes, we arrogance is given some stuff to promote, like I said, we're going to re, be rebooting the show in the next few weeks look forward to that.
It was enough to weaken and urge the background of all this. You know she's rise and fall grey. Special issue. We have some interviews and artists. Usually they ripped off. We have some rise and fall of the energy market places stuff. We ve got a copyright, explain our, which makes me very happy The very complicated it's very good dakota this week was, though, is schiffer tying the union's apple. That's really really fun. We we did like a union our kind kind of thing, because so so complicated. We want to people the basics. You can do, I'm at reckless david's at pierce axes Alex each trans, yeah five interruptions. We did it you right now. Thanks for listening to this week, show and hey we'd love to hear from you shoot us an email at birth cast the verge dot com, and, if you liked the show share with a friend bert gases, the production of the verge and part of the box, media podcast network. Today's episode was produced by me Liam James.
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