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221: Tim Allen Lives on a Runway

2021-10-12 | 🔗
Mike has a most enlightening chat with his TV Big Brother, the one and only Tim Allen, who still seems a little incredulous that Mike didn’t return to Last Man Standing to finish what he started. As for why Tim now lives on the runway of an airport, well, that’s a bit of a mystery...
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A guy, just micro. This is the way I heard it episode number two hundred twenty one and its TIM Alan lives on it, anyway because I'm pretty sure it is TIM Alan is my guest today, because back in two thousand twelve TIM Alan invited me onto last man standing his sick come to play his younger brother, Jimmy Baxter. It was a great fun.
A very flattering call because years earlier I had come to allay for the express purpose of breaking into sitcoms. That was that was my dream job in those days, I'd auditioned for a few, but in ever worked out, so I hopped on a very different horse that happened to be running in a very different direction. That horse, of course, was called on scripted television and I've been writing for the last twenty five years. But the idea, the idea of acting in a hit sitcom had always been,
dream and went to MILAN offered me a guest roll on an established hit. I said hell yeah and a month or so later I was there on the sound staged, a b c playing his younger brother, and it was awesome. The caste and crew of last man standing were like a family. The script was tight, everybody was super, collaborative and and welcoming, and I finally got a first hand, look at what working on a sick com would be like and I loved it after. We wrapped TIM pulled me aside and thank and predicted that our paths would cross again while he was right? The episode I did was called Baxter and sons and it turned into one of their most popular episodes and if two months after it air the producers of last man standing reached out to see if I'd be up for another guest appearance. Unfortunately, I could not say yes, dirty jobs was still in production and
the crew was waiting for me in a sewer outside of medicine or someplace. There's just no time. There was just no time I could not find a week to set aside to do this, and that's the thing about these sitcoms, especially these multi camera half hour sitcoms. If you compare them to movies or plays, they are unbelievably efficient, but if you compare them to unscriptural shows like dirty jobs or somebody's gotta, do it or returning the favourite there now on shows like last man standing you get this script on a Sunday. You come in on a Monday for a table reed the writers tweak the script. After that everybody comes back on Tuesday and you start blocking out the scenes set and that after some more tweaking you come back on Wednesday and run the whole show once or twice by Thursday, You should have all your lines memorized or close to it, but there is still more
rewriting at adjusting and tweaking and so forth. On Friday afternoon. You do a final run through then that evening they bring in a studio audience in you do the actual taping. Often sat area, you get a new script on Sunday and then you do the whole thing again a week later it so you know it's a machine and for an aspiring actor. There is no better gig, steady work, generous paycheck, and you get to collaborate and act with with talented people, but it just took too much time, especially for a guest appearance.
Just it just wasn't worth it anyway. A year later, TIM Alan called me again, and he told me that the writers had been discussing my return ever since my departure, he told me how infused that he and the network has been about the chemistry that we had on stage and he suggested that there was a very real possibility that I could become a series regular on the show, and this was the call I, dreamed of getting for years, a series regular on an established it, and when I got the call I literally said to myself. While I was talking to TIM, unlike my God, this is it it's happening. This is my big break. I have to do a quick dirty jobs and and and go to work and that's what I realized. Something obvious. I mean it was so obvious. I it was strange to realise it when I did, but it was during that call with TIM, Alan
that I finally realized. I was no longer an aspiring actor waiting for my big break. My big break had come years. Earlier in a sewer in San Francisco when the star had had line around an idea that would become dirty jobs, and that's the funny thing about this crazy business. I knew I had a good thing going in twenty twelve. I knew dirty jobs was ahead. I just didn't know how much I it until. I realized that I didn't want to give it up in order to do the thing I had always dreamed of doing so. I passed on the opportunity to play TIM Allen's little brother on a network am and dim was very gracious. I think he thought I might have lost my mind, and maybe I had you know I I still look at the
code not taken, and I wonder where it might have led- that's not to say I've got regrets. I don't, but I always wanted to thank TIM publicly for inviting me onto his show and to apologize for not coming back and today I get to do that here on the podcast and a good deal more in the conversation you're about to hear it's impossible to some. This whole thing up, because really it's a lot like to actual. Brothers catching up after a few years, have not seeing each other, except in this case one of the brothers lives on a runway of a busy airport. In other words, apologies from my big brothers audio in a great. But what he has to say is terrific, he's funny insightful exactly what you expect TIM Alan to be exactly what you'd want to hear from the from the last man standing or from a wise, older brother who has done everything there is to do
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is an old Sony camera that no unlikely was worth about five hundred bucks, signal lands on it, who I was doing this with no matter There is always some male or female went what camera I got into this now. Life at home. I got a studio at home, just as I like this technology, I've been doing in the production process along. I get cameras coming out of my reared, and I get this word. She said to the same here- go out. It's called the black magic One point: I had four cameras, you dont zoom writers, really like switching cameras, will you know and then it I'd look in the cameras gifts which is everybody's got one. Are you switching cameras. I said they took him thirty minutes to notice that I looked a different direction. There was another camera and, of course all the production people were like. How did you do that? That's all we cared about it's a miracle he's so handy. You talk about cameras coming
your, but you know they actually make the cameras. Now that can go up the bud and out the, but I mean you can put these things anywhere. Ok, here's! This is totally up. I'm doing this. I did Amarillo in San Antonio concerts is weakened and you have heard the term. I was in a production meetings. Look I'm not one smoke up your ass. I stop. I said you know I'd rather, you didn't do that. I dont know why, then, why is that a complement. What did that it had that ever start with a year? Don't just blowing smoke up your ass. I started thinking about I stopped I went on. I want you to do that. That's that's! No copyright, have that ever before. What would it take for that not to happen between sunshine and smoke? I suppose I'd rather have the smoke because we'd be unspeakably hard, but I way it's an ex either way I pray shit, your talent or something instead of where did even come from. I got a whole thing about there's a book. I read a lieutenant word origin. Where some words
one of them was really funny that omelette As I read it, the Saxons would take over France came through France and they killed a farmer, everything for they killed everybody in the farm or sale. Megan there, the farm Ladys ready to die, and she pointed to the pan with a lay on met, which they flat tire town the girl would make us. I had that smells good, make us more tools, ok and then said Dick The other tastes these own. Let's and presented it was omelette there. You go, you got an earlier, you know you made me laugh. Will you made me if a lot over the years, but you you're on some broadcast, it might have marked merits We talk about the sun, you had seen so God you monetary, when you were a kid labs, and it just I literally yes, I spent my coffee out because I narrate this incredibly depressing program called how the universe works, which for ten years now and I tell them every year, like guys, we have to change the title to a thousand.
Ways to direct like because every single episode with depressing Hyena from the quays hours to the pulse Sars to the radiation to the dark matter. Now, let's get out of this law, Nay said goose girl, labs history, the sun outside The southern is beautiful, are on and on and then discovered reserved for Easter Breakin role in there? This is the I love science. I love this world It becomes a white dwarf red Spanish to read about bullets that very close does an edge its into all about dwarf an extinct. Itself and all like goes away, and there Did they re off the classroom and hold it this is what I was our son, I'm not literally in a nervous tears while these
What are we saving anything? Why do we have museums and the teachers going get a calm down? This doesn't happen for a while. I don't care if that's the end of it. This is just horrible and it was a weekend of trying to tell anybody. That would listen, that this isn't gonna last and it was like nobody care well on this documentary. It's not the facts before even the possibility that it's coming to an end that sell off putting its the cat, you will need some example, which the sparks discuss light it just like yeah. We figure that, Well knows exactly how long, but when it happens it's either gonna get very, very cold, first or very, very, very hot but either way it's very, very, very bad. For us, there was there's always a great twilight zone about that were. The sun was getting closer to the earth and everybody was in New York departments in it was her epic about how hard it was getting the liquid
whose vaporize in it ever say goodbye to the people. The sun is getting closer. I've seen it closer. It was called constant moon will she wakes up from a dream? Is, oh, my god it was it happening in its outside. Did you go? God, what a relief it isn't it now the sun is even further away today, then, why says it was actually she wake up. It was actually moving away from us and now the one about the one I'm thinking of is they wake up or they're going to bed and the moon comes up and it looks like three or four times bigger than it normally does it's because of the sun is getting closer. I and the other side of the earth has been fried and as the earth is spinning their next, Anyway, it's all part of science follow the science just follow the silent workin out where you every time I think
those eyes. He's gonna variable is not desert the changes they deserved. I hear gotta go. I love sides. I live his until interested in Cancer is a moving target as AIDS I took my elder daughter. You left your frustration, cheese. The producer several chosen, did she said: son, Switzerland, the cedar watch him look for the Higgs both on ago yeah we're moving target is it's what makes you think? That's the smallest thing the smallest thing from the plague distance out reconfigure, but there's no real. We believe that building together There's some inside there because we don't think that a girl, I know, you're, not that you didn't think there was a hit both on ten years ago. Societies Firstly, a moving target these days. I love songs, big size, pursue to hear follow the size as though that is a object you found The science is allowed in Northern Europe,
following the size is continually jade. While the problem isn't science, the problem is the word via when you put in front of anything, you turn it. You like anthropomorphized it and now suddenly it's this living thing that needs your respect, as opposed to this great unknown chasm of ignorance that we're trying to fill the hell you following. Do you or me, But when I was a impersonating, your little brother standing backstage you and I we missed our cue cause. You got so worked up. Sorry, I'm free associating it wasn't science we were talking about, but we were talking about a busted blender right and you wanted to like fix the lender with your kid or your grand cater somebody, and you couldn't and you got so pissed off,
and you went into like you really yelling at me, and I personally, I've just happened to be the closest one for you, but one of the first things. I got two notes here, but the first note was ask him: is he still angry about blunders that can't be blunder that can't be fixed but need to be replaced in dead. It's become one of the huge reasons, our glasses on love. I missed our television. Shell is its after ten years that was done on improvements but always had grips or electric light brings, being then I'd go good, I'd Macedonia. What why is this not working than theirs? the guy that, instead of going who cares, I like the guys ago. Let me take a look at that and he goes off and he comes There is a solid I've done this most of my life, the several objects. It certainly on a path. One was a vice that was mouth.
Because it was gonna lose as well wobbling, so I went to visit would cry seers near me was open and they had. What did I noted by thirty nine ninety five, one, twenty nine. Ninety five, no difference at all costs sloppy mechanism. It is such a thing as a good fight, and I went on this soldiers and I got to accompany I'd hate to give up. I was there. Not rude. I was rude, is probably will turn vices called the lady. I sit understood Oh, is he wished once vices were thirty four hundred bucks? Now I'm on the other individuals, flemish start with you called us. I didn't call you It's yours, you look at it. It machinist bites. Look at the mechanics, wife misused vices, DEC, nations that everything you put a watch, their only stop it. It was this. Ford steal. This is its compressed. It's that potted metal This is an annual you can't hit this. Incidentally, this is
by american workers in Ohio generated thirty five bucks an hour and the bicycle be worth. In forty years was it worth that so I didn't buy two of them. Are you a copy maker? I've had it binding at fixed history show. I did Little Williams I did was to get a guy. Why can't I fix this difficulty? Austria that started it after the wife with broken the toaster. I take it apart. I can't find anything that gave up and you get toastmaster. Go down under heavy by Graham had when you take those apart. Susie of Electrical. Something pluck, there's actually nothing in the toast to go wrong. We had a question our coffee with good, whose history channel show. Now I have experts nobody could figure out how to take the bottom up at all. That was the key we ve long screwdrivers in there like was an issue that talk them and then you're April are resin.
Exports is now there's something in there and she finally, like all this, do you can break it to fix it? I see I snapped off some. They put a little tiny acts in for the Holy Especial screwdriver will take it up. The idea was we came up with this paper dispensers in public restrooms are fastened to the wall with the screwdriver. Did you have to get a special screwdriver People won't steal the user. Technologies some. Why so? You won't open up the damn copy maker. It's a leak. It's not meddle with some gasket that deals with the whole copy make with based on one little gas, and they don't want you taken that thing upon that started being so you still pissed off. I am, I know, pissed off that you can't fix that. It's just what I'm talkin about Jack. What just happened over the last four minutes is exactly what's happening: taxpayers, I ain't done sit sitcom before and here I am with tomorrow, and I want to get it right. A plane is younger brothers. Big day for me,
I don't know how I wound him up. I think I said like how's. It going is still fun and now suddenly there, rector's yelling address the producers or other crowds pills. We just missed our cue and that's why. Your work is always been about how steps made how your head works? And so I don't know what you're too, be that, as it was probably something that was broken around and I said to my home light. Lately. Is a ban everything else. I appreciate people that instead, I don't know they go? Let's take a look at it. They dive into your problem to my wife lately is being put on political side, another. Let's say that I wasn't it I'll? Be right or wrong: I was going what problem can be solved? lately. I best every arguing person about what political sense a modest. I just want to know what problem are resolving with this solution. This is a right or wrong issue. You just want to be right
I understand that is at the babyish. You just want to be right and is a power now, I'm, in control. I guess I've got that when the narrative, what problem did. We saw really didn't solve a problem. I thought of this guy. I think it was. The dimension always a mansion at different guy differently. You forget: would he said something that I looked it up small means tested. I said I don't know what that met, and I said let's say there's too reaches out from my home state of Colorado. All Michigan were moved to. You need infrastructure. Let me drive into that when he made the Jimmy One where we have a lot of Africa a lot worse, but we gotta. Region, saddened, ok, which bread. Well, there's a lot of what one bridge Three bids on We have a lot and for all the chief, I understood just three bid with pride. We take the middle. One was an adjustment.
We'll send you the one for that. That's means destiny, Did you do that when they get it infrastructure? It goes to the government. Does anybody do that? You get a contractor that does that hold your government like the design it'll be huge windows seventy four windows: little governed, welded, Milburgh, rosy, it will do that. I'm gonna be a choice that they're not gonna wanna join on. Seventy four window can't really do that. You're gonna put it on the middle. Otherwise, all your fabrics, gonna get rid of the sun, then they can work it out, need more in my business is aligned produce, the Julius says this. You didn't say this creative says this. He goes. None of that shit is going to happen right. This is what we're going to end up with, and it's that ugly thing called compromise. The building trades. You wanted this. This is China looks like when you can really do it right. I said
always been that person that I've watched that he's got into those details and also celebrated the people that, unfortunately, the position that ain't gonna work and they get That's because you don't like women. Now they had nothing to do with what I like this like. This is what the the solution was well, look. The rules changed right and you and I yet a lot of similar headlines, because somebody will take a thing that we say, and that goes up. And then they ll write the article that they want to write for me and from what I've seen The same thing happened to you. The problem wasn't anything you said about Trump or anything. You said about politics, it's what you didn't say you didn't say well and good silences violence. If you weren't there too, drive in the nails. Then you must have been part of some sort of problem and then, while I may, we could talk.
That for hours, but I'm fascinated: how did you navigated how do you still navigate guys work for Disney for the last twenty five years? I mean what a weird Walter. You are really worried about me and, as I explained to both we had staff of our show. You had well so far. Right that I look like a communist. They happen so far left and then sometimes the stories would bring us together, Real big hearted left wingers, which I always appreciate. Their sentence take care for people of all appreciate that I have appreciated. Like family comes from a group of scottish Canadians, it's just a who's, gonna pay for that's all they cared about. Why we gonna pay for that. So you get. Those too mixing and what they did, I appreciated cleared. That's all the character I played is about clarity, but I found
We just never said anything like you said we just didn't torture. The last president, you just moon People did like that. I'm such a smart, ass then the boy twisted that I just this kind of funny. Personally, I know the Clinton's but I just didn't think it was a good idea to put them back in power. That's where I came from there was another person had elections work. Girls, throw that guy and that was how it started our show That's so divided the times and one point I said to everybody: Brian crashed and is actually a cracked. On a cruise does actually shoot we gotta remember: people were doing a television programme, that's a sick and we're doing this is an expression of a family in the sky drifted all pussy. Did it work that outdoor man might Baxter's a great? So I did
what women other supporting, because they don't play, is progressively his men or whatever I backs it would cut too at home? They were seen my younger daughter couldn't beyond the football team. Nobody's gonna. Tell me my daughter, can't Lightfoot that it still has a bunch of the Arab World in one shove. It woke me up. I got so emotional about it. One Daughters is very done independently You ve really got a lot of the US from all other friends, be it on the show, because you do so not antitrust we just deal with and I data show with her once and she went to the comments and speak achieve graduate. And I'm sitting around the speeches by surveys. Jones. Is that because it, ladies and gentlemen, any more because it you people were ok, The emergency room you gotta be one or the other. You know what she does. Ok, what did she did something else, which is that you can't say success argue our successful. So you can't ok,
Looked through this. I said why? Don't you just give me a list of the things I'm allowed to say and she goes oh, they do have that list and she pulls it out and I actually got tear What I do know is that I couldn't get through the tape as it I don't want to tell me what to say they want to tell me how to and that's the difference where got credit. I didn't realize it was becoming out. They said every time you say no, on any network. They say we are I can see this. We all consider is, Obviously this problem exists. You know what is like a one time I mentioned. I have a river ray situation in my family. It's been a wonderful thing. It's been gone for thirty years. Railways have this question? Is it whenever I hear he's up this a white people problem? I said I asked my brother. Brother. What do you mean by white people? You know nice of you. You know out of that answered I
after this on stage for twenty years. I don't even know what it means is you get my wife in polish, but my job. They sound Russians when their arguing and we go like we're not rush. They get really angry his pole. People do Wanna be Russians, and I don't know anything about that. I'm I'm scottish and you get my parent. They don't want we're, not English I don't know where that is. If you get into this than the weeds of this monster, a diamond down in that tv show, and I said this is where I love. What we did is that I don't like to be told What my words mean I'll tell you what I want. I don't know Lenny Bruce sixty one point to it now, I ya. Never I don't want to get anybody offset latest sixty one in New York City, if you can google it and look it up what he said changed my life and he was right. My mother said: what do you say I can't even get into He said every slang in an audience in an audience of did a rapid.
This many of us believe that the two of us, oh sure, any said the intent is in the heart, Martin Luther King, that some people have said it is a Baptist preacher. I believe in thus we repeated at my family's churches sticks may break our bones, were words, will never harm and my mother lived by that she told us all time. A mere boy, mostly by my elder brothers, called you it. You know monkey boy. Go near monkey boy words, one All of a sudden added. Nowhere in this world war now, oh yeah, I didn't mean that I didn't. I never said that I was caught goodbye asked me for the show Temple Bed whose adieu rejoice about politics when she went through that at least Why won't you referring to what she said and I said what she said he goes. We decided. Nor referring to what you said, one picture were clear and yet
lieutenant magic where I think that's a magical where I got on CNN and ideas on MSNBC why's. He allowed to say this is that I didn't say it. I was clarify I just want to be, he was talking about that for even saying, and he can broaden me into it. Make sure I do not say these words unstated decided again. Ok, I didn't The word near the p word: or on the other side of the over again you did. I don't want to get into the word of. It is six letters north of the S were I dont know how. How can I point to it without you given networks power, so many words have power for a comedian play with words. Its disheartened is what it is. I can well there's nothing left, but charades I made were reduced to charades sounds like first letter raw aims with Carlin? I guess was ahead of the curve. Oh yeah. All of this I mean so far ahead. But let me bruising richer prior go on.
Look it. If you blazing saddles living in your home, theatre, you're goin, you look around in the theater. Oh God, what have we got backwards in time? that so far were about noise. It I saw appreciate We, the people that I have other stuff to do and No, that's anticipated people, the right. I just love the look often said this I dont know what it is with a big country at the top of my bill that is up of gray water. Flows up the drains and invest comes down my driver than theirs these guys are digging sub mountains, a big vice undecided coded entire. Did you see the top of their health Hey guys aim is always go alone is the sole sister, and I think it is loaded and is what a horrible thing and the smiling pool, and that are what Addison
Then. I said one day I was joking about job read a lot of women They don't have this job right, they always was. You know like the glass ceiling. This is the concrete floor. A lot of women are going. How come we don't get to do this and I was kidding around he goes. I don't think women would. To do this: not just on the grounds that it got me thinking about you. Judgment. Do it. I said it is a moment of clarity about what are you you're about men. Is it eventually We will be doing. Forget me the dirty jobs, that's what we'll need look tar on ceilings? Dig it out sewers my driver and, of course, Biloxi, Mississippi, workaday formaldehyde play eighty seven years old, I said what the You have now narrowed. We need even formaldehyde he's not bad. If you dont breathe you work in from outside the EU.
From eighty six carry my suitcases. I said. Maybe we should rethink whether it's bad for you. I don't think it's good for you, but You clean formaldehyde, enormous and lit with than the one I didn't. I dont know what it is, and I just saw proceeded people lose their jobs, and that's why I got to be a failure, just people to do stuff and that's what you're gauge route. Is this place? We live in whatever way, screwed up reefs. Applying weaken unscrew. That's the one thing about cylinder. You know I had an advantage with that show in that there was no character for better or worse right. And we had a network, obviously that I had to be mindful of. But there was no script, there was no pre production. There was no casting. There was nothing like that, and so to the extent that I have a point of view on those issues, I got to share it really really candidly in the moment.
I know you feel the same way about virtually every important topic going on Now, as I do, I've always wondered: when did it become important to you to be able to express some of that through the shows that you worked on and through the characters that you had to embody? I know you ve, already kind of touched on. It's like nailing jello to a tree. You know, and it's interesting right now to see you on assembly required right, to see you doing something that is so spot on Here you are on a fairly straightforward, show its history generate Our first season was assembly central part in our doing the season start next week is far more power and I'm I want to die more into my version. Absolutely right, looking at an early rebuilt beside his hands, and more powers. I said I like: whenever we screw up, we can answer that
the new show is going to be looking at people that have taken stuff taken it apart. Screwed it up and went wait a minute. What, if we put a new pipe in here and did It's always people to come up with solutions, and I said I looked This again is because it a little my orders daughter Katy was happen here. Shit, I've always had this conversation was drawn up as we celebrate the people, the staff and especially became important. These days is so much not only that I get the younger one in spending this time, when I tell anybody who listen and I'm a phone free- and I ask near an airport I'm a freak envy so that high probably a fifty pounds. I just love taken them apart play with it being on. The phone is not doing it it seems like you're doing something. Second, videogame their summit,
AIDS related Niels, like you're doing something you are doing something for me. If I put a pardon, neutral, sounds like the moon. The motors running. Are you doing stress on the system. Put it in gear engage. That's what car likes to be his movie engagement and right now there's so much emphasis on I dont know what it is: fakes that took part Instagram, all that in it some of that cracky. Now they know, about one, my little baby here, it's all Carthage lots of postal shops even during the virus into some sort of pandemic epidemic and earlier still gonna run. It was YO, mechanics tools that restores opens funny. How didn't seem to affect the people were workin on staff There's no amount of respect that I can say when I watch it is, I don't know plum my plan. HU. I get to know, I dont understand it. The fact that he does it
The really get something out of it, not just aired whatever whenever he pulled out the other day. I got value what a man I'll go in there with what is that don't want to know it's for you, it your trip, I have so much respect for internally. My ability to want to fixed up and then its superseded by the people were actually do it? All I do is, I wished hope, focus on I wonder what would happen if you let the people that fixed up maker, like I've, asked all these guys. It's clearly a little bit large income, any What would happen in since roman times? It's never stop. How would you fix that they ve tried so many times. Well, we could be. Will they have a lot of money, make programmes that they know you can't go door to door, just get people money that doesn't work.
Great programmes? I say that, like the thing at the baseball stadium, one get your programmes is what Do you mean by programmes? I've never seen one here in LOS Angeles at work, I dont know income. Equality? How would you fix it other than moving closer to an airport, you are right in the flight path. Yeah, that's exciting, yeah kind of another story. I bought this old plumbing warehouse and the lady kept saying it's a great price and I said that's a good price. She was when she came out it I'll meet? You from a one fourteen one twenty six and then we'll go ahead with it was always specific times. I got where this is a good story
and then, as soon as I bought it, I'm right under southwest runway. Is this all still fun? For you I mean it's. Just your resume is ridiculous. You can do anything you want here. You are popping up on podcast. I guess whenever you feel you like it you're weighing in maybe on purpose, maybe not who the hell knows. So many people have pulled me aside over the years and said why don't you do what TIM Allen is doing? I'm like what just hop into These may be started, sit com and I like yeah, and so I don't know I'm older than I have ever been, and I'm guessing you aren't too, and you ve kind of done it, and so what are you doing, do you really want a wagon? Do you really want to entertain devoted somewhere in between. It's funny because I miss last Wednesday anymore, I mean on improvement, was a great group. I was kind of where the airport, I like you, say the people.
Only through it ended in that show was the same time rights be, I think, Michael Jordan requires a budget Sporting people living in the Navy had off on another year to year- and I had this- you leave. One is right. It was a great decision. I can't believe I made that because money aside, my brother, said how bad the nine months be still I said it's not about that is about. Creatively wasn't with grand through every cycle of every and I want to move on this point. I got back on stage had been doing parties last five years, not as many they used in those Ladys Leno trees that I never stop.
But he's I mean what the world I'm so blessed be in decision making people it's the best. I could do to agree a spiritual person. It's a gift. I saw a prior. Do it to me parlor due to me, I was a change person at a classic, granted, it sometimes gutter fewer Special Might is. However, the connection I have the honour to leave and a better came in I have always said my father, grandfather for you guys it was a gift from they didn't developing skills. They said the banging on your point of view of the words of God. Given gas, there came through you as long as I can keep doing that I saw prior answered changed. My life is seated in the journal.
Second system that once the first level land on a runway get down, I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but every single time you connect to an unencrypted network, whether you're in it, fair hotel airport, wherever you're data is not secured period, any hacker on the same network, can gain access to and steal your personal data, your passwords, your financial details, all of it is voluntary, because all of it is valuable, hackers can make to a thousand dollars per person, selling your info on the dark: where It is literally happening to somebody right now, the letter happening. You express BP and creates an encrypted tunnel, but in your device and the internet. It would take a hacker with a supercomputer.
Over a billion years, literally a billion years to get past expressway peons encryption, just fire up the app click one button and that set your protected. It works on all your devices, phones, laptops tablets. You can stay secure on wherever you go, I use them all the time. Wherever I go, you should to secure your online data today by visiting Express BP and dot com, slash row, that's e ex p r s s v, p and dot com. Slash row get an extra three months for free at express Vps dotcom, slash raw. That's where I go with that. I see the rest of these challenges and I said this history channel but I call the monarch of that. I always job with this problem is a big studio excited would library. Yet those aspects, but we'll tell em down on this, that we don't have that sort of like you do not like that.
I don't know where they are, but they come out of my pronounce. That's not gonna work and the city I dont know. I find this a privilege to be able to do this. I like that we get builder. And it's always knew. Suddenly I was transit. I met William Shatner after the galaxy, He loved that movie. You a lot of the STAR Trek people love because it was we weren't making fun of star. Or the fancy in March to it's a very big difference That was amazing. Movie always did it close friends because of that Shatner keeps reinvent himself. As much as I mean the guy. I think he's one hundred and forty years old and he still looks good and he keeps sixteen. He keeps reinventing himself and I was privileged to sit with Clint Eastwood at one point and he's what in his nineties, he says I don't feel ninety I have about a older gentlemen in my life, the remit, which you're very lucky in life. If you find a woman or male mental,
it isn't your father, your mother, that can crack you wise, but also They have something I want and they don't will show bites these guys, are Hector annual from last week. In some it's about that man, the standing I just want to be like this wasn't persuasion. It was just is physical, be my mother of outsiders. I see where the shirt off there is both the steam bath is kind. And I made my mother, I was watching tv just a hat everywhere. She's, not what research work we are getting more. That is that this had seen over now, as it owes me completely at the same time, will you got yourself into some pretty me not to make weird, but you want all shirt, listen, Galaxy, West and you must be sick of talking about it
As you know, when it happened, but it's become one of the most underrated movies of all time, at least in our circle of friends, chalk, and I in fact go way back with Rico Collared toning, I noted for years. Math yet it gathers just somebody great stories. They came up with all that that was ad Lib they came on the scene. All lunch situation- and they came- in a word to say about it. Over us and they invented no, you have written, sorority almost burst out laughing, so get use any of it over that and they continued this basically written. Some of the details are uncomfortable because they fired people with the director was like you didn't want me in it for the got another director who was a deep so who is more of a documentary directorate that points of the kind of shouted as though it was really happen.
Such a subtle difference, and so he wasn't making statements he let the actors will be a cheesy actors that turned into euros at one point. There was so many stupid things as I'm of we're going out of the planet to get the ball. Spear regret it one of the seven million set up directly mindset. I just want you to run on how we have protested the oxygen on the planet because he said there is the planet I don't believe the movie. We have to have a meeting. You cages, land on a planet, illegals him. I don't know what the hell are you talking about, what we don't have any readings we do. So, if you have a device, pressing buttons, India. We take the oxygen. We changes land on a plan without knowing that there's oxygen and he's losing it so, Honourable members, I got it all figured out disease. While the ship vital is always even something to be noticed, he always had a bag. Always Then he carried back home with them. It was weird
and he lives on the planet. We open the door and SAM Rockwell did my life. You can't just over the door. We need to stop its budget authority. Just goes wait. It's good and he walked and he walked. There were so many breakin moments like that. I didn't have Spiegel no shirt when we landed on the planet, I fight Gregg backwards and he'll be upside down. The train for so long with a trader just so I could. I said, I kind of blood he's right. Chisel gloves. I used it looked like We gotta do this and the short came up so I landed in what they get his back into the transporter room. Seems over. I got wait a minute where's my shirt, because it fell off with great What that means. I have to the rest of the show which entails, no sure you, I guess now telegram,
the director goes for so what I go? No, not so what you can't do. All of us have a shirt on where to get the shirt. He goes. I don't know, and so happen. Otis it had seen at one point. I just would like this drivers should off the counter and put a shirt on where the shirt came from you don't know the drivers is I dont care for a short time. The table, I somehow the shirt magically appear. The thing I remember from that seem to him more than anything else How enrichment does this through the whole movie? He did it in virtually every move. He was then, but he just had away. I think the exact line was so you manage to get your shirt and, frankly, what a wonderful mix of contempt regret judgment and, on we all bundled up between him, Rockwell. Obviously, tony job insecurity. I have one should not ownership and I'm gonna do their job. We just repeat the computer computer
Everything is as it should be treated. That's one job ass So many we had the kid one point Genji realise I'm a little uncomfortable ass used by these and I'm gonna. Do it please we're gonna kick? Would it seven: six, there was in the one that was plug it at one and she kept tried. Come to your trade or practice ignored I'm good at what we should do as much as you wouldn't leave that alone. I said there is a whole bunch of pvc outlined in every Alan, and I took him he's. Were Yours, I was a comedian that love science fiction. I'll do I'm told acting came to me because it says Don't you told me that if you do this I processes, ball and sack jokes, vomit jokes, would I reckoned up to camera the dregs good? When you got a minute to him. I said action. He was,
we can do more. Jobs have just said He was living like I was some. He was so proper and then about ten days that Ngos he brought him about one. I don't drink. What about a bottle? Why do I did at my house and all the actors tomorrow and he was so sweet ass. I get these voice. He was such a one guy thoughtful gadget, passed away. I apologise for everything. I said, as I realise that everybody, the process there process. All these guys would be before this no more tomato tomato tomatoes. They do this. There are doing, and Alan said not comparing We, the brand or in any other way than processes brand or sometimes you just see that food he would do anything to avoid thinking about they want legal action. This is a good thing when you know it or not, you have a very interesting process. You drew ever seen, so I apologise
for putting my judgment on top of your process. We became very close. After that he was amazing guy literally playing, himself greater see. There was one he saved the Thurians. In that thing, you open the door to cheer me the captain to save the seawater back. He's, just save hundreds of people's lives and they give me the threat of war and the look at his wonderful facebook so interesting that he wasn't quite In on the joke early on off, because he appeared amazed at by the end of that, even those shots where his wig was humming off and is make up, was all jacked up and just for a serious act or to put himself in a role where he has no choice but to take the piss out of himself. He did it and man it was just. It was made in Cigani just done aliens to or something
The fact that she signed onto this one from Ripley said this clean, monster that you turn your causing a word. The buddhist monks. Look she had there's nothing. I didn't notice or his eyes one of those guys thyself poster got out of that alien suited early one. She had what became bottom on. Oh yeah, you, like, I, don't know what that I'm going to space I'm going to go to space and be with her. I don't care about the lizard. I just want to be in the spaceship with her, and it wasn't that much of- it just for some reason was a sexy shot? That's what made it so sexy. It was kind of lecherous in the way that they shouted it made us. The viewer feel like fly on the right like Peeping Tom, and it was exciting, but I knew that whose naughty I'm not supposed to be known as Mozilla Association, reclose private space with the alien to look at the right moment in your life. Dear, it's good
The only government always very smile. I was one of those things is a hundred in. Did they get really small, clever, very clever, the iraqi government. Weird. When you get into a never written about the directive. I live on releasing all day. He said the guys did me and my custom in Santa Claus did with first ailing You see them going down? All Ngos that's a guy in a suit There's no way you guys call like a dog does flowed down its purpose is to guys it a suit and he could do to appear We, as the story goes, you start stroking it and adding loud. You wouldn't see much of it. There's no way that looks like a guy in a rubber suit. There's so much about that movie. That was in adjusting to special facts it to start working to me does that airline is hidden that part. The parties like
You can't move out of the railing, hiding a shelf, remove them on a shelf. It didn't quite get how you get different sizes, I'm a Sci FI somewhere after Prometheus, which I don't there the summer I was drunk, but there's got to be an animal somewhere that it was hot. There's got to be some sort of animals that alias I'll, kill everybody. All God don't like. There's a big sloppy thing that just Eads, it is a good content, is probably blight blossom, like what would really terrify that alien would be something that spent a lot of time in syndication. That should have never gotten there something truly hideous, but look it's not that you have the memory lane, it's that there's somebody branches on law and whether there it's Galaxy Quest or the Santa Claus, stuff or toy story or all the voice over crap. Can we talk about that? For a minute I mean? Is there
gig on the planet. You know I'm not about Buzz Lightyear, I'm talking about like Michigan tourist idea arose stuff, which I do in Baltimore to the best I bomb. He's got a series of Clear Award winning Michigan spot. I take no credit, told me, in order for this new agency mouser stillborn, Visuals of that. What is done for that state of Michigan, has highlighted how beautiful the state is, and there's been some stuff that has been so remarkably beautifully written and a young director. Who slap me around negro, wise as I was in the middle of wild hogs and I'm just doing it I wish you and your government as you gonna, do with negative. We do so then sense. A phoney reminder forgot. He got there first impressive. Do you know who your top when we found because I, like the quality voice. I don't like it for the attitude. Ok,
did you call me down, so it had no sense if you and then did became what they call it now got all these clear suggests is draw. Was I'm like Mars If I'm not making jokes elegant doing my job in those places, and I look around me: I did Chevrolet lay for about six years and its voice. Oh shit, it's fine new roads, the devastating sets its find a single voice. Little unless I'm gonna work, but I did one were I love several. Let's get some forward so that the said, but I said no furniture dawn cited The closet were so that's the video we're gonna get you, but what does it we ve always done. Things has sat alone. You can remove it once saddles, put things in what you guys were building and, as is required, that close up all around
sideways smokin himself, weeping break they dont advertised for that is it only the seldom there? the sole before their made do corvette commercial use, a deal that transit through their own buzz. Lightyear is so hard. You actually act against a guy in a window agency that never What the hell were very very closely because that movie and actually this guy with headphones. This is what time will be saying and make us with their ports yet run line. On top of why I never get to work with the other, and that story was the last one
before I did my then before he did, and I was really I thought of the page after I say to infinity, and he says away from your not separate, bigger and bigger HU, the lights it does the envelope Syria, I think there's some allergens in here it broke me up and I called be prepared for that. Last page. He called me right after that. I did the same thing I look at everybody goes, wait a minute. He said I got to turn around and say this to the wall, and I said that being said, it's been a huge part life I'd? Never not wanted to have all of us together for children's health There was something where we do that then Prob on a stage get to see us. Do it it's a little problematic for the audience, were not blank for more about this, but it now
allowed or again story goes movies that wrong the Duma. Small, nor any those things in public the cycle. Green school it takes all the magic gotta move is easy outward affectionate. I didn't once elevator New York, a kid is really be removed. You know. Sometimes you have to know what to stop infinity and beyond and the kids froze up like he was having like he had a brain, free, and then he burst into tears and then she's destiny. It's not something of a meltdown on the way out of use. Why that ugly man swallow Buzz Lightyear and then so I said it's too confusing now hand just got a good. We went to glorious children, hospital cancer Center in Florida and by the way, any people that are working with kids with cancer. I have so much gratitude and do all that can just that the kids were in their employment. We go kid and its content
look at us like who are these two old men and Tom JET shut your eyes and we make the kids shut his eyes and we do a woody buzz and good luck on their face he's a grocer whose men was was worried, It's really will weird deal to do and I don't do it except for fun. People gotta understand it's not a good. Then it takes a kiss. My kids school somebody's buzz iron from the other this and, if at all, in its attendant. I bet he said is what a marvellous point in my life voice offers. Probably, as you well know, did you voice others you're part of something like the one that I did want for dizzy for chimpanzees. There is a lot of video public doesn't see, chimpanzees are terrible. Then nice creatures nice at all, I was going, oh god, what are they doing? They go well, they like to get spider monkeys and they just heads up and eat them.
I got more. I shall gladly alone on our this make it look at this is tat I couldn't get through it its wider monkeys, love making jokes happened the tree and they act like an old one is down here. Meanwhile, the young ones, with the rhetoric when they just kill him and even as it we're not myself. I use those five years. All about one older chimpanzee it's very rare male adopted. It said they killed the mother, from a neighbouring tried and then they had a baby chimpanzee did raise desert. It was very rare. That's what the story but in the middle of those wanted one back out of a broken programmes, lizard spider monkey heads off to bloodbath It's a long way from a lance link, Lancelink Secret Chimp, my God, What does it matter? Some other sea,
so you see here is one of those things were daughter daughter of a dog. Travel so much its heart. I bet dogs came from kids, we how's the dogs and ass. I ever trade I dont know now I do that and one of the trains, only those when on while others go to help and go didn't said was not rude its opinion The point of view is direct egos monies. Don't you realize tat? you're, not human eyes. You, oh stupid as stupid I told that to the vet and she went. We put it like that. But I would say there are dogs are on this spectrum. Dog guys on his part of his back there, not that bright. You tell the human eyes animals in your trouble. I remember this: I'm a freak for workers to see world when they were allowed to be seen
She's a we would know anything about killer whales had we not had an impact, so it is a positive and negative, and that's a magnificent number one that's out here. The texture, though, that you attach a short two things happened is like that it rubber feels like silk. It was the most beautiful thing, but that I opened up right there and I want to say that I want nothing to do with the savings that black eye open look, I don't know what that is a matter, not nicer. The males, oh man, societal, a separate the males quickly out, look anything that can eat a great white shark right didn't come to tiptoe through the tulips. I mean these guys. Are there not even in the food chain there over there It's for the power hungry of me, what it would be, to be an elephant. The only thing elephants are afraid of really packs of lions.
Has to be a lot of them and they have to be injured, really you're. Not. Really afraid of anything and there's nothing at the top of their food chain. Nothing really hurts and accept a bacteria, be they get diseases I get it. Is that the animals were met this evening, romanticized all that I've never forgotten his english guy, sociologists and video. The real show that you take the results. A lot of their lives are not replacing. They go in take over other tribes and kill them all mothers and children. This is a story about one that they didn't ask for the baby like this. In the title and maybe that wasn't massacred Disney chimpanzee with him out of there if you're not drinking enough water, you are not alone. You're also inviting a host of problems from dizziness headaches. Cramping. Bad breath needlessly miserable hang up
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Code MIKE at liquid ivy, dotcom TIM Steak and things that no exciting direction. Is there anything left, genre, wise or that you'd like to do. I did a David Mammoth movie. I read that, where I played an evil guy I've something very interesting information, a crowd with any grip. And I want to do that movie- I've always wanted to do a villain sociopath it going very charming and in full They do too much of that billings, our rare you said rousing breaking. This example- and I have mixed feelings about where I understand why you killed everyone says so? Can you do bad things for the right reasons why this philosophy major? That being said, I love face in the crowd for railways in this chamber to get the rights that movie I actually dropping
cover. I asked Jody Foster to be in it with me. Nobody would believe that I would do a movie like that. Andy Griffith is at the top of his family career and he did that movie and he so beautifully about yeah he's able his wheel was always admired, Will Rogers, we could be around. I says this is like you are. You can be around these ones? and you can influence, but you're, not part of the deal and that's how will Rogers was and that's how that movie was, and I love to play with it, and I say it because it's been a struggle, it's been an eight year strip, I'm close to it. It's been a labor love. I ordered I used arguable told us what if I was terrible what would you do new? I really was knew. Why can you the wrong thing. Is it possible? Is it possible to draw up three atomic bombs on another country for the right now,
well, we saved what could have been a massacre of graduates. What could have done so in our pockets and fortune tellers possible you'll views, I just don't oh philosophically, if it wants and I'd love to be guided those everybody. What that, if I gave em I was a little but I'll give everybody what you just take a look at what the Piazza, what another? No problem, This is what it looks like you want to get rid of drug use. I once said in mind fresh head. I gotta have The answer is yes, get were heroin comes from. We all know it all the way you can't use we're, give you two point three billion dollars and by all our no. Black market here, we'll deal one ounce of that those black market. I will burn this mother.
And I would like to be that guy and I know it will happen and I will burn the top part of Afghanistan down what with some decided, you never grow another thing, who's gonna! Stop me nobody burned it that it is that you don't want criminals in this budget and hang on whose minister, you said you wanted war crime, that's what it looks like you the Dilly Dally with this stuff, I'm going to send in special ops to the cartel and I'm going to wipe the knives. They're gonna start, and I don't think this is what care of the problem, looks like I get it and I just always daughter said somebody stop you I get I said, but what would it look like if everybody? This is what we want? Any political viewpoint has This is the world wants what, if, You were a builder, that's what you want.
Well we didn't mean it like that. So you didn't think of unintended consequences of big words to me everything I do screw up for stable teeth, the whole noise. It you re building carburetor on my car. I bought love as I have always bought a car in a hurry in the rate at night? That's always pretty good. It's really did almost roadmap. No. Connecting right. I built a carburetor at night. Finished it than I had that's the parts I learned a lesson. They don't give you extra points if there's extra screws with little vows on the men, I turned the Koran. The step missed the last step. These laws, philosophical questions. Family I start by. I would love, the more we will express its by prostration, yet we haven't will move the needed money
is the room of everything I believe as the Romans. According to Burma, said it. Every roman debate starts with that who profit by the position profits That's it follow the money. Show me the money religious slogans under leave everything. I've got to go to work, concerning raise a bunch of money in one of the gifts of my family. But you go to Washington Dc Tat. I like that investors? We could go anywhere DC cloak room and I got to get for countless people from inside the ass for questions. I got no asked starting. Who profit by the immigration system the way it is now it's messed up? If you put micro, anybody that solves problem. Oh, this is well The solution will not use the one, eggs awaited rigour?
so somebody and they hide very well whoever likes it hides very well. Then I sound like a combination. You know what you sound like man, I assumed I read your autobiography and I know your past and you've talked about it forever and I figured so much of your journey was informed by the time that you did and your experiences in that life. But, listening to you talk now, you literally just took me from the northern provinces of Afghanistan, where everything was burned to buying a car in the middle of the night in the rain and having
left over parts. My point is, I think everything I've seen you do is actually informed by. However many years you spent studying philosophy, I mean you're comedy every comment. I've heard you say it's your cursed with a level of thoughtfulness, that's not supposed to accompany a sitcom guy or a movie guy, and that adaptation that I started with that. I saw in your face remember what happened to him. We went back stage through that door in the set and that door knob came off in your hand and you shoved it back in there and you were kind of peace. Off, because it wasn't a real door, it wasn't a real knob and you think you could get a better at all this point, your career and that's what set us off and the next thing we knew we were talking about this blender and there you are taking a thing, a small thing, a micro thing and making it a macro thing. And if there's
not some philosophy in that too, then I don't know what philosophy is well, you know what it is. It's the Zen and Erin motorcycle maintenance. Again, if that's what the book was about, I literally gasped in that book, to give it away. When you write realize it's dangerous, is him and he added the metal by yet we went nuts over that. Why should he asked the students about it? just to find quality, and no one could figure out what it is. Think hard earned it. That's the whole you. A part of motorcycle to find out how things work and the other guy just lets like other dad and son. They just take it to a mechanic and have a fix. They don't figure it out Listen, I'm not sure what the point not that his point of view loosely motorcycles, pretty damn! That's the problem there, everything's held together by a little weird little thing, some weird little tweezer thing that I'll ring. Always Uno ring and there is always a problem.
When it already has its own circles on for another weird little thing: and does the whole thing's kept together by that shocked gears and are completely off topic. I ever Tesla customizing, it's the end of the world, as I know, there's no more we parts in the day, you got an armature in a berry. Big motor and a lot of batteries right on your ass. I may a scary, ray screen and open up the hurricane that goodbye mechanics. You needed a diet best by fixing as the earlier update your software love theirs just unplug it. That's my biggest Jochen unclear how much tat I got. Eventually, a ban will show up at the lad around with a guy gone just go down. There at the informal got all my good father brought about an unplanned. All of life,
wait thirty seconds and plug it back. That's it mean power power, backup. Why don't you add to the device. Just get it off every nobody goes well, then you'd need a power that on and off another, whether that be looking where we're going again. Unintended consequences. Go look at pictures Rachel, AY and Bolivia, whether mining lithium in IRAN. This is like they don't ten leather in dated. Why is it so flipping birdie Were it's ok, be dirty, I guess looking chap it's one of those follow the unintended council This is only really recycling stuff. We regret the two then keep out of the prophet, whose profiting from recycling you'll make yourself crazy, peeling back the layers of all of it, but look I'd want to keep me all day. I do need to ask you, though, with last
I apologize. I wanted to come back and outlying areas in our little brother. Again, it didn't seem. Like really did I swear to God, I don't tell your face. Look. This is weird man. I did one episode with you one and they kept air at it, and I got I heard so many things from Sir too many people saying what the hell is wrong with you. Why don't you go back, that's kind of what we were saying. What you're you got others love to do. Apparently you should talk. We left on that front, You went right into your giant magic bus and drove to Vegas and did however many shows you did. I mean I'm such a fan of how you ve carved out your world, because I dont know how to describe you. I never have your stand up. You're, an actor you're, a philosopher, you're, a mechanic of sorts, but you figured it out and I tried to do something similar in a slightly
front way, but the truth is I loved that experience. That was a really good and gotta everybody wanted you back every day. I did those two as brothers. It was such a good atmosphere. It was great new so decided with you said yes to do. It is a worthy we, stories. I get a battle in the search on world babies, disappear dogs disappear. All of a sudden. You go. Did you have another child brother brothers disappear? You never mentioned our dad. He passed away in reality too, and I said you never mentioned him and we never mentioned you again. It was creepy. What's so well, and I said I out of it. It's a pull them all time we could have brought you back again for whatever reason your people gave us. I don't have it here. Although it was a week, it was always a week was like
I just come in. All we need is a weak, it's like just the Tipp. Do I mean wow a week? How about we do a couple of months so every kind station I ever had about it. It always came back to the same thing. If you're going to do it you're going to go all this something's going to happen, you're going to wind up being a SIRI, regular or you're gonna fall so in love with that world. That everything else is going to shut down and at that point I too foundation at a couple of other nonfiction shows- and I had this thing, and so I couldn't do it small and I couldn't do it big. The dealers who didn't stop talking on the set. They love the chemistry we had it looked like a cause. I thought you were slightly order. So, however, Instead, it worked so well there was constantly on my mind, ass. It were soon forest,
Missouri did this whole thing about? Him was a really sad show about how we treat and both of us, and then you weren't there to respond to the sick camera. Really difficult and they have to weave stories. Are these guys were not you're not usually frustrated, but they were with several storylines it we couldn't accommodate. Like you said: either get him in there another six months, making a serious regular or got it what men one of these things and get over here is my kid quite do that, and I really appreciated that even took the cause it was a blessing to have. You are married. That point. Is I really want to reach a number one? I want to have a part of it. It seemed perfect Those are dead. The useless the story as many over the stories that we had. We had to gay motorcycle women. Researchers are neighbours that was a They story. We regret. And then they move what happened,
had a dog you always good- did muffin just go out several years later, muffin Mama. Get back seven years ago. She just went out. Eventually we were doing that and we had a kid that disappeared. One of my grandson. What happened there? John an especial gap method on a farm. Here's what we do and others is way out of the box, and I don't know if you're instrument place this tune. But when you get yourself cast as the villain in this face in the crowd thing You're, probably gonna have a younger brother. Here we probably just soft pitching yeah. I heard you were there. You are out on the, thin branches play a villain, and here I come Jimmy Baxter and you're, not quite sure who I am. I got this weird name and suddenly I mean look if you get David mammoth to write that script, where you're a bad guy, and I come back as
said come rather, we believe we could do something. Fill us out of. Nowhere is distant, come to know where they are. I like it wait a minute. Where do you go about muffin and you're missing kid, God you're kidding my whole life. You can read to me. That was all a dream, your brilliant at our box, and I got the blind yet and I got to I got it worked. It again. Look at this again, just like those who supply we could just go on. Leno, show he's always desperate for guess. I did at last year and a ball- and I know, you're on their every couple, ironic, that we too shall one day and free came out little a mile from our laws. You seen the shop right now. We are not just shot something over there. With optimum batteries like at the height of the plague, was super strange. He walked in it.
End of it and had a few laughs, I've been over there sometimes costly trying to get rid of me. Over here, like that person walking towards the garage we're going to have lunch today right, you know what I got to have this whole thing over there I got to A little surrender recur in the future there than of the door slammed and he's gone. He's, got he gone, there's like a hole in the wall shaped like run it just keep walking away from the whole time you did. You ask combine right now. The thing I felt at the NATO summit four shots, I'm still merchant. He sounds so much like MIKE Tyson It makes me want to see some kind of wrap off or something I never noticed until you just did that, but he got me Jim Rockford's car. The original farther car tat. Never liked good. It was a six cylinder. It was nothing. I've never seen a car with less personality on a tv show ever except for I think a thing called Shannon. It was a private
Tell him about the middle of a brother nicely with your stuff. It was not very long. I don't remember the actor that is both shattered, afford or special Will you really know how to weave story at school of Chad and donor? Who is it it might have been on a week now? You might you know the one even tonight on she added and then the Duke of hazard always squealed out on a dirt road, and it took me out of out of that show. How do you burn rubber on a dirt road really that's bad sound, that's about some Guy Europe to be looking at daisies cut off, so that point not paying attention to the sound of that's another. We're sorry saddle one. I did a scene in the park and our citizens parking kids at it. A black sea long term or learn from past the directly in the dailies. Why
there's a subtle but noticeable law that reasonable, many years ago, still all see letters the sound guy had a hearing problem that we were not aware of any human Here a whole level of sound literally the whole scene at the aid yard, which, if you haven't done it's terrible, we gotta go My mouth, your own words and it was too wise was the holy see any? Why wanted a larger the studio, the sound guy has a hearing. What have I ever told you about the pod guest? I did with the guy who lived under a frank and pass on all those Memphis man Jesus, it's really great unease. You it's awfully nice. I love, you know
some of the thought. He always usable about that. It's- the helicopter train comes it soon. And then every now and then it's a train The latter others and trading. Here earlier than a helicopter, and then in this We use a sound student, but you know what that is the sound of India structure, and that might be the time- of this episode at pleasure matter? Really big fanny is what you do and likewise- and I said the fact If you got on the five which I love That shows is that sometimes, with Wigwam Williams Capture kind of a light, get everything which they had another independently, to argue a little bit, but when you're on there it really settled it down. I really appreciated it. Have you been on the view before I have done the view? I did the view. I think it was Rosie O'Donnell's first day and I went on there and it was the thing but you're on long ago right and said something magical in
alarmed I kind of got in a blue weird way like Tom Salad, and maybe these would not in in the same level level I to be certain of that. They got to pass because they've been at for so long and they've never made excuses for they are like Tom was head of the NRA and he just said we're not talking about them, but just don't ask I'm not going to answer just move passive. They talk about in the same way the view I've known those girls for a long time. I've been Kurt Russell is on there one time at the same time, just move passage she was. I don't like slogans that have a point of view in this assembly. This is really the only guy, about what I do and then I can do some philosophy. I do look at this that overview defending in now. You get into this. He's right wrong. It's really not accurate or inaccurate. Mostly winning this skirmish right here. We're not really solving anything. Yeah. Look, I'm a big fan
and I say it a lot. I appreciate celebs who stay in their lane. Problem is every now, and then you legitimately have public figures who occupy multiple lay are no off in Euro, one of them warring off the road and sometimes squeal out older. I mean these things happen when you get. There is pointed out career anyhow. Thank you for the whole story. Weaver, throw back. I'm gonna watch aliens again as soon as we finish, and maybe even Galaxy Quest say hate anybody from the oil. They all remember that we'll talk about it, no one in this whether security say in that exoskeleton to the big alien in one or two. He gets into their exile scouts. I think she go stay away firmer. You wish you had better, browser history channel, showing you guys have exoskeleton myths, that heavy stuff in your shop me? I'm a border
Unless you have leg attachments, you don't want just an upper. Bodies in six hundred pounds was you still have your Norman these and I will stop there. Years ago. Now you can lift it. I know, but thought to stand there from everybody, what yeah, with no you're holding eight hundred pounds with the normal the news, so you're gonna need to be on a platform of some sort so we need the story. Is that King King King lot it well, let's just change the title That's a stay away from her. You bitch with tomorrow, and only on the history channel
What does that era? We started a no reductions or Phoenician. I imagine, will probably get aid episodes Adieu started. We shall give it from his eight and then start problem. Marjorie well enjoy the world, if not a random. Should you have any questions about the slings and arrows outrageous decision making in companies like that? I have all the answers and I'm standing by I'm at dispose of vague about. Don't hang up. We have to upload your thing. Well, that's otherwise in nature, and you don't know blow. My thing get Katy back, who buy the way your daughter has quite a party mouth honour, she's, pretty funny when the technology don't work out, they want upload some cheese, terrific oh no! No, I have to go shackle. Stop it. You just hit. No thank you. I will see you guys. She's right here, come all eyes, recycle body, one! That's four days! great, I guys you're awesome. Thank you see you guys, adios,
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