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224: "I Didn't Get It!"

2021-11-02 | 🔗
Mike has a very serious conversation with a very funny guest about a very serious topic that turns out to be very funny.
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Hey guys! It's the way. I heard it episode number two hundred twenty twenty four, this one's called. I didn't get it. I didn't get it! That's the punchline to a joke that you're here, in about ten minutes from now, you may or may not find it funny. It's also the title of this episode. Which you also may or may not find funny because humor is a hard thing to explain what I find funny you might find offensive or stupid or childish you're. Simply
on funny, but even more interesting, I think, is the fact that we both might find the same thing funny, but for completely different reasons. The story I'm about to share, for instance, is not very funny, but that doesn't mean you won't laugh at some point along the way. The title, for instance, is a hot babe who liked it rough. Some people initially told me that this title, all things considered, was terribly terribly clever. Others told me it was terribly terribly sexist. Obviously those people didn't get it. They didn't laugh at the title of the story you're about to hear, but they might laugh after the story, because my guess, today's Ricky Bissell Burger screenwriter dramatist, urge actor and very funny guy who I've known for the last forty years
herself and who knows a thing or two about why some people laugh and some people dont. Full disclosure. Chalk is also known him for justice long, so things get pretty familiar pretty quickly, which you may or may not find funny. Personally, I did again on the kind of guy who laughs when people fall down, because that kind of thing is funny unless of course it isn't, in which case you should feel free to say, I didn't get it, which I think you ll agree, is pretty Dag on funny. Either way this laggard. If you think the interest rate on your credit card balance is too. I guess what you're right it is the national average interest on, cards. Right now is over nineteen percent, a pr which means a lot of people are paying way more than they need to pay. Don't be one of those people light Street
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full late slings from four point. Ninety eight percent api to nineteen point. Ninety nine percent GDP and includes zero point. Five zero percent ought to pay discount lowest, requires excellent cleared it terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change. Without notice, visit lights, dreamed up, com select a role for more information. I want a slash and save your money. Babe looked into the mirror and consider the handsome face that stared back a strong jaw, a straight knows and intent urgent gaze and ahead full of naturally curly hair, luxurious, hair, the car and of hair through which women yearned to run their fingers along, his trademark, mustache, waxed to perfection bay. I knew he was a bit of a dandy, and that was a problem. Obviously, being handsome was not all
Add every weekend down at the triangle: ballroom the girl, stood in line for a chance to dance with babe the waltz, the Foxtrot, the Charleston Babe, could do it all So graceful was babe on the dance floor. Everyone assumed he would go pro but deep down. Babe wasn't a dandy ordered dancer. He was a fighter just like as older brothers, A fighter who was anxious to follow and his brothers footsteps, but apparently too some to do so. Moses and Samuel. On the other hand, law, like the brawlers, they were babes. Older brothers were too no nonsense, men with flat lead, He faces who gave as well as they got and had the scars to prove it. But when babes brother, partnered up with Louis and other neighbour, good kid who wasn't afraid to mix it up, baby grew jealous. and when the irish king pin himself TED Healy higher,
all three men to do his heavy lifting babe was based. himself, he pleaded to join. Their gang, but they all laughed at the prospect. forget. It said Moses, you're too pretty for this kind of work. Trust me said Samuel you not one, any part of helium action loosened your brother's said Louis Stick with your dancing and enjoy the ladys. The boys weren't wrong, like Most bosses back in the thirties, TED Helium racket was held together by violence, but the prophet distribution was all wrong. highly paid as men, a few hundred bucks, for its work while he pulled in thousands Abe, saw this injustice. Clearly, why couldn't his brother? Moses and Samuel had killed four Healy more than once so it Louis. Why would except so much risk for so little reward. Babe bided his time,
Watching from the shadows is Healy, got rich waiting for someone to snap, it could have been Lois or it could have been Moses, but it turned out to be Samuel early on a Saturday evening. Right, for a major job. Healy showed up drunk and spy. Two Samuel in a completely unprepared national way while Samuel was in no mood. He pushed back verbally Healy pushed back physically and SAM lunged did Healy with murder in his eyes, but Moses held him back Go ahead and try it Healy, slurred you'll, be finished in this town for good we will consider his options. The hell with it. Life was short to waste on men. Like Healy Samuel walked away as he He turned to Moses well, he said what now we're down a man, I'm not going
there were just a two Moses look over Healy Shoulder what about baby right on cue, the handsome Little brother walked out of the shadows and straight up to Healy, cracking his knuckles, trying to look the part Healy, roared with laughter this one, he can filled with his fancy hair and is fruity little mustache, not a chance. He won't last five minutes out there. Now it was babe who considered his options to with it. Life was too short to waste on men like Healy Babe pulled a razor from his back pocket, and proceeded to show TAT Healy, exactly what he was made of. He grabbed his victim by the hair and sliced. Again and again, he was relentless remorse,
less and when it was done. Moses in lieu could do nothing but stare and wonder at the carnage in the most import. not dish of his life? Babe had killed good. Lord said Moses. You look like a dirty tennis ball. The men regarded the pile of naturally curly hair, strewn about the backstage floor and burst out laughing even Healy couldn't help, but giggle the transformation was unbelievable, babes once and some head really did look like dirty tennis ball. A few minutes later, the mustache was also gone, and the make over was complete. that night TED Healy told his usual jokes and sang his usual songs, but no one paid much attention, because upstage the Rockies delight of the vaudevillian crowd most
was beating this not out of his little brother in the most hysterical ways imaginable, and when the violence reached a fever pitch the ballroom, dancer that could have gone pro. Did the a little jig. Anyone had ever seen. Not a waltz were foxtrot, not Charleston or the Lindy, but a weird little to step followed by an elaborate flop to the ground where he pursued did to spin himself in circles like a dreidel and spew out a litany of Gibraltar, not unlike that of a deranged eight year old, the crowd went wild for the second time that evening babe killed it been strange for Lou the one they called Larry. As played his violin in the midst of so much cartoonish brutality strange two four Samuel, the one they called champ He watched his little brother, not only replace him on stage but go on to appear in over a hundred and fifty films strangers,
bill for Moses the one they called MO? he would spend the next twenty years beating the hell out of his own flesh and blood, though he said was too pretty to get involved with the family business. But Ranges of all, perhaps for the handsome lad, whose movie star good, looks nearly kept him from becoming the great comedian he was destined to be when Bay, Horwitz finally realised the cost of fame was nothing less than the price of his own vanity. He chopped off all that, curious hair along with his cherished mustache. Only then did he become the most famous punching bag of all time. The one they called curly As for the man who brought them altogether or his name, might a bit more familiar if he hadn't out and so greedy, which is why very few people today recall the first half of that. Once
AMOS Vaudeville ACT originally known as TED Healy and his three stooges anyway, that's why I heard How are you Rick I'm doing fire? You are what I wanted to say. Was I finally, the runaway Bernajoux, no, the gipsy! What happened? happened. I didn't get it. Ok, that's funny! That's an ongoing gag on stupefied guess it makes me laugh. Why is that funny explain why that's funny and then explain why the three stages are funny. Well, it funny, because it's a surprise it's a twist. that's the way you do funny. Is you make a twist? You make a surprise, and I think a lot of that. If itself deprecating it works, even better because that guy doing that audition clearly never gonna get apart ever again, but he thinks he's parties
He thinks he knows it, but he takes his own air out himself. Yes, there is, western there's a surprise, but to me the thing that makes it funny. Is he never backs off of the known, he would assume had he got it right, right. It is mine, he's booking everything in reality, he's booking nothing! So right! Do it again from the start. You ask me yeah. How I am I pay how's it going I was up for the leader of the row, reproduction of the gipsy level. That's good! What happened? I didn't get it right so there's a high state to me. There is me Jack how's it going pretty good. I was up for the leader of the Broadway production of the Gypsy lover. That's nice would happen. I got it. not funny funny, not funny so, obviously, the three of us have been laughing together.
Exactly sure why? But for nearly a hundred years one hundred years of combined stupidity trying to figure out what it is ultimately is funny and we still don't have. Any idea and this three stooges episode well received when it first dropped and people still seem to like it. But it always starts a conversation with right, like you're, either three stooges person or you're, not and if you'd Del riot it it's stupid stuff. Ever and if you do it's the funniest thing ever that I can explain you know what is also this agenda component to it as well, because it's very me why who were enjoying three you just for some reason, rackets and I think, there's, a level of humor. The guys are more draw.
Do you know the following the burning the bodily functions? All of that is funny to us, which is to the other side it more crass, which makes it funny and I think there's different degrees of funny expressing the The film you haven't, you subset, you have slapstick, you have far, you have satire, you have romantic comedy, you have character, comedy and within each of those John rose. You can have break out stuff. So, if you think about it now we need a slapstick anymore? Hardly ever, but at the time Three stages. We're doing it, they literally saved Colombia studios because they were Parliament and the same thing can be said for in Castelo. They say universal studios because, their humour on this was you know and of the third beginning a world war, two people just love that, laugh secure and then we kind of of
away from that today the humour that I think appreciate now has a bit more rebel and is today more care to base like the office Whitehead, Lasso, each great character, put in a situation and seeing how they react. You almost anticipate how they react, and that's funny for you is well, even though you already know, but when a character can surprise, you. Then it becomes even more money. More engaged, so wasn't surprising back in the day, and I know you were born, then will you look at sea at stake today. So much of it looks ridiculous one dimensional, but there must have been some think about it when it landed, when it did that resonated in such a huge way will you have to go back to the silent movies, because that really where slapstick was born- and that was something that you can communicate and get a laugh without telling the joke So if you took on China's race exactly easy,
the combined essays you to correct the face. You fell down. A building fell on top of you, whatever that was funny because it was happening and it was ridiculous and which is crazy and every something you never see, because we shall jokes all the time in our personal life but we don't go up and slap each other as much as we would like. It a each other, the eye we don't run savers all over us. That's the kind of ridiculous that judges laugh thinking about it, There was no more up the nose yeah you know the movie, it's a mad, mad mad mad work through state, recent years have cameo, but they did nothing, all they were dressed. this fight and It was a scene, whereas an airport things were going to crash, nor that encourages pan across the three stages. I'm saying a word, but we are trying to say out into three stooge outta there Gonna be. Finally, they didn't do anything right, but we still lack because we knew
We knew what to expect right. It's like the male, Brooks with Marcel Marcel right, in silent movie Marcel Is you know, I'm I'm in real life and he's the only one who speaks in the movie, which is really it right, now Brooks when he did his stringer movies, blazing saddlers high anxiety, young, Frank aside, those went off. Considered farcical, taking things to the extreme again. Those kind of thing I've done today. The last probably success swell one was airplane or on the scary movie series rage is outrageous. For the sake of outrageous permission, to put myself where way outside my lane for a moment, but we use did slapstick. was more or less gone? I wonder: did you see any of that in a little shocked, all dirty jobs that you're old Buddy, got on the air once upon a time because.
I've, given it a lot of thought and the difference. We too high minded mission, your dirty jobs. high minded mission right but right, there's a lot of pies and a lot of faces and the faces right. We're typically and the pies were usually made of crap or something worse, is that that slap sticky it totally is and much interested about that is. I recall that situation of slapstick because It happened in the moment. You didn't planet with european and african. How crap your face. That's funny, and you just went with it right and, as I keep the cameras rolling, no matter what you do do not caught and it's your reaction. It's your tape, you slow burn or whatever, and that makes it funny. That's a happy accident when you think about classic slapstick These are well thought out. Routines began you, could really kill, running mother saw with Miss but yeah. There sketched out impeccably and
One thing, I think a lot of people don't know is lower Unhardy again great slapstick do oh, but Ro Ro most of those gags and he planted them out and he D, to them and he did all work hardy? Who, ironically, was also nickname baby? Would you Why is it tell me what to do and large tell him in directive here is a real brains? Are the operation by there's something about slapstick it Mr Release, you know, wanna see anybody hurt right yet, but isn't there a bit of it where, while you don't like seeing someone hurt there Comedy that comes from like MIKE when you mention dirty jobs and the slapstick he stuff there. The episode that comes to my mind, you are, I'm some island in Michigan getting snakes as you must have gotten get bitten, lively. Ninety half a dozen yonder is how many times you. Yet we went back literally thirty, nineteen thirty, I will every time I saw you.
Me laugh hysterically, even though there was a part of me that empathize with you cause, you know, when I saw you gonna tall building. I would get scared because of Amr Fraid of heights. So every time you got bit I was like all, but I would make me laugh so hard. There was one time in particular where you got your went back in your hat fell off and it was the funniest thing it was like. You couldn't have planned that, but it remember much of the jury stooges like I wish you know we'll MIKE, but why would I laugh with that? Because it wasn't you exactly Do you know what I'm sure meal and assure Mazo S hasn't Pfeffer corporation? It Applause. It's an old, yet issuing a sure meal. The waiter, their spoils, the soup. I sure model is the guy who gets the soup. Skills are held on him right away laughing both right because we're not getting the Sioux stillness and we're not gonna get the heat for spilling the soup. but we can why so many asking to speak on him, we're gonna,
If every single time there and that's why you're dirty jobs have like. I said it's even funnier on a different level because it meaning. In the morning you didn't plan up like that makes it a surprise and Ellen comedy and also just spontaneous and for a shocking. I there's a kind of a personal satisfaction in having paints afflict upon Gordo regions, another level of poverty which is ours, the oft yes, I don't make this clear in the preamble. People should know that from one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, the three of us MIKE Schuck. Ricky were all an overly seeing your high school. At the same time, wreck was the class Seventy nine jock was of eighty one class of eighty I was in between you guys it's funny, because all of us. In our senior years our own way became sort of
Some version of the big man on campus right, yeah Riah right there was comedy and that too, in a strange way, maybe only in hindsight bone. I just looked back at the things that happened to us collectively, in our various positions at overly. then overtime right as such, kick to sit down and look at the two of you and my cheap hotel room right now. Coming out of my computer gone back forty years, it's incredible. did you ever do the morning announcements I did Joe you see us? and so from the uninitiated. Every morning at school there were the morning announcements and the morning announces with basically asked, the school. What was coming up on that day it was, you know he is the bake sale. The tickets are on sale for the show in the Jovi Sport they're, playing or whatever, and that was sort of us being little. Dj spoke for my two minutes at a time
I remember me, and I guess you guys did the same thing. We had to write the announcements you when the bullet points and then your item- and we will always try and do something funny do funny voices do something had no idea. What they re actually was because we're in the room with the microphone its being broadcast to the whole school. No, clue, whether non anybody say anything but didn't you get in trouble for our morning, announcement Chuck Yes, I did the baseball team, I'm just slip in non sequiturs at some point in high school I discovered the non sequitur and how that could be funny, and so I had sort of my dj voice on and I was saying Mister King will be
ducting choral arrangements at three and for the overly baseball team. The world will end at five hundred and thirty, and I just said that, and I had no idea- I had never been to a baseball game for anything, but for the rest of the day, people were coming to me and saying you better watch out, because the baseball team is coming after you because they had a game at five hundred and thirty against how can one eye and really pissed see you got a note, get a red the room. You're really. I was impossible to read the room when you're, not in the room here in a little box in front of allies, actually at the Roma there, I can say is another thing which is interesting about comedy movies and interesting seven tv show. What is funny is that an instant reaction when you're funny when you in front of an audience You know right away. It worked as opposed to a drama which you have idea. If anybody's
divide removed by. But If you do a joke, if you do a bed, if you walk into a wall or whatever, and you get a laugh, you got it and I think that's why a lot of people wanted. You comedy especially liked on Tik Tok hits for Lahti, with people just doing funny stuff, just me as they know they will get that instant reaction the same guys at a telling jokes at the bar in the Bmw, who are now do take talks. And telling the same kind of jobs and doing funny bits in all these kinds of stuff and play accelerating just craziness. You dont get that same instead laughed, but you get the emergency plans. Yeah and that's uses. Passions will surely everyone or what it sounds like when you make a sail on shop. If I gotta sounds like that, Chapter five is the all in one commerce platform that gives entrepreneurs, resources that were once reserved for big businesses would have
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ro your business with shop. If I did, I go to shop, if I dotcom slash row right now: that's shop, if I dot com, slash row I just talked to us. One of the executives over discover the other day we were just talking in general about the business and what's happening in the industry in the way everything is contracting and she said, look our biggest competition right now. We're not looking at the world? The way we use to its tiktok more people finding more time watching the local prank stir tell his joke or do her thing right. Then they are watching tv. So, like the venue changed in a way that sort of democratized and given every are you a chance to be a an and it's amazing or you want to talk. I am We take tough and I don't mean videos because down there. Yet
I certainly watch allowed women. Not only can you do something funny on Tik Tok and do something goofy, but now you can do a duet with on whose already done something fun manner. You can comment on that split screen making jokes offer what they're doing it's a lot of content and it's also in a way it can They can only lasted almost for three minutes yet so, if you can score. You laugh in the first minute, you're already scrolling by uniting interesting enough in the first minute. That's kind of deal. Here's to me. I think because it shrinking our collective attention span. and that doesn't allow for a different kind of poverty. We have to pay attention where you just have to take it in it's, the rush to the punch line that is tragic I think a lot of people recent. Lee realized when nor Mcdonald died right right
because Braddock I never rushed to a punch right back. I could tell you Draghi dog story better than Anybody so good in fact, right that he actually was given permission to do it. You can't go in there tonight show and talk for ten minutes and tell a story that really is going nowhere at all exactly the funniest stuff ever because for me, I the host and I see their eyes glaze over and they're scared to death that he's not gonna land, the plane. that's right, but of course you always dies That's a whole different art firm about funding is telling jokes, because when you start to get him to stand up in comedians in that kind of stuff, there was a lot of comedian. We desperately want to transfer into sitcoms, that's where site now in caves, Europe Seinfeld those successes are very rare, but what is based? one is then creating.
Persona on stage that can be done in a camera. Jerry Cipher was what's with socks, getting lost in the dry and when he was able to bring that over to his car do the same thing he was observing thinks in things didn't work right for him to me. did his whole stick with the power tools for home, improving once you find that character as a comedian, then you and carry through and run with. It is also why you look it's Emily Steve corral who went from being NEWS, corresponding on the daily show. That was a persona Derek. tweet alluded to be Michael, any off its opinion Oh he's really successfully passed that and has now gone into much more deeper kind of character to Canada, dramatic stuff, he's, not the silly Gayety yeah, it's a girl transition for an active, but it goes the other way to wreck like what happened to the other.
I gotta never get on the show. Now, if I say this, but my corralled, but Colbert right so called bear hysterical as the Guph I'm putting below Riley in their Colbert report right right, and you get a shot at actual reality now he's got his own shop and he's doing right. I guess and impersonate you have a late night host that transit for me went the other way. He was funny more incisive and more important. Playing a version of a guph that was being lampooned right there was a hard turn for him to because he was in essence, the same person, but he had a switch. Areas like now, the real guys and now what I'm saying to you is on purpose. I'm telling you a job on purposely doing a bit
Don't worry, I'm sure they were a lot of people that did the Corbett report that thought he was genuine, the real deal. That's what made it on a further people exert on the jug right being in on the joke, yeah well see. That's an interesting thing too. Is some jokes work. When the audience is on them, because we to play along and get to react off of where we anticipate is a reaction. There is also a positive comment: being funny that you kind of have to do it for action. Here is some guys walking down the street and does something silly. It does but it's the reaction to that silliness. That's the job classic is when Harry met Sally in Delhi and Sally Desert, fake orgasm, its what she's happy. That's the big Latvia, but is based off the reaction of that in its also Billy Chris
swarming, because the round of public and she's doing this unabashedly, laughing, because you feel embarrassed for Here- it's really reactions that goes back to Europe a job staff to because when you get camp who in the face it helps when somebody reactor that, whether their cracking up laughing or its party doing Marcie you kind of need a foil. You need to play off for time anyway, First, you need to play off or someone else you know you I do that when you do your little company start. For the listeners at home I put comedy and air quotes without professionals You kind of fall into that the kindest big man and kind of e idiots. About this at my heart, the stuff I done on camera with you, Why is the same thing like when we went to the farm yeah? And you may be your didn't cornfield right and
ending in a pile of cow right, yeah Rick became sort of the avatar for the average disconnected American Who had no idea where their food came from and to try and illustrate that graphically as quickly as possible? I suggested he get naked and slowly emerge from a cornfield. Just stick is big round bald head out porn and say something to this day. I think is very, very funny moment. What's really funny, is I never signed a written answer when you hear from my lawyer? Listen. You can only be extremely funny when you let down your guard and you have to stop about about how you that's that's now you that's right, you just you can't there aren't many pretty people who do allow accommodate the occasionally they can do. Stop, there's a lot that they don't want to himself at risk of looking foolish. You know, ironically, menu
If somebody laugh, it can be addressed. you're going be a far to be whatever it's such a great gift. Did you do that make somebody laugh and then walk away, I dont know what it is, but it is a change. Your mood changes your whole attitude and if you can do that on a regular basis, then your kind of ahead of the game- and I think, That sort of how you make that connection MIKE is because if you would do dirty jobs earnestly seriously and cut out all the capital in your face, it would be real because that's what happens and I think there is a genuine as to what that is that people appreciate. using a smile in you can go wrong. There's a lot of humor and things that aren't comedies and on Fortunately, not all comedies are funny. It just completely depends on what your expectations are and back when a job started. There was no real reality tv, but there was the expression reality tv which
Logical people resume would be something real mean that? More? But That was a really honest show and people trusted us to show them. The truth of the thing to your earlier point never stay anything, never really faked anything. It was not supposed to be a comedy, but because the central figure was constantly uncomfortable, it became a funny Nothing was doubly funny now is that people expect me to do that for the rest of my life by tat lives off. Sheep get kicked in ahead by a yak like all these things, and I am not blaming it's not funny by the way member World Fund, this moment and that whole movie was what you must choose where Why very end when everyone does flouts right on our budget,
scream and everybody right. Yeah she's, a last word, Spencer, Tracy the attraction role of em are laid up and she comes in the elevator. Somebody throws a banana appeal and she slipped right, it's the classic of collapse, a gag, and she too the Brody she lads flat on her back or ass, where she lives right. Why our bad? Yes, yes, I started laughing and when Spencer Tracy finally breaks down in tears, he's laughing so hard. That's funny that comedy took a while to get there because she spent the whole movie just haranguing Yes, please de you ass, shot up yeah gotta go. I sat movies, so good. It's an nor Mcdonald kind of burn right. It's almost like an anticlimax, which I love, but the best Anti climax in any movie, I think, is probably in the shining. Let's go for others.
To realize little Danny's and horrible trouble horrible trouble and he tries to call overlook hotel and he can't get through and he tries again any care. Rooney realizes? The only way is going to help us if he gets in his car, so he drives all the way from Florida. All the way to Colorado up in the mountains. Cooper cuts back again into again and again that he's drive like snow when he gets out of his car that he gets the snow Catholic. It's all the way up to the overlooked, and now it's like he's built this up. perfectly and so whatever's gonna happen is gonna, be an unbelievable confrontation between scab. across others and Jack Nicholson, it's gonna be a fight to end our fight and what's he do, he takes an axe in the chest this, can t walk through the door this is not a fight, but if you look at it in terms of slapstick
that's exactly what it is. That's a ship and die. That's a shaggy dataset gets an anticlimax. It's a shaggy dog! It's a slow burn. It's the darkest version of the three stages. The guy goes wrong, and now the band saw actually does go through your head and right as a viewer like that to me, it's one of my favorite moments in any movie, because what Cuba does That moment is tell you that, whatever, happens. Next is completely out of your per view. To imagine because you didn't see that come in what are you right rather than MAX, and that is now a delicious There is another movie: a sharp movie with Samuel Jackson called deep blue Some were there station in there in the middle, the water and the show
the count whatever he comes down and he gives this big speech to these people want- is like in total Samuel Jackson's like he could have gone from the set of perfection to this challenge, and even this be aspirations gaining by you we're gonna do this morning and take care is thrown out. There and the end of the speech. The shark comes out of the water grab. Him he's done for the movie. there will be a large like this is the thing I wanted to get it. I guess there's a pretty bright line between member about world and the shining and deep blue and any other three studios episode, but it's the violence right the violence in the three stages and it's the vote alongside the scenes that we just talked about. That's really not so different. I'm a poor, Ethel Merman. He could a broker back what These things have every right right, it's just so much depend nor for that guys we're-
flung off ability and landed in a thousand and flung off of ladders and flung onto telephone wires, and they were just beat the crap out of and they're all embody cast in there all in pain and were laughing hysterically. I write because the average for the grace of God and they're alive That's funny! Right now, it's nice! That's that's like going back to Tiktok or even you too, to a certain degree, you can google in people falling on ice and I suppose the laugh at that, but you do where a train clause, We don't know that they broke anything. We don't know that they heard themselves but we know internally so down. That was bodies. So that looks like this, and so maybe twenty two ok, I gotta tell you this guy. I do love. You saw this episode, but during dirty job we were up in the you pay a proponents. Of Michigan at the Sioux locks and its. snowing and it's about zero d
Greece, and we're aside, I couldn't sky and try to get warm that all of us and this guy outside fires up the snow blower any star doing work and on the shelf you're not allowed to do I'm the only one who's supposed to be working all right, so I'm like damn it. Why is he doing I need to be doing this job, so I run a warming hut and I start chasing the sky in the snow, blower to catch up with an essay aid. Low look come on. I gotta do this. What Doug picks up his gun, then he starts running after me and he's falling and Bosky of Troy, they pick up their cameras and they start running after Doug. So immediately. This thing is a goat rodeo, but dog is filming and he's catching up and is on ice, he's on snowy icily hiking, these long weird, like lizard steps, and thankfully somebody had the whole shot and a big. Why? Because Doug's feet flew out from under him and he hit the deck just like apple mermaid. Murmured did accept yet a camera on his shoulder. Camera shatters. Aright lands explode
It's one of the worst falls. I've ever seen fine camera was totally destroyed, but in the end it I just said the other look: we have to use it obviously flight. Railway. We're using it right now, like the viewer, might care to much about dogs. Well, being, and I can have that happen, put it in a loop and put in this recently. I just sounds and just start cutting it well over. and, over, I said, Thank you. Stay is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on tv the terrorists. Have you broken on that show a lot. I mean I think of six events off the top of my head that resulted in a totally destroyed camera, but the big moment and another piece of Absolutely unscriptural comedy is working on they at the alligator farm all day long! Ok,
and we're gonna release about fifty small. Alligators back to the wild and where you want? air boats, crews along in the air about, and at the last minute I get on the chase boat with Jerry, and I have my own camera. So I'm filming the two of us, maybe They ve got this other boat with all the alligators on it and its overloaded and the guy you're, standing for on each side, and it's important to keep the thing balance there. around the corner and we're behind them and bar ski walks from left to right and changes the balance, the ball through off the way up, and that air about just went under the water and the whole thing slipped over and in a second The chaff, Elias Swamp is filled with my crew, fifty live alligators swimming in every direction, an upside down, airport and Jerry
walk with me on the chase way. This is his boat. This is his life. This is his career, I'm the only one with a camera, that's working and so saying deal I said: look We have to put it in the show, but what we have to do next is just a quick, hard cut to all of the ruined gear, spread out on ran the sigh world like corpses. Did you see him and have been funny? Would you making a phone call to the production coming out? Here is another one girl can guide. We had some love. Let me ask you to have ever laughed so hard that you literally fell out of your seat. Yes, yeah. I did I actually wrote about it in the book with the same title of this part, as I was watching, blazing saddles and it was eighteen, probably seventy three, the cable
in the theater I went with my cousin, and it was during the fourteen during the FARC seen around the camp fire, and I was just a kid. I was eleven or twelve, but I just never ever seen. Adults behalf like that, and I had never seen adults in a theater laugh at anything like that, and the whole thing I became hysterical. I literally fell into the aisle. I was on my hands and knees and the aisle with my fist beating laughing at him same thing happened to me by with a money sounds meaning of life when the guys you about I was down, I was down. Where were you jack, The biggest one for me was when I was living in New York going to school, my brother came to visit and we got tickets to noises off,
talk about slapstick rights like the first act. Is you see the play and then the second act is you see what's happening backstage into the third act as somebody's drunk out our member? But there's like no dialogue in your seeing backstage, but you just the comedy of errors that occurs backstage and my brother and I were laughing silver. We couldn't speak or breathe. It was like. I really thought I was going to choke to death. I thought I was six could die of a lack of oxygen, but I couldn't stop laughing and he was the same way in the whole audience. I'd never experienced anything like that, everybody in the audience and is a pact Broadway out of five hundred plus people who are all life? laughing so hard and there's just no consoling us? There was no collars. There were tears. Tat S, not my stomach heard. I felt like I did nine hundred sit ups when The thing was, I've always thought was the worst for me, after his can t. How does it feel, though, when that's done I mean
It is so cathartic artic, yeah yeah there are certain plays that you can do like the odd cup or anything else irony. Whatever wants you dead, almost guaranteed laughs, if you're really good. you can let the last lay out, the chinese cheese, the audience a little bit? Whether means you coming in on the next line or, however, you want to play it you just let that role over you and dad. The great feeling- and I know you both experience- that to a certain degree, one year front of alive audience And every audience is different and we know steal from doing theatre. Is that for the Friday night crowd is different from this. Adding I grant you won't get the same last and that frozen the whole region. Of everything and you still trying to find it by its name. wave of lasting You can also tell these, like early in a comedy play. There is the first last that you suppose again
and if he lands- and you get a big laugh. You know. Okay, there with us, we're gonna be good. If they missed a laugh, you like where's red you gonna be the worse your head, but about a brunette. What about her if he Gorman and TIM Conway. What about right now? Those kids are funny their straight up funny but when they destroy each other right on state. That is funny in a different way, and I just remit that was the first. time. I don't have. If it knocked me on the floor wreck, it was the first time I felt like I was really in on the joke with the people right, It was just so much fun to want. TIM Conway destroy Harvey Gorman in those yet so because if you get a treat, you get a look at the process because but you said yes, they could just do the skids and they would. he'll, be funny sketches, but when they
rather it makes him human Sam, a little bit more fallible because we couldn't hold it, we're already laughing and so professionals gonna crack up laughing the now he's really funny but you're right, it's genuine that's what everybody on some over. Everybody loves blueprints for a shelter where you get to see favorite actors is cracking up in between takes just because it is Jack. It is kind of hard sell. It also forbidden you're, not goes to laugh at your own jokes right when I first came to allay from New York that very few, first play that I booked was an equity, showed downtown called Elizabeth. Almost by chance, a woman, it was supposed to be a cop but he wasn't very funny at all. It was direct by an italian guy who was a friend of Darya foes. He had a gorgeous interpreter this woman, who would interpret form, but he would direct like this. You become any new Go Aquila,
maybe Archibald Buddy boy, you're, gonna, daddy I'll order, and he would give you line readings in Italian very funny, but MIKE Richard died in the second act, and so I'm lying dead on stage, and I have to stay there for like fifteen minutes and one time I got that tickle at my throat and it was like, oh my god, what the speaking, still there is it just me or have we all just gone through a very difficult? here, the kind of year that can fill a person with stress the kind of stress that can make it hard to focus. Hard to relax and hard to sleep. Well, if you're having trouble with any of those things com. Down with calm dot com home is the number one mental wellness app, because it gives you
tools, you need to improve the way you feel guided daily, meditations, curated, music tracks and a collection of sleep stories that work faster than a fistful of Ambien. I just listen to one last night by Stephen FRY called blue gold. It was terrific. I can't tell you how it ends, though, because it put me to leap in about five minutes over one hundred million people today around the world are using com to take care of their minds. I don't want to get you too excited, but home- is offering a very rare, limited time promotion of forty percent off a calm premium subscription at com, dot com, Slash MIKE, that's see a l m dot com, slash MIKE to save forty percent off Unlimited ACT
as the coms Entire library, that's com, dot com, slash, my Rico Local away he's a is say: hi here is right, is doubly nerdy. Were the sharp pitchy, my second pilots and Eureka. How did you, come up with an idea like that, fifty silent. Diane suddenly becomes a dad. Yeah. I don't like as crazy idea We believe it are you in here it totally in. Are you out a breath from crawling up? on the floor. Just now owe you looking out yoga. This is good. This is common two years ago. We'd all mean the bar, but right now Now it's on his rooms is fine. I regulate you go was good to see you hey, I hear you were doing a project you can talk about, can talk about, talking about the Christians William very excited about,
which one of the world's miraculously is God's powers, come in and have some whisky early with checks. It was too early for that gag. So my son is really more six o clock somewhere Yes, but I'm sure me interrupt him. His dislike scented, spiralling cliff it I was in the middle of nowhere. You know that's, nor, even though the story I teach you may have to say that, but that's the only tell you that I know when I write the imitate long italian director while we have Rico here, we re talking about doing comedy in front of alive audience and you had you're just shoot me and hope two years already seven years and whose count its way in a job does in land yeah where's. That feeling yet
I think I think every you're gonna shoot me landed well, but they wanted it ought to be buffer, on many though sitcoms Enrico were tested. This is that the right, the script spend all week. This is it it's perfect, got it we're Lachlan Boom. We we're gonna, go tape in front of an audience. They do the joke. It goes And then they start everything and all the writers hollow and growing. Ok, quick, come up with an extra once Bretton Woods read. It was better unless you stay just do a funny dance which gets him all the time. The gene, didn't Leora, he would just ended with a little due to relate to the wealth that had switch is moving on. Yeah he rolled have a ringer like David Spain, on a show like that comedy. I agree with everything you say it's a shame is not here right now.
David Spade a just do a little else. Debts Listening ship on this pipe would just double just from that little else. Dance Let me show you solve your ship, it's listener, ship, sure, viewers, shit. I don't believe, there's a shipping you arrived honestly, I think it's just an audience are guys enjoy. Sorry I sure you know later on our now going to miss you good bye. He said. Gotta messy, good, bye. He disappeared refers drafting a wee, you'll have a fairy draft in a week- and I know that's true- remember when you wrote blockage for the two of us to do That was like two weeks what look like out one best play in the valley. He didn't do it of course, but we did it. We right. That's why yes passed in a lot of projects. We talked about that last week at length he's holding password the ones with me at, but but that was you know. I was speaking of that. I wish you could showed the veterinary
the dog, the flea medicine spots darling oh yeah. I can show those sure those, were really funny, and I thought they were very effective. Van nobody's ever so I never had a fleer take after doing those, so yeah played my best for and in a series of ads that actually turned into a full length sitcom. He dressed as a dog soon the identity of a Baroness mountain dog. Yet we base- quickly where the odd couple I was actually the dairy slob and he was Felix. The first serious roommate, who happened to be a dog who happen to get fleas and tax write lost his mind already ensued. Ricky directed there were a lot of funny moments in every yeah. the thing is like the need? Freak gets the fleas and he was embarrassed to tell ya. Cosette was like crabs right? not quite as much shame a company
please as crabs, but if your dog very soon for you, Ricky made me laugh one time just talking about a thing that happened to you and I laughed because Europe STAR Trek Fan and my little company at the time was part with way am Shatner and we hired you to direct a very simple commercial. right. We wanted bill shatter to talk to John Luc Picard. They were advertising. This our conference- and we were helping put all that together, and you being a director. We thought this will be good. Because I know you love William Shatner how that go for him away Listen he's my captain and he will always be my captain, but it was scary he is, very intimidating man and You go in and you do like. Basically, the talking. Where you have delighted,
and so we actually went to his office in the valley and I had a camera guy who was also like I M go in and you set up delights in always like and you want to make it look good because you know he's the to conquer, and never having done this before, and you also reserving because you wanna be professional and you don't wanna get. You don't wanna, say listen in episode. Six, when you had the visa, they weren't you guys who travels by you: did it finally come. So we said everything without him being in the seat at any time you need Have the person in the sea because is always adjustments? Delays your eyes to lawyer and so we started meeting up. He was outside waiting patiently, in cars. Do no staff and we said ok, we're ready for, MR shatter any comes in it in his chair has the copy and then we
just a second just a light anyway. I'm out Let me only ready like four we gotta any was gone. So kind of had to guess that they okay well we're ready now, for you miss each other and he came in and he did it and boomin and it was done and he was out- and I didn't get to kick out once, which was. Much to my surprise, I didn't even get a second take. Thirty zero is allow any when you told it in the old days now you were so in your head. You couldn't direct him, you didn't tell him. How do anything from hormone was awful? He wasn't, you may be sure he was looking in the right place. Half the time abysmal summit Needless to say, excuse me, Mr Shatner become on it wasn't me it wasn't. My understanding was that you did the wide shot. He did it once and said. Ok, I think that was pretty good. We're done right and he got up and left and you were like, but I dont have any cutaway. I don't have that
bring the necessary yeah yeah you're. Isn't this people you can't erect lights and that's just it no there. people you get the right well that too and he's it yes he's a direct every by how many movies you directed, I, I don't even know it's always it Ricky. Isn't it doesn't if you count everything yak denizens, dollars, lifetime movies, yeah, like I was you dragging lighter move. I wrote to light I movies to Christmas movies. One with story hasn't who was doctors? I die or be in Cincinnati. I never got. made the man he still around, but it's sort of like I've, got a great if I ever run in germs. Ok, I'm the guy gonna gave you that movie and I keep playing it every Christmas. What's your girl each one! Is it crazy for Christmas
not to be confused with all she want for Christmas, which was the second movie that I wrote for lifetime that's a good business to slide into just right. Christmas movies for lifetime are hallmark. You never go of doing that, except when we don't take your movies one thing that I was thinking about two about it: Three stooges going back, certain back is what age appropriate to watch the three stages. We are watching them. I don't remember a time When I was watching them and I remember my old man. Frankly, we remember this. You know one time he just Sammy down in front of an hour in Castelo movies at this is funny as I was in sight, ok anymore, That's what's funny what I saw that then I started go well. What else is funny?
show me everything else led to the law and order, and then the March brothers and then the three images in and everybody else and adjust opens up a whole world for you, but should kids wisely Three stooges today, you wonder at least I will wonder: no, you can't there's no subtlety left, there's no context anymore, the, such would be rated are for violence, press right that would be and I'll tell you. The next thing would be cartoons when is it appropriate to watch bugs Bunny were Tom and Jerry right by far the most violent thing per minute was Tom and Jerry Right with any of the other loony tunes coming in a close. Second, there was a bloodbath every one of them, the three stages just was created the same thing except with real people faking it. So
I don't know what the answer to that is what end wells. Two years ago I showed Zachary, whose now seven, see with curly eating, I'm chowder, which of you remember this, but there's alive calamity its army tiny goes to eat it. The cramps in his face, and it frustrates him, and so he gets a fish you're going to try to get the crime and it becomes a whole huge snake. love, that he thought it was a sterical. We watch you like every night, but then I backed because I'm like well I don't know if I want to go for stooge on him yet because I will probably get in his trouble with my wife, but also- and I love you- can make the distinction but it's like we could do you read me, I mean we understand. It was kind of fake but I'm afraid not hear about kids in elementary school planes were games for networks right on a from the principal saying, listen, Zachary
the compromise eyes out. Cosmo did it we get back now, so you may be ten years old, maybe we'll wait till then I have no idea. I just know that as kid Watching Tom and Jerry made me laugh hysterically, the more violent it was. The harder I laughed and part of the reason my mom was okay with it was because they were playing great, classical music in the back right. So well at least he's getting exposed to something with a little bit of culture? the Simpsons did that with itchy and scratching hard to Joe within the criteria. Were they took the time Jerry concept and just went organ, this member him we're gonna put him through the woods Baron, we're just gonna, go totally extreme right yeah, you're, right Tom and Jerry and bugs Bunny think about it dark season. Rameses that was all about blasting animals was shot guns and they would
recover and they become back, they would get blasted again in the face of beet spun round. Is that appropriate to show? Now I don't but ironically Windsor. Is born. I bought complete loony dunes collection, Sunday, Sunday we will watch to God and when you are you're forty year, forty Are we waiting for him? I think he's old enough, now to understand the difference. First of all, its cartoons number what it's not real and we're eyes through stooges, though, maybe ABBA talk to say by the way. You, don't wanna hit anybody with an anvil or a hammer, take a claw hammered of the nose yeah yeah. But if you to explain that it's like explaining a job like if you can't it for what it is. Who knows only Coyote hovering in mid air after he runs off the cliff just hovering for a second
knowing is about to fall. The runner looks at him there. Meaning, and he takes off in the Kyoto falls. to his death. Now he's immediately resurrected and you know, is going come back. I guess that makes it ok right. It's an endless assault by kids appreciate. Slapstick too, they love. That is that in even there cartoons today can still like that. You know when you want to play, they do slapstick stuff, it's kind of ingrained it. Under DNA? I think, or are they just being mean? What do you mean? They do slaps he stuff why cousin cheese Let me over the head with a wooden spoon she just wants. Romeo had been ahead. Everybody would laugh. I looked back on that at a kind of eight or for it John abuse. Listen you're right. I remember playing by main robbing when I was a kid my brother, was with
made him be the Joker any didn't want to be the Joker, and so he threw a pair pink insurers at my head and I got three stages. The back of my head was that learned from the three stages just in the brother? I don't know but you know my brother Scott, whose, like the kindest person ever and you remember the old wooden bridge yellow to our house right and the long white gravel drive the went down to the wooden bridge I was writing my bike as fast as I put down that hill approaching the bridge and my brothers, Scott was still building on the side of the bridge where a crew had been working the day, but for, and they left some tools behind include a sawhorse right and when I was about fifteen feet from the bridge, Scott
ran out and put the sawhorse right in front of me, and scream road block, the solemn worse it about twenty miles an hour and we'll hit right over they handle bars and landed on my back on the bridge, my brother laughed and the like Would you do that? You never really told me pretty sure I saw it on a cartoon Kids have a sense of being immortal that they can directly big, jump off the house with a blanket for a parachute, they'll be fun. It's only when they get hurt. Do they realise that a problem the generation that we are in and probably a few years before we have all this stuff ingrained in us today are not watching three stooges they're watching Tik Tok videos, and so there of humor is completed different than what we have. We can appreciate
a fish call Rwanda whereas they may not get it and the same thing, even if you go back to March, rose motorways which were less lasting, although they had but they were more just rebel, jobs, inches character, stuff kids, I doing today I mean can think of a movie or show today that's for teenagers. That is supposed to be funny. Do you mean he has done Washington, Laszlo, maybe what you re runs a friends or the office or something like that. But there's a whole subset of me with that we grew up watching that they're not watching, and so, what will be the humor they will create going forward. It's like music I can't imagine anything that passes for a hit today, is going to be something that, This generation will be listening to and forty year like
can't imagine anything out there today enduring when we were kids, we would go to left this place and we would listen to Sinatra and we would list Tommy Dorsey and we would listen to these like we? Love All that all right. I wonder if- comedy, like music will endure or what passes for comedy today, what passes from music today is gonna hold up twenty thirty forty years from now I bet it doesn't. I bet you can't make blazing saddles today. I bet you can't make a fish called wandered today, because Kevin Klein made fun a bit of a story that in hush Anyone asking for money is right. Yes, we want an Oscar for making fun of somebody who starters and I say this as a kid you out stammered, it's funny until it's not, and now it's not and now here we are right. Nobody is quite sure when their kids can watch-
funny thing or a violent thing, because we don't really agree on what's funny or violent, If we can agree that me getting, but by a snake Funny Douglas falling down with a camera funny. Yes, you completely failing the direct, William Shatner, funny charcoal brother laughing themselves, sick during noises off funny girl coming in the middle of this conversation now, finally running around it, yeah You know I was going to, but now I think I'm gonna leave with. I think that's gonna be the video we're gonna, make sure experienced first it in show business on this call blocks in completely just put the bed, this funny how uncomforted the terrible that was now that I think about it. That was funny. I don't know anybody also get it I don't have you ever done. One of you
peaches that bombed yes, once I can Fleetly failed in front of an audience one time it was one of those I got hired to talk to a crowd of people Not realising that they had paid, it was a financial conference and motivational speech. People showed. To talk very seriously to an audience of people who wanted to learn how to make money. Why got hired to be a part of this. I dont know, but they paid my fee and I showed up, and I started telling dirty job stories and they're all sitting there with pen and paper. Waiting to write down like wisdom, wisdom from may so they got into the world to start making money, and I'm I'm just telling stew he's from the sore and what not they just looked at me like a cow looking at in Newgate, They just didn't understand why I was there and ten minutes in. I realized I shouldn't be there
so I just turned it over the questions addressed are giving financial advice that I've qualified to give got off if they, so you want to do well, financially, here's what you do. You gay self on a hit, show and right write a book, preferably a bus, I'll, get yourself, some podcast with a million unique listeners. Create a viral video and Tiktok. his answer. Why did you ask me that Rick Sometimes you can turn a bomb into something funny. Other, take the audience along with you. Clearly this was not the audience that you would go to buy, If you hear any stand up, community is talk about your out. They learn more from bombing, then from landing. The job. Once they get a job and it works. They got it. In addition, there are snorted is viable twin. They bomb they come back. Can they bring the crowd back? Have you ever done? Stand up
once or twice, and I was terrible Ricky, We finally got a shock to an interesting place where saving yourself in front of an audience is grain and I will tell them. Story now, but the best example of that I've ever heard in my life, and I would encourage all of you to will listen, listen to it because it is so uncomfortable, but ultimately so liberating its bill. Bur Filbert is in Philadelphia and one of those festivals and the audience is horrible and they're booing comic and all the comics are failing one after the next big comics right and they're, like just walking off the stage and we'll bill. Burr goes out there and he's not have it, and he said yelling at the audience. He starts cursing them. He starts making fun of the eagles starts making fun of all their sports days. It is the most
abusive thing. I've ever heard anybody on And the audience there screaming back at him, but he won't get off the stage he finally beats. He turns them and it turns into something truly sterical he's so mean he doesn't care it's right on the edge of violence and its freakin funny. He saved it, pull it out of his, but I hope I never in position Well, we do the same. This judge anything I don't know. I wish there were some bit of wisdom that we could pull from this conversation like. What's the big take away from this. The big take away, is if you have a chance to make somebody laugh take it and if it at your own expense, is that right is gift you can give while impossibly earnest.
thing to say all right now you are, I don't know, you gotta dismantling with us when I reckon they also this is going life were streaming it right now on Facebook and Instagram and technological progress, when it all out there. Thank you Ricky EL. Thank you great, to see your face. Man say our dear level. Life in your little boy- and I heard about you're. Trying to the recent wages and get a dollar body there, you go some ruminations on that which is funny or violence or maybe a little of both or maybe not enough of either whatever the case will be back next week with
or of wherever this is Rick. Keep powdered dry, my friend nice, to see your facing socializing articles. That's funny.
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