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248: I'll Attend His Graduation in a U-Haul

2022-04-26 | 🔗
Adam Carolla talks frankly about growing up invisible, his podcasting leap of faith, and how he brought his construction work ethic to comedy.  
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Our friends me again episode. two hundred and forty eight of a little podcast chuck likes to call the way. I heard it with micro. This is a fun one, I think they're all fun, but you can have a professional comedian honours aghast and not have anything less A fund time were it otherwise than which would have is a tragedy of upon cast. We do want a tragedy now this more in the comedy area, not the tragedy area I can Adam Corolla friend of mine, although we ve never really hung out and done friend stuff you just one of those. As I've listened to for the last ten years guest on his radio show back in the day and allay several times on his podcast over the years. Why it's not too long ago over here at the palace, a fine arts that comes Berlin. Our conversation shock- and I could not remember for the life of me what it's called, but it's called the palace of fine arts, that's where I saw he pointed that out
then you're like Nano, it's something with palace in the word in the title. Well, he's is performing, and I thought you know it's not that what the heck is. Did he say it wrong yeah. He said it wrong and I said it wrong, but once again The time when I lived inside of the Republic of San Francisco, not far from a beautiful building called the palace of fine arts, Adam showed up invited me on and we had a fun time so I wanted to have him on the podcast, because you know, after talking to Dan Carlin, we had a great conversation with a guy I who was in radio but in a play These small modest way and then became huge and podcast space will Adam. was also in radio, but he was in radio in a huge way yeah. He was a very big deal right. Member love line with doktor drew her. He was doing. Morning show and he was,
with those guys who could have wound up. I think hosting a late night show just like us old Buddy Jimmy Camel. but he didn't he went another way and I've always been interested in the commute he chose because He was a very, very early adapter and the podcasting world, and for a long time I mean it still comes up If you google them today the most downloaded podcast in the world, I think he's in Guinness right yeah. He was in two thousand and eleven, I think was the year. That of record was official. So who knows what it is today, but yeah the industry's change, the landscape has changed but Adam hasn't. He continues to be this Jagger little pill. Who always takes the reverse, commute he's friends with our friend Dennis Prager. They did a great man, We together called no safe spaces. Who is the director we had on adjusting folk yeah, also great guest,
So what I really like about this conversation is that a lot of comedians they don't as TIM Allen said. You know, I don't feel like I'm doing my job, if I'm not telling jokes and it's hard to have really an honest. Just a couple of guys talk in conversation with somebody who's always on but this conversation is just about, is relaxed and real. Is you can hope to have your regular listener to atoms podcast. You might learn some new things about the guy and, if you're not really familiar with him, listen to this end learn what you can in terms of somebody who really played the cards they were dealt. Who was a tradesman at heart who was working? Carpenter for years, who loves what he loves but finds the humour in pretty much anything and as such
I found a way I mean you got to agree. Dude he's clawed out a genuine niche for himself. Oh, it's! A big, ditch he's got a little bit of an empire over there in Burbank. I know it's been a while, since he did a show in person. I think when this drops actually you're going to be on his show remotely so it'll be dueling. Podcasts it'll be pretty good, yeah, it's impossible not to have a good time in the presence of Adam Corolla, and he is here now in an episode that we call I'll attend. His graduation in a U haul. I can't remember exactly what precipitated it but those It came out of atoms mouth and I thought it would be a suitable title. Yeah he's a great guest he's, a smart guy and the thing that I like about him. The best is that he doesn't put any
where's. He, like you MIKE, is the same whether the cameras running or it's not running, he's pretty authentic and he's got a carpenters work ethic in the business of Shell and that's pretty cool He had his school. The funny thing, though, about authenticity is when you do it right, it's very, very difficult to distinguish between that and apathy and I thought you were gonna say that you know the thing about sincerity. It's like once, you can fake that you got it made so no telling how far you can go if you can fake the sincere thing he is a genuinely sincere guy. He is Adam Corolla and he is our guest today. This is what our conversation sounded. Like so to forty eight hours attend his graduation. You all
the area is there. He is what it Edwards as I live and breathe yeah. How are you I'm good? How are you doing I'm pretty good? It's my old buddy chuck. You guys have a chance to meet before yup yup. Would you think, impressive forgettable somewhere between my feeling is, will see how this goes. I get that alot king of managing expectations by the way Chuck, do you remember this sweatshirt, wasn't that given to us by the olympic team or something I know it was given to you I stole it from you about twenty five years ago, when I was visiting and allow no and I've kept it Adam, because it's a USA sweatshirt made for the Olympics that year in China, the ask that has to be the punchline.
You can keep it thanks for like a glove, I'm trying to remember the last time I saw you- and I can't remember if it was there you're studio or backstage, add that theatre in San Francisco. You were doing. Show yeah, yeah, the performing arts palace or something over their yeah, be something palace, that's what it was near, the Presidio. I hope it's not been that long, but maybe has we might have done something long distance. I apologize I dunno about human like the last couple of years we're already smeared together in just kind of a bully. A base. the hot massive memory fragments and now it's even stranger and I've got these huge chunks and time I like that I see Adam was that like two thousand nine or two thousand and twenty
in my notes here, it's two thousand and seventeen is when you were last on my show. Have we started by the way? Oh yeah, oh okay, I'll, move forward accordingly, yeah Obviously, we've not been doing this nearly as long Is you but it seems like the whole notion of beginnings and endings do you recommend them is at best to actually Start and actually finnish, or is that just a fantasy? Yes, should things we book end don't think in this long format world that you're waiting into that it needs to be a decisive beginning. But I do and I require it here. I get the count down with the finger because to me that's
The reason I got into the business is to have some guy wearing a headset. Do the five for three silent too then finger just feels like showbiz. To me, like I, and I want my manager to call me kid. When I made my seventies, speaking of managers is dixons delay or World James Baby Doll, Dixon yeah he's my time agent while he's in my world, but Stephen CO bears in this world John Stewart in this world and she may camels and world, so he has a lot of larger satellites orbiting his plan it so I get a little side, love during his refractory period's, but in general, I am on my own. I never had an agent or a manager, not a proper one. I have a business partner whose pretty good attorney and she was desperate to get me some kind of representation.
Years ago, and she introduced me to this guy. Everybody called him baby doll, baby doll, yeah, and he was great. He was rubbing you at the time. I think you're still doing your radio thing and, of course, John Stuart and that's a closer I got to like being legit and now one of the things I always Think of when I see you is in, I wonder, we still has the agent. I wonder I wonder if it so makes sense, because your business man, if we were actually start somewhere. I would start with that and I'm sure you sick of talking about it, but the niche that you ve carved and the little rocks the big. ox the way somehow or another. This thing is still on its feet, I have done it without a manager d ever wish. You would have well there is a difference between the age and in a manager distant basis, sank by.
baby dolls and age in sort of acts like a manager technically, but he's technically and agent. When I started podcasting It was in our there wasn't anything to it and nobody really saw any revenue streams, and so there wasn't really much push from guy I soon came up in the ear where they're trying to get you into Sitka or book deal, or on some reality based tv show. Podcasting was kind of neither here nor there, so it was always kind of my little side experiment to do with what I may well the thing. The thing that I was chuckling about when I was thinking about that whole San Francisco deal. You know people don't understand, this business in so many different ways, but your manager, your agent, call them what you will hear is nowhere around. When you were squatting, backstage signing books shocked, there must have been like four hundred books back
their he's got live, show to do it's sold out house he's got some drink, he was introducing was like. Man Greta Mongolia, that's right, so All of this is backstage. People are running around and I just kind of wander and I'm just a guest on the show and Adam sitting on the floor, surrounded by books trying to get? I guess some sense of how the evening is gonna unfold in your mind, while you're signing books. I mean I really respected that moment, because it was the positive glamorous and you were doing everything you had to do, which included signing a book for everybody and so yeah. The agent can help you there. It comes down to work. I try to explain to people
that I used to work for a living in a regular, carpentry jobs. I was a carpenter good portion, my adult life and so I worked, and I understood what work was. I think some comedians and some people have started different, pass to show business and some of them are data. They worked bar tending at a cool, joint gotta, lotta tips and phone numbers and stuff like that. Other guys had job. that were semi related to show business like they were a tour guide, a universal studios something where wasn't exactly standing on stage. the mic in their hand, it was sitting next to a driver with a mic from a cb in their hand, but there were talking and telling jokes and anecdotes, and things like that, my life was much more
or blue collar in our drive a truck pull up roll out with your tools and just work in our eight nine hour days, forty fifty hour weeks and go back your bad apartment kind of job. So when I got into radio tv show business. Whenever calling it. I never really thought of sitting in air conditioning as a job. Just a notion of sitting seem very anti work to me. My work was, I guess I work at a Mcdonald's when I was in high school, and I work the grill, so I just stood behind the grill and then later I got in a carpet cleaning and that was just standing with a carpet one and then later I got into construction labor, and that was just standing there with a a
of all our broom and then I became a carpenter and endeavours more just sort of standing and working just idea of sitting and even doing some saying that wasn't directly related to the work you're being paid to do like I am answering semi. Bela, my phone in our Czech and my rotisserie league baseball scores or something like my version of work. Was you stand and you work maybe you're upon the roof or maybe or underneath the place and underpinning where you can't stand in which case year digging up putting on your belly or something like that. The dirt, but I thought work meant standing and when I got a job, I sat down and talked into a microphone in an air condition. Room service ceased to look at. It is work well, what about
like this mindset of a tradesman. We ve talked about this before in my life Beijing is in the midst of another round of these work ethic scholarships I find my as I get older thinking more and more, not about the physicality of the work, but just the way you think about your craft and my pop tellin me years ago, when I screwed up a foundation for this is my grand out. I was determined to follow in his footsteps. It was so clear that I was meant to do that for the recessive mismanaging here, the guy who said look, you can be a tradesman just get indifferent tool box and I thought I, when I saw you multitasking that night I've thought of it. A lot over the years when I think of my and in this industry who have done well, they do a lot of different things and they come at the work like a job, Yeah, I do a lot different things. You know maybe
some of that diversity is, I think, about it. I've never really connected these thoughts before but There are a lotta guys in the trades that were sheet rockers or tin, knockers or h, V, a c guys, Electricians foundation guys, I think sometimes people think oh, this guy's just a builder but the job sides made up of the foundation, guys format pour it, but the rebar and strip it than the framers come in and they frame and than that Installation guys come in or the electricians, the plumbers and rough and out all their stuff I always had construction jobs where I was there from the beginning, and we would do that foundation work or it could have been. The slab raise foundation whatever was footings
and then I was there till the very end when we were building an oak stare, rail and hearth over the mantel piece over the fireplace or something, and I was hang indoors and doing base in case in everything and that's kind of I worked so I wasn't a dry wall guy. I always kind of felt bad for the guys who just that is high. in sheet rock and then they go to the next job and then they hang sheet rock and go to the next job. I thought that seems pretty repetitive: it'd be nice to frame the place, then hang the sheet rock. Then mud and tape the place, and then you could paint it and then you could do the crown molding and then you could do the bass and
swing the doors and things like that. So I guess I kind of look at show business. That way, where you know you could do a radio show, and then you could do it tv show and then you could write a book and then you could do podcast and then you can do some live shows and you could do some stand up shows and I guess I sort of went back to my old training of when I was a carpenter. Doing all the different types of jobs they all were under the umbrella of build their but they're all different jobs, and I guess this is all under the umbrella of entertainment, but very different jobs,
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see yourself as a builder who just kind of got into a different sort of format. or as a comedian who can make things when he asked do what did it feel like after doing all that radio and all that other stuff for all those years to suddenly start working on a show about contractors and about building that must have been either so four weird or maybe not. I don't know what is it to catch a contractor, yeah I've done a couple, a building show's over the years. That was one that was pretty popular. There was my recent peanut butter cop. I like doing improv, I like doing stand up stuff. A sort of man on the street and that kind of stuff, and I like to building so this sort of a combination of. The building and the stand up, not necessarily stand up, comic, but just sort of on your feet. No teleprompter kind of improvisational roots kind of a vibe in
I like that, show because I felt it home, because when I would enter those badly hacked up kitchens or bathrooms, or entry halls, or something whatever the contractor were busing. Whatever his job was supposed to be. I would like look up and go eat and go the double top plate and when the single top flight now and look down ago is not using treated lumber for the bottom plate and the layouts all screwed up, he is supposed to be sixteen on center and he didn't head out. This one winning and this isn't bearing wall. How are we going to pick this load up and he didn't use any Tico clips for the rafters or whatever, and it all just came rushing back to me, like all the the ne Lying schedule on sheer wall are all this stuff that I was immersed and for so many years it became like I remember that a member doing this I felt so for a lot of the contractors. We're busting because I have like at could have been
you're, one of the guys I went to high school with really yeah, but every comic you ve ever seen bomb every actor you ve ever seen make add choice every bad career move in Hollywood, to me anyway, it's almost always person. Aided by a short cut and everything you just described in the construction world. Every problem. You know it's not just graft, it's not just bad guy eyes trying gouge people most of shoddy work- that's going on today is happening. because people are in a hurry, they just take shortcuts and short cuts led to long delays, whether you're on stage you're trying to get the dry wall up. You and take short cuts, but she took a lot of divergent paths and now for the life of me,
I never know where you gonna pop up. The business with Dennis Prager was fascinating. Seeing you pop up on Fox from time to time is terrific, your books or fund. The podcast is great. All of it. You, don't seem to take short cuts and now, all of a sudden, you seem to be occupying some really interesting space in the culture where people are asking you two way and on some pretty big ideas and that's gotta, be, I guess, weirdly gratifying yeah that'll be good name for a book of my weirdly gratifying, because it is I'm flattered. When people ask my opinion, and I I always give it. I don't think you have an option not to give an opinion, especially if you're asked to give the opinion and like I said, I'm flattered that they want to send out. the van- and you know you ve done that- might be up in
Put a low powder on and get your opinion on a subject for me. I try not to say no to things that I think could be an experience and a lot of this stuff falls under the heading of an experience, and I think people say the probably spent time wrestling with the idea of will it be a good experience will be a bad experience. Will it be a lucrative experience? Will it not be a lucrative experience? I think people distill it down a little too far. My feeling is somebody says: would you like to try making a documentary with Dennis Prager and I think well that sounds like an experience and then it sort of off we go? Was it yeah? Well, I love Anna. So I knew just being
excuse the kind of spend some time with a guy. I just love chatting with by dumb. It never goes exactly how it's going in your head when its being pitch Theo and that's the experienced part If you could kind of sea at all, lay out your head. It all laid out that way. Then you ve pre empted the experience part of it. You kind of worked at all out. You know the ass If I want to do dancing with the stars- and I said yeah said. You wanna, do celebrity apprentice and I said yeah, and they said that you want to. you're. Professional Trans AM race and race, a crazy corvette- and I said yeah. If you think about it, much past that you might say no but go back to the thing where you say. If somebody asks you, we are public figure and somebody s,
you for an opinion, your kind of duty bound to give one. I agree, I think that's one of the few obligations we kind of have, if you're lucky enough to have a platform and maybe a little influence. You gloves over the part where having an opinion can destroy you, where remaining silent can be deemed justice violent as any sort of articulates speech that somebody else would call hate. That's what I took from Genesis movie in part, the threat of speaking out and the fact that the whole thing was falling apart on college campuses. Just talk a little bit if you, what about the weirdness of that the place where George Carlin wanted to go in order to speak freely, has
I'll become the place where comedy goes to die. I think his bill MAR said yeah well in our kind of living in a weird. Upside down world where were proximately the same age and I grew up and my family was pretty hard left Democrats and they didn't like the CIA and they didn't like the F b I and the Republicans were always cheering on the CIA and the F B. I and now the Democrats, sir cheering on the sea, hey the FBI and the Republic ends are right. Using a weary eyebrow saying I don't trust you not so fast. So there's this sick or call kind of part of life you think about the most base,
human emotion or attraction. He just think about music. Okay, like everyone loves music, two year olds, love hearing music- and you know eighty two year olds, love music and you think music is okay as a metaphor, but you go all right. we had the seventies, Crosbie, stills and national, Neil Young and bands of that ale. Well, what was next, what was an actual disco Donna summers in the village people the year spam. Between Crosbie Stills, a NASH and the village people's like two and a half years, and then it was all that forget about protesting the war and atrocity. He's a broader, whatever justice there were singing about, is cocaine and blogging and go balls. It was literally a reaction to what came before and then the disco.
kind of gave way to punk. Punk is the opposite of disco, no more band acts and glitter balls. We're gonna, put a safety pen through our nose and get appearance spit on people. Then the punk gave way to the glam rock in the eighties Cinderellas and warrants in a big hair, make up of the opposite of punk and now, and then what happens after saw enough big hair bands out there and spandex will ride into Grunge right in that. Nirvana ends gardener, which is the exact opposite. You know it's not a coin. evidence that we call the exact opposite. So what kind of in that way. The college campuses where this is for free speech- and this is where people can say what they want and share these ideas
people come here even if they hear things I disagree with. This is the place to do it so and so forth to conservative black generals who gave. A speech were being literally chased off a campus, but to me from a sick or call standpoint. That's kind of how we roll you think you get to the point where the minute a thing becomes cool. It starts to feel suspicious and the cool thing to do might just be to be on the outside of cool, to take the reverse commute my buddy chalk sitting here between us. Like a Christmas ham. Forty years ago I can't imagine a less cool thing to do than singing in a barber shop quartet with two whether Jamal stressed identically, and talk cedars and ten issues. We call ourselves semi, formal, F, o you are Emma out. We were terribly clever, terribly clever,
and we would just go around Baltimore we'd syn on street corner, switch sing in restaurants, we'd sing, singin nursing homes, sometimes we were invited mostly we were and we were singing songs that were written before my mom and dad were born many it was so uncool that it felt really hit and so when look at all the different acts today musical acts all the different things you can follow, I wonder sometimes, if it's really more about who you hate them, It is who you love. How do you measure similar? How do you feel about Britney spears? How do you feel about Justin Bieber? Do you still listen to their standards? You're right? It's a big part of it and it's tough to articulate but damn there's a lot of music out there. Is there yeah, I think music has sort of become
I am by the way, there's an Acapella band. I saw a million years ago open for John Hyatt called the Baltimore's. If, if that makes a memory in your head, I don't know if they're from Baltimore, I've talked to John hide about it before, but there are called the baltimores. I think at the time we're living in is look back. We're using all these metaphors music will look back on hairstyles. You look at a picture from a New York Yankees game in the forties in every guide. The same hair cut right, they're all the same and then at some point. Some of those guys got into the sixties and all of a sudden, the side and started coming down in the dry look was an and it wasn't me about the kids? You know watch as sitcom from the late sixties, the boss, guy who's uptight, niece.
Sixty five years old still has the long hair like of go back and look at pictures from the seventies. It wasn't it. kids, it was everybody. Young women had their hair. This is how they did it. A man whose eye one hair cut for guy right, and now you look around you see that guy's got a clean shaved had Guy's got the man bond that guy's got the hair down that guy's got too short cropped. You know when I was grown up a guy had a buzz cod. He was in the military, are ROTC or is being punished. Bison have had like caught him, drink and Mickey's big mouth or something in a van and said, come you're getting your haircut like it was literally a short cropped haircut on a dude meant that guy's punished or his dad is a warden in a prison or something so now you look around and there's dozens of hair
there is no one hairstyle anymore. we never really lived in a Europe that didn't have reading, go back to the guys. What powdered, wigs and the founding fathers and doing all the way through we don't have a haircut. We don't have a weird. When I have a mustache, we don't have anything everyone. doing whatever it is their doing. They'll be no more marking of the eras by the haircuts with the old pictures Ladys all hate those pictures of them from the eighties, with the teased out hair and the banks, stays are gone, and I wonder The thing is that way: now: food music- everyone is just doing whatever I wondered too, but by the same token, I dont think you ever shake that. I think it migrates
like right now. For instance, you're right about the Hare fashion is different than style and style is different. Then attitude and personality, but we still as a country will always find a token or a totem happen, masks written. What do you think? Will you see somebody driving around alone in their car wearing a mask right now hi mom, at some point, a thing whose original purpose was purely functional and one hundred percent utility Marion has become a sign of something else and I dont know exists,
what it is, but I think that we always are going to look for those things. Look at what I'm wearing. I mean Jesus, it's a sweatshirt that says. Usa. Somebody sees me walking down the street wearing a red sweatshirt that says, USA. It was made in China. They don't know that. What do you assume? Do you see a patriot, a fascist? Do you see a guy that bumped his buddies sweatshirt twenty years ago and never gave it back? That's what who knows what all this means? You know, I think it morphs in our domain, like what did the american flag mean? several years ago and what's the american flag me now it's funny when its use as a pejorative, these guys drive around their pickup truck with american fly. Agnes swing it out the back of its like. We do live in America. You know I'm not gonna eviscerate, the guy for an american flag, hey novice pickup truck and
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How did that happen? Our truckers had this pre worn in over the card board on the bill, is pushing through the front Lapierre. Now. It's very interesting. It's also a kind of weird symbolically like it. I never work today in my life, but I'm gonna dressed myself up like I've been hard at it for the last twenty years. You know, didn't they sell genes like that a while back gonna say somebody showed me a pair of genes, Niemann Marcus. There were selling seven hundred and ninety dollars here were covered in mud, not just rips. There were muddy, like literally covered in dirt and as the dirty jobs guy, felt I had a certain permission, way and on that this is probably six seven years ago. What you say about a society that starts by
Their clothes, not only dirty and distressed, but breathtakingly overpriced, has also made me think of these little stickers that people used to put on their car friend our state mimicked bullet holes. Another thing too, so gangster I get the synthetic wood steering wheel. It's not real, but you're. Trying to look like it or not the wheel from a ferrari from the sixties, but not sure what you're sending to the populace enlarged large with the fake bullet holes in the fender, the camera. But I've never enjoyed that part of life. I've always wanted to kind of, fly under the radar economic. Our guy, but I dont dry, anything flashy, Lamborghini or anything like that,
own a lot of interesting cars and raise them. Sometimes I would never do the hey look at me, so Red Ferrari, down pc age. Guy, you know it's funny. I dont think J Leno would either but he's got a garage. Fuller, hey, look at me cars Now I M J likes being look bad luck, I love J, but let's not get it to us that I've been in Jays Stanley. damer and we were drive around you. I'm sure you ve been to a shop and a shop orders up against the Burbank Airport we got that Stanley Steamer and we found herself you're driving down San Fernando. Boulevard away. The main drag their that goes behind the airport than we turned ANA Hollywood way and at some point we turned into the airport- and I was like Jack: don't have
flight schedule is like that. I would just say hi, you know we turn and it's you know me and Jane a Stanley Steamer just going through the airport like Miranda Parade waving everyone J? Does enjoy that, I would say a kind healthy way, he likes being that guy he's on some new every day, just about. I think he gets pleasure out of it. I know it. does. I just saw him last month. I guess I was down I did his show again. We basically Had a gardener truck race like who could pick up the most trash cans the fastest? With this I end state of the art autumn, it'd side, loading garbage struck is very far, It was great to see him again, but the thing that strikes me about that. Guy is like us. I think you know, has a real appreciation for an honest day's work.
He could be doing anything he wants to be doing and so patient with whose cruelly shows up he doesn't have any ego in it that I can see. He just happen to drive a garbage truck one day out. That's amazing to me I mean look? I've showed up in a shop many times where he's been underneath a car like just ranching on. We are, I think he understands that were in a crazy business and that he is probably drawn to that for some sense of an anchor or base some sort of calming presence? I know he likes cars, but he's really drawn to being there being at a sharp turning ranches himself and I remember when I was
interviewing Tucker Carlson once and went out to his place and he rides a bicycle around with flip flops and pulls in and does the show and so on and so forth. And I said this is quite a departure from the scene, New York and Blah blah Blah Washington D C, and he just said to me: everybody in this business is insane and miserable they're all miserable, and I didn't want to go down that path, maybe J kind of does that with this cars and his ranching in his work at the shop, maybe there's something about him that have seen you guys drink themselves, to death and all the bad divorces and substance abuse in the eyes and lower the career and everything else that he just went. I must, get underneath this dues and burg and turn this ranch for x amount hours a day for my sanity. Yes,
Adam. Yes, that's what I was getting at earlier, this business of approaching your work like a tradesman, even though it doesn't have anything that optically people would associate with the trades. I think J. Does the same thing. I thanked him. Alan does the same thing and since you brought him up, I think Tucker does the same thing I've been down there, you're talking about bogus right only down just so. People understand, think what you will about. Tucker say what everyone this guide. has figured out something that most people in the news. Most people in our table never figure out here. In six months a year down there, where his wife grew up and another, six months in the summer up in Maine, where he grow up broadcasting out of what sounds like a barn I assume it was the same set up Adam when you're down there in Florida he's broadcasting out of what appears to be the second floor of Us
more mall in a room about the size of my office and he puts out just an incredible amount of content every day and he's doing it and like the most likely place and for whatever reason he just get bonus points it's like bright, casting a national show out of a treehouse. If you can get away with doing that, that satisfying weirdly ratifying maybe, while couple things Leno has almost every car, but he does not have a Tucker. I've never seen a hacker at Leno. Shouted number. Two I'm happy and sort of flattered to say that every time I see Tucker least every time he comes to my studio. He points out that I was the inspiration for him doing that he saw,
the working where I wanted to work sort of amongst my cars. Tools in my place and he said. yeah. Why am I not doing that? Why my taken a town, car sittin in traffic down to man had like or do you see a very wise us? Why can't? I just do from where I wanna do it obviously of covert, has taught us anything, that's kind of the new world order. It's just so true. Let's go, for that to them, because it's one thing to say that you ve done a whole bunch of different things like a tradesman, but I always looked at who is like you were in the machine for a long time. Was that when you left what was a k rock Was it the whole leaving radio I want to know what baby doll thought of that and I want to know how it felt initially to leave ever system you wherein would
her the machine you were in too literally start. You know you're on the part of the map. It says here be dragons. At least you were once bond, I always thought to myself from Jump street. Career why's that I wasn't gonna put it into the hands of the judges, a lot of it was my upbringing. I grew up sort of invisible kind of being ignored. The beginning part of my life was tough. I didn't catch many breaks and I kind of learned from my parents, but just kind of from parents, bosses form and teachers, managers and stuff, I just like. I got this thing. We're like no one's gonna, do anything for you, you're, not gonna, win based on somebody going hey that kid's got it. You know it's just never gonna work. I had that sea
Enemy, I think, was probably my family. They weren't fans that take much in brass, just cut on my own, and I gotta get this feeling words like you're somewhere between in visible and disliked. So you would like to Get into show business, I remember I had a roommate as in my later twenties and I showed up to the dining room, and we rented a house you now and he was just sit. There fail in envelopes with them He had his head shot in there. He had his bio on there and I said what are you doing and he said I'm just sending this out to agents. I didn't say anything to him, but I was like that's going right in the garbage you think someone's gonna open this Manila envelope and go out Ralph this guy, I'm errand well I've idle, I'm gonna put this guy in the next burial hills later, if you wanna, like I'm argon, whose name was gonna, do that
I was doing it for me. I dunno, if they're going to do it for you, but then I can deal for me. If I want to do something in this business, I'm going to have to create something that people want and pay for. I was always that way. You know nobody cast me really in in anything. You know the man show was the man jokers we created, the man shall crank act it was the same thing. It's basically always been that I've always had it in my head that if you want something, you have to go out and sorta make it and created, and it's not going to be a thing where they tap you to host the late night show or good morning whatever, radio ended. They flip the format
doing mornings syndicated and I dunno ten cities or something I just went and thought well now it's time to to do for yourself, I never thought about it much. I didn't look back much. I didn't really get into the checks and balances too much. I just kind of went while this is what you're doing now and that's what I did did you have kids when you made that decision, yeah, twins, young twins, two years old, oh your wife work and now she was now balls, bald hills. The falls on you. I don't know all look at my calendar one day I got about a year and a podcast thing. It was costing money because of the ban where there was no model for revenue. I wasn't really making any money some. Your radio, you know syndicate,
or whatever sorta came, knocking and all of a sudden there was a contract. It wasn't. Tens of millions of dollars, but it was seven figures three years and seemed like the kind of thing you would have wanted that sign. When you got caught from your radio job, I do remember I was out doing to show on the road and podcast who just starting to get a little bit attraction and so on and so forth. and we're way down the road with the negotiations and the deals and baby doll was, you know knee deep in it and here's how many vacation days he gets every year and blocks a law and it was to give baby does full credit is playing some show in Wisconsin or something I just woke up on a Saturday morning, and I just said I called baby doll. I just went hey, listen and he just went. You know what do the contract here and I said now
and he's like normally baby Suharto's India baby. What are you thinking now? That's agreed. I had swayed our baby he's called baby. I was only because it calls everyone baby right to his fault How did he just went the outer now let em now has hung up the fire. I probably going to talk me out of it at that point, but yeah, that's what his stock goes up for. You right That's hard. I mean it's a hard decision for you, but if you're into somebody for a percentage you're, not just me during their career, your managing them right, and there's nothing in it for him in the podcasting, so right, less money on the table
So what now man are you burned? In Hollywood, you were talking to Megan Megan Kelly, the other day and like Netflix. I was just talking to talk about it. Why don't you have a special on Netflix? It just seems like such an obvious thing to do, and in you mentioned that, maybe it wasn't an option for you and that surprised, I dont think, based on what I have gathered from the prevailing, winds of Hollywood and when I say how he would, I would include New York in Sundance. Film festival, try back our film festivals and things like tat, because I make allotted documentaries that do not get accepted, Tipp, Sundance and Tribeca, even though in other ninety eight percent on random areas but vacant,
I know, purchase overrun Sundance Netflix, this kind of equally. That way, although I did have three documentaries on Netflix, but it was really just because of timing. We actually made one about Carol shall be, and we made one right before Ford V Ferrari, the Christian bail Matt Damon Film, why I made a movie called the twenty four hour war, which was Ford versus for mama was a documentary in so everyone was kind of into Shelby and Lama and whatever- and I just had two docks finished on both those things and we did sell those through a netflix, but most companies are there's kind of two components to accompany now. There is what is your
product and then what is your ethos? You know what I mean and we used to be just what's your product. You know if you're Coca COLA, that's your product and if you're serious at your product. It was aside. We never really thought about what the ethos was of a computer company or beverage company or or You know it's like Subaru, whose army with love but Subaru also makes attack helicopters for the japanese army so which is it Subaru? The answer. is its niver they're, trying to convince you that's who they are. I mean over. You watch the Subaru commercial. They don't talk about Russia, proof war. Tease or bond arise, steel or suspension. travel or horse power or dry train, warranties or Sticker Prize or DAS Mars. Is that talk about love God? It's a guy with
Dog on the beach, while we barely see the car reduce, that's the one that kills me thou, so make attack helicopters right or made for withdrawal of shoot, anti tank missiles with love right. What's the song ways he's out there. It's his dog eat dog is old. Europe. A body, my my friend, it still gets me the old man, Mcdonald, Mcdonald's, but you're right back, their sellen puppies and love so Netflix growing poppies in love and trying to make money at the same time, but there's a kind of ethos side of it. They don't like me. It doesn't work well with them. The things I say hang around, with Dennis Prager, going on Tucker, Carl's and so on and so forth. They don't abide by that. So I'm perceived as an agitator, maybe or just note
persona non grata, but there's no play at those types of businesses or fail. festivals or any of that for me. What do you think of What's going on over at the daily wire? Well, I just did six stand up specials, basically for the daily wire, and I have other projects going over there and the daily wire is essentially what you create when you lock out a lot of creative people who disagree with you politically or philosophically you know, I'm not going back on or construction site, I want to keep doing comedy and keep creating content. So what happened was? Is they created the daily wire? they keep creating the daily wire their essentially playing right into the hands of the daily. Why they're making them
grow by leaps and bounds every year by becoming more politicized in fields that don't require it. You may content for kids or you may Coca COLA, you make razor blades or whatever it is shut up and make razor blades, but they won't do it. They can't stop themselves from doing it. They have to take all these stands, and so they essentially Created this place, it's essentially you'll only allow italian food in your city well. Someone's gonna open a mexican joint and then you're going to get upset about it, but that place is going to do great business and you created the line. That's going down the street to that MAX. Food place, because you said all we can do is italian. That's all you created that's the way. I look at it,
Where does it end? Do you think there's going to be a conservative alternative for razors pans, pencils, sofas, baseball caps, turtleneck microphones? How far is it it is looking at stuff in your office in the hour, so like a red sweatshirts with the USA on it pink winds, flags, verse, paper, collapse, ballpoint bends, side of being posters. I think a kind of ends two ways one of two ways. I think it ends when businesses knock it off into a sort of get back to business and stop walking around like peacocks in preening, on whatever social justice. Few comes down the pike every Tuesday they their knock it off or that
wire crates concern. rid of land right next to EPCOT Centre Those are the only two ways to go so If you were a betting man, are they going to knock it off they're going to come to their senses because look at Elon Musk. For God's sakes, I mean, Ben Shapiro Jeremy, boring they're doing what they can do. They ve got as much bandwidth is they have. I think it's terrific. Personally, but then all of a sudden you wake up look at Elon Musk, there's a guy who knows how to be a billionaire right, yeah and so ok, it's kind of fun to a man, conservative land living next to EPCOT Centre. That's a long tail. This guy could buy twitter fast and what in the world does that mean? I think,
he is doing kind of what the daily wire is doing, which is they created Elon musk. They took this platform that was supposed to be in others, open market of ideas and started, steering it a direction which is what they do. They d get hold of entities and start pushing them. Our action. It got push that direction. An entry on mosque he's not showing up because he wants to buy another come but he showing up because he's being beckoned in his world. It's the siren song of censorship and is pulling him toward this thing, and most of us just sit around and certain shrugged her shoulders, but he can cut a check. So once again they created Elon Musk. I think Elon we would have been happy just to be working on condos on Mars and save it get the yoke
work a little better, honest Tesla, but he's and pulled into this because they pull them. And now I think, there's this feeling of Why is he entering? This is entering it is being compelled to enter it. I suppose he's a version of J and you and look we can do whatever we want. We got pretty good cards and we're kind of in our world. Navigating airlines world is just beggar. These checks in the way we drive he's taken a big swing it space, but in relative terms, I I don't know, what's bigger than saving free speech, I guess he's compel
to do it, but everything, I've seen and red suggests to me that there is a guy out here. I haven't a ball he's just having a ball with this. I think he's having a ball with it, because as much as the laughed a first off, it's never ending Bali Talk and they have so much compassion for anyone who was bullied and junior high in such Bali. Bully boy talk and the reason I talk about boiling. So much is because their boys- essentially they get everyone fired- that try to get people de platform fire from the job sponsor drop out, but there the definition of a bully- and I think he has fun bullying the boys who never stop talking about boiling. Well? Is there a version of Netflix? Can it be that
Ellie Wire. Can they get that big overtime? I have no idea still haven't got my head around what will happen as a matter of practicality if he buys that thing for forty three billion dollars and suddenly you're welcome everybody's welcome. I just think that has filled so many people with dread having fun watching it. I dont know if their dread or fear Whenever their hyperbole is is actually real anymore. You look back and you member, I dunno three and a half years ago, tromp was, like I'm gonna move the embassy to Jerusalem. Move it out of wherever was initially. I ever heard that their panties gotten a bunch, their hair caught on fire and it was gonna star World war. Three ride
Member of the Middle EAST is gonna burn down. If he move this Bessie that people, I even heard of from one place in our thirty mile down the road of the next place era. On CNN and Amis, every their apoplectic, they put all the middle eastern experts on they will talk about. This- goes to create a holy war that I'll never and for a thousand years. I then he moved it and nothing happens, and then stop talking about it immediately? So then here's the question: are they horrible, prognostic caters or are they line? So what they talk about. Iran must takes our this thing. I mean there are literally making these references they hit Larry an end of the world and end of whatever they do. the gloom whatever it is. It's basically it the Tampa Bay buccaneers, go out and celebrate our the Superbowl when that's gonna, be a super spreader event, no one a walk out of their life. If Sturgis,
goes down those bikers our common home and pine boxes. I don't think they believe it if they believed it They bring it up every once in a while, after it happen, or even discuss it ever again. The embassy moving Jerusalem. I think it was we heard about it again. This has never come up. You asked the same people about it. Now they go you I don't know what about their lying. Mostly, is what I'm assuming. but I think it even went further. The other way did net amid didn't. The Abraham Accords basically come out of that thing. You know people are signing treaties who never sign treaties and then all of a sudden others is there's nothing to say. Over here at all, we don't really want to talk about that story too much, but I think the thing that shocking right now as much as anything else isn't craziness of what's happening. It's the speed with which it is happening.
Not the people are getting things wrong. It's that they're getting them wrong and being proven wrong. So fast, your hedges spins, whether its conflicting science, whether it's the masks thing you just go down, The list that successful evacuation from Afghanistan, literally hearing about it as we were seeing people falling out of the plains. It's not that it's wrong! It's that it's wrong right in front of Us Chuck years. We talk not at all the time. But I swear the emperor's new clothes is the fable for our times. It's kind of interesting in that I thought cameras being everywhere and everyone having ring Doorbell Cameron, surveillance cameras like every intersection. I thought This will be the end of crime and also get away with it anywhere. There's a film of a guy walk up to your porch and stealing it hasn't
loaded down its increased it, and I thought a politician in saying into a microphone look? This is not inflation. This is transitory. Inflation is gonna go up just little bed than leaving out. Then it's going down, but it's not not inflation. Well, that's now captured in digital form. In color. We can see it forever. I didn't think that guy would take the microphone a month and a half later him go. Hey man Like I said this is inflation? I never said anything about transitory in places like fill of you saying was transitory. Ten minutes, the Gaza. Now we have, Some of you stealing my Amazon. Box from the porter, my ass make off no one male rather was you on the film, not our eye. Whatever next quest I didn't know we're going to enter into that world. Where are you just literally say
It didn't happen even though its in front of microphones and lights. Yeah. That to me, is what led, go Brandon. Really meant it wasn't just a clever way to say a rude thing about a sitting president It was away for a lot of people to say now I hear with their chanting and you're telling me that I'm hearing, something that I'm not hearing when you add all of those instances up not to get needlessly controversial, but the whole business with Flee Thomas the whole business with the, and gender stuff? Are you gonna believe your lionize or not, there's little? a photo Adam, you probably saw it, but she standing there in her swimming suit. You can see her block and You can see her manhood, not judging anything, I'm just saying on the face of it, somewhere. There's a kid out there like in the emperor's new clothes who sang Mommy
That lady has a wee wee and if no what else is going to say it. I think the country's waiting for a kid to stand up and just say, hey, look that dude is naked. It's kind of interesting the gender thing, I'm always wondering like. Where's all the energy come from, and then I realized, if you can convince us,
I think that a male is a female pre op bearded, whatever just identifies a female. I am a female, even though I've made no alterations to my physicality was you know, born x, Y chromosome and everything. If you can pull that off, then you can pull anything off anything. There is no. You know Afghanistan. So what hosts a couple of guys fell out of some landing gear? Please it was a success or the next coven that comes down the pike. Whatever you'd take the mask off, but in between bites, then you pull it up in between sips and then it's back down again. If you can pull the
If that ruse, if you think about it, you can talk about any get a Watergate or did those twin towers did the F B, I wire those things in advance or whatever tin, foil hat, whatever conspiracy Alex Jones and saying there is, if you can convince most of a man Ganz that a man is a woman, because the man she's a woman and should be able to enter sporting events and ladys storms and ladys prisons. You ve, thou one? You can do anything, there's nothing! You can do in terms of convincing people of things
Maybe maybe just for that reason. Well, that's my point and again I don't want to read too much into it, but how hard can it be to convince people that the earth is coming to an end in twelve years? If those people have become convinced that there is no real difference biologically between male and female you're? Absolutely right, whatever you need us to believe. We believe this one everything pails in comparison to that the earth ending in twelve years is wildly doable. Compared to this everything is feasible if we buy, this will buy it that right about awaits the same people that by that everything else, sure I'm thinking to about. Like some of your best guess, Vinnie toward urge right he's been on your show, willing.
ninety times or something I just met him a month ago. He was terrific, but if you think about the basic claims he's making and the whole conversation around. What's good for you, it's bad for you, whether its plant based meet verses, real meat verses, are the cows really contributing to global warming and all that stuff. Everything here. Ass to say is going to be a whole. Easier to up, confront, challenge or otherwise dismissed. If you ve tender, Ized the fat part of the bad, with the very thing we're talking about now, it makes it harder, for anybody was mildly. Contrary view to have an audience: its interesting. I dont know what percentage of people go along with it just to get along. I assume mostly
we'll go along to get along. That's when I at least learn from covered. Our governor California gave a news shutting down outdoor dining and everyone just promptly shut down, and I said, are you guys knots just spent twenty? ran moving everything outdoors and I we shutting down outdoor dining with zero evidence. That's a vector of trade. Information at all. There's no published paved there's nothing. I just dutifully doing this because this narcissistic A whole has decreed it. I said no stale whenever one stay open, let's defines thou boom like flickering light switch. That was the sad part for me well. The sad part for me was that plus.
I sat right here in the same chair. I think I was talking to shock after the business at the french laundry and I just said: look I don't think you can overstate vat, but I was wrong. I thought that's it the next day the next week, maybe California is gonna, say no way absolutely no way. This is completely bananas, it wasn't dead, he defied his own mandate. It was that he didn't look scare and that's the thing I didn't feel like anybody was talking about yeah, he doesn't bindings it. He wouldn't be out people ain't that right when you believe it pupil leave it any act accordingly, he doesn't believe it. That's why he went out with so many people, and I mean, of course that's what I was yelling the whole time People were doing this thing where they were gone. He's a hypocrite he's a hypocrite as you have courses is a politician. What you expect my
the point is, let's really drill down on what he was doing. Believe it he has dad he's got. Information and he doesn't think of himself is at risk for as or either one of his twenty two friends who went out with them. And they all don't believe it and they are all making policy. So he doesn't. leave it. Why should we believe him? Why should I be scared? Was the question that I had hoped more people would ask, but I dont think we were allowed to and anything less than a real fear,
The full reaction, was immediately put into the category of irresponsible. If you're not scared, it isn't because you're courageous, it's because you're irresponsible right and I dunno how we get back to that. Didn't you think he was done, though, didn't you think he was done when you saw that I thought well. This is over he's going to be recalled and that's it, but he's going to run for president looks like I can't imagine what he's running on I just can't
that hair his hair is run and on his hair, yap, dining out Fresco. There's an episode of my pipe gas at your listeners can look up from seven or eight years ago, where he came in here and I destroyed him. If you want to have a laugh, I'm he's never coming in here ever again, so wish wolden joy, but he brought up a few things and I did not let it go and showed him no quarter and he's a bumbling idiot and destroyed, and you just ask them questions to. If I recall, I think I saw the clip he did not have anti ass. I would not let anything go and he could not answer The questions like what what was your finest moment in that whole exchange? He got up here, any started talking about predatory check, cashing places, and he said that these place,
is prey on black and hispanic people, and I said why do they pray on? Just black and hispanic people- and he said they pray on everybody, and I said: ok through why'd, you bring a blackened spanish and he said it's all equal. Everyone is struggling. I said: ok, fine, why did you just bring up blackness panic and why are they just preying on blackened hispanic people and he had no answer. Theirs. And then I asked them or pouring on Asians and jewish Americans in the eastern indian folk, and he said they preyed on everybody, and I said: ok, why do you just keep bring up black and spanish? because it's an overwhelming numbers- and I said ok, why is that? And it went on for twenty five minutes that way, if you don't I gave a new some
will enjoy that conversation I had of gas because he got destroyed what are you gonna do sorry to sound like your dad forty years ago? but what you gonna do with the rest of this. You ve got the microphone. You ve got some good friends. Your well positioned your clearly jagged little pill. That's not so little what's next, It's like a wash rinse, repeat kind of version of my life. Do another podcast do another show you know go here. Do that write another book, blah blah blah, then there's other projects stuff with the daily wire coming up stuff. I want to do stuff. That's different deal couple of car races. Just get up! Wake up go to work. So no aspirations do you know what I retract it's a stupid question. It's just
I think what you're asking is: are you going to leave California? I think that's what he's trying to ask? Oh yeah, my kids are in the tenth grade, but I'll be attending their high school graduation in a U haul, watching a safe distance. In my you all know when they graduate I'll honk the horn a couple of times I surely right bloodhounds up these pod gasser, almost always titled by something that It says, and it usually happens in the last minute, and I know you don't have a ton of time, but I think this one has gotta be called how'd. You say it I'll attend his graduation in a U haul, yeah yeah, I think that's probably the way to go
what's next today, where he added I hadn't back to the other shop where the cars are. I started early today. I started it ten this morning, podcasting and what else I have a professional Trans AM race coming up and you're going to say next weekend and as a lot of paperwork and doctors, physicals and stuff, so people get sued, and I have a bunch of paperwork that I am in no derived and said backed it aims are, however, the re sanctioning body is or what have you so I gotta do that. I gotta get a helmet that has a microphone and ear as I can a radio essentially in it. So I can talk to people I'm driving, which I'm not used to doing an air system where I can plug a hose into it and blow some.
They're on make us it's along re. So I got a bunch of car race junk to try to finalize, for I had out to Laguna next week. no J Leno got me, the original Rockford car for one of the Arabs YAP! Seven! seven Firebird, I think, and it was rigged not quite in the way you described, but it was the actual tv car. So it was full of all of the necessary jacks and attachments and all of that stuff it really wasn't a great car, but it was such a kick to drive around where Jim Garner had been breaking wind for seven years he was pretty avid race sky to James Garner. Oh yeah support your local sheriff greatest
the rate of Jim Garner Movie of all time. I think a great before we leave Adam you have a book coming out called everything reminds me of something July. Nineteen you wanna tell us about that book reminded me that something yeah it's a comedy book. I write comedy books. People generally think they're funny. Very highly rated on Amazon and wherever else, and so, if you like, comedy books, I've written a few of 'em- and this will be the next one- not Taco Bell Material was the first one. I picked up solid. That was a good one in fifty years, while be Jack's S Authority park where this happened a lot faster than predicted. I wrote in fifty years all rejects like twelve years ago now, and I aimed at that For reasons that wasn't suggested by my publisher, I went what's going on and I am I named that book there all fund,
and they're all kind of oh yeah. This is what's going on now. Maybe here's what going on before it actually happens, there's a little Nostradamus component to them. Everything reminds you something. Is this the next one coming out? You can pre order and on Amazon or wherever or at a girl, a death come yeah. What's the oh, a truth, yeller, that's the one on daily wire right, yeah, six episodes one hour, specials Jay Leno's on one Shatner son, another one watch the hybrid kind of stand up. I do stand up at the top, then sort of a talk show and it's an interesting format that people aren't used to. They all turned out great and they're all on the daily. For some well look the next time you have me back. If you do. Let's talk about Shatner, I was in business with them sort of for a couple years and it was fascinating. I'd love to pick your brain on channel, we'll get you back and whenever you like
whenever you can it's already places yeah I was getting but our it's the bag. Room, the palace, a fine arts. I need some help signing my next book and I thought who could I get Adam Guy man he consigned books that'll be great thanks MIKE Anytime Jack thank leisure. To say a very I well this episode is over now. I hope it was worthwhile sorry. It went on so long, but if it makes you smile, I share your satisfaction in the way that people do days,
If I leave the EU I'd guides vague Debbie and urge, but Where will the advertisers really like to judge your own age or out a bunch? Just a line or two all you gotta do is leave a quick five star review you got to do is leave a quick five star review, though you gotta do is real. Quick you've got to do is leave a quick, classical review you can do is leave a quick, even if you hate I've saw especially thank you.
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