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266: America's Cop is Always on Doodie

2022-08-30 | 🔗
Award-winning author, Bangor Maine Police social media manager, and Duck of Justice creator Tim Cotton joins TWIHI to discuss America’s love-hate relationship with cops, the proper punishment for crapping in the street, and why Mike has dubbed Tim America’s Cop despite his recent retirement.  
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Well here we go again: it's micro swaggered it up so number two sixty six, it's called erica's cop, is always on duty and chalk x. Why that's so clever and funny? Would you well, you know you would think it would be. Do you t why, but it's actually d o o d, I be meaning booby. Yeah, because we're still eight years old, deep down, So my guess today, call him a friend. I met him online. That's a weird! yeah, but I did he's, while is my favorite cop, he's america's cop he's tim cotton. If you haven't already heard me talk with tim or about him, the short version is he's a was a cop. In bangalore main, he just retired, and he came to my
ten years ago, because he runs bankers, facebook page and he had a column called got warrants, which basically was just a police blotter. and what are very cleverly written one yeah, a three made, a varied it funny and he did at a time when well We're still in this time, unfortunately, were good kobza retiring really fast. and the relationship between the public and copses tenuous tim cotton just did exactly what a good pr person would do if they came in to try and help bridge that gap accept tim's, not a pr person. He was a detective for decades, a cop for thirty four years, he's just retired he's now embracing his writing career with both arms obvious. We wish him every success and chalk. If the last book was any indication, he's he's gonna, do it again.
Yeah he's got another book coming out november. First, it's called dawn, in the dooryard reflections from the jagged edge of america, which has a play on the first. What was that one called the detective. in the door. You are detective in the door yard and a door yard just one of those main terms that I think it basically means like a porch or maybe the when I don't know what the hell, the area right where your front door is here. Yes, thus yeah. I think he said to them They got a different name for everything up their main can't get there from yeah there from here anyway. To cotton is a good man, oh much much better than average writer. He reminds me of my mother in a lot of ways. We talk a lot about writing and we I think a lot about the business of being a cop. We kicked things off Actually, I wanted to get TIM's reaction to a story. I wrote years ago called farewell.
normally, I would instruct you to go. Listen to that, but you don't have to cause it's The short when and we're gonna play it for you right now and then he's going to join us to tell me what I got right and what I got it wrong and you should just settle down and listen to this kind seychelles, not because its great in and of itself, but it is mostly aside but it's just a great example of the human that all cops, wannabe and want to be seen as TIM is. Is that very thing he's fifty nine? He did his time he served he protected and he rode along the way and he's going to become a very big deal, one of these days Yes, and I'm here, to do everything I can to recommend you read what is written, he's, talented and fun. and somebody ought to know he's tim
cotton you'll meet him momentarily right. After a little story, we like to call fair warning in a slightly bigger podcast episode that I'm going to call america's cop is always on duty. the. ernie considered his single ace. It was, the card of value in his hand, but as equals. and fernando didn't know that or did they know they were playing poker with a bona fide celebrity all they knew was they were losing. Ernie slid another buck into the kitty and took a long pull on the bottle across the table for now though considered his pair of mines, as is equal, contemplated his two jack's, both stared hard at early and try to read his mind, but ernie gay nothing away and eventually, both men folded, maybe
had ernie scooped up his winnings and dealt another hand he'd still be alive today. Maybe if you and flip discards over with a smirk and showed the migrant workers how he'd bluffed them the man known by cop in the country wouldn't be eating for his life and a dive bar on skid row, but early. couldn't help himself, he gloated and fernando flushed with anger. Ernie saw the round house long before it arrived and ducked under it with ease he answered with two quick jabs and fernando went backwards over his chair with a bloody and broken knows, is equal, stood quickly but The anticipated is play and caught him with an opera cut that sent him tumbling over fernando both stood and rushed in ernie, but neither fared well, it's funny them how quickly the dynamic can change when the rules or amended. Ernie heard the snake
then saw the blade glinting brightly in the dim light, fernando handed the switchblade to his equal here said fernando. You finish him his eagle held blade. Like a man who knew how to use it like a man, We look forward to using it again, fernando block the door and and suddenly got very serious for ernie. Clearly, it was not a fair fight, but before you start rooting for the underdog take a moment and consider the nature of ernie's celebrity for seen prior arrests, burglary shoplifting large? sidney deviancy voyeurism, grand theft, auto narcotics, you name It- consider the victims of These many crimes, victims, like lois Lois, was just seventeen years old when ernie kidnapped her and raped her and dumped her on her brothers lawn. It's easy to forget about me.
Like los during the trial she was referred to is Jane doe, but her real name was lois and jameson and back and night, Sixty three, she was just another easy mark for man like ernie, a man that every cop in america would soon know by name when they arrested him for rape and kidnapping. Ernie didn't deny what he had done. In fact, he freely confessed and was, amongst to thirty years in prison. But ernie was those criminals who always to have an ace up his sleeve the eye, he got caught a lot, but somehow we always seemed to get off easy and this time with the help of some. very clever lawyers with the icy. Oh, you Ernie persuaded the court to reverse his rape conviction. Some people call
the judges decision outrageous, some called it long overdue, most called it constitutes. I, whatever it was. It wasn't justice, not for lois anyway, no lois and jameson would have to wait. Thirteen years before karma finally caught up to the man who raped her thirteen years before them, the famous criminal in america finally turn up dead in a phoenix dive bar. That's where the cops found ernie stabbed death over three dollar poker game. They never found is equal. but his accomplice was arrested near the scene where conscientious cop dutifully read him his rights, fernando listen very carefully to those rights. Then he exercise them twenty, how quickly the dynamic can change when the rules.
mended. You see when ernie was arrested for lowest rape back in nineteen sixty three, the police, We are under no obligation to read it his rights, so they didn't four years later. All that changed. That is why ernie was released from jail long before his sentence was complete. That's why officers who responded to ernie's murder, were now legally required to make absolutely sure the accused, understood his constitutional rights specifically the many advice to of keeping his big mouth shut. Consequently, fernand though, never said a word about the knife he pulled from his own pocket. He said nothing incriminate himself at all, which is why the cops? had no choice but to release him, and so justice
finally came to los ang jamieson along with a shot of irony, because fernando Zamora not only help to kill the man who raped her. He got away with it. By exercising his right to remain silent, a right. The police were compelled to spell out for him there ass to the most famous criminal in amerika. The dead man on the floor the man who would remain silent, forevermore ernesto miranda anyway,. that's laggard. This is a commercial for my friends at Ziprecruiter what I call them my friends. Well when someone, help me find the people I need to work and my company, I think of them friend I call this a commercial or because it is,
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smart as to where you know our talk about whatever. But I did like that episode in I think it's kind of ironic and very nicety died in the way that he did not so sure option a is that, as planned option b as I read something the tim wrote something short from his blog and we come out of that. Why? I think we should talk about Ernesto, because I get too. I know TIM's gonna knock it out of the park and then, if you want to read something of tim's, maybe from his upcoming book, we could do that at the end as well. We could
you know, what it's not coming out till november. So why did you write till then to properly for laid him? Oh, I would love to be so helpful. It be. The eye can defend. You pay nothing better than a proper, evidently shad upon by nobody worse than you are. Stop that unless pretend right now we ve just listen to another one of my captivating stories. Here we go. All of this is going in for cotton as I live and breathe there you sit all your redolent retirement in your squalor in your glory. How are you Very well. It's great to see you guys again. I wore play again, because I get crabbed upon last time for being dripping in some kind of main you're, very sarcastic, which is odd and that you will do that way because people believe you're a nice you well, I think india and ass. He was awake site, so I
with a lighter summer plaid because it may, in the summer, at least for another three or four days, and I'm doing while I'm enjoying retirement its we're not going somewhere every day about so other than that, though, I've got plenty to do. I'm enjoying be honest. Little good will, deep dive into all of that. I have many questions for you. Concerning the slow unravelling of our society. Your take on as a recently retired gendarme. Why in the world are becoming too and so forth and so on, but chuck wanted to lay the story that we just forced everyone to listen to, including you and I guess my fur question is that I get any of it right and thoughts in general about MR miranda when his sad to mice. Well, I don't think it was sad because, I mean maybe for his mother, but other than that I dont and not to take. Way from what he gave to america
giving everyone the right to know that they didn't have to say anything about themselves, the self incriminating issue- and I think It's an important thing that happened. I just feel bad did it's him that we have to quote each time because he was basically a deviant human a rapist. Yet he was many things and a rapist kidnapper around. But in the end, I don't think it's a bad thing. So people get some review of their rights of the fifth and sixth amendment when they have a conversation with a cop. However, I wish americans would learn that in civics, because it very simple, but you should know that before you leave school, that you don't have to incriminate yourself and if we all had there information or or armed correctly before we left high school. We wouldn't have to do so much reading to people sell
and we read that by the way. I love the story because, of course you did it and who doesn't love to hear you? Yes, thank you yes good, but I really One thing you see on television is the flippant recitation, the miranda warning and here state of main and many other places, we read it directly from a car provided to us by our state's attorney general's office. That way, there's no misconception of what the infirmary given that they get so for all my thirty four years. I read it every time, never reciting it, because they, even little points at the end would say in parentheses, get verbal response. My card actually says it's as get birdie repose out loud, like our president, does sometimes pause applause,
It was a good try, yeah, I think that's what I'm here for red before by some people, but then look at them sorry? But it's so ridiculous. Like are their explanation, points exclaiming. we're going to cope with its well. No, I don't I'm right over there, but there is the point. This is get verbal response after each and every right, that's read to them and you have to get a verbal respond. Typically, when you're in a conversation was someone who is possibly committed, a crime they'll shake their heads down because they don't want to talk in the first place. Most people, no not to talk to the cops. As you can see in traffic stuff, videos, he owes oliver youtube and I have to answer your questions right. So I think the rights need to be read anymore, because you just have to watch youtube at the fellows that like to get stopped by the police. and just slide the license through the window to show the world that they don't have to incriminate themselves. So we should all be running by youtube, gimme a basic number tim,
how many times have you read the miranda warning in your thirty four years as an actual cup, I would say several hundred, probably two or three hundred times at least figuring a couple times a week- never recited it and just so unclear. Why ever I mean Clearly, your man of great gray matter. You ve committed this thing to memory, probably immediately heart it. We all learned from Adam twelve, anybody in our age group the elder dozy. Not you too, of course, why we're not retired, I suspect you could retire better than I did. However, I hope so I I read it each time because at the police academy in the state of maine, they urged to read it every time, so there was no way that later on could see. Could it be that the deck and cotton you forgot a word or two
so I could always say- and I said this many times on the stand- no I read it directly from the card provided to me by the main attorney general's office, each and every time, and I dont deviate from the word or verbiage that is on that guard. I would say that in court, so they would now. I read it. exactly and then you can listen to the tape was there were many times a tape or videotape. Now, when you said that in court did you say as for memory or did you also read that from a card I? Actually, I probably should have read it from a card classically that being stand by your dinner. I want to just review sums gotta, three by five year. That really spells it out for you. It smells of coffee in place good. But let me just
I have here that you were supposed to say this, your honor and if the attorney could catch you in that moment, by the way they would meet you up, so I think what they did is they dumped it down, because I'm a mob and many cops would much rather with some bravado spouted off from memory to show you that they like t J hooker, but truthfully might have been better that we already the same way because everybody heard it the same way, no way there was any misconception about had just been read. So I understand why the ages opposite main likes, that it helps their attorneys to say? Ok, he's an idiot me but at least we know he did this correctly Has there ever been a moment where you ve read the rights to somebody that may or may not have committed a crime, and they ve said oh really, So I don't have like they're surprised or, conversely, have you ever, read them to anyone who said yea, here's the thing I did it I downloading and if I could- and I liked it well, the yellow
the I didn't get a lot of, but I did get many peoples, I know, I've heard him. I've heard him. I've heard him now if they said that I would still read that, because that could be the air game to understand that they could play it against you later court. I just said there because I was under stress: he has a pistol, it's a his hip. I couldn't believe it. I've never been so scared of my life, even though these pummelled some older lady or raped a young girl, but they would obviously getting court clean up quite nicely like you to do one who will have to guess which They could always play that against you, so yea always read it and sometimes people would say I'd like to confess you know they would they would confess. But its missing? Maybe in this fine piece it you produced about unesco- is that america, and have missed one thing, a new wants that they be. they know, but they don't because one of their favorite things of the low count arrested
you will say, is heated remove my rights. That's because you dipstick, I didn't question you and you were not in custody so there's two things that are necessary for miranda, that tv doesn't tell you and that's two things custody. Now that is always what comes up in the courtroom was that custody were you? Did you corner him or her and interrogation So if one of those two things is missing and miranda is not necessary, so the word when you arrest a citizen who was just stolen. Three hot dogs in a bag of gummy worms, I know what you did your on camera. I dont ask any questions. I dont even care, because I want to get this over with a move on so there I wish they waited premium rights just because you are right That does not mean you get your right now
four sorry, you used the word custody and then a rested. Are they the same thing? No, which, as you could be in custody for this? Is that the new want? We would teach younger but if you're leaned against a cruiser- and they have an open alley to go to the right- to the left, and you have not told him they have to stay once you let them know they are in custody and ass. The little game on Youtube am I in custody they like to ask that these sovereign type individuals, so they ask about custody, because if you are free to leave if their free to leave there is no custody. Now, if I set them in the back of my police cruiser with an open door- and I just talking to them about this and that a gimmick- a water
Are they in custody? At that point, I would be very cautious when they're sitting in a cruiser that could be shot and lock, whether in the cage in the back as soon as they've shut that door. Even if they said hey, I'm cold. Now you might fight that court later and say judge it was cold. I was trying to keep the heat in the car and they could have gotten out anytime. You want, but those doors don't open, so you're immediately in custody when you shut that door. Ok, but before that If you're good at your job, you can play that's bought where their leaning against the door and you can have a conversation, but what a police officer typically does if it got any sense, as they say, hey take off, you don't want a catch up with you. That essentially proves they weren't in custody, so sometimes I would say in an interview out on the street and I'll take quick story, because we can't tell all the stories I had a a sex offender rapist twenty five year old, good. Looking kid would always find fifteen and sixteen year old girls
The parties so when we finally landed at many would have sex with some of them and by consensual. in some way he might have given liquor to them, but it was one of his little emma. Was we intervene in beside afford torres, when burn main, and he was in the house, some friends, we brought him outside he leaned against our car, I'm in plain clothes. My partners in plain clothes, our guns are covered, we're standing by a taurus unmarked piece of crap, like all our cars were in those days, so he confessed the many things he didn't. Instead, the whole thing, but he gave us enough thanks and then we said hey, you know it's so good to see it today have a great day enjoy your afternoon. We leave while he wasn't in custody, but when we got to the trial the attorney a slick, little wizard, who wasn't that good at his job, but he thought he was slick he kept bringing up, and this became a joke and the judge actually began a little bit because he said what you were standing next to a police car you and your partner are armed and well. I guess we'll get you.
I could see like members only we're, not very you couldn't tell we were cops if we'd showed you a badge, and these are well you're, standing by a police car. Obviously he knows at that point he's in custody and we would say to the jury for that's what we would say and if you look at the joint torres you know you put your hands up, because the judge doesn't like if you play a jury, but sometimes you can get on their good side, so they eliciting and enjoying the time and maybe get a few giggled and each time and say that I would just wait and I leaned forward say torres if we say one, one hundred and eighty two thousand miles it's gold, the interior is horrible. It doesn't look like a police car so in other words the comments that he told us at that time they decided the jury, figured it out and said well he's not in custody. He came out. He went back
in it the tourists and their guns recovered. So we didn't re miranda in that situation because we didn't have custody, we didn't have interrogation, but a good attorney can make it seem like your in custody and if they do that, and they win that argument, You should have read miranda, so we stepped back and say you're, young cop, you're, doing interviews red miranda, you're just coming way right, so it's etc. in place: doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo, do do dumb, microbes scott lucky, every single one of my employees is blessed with an abundance of common sense and personal responsibility. For that reason, I don't have an age our manager, I don't need one, but not all businesses are, is fortunate many Businesses find themselves with employees who are not as perfect as mine employees to be confronted about their chronic
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They got thousands of active clients and thousands of five star reviews. That's be a and b e e that common, please they ask where you heard about them and they will- tell him the way. I heard it. That's bambi, dotcom! Here's the question people are screw. Doing right now, as they drive a longer listening to this, they know I gotta before your cup, to sit down here probably willing to say anything at this point in his career has nothing to lose his retired. Thing on the horizon, except writing. Writing writing so low. just ask you in your view how many bad guys gotten away. How much in justice has unfolded, as a result of either slick lawyer or a cop who didn't get it quite right. Didn't read it
right some tea wasn't crossed some. I wasn't dotted and, as a result, some vermin is out there running It's a leading question: it's a solid ball, I know, but you're a retired cop and chuck is in his opinion, no longer matters a truthfully. I would say there are a lot of people but maybe in areas more urban than say where I came from maine. I think you described last year. A big little town is what you described bangers, which would be the case in the world, even though there was the third largest city in maine would be a town in my any other. You know any stretch of the imagination. I would say in my experience from my angle very few, because you usually had other information that would make the case inevitable discovery. I mean some things.
Would have to tell you if I know you know evidence evidence just picked up at the scene. That shows that your fingerprint, you lied. He didn't read miranda, but your statement is no longer being used because they didn't read miranda but here's your fingerprint. in front of a jury, a fingerprint of dna sample of your body fluids. That's a good indicated, You were there and most people get in trouble because there lies are proven. I had a prosecutor who
one of the interview. Techniques would be to get people to stop talking to say. No, no, no, don't stop. Well, that's how you get people to stop denying right, stop wait. I think this and try to get them to go to tell the truth is we're in essentially, but our prosecutor would say. Please let them lie as many times as you can now. People don't quite get that, but I can prove his lies are incorrect with evidence. Let him lie, give him a chance, her a chance to tell three stories all different, lies a jury, sits there and says this guy's come up with three different stories. They proved each one wrong. What does he lying about? A jury could go that way and say you're guilty because of that, even if the statements were never allotted into court is working to prove their lies, so I dont think a lot of people have walked in this case, I'm not sure and the case of a nest us friend whose
became is killer. I'm not sure. That's it interest, part of the story. Don't no wonder how that, fellow, how we manage to get to the point where his statements were thrown out. I take it off. And make any statements, because they read of his rights and stop talking and diversion about myself, I think his name was more fernando. He knew he could be silent, so he remained silent. He remained silent, which is really the key, but most people don't remained silent as a matter of fact, they mark way too much to someone. The other thing is what, if they're statement to two or three friends as they did it, but the cop blew up miranda, so you their friends and they testify against them. They told me they did it so the statement does it mean that you missed due to a mistake with miranda, but it my early years. We worked hard, never to read miranda, meaning never to have them in custody. So he'd call someone say economy me egg- maybe outside your apartment, on the porch, so we do
What we call just lay back interview. A knock and talk is what we call it just talk out on the porch, where recording and then we make sure we say if you don t look of you got stuff to do, go ahead. Take off No, I want to talk to you or the minute they say There's no custody so there are techniques that police use, obviously to keep people in a conversation. It's fun actually at some point to say, hey take off! You now will get back to you later, so we would ten. Do that when we could, even with some murderers and now in the cases where they are not a rapid, seven time killer butts. And who did something in a moment of passion that typically would never have done it we'd. Let them walk for weeks at a time because they're not killing anyone else and the prosecutor used to tell us it will be my bad if they do not yours, so ok, let him go repeatedly, let them I'll talk to them again repeatedly. Let them walk off and people who are victims are victims, families, don't
understand that they believe in immediate arrest is the key to life to be let them walk as long as they want and come back repeatedly because I'll get more stories. We want a good case and families. Sometimes some of the problems for a detective would be to handle a family to say yes, you're right, we didn't arrest them but arrest, rest rex, everything, because that is true custody. And you're you're gonna go back and talk in them in the jail. No, you can't put the poor back in the goose and, if pacing relate to turn it into a bromide. If you want to work well, I mean I know some gazers happened. I guess it's fun. If you want to talk you ve gotta. Let him walk. That's a hundred percent right and I can't tell you how many times my good shocked that the family members would be an ray complaining to the chief you haven't arrested, I mean they got in the paper. So one thing you do you're, really trying to walk a thin line to keep the family helping try to get what they mix
waned them. Why their walking? Because we don't think he's gonna kill again arrest- does not fix anything. A conviction is what fixes it jail is temporary on an arrest when there's a bail situation and right once you put them in there. You have just cause off your line of communication with the person who did it and it's done so the tip go away. You handle the homicide, was let people walk and talk to him sooner or later a couple times that also doesn't make great tv by the way. Like you don't see that old and not now, people want the bracelets or sub cops used. The term bracelets, which has always like so barney miller, but which was by one of my favorites rachel by like great you love. That was a great show, a great deal. Oh it's a hundred regime. I every missed that Joe. It's a very fine line, you walk and for a patrol officer on the street They might not rigi right when you're arrested, because they don't want to know anything. Video
camera view pummeling, a certain person sidewalk and they have evidence and when you get to the detectives, they'll read you your rights cause you're in custody, but a cop might not read you your rights, but people love to scream. He did read me my rights. I agree like no you're, not you're, in jail you're not talking to you to the video camera. First check your. I wanted to ask you before you know it. You, let's see miranda, he did his crime, I'm in sixty three. I think he died and seventy seven caruso became a cop. Probably, what early, eighties, ie, eight, eighty, eighty eight blackburn. So at that time in maine were you recording encounters. There was video, but was their audience you could you did? We all had the many tape recorder with the other taves that would barely fit in a pocket anywhere in we'd role tape. I only had a conversation, but for many years people accepted the police officers report as doc.
adaptation and judges did too, and if you didn't record you are writing it from the bessie recollection about the situation at the time when recordings came in probably they were available in those days, but not all All encounters were, but people trusted the police to the point that they were going to write their reports. Truthfully, I mean that's what we take an polygraph to become a cop and the people have to trust the law enforcement sitting. Here. adding the correct thing and then denials, and when that trust is gone. When that trust is gone to him, that's called twenty twenty two it is. You have to have tape of everything, because everybody's rolling tape anyway and your encounters, you have to be careful. What you're saying, because I just watched one at a local police department here, where someone's filming an arrest it came up this week, I watched a repeatedly because I won't say a woman. Remember it was a woman. She was filming She was narrating what was happening in their arrest. Will I know,
happened in the arrest of fellow came from California, he'd decided that he can steal food anywhere. He wants because I believe in california, the profit twelve. Is it where's your hungry, so this fellow I had to come to me. We ve got a great system for those folks and a common they sign up and they get a pretty good ride and main in many cases, and this fellow over the course of four days had stolen it. Multiple businesses, when he walks out they say stop you can't go that he'd say up yours, I'm eating, I'm eating it. So it's ok I'm hungry and he'd, walk out. While about the fourth time one business said that sandwich you have to pay for that f, you right. He says if you walk shall eat it in front of them. Cop shows up, says: hey. I got a summons for you're going to write you a ticket. Fellow says I mean a sandwich. I can take anything, I want it's food and he says no, you can't you gotta sign a ticket up yours who walks off.
Get out of the car guy runs cop chases him down. He's done this repeatedly over so many days. The world wants us to control crime, but they dont want us to put our paws on anyone it's impossible by the way, because you have to put habeas gravest on humans at times and that's our job how many times do you let someone steel? Do we want become that california proposition or we're going to put them in jail for an hour and a half till he bails out so he's placed under arrest? He puts up a fight. The camera comes on the woman narrates. I can't believe the cops have hurt this man he's just hungary, and he now he hears that these boy. Oh you're, hurting me, I'm just hungary, because he knows that care john, so the narration comes from a person who has no idea about any part of this right. They don't know anything other than the arrest, but they want to be a superhero. They want to be the next youtube video augur for whose create to show the cops are horrible,
This is a fellow stolen for four days of rope runs from the cops bites back, gets throttled to the ground and handcuffed, because that's what happens when you fight with police and then they wait he's not being injured, but he starts mac his head and raising some cain and say that. Ladies right, I was just hungry. does the narration from someone who doesn't know anything about it, but that's the narrow it goes on the net first. We. Indeed, respond with our body, can immediately on some simple theft case like this, but the world like. I can't believe what you did. Did you see their poor man? So it's a problem for cops yeah. I mean I can't even well kind of imagining, because I know what it feels like to look up: see a camera pointed at me. I got kind used to that five that you did, but I wonder- and I ask this question on the inner webs once or twice in the conversations always lively. But what do you think has had a greater impact on society overall, the prolific
creation of guns or the, proliferation of a smartphone with a camera. And the ability go live at anytime anywhere met you had it on the head. That's changed the way. not necessarily how we do the job, but how we present ourselves doing the job, because you have to become an actor that has to become in front from the camera we're down somewhere because someone's yelling up to you from rounded spitting in your face and they're telling you everything now every says to controlled temper a cop can't get angry and all your human ok gonna get angry and you don't want to be injured, a punch in the face by some slug. Oh you, dont know we don't go to work to get injured Now we didn't sign up to get injured, so you use a bit more force than they do. There's a force continuum. People don't get that anymore, so a punch in the face to the cop is gonna be get a punch or two to the face from the car
that's the way it is and no one wants anybody struck, but you're being struck. Yet they watch anime and it's completely ignored double that? No attack, I hate you. I get back right. This is a double situation. This is a life and death is no referee. This nobody there to stop the fight, so you have to end the fight. Get them in custody is best you can without injury, no question, but sometimes there are some guns, as a police officer for now, fifty nine year old american guns to me on the streets of maine are the least of my concern because they're in every pickup truck they're in my pickup truck therein racks in the back windows of cars. But the more you talk about something the more you create a theory that that's what's causing the problem: people begin to believe that every time and I'm not saying that guns aren't problem in situations yeah hello, but for police off, sir, maybe more and a big city is a major concern
but I see a lot of agencies that we get this gun off the street. They throw in a pile of marijuana in two bags heroin. They ve got a single shot. Twelve gauge harrington richardson the launch of the guys grandfather they found it at the house was a gun deal. It is it was his hunting shot gun and it was something he was using her. She was using in the commission of crimes, but it's nice to throw a picture of a gun in there. But for me the biggest issue I dont mind being held responsible situations by a camera. But if you're in the middle of a fight to have someone putting that in your face not knowing whether they might just take a quick jab at you. You want them to stand back, sir. Yes, they can film, you can hundred percent film cops, but do you want to take the attention off? What's going on, you make it worse many times when that's done and make it more difficult for the officer and sometimes the person will use that moment to maybe escalate the violence against the cop. So if you do film thing.
if you could just stay back a little bit, that would help all police officers. It really was it. Could you just stay back twenty feet everywhere else? You listen, you'll, listen at the concert when the security guy says don't get near the band but seems like the a situation where a cop is trying to take someone off the street, people feel like I'm. Gonna, walk right up and I've gotta be involved in this because I'm gonna be famous. So the problem you see the footage, either one of you guys, the suitable couple of weeks ago, it was in the subway was in new york. And a guy hopped, turnstile cop approached him and a fight. but I mean it was a full on yeah, fistfight and the cop was in a horrible spot. He was being film by multiple people and to your point they were five feet away. They were getting close up. There were pans, their word hilts there were rack focuses right. I mean they're like this is Their film project and the cops get this not be out of him, but he's a bigger
and you can see him pulling its punches and yours the female cop with him and she's not sure what to do now, gotter, taser she's got a gun. She got a night stick, and no one's using it. I was scared aiming in my living room- and I didn't know I was more frustrated with the cop who was pulling its punches. The second cop who hesitated to get involved because now two against one report knocking heads standing around doing their best s will be the mill it all combined just made me want to weep for the culture. I'm lady and again is no question. You have to put the premise out there that some police had gone too far in this country. No question are we watch tat, we
Why should they should go to prison have said at last year, but in a situation where you are being met with force and arrest, you have to use more force and that's taught to us nationwide. That's done something new. You have to use more force. It comes down to physics right. It comes down to physics, usually stop an object in motion without more force, and so you might have to hit twice when they hit once more. You might have they ve been. There are harder to get then handcuffed to get em secure. So the fight is over so sometimes that fight you're. Just try to get a hand. I've watched recently on atlanta police officer who had some people in a park- and that was a great video. I thought the officer did a good job but could not put the per a lady who said she's not signing the summons and in those situations of many states the lies you don't have to sign it, but if you don't sign it, we write you another summons, and then, if you don't sign that you go to jail and it was just a park, it was an area of the city of atlanta. It was having a real crime wave and they wanted people to shut. The parks down.
The individuals at the park weren't causing any trouble, but the police are There was sent there to take care of asked them to leave the gentleman he signed his summons, but lady that was with him, she got her phone out started. Demanding badge numbers in the cops had like seven times just signed the ticket ma. Am you won't go to jail? I just aged are not sign in that. I'm not signing that. I'm not no, sir. What your badge number gun he's told it three times he said. Finding I've told you enough ma. Am you ve got my number? You ve got it it's on the paperwork you're going to jail. If you dont scientists, please sign it and it was really gentlemen and no no no and then the fight he said well, you're under arrest. As soon as you put your hands on her, she screamed like she was in paying dropped to the ground, started, thrashing inscribe, I mean, leave me alone, I'll sign it now I'll sign it now. So some americans look at that and say well now, she'll sign it will the cop can't let you go once he puts his paws on you because net, it's just an a
ought. If you accepted are ok, I beat you up. I robbed you of your signature. In other words, I forced you'd assigned by manhandling. You know once they what their hand on you as much as we like stop, say, ok, sign it. You can't do that. You ve opened yourself up for serious lawsuits. If you grab someone shake him and then say now sign it that's an assault, so we had to continue the arrest, which is looked horrible. Tape on his body came in her camera, but he had finished the around. And the individual it was with her didn't interfere, but the key I he was about to is a backup. You signed your semite she's going to jail. It's over. She is going to jail. The world might look at that wow. Why can't you just let her sign it now? No, it's true! late. Whatever happened to a consequence for an action, that's wrong when it comes down to for me, I grew up
at the point where dad said. Don't do that and then you did it and you had a consequence whether it would be a swift kick down the hall to your room for four hours or whatever it was. But there are consequences to being woke and fighting the man, Dude dude dude, dude, dude and. when it comes to joining clubs, I'm usually in line with growled marx. Who once said I dont want to belong to any club would have me as a member of the ecb. Since that every rule, which is why I have joined the black rifle coffee club, and I hope you will to why well. For starters, if you share my addiction to caffeine, there is no better way to get delicious coffee delivered straight to your door every month, black river coffee club members get free shipping and access to exclusive partner discounts, and also, if you have grown a tad weary of the hipster scene or the woke culture or barristers
who announced their pronoun of choice before they take your order. Then he will love the vibe at black rifle coffee, this, companies owned and operated by veterans with a wicked sense of humour and not a shred of political correctness. I love that coffee. I love their attitude and I love the fact that their founder Evan havre form green bray, it's his money where its mouth is. When it comes to supporting the people who put on a uniform today, in this country? Evan vowed to hire ten thousand veterans and these well on it way to doing so reason I think to join the black rifle coffee club and get yourself a little fresh. Roasted freedom delivered right to your door. Black rifle coffee that come lagrange ogilvy missed me dot com that when her, what are the
consequences, for instance, of a student loan program that require you to repay the stood alone. What does that do to the other wise saying, mind who is searching for or order and reason in an otherwise chaotic world. I sit in my vehicle and I think about these things and I have to hold my tongue. because what it would do to me it would, if you were a prolific and lifetime student of the education system when they go take another one? Why would they do it again right? That's it! I'm gonna go back and take some more class this year, because I dont really want to go to work. So I don't have to pay that one. I think I'll take humankind and end fishhooks for two or one and I'll pay for it with. money, because the governments, is coming back again mike
went to college. I made him take student loans and said to him will take care of this we're going to pay the interest while we go cause, we didn't have the cash upfront for a college education, so we took alone- and I said we're going to help you pay these off you're, going to pay the interest during college because you're working and he did- and he slept in his bedroom- which I wish I'd, sent him to the campus for one year. He was away, but it was a difficult year anyway. At the end, we helped him pay a student loans. Also wouldn't have it over his head, something we could do, great, but during the time he paid his interest because we wanted to keep them as minimal as possible and we took his money and made sure he was paying on his bills, but at the end we paid it, and that was the gift that a parent can give. Some parents can't give that gift. I'm sorry about that, but my signature, get one went to college completely on loans and grants and they were paid for. It is odd to me that the price of college went up the minute you could get alone for it right the minute.
As I recall, a pell grant came to you at fifteen hundred box and nineteen. I think her last year at schools. Fifty hundred dollars a lot of money in eighteen, eighty, whatever again give that awake, she'll be upset, but we paid for it. But the minute you could get alone for college, just like the minute you can get a loan for a car, it's an exponential increase in the cost of those cars and people say well, it's only three hundred it's a mod. Whatever it's a nicer, I'm going to get the electric windows for three or five a month and I'll get the you know it's weird to me and you battle already, I'm sure you ve said the same thing. It's amazing to me, a bit had against a wall. I know that it's the bigger point of just feeling when you're living in a world where the concert Whence is our actual v, viable. Yes, something you can witness, and dealey like justice, the ultimate concept, if its swift, you know when people start to feel like ok,
there's a cause and effect right. If then, we see videos of people going into walgreens and leaving with. all kinds of stuff and not being stopped. Well you see one or two or three of those and you think, there's a great injustice going on to that store visa viii that thief But when you see six or ten or twenty or fifty something else happens, and it now it doesn't have anything to do with law, in order for that store or the crook. It's happening in the viewers mind and something is bad get down to your sandwich point earlier. You know yeah and when those things stack up one after the next after the next, then you see good cops retiring to early, and you see all sorts of other chaos happening and that that to me as well
fundamentally is has taken the wheels off the bus. What do you think before we seamlessly pivot into your next phase? of existence as a brilliant writer It has to happen. What to go splat before more good people start considering a career law enforcement. I dont know because my brothers and sisters in the trade, I can't say that money didn't help ok, but they did give us money last couple years, I've noticed a large increase. Our raise was really reasonable, but much of that was to do with the environment around us. Smaller towns had to pay more had to meet our salary and what cops did in this area and I dont do not speak out of school. Cops have chosen department where they're not busy meanings. Mahler towns outside more suburban areas, because they're like while I'm taken to dog complaints and
am checking on elderly. Ladies out by the mailbox on a ten hour shift. Rather than getting down in the dirt three times, ripping uniform, getting punch in the face, getting called everything in the book by someone who got dropped off here by a transport boss from somewhere on the west coast, because I saw that this was the gravy train and they have no reason they come from a place where they weren't held responsible, sadly west to east seems to be the migration of folks say. Well, if it's great here you know no one's doing anything goes here, let's go there and then we have to almost bond in kind, because we're inundated with these folks. So what cops I've I have done, and I've washed it at my own department, they're, like hey I'm a three year cop. I realized that I work sixty hours a week. Last week we had to do to concerts. I got forced over, but over there in this town, three towns over
They will pay me three dollars more an hour and I won't have a call for two shifts. Where does a cop go it is the american lazy man go, he goes to or she goes to the place where you're not getting you're, not in the thick of it. For two or three days and you're getting paid more money. So one of the problems of cops leaving isn't just that their lead. in the trade completely. I did thank god, but the constantly for places where it's easier to be a cop where a town it expects a little on order, their smaller there's more closer nick. Relationship between the citizens and the council, and the town wants to stay the way they are, and there are towns america that want to stay the way they are comfortable places. Where you can, go for a walk and go home. While being accosted by sluggards right So they're here in maine is plenty but there's plenty at this several cities in may and that we have got a population of people that it want to drink drug, live on the street and have no ramifications for whatever they do?
cholera leasing, sluggards yeah I'm just a quick sidebar, but is sluggard where it is, rank in between, say a scarf law or a miscreant I This sluggard would be less criminally tuned slugger. B to someone who doesn't want to do a lot, but I think a miscreant has taken it to the next level and if you get to what was the other one is law was worth my other s, word sluggard. Yet slots you go Islam by jet remit? Miscreants! I, usually have chronology scarf law. golf law, a scandal I would be under twenty five. I believe a scarf law needs to be a younger person who doesn't shave and probably doesn't work scotland rapscallion awry sky will be someone under eighteen who, still has apparent that will put the wood to them I situate yo you a little rapscallion. You might give them a quick. You know tap right, a loving town, so rapscallion, I think, are younger than that. I think it's an age thing,
right and rascals would be familiar. Geography, hill, yeah, we had a little rask rascals. Yonder is why their little rascals don't have a pistol? Ok right rascals or not armed ok, if you're around scope. You cannot carry. maybe a slingshot! You know something with some small stones. What about a shit healed, a shit here, think about that are typical, walk through l, a these days you get I already got shit everywhere. Yeah isn't said. Is that so We've accepted, Well, I mean in maine it you're in trouble of your head into the woods with a cup you drop issue or off at the park area, and if someone secret but a whole and bury it writer upset. Can you imagine walking down the street the girl stepping in it. I don't. I can't live that way. I just heard this that part of the reason
that. We are seeing more of it is because we did away with plastic bags grocery stores like a lot of people had the good sense to crap and plastic bag and throw it somewhere, but now that they ve eliminated plastic bags and you gotta use a paper bag. Will a paper bag doesn't hold the crap? Well, it wasn't me for crap chalk, it ain't. That was it. That's that's going to design out of that. I like someone, it carries their crap with them, but we accept. The plastic bags. If you God. If you pick up for a dog, everybody thinks plastics. Okay, ok, right! We pick up after dogs and plastics, but we can have a letter, americans, crap and a plastic bag. Think about the injustice. Mike here's a good site to say that, even though in a situation like this, even though you have retired you're, still on duty, hostile,
yeah. He get it. Let it get it. Biomass is less for ass. I give em, but sometimes you got a lengthy art, wash charade on alleged rudy, bring that duty We did have a situation. I didn't write about it and got warrants because the garage owner would be upset, but I'm not working in town anymore and my checks come in one way or the we had a now that open a nice little dura lex is fantastic because it goes to chocks point of duty in bags. The people he would stack is tired like back in the day when you went to a garage. Do you remember you pull in this european year when she a little ragged back pocket, they're nice to your mother, you pay and a place. You use a key. Seven feet long and outside were stacks of rubber tyres. New tyres tiger pawns good years All it was a display of rubber in all its glory What do you have a good relationship, but guess what happened while the folks at once their decided. You know what that's a good place to crap because you're sitting on top of the throne and there
leaving their waste in the center. No one sees it if you're sitting on it. No one can tell if your pants are down. No one cares. You look at that. Fellow just resting on some tires. Well, he's really taken a dump, and still the fella called I can't take it. Every day I sell a set of tyres. I sold a set yesterday. Pick em up this for loads of human, sk in the centre, and some of my guys are put in a tight, on the cars they smear it doesn't they want smoother, but they smell bad right. You know you really need the lubricant to go on the rim darling I'm really sorry man, this is horrible, so he's gonna want is getting into got warrants said: ok, because it could cut down on his tire sales right I mean I'll. Tell you what else happens? You saw a number of tyres like that, and then you have people up. lying breaks in a normal way. What you're, gonna wind up with is a very serious skid mark. thank you again,
is it out, I'm here too always on duty and a new kind of skid mark. I titles are asked and fury nah duty so yet another party it's a great point and I hadn't really thought of it, but I am upset because I always buy the paper bags cause you never bring them in. I've got seven hundred of the bags that you know that you buy for ninety nine cents, but you never take it. Someone was like yeah they get couple bags for five, since they ripped three feet outside the store, your melts on the ground. I did like plastic bags and there's so much you can do with them. Obviously detract point: do. Sadly, there are few things you can't do. Tim Cod king of the world, if you are in charge right now in your retirement, what is a fair and just punishment for cropping in public. And they re having some sort of miranda warning that precedes whatever your answer is. Gonna get a couple details. You
as a legislator would have to do well. Has their genitalia showed because there's another crime there? If that was flashed, some part of their running gear happened to be showing than the crimes and stuff So if your chosen regional wrapping exposure right if you're offended by the sight of your twig and berries or something else so there's two crimes there, but crapping in public be at least a two hundred dollar fine, and if you cleaned it up, you take fifty bucks off you still cramped in public, but if you cleaned it up is like a one. Fifty I think that would be a fair punishment, I think you're gonna do like you do when you train the dog in you, stick their nose in it. I think we have to go to a different place, tim back to consequences back to some kind of justice that would truly satisfy that which is fundamentally broken in our society. People we need to see video. There is a counterbalance to this. Mitigated thievery, that's
closing down multiple walgreens here in my neighborhood. We need to see something that somehow sets the record straight. You guys both do know that physicality is the issue. You know I'm with you and it's odd that I would say: let's find them taking a dump, but I've also realized that there is no physical punishment that ever occurs any more there's no physical, you used to be jail, was a horrible place right, but there's no physical. There's, no ramification for doing anything that I grew up, that I did that. If I do that, I'm going to get hurt, there would be pain now people so you, kids bank, you get whatever listen. A spank given in love properly made it out changed my life right. It changed my destiny. So as a guy What are you obviously made you violent? That's why he became a cop and want to hurt people. Ok. Now I don't want to hurt people, but I also don't want to hurt right. I don't want to hear
I realise this pain. When you burn itself on a stove, you stop touching the stove I dont know, I m not saying we needed physically pummel people with bangings came in I thought you'd go there now getting somewhere. And I think there's gotta be a lot about the crap in the goose. What, if you physically pushed the crap back into the perpetrator, is that autonomy, but That punishment is morbihan for real value, yoletta leader the installer or the reinstall or as it I'm just talking from the point of view for a moment of the viewer what do I want to see I wanted? cops with rubber gloves, pushing the poop back into the purpose. That to me is not going to make everything better, but it would satisfy something chuck you remember. In turn out just consider this approach, if you ever come the hollywood, this is the kind of thing you're gonna hear from people. Like me, I said a guy on the golden gate bridge. years ago throw a big gulp out of his window, We were stopped and traffic right.
And I just was having one of those days I got out of my car- I walked over. I picked up the big gulp ahead the term. I sit here, you you drop something and We had that awkward moment where I thought you know what he's gonna. Throw this add me or there's gonna, be no, but it looks many goes, hey man you that guy from dirty jobs and we laughed and everything was fine, but here on the walk back to my car, I think our shores, which guys. I got a word of everybody on the bridge. Steady. Ask me for an autograph, thereby avoiding fisticuffs. But that's beside the point. The point is inspiration washed over me moments later and I realized what should have happened right. There was an episode of a show called A poor justice where a cop Gets the sky and says? Look I got john film What you just did was you littered on a national monument, the feed, for this quadrupled I got a ticket right now for one thousand dollars or
you're, going to sign a release. You're going to step out your vehicle, you're gonna drop. Your pants and wander here is Take this came here. It stick through the air. and five wax and you sign this release. Tell me it is Wanda. Sykes Wanda Sykes comes out and gives her a return cane, and this guy agrees to not only get five wax on his ass but to be filmed in it. an episode of singapore justice in exchange for not having to pay the fine I would take that or a. I would take a caning and just fine Five, where I live wax runs bandit. I wouldn't want that show. I watch that show and materials and put back up my boy, I dont care for that kind of, attainment. Are you kidding? You know if I want to bring this up nationally, because I don't have a really a national platform like you guys do, but something will happen and I'm going to be right here in river city
one thing. I've noticed over the years running the facebook page for bangor pity is that I wanted to write something in my blog about it, but I've watched our colleagues who are keen and officers do great work with their dogs, but I've also watched simple assault during an arrest when the dog had to put the bite on someone, and no one ever to this point- and I swear to this is true- has ever been add about the dog biting the purpose. Now, if you ve been bitten by a dog, and I have now the pain there reason grass, but I watch people in the com I put it on. We had one of our officers, great officer, good job. This guy wants to fight with any kids bay. and he could a throttled this person, but his dog and out of the car grab that guy by the rest of us punching me off, certainly compton punch him and comments were overwhelmingly so positive for that duck. Good dog, it's about
time that guy got bitten and good for him. I hope lost his arm. I wish they bid him in the groin he shouldn't gonna, let them dogfight and what a good dog, if you had cop head punch that guy one time. We would have been answering questions for six months of with a brutality that happen, but if a dog does it no one in america is met and, if you put rescue in front of a dog that dog bottle razor rescuing picked up somewhere in southern georgia, trained canine officer that dog drew up chain to attire, he rescued. It kills humans and they, the loving, So what I suggest is that every cop gets a dog five hundred, don't dog rescue dog teach them to bite when for this arrest situation. You get the dog out. You set him down the ngos peacefully. No by the minute they fight, dogfights them, ok and will pay for the injury. I love
this I guarantee america would be so happy with police officers and there would be a clean up of the rescue from the south of america so give it some time no one's mad about it. Wouldn't with a snake. You know like a cop out a snake. I don't got going, just wouldn't be: oh yeah! You can set it there's an egg on him. if her baby look a lot, nobody cares and on his name off and that's what happens so. Americans accept violence, but only when perpetrated by dogs interesting! Ok, look, I think so The poor justice is a broad enough umbrella that weaken carve out a segment for king bikes, dog, dogfights man. Some thing is: how can I think you'd have spent awfully hugh hurrying: singapore, canines, yankee singapore canine justice and bring all the doors from asia their small. They all look the same I'm right. They do. They all had brain you, saving their lives, twenty, a power that looks like that might be erased system idle.
Can you say all dogs from asia? Look the same. I would say that I can say about Iraq. All dogs in the streets of Iraq look the same because they ve all inner bread. I heard it's only takes like six generations for all our dogs to return to their original wild things. There will be. Labrador turn into these little demon, dogs in iraq and six generations. So that's why I say that look the same only when I haven't. You agree that by the way I want to take a deeper look into that six generations away from all dogs. Looking identical while I mean six generations that dog we'd have to wait another time those poppies would have to breed another, so sick, it's like cabin bacon, you're sick, degrees away from iraqi much in the street in baghdad, ores, the poor or any country in the world, so it isn't racist. It's really more. The truth of the biological system all revert to a certain looking dog, speaking a racist. Here's a show I can't pitch anymore sought really
was chuck relax, but I mean I dress, like I'm, going to share my butt tightened up a little too hard right there in the same week that I was shopping, singapore justice really just to see what the executives were due. I was pitching a show about clairvoyance who were on the road doing palm reading right and like all kinds of astrology and stuff? And little people were really really like all the rage. There were a couple of shows on that featured dwarves and and midgets, and so then works were like a limousine middle unlikely. You did now he again here, and I would if I mean how a midget is different in north korea If you say little people you don't know if it's a dwarf or midget, that's true it used to be. We all would talk about that about eighth grade like well. I think the midget is different than the dwarf and someone would if they were yeah, see chuck that's wrong. You just painted with a very broad, like all the people, are the same. Just because they're little I mean a lot of dwarfs are going to say you don't major tossed works right. I mean that
I've residents as well. Yes, the point is tat. This show very nearly got lit up. Clare, violence who were a combination of midgets and dwarves out in the world telling fortunes. I called it small mediums at large, but I'm pumps and we nearly nearly sold it on the title was that close as like the east westchester northstar champions of the southern division for each teaching album. Seventy three regime right I used the westchester north dollars, so what was it is small idioms, small, medium and large yeah a midget clairvoyants out in the world- reading palms- I mean Give me a leg. I actually like it. I like it I am on your new webpage newish, him kind, cotton, right riots, com shore
clearly, in the course of my vast preparation for what I knew largely highly their edgeware conversation. I went to your page and I started clicking on things to see. If you ve actually become completely and tethered, and I read while the unmitigated joy of a midday shower, I loved it. I loved, writing it, but that didn't Jarvis well thought it would. I thought you know why wrote it based on the title I said I was in the shower. We talk showering last night I think and change where we each other but truck so that a piece and I haven't had a jolly my called every day talk a lot about six, so that was a piece it and- and I really liked it I thought- were but then in a book, but it didn't take off as well. I think that one was but we I lost my domain name and I think my website caught a crash, but the unmitigated thinking the unmitigated joy of a midday shower, because
skylight and I was in all my glory, which is horrific in hot water and the sunshine through and I'd never had a shower in the mid day in my own house, because I got up at three or I worked midnight whatever I did, and I said this is got to be one of the biggest The greatest things has ever happened to me because I enjoy the little things. But it's not a little thing. What I love This little story is that woody writing it's a small thing, but small things are big. Things went peered at through a stream of hot water and the sunbeam. you're, exactly right, whenever you stumble cross or forest gump. Your way across an indulgence at this point, life when you think pretty much. You know where all the treats rewards, are you know, we're all the misery and the pain is when you find something new. That's awesome and that's what I like a lotta. Your writing you're not here, because you are a good-
though, you were and you're not on here, because you're, a really good writer, which you are you're here, because you're both and in your writing you did something for the trade that most cops can't do, and so I'm bear being a question in some compliments. But I didn't say anything up front so now, you ve retired, the writing is going to take up the lion's share of your time, which, incidentally, is you, don't get. The lion's share really means most people, means. The left over body parts from yet willing in rome I soon The lion's share means all of it, not most of it, all of it, because when the lion come, is it like? If it wants everything it takes? Everything takes what it wants. Anyhow with respect your time most of it is going to be spent writing from the jagged edge of america. Cells
Explain to me how that's going to continue promoting the betterment of the species, while what I've noticed is that I enjoy driving around with no place to be and stopping into small stores in america, because I the people, I think, there's a piece of my noble cause: what a nice guy all that story, was was. I happened to be at the harrington irving in maine on the coast a place where you stayed by the way. A friend of mine, you stated her cabins years ago down there carefully, stir out I remember her. This was like on the lobster shoot or something for dirty. It's amazing. I made a bread store in Harrington jennifer pero place and she does some fantastic brett and kathy. Is there? I grew up in casco maine for a short time. My dad was a minister and Cathy was a young kid friends with my sister so fast forward Kathy moves down. He she gets cabins which, by the way at my sister in law's to stay in one this weekend
but Cathy and I are talking- and she said you know, micro state of my place. I unita micro slept here sign. I may you know not only are we talked in, and I didn't know you I didn't know you stay there so anyway long story short of an harrington at that same irving and a guy with a duck tail. He dressed up and it is in the book and I will get carried away, but he was be cleaned himself up to go, get a covert shot. Now play kobe garbage who then I don't wanna talk about it, but I knew that he needed he wanted he shot. He had prestige. means came over the era when you combed your hair and that greece, he had a pledge. Maybe snaps and he was show me how he mixed his coffee, because I drink at black, but that there was getting sugar and he and the girl that was cleaning up. The counter talked about jerry who had just died and he said he's what they use a nice guy, mainly one fat, and I was listening in hours listening. Is I loved the listen, the conversations and then he looked at me and said
you. Don't I do to mix my sugar is. I take two cops like I did when I was drinking now, obviously sober like it that story. Hands or gnarly lobsterman, and he showed me how he puts the crew in one side, then he paused to come back and forth, because those stupid thin sticks can barely stir coffee. He's writing, though, sticks don't start off you, five, so you're trying to save on the environment, are abusing five bamboo sticks that could be used in singapore, justice and anyway, I've talked to him for a while, and then I boys coffee on the way out, because I just enjoyed listening to this right. What I'm saying I guess is I like to document the things that aren't being documented. That's why I like to write. That's a story that anybody could hear, but I get more out of it. I got more like he was a former alcoholic. He's gonna get a shot, but he came from an era when you cleaned up to go to town. You go into town close and he looked good tucked in new jersey everything. Bottom was like shiny shoes because he
going somewhere, I thought we ve lost so much in amerika. I dress like a slob now right because I'm retired now I would look at that sure. Look at that, twelve, whatever that thing was in a hurry to hits it, but that's the stuff. So what I want I paid for his coffee now. He had just said: jerry was a nice guy and that's what I got jerry died quickly from cancer. I was there for three minutes and walking. I said: hey I got that guy's coffee back there Greg it's all good. So as I walked out the door, he goes he paid for my coffee He goes she savagery paid for your coffee. He goes do you know him and the door shouting and she's. It's now and he says what a nice guy right. So I thought I was compared to this dead jerry, who was a nice guy, but all I've done is buy a coffee. I brought the simplicity, together and that peace thinking. That's all you have to do to make someone happens these little simple moment so that shower kind of equates to that is something that we over look too much because we're looking for this big thing,
low lotto, a billion dollars, a new car, the unmitigated the way, the midday shower should not be overlooked. That's what I write about. you remind me a lot of my mother in so many ways. Now. In their models, wherein so water right. Now that woman is some impressive she's on fire and it's fantastic. She tells soup. super similar stories. Collect little moment. Simple stores, use an observer and I think that's import yeah, that's what I want to ask you about all cops captured. Front there like snowflakes there like anybody else, but if I or to assign a general quality to every cop. I've ever met its the fact that their observers yet are always looking always watching Typically, you know it's a survival and stick its party, your job as a writer as a writer has that treat I'm asking
sure I know the answer to, but it must have been formed. Everything yes and delving defection now for me, but book that's coming on november. Is infection is another collection? What's up, they called the dawn in the dooryard, elections from the jagged edge and its available everywhere for pre order, so that the collection of stories, but my next week good I'm. Finally, getting my I took three months off when I retired to months. I just wanted to write on my blog TIM Conrad's dot com. You should join folks, it's free, but the next book is going to be a fiction based on all these things are collected and it's gonna be a suspense full kind of adventure of angry. Retired cop who spend time on the jagged edge and gets himself in some things, but it is gonna be a typical because I can't be a great mystery writer anyway, I can't write. I cannot connect anything I've done to a possible nuclear war
realized that the big box, somewhere along the line, somebody is stolen. The recipe for a bomb stolen, a bomb in their local cops working on nuclear problems. I haven't seen it my time, but what I have seen is idiocy humor dark moments, and I want to relate that through my story, because I dont like hero stories, I loved here. True hero stories, but I'm not a hero, and I like to write about the realities of most cops dont want to be involved in stopping a nuclear war. They were, So you can go to walgreens and not pay more for the card for your mother, because every right, so this complicity of life. I want to relay that and I want to relate the characters that I've met in downeast maine, because there there's so many and one of the chief characters in my book is named booger
because they're so many good names down east, it can be a fun darker than what people expect from maybe that'll be out next year. How did you pick burger and she's. Thank you. Don't worry. My work using old. I just use finger, and I pointed and that's what came up bugger in theirs is so many. My names mean anywhere rural america. The names of people have, because I do know someone names not and so from the sun related. If you bugger knots together in the same who done it, what a caper that would be if you get bigger and not to stop the next nuclear bomb from going off, it'll be sneaky, but it'll, be girl, so anyway converter finishing that get not that, but I'll still be the collector of stories. Minor incidents in unmitigated joy, they showers or no vacancy or when I write That's what this is again. The publishers told my mom straight up again and again: we're not buying collect
of stories were not interested in your limit whimsical observations on the human conditions, just not what people want unless you're David said aramis right or absolute, what you know what they're wrong your proof of it. My mom is proof of it. Incidentally, do you wanna be america's cop me? I'm asking think about it. But I'm asked mike has this power because apparently shock has told me this what's happened. This is so crazy. My mother, in the course Having a conversation with me in some interview at some point, I refer to her is america's grandma, grandmother, right and This producers, like hey, that's, really catchy where that I'm from and I'm like well she's gotta thousand facebook friends and they treat her like their grandmother. So you I'll skip over
all of the weird little links, but last week, sunday night, a show prime time special on fox news starring. My mother, premiers, America's grandmother now like the I had this kind of power. Chalk is a little freaked out by but, as I said here right now in this, Both I realise what, if I were words was america's cop and what? If, Suddenly there is a special called america's cop, starring tim cotton. And featuring as many whimsical outlooks on life. What a nice guy I would! that only because I would like to be the coptic shows up. I really do.
it'd be the cop that you'd want to talk to the cop you'd want I get in trouble when I wrote an article years ago when you come up to me just say hello. I wrote a piece because I really got sick of people saying thank you and it's not because I don't appreciate them saying thank you, but I don't feel like I've done anything for you. But what I would like to do is say: how are you a nice day I think that that's the kind of car people want in their town. You know they might ask you hey. Do you know what happened over on bridge road was that accident was like it was larry drunk. You know they want to know that, but in the end, what a human I don't, gonna be thought of as the vested tattooed, tough guy cosette. That wasn't me. I did have a very good confession rate and I put a lot of people in jail for murder, sex crimes, and so I'm really proud of that, but outside that I'm just a guy doing a job like every other cop in america. We all have a page now and were
well, whimsical and sarcastic and we've all you know, truth justice and the american way hey. I just want to be a guy who you want to talk to tell a story to something I can relate, so other people can realize that cops are just the humans a nice guy term. A nice word. I don't know, I'm you bought a cup of coffee. You, no, what you did for that. Guy actual you probably do. I surprised him. Yes, that's what I did I said, and then because he surprised you, Yes, that's true. I just enjoy the little moments of life and I'm trying to just soak them up and that's what want to do. I mean really what I wanted to do at the beginning. This your first of all, I didn't mean that stupid van, that was on internet, yet a man you gave away the roads are about that. I bought five thousand in I bought finds out because our reality to take that road trip above, thousand, because you are always on their touting it. You know how much money even raise new, that crazy thing do How much was it
for the foundation, nearly nine hundred thousand dollars. That's incredible, Ghana the only reason truthfully MIKE's they knew. I wouldn't win anything the owners I did It- was to help the foundation we'll find out taken. A ride in the van would have been an epic road trip of all Michael, I retired cop is gonna get in the van just because the tea guy said. I know you want to take a ride up and then I want to be the charles crop without families, I want charles now doesn't have a chick in Montana. It always upset me lately. The title joke I want to be the Charles perrault without two families off but note I love charles Carroll. We all did, but there was a let down when I realized he was living two lives, but as shrimp scampi recipe is incredible, in that book. He was on more than the road. My friend he was so yeah he's got a great thing, but I think I just want to be America's mope at regular guide. In mid showers, you know
writing about it and some people think it weird. I dont care the unmarried has cop is always on duty, a barrier d o dad de. Why duty? Yes, that were, I do have one quick suggestion says we're talking about showers in you forced an image into my retina that I dont know: thou ever beheld a wash out, but next time- you're standing their naked in your shower with the sunbeams coming through. Skylight do yourself I'd say it's a favour, but experience with the last ninety seconds of time in the shower, by just turning it fool, cold and stand under cold water, if you can do that every day, for a minute or two everything I've read about this regarding better circulation and just general, invigoration and reinvigoration. It's true. I've been doing it now for three months,
tightened up some areas of my body that are typically not that tight when I step out of a long hot shower. If you know what I'm saying I dont want, What you're saying you get Basically you ve, just as the railways. The finnish lifestyle is what you ve done you're. Like a swede. Now I mean, isn't that they do not meet without attacks it saw now, and then they dies out without the time axes and the unmitigated joy of knowing that everyone from some other country has moved there and taken over everything yeah. I will I'm going to try. You know I'm going to do mike and chuck I'm going to do it for twenty five seconds. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna move up slowly to the ninety seconds of Foco Gives you a tip tim just? Take it easy just a little bit little bit unemployment is our and I'm annulled for areas. That warrant is tight, watch them taught at that point in time, you're gonna, I'm excited about it number to be two years ago:
feeling very sorry for myself, driving home to baltimore from pennsylvania grab still working kubi see I was in the town. Elaine and really just so angry. I don't even remember what I was angry about, but it was a full on kind of pity. Party blame the world poor me kind of thing before and If the person in front of me, apropos of nothing paid my toll, oh okay- and I never got to thank them- I couldn't catch up with them. He just did it and I like it for about three or four years after that, especially when I was feeling flushed and had been right away, but my fortune, turned around and things were looking good and I started paying the toll for whoever was behind me. I I don't know why I stopped doing it. I don't know why I stop standing up when women walked in. I gotta start doing these things again through easy to do, but difficult maintain unless you really form the habit, but
I mean I just love the idea. You don't really know what you do when you pick up somebody's coffee or pay their toll. It said too much, but you just don't know it's funny. You say I had a teacher and I'll show you my now. My english teacher nice go bill. Priest, vietnam, at wounded in vietnam, boston, university, grad taught at a small christian school in maine. Making no money still does it he's probably seventy five. Seventy he stops over once a year and asked me when's the next book coming out that he just stops for ten minutes to say how are you he taught us from seventh grade on seventh and eighth grade. I was in his classroom and Whenever anyone came in the room, we all stood up. It wasn't a school wide issue, it was bill priest and he was right. He was right. We shall respect to the person who came in our room every time and if you didn't, you would feel the thunder because he was that kind of guy, but a very kind man and his work for free at schools. He still teaching.
stay and he accepted my writing and throw me out of here, classroom. I can't tell you how many times, because you know I like to have a good time and are really wasn't into being educated What I learned that appeal, but going back to feel the thunder, though its consequences once again, tim always sure? Always If you didn't stand, you are in deep in the eu, are scared of the guy, but yet later on, he is probably one of the most beloved teachers and at school. Historically just tremendous, and he made us do things that we wouldn't do anywhere else. Your ideas, when people are lady comes in rome and that's what he would want most, but if an adult we stood up and at times, opting for one year. You did that in it stuck with you, you know, and to this day I think, I'm a light. I hold doors. I've been yelled for holding a door for certain individuals that want by an I'm, always just I look at them and think I wish I just smashed it right off your back right, you're, welcome, but you're right these little thing.
you talk about. I think you're right. I think we're missing something. Then I think we're missing. Just simple rules, and their very easy to follow norman. How interesting we are too Study after study shows people start to hate me. Why talk for more than ninety minutes on this thing, so yeah, so that we had land the plane, but not before I tell that you're. Welcome back any time, o with your permission,. because having you back in november might be a little too premature but I want to start doing some front things on this platform and long story short. I would love with your permission, to read a story or two on this platform. Fantastic. I would love it if you do that, that'd be great thing, look. I think you ve got a real talent and I think you ve tapped it to that same sort of Zeit, guys that my mom has stumbled across and people need at man, people need it never mind the small, medium and large or the singapore justice, ten thousand things to laugh at, but yet
finding a moment. Finally, small moment and making it large you're good at that sad that america has lost another great cop, but I'm excited for you gave me cause. I think some good things, coming to you there on the edge the jagged edge, as you said, the jagged edge of america. Kind of both. You guys are loved talk of dna I love it when people say I've discovered you through micro and chalk and unlike well, that's really nice. I say that, do they really say, since you know, do they really say shout out when they said? Do they really do say chuck, I use chuck every time I talk about you because I love chuck and I love the name chocolate. I've told you that I think about shock is, I think I know who you are making the world knows, who you are, but its those people that hold us up, my a suck up to you guys but low, but the persons who hold us or help us out or do those chores that no one else is doing he stuck with it. eddie job. He has to make you look great and I don't have a plastic bag
yeah? He follows on around for a plastic bags says you are, but a man and picks up my leavings. So I appreciate that I want my own shock. I want a truck someday maybe, as the podcast expands, maybe we can carve out a small little daily devotion called what the chalk where he two way and with some sort of pithy thing, assuming we can monetize course, because more new more over the alluded to cotton rights is the place online, where you should go to read about the unmitigated joy of amid midday shower in many many many other slightly warped reflections from the jagged edge, new book is called dawn in the dooryard reflection from the jagged edge of america for gods go to amazon or whatever giant behemoth currently in arch me because they might say me up for another book. You know, you know you don't guess, destroy pre orders help a moped like me. Maybe I'll buy
and it comes out in november. I first shock. Thank you, awesome congrats in your retirement, thank you for keeping it real, keeping it light. I'm going to hook you up with my mother in a completely platonic way, one of these Is it something down? Sounds awkward loved? It speak to her, sometimes she's, just a great love watching. This happened in she's a force to be right and within the publishing world now and I loved it some and told her that no one wanted that, because people told me that two more people have told me that than if told her that, but the fact is those little stories do matter in people's observations of life are important. you two are going to be great judges on the first episode of singapore. Justice done tat, coming very has grandma americans array and mother and america's erika on duty, always on duty, a guy and single mediums at large. Coming. So thank you like it
When you leave a review which we'll let you you are and before you go Won't you eve fine. stop.
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