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284: Vacuuming in the Nude Chapters 11 & 12

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New York Times bestselling author Peggy Rowe is at it again—this time giving a hilarious inside look at her writing career. She has been writing all her adult life. In fact, she doesn’t know how not to write—even through those years of constant rejection from publishing houses. But between her tenacity and the encouragement of her family, Peggy’s breakthrough finally came at the tender age of 80. Vacuuming in the Nude is most likely her funniest prose to date as she shares her journey of attending myriad writers’ conferences and honing her ability to see humor in everyday situations. KnobelSpirits.com/Mike
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And here we go with episode number two hundred eighty four, the way I heard it otherwise known as chapters eleven and twelve a vacuum in the nude and other ways to get attention. As read by the author, the one and only peggy row, or as she was once known, Margaret noble, If you have asked when the author, formerly known as Margaret noble, will join me for another chat here on the podcast. To answer a few of the many hundreds of questions concerning the book she's been reading here every week for your edification, I would say, probably a week or two after the last chapters are posted, which should be some time.
early in december. Don't hold me to that. The author, formerly known as Margaret noble, is terribly busy and hard to pin down these days, but I'll see what I can do in fact, I'll ask her. This weekend, I'm headed to baltimore to help celebrate my parents' sixty second wedding anniversary and my dad's ninetieth birthday. More on that later. For now, here is the author, formerly known as Margaret noble with two more chapters, just for you right after this dude I do do do do do do do do if you've been following along at home. You know that peggy rowe, once known as Margaret noble, was the youngest daughter of Carl, noble.
the coral noble was not only my grandfather, but the inspiration for dirty jobs and the micro works foundation, as well as the extraordinary whisky that now bears his name. Noble, tennessee. Whiskey is now officially a thing. What started as an online fundraiser for micro works is turned into a little business with a heartbeat, and I'm really gratified by the response that this delicious whiskey has generated a whisky named in my pops honor. I've spent the last couple of months visiting shopkeepers in maryland and tennessee, who ordered a few hundred cases of noble, and I watched every single bottle sell out. The reviews have been great and now we're actually out of the original juice, but super excited to announce. The advent of the rick house edition now available at noble spirits, dot com, slash MIKE the recall sedition, is a slightly higher proof aged in barrels of french oak,
staves bias, aside its really really really really good and the gift packages we ve put together for the holiday they're, gonna sell out really really really really fast check him out: a noble spirits, dot com, slash MIKE that's k. I know, b e l, spirits, dot, com, slash MIKE a portion of every online cell benefits, the micro works foundation and, in my humble opinion that makes this delicious whisky taste even more delicious. Her noble spirits, dotcom, slash mike chapter eleven, a critic indeed,. Every writer needs a brave critic. Someone who's not afraid to tell the truth. Your end, is weak or you, your plot is thin or it needs to be funnier,
It's hard to imagine my journey without mike listening laughing, and cheering me on, the fact that his very public Career is also the source of endless entertaining material has been the icing. my literary cake, the file waste story is a perfect example. I call it road kill the dirty parents. My husband and I were watching dirty jobs reruns one saturday, when the road kill, cleaner episode came on a set of grimacing as we normally would. We exchanged glances the way people do when they share a naughty sacred. It was, the earliest episodes and like most viewers, John and I were sickened by the sheer volume of carcasses on highways. There was an upside of course, as with most stories on dirty jobs. This happened
oh wreaked of educational opportunity, in fact, my husband had often claim that viewing all three hundred episodes of dirty jobs is the equivalent of a three credit college course as always, our son came away from this job, with an appreciation for the workers who pick up an average one thousand animals, mostly deer, possums and raccoons from ohio roadways in one year. Without this through highways would be impassable, who knew and through it all Sensitivity towards animals remains intact. Michael, a that it's a job requiring the strong back and uneven stronger stomach shortly after the the sole aired, our sons. And ass a gift. Actually, he forwarded a gift to us, that he had received in the mail and no it wasn't it,
hark is from the road not exactly. It was. mike's. First dirty jobs, gift we ve some of them, through the years, the ones and haven't drawn flies or grown mildew or rotted and stung to high Heaven like the little pots made of common? or from a dairy farm in connecticut the little pellets of AL Vomit, wrapped in foil and something from a goat simply cheese or so, of course, it could have been worse. We held up brad. There too. He worked with worms and maggots and work to go to mail box after he castrated sheep. In contrast, we had high hopes, when we saw our son in an open mind, no such luck anyway, His gift arrived in november for identical place, mats, sturdy and well made with a large the grant of one initially appeared to be a roar shock, inkblot
mostly red and color, but, as we dear, that it too is gradually emerged, then I came into focus and a leg. Oh yeah, it was a picture. Road kill all right a rapid and a former life. Perhaps one of the things thousands of animals picked up from the stretch of road where he had spent a day. It was hideous and offensive, of course, and John said something like, I guess, we should be grateful. It's not the real thing I start to placements in the bottom desk drawer, along with my lovely, courier knives prince put them out of my mind. What did our sun expect me to do so? launch on them to my own teacher friends with on tray of rabid catch a tory, perhaps aura tasty bunny kebab, but of course the worst was yet to come. A humorous.
looks at the world around her and sees the humor. It comes naturally the Helen she's in revealing that humour to others in writing and the funny thing bad humor. Is that sometimes in and immediately obvious Sometimes it requires a distance and perspective knowledge of the back story. This is situational humor and its great fun to write about the hairy part. Every december Johns emma, you're, theatrical, group, twenty or so creative funny actors in stage crew, along with spain, This is from all walks of life gathered at the spacious home of one of its members there we celebrated that ears successful, theatrical productions with a cover dish, dinner sparkling conversation the roma basin and a game called yankees, swap it was the so
your highlight of our holiday season, and for some of us tire year the roles of yankee swat were simple. Each person or couple brought a ten dollar present funny. You're gay gifts were encouraged flea market fines weird attic treasures and quirky retro discards were popular wrapped and without name tags. They were pilot the end, The great room where we gathered couples are individuals drew numbers from a basket from one twenty or, however many people were present, the person or or who drew number one chose a gift, unwrapped it and held it up for all to see Then the person who drew number two could pick a new gift or steel. A previously open gift. The person they stole it from could choose a new one and so on.
miracle order one We came home with a hideous bays which we were tempted to drop into the. I'm still at the end of the road, but instead we wrapped in riga. Did it the following year Other time we were the proud recipients of scrawny rubber, stuffed chicken that squawked when it was squeezed. We learn through the years to go small when choosing we're easier to dispose of. Sometimes we got lucky and opened our gift to discover food, such as cheeses or nuts or a box of candy and tried to I did so that someone else wooden steal it when it was their turn, the most Where did number was one since that person, when both first and last and had the pick of all previously opened gifts one year, thanks to MIKE's, roadkill episode,
It occurred to me that the perfect gift lay in our bottom desk drawer. It was unique disgusting and definitely a conversation peace. If ever there was a group with a sense of humor. It was this one so I wrapped the place madsen red tissue paper and place them in a festive gift bag, confident they would be a hit as usual, he was arousing ready and when it was game time John and I were lucky enough to snag the best seats in the house front row sender. Beside our friends, Phillotson Tom one I won the creative actor types chose and revealed their gifts. Often with hilarious award worthy reactions. After Harry opened the box to find a very convincing miniature human skull. He held it high and professed, alas, poor europe
I knew him horatio. The group was half way through the pile and our gift had not yet been claimed, when it was Phillotson Tom's turn tom stood and headed straight for our gift bag. I saw John stiffen, the new scheme, he's my arm discreetly because, as I said, our seats were in full view of everyone. Tom handed the price to his wife and his tore away the red paper. It suddenly hit me as the theme from jaws came to mind from nowhere. This was not going to be pretty to say that Phyllis was an animal lover, would be like saying, kids tolerate ice cream She had a house full of dogs and was active on the show circuit. She belonged the canine clubs and was involved in rescues. was a member of peter in good standing ensured Phyllis.
If revolved around animals, she held a pack of place. Man at arm's length, then, with her glasses on she tilted her head to the side, squinted and rotated the mad. gradually her eyes widened, and there was a pained expression on her face. As though someone had shot a staple into her temple. As I've said, there were approximately anti pairs of eyes on us. We didn't dare look at each other, just our luck the one person in the room who should not receive a picture of a sale, bunny, staring at it as though it were my head on a spike. Personally, I was taught between a desire to laugh hysterically, as a few others were doing. And a concern that our friend appeared to be somewhere between a cardiac event in a fit of apoplexy.
But my primary concern was sitting a mere ten inches away. My huh and who, as you might recall, is a chronic truth. Teller, rather be run over by an eighteen. Wheeler then tell a lie. Hu. I gave him the hairy eyeball warning. Do not and under any circumstances, reveal that we brought this tasteless gift and sure enough. Not only did he get it, his acting skills kicked in full force. The next day I knew he was shaking his head and adopting a tsk tsk expression that matched mine. Oh, this is terrible. I can't look at it. Phyllis said making no attempt to hide her revulsion, giving me a sideways glance. She whispered, what kind of a purse she's jobs the offensive placements toward her husband.
as people laughed and someone hummed here comes peter cottontail, one person even applauded. So my thoughtful and quick thinking, husband, said the only comforting thing he could think of and really it save the day passed them around tom, maybe somebody else will choose them, so Tom did just that and sure enough theatrical types it seems to have a high tolerance for gore and carnage. Nano they did someone steal them from Phyllis. They were stolen at least once again john, always chooses a gift for us and got lucky that year, around camp with four flavors of delicious popcorn. When the game ended with adjourned for dessert, but Phyllis wasn't up to digesting food just as well, As the centre piece was everyone's favorite, a large decorated, multi, layered, carried cake.
On the way home John asked. Did you notice we ended up with a placement to reach. I responded no, but next year be sure. to choose something, really small. When it's your turn that fifteen years ago, and we have never I'm clean or been added to this day No one knows our little secret that we were the gift of tasteless carnage, from time to time when we are in the company of old friends from the play, grew more in the non at a funeral or memorial service. Phyllis will recall the infamous place and it's always with a shudder of revulsion. I realize, were blowing our cover now and possibly emma our reputations forever. But really, how likely is Phyllis to read the story. Titled road kill. Family, remains an endless source of material for this writer. I was in
fitness centres the other day watching an interview with MIKE, I nearly fell off elliptical when he said I actually enjoy all the travelling. I do for work, our parents it took us anywhere when we were growing up no vacations, your trips, soon, as I left the Jim. I called him really. I said you make your other me sound like like absentee parents like we deprive their children Sorry mom, but honestly, that's how I remember it I mean: where did we ever go? He had a point But I needed to tell him my side of the story, so I sat down and wrote this letter. I call it like normal families I'm sending you this story to remind you why we didn't take vacations, normal families. As family trip was exactly fifty years ago, let me refer
ass, your memory. You were, nine, I'm dedicate This story to dad, because he was the anyone who had the good sense to vote against the trip. Which was all your fault by the way it was europe best friend whose family invited us. You saw You were so clever Telling your little brothers about the invitation before you told us and in retrospect Guess you were. Naturally they ran into kitchen squealing. Can we go? How can we go? It's gonna be so much fun three days at the ocean, a swimming pool a ten. Can we call these well I said: let's go in and see went dead things, your father lowered his news. Paper and stared at me, ass, though I had suggested spending three days at the chicago stockyards and slaughterhouse. Let me get this straight. He said you want us
to ride two hundred fifty miles with the same two kids youth grew up on the one mile drive to church last sunday. Well, it's not like they didn't have coffee. can I said your father was emphasising every syllable ass though I were a lip reader. so that we can sleep in a tent on Sand in virginia in august it'll be a blast furnace, paying Your father worked one summer at bethlehem, steel, so naturally he's an expert on heat of glass furnace with mosquitos and eyes and nets. Surely you kidding. Ah let dead me talk about it. I said you guys go outside and play for, while your father drop,
the paper and held out his hands like Saint Peter, welcoming me through the pearly gates. We have Paradise right here, a peg a flowing stream with sand a small far as a field, pets and their building a new. Why and see a family centre right around the corner. What more could I can ask for quite a lot apparently of the shouts coming through the open windows for any indication. BP, we're goin to the ocean to sleep in a tent on the sand and cook hamburger, Xo weren't open fire like normal kids, it's what I always dreamed of doing before die john. I said every kid should dig a hole in the sand and see the ocean come up catch of fish from appear and experience script in his bathing suit, pulling to the shoulder to dump puke from sight.
she? Coffee cans is a small price to pay, will only be there for two full days. Let's do it Han. Let's have some fun Saint Peter, knew when he was beat, I could have gotten mary station for your brother's motion, sickness, something to put them to sleep for the four our trip, but tempting, as that was it sounded extreme. Yet, when We were a good twenty miles from home and keeping an eye on the johnson's car pulling the pop up camper ahead. It happened. You wouldn't remember that my because you weren't the bar la beale. You were riding with jack having fun. Well, here, to tell you nothing, sucks, away from a road trip like the sound von splashing in the coffee cannes in the back seat for three hours play games and sang every song? I could think of.
Had I known that this would be the highlight of our trip. I'd have put more into it. It was evening by the time we arrived at the campsite to the sound of sean waves and mosquitos the size of dune, buggies memories of that three day, vacation fifty years ago, still reserve from time to time kind of like the recur and of malaria. Symptoms like us, sauna out here there sand in my mouth. Theirs and my sleeping bag. Theirs and in my underpants. The following morning, as we were having breakfast in the blast furnace four year old, philip brought his age, in bacon sandwich to me it's greedy mommy. He wind spinning a mouthful onto his played six year olds? God, whose quick, witted blossomed at a young age reminded him well is a sandwich
In its later, we left the mosquitoes and flies and nets and oppressive humidity behind and headed across the board learning sand to the coup frothy ocean waves half hour or so later, as I was calling your fears, again for your own brother, in from the son a month is wave from behind flattened and trade tim along the bottom, he surfaced home. in his ears. After that screaming. I remember a continued through out the ten mile ambulance trip to the hospital well, except for the two minutes phil was busy throwing up in my lab we were the only vehicles on the road, except for dad who was following in our car, still the dry returned on the deafening siren. Who could blame him again You wouldn't remember any of this mike as you and scarred had stayed me. And with the johnson's to enjoy the
ocean, pool and arcade what fun still gives me nightmares walking the e r was like stepping on the set of a futuristic movie, spotless, sterile surfaces, nurses and doctors and crisp white uniforms and, everywhere, refreshing Air with a faint odour of disinfectant, not a mosquito lie or nan inside the four year old sitting on the edge of the examining table rubbing the mosquito bite said pepper his arms and legs, the only and there was falling from his method curly. Herr onto a face and shoulders pay. from the sun and sticky with lotion. His I turn to sobs as he was distracted by the house and bustle around him standing there in our wet bathing, suits o t, shirts and flip flops,
your father, and I looked like a couple of refugees who just swam to freedom. The sour said Jim vomit wafted from my shirt as your father gave me, a smile, He wasn't falling me. I When he was thinking are we here? fun yet anyway, MIKE as soon as the black grit was flushed? from your brother's ears, his sobbing stopped minutes later he was looking in orange popsicle and swinging his legs, while pretty young nurse supplied cool, compresses and moving lotion to his shoulders and back your father. None me and said, under his breath he looks like a prospector whose hit the mother lode and then your little brother, same one, whose normally terrified of doctors in hospitals said your father in me. I should probably state
here, I don't mind you can pick me up tomorrow before I could offer to stay with him, your father's, woke up. Oh no, you don't. If have to go back there, we're all going we'll get in the pool. afternoon. I promised, as we headed back to our one star, waterfront resort Surely you remember the next part MIKE we arrived at poolside in time to hear screams of horror, love somebody's pooped, the swimming pool. One is floating around like a little brown buoy, it's a poorly scott declared, whatever the technical term a cleared. The pool quicker than a jacket bolt of lightning for the rich. still the day, which was unfortunate as a reptile, had closed the beach The following morning, before the reins, began in earnest, your father joint
Mister Johnson, in the shallow creek nearby side by side, barefoot and holding a dip net fishing lines with chicken. Next, the end they set about catching crime. as for dinner, never notice before, but apparently dance big toe bears a strong resemblance to a chicken neck and well, let's just His scream was in quite as loud is your brothers and wonder why we didn't travel with you, kids call us a couple of cowards, my but your father and I adopted dorothy gales philosophy. After that trip There really is no place like home late, that year we joined the new. Why and see a family centre down the street with two swimming pools The EU convention that, on one of your interviews, chapter twelve family ties
John and I are normal: parents were proud of our children. And treasure our time with them. We try not to take it personally that they ve moved, fell, since of miles away the good is we ve track them down? In fact, gone to work with our engineers, sun and watched him drill, for course, apples and water. We ve said behind his office desk sooner as of war and tunnel under construction and enjoy the hands on tour of his lab. We visited other son second hand bookstore and left with arm loads of delightful out of reading material, as well as applauded his performances in actual productions. That said, I respect their privacy and try not to intrude into their adopt personal lives with my writing. Son MIKE is different story altogether. he's already out there in public view, so to speak.
I figure than anyone who has inseminated a pig, combed, hippopotamus poop from his hair and britain, it Sickles off a baby lamb in front of millions of people is fair game, for his mother's stories, his career, has given us a glimpse into a world. Most people never see, we ve joined him, on episodes of dirty jobs and somebody's gotta. Do it as well was a half dozen or so television commercials for viva paper towels lee genes fell prague, ass, kids and various cleaning products. Sucks when CNN invited my husband me to new york city for alive, live interview to promote MIKE's new show. We were attempted. It was two thousand fifteen And somebody's gotta do it was in for production John and I were familiar with the show we had even may guess. parents is on a couple of fun episodes.
Our only reservation, was the actual travel. We are not fans, trains and planes when cnn offered to send a car to baltimore and put us up in a sweet, the nearby five star hotel. We took our suitcases from the closet. I call my story rangers in a strange land. This wasn't our first trip to the big apple back in the midnight is when MIKE's tv career was still in the early stages before he was a celebrity. He worked in new york city where he shared an apartment with a married friend whose wife was working on the west coast. for christmas one year, while his friend was traveling, he invited us for our food ever visit to new york city with awe the bills and whistles after four bus trim. We headed from my apartment.
Less than a minute after we stepped from our taxi in front of the moment, the dormann, ran out to greet us. mister and missus row welcome. He said grabbing airbags, we stay the uniformed man, the beaumont, was an enormous establishment. Thirty one, stories and over a hundred fifty apartments with so many residents. How in the world did he know who we were He read our minds. Your son, a mere description and asked me to be on the lookout. Their mouths vote gaping and they'll be staring up at the tall buildings. Mike said, I recognized right away for two country, folks who avoided crowds of people the same fervour. They avoidance forms of hornets new york city an eye opener. Indeed, our son, Anxiously gave up his comfortable waterbed slept in his friends, bad the ironing board that was a permanent fixture in his bedroom,
maybe convenient valet for our close, and I soon reach average from the shock of a refrigerator that was his empty, as it was on the day it was delivered, except for some bottled water, a view of central power, work and the skyline, the likes of which we had seen only in pictures had as glued the apartment windows and wonder MIKE, was our tour guide planning each activity and shepherding us about the city like a dedicated border, kali one minute was prodding us along so as not to be late for a broadway show or the radio's city music hall, the next he was feeding us such landmark says cafe mozart for breakfast, France's tavern for lunch and tavern on the green for dinner. John was in all the american museum of natural history, and amazed by the pile of dirt with shovel. Exhibit
the museum of modern art cheese mike. He said they call that art- maybe I could trust them on a pile of horse, manure and a pitchfork. We left as the connoisseurs nearby, looked down their noses at us. everyone has an appreciation for art or a sense of humor or of the new york stock exchange on wall street was hallowed ground to my husband, He had a long time crush on a host the business channel. He denied it, of course, but a wife can tell he watched dish. I was religiously- is he attended church and was far more attentive to her Then he was torn minister now here looking around hopefully come and john, I said she's not here. I don't know what you're talking about, he replied with an innocent look by the time we
visited the world trade center and saint Patrick cathedral. He had forgotten all about her. I think, to his credit, not once Our sun show the stress he must have felt, showing to unpredictable I'd I'd tourists a good time while keeping them safe. Big city. Of course, we would tell mike about our real adventure until much later it happen the evening. He surprised us with a broadway show sharing with us, beforehand only than it was a musical. I knew little about the broadway scene, but had heard about the popular revivals and was a man joining Oklahoma or south pacific or carousel what fun John and I had spent the afternoon at the american museum of natural history and arrived back the bowman barely in time to be hurried.
into a cab and whisked off to the ambassador theatre in midtown manhattan. Had I not been prepared, pine in prayer and holding on for dear life during the cab ride, I would have been setting about the fact that their hadn't been time to change from our genes, tennis, shoes and casual jackets? The door however, totally immersed in an animated personal telephone conversation drove erratically, bouncing the cab. All four curb twice Finally, our sun yelled stop several blocks short of our destination and we got out whereupon MIKE. Famous for his generosity remarked. That was the first time ever. He had not tipp the driver to legal was called bringing noise, bring, bringing the funk and for the first few minutes, our mouths gaped.
now and then my husband and I exchanged glances and chuckled, of course, a note we were thoroughly immerse and tapping our feet turns out. We were overdressed except of course, As for the woman across the aisle wearing a long black sequined gown after this MIKE announced at the three of us were invited. A party down the street as it was, after eleven p m and we had a full day. We opted to get a cab and head back to our apartment, go to your party. We told might have a good time, we'll be fine. It was a brisk cheerful evening as brightest midday and sidewalks teemed, with people in a festive mood, First of all, christmas was in the air. So, instead of healing a cab, we began walking the thirteen blocks. Feeling like a couple of kids away.
from parental scrutiny. For the first time in days, we stopped at a small cafe what fun, when we finish dating, we put on our codes and started back to make. Apartment heading in the wrong direction after tat blocks, or so we realized our mistake Turned around and walked the twenty some blocks back to the beaumont, not ones did. We feel uneasy or threatened just exhausted the following morning when we had a hard time getting out of bed MIKE apologize for the demanding schedule and promised to give us a break. Our current two thousand, Fifteen visit to new york city was quite different. Cnn put us up in the fancy trump tower where we spent the first
our counting all the objects in our room that bore the trump name or logo. Candy bars, water bottles, soaps, lotions, shampoos, slippers, robes, town, The smaller items became souvenirs, four friends on both sides of the political spectrum. Then we headed across the street for a walk in the famous central park amazed at the number of children playing their one doesn't think of children living in new york, city. And so many dogs with dog walkers a decade after our first visit, we still stood out as gawking tourists. On the morning of our interview with broke baldwin, we wrote Early dressed and headed we're leisurely breakfast, no, since MIKE was already at the studio. Shooting promo adds. We recover
down to the lobby when John walked to the back of the elevator, which was empty, except for us, or so I thought, as you ve probably heard my has been chance with strangers on elevators. Then I feared He had gone round the band when He turned and said to no one. So where is a good place to eat breakfast in this town? Can I said as well, reach the first floor and the doors opened hurry you and that's. The slender middle aged man and genes, t shirt and a baseball cab emerged from the door. corner of the elevator and walked past me say right. Those doors, sir John thanked him, and we headed toward the street No, the man called coming after us, he pointed to the hotel room, drawn across the room. Those doors. Oh it's too late. There closing soon, John said: wait right here.
man told us before hurrying into the restaurant seconds later, he reappeared and more In the us, through the doors saying it's ok, they're still serving, we thanked him and were seated at a table for two, while the man, and the ball camp headed to the back on the restaurant reading the menu when a wide eyed woman at the table beside us, leaned over and said: do you know that man is what man I ask. The man you came in with. We shook our heads no and her eyes, sparkled. That was bruce well ass. She said clearly anxious to see our reactions. He owns a penthouse apartment in this hotel. Really I said he didn't look like bruce willis
her husband looked at us and smiled. Oh, you can take her word for it. Believe me, my wife is an expert when it comes to celebrities. That's because he has lost weight and has a cap on the woman added to me moors here to his axe. Their doors is opening in a play tonight. She sounded like one of those tee and see, hollywood gossip reporters and I didn t her for a moment she leaned and again pointing two men having breakfast at a nearby table. Do you know who he is she nodded toward him? was she brown man who looked vaguely familiar. I shook my head, no clue she straightened and smiled. Broadly, that's martens, precisely the famous hollywood filmmaker really impressed
If I said then I looked up and saw the man who has shown us into the restaurant, possibly bruce well, he was walking toward our table. I could hear the celebrity watch. Your gas, as MR will is placed a book on the table in front of John. It was his again restaurant guide for new york Here, you go, sir. This book come in handy while you're in new york, it's a big town. My husband jumped up and shook the man's here I'm sorry, I didn't recognize. You bruce my way and I dont go to the movies. Very often, oh, that's ok. He said and while smiling I'm thinking, we probably reminded him of his parents Next thing I knew I was on my feet saying something stupid light, but we enjoying moonlighting back in the eighties. Oh here, not six cents, then bruce will his son
precisely impolitely excused himself. They can't briefly before he left key on. That was really something John said This is book to ban were not to be here longer. He should have had Bruce sign it. The woman beside us chided, but it was too late. John said when we had finished our breakfast go over and ask Morton supports if he can take our picture apps lately nod and its course. easy. I said I am I'm going to bother that man john doe, you dare, but it was too late. Of course, he was very friendly seemed flattered when John asked his wife could have her picture taken with him. I was sorry I didn't know more about his career. I would like to mention some movies or something I'll. Tell you what,
with the eyebrows said. Don here will take a picture of all three of us has then he was delightful and ask word when I called might see an end to tell him about our brush with two celebrities. He said that's great Send me a picture of you and Marty and I'll show you broke baldwin, see soon. an hour or so later cnn. We had more brushes with celebrity finding, meaning the head honcho, whose name is good Let me now, but I'm sure, is very important, the late in the restaurant would probably know his name brook. Baldwin was gorgeous and charming. during our interview said. I hear you who had a brush with celebrity this morning, so he told her about bruce and the next thing we knew our picture was on the big monitor with Martin scorsese,
going out to one hundred and fifty million households in over two hundred countries. Imagine refer by genuine celebrities it was fun and everybody loved, it might even posted picture and wrote a story about our celebrity sightings for his millions of facebook. Followers. He called his later than afternoon with a disturbing question. What made you think that man was martin, scorsese, easy, well. The lady at the next table told us it was. She knew bruce wilmas. It seems a friend Bushy brows, gentlemen in the restaurant was not martin scorsese, he, after all cnn had been notified, possibly by Mr Scott Stacy himself, who had called to set the record straight about the same time I'm a woman made an interesting comment beneath the picture on MIKE's facebook post here
My uncle george turns out. mystery man was named george Whipple, a bush brown new york society reporter anyway mike, say we managed to set cnn credibility for fact checking back light years.
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