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Killer coyotes, cataract surgery, cheating on eye exams, pellets in Chuck’s ass, the Florida wedding, John’s teeth lost at the rehearsal dinner, Mike channels his QVC days, Peggy plays Vanna White, John’s confusing anatomy, sapele vs oak, opening night of the Winter Follies, and the auctioning of an oversized napkin holder filled with Peggy’s books.  In other words, just another Coffee with Mom!
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I gotta coffee with my mother, how they're my cat hello. I'm sorry, I'm late, but I had an encounter moments ago in my yard. It's so annoying these coyotes mom. Oh, I thought you. Maybe a fan, jumped the fence and wanted picture taken with you. This coyote is a big fan. Wiser gotta be a him. Why canopy or her jumping my That's all I don't know. I just pick your men jumping fences and and in a single bound, but I could do it too. Oh yeah, no there's some very spry women out there. I can think of a few off the top of my head if they knew. where my fence was, they might try and leap over it, but now there, no home sapiens entering the yard, but the coyotes are out of control.
we had a meeting up last night, like a big town meeting, like hundreds of people showed up to talk about. What's going on with the coyotes on the timber on peninsula and down, You would have loved it. It was like a scene out of some sort of movie from them, I know why it reminded me of a like a Gregory peck court room thing or something it was just. People are angry and scared and really freaked out cause. Nobody is doing anything about it. You have any suggestions. Where did they meet in your yard? No! No! No! Yes, the entire town leaped over my fence for an ad hoc coyote intervention, no down at the city hall, a couple of hundred people showed up and then a
one hundred more zoomed in and we just sat there listening. Oh yeah folks, don't know I've written about it on facebook over the last couple of years, but the coyotes have just come down from the hills and the skunks are gone. The raccoons are gone most of the squirrel pop nation is gone at least ten cats that I know of are missing most of whom have been found, but not in their original compartment like a bloody tail and a stack of entrails, sorry to be graphic, but it's awful people urges shattered their little dogs and dogs are being scoop. Up and run off with people are freaked out. Why? No one came after freddy one time. You said I kicked one. I literally kicked one a glancing blow like two weeks ago. I was walking him at dusk and this thing shot out from the bushes just shot right out, not four feet from
and I had them on a pretty short lead- and you know Freddy he's like rah rah, he goes after the fe and the thing goes after him and I pull the dog back and I I kick it the creature and I pick up the dog and what am I, what the heck is going on here? It was amazing, like these experts were invited, and they lectured us for an hour about hazing techniques. And about all. These issues like listening to a lecture on fire prevention and your house is burning down. It's crazy. What's the bottom line and did you have any solutions suggested at all? Well, yeah I mean I can call four or five guys and who I know that have the seal issued thirty eight caliber with a suppressor on it and we could just walk through the neighborhood with a bag of sausages over the course of a week,
and and and probably take them all out, but the conversation about shooting a coyote like I brought it up at the meeting and people richest they just clutch their pearls, their horrified there so paralyzed. They don't know what to do: dogs and cats and all the other local wild life for being decimated, and they just can't live with the idea of doing something really proactive to make the neighbourhood safe. again is totally dysfunctional. It is to those people with these suggestions live in the neighborhood today action we deal with this problem. No like fish wildly. and fish and game people like a lot of people. I really respect and admire who make their living in other parts of the states in wildlife management. But this is a different sort of situation where over run, I wasn't physically at the meeting. I was zooming into it, but I'm sitting there in my kitchen listening
to this craziness unfold, and I looked at my ring camera and there's a coyote sitting by the front door. It's like to the point where I should name them then come into the yard and they just take up a position and they wait for friday to come out the poor dog I mean he is hunted. He is on the menu from the buzzards, and the hawks above to the coyotes on the ground I mean and then in broad daylight right now and there in the yard, their breakin. All the rules do not fight and fair trading. Could they climb over real high fence? Can they like? I saw one jump and clear a six foot fence goodness I've seen him get on top of eight foot fences and from their leap on top of routes and things there unstoppable limiter. While animals are going to work. There is one good solution
in fact maryland their crops on you got crabs. We ve got squirrels and, and we have foxes- but anyway might have some coyotes, but not in our neighbourhood. No, I guess not, but if they show up, let me know I'll invite you to the next meeting. Maybe you can persuade them parallel. Anyway. I'm sorry, I'm late, it's great to see you! It's been quite a month anything new to report had cataracts surgery last week, and so, if you think I'm winking at you, I'm not really, but I can only really see clearly out of one eye at a time. So I'd take and I mean I closed my right eye. If I'm looking at something up close and close, my left, I if I want to see the monitor and affair and the other night has one of those tiny little screwdrivers, so he took the lens.
out of my right eye. So if I walking and looking at a distance, this lacquered should good the lens out of your right I well my right glasses, the right. Land, how am I gonna screw specific look, you can do it my doctor, my surgeon, took the right lens out of my eye and replaced it with a non cataract lens, a clear list that tracks does this look kind of strange. It looks weird now that you point it out. To see your glasses are missing. A lens is no reflection on that one is. I ran. But it's alarming to hear your mother say I have a friend with a screwdriver who replaced the lens in my eye lens my eye I fully well, it's effective for distance when I'm out walking But when I'm here my computer, I just sort of
closed one. I need the other eye open, I'm having the other I done in march march, seven, so after then I'll have to eyes that are working in sync. Hopefully, is it a big, significant difference at this point? Oh, my goodness. Yes, the eye that was just operated on There's so much more light coming through that Everything is brighter. The wall your brighter. I have an entirely new wardrobe color Simon seen in years to come, and it's funny. If I closed my right I'd, they are drab grayish, both by right eye. They really are nice. How interesting and the wrinkles in my face have nobody He told me that cataracts surgery would make the wrinkles in your face, increase and local horrible I can't even look in the mirror these days and when I get
second, I done it's gonna be terrible. I now even dad looks after I have a question about that. What is it like for them to operate? Like aren't you like fully conscious when this happens. Now they put an ivy and when you get there and they give you some happy juice, like volume and really you couldn't care less. They can have their way with your I'd. All that can take it completely out, and you know really aware of what you're doing, and I think, there's some cutting that takes place, but anyway, I have every confidence in my doctor and dumb. Did he say? Why did you wait so long now? Much She said you know, Most people have this done when there much younger whoops. You don't want to hear a doctor, say woods. No, I know I just That was a male doctor and I was completely wrong hours. That's what I mean whoops I'll, be guy about complete
and I have a lot of confidence in her well. Might be interested in this when we were with well so just before my surgery she came out of the surgical sweet. I mean out of the operating room- and I was in the surgical sweetener- may be six beds in there with people lying in there waiting for their turn because they're so Doctors who use this, and she said mrs row, I know about your books. But you didn't tell me, you had a famous sun and then all the nurses, everybody what are you talking about? Oh, where does MIKE live? Oh he's so cool. I love his message: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and I want to say, hey, forget it you're here the to my eye, let's He'll trade on the task at hand,
I'll, let you know if I see europe, your celebrated surge and leaping over my fence in the humming, they ain't gonna happen I know. Well, you should talk to Mary. She, I told her about your surgery because she's thinking about getting the same thing- and she said her doctor also said the same thing which was this is life changing it's going to completely just magically improve your life and it's a shame that so many people wait until there in their eightys to get it done because things start to go wrong. You know your fifties and Sixtys. Why not fix in earlier? If you can exactly I think I dont know if you can do it more than once or not. I think they like to wait until they are at a certain point. Their development and they d What to do them too soon so mind we're ready when could no longer read the top line, of letters on the chart, then we
They were ready. I could die, I edward letters there, but I could not see those letters out of my right. I do you ever guess like when you're doing it's the last time I had an eye exam. I found myself going. You know I want to get this right, and so I was really working hard and I guessed that a few the doctor was like you guessing, and I said yeah, actually it looked like a c or an e. I couldn't be sure and he's like look. This is the What were you level with me? it's not about your grade its impact, can you read so yes and it was like it was transformative I came out of the office because there are drops, and then you have to work for a while. They come back and they do another test. I went out and I sat next dad in the waiting room and there is a monitor across the room and
out of my right. I could say a just taken the patch off from my surgery, twenty four hours earlier. In my right eye, and I could read every word on that monitor. There was a scroll, it was so he said, and so I closed my good. I look with my bad. I and I couldn't read a word so my other eyes ready to be done look out when they're both done. You know it's so funny. I this that it's so transformative and game changing and it's impossible not for me not to think about my nose like the day. after they did it before all the swelling came in and made me crazy for two weeks, but the day after, like as they were wheeling me out of that hospital, I couldn't described the sensation of actual oxygen going into. It was cool and like refreshing in ways that you don't think about air being, just like a cool breeze
warm day. I just had never experienced air going through my nose into my lungs before and so yeah I mean we're just getting it that age jock. If we can find something to do to our bodies to improve em, I mean you're still contemplating the pellet near ass right well yeah, I'm doing it I'm going to do I'm not going to ask about that. No, this is interesting. If he does it. This is going to be a great episode. Tell her what you think Do do do do do do do do do do do pardon the interruption, but I want to take just a second to thank the incredible staff at Erickson senior living for fighting a safe, secure, fun community for my mom and dad to call home. This is the same place my grandparents lived, and I can tell you honestly theirs peace of mind. They can rival the relief that comes from knowing your folks who live in their best life, especially when you are three thousand miles away like. I am my dad.
As you'll soon learn is busier than he had ever been. He and my mother made dozens of new friends and the activities they now enjoy together are endless. There's yoga and pickle ball and discuss off and bonci ball, shuffle board billiards acts. Throwing a book club in a wood shop where my dad just a napkin older, but I'm about auction off for micro works. There only real regret was not moving. There are ten years earlier bottom line. if you or your parents were your grandparents are looking for a community that is truly a community. is it ericsson, senior living dotcom. Note communities are identical, but all of them are committed to giving their residence every single thing they need to thrive. and all of them offer real peace of mind to residence in families alike. This is a national network of communities and you can check them all out That Erika senior living dot com
erickson senior living and it's a community. Well, there's a thing: it's called bio tee. I believe, and it basically measures your testosterone and adjusted as we age. We lose our testosterone and they create these pellets that they put under your skin in the fatty part of your butt, and they slowly dissolve over three to six months and it helps with energy. It helps with libido. It helps with brain fog, which is why am interested in it. Yeah and people feel younger. I don't really want to talk about libido. With my mom chuck, I mean the brain is fine. Alright, I'm a mature adult. It's like There is with women when you reach a certain age or body no longer produces it, and so you get it officially whatever it takes chocolate.
I need to tell me any more, but I hope it works whatever. It is. Thank you. I appreciate it I'll. Let you know. Apparently, the testosterone is also important for women and has an impact on women. In fact, I think I mean wasn't that the story did this originate with the you know, yeah what my sister's been on it for like a year now and she swears by it, and so does the woman that put the pellet inner cause she's been doing it even longer works, fine use it do it. Well, I'm going to look into it because I mean as great content for one thing: if it improves your life chuck I mean obviously that's awesome, but if you fly back east for the sole purpose of getting a pellet, putting your ass we're going to talk about it right here,
great length clark great late. I can assure you well great, will do that then, but I wanna hear about the wedding, but didn't you guys go to ring wedding? That's right in the last pine cast might return about the wedding. Remember I vividly I'm just going to say this out loud cause. I don't wanna forget. We also talked about that napkin holder and the stuff dad's making in woodshop. So don't let me forget cause. I only wanna talk to you for another. Fifteen minutes cause we're trying to keep this thing down to a half hour, but you might want to cut that party about chucks pellet. His ass, and that are you kidding? That's the title. That's the title of this thing: coffee with mom and appellate jugs whooping little levin. yet a wedding was great chalk. We all descended in the south florida. It was fun mommy's, weird like it always is with family, but it was fun
was, and it was great being with the family with all of our children and grandchildren. It was exciting, but there one thing that went wrong and of your father lost in the restaurant, right, where you'd need him the most with over that. Well, he had already used them. That's behind! at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding and so on. I can remember like it was this morning we went back to scots house, where there is a large gathering of family- and it was party time, sitting around having something to eat and drink and and your father came to me
lordy look like death warmed over, he was white ass, a sheet. He said, something's happened. I did something awful! Oh my god. I said oh john, whatever it is it'll be all right on we'll get past. It will deal with it. What happened he said at last, my tea. I've lost my dentures, I think I might have left him in a napkin at the restaurant. I said. And how did that happen so well. I had this steak and it was good but collect did undermine plate. So I held my napkin up and pulled my played. To dislodge, and he said I forgot to put it back. I followed the napkin put it back on the table, they didn't really loses teeth. He took about a fair justice place. We mobilise, as one does only meal,
happens, all the time. Well, the next day was the wedding and you. A wedding is all about picture scriptures luck. Splendid graphs. Well I mean he would have had to smile with his mouth completely closed because his upper plate has we teeth on it and one or two were visible in the front. anyway, he was just six who are called the rest round right away and then the woman I spoke to said. Oh, you know They probably been thrown out. I hate to tell you this, but give me your name and telephone number and we will look for them after the restaurant closes, but probably they ve gone out with the garbage.
and how much is this than caused by the way? What's really bring thousands of dollars to replace, drained terrible, it's hard to say, though chuck which would really chap and worse, you know not being able to smile at his granddaughters wedding worth. no, the couple thousand dollars pay the money. I got a pretty good idea, which one is going to happen more where there would be no incentive to smile anyway. If you didn't hear creek says the next morning I got up and was no call. So I called the restaurant. And the young lady who entered the phone said. I have good news We found them on the floor last night as we were cleaning- and I said, thank god, Cindy Messenger sent from Evan, I send my husband will be there soon. Well, it was a half hour drive so fill your brother fit.
well drone is in case you didn't know who phil was well, but there might be some people, the dozen or so people who listen to this podcast. You know what fair point, so he drove dad back to the restaurant and it was so funny dad called me on his cell phone as he is wont to do, many times whenever we separated- and he said, oh honey. What was the girl s name, I suppose to look for- and I said oh, I think- and I remember Alison, he said: oh ok and then this woman came, he said Alison. She said yes, it is here it is oh, I wonder if I still have the little brown. Oh here it is look It was a little a little manila envelope that says dentures, but a smiley face was very happy in, but dad was very reserved. He said well, wait a minute! Let me open this in may
ensure these are mine. I'm like I am pleased that all leave their dentures on the floor in a restaurant and energy florida, its florida, probably a shoe box full of missing teeth somewhere. like when I lost my purse. And my wallet walmart, I went to the loss and found in there a dozen keynes back there and I'm thinking what kind of a person for it's their kane when they're out. If you came the kind of person. Does it We need one yeah exactly so I came home and always well and dumb it this time for the wedding, his he didn't run, through the dishwasher, but he clean them very well. We didn't have a dishwasher at the motel where a hotel where we were staying so when he did wash them So damn ended happily, but I tell you those too
it had been the source of more material. For me, one night last week with weakness where dad when in had goes batter but before he went to the bathroom who taken. Take his hearing, aids out and his teeth out not go. bathroom, but we are not sure I understand his anatomy scanner shower while they began their okay, so remedies the bathroom in the shower there's a shower in the bathroom so anyway, all of us sudden. I hear him laughing from the bedroom and I said what's funny he said I just tried to plug my. Ts entered my hearing, aids charger get down his teeth and put him in the hearing charger, but they didn't fit of course said then hearing aids out put them, but honestly that those teeth have been the subject of illegal
material through the do. You remember a few months back probably six months ago, but I somebody left their retainer on the water fountain. On the bike path, where I walk, I read about that on your facebook page and now they have their own instagram accounts have an insect, so I and they'll go to an expensive, looking retainer that somebody had taken out of their mouth and left on top of a water fountain. I don't know why, but they did it, and I know those things cost money. So I took a picture of it and I wrote something kind of funny about it. From the point of view of the retainer
Does why not creative writing one or one that post kind of blew up at the next day? They were still there and the day after that there were still there. So I just started writing from the point of view of a retainer who who is stuck on a water fountain watching the world go by and then on the fourth day somebody picked it up and left me a note in in an envelope. You know cause at this point. Two million people are engaged in a conversation on facebook about this missing retainer somewhere on the timber on peninsula, and that person assume the identity of something called tidies teeth with that means, but they have an instant rampage now with over twenty thousand followers and there
container is dispensing advice to people with questions about that. If so, the person who lost the retainer never did get it back. No, no, the retainer was abandoned and somebody who was reading this crazy conversation on facebook took it upon themselves to drive over into this basic area and start walking on the bike path until they found the water fountain with the retainer on it, and then they left me an envelope. You can't make it up, I'm actually not sure who's living a weirder life. You or me, it's you hon. My life is very staid duck yeah. I still have it. Oh good, good, good, good, good, okay, so so chuck. I want to get this right and the like the order of things we're going to auction off
the napkin higher napkin holder for a giant napkin holder that my father made in wood shop over there right I feel like I'm on. Pvc are that's just what I was thinking like yours has he signed is mom not yet, he's going to ok, so we're talking about a signed, napkin holder made by John ro, one of a kind in the woods shop over there. It ok and you are going to not put napkins and an napkin holder, but three books, coincidentally, written by you all new york times best sellers, all autographed by you. I should otto autograph them before we send them off to you excellent. So by the time, the folks
home are listening to this. We will have posted an auction over on ebay, and I will when I share this video that you're probably watch right now indicate something in the post above it where people can click and bid on this one of a kind wooden. What kind of what is it mom I think it's called supernal essay, p, l e or supplying I'm not sure you pronounce it hated on formal grounds for concern. what you're looking at is one of a kind stay there mom stay there, you're being a model now, man's right away? For me, I need to practices there. You go folks, would you look at our right? Now is one of a kind napkin holder made of special or superbly would be? Craftsmen in question is the one and only john ro, my dad, my mother's, has been he labored over this down in the woods shop where they live extensively.
Its being model right now, as you can see by a very, very, very proud wife, to get as one of a kind that can hold her that, will come with not one, not two, but three autograph books by peggy roche on the books, ma'am genre, the books. This is a hard job, we're talking about her first best seller about my mother. Her second best seller about your father, try and keep up and of course our third best seller vacuuming in the new. I see why vagina make so much money now. It is a cosmic coincidence, friends that these three books fit perfectly. Into this napkin holder made of simple or severely wood, and if you bid on It- and I hope you will and if you have the high bid, we will ship these two you with our love and affection, one hundred percent of the money that we raise from this will go into our work ethic scholarship programme
we will be launching again in march, will be giving way over a million dollars and work ethic scholarships once again, because that's just the kind of people we are so Can I say something in true transparency, particular napkin holder, looks like it might be oak, but add, has a nice piece of support would still on the board shop and he's going to make another napkin holder with these exact dimensions. Out of then support would in fact yesterday he brought a treat up for me luck. He made this beautiful. pencil holder, isn't this nice loretta, and it has a nice broad base, so it doesn't turn over like this. one. Then he made It turns out good luck born in lebanon, and this is a little oddly shaped
I think it's fair to say that pretty soon everything in your apartment will be made of what I think is pretty to say pretty soon. They will not be room for me in my apartment from this. made this too. Isn't this pretty good, very nice I'll say that pretty soon we're all gonna have nice, broad basis and guess fights for christmas. Next, you can imagine. Ok, look! That's terrific mom! Anything else want to share with the gang spend a half hour No, we are in a hurry. You know. Dad's play opens tonight. The winter follies here at the home are tonight tomorrow night and sunday and your father I'll take pictures. Of course, your father is playing. George Washington is every that photo now.
now just came with the costume uniform doing some actor modeling George washington uniform correct. Obviously His father is not the man george washington for us, because it took quite a bit of alteration to dance his size by but from what I have read through each we're dealing with teeth, the less than supply. I wonder. george ever left is in a restaurant. I dont know but anyway the follies or be cute, their dozens of residents and it there's lots music, the only thing is dead, tensile apps into a german acts and every once in a while- and I say John george- wasn't really german he's, Oh, I know. so we'll see what happens tonight. Maybe he's doing like a hessian thing.
Chickens were a big part. of winning the american revolution and dad taught american history, I know, is familiar with the hessian. So I wonder if the reptilian part of his brain is channeling recession, they are the haitian spot on the other side of the coin, just said they were important part of the revolution and you say they were friends. Okay, where are you sure who fight for the english and we got the french involved? Google it out No, no! Don't do that now, I'm using a shy we with his with his teeth. His his ear is hearing. its without his ears and hasty Michael We really did span. The we went from coyotes is eyes to noses to teeth to a pellet in chucks ass
all the way back around to a fundraiser for micro works and now a little bit history recipe. The ashes of action packed half hour, and george Washington? This is a fundraiser too, because every sunday we have on concerts here and you have to pay performers. So this is a fun easier for our concert series, so it will be well attended. Dutch, terrific, real, I said so, there's a concert series. That goes on your round at crest, and this is one of the things they do to raise money for that and somehow dad is agreed to dress up like george. Why does he have lines? Oh yes, he does, and he is prone ad lib, but I told him we relation and live. I'm the father of the count for something like that,
by the way the haitians fought for the british. Yes, I was correct about that. Thirty of our german troops. Sorry course in this you know every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut. What could I have just trying to give you a little something to clean onto andrew telling a chap look out for the coyotes on the river if you're blind squirrel, no fear jump along with my fans, but this is fine because that never play george Washington, but he did play thomson in eighteen, seventy six where he read the dispatches of george Washington The costumes are very similar. Andy has a white wig which he wore to bed the other night. He didn't leave it on very long, but really I mean what terms the one more than away grain, a white wig, the first give let me stress to sit firm in the shower. We don't know where the team we're not sure about the hearing. Aids can
See one eye you got glasses with only one lens he's wearing a powdered wig you're, both nakedness The day you were born you're. Really taking the activity level over. There are no crest too to a whole new level. Wow are you dressed or you dressed? What your shirt hey? Mr Crean, put some pants on real pants on yeah chief scott panel course. How are you dad took them in talk him in do and you don't pay good luck tonight I hear it's. The opening night other follies break a leg, Why have you hearing aids in no he didn't have a hearing aids, it I'll tell him I'm break lay buried.
we gotta go. But I love you mom and thank you for signing those books and dad thank you for making that napkin holder we're gonna auction that thing off for big money. From my Here you That is our tell you. Yes is sometimes like and distinguish if it's a german or be anything more low? Fortunately, You know he's supposed to saying tonight dad doesn't saying, He has a really good voice and here he hears no pitch. He has no sense of pitch it all. I know I know will it be singing edelweiss yeah goes like this. It'll. I say every morning may soft and then why and bright, look at me to see me. That's what we say. That's my earliest memory of beds. happy birthday to me. I was like eight or nine, I remember
We say that we just like people, birthday to you, happy birthday to you interesting well anyway, it's a big night I'll, take pictures. You take pictures and the next time we are circle back with one of these things will share those photos and celebrate what I hope will be quite a hall for the napkin made the napkin holder made of supple. Yes were sent home, absolutely annie. Alright, this was fun yeah and I'll. Keep you posted on, the whole pellet and chuck's ass, and how all that works? Don't bother. She doesn't know about it, mikey up on that. To you in the comments below you're going to be feeling questions about this procedure. people are gonna, wanna know decks.
Don't hang up mom. We got upload this. As for all the rest of you, thanks for listening and bid big on the one of a kind napkin holder, it's for a good cause, thanks, everybody, job for coyotes they're their real everywhere in their annoying coffee with my eye bodyguard you know when you build with morton buildings you built. Thing that last. If you need the garage later workshop force, barn farmstead. building cabin this warehouse or anything between Morton can create. A building is perfect for you this attractive. It's easy. Maintain its dependable enough to stand the test of time, don't d Construction schedules are filling up vast. So now The times are planning you're building project with Morton buildings find more right now at morton buildings, dot com
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