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Episode 1: The 25 Million Dollar Kiss

2016-02-24 | 🔗

A kiss from her helped win the war. But her real assets changed the world as we know it.

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Head wig was beautiful and married to a man. She did love Fritz. Wasn't arms merchants and deeply possessive of his trophy wife. Consequently, head wig. A fly on the wall that more than a few interesting dinner parties, at their home in Vienna, head wig. Listen quietly is important. Men discussed with her husband, the evolving technologies that will change the complexion of modern warfare. Fritz his guests were intelligence and influential. Some were physicists were inventors. Many were nazis, head wig, didn't care for parties should she didn't like them at our house or at our table, and she hated the fact that her husband was selling them weapons at the next fancy dinner party head wig selected, From her vast wardrobe the most glamorous evening gown, she could find she adorned herself with every piece of Spencer Jewellery she owned, she smiled
old sweetly during the appetizer listened attentively during the main course, and just before dessert went off to powder her nose. She never returned the next morning a stunning woman arrived in Paris by train and after that it was your basic Hollywood. Fairytale head, wig cost color was discovered by Louis, be mayor. The movie mogul a year later, she was living in Hollywood and starring Opposite Clark, Gable by and she had a new name to go with her new address. Hetty Lamar who, by nineteen forty one was widely regarded, as the most beautiful when in the world in fact, Hetty Lamar was so gorgeous. She was deemed too beautiful to speak and was and very little dialogue on the big scream once one s
to explain the secret to being glamorous petty, said I'll. That's easy, nor you have to do, is stand still and look stupid but of course had he wasn't stupid Far from it, she was an amateur inventor who spent most of her free time and home hunched over her drafting table working on the next big idea. That idea came when the Germans began, targeting cruise ships in the Atlantic, murdering hundreds of
billions Hetty read that the Americans were unable to sink the german EU boats, because the Germans were jamming the radio frequencies on the torpedoes Hetty recalled a scientist at one of those dinner parties in Vienna. Talking to Fritz about the untapped potential of radio waves in modern warfare, Hetty wondered what, if a single radio signal could hop randomly from one frequency to another, how would the Nazis block that eddies question was ingenious? She develop the idea entered the technology and offered it to the Navy free of charge. Unfortunately, the United States military had a hard time, believing the most beautiful woman in the world had the solution to it problem that they themselves could not seem to solve. So the Navy did nothing with eddies idea. In fact, was told if she really wanted to help the war effort. She.
Use those assets for which she was best known tat. He was disappointed but well aware of the assets in question and eager to contribute to help when the war so to raise money for war bonds. She began selling kisses it. Just one night he raised seven million dollars standing there looking stupid over time. She raised twenty five million in today's money. That's or two hundred twenty million dollars. If the story ended right there, it wouldn't be a bad headline the most beautiful girl in the world. Fights off the nazi threat with kisses, but eddies. True contribution would not be known until long after her beauty began to fade. You see that
Knology that had he had developed was finally tested during a very anxious week and one thousand nine hundred and sixty two known as the cuban missile crisis, and it worked big time. Eddie received no acknowledgment and no consideration. Nor did she asked for any, but let's be absolutely clear about the enormity of what it was she invented. Eddies Pat, led directly to the development of our modern Day communication satellite system, but her idea of radio hopping not we changed the face of national security its allowing me to share her story with you right now, because radio Hopping is the essential ingredient of what you and I call wifi, so
when you share the story from your mobile device. Think fondly of the most beautiful woman in the world and remember those assets that matter most anyway. That's the way I heard it.
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