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Episode 113: According To Peter

2018-10-09 | 🔗

This man's reputation needed to be destroyed - and that's the gospel truth... according to Peter.

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The story about two years, true for the most part. So too Are the stories of my new book the way I heard it if you'd like an autograph copy, I've set a few aside for fans of the podcast cast, which you can pick up at micro dot com, slash book if you care about my autograph than go to micro, dotcom, Slash book anyway, to find the best rise, the book is available pretty much anywhere. Books are sold, Barnes and Noble Walmart target books, a million Hasn son of the place. Hudson has them Amazon, of course, but the prices change all the time. So click around at micro dot com to see who's got what for how much the review
rob pretty much five star very flattering. New York Times calls are the best seller. I'm Thinkin make a dandy Christmas present people still say dandy anymore. I don't know, but your copy awaits at micro dotcom, Slash book. This is the way I heard a call to Peter Doktor. Hank was America's favorite physician thanks in part to the many celebrities who publicly thanked him for saving their lives. Ronald Reagan, Nicole, Kidman Halley, bury Ed catch, carry Fisher, Ellen Barkin share. All of them were deeply grateful to the charismatic doktor, whose lifesaving procedure kept them alive. According to Peter it was doktor, Hanks charisma and his outstanding reputation that allowed him
advances next, big lifesaving idea, a medical breakthrough, no less important than the procedure that made him a household name. The year was ninety ninety three, that Hollywood was reeling from the impact of AIDS. Dozens of actors and artists were dying. Hundreds more were infected and many believe the government's wasn't taking the crisis seriously. According to Peter Doktor, Hank told Joanna Carson, one of Johnny's for four wives that he could kill the HIV virus. All he needed was a few months of human trials and six hundred thousand dollars Joint Carson not only offered to host a fundraiser at her home in Beverly Hills, invited a few close friends who had lost loved ones to the disease. Friends like Amy Irving, Estelle, Getty, John Voit, Abner, all of them eager to help find a cure according to Peter the Allister's, not
appreciatively ass, Doktor Hank discuss the barriers of medical research. They murmur their assent, as Doktor Hank describe the bureaucratic nightmare of dealing with the May, the CDC and the FDA, all of whom had delayed his research with onerous compliance issues. People are suffering dammit and what does our government do? They quibble? They reject my research because it doesn't comport with fair protocols, even as people continue to die. I say enough.
Then Doktor Hank explained the essence of his revolutionary new treatment. It's really very simple. He explained a controlled fever of one hundred and five degrees will trigger the bodies immune system and destroy the HIV virus. I propose to create such a fever in patients with aids by injecting them with live malaria. Now, typical crowd might have reacted with scepticism, a typical d, doktor might have been laughed out of the room, but this was not a typical crowd. These were wealthy celebrities with sick friends desperate to do something and this was not a typical doctor. This was America's favorite physician and uplift charismatic man of medicine, whose famous invention one
considered. Controversial was now endorsed by the surge in general and the Red Cross according to Peter, when Doktor Hank concluded his presentation on the wonders of my Ariel therapy. The celebrities in Joanna Carson's house lunged for their checkbooks Amy Irving, wrote a big one, so Deject Nicholson RON, Howard was very generous, as was Bob Hope at Bigley, junior tat, Dancin, Angelica, Houston, Mohammed Ali Bet, meddler and richer Dreyfus. These people became Doktor Hanks Hollywood Support Committee. And with their help, he raised the six hundred thousand dollars. He needed to begin human testing in China a place The AMA, the CDC the FDA at all, Those other annoying acronyms wooden stand in the way
his lifesaving work. What happened next, according to Peter, wouldn't have surprised a boy scout with a first aid merit badge. After being inject with malaria. A dozen patients in China suffering from aids begin to exhibit symptoms of wait for it. That's right, malaria, along the promised one hundred and five degree fever these unfair and had souls endured weeks of profuse sweating, convulsive shivering in crucially migraines severe body pain, projectile, vomiting, intermittent flushing, anemia, hallucinations fatigue, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, explosive diarrhoea, plunging blood pressure, rashes, joint pain, muscle weakness and, ultimately, an acute allergic reaction that turned out to-
be fatal. Doktor Hanks malaria therapy really was a wonder where every dried it, China, Africa, Mexico, it never failed to kill the HIV virus along with the patient. It was Peter who finally blew the whistle thanks to his investigative reporting. The medical community has reached considered doktor Hanks sterling reputation and dismiss the majority of his ideas for the utter nonsense they turned out to be, and yet, when he died, ninety six years of age. The general public had no idea they still don't according to Peter.
Doktor Hank is still among the most admired figures in modern medicine, understandable. I guess there was something about the guy that made people feel grateful. People like Ronald Reagan, Nicole Kidman, Halley, bury Ed catch, carry Fisher, Ellen Barkin share and over a hundred thousand others who, bit off more than they could to live, to tell the tale, thanks to Doktor Hanks famous procedure, and yet according to Peter. The procedure for which Hank is credited was actually discovered by his business partner. A man named Edward Patrick who is today credited with nothing according to Peter. The public needs to know the truth about doctor
I think the truth about his dangerous attempts to sell his famous procedure as a way to revive drowning victims, as well as stop heart attacks and epileptic seizures the truth about his preposterous efforts to persuade lifeguards that c p r was dangerous. The truth about the celebrities he fleeced and patience he tortured when he injected them with life. Malaria. The truth about the charismatic quack, who proved repeatedly that his own fame was a far great importance than the well being of his own patients. Of course, Peter wasn't the only investigator who was alarmed by the real doktor Hank, but, unlike the others, Peter wasn't investigating America's favorite physician know Peter was investigating his dad. In fact, he still is even now years after his fathers,
Peter, is still systematically destroying the reputation of the man who raised him by post They online a vast collection of damning evidence collected over a lifetime of careful observation, it's a modern day, greek tragedy and you can see the results for yourself over it: Med fraud, dot info according to be sure it's the only place online defined the whole truth about the con man who raised him and the maneuver that made him famous the heimlich anyway. So I heard it.
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