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Episode 117: Some Kind of Consequence

2018-11-20 | 🔗

It wasn't exactly the trial of the century, but nearly everyone agreed - something had to be done.  

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The story about two years, true for the most part so too are the stories of my new book the way I heard it if you'd like an autograph copy, I've set a few aside for fence of the podcast, which you can pick up at micro dot com, slash book. If you care about my autograph than go to micro, dotcom, Slash book anyway, to find the best. Prize the book is available. Pretty much anywhere. Books are sold, Barnes and Noble Walmart targets books, a million has em out of the place. Hudson has them Amazon, of course, but the prices change all the time, so click around at micro, dot com to see who's got. What for
Much the reviews, raw, pretty much five star very flattering New York Times calls are the best seller. I think it would make a dandy Christmas present. People still say dandy anymore. I don't know, but your copy awaits at micro dotcom, Slash book. This is the way I heard Kyle DOS and free MIKE Mcbride, had been viciously attacked in public now, just three months after the assault, they sat quietly in a LOS Angeles courtroom, hoping for justice and based on the two minute, video their attorney. Just played for the court, they were to get some. As you can plainly see, ladies and gentlemen, the defendant is guilty. The witness says are numerous and my clients were clearly targeted. The video leaves no doubt the video was in fact a devastating piece of evidence.
The attorney couldn't help it smile at all the nodding heads in the courtroom, many of which were attached to it. Who does and well known media personalities the pasty guy from CNN was there What does the angry lady from MSNBC and the troublemaker from Fox Matt Lauer wasn't there, which was too bad he'd, been very helpful. After the incident, letting the young men tell their story on the today show for the whole country to here. Maybe after a favourable verdict, he'd have her clients back on, and so can. And you, the attorney. The issue at hand is not a matter of guilt is merely a question of damages. There has to be some kind of consequence for this outrage US attack upon my clients. That is why we're here to day she knew the jury was
they're all her clients had to do now. We get on the stand and tell the court not just what happened but how it made them feel and how they struggled every day as a result. But first the attorney called an expert witness a psychologist from use, yellow, tell us doktor just how painful Is it to be attacked in this fashion? Do you suppose my clients might suffer any long term effects o without question said the psychologist, given the public nature of the attack and the weapon in question Oh, yes, your clients might very well take years to fully recover. I see said the attorney you give us some examples where,
other similar attacks with this same weapon have led to other similar reactions for the next half hour. The psychologist gave numerous examples, as everyone in the court room continued to nod in agreement, then the attorney called one more witness to the stand. Jamie Mazato, Mr Mazato, said the attorney you own the venue where this attack took place. In your view, what sort of consequence would best serve justice in the wake of this travesty? well said Mister Mazato. Aside from the compensation your clients clearly deserve, we ought not forget about the many other victims who were affected by this vicious attack. Many p,
bull who witness the assault left the venue in tears shouldn't they be compensated as well. The attorney smiled and thanked the witness, but now is not the time for class action lawsuit. Maybe later now was the time for the jury. To hear from the victims first hand, the prosecution calls Kyle DOS. Let us cut to the Chase Kyle DOS crushed it on the stand, so did Frank Mcbride their testimony was compelling believable and thanks to that incredible videotape incontrovertible. The jury quickly ruled in their favour. In part. Perhaps
because the defendant didn't even bother to show up. Thus, the plaintiffs were awarded twice with their attorney asked for two hundred thousand dollars for the quote: intentional infliction of emotional damages to be paid by the defendant. There was just one problem: neither the judge nor the jury had the authority to enforce the ruling or collect the fine, because this entire trial had been a sham held, not in a public courthouse, but in a classroom at the Loyola LAW School where the attorneys com I and were allowed to testify before three retired judges handpicked by her judges hired to under a non enforceable verdict based on evidence. Presented from only one side in front of a media,
so desperate for a real trial. They decided to cover a fake one later, when asked to defend. Tactics. The famous attorney said well If we went ahead with a regular law suit, it could have taken several years before it actually got to court now is when my clients are hurting now is when the public deserves a trial. You might not remember Kyle DOS or Frank Mcbride, the men who were assaulted in two thousand six, and you probably don't remember jamie- must
That's the guy who ran the laugh factory where the attack took place, but I bet you remember that cellphone video, the one that captured that ugly and on repeatable word the one that forever transformed regular citizens. It's a photo journalists- and I bet you also remember gloria- all- read the famous attorney who decided not to press actual charges because she new. She didn't have an actual case, but who nevertheless made sure the guilty party would suffer some kind of meaningful consequence. Thus, everyone's favorite, store neighbor was not find or sent to prison. Nor was paroled were plea: bargained were sent to even a single day of community service, he was merely ruined thanks to a new kind of justice. A swift justice now avail
wherever people are armed to the teeth with camera phones, never mind his apologies, those don't matter. The only thing that matters is the video, because the video is the only thing we remember and so for assault with a deadly Edward, Michael Richards was found guilty and the court of public opinion and sentenced to obscurity where he will remain until further notice, some kind of consequence. Indeed, for that wacky neighbour, we once knew as Kramer.
That's the way I heard it. The story you just heard is true least the way I heard it. Thank you chuck Klausmeier for producing this podcast Matthew Zipkin. Thank you for hitting the buttons over here at one union recording studios. Thank you, gentle listener for listening and if you haven't subscribed- and you would prefer not to miss a new episode. Consider yourself officially invited to do that very thing. Talk to you next week,
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