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Episode 148: A Book to Pass the Time

2020-02-11 | 🔗

Because you need something to break the boredom of marching 300 miles in 10 degree weather to bring three boat thieves to justice... or so I'm told.

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Hey guys micro? This the way I heard it? The only podcast the curious mind with a short attention span, episode, one forty eight is upon us. It's called a book to pass the time a book to pass the time, but really who needs a book anymore to pass the time. What, with all the pod cast out there, you don't have to read when you can listen. When are you listening by the way, I'm curious. I always wonder what we wonder where people are when their listening to these stories. Are you washing the dishes? Are you on a treadmill on a stairway stir walking around your neighborhood. Perhaps are you just sitting there sipping coffee and listening? I wonder the other day. I was so wandering the main streets of San Francisco with my dog, Freddy, enjoying Malcolm Gladwell, podcast, revisionist history.
You should check it out. It's terrific! I was listening to a story in season. One, a great tale about will Chamberlains refusal to shoot foul shots like a grannie. You know they call it the Grannie shot. When you shoot between your legs, he was a terrible, foul shooter. Well, was like forty percent shooter and then he went to shooting from between his legs and was ninety eight percent sure, but it wouldn't do it. You wouldn't do it because he was afraid he looked silly. Anyway, I was really into the story. Walkin, along with my dog, when Freddy stopped and took an enormous crap right there on the corner of Scott and Lombard, so I picked up his poop, obviously, and as I pick I wondered if Malcolm Gladwell had any idea that I was picking up doll, crap well listening to a story. I somehow doubt it which is a long way of saying. I have no idea what you're doing. I'm just glad that your listening and I hope, You'll join me in thanking
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ology was simple. They pose one hundred twenty five literary geniuses and ask them to submit their top ten picks, then They combined all one hundred twenty five lists to determine the collective top ten at the very top of that list. Is a novel by LEO Tolstoy called Anna Corentin. I happen: onus novel. In fact, I'm looking at a right now, it's a big book, eight hundred and sixty four pages and according to websites that track such things, the average reader should be to complete it in fifteen hours I put this out, because I've owned Anna Karenina for as long as I can remember, but I've never actually read it because, like you, I don't the time to read and eight hundred and sixty four page book written in eighteen, seventy seven, but then I stumbled across The story of a twenty
Five year old, deputy sheriff in North Dakota, who was awakened one morning in eighteen eighty six to discover that his boat had been stolen. The boat in question was worth about thirty Alors not an insignificant sum in eighteen, eighty six, but not enough for a normal deputy to drop everything in chase. Three armed bandits down the little Missouri River, but this particular deputy was not entirely normal? You didn't care, for instance, that the attempt Future outside his log cabin was ten degrees. You didn't care pursuing the thieves would require him to build another boat from scratch. You didn't care that the little Missouri River was jammed with breaking ice or that Navid. Eating downstream, would be very, very dangerous. All he cared about was getting his boat back and punishing the men who took it and so, when he finished building
a new boat in which to pursue the thieves, the young deputy pact bag with some food, a camera a journal, a book, and lots of extra ammunition for his trusty Winchester? Then he enlisted Hope of two ran chance to accompany him and went off to find the thief who stole his boat. The next three days were difficult and best described by the deputy himself took the time to write about the many obstacles they encountered, beginning with the ice quote. It moved slowly. He wrote its front form a high crumbling wall and creaming over like an immense breaker on the seashore along, with the shifting ice and treacherous currents the men were ensue, country and the Sioux Indians in eighteen. Eighty six were not exactly thrilled with white people plus the deputy ever knew when they might stumble upon the thieves downriver, who would know
not react poorly to the sudden presence of local law enforcement, thus the deputy hatch, remain constantly vigilant when he found the bandits six days. After his boat was stolen tension were high again from the deputies journal, finally our watchfulness was rewarded for in the middle of the afternoon, as we came around the bend, we saw in front of us the stolen boat moored against the bank, while among the bushes some little way back the smoke of a campfire curled up through the frosty air. What happens next, it could become the screen play for a featured length, film, the deputy snakes, upon the thieves and quickly disarms them, at which point he has rewrite to shoot them on the spot or hang from the nearest tree, indeed, common sense and frontier justice demanded, but the deputy doesn't do either instead,
He takes the criminals to the nearest town for a proper trial. Unfortunately, the nearest town is different. A couple hundred miles down stream and the temperatures are still below freezing and the little Missouri River is still clogged with ice, and the Indians are still a constant worry. The next eight d Today's, whereas irksome as any I ever spent, he wrote for there is very little amusement in binding the functions of sheriff with those of an arctic explorer. Low on supplies and slowly freezing to death. The deputy might have reconsidered his plan and strong. The thieves up as his men encouraged him to do. But now the deputy doubled on his strategy, believing he can better time on foot. He instructs his men to continue down river in the boats, while he escorts all three prison,
Here's the Dickinson on foot and by himself. This is where the story gets interest because Dickinson is at least forty hours away straight through the Dakota Badlands and the temperatures are still below freezing. And the Indians are still a constant worry and the deaf he is now outnumbered by three criminals, we would very much like to kill him we plotted through the dreary landscape. He wrote day after day hunger, cold and Fatigue struggling with a sense of dogged weary resolution knights were especially difficult, because I couldn't bound the prison there's for doing so in those temperatures would have met freezing off. Of hands and feet. So I said, We stayed awake reading, while keeping the prisoners at all times with the Winchester fine,
after an exhausting three day March, with no sleep and very little food, the deputy reached the main street of Dickinson, where he turned his cap it's over to the local sheriff in his journal, we can still read his final entry. Under the laws of Dakota. I received my fees as a deputy sheriff for making three arrests. And compensation for the three. Rid miles travelled a total of some fifty dollars. It's impossible to read the deputies words and not be struck by his incredible determination and resolve, but am also struck by the photos he took the journal. He kept and most of all by the book he brought along to pass the time. Can you picture and exhausted deputy sitting by a camp fire night after night. His true, De Winchester trained on three unbound
desperadoes as he plows, through all eight hundred sixty four pages of LEO Tolls, Magnum Opus, of course, you're already familiar with the biography of this famous deputy. You know he never went anywhere without a book. Even when he was settling the frontier winning spanish american war, hunting, big game in Africa or mapping unchartered rivers in South America, but his ability to read eight hundred sixty four pages of LEO Tolstoy Magnum Opus, while marching three criminals across the badlands of North Dakota. While that is without precedent, My favorite true story about the incomparable. The determination of our twenty sixth president's the one and only Teddy Roosevelt which is a long way of saying. Maybe I
time to read out a gorilla after all, anyway, that's the way I heard it hey there. It's me again. This is the way I talked about the way I heard it. The only spy tiny. Its analysis of the only part cares for the curious, my where the shortest censured span. Many of you, maybe five have asked me to talk a little bit at the end of each episode about the circumstances that lead to its writing, and initially this struck me as a terrible idea, because I was doing it already. You know at the top of each other so but upon
Further reflection, I had to admit that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to tell you why I wrote a story that you haven't heard yet so I thought perhaps I would free associated for a couple of moments to satisfy that request and see in general if this is a colossal waste of time or of more than five or six, if you actually like a book to pass the time was inspired. Initially by a quote. I stumbled across from David Mcculloch, who you have a great writer, many many many great history books, atoms in particular, I loved well. He said he said if Teddy Roosevelt could read Anna Karenina while he was chasing
down three boat thieves? I oughta be able to finish ATLAS shrugged or whatever was he was talking about, and I remember, but I I don't know what he was talking about regarding Teddy Roosevelt, whose one of my favorite president's I did, research by research, I mean you know I hopped on Google and sure enough found the basics of the story. I just shared with you that really happened back when Teddy Roosevelt was a deputy sheriff and I was struck by that story and then a kind of forgot about it, as I often do until I was on a plane a few weeks later, flying God knows where sitting next to a guy about my age who was halfway through James Missionaries, Tom called Chesapeake and struck up a conversation with them, because I had to laugh, everybody around us was fixated on their laptops. Their kindles, their ipads there
ipods, he was the only guy on the whole play with the book, and we started talking about that and the commitment it takes to read a book. These days that size. Why you're on the road waste ten pounds is travelling with it all over the place, and so that reminded me of the quote from a collar and then I went home that night. I I sat down and I thought is there a way to turn this into the way I heard it and that's when I saw Anna Corentin staring at me from my shelf and that's when I googled to see what the experts deemed the greatest novel ever written and wouldn't you know it was Akerana. So that's how the story came together. You know no two stories come together in the same way, but this happened. Because of the typical boulier bases of things, hot mess of circumstances, seemingly unrelated, then all of a sudden started to take shape and then make sense.
And then I just started writing and then I recorded, and then you listen to it and that's how it happened. I'm sorry doesn't happen more frequently. Many of you have also pointed out, and by many this time I actually mean lots of you that the inconsistency with which this podcast unfolds has become something between disappointing and vexing. My words, not you
and for that I can only apologize, I'm going to go into that, but I am going to bring this probably doomed experiment to a conclusion that sell episode. One forty eight got written by the way. I did not take the opportunity to thank watering once again and invite you to go to war. Very dotcom. Slash might see what I did there. That's right. I just gave the sponsor some additional love, but, as you will recall, these really are my friends over wool varying and our work ethic scholarship programme really is being supported by them and, speaking of that, if you'd like to apply for a work ethic scholarship do it. I have about six hundred and fifty thousand dollars at my disposal right now, I'm trying to get
The way to people who, like learning, skill or master trade, apply at micro works, dot, org and get yourself twenty dollars off on a new pair of wool varying boats over there will ring that come slash like this has been the first and quite possibly last episode of the way I talked about the way I earned it. The only spontaneous analysis of the only pod cast for the curious mind with a short censured span, adopting Ex weak, probably,
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