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Episode 152: They Had Their Way With Her

2020-03-10 | 🔗

Or did they...

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Hey guys. Micro- and this is the way I heard the only podcast for the curious mine with a short attention span- note occurs to me- that I have said that exact phrase, one hundred and fifty two times over the last three. Half years or so. I know this because This is episode number one hundred and fifty two of the way I heard it and it's called they had their way with her. They had their way with her. How do I know they had their way with her? Well, I don't I wasn't there. You see, that's why the podcast is called the way. I heard it not the way was not the way it happened. Mayst continually amaze these days by the certainty with which people speak about the has as though they got into a time machine and went back personally to bear witness to events. Why is it
the people worked so hard to sound so positive about things they couldn't have possibly seen for themselves amazed. To me. Maybe it's because the times themselves, or so uncertain and divided we're surround by unreliable sources and fake news and dubious links that take us to all kinds of Streetable places on the vast world wide web. Anybody, it seems, can make a claim and find some support evidence and then go out there and shout from the rooftops that that's that It happened. Well, I'd want to be one of those people this The way I heard at the store you're about to here is true. In other words, as far as I know too extent that I am able to share the facts but I found and spin up a little bit with my own observations and an attempt to make it somehow
relevant for the times we live in. That's what these stories are, and I feel duty bound to point that out from time to time, because I'm told we have many new listeners to the podcast, if you're among them welcome is the way I heard it, which means you'll have to decide if they had their way with her now by contrast if I were to say, for instance, the way I heard it recruiter really is the smartest way to hire. You might say: oh ok, well, he's reading copy and the truth is. I have some coffee in front of me right here, because it recruiters sponsoring this episode and theirs. Things. They like me to say they like me to tell you that they are. The smartest way to higher, but not telling you that, because it's the way, I heard it, I'm telling you because I actually know it. I don't need a time machine to go back a couple of years. I've been using their protruded personally.
People working at Micro works right now, if I found through zip recruiter, they really work. So when I tell you the four out of five employers who posted job once it recruiter, get equality candidate within the first day, again, that's not the way. I heard it, even though it says so right here The way it was for me- and I bet that's the way- will be for you as well. It's free posted job for free at zip, recruiter, dot, com, Slash r, o w e blue collar white collar, big companies. Small companies are trying to hire. You know what a pain in the neck it is Zapruder does a lot of things to make it vastly so. Or I could read through all of it, but I'm not going to because they are the smartest wait a higher and that's not the way. I heard it that's the way it is. I cannot answer precluded outcomes. Lash r, O doubled,
this. On the other hand, this is the way I heard it specifically. They had their way with her. Before she changed her name and became one of them. The Areas with the dark hair and the smouldering gaze, never imagined she'd, be robbing banks, shooting machine guns or winding up on the FBI's most wanted list, but now a month after the abduction, her dad a steely I'd business man if there ever was one refuse to meet her kidnappers demands, leaving his little girl at the mercy of the men who took her the sound of a key and sir did into the lock alerted the young heiress to the arrival of another unwelcome visitor. She held her breath ass. Her captain open the door and enter The tiny room like the others
He was unshaven dressed and paramilitary garb? He was a soldier, a soldier in an army The promised liberation for all your father. Is a stubborn man, the soldier said, or maybe Meda I want you back You considered that, though painful to contemplate. The young heiress had in fact consider that very thing and the soldier knew it smiling. He slow He approached her cot and took a seat, beside her, his teeth were crooked. His breath was foul bits of food. We're stuck in his scraggly beard. What pray tell are going to do with you today. How do you suppose, we pass the time young heiress knew the question was rhetorical, they would ban the time today the same way they pass the time yesterday and the day, for that and the day for that
She was there hostage after all to do with ass, they pleased and so the soul had his way with her? Specifically, he talked to her for hours on end He talked about a more just society and the righteousness of the army. He served. He talked about liberation for all dangers of wealth and the great work wisdom of there. Fallible leader. In short, he forced his ideas upon her and when finished? He left the. Young heiress alone, with her thoughts. And that's when it happened sometime, in the wake of that on welcomed, visitation the young heiress finally realised at her abduction had been a gift, a gift that prompted her to change her name and become one of them. A fellow soldier in an army that price
most liberation for all decades later, people still believe her conversion was a ruse a deliberate section to end the daily indoctrination mothers below if her transformation was there out of the Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological collapse whereby certain captives under extreme duress begin to. But thighs with their captors it certainly seems possible, but remember before she changed her name and became one of them. This air is never imagined. She'd, be big banks, shooting machine guns, were winding up on the FBI's most wanted list because in her world, There were no such things. To imagine banks to rob. No machine guns to fire, and now, FBI to catch the bad guys, perhaps you're thinking of that other young heiress, with the dark
hair and the smouldering gaze, the one who kidnapped by that their army of fanatics obsessed with liberation, who demanded a hefty ransom from another wealthy father. As you might recall, his name was rent off and he to refuse to pay his daughters, ransom. You sold that some say drove Patty Hearst to change her name to Tanya, and start robbing banks with the symbol, Liberation Army. For her involvement with this, unsavory army, Patty Hearst, was sentenced to thirty five years in jail, but thanks to Flee, Baileys Insistence that his client had been brainwashed by her abductors Jimmy Carter? muted her sentence Bill Clinton issued of pardon and today, Patty Hearst, is the poster child for the Stockholm, syndrome. But what about
other areas with the dark hair and the smouldering gaze the one abducted by that other army obsessed. With liberation, the daughter of that other, steely I'd business man, the other young girl, who turned her back on a life of privilege and changed her name to Rebecca. Was she like Patty First, also a victim of the Stockholm syndrome. Did she really adopt the beliefs of her abductors or did Rebecca simply pretend to convert in order to stop that Ellie Indoctrination for centuries later opinions, still vary some believe her baptism was the risk all too often take spiritual conversion? Others believe he was brainwashed by the soldiers who had their way with her, the christian soldiers who slowly and methodical
converted her to their religion. No one for sure, but it's worth, noting that today Kirk christian name. Rebecca does not appear on the headstone atop. Her final resting place in the cemetery of Saint Georgia's church. Instead, the grave of if powhatans only daughter is more by the name she answered to before she became one of them. The name. We remember her by today, Pocahontas anyway. That's the way I heard it So what do you think. Did they have their way with her. She seems like it. I mean what he kidnapped somebody, you were pretty much have away with them automatically write me take their liberty. This is
I talked about the way I heard it. The only spontaneous analysis of the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span, wherein I examined the circumstances that prompted me to write the story you just heard. In this case I wrote they had their way with her because Donald Trump Card Liz Warren Pocahontas, it's true throughout the whole truth but that was the UN's that was inciting incident that inspired the story. Donald Trump called Lose Warren the hunters over and over and over and over and over and over again until he essentially redefined her. I dont know Anybody will ever look at Elizabeth, worn again and not think of Pocahontas. It's pretty incredible now,
I suppose you could look at it. The other way to and say, Elizabeth Warren kidnapped the identity of the Cherokee people and made it her own and then told the american people that she was something she wasn't over and over and over and over and over and over again. I guess it depends upon which side of the Isle you you sit on, but in the end, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race last week and when that happened, it made me think about the importance of authenticity and what happens when you play with your own identity in the public eye. And if you, if you get too far ahead of your skis, Woe unto the somebody we'll come alone. If you don't to find yourself somebody or come along and do it for you, I think that's what happened. I think Elizabeth Warren Wilder campaign collapse for a variety of reasons, but
somewhere near the top of the list has to be a conspicuous lack of authenticity or the perception of a conspicuous lack of authenticity in politics. I think there's any difference right, so that was the the current event that remain it may of this story that had been brought to me a year ago by a terrific writer named Dan Piper bring Dan was the guy that pointed out these remarks. Couple commonalities and coincidences an juxta. Positions between two seemingly disparate kidnappings that occurred four hundred years apart. Then in fact had more in common than not and I started. Reading about Pocahontas learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know and then reoccurring myself with the details of the Paddy Hearst kidnapping, and I had to agree this amazing. Fundamentally, the
sorry I wrote was the story about abduction of kidnapping, but it's also about a change of identity and what might happen to you were forcibly taken from everything you know. How do you make that or how do you move on? In many cases, people simply become something new now, patties case she was taken by a creep named Donald to freeze, I believe his name was. He ran the Symphonies Liberation Army back and nineteen. Seventy four. Snatched Patty when she was just nineteen years old from Berkeley tied her up blindfold her through her closet, kept her there for a while told her he's going to kill her day after day according to Patty at the trial. She testified that they did have their way with her and the biblical Of the word in every sense of the word now, opinions vary their some conflicting accounts, but whatever they took her, they held her again
against her will they visited her every day and they told her over and over and over and over and over and over again what they wanted her to believe in what they wanted her to think. Did it really take, or did she just become Tanya in order to keep herself alive insane? I dont know I wasn't there, which is whites. Perfect topic for the week. I heard it saw the way it happened. It's the way I heard it so I dont want to over reach either. But the process by which Patty became Tanya is no less interesting than the process by which Pocahontas became Rebecca. That free who took her his name was our gall John, our God. He was a colonists and he snatched her away from her family, which she was I think she was sixteen years old back in one thousand. Six hundred and thirteen just took her, took her put her on a boat locker below decks and he's
It had her every day, every single day, day after day telling her the same things over and over and over and over and over and over again trying to convert her to his view of the world. Did it really work? Did she, We embrace the saving, love of Jesus Christ and convert to Christianity or did she just say: ok enough already I'll be Rebecca. What do you want me to do how to say also interesting. According to the oral histories the well, it said that they have their way with Pocahontas as well in the biblical sense of the word. Don't know if it's true wasn't there, but whether they did or whether they didn't they certain their way with her. So there was always a story there. I just didn't get.
Round to writing it until something really Kanab jogged me, and when with Warren dropped out of the race that fascinated me and, as I thought, about the collapse of her campaign, I was reminded of the collapse of her identity or her efforts to rephrase herself as someone new or some lunch. Wasn't or Donald Trump attempts to shine a light on all of that and just turn the screws over and over and over and over and over and over again, until millions of people look at Elizabeth Warrant and see poke on us. Just as many people look to poke honest and saw Rebecca and others looked at Patty Hearst and SALT Tanya identities fragile things as our names more important than we think, but nothing more important this day and age, then authenticity and all
Thirdly, I think that's why the campaign in question just collapsed, fake news on reliable sources right, we're sorry, the by all of that, and I think we have the patience for any ambiguity, those were the ideas, the themes, the bully the base, the hot mess of stuff that was running around my brain pan. When I sat down to right, when you just heard a hope, you liked it to write another one tomorrow and I'll be back in a week to discuss the whys and wherefores of that when, as well till then great week by the way of the MIKE Rowe works, work ethic scholarship still available, giving away a million dollars between now and the end of March. Go get some go, get some. It micro works, dot. Org. Thank you, bye.
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