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Episode 153: An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

2020-03-17 | 🔗

The player loved to play... but on this particular occasion--he chose the wrong playmate.

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Hey guys my grow, and this is the way I heard it. The only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span, This is episode number one, fifty three and it's called an offer they couldn't refuse at offer. They couldn't refuse, speaking of which I just got an offer that I couldn't refuse courtesy of the city of San Francisco, who instructed me
to remain in my domicile for the next three weeks. I am quarantined, or maybe maybe sequestered. I don't even know. If there's a difference, the exact turn of phrase. Let me find it. I am required to quote shelter in place until April. Seventh, it's ok! You know what I was more or less self quarantine anyway for the next two weeks. I just got back from Vegas two days ago, or I spoke at the construction expo and met about a hundred thirty thousand construction workers from all over the world, most of whom want to shake my hand but settled for a fist. Bumper,
sensible elbow tap still pretty much had been bathing in pure Ellen, scrubbing my hands raw with disinfectants, open Lang low anyway, but now it looks like I'll, be here at the kitchen table until the seventh of April typing stories and catching up on Facebook and making the most of it. I hope you're, making the most of your situation whatever. That may be a kind of feels to me. It feels like the country is going through the Kubler Ross, five stages of grief. You know, except we're all going through a different speeds. Some people are angry. Some people are depressed.
People are still in denial, some people are bargaining and others have accepted the fact that things are gonna be different for a while now get around it. Things are going to be different for a while, but you know what they will. They will get back to normal sooner or later they always do, and this won't be an exception. Zip recruiters sponsoring the story about two here, along with the entire pod cast this month. Thank you like either stand. I understand if you own, a company hiring might not be top of mind right this particular moment, but we'll get through this, and when we do
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and gin joint a familiar fixed. The tourist might encounter on any given weak night ass? He worked his way through his habitual bottle of vodka. He was also A legendary ladies man and on this particular evening he had his eye on a beautiful brunette at the far end of the bar good, I boss, who She Eddie was a natural wingman, big fella, who had bailed out his boss more than once haven't. Seen around the player said, I think I remembered I guess so said: Eddie her friends now so bad either sitting next to the brunette. The shapely blonde. That was right up eddies alley. Maybe they were a package deal the player, pivoted slightly on his stool and waited for the brunette to look over. It was only a matter of time. They always looked over. Because they could always sense.
His gaze a warm and friendly gaze with a hint of mischief that made him. According to one of his son, RO wives, positively charismatic, the brunette looked over right on cue, dark eyes: full lips, a tight Red dress, with a plunging neckline, the player threw back his head, vodka sour and lip the cigarette from his fourth pack of the day, the confidence booze out of him like the smoke, the trail from his nostrils as he struck to the far end of the bar radiating need blend of irresistible in science sublime urbanity and midwestern charm Eddie followed a few feet B, nine large and clumsy in comparison ass. They approached the bridge that laughed and said. Well, isn't this a surprise? I plan on seeing you both tonight, but not here, Eddie stood behind the player.
Smiling broadly Are you saying you like to watch the brunette arched than eyebrow brow but said nothing, forgive my sidekick said the player. He sometimes forgets that I take care of the jokes, nothing to forgive said the brunette I do like to watch. I mean really, who doesn't the player smiled and offered the brunetta cigarette she accepted. Then he pulled flame for MID air lady her cigarette with some practiced sleight of hand. The girls were delighted. You have quick hands, the blonde Are you a magician too? I dabble said the boy I imagine you do said the brunette. Any other tricks up. Your sleeve well said the player its ambitious, but I bet I could make that dress of yours disappear, Eddie marveled at the way his boss could get away with anything a lot of men respect.
Really after seven vodkas hours would sound o fish and creepy with that kind of talk the player. Was this charming ass? He was shameless. Of course. It's not the sort of track. I can attempt here in jellies, but my penthouse is just down the street. About the four of us grab a nightcap there, maybe I'll but you pull a rabbit out of my hat turning to Jelly Rizzo. Who watched at all? all unfold from behind his bar, the men appeared from nowhere for large gentle of italian descent, two of them pushed Eddie to decide the other two yank. The player off his stool dragged him out the door and through him down a flight of stairs, at which point they begin and the time honoured process of kicking him to death? Apparently the brunette,
in the red dress. Was the groom are of a local wiseguy, a powerful figure in the Colombo Crime family who took umbrage at the players overtures toward his bosses, mistress, luckily Julie had the respect of the mob, many of whom, like too frequent his establishment, Julie ran down the stairs and persuaded the italian gentlemen to spare one of his very best customers, fine said the wise guy. He don't have to die here, but make no mistake. He's gonna die. This punk is a dead man. Walking so the player awakened the next morning to battered and bruised to go to work and to scared to leave his apartment. Eddie told the president of and be see that the mafia had taken a contract out on his boss. It was almost so incredible to believe, but when the terrified player failed to report to work for three can
secular days it became that something would have to be done, and so David Tebbit upon full executive at NBC. Call George would a powerful agents. At William Morris George, would then called a shady guy who knew, and even shady or guy and before Long Joseph Colombo himself head one of New York's infamous five families was on the phone with envy see executives discussing Future of the lake This man currently marked for murder. It was not. There I of call a mob boss would typically take, but, as it turns out, NBC had something the joke: Colombo wanted exposure. You see Colombo had recently formed an anti death. Mason group called the-
italian American Civil Rights League, it stated purpose, was to quote combat pejorative. Stereo types about italian Americans and Colombo was try to get the media to cover their first annual rally. But, of course the press knew the are American Civil Rights League was in fact a shameless attempt by unknown mobster to portray the Mafia victims, victims of discrimination and stereotyping, obviously no respectful news organization would agree to cover a pro italian rally that was in reality a parade subsidized by the mob, but NBC was desperate needed there, star player back on the job and the mob needed some friendly press. So the network made the mob an offer
they couldn't refuse in exchange for the nullification of a hit on their star player and. See agreed to report on the italian American Civil Rights League, as if they were a legitimate organization, and so on June, twenty Eightth nineteen seventy when a parade of mobsters marched through the streets of New York and B C news covered the event as if it were an off Authentic celebration of honest, hard working, italian Americans and not some random assemblage of sicilian thugs. In return, Joseph Colombo, remove the name of a certain ladies man from that weeks. List of people scheduled to be whacked. Thus, the player who everybody loved to watch was back on stage with Eddie, enchanting. His eight million nightly viewers with a unique blend of Iraq.
Double insouciance sublime energy and midway. Turn charm such work the enduring assets of the amateur magician from the Brass CUP, who almost made his own life disappear when he shouted up the wrong girl, a very close indeed for a wing man named Eddie, Mack man who I've been out of a job at the mob, fulfilled the hit on his boss, the undisputed king of late night and a real player named Johnny Carson anyway. That's the way I wired.
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