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Episode 161: Excess Baggage

2020-06-23 | 🔗

A helicopter filled with evacuees tries to get off the ground as the shooting intensifies.  What could possibly go wrong?  

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Hello, friends, micro here with greetings and salutations. This is the way I heard it. The only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span, you have found episode one sixty one, this one's called excess baggage access baggage. You got any. I bet you do. We all do many of us Many of us have found ourselves more than once checking onto a flight only to be told. No sorry, sir. Sorry, man, your baggage, is excessive. You not carrying on more and more, it seems the airlines are cracking down on access baggage, maybe the baggage you're. Thinking of what I say. Excessive refers to the stuff in your attic or your basement. Or your garage, or maybe
therein your noggin, maybe its emotional baggage. Many of us walking around with excessive emotional concerns here of late. It seems. I think I think the thing that was on my mind when I wrote the story was the the Middle one, the stuff that accumulates in the nooks and crannies of our homes. Irony Amber living at Westchester Pennsylvania back in eighteen? Eighty two: I was working for Kubi C and living at a time Old House, with lots of extra room, which means I accumulated lots of extra stuff stuff- I really didn't need and stuff that was ultimately contributing to a growing sense of anxiety and restlessness and they got a panic attack. One evening when I was just feeling tracked, you know I came home from night, I left the television on and I heard a voice in the other room. It was Tony Robins giving one of his motivational speeches. He was all
And up I don't know what he was going on about, but I walked in just in time to hear him say and that's why the more things you own, the more things own you and I thought well, is it a profound. I do love you made that up or if he was quoting somebody, but I took it to heart and the next we can. I had a yard sale sold everything I could gave the rest of it away quit my job and spent the next ten years working in my chosen field, freelancing wandering wandering the earth like cane in Kung FU, with little more than a knapsack at a single bag it was a time in my life when I had no access baggage and it felt great today, of course, now here I am again, gotta House got some room got some stuff. I probably don't need some excessive stuff. What about you? That's the question to ponder, as you listen to the story, I'm about.
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sounds like a dozen. The movies Jean thinks, and he would know what to do anguished flying crosses a bronze star, and region of merit, Jean Boyer, is the poorest, Modification of courage under fire, but this flight is different. This time victory is not an option as the whole country. He looks on watching in disbelief as the evacuees he's crowd into the back of his v three seeking pop pop pop after the site Jeanne can see the morning sun gleaming off the barrels as the shooters reload behind him more people climb into the big bird some weep and Jean. Feels their pain, they're, leaving her forever better than the alternative, but still the tragedy of the moment, is a palpable thing, so too is the plight of those about to be left Behind, because this is the last flight out, the final piece
of a full blown retreat moments before a complete and total collapse. Pop pop up Jeanne keeps his eyes on the crew chief and wait. For the wheels up signal he's distracted, however, not only by the shooting, but by the sight of one particular evacuees slowly climbing a board. This man doesn't look beaten, nor does he appear resigned. In fact, this man turns face his enemies raises both arms and extends the middle fingers if each hand and defiant gesture that needs no translation, then or now. Pop pop pop genus impressed the balls on this guy, to stand there in the line of fire, smiling no less daring, his enemies to take their best shot incredible. Finally,
the last evacuees enters the overloaded helicopter. The crew chief gives wheels up signal and boy or waste no time he pulls back on the stick gently and works the petals at his feet. Slowly, the mighty beast begins to hover and then lumber too words. The tree line a hundred years away, but then something goes wrong. A sudden lurch, an unexpected spin a terrible groaning, sound that makes genes heart skip. It beat as the rear of the chopper dips back toward the ground too much baggage, yells Jane too much goddamned baggage. Unbeknownst to Jean the evacuees had come out early that morning and load their possessions into his cargo hold too many possessions, as it turns out now Jeanne whose endanger a flipping the bird
but Lieutenant Colonel Jean Boyer does not panic. He simply does what he's done. Countless times over the battlefields of Korea in Vietnam. He pulls back on the controls and shifts thrust to the rear. Groaning intensifies, the airframes shudders shutters, but slowly. The big bird begin and to write itself as the acquiesce sit silently behind him white with fear hundred yards up in the air Jean can no longer here the shots, but down on the girl. And he can see the late morning, sun glinting off the barrels, the barrels of their many lenses. There's Bobby Four from CBS pop built, there's from life magazine pop pop. Even a young, any liebowitz from rolling stone, pop pop up cameras They never sound like they do in the movies
and they rarely capture the truth of the moment, not the whole truth anyway, because if you look back, at the many photographs taken on that fateful morning, you won't find any photograph the evidence of that terrifying near Miss If you listen to the sound on the video, you won't hear dreadful groaning that followed the take off on that historic flight. Thanks The gene skill in the cockpit history has forgotten just how close that fund flight came to ending a disaster, and just- close. The country two to enduring another national, embarrassment. What we member instead. Is that one final gesture captured for posterity on that fateful day in countless photographs pop up, you know the gesture
arms, outstretched middle fingers extended tall and proud right next to the index, fingers which were also extended and blade alongside a defiant gesture, it needed no translation, then or now, and so with a double v for victory, Jeanne boilers, notorious passenger, told his enemies in the press corps precisely what he thought of them before were leaving the White House long for the last time in the back of a view three seeking they called army, one the presidential helicopter, a very big bird, dangerously overloaded on that particular day, with the weight of a doomed administration and the excess back
judge of Washington DC, most famous evacuees Richard Nixon anyway. That's why I heard.
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