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Episode 166: A Disaster in the Kitchen

2020-08-04 | 🔗

Seriously, her cakes were downright repulsive!

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Hey, guys, Micro. Here it's the way I heard it. The only podcast curious mind with a short attention span, episode number one: sixty six good grief, one sixty six of these tales. Now officially in the can, this one is called a disaster in the kitchen. I just asked her in the kitchen who pray tell with this disaster in the kitchen, be that's up to you to find out I'll give you a hint. I wrote the story to coincide with a famous anniversary that we celebrate every year around this time in August. I don't want to tell you would the anniversary is that would be too big of a hint I'll. Tell you after the podcast. I will tell you now, however, that the title for the story came from a nickname that I myself and. Lloyd once upon a time
I say enjoy I mean endured. I was referred to affectionately as a d I k and disaster in the kitchen. After a day of a notable mishap during my cue BC days, this would have been in eighteen. Ninety lay one evening. I was feeling and forgot Bob Bower socks who hosted a irregular show for Cubey, see called in the kitchen with Bob and his loyal viewers were no doubt surprise to find MIKE and Bob's Kitchen and EP tickler evening, demonstrating demonstrating cook where they give. You see day, Butte a new line, a cook where, back in those days called t fall. It was coated with this non. Stick surface called Polly Tetra floor ethylene. It's just a fancy word I think, for em for tat long anyway. My job and selling this cook, where was, of course, to demonstrate it
Everybody on Cuba. Sea has to cook. You know when you do in these kitchen shows these cooking show. So I had I had an omelet going on the right burner and I had the pancakes gone in the middle and some chicken frequency caught in a big skill. It all coated with checkered floor. Athlean things are going pretty well and then I got distracted. I went to the other side of the set to do with the thing cameras. Of course, you're still rolling flames broke out. I think it was the omelette that ultimately went up in flames. First, don't know why, but it did flame spread pretty quickly roll of paper towels little too close to the stovetop that spread to a towel which spread to a a bag of sugar and well, it all went. It the document very bad, very quickly. The way disasters often do product coordinators ran out with the fire extinguishers that was fire retardants foam
like through the air anyway, no harm done, I mean you can still watching on Youtube. I think most of my misadventures on pvc were categorized in those days and chronicled and can now be viewed to my horror but dumb ever Hence they called me a disaster in the kitchen, and I remembered that moniker and I thought it fit well for the tale you're about to hear speak in a short stories. Dylan Miss go it's you know his deal over cafe I'll tour of Europe, but we don T historians right here, along with hundreds of others, zip recruiter sends in too many people who have gone. Is it protruded, dotcom, slash row Dylan, Mr Wurtz. He was looking out for a d I k, but for Addio see a director of coffee cafe I'll Torres one of those organic coffee companies, and he knew I dont even know that such a thing as a director, of course, to tell you the truth, I mean who did mean he's a c o o Dylan. As I know what that is, but a see, there's an acronym for everything these days, but he needed he needed
good director of coffee, and you know how the story goes. You went to Sir protruded outcomes, Lash Rony posted his job and he did it for free and in no time he was David was quality candidates. That's the way it that's the way it works. Not do also used zip recruiters candidate rating feature to filter is applicants, so he could focus on the most relevant ones first, but in the end he found his Dios interest a couple of days, which is why it's no wonder that four out of five employers who post on zip recruiter dotcom, get equality candidate through the site within the first day day, it's freezing recruiter, dot com. Slash row, don't forget that part for crying out loud. Otherwise, your success story won't be in my pile of happy customers, recruiter, dot com, Slash r, O W E. This is the way I heard it more specifically. It's a disaster in the kitchen.
At twenty nine years of age, but Williams was in no way afflicted with the domestic Jean a self proclaimed disaster in the kid and she had no desire to marry, become a housewife or have children which he craved was adventure. So when the jam, and he's bombed Pearl harbor. She immediately volunteered for the wax the women's army. Core sorry said. The recruitment officer you're too tall too tall Mc William said, to solve, for what? How short does one have to be to fight for her country? The recruitment officer had shrugged regulations, he said you're too tall for the army So Mc Williams turned to the Navy and applied to the waves women accepted for violence. Tier emergency services felt taller. You asked the recruitment officer six to lick Williams, replied,
Sorry MA, am you do it's all for the navy? You gotta be joking. She said no MA. Am your definitely too tall. Sorry frustrated, but determined Mc Williams applied to the CIA back when they were so calling it the o s ass, the office of strategic service is accepted her application and found her to be perfectly qualified, in spite of her height after you Europe Secretarial Work, she was promoted to a researcher and then and overseas intelligence worker, with top security clearance. Before long she was in the Pacific Theatre, Handling sensitive communiques between various allied leaders then Just as an exciting career began to unfold agent. Mc Williams was assigned to the special projects division where she.
Was handed a list of ingredients and told to start baking, cakes, cakes. She said you gotta, be joking. Captain I'm not inclined to joke about the morale of our sailors and airman said: Captain Coolidge, haven't you seen the papers? It's a bloodbath out. Their Mc Williams had in fact in the papers and she understood the gravity of the problem. The war in the Pacific really was a bloodbath every day. I knew it back one more horrific than the next, but did anyone really? Think troop morale could be improved with thousands of individual cakes. Apparently, Captain Coolidge did each cake. This measure three inches in diameter. He instructed no more, no less. They must fit snugly into a. Why
Air Mesh Box of the same size and contain any or all of the approved ingredients. Your task he continued is to determine the most repelling combination. Do you think you can manage that, but William Side and nodded not exactly the adventure she had hoped for, but orders were orders so age. Mc Williams began experimenting with the ingredients she'd been given and testing the results. It was difficult.
Time consuming work and Captain Coolidge was never satisfied with the results. Twenty percent repelling unacceptable. Try again, thirty percent repelling acceptable. Try again forty percent repelling, that's unacceptable, try again, and so she did back to the kitchen again and again searching for just the right recipe. No Mc Williams, fifty percent repelling well cut it. Try again. Finally, agent Mc Williams baked cake. Was truly repulsive hard, small and black. It look like a hockey puck and contained an unholy combination of black die, copper, acetate, organic acid and decayed flesh when it is all
water. Sixty percent of those tested were visibly repelled, not perfect, but close enough for government work, and so on April thirteenth. Eighteen, forty three, the o S, S announced a scientific break through a cake whose purpose was not to be eaten by people, but rather to keep people from being eaten overnight. Demand for the first government issued shark repellent went through the roof. The army wanted them. The name He wanted them. The Marines wanted them. For the first time, men awaiting rescue and the shark infested Pacific Ocean had a measure of
protection against Hungary, sharks, a small cake in a mesh box that dangled from their life tests and dissolved in seawater did they work. Did Mc Williams, repulsive recipe really repel ravenous sharks, that's hard to say what we do know aside from some positive test results is that Mc Williams, little black cakes dramatically improved Marie and of course, we also know that this recipe was not her. Last because Julie, Mc Williams left the o s s and fell in love with a man named Paul, a sophisticated fellow with a deep love of the canary arts,
It was Paul who introduced his new wife to french wine, french food and most of all, french cooking. In fact, with Paul's encouragement, the woman who was too tall to fight for her country reached new heights on television paving the way Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Rachel re Bobby Flay Jamie Oliver Emerald legacy and every other celebrity chef, whose name might ring a bell today, such is, the legacy of the self described disaster in the kitchen, whose first recipe was so repelling. Not even a shark would eat it, a cook who towered, above all the others. Named Julia child anyway, that's the way I heard it
all right, then, did you figure it out? Julia child, please Tom! You know who she is Please tell me you're old enough to remember the legendary Julia child. I am, I hope, I doubt as possible, but She was alive back when baggage. Ninety ninety anyway, when I was haven't my own disaster in the kitchen, I like to think she was home watching the way talked about the way I heard at the early spontaneous analysis of the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span, wherein I plain to you the circumstances that led me to write the store you just heard. In this case the explanation will be short and sweet is very simple. The Firstly, I alluded to in my introduction, of course, is the thirties Can anniversary of shark weak unfolding next week? August? Ninth, I believe, on the discovery.
Chapter thirty two years shark week has been going on. I hosted a few. I hosted a few times back in two thousand six, where I was bit via several sharks in the course of testing. Our suit with Jeremy Sullivan dragged, I was to the bottom of the ocean and shaken like a tug toy. Very exciting day for me, I'm happy to report that the shark suit works. Germany is still living proof that guy's been bitten so many times many thousands of times Jerome I Sullivan he'll probably make an appearance during a shark week this year, I will not at least not visually unless they run small, dirty jobs, shark, weak episodes which they might they been run. That show a lot. Thank you by the way for those of you who watched are dirty jobs, road trip in July. That was great fun
really enjoyed say me old gang again, and I got a lot of nice letters and feedback from fans. The show lot of questions do about whether will reap boot, the franchise in general. That, of course of remains to be seen. We'll see what kind of cards the universe deals us Visa Venus. Corona this corona thing, but in the meantime, shark weak does began on the ninth of August, and I am narrating. I think the kick off show its look back at air jaws. You know all that great footage of sharks. Coming out of the water breaching you know, flying into the air, usually with a ceiling of I remember when they up when they discover
that phenomenon breaching and really started to film it with high speed. Photography was very, very big deal back in the day, and it still is so am, I can't believe it's August, unbelievable anyway August knife and other shark weak. Thirty, second anniversary. I thought I thought celebrating Juliet
I'll give you a good way to ring and shark week. You know, that's that's really how the hell the story happen. I want to write something for shark weak, but I didn't want it to be obvious, so I googled sharks and then I thought about repellent. I tested some shark repellent too, with a guy named Doc Gruber in Bimini years ago, so I started looking for stories about repellent and then I found the whole Julia child thing. I thought well there. It is that's the hook, a disaster in the kitchen who made inedible cakes, shark, cakes shark, repellent anyway, rather proud of myself about one hope you liked it check out our jaws. If you can't get enough of the sound and me talkin I'll, be doing that on the ninth of August and I'll be back next week with more this kind of thing have a good one.
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