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Episode 177: It's Thanksgiving! What the Chuck?!

2020-11-26 | 🔗

Mike sits down with his producer Chuck for a candid conversation about the future of The Way I Heard it.  Whiskey is sipped, decisions are made, life goes on.     

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So we're recording now and it's going to be three two one. How do I know if this is actually recording? Well, if you're looking at the little wave prints- and you see ups and downs, then that tells you that it's actually recording I'm seeing that are you seeing that well, you've just described my entire life, the way forms going up and ups and downs on a wave prove how it has twenty twenty treating you, Hi everybody, the voice, you're hearing it isn't mine, belongs to chuck closer the producer of this podcast. Some of you have heard him in the past and now all of
You are hearing them in the present chuck, say something interesting. Well, what are you drinking MIKE? I am drinking a little bit of rip Van Winkle made by our friends over at Pappy Van Winkle distillers of high quality bourbon. You might remember the fundraiser we did not too long ago for micro works where we auctioned off a bunch of Wolverine boots, didn't auction them off just made them available and people bought them. They bought yeah Pappy Van Van Winkle, the casks from their old bourbon barrels. You know they incorporated amenity, heel, stack and Wolverine made all these by hand and they donated them, and we sold three hundred pair raised one hundred and twenty grand for the foundation in two hours, which is fantastic, but I have to believe that people
Listening are wondering what have I stumbled into here, because I didn't hear the little music sting in the beginning. You know, and now there's two guys just chatting what what on like bold new world friends, first of all happy thanksgiving. That is our main goal. Chuck is up here in northern California, visiting with me for a couple of days he's the producer of the podcast, as as I mentioned, and as many of you know been trying been trying to figure out what to do. Little piece of real estate that you have so kindly allowed me to occupy for the last four years. In this little place, we like to call podcast Landia, that's exactly what we, because it's a place like no other awaits us in the media landscape. You know them the pod cast world. Obviously, as a is a thing and I've learned a lot, the last three or four years did know anything getting into them.
Neither of us now- but I know now that we are The number one short form podcast in the country, at least we were a couple years ago right, I don't know if we still anymore, any more way. The way I heard if we way, I heard it yes, but they're all getting longer too so they're getting longer they're getting longer and fans of this podcast know that a couple of weeks ago I I wrote a story called the trouble with one fifty I'm, which talked about a claim. I made an episode one. Fifty nine that Billy Martin Junior took exception, do and I wrote about the back and forth between Billy art and Jr and myself, and what that did to me in terms of impacting the way I think about this podcast and and what I would like to do with this space that the listeners, if so graciously allowed us to occupy you know, and it was. It started his kind of
weird existential examination of. Is this the right title you now and then I realized I was your thanksgiving was coming and my parents sixty wedding anniversary was right around the corner, I was gonna, be it will see him and what s birthday was day. for that. I wanna gonna be able to see him and the pandemic is still here and the lockdowns are still here and the experts disagree with each other and the journalists are at each other's throats and the politician can't be believe, and that I mentioned the pandemic is still here and the election. it isn't resolved and there's so much strong and Drang and divisiveness, and I just
realized. I was having a hell of a time. Writing anything cuz. Every time I sat down here by little keypad. The only thing that came out the other end was not a story for the curious mate. With short attention span. It was. It was something else you know, and so I I told the listeners that I wanted to let the world spin for a bit and think about what made sense and then, as you know, things blew up on my facebook page and hundreds of people you people came by and Ed very kindly encouraged me to continue doing this, and so it's really been an interesting relations between my buddy Chuck and I about what to do moving forward. We ve had this conversation multiple times many times this up several very long walks around your hood and a changes
but I think we settled on something have we not? I think we have the makings of a plan moving forward, but you know. I just want to say that it was. It's really been great writing short stories. It's really been fun, channeling Paul Harvey, and I dont want to stop doing that. You know Forever, but I gotta tell you: it's also been really instructive, listening to guys like Joe Rogan and comedians like Bilbil and some other podcast that I've stumbled across- and I admit I I envy I envy the form. You know where you can sit down with a friend or or of or an expert. A celebrity or just somebody, who's interesting, you know a worker and talk to them. You know like a human being, I just
I think that's something that I want to experiment with. If I can and so throw into the mix, you know the other practical realities of my ridiculous business right now, Chuck by the way works with me on a lot of different things. works, my foundation he's he's a critical part of, but he's also a recovering actor and- and it's just some great work on a serious that you're gonna be hearing a lot about in January, called six degrees, six degrees with micro and his old buddy chuck. This show is, has been sucking up a lot of our time and there's a terrible, rumor, that seems increasingly likely to be true that discovery once more dirty job and another rumour that that Facebook once more returning the favours,
and another rumour that TB and once more of somebody's gotta, do it or something like it. There's even a rumour that this podcast the way I heard it might very well be turned into a tv show. So this is all good news. Yes,. but it just means. You know in this weird zero sum game. I've only got so much time to do whatever it is. I can, and man writing takes time. Yes, it s, particularly for you it that look. It doesn't come easy it. If it brings me great joy, but it's never come easy and fundamentally, you know the way I heard it was supposed to be a narration project. It turned into a writing project and
not complaining at all, but part of the reason I think I felt so overwhelmed a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't that I got the story wrong. You know I didn't really. I mean I apologize to Billy Martin Jr, if I got it wrong, but the the reason that I wound up going down a rabbit hole was because in getting it not wrong. I created a problem anyway. You know I was out there essentially repeating a story and unconfirmed story passing on gossip to a certain degree. You know- and and that just really made me think a little bit more carefully through the lens of all the ambiguity we ve been talking about that the country's dealing with do we really need one more guy out there going. I could be wrong Probably em, but I mean that's,
the great things about the title. The way I heard it is that it it it's got forgiveness baked into it, meaning that you may not have it entirely right. Look for that reason, I'm not back away from the podcast. For that reason, the way I heard it is going to continue forward in a slightly different form, but look it's thanksgiving and I made a comment on Facebook a couple of days ago with regard to the coming lockdowns and with regard to our country's attitude towards safety, and don't worry, I'm not going to get political. I know it makes you nervous when I go down this particular road, but I was just thinking you know. One hundred and two pilgrims got in a eighty foot boat. You know so they could worship the way they wanted and they took a three thousand mile trip and half of them died on the way
And here we are, you know, living in this in this world where we're living is the only thing that matters where safety is the prime directive paramount it is you know, and so I've been writing about that- and I've been thinking about that, and you know when I, when I said that story when I, when I talked about the bass Thanksgiving story. I heard from people on my page saying well the way I heard it was a bunch of religious fanatics got on a boat and came over here and killed all the native Americans and isn't that the point it seems like every single thing.
today has a yin and a Yang a pro and a con, a black and a white, a blue collar or white collar. There are two sides to everything and we're were trapped in this thing: that Gutfeld Greg Gutfeld called a prison of two ideas and he's right. So in that world the way I heard it feels like the only sensible thing to do the only logical way to begin any argument, I think, is by saying look. I could be wrong, but it seems to me blah blah blah and I don't want to stop doing that, and nor should you so. I think now that we're ten and a half minutes in we should tell everybody what you've decided to do with the way I heard it with Micro, the podcast. Well, the first thing I've decided to do is not worry about your obsessive
Pulsive devotion to time. I don't care how long its podcast is anymore right. Historically, it's been short stories for the curious mind was short attention span. Originally they were five minutes, then they crept up to ten in the future the way I hear it's gonna be longer. It's gonna be maybe a half hour, maybe longer than that, and in the immediate future. I can say for sure: that's going to be the case, because what I want to do is make my book available for free on the podcast platform, one chapter at a time. So if you didn't know it, and if you did, I wrote a book last year called the way I heard it and in the book or thirty, five stories pulled from this library of biographies. But the book actually includes thirty five
additional autobiographical tales from my own misspent career and life that in some way rhyme with the famous figures who I never met, that I wrote about anyway. Anyway, the book did well and nevertheless there are a lot of people who haven't heard it so in this weird intern. This weird time time living right now right now where I can't bear to walk away from this audience. But I don't have the time to write any more stories in the immediate future. I thought perhaps we could put up a chapter in time from the book and maybe maybe my old friend Chuck, the guy sitting across from me right now drinking my overpriced liquor. Maybe he would sit down and chat with me. Extemporaneously unpack some of these things. If you will and.
take a deeper dive into the way we talked about the way I heard it a so that's what we're going to do. So I took you another two minutes. It took you two minutes. I am obsessed with time. I guess I don't know, look I am too, and I don't want to waste yours gentle listener. I don't want to free associate. I don't want to ramble for no point. There's enough of that out. There anyway- and I promise you I'm not gonna- do that at least I'm gonna try not to, but I do. I did learn last week last couple of weeks that diving into these stories and better understanding what I got wrong and what I got right and maybe sharing with the list There are some things that I was unable to include in the tales themselves, and maybe people will dig it, and maybe you won't, but if I've learned anything about the people who listen to this park ass, they will. Let me now we'll find out. They will go to my facebook page.
And they will tell me how amazing I am or how disappointing I am MIKE you cherish Imp, Tate, hey, that's my mom's yeah Cherish Imp is her sign off anyway. Folks, that's what's happening. You've just listened to my old friend chuck, and I talk for thirteen minutes and forty seconds here in my modest home, a little north of San Francisco, where I will remain for the rest of the year starting next week. We will put up a chapter at a time we'll share that with you, we'll talk about it and you'll. Tell me what you think sounds like a plan sounds like a great plan and if you can't wait for every
the chapter. You can always buy the book now now now or the audio book. Let's not turn this into a commercial chuck for once we're not going to have a commercial unless, of course, you need a mask because we're selling those right now to benefit the foundation, but no no, no crash commercial interruptions. This was just a sincere attempt in under fifteen minutes to wish you a happy thanksgiving, explain as best I can articulate the future of what I think this podcast should become and invite you to share whatever feedback you might have on my feed. Facebook page. Having said all that chuck, we have twenty seconds left. How do you want to spend that time? Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving, a safe one and hopefully two thousand and twenty one is much better than the two thousand and twenty don't let the
do I hit you with good Lord split it. You said it a lot nicer than I did what a year friends, here's the two thousand and twenty one but I'll talk to you before then next week. In fact, carriers.
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