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Episode 199: Mothers Day - Now With Fewer Worms

2021-05-11 | 🔗

It’s a Mother’s Day surprise, complete with tapeworms, smoke bombs, large chunks of earwax, a wall of dead mice, a fly infestation, and of course, Mike’s favorite mother, with a guest appearance by Mike’s favorite dad. Yeah, it’s a weird one.

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Hey guys, it's micro, and this is the way I heard it episode number one. Ninety nine, it's called mother's day now with fewer worms. The episode begins with a true story of a very talented guitar player, who washed out of two very famous bands, not so long ago, before finally hooking up with a super group that made him an undisputed, american rockstar from an early age this grandmother knew that he was going to be. Trouble. Probably on the day, he blew up a perfectly good toilet with an M eighty back and junior high school, pointless act of vandalism got him suspended and, as luck would have it onto a road that would change his life that event, is followed by the true story that inspired me to confer
to my own malfeasance at the tender age of fifteen. When I used an M eighty smoke bomb to exact a measure of revenge on a teacher whose unforgivable actions and classroom deserved in my own unbiased opinion, something akin to retribution. My further, as some of you know, wrote all about this unfortunate incident from my childhood in one of her best in books and the way she heard it things on foot a little differently. Then I'm about to describe so. I've invited her onto the podcast to set the record straight, my dad joins us as well with his own version of events and after that, full disclosure things get a little weird and maybe maybe a little too personal, there's detailed talk of tape. Worms in this episode, along with hemorrhoids,
dead, mice, a fly infestation and a number of other topics that I did not plan on discussing with my parents. But nevertheless did it words. This was not intended to be a very special mothers, the addition of the way I heard it, but that's exactly what it is. It's called mother's day now with you were worms, and it all starts right now and by right now. I me right after I riff on this mother's day, think just for a second and remind you that out of all, the female own businesses in America, one in three is owned by a mother. It's true, you can look it up, ever wonder how these amazing parents find time to higher for their businesses while juggling their families. While the answers easy, zip recruiter and right now, you can try it for free and zip recruiter dot com. Slang RO consider the case of c o unfound or tolerate Goldstein among poor. If you will
being a mother of two she's gotta matchmaking company called three day rule and she knew the higher several match makers every month, Tal uses use recruiter where four out of five m. Lawyers like her get equality candidate within the first day, be like dahlia, be like millions of others, tries it recruited for free, zip, recruited outcome, slash row, that's zip, recruiter D. Calm. Slash are owed w e and see for yourself why they really are the smartest way to hire. Does the way I heard chapter twenty one, the american rockstar The toilet had ever done anything to Jason. Nevertheless, Jason was determined to blow to pieces his reasons were those of a moody. Kid plagued with enough teenage acts to fill the entire state of Washington, so Jason lit. The
use of the M80 dropped it into the ball. Closed the lid and walked out of the restroom a minute later, the toilet was gone as a deafening roar echoed through the hallways of his junior high school. Today, a stunt like that would have landed Jason in jail. Luckily, that was the early nineteen eightys and the school. simple decided on a week's suspension. Instead, luckier still was Jason's grandmothers decision to take the boy to one of the most expensive psychiatry costs in the state and luckiest of all was the presence of several guitars in the psychiatrist. Office, Jason didn't have much to say to the shrink, and so the psyche dressed, invited him to pick up a guitar and start strumming before long. The two were jamming their way through their scheduled sessions. Launching what His grandmother would later call the most expensive guitar
lessons in the world by the time he had finished high school. He still had some axed, but he also had a plan. Jason was going to be a rock star his first band made a splash in Seattle, grunts seen they show real potential, but the with something and Jason that still wanted to blow things up and that time it wasn't the plumbing it was the opportunity Jason became difficult, work with and even less fun to be around his friend in family watched in horror as the promise band was forced, however, reluctantly, to replace him, but destiny wasn't quite done with Jason. After some genuine regret and self reflection. The rock star, in waiting was given a second chance. This time, a band of older, more established positions, saw his undeniable talent and welcomed him into the fold overnight, Jason
was playing to sold out arenas standing ovations and glowing reviews from everyone, but again he couldn't seem to handle the success. He thought he craved was. He depressed or just depressing to be around whatever the case was. He retreated into himself once again and his reluctant ban mates had no choice but to replace him. Sometimes when you hit what feels like the bottom, it's not enough to simply start over. Sometimes you need to go in a completely different direction, so Jason did something most aspiring Stars dont: do it got his hair? He lost the nose ring he enlisted in the army and applied for a fast track programme into Ranger school. Not only did Jason get in, he excelled from Fort Betting, Georgia. It was off to Fort Louis
Washington not far from where he had blown up that innocent toilet. Ten years earlier there he completed his ranger training and got a round trip ticket to Latin America. Where he fought in a number of covert drug wars, then it was off to Asia to fight piracy on the high seas, Jason served with distinction, but he wanted more at twenty six. He applied for the special forces and got in completing his final phase of training on September. Eleventh two thousand one in no time he was up to his neck and the world's me. Dangerous places in Afghanistan. He smiled the poppy fields of Kandahar, came face to face with suicide bombers and learn the local language he helicopter in for midnight raids and fought on horseback in Iraq. He fired grenades from a hum,
we in front of the front line of America's biggest conventional military operation since World war, two Jason was back on the stage now the world stage, playing with a very different kind of banned about of brothers. You won't get the details from Jason, most of what he did is still class. fine, but the metals and photos covering the wall in the cabin he calls home today are both numerous and hard to discount. The coveted combat infantrymen Badge sit next to a photo of Jason with Donald Rumsfeld and General Stanley. crystal? You might say that in blowing things up, he finally found a career. He couldn't destroy and by hitting the reset button, when he did, he did something rather extraordinary, because one Jason is certainly not the only musician to sabotage his own career. He might be
the only one to do so in such spectacular incomparable fashion. If you thought that peat best blew his chance with the Beatles consider this the first band, Jason bungled sold thirty million records and sing year the year after he got himself fired, thirty million and the second band don't get me started on the second band, which outlasted the first one. Also Thirdly, Jason ever meant the guitar player everyone wanted, stout on more than one hundred million album sold and many many millions of dollars. What he wound up with was a hell of a story, the story of a guy who washed out of Nirvana and sound garden, but still went on to become an american rockstar
back when Jason Averment was dressed in camouflage shooting Taliban, I was dressed Enrico Free ran, shooting, infomercials, but I did where uniform once olive green regalia with short pants, nay socks and along sash festooned with a few dozen merit badges, it was during my time in that uniform that I too, that a fuse and light Jason. I too came close to blowing up my own future in eighteen. Seventy six, my scout master, was retired army colonel who treated the boys in his troop troops. Sixteen like recruits his recruits, Mr Huntington divided us into five separate patrols and put me in charge of one called the trailblazers. Patrol leaders reported to the senior patrol leader who reported to the assistance
master, who reported to the scout master, that chain of command was designed to teach us respect for authority a scout as obedient. After all, Rick Hansen was in my patrol. He was a frail pale kid cursed with a serious stutter, not a minor stammer like the one I had in those days, a full on world, Class, Porky PIG style speech impediment it was so severe that he seldom spoke but one day in school during our ninth grade Science class Ricky surprised us. Our teacher, Mr Tubs asked if we knew what a u stood for on the periodic table of elements, Rick raised his hand and unprecedented gesture. Yes, Ricky tell us the answer: is it good good, good good? Is it good
good. It was hard to watch. It was even harder to listen to. I wanted to say it for him: it's gold Ricky Go old, but I also wanted him to say for himself. He never got a chance to what is good good. Mr tubs. ask. Can somebody please tell me what good good means the class laughed Ricky turned red and I felt a kind of anger. I'd never felt before a right just anger that made my ears ringing in my fists clinch in a room full of children. Mr tubs himself had behaved like a child, a cruel child. Something had to be done, but what? What was justice for Rick Hansen going to look like, an idea later that day, while Mr Tubs was sitting alone at his desk reading sports illustrated I let the fuse of an M eighty smoke bomb and slid it under his door.
Classroom filled up in seconds with thick yellow smoke, the kind of smoke the pilot could have seen from five thousand feet. Mr jobs bolted straight out of the class whom the smoke followed him into the hallway the entire school was evacuated and within a few minutes fire engines arrived most of the smoke had dissipated by then, along with most of my anger, at which point my thoughts turn to more pressing matter. What I get away with it, that question was answered almost as soon as Mr Tubs got on the school intercom and offered twenty dollar reward to anyone
who can identify the perpetrator of this heinous acts before an hour had passed a toady. Let's call him Kevin, since that was his name at rapid me out down at the principal's office. Mr tubs made his case for my expulsion, a request. The principal said he would consider in the meantime, I was to be suspended until further notice. I couldn't believe I done what I done. I didn't know what I would tell my Father, who was a public school teacher himself for a few hours. I pretended that nothing had happened, walking through double rock park, as I always did after school. I
I've had the Maryland School for the blind, where I have been working on my eagle scout project. It occurred to me as I walked that I might be mentally ill seriously. How many aspiring eagle Scouts get themselves expelled for throwing smoke bombs at their teachers. Scowled is helpful after all Who exactly had I helped without active terrorism. My dad sensed right away that something was wrong. Is there something on your mind, Michael the ass cuz? He drove me home later that day. Well, dad. I said I throw a smoke bomb into Mr Tubbs classroom. Today the school was evacuated. My been suspended indefinitely. My father talked to his head and stared at me and much the same way. A cow might regard a new gate. Have you lost your mind?
He asked its possible. I said I thought of that too, but I had a good reason. My father didn't speak again. Until we were parked in front of the house, then he turned to me and simply ask why MR tubs made fun of recounts and stutter. I said dad lit his pipe and told me to go to my mother. She too looked at me and Prejudice Lee. She congratulated me on ruining my life. Then she told me to go feed the horses. I didn't sleep that night, but the next morning dad drove me to school and somehow Made things better, whatever he said to the principal worked, I got off The stern warning and a week of detention, which was rescinded when my father pointed out that I worked with the blind after school. I dodged a bullet, no punishment at school and no punishment at home, while Kevin
was ostracised for writing me out, he became known as Kevin. The Think and Ricky Hansen was grateful, even though it took him several minutes to actually articulate his gratitude. There was one more anxious moment: afterward sounding every bit like the colonel he'd, been Mr Huntington called me in front of the troop chewed me out and told me that I had behaved precipitously with no respect for my future public safety or authority. Worst of all, he said you showed no respect for the uniform. Then he winked and told me back into line where I've tried to remain ever since rolling out. My father did not tolerate bad language from his kids, but the only for let her word he truly deplored was dead. There were times
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requires actually granted terms introduced. a blog and offers a soldier to change without doubt is visit. Jim Doc on such role for more information in this way, Michael Gregory row Gregory's, inexplicably my middle name. No one knows why were don't have Gregson family just sounded per year was Gregory Pack, my favorite actor that my something to do with a gun, really my middle name, I'm just now learning at first nine years of age. I was named sort of after Gregory Pack, that's amazing sort of arson. Mary Lou. very new has less to do with the two she sought. Michael Gregory would really be nice now, based on nothing, but the weight sounded.
sounds good. I guess it doesn't I mean: do you think I'd be difficult, have turned out different with a different name? Hopefully not maybe for the better? Maybe maybe we named you, Einstein Einstein's a pretty I bar, but beat up Frank or Exuviae. I'd aid on who knows exactly you're cool that's the only one I knew she was or was it. You know she exit here was a man who will who who was o Exuviae Highlander was a prostitute. I believe I aim is for us to do. I don't know that Regarding travelling yours circles, what're you gonna do remember he was a musician ban leader goes back a few euros. Son Have you ever heard of Carmen Miranda? Didn't she works.
Route on her head. Yes and at one point Even had a fish, both fish swimming around in her here do very clever. She sang songs, I believe no use. if your cookies and directed her conducted. Yes, his team, mark was he always had a little white dog with him. You know Helen for what was tat that blonde the blonde blunder bishop no, the girl, legally or illegally blogs. You remember how she carried around that little dog and a purse will exhibit. you got always had a little white. Dog in his left to wire a to our support, interesting time when women had fission fruit in their hats and leaders carried animals in their pockets. I miss you know how I feel, like I missed out on all of that. We ve got weirdos out here in Hollywood for sure, but that's next levels
you know that have a fish in your hat he is on your add right would, where else with a head? Go: oh, no! Let fruits! She had a lot of room up there on her head and she kind of way out when she sank. She was quite a character in the telegraph. I will check out soon recording. We are recording, I'm just you know. I was looking for a space to jump in and say hey. Why don't we get this party started, but it feels like a kind of already is no the parties going, but I've got it like a man in amazement. He had ever heard Carmen Harmon Miranda, yes, you she danced around with the fruit on ahead. Of course, she was Energy Energy Gallagher that that's also chucks default position. Over the last few years it is he's adopted a constant. countenance of of shock in amazement and wonder really yet he lives in a constant state of wonderment
it, comes from working for your son at that saying he brings about wonderment. do you know what I think you even would, if you were named, exhibit here, aren't I We wonder you know your husband told me once that he wanted my name to be Zack for awhile the Zachary, the IDA. You told me- sometimes I think you go to bed have dreams are true. What look at Simple and that's what I want to talk to you about today. The way we remember things, but I remember very clearly you telling me a long long long time ago that you had a premonition that you were gonna Three sons and you want to name them. Zachary is equal and Zebediah. You got that all right up, a stone Maria I'll go along with that. Now this would happen. Like a nineteen. Sixty not long after you, you bet your wife
like the way I remember it. You were like look, ok, Zack seek and Zeb Shore ever, but then I came along and as I'm awake, What if he's right now we can live with Zachary but is equals tough, Zeb is a very, very, very hard sell. So wound up with three sons as four saw, but they were MIKE Scott and fill and not Zack, Zeke and Zeb. That's the way, I remember it. Thoughts, He knows how to do it all. Over again, I will name you offer ancestors I would, if I shouldn't have done that, I don't know why I didn't do that, but if we ever have more children, I'm going to name them for our parents. Well, I did so Scott Carl Car he's your father's name. Michael, is dad's middle name. Gregory My middle name apparently is no managed Gregory Pack, who you still secretly pine for and dream about.
and Daniel means nothing at all, except the guy Whenever the lions den, I suppose, if we got all old testament about I've, always I've always liked that name and address and sell it. Probably You know I do admire the english royalty and Prince Philip, so that might have something to do with it, and I know I was named Margaret because, if Princess Margret Bizarre right yes, my grandmother, my goodness, what an anglo file my grandmother was, and she had a great influence on my mother. oh, I was Margaret because a princess Margaret Margaret kind of the slowly one well, if you're going to believe the crown yeah, he asked she had her shortcomings in Sicily. The round she did, then our great Britain Margaret according to the crown merchant, okay, so the first things. First, I mean it
late for first things, but the last time we did this. Neither of you were living in your your new address there's been a huge change in your life. Yes, yes, dad! I want to talk about this. You ve, you ve, left the condominium that You called home for the last twenty years. and now he heard it in a very different sort of home according to wife who was now writing a column called tales from the home. It seems to be a fascinating place, but it's funny. Looking at this right now it looks exactly like the old place. I guess cause I'm looking at the same furniture and the same pictures, rent yeah and the same old people, same old, piano behind me. Prince stand, yeah symbol, pictures on the wall it's pretty much like our other home, but its very different. Also, we ve never lived in an apartment before,
and we're getting used to it. Everyday gets better and better and learning our way around was difficult to have a great deal here. Like yeah mom says you, ve been going to three times a week, I'll be every week Colleagues is I'll, be going today. Then I'll go couple days. In the coming week. They also, stand your shuffle board game is better. Then she would have anticipated I don't know what she would have been anticipated. You'd have to answer that Mom you look is surprised, as Jacques looks all of the time now, when you talk about how good dad is with the shuffle board, Oh, he is your father's never than a particularly on sportsmen a person but he's up for shuffle board and he can You gonna fall stomach. I learn that last night, after dinner, and apparently quite often he's on the winning team, the surprising thing MIKE is your mom is buried. Guy got it shuffle board, really
yeah we were. We was Roy here, what they call Quaker Pox anyways. She does a good job like them down. What do they call that thing? It's carbon tax? It's not it's, not a shuttlecock! That's the That's bad men, that's bad men, strange though, why would they by what they call it? A shovel cock seems like a well, not a shuffle carcass shuttlecock yeah, because you shovel back and forth, but one I call it a cock, less feathers like a chicken, obviously, oh, because I've never see it ass, the other up. There are plastic them under their own plastic. Now, but a regionally. They had little feathers on the end to help with the slight then, when it change the name. Now it doesn't have anything to do with a cock. What would you call it now shall lasting shut? Just a shuttle justice
I don't know yet I think, is a ridiculous. Let's move was ok. Did you listening. After twenty one of my book, either of you, because that's what we're supposed to be talking about? Well, we, I have read it and then I listen to it yesterday, but you dad hasn't because he's just so preoccupied with things off all right. Well, then, mom you probably weren't familiar with Jason Everyman or bans like Nirvana were sound garden. I have heard Nirvana, but the other ones I hadn't, and these no sorry about that Have you heard of Nirvana in terms of a band or just the place where the Hindus too about go now. I think I've heard a bit in conjunction with music, a band. What and I heard of Tchaikovsky in May. Turban programmes and very well, then I did this episodes. So I m never mind. The chapter would above the ground. What about my time? In the book,
scouts what about the smoke bomb incident, Doo, doo or, if you remember any of those things happening. Well sure? Yes, indeed, we remember the smoke bomb vividly. Even though we weren't there, we certainly have the repercussions, you were there really after of the earth, where any wasn't the way we raised our son, we didn't, we didn't teach, you haven't lab smoke, bonds in it, ass rooms. It was a somewhat out of a love, is a very careful slight. under the door? Oh ok, how do you know I must have been very smallest lion under the door. While there is a big gap, there was about a two inch gap. Between the bottom of the door in the floor, and the empty smoke bomb was maybe an inch thick. If that also, was actually a pretty easy slide. I also left
sing out of my story. I had an accomplice yeah. No, I didn't I didn't. I should marry, in his name, because I haven't Jane. I got your message. Mr too jobs was not really Mr Thompson and Rick Hansen was actually not reconsider and might already is well. My friend Steve, whose ass name, we won't mentioned actually lit it for me and I, and I slipped it under Well- did see also supply it. He did He did I I I don't think I've ever seen a smoke on. Well, Just like an m. Eighty just looks like a big firecracker. Although long then well it's about, if you picture say a roller quarters. It's an hour, half the length of role of quarters, o K and the same and understand now how you could fly them through the door is, I was thinking
around saying: oh, you may like it and ball bomb like the clay, cartoon, whirling and Helen grenade. No, no! I I wasn't it actually shore, where the line was, but I'm pretty sure and actual bomb and a hand grenade would have would have absolutely resulted in my expulsion MIKE I really appreciated the connection you made between scouting and the smoke bomb incident. Cosette was never real clear in my mind, but the other day think back. You knew what call the boy Therapy Ricky. New Iraqi from scaling the other night cabin kind of forgotten that damn it was nice it he talked about his sculpture. and Mister Huntington and how was very military in his approach to scout leadership.
The Gaza, was only with corn top pipe. She was, I ain't and in Huntington ran a varied. Ship. You know he was all discipline he had the whole troop broken down into patrols. And there were calisthenics and there was readily and there was taps- and there was a senior patrol leader which I prevention, He became one, but at the time Was a guy named Maurice Leubronn ere, you know, I made it was it was a paramilitary operate is very different than the boy scouts today I don't know if you're a man but there was a boxing ring where you know the kids could settle our differences always another o is very, very different. We we went to the shooting Range on a number of occasions, bow and arrows we'd set up there in the back. You know the the games we played were
extraordinarily violent. I mean capture the flag, wasn't so bad but swing the thing you remember swing. The thing do you know where I heard about wing the thing you were the speaker at them. way scale January a few years back and you we're on the stage and there were a hundred thousand people on the hillside. Listening to you and there was a big jumbotron, an you talked about your experiences in Scotland and one of them was dimension the game he said you really have enjoyed, and one was swaying the thing and capture the flag. Of course, and everybody there could relate. That's what made it so much, but because I don't think you're allowed to play those games anymore. You can still play capture the but I mean every week, somebody one over the sprain finger or a bloody knows or a limp. This swing the thing jeez! I took a tent bag and they filled it with wet rags and they tied a ten foot. Rope to it and
formed a circle around one guy who stood in the middle, and so the thing around the floor. You had to jump over it and if you didn't hit your ankles and down, you went like a cheap card table. little did. We know you were doing those things while we were there those things that we were also you know we were a well organised gang. We had firecracker and I M eighties, and we used to waste to take cigarettes and we like a cigarette and we put the fuse the M eighty into the back of it. You know you knock off the filter, and we just leave it in the middle of a trail like HU. I am up at broad creek and then we'd run back half a mile to the tense. Why there awake waiting for that thing to light the fuse and when I think blew up, I mean you heard screaming from all over the different camps. Nobody knew what was so. The boy scouts firm for me was. It was
out of discipline, but it was also a lot of chaos and some fairly sketchy behaviour, yes indeed, and you know would never fly now. The thing that you did. Then they just wouldn't be appropriate and you know my scale. depend so much on the leadership. I know there are rules come down from the top, but your scout leader so determined the mood of your troop, those like a classroom right I mean you guys both taught school You can have great classes. In very average. Schools were terrible classes in interfere schools. It comes down to the teacher, Indeed, while you had who was already done Myers yet He was a good leader. Do wasn't it was terrific, he was a detour. Dave on then all the more city police force right. So you know I'd
I do talk a lot about the men who we're in my life. When I was a boy you obvious dad were the most important with pop a close second Fred King right up there Glendon Huntington and Don Myers to scout mass, who really were big fans of consequences and and were afraid to let their kids fail, and you know that the thing with the smoke bomb I mean it. It really happened because it just felt so personal. A teacher made fun of the student. Some You guys would simply never do as teachers and I and I knew you were horrified by it and the teacher didn't Deny that that happened. So I just you know, I felt like there needed to be a consequence in my ninth grade my right. I did just seemed very righteous to me to do this, but I don't know
remember, dad the of the assistant principle. There was a guy named Mr Crowley, and he had he happened to a scout master in another troop and after you came in said whatever it is. You said to get me back in school. I told him that I was on the road to be an eagle scout and troops. Sixteen, and he said well, not at my troop you wouldn't and and that that hurt the almost as bad as anything else. You know it was a nice You know your reason. I don't really know. I may look to be fair it. It was outrageous that school filled with thick yellow smoke. Somebody pulled the fire alarm. Everybody was evacuated. We all were standing outside when the fireman rushed in. I knew I have crossed the line and I didn't know what was going to add that as a result, but now now That point is new to me. I
ever knew the fire department came to hear school. somebody pulled the alarm and I think the most point in part That story is one that I was not aware of either and that was Mr Huntington's response, to you now he he was kind of pretty girl like you were yet you knew then he approved, and what you have done here. Obviously one some somebody more helpless. The new Ricky was my patrol. We recall that the trailblazers and Mister Huntington had us all fall in, and he chewed me out in front of everybody and then winked at me and told me to get back in line. I think the last line of the broadcast, in fact, in line where I've tried to remain ever since You know I wrote about this in my book in my second book- and while my memory of it isn't precise,
Firstly, the same as yours, the main facts are the same. and I have a little passage here. Tat you do it shares the way you heard it. Yeah see. Did he ever more revive minute park? Yes, MA am case, and you came home from school and you said to me: I did some really stupid today I've never done anything. This ban in my whole life. How could I be so dumb? I haven't seen him this dejected, since we initiated the no tv and school nights policy. Whatever it is, it can't be all that bad, I said getting in reassuring hug, then sliding there George Ward. Him tell me that his tale of well with words. I never expected to hear from one of my children I have suspended for three days my job dropped
pension was a big deal, especially in his family of educators, but naturally I couldn't schoolboy not in his distraught state. After three days. You have to come for a conference with the vice principle. He added giving me a sideways glance. Mr Smith is a terrible teacher. I called her mistress He makes one of kids in front of the whole fires Joey when he stutters. Ashley mimics here that I mentioned that it was the smoke bomb to be covered, his face with his hands. Michael I said, putting my arm around him, I'm going Tell you a story about your grandfather. I think it will make you feel better extended any mortal being achieve perfection in this life. My father had years ago. Michael Eulogise, him using words such as humble, honest, generally forgetting invaluable, quite simply car noble, embody the qualities, people most admire and aspire to
We'll be was your age. He smoke cigarettes and one day he got caught smoking in the house. It forward in school Michael lifted his head. Why poppy He left school that day with a note for his parents. They to come in for a conference before their son could return. Here. hit the note and for the next three days instead of going to school, your grandfather camped out at the stream, until it was time to go home, our stream, numbers run there. same after three. Is hiding out and fretting became clean to his mother, so she went in for a conference and always forgiven poppy. Did that Michael said, reaching for a cookie he seemed to be adjusted to his predicament. Isn't it funny how I kind of remember all of that conversation, but that's not the chronology. I remember it in, and people should know,
the poppy I'm referring to is the same, guided inspired, dirty jobs and ultimately micro work says was our next door neighbour. In your father and a huge impact on our life, so yeah that made me feel a little better, but Remember it differently. I remember telling dad out in the car and then him coming up went my bedroom and asking me to tell him again exactly what happened. Just feeling sick to my stomach and then going into school. The next day, where I had been suspect, I wasn't allowed to go back, but we went in and do you why not exactly the following morning, John rose early until Michael to get ready for school. I was not allowed to go back for three days. Remember I don't wanna go. School today, oh you're going today insisted his father in a term that no arguing staying for three days is out of the question I protested. Privately,
course, comparing my husband to Abraham in the old testament, your son, we're facing our son to the education gods. I declare in another Sir dramatic plea that made even me, smile John rolled his eyes and stood firm in the vice, suppose office. He played his sons. Spotless record quote: he's ashamed and regrets his actions and wasted Three days at home is absurd. Administrator relented. Then Michael the music that day, while I sat at home, imagining my poor boy, the object to ridicule and rejection, but that's it what happened? Is it like? No? No, it's not. But it's not so far off the mark, its The way you remember it dad possibly remembers it differently. In fact, I'm sure you do but, like so many other things, the dots are all there. It all happened in some way, shape or form.
well, I believe, and my talking with the eight he understood where we both were coming from. With regard to Mr Schmidt's he was a bad teacher, it seems like one of the requirements for you being reinstated and heavy three days, suspension suspended was so your promising to apologise to Mr Schmidt's. Do you remember that way? Did I do? I had to apologize to him and honest I think the other thing that worked was what I mean I buy wasn't the scouts, and I was a year away from becoming an eagle scout and I was and tearing at the time at the Marilyn School for the blind- and I I was on the surface anyway, a pretty good kid and it it did seem
like an isolated incident and yeah. You want full pair Mason in there and made a pretty good case, and so I was back in school and everybody thought I Super cool, because nobody like that guy, nobody don't use laid. The dragon MIKE. I took a swing out. You know He was still there but diminished in some small way. I think yeah. I think I don't know but I have a feeling that in the same way, principle have little bow. Wow that was detrimental to Mr Schmidt's yeah, but I hope I got the guy fired honestly, I don't know I really do I mean rights if there were a lot of truth, The teachers out there, but there are a lot of non terrific teachers had sent me You know what you told us one time,
and not all that long ago you said that you were really a hero, a school after this incident- and you said you know her, publicist couldn't have made off yogurt that school attendance instead. It up because this is terrible spin. If you actually do something and pay a price for it, some price, then yeah you're stuck goes up in a weird way. So my stock went up a troop. Sixteen it went up, in my class in the school, the other guy, who really looked askance it may after that was was the teacher, and that was fine by me not really sure. Looking back, I learn any lessons here at all that that are worth passing on. It's just a thing that happened that somehow or another you and I both wild up writing about man we're right. Let's move onto your ear
something the sizeable here yeah No, I got a bunch of people on Facebook asking me of moms. Most recent posters is true. You, you went completely deaf in your left here and then I will always gonna- become a Van Gogh advance Levant gone. Yet that is not really pronounced. Do actually look it up. It's all right. It's gown fan gal. yeah, but his first name is fancy three Van Gogh? Remember talking about that well anyway, As I always white relieved to find out, I had wax in my left ear. because I thought I was really going totally death in that year. Made a world of difference. The haven't remove dad. I had. The same thing happened to me when I was living in West Esther, I Dover into a pool
and when I resurfaced, I couldn't hear anything out of my left ear. Nothing and I I thought I had ruptured near drawn or something I went to the doktor. He looked inside, they set up and they took this disease. losing full of warm water yeah. Did it in my ear and he was holding what looked like a bedpans. it his other hand, yes and out chunk of something awful. Fell out of my ear it made a sound like you know, is that heavy and all of a sudden the stereo was back if it felt like a bird It was all night hammer, stirrup and anvil with such a relief Don't you know the other thought that went through your mind Well, maybe my father was right years ago. Tell me stop plan that music, EC so loud your guy or death.
You did say that a lot so lucky went test and its from your lab up from your level busy. I I can t this just someone with cataracts having their cataracts removed and suddenly there's vision. They can see it was that dramatic and when that doktor looked in their said, oh you're, left years completely blocked. will we just felt so grateful that you know it is in total deafness what I get for Europe, Why is one ear accumulate wax and the other does and he know the funny thing is I took a picture of it when it came out. I ran over with spectacular. Another Greek took a picture of it. I think the doktor thought I was a little wacky, but and so, and then I enlarge the picture so that in my post on Facebook it look
enormous people. Thank heavens, it's the size of a potato, but really it was it was. just the size of a p and it was awful looking, It looked like a little fraud without legs. Like a had fallen. The later. I got over way over a thousand comments, people about how disgusting, no they're stories of of things that have grown in ears like a bit like potatoes. Like like things army, that it's all there's nothing new. Under the sun, but all sorts of things creature using One of the comments of my page, from a woman who said that she's a nurse and her one of her for experience was flushing AL alive cockroach from a child Here is the foreground Oxbridge Chief slowly, floating to the top of the eerie added to the pan. Honestly,
do real comparable. That's a real growth, living costs probably had just taken up residence very recently Any time you find something living in your, the worm like when a worm, crawls out of your leg, you know call you know there are intestinal worms said while this is probably a little too explicit, but after told me this there are in danger. In other words that out of you at night and then go back and get that discussed. I just gotta come out for a little fresh air Death out to the city lights for awhile our boys. We gotta get back before dawn. Otherwise you know the whole house is gone
like Cinderella, led by midnight. You know I heard a story about in Nepal when you get those two types of tapeworms! No! They ve kind. The live in your stomach, the kind of live in your intestines and ah the if you We have access to the kinds of medicine to treat those what they do over there, the so bad they they'll strap you down to a table and you won't eat for three. days right, so the worms are hungry and I'll. Take it he's, rancid meat and now and though dangle it in front of your mouth, and the worms in your stomach will smell it and they'll crawl. Up through your esophagus and out of your mouth to get to the meat, that's how they get him out its
it's a horrible video. If you haven't seen it presents its worse for the ones in your test as a flip over and you naked, and they hold that rotten meat right over there, but in those words, come crawling out, big ones being able to watch. Just before you go to dinner. When it you know one night, deadlights dead spend some time in the bay. Catherine, sometimes he'll take so tight. She'll take its tap the name with it, and I wrote a blog on my page about this one night. Your father was in the air in the bathroom with his tablet than I had gone to bed, and I was like ten feet from the door and a dad said: oh my god, Did you know this tapeworm came out need seven feet. Long years he had read the story of an act. What did you see
I thought it was happening. Doc I didn't get any of the cap that any time you go to the bathroom with you Abbott. I mean you're, really sending a message to everybody else in the house who, had you see you in an hour to see tomorrow thing. We haven't you bathroom apartment, Are we heard a story about someone who wherever she lived, her would become infested with mice, mice inside and I guess, apparently they came out at night and gave her a fit in or she get here them as well. ill side, the walls anyway They had no exterminator come in and he did his job in apparently killed the mind. What did in her house became infested with flies?
It seems that the other fly had later eggs, more did mice larva right and when they hatched. Consequently, we love with a helpful. Flies after having an investigation of wise. Let me just add this was not in our house. in case you were doing well. Let me look. Let me just circle back very briefly that point out that at the same time, you were telling me as a child, to stop listening to the headphones too loud. you were still venturing into the bathroom with like the entire Sunday paper. You would go in there with the news American in one hand, in Baltimore son in the other, and we were like ok, I got Maybe we'll see him for dinner
we didn't have any toilet paper and those we met. We never got both of those papers MIKE. We only got the evening song yeah cuz, the news american car window. What you were doing today, there's! No like that's what I'd millinery anymore. Did you say caught wind a little long term gipsy, I think your fancy gun enjoying this tax, What are you gonna do with me? I don't have any friends left. Look at it now I'm trying to make the boy now later in life, you right loud, headphones problematic. Since I do fear hearing by boy. You can cause a lot of problems as well by spending too much time on the ball sitting there reading all the news is fit to print. That puts a lot of pressure on the old o ring right, I'm not gonna get to personal with it, but I thought we ve all experience that night. I think we have all experienced the consequences of spending
more time than necessary on the ball Danny, I think, His whole should become a party talk thing near the stories of dead mice, infestations flies and pigs. I'm just saying. Well, you came up with a worms undertake worms in woman dear wife. She opened the door for all of this, I'm just trying to leave leave it. Might sense of listeners with something salvageable and useful in terms of advice. They got everything. Many were left you if this Anybody left this advice. still basically is good, don't throw bombs of any kind smoke or otherwise in in school, don't listen to headphone. Too loud because it will over time have a negative impact on your hearing and don't spend too much time on the ball. As you know, hemorrhoids earth. There are real thing: I've had
our another ship dad you do. I know you have I've had a scant hasn't sky got him right now size of a great fruit, the poor and mom I'll be right. About anything that I want you to know about, you have to buy my nextbook to hear personal. As the author is provided and obvious LISA I run in the fact that at all she went this is really deteriorating. You have tat spring up a happy thing well rounded up. We ve talked over forty minutes with real a basic Taiwan has some secret, so you know What we started talking to dad before about what he told you, the gin, but they really have an awesome. the centre. Here they have every piece of equipment. I I think is that's out there and
an olympic size pool that is open that just opened yesterday and so dad it's gonna get, Kinda swimming is he's a good swimmer. O Hagan manager stay above was less than a mile. Are you kidding? He has a nice truck right. Very good debt has stroke in his. Are you still doing the three miles a day, a rounded the joint there that? Yes, I try to do that? Yes, we look. in setting aside your inspiration for, if you're not you should be, you know this this whole lockdown covered thing. You know. I the other day and Adam, and I'm sure this is true. I've confirmed it all over the place said the eight percent of everybody who either
to come to the disease or went into the hospital had one thing in common. They were obese. Seventy eight percent while and had we known that a year ago and I think we did but had we talked about it. more people, I think, would have been doing what you ve been doing for years, which is get there ass out of bed every morning and walk a good, solid three miles. I did it and it he helped me and shocked, lost thirty pounds walking we used to talk, the phone every morning during these walks, and so many people could have done such such a good thing for their health. but they didn't because they were listen, other headphones too loud or spending too much time. On the ball re reading the newspaper or for whatever reason you know. I just think that Europe, movement to staying healthy. Your eighty, years old, now, no not yet the case
you'll, be a next year, use ninety you're in your eighty nine year you others a difference, have, until November become officially eighty nine. So as a lawyer, I, on November I remember you never know what had happened. You got some pretty pictures on their walk and you get a close up of those pictures or nobody can see their bit. You dad, but yeah there they are asked I'm trying to. Come out. I can't see him well, you ve got it. That's me jumping out of Wayne that here yeah you looking at well well too I guess, that's where it went off the rails what happened was is make in order to find out what is dad was pointing to on the wall behind him stood up
walked away without any regard for the fact that he had headphones and were connected to his microphone, which was connected with computer and everything. Ass overtake ended. Our recording is neck, wiped out yeah yeah, the last fifteen minutes. Folks, I'm I'm sorry. We don't have any proof, but the I wish you could have heard everything that happened. Mom you're still there, I'm still here, has gone to the fitness centre. He has only so much patience. You know, I god what a weird conversation well, I came for me when you see him later today and I thank you for four wherever this Was we covered a lot of ground mom? I now. I hope it wasn't too distasteful. There's only one notable, no, not at all. It was disgusting. All I can think of was all, was worms crawling out of my buttonhole limits in and ran made hanging in front of me while I'm being tied down. This is awful
we are you people that's like have thinking was. Who are these people? I remember them is very nice people when I was a kid lawyers, We left you happy Jack, that's I've been going People who would have walls filled with my eyes, and you know why infestation of flies. Oh, my god, what a strange turn this took, but Josh it's great to see a man good to see you. I always like to see you check your her are you really writing a story about your hemorrhoids Michael? Yes, My new book should come out in early two thousand and twenty two you just never know, what's going to be in there, but whatever Do will be tasteful. There's gonna be a pop up about. No Michael! Now, please me it'll, be worm free. How
There are no worms in my third book. Yes, second, quite burnished about big. I just got the title for this project. You're right it does so. There are no worms in my third book, good, all right, the spin fun and by fund I mean super where salaries nice people could you MIKE, and it's always I see you check the same here. You made my dad you bear in mind and I If I'm going to have some nightmares as well, anytime others yet You wanna tell me where they can get the the book if they so desire in its younger journey you eat, you can download the entire book wherever you download entire books. Audible is one place, their other places or if you prefer to listen to us. Thirdly, analyze one chapter at a time as we ve been doing, you can come back,
and experience all that for free next week with chapter twenty two or something like that, be why oh w bring your own worms Oh and I'll. Tell you why, at the risk of having you actually do this gentle listener? If you be so kind to rate this part of cats, I thought that I'm not sure what you just heard was five star material, but I do now if you, if you can see fit to give us a rating, I'm I'm told it actually helps might do you know when this when this actually airs dispute at last there was life, it just happened. How did it go When can people actually listened too? If they are so inclined the figures, They ve already listen to its already happened, even though its you see what like this, is it under the podcast and they just heard everything, and so it's already behind them. Oh, I see I see now
but when will they listened to the regular podcast over help let this little drunk on the thirteenth of April wait a minute. This is may oh, that I'm maybe it's what is today the secular The man had obeyed the eleventh of may my, but again it won't matter because when they this right now. It will have already been the eleventh of Man. I don't think she's asking for the audience MIKE. I think she's asking because she wants to now so that when she can listen to it or tell her friends to listen to it, we will send you a leg beforehand, and you can listen to it, not that I would hate to think it was coming out on mother's day, because really I can do a lot, we tried again Missus row with less hemorrhoid in it secure burns ok mother's day now, with less worms
fewer as it fear. What are the main difference between fewer and lesser talking about here is something that you can count. Less is kind of a quantitative amount like less milk. Fewer grouse would lead to less milk. The severe water. I did there, that's good, Fewer worms would lead to less screaming. Would it You could tell you where these jobs about worms. One time remember: the Cairo live in the ground, the worm grunting, they called it yeah. That was, pretty interesting, I learned so much from those dirty jobs. Well, lot more. We just finished, let's see the for the fourth of six episodes last week so yeah I got two more trips today economic, put together sex and see if anybody likes him and then, if it
like I'm. Well, God gun out, we will will do more, we'll Michael people here at the helm. See our last name, and they are very curious award. You related to the dirty jobs. Guy related to micro of course we say no never heard of it, but that's the way. That's the way to do it. How you know son Zack. Don't wanna railways easier. If any are right, I love you. Let me guy to our own numb and I'll get out here. Ok, don't leave yet o king yeah just stay, is it then? You probably don't want me to leap up either. Do you check and now I'm toward the wall of handing out? Please please don't stand up and walk away while you're still tethered to the computer thanks. Everybody talked next week,
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