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Episode 200: Smart Stupid – Now With Slightly More Stupid

2021-05-18 | 🔗

What do you get when you cross the most beautiful girl in the world with the funniest man on the planet?  Something smart and something stupid.

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Hey guys, it's my grow. This is the way I heard it episode number two hundred young feels like a milestone. Nice round number two hundred episodes. This one is called smart stupid now with slightly more stupid, and in this episode I share with you the true story of an aspiring actress who went on to become the most beautiful woman in the world. A woman so gorgeous that moviegoers reportedly gasped when they saw her on the big screen for the first time in years ago. Unfortunately, we didn't know how smart she was, or we would have gasped at her intellect as well, because her impact on the world we live in really is unexampled so too
her impact on male, Brooks the subject of chapter one in this book and a guy who reappears here in chapter twenty, two, a guy who many people have called the funniest man in the world, and when I say many, I include myself and shall class mire the producer this pod cast. Who helps me unpack the very serious question. What makes
funny thing funny and with respect to Carmody, where exactly is the line between smart and stupid? No one drew that line more deftly or more often than men Brooks who understood that some weird combination of both some combination of intelligence and silliness is almost always required to get the big laughs. What is that combination exactly? I have no idea, why do some people hate the three stooges and other people love him? I don't know why some people delighted by potty, humor and some people deeply offended it's beyond me, but I will say this: if you ever found yourself laughing hysterically at the camp fire seen in blazing saddles, you know the one.
with the cowboys eat too many beans and fill the air with an unexpected symphony of flax, violence or you'll. Understand where I'm coming from. Yes, full disclosure. There is some farting in episode, two hundred and some singing and a lot of silliness and the kind of laughter that leads to weeping and not bubbles and gasping and overall, an overall tone and tenor. I think that some of might dismiss as juvenile. I hope not because there's also, I hope, a whiff of something else on the breeze something intelligent blowing ever so gently in your general. I reckon that's what happened sometimes, when old friend sit down to discuss the moments that made him laugh the hardest, its episode, two hundred smart, stupid now with slightly more stupid, and it all starts right now and by right now I mean right after I tell you, there's nothing stupid about upgrading your book
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chapter, twenty two, the twenty five million dollar kiss head wig, was beautiful and married to a man. She didn't love Fritz, was an arms merchant and deeply possessive of his trophy wife at their home. In Austria, headway was a fly on the wall that more than a few dinner parties, listening quietly as important men discussed with her husband, evolving technologies that would change the complexion of modern warfare fritz his guests were intelligent and influential. Some were physicists somewhere inventors. Many were fascists. Many were nazis, head, didn't care for fascists or nazis. She didn't like them in her house or at our table, and she hated the tat. Her husband was selling them weapons, and so, as one more dinner party approached head, wig selected from her vast wardrobe
the most glamorous evening, gown that she could find she adorned herself with every piece of expensive jewellery. She owned. She smiled sweetly during the appetizer and listened attentively during the main course just before dessert. She went off to powder her nose She never returned the next morning, a stunning woman arrived in Paris by train. After that it was your basic Hollywood fairytale head, wig, EVA Maria Chrysler. Was discovered by the movie mogul Louis, be mayor. A year later she was starring opposite Clark Gable. She had a new name to go with her new address and Hollywood by one thousand nine hundred and forty one. She was widely regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, Hedwig was so gorgeous that she was deemed
two beautiful to speak and was given very little dialogue on the big screen once when asked to explain the secret of being glamorous head. Wig said: that's easy. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid, but had wig wasn't stupid far from it. Among other things, she was an amateur inventor, a woman who spent most of her free time at home, hunched over her drafting table. Her big idea was a thing: she'd been tinkering with in response to the Germans, who were targeting cruise ships in the Atlantic, murdering hundreds of civilians. Headway had read that the allies were unable to sink german new boats, because the Germans had figured out how to jam the torpedoes radio frequencies. She recalled a scientist at one of those dinner parties in Vienna. He had been talking to Fritz
about the untapped potential of radio waves in the context of modern warfare. Now headway wondered what if a single radio signal could hop randomly from one frequency to another? How would the Nazis block that the question was ingenious and so was the answer she developed the technology patented it and offered it to the Navy free of charge.
But the? U S. Military had a hard time, believing the most beautiful woman in the world had come up with a solution to a problem that they themselves had not been able to solve. The navy was an interested in her idea. In fact, headway was told that if she really wanted to help the war effort, she would need to use the assets for which she was best known. Headway was disappointed, but she knew that she did have the assets in question and she was eager to contribute to help in any way to win the war so to raise money for war bonds. She began selling kisses and a single night. She raised seven million dollars just by standing, still looking stupid overtime. She raised twenty five million in today's money
that's more than two hundred and twenty million dollars. If the story had ended right there, it would still have made a good headline. The most beautiful girl in the world fights off Nazis with kisses, but Hedwig story was far from over during a very anxious week in nineteen sixty two known as the cuban missile crisis, her technology was finally employed and it worked big time. Hedwig was given no thanks or acknowledgement. Nor did she asked for any, but let's be absolutely clear about the enormity of the idea she had patented. Not only did radio hopping changed the face of national security. It led to
directly to the development of our modern day satellite communications system, and I had a bit of technology. We know as wifi without her invention. I could have never researched her life at thirty seven thousand feet and shared her story with you. The story of a beautiful girl who knew which assets mattered most a movie star- they headed Lamar I'm twelve years old sitting in a dark and see it her with my eighty year old cousin, who has smuggled me into my first, are rated movie on the screen, a group of cowboys her huddled around the camp,
their finishing their evening meal when one of them farts, I'm not sure how to react, and neither it seems, are the adults around me that sort of thing happened in the boy scouts all the time, but uninhibited farting on the big screen. It was so unexpected moments after the first fart, another fart fall and then another fart after that, soon all of the men around the campfire, our farming and I'm tying laughing nervously at first and then so much that it hurts, as the grown ups around me, begin to laugh to my mirth escalates. Even further, so does my cousins, the more the men fart the harder we lack? and the men don't stop. Fighting soon tears run down our faces and I can feel the junior mints in my belly threatening a hasty exit. Grownups lie
laughing at the sound of other grownups farting. This is simply unprecedented. The movie was blazing saddles and the first time I saw it, I laughed through the entire thing I laughed when Alex Karras punched. The horse. I laughed when cleave on little said where, although white women at even laughed jokes, I didn't get. I very nearly peed myself. When Headline Lamar played to perfection by Harvey Corps, and became more and more exasperated over people's tendency to call him Hetty its Hedley. He said over and over again, not Hetty, Headley wisest so funny. I have no idea just as I asked my cousin who Hetty Lamar is but he's laughing too hard to answer. He laughs hard us not bubble explodes from his left nostril and that sends me into another spasm of uncontrollable giggling
before long we're both on our hands and knees gasping for breath, laughing ourselves, sick for reasons we can't even articulate and every time that we think we ve recovered Harvey Corpsman says the magic words that set us off again, not Hetty Head Lee. When I get home I tell my father about this hysterical character. Hadley Lamar, not Hadley, he says Hetty. Why What there is a real person called Hetty Lamar, surely says: Hetty Lamar's, the most beautiful woman in the world. Really, I said: do you have a picture no, my mother, yells from the kitchen, your father, doesn't have a picture of Hetty Lamar. My father turned back to his newspaper, neither confirming nor denying what does she look like? I asked she looks like your mother. He says a little louder than necessary. Now go split. Some would you'll feel better
garden, acts in hand. I still have questions. Why don't I know who the most beautiful girl in the world is? How can I be twelve years old and still be so uninformed today? I google her and see for myself, but back then pities ingenious invention had not yet less the development of wifi. So I had to wait until Monday, when I could avail myself of the services of our county library there under a fog of dissent
approval emanating from the librarian who assisted me, I perused a stack of books about Hollywood starlets from days gone by there. She was Hetty Lamar, while she was indeed a looker, as my grandfather would say sure enough. The caption identified Hetty as the most beautiful woman in the world. It gave the date and the place of her birth, but there was no mention of anything else, except for lists of the films. It appeared in, and the men she had dated, and so aside from that random reference in blazing saddles. That was the only thing that I know
Bout, petty Lamar. Until I did Google her forty five years later at thirty seven thousand feet, only then did I learn about the person she had really been, or at least the person the internet says she was quick digression. My friend Alex is Iraq of a man, but one heck of a rider. He dropped by the other day to see how this book was coming along. You tell me, I said handing him a stack of pages, Alex claims to nobody's doing, and there is evidence to suggest he might be right after reading a couple of chapters he stopped. If you do this right, he said they'll come a time when your book starts talking to. When that happens, you should listen. I didn't know what he was talking about. Fish don't fly books, don't talk, then again, maybe they do so I'm beginning to
wonder if any of these stories are all the way finished. Consider the very first one in the book, the one about MEL Brooks when I started it. I wanted to pay tribute to the man who had made me laugh harder than I'd ever left before, with the help of Hetty them Mars invention. I googled him and learned that once upon a time the man who wrote directed and stuff
and the funniest movie. I'd ever seen had climbed a utility pull in the art Dan hooked up a loudspeaker and played a song by a jewish singer to a forest filled with nazis. That struck me as a story worth sharing picture him up there up at the top of that pull the moon is out. The woods are full of nazi sharpshooters and there's brooks he might as well have a bullseye on his back and he's doing. It offer a joke that brave and brilliant, and also dumb, smart stupid. Like most of his movies. As I pictured the scene, I saw the same sensibility that informed every frame of blazing saddles the movie that led me to Hetty Lamar googling. Her thanks to melt, Brooks
I learned that this most beautiful woman in the world was also a brilliant inventor that struck me as a story worth sharing for a number of reasons, chief among them the undeniable fact that I wouldn't have been able to write these stories without her invention. Maybe this was what Alex was talking about. Maybe here the book was talking back and what it was telling me sounded a lot like keep digging and so I did and late last night. I learned that Hetty Lamar sued MEL Brooks when placing saddles came out. She was upset that her name or something close to it, was being used without her permission. I guess I can't really blame her head. He's. First husband treated like an object. The studios treated her like horse flesh, the? U S, government traded or like a punk,
maybe she had had enough- maybe the thought of people laughing at the mention of her name or something close to it was too much to bear. Here's the kicker, though MEL Brooks, would have prevailed in court. In fact, he could have counter sued, Hetty and one, but guess what he didn't Ed, he paid her. The funniest man in the world wrote a check to the most beautiful woman in the world because, as he put it, she's given us so much Pay or whatever she needs Brooks said under my love and tell her where I live, the interviews out their online, you can see for yourself go head. Google, it away while I'm waiting for you to find that video. Quick word about my undies, more specifically about me undies, who just happens to be my skin
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of stories that I wrote and we decided- maybe you decided for whatever reason that that should be episode: zero Z, one yeah do remember? Why? Yes, because the story is slightly different in the podcast episode than it is in your chapter, I feel like you made some edits into the to the story, but the way it ended before was, for you mentioned the fact that without Hetty Lamar you wouldn't be able to use the device you probably using right now to listen to this podcast, and I thought oh, isn't it clever way? To start this thing off, you know cause we were new to the podcast world. We really had no idea what we are doing and- and I thought oh yeah- this is a good one. To start with, plus is just a it's a great story, you know, but the idea that it was connected to wifi is what tribute of make it number one yeah and you're right. Clever is the word we should ruminate on, because real
This was the part in the book where I was starting to feel a terribly clever. You'll go ahead, Google, it I'll wait. I realized, you know what I was trying to be clever, but I was trying to acknowledge the reality of the two screen experience that everyone. He has today, not just whether watching tv, but when the red, I mean I know about you, but people can sit. There read a book, you know their smartphone is afoot away and whether it's a word they haven't heard before were before or a set of facts they might want firm- it can all happen now in real time, and so you know I'm trying to sketch out the makings of another book. And realising that so much of what I think I might want to write about is motivated by video footage or some thing that exists out there in the ether and the idea that anybody at any time could go. Look at a piece of video. now a shared source material, is a really fun way to think about how to
in terms of may be, providing a caption too that footage right, so it all just to me anyway, made perfect sense that the most beautiful woman in the world is somehow surprisingly linked to the funniest man in the world. Right. Both of these people had such a huge impact on my life from a technical standpoint and just at a joyful standpoint, and now here they are serendipitous leaned accidently colliding with each other. In a book that I couldn't decide whether we would be in order, or if you are a biography but turned out to be an accidental memoir, so it all just suddenly felt. Like all you know, click click click, a bunch of crap just lined up, and I thought that was cool I think that should be the title of your next book act, dental memoir by Micro. I thought your going. Click click click which is stupid, yeah. No, I I was I was veering, offer the stupid answers and to one that I felt was terribly clever
that'll idle, learn me, but, as we say, the chapter regarding MELT Brooks stupid is a big part of this scene or stupid right, the kind of movies he does. I wrote that down. I wanted to ask you about that, because that's the first time that I have heard the term marked stupid. It seems like a term that makes sense. I know exactly what it means and in relation to melt, Brooks it's like, while spot on, because the it is smart, but it's also is stupid. Eighth grade smart well. For me, arriving that, and I am sure everybody is every everybody approaches comedy differently, and this isn't we so much an approach to Carmody, as as it is an approach to balance so like on dirty jobs. I never wanted to to earn is. Even though I have some deeply held beliefs about the importance of work and that show had a very real mission, I always try to take the piss out of it when I could buy being silly and silly just another
four stupid, and so you know, channeling my inner eighth greater while, at the same time, trying to pay an honest tribute to people doing real work. That's me was a trick and so below Brooks did it better than Anybody, because, no matter how silly his comedy Scott there was always just a big giant message just under the surface Chand, You know I'd I'd hoped in some way to to do something similar with with dirty jobs and now just to bring it back even too their level Hetty Lamar was the first story. We started to chunk out in six degree. Which, if people don't know who ya go on discovery right now, so it just keeps coming back under appreciated. Innovative talent in this case four showed by preternatural beauty and juxtapose with my own desire to be smart and silly. At the same time, whether it's sent dirty job
your six degrees or the way I heard it in the end chuck it's yours, laughing or you're not and if you're not laughing the chokes, probably on you. Well, let me ask you about that expression. Smart stupid did you was that something that you had her before or is that just are those two words that you? U grouped up together. Honestly, as much as I'd like to say a group them up. I think Alex did all really young Alex we ve mentioned before. He helped assemble this book and was one of the early voices to point out the fact that if I did it right, we might actually be able to write a memoir. That's also a mystery in a biography, that's also an honor and he was saying when I read the to the first time he said now. Brooks was all Smart, but always stupid, and I was like oh well. Those two things do actually kind of rhyme
two sides of the same coin yeah. Maybe so that's that's all I was and is all I meant to say it's absolutely accurate in describing his sense of humor, but that's interesting about AL. Alex also was the one who said that, eventually the book would start to talk back to you, which you mention in this chapter. So how did the book start to talk back to you, particularly around here well in every way it it made me- remember the conversation My dad after AIDS blazing saddles like when I wrote about Hetty Lamar. I wasn't in any way? Thinking about MEL Brooks and when I wrote the store about Mill Brooks. I wasn't in any way thinking about having Lamar, but then, when I got to chapter twenty two, I tell the story of how and I realize wait a minute. I have already told the story of Male Brooks and he's got this running gag through blazing
saddles where Harvey Corpsman is constantly mistaken, as Hadley or he's head he's Hadley Ironical, whatever it was, it was so conflated. I was like way second bet. I think I'm supposed to say something about that and what would I say about it and then, of course, the big fat autobiographical beat it we in the head, which was I remember, sitting in the rose they'll public library when I was twelve years old. Looking through a big thick picture, book of famous Hollywood starlets and seeing Hetty Lamar described as the most beautiful girl in the world, not a week after learning that this person existed through the care you're Harvey Corpsman in blazing saddles written by MEL Brooks who went by the name of heavily, and so I it's. I mean it's impossible to answer that question other than to say that Suddenly there a bunch of dots on a table in front of you and somebody
and you are sharply and says, connect them, which really is thing to me, and you know kids can appreciate this, but what what you did in order to look her up and in fact the the information that you got was so limited required you either getting on your bike. Peddling to utter know how you got the wrong. I know where the rosier library was. You know and it was. It was a heck of walk from your house. So Imagine you either got dropped, offer you or you peddled over there, but it, but it took a lot of effort. Yes, you to find something, as opposed to just typing, who is Hetty Lamar into a device and hitting enter, which brings us back to go ahead. Google, it right I'll, wait, I'm not saying go ahead, get on your bike. Ride into town talk to a librarian. Take the clause. I dirty soft porn broke that you need to look at hide the stacks open. It up. Look over your shoulder, make sure you're alone and then cast your eyes.
on what many believed was the most beautiful girl in the world. Now you could do it right now. Yes, you can. Easily yes and she was a looker for sure she was- but it's funny, isn't it? How tastes have changed a little? I mean she still stew agri by any measure, but she was what was the word these to use back then sought out. He asked right. I use that word Sadly, in San Diego, I believe to you. Yes, you did referring to a certain someone in the restaurant, but let's not talk about that. I bring that up. Well, I'll, tell you why? Because, even though she was soft dig Those Reuben ask standards, while We learn something in six degrees, about Hetty Lamar, that we don't learn in this book or in the podcast, which is that she was on a quest to augment her breasts.
right, and I was surprised to learn that because she didn't seem to be lacking in that department. The photos that I saw. She rose Hammerstein said so famously broad were abroad should be broad and yet also not mentioned in the story, but a huge part of the six Greece episode. Is her partner, Georgiana Tile a musician who composed the ballet mecanique, whose basic those player piano that he used helped Hetty design. The contraption that allowed the rig the radar jamming to happen. So you know I mean I utter of it's interesting people when we started this, I really wanted to keep each of these podcast under six minutes, and this woman was five minutes and twenty five seconds, and so we had to leave some things out, but we don't do that in six degrees and so what It means for the purposes this conversation. I don't really know it's just that we have to
instantly decide liquid we're deciding right now what goes and what comes out to be related to know that any Lamar was insecure about her breast no. But it is interesting that the most beautiful girl in the world I would add that same concern, one shared by millions of women today, who are considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, necessarily funny how it all goes round Interesting. Yes, I remember we shot six degrees in there's a scene where Algiers is playing in a movie theater, and we we see her. You know in the Abuja, mention that when audiences saw her for the first time they gasped, because she was so beautiful and in ensue in her up on the big screamed ex keep in mind. That's the first time I've ever seen had Hetty Lamar on a big screen, because well, I'm I'm not a hundred years old and are not getting their lot. There yet, and so had never seen her on a big screen. I'd only seen on television, but my God really
Algiers in particular that movie? Why our agriculture beautiful right. I don't think anyone compares I mean I don't certainly at the time, but I mean today the heavy Lamar to this day, you can look at her and just go good God, but back to smart stupid for a minute, the, U S, Navy our AIM Valley, the: U S, navies very smart. They are engaged in the greatest conflict to ever be waged in the world is the Second World WAR and they ve got a massive problem, but how stupid could they be to sit there and have had Lamar's. She, she and George entitle handed them handed them the key to solving one of the greatest more time challenges of all time and absolutely couldn't process it. I believe the navies. Direct response was, and I quote, Nope
when seen six degrees. Folks, you need to watch this episode because Chuck plays the commander in the Navy who affair really passes on the technology. The would have solved the radar jamming problem and ultimately lead to wifi. It's one of your finest performances Chuck and your brother. life with just one word. I thank you. I was a thirty pounds heavier than so, they had to cram me into that jacket. Like a Christmas hammer stuff, do you know what you were you resolve with you ROD in all the places that a man can be, but shouldn't be so I mean having just listen to it again, that the whole tile growled chapter to me, my favorite moment in it is justice. Office, personal recollection, but it it really was sitting in the theater laughing at that fart seen in blazing saddles smart stupid again What grown man would put a seem like that in a movie a movie which by
while at the same time took on race, Rachel overtones. While I mean you couldn't make blazing saddles today period. That was what questions. I was gonna, ask you I couldn't have ever blood if MEL Brooks we're still making movies. Today there is no I've heard him say it have in half a dozen different interview, yeah he's safer for years actually so is, and it's only get it he's only getting further and further away from a time when that movie could be made, but that that was a I mean it was. It was funny. I think everybody found that movie fund I dont think today's generation necessarily finds that movie funny. I think you have to appreciate it in the time it was made. What do you think? I think today's generation, much of them would literally gasp for the reasons for people to ask when they saw Hetty Lamar, where, when cliff
is exactly VON Little Cleveland earlier when he yells, where all the white women at yeah I'm down for the count here I mean Brooks just didn't care he. He was so honest about prejudice that he reduced it from evil too silly he reduced. It is stupid that abbeys did he not prejudice stupid, yes, and that's why it was so good because it's not like you looked at the people who were using these prejudiced words as the smart people in the room. No, the heroes, weren't using those words, it was the stupid people around and they were to be marked. We knew They were stupid. He was telling us it's the same thing he did in the producers, Unama. Now he wasn't telling us that he was showing you are showing us that, yes, that's what made it
I mean in the same way cleave our little is impeccably handsome, oh yeah, well dressed like a gucci saddle sophisticated he's world Mary. It's you I have to say anything other. He adjusted so much optically with that always eyebrows. You know where he was commenting on the racists around him with just up just a raised eyebrows and Jean Wilder to die, I mean Brooks, gives a hopeless drunk. Essentially these instigation and the understanding and the end and the only one in the movie whose truly colorblind yeah right is the Waco KIT he was so good and is still so good at at making heroes, giving heroes feet of clay and giving villain something charming right and just never never make
saying one thing, the only thing, smart and stupid all of the time in all ways and of course, back to the book that that's why man I'd like to take credit for it. I was to say that's why I wanted to write the story that I wrote about now. brooks in the garden, but it was it. I just wanted to write. Story, because I, like my Brooks when later really later, you think about what does that act really mean that business of climbing a utility poem enough. or is filled with nazis. Knowing your target just Jerry Rig allowed speaker to play an owl jewels and song for a laugh just for a laugh. That's all he just wanted to get a laugh out of his buddies and may be raised her spirits and he risked everything to do it. I mean, if that's not heroic. What is you know what I think of me
Brooks of course. I also think of when you and I worked at the United Artist Movie, theatres in gold ring more and the movie that played there. What was that movie called like how well one of the first ones we saw what in the history of the world part want heart, one, never arctic. I swear. I envy you're right man, there were moments in that movie where I lost it, just as surely as I did when I was twelve around that fart scene when the camp fire in placing saddles, you remember the inquisition, oh yeah, I could sing it right now, the inquisition. Let's begin the inquisition look out. We ve gotta mission, to invade buried at a religious. Do we're gonna teach we're gonna make them see their light. We ve got an offer that they can review that produce jobs again do use
to be boring, say still be dull, what about the hate talk about you, sir. I just got back from the old deferring the oil deferred. What's it would you shouldn't do by Jesus man, I mean just I had never heard of the spanish inquisition. At that point in my life gets on gas on parliament you're pissing on by shooting remembered, does you're just like the piss boy yeah. Can you look like a punished? oh man, and then we were still working there. When the history, the World Party came out now that never came out, there was always through the world. Are you sure, because I remember vividly google it away now?
There's no history, the world virtue, it never came out. There was no. There was no history, the world part it was only after the world power, one that was, that was part of the joke. I think I thought it was just so funny that they ultimately one back and said. You know what we might as well make one that was hysterical well looming up, googling it right now I'll google right now hold on a second SIRI history. The world part to know history, the world part one. When I google history were far too it doesn't come up only part one got so good. A funny I completely forgot about. Do you thought there was a part two. I really did because part just went on and on and on Jesus. It was funny what else was in there, what juice Space was was brilliant.
We're here do lying along protecting the deed, raise straight yes, well out. For me, hardest. I've ever laughed in. My life has been with you. Now it's tough to beat of years old with my cousin and that dark and theater. But the feeling the feeling of really losing control right. I mean what to talk about two moments. You know when when you lose it ray it's right before you cross the line and right after you cross the line, and in that moment there still hope to try and get your crap together and not lose it. But but of course it you know if helpless, it's gonna, it's been. Do you remember the Merry Tyler more episode when chuckles the clown dies
and they all there and they can't let s have forbidden laughter. Yet right ran at everyone's laughing through the whole thing, except Mary, Tyler, more, whose appalled by everyone's terrible behaviour and then they finally get to the funeral during the eulogy and everybody else has it together. Mary loses it right and that when I saw that episode, Ameri Tyler more that made me think too of the time I lost it in the theater. Now there was nothing inappropriate about laughing hard at a comedy. I just never left that hard up until that point in my life, and I have never been to a place before where I couldn't stop laughing. You know, like long after the farting seen ended, and the movie just kept playing. Everything was as funny as that. I just literally laughed through the whole move, because I rushed into that weird space that that delirium and cast Errand Eve and everyone my Kurtz yeah, I know I know that- can you think of an example of a time
when the two of us, because I remember like laughing hysterically with you many times, but can you can you think of an act of a specific circumstances? What we laughed ass yet too, oh one, one super recent. I note had actually that involve you. That involved me and some and it was the last seen we shot in an episode of six degrees where you were playing Richard Nixon. Yes, I had it in fact the it struck me a so funny I posted on Facebook a couple months ago when the series premier but yeah, we we replaced your drink with real vodka, but end They most clever thing. Don't do the reason that that ruse worked so well is that we had shot two takes with with ice with water, in the martini glass, really chewing a dog biscuit as well, and so I do need a bit of work
it's a literal, it's a little dog biscuit there were they were not prop. They were not propped on biscuits. You know we're on a green scream chucks in the oval office, he's playing Richard Nixon, full, make up, hair slick back and don't a pretty good impersonation socket took me, wouldn't do with new beat where we point out that Nixon kept dog biscuits on his desk and from time to time He ate them, apparently, according to some sources and we're trying to shoot the scene, and I also point out that Nixon enjoyed a martini or to typically later in the day. So chalk is drinking martini and eating dog biscuits as I'm in the foreground. Talking and I M on the third Take Adam swapped out the the water with vodka. You took a big slug and I thought your head was gonna. Come off yeah I mean an end and the greatest thing you did too was like chuck. When you were when you on this, take really sell that man really down that martini. You know
I got it, I got it now well received, but what killed me wasn't just your reaction to it. It was the five or ten minutes leading up to it. I knew It was a complex and I know it was very, very late in the day and I've been sipping real vodka for the last half hour. I just I had a very difficult day, a lot of stuff. I memorized that show in my brain was white fried, but I knew that you were gonna, throw all that back down your well muzzle throat because Lily, unawares and it just, it was already funny before it happened and- and I think that's what happens with some- you know like when I go see a male Brooks movie today. I know it's gonna be funny before even see it, so I'm ready to laugh. I was ready to laugh,
moment and I left for maybe ten minutes afterwards didn't think I was gonna get it back. I didn't completely crossed the line, but that's what I meant before I came right up to it and I tell it on it tat I and I had to get it back. Otherwise it would have been TIM Conway and Harvey Gorman in the Carol Burnett Show here, and you know that Stuffs fund a watch, but it's it's really scary- a performer when you really really truly lose it. Yes, you it doesn't matter how professional you wanna be. You can't get that back. Yeah, well, that that that holes clip that that we put over the credits, I think, is about a minute long, but as I call it was a good, eight or ten minutes that I just was ripping and that you were laughing. the union. Is you where you are Just knee slap in and out just could not could not real it in and, of course, you know it. This is like as I've seen you do this to other people. You ve done it to my sister. Might my mother and on it to me, where you don't let up on a jet. You keep you keep pushing those buttons
because you see it's it's like hitting a guy when he's down. You know you just keep pommel in with the comedy then you know when you add somebody's gonna, either pay their pants or throw up which are both good guy every legal written to the great reactions. But you know, since you brought her up your mother rest, her soul and your sister, both those women there? I never enjoyed making anybody laugh more then Agnes and Terry they were. I mean they were funny people in their own right, but there there their brand of genius was they. They were the perfect audience. Oh, you know they just appreciated humor, you know. Even it was half fisted and juveniles
and stupid. Sometimes you and I crack them up all the time, and I do remember I remember not bubbles coming out your sisters knows. I remember your mom Macon snorting sounds all around and hold her belly tears. Ten years, just like real tears likes now. Yes rolling on her face, but, like springing out of her eyes that woman laugh so large, wet and not just yet you're right, it just makes you want to just keep it go in there and you did the other one I remembered dude was in a nursing home. Ah yes- and this is more like the chuckles, the Kolocha. Thank you This was not cool, it was me and you had I'll, be in my price were singing and in a barber shop quartet. We were barely I don't. Usually we were at school. I don't think we were. We were we were. Seventy.
Eighteen years old respectively. We first barbershop quartet called the clipper for and we were that point in our life, where we thought we were just so charming and delightful that anybody would be thrilled to listen to us saying anything anywhere. So you know we would we burst, and the song in a restaurant stairwells didn't matter, and we finally got a paying gig. I think they paid us ten or twenty bucks to come to Germany. Where was? Was it Stella? Maris Spanish die? I have. I have no recollection of the nursing home, but it was. It was gods waiting room and it was it was weird- is almost hesitates, tell the story because it is an appropriate, but it would come this far. We're singing in a common room in a nursing, home and checks right. It was odds waiting room, there were probably thirty or forty people in there and they
all somewhere between eighty and two hundred and fifty and dumb they were. They were sitting there. Some of them were, you know, present and watch and smiling someone would would sing along a wheat. We were singing old songs like come, my mother's pearls little Margie does Mother, no you're out, Cecilia, remember that one fairly Does anyone know you're out Cecilia? Does she know that? I'm about to steal you? Oh my. When I look into your eyes, something tells me you and I should get to gather together. He I know the idea. I too, I thought that was of course I remember us into the corner We say that we saying yes, we have no bananas. Oh my gosh. Did we ever yes hooker? We we basically new eight songs, You know eight or nine songs and we would go
using these songs for anybody, whether you paid us or not, but the nursing home pages and neighbour, and they brought in God, bless him these. These sweet old people and they loved us. They they couldn't clap. A lot. You know because they were arthritic in their hands, were gnarled and old and dig, but they loved it. I say probably around the fourth or fifth song. A nurse pushed an elderly gentleman whom L Brooks would describe problem. is the oldest man in the world right now, you're old Man thousand year old impulse, well to know how this gentleman was, but he was ancient and he was either asleep or in a coma or just frozen. He was absolutely still didn't move a lick through the whole thing right eyes were open, also of note, an ivy that was next to his wheelchair, and some other devices that involve tubes that went into The opening of his pajamas into-
hearts unknown. He was hooked up, machines devices in tubes. He was very old and he was about three feet in front of us where he sat for about three or four more songs. and when we got to the encore, which of course, what I'd like you remember- the song of course, of course, why on earth? Would you seeing this song in a nursing home, because it's the only song? We knew that we hadn't song and every Tuesday night at the course of the chest, to peek where we spent huge chunks of our mission. Ben youth. They are they concluded by singing the song, which was near my God to the nearer. My God today was ever a title more accurate than in that nursing home. Now. Do you remember if we sang two or three versus I think only too, but I saw the first verse or maybe you want. The song near my guards the nearer to the even though it be across that raises the
still. I song shall be near my God to the near my guards the so it occurred to us the chalk- and I am sure, MIKE and Bobby too, about halfway through we're singing near my God. That's your room, full of people who are truly nearer to their god. Never air yet and they have ever been Irene it. It really was heavens waiting, room and no one nearer, of course, then the man who has been uncovered- this in front of us, the after the last ten fifteen minutes. While we get to the to the second verse which goes there, let my way appear steps under Heaven and you were singing a solo, you were singing and the rest of us foregoing going by you, and it goes The let my way appears steps on two right there during the breath
the old man and the wheelchair exploded. and when I say exploded, I'm overstating it just a little bit technically what he did was he sneezed here? snapped out, have whose unconscious date and he sneezed and chalk. When you sneeze live the sound you make. I mean any who works in her office where scared the hell out of it It's a loud so go ahead and imitate the sound. You makes no right, it's that now imagine that sound coming out of that old man with something about the size of a large Chesapeake Bay, oyster flying out of his mouth and landing. Maybe a foot from your patent leather, loafers, correct.
To call this thing: flam or snot. Would it just doesn't do the job this, like I'm pretty sure it hit the floor, slid a little better. Yet it rolled up. If you took like the biggest oyster you ve ever seen literally end and throw it on the ground, it would move, after it slide had as its a freeze he sighs chunk of gray, mucus that appear to have its own circulatory system slit across the floor in your shoes, man and it's impossible to know where to put that within a second after the old man exploded sending this projectile flying up from his lungs. He went back to sleep, exact, same position, yeah just like it. He seemed like he might have died as a result of this explosion. Why
We're singing mirror my God today. Now that brings us to the to the moment to the point of no return. We we all reacted to it, but quickly recovered and kept singing, and we might have gotten through the song, except for the fact that the inescapable unavoidable incontrovertible Ruth of the moment was right in front of us on the floor, this grey mass, just awful stuff, and so I started to laugh and we know I'm seeing in the Base part of who you are, I am like you're making that you sound like my lips are pursed and Bobby Micro doing the same thing as very arts. It is very hard to make a make an all sound when your singing, what why you're laughing the fact is impossible, so we just it's a laugh and snort and giggle, and you were out there try nothing. That solo said, though hard I don't. I was
the sad, don't know how you did it, but actually dont. Remember if you did it, I didn't do it I mean I would it was more like it opened up on it, the work was done and it looked away. I remembered I think it happened at the end of the first verse, because the way I recall it it was, you know, with this big crescendo, stay alive, Shelby New to the man in Rome. It well, we took an extra law, be because in that moment we had choreography where we lifted our hands and put them on the shoulder of the next guy. Next to us, so. It is like this that key and then there's the slow raise touch the head. Then it was not an end
we normally did was like look at each other. We did that and that was the worst nine can yeah. I felt ashamed. at the same time as I've just exhausted by by that level of of laughter, they just wheel Now everybody kind of smiled and nodded, and we just left. You couldn't get out their fast enough. That was, our last saw. We're not gonna sing. Another one were gone. I don't even think we collected What are you about thirty five, forty, two things that I think it was given to the janitor Williamsburg Lena's mess, was so horrible. Oh, my gosh now that that's a good one, The one that I remember too was a went up. My uncle Harold, I'd and right we went
now see. I was raised Catholic, you erase Protestant, said the Lord's prayer for me and did you know a little bit before it ended for you raw hits the faith I hope, for thine the kingdom in the glory for ever and ever a man we never. We never learn that part in the ghastly church, and so we were at a Catholic, a funeral at the grave site. Standing there and the priest DNS, as you know, has over the by further prayer, our father, who are now, of course, where you don't we shy where you who are did happen I'll, be thy name. Thy kingdom come down we'll be done on earth as it is in Heaven daily. Bread, forgive us for Trust Nazism, though those just bastard get me started. Sedation delivers river from evil and that's where it ends and Rita Yeah well, but I was so use to us performing in protestant churches. I wrote the rest as well, so the two of us just for thine is the kingdom in the power and the priest is now gone
on, and we just sort of realised that we would like a half a sentence in forever and and and an ever who just kind of look down and dumb and I was like cash that happen. You know and of course I look over you and I see both your shoulders just go up and down. Could you laugh and so hard and my uncle Walter? God bless his soul, man. He came over and I'm pretty sure he whacked us both it did, but it was like, would you like us, he's cry in our global diabolic? I couldn't ah- but I didn't want to laugh, but I just couldn't stop it for thy- is the kinda and the power our never mind. Grandma, I'm sorry, you were saying, go and Father yes, so what's it all made man I mean it's,
What did I say earlier? If you're not laugh and the jokes on you, I I guess like anything else, you can go too far with it, and God knows we have, but looking back that's a kind of will be laughing about. Hopefully, in thirty years, if we make it I'll, never forget him yeah, hopefully the they'll, be more. I mean look that have Nixon thing. Tat was just that was just not even a year ago. Hopefully there will be If you haven't seen six degrees, it is out there I think it's airing now Sunday, nights on the discovery, channel and, of course, its discovery, plus, if you're pissed off about the fact that discovery plus cos when I was six. Nine I without ads looked is not really up to me. I I've got your ear, else. I've got your posts on Facebook, the world changing folks, you know
three four years from now man, I think it's I think it's gonna be over the top out of here. I don't have it answers for you, but the world is changing and contents change six degrees and this podcast unjust, not everything else. You know I may go ahead. Google, it I'll wait. But I don't know what you're going to find. I just think it's going to be a totally different world in three or four years, and you know I'm just happy to be a part of it now where we can still get content out there. You know dirty jobs still in production right now. You can ask me what a week I had this week, do I'm about to evaluate what you were there at the first one you're in Santiago. You sought. Oh that's right, yeah I was there. I was there in San Diego yeah. I might even make the cut, who know You might do. We did a story in Santiago about a thing called a cut suit, which is basically picture of fat suit, except it's filled
with all the organs in a body and vague organs, but they look real and they live origin. They bleed and the other the same shape and size up yeah special operations they they make. organs. The go inside suits and the suits have their own blood supply, and it's over realistic thing designed to help train medics in combat situations without a deal with catastrophic injuries? way. I wanted to an operating room and took a spleen out of a guy with a real doktor using one of these cuts suits, and I posted a picture on Facebook and for the first time I got answered by Facebook. Yes, you can see, there was amazing, they learned the picture and sell honourable, but of course it was a real, but man look real. You were there how? How real did it
do you. It looked incredibly real. I was actually up above you. They had like an observation deck that you could look down on it and It was fascinating. I mean I really word that doctor was awesome. He was a good teacher and you know this. Gonna change, modern metal, and this is this- is gonna- make people better doctors before haste to heart, people up it's, probably even better than working on a cadaver. Oh it's much better yoke as cadavers, don't bleed rhyme when once things start bleeding riots. When it that's what I get real and that's when the clock starts. Taking in the pressure really kicks in here they say the guy who invented this. The doktor said he believes that this cut too could have the same impact on the medical community as these.
flight simulators had on training, pilots, which is transformational, you know, but I wanted to get over it. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that Europe joined sides, this guy, well are you know what I did yeah you're right, I'm I'm sorry that I lied to you just now. I totally met generosity of currency because I wanted to say that what the what's? What makes amazing is that it's not just a blob of organs on a table it strapped to a real live living person. Ricky was the guy who They are right. It was a guy and he's lying there and one of the things I notice is of course, he's breathing. So it's moving up and down yeah like it would, if a real person where their cause Rick in fact, is a real person right, you're working on organs that are moving with his breath and that to me was like wow
this is so realistic. That's why they boarded well. The reason I brought it up is because, from your vantage point, you didn't you didn't see. Quite what I saw you didn't hear quite I heard, but you don't dirty jobs is a light. Hearted shell. Anybody who watches it knows if there is an opportunity for a laugh or a joke I'll I'll make usually at my own expense, we were learning something really important and you know I've. I've got this fake spleen in one hand, and I'm trying to stop being a blood bleeding from the other and the dock,
is is making a really important point when Ricky farts, acting without the keeper now as it was then allowed fart, but it was a farce rice, as you know, like theirs of the french king was our teacher, but you know we ve talked about when the podcast, but for his head at had a whole category of farts. Remember the different kinds here is Faz Poot Anti Poot, like like the poop with the anti poop, was
Europe First Class and then there was just a part which is straight up, and then there was a squeeze through like the squeeze through was ripe kind of wound up on you and that ultimately it was the terrorists and the terraces Lana. Well Recap: Ricky laid out a classic somewhere between a portion of far existed. Quick like that, and so I've got you know. I got a bus today order in one hand and the other in a very earnest doktor telling me how we're gonna change lives and this guy just quietly. Let's one go, so I couldn't acknowledge it. I couldn't do anything, I just sit there, you know and let the let the scene play up- and you know I didn't. I didn't get close to the point of no return
and even acknowledge it, because I do if I would have a problem with a look of unseen. You crazy laughter would have happened, and I just I just gotta, but the point is dirty: jobs is back nobody's gonna want that's what I did We got a long run for a short time, but there is no point. People are just trying to cure. Yes, for an hour now talk with my old buddy about some of the artist. I ve ever laughed outright: what's funny you're, not like surgery, the Beige adverts and he laughed so urgent, believe the operator nearly dropped. His spleen tell her tell them where they could get the book. Listen. This thing the book can be got or downloaded. I think if we official turn Chuck,
they'll got you can go either or its downloaded or got. You got my book wherever you download books, or listen to the audio version. That'll cost you money. On the other hand, if you like to listen to it for free, this is the place to come. Every week we unpack a chapter, just as we have done. six degrees we mentioned available discovery plus and discovery channel dirty jobs. I mentioned gonna, be coming back in the next couple of months: good clean fun for the whole family now with farting at it, but not as much as there has been in the past. Do you remember the old episode in in the window, She damn went Doug forded. I was there. I wasn't in the damn, but that's the episode that I came up there. I actually is recall, was with the B team and we were getting. I wasn't a helicopter getting bigger role here. We in a turbine made Dugan bar ski in the whole gang Troy all of his jammed up like pretzels. We ve been down there for half hour, and this is smart stupid.
This is where we land the playing. It was a smart stupid moment, I'm list to an engineer, describe the basics of Hydro electric power as we are facilitating repair on a critical piece of machinery when my camera man, for now we're sitting in the mud, and it was loud enough to hear, and you just have to decide at that moment. Are you gonna do acknowledge it or not? And of course I acknowledge it here at which point Bosky forded and then I find it and then the whole thing suddenly. Oh it's! It's! The camp fire see emblazoned sizing arise just like that good grief. Now that I think about a man. Maybe that's what this whole life is about maybe I'm just constantly trying to find a moment to fart. Why can do that? I any time almost at will. Let's leave well out of it. Yes, but I mean no, no, though those moments where you're just confronted with something import
and something silly something big and something small, a little micro, a little macro and you get to walk the knife sedge of her too during an either falling into the abyss. of delirium were saving yourself. And when the train on the rails and not quite ever, knowing which one it's gonna be that's the fun of it now. Well, listen. I think a good place to leave it, and I would say that as a listener, if you have enjoyed MIKE's description of all the various kind?
far is increasingly issue. Anyone there will be a year. Serenading run history, the world part worker Cecily. Is you go to wherever you download your pod cast? You can give us a five star review. Tell us what you think. We really appreciate it, even if we don't deserve folks, especially if we don't answer anything else like now I'll talk to you next week.
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