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Episode 22: In Laws on the Outs

2016-06-21 | 🔗

Their escape from an overbearing family really put them on the map.

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Hey there, it's my grow, and this is the way I heard the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span. I've been thinking And, rather than sell the incredibly valuable piece of real estate that precedes the unforgettable story. You're about to. Here too, any of my loyal sponsors this month. I'm gonna keep it for myself, so that I might suggest to you with great humility that you consider giving my book as a Christmas present like the story you're about to here. The book is called the way I heard it and modesty aside, I don't think you'll find a more appropriate gift out there. The reviews are excellent, it's an official New York Times best seller and everybody tells me they hear my
voice in their head when they read it now I don't know if that's that's good thing or bad thing, we're weird thing, but it's definitely something go to micro, dot, com, slash book, that micro dot com, slash book, there's still a few autographed copies left if you'd like one just click on autographed copy stuff it in a stocking rapid and brown paper, or slap, a bow on my giant face and give it to somebody love or like, or somebody just simply feel obligated to buy a gift for either way it's at micro dot com, slash book. This is the way I am The Miller's just knew that Loring Johnson would be a perfect son in law, bright, handsome ambition and best of all Methodist so when Loring proposed to their eldest daughter the Miller's rejoiced because they knew
they were getting more than a son in law. They were getting a Johnson. Pc Schnabel early on the other and was another story like Loring Johnson snugly had fallen for one of the Miller girls, but unlike Johnson. Snugly was not the kind of son in law fill and Amanda had in mind. You simply can't Moorish Napoli set Amanda he's Presbyterian indeed said Philip. What will the townspeople say turns out the townspeople said quite a bit and None of it was very nice, Philip Miller's getting one hundred sun and laws. They said Loring, one an snugly, a double zero nowadays. True, love might be non denominational. But back in nineteen o one, the Methodist of Gore in Missouri found themselves surrounded by encroaching Lutherans, Baptist Episcopalians and Presbyterians
even though their daughter said I do the Miller said, we don't and young mister snugly, found himself at odds with his new in laws. For nearly four years, he tried to win them over, but nothing could assuage their disappointment or temper their disdain. Ultimately, Amanda Miller shunned her own daughter and the pain and strife became too much to bear with two small children, the Nepalese yearned, for a more peaceful existence. They dreamed of a quiet place, a place of solid, food and beauty, but where one day TC received a letter from his brother raving,
far away place of unsurpassed tranquillity. Ellsworth snugly was a frail man and required a climate that suited his weak constitution. Apparently he found it in a lush, verdant canyon and the high desert with clean air and a fast running mountain Brook, surrounded by breathtaking boots and monoliths. This Nepalese fled Gore and with all due speed after connecting with Ellsworth Tc Homestead, eighty pristine acres and quickly fell in love. There was something magnetic about the place, something magical about the way: the canyon glowed in the evening, Sun, the snugly build a stone house nestled in a grove of cottonwoods tucked into the gentle bend of a winding creek and that's not all they built. You see the snub lease believe that others would be equally enchanted by the strange beauty of their new surroundings, so TC built
ten room way station in the middle of nowhere. His neighbors might have called him crazy, but TC didn't have any. So we built a road that ran all the way to Flagstaff and sure enough. The people started to come. They came dinner and stayed for the night luxuriating in the tranquillity of the quiet, canyon and marvelling at the serenity. One day it occurred to tee see that his guest, might extend their stay if they could send in e mail from his little bed and breakfast so TC applied for a post office permit after many weeks, TC got a response from Washington DC. Dear mister snugly were happy to help. You set up a post office in your home but dread to inform you that snugly station is too large to fit in the cancellation stamp. Please select a shorter name for consideration,
TC read the letter to Ellsworth his brother said why not name the post office after your wife, TC turned to his wife and said how would you like a post office named after you, Dear Missus Nubbly smiled as TC wrote her first name into the space provided at a few weeks later, the tiny desert community in the middle of nowhere had its very on post office, named after the wife of Theodora Carlton snugly, a young woman ostracised by her own mother and driven from her home by the kind of discord and strife that can only result from marrying Presbyterian. Ironic, because the town that eventually grew up around nepalese little bed and breakfast would adopt that very same name. A name now synonymous with tranquillity, peace and spiritual healing. It's enough to make you wonder if the? U S Post Office had used a smaller font back in nineteen o too, with the people
travelling from all over the world to experience the strange and abiding piece of snugly station or. If the Miller's, had welcome tc into their family all those years ago. Would people today be talking about the mystical wonders of magnetic for taxes that still surround the snugly home will ever know for sure, because today, those who seek enlightenment and the metaphysical glow of those now famous red rocks do so in a town whose name Was concocted by a mother who pulled six letters from thin air and gave them to a daughter she would ultimately disown a daughter named Sedona on one more thing on the subject of irony. Remember: Loring, Johnson, the perfect son in law, who please the Miller's with every word and deed yeah
he went to Leavenworth the details of his incarceration are inconsequential, but he died in custody, bringing great shame to Miller's Methodists and Johnson's everywhere, and that's the way I heard.
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