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Episode 27: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

2016-07-26 | 🔗

I don't want to split hairs, but EVERYONE should know this woman's name.

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in the summer of ninety nine. Sarah breed love walked into her modest bathroom, looked into her modest mirror and wonder just how much worse things could get Several inches above her hair line to patches of scalp, size of silver dollars were shining like headlights in the morning missed after years of denial, there was no longer any sense in pretending she was going bald losing hair at thirty. Two was a blow, but Sarah was stranger to adversity. She was an orphan at seven, a bride at fourteen, a mother at seventeen and widow at twenty in the summer of eighty. Nine ten years prior, she and her five year old daughter, left, Vicksburg and moved to Saint Louis looking for new life, there
She found work as a housekeeper, but Sarah longed for something more for a while there. She thought it might be the handsome man with a million dollars, smile and cool confidence who became her second husband, unfortunately, that cool confidence accompanied a hot temper and it even hotter girlfriend, neither of which Sarah confirmed until she said I do and both of which precipitated the aforementioned full Geller Exodus, which brings us back to the summer of ninety nine and Sarah steadfast resolution, to wash that man right out of her hair and in so doing save what remaining locks she had so Sarah divorce her, no good, philandering, lethargic, YO and prayed the advent of domestic grand quality would reverse her hair loss. Alas, it did not. Every morning her sing.
Filled with more and more tresses and her mirror with more and more cranium, then one night, something rather remarkable happened. Sarah had a dream in which an old man reveal to her a combination of herbs and oils that would solve her problem now. Sarah was a rational woman, but She was also a woman with nothing to lose, so she rustled up all the ingredients and whipped up a homemade dream, inspired, pomade and lo and behold after a few weeks of daily application, Sarah started to see results. A few months later, Sarah was astounded. Not only was her hair, thicker and less brittle her bald spots, where vanished
a little more every day, Sarris relief was overwhelming, but so too was her excitement. She was onto something big and she knew it. What she didn't know was how to turn a product into a company, so Sarah started making the concoction in her kitchen. She bottled it herself and took the product door to door. Armed with. Before and after photos, she told her story to any one. Would listen, she told her story a thousand times over twelve hours a day day after day she drove across the state, then she drove across the country and wherever she went, people bought her product faster than she could make it people their products. So much Sarah started paying
to sell it for her. She saved her money until she had enough to open a factory, then she opened another one. Then she opened her colleges across the country before long Sir Europe had turned thousands of satisfied customers into thousands of successful sales agents. Creating no less than forty thousand jobs. Truth is Sarah Breed love is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the modern age and, if you're wondering why her name is familiar, it might be because back in O five when she married for the third time she took her husband's name as her own. That's why America knows Sarah Breed love as Madame see, J Walker and if that name still doesn't ring a bell, maybe because Sarah Breed love didn't become Madame see, J Walker in two thousand,
Five know that happened in Denver back in one thousand nine hundred and five, and when she left Vicksburg for a fresh start in St Louis that wasn't the first time she hit the reset button. Sarah started working when she was five years old, picking cotton on easy on a farm alongside your mom and dad to sharecroppers who worked as slaves before Sarah was born. The world's full of successful women who have overcome adversity and their stories are all worth remembering. But Sarah story should never be forgotten because long before, as a lawyer or Mary K or Avon, there was once upon a time in impossibly poor woman who did other people's laundry a woman with bald spots and bad luck with men who looked into the mere
one day and decided to become somebody else. Madame see J Walker, the first self made Female millionaire in american history and the daughter of slaves, something to remember next time. The odds seem too long for the work seems too hard or you just feel like pulling your hair out anyway. That's the way I heard it.
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