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Episode 3: Clean Up On Aisle 4!

2016-03-01 | 🔗

How did the clerks in a modest grocery store change the world as we know it?

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The story about two years, true for the most part, so too, Are the stories of my new book the way I heard it if you'd like an autograph copy, I've set a few aside for fence of the podcast, which you can pick up at micro dot com, slash book. If you care about my autograph than go to micro, dotcom, Slash book anyway, to find the best. Prize. The book is available pretty much anywhere books or sold Barnes and Noble Walmart target books, a million hasn set of the place Hudson has them Amazon, of course, but the prices change all the time, so click around at micro dot com to see who's got what for
Much the reviews, raw, pretty much five star very flattering New York Times calls are the best seller. I'm think it make a dandy Christmas present people still say dandy anymore. I don't know, but your copy awaits at micro dotcom, Slash book. This is the way I heard September's. Steve started off like any other day for the employees at random grocery store. They arrived at five, a m. I began prepping the produce and wiping down the cash registers. The smell of baked goods filled the aisles as the employees began, the endless process of stocking and rotating thousands Products on hundreds of shelves, it was really just an average day and an average grocery store until it wasn't. The boss showed up anxious and frazzled. Apparently some big
wig was in town visiting the nearby space center and they had just received word. He was about to drop by the grocery store for an unscheduled tour, who could it be some mucky monk from the home office, a shareholder, maybe Mister, Randall himself coming by. For a surprise, eyes inspection, the boss, spark daughters to make sure the place was tip top and the employees took things up a notch. A few hours later the store was sparkling and the mystery guest arrived, whoever he was, it didn't work for randalls looking outside through the glass. The employees could see that this was
we really a very powerful, very important man. He had an odd to Roger with security and the media followed close behind. He was smiling for the cameras, confidence and sure, but then he walked through those automatic doors and everything changed. The man looked as if he'd seen a ghost he wandered up and down the aisles slowly at four. First and then, with increased agitation. His expression seem to switch back and forth between fascinated and demoralized. He paused to stare in wonderment at the fresh fish, the meets elections and the protests department. He was in raptured peppering the customers with questions. At one point, the man asked the store,
manager. What type of advanced education was required to run a store is magnificent. Is this the manager blushed the employees? I've never seen anything like it. By all accounts, though, it was the site of frozen, putting pops the left, the visitor in utter disbelief, like an indigenous member of some forgotten tribe, deepen the Amazon who glanced up one, and saw a seven forty, seven flying overhead. This well dressed visitor. This highly educated undeniably successful and clearly important individual was left slack jawed by putting pops. There were just so many in such a rich variety of flavors. By the time he boarded his private plain, he was unable to speak to a staff. His world had been turned upside down in an instant.
The man who visited the grocery store that fateful day and nineteen. Eighty nine had just been elected to the new soviet Parliament and in all his years, He had never seen so much food in one place. He later said when I All those shelves crammed with hundreds, thousands of tans cartons and goods of every possible support. For the first time I felt quite frankly, sick with despair for soviet people that such a potentially super rich country is ours has been brought to a state of such poverty. It is terrible to think of it and just like that, one man's loyalty to communism was completely destroyed. He returned home and promptly left the party and started making reforms, and then, just two years later, under his presidency, the Soviet Union would dissolve
true Ronald Reagan, told Gorbachev to tear down this wall, but back a nineteen, eighty nine that wall was still standing and who knows it might still be there today, if not for the hard working and blue he's at random grocery store in clear, like Texas, who kept the shelves fully stocked so another Soviet, a Soviet named Boris Yeltsin, could come face to face with a freezer full of pudding, pops and change the history of the world Anti! That's the way I heard it.
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