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Episode 36: Oh Brother!

2017-01-12 | 🔗

Thanksgiving isn't complete without a second helping of Presidential election politics.

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Ed and his little brother at a lot in common, both for talented actors, both were genuine patriots and both love Turkey, with all the fixings. Unfortunately, Ed was a staunch republican and his little brother a devoted Democrat, and that was not a recipe for a peaceful thanksgiving dinner before the election. The brothers had bickered over everything, the economy, immigration, taxes, race relations, the future of the Supreme Court and, of course, the border, their arguments were heeded but respectful. It was difficult for add, though, because as kid brother had been so damn smug like so many in the end, payment business. He had seen the election as a fait accompli adds little brother, not only believe the Democrat would win
believe victory would arrive in a landslide, all the pundits said. So all the pollsters said so and all the media agreed well on November. Eighth, all that went out the window to Ed's great relief and his brothers abject horror, the Republican prevailed and now a few weeks after the most contentious election american history, Ed was trying not to gloat, so we concentrated on his turkey as his little brother called for an end to the electoral college. He enjoyed as mothers, candied yams as his little brother, bemoaned the future of the first amendment and the fates of the Supreme Court. But when his little brother loudly predicted the end of May
is democracy and proclaimed to every one in the room that the buffoon in the oval office was not his president, Ed pushed back. The election is over. He said the american people have spoken and like it or not, he is your president. Now please shut up and pass. The gravy adds little brother, pass the gravy, but he did not shut up. He offered instead and impassioned warning against the perils of dictatorships. He implored everyone at the table to resist the coming police, state and begged them to defend the bill of rights, lasted vanish from existence under the despatch now in charge with each new sentence. His face grew more and more flushed. His voice rose higher and higher like a shakespearian actor addressing the last row of a sold out theatre, the man is a tyrant. I tell you a tie
aren't add on my honour. He will never be my president with that adds little brother leaped to his and stopped off into the night, slamming the door so hard. A picture falafel ed side, apologised to his guests and turned his attention back to the turkey later, it would find a line and his brothers diary that stock with him it read, fame, fame fame. I must have it. I must have fame, had wondered if maybe the divide between them might have been more than political, because, even though both brothers were talented actors, only add was famous, it was ed,
who travel to Europe and towards the United States. It was Ed whose name appeared on Broadway Marquise. It was ed who basked in the glow of critical reviews, after playing the role of hamlet for one hundred consecutive nights And it was Ed who statue was erected in grammar, see park the first american actor to be honoured in such a way, so wise, Ed, forgotten today, because five months after ruining Thanksgiving dinner edge, younger brother gave a performance that would forever upstage as older brother and shock the entertainment industry. It was only a cameo with a single line, but he delivered it with unforgettable passion like a shakespearian actor. Addressing the last row of a sold out fear
seek simper terrain us thus always to tyrants. It was a curious thing to say about a president who wanted to make Amerika great again unless of or she wanted a different kind of America, a divided America, America, where one man could legally own another man. That's why, at the end of America's long and bloody civil war adds little brother to the stage at Ford's theater and delivered his one line seconds after shooting a tyrant named Abraham, Lincoln. That's why today we barely remember Ed. The four Alice celebrity, whose name was once the toast of Broadway lives. Now wherever in the shadow of his younger sibling,
a lesser known talents who dreamt of fame but settled for infamy the murderous little brother of Edwin Booth, whose full name no longer bears repeating anyway. That's I heard.
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