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Episode 71: Head In The Clouds

2017-08-22 | 🔗

Henry Junior just wanted to get out of Henry Senior's famous shadow.

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Hey there. It's my grow, and this is the way I heard the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span. I've been thinking and rather then sell the incredibly valuable piece of real estate that precedes the unforgettable story. You're about to hear too many of my loyal sponsors this month, I'm going to keep it for myself, so that I might suggest to you with great humility that you consider giving my book as a Christmas present like the story you're about to hear the book is called the way I heard it and modesty aside, I don't think you'll find a more appropriate gift out there. The review
whose are excellent. It's an official New York Times best seller and everybody tells me they hear my voice in their head when they read it. Now I don't know, that's that's good thing or a bad thing for weird thing, but it's definitely something: gotta micro dot com, slash book that micro dot com, slash book there, still a few autographed copies left if you'd like one just click on autographed copy stuff it in a stocking rapid and brown paper, more slap, a bow on my giant face and give it to somebody love or like, or somebody just simply feel obligated to buy a gift for either waits at Micro, dotcom, slash book. This is the way. I heard Henry Junior did not want to get on that plane, Norway. For one thing, it was tiny for another.
It was pointed in the wrong direction and worst of all, it was piloted by his famous father Forty eight hours earlier, the miserable seventeen year old, had been sitting in a movie theater fifteen hundred miles away in Texas, when his dad popped up on the news real before the feature again, the major had finally done it. He cracked twelve hundred miles an hour and be fifty eight hustler smashing the eggs. Listing soviet record to pieces, the audience it actually applauded well good for Add Henry senior legendary test pilot bona fide cold war hero, Henry Junior miserable friendless teenager, desperate to break free Where do the wise? If you are a restless teenager, sick and tired of moving from one military town to the next and thinking about stealing your dad's car for an unauthorized road trip, the Hollywood make, Your dad is in a famous test pilot,
If he is its entirely possible. He'll, chaser ass across the desert and a private jet and fly you and your beat up old, guitar back to Fort worth in abject humiliation, which is precisely what happened to young Henry on the return trip. Things were tents and the tiny cockpit at ten thousand feet the major finally spoke well son. You have anything to say for yourself: Junior stared, blankly out the window, the very picture of teenage axed now sir, Gender understand how irresponsibly you behaved. Yes, sir, the major regarded the petulant boy in the passenger seat. He knew he was frustrated. He knew he was lonesome and tired of the military life, but stealing a Plymouth has consequences. You don't got a plain. This is
No sir, the decorated aviator smiled to himself well allow me to show you with a flicker of his wrist, the sky disappeared, and then it reappeared, and then it disappeared again and then juniors lunch reappeared, as the little plain came out of a double inversion. Any questions no sir. Henry Rejoin, readjusted his oversized glasses, clean the pew off the front of his shirt and rested his blonde head against the passenger window. Lesson learned Senior was still calling the shots he was just along for the ride, a year later after graduating high school Henry tried again this time he grabbed the old guitars grandmother gave him when he was eleven, boarded a commercial jet and arrived in the city of angels. Without vomiting months,
In fact, he wrote a song about his plane, ride and sold it to some folks singers, who thought it had a nice five then we got busy doing all the things that people do, who won: make it in show business. He got an agent, the audition and, of course he changed his name. Henry was done being a junior and with thirteen letters inconveniently grouped up, Henry's. German surname was not only unpronounceable. It was too long to fit on a marquis, so the artist formerly known as Henry left. His father there's no behind and pulled a new name off a map of the United States. A name that he would later right felt like coming home to a place. He never been before.
In time the restless son of a bona fide war hero became a bona fide movie star and irregular guest on them up at show, as well as the tonight show he even filled in for Johnny Carson now and then. But if you don't recall his on camera career, you might recall a few of the tunes he cranked out on that beat up. Guitar his. Unless, of course, you were one of the critics who called his songs egregious juvenile monuments to sophomoric pabulum and my personal favorite me. Zack, so unapologetically sentimental and dopey. It makes the muppets with whom he associate seem positively urbane by comparison. Happily, the son of the famous test piloted much care about the opinion of critics and neither did Erica that sadly little number he wrote about his airplane ride, for instance, the one he sold to Peter Paul and marry that when all the way to the top of the charts,
as did his unabashed musical love letters to all the places in America, he'd yearn to escape to while living in the shadow of his father. But if junior was really trying to escape the ghost of his old man, he chose a strange hobby aviation, the more money he made and he may Plenty, the more he poured into experimental aircraft and the more hours he spent high above the spinning earth there. The man whose voice had become a solace finally found solace for himself in the trails of the strategy clouds. He didn't have to be that alter ego who vans adored and critics derided. He could just be Henry Junior blurring the landscape of his father's house. He took the routine long easy through a series of maneuvers that would have made the major, proud and executed another perfect landing,
He taxi does homemade play across the short runway and pop the galley. What an amazing aircraft and reduce did not want to get off this plain Norway on the ground. He had a brief chat with the crew, but never took off his helmet in a few moments. He was back in the air high, four Monterey Bay, a few moments after that he ran out of gas Fortunately, he had an auxiliary tank he reached for the fuels which, unfortunately, it was set behind him and too far back the famous pilot stretched hard for the switch and lost control. The sky disappeared than it reappeared, and then it disappeared forever. On the big screen he talked to God on the tv he talked to puppets on the radio. He talked to the places he loved most the rocky mountains, the blue
the mountains, the shadow river, maybe up there in the clouds he talked to his father. I guess we'll never know, because the man who started his career by leaving not a jet plane would not be coming back again. Not from this trip. Henry Deutsche Endorse Junior had taken his file flight, but he left behind and enduring legacy the poems prayers and promises of the one and only John Denver. Anyway, that's layered.
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