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Episode 76: A Hot Babe Who Liked It Rough

2017-09-26 | 🔗

The family business was brutal - but this Babe wanted in.

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The story about two years. True for the most part, so too are the stories of my new book the way I heard it if you'd like an autograph copy, I've set a few aside for fans of the podcast which you can pick up at micro: dot. Com, slash book: if you care about my autograph than go to micro, dotcom, Slash book anyway, to find the best price. The book is available pretty much anywhere, but
Sir sold Barnes and Noble Walmart target books, a million Hasn son of the place. Hudson has them Amazon, of course, but the prices change all the time. So click around at micro dot com to see who's got what for how much the reviews, raw pretty much five star, very flattering New York Times, calls it the best seller. I think it would make a dandy Christmas present. People still say dandy anymore. I don't know, but your copy awaits at Micro, dotcom, slash book. This is the way I heard babe looked into the mirror and consider the handsome face that stared back a strong jaw, a straight knows, and intelligent gaze and ahead full of naturally curly hair, luxurious hair, the kind of hair through which women yearned to run their fingers along with his trademark mustache. Why,
just to perfection. Babe knew he was a bit of a dandy, and that was a problem. Obviously being handsome was not all bad. Every weekend down at the triangle ballroom, the girl stood in line for a chance to dance with babe the waltz, the Foxtrot the Charleston babe could do at all. So graceful was babe on the dance floor. Everyone assumed he would go pro, but deep down. Babe wasn't a dandy, ordered dancer. He was a fighter just like as older brothers, a fighter who was anxious to follow and his brothers footsteps, but apparently to handsome to do so. Moses and Samuel, on the other hand, looked like the brawlers. They were babes older brothers were tough, no nonsense. Men with flat leathery faces, who gave as well as they got and had the scars.
Move it, but when babes brothers partnered up with Louis and other neighbourhood, kid who wasn't afraid to mix it up, baby grew jealous, and when the irish king pin himself TED Healy hired all three men to do his heavy lifting babe was beside himself. He pleaded to join their gang, but they all after the prospect forget, it said Moses, you're too pretty for this kind of work. Trust me said Samuel. You don't want any part of Helios action, listened to your brother's said Louis, stick with your dancing and enjoy the ladys. The boys weren't wrong. Like most bosses back in the thirties, TED Helium racket was held together by violence, but the prophet distribution was all wrong. Healy paid his men, a few hundred bucks for a night's work, while he pulled
Thousands babe saw this injustice. Clearly. Why couldn't his brothers, Moses and Samuel had killed four Healy more than once so it Louis? Why would they accept so much risk for so little reward? Babe bided, time watching from the shadows. Is Healy got rich waiting for some once a snap it could have been Lois or it could have been Moses, but it turned out to be Samuel early on a Saturday evening, right before a major job Healy showed up drunk And spoke to Samuel in a completely on professional way, while Samuel was in no mood, he pushed back verbally Healy pushed back physically and SAM lunged did Healy with murder in his eyes, but Moses held him back, go ahead and try it Healy slur
you'll be finished in this town. For good Samuel considered his options, the hell with it life was too short to waste. On men like Healy, Samuel walked away as Healy turned to Moses. Well, he said what now we're down a man, I'm not goin out there, which just a toy Moses, look over Healy Shoulder what about baby right on cue, the handsome little brother walked out of the shadows and straight up to Healy cracking his knuckles. Trying to look the part Healy roared with laughter this one, he cackled with his fancy hair and is fruity little mustache, not a chance. He won't last five minutes out there. Now it was baby who considered his options to Hell with it. Life was too short to waste on men like Healy, Babe,
hold a razor from his back pocket and proceeded to show TAT Healy exactly what he was made of. He grabbed his victim by the hair and sliced. Again and again, he was relentless remorseless and when he was done, Moses in lieu could do nothing but stare and wonder at the carnage in the most important audition of his life babe had killed good Lord said Moses. You look like a dirty tennis ball. The men regarded the pile of naturally curly hair
through about the backstage floor and burst out laughing even Healy couldn't help but giggle the transformation was unbelievable. Babes once handsome head really did look like a dirty tennis ball. A few minutes later, the mustache was also gone, and the make over was complete. That night TED Healy told his usual jokes and sang his usual songs, but no one paid much attention because upstage to the Rockies delight of the vaudevillian crowd. Moses was beating this not out of his little brother in the most hysterical ways imaginable, and when the violence reached a fever pitch the ballroom dancer that could have gone pro did the funniest little jig. Anyone had ever seen, not a waltz or a foxtrot, not the Charleston or the Lindy
weird little to step, followed by an elaborate flocked to the ground where he proceeded To spin himself in circles like a dreadful and speak out, a litany of jibbering, not unlike that of a deranged eight year old, the crowd went wild and for the second time that evening, babe guild, it must have been strange for Lou the one they called Larry as he laid his violin in the midst of so much cartoonish brutality, strange two four Samuel, the one they called sharp ass. He watched his little brother, only replace him on stage but go on to appear in over a hundred and fifty films, stranger still for Moses, the one they called MO. He would spend the next. Many years, beating the hell out of his own flesh and blood. The one he said was too pretty to get involved with the family business, but strangest
all perhaps for the handsome lad, whose movie star good, looks nearly kept him from becoming the great comedian. He was destined to be
when Babe Horwitz finally realize the cost of fame was nothing less than the price of his own vanity? You chopped off all that luxurious hair, along with his cherished mustache. Only then did he become the most famous punching bag of all time, the one they called curly. As for the man who brought them all together, what his name might be a bit more familiar if he hadn't gotten so greedy, which is why very few people today recall the first half of that, once famous Vaudeville act originally known as TED Healy and his three stooges anyway. That's the way I heard it.
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