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Episode 78: Give That Man a Cigar

2017-10-10 | 🔗

Eddie was really good at blowing smoke.

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Because the way I heard it is now a book of the same name and because that book is now a New York Times. Best seller. He said with great modesty, I am using the incredibly valuable space in front of the store you're about to here to invite you to pick up a copy for yourself now. It is tempting to point to the many hundreds of five star reviews that the way I heard it has so far received, but that feels too self congratulatory. So, let's just say: let's us the way I heard it makes a heck of a Christmas present, which you can order right now, at Micro, dotcom, Slash book, that's micro, dotcom, Slash book honestly,
like the podcast you're gonna love the book, and if you like, an autograph copy for Christmas, perhaps we still have a few of those left at micro, dot com, slash book. Having said that, that's the way I heard one day Eddie said his uncle a large box of expensive cigars. He did this every few months because at he loved his uncle also because Eddie looked forward. Those long and lengthy. Thank you notes. Five thousand miles away any amount and his uncle opening the Mahogany box and smiling as the Un
stable. Aroma of cuban tobacco filled. His study, the plump and wrap tubes of temptation would be lined up in too neat rose destined to be picked up, set a fire and slowly sucked upon a destiny that eddies uncle could scarcely weight to fulfil a few weeks later. A three thousand word thank you. Notes arrived at his office in Manhattan, handwritten Single Spaced in Austria,. Eddies uncle imagined the enthusiasm on his nephews face, as he poured over every word of his latest highly controversial Seal missive such as the strange relationship between the nephew and the uncle two men with insatiably curious mines. Each did
Herman, to unlock the reasons why people do what they do, but only one with a chronic hankering for cigars. Inspired by his uncles essay Eddie returned to the task at hand. The beach, not packing company had a surplus of pigs and Eddy had been hired to fix the problem areas Lucian saw more bacon, but how any commission to survey to see what most Americans eight for breakfast answer: coffee, maybe a roller. Some cereal Eddie learned that most Americans ate a very light breakfast, so Eddie asked five thousand physicians. The same simple question: is it healthier to eat a hearty breakfast or skimpy one? Unsurprisingly, most visit Sean's agreed that a hearty breakfast was far superior for all sorts. Of logical and obvious reasons? This was not exactly headline news, but Eddie
Age, sure it was treated that way he called newspapers. All over the country, and made sure they had the headline right. Nine out of ten doc there's agree. A hearty breakfast will improve your health Bacon, sale sword because Eddie changed the way people thought about breakfast and beach not paid Eddie a fortune. A few months later that sent his uncle more cigars and eddies uncle sent his nephew more. Thank you notes and the american tobacco a company called Eddie to solve another problem. Women, it seemed simply were smoking as much as men in part
because doing so in public, was not only frowned upon it could get them arrested at. He recalled the latest essay from his uncle about the power of transference and the hidden significance of everyday things. Eddie wondered what do cigarettes really signify answer whatever he said they did. Eddie found a group of fashionable debutantes and paid them to puff away during the Easter parade on Fifth avenue. Naturally, he gave the press a heads up and once again suggested the headlines. New York, women, light freedom, torches and striking a match for equality on eddies You, the young women, lit up the flash, Bob's went off and the newspapers rolled out. The images were positively scandalous. Young women puffing away like well like men,
cigarette sales sword because Eddie had made smoking synonymous with equality and the american tobacco company paid Eddie a fortune. This was more than marketing or ties- and this was the conscious manipulation of the human mind today we might call it spin war, fake news, but a nineteen twenty eight Eddie called it propaganda. In fact, he wrote a book by the same title, a book that caught the eye of aid of Hitler, who used eddies techniques to successfully twist the beliefs of millions after the war,
think perhaps a troubling legacy around his seminal work. Eddie came up with another term the kinder gentler expression for which he is remembered today. Public relations, but Edward Bernice would not have become the father of public relations if he hadn't published his uncles controversial. Thank you notes in the american Press and make no mistake those thank you notes were very controversial. Some of them suggested that our deepest sexual desires were revealed every night and the symbolic nature of our dreams. Others stated that a young boy will subconsciously compete with his father for possession of his mouth
there, while a young girl will compete with her mother for her fathers affections today. Of course, the interpretation of dreams is a widely respected theory, as is the Oedipus complex So really, is it so surprising that millions of Americans still associated cigarettes with equality and independence? I mean if the Father of public relations could convinced that cigarettes were cool and Bacon was healthy. Why couldn't eddies uncle is the same techniques to convince us that young men subconscious, the desire to have sex with their mothers one things for short at his uncle shorted love those cigars for nearly sixty years. He chain smoked twentieth day, often, while telling his patients that their dream,
of speeding through long dark tunnels on fast moving locomotives had nothing to do with travelling by train, of course, blowing that much smoke does come with some risk: mouth cancer, for instance, and tumors tumors that had to be surgically removed along with most of his jaw, followed by the insertion of a large prosthesis. Between his sinus and his mandible. All in all, eddies uncle endured thirty three surgeries brought about by the studies he was never seen without, even on the day
Of his death at eighty three years of age, even as he instructed his personal physician to end his suffering with a deadly dose of morphine eddies, uncle, better known as the Father of Modern Psychiatry, puffed away on his final Havana proving once and for all that, sometimes even for Sigmund Freud, a cigar, it's just a cigar anyway. That's the way I heard.
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