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Episode 89: Armed For Love

2018-01-02 | 🔗

Looking for love in the classifieds can lead to explosive consequences. 

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Hey, there's, micro. This is the way I heard it's the only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span: hey if you already picked up my book the way I heard it. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. I am grateful and if you liked it I'd, be grateful again. If you took a second to review, would over at Amazon by publisher, says the reviews are really important and I'm trying to impress my publisher if you haven't picked up a copy, you can find one at micro dot com, slash book. The book itself is a combination of worries from this podcast interrupted by a series of story:
from my own misspent youth and dubious career in the world of nonfiction television, eight brag, but it is New York Times best seller and my mom says it's. The feel good hit the holiday season had an about that, but we do have a few autographed copies left at micro, dotcom, Slash book and I'm told they would make ideal. Christmas presents hashtag just say and pick up a copy micro dotcom, Slash book stuff me in somebody stocking I'd, be grateful this the wired The arms dealer was lonesome and looking for a little companionship, if guarantee harmony or match dot com, but back then dating site, we're not an option so the arms dealer look for love the old fashioned way erratic classes
I'd ad in the local newspaper, good NEWS for Teddy Roosevelt, the ad was short and to the point wealthy, highly educated elderly. Gentlemen, seeks lady of mature age versed in languages as second Harry and supervisor of household. The ad didn't mention that he was really looking for a wife. Or that his inventions had killed. Tens of thousands of people, good NEWS for Jimmy Carter. The arms dealer was soon overwhelmed with hundreds of Reza Maize and no efficient of sorting through them. He might have turned to zip recruiter or monster, but back then job sites were not an option. So the stealer did at the old fashioned way. He interview the Apple Cons face to face good NEWS for Winston Churchill. The process dragged on weeks and the arms dealer grew discouraged while all of the cattle its were qualified. None possess the spy
mark he was really looking for, but then Bertha walked in, and that was good news for Barack Obama. Bertha was lovely cultured and able to converse in several languages in their first meeting. They discussed here, three in philosophy sociology and there They enjoy the same foods, the same songs and most of all, the same love of the written word Bertha share her desire to write a novel of lasting importance and confess that she had applied for the job simply because she fought his want. Tad was perfect written the arms dealer was flattered and offered her the job Bertha accepted, which was good NEWS for Ernest Hemingway. However, she didn't mention that she was engaged used to another man. Nor did she disclose her commitment to the Anti WAR movement sweeping the country, and so it came to pass that a dedicated pacifist
wound up working for a lonely inventor who manufacture and sold weapons of mass destruction, and that was good NEWS for Albert Einstein today. Of course, such a thing would never happen today, you can check someone's Facebook profile to see. If there are pacifist before you hire them, you can google your perspective boss to see if he's a war profiteer before you agree to become a secretary today, we can avoid the people. We disagree with, because social media tells us everything about every body long before we meet them but social media was not around back then good NEWS for William Faulkner by the time Bertha learned. Her boss was an arms dealer. She had already grown to like him. So. She listened politely as he share his belief that mankind was evil and the best hope for the future of the species was to arm good men with the most powerful weapons available
Likewise, when the arms dealer realized Bertha was deeply opposed to all forms of violence. He was already smitten, so he didn't unfriendly her. He listened ass. She shared her belief that mankind was basically good and that war could only be ended of all men laid down their arms pointers, birth and the arms dealer didn't learn about their differences until they got a chance to like each other, and even though those differences destroyed, any hope of a romance? They didn't destroy their friendship. In fact, when Bertha left her with the arms dealer to marry her fiance. The two vowed to stay in touch not on AOL Yahoo, email, hadn't been Vented yet so Bertha and the arms dealer did at the old fashioned way they wrote letters, hundreds of thoughtful letters in which they continued their debate over the nature of humanity in one letter.
Bertha wrote: surely you must know the consequences of your success is nothing but death to which he replied. Death is in every but freedom is reserved only for those willing to die in another letter, arms dealer wrote, inform me Bertha convince me that kindness alone can somehow prevail over evil and I will do something great for your cause. Well, birth tried, but nothing, she wrote, could persuade the arms dealer that weapons were the enemy of peace, but then, in the wake of his brothers sudden death, a curious thing happened. A french newspaper printed, a headline that read the merchant of death is dead. The journalist had seen the victims. Last name and Mister Secondly, assumed the famous: are
arms dealer had died, not his brother, but it wasn't the mistake itself that gave the arms dealer pause. It was the jubilant tone of the headline in the article that followed. This was the opening burthen needed. Don't you see she said for generations to come? You will be remembered, the merchant of death. Is that really what you want shortly thereafter, Bertha wrote a book called, lay down your arms and it was indeed a novel of lasting importance not just because it was translated into twelve languages and read by millions, but because it was read, by a very specific arms dealer who had grown increasingly concerned with his legacy. How big an impression did birth is book make on her former employer well as family would probably say: a pretty big one is Actually, when they opened his will in eighteen, eighty six and learned that the thirty one,
million dollar fortune. They expected to inherit had been redirected to trust today, one hundred twenty years after his death. That trust is continued to grow and so far nearly a billion dollars has been awarded in his name to hundreds of lucky individuals, good news for the Dalai Lama and now Mandela for Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres for Mother Teresa and Martin, Luther King Jr, good NEWS as well for the incomprehensible Bob Dylan and Honey heads of other recipients who would no doubt look with disapproval upon the source of their benefactors, great wealth. But that was then today. The man who transform the battlefield with an invention, called dynamite is remembered not as the merchant of death, but rather as a humanitarian who made the world unless explosive place, and then
was very good news for his former secretary, the patient pacifist, who answered a want, add carefully written by a lonesome man looking for a little companionship for her persistence, her friendship and her novel of lasting importance. Bertha VON Southern was awarded one of the prizes. She inspired the prize for peace named, of course, for her former boss, the arms dealer, whose love she could not return but whose legacy she was happy to help redeem Alfred Nobel anyway. That's why I heard it.
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