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As tough as Texas


Tara Golshan and Ella Nilsen join Matt to talk about the critical midterm races in the Lone Star State. References and further reading: Ella’s piece on Democrats running in Texas Tara outlines key themes in the race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke Tara’s piece on a potential blue wave in the state Tara details more on the battle between Cruz and O’Rourke 

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Yeah. This is Marquez Brownie Acre and Cuba HD, and this is Andrew Manga Nellie. We will introduce you to our podcast way, form the new sedition to the Vocs media podcast network, so I've spent over ten years reviewing tech products and consumer electronics for millions of people on the empty, Beastie Youtube Channel and now on the way form podcast Andrew and I use that experience to dig even deeper into latest tech for smartphones too. I max to electric cars. So if you're gadget lover or attack head or if you just want to figure out whether the latest gadget is worth your harder in cash, give us a lesson sacred fine way, form the empty beefy pie cast on your favorite part. Step every Friday see over there and has excited for the first time ever people caring about a mid term likes that's what Donald Trump does TIM. At times. He makes
sexy again raised. We terms greatly alone will come to another special midterms episode of the weeds, the box media five cast network. I Matthew glaziers it with our Nelson enter godsend to of the superstar other Box Congress team, which is also the Vocs Midterms team, because we will have them having people and they made jobs are about who will serve in Congress. So it's not that it's a natural synergy, and we can talk today about the great state of Texas which, for the first time in a long time, is become a sort of high profile battleground state, and it's all thanks to the sexy charisma of better work right,
like people seem to really want to know more about so here I mean he's so this, background where she from whose bet he's congressmen from El Paso Texas. So it's this West Texas kind of isolated district. He is a progressive he's not shy about that people didn't really know about better work before this year. He was kind of like a rank and file Democrat. He didn't he wasn't like making fireworks and the house by any means, but has decided to lives, is kind of long shot, bid to unseat TED crews and the Senate, and he made himself relevant and because the race has suddenly become very competitive and he is raising a boat load of cash. Yes, that so He's a gamble right, like he'd got into the house by challenging and incumbent House Democrat. Yes, he right, which is unusual
well read like not that many members got there by knocking off an incumbent of the same party right so he's he's in a hurry ride. He couldn't sat around in El Paso politics waited his turn. but my keep he wanted to run away, He showed up and he's back Bench House Democrat, which is extremely boring. Job to have, if you ever get to speak to back, Chaz Democrats, but at the same time it gives a safe sea right. So The sensible thing to do and end its Texas so like this, the whole thing to do, if your Democrat with safety in Texas is too like, around right, am I try to Chair Committee, do leadership person and I got, but instead he's running against tankers and like what gives anyone any sense that, like that good work, why think? When you First got into the race, everyone thought it wouldn't work and and then all of a sudden. I mean ten cruising incredibly unpack.
he has the he has a pretty bad reputation of just being, unlike a ball and better kind of on the blue wave to tax it s like he kept showing up indifferent, the state where youth wouldn't think a Democrat would bother showing up that. His whole thing is that he's driven to every county in the state here, has like bipartisan relationships with another Texas Republican will heard that, and they ve HU as a moderate Republican, a modern yeah he's a moderate Republican who he's kind of you to show that he can. He can bridge d I'm in the state and he has just made himself some one that you cannot ignore like here in your face all of the time, and these all over social media. I mean he's like the thing that our got me about that from the beginning was just like he's constantly like filming himself like for Facebook,
I've lichen and on Instagram and on social media, like I feel like every moment of his life, is like taped and and broadcast to this wide audience and like he's like a cool guy right, I think your like integral in some way the understanding he used to be a ps3 upon crack. he was in a band, he hasn't got. This Republicans tried to shame him by his counteract days than is photo of him wearing a dress right jack. There was banned, shaming, there's, like a video of him skateboarding in to what a burger parking lot and take is very I mean you know exaggerated cause taxes, a conservative state, but republican senators and have a lot of good things to say about TED crews. Take root in twenty twelve ran a couple points behind Mitt Romney, even though he really have an opponent at all he's a kind of dislike about character and better
very likeable he's like the kind of politician that, like people like want to think the best of them, and he kind of like shrugged off dislike, drunk driving they, yeah. He that I think under ordinary circumstances, might have bothered people right. I mean he's. A kind of the way he reacts to all of these attacks about kind of being cool kid who got trouble is this is our friend about it so and I M p at people do shrug off their but we'll see public and shake it off rather democrats of sugar well, but I mean I think, it's clear ready reduced assessing like, but our work as a politician right by key may lose this race event. You probably lose its ways, but he is going to do better then, like earlier democrats, winning statewide in Texas spread like like if he loses its gonna, be because most people in Texas, our conservative, Republicans, not because this like some problem with that our freight ending the biggest
Democrats in Texas will tell you that it's not a red state, its non voting safe, but Heaven Psmith of Texas Tribune, told one of our colleagues on Sky Fox it. A smart quoted like full, and if it is a non voting state and its red state will then it is a red state throughout Dennis that's just the reality, so it is very late that better work, at least by the poles, are showing that if he does these he'll, probably to lose by a man, smaller margin, then Democrats typically lose the sea, and that could have a huge impact for other races in the state and it could really help. Democrats kind of rebuild infrastructure and us, and that sort of a bigger trend rights have like from one Texas, and it wasn't that close, but it was much closer than it had been in twenty twelve two thousand eight and Texas was suddenly closer than Iowa and closer than high, which had been traditional swing, states, Wade so like this was a place where and Twentys
tea in Denmark and made some substantial gains and where trumps brand of politics seemed less popular, then Mitt Romney Jimmy bushes. I mean Democrats have had waves of hope for Texas going back. I think I remember the two thousand to cycle they had what they thought was like. I, like a dream ticket in Texas, daylight, race, and everybody lost- I mean, I guess primarily because tax This has, unlike most bread states takes, is both a huge letting population and some really big cities. In Dallas and Houston knife, so those are like the building blocks of the Democratic Party, is like non white voters and big cities. and then also in Austin up a very large college town. So it's like the main pillars of like a democratic party win our kind of their, but then they they lose. Other waste is very badly loan, course, especially in Austin. I wrote about this back in the spring taxes,
bookends gerrymandered Aston within an inch of its life to make sure they know that such a blue progressive city wouldn't have much of a chance but of making a dance in the states in overall electoral chances. So often is the itself is split into six different congressional districts, only one of which is represented. democratic, Lloyd, dog it and there have been numerous court cases about this lake, but some of this issue is by design. There are definitely like liberal pockets of Texas that just don't, Have the voting power here of of rural parts of Texas Way, but also just like. There are a lot of people in World Texas and they are very conservative. Yes right, I mean like that sort of been issue here.
but so what? What's? Your work, whose campaign like been good about, like other, are their issues. Other themes, I quote: what do they do so tat cruises? Whore campaign? Is that he is the true conservative that can win Texas in the Texas is a red statements, a conservative, and that better is just clear he too liberal for a state like tax as and when you listen to a debate between better or contact crews. You cannot find to two different candidates like it's a really start divide between these two men when it comes. immigration. Tat cruiser not for a path to citizenship, better, is when it comes to health care, better work wants to move towards a single pair system and TED crews wants to repeal Obama care it, like every single issue that you come too there's a stark divide and What we are seeing is that, therefore saying a lot of the
and on turning our voters further base. So you, you see tat crews, kind of going turn some more trumpery and conservative angle. See, but our work really kind of strongly signalling to people of color in the state. During the debate every chance he got, he would talk about racial and justice and police brutality and those were kind of his main priorities when he was explaining worldview. So I mean what about this idea that the text is a non voting state like like? What does that mean? I mean it me that people's health, so taxes as one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country. So it's like three percent of the electorate is turning out tell Lex State white seats, one of the things that was kind of interesting was back during. Like the March primaries, lake people were looking to see if turn was gonna, be like incredibly greater. This year has like better was running and it wasn't right leg. It was No, like we re normal everybody, normal re end and, of course, most political scientist.
you don't read. The he leaves of turnout in private as for the general. But I was one kind of data point of like is the energy different this year and it didn't seem different in the primary Smell Wilson in November, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that the biggest population, for example, sixty, like the biggest group of latino voters, were not a voting age or very young, and the biggest group of white voters were really old and so on. Really old people, all the time and really young people down and so those are just kind of the trends that Democrats are kind of facing when going into November one. So the Villa Tina, Turner question in Texas in particular is important because to have a realistic view of what it is. Where did you you look at the letting a share of the populations quite high? Let you share the electorate is very low Some of that is because many Latinos in excess are not citizens. I,
Tina citizens. Taxes are children, so like this. Actually you can do anything to boost that too but then on top of that, just like now. Finally, I saw a good set of of correlations about this in african Americans and whites turn out at roughly similar rates. Among why people college graduates turn out more that the non graduates have you take education into account? African Americans arguably voted higher rate than white people, but Latinos its opposite riders of low educational attainment group and then on top. that is a low turnout group and its true in taxes, but is also true in Florida. It's true in California and Democrats have talked a lot about this. I feel like I'm a pass, fifteen years, but they haven't really done anything and it's been kind of interesting for me to see, because I, just a few weeks ago, I was out in Nevada, covering the Senate Ray
there, and that is an example of a state where the State Party has really mastered the art of turning out watching voters, and that's that's like the hairy read me, in it. But it's a! U know, driven by a lot of grassroots groups that are, you know, run by letting oak people in the community as people like numerous people are telling me. You know it's like run by people of the community for the community trying to turn Tina voters and they are good at it and they're trying to increase it this year, but the that they told me- and you know this makes perfect sense that you have to be organizing all year round like it's, not you can't just like our aid a few before the election like gotta go. Do I get out the vote after it's like you have to be in those communities every day all year round ends the info Extra Nevada is, is so good and has been around for such a long time that they have this down
but I think a lot of states like Texas, Florida, California, it's just that either. This is not as big of a priority or people just should have haven't kind of gotten us down the way that people in about a have. You have to we're in Texas, of course, there's more grassroots energy now, but I mean the Democratic Party has been really like running. then, for a long time they didn't expect some unlike better or to come in and do well. So it did come to a shock to everybody other. This is where I will say, like energy really is different in India, My wife's parents live out in that troubled Ingram and incur county, which is a very conservative. Part of the state, then also observe, typically for Texas, like not that politically mobilized. It's a boy overwhelmingly republic again, and also not really contested and also just have never I've, never seen much signs are activity or anything out there, But when I was there over the summer actually saw a bunch of better work signs
Some signs for for Joseph COP, Sir, who is the house, can at their eyes and then also I mean to be fair, like I saw signs for TED crews and it is both more. democratic signs, but also more republican signs. You can see that there is a contested election happening, which I had been the case in the past but also like there is now a county democratic party. You know I need the party has a new chair and they have a new website and they have a list of policing captains and like they're, not going to take over the car county government. I think Trump one. Seventy percent there, but there's like there are people doing things right, and here at least organizing in preparing- and you know also like every vote counts. Where it is. I giving Cobb Sir, is, I think, probably gonna lose he's a longshot house challenges
but like there are blue or parts of that district than this one, but like they have people on the ground. Everywhere and for whatever reason, like long suffering, Texas Democrats have decided to kind of pop their heads over over the whole, although I think it's kind of sad when they lose. I was also talking to republican changes in the state and interest republican observers in the state. They are also noticing lesson and panic in a letter like they. Somebody told me that he's republican challenges facing us in and he is like others, sign, panic, or rather than the Republican Party is better signs, are every right and of course, I dont think that will do to liked signs don't vote, but at the same,
time is a notable trend in this day and equal always freak out about Yardsman. Well, so I should say you know so yourselves Xinjiang, because there was a you know. People used always, but our yard signs, and then the Obama campaign in two thousand eight, I think, came to the conclusion that guard signs where were useless and then the clinging campaign and twenty sixteen we like double down on this new anti yard, sign conventional wisdom. And they, like barely put out any, are signs that the nice thing, and now there is a whole new literature. This is that no, like yard signs, actually make a huge difference. I didn't owing outcomes I feel like being in New Hampshire, like being from New Hampshire and living in the state for a long time. It's just like yard, sign fatigue every other year. Firstly, all many of them. That's the thing right, Scylla giving in conventional raise like both sides have allowed a yard signs, in which case I give you don't it's like having a thousand in seven yard signs, as opposed to nine hundred. Ninety eight makes you win, but, like you
lateral yard signing I've been grants like get turn things around, so that they have to fear the Signs, I also understand why someone like better would go full yard sign. It was, I mean his biggest problem, this whole racist, that nobody knew who you are, and so easy just has to get his name out and taxes is a really big state and you're not going to meet every single person driving around. So I agree the fact is if you got ok, so I only wish you take a break and then we'll talk about mean of the significance of this energy. For some of them down ballot races that are may be more actually viable for Democrats. If you like. Basically anyone listening to this right now, I'm willing to bet that you are you're dealing with stress, maybe there's a of it like an overwhelming amount, or maybe it's more like a low, but steady, drumbeat background stress, no, how you are experiencing stress, it's likely effect,
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I think you you reported on on some of these, these races and and we're taking. I guess mostly in the in the suburbs of the big city. re examining this sort of similar to what you see elsewhere in the country, but taxes has a bunch of big city yeah. So I think Their map has expanded and, honestly eight. I should probably chicken with the DE trip and end the Texas Democratic Party, to see just how much the map has expanded. But when I, reporting? Back in March, there were three key districts: they are hoping to unseat incumbents in these districts. They are also a few open seats. That Democrats are hoping to take as well the three big ones are the seven congressional district wishes a big area, s kind of suburb outside of Houston, the thirty second congressional district, which is again a suburb outside of, Alice and then the twenty third congressional district, which is one of the San Antonio areas, this huge debts? on taxes, western side and it can compasses a big part of that and that's the one where the income and is well heard, who is sort of this young modern
but can african American used to work in the CIA. I mean, I think, that the can No, it is that's the one that's kind of flipped, the most from Democratic Republic in over the years. That's the one that Democrats kind of have the best shot of winning back so all of these three districts. There are young people of color running on the democratic side, so in the twenty third congressional district we have Jean Ortiz Jones, who is filipino algae, beat veteran, I think he's too Yo Obama administration in the dust. outside of Dallas Con Colin Allred who's, a former NFL player, which is is great and in Texas, which loves football and also civil rights attorney african American and then in the suburb outside Houston, Lizzie, Pennell Fletcher, who is a long time attorney in Houston, as is running against John CALL and then, worse. There is Mj Hagar, I think in Texas, thirty one who is another young female veteran
So there are a lot of you know like young, dynamic, diverse candidates, running ends, and the other thing is that again is which we are short of. Speaking to like the enthusiasm for people to run in Texas, I mean Donald Trump, like elsewhere in the country, definitely spurred something for Democrats in Texas, where for the first time in twenty five years, there were Canada running in all thirty six of the state's congressional district, so that just speaks to the energy, and this comes. I mean there that the common ordered seat in particular where this was the one that Clinton. Actually she narrowly one, the district will. All three of these are the ones that Clinton airily. Why that's? Why? They're at the top of the very mean Democrats literally didn't have a candidate in that policy. In twenty sixty rate, Oh, it's like to have quality candidates waiting. All the
people are, and you don't even somewhat egg. I think we finally got a pull out of the re. Sab Hagar running in and she's like losing terribly cause, is actually very, very red district, but like she's, a good, candidate right. It's like for the first time they have a sort of an embarrassment of riches to an extent like they have some good candidates, just pointing in districts that are hard to win and in the district said they might win like they are of good get re entering the primary. It was like fields of like seven candidates running like you sat thus like incredible, like number of people that were stepping up to compete, for the nomination. You also had I mean to give credit but heard in particular, I think like on pay Birth seemed like incredibly incredibly vulnerable but has held up Sir decent way by. I don't like being a good candidate himself unless he's among this kind of moderate republican class, that's actually not to hate Ed. I is this.
act right, but it has also benefited from the fact that we were talking about of enthusiasm and other traditional low turn out in Texas but what's interesting, is that Democrats it sort of looked at charts of Texas for years and certain said like look if we could mobilise latino population like week at Bay, GINO, incredible gains, and are they have certain mobilization like they have had before a bit. When you look even just at the at the swing right like weirded Hilary gain ground in twenty. Sixteen verses, where Obama been against Romney It was actually primarily in those suburban districts like the seventh and and North of Dallas, rather than in the Rio Grande Valley, where her is running any sort of an issue. Democrats have in a couple California seats as well All that, like the the backlash trump, isn't located exactly where people had maybe like thought it would be. Right. I we we talked about women last week and its cause.
educated. Women have been like that at the centre of Trump resistant. Yeah absolute and do think that that you know like back in March. I think that if you talk to Democrats in Texas, certainly word or just political observers in Texas, they would say that herds. Big border district was the most likely to flip, just because historically, it's been the most likely to flow. but now I think you're right I mean in in Texas and around the country. You know, Democrats are looking You suburban districts, where it is a lot of you, no sort of moderate, maybe independent or moderate republic, voters that innovated from for Mitt Romney in the past and and may be kind of held there and voted for Trump and twenty sixteen, but really you know, especially among women and we're seeing poll after Paul showing this huge gap. I mean CNN, had this Paul yesterday showing in a women that they had pulled much. You know it was like sixty three to thirty three percent, saying that they are going to vote for the democratic candidate compared to be no forty, five percent of men saying that they were more likely to vote for the public,
candidates, so women across the country are driving democratic enthusiasm and an favorability gains for Democrats and in Democrats input killer, really are looking to these suburban districts to see if they can when, over in a kind of my Women, who hate Donald Trump, do something about it of even further down. There is the state legislature right and I, It's almost more attainable in a way They were so because there is so much enthusiasm for a better work at the top of the ticket lot of Republican are worried that and that energy is going to go all the way down the ballot either, because in Texas you can, you can vote straight and the ballot, so they might just take democratic. everybody. Will the or even better, might make Republicans reconsider and and go down about themselves so, of course, Texas is very strongly republican control. They have seeber, majorities in both the state has chambers and they control the nurse mansion, but at this
time. There are three state Senate seats that are viable for Democrats to win back and if they do that and Democrats wines, Vito power in the state and also in the State House, the how speaker, Joe Strauss, whose kind of this like dying Reed of modern Republican and the state is retiring, and so at the state is gonna. Have this speaker, race in the state House, and there too, are so seats in this house. The Democrats could win and there never going the majority in the same house but depends how many, since they win their, they could gain more can a bar power too. get a more moderate speaker in this way. Strauss came in rice, Speaker ride. Was he he's a work but again, but he got in over a more conservative republican. Basically with the votes of democratic ranks clean and Jan. It's. It's probably Democrats biggest fear
in the state to have a more conservative, safe house? Speaker instruct stopped a lot of really conservative legislation from going through, like the bathroom bill, for example, and so there there's a lot of room for Democrats to have more bargaining power and to prevent Texas from going completely conservative in the coming years. And the state level. But yet I access as exciting as awesome that is more exonerating life, but is actually more important. They very bad I'm always on the state legislature. Train of thought is like a sexy. The topic in the Senate see by one of the top of the figure matters right because, like actually something tedious like do Republicans Super majority in the state Senate or just a regular majority, has like a lot of impact. By your eye, but I that doesn't necessarily like people like out of bed.
In the morning right, whereas like taking on like comically, evil tat crews This is an exciting, but, like my get you to vote for your state sunrise, but I mean for democratic if they can get their voters to to vote because of comically evil tat creates, then they can set themselves up for success down. So take ruses he's as tough as Texas. Yeah that add that Richard Link later adversary had made so I want this is an ad is just really make fun of tigers, because take once upon a time, was running. as like the true conservative, alternative, Donald Trump right right, I mean it. It feels like a million years ago, but he like what did do like us really beat him up like he called his. I think he called them. His wife, like an and he
He caught him lion tat. He caught him lying TED he really went after TED. Every possible way and then ten didn't really DORA Sam and end up to endorsing him and now is like a huge trumps supporter like he went to the Republican National Convention and refuse to endorse trot I told everyone you have to vote your conscience yeah. Booed by the crowd, and almost seemed like TED Cruz was gonna, be this courageous racket. at the insistence of his donors. He, like endorsed him late in the campaign for judicial matters. Right. Well, I will you gotta, remember having all everything that happened in point. Sixteen habit in the context of people, assuming trumpets gonna, lose re right now, but then he walked You know so that change everything but
most if they like Anti Trump republican senators, like only humiliating league cited grovelling before Trump after from actually won by crew, started early ephrem got after him, and also after after Trump being such a like jackass to write. So there is an ad for better or that was basically poking funded. The idea that text at TED is You tougher Texas, because he couldn't stand at fair for himself. He Ethel S, somebody left of the Roma door, the other days, TED crews, taxes, taxes a week. If somebody my wife, a dog, daddy within Kennedy assassination. I wouldn't because there s but I think that the biggest criticism of crews that you used to hear from republican senators way was that, like to cruise, wanted people to think that, like he was so much more kids,
if it is to make all the regular republican senators, but that actually, what was happening was that he was pullin pointless stunts to advance his own name. Brightly rights like that's? Why, like it was Lindsey Grandma one? Why was like if you murdered? Yet Nobody would prosecuting working. If you kill TED crews on the Senate floor, the Senate would not grass whistling. I think, ridiculous, I'm Was it really because tat, gruesome, Linsey, Graham had like big disagreements on issue is now is protected, This kind of like conservative, like he did, did these like theatrical conservative stance, rack and it drove me. On that same aim. Everybody's understand because, like there's other very conservative senators right, like you have like you James in hops, and what not re there just quieter about it. well, and they were, I think, they're more effectively.
Really well informed. Conservatives didn't look at TED Cruises. The attracts and say like this. Guy is really advancing our cards right it would. This was like take. Crews was trying to get elected president right as though it but really pissed off his coworkers, and this like back and forth, with the trump with like he's completely amoral, like I'm trumps. Best friend is like the same thing. Is this like up ambitious guy? In a kind of I mean, there's something really wrong with politicians being ambitious, Support in the results of this thing is twofold, like one in the state of Texas, people know exactly how they feel about tat crews like there's no like sure you either really like him. I really hate em and in this past year. The other side of this is that heck, whose has been a lot quieter, mostly out of a function because Trump as president and it's hard to kind of out tramp tramp, buddy also kind of played that inside
more and more, and I think that's why Republicans in the Senate are even willing to kind of come out for him at this point or end. It was an important play on his part where he realized there it. I need a little bit more help here. We need to be a team player, to be a team player, but get style. It's not often. These He tag crews and Diane. Fine silent, like working together on a bell rang and that half it see here he's trying to become like if people are remember. This is like beckoned, twenty four tee and ride like Tom Cruise play. Much personally engineer this brief government, a downright affordable care, red, green eggs in him on the Senate for and we haven't seen Raby like everything, that's been sort of contentious inside Publican caucus teaspoon, like not involved, ride like any other way. Like nice he's trying to make people like brain like hurricane heart,
like. He was Oliver that, like that was when he was trying to make a name for himself. It was very clear that he was trying to play to his state, be a team player in the Senate, not make a lot of noise and its Emmy. He knew he loss Friedrich the new sort of mellow tat, could turn off I'd, call him metal, but anyone can ever caught TED mellow different, but you know where it so, I guess he campaigned in, the primary would suggest that lag when trot starts messing around with trade. They may be tamed crews, it be a defender of like free trade orthodoxy and would take the White House on like he hasn't really done. Right or the way he did a lot of other stuff booby. He might be like leading the charge to like shut the government down because we gotta build the war. Right leg is entering. That is now right, so it's like
in polarize times it's like their things for pelicans disagree about. Unlike take ruse, he used to be the guy who was like. If there was gonna be a fight, he was gonna pick side and the fight like make sure ever was paying attention to him. And now it's like the opposite right. He must be able to pay attention to his hurricane work, exactly whether that has actually english itself and on the voters remains to be seen, and currently has helped in for his his a rapid change right back also, just like the brute reality that I think we're publicans have realised like they actually might lose this race ray, and they really don't want to write. You can have your feelings about your fellow members, but like when it comes time Still I contest control. It's like major Mcconnell today was like shutting down all these complaints who at least Mc Caskey yeah right yet physical Last week, I bet he was super annoyed with LISA Mc Caskey like now. He wants a majority, the right UNESCO only some of us had become. It happened
right. So, ok, so I just before we close out like where's this race actually stand. This cruises cruises up cruises at the polls kind of they got very tight a month ago and they kind of winding out again. So it not out of the realm of possibility that better hurt could win, but it is unlikely that I guess we should say right. The other piece of context for this right is it the twenty Eightth Senate Map is really very bad for Democrats way you know when the house, it's like, there's a bunch of districts. We just looking at it you're like a democratic away here right, so you know you give it your shot. You look at the Senate and it's really not like that right. Nevada in Arizona are, like shore maybe they're. Meanwhile yeah, I think Nevada, more southern areas unwrapped but like those are, those good places to go right, and you look beyond that, and it's not that go back is very low, shot pick up opportunities. If Democrats hold all their red states, which than the other
opportunities are taxes, Tennessee and Missis, research into intend to see you know they have a candid edge. Philbrick assumes you so good were crude, but is like an old time: blue dog Democrat from the arts, So he's not somebody who people get excited about until a part of the ex enthusiasm right. Is it a different map when you had like seven plausible pick up opportunities, people might not be like so interested in the rain shot but like while it's a super alongside its ass, a sort of the best you can do better. In the fact that a Democrat is only within six points of an income Republican in Texas. Is that something that something to be talked about, zero no right. I mean it's a zillion, interesting vote, but I mean I've seen a lot of like second guessing arrive like. Why are people giving all this money right about our work
right and like? But the reason there giving all this money to him is that it's kind of clothes and also a warehouse, you gonna it Link is all well and good to say, like oh Tennessee, but like a work has a campaign that is like meant to appeal to National radio fired up Ray a year and immediately he is testing this theory, it's kind of like we do. Have these two different case studies. It's like Tennessee. You know Let us then, as running as this super moderate blue dog, damn it mean he came out and was like. I would vote for cabin off. I was in the Senate last week. Better Work- is testing this completely other theory by appealing to the democratic base. So we we're going to have these to kind of like case studies and twenty in vain, Maybe I'll eat journalists who super asked about the State House raises yes
they are our stay. Donors are pouring money and because they really concerned about who is a super majority state Senate but see you who have listened to the weeds. You are now woke your hip to what the real stakes are here. Just ass, a successor Super majority in the state Senate couple suburban House races- maybe maybe the Senate So thanks a lot Ellen terror for breaking that all down for us, thanks as always to our producer, Griffin, Tanner and the weeds, will return. Frank.
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