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Do Republicans even care if Kavanaugh is guilty?


Sarah, Jane, and Matt break down an excruciating day in American politics. References and further reading: Laura McGann’s piece on sexual harassment claims against Glenn Thrush of the New York Times Constance Grady explains rape culture of the 1980s A poll found evangelicals would support Kavanaugh even if allegations against him were true Eric Erickson argues Trump will escalate matters if Kavanaugh is rejected 

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Ok, let's get low, welcome to another episode of the weeds on the box media task that what we have today, a first time combo, I'm here with Jane Coastline and Sarah Clip reads: all the new coming together, is also going to be history making next week and all throughout the month of October, bringin have extra weeds episode orally wednesdays. We heard you do we use so we're giving you more weeds as we get through this mid term cycle, it's five weak sort of spent for the future of America. Unexcited I'm doing next one says opposite of again: it's gonna be awesome.
Speaking in the Future America yesterday Jane and I win in Austin Texas, we did alive show about the border wall and we are hoping to have audio of that for you some day. But here Washington, Brett, Kavanaugh and Christine Ford were testifying and I find this to be really one of the most difficult emotionally politically moments that we have seen. I watched Ford's opening statement. I do not see that subsequent questioning the openings Ayman seem. White moving to me and from what I can gather republicans have any any goods on her in the they didn't walk out of that first morning, session being like a he caught her up in something or her story doesn't make sense or she hasn't to lie, they didn't really impugn her credibility or take her down
way yet so I mean I was here in DC and I was watching the testimony. As I know, a lot of people listening to the show, I'm sure were anything to think that and there's an expectation by republican senators going into this, that this would not go well for her that she would struggle that something would go wrong and that really night what happened it seem like coming out of this. Even if you looked at the coverage Fox news. There was kind of this widespread acceptance of her as a credible witness it was a really emotional experience you know watching her testify. I think it felt clear too. one watching that she was nervous I think one things I was a huge contrast between her and cabinets. Testimony for me is that she was very open about the fact that this was a number of years ago. There were certain things. You know that you kind of felt a little bit fuzzy RON where's with Kevin. I was like I never drank. I never had sex with all these absolutes was hers. I felt like she came off as a lot more
human and nervous and in a very polite- and you know I at her and her testimony, especially in contrast with the cabinet testimony later to the that you know you, you had a lot of Republicans committed on Fox ANG. She seems a gay credit witness. That should seems like something happened to her and it puts the Republicans in this really odd position. You know that they ve been for a while- but I think, are in even more after this of saying, this person seems credible. It seems like something happened to her, but we're. Going to change. Our work outweighing that we move forward with Kavanaugh, and it almost it like says this thing really matters, but also it doesn't matter. It is a somewhat became clear right. Is it they didn't care at all right, they didn't say of course, didn't listen to her and spike his nomination. I understand. but they didn't listen to her and say: oh
now we really better here from deeper Ramirez right. You couldn't, I will admit when I saw this Ramirez thing come out like out of them, The last minute I was like man, this is bullshit, but I just listen to Doktor Ford. She doesn't sound like she was ball setting, so now I want to hear more now I want to talk to Mark judge. Now I want to talk to you over this squeak. I was right. They didn't respond to finding her more credible than they had been expecting by doing anything instead, Cavanaugh showed up he blustered about the Clinton's, and then he he he said a lot of things that are true. I've been obsessed with this Google most of his from the gate, go but like half an has, not, acted himself honestly throughout this process, just yesterday he said that beach, weak Ralph Club was about him having a week stomach not about drinking to excess. He said that boo was a reference to
Flash allowance, which I mean I can't believe we had to run this down. But we had a story. Others had a where they like interviewed people who were high school students in Maryland in the early eighties and like goofing is short for buffoons is short for, but fucking, I don't know, man. But like that's what people say right, he said nay alumina. Yet there was this thing with remain alumnus its clear what was going on there and then he was asked a question about it and he got indignant as if Democrats were smearing grenade, somehow what else was there and he saying that it was illegal to drink as an eighteen year old at the time he was eighteen in Maryland, which isn't true, it's something he said on Fox. He said and testimony there. And all this stuff. It's like he's in his youth work that he the treasurer of the hundred kegs or bust club.
And then he tried to say in congressional testimony that he wasn't a heavy drinker, you know, and then he got indignant at people asking these questions about his drinking. and said well, you know he went to Yale right. Am I. I don't know what to say too that you know what I know: people who went to Yale. I went to Harvard Ghip Drank allowed their sexual assaults happening on campuses of very fancy schools, And then I just saw you know just fake this morning so well, we have a presumption of innocence in this country, which is true and it broke. Havana is entitled to do process which it don't really think is true: he's a Supreme Court nominee, not a criminal defendant and he's going to vote for him, but it was the Republicans didn't create a process and while of course, cabinet, has a presumption of innocence. If you take the stand in your own defence and a try
and then you say a bunch of things that are in true right. It's in the rules of evidence like that- is considered damning evidence against you, but I think it's important to note that none of this mattered- none of it like talking about the yearbook or his testimony because he saw like Linz. Graham basically announce his campaign to replace Jeff Sessions is attorney general, but becoming you know, the biggest fan of Red Cavenaugh, who is not a member of the cabinet family and it's worth, noting the degree to which you know you saw at the values voter summit earlier this week, even over the testimony even happened that you are seeing the same kinds of defenses of this. What I thought was- interesting was three to which Cavanaugh again, what was the affirmative defensive, like these things, just never happened where a lot of his allies seem to go with the well. If it here and it's not such a big deal, which are two different things which I think is worth noting, but
you know if you're listening to this and you feel anything like I do- this has been an incredibly exhausting and enraging raging weak and I feel as if it is for everyone involved. I think there were a lot of the conservatives who saw cabinets testimony and you I saw it there's a national view, peace that kind of compared to the you. Have you no shame moment during Mccarthyism This has been an inherently emotional discussion and I feel There are many things that Congress is good at some of them, yet, but handling something at this moment of this importance is. One of them. it's worth noting that what your point Matt about the apparent like discrepancies between his testimony and the evidence that we have nothing was owing to convince Lindsey, Graham that something should be That was never going to happen. The fact that this test, only happened at all it, which was interesting conversation because I think a lot of people, especially on the right kind.
Just what with there's no way for it, actually shows up, and then she actually did and I think That in itself was a surprise to many on the right, but I think that the idea that there could have been something or that someone would have said that would have caused. This nomination, not go forward barring complete in Anti, not not even the insanity level we reach right now, but just complete abject insanity is on Fourchan untrue and I think everyone it felt like me that such a lesson and why women don't come forward these situations, because you have some of them, doktor, who decided come from or it after much internal deliver racial and she goes to. Why tat. She sits in front of this panel for four hours. She re lives one of the most horrific experiences in early If she has a panel of people, question her about She really puts it out there and like to one
just to have. You know that this really long searing conversation where she is probed on everything from you know. Seared in her mind of the laughter of bread, Cavanaugh unmarked Judge, to questions about her fear flow. hang in there pulling out different maps and like kind of treating her like a solution and like to what end we ve been saying earlier, didn't really seem like there's any space for this to change the outcome of what senators we're going to do and maybe that will change. You know we're taping. This, like ten in the morning on Friday, Maybe we will see Susan Collins are another. Senator change vote around this, but I see it felt like almost on the one hand, you are a woman, doing something really brave and incredibly difficult, and you know maybe that will other women the strength they would need to come forward. On the other hand, it's kind of like, what's the point she put her,
out there. She that this is going to be anything like, that Anita Hell, that Christine Lousy for that this will be what their name is known for the public space and like to what end, if you know, but as we just saw moments for he started taping that republican senators decided to move a bread cavenaugh through the committee.
Twenty four hours after this happens to me the case that she has made a valuable contribution here. Any Clarence Thomas was pushed through, would frankly, the majority of the Democrats on the committee, not taking the issue seriously. They held the majority, they had control the process and they did what essentially the Republicans have done here, refusing to call additional witnesses so on and so forth. That is a change. You know. I think it's pretty clear that time find stunts. Staff like initially didn't really want to go there with this, just as for herself was reluctant, but she did.
eventually come forward and Democrats did, you know, rally to have a real investigation to call in corroboration Republicans, I mean the saving grace of Cavanaugh lying to an extent is that I don't think they believe that cabinet is innocent. I think they just don't care, but they did at least do the country. The grace of pretending that this would be back add, which I hope send some kind of you- no message to the future that has some kind of positivity to it
other people Jabber Ramirez Julie, sweating came forward and the people in the country. You know people in the press, people on the committee, people in the Congress want to hear from them, and it's just incredibly shitty that the Republicans on that committee decided that they didn't want to do anything about it. but it is different from where we were. I mean Cavanaugh is the least popular Supreme Court justice on record. His pony numbers are below Bork there below Harry Myers. Clarence Thomas in the end got on because he was popular in the majority of the country, believed him and didn't believe in need hell, and I think that's really fortunate time, but like that's not what happened here. It's not like America shrugged his shoulders in India since its similar to you of this,
why should we saw with the tax bill to an extent the situation we solve some of this healthcare staff where this, element of the political arena where people argue and people talk and people try to make their case, but we also just like we have elections at a regular schedule and the vast majority, the republican caucus has just shown time and again that day are indifferent to the facts, opinion witches, I don't know I'm in will see how that works out for them. It's interesting also because you know I wrote about Robert Brooks failed one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven Supreme Court nomination and it's interesting because a lot of Republicans have brought up the concept of bored. which they mean try to slam someone who is up for a high level position with something irrelevant to their position by It actually happened. The robber Bork is that Robert Bork did not prepare for his testimony before the Judiciary Committee, because his good friend Internet Scalia told him he Didn'T- have to wear
is why he said things like you're when asked about his mild support for a pull tax. His response was well, it was just a dollar fifty. And so I asked why do you want to serve in the Supreme Court? He said because it would be an intellectual feast and the bought from people watching. This was why guys. Ok, a whole lot of something So with the actual story of Robert Bork is that based on his writings and positions and when he was solicitor general him taking part in the Saturday night Massacre under Nixon. That was what played into rapid work that becoming a Supreme court justice, but worth noting that, with Harry Myers, and with this The idea that popularity would play into how a Supreme Court justice is perceived by either party you. I think, that something where we talk a lot about how people are pulled, and we think about that as being something that would matter to the people who are putting forward judges
these positions, but if you can get a serve, leaning, charge and the Supreme Court. I don't think anyone cares how we poles right now, his unpopularity. I think that there is a kind of assuming its lifetime position by Thirty years from now, we would have kind of forgotten about this lake. How ill? I think for a lot of Americans, Clarence Tom This is he's a member of the Supreme Court. His wife is highly involved and tea party activism and he's also known for never speaking and so I think that there is this idea that yes, he's very unpopular. But thirty years from now, you won't remember how unpopular he was you'll. Remember that he was the key vote in deciding to overturn plan parenthood, VIII, Casey or something like that and so Cavanaugh unpopularity, I think that they think of his being kind of well
poles told us that Hillary Clinton was gonna, win and twenty. Sixteen, so poles don't mean anything I so I think we might be over selling the unpopularity as well. There is merest Paul there came out yesterday that basically asked if the allegations are true should Cavenaugh still be confirmed in one of the things I wanna musicians price, be that surprised me, but they found that fifty four percent of Republican say yes, that even I gladly even accepting that these are true that he should be here farm. So while it is true that he has put at low numbers. When you think about like who These senators are wanting to show up at the mid terms like that group of people, like seems pretty Kay with the idea of confirming Cavanaugh like if you cut it another way. Forty eight percent of white Angelica said yes to the same question that even if these allegations are true that he should be confirmed the supreme, word, so you know one of the questions that keeps com,
to my mind, is a wise tick. With this guy, like and unjust and hand there are other conservative legal thinkers like it's not accuse the only person could nominated to the Supreme Court and like what this pull tells me, pray, dispiriting answer is just it doesn't matter to a lot of people like this. Is fine, this policy showing the fifty four percent republican voters are fine with this any perhaps even more than fine, because this could be the guy who you know is on the court who could provide the fifth, to overturn Casey to overturn ro in to get that done before the mid terms. To kind of you know, get people out to support them. they look. We done. We got this great conservative justice on the court You know, I think, a lot of people. I talk to think that Christine Lousy forwards accusations they matter, but this Paul suggests there is also a lot of people who think
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Hollywood. All these stories are true new episodes dry. Every Wednesday starting September, eighth, listen and follow up hence the mob on Apple podcast, Spotify or your favorite podcast app. I got to watch a similar Cavanaugh hearings at a American Airlines, Admirals Club in Texas, which is a good place to put your finger on high socio economic status. Republicans thinking about hot, but an issue and I was struck by two older. You know this is not like fake out like a high the pulse of the people these, where these were like republic in women that they were very good right. They weren't, like open minded about this, but table, said to me what right Kramer, said about this one Think. A number of Republicans have sort of said. You know
running their mouths as their official position, but that, like not, that the accusations are false. But that the accusations are a form of dirty pool that to throw up against a successful in his career family man, something about something he did at a party when he was. Seventeen is just illegitimate right that, like what he did was just not that back. and that it was bad faith of Democrats to bring it up. You know she mentioned Bill Clinton and various other things, but We just to make the point that, like in her view, this is like a boy these will be boys kind of situation and its just obviously bunk to throw someone out of a Supreme Court GIG Bay
and something from that long ago that she saw as fundamentally minor, and I think that we have seen time and again in that the me to a back that there is like an and argued question around this around like what is actually bad. You know and like how far back is relevant. and this keeps popping up. You know we had it in this New York Review of books controversy. We had it when you know our colleague learn began, work, her story about Glenn, throw and then the New York Times the site they did say she was wrong. They just decided they didn't care right wing think is where Republicans are on Cavanaugh nonsense great needed a great great piece for vocs,
and she's looking she's looking a little bit narrowly at sixteen candles, but you can also think about there's a scene in rocky that I think you would consider date rape today, one of the major pod elements of revenge of the nerves is a guy. Quantum quote tricks a woman into thinking that here, her boyfriend and they have sex blade runner also from the early eighties, has a thing of like Harrison Ford forcibly, not letting somebody leave his apartment and all of these things right from the late seventies and our Liese they're, not wrong. Right, like clearly linked to understand. The fiction of you understand how storytelling works like these things, that,
men do in these movies, they're not depicted as bad things. There things that heroic characters do that they receive no criticism for and that your men to sympathize with as the audience and like we have had a change too, an extent in our culture and there's just this voice made that I think were shouting across were like it It just seems overwhelmingly likely me that, like on July, first exactly what she said happen dried that, like these guys that matter in a room that closed the door they were like, ah ha jumping on the bed pushing down and wriggled away and ran downstairs and then in their minds, because they didn't like chase after her, and you know like train or up in a dungeon or something it's no big deal I've read and then like a lot of people and its not strictly
gender element to the division of opinion on it, but offers an age element and political element and, like there's big, mostly conservative, constituency out there. That, just like does not think this kind of behaviour firstly, what I think I have two things on that, because it interesting that again that defence not the one Brett Cavanaugh used at Ali like Bright Cavanaugh, was not using a boys. We voiced events break haven't, I was being. I absolutely positively did not do this too, but he was also what Weird about it, is that here no stridently denied that he did it, but if you like so obviously was bullshitting to me was like a real defence in depth. You know you look forward to try to persuade you of her honesty. Acted vulnerable, acted, humble waste Haven't I didn't do that, like he acted defiant and blatantly dishonest
He wasn't really trying to persuade people that he didn't do this. I think I think the other thing that's interesting is when, like the concept, The me, too movement has been around for a lot longer than I think most people know, but when Runnin Pharaoh came out with a story about Harvey Wednesday in the in the new Yorker, I think because the concept of Hollywood is so apart from both conservatives and most liberals like the idea of this guy jerking off into a plants and just ruining the lives of people like famous actress or formerly famous actresses, is so apart from the everyday experiences of most americans- you know already like Harvey once Again- is the kind of person words like if you watch enough movies- and you know I think a lot about in these movies, especially because he was kind of largely credited with pushing forward the kind of pop fiction. Zation of film in the mid too late, Ninetys there alone,
people who one haven't seen pop fiction and too don't much care about that, and so the idea that this person should be cut out of society work. However, ok, but I want to push a little bit, because I think you and I'm sure anyone who has retweeted. Anything about Christian Jellyband would know that the responses you get from liberals about Christian Jill Brand, ruined our Franklin's life or whatever our frank and did wasn't that bad and that's not fair, because we got rid of our guy and they won't get rid of their guys. This idea that, like you, need to have this weird prisoner exchange because conservatives and liberals like ok, you rid of Roy more we'll get rid of AL frankly, not that the two are on the parallel to be clear, but I think that with the nationalization of politics. The idea that you think of someone, you L, Frank and is not from my state, but I have spoken to people who are from diesel from my home state of Ohio, who talk about African as if he is lake, showing
but your local fish fry to talk to you about housing issues in your local community, which he was not doing, and so I think that how we hold some of public figures so close. And you see that with how many conservatives are reacting to Brett, Cavanaugh person whom they have not met, who they? have never interacted with, but they are defending I am in a way that seem so personal and I think it's because one you see break haven't. as this tabular Raza, upon which you can protect your own concerns about If I was quoting what wrongfully accused of something or what, if that happened to my husband are worth the happened so in my family, but At the same time, you saw people doing that too. frank in as well of saying like you're. What, if
What if I did, the staying there wasn't a photo and then it just got misconstrued and then at you I was trying to take a stand for justice and the american way, and no one understood. So. I think that there is an moment of the poor. The delegation of politics that is at play here, where we think about the fact that we are having this charter discussion about a nominee to the Supreme Court. I think one speaks to the increased importance of the Supreme Court in our daily lives and also in how we think about politics more generally, but the fact that You see this among both liberals and conservatives with certain political figure.
Here's where your defending them as if you were defending yourself weight. But frankly, I think, proves the point right like Frank and had his defenders but like at the end of the day, because younger people more left wing people and women have more clout in the Democratic Party than they do in the Republican Party like he got tossed overboard, whereas the Republican Party is made up of older people more conservative. ball, more authoritarian people and more men am, I think, like in an important way that, like we keep not debating forthrightly like they don't agree with the changed norms about consent and sexual behaviour that have happened. Trade,
it's like this is part of the lake endless marking of college students and political correctness and like loving Donald Trump and like all this stuff, I thought, that, like there was in the living past of America, very different set of Ike official social norms about how young men should behave towards young women and people who, like I, was a tiny baby at that but people who were grown ups at tat time, like those were the norms, because the people who were grown ups then thought they should be the norms and they're not dead. They're like lurking in the bushes. and then this stuff comes out, and there like. Well, you What I don't like a strain of that came through in Cavenaugh like develop. He he was speaking of bet bet, there's one one section where he was talking about dear alot, where he kept saying you know I like
the beer alot of Americans like to have beers, like you know, is everyone me. Basically, the gas give every American we once have. A beer is also going to be accused of sexual assault. That interest it like so much indignation that this question would possibly even be explored in that he ate Georgetown, prep and a Yale graduate would have to you know degrade himself to having these questions asked of it. Like almost incredulity that he would have to submit to this. Even after we saw someone, give this test honey, that most people have said seemed very, very credible and you know, one thing I ll be interesting, coming this is you know I was reading. I don't got. Did a nice piece for us kind of about this question of a wider republicans? Stick Kevin, I kind of getting into this year that they really want to confirm someone. For the mid term to keep their based. Energized save, look what we did for you. You know you should turn out at the polls and eat. I think we have the pulling, and so
that suggests that this isn't going to turn people off from the Republican Party or at least not their base, but you have the counter dynamic of these sort of things seem to be really energizing democratic voters that you're saying like a lot of protests. You're saying you know a lot of What I was saying all over my instagram feed, which admittedly leans quaint liberal, is a lot of people posting at this end. Even if this is alienating republican voters? It seems kind of like like a misfire, because it seems to be galvanizing the other side in a really really strong that could you not matter in the mid terms as while? Not just in the in the mid terms within the judiciary mean I don't know, conservatives fully appreciate how much they have benefited from liberal de mobilization on judicial issues that, like to the extent that rank and file liberals care about the judicial
at all. They care about abortion rights, which obviously is an important topic like conservatives are mobilized across the whole span of issue, swayed and I can any movement. Some republicans are very jazzed up about abortion on the conservative side, but others about gun I think it's not about Missus, William and like do you Chamber of commerce has been binning, really solid, Brett Cavenaugh ally from day one press release they put money into. campaign, they are not backing Brett Cavenaugh, because they want to return the right to regulate abortion to the states right. My cabinet is going to completely dismantle economic regulation in the United States to the best of Isabella and in his defence, Anthony Kennedy was also doing that. There's been this whole series of rulings from the five conservatives about like can't have labour unions. He can't regulate that all the time old nonsense? In my opinion
what a man really taken strong note of that, like the Obama care rolling right I'm zero textual basis, but no legitimacy for no reason at all. They just struck down medicate expansion of cost millions of people to lack health insurance. Thousands of people have died as a result of that war but we all kind of paraded around is a liberal victory because it in toss out the law on spurious grounds, and I mean I hope, if anything, good, comes out of this, it will be that, like people will understand that, like this sudden, ethically reactionary group of people who have been installed on the core like two of them. During themselves, sexually harassing women. For us installed by presidents who didn't when the popular vote, like is a really profound during problem beyond the mid terms and beyond that specific
six of this allegation, but like this shows that the character of the people involved in this kind of thing to just like blithely lie out of ambition and hubris. I want to make a point on this because, among conservatives it's a different arguing- being made here- and this is from reportedly Ericsson whose a conservative pundit has been very talkative about the a nomination. He said that we all understand that this is the most mainstream pick. The present is going to offer Cavanaugh reject my colleagues understand the president is going to escalate and they don't want. That said a republican senator to him and I think this is an interesting point, because, as I do, I made up a delightful song about Amy Coney Barrett, queen of the judicial frontier, because I just keep like conservatives, would a. Tony Blair's they weren't jazzed up about only bear it and I think it's interesting. The degree to which trumpeted not watch Amy Coney bear it, and I think that its worth noting that,
There is a degree to which there is an intra conservative debate about this very subject of the courts. Because I think for many conservatives they recognise one. The Supreme Court should not the primacy and american life that it does, but it does because Congress is Congress to so. The supreme Court is going to have the level primacy that it does. There should be majority conservative jurists, three, the best conservative jurists should be on the Supreme Court. But there's seems to be some argument that Brett Cavenaugh is not inherently the best conservative just to be on the Supreme Court, but he is the one who I think, publicans generally think- and you heard this from Susan Collins as well. They say- This is someone who will be tolerable and it is an interesting argument- that instead of ill I've had friends
were at no Damer taught by any country where it nearly yes, she's, very conservative but ill. She was a great professor. very fair and you hear from people within the right this I didn't yet, we wanted, bear it, but the moment, we got Cavenaugh, ok, we're gonna fight for Cavenaugh, because they understand that the goal is get someone conservative on the court in the first place. I also want to note that the job of the court is to kind of answer, big legal questions, we are asking it the court to generally cup with legislation in a way that perhaps it was not intended to do so. That's not a relatively new thing, that's kind of a facet of the court, for a very long time. You know one of my favorite Supreme Court can this is West Virginia Vive Barnett, which has to do with whether you can for someone to say the pledge. allegiance, and you can't note to Texas conservatives of our recognising ok. If the court is going to be this important, then we have to play for the court
but it seems that Democrats and kind of liberal observers have not recognised that same. The ruling you get in a burger fell the Hodges without Anthony Kennedy on the court to write the wonders and glories of marriage. You dont get those decisions without the people in the court and you don't get the people on the court without having control of the Senate and Control of Congress, and I think that it's time for people live rules and Democrats to recognise that conservatives have been ahead of the game in terms of how to think about the court and how import The court actually is, and they ve been of this since, like nineteen eighty five, if the Supreme Court is going to this position in american life. It's time everyone recognises equally, It's interesting to me that it actually hasn't become as much of a mobilizing issue and the left, even as you know, we ve seen a real rallying round the affordable correct and that a clear sense of the Supreme Court has the power to dismantle Obamacare every.
session or do there's another challenge that, like everyone's like well, that's like a silly legal challenge that, like ultimately wines its way up the Supreme Court, there's one right now in Texas that everyone is equal. That has no chance of going anywhere, which I feel I can Obamacare terms as like we guarantee it'll, be it. The supreme Court In a year- and you know, you had a flip on the affordable care act where you know before when there's something you know a lot of politicians and want to run on right now, majority of ads in the mid terms for Democrats are all about healthcare and save the affordable care act from repeal. You have some like citizens, United, which again like I feel it is something that could be a rallying cry for liberals. just doesn't seem to you. No hold the same place in liberal movements, as it hasn't conservatives which to hinder a lot on the politics of abortion. That in a row has like law When this rally, cry and this goal of the servant of movement to be able to overturn that ruling. kind of had them in this holding pattern. Where you saw
challenges you know, come up ban just not do well. The Supreme Court like you're. The challenge to Texas is your taxes as abortion laws that the Supreme Court struck down, there's about two years ago or ourselves. You see the pro life movement like sending up these challenges are passing these laws that they are not able to stick with, but I guess it's bit surprising to me, as people have rallied around the affordable, correct hasn't got the next step to say We really need to do to protect these characters. Like sure there aren't enough justice is on the court who want to overturn it yeah, I mean, but I hope that this Cavanaugh becomes a turning point in this I mean I think that we have seen. I saw something tweet, that, like it's a shame because the Supreme Court will lose its legitimacy, is it's like one of the last safeguards. We have against democratic back signing and I think that's really wrong. I mean from Bush gone to the shall be county ruling to the citizens United ruling to the bomb Mcdonald whirling. This important
way ahead of the curve. Unlike tearing down the pillars of american democracy, it's true, who that putting my cabin on the Supreme Court will do legitimize the Supreme Court. But, like that's not the shame of this like that, is good right by the Supreme Court. As it has existed, has, in my view, been completely rogue undemocratic deserves diligent immigration and the blind man, S with which Republicans are putting a hot tempered drunk in title liar. and there is fitting, and people should remember at this guy red in the face. Suggesting that, despite being in like drinking France at Yale, he couldn't have been a heavy drinker because he got into Yale like that is Europe's Supreme Court. You know like it's
I need some something I wanna go to upset by. There is, I think something I want to get into that came across from a lot of things additives, and that I I genuinely do not currently understand, is the idea that how Democrats have reacted, to the fort allegations. Anti Cavanaugh is going Dr Republicans to the polls in November, because they're like oh, this is gonna push people towards Trump One. from is already present he's a person who nominated Cavenaugh YO buttons hold the Senate and the House and Congress and the majority of state houses and governors mentions throughout the country. We I have had a little bit of this conversation on our lives, show that we did from Austin Texas yesterday that the eye that Trump can be both you. He is the bulwark against realism, but liberalism did this
under Trump is very confusing to me, but I so think that there is an element to which I joked in twenty seventeen. I think that Liberals are discovering the magical wonders of federalism and the idea of kind of like we should probably attempt to do this, things on a state and local level. But I also think that it it's worth noting that I dont know why the Supreme Court is not a driver for product in the rural voters to the same set is for conservatives Emmy outside of the issue of abortion, that I understand, but I do think that what we're going to see what we're seeing you, I'm sure. Sarah we ve talked to a lot of people about this you're. Seeing especially from women is the three to which this is a major driver and trumpet and the ballot and twenty eighteen, but a lot of republic.
And are on the boat and twenty eighteen and part of getting people to vote is also getting some people do not vote. You know you want to spur Your base but demoralized their base, and I feel ass if with this. The idea that people will vote because something successful already happened. If you have data thus, I would love to see it, but the idea of like We were successful. We did the thing I that using all you could stay home cause? We did the right exactly, and I think that you saw that a little bit with you after the passage of the affordable care act obvious. Men terms are generally tough for whoever the party is empower, that's just a general rule, but the idea that Democrats, the time, could be like we did the successful thing you should keep voting for us. You there The reason why in general, if you are going to become a grist or a scammer, what you do is you do not say you we
gifted enough the drift is over, but you should still send us money, no you're, not you're, like new data. We just need that one more day or one more check then will really get to doing whatever we're supposed to do and you're not. We taking advice from drifters scammers, but the idea that a success here would thus push more people to vote. Conservative. I I dont quite understand it. I dont get it either, but seems to be one of the key arguments like I think of you. Look like abortion politics, a Gwen things consistent pattern, You see, as groups are transparent, parenthood, a narrow, they will wait. easier time fundraising when there's a republican and offer s because they can send out these things about all these attempts to access like that is the time when they are able to- and you see this right now that they are able to mobilise people to protests I don't. I am sure there are legal action strategies to do this for living and whose smarter than I am, but I have also been confused
the need to get this time before the mid terms and the framing of a we need to advertise to our base that we have been successful than in thick. Well, you know mission account. Strategies. This is why I do go back to like the big picture. Gender politics consent norms, change like They are not saying it but like. I think that a fair number of older men especially think it's important to draw a line in the sand and like go too bad for people who are accused of having been abusive toward women decades ago in the past. That, like what has been happening with me too, is frightening. Unlike run amok,
and that like, you could see the the wrong anger of Lindsey Grab, how apologetic the Judiciary Committee Republicans were to bread cabinet, how unconcerned they were with his truthfulness. You know I mean like it didn't it didn't Bob didn't even defended than anyone addressing like with with them forward her credibility, was at issue. Nobody was interested in bright cabin us credibility right because they don't think that what he did was wrong. They think that what is wrong is to use that kind of behavior against successful person like Linsey grandsons, really explicitly right that, like the kind of bad person, the Democrats are trying to paint brick Cavenaugh eyes,
couldn't have gone on to have this successful career cabin. I said he got into year without any connections all he had was a lobbyist, dad district attorney mom and arriving as he has already got Maryland. He pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, so he can't have been this hard partying bad boy whose in the world with beach faint police department, Fan club right and like it's a point of principle like day, don't just like match slap. You know he tweeted that photo where he somehow like cropped. The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats, so that it was Harris Booker and her ono all sitting next to each other, and he said, like conservative voters collective. This right, yeah, like that's like gears, elemental fears, unlike bread, Cavanaugh,
stands for order and hierarchy in every possible way up to and including the idea that pushing around a drunk fifteen year old ones. Thirty five years ago is just not really wrong and I think they're taking that stand- and you know I mean I think they're they're probably gonna win. I think, it's interesting, also because I feel as if I am interested to see the manifestations of this conversation like six months from now, or how we deal with it when we're not in in the midst of it. But I do think it's interesting how Cavanaugh it's also played into there, is like goes around comes around angle. I keep reference like you does anyone remember like the confirmation. Hearings have like Samuel all Lido or just,
the idea that what you want from a Supreme Court confirmation hearing is most boring sing past the ball and the idea that we'll Cavanaugh references like the Clinton's in his statement and talks about this- is just the Democrats coming after me and then you're like. Oh, I wish it you, two Supreme Court to new help handle five for decisions. That's concerning! Ok, we have wrap this up, but thanks guys we will be back next week. We can be three So it's a week, Tuesday Wednesday, the brightest Wednesday Friday until them a germs and also the Wednesday after the mid terms, is going to be amazing. This can be a lot of good stuff there phutra engineer container thanks. add and Jane for being here and in this I guess thus, and back in your feeds, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
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