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Infrastructure Week (and Farm Week and Teacher Week)


Dara, Jane, and Matt analyze three new policy proposals from Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris.

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Yeah. This is Marquez Brownie Acre, Amphibia hd, and this is Andrew Manga Nellie. We will introduce you to our podcast way, form the new sedition to the Vocs media podcast network, so I've spent ten years, reviewing tech products and consumer electronics for millions of people on the incubation. Youtube Channel and now on the way forward. cast Andrew, and I use that experience to dig even deeper into latest tech for smartphones too. I max to electric cars. So if you're gadget lover or attack head or if you just want to figure out whether the latest gadget is worth your harder and cash give us a lesson say, can find way form the empty beefy pie cast on your favorite Pakistan every Friday see over there is this. Is this guy? Is this working? Yes? Yes, it is working. Yes, ok! So again do the chef. Hello welcome
their server the weeds, I'm a box media potass network and that grace he is here today with DARE Lynn and Jane Coastal, and we are excited. This had been an exciting week in policy proposals for the twenty twenty campaign, as we want to talk about those proposals, because we love policy right we do yeah. I gather that there were a sum that there is something of a meadow discussion last week about pot the role of policy in the twenty twenty campaign, and it seems that a lot of democratic campaign staffers must listen to the the weeds on the box, media hunk ass network, and I decided It is game, yet they obviously disagreed with me agreed with Sarah came out with more white papers. I think them most recent one, but in some ways the lease sort of media, Was any club char yesterday at released for her first like campaign policy proposal? It was on infrastructure. Her idea was that we should do a trillion.
Our infrastructure plan, sort of along the lines of what Donald Trump said he was gonna, do people who were where the endless infrastructure weak jokes may recall that this never really happen. Trump wound up coming up with a proposal that was actually really mostly take to cut infrastructure. so clever charge plan was basically to say we should do at the federal level. You spend a lot of money on infrastructure and then she named a whole bunch of different categories of infrastructure, airports, water, Ways were broadband schoolroom, Air highways, mass transit and she said we spend a lot of money and all this stuff right so need its both kind of the fact that she's coming out with the infrastructure plan. First, the like let's make what what, if infrastructure weak, but real is an interesting, but I do kind of want to the whole cat worries of infrastructure thing Matt? I I only know this because I read your article about at which we will put in Joe Notes, but like it seems that there
is more of a need with regards to some categories of infrastructure than others, like anecdotally, feel, like I've heard a bunch in the past decade about how horrendous the shape of America's bridges are, and there is a big difference between like putting things toward you know, literally crumbling bridges, some of which are seen her color in Minnesota and just kind of spending money for the sake of spending money, like stimulus, kind of sense right here, and she calls that out. It was I thirty five bridge collapse Minnesota was sort of the highest profile like that's like the poster child, for our bridges are not in state of good repair. So she calls that out. In the document I mean. The thing is: is that in terms of like, why do we want candidates to release the proposals she doesn't delve into any of they sort of difficult questions, ride like we're. Gonna spend some money on transit and someone highways then, some money and repairs and some money on new stuff. But she doesn't it
any indication of like how she would make those kinds of trade offs. So it's difficult to says right I mean she saying I mean I guess her. Commitment to you as an American is that Democrats, if they take power, will spend more money on infrastructure, which I think is true right, but if you're like a nerd and you're interested in the question, Are we doing too much of this or too little of that our grand formulas bad? She does not like getting into any that stuff does not a lot of weeds two yet, and I think that the peace we had on it really kind of goes into that, but I feel as if, if it's interesting, I know this is perhaps a meadow take, but it's interesting to be. We are really trying to make a point of building the kind of putting the legs on the table that is in for structural reform when the opposing Candidates- Donald Trump, never did so and just talked about it.
and never put anything really into it, and so it's interesting to see can I go. There? Is not really that much weeds here and wit when trumpets, notably weeds free, he has been wasted. Yeah I mean you wouldn't exactly say this is less detailed than a Trump proposal I mean, I always sorted. Try to think about these things in terms of mark marksmen had an old blind that line that it's it's like, not just what you say about the issues. It is what the issue say about you and I think that this is very much in keeping with the sort of closure Elect ability pitch. She is saying that you know it makes sense that a lot of voters liked it when Donald Trump talked about doing this, and so she is also going to talk about this thing that critical swing voters liked and cared about, but that the difference is she's gonna point out. The trump did not do the thing he said he was going to do and she is going to do it right and while she is not incredibly specific about what that means, she is more specific than tromp was, and people
We especially like to trumpet his level of vagueness said this is like, while what if it was similarly vague, a little more precise, but also not a huge lie at the, time, though it in general. You know- and we discussed this little, but I think two weeks ago. one of the biggest reasons that candidates at this point might be averse to putting meat the bones of their policy proposals, is that when you get into specifics, do you have things that people can pick a partly very few people are going to oppose the idea of spending money on infrastructure. It's not a in earth like the air in a more contentious, Zan Blake S like in the democratic primary doesn't appear that anyone is going to attack the idea of Medicare for all its when people start actually saying what Medicare for all means. Them that their start being actual policy differences infrastructure doesn't actually seem, like. I mean only the magic laziness of the World
would look at a more detailed Amy Club, which our infrastructure proposal NGO gee. This really doesn't seem like the wisest thing to put out as a priority for a president. This isn't really how this should be done. There should be other power Ladys here like it such an anodyne issue that I'm not we sure what the upside of pudding without it is kind of like middle. Level over. Specifics is other than to stake out the issue, and it I mean it almost seems like a bit of a beaten switch where, on the one hand, she's trying to stake out. Ok, I have ownership of this. Is You know I was involved in me. Twenty seventeen proposal by Senate Democrats along these lines. You know I have credibility. I understand the real problems the Americas facing. But on the other hand, the kind of fury of the case that is being put out is the reason that this will happen isn't necessarily because I know exactly how it should happen, but because we have that we would have the political will.
actually get it done right. It's kind of a cut, a combination of the inner gauzy, transcendent Obama, ask What we need is just a leader who knows who understands how to get things done and the by a member of the United States Senate understand how legislation works too. To me, though, the anodyne is of the proposal is actually part of the message and tried that I think the picture you get from Amy Klobuchar from her campaign from her pitch. Is that look like if you think that what the Democratic Party needs is to defeat Donald Trump Amy Klobuchar is the woman for you right that she has done well electorally, specifically with white working class requesting constituencies. She is running on like popular an objectionable stuff that is like total, no brainer with pole at eight thousand and twenty. She is not getting into
either incredibly contentious details or very controversial blue sky policy. Revolutions and it doesn't seem. I think- that exciting to people who are like at engagement level, twelve with politics, all the time, and you know I we see like shit she's, not doing that well in the polls on the basis that she has never done a buzz, but if you stepped back and like a quiet time and you're like hey look if I am in the hashtag resistance- and I think that Donald Trump is like an unspeakable monster who threatens american institutions and its urgently required to remove them from power and restore the basic norms and decency to the country. Theirs. To be said for well. Maybe the centrepiece of our agenda should be rollback. This unpopular tax bill spend the money on infrastructure like he said he was instead of like. Let's go pick: some huge fight at love field about healthcare I can understand this. It just everything got release this week.
Seems like less of a proposal for policy elites, like the kind of the Medicare for all fight is really, to allow large extent, a fight being fought among people who have a very awareness of policy and is kind of sticking out the ground that they want Democrats to take. All of these kind of seem lake things vessels that are less to get policy elites on board. then to say here the priorities for who I'm targeting it to be in my court. On this primary right here is the vision of lake, who are the forgotten. People in a mess that's what I'm trying to get people like early primary state's right to endorse, and even in that sense I'm just not super sure what the lake is there. A pirate. Hitler outcry in you know. Iowa in New Hampshire for infrastructure, like I can understand, a inferior can build a logical case that that would be true. I just don't actually know if it is, and so I dont know if this is a particularly strong,
wafer Amy closer to do the norm core politics thing, but I do think, as you point out, I do think it is reflective of infrastructure. there is an extraordinarily norm, core political grounds that got the most it means it is in the target genes able to confront it is and its it centrist its forward thinking, but not excesses excessively so, and it has to do you. I've talked to a doctor conservatives about twenty t, and I talk a lot about didn't alot of Democrats who one really localised issues: YO there weren't alot of Democrats running for the house, who were just going on I'm long tangents about Robert Wheelers investigation into the twenty sixteen trump campaign. But there were a lot of Democrat saying things like we're: gonna fix the damn roads. No, that was kind of what worked for Democrats in Michigan, for example. So it actually is you do. There is something to be said, one for the value of norm core politics, but also for the idea that this presents a national take.
It had a very local issue: Euro. The idea of lake the roads are too damn bad. In a lot of states in cities and towns that I'm sure you everyone listening can think of primary examples. I know I can even here in DC, and I think that that there is something to be said for that, that this isn't reparations. This isn't attempting to like take another bite at the health care apple. This isn't a comprehensive immigration reform, but it is something that everyone can you that many Americans can say like. Ok, that is perhaps something one the federal government should do and to them that the federal government can do our let's, let's take a break and then one second something a lot more controversial if you like. Basically anyone listening to this right now, I'm willing to bet that you are you're dealing with stress, maybe there's it Of it like an overwhelming amount, or maybe it's more like a low but steady, drumbeat background stress, remember how you are experiencing stress. It's likely fucking
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Elizabeth wine came out also this week with a pitch to whirl America that is centred on farm economics. That is like a hundred eighty degrees from that right I mean she, of course, like she pays homage to rural broadband and other stuff like that, but she says that this is a big problem of overweening agribusiness monopolies and that she wants to some recent mergers. She wants to basically change the Anti Trust doctrine and say that we are going to consider the impact on prices that far is on when we are assessing these mergers, rather than just prices that consumers pay. We're going to prevent farm equipment, vendors from sort of locking people into their mechanics She really wants to say to the american farmer. Basically, that, like you, are being exploited by large farm industry players, and you should turn to me Elizabeth more and to liberate you from that. She sort of explicitly references somewhat
Jennings Brian speeches? I mean it's a very back to the future style of democratic party politics. It is directly ties into like eighty nineties controversies about wayward regulation and it would be you know I mean I think the typical American probably doesn't things that much about you, not consolidation of me packing plants. We unwillingness clearly going for the Jane Coastal vote. I'm so excited I roll out it. Yes, yes, and let's do it. You know I've been saying for years that it's time to talk about real room consolidation your favorite, but having railed we're just gonna ray we're going to redo the election of eighteen. Ninety Six- and I am I am here for it: yes, the cross- the crossover girls of gold, yes for mergers in this. Is exactly it's interesting to me. I mean it
It was with Warren right I mean there's. An ambitious policy is also like a conceptually ambitious idea. I thing, which is that instead of Democrats, sort of going for some low hanging fruit to offer world voters, you should make like a really big patch, like you should pick a big fight with agribusiness company. Is there you otherwise wouldn't even hear about politics. I would love to have you explain more to us about like what is actually being proposed here in what is a good idea, whether it is a good idea, because I admit I know nothing about foreign policy You also want to note, though, that this is like, if you calculate the democratic path, Mary by the amount of time being spent on candidates, proposals on the box, media punk hasn't or contest the weeds. Elizabeth Warren is winning this going away. Right like this is this: can she continues to be just so much more committed than other candidates to early in the campaign cycle? Putting out detailed policy proposed
and it is interesting as a matter of politics, because we haven't necessarily seen that redound to to in benefit in particular in particular. Yet not it's not really clear that this is. This is clearly her campaigns. Theory of the case about how she's going to differentiate herself the early going. We haven't you releasing seen the political benefits of it yet, but it does seem that they really committed to this strategy and that they they appear to believe As long as they put out enough specific proposals that would improve the lives of the people are top talking to that at some point. It's gonna click for people and I do think that you I I have said this- is March many times over the last several weeks. Sometimes
in his march, twenty nineteen and sometimes I've said this is March, because I was referencing the end suitably tournaments, but other times. I think it's worth noticing that currently, the leaving Democrat in twenty twenty Poles has not announced for the race. Yet that would be Joe Biden, and so I do think that there is a sense that warrant our thinks that if she just keeps putting out more kind of policy suggestions. If she keeps talking about policy Europe. She was on Chris Haze earlier this week, talking very specifically about how she wants to take on agribusiness, which is an issue that I think is surprisingly by partisan. We which, I think, a lot of people it became stunned by, but I think that that something that's been reflective throughout her political career. You know when she was talking about middle income, tax traps into two thousand three and when she's talking about farms. Now I
In fact, she s a sense. It is something that can net meal. Obviously dyed in the wool. Republicans will not take this on as a suggestion, but I do think that she thinks it there's. There's a movable, independent, Trump leaning voter, voted largely on the basis of trumpets kind of alleged bona fides towards either populism or towards the interest of rural voters. I think she thinks she can perhaps pick off a couple of those voters. Yet so I mean to talk about this policy. She's got a few things going on, but the biggest did, I think, by far the most important and is on the Anti trust peace right. So the way that this goes now is, if you have like to food processing, middlemen and they say they want to do a merger right and then you know the empty see asks them. They're like hey. What's up with this merger were concerned, is coming anti competitive and they say well, yes, With our new more consolidated operation, we're gonna be able to force farmers to charge us less money
and then we are going to pass along like two cents on the dollar of those savings to consumers. We have to see, looks at that, and they say: ok, farmers going whose ninety eight cents consumers are gonna gained. Two cents, that's great thumbs up right like that's how the law works. That's how process works and worn is essentially proposing is to change that, and you say no, that mergers that will have an adverse impact on the incomes of farm commodity producers. She wants to I am not allow and then was very much like the capital p populace of a long time ago. That was there. Thing was railroad, monopolist's, sort of control, the supply lines, the coastal cities, and we need to regulate them in the interests of farmers, and this is the key
the thing that you know ten years ago, I would have said is a bad idea by the commercial interest. Us doctrine is correct, like we don't need to be structuring regulatory policy as welfare for farmers. The number of people eat food. So far our numbers number people who growth, it just he makes no sense to do this. You know what trouble in the way house looking it what's happened to american policy ex since democrats became congenitally, incapable of winning Senate elections in the great plain states. Looking at what happens when Democrats go from getting thirty percent of the world vote to ten percent of the world vote, it seems to me that, like you, gotta do something right. You you have to do something to appeal to white world. Voters with
college degree is who are living in very homogenous communities, and one thing that you can do is try to cater to their racial prejudices and other sort of cultural, reactionary instincts right. That's that's one thing to do is say: look. This weakness has gone too far. We need to meet people where they are and kind of Wallace Bat. Love that idea. Another thing, you could say is look. We need an economic agenda that is such a like good in the abstract, but that really specifically targets these communities and their enemy and it says, like now, we're gonna do what Democrats used to do a hundred years ago, and we are going to take your side in this conflict with middlemen, and that's essentially warrants for Basel right and it's it's not the policy I would do as a dictator, but as a response to,
a pragmatic sort of programme food is not a major costs driver for normal Americans. Wine has a lot of good ideas. We ve talked about here before on housing, healthcare, child care, the things that are the major cause drivers and as they look like we're gonna, throw the farmers a bone in terms of how we regulate agribusiness. Mergers spent the worst idea in the world if it can get you some votes, although there's a big question like can really get you votes ray. I do really wonder about this and I wonder about it in the context of D. You know that the primary Calendar, but also the relationship between the primary electorate and that in the general election electorate. Rightly the theory here isn't that, No one is anticipating that I was
when voters are going to register as Democrats, so they can cause for Elizabeth WAR and lake. It's not the primaries, and particularly carcasses are dominated by people who are invested in party politics were already you were I either already active in party politics or who are you know, taking this opportunity to really invest themselves? the parties features the lake. The question that this raises is is the primary or caucus electorate. are. They similar to the people who you would need to win over in the general election? Do they necessarily understand those needs like, as somebody from you know, I think, all of us all those kind of have our go to people that we talk to four, like ok, you're, a person or in a red state, one of the concerns of red State Americans like a lot of them serve the folk understandings right leg. My eye, the people who like my parents, you know living in Ohio have very strong takes about what is an isn't going to appeal to that
swing, voters or occasional democrats that they talk to you. They are necessarily agree with each other. They not necessarily agree with pulling data lake it to a certain extent you can and are playing a a weird El Game, aware you think that things are going to appeal to other people and they don't and that's kind of, why you have such desperate reaction, to say, like people to judge saying like. Oh some people on the coasts. Don't understand, like it don't oh how anyone could have voted for Trump, and this like method course rather then you know and generally people saying ok what what could we propose to appeal to these people? But it's also not clear that
a as you said, Matt that Elizabeth Warren is right on the general election politics and be even if she is it's not clear that our caucus goers would necessarily get that right right. Like might my parents also in Ohio, we really love a campaign that was a lot really focused on taking down Monsanto. But that's because my parents are my parents. My parents are not representative of Ohio voters from midwestern voters in general, and so I think that I appreciate the word care paid for continuing d, just really ride the. What if we just talked about policy, they the whole time train, but I do I am. I am also curious as to how this actually reflects what this Something, as I said, that could move the needle with voters or is it just not going to do that ray? I mean. I guess that this is the other kind of theory of the case. Right is like because war and has
something or other candidates. Don't especially once we get into that beat phase of the primary she can start saying. I have a plan for how you would no longer be at the mercy of big. Add other candidates. Don't have that? That's not something they can offer you so, like you know, hopefully, What what I'd love to see would be an you know, talk people talking more about like ok. How do we Not only what do we put forward affirmatively with regard to rural America, but also you know, should we really should we tackle the fact that a lot of Americans, especially kind of environmental activists and health activists, are very sceptical of the of farms cities lake right. You know how? How do we stand when and conservatives also in hue, that farm subsidies are a giant aid actually is like there's a bipartisan group of people who hate farm subsidies in general, especially now, when we talk about ethanol subsidies as well, which I know for iowa- that's it that's a whole different kettle worms,
you know there is a good rhetorical point to be made about how much energy should be being spent on talking to people who have been geographic, we left behind verse, is acknowledging the fact that a lot of people, and specifically a lot of democratic voters, you know, live in cities like either moved out of those neighbour that those areas of America never were there like. The extent to which this fits into a model of not just appealing on a state by state basis, but also what are we saying about? Who is being in a who who is being victimized in America, who is most important to help lay these are things that actually are going to bring different parts of the democratic coalition against each other right, and you know I mean I think, a question about how you think about Warren right with just the sheer scope of things she's taking on is you know? Do you think this additive or do you think of it as super active right, like I m up
passionate housing policy. Guy Warren has housing policy proposal. That is really good read. It is much more comprehensive than the rival ones from the couple of other candidates who addressed it. It's like super sophisticated. It touches all the key bases, and I love it. I look at some of her other stuff. I am really agree with the Tec monopolist's thing that pits she's got there. I have mixed feelings about her agriculture plan, which I like better than tat. So what do I look at then? Do I say look. This is someone who has a really good proposal on an issue that is very important to me. So I'm excited like all these. Other candidates are quite vague on an almost everything Warren is is the winner, and then you have like a whole big coalition right, like that of people who find one thing that she's really
I'm really ambitious on and they loved what does it go the opposite way and everybody looks at the Essen and view of a hundred ideas nobody's gonna like all one hundred of them right, which is one reason why politicians traditionally like tried to steer clear of firm commitments. You just kind of one everybody like you and you you you need me closer to our did ride like we should spend a bunch of money on infrastructure like that's. A lot of people can agree with. If you try to get more into the details, you're gonna end up losing people, and wine is she's very into the details like. She would be a great pity, castor, and I wonder about that approach to politics guy. I do think that, but at the same time I dont think There are a mega themes in the policies she's rolling out, even if she is not always rhetorically making those connections, ethical I'd have commentators, including you, have pointed out that the theme- and you know that unites this and the Tec proposal and her
in our shareholder proposal. That kind of thing is the fact: the idea that bigness is a threat to the actual humans involved in the american economy, and that that is that taking down the you know, the kind of people who have managed to grow fat off ubiquity is going to help. You know a thousand flow limits like it's a better, more human, more accountable capitalism, like that's driving me personally crazy because it means that Elizabeth WAR, in the only candidate whose putting out white papers every gosh, darn weak, probably is and to put a white paper on immigration anytime soon, because it just it's not an obvious fit on that feeling, but it does it It is something that says something about what she thinks the problems facing America are and why she would be uniquely qualified to fix that like it seems or to Amy Clover, char and say
while the reason that I think infrastructures and you know the reason I'm putting infrastructure for it isn't just because I think it's an important thing, but because if you wonders, if you think infrastructure is important, you should know that I'm the person to best fix that problem, because I know what it takes to get things done in the United States Senate. Like ok, that's that's a narrative that makes sense. We should probably take a break and go to go to the third proposal that got rolled out this week is that's where I have a few more questions about like I'm really sure how it fits into how the candidate is trying to present themselves and what it says about her as like them, the best person to do that are at stake in this. so it is brought to you by own up. Every bank says they ve got great mortgage rates, so Why are people paying billions of dollars and extra interest every year, because it's too hard to know what a great deal looks like for? You are unique scenario. Owner makes it easy to get the personalized data to help you make a smarter home financing decision. Learn when a great
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Peters, former mobsters, an undercover agents and like Hollywood. All these stories are true. New episodes dry every Wednesday starting September. Eighth, listen and follow up.
Hence the Bob on Apple Podcast, Spotify or your favorite podcast at the first thing they got rolled out this week was a proposal from common Harris. One of the first big proposals that she has put out she's been doing a lot of really active early state campaigning, but hasn't necessarily been as much at the forefront of the policy primary, but she has ruled out a plan to increase teacher pay substantially over a four year period. This is what is interesting. There is. The democratic party is in a different place on education and it was a decade ago- and this is very much a proposal that is shaped by the recent teachers strikes and threatened. Teachers strikes in West Virginia in Arizona, Oklahoma and the idea that
It's not about improving the quality of education per se. Like a decade ago, if you had heard a Democrat talking about increasing teacher pay, you probably would have correctly assumed that they were talking about. We need to end a tract more talented teachers to education, so that our kids can, you know, can get a better education. This isn't about that. This is on the theory that teachers are doing extremely important work and they are under compensated for it and that it is a matter of economic justice to improve their pay. So the actual mechanism here, because of course, education is low, the estate thing is that the federal government is going to give states money if they agree to sign up for this, for one air to raise teachers, salaries, a certain amount and then over the subsequent three years I, the federal government, will put in three dollars for each dollar that states put in with the goal of raising it ultimately to like ten times the initial government investment. That, of course, does require states to put in some money and like after that.
In theory. States are required to save states would be expected to maintain these salary love on their own dime, as though it does raise a lot of questions about feasibility by you know it's an answer to what does a federal education policy look like that actually puts teachers first rather than thinking about you know school level, investment or kind of pudding. Unfunded mandates out their white wine. What one of two things that's interesting about this right is: there has been a running knife fight in the Democratic Party about Cato of Education for a while now and it's basically about you, know, efforts by reformers is, I guess, what you call them, that the Obama administration very much embrace to sort of change, school management practices to try to optimize how money is spent and the interesting thing about Harris's plan is that she successfully threaded the needle and she got as you would expect teacher
Indians are excited about the idea of paying teachers more money, but she also got Arnie Duncan and a lot of other reform faction leaders to say like yes, I think that this is a good idea, right,
and so that is particularly in the sort of mega level. Right like this is how Harris kind of bubbled up to the top two year. I think in the first place, is that she is a candidate who, in a traditional presidential politics sense, is very much at the centre of the Democratic Party right. She managed to put forward an education policy proposal that both of these major factions of democratic party education thinking, I believe in, and I think you can ask questions about- kicking the tires of the sort of technical aspects of this. As you were getting into debt like they put, this really work. How much uptake would you really get, but on a level of principle, she's managed to portray herself as someone who cares about education, which I think live Democrats do and cares about in a way that both the reformers and the teachers can feel pretty good about and can be enthusiastic about, as it does a striking context too.
Contrast to Korea Bucker, whose very much from the reform faction and also to a worrying and Bernie who have sort of pick the the Anti reform faction and clear ways. Harris's out there is a candidate who is able to take one of the thorniest issues for the democratic coalition and put together something that everybody feel good about, and that is to an extent what the job of being president is an end to me, like that's the the, message here now, if you really want to know like is this actually can induce red states to raise teacher pay, I'm kind of sceptical that a well re em in the fact that she is here, saying well Dave these modest teacher pay rises on their own without having the federal incentive like yeah, but it took actual labour strive for them to do that. And I'm not at all sure that you can rely on tv,
unions to put enough pressure on red States TAT. Do this kind of thing for years running. My question is as to the points that we were making about both warrants proposal and clever jars proposal is how much this is move the needle with non teachers. How much is this move the needle with either primary voters or voters and the general hypothetically? I think that, as part of a suite of proposals, it makes some sense, but I just don't think I'm ethic teachers unions, while both being powerful in their relatively popular within the democratic base but outside of that base not so much, and so I'm curious s kind of the first piece of sweet of proposals that are supposed to explain why come Allah Harris is the best possible option to run against Donald Trump and twenty twenty. I am curious as to why this was the one that was
especially when I dont know how much it moves it moves the needle on non teachers or people outside that you who are not involved in the democratic, nigh fight over education, while by a bit I disagree Jane, like I think teachers are pretty popular re. Rightly there not. I think. I think that there is a difference here between the institutional, democratic fight over the power of teachers, union right and the talking point Lake Frankly, I think the raising teachers pay is more like spending a lot of money on infrastructure than it is on break up big ag in terms of like things that if you just hear that sentence, a lot of people will get on board with, but the reason that it super interesting to me that she's portraying yourselves an edge.
patient candidate- is that this is another aspect in which she's trying to work against her past record. It liquor aspects of her past record that are problematic to some of the activists who erlich taking an outsider role in this primary because, as just came out this week in a big outpost investigation like a piece about the impact of the anti truancy law that had been one of her signature pieces of legislation as a prosecutor, in California and that's the kind of thing that definitely works with a I really care about education. I care about the children. Building a progressive America requires us to make a big investment in making sure that kids are getting the best education they can. but it also cuts against the anti punitive criminal justice activists, strain in democratic politics right now and
It's been interesting to me that she has tried to lean and her prosecutor wrap in in her rhetoric, especially because, as a senator she's, often been on. The other side of those who often been kind of decrying punitive policies right, but the kind of Brum major firms, This thing that she's got going on is something that it's just it's it's interesting. That, instead of all apology, for it or saying you know it's different things were needed for different times. She saying that she uniquely understands the ways in which government needs to fight for people and uniquely understands the virtues of getting kids school by whatever means in light of of school. As potent locus so that she's doing she's offering on the policy side the carrots and can't help it call attention to the fact that is that in the rest of her career, she was going for this text and I think that she is eyeing Joe Biden as the rival for Assent
Bushmen democrat voter swayed and is looking at it and is assessing correctly that nobody is gonna. Do a pair wise comparison between to them and decide that she's the candidate who has gone too far in terms of come on crime stuff in the past and that she's gonna be the candidate who, unlike Joe Biden, is not spending half her time apologizing for her record right that, like Comma Harris, thinks that come what hurts was good in her previous offices is a kind of logical, easy to understand campaign pitch. I did a good job as a district attorney. I did a good job as attorney general. I did a good job. Lee as a senator and now I'm gonna go be president. Unlike here I am like I, I huddled you know, there's a lot of talk about like different candidates, approaches to the policy making process, and I think this. This education
This, this teacher salary think he's Harris showing not like the walks approach to policy. Were you like, come off was selling that's like totally original, unlike blows people socks off, but also not the kind of floating. Above all thing where you like stand on top of the counter- and you know talk about your feelings, but the sort of work of a politician right who, like talks to people and is like, but I came from this out of law enforcement background, but I also need to address education policy. What do the stakeholders and education policy want? Ah actually you're both saying that too quality and retaining quality teachers is important. So here's an idea that I think will do that and will meet everybody's core needs and they come back around and there like gap. This does meter corny, it's right and then up. You know the berry incense, I think, is like really by the the essence of politics, and I can like
I think that that's fair. On the other hand, it is interesting to me that Harris is to one major candidate who at least I'm aware of who is explicitly said during one of her televised town halls. Vit, you only get a certain number of pieces of major legislation and so like. I am reviewing literally all of these policies as ok. Are you saying that, because you're putting this thing out, first, that it's gonna be one you're one of your one or two big bills, or are you saying that this is just an idea that you have that, like might be nice, but you understand that you're not gonna, get it done in your first term or you know it's It will never not be frustrating to me- and I know that you talked about this before but like the fact We don't have any major proposals that are legit. it is in nature, continues be wild and the longer the primary gets and the more different topics people are putting out legislative proposal.
on the wilder gets yes and again it is March, who knows where we're gonna get by like may yes yeah, who knows, indeed Well, that's why we will keep doing the episodes right. Yes, indeed, ended our So you know, thanks to you thousand thanks, as always to our sponsors, to our producer. Jeffrey Gal, us are, to my mind, about house here at the Harbor Office of Public affairs and weeds will return until accessible, affordable broadband helps communities reach toward their american dream, for students, lectures on a Chavez means rising above the poverty line and becoming valedictorian of international High School Langley Park, and thanks to access from eighteen t, it can help these dreams turning turn into reality. That's my eighteen tease me
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