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Republicans run everything, and they’re mad as hell


Tara Golshan joins Jane and Matt to analyze the state of the GOP on the brink of the midterms. References and further reading: Ella Nilsen gives a rundown of the creative political ads from this midterm season. Tara’s piece on Rep. Duncan Hunter’s attacks on his opponent. Jane’s article in the National Review on “Trumpism.” Matt Schlapp’s tweet about Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. 

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but he out here you are welcome to another special mid term episode of the beads on the box media access networks. I met many places signed today by terror, Colson engine coastline. You may now from fridays. Yes, I appear on Fridays, for many of our mid term episodes congressional things like that. We want to talk about the state of the Republican Party, as we are now three weeks or three weeks minus one day out from mid terms. Since you know there have been governing the country and for struggled for for most of the year with us and to start off like a kind of want to turn the clock like
way back like a year or more ago, to a time when there was still palpable tension between the Trump White House and congressional leadership over a whole bunch of things and Steve Ban in was pitching the idea sort of one too many Donald trumps where he was going to lead. A series of insurgency is against Mitch Mcconnell dethrone, a huge rank of establishment candidates, and in the case of voice more, this worked. But it It didn't work so well the great wonder, with Republicans losing losing ascendancy in alibi and it seemed to raise the prospect of sort of a replay of some of the twenty ten recruiting fiascos rang Republicans Ray. I think that some people were looking back to kind of the Christine O Donnell experience, and it's interesting because when
and talked about this with the New York Times in September. Twenty seventeen. His whole plan was to target republican centres Mississippi, Arizona and Nevada, and there by bringing down Luther strange. She had kind of proven that your Roy Morris's assented politician and then Steve Bandit. went to Alabama talked about how him going the Harvard was better than Joe Scarborough going to the University of Alabama Doug Jones Winds and, I think, the biggest though, is that you saw Kelly war. lost in Arizona you the battle, for who was trump here, isn't as important. and every one kind of trompe and everyone can talk about how like we want to help Trump do things. So You know when it's Kelly Ward and Joe our peo battling over who hates brown people more Martha exile. They could be like I'm an actual politician, and I love trump and that can lead you to a win. I think we're why,
being a little too you can see. There was some initial impact that ban and had right, you saw him say he wanted target states like Tennessee and an Corcoran flake seemed kind of like the death of the never too sir. He obviously ran into some major problems when he got Roy more to be the candidate. I mean it seems like the Trump White House, where, with banning out of the White House and tromp, establishing a better working relationship with congressional leaders like Trump pretty clearly got off treaty right. Like Arizona Democrats, I know had gotten very excited about the prospect of facing Kelly Ward or Joshua Pye Array Senate race there and very, not excited about facing Martha Maxell. Because you know she had represented a swing district in the house, her biography. She was like a pioneering woman fighter pilot. It's a perfectly designed to sort of too few,
some of the like professional women's surge tort toward Democrats, but she got kind of Trump be as Jean, with rang and Trump learned to to love winning actions right like she was clearly the better candidate and even though Trump would like, way outside the pardon process to help out his buddy George Pio? He like very pointedly, did not endorse yeah. I think it's interesting because Steve Bannon in I've written on this and lots lot of people written on the stool banner really believes and now has taken sounds to Europe to kind of spread. The news that there's a thing called Trump ISM, that there is a political ideology that a separate from the Republican Party separate from conservatism. That is troublesome, and Trump himself appears to have just kind of given up on that and just kind of said like if you like me, I, like you, were ok, and so I think that whilst
you ve been in his off wandering around the wilds of Europe being turned down by the European. Far right trump himself has record, I his by his endorsements, enriches across the country and in his work, was congressional Republican set its better just when, rather than attempt to prove a point that he doesn't even really care about wait and amen. Conversely, I mean you saw it with fleet. Corker sort of exiting stage, laugh There's no anti trompe sentiments in any of these primary school So, like you could have your your mix, alleys, your dean, Heller's people who don't like if you look at their whole record in public life. It's not like super suggestive This is why they are even somebody like TED crews. Right who, like very pointedly, like I think, called down Trump and a moral sociopath and Trump called him lie in TED, did not like
in love with each other, but there's no hint of resistance or conflict, or contrast. there and you see that embraces liken in Florida rat. You had a governors primary between basic. I too, like regular politicians ride like Grandstand House member, he was who's running Do you remember used they agriculture will Adam Putnam, I've, former member agriculture, commissioner, and they both to talk about how much they love Donald Trump, but downright gloves, ran to scientists more right to your point about how there's a resistance whom into Trump that's a winning everybody's trump. Be it's just a matter of of. They're saying that I think Tennessee governors race in the primary was a really good example of this. You had Diane Black, who was this very establishment republican candidate and she was expected to when she had had the backing of of savagery,
if you will, but she felt tat. She had to run too trump side and become this a fire brand conservative in the state, and what you saw instead was the kind of when she was doing it out over, like whose trump error it was like the quieter loves Trump, but also focused on I'm being a good candidate. I that why and we're seeing that over and over that happened in Indiana two right for the Senate race between Rwanda and and bleak Messer, and that's it. as part of the food chain was telling him that way. It's it's my purse right right. So, like the question of like, were you who, at some point in your dark past and never tramper hazarded, come up frequently, but there is specially the demand that candidates conduct themselves the way that Donald Trump does swayed? So it like you, you don't see. A lot of you know: horsefaced tweets from other Republican,
politician I beat. I think that you are colleague, Allan Nielsen did a run down of some ads and you ve seen this couple of times night time you ve, also written on, like Duncan Hunter being, like my approval, It is a danger to America or like granted as campaign. I is its own separate genre of how you talk about politics, but I think that there has been some degree of kind of attempting to take Trump ism or that Trump penis, I dont mean trumpet summers like the political project and trumpet them, as in calling people horse face and yelling alot trying to take that into a kind of state level races, and I think that there has been some degree of that that we ve. But I mean like I think, if you look at what are the politicians who have profited the most from sort of relationship with tromp on our public inside, it's like people who have aggressively defended Donald Trump
on television right. It's not exactly that like what are you talking about, like Jim Jordan, are met Gade, Sir around a scientist. You not only people who mimic tromp right there, people who suck up to travel, which is a different thing. You know like because, like Trump himself is like not a team player right, it's like what he wants out of the Republican Party in what I feel it is increasingly getting. Is a republican party that is very, very personally loyal to Donald Trump blanks. Is really really nice. Things about him calls Bob where's inquiry fake news. You know like like that kind of thing, and you have. I forget the words used like like a distinction about the site,
Trump ISM versus right be, and so in the before Vocs times accurate apiece for national review about how there had been this construction of trumpets them as being its populism. its anti authority. It is a rejection of a lead conservatism. It is a a bottle. Movement that has more to do with really focusing on defence, but also increasing the welfare state for certain people, trump be in this, is calling opponents horse face, or altering their wife, or accusing them of being a danger to the? U S, despite them like having a security clearance or Iraq pictures of black members of Congress and posting it on twitter and saying, like here's, what you need to know, conservatives there's something like that. There's growers that that happened during the cabinet hearings there. I can remember who it was, but he took a picture of Kemal Harris inquiry. Booker and just like this is all
need to know- and I was like they're in Congress being congressional, so trumpet some as a political project, a political entity that was something that Steve Ban and came up with. That's the journal them of american greatness. That's kind of the flight these three election people who constructed this whole idea of what trumpets and was now granted a lot of this was what projection YO. I wrote that they'd kind of treated Donald Trump, as this tabular Raza, upon which they could project all of their views and hatreds about the Republican Party onto while trumpet just say things like one's gonna, have healthcare and make Amerika great again, but then copying. This has turned out to be a much more far reaching project, which is just insult european. And and ignore any norms or guard rails and just go wild with that kind of thing, so that that's kind of how I differentiate, but I mean there's a real sense in which the economic populist angle to Trump has like died on
right right, like there's. Nobody pushing that exactly elsewhere in the party even is, like Trump himself keeps doing some trade stuff that we sometimes talk about like that seems to be still the issue on which he has the least support on capital. Hell I mean we're heatedly leasing on Capitol Hill, this calculation, that, as long as we praise Trump and say, were with him and then can do our own thing. That will work right so it's an interesting kind of fuel in which the world Evan intentions have vanished. And he's gotten what I guess is most important to him out of this, which is it seems like he is more and more congressional support for like batting down various investigations and possibly firing.
Sessions, but like no sense of like a trump influence on the legislative agenda right right this week. This, as here present, an interview with with tramp in here, very telling quote in there. This has a lot of people come up to me and say I will never vote in the mid term is because you're not on the ballot, and you don't seem to like Congress and its of that kind of early tension that Trump had with Congress. That has largely hand of God, A way, and now to your point, that he's more kind of focus on winning so he's finding himself being like. Do you know I, like Congress, you need to vote for us. I like to win so think that's kind of the dynamic that were saying anything today he key tweeted ride like just as we are starting to to record. Like Republicans, need to make our horrible order laws and immigration, a factor in the mid term review. and it's like a strange kind of political commentary like there's a lot of people out there, but like a thousand followers and like strong opinions,
Democrats need to make this an issue in the mid beside them every the president of the United States. You just do it right. I think one of my eye when I say favorite things, I don't mean the good way. I just mean it's a thing I like observing is that Trump talks about his own administration, as if he is merely observing it from his home, and so be I got. How can this be happening? I'm a gear, the President Riyadh States, you are literally how it is happening. You are the chief executive. That's that's your job right enemy, It's interesting with with this immigration than right. It's a problem. It does not articulate in a clear way like what is it that he hopes will happen if republicans perform well in the mid terms, and what is it exactly that he fears will happen if Democrats
the format of the measures you mean he's funny. If hits on Democrats right like they want to open the borders, means big crime but like if you just stop and think about it likes to say you believe the Democrats want to open the borders that it means big crime like Donald Trump Stock and let them do that right right. It's like you know. If you want like a political analysis of like hears, what's gonna happen. If we win and here's, what can it we're, not gonna do for you who is, he has very little to actually offer in his public messaging, and I don't know how much that matters to people exactly buddy, buddy, connects to what you were saying about. Like you know, people, maybe they wanted to vote for Trump, but he's not the ballot and minutes a problem president's often face in the mid terms. Is that usually you get to be president by being more charismatic than the average like random house member? Unlike some people are not that excited about it, you have to give them.
Reason why it's important, while the probably blaming Democrats for things that aren't Democrats fault is that when you want to scare people about what would happen if democrats take control while still having a Republican, controlled White House and and possibly Republican controlled Senate like like, they ve, already tried killing Obamacare with just Republicans, they ve already tried to pass immigration policy with just Republicans fright. They pass tax cuts with just Republicans you see how this become problematic when you're trying to like creates do- say a talking point on the campaign for a rapid single breakin and then I want to talk about. But we know of the stakes. If you like, basically anyone listening to this right now, I'm willing to bet that you are you're dealing with stress. maybe there's a ton of it like an overwhelming amount, or maybe it's more like a low but steady, drumbeat background stress. Remember how you are experiencing stress. It's likely effect
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I'd much Mcconnell discussion with Bloomberg yesterday, where You know they asked him about. Likewise, the budget deficit, so high is because you cut taxes. So much And he was like no, no, no it's because we spend so much money as such security at many. Air, which was like this is like Democrats absolute greatest dream right is that, like the leader of the congressional Republican Party, would come out and say that no Republicans still want to cut to security the care after all, and to be clear in Paul Ryan said this: the minute that they pass tax fraud is not yet but then, like some of the Bloomberg, people were kind of like lawyering, Mcconnell behalf, because it's true like Mcconnell, didn't say that if Republicans win, they're gonna cut these programmes. What he said was it's a bipartisan problem,
Randal. We really want is for Democrats to enact these unpopular cuts that they oppose, but I favour, but I mean It reveals once again, if you know like mass or how politics works, that like dogs definitely scored like a political coup by like taking his very unpopular republican possessions and abandoning them right, but then, like Republicans, hadn't, been pushing these unpopular ideas. For no reason right, like did, they swam a lot of money on those programme. It was interesting. Lay trump was asked the same question in the interview he says here press and he blamed spending money on will not blamed. He said he had to spend money on the military and blamed all the money that he had to spend on her concurrently with exquisite like because clearly he can't play medical resources, social security, so like shows kind of why it so difficult for further hold the party right now to come from
read where needed to end its a weird thing, because, like I've been covering, a policy for long time now and. For a very long time, the budget deficit has been this kind of like theoretical issue, that, like Maggie scolds talk about allowed that republicans deploy in bad faith, that blue dog Democrats flipped out about that sort of like ceos used to screw with Democrats when they are in power. But there has never been like an actual problem where, like you would say my, is worse because the budget deficit is so high. So it's been a perfect time for Trump, who just says things about this, that, like aren't true like We had a high deficit because of hurricanes but it always raises the question of like I mean this is answer the question would trump all the time his exploits green reality. Right words, it's like you, read his interviews as a knowledgeable person
This does not make sense like he has no idea what he's doing ignore tramp, and you just like Lorraine, statistics, it's like things are going fine in America, its interest also because I think tat you and spend a lot of time talking to Republicans and about Republicans, and it's interesting, how the different conceptualisation of what the Republican Party looks like right now, because you see call Ryan who keeps reading about how wonderful the taxicab bill was and how everyone's getting back money and is notably retiring, because he wants to spend more time with his family. Allegedly I've that's what he said. But then you see that among Republicans, conservatives have become huge fans of Mitch. Mcconnell they ve turned her ventilate cook mention he basically just like I'm just gonna win and trigger the lives and fight and be twitter and be whatever, but it's the idea of a positive, and I dont mean
positive, as in good, I mean like a pro campaign. Rather, anti campaign- seems to be being abandoned by the GNP at large that the idea of like Paul Ryan it is like a better way. Had a better way. It was not great, but it's an ethos is a policy There is an idea of something like. Ah yes, this is a thing we're going to be, for I mean a striking thing about the better way, for example, is that, like one thing that they discuss and the better way is that there was a large financial crisis in the relatively recent past, and then there was a financial regulation bill. That Democrats voted for and Republicans voted against and so Republicans wrote down there on paper like their plan to change financial regulation in a way that they claimed would avoid the pitfall of evil Obama, but also not just have another financial crisis right, in office. They just like the Heaven,
done there now, just like they were appointed business friendly people to the regulatory posts, my friend to works and financial Regulation Treasury says he has a lot of free time. They re but I do not doing yet it's the idea of having a like this is these are the things were going to do has been? largely separated from what your hearing from a lot of people on the right right now, which is basically just like one. It's a fascinating nationalization of politics, but this idea that, every candidate, is a combination of Elizabeth, worn, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Policy and that every democratic candidate must be fought as such, and this idea like this is an anti camp like, if you dont, want creeping socialism or a creeping sharia or anything else, it creeps. You have to fight against Democrats because it's it's a defence mechanism, and it's so interesting. Mccormick Republicans are in charge of all three branches of the federal government and have control of most
Governors mentions and state houses across the country, and yet they are still running a campaign that, like they are one democratic vote away from like turning into France and it's so interesting because the republic, who had a like. We have a plan we have Wherefore and we could come together with our democratic colleagues on something or another boat. We won't that largely been abandoned now, just like. We must where the lives and pose socialism and if we maintain power, then who knows what? but this is the latter yo its again. It's like the flight. Ninety reelection all over again, which is very strange because now and then servers Roscoe like all. But Democrats are acting like this is the last election like you all are everybody is here could be a man of nobody mean
the context for this right is that, like people are really geared up about politics in America, in twenty eighteen right, but like objective conditions in the country for typical people are better than they were two or three years ago, like I think like that part of the republican pitch, I heard tat crews saying this, that a debate Work like that is true, and it makes a lot of sense and it means that there is not a ton of like objective pressure to say, like we're, gonna enact big changes them by radically alter things, so they have this pitch right. The Democrats are like an angry mob. That's going to destroy social order, which is like, if you wanted to explain to somebody like what is conservativism like abstracted away from my all time and place and specifics. That is the
since right, like. If you put the left in charge, the social order is going to collapse, but I mean it shows that there is a deep sort of incoherence ride like there's a large deficit, its growing relatively rapidly. It's not a huge problem today, but if you don't do anything ever it becomes a problem and Mitch Mcconnell Donald Trump, like the two most important people in the Republican Party, and they are like, fundamental disagreement about the issue, but there like their best friends. Now, yes, I don't know of their best friends, but yes, they aren't. They claim to be re, hey there, yet gonna do I'm innocent. Sometimes you have a situation in which its like these are factions and are fighting like nobody is fighting in the Republicans. No, but also were less than a month away from the elections short but I mean it's been- that way, it's sort of the whole
time. I mean you covered months ago. The sort of house Republicans put together this like welfare reform package. and then send a leadership just kinda like I know what they did. They like stuck into filing cabinet. Yes, that's That's often what Senate leadership does when they get a welfare reform package, will they are currently warring over the farm bill about about snap cuts out where it was happening of a firm? it vote. They just can agree on whether or not to cut food aid and the Senate does not want to, and the house does so, I have no harm class rate, but I mean I guess this is important because you know, if you look at the numbers right, the numbers right now say Democrats will more likely than not have a house majority and more importantly, I think like will almost certainly keen house seats right, whereas on the Senate, it's the opposite, like Republicans, will probably hold the Senate and have a good
chance. I will almost certainly hold the said and have a good chance of gaining Senate seats right right, so The pulsar like a little bit afraid of Republicans do a little bit better than expected there's still gonna lose ground in the house, just not lose the majority, but don't gain seats in the Senate and in a practical sense like it's, the Senate, that's been holding back action on a bunch of he's right. So I mean, I think, like a topic that can be alluded to people in these. Like this, like so much crazy shit happens. American politics but I get a concrete sense right, like the house keeps passing. Basically how would you characterizes bells there I mean they're, just partisan like theirs.
most symbolic at this point, because the sentence I doing anything with them, but the but Republicans, are passing their kind of like a wish list of conservative policy wrath and it's like basically like cutting spending on programmes from Portland right there's a lot of that right Every spending bill they have passed everything they have not needed by partisan, the port on? They have tried to cut spending better people, I'm so, and so they have like fifty one senators, which is not a lot and so much Mcconnell keeps like not moving bill, like that right? They just humor the house to do their own thing, and then they do their own thing. And then the House Esto, greeted with Senate, write em. At least Potentially I mean you know if they gave, like one Senate, see that that mass doesn't really change right, but if they did really wow. You know, then, who now sprite yeah, I'm in the dynamic, go to really chef to you and you would see kind of the the power of the super conservatives in the house kind of play out. Well
and this is like strikingly village download from his very actively campaigning for a public consent of candidates. but like this is not the pitch that he's make ride like he's not out there with cream. North Dakota and whoever in Indiana and and more see in it, Virginia he's not like saying, like you gotta, send these people watching them so that they can work with me till I take ever base food stamps away right, but, like that's actually, what's its issue drain yeah I mean that which is what we talked about before its cylinder. If we, if you don't win, then open borders open borders, they socialism and creeping things everything's gonna creep. I think a tac video you out here haven't, perversely right. If I was trying to make the case, I mean this is tough, because you can't emitter publicly bet it's like if you try to make
hasty like a trump fan, who was in like a super loyal voter previously Philip? Why republicans need to take the house? It's that they don't want Democrats to be able to see Pino everything right, like that's like like a real thing, that a democratic majority could do, is like launch a billion investigations that actually open the borders. Yes, yeah, but did conservators talk about that? I think everyone is doing this, but a lot of conservative seem to be talking in a very like the world. Will stop on election day and then after that who the hell knows what's going to happen, but the idea of what would be desirable, like we talk, on Friday, the weeds talking about how much Mcconnell said that like if he gets a sixty, what whipped out Healy might introduce criminal justice reform you're, saying that Yo from a number of gnp later saying, like wealth, this happens, we might do it but
it's more like in the purely hypothetical and it's not something there pitching too voters in any way or pitching to one another about like this is something that we would want to do, and you don't. You saw that a little bit this week with there's a piece of national review. Talking about you, the tough things are going to have to happen to deal with the deficit, but it seems to be a kid tough things that they're like well we'll get to it eventually I'll have to but they'll get to it. We'll be hard, but it's interesting homesick, it's not really coming up as something that they have to go. Do it's more standing, athwart Democrats, yet No, and we want to trigger you about things. Why me why it's interesting, I'm saying you know if you are then emailing asking me about is like
why is heard it so bad all the time. Well, I think that this is a large discussion. That's probably better for like another venue with that would be large and big, but I think that this was burning issues at Washington Post raised. The point that liberals have control of quota quote the culture that they dont have control of politics, and conservatives believe that they have control of politics, but they don't have any control of culture and the deal for both would be to have both the ideal for liberals would be like have as much power in kind of the halls of actual power that some people believe but they do in kind of popular culture in music and film and conservatives and a lot of time been very upset that, despite holding actual real political power, virtually coaster coast that Somehow that does not mean that lake they
getting the same kind of cultural respect that they believe that their due entered had still fund plan parenthood stuff. But like that's what we got me, that's the question no red, so I mean it's a loser, realm of policy, is like a realm right beyond a sand So let us talk about this are like YO. If we actually had power, you know plan parenthood wooden, still beers, leaving federal funding and Obamacare wooden exist and a whole bunch of other things have happened, but the fact that Daddy more about leg, the Republican Party being better politicking and less to do with the fact that, like Democrats have anything to do with how there not yet happened, doesn't seem to come up with this idea that, like the real power would be that there be more. conservative celebrities besides canoeist, or that they have the cultural cachet that they believe that dammit.
As liberals do, and so you move their very mad, I I wrote something about this around the TWAIN. Sixteen election, but the fact that on day of the election and on inauguration daily people did Ben the needs, the GEO P, that young people who wear mega hats in D C did not become like super popular that the end of history did not there was not dislike grand moment? upon which Democrats admitted Ah, yes, you have triggered us into a relevant and instead do Democrats what no one a bunch of Spain. all actions and started ten about the Saharan Sergio. They there wasn't like I, yes, you are right and we were wrong. I think that there are still of ire about that that leg, Jus people The reason I was still have kids who go to. I was state and join D say or like that on these individual level, there wasn't like the grants
being moment that I think Steve Ban and talked about in a lot of these guys trompe in figures had curve talked up as being a potential option if what he means to make Amerika great again right is like fundamentally not that we will have a low unemployment rate, but that we will all restore and a white like the socio called for all aspects of how people think they remember. Like nineteen fifties, patriarchal norms functioning like tat propelling is really haven't, made Amerika great again like they don't. I mean like it strikes me that a brick haven't all was the only thing that seems to have like genuinely like excited conservatives. The whole time like this
equally, if not more so conservative near garbage, who, like wasn't accused of being a rapist right, it was getting to fight a bad, are in the political arena that, like more directly touched on something actually care about which is like not jurisprudence but like pudding. Left to activists in their place right, let it it's interesting. As you see I'm in trompe twitter handles, they use the hashtag cagey, which is keep Amerika great, because there's this idea that, like us, because trumpet Here. America is now great, and yet there are still very mad, and that's very range where you, but I mean it's also its. It makes one interesting mid term pit trade because
I think it works in presidential politics. Why? Because, like the presidency is of policymaking institution but is also unquestionably like a venue of celebrity politic, cultural any as well, where the good Barack Obama being President, like meant something and unfair. being president made some very different and, like a woman being president, would mean something different again, and Congress isn't like that. The problem facing publicans right now is something that I guess we could have seen from the beginning. Is that I mean Trump cared about winning. He didn't have very distinct policy agenda that he was perfectly married to, but to when he had to kind of attach himself to some pocket. Policy agenda is like, for example, he said he wouldn't touch had occurred. social security and had happened to be at odds with the republican Party. Unlike when her Hopkins, stuck with him thinking. Ok, we'll use that really Mary to anything ends, and we can
tat, her own agendas, rhyme. That now runs into the problems were like ok, that worked for the presidency, but, like you, can't make that same pitch for Congress in the mid terms, right because two things are directly at odds with each other, Wade enemy just in the EU operation of american Politics Raftlike Congress is in fact very important right, like Congress, is the driver of public policy see and it's why the trump error Republicans were able to make a lot of things happen. Even though Donald Trump is not that focused policy type stuff, but he does in resonate culture in the same kind of way, particularly because, like an each district, you can sort have your own people right suicide, If democrats want to run like a white guy veteran with a funny regional accent in like eight million, like Obama, Trump districts like they can do that
but also it just doesn't like make that kind of impact on people read it matters, because Congress does things not because the social identity of the speaker of the House like gives people out of fear things in the culture, and it makes it a lot more, I think concrete in a way that just sort of at odds with trumps project rightly came again we're talking about like their upset about their cotton culture, but as I don't don't trumpet pleased that result he's the culture candidate, because he was on top of that yet report you as president right, I'm not sure if there's been more recent polling since the cabinet hearings, but you something tat was fascinated was that there is a saying that a lot of the Republicans republican voters were listening to Trump, you kept tweeting about a red wave and saying that They were not as motivated to vote because it didn't they could be necessary, because the idea of a blue wave was fake news and so on,
Being a cultural candidate having someone like Trump, who is not, as tourists he's not wedded to a particular policy goal, while Trump is popular with republican voters, Congress is not popular with republican voters. Those are very different things, and it is interesting how trumps role as this cultural entity is both very helpful to him politically, but not very helpful to the people who want to be elected. help him do things, but even in Pike. That's because I have always felt from beginning the trump does not fully understand the extent of his personal exposure right to a democratic House of Representatives spread like you sought and that a p interview where he Like? Wasn't my fault? If Republicans this house- and we may be, it is maybe it is right, but it was like me. He definitely has a role
read it because it is important to him. I guess his responsibility. You know this is like those of us who parent toddlers in out like a concept each instil in kids right, it's like there's like a metaphysics of whose fault is it, and then this is like a reality of like who caused it like. What do you need to do? And then what is the council? is why, like there's a lot of stuff, that Donald Trump doesn't want to see happen that house Republicans are keeping bottled up for and you know a lot of them- are in trouble because of how much they they ve done right him in the pulling for them, as is quite bad. But if you look at the couple of House republican incumbents in tough races who are doing well right, I mean, I think, heard in Texas and Cabello in Florida, and I don't really know how to say validates name. California validate ass. You know those particularly Hearn Carbajal, our guys who, like this,
done. The normal politics thing, unlike tried to distance themselves from the president, whose unpopular in their district, but like almost nobody in the Caucasus, do- yeah. I mean they played an interesting line of they ve tied themselves very closely with the public in the Stablekeeper meant, and they have stood in lockstep with the Republican Party, but they have distanced themselves from trial and you saw that, particularly when it came to issues like immigration, where they were like the big pushers of slightly more moderate but still conservative, russian I've heard like very little concrete impact, but he's a light on the street, but it seems like it made a big difference politically It seems like in there strikes there well liked enough and have enough enough clout as someone as an independent public in and what is interesting, is a more publicans really might not be facing this house wipe out. If there were two dozen members
who were more like that. He I'd like give some of these members like AIR Paulson in Minnesota, and am Barber Comstock been Virginia and northern regions, suburbs gives us. A number of members have been very obviously vulnerable, just like from the fact that Donald Trump unexpectedly won the election ride like representing districts where he performed very importantly, and they ve done so little to distance themselves from him, and they are now like, almost all, losing oftentimes quite badly and getting even like abandoned by House Republican Super Pack and things God I am I'm. It was interesting to speculate it. It seems like an in many ways. American politics might be in a healthier place if people in that position had but done what would have been good for their own political survive,
I have all but is extremely rare random in this, been this tremendous fear of dull from breaking like coursing through the Republican Party, I think they saw people Lake Jeff Flake and by Corker and even to some extent, Mark Sandford. Who is part of this very surfeited faction of of the house that- has really done a lot to backup Trump in Congress, but himself was kind of more critical of the president and of course he got primary aid because, if trusted tour set of yet challenger, so I think there is a fear because they ve seen some of these test cases now got well. But I think that there is something to be said about, people who are just genuinely popular in their own districts- and you know in my hometown, Cincinnati, there's representative, Steve Habit who is plus nine against his competitor. It hasn't really been that much in question talked about, I like ill, I voted for top in the general, but he wasn't my first second or third choice and you can see things like that when you're in a district where people
already know who you are still shepherd: Spanish, it's in Ohio politics for a long time. He is most memorable to me reading. If you give em Moussa cookie to my eighth grade class, this would have been in two thousand one. I have not forgotten about it, but I think It's interesting how the localization verses nationalization of politics is playing a role because your seat local republican candidate for running adds basically accusing their opponent of either being known, Arizona accusing Christian Cinema of being tenderly a witch, but also just bringing up in all of these local races that their basically the same thing as Nancy Pelosi. But then, in a lot of these successful gnp, races There are known quantities with candidates. Extremes, Abbott or Carlos Carmelo Yo Democrats are running adds against some talking, like. Oh, they vote with Trump. Ninety five the eight percent of the time and are not working because there are no. Quality in these local areas, so that
I think we got a wrap up. We're gonna get kicked out of his studio, so you don't think they re out there for listening thanks to tariff for joining us today, thanks to our producer Griffin Tanner, and we will see you on Friday.
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