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Jane and Matt discuss Jacob Wohl and the intermingling of grift and conservative politics.

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Our arab pediatrician appointment having small children, is just either you are a steak or they are sick or you're trying to stop nobody to sack it's just like a thing. I'm just like trying to be a good dad anyway, hello welcome to another episode of the weeds on the box media. I cast my work. I Matthew glaziers. He would Jane Coastline and a couple empty chairs, because life is complicated. It is, it continues be a deeply carbohydrates grounded for you. I will I would not want to allow anybody else into this conversation, because it so important its critical, ok and it's it's the question of scams,
a graft. Yet as I guess, we can't blame lands on that. I think, but I think it's good to start with a specific case lead that you have recently idea- and this is- young Jake a ball. Who I'll say is not a person who I haven't super familiar. The bright recently saw him other people making fun of him right as he went. On a tour of Minneapolis. Rang was one of these things where he had clearly become a joke in a certain precinct of the internet, but I didn't know who he was so who is he lets? Let's back back to the beginning of the Jacobites story, so Jacob Wall before and the before? times before. Tromp Jake of Wall was a failed teen hedge fund manager did was now twenty one years old he was a hedge fund manager. The stories behind it are a little bit our kind of complicated
but all in all, he got banned from the national features, association and you're, getting a fair amount. trouble and then so he was right. I'm gonna scare. He was running a scam and he ran it decided to run an entirely new scam, which is to become a enthusiastic, some would say, sycophantic supporter of Trump, especially on twitter and on internet. He became that person who replied first to every single one of trumps. Tweets, including things about like Trump, should be dictator for life trump, as the black everything became something that I think a lot of people thought that this is an elaborate joke. Andy Andy Kaufman escalate it's a kind of humour that I just don't understand, but clearly it's a joke. It was not so well many. People believed that this was an elaborate joke. Some people apparently thought that Jacob Wall may or may not be like an actual real conservative figure and he rose to somewhat mainstream province,
when he claimed he had proof that a special council Robert Mahler had been credibly accused of sexual assault. He did not have proof he had made the entire thing up in what I termed a dumb founding display of abject nonsense, resulting in a press conference that was even more nonsensical. He was alongside Jack Bergmann, whose a former republican lobbyists who once said that he introduced legislation to bar game players from the ETA
yeah one a thing lobbyists cannot do and to instigate thing to do that. His own brother said yeah. He just likes to get at trying to get attention from self rule, not dealing with like tip top minds here, but anyway, so Jacob Wall. He was at sea pack. Last week, though, he was not permitted to present at sea packs of using the lobby of the gale or National Resort Convention Centre, which is a national Harper witches in DC sort of. So he was there because he had done- and I am I am using this term The elusive possible way an investigation into representative Ellen Omar, who is the center of some measure of discussion and dismay right now for her purported remarks. Many people believe or antecedent allotted Hano, more controversy right that are based on. If nothing else.
She did in fact this is not one of those controversies now to back up a little bit further. There is a conspiracy theory that A percentage of Omar was married to her own brother. Now, one there is no evidence is true to the conspiracy theory works at this was to help oh Mars brother, who it's not her brother, american citizenship. Sissy has a real ex husband. She has a real has been. The allegation is twofold. One is that this ex husband is actually her other right and the other is that the marriage was a scam. You get her brother, U S, citizenship! Now there are a couple really obvious problems with this one. There is no evidence that Ahmed tell me who's Mars. Ex husband is her brother. No evidence whatsoever, only as a british citizen whom Omar married in two thousand nine before separating from him and in twenty eleven, and they finalize separation and twenty seventeen. Secondly, let's say
pathetically in an imaginary world. That is not this one. They were siblings. It is perfectly legal for United States citizen to petition USC. I asked to bring about sister, the states meeting that one would not have to participate in a sham marriage in order to do so, and then there's that tell me never received? U S, citizenship at all. He moved back to England, where he is from and is still there as far as I know, meeting that if, under some bizarre circumstance, any of this were true the entire reason for the marriage, which would be to get home. Eu citizenship never actually happened. Now. That's the facts behind this alleged conspiracy theory by Jacob Wall and for a fair number of people who are kind of indy weirdo drifter right. They saw an opportunity and this conspiracy, theory and so
Jacob Wall and right wing activist Alura Bloomer, who some might remember from handcuffed herself to the doors of Twitters Newark headquarters, to complain about being banned from the service and also show up at a house hearing and screaming lot about how she was being treated unfairly by a twitter. They travelled to Minnesota and they In order to do this travelling, they told donors that they needed twenty five thousand dollars because they need a too. I am quoting conducted It gives us investigation into Ilan Omar in order to ascertain the truth of the allegations against her awkward, all further patriots lovers of freedom. We need your help. Funding, effort to bring IRAN Omar as radical background to light. We need your help. Today. We have just seventy two hours to raise twenty five thousand dollars necessary to run an investigation and in a secure way that protects the lives.
Jacob Laura an alley. Ali is referencing Ali Alexander, a republican opera operative and he's the founder of a mega. Centric website called call to tour three ts in culture, which is basically meant to track the activities of kind of mega. Ask figures have been banned from other social networking sites and apparently idea for the website came. Alexander from being on acid and during their time in Minnesota, to do this sham investigation. The three repeated appeared on periscope and other social media sites to demand money from donors. They referred the apple US as Minneapolis, Stan as it and said that it was a sure dialogue, governed no go zone and kept talking about their large security team that you weren't allowed to see weight. So the the premise of this, which I guess we'll be familiar to. People who ve heard conservatives talking about major european cities rank is that there is
no go zones in which Muslims and the government has no interface, but this is Minneapolis right. so it's very. It's not different from things you might hear. Conservative say about- I don't know Stockholm or Paris, but there is thing to me, like inherently more absurd gray, about begging, claim about a mid astern american city. I have been too many apple us. I cannot tell you that I went to every single part of Minneapolis Buddy, it's a minister, A sixty four percent white City rang, and I like to read another quote from one of the videos that were Jennifer, Brooks Jose columnist at the Start Tribune in Minnesota, read if you're not We are with Minnesota, you dont know how this works, but the islamist forces have taken over sections of the respective police departments,
and she goes onto they explained in the same earnest Jones. They used to try and convince potential donors that it costs eight thousand dollars to get to Minnesota. Again we are talking about Minnesota, hum of the Vikings and Prince short major delta hub, exactly I guess so. what's your Minneapolis are not bad expense right and you do not need they claim, they needed to praise out three to four different security firms: because the threat striving around Minneapolis we're just too great and again this is Minneapolis we're talking about, and this
ultimately ended, as one might expect, which was a sea pack press conference in which Jacob all had to answer more questions. About that time he tried to falsely accused Robert Mahler sexual assault, a confidential documents that revealed absolutely nothing except that Rep Omar used the term. My brother, when referring to people on Instagram, which you know is a thing. A lot of people do about people to whom they are close, because his sisters and brothers is a pretty common parlance in many cultures, as many people would now. But the reason why I thought this story was of particular interest is because, for one thing, Jacob Wall appears to be largely undeterred. He has been banned from twitter because he didn't interview with USA today in which she proudly discussed sharing misinformation, because he said accuracy is not the important part and the fact more to twitter sport.
that he plans to use fake a left, leaning twitter account to quote steer the left wing votes in the primary to what we feel are weaker candidates compared with trap, which is a clear violation of twitter response, but I think the to me The interesting thing about while and where I want to take this after the break is that There are a lot of liars and politics and Certainly law of aggressive speed, errors and dirty tricksters- and you know, people trying to win right but the critical thing about wall right, I mean the point about the eight thousand dollar fly and the mysterious security detail is that he doesn't so much appear to be making smears of Omar AL. Leveraging smear against her into stealing people's money. I think right, let's not making this a key, did not come up with this conspiracy theory out of his own mind, he
merely saw a conspiracy theory or saw a space for the expansion of a conspiracy theory, both here and against Robert Mahler. The other Robert mother instances a little bit different, because that really was him creating something, but he saw that you know the people on the right who are very supportive of Donald Trump Hate, Robert Mother wouldn t it be great. If there were sexual salt allegations our bread Cavenaugh against Robert Mother, they could destroy Robert mother. I e, let's create a conspiracy theory about this, and so, as you said that he did not create the conspiracy theory against representative Omar. What he did was monetize it right. So Let's take a break. Em analyse! Let's talk, my money zation! Yes, if you like, basically anyone listening to this right now, I'm willing to bet that you are you're dealing with stress, maybe there's it
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EC symbiosis between. I think conservative politics in America and a certain style of financial examining there's this sort of a conjunction in the arts of direct mail marketing right in particular, you know dating back to the nineteen seventies and ninety eighty is in which On the one hand, you know there is a intellectual legacy of cancer resume in our roots in certain austrian scholarship than the few. This enterprise in American. The fifty is, but there is also you know, the story of direct mail fund raising. and some of that support cause. It is, but some of it just a sort of help. People make money up to the point where you know Donald trump himself was described. He was described by Michael Cone as a con man, but also he was just
in those terms by Marker Rubia right during the primary right- and I think that's true- I mean I think, that's a fundamental aspect of trumps carrot. But in a certain key way. two Rubio. I think we'll be at one point, thought that that was can be like a devastating rejoinder Actually, the movement that Rubio is part of has been quite congenial to that sort of person and that sort of thing over the years ray and a link to this. In my peace there is a terrific peace from a couple years ago in the bachelor called the long. That is about this in doing history of conservative outlets being also in some ways, mouthpieces for Griffiths or cause for say, like the twenty three sent heart miracle,
The one Washington, the medical industry and drug companies refuse to tell you about, and this is being aimed at people who are subscribing to at the time say town all and news max. Human events, for example, and airily mainstream to right, leaning, conservative publications and it's something you I'd. I talked to a bunch of people on the right about this particular issue because it does seem that, like, as I that wherever conservatism has gone, they have been followed by Griffith Yours and con artists who want to make money out of whatever they see, conservatism going towards your you saw. You say this a lot would during the about restoration, I mean a lot a lot, a the entire development of kind of doomsday prefers can I go back- was always selling these seeds survival keeps rare. You were gonna start human agriculture
or something, and we just had today, Red Erika, Huntin Oki was tweeting about this. This add that has been good hang out to email lists of conserving publications by Bart Red State Town Hall. I they sent it special sponsored message and it SAM for some penny stock but, like the whole add, is about trump pride in their headline is like it or not: Trump handed investors, the opportunity of a lifetime and its The penny stocks are like. I do want to say that all penny stocks are scams, but they're scared says that this unit, verse of scamming Wolf a Wall Street ACT. A movie starts with penny stocks grams, and you know, conservative publications are making money off of these ads and then the content of the ads themselves is shaped around conservative
politics right. You may also recall, I think we now have who did the piece about the iraqi dinner. Yes, that got very catholic. Was this iraqi did. I think tat check it out on Youtube. If your, if you're out there but do not by IRAN kid dinner, but it's a lab where it it's somewhere between a conspiracy theory and a pro trump theory and a scam. But basically there are people who are trying to get you to buy worthless iraqi currency on the theory that the Trump administration is eminently going to implement some kind of change that makes us worthless iraqi currency very valuable and there's nothing literally conservative about like that, on the one hand that the connection to trumpet deserving politics, injury tenuous. On the other hand, it is very much
like Trump related marketing. Right, that's the picture! I give you if your instinct is not too like Donald Trump. The pitches study we can make any sense right, and I like to read on the one of these that Erica Nokia tweeted, is from the media. Research centre, which media research centre in their basic job is to attempt to just push back on. The line and your things they wanted thinking. What do you takes about? The overwhelming the right? Exactly answer. One of these adds is a bold is a special message from our advertiser: infinite income. I want them ism. Dear reader, President Trump pulled a faster on the deep spit date and the dams I could give every american taxpayer the chance for forty thousand dollars nine hundred and eighty three, since he pushed through this hit the claws deep in the new tax bill and some folks are out collecting extraordinary amounts of money. Note the use of the word folks, George, I was, that that the tell tale to tell YO and PS I'm worried the damsel try to kill the steel as part of negotiation on the wall.
But even if they do any one already getting checks will continue to get them so click here and now to learn more before the dams. Try something snaky the dams and it's interesting, because this is not new. You, as we say, like theirs, a long history of this kind of the Griffin Cons that have come to survive. Did or I've been following around the conservative movement since you're the late nineteen sixty is early. Nineteen. Seventy is a kind of the rise of the new right of the nineteen seventies, but it is so interesting now because the group, lot of times the drift. Your comments now are becoming in some ways: themselves: conservative figures. There are and I wrote about how because conservatism is not just an ideology- is a movement and movements have tendencies towards purity spirals where the best of the best return you can, if one conservative can give towards another conservative is accusing them
of being inadequately conservative or saying that there are right now republican, a name only or saying in the twenty four to twenty six ten days, I believe we said cooks, but fortunately ably stop saying that immersive lay but purity spirals are extremely attractive to Gryphus, because where they see a purity spiral, they will die right in and That is that they can play a pondered, the very well meaning desire of a lot of people to be really behind tromp or really conservative and that you you can do this, I'm the only real conservative standing up for tromp or standing up about some Mahler investigation, but I need twenty five thousand dollars. So I can visit Minnesota I mean to me the best example of met the best example of of scams: inaction, but of these sort of inter relationship between these things,
The new the new publication, the bulwark because the then the idea of the bulwark is to be the opposite of this data. They don't portray them. how's, that they don't like the idea that they are never trump conservatives or their anti trump, but this is meant to be. The a brow high toned, hold the lie in like we're serious, rightly believing conservative principles. Publication- and the interesting thing to me about this- is that the sort of main shakers behind this right down last and Jonah Goldberg INA earlier iteration of Tuna Goldberg Career like He was writing a book. about how the EU is called liberal fascism he is right. The air in the kind of the moon,
ground between. I don't know what trying to tell accurate things about politics and just ripping people off the way ticket does this like little stream of money that you can depend to and that and that smart people who have a lot of integrity like we're mesh manure still, Kazan only he has is the party of death Buck right, like you, I'm just gonna like hop into this. Unlike soak up some money and then how bout I might go, have your highbrow publication the bulwark or go be like we're mash. Unlike have smart things about monetary policy, at my cow Republicans shed, you know, be making better fed appointments and things like that, and it is incredible
Lee permeable space in which people who are fundamentally not con artists can still run a little drift and make money and people who are fundamentally con artists. Can it's interested the con can exist, but you can go to sea back right. You can be You know- and this is, I think, a difference, because there is a we have seen in the Trump era- a new anew cohort of I think resistant scriptores resistance drifters, as is the term their people out there, trying to make money off of other people's anti trump fervour, but you see mainstream, progressive institutions in bracing those people because their running scams,
you mean like that's. The fundamental difference is that, like I don't know like the it's the mainstream, the subject of war, and I think that that is something. As I said, I spoke to a number of people about this particular issue and some of the people. I spoke with did not agree that this was a particular issue for just conservatism, because movements have a tendency towards us. You see this and movements, of varying political standards and this drive towards purity which attracts drifters to prey upon those who want to be pure within that movement. But I I think that there is a sense among conservatives that, because conservatives see themselves being locked out of all the institutions,
or a view that they are. Conservatives argue that you're they dont have their own. The New York Times of conservatism of that was what tougher Karlsson said. The daily collar was supposed to be kind of that's what he wanted it to be when he spoke about it at sea back about by eight or nine years ago. No, that's not exactly what happened took out a term. They do not have access in their view, to kind of the what one person called the cult of experts and technocracy, and so in response there is a sense of like well. We don't need that, like of the New York Times said that, while we believe them or Eolid, this academic said this will not believe them. What is more desirable as radical authenticity and purity, and so that
It very easy for a drifter say like well sure the Wall Street Journal said I'm trying to trick you out of your money, but the Wall Street Journal just a bunch of elite kuc. So why would you listen to them, and so I think that that is especially also at a time when a lot of people on the right just want to own the lives, and if you think that this person is adequately owning the lips, ensure they, they may be asking you for eight thousand dollars to fly a minister YO small price to pay due on the lives and to feed them and rescue trump. But it is interesting to see of a movement that has impart decried authority or not so much authority as decried calls for academic or a kind of reasonable authority, which then make some vulnerable to people who
are drifting or conning people, and then the only authorities could stop them. No one wants to listen to either side different. Take on this hotter. Take ok and we can take a break, but I think the problem here is that conservative politics itself is a con This episode is brought to you by own up. Every bank says they ve got great mortgage rates so higher people paying billions of dollars and extra interest every year, because it's too hard to know what a great deal looks like for. You are unique scenario. Own up makes it easy to get the personalized data to help you make a smarter home financing decision. Learn when a great looks like for your mortgage? So you never over pay bills. Your profile today, at owner dot, com, equal housing opportunity and am, alas, Idee number one. Four five await o five people often ask me of prosecuting the mob is like the movies. Well,
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hence the mob on Apple podcast, Spotify or your favorite podcast app, my boy, this is my my vulgar worldview right, we have in the United States a form of political democracy. The people choose, they could so choose where they so inclined policies that advance the interests of the majority. Other people prefer economic policies that advance the interests of a wealthy minority. Such seems like a challenging cell right like why would you have politics that cause inequality to explode while the overall growth rate slows down, How could you make that work? Well, you need to build a powerful political movement right and one thing that movement would need to do as it would. It would really need to decry
mainstream institutions, because they ve blocked you out, but, like fact, seeking as an enterprise swayed in Ukraine like this. What Sidney Blumenthal called the counter establishment red is this whole network of institutions that What of parallel? The structure of university is and journalism and things like that, but instead of conducting research and teaching and journalism it's it's media, but it's not journalism. You now and it's like their publishing pdf, but they're, not doing research, because you don't worry, to explain- and oh here is a really smart set of policy ideas that will help further enrich an already wealthy minority, because, like that's good marketing, but you also know well here's how to make most people better off, because I want to achieve the goal.
You need. Instead is this series of conjuring tricks and Why you have you know you can talk about, like people sometimes put conservatism as being in this fallen state right. But it's like Ronald Reagan was a bee list Movie STAR who acted along size, train, chimpanzees and Donald Trump. Is that for a new era like he's an entertainer Anna and a full flam man and its work. It's what conservatives are all a bow like? Not each one as an individual, but like the movement as a whole, is meant to pull the wool over people's eyes and so on the fertile ground for individual all bull, I pullers or people?
an industry. There's a difference like wall is not serving the interests of the movement he serving himself and link which is supposed to do is, do you know be be a good soldier like the guys at Vienna, RE or Grover Norquist, unlike act on behalf of of cause, but it's like it. It's a scam and its work. So so that's my fair and balanced view. Ok, I disagree with you, but I do think that conservatism has a lot of different inputs and a lot of different outputs, something that interests me is the degree to which a lot of conservatives get extremely mad, not liberals, but at other conservatives about various things, because you I actually spoke with Matthew Continuity, who's. The editor in chief of the Washington Free Begin earlier today, very podcast, and we talked about that at a certain point. There there is relatively little agreement as to what conservatism is, but I would say that there is a lot of agreement.
Very important to be very conservative among conservatives, its becoming increasingly less trendy to be a libertarian conservative on there is kind of a out there. I was about to say outbreak. That sounds me in Arizona. There is about to be kind of a flowering of libertarian conservatism around like twenty fourteen twenty fifteen, that seems to have been limited now. Conservative populism is more popular so Conservatism is an actual ideology that is based on in one sense and the kind of Edmund Burke, the kind of original list conservatives on preserving religious values or the EU, the concept of what was because what was is probably going to be better than what will be and more recently, it has been largely based on this idea that individuals, and not merely individuals by families
better at running their own affairs than the government would be in that big government is bad and limited government is good. I think the issue is that, once you kind of extrapolate from there, it's very difficult to take conservative ideology and put that into conservative practice in a way. That is something people would want to get behind you. I talk to a lot of conservatives about this, about the issue of. Like is conservatism itself. When you explain, conservatism or talk about conservatism. Is it inherently popular do, people want to be a part of it and you there's a lot of debate on that subject and I'd argue that in some ways, conservatism, unless you add something else in your conservatism, a hard pitch for people, because and then it becomes a hard bitch people. When you tell people that you Europe, what you think of his being was very import.
Government programme? What other people think of as a not very important government programme? That's going to be a disagreement among conservatives, but there's a hard pigeon. There's the easy trade, because, like the hard pitch, is this philosophy of individualism and limited government right, as opposed to just like programmes, said already exist, and I happened to enjoy you know, are good but then, like the easy page for conservatism. Is that lie All of the social norms that currently exist are the good ones and It's always agree. You wanna talk about like what is popular and conservatism right like what's very popular now that the popular aspect of conservatives, right is like new claims that people of color making are bad and destroy free speech. But also like Being too mean about Israel is Anti Semitism and not at all political correctness
who control and nobody should ever say anything bad about the troops, but also political correctness is the worst rate The rice like sourdough, not very coherent, John Ball of particular propositions. That amounts to the very coherent proposition that, like the listing order. Is good and that people who are trying to upset the apple cart are bad right and like that, could we could call that, like an outcome, that Birchen conservatism and like I think that is a very common sensible, unlike popular, unlike historically winning view right and then there's like bury Goldwater right out witticism, which is like
You might think you enjoy collecting social security benefits, but actually it's bad and that's like that's a tough line, because because people do like collecting such security benefits- and I think that that there is something that Trump was able to see is that I think Tucker Karlsson gave a quote. Two political on twenty six June, saying that, like the trumpet didn't run as an ideological, conservative and Republicans right, we like that guy. What that guy he's talking about health care for everyone, and we gotta stop having foreign wars and with maybe we move on from the arguments over marriage. Equality like that sounds good to us, but to the work of the movement in America has always been too well These two strains of thought together, so it's like both don't let these uppity civil rights activists ruin everything but also like nobody should get health insurance
and is now like. I mean all it illogical projects involving somewhat unnatural blending of things together, but it's like the the rule of the conservative movement is to create this contraption that there it was called fusion is in its in its postwar heyday, and it its demise has been off predicted right, including during the early days of Donald Trump, but is proven, were possibly robust tried to look for all trumps. Seemingly off message. Quality is, like he's, been a pretty good. foot soldier, like one of the reasons never trump ISM has been a kind of biased. Is that like Trump is delivered, and I would also argue that that its also because Public ends have been more influential on Trump, then Trump has necessarily been on republican wreck. You know like we stopped really having a common
asian about health care for everybody and where, when trunk was talking How like? Oh, you know it's not that difficult to deal with the energy we can handle that, unlike obviously, the bomb stock ban, a lot of other things when very controversial among the gun rights community, but still like it's been a fairly easy friendship. Provided you just don't have to answer questions about what Trump says ever. But it's been it's interesting to observe, because I do think that its challenging to be a movement and its challenging to be a movement that is not entirely quite sure of where it wants to go or what it wants to do, or even, if it's possible, to get there, because the inherent issue at the heart of conservatism is that what the world is like right now is not what we will be like in the future five ten years from now, and that's just how it works. That's just how future work, that's, how
time works and so basing a political ideology on to quote Weymouth Buckley standing, athwart history yelling stop Means that you have Euro William enough bucklers fervent Defensive sacred, shouldn't in new national view and nineteen, fifty seven or national view arguing that maybe the sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham Alabama that killed three little girls may have been the work of a crazed. Negro you, you ve got things like that which you're like ok, you know. If we're going to stand a throughout history, yelling stop, it means we're gonna, be yelling, stop to a lot of things. We should not be yelling stop too, and so I think that that that inherent tension of attempting to. For looking backwards it something while always moving forward inherently, is always going to be a challenge way, but I mean to brings us back to Trump right and cons and market Serbia to me. This is the interesting thing right.
These running in the primary, and he doesn't seem that attach too conservative philosophy. Ruby goes up. There are warning disguise a con me, but from wins and now Ruby, always a loyal trump supporter and I dont think fit them because Rubio has been conned by Donald Trump, and it really think it's because Ruby always afraid of Trump in the way that people sometimes posited it's because The conservative case for Trump is like actually pretty solid ground. I am not a conservative, so I dont fine trump appealing, but If you believe that low taxes are important, if you believe that regulatory agencies should be business friendly in their dispositions, if you believe that abortion is wrong rattling trump
deliver, he's routing the judges on the bench, Barack Obama, so there well did and a red. The question like one possibility is that Trump was actually a true blue conservative. This whole time right and yeah- that's an interesting fairytale, but, like I don't think that makes sense. Another possibility is that the movement has like got over Trump. That right that like well, they worried once upon a time that, like tromp, was gonna com them, but really they ve gone Trump because Margaret his way, smarter than Donald Trump Way, better permit political manipulation. But I don't think that's quite right either, like Trump beat that my fair and square, then there's the possibility, that, like what conservatism really choirs, is an excellent con man and, like I think, that's where it is, and the like that. Ultimately,
Why it's out why Jack was out there in Minnesota, but it's why the the movement is not going to close its door to Griffith terms because it they need the best and brightest scriptores like Donald Trump, so I sell the snake or I don't think. That is why the conservative movement has difficulty with Gryphus. I think I think there are two things: one, that financial imperatives of conservatism work very differently from court, mainstream media outlets. In her now obviously running a media outlet is expensive and difficult and challenging as anyone who has ever attempted to do so knows, but there are incentives that our present for conservative media outlets that are-
present. For others, I've done some reporting on, say, conservative radio consortium's that send memos to radio her saying these are the people you can reference in these people. You can't reference. I also think, though, that there is scope, the distrust of gatekeepers and euro. I often tweet just the Word guard room, rules on Twitter a lot because a lot of times there will be moments rear like. Why is this person hanging out with this person? Why is this actual white nationalist attending was fairly stayed conservative conference? It is, in my view, the constant search for purity and the ability to use to describe oneself as being more conservative than thou. Yet we see this in religious communities all the time at which pits very popular be more so than someone else, it's very pop into be more christian or more adequately Jew.
or, in this case more conservative. Even if Europeans, every is based on a foundation of drifting people. You can still claim that well now I was in Minnesota, standing, athwart, Sharia law, police officer Where were you you're just ear the rule, O Connor, because you're saying all this stuff, but you're not out there doing it, you're, not a real conservative and that's anything that that's the most dangerous attack on any conservatives described them is not being a real conservative and I think that that desire for purity that constant, chasing down of ideological purity is the real concern, and I think that your when you think of conservatism as an ideology, that's where you can have real differences of opinion, which you a real conversation about, like the other difference between paleo conservatives and conservative Arians? And then you can have this discussion, but when it's a movement movements,
driving towards something and that something is generally a purer form of the movement and that's where drifters can step in so hop into the weeds Facebook group. Hey there and and drive towards a pure form of weeds phantom purge the dissenters. It's it's. What we're like you and if you happen to live in the twin cities area. Let us know where the negotiations are, so we can. We can check them out ourselves. Nobody wants to give me a thousand dollars to flatter me helpful, at least I'm willing to make that sacrifices. While I saw you know, and it it's for three people Twenty five thousand dollars, guys, I'm sure Dar, would be happy to joint Zhao region who all go. Twenty five thousand dollars will find many apples and back and get some. I get some phone while we their programme its delightful
yet, and so thanks, Jane and thanks to our producer, as always Jeffrey gown and needs, will return on Tuesday, accessible, affordable broadband helps communities. reach toward their american dream for students, lectures on a Chavez means rising above the poverty line and becoming valedictorian of international High School Langley Park, and thanks to access from eighteen t, it can help. These Dreams must turn into reality. That's my atm tease me two billion dollar three year, commitment to help close the digital divide to more Americans have a chance to succeed. To learn more http dot com, slash connecting communities.
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