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White House Chinese food summit leads to congressional chaos


Congressional reporters Jeff Stein and Tara Golshan join Matt to talk about congressional Democrats' hopes and Republicans' fears.

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Get Tarzan vacation. So we can explain any of this branch in practice hello welcome to another pursued the weeds and box media package network. I met your glass. has joined by a terrible sham and first time we observe Jeff Stein below by he's running not yet said. Jeff in Tahrir cover Congress for us here at the box, TAT calm term, mostly looking Republicans Jeff, mostly Democrats But it's really is one big happy bipartisan family these days, so without we would bring bring everybody together here to talk about.
you know some of them. The parties, individuals for those who talk about some sort of ambitious progressive legislation want to talk about budget antics, sun on the republican side, but start out with deals that have been made Chuck. Humor and Nancy Pelosi came over the White House on what was a Tuesday night Wednesday night, and they had some chinese food it and they- hast out an agreement to protect Dreamer his and possibly fun the border, and it was. It was kind of one. I think I think tire you actually you caught the story late at night. Written and did sort of initial reporting and- and I'd upon it and what would like what have I done? It is about to go to sleep, and then I saw that Nancy Policy and checks. Humor announced a deal on on Dhaka. Well, ok, they clarified it. Wasn't it
will. They said it. It was an agreements, they went to the White House and announce that Trump had agreed to pass some form the dream act or Greece, the dream act as long as they added some kind of border security package that excluded funding, though so that was the big kind of exchange rates they would agree to some security on the border. With that's technology. She were flooded. Drones am I don't know what else that could entail? The details are: are forthcoming, but no, while funding an end. mediately within an hour the White House, scrambled on this, and the press secretary came out saying no, we didn't actually agree on not funding the wall and then the legislative direction from the White House said. No, this statement from shimmering policy is widely misleading. In this whole thing started crumbling and then the next day on capital held with, like nothing,
surely been agreed on. There was no deal there as it, get square wine and poorer. saying. No, I'm gonna find republican consensus on immigration. Every area was trying to figure out what was going to go on from there but then Trump said, basically that they had a deal yeah. I mean TAT, also trumps, I'd like a million things on Thursday about, the stock agreement or conversation There is no deal, but then he said the wall, There are important and that it will get time, but then he clarified the walk. We'll get done later, so you basically confirmed whip. Dorothy, and she were saying that the war does not have to be connected to any version of enshrining die. And law and die, and then he cut of went on to her. I think he repeated that statement multiple times throughout the day. That is not necessarily what's being reflected on capital held. There are still saying that everything is in play chip to me. The key thing, though,
trumps tweet, in which he said, does anyone really want to deport eight hundred thousand people who were brought here through no fault of their own, who have jobs who are serving in the milk Harry, I guess he answer is. I guess some people do We want to deport those people. For example, Jeff sessions seems to really wanted deport them at his sessions. A depressing was a couple weeks ago where he was of announcing a legal policy decision that they were not going to defend a hypothetical lawsuit from Texas, but he like one off scrapped and was like these guys are taking jobs for Americans right. I got so a strong policy view and tromp was making a clear in a couple. His verbal remarks of the airplane, apparently in what he said to humor and policy, definitely in what he tweeted about this- that light
he does not agree with that view that, like he, wants to make a deal in which he get some kind of border security in exchange for coping not deport the dreamers, because he doesn't think we should deport dreamers and, conversely, humor has like drawn this very hard line against a wall. Court unquote, but for years, has been doing border security funding things so it's It's the best kind of bipartisan deal in which shimmer is give quote court quote Trump, something that shimmer supports and Trump is giving Democrat something that it seems. I trump also supports. There's been a lot of talk this week on Capitol Hill about sort of the legislative, nominated genius of close consumer how they wooed from putting persuaded him with chinese food in their coastal led cosmopolitan ways, and I think like that, be true and there may be some sort of greater story about how close in an shimmer have won over tromp, but
like the simplest explanation here, is that they just agree on the policy like now saying: Schumann those who want to do something for dreamers and tramped seems to agree, and you look at that and say: well, that's a sign that is going to break from the Republican Party, but this this explanation is that they just overlap on this policy discussion meaning it was fascinating. When you look like why the dream act didn't pass back in twenty ten when it came, right that you know, some Democrats voted no on it. Most Republicans voted to to filibuster, unlike among filibustering. Republicans was not just like Mitch Mcconnell, but John Mccain, who both earlier and later, has been like a staunch advocate of much more sweeping immigration. Reforms, including part of what was happening. There was at least Republicans in want to give a win ride, so part of
which opens as there are many Republicans on the hill who are like serious immigration. Restrict asked, but is also some number of them, but in the Senate, who seem tor between, like actually Their view on immigration is not that different from sort of mainstream Democrats, but they didn't like Barack Obama being president and so, if is what would like a deal that Trump wants to me quite that the skin of play in the press as like trumpeted deal, you know they're, ok with, but then there is another group of Republicans right. Like Dave, brat won his primary concern, canter, based on like an entire hypothetical immigration deal that air canter was supposedly going We agree to, even though there was no evidence we're gonna happen. So it's a real. You know, D.
I'd recommend that talking about dreamers is something that really brings Democrats together and like really divides Republicans. This is not like the forefront of what an anti immigration Republicans wants to be talking about. does he might that's why you can have a deal here, except as you we're thanked her? They don't actually have a deal in tradition. Since everyone by mass point about lake. You know not having heard crystallized deal and the idea that Republicans didn't wanna give Obama win, might be true in reverse this time, and shimmer said that he in Trump came to some sort of agreement about additional border security, what what is additional border security That is a huge question. Theirs tons of ways and different variations within that policy. humor gave a forced speech yesterday when she talked about. I think the quote was that a wall was
a game of thrones idea for a world closer to star wars. Mission Nicholas And tumor instead called for sort of a mass deployment of drones at the border, and I dont think most congressional Democrats, you're gonna, sign I'm giving trump that degree of a border enforcing so that, like that question, What is this border security is one that here. I think a lot of annoyed when Democrats a chance to deprive tramp of a win even right now. The momentum looks like Schuman: Pelosi are working with tramp, and and Republicans I mean they were in the room right, so where they are very much so billing. This as they were just talk, Saint Paul Ryan, was so adamant in its press conference yesterday that there was no agreed, there is no deal there, weren't even no negotiations. This is rests tromp, China, here what Nancy Policy and Chuck humor we're thinking about which was very much so not where the statement from topped our leaders
isn't coming out of it, but also not really what trumped sentiment was coming out of that meeting either, and so I think what you're seeing as this. Action from Republicans on the hill hey. We won't be included in this process because we have the majority and that we can have this discussion for us, and you gave a six months to have this discussion and trumped just being like. No. I want this really fast- and this also relates to the debt limit and see our thing where I think, a lot. People looking so severe is a dealer was reached the previous week in which agreed to sort of keep government funding for three months: suspend the dead ceiling for three months and just kind of revisit things in December, and this played in the press, because articles are written, people who follow things very closely as like. This is a big wind for Democrats, and I know that mobility email me they were like. I don't even understand why what did Democrats? We hear anything
to really understand what Democrats one you just have to like. Look at the tick tock of the meeting. Like who knows why that people came into that meeting with different positions your basically. What happened was was that please, the consumer laid out an idea which was let's kick this all down the road for three months and then from just agreed to write and like whether that's like a huge win for Democrats on substance or not. The process was we're republican leaders in room, and there were democratic leaders in the room and its of meeting in the middle or instead of Trump yelling at the Democrats, or doing anything to try to force Democrats off their position. He just agreed to what Schuman policy were saying and that made Paul Ryan image, Mcconnell sad as of course, he word if the president is supposed to be on your side is not even attempting to back up your position, I do think we're gonna. Like look back, you know twenty years from now and be like a ha. This was like the greatest betrayal
conservatism that that ever happened. It all just sort of hinges on the fact that think Democrats thing republican leaders dont want to do more votes on the debt ceiling and so by making? It short, that's, like quote a wind for democratic This is the sort of man and non sense to it, but there is also just a certain amount of reality to it and that it it set a worrying precedent for conventional abolish ends. That then seems to have been delivered on in tromp, having foreign policy over for dinner, without Mcconnell and Ryan, even being in the room, and then we're coming at the next day, tweeting about how our work and help dreamers ride like that's, not how
publican congressional leaders. Dont want to be cut out of the bargaining process with the democratic minority and without support from political. Today, from lighthouse official saying this, and then all the commercial Republicans, it met with Trump this week or curse or problems that are close to tramp. I've just been repeating this comment that trumpets frustrated with republican leader is that how they messed up Obama care and that he's just looking to cut a deal. It doesn't seem that you really care What the deal says he's just trying to get things done and that could be very problematic hollow often, nothing has happened right, like democratic, no progressive policy victories of the government is running on a cr which all the federal agencies hey because the waste yours I sort of the government can agree to funding levels. They just agree to keep them in place from the prior a year. You're cycle, but that means you cannot spending levels, the reality on the ground so forgotten you're, very frustrated.
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eighteen days, two weeks to try to extra for free and you get a texture, dot com, slash, wheezed, texture, dot, com, slash weeds. When you are in the minority, if nothing's changing like you winning right, mean we're we're looking at a very realistic possibility that these legislative legacy of Donald Trump and the republican congressional majority is going to be dream act plus border security funding, and I think you would not say that's like this. Like a house would win for american liberalism, but there will be a pretty huge win for forty eight senators out of a hundred to be able to get so little like Admittedly, nothing's happened because you do allotted to the executive branch, but I mean that's like the kind of weird thing. You know that there were worst, down the barrel at here and in the
This very funny sort of some of the reports have come up with that. The sub text that, like after this whole campaign, there was like all about cultural grievances and world route. White working class people and how, like only Donald Trump understands like NASCAR fans, who you know in the woods somewhere was that light. Donald Trump is actually like a rich guy from Manhattan, and he It's a long, really well with checks humor, whose also from New York and Nancy Policy who grew up in Baltimore and lives in San Francisco, and he finds Bitch Mcconnell and Paul Ryan. These like fly over country squares. Really hard to get a year, and they have nothing in common and he doesn't like to talk to them. And when I was a rapporteur Syracuse, the joke was always that the most dangerous place to be when checks, humor had a camera and then all Bob Doll joke for the record. I really yeah Classic Washington human suffering from it Isabel S juncture, Donald Trump have different pillars
opinions now, but I think that they are very much to peace and applied as like human beings. I say at a dinner friends together, right, yes, and also Donald from you. the major shimmered downer, so sure the only person in american politics who has a actual relationship of any kind with Donald Trump, that sort of please like dollar trumps emergence as the leader of an american fascist movement. So if anyone is gonna Sarah like talk him off that ledge, it does seem like it, it would be issued. Everything. Is he got rid of friends previous who you got more remember the former and see chair as his chief of staff or replace them with someone? Without such clear institutional ties, the Republican Party, which may have opened the door for Democrats to get in there and it a minimum. There's no obvious don't worry for congressional publicans sort of white house anymore did like whence previous was an old colonel. Like Paul Ryan cronies,
right. That was like someone who Ryan could call now you know I don't get it He seems actually pretty right wing, but he's not like a figure in Republican Party power tax until he came in there Cone same deal, you know he's like a kind of like a rich banker I who, I guess, likes tax cuts, but he hasn't worked with congressional republicans. and if it leaves them a little bit unmoved, I think, at night What you're saying X Y Gary comes Olympics x X, though he's working on tax reform well we're we're combat attacks and welcome her tat. It seems to me the congressional power gives are just feeling nervous, not that nothing like anything concrete has happened the day he, but that this something unsettling into them about this. Yes, I've especially number
conservative ones, because this is a moment where they feel level cut out of the process. Their leadership is the one can try to convince them like no we're going to some talk to you about immigration. We're going to try to make this a Republican, let us possible until we have to make a compromise, but for them I think Seif. King was one who said yesterday from his rough If my aware that this seems harder than fighting immigration under Obama, because at least on her oh bomber, we had a president to oppose and it's very hard to resist a president of your own party. The woods interesting is that you, don't Restriction is successfully oppose Georgia, View Bush re on immigration, part of what makes this unusually hard to the extent that Trump does tat to the middle on immigration. is not just a republican, but that its very much like Nixon goes to China kind of thing. Right I mean it. in particular, in the dreamers for a sort of
normal right of centre American. The dreamers are this weird case where, like these particular individual, seem very sympathetic, credit If you are going to not deport someone, these would be the people to not deport. At the same time, the actual dreamer activists very left wing and immigration like they're, not out there with sign, saying like deport my dad. Instead, ride like they are. think like borders are eliminated and bubble, Babo, Bubba VIA, and so people might sympathise with the dreamers, while not wanting to empower the like, left wing immigration activists. And Donald Trump like precisely because he seems like I serve racist. Maniac is like the purpose. person then to be like ok, we're we're gonna let these people stay, but you dont need to afraid that this then means, like you know, lights off right is like tough guy down
Tromp and John Kelly, like we're still wish to running the show, and I think that is what makes it hard receive. King or Jeff sessions to like whip people up into a pie that, like this means we're gonna lose control, because Donald Trump is still in charge. Writing among the people who would be worried about this. Those people really liked Trump and mean is also trying to make an effort to push tough guy me has own liquor like he wants me a deal maker readers Morlock Week, so it in the day after this agreement's. All of his comments to reporters were for both the yes, I'm compassionate about dreamers, also, we need the border wall, no amnesty. All that no. I don't know if you realise that what he considers amnesty is actually in the dreamer. What time is I now? I've got a little darlin. My shoulder is it's a term that like
whatever it is. You agree to do any immigration. You say that definitely not right because it for reason, Ronald Reagan like the term amnesty and so like he characterize the nineteen eighty six immigration legislation as state like he went on television and was like we gotta do this amnesty right. So then some people decided that bill was bad had and they were like a hot amnesty is terrible, so it just became this like toxic too. And now whatever it is. Your for you know I'm. you can look back to Schumacher Rubio when they their gang of eight deal like that. Definitely was an amnesty drudgery. Bushes, two thousand and seven proposal like that was an amnesty We're saying: oh no amnesty, but like I'll, do this thing? That's actually Amnesty knit Nancy policy who sort of remembers the ancient talking points from two thousand seven eight was up there yesterday and she was saying it's not amnesty, it's an honor cooperation and so the
distinction right is that I guess it an amnesty. You would just forgive people their past legal violation, but in an earned legalization you like pace of back taxes and like maybe a fee, and in exchange for that you earn legal status, Sosius, not amnesty and are, of course it is in the view of anyone who is it kept. The cull of this kind of idea from you know, as usual, is not like super attuned to the nuances of these kind of arguments, which, which often leaves him in the sort of political high ground. Where you just say what people on here and then nobody knows what's going on but I think your point about dreamers as being a super political issue for democratic rights. They can unify their entire caucus It suggests that we should be a little sceptical of this new Trump Blowsy shimmer lines, because once they get that often assuming they do. The questions become much more difficult
yeah. There's about a million people under Dhaka who were here legally or right now. And who are now imperilled because of trumps decision to rescind Dhaka. But there are eleven million, or so other people who are still in document in this country and there's a huge of opinions within the democratic carcass about how to treat those people and what should be done about them. What should be done about the parents of dreamers? yeah and some concern in particular that Solving the dreamer issue makes it less likely that sort of moderate Democrats motto, Republicans, will ever be compelled to do something for the rest. Yes, so when there was this agreement in September, Nancy play the instruction summer agreed to fund the government, lift the dead ceiling and find a hurricane relief for the victims of the of the Harvey disaster.
And there was a lot of concern from some of the activists, the left wing activists and some more left wing house Democrats that they had. The Democrats suggests voluntarily, given up all their leverage to push for the document to be safe and an that's like didn't mats point right that that this is a really good political issue. For Democrats a lot of those left wing activists were worried that the reason- and this is a pretty explosive charge, but but they were kids the reason that closing shimmered didn't use their leverage immediately because they wanted dock in the news. Because a good political issue for damage. And I was an off record event with the democratic senator Underground- and he was saying like look- we We need a hammer them over this for the next two months and make them feel the political heat and the political pain. For this which- is fair, and it makes sense that Democrats want to do that on the other
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But you rode a really interesting story about how Bernie worked with some of his colleagues to like get way more people to sign onto this bell than than had been the case in the passing it. Can you tell us, What about that about that can work? Sure it's it's fun to look like the twenty fourteen Sanders single pair plan, because it was just like hopelessly out of date. It wasn't updated, for any of the changes in the healthcare industry in the last ten years. Just been sort of copying pasted from Paul Helstone. Ninety ninety one single pair proposal so Centres healthcare team, decided that they were going to get serious about crafting a bill that they thought Saint Democrats could gap. Kind and allow that involve sort of toning down from the most extreme elements of the original single pair plans. For instance, There's a companion bill in the house sponsored by Brazil John Corners and hissing open
plan would instantaneously within about one year. Take the fifty million Americans on private insurance and move them to this Medicare for all package who take three hundred thirty million Americans in total, so the entire can free and move into the single pair plan. I, what your team did and Anne, but I think that are sort of central innovation in the new bill was was create and on ramp transition period. That would allow some Democrats to feel like they could get behind the bill. So instead of saying in one year, the entire area America will move from whatever plan they have, whether they like it or not. To this public Medicare plan this single government ensure instead arrogance. Is it over four years, and that at least according to the people who are close to the bill was a huge Step in winning and Democrats over in the new bill. The first year drops the Karen Roman age from where it currently is at sixty five to fifty five
and it raises it so basic everyone from zero to eighteen, is automatically enrolled in this nightmare for all package and that sort of open the door fraud is not democratic. Gloves are Democrats have already called after the Medicare in Rome. age to be dropped from sixty five to fifty five and then the plan sort of works over the next four years to move closer and closer I wish you to having everyone on that plan sort of gradually over four years, instead of instantaneously there are other ways in which, like the bill, sort of suddenly, while still retaining the functions of a single pair healthcare system wash backs on them extreme elements of the initial Sanders inquires single pair plans, for instance the original bills come for eliminating all for profit own hospitals. The current bill and include that not all that's actually big difference. For I mean it's, it's easy to say like while they choose the details but like if you had legists, if you didn't, do any of the rest of this right of some of his but in a bell and was like we're gonna make for profit hospitals illegal
like tat, would be a pig's ear. We that's all. I got an afterthought, it's true that, like transforming the who, health insurance system is so big that, like are we banning for profit, hospitals, wines, up seamen like a detail, but licked act as an example of like barge change. That was aid, and I think I don't think anyone ever really new like why that was part of the previous proposal like Bernie campaign rallies, he wasn't talking about like the superior. Eddie of Nonprofit versus for profit hospitals like some of these. It shows a little bit how like dusty, where twenty fourteen document had been that, like they weren't how talking about this on the campaign trail, but there, and then they won back in it, and you know, friends might be like they didn't expect to get any Senate Democrats on the twenty fourteen bill. So there is no reason not to put literally every healthcare idea? You could possibly think of internet bill. It wasn't it wasn't: a coalition building effort
clearly was right. This God, I can't believe countless seventeen Senate democratic sponsor. Basically, a third of the Kok is for a proposal that for decades had gotten one cosponsor, one, some of them not even a democrat standing behind it way, so tired You look good. Republicans are reaction to this. Obviously, there not stampeding to sort of go get on the bill, but but you do Republican, so, who you talk, you see, this is like a significant development in some way our day, like salivating at the opportunity to hit Democrats on their side. Are they were in human placebo, cannons tramped scientists inoperable have not heard, I had become just felt like they were sure being on the sidelines like everyone. I talk to you like well, of course, some continued Democrats want single pair, like we news was coming or whatever and its to them
a clear political play, there are like their growing their base. This is what it was a big campaign slogan, her sanders during that twenty six he primaries and they're. Just this just, I think RON Johnson called it political demagoguery beyond the ape, like it they're, just not seriously there just the thing like kind of rhetorically, like boxed in, like they spent eight years. Oh care, like government run healthcare. Government Rhine Healthcare is like there are elements of Obamacare that expanded the government reach, but that it had a huge role for private insurers and still does Sanders plan isn't. Government run healthcare either its government run insurance, but there's a way, which, like that, like the Senate, Democrats dont, really fear that critique, the way they they may have. If they were thinking about getting behind the centres bill five years ago, because their totally used to being called sponsors of government run healthcare, it's like
they ve gotten used to that charging. I think the thinking is like, if that's all there can be able to throw us. We may as well stand behind something that our basis super excited about and, like will actually show up the vote for us today. Implement as long as they're not supposed to put Putney taxes in the bill, nor Hoboken their Buxton too, because they haven't been able to show anything better affront Irene. There deadline for repealing. I'm a care is almost over. They have one last idea, which I think is alive, because it's not dead yet and which is the grand Cassidy, Heller Johnson, an interesting question. Jimmy is like Does this make any Republicans think? Maybe they like really ought to do this by partisan market stabilization stuff like if they're, not gonna, repeal Obamacare? I think everyone
is there under the understanding they ve come to the realisation that their deadline is running out. Her appeal, Obama, care and republican led effort, which means that by partisan conversations have to happen in the are happening and when I asked them, if they think this of energy, and the Democratic Party will make it harder for them to have whereas in conversations whether it's taken the conversation too far to the left now they're saying Now I mean that's just one faction of the base and we can still talk to the matters that will talk to us and we can look at this time. Obviously, they're not gonna, say everything screwed, but I didn't get the sense that they're taking single parent seriously at all. Other tromp was tweeting right that that work and is preparing the veto. Pen yeah he's he's he's gonna, be there So if this gets am where do they have
seventeen there has on the bell? Eighteen, if you include burning yes, if they pick up the rest of the carcass plus twenty term, this is ready to veto at my favorite county. So far. Yet it was a good one. It was a good one, is he's sort of is raising the stakes. His Ripken is much better than mine apparently rash. It's terrible! Ireland is not entirely sure he knows how this stuff works. Waiting at sending that box video about how to build the council are right. He has rock you busy. If you know you probably got six meetings, two hundred fourteen emails to respond to a million bucks- you you know- you told yourself, do you get around to one day? I bet, but you're, not really an hour sponsor today, can really help you with one and give you back some spare time to save what That's what we're talking about here is pulling this an act that is over two thousand of the best selling nonfiction bucks transformed into power You can read or listen to it. Just fifteen minutes
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So then what was it with his childcare bell? There came as a kind of weird see plot in this week's events, I mean you mentioned that, like there's a lot of overlap between the seventh Democrats on the Sanders plan, the healthcare plan and the child care plan by what I thought was interesting, is that people who are most leading the childcare effort. Art are not on the centres time, but are also not like the borough conservative side. Democrats, you don't have an interest in shoring up there. aggressive phonograph credentials. So it's like Party Murray of Washington is Russia, through his mind, nor liberal members of the Senate? However she's very close to leadership. Senate democratic leadership has been skeptical of centres bill Murray, did not get on the senders plan. However, she does This new childcare planet is extremely ambitious of the childcare plan. Basically would say that child care, should be an entitlement, much lakes or secure your Medicare federal, double
it would be obligated to essentially fine child care with a little bit of sharing honour for the gradated incomes. Depending on how much money you have you would be required. a certain amount for four year for childcare and its really and expansion of our Clinton wanted to do. An infinite Democrats had been working on a similar proposal, tat ready in CASE Clinton wine August we didn't happen and in so instead they sort of expanded the horizons of what they want to do on child could have gotten more ambitious and that ambition is really to say we want to do universal, precarious and supplement that by pouring sixty billion dollars annually, to ensure that our childcare centres have enough money to take in enough people to guarantee universal air for childcare, assuming that people meet these likes smaller co payments that their hoping for
and so this, like, even even more so actually that this would be cheaper than centres. Healthcare Bell, but is even further from a sort of explicit tax and and pay for mechanism can saint centres, but at this sort of I'm not gonna hurt characterize it. They call financing options it just like an arbitrary list of taxes that could exist and or raised with no sense of which of them there. Enjoying thing, but it is there they did. They did something why they gave us some kind of sense of. What's, I guess, on the menu and they they say we should have hearings and his heart upon. Their right is like they haven't, decided what the Medicare we rates would worry under a healthcare under this single pair healthcare system. So you have no idea how much money here I have to raise to do that right and, if you ask and his people like. Why not do that. The answer tends to be like we don't have enough hot from think tanks
right? So I think this like also kind of critique and of MRS It's totally fair invalidity, and it's true, the forests as like you looking out. Why didn't have financing options, but also kind of Missis. why centres is doing this like he does not see. Told me when I interviewed him this week and its direct quote this. not really a healthcare debate like he does not view the policy mechanics of this. What's going on here, he's trying to like get people excited transformed the american government said. Then we cannot discussion about health care, not figuring out exactly what the bubble look like right now, it. Has its created. This sort of political slipstream where's your sanctions were. Problems were already out there saying, like Obamacare socialist takeover of everything. Now, like you, can ITALY sign on for this other socialist, take over everything a whole new powers Will fight would be like peers, are eleven percent payroll tax but the child care Democrats who are sitting,
I want to say, is that this, like oh Bernie, missing papers. Plans had soared emerged as a democratic establishment. Talking point against Bernie but this childcare places a reminder that when it suits them, the democratic leadership also doesn't pay for their plans is traditionally in politics. You try to talk about the appealing aspects of your bill, rather sad one, so Hilary is childcare. Plan did not have any kind of pay for mechanism in the campaign. This sort of further refinement that petty Murray has come up with also does not have any kind of of pay for mechanism, and you know I mean I think so, fine as politics would I oh I just want to say you know it. Matters is policy because it's hard to look at this proposal. It's like, while K, we're gonna give discount childcare to people below a hundred. Fifty percent of the population
and it really matters who pays the taxes for that to analyze like who comes out better off than and worse off and mad bruening was quoting european. Sat in, he was saying, like I dunno Earthlings Democrats her making things up. They should, Freetown cared everyone and like maybe but again it big who, that better off and worse off a net on these policies does like hinge critically and who is paying the freight for them. That's that's really true. Sanders plan right, like I do not use, has made this point to me. The commencing leave it where it in. I fear a worker and tenders plan somehow gets implemented right through the basic framework of the centres plan is your health care costs, will virtually go away and exchange you'll pay a higher tax, but if that higher tax is greater than your help
Her savings, which there is, I think, legitimate concerns, would be the case for some middle income families. Then you're really you would really get screwed by not proposal Wade You know this is the kind of thing where I think, ultimately, you will find that by governing, as is hard I mean, I think. As you know, there is a saying that, like you, campaign in poetry and you governing prose, This is all definitely like the poetry phase of of things, but speaking approached her death is supposed to be a budget right yeah, is there now has a guy. Well, this week, has republicans are an aggressive with top leadership. Has republicans are aggressively,
thing this budget that they came out with before they all went on vacation flatteries us in August, and it still does not have the votes to pass and its wisely, because the conservative faction of the House Republican Conference once all the details on tax reform. First, and there is no tax plan yet, but the budget it is supposed to facilitate the taxes. Can can you help like explaining what what is this dispute but the ordering like like, but what's going on here, so you have to have a budget before you can do tat form because it has the budget reconciliation instructions, which is the way they can bypass the filibuster in the Senate. So they want to have fifty one votes to pass tax reform with a problem that effort, so they have to pass a budget for
before they can pass attacks Farmville. My understanding of it is that house leadership is saying we will come out with a framework for tax reform. The week of the term, twenty first and then you will all vote on this budget, because you'll be ok with tax form, and then we will pass tax reform so the budget they're gonna get Republicans to sign off in the budget, because they think Republicans will be interested in doing tax reform, yet think that the only reason the budget is here right now, I'm he doesn't fund the government. All the appropriations bills are going on on budget levels without the budget actually existing it doesnt. Actually, like any purpose other than creating this, be a call to pass tax for. Could they still use it to cuts, not benefits and all the other things
he so in so, if you re in the budget in the reconciliation instructions, they write how much savings each committee would have to produced by the end of this reconciliation process. so right now I think it sitting around two hundred three. Billion dollars across all the committees and by the this text from process. All those committees would have to produce that amount of savings. Funny to me, because that was a big fight over the summer of where to put those savings levels, because a kind of does dictate what tax reform will ultimately look like. If you really high savings levels. You have to be I mean more careful with how you right, you're too for a bell right so because you have to produce more savings by the end of it and you also undue tax cuts you have to. But you can, It's a basically, if you were bigger. I guess they call it
savings that I'll call them caught you you can do a bigger, see territories, the Republicans already! I? U can do bigger tax cuts. If- bigger spending cuts. The downside, is the appropriations committee is then like have to actually live with the spending right exact, which is annoying brain, so yeah and Approbation Committee is obviously don't wanna have to make cuts swell. Have they talk to send a republic? about this. Are they last I heard from Centre Hopkins was that they are also looking to pass a budget to, but it seems a lot further behind. I cannot stress enough how Is it as they have not figure this out? Yet it is MID September and its it all just has to do with. What reform bill looks like now, and there is no plan yet let alone a plan that everyone will agree it's you- and that's kind, was really funny about
does that conservative say? Hey we're! Not sign on to this budget to allow Haswell to happen. If we don't like we don't know a tax reform is, but if they know attacks firm as they don't like, get there, also knocking to sign up for the budget, and this is what a little bit of a chicken and egg thing what I mean is it would like. Legally. Yours was due to a budget and then based on what the budget says, you can do tax reform, but practically speaking, people too. Vote for the budget unless they know what the content of the tax reform is going to play. I mean they're politics that you're right, it's easier to say no no budget than it is to attack to farm bill way, but the the text alarm writers right, this, like so called big sex of- It's it's Conan, minutiae from the executive branch and then the sort of key congressional leaders there supposed to be working on tax reform plan, an they themselves have been very ambiguous as to like what their exactly trying to do and no
what the budget says, would let them now. so they want to cut rates and they say they're going to offset the way cuts with some kind of loopholes, close egg, but they ve been very hand wavy as to whether the loophole closing will fully offset the re cuts or not and knowing what the budget says would actually dictate where they can go with that. I'm right where the trumpet fact thing is so weird cause his White House emitted budgets, Rights Congress. Our add hopelessly dramatic, and what they wanted to do too caught federal programs like hopelessly right wing and central can said we're not even look at them right There is a gap in that's for me, that's pretty typical right in Congress, and but certainly now, the concern from Republicans. As I understand it is like the exact opposite, the Trump the interested in furthering a deal that either the government funded at current levels or works with Democrats in some capacity break. Well, I mean I don't confuse governments
ending with what the budget is doing right now, I know it sounds confusing, but am I are we spending, is kind of operating in a completely different platform. Right now, like that, the budgets, sole purpose for the moment is to allow for tax reform to happen without the threat of the filibuster in the Senate. For Republicans and kind of establish, these cuts levels are savings levels as your whole can say so. They can know what tax from well look like, and I mean this is like a comic gave, a story, but I mean I I do think this is like the more historic really is here that, like just slating is challenging and that you would really the Republicans, or not in serious disagreement with each other about the desirability of cutting taxes and cutting federal spending. Ride like this is unlike say, dreamers like does a unifying issue like you can find
me, Republican anywhere and be like. Would it be good to have less taxes and have to governments spend less money until I guess it absolutely would be. None the less like the details of exactly how much less and exactly how it works. Like turn out too, make a big difference to people, even people who agree on a high level about this in part, because you know more store publicans like spending on the military, most republicans like spending money on border security and law enforcement type stuff, but some Republicans, are really jazzed up about some aspects of that and others less. So, even if they kind of broadly agree and then that all mines are cascading down until I? What do you call it? What do you cut where
and everybody kind of, has these these interests to protect and the fact that they did not really work. This out last year is really impeding their ability to govern this year. I think a lot of people having Donald Trump. I had like kind of thought that Paul Ryan image Mcconnell had like work this stuff. How and it it seems like they have not I think, if you want to raise military spending, you and increase border security, and you want to cut taxes like the rest of the federal budget, if you dont want to touch entitlements like just does not that much stuff right leg rack This is where, like that, the political rhetoric and reality collide. Similarly, as they did over Obamacare appeal, I mean that
There are two ways of looking at that right. One is likely just to get their act together and the other is that the political promises that they made or just incompatible with what the federal government is, some freedom caucus conserves, might be ok with cutting food stamps to nothing. but, like that's, that's not politically feasible for the more moderate Republicans, do not run all right, we'll just Additionally, the key to cutting taxes has been too like not explicitly. You know not explicitly say what people are gonna lose or do not care about. The deficit were right. They care about the deficit in which is weird. Why, now that he does not care about the deficit, that's yeah make their life a lot easier. They spend a lot of time campaigning on carrying out the tasks we worry about. The burning Bernie doesn't care, maybe ok. Well, you know a way we're gonna have to heavily that is as food for thought. Think about thing about our package assets, but not by is intact. Therefore, Matt Fibres
firm is great. I think they should do it. It's amazing, but it doesnt told us you to be in the offing. If it does happen, we will have a whole new Pike asked about it, but until then things Jeff Entire for coming on, thanks to all of you for listening, thanks to our producer, Peter Leonard I am going to be gone next week, but Ezra Sarah will be back with a lovely absurd for you, so see them. Thanks is away. for listening to the weeds. I also want to take this moment to insert a really proud plug for a parent company vocs media bucks media is the. Ass is growing modern media company known for its stand. Our technology and high fidelity advertising their platforms. What supports our growth here advanced? I come and it's what allows us to go deeper into the topics that you are listeners care about. Most you know for us. That's that's really public
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