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Another Wave Of Democrats QUITTING Party And Plan To Vote Trump, Democrats REFUSE To Heed Warnings


In a full page ad in the New York Times, Pro Life Democrats warned the democratic party they were alienating voters and would lose to Trump.In an article called Letters from the Politically Homeless, Bridget Phetasy explained how she read through hundreds of emails from people who felt abandoned by their parties.While there are many conservatives who will refuse to vote republican this time around and will support Biden, it seems most people are going from Democrat to Deplorable and will vote Trump.BLM Leftist riots, covid hypocrisy, and life vs choice seem to be huge factors in why this is happening.Democrats have been warned and just keep doubling down.

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I recall twenty sixteen when Donald Trump One and there was a collective screech from many on the left as they wailed and cried and panicked over the election of Donald Trump. They set our it will be eroded. He is a fascist than I thought carries a raises, the big at all the worst things in the world that turned out. None of those things were true and none of those things happen, but there's no, using the exact same excuses in order to push through the same exact demands for power, And now we're seeing it Ruth Better Ginsburg has passed with respect the tremendous woman who led let an amazing life and made many accomplishments, though I may disagree with of a rulings and agree with many of them. I think we can all recognise the service, but now demo that's our saying: nothing is off the table, nothing if Republicans replace Ruth, Better Ginsburg before January. Nothing is off the table
back in an interview. Nancy Pelosi was asked whether or not she would consider impeachment to jam up any potential nomination process and she refused to roll it out now, I gotta, admit its kind. Slimy when a journalist goes like well. I know no one brought this up, but what about impeachment? But the fact that Nancy plus he didn't just immediately scarves they all come on no bridge cushion- probably considering it, she said. I have many arrows in my quiver, for which we have not drawn, and then she had a weird pause kind of crazy thing and we the pointers everything's, but on the table from the get go. The Democrats have literally take the accused bright Cavanaugh of of parties where men would drug women and they would line up outside the room. Taking turns abusing this woman. Would you mean nothing's off the table? It never was, and we all know what you people went nuts, because that day, twenty sixteen
when Donald Trump got elected, especially inauguration day, something broke their minds shattered and I gotta say I think it because the media kept telling him here's the truth. Here's the facts, here's the proof, Trump can't win Trump can't win Hilary will and when they got proven wrong, their world view exploded in front of them and they need to go through a collective therapy session to figure out what's gone wrong since then, because coming out now and threatening the american people with violating process, arms and procedure because you want power. Is insane I'll. Tell you how this country works, we vote for representatives, they go and they make decisions and guess what tromp one and the Republicans one the Senate. Yet that means it
is you don't get to fry that now certain rulings will be made by a conservative supreme court. People voted and they're saying the Republicans are kept secret, so only believe in raw political power, and the Democrats aren't I'll tell you what, as I see stories like this about you know the Democrats arm. I get an option that they're calling it It sounds like we are in a cold civil war. Two factions fight over control of one government and the debt and look, I don't think it's the Republicans that are causing the problems are they don't they one fair and square. They have the power, they have the right, they're gonna. Do it do I trust that they maintain their principles? Most Republicans, absolutely not. So it's easy for them to take the high road when there, in fact winning ass, I don't think troubles are real republican. I think he's on insurgents who came in here I mean populist, but what are we seeing now the left is concerned? They are going
to lose. Some key position: some key rulings- ROE wait, for instance. Well, if people voted for these PETE forever, Republicans, that's what happened. And now they're scared that November. Third, if trump winds or if they don't get, they don't get their nominee if it from its nominee, then the really gonna lose out for a generation or whatever Lukman trumpet or public Republicans one. You have to accept that the Democrats won't, however, and that's the important point when it when to talk about arm I know acts Ios may be trying to exaggerate or be facetious, but I think we really are looking at a political armageddon. If the Democrats can't accept for four years that the Republicans won over and over again well, then we don't have a functioning constitutional republic with democratically elected representatives. What we have our two factions fight
in for control and that's it- I'm like, I said, monopoly or publicans for this, because they're doing their thing. The Democrats, however, refuse to accept any the rules sort of they sang well, there are no pack, the court's we're gonna, just totally up and the Supreme Court, because we lost working to override the will of the voters. We're gonna organ change, the entire election process, because we want power, while you didn't when the power of the american people didn't choose you. So what they're saying right now as we don't care, we will take it by any means necessary knots. The activists for them sport that are saying that. But I think you know what this goes. Let's take a look at the Democrats, Armageddon option and what Nancy Policy was impeachment really now I'll point the finger at the meeting on this one become on Nancy disavowed stuff before we get started had over the TIM guest outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, there are many ways you can give us a p o box humanism, some stuff, but the best thing you can do share this video. I do not have a large more
getting department? I rely in word of mouth if you think I do a good job seriously, sharing this video, if everybody who just video shared it I'd be bigger than CNN and a week, no joke, because its hundreds of thousands of people who tune in every single one of those shares translates again if you think this is kind of car sanctions are important. People need to hear it. Then I rely on you it's up to you. I don't forget to like a subscriber the notification Bell, what's red. What's going on a put, what would impeachment Nancy Pelosi refuses to rule out using impeachment as a way to tie the Senate floor as accuses Donald Trump of using Supreme Court vacancy to try to crush the affordable care act. I saw that and I said so what so, what ok, listen. I have my opinions. I like the idea of covering pre existing conditions. I like the idea of a public option. I also like the idea that sometimes I don't win. You know why, because worry Calabria
but if community are, if, if people go out and vote not lose, I go well, you can't minimal some days. I do videos and I worked really hard on them and on thick so really important subject in the nobody wants to watch and I said to myself, while you sometimes you you know sometimes lose you can't win all now. I know a lot of people are saying, but the affordable air, correct people's rights and all that you know listen. You are not the arbiters of morality. You do not control the world. We this system have as delicate it functions properly, because sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. You need to recognise that if the affordable care act gets removed by the Supreme Court, it's because people voted for this. They voted for these politicians. The politicians made the decisions and that's it you get and if you don't like it go out and vote for some one else. So that's the best answer, but what are we getting instead potential impeachment. What other absurdities they have in her at what what other parties enables? You haven't quiver I'll speaker, Nancy Policy on Sunday refuse to
loud pushing forward a privileged impeachment resolution that would have the effect of eating up Senate floor time. And potentially stalling a Supreme Court nomination. We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I'm not about to discuss right now, but the fact is, we have a big challenge in our country, she told a be seized this week. When asked what the prospect this president has threat, to not even accept the results of the election Pelosi continued arm. Oh, oh, no! Trump threatened not to accept the results of the election. I seem to recall a political party.
It still hasn't accepted the results of the election. That's kind of the point of everything I set up until this point. The Democrats haven't accepted it. I did and I didn't vote for the Republicans I'm just like. Well, you know they're, u go of learners survive, maybe it's because I'm kind of in the middle I dont see the Republicans. Winning is all that bad. It's not that big of a difference if it up but it but look right now. The Democrats want it would be a huge swing to the far left, Annette freaks me out. I got a bit host. George Devon doubtless had asked the speaker about impeaching, either Trump or attorney General Bill BAR as part of a strategy to slow the nomination, with Senate Democrats holding little leverage to act on their own and president I'll drop, saying he will nominate a successor to Ruth Better Ginsburg this week following Ginsburg death Friday. You know, I saw video of Mcconnell from twenty thirteen and it was when they got when they got rid of the figures that I think the videos about you used to need sixty vote. To confirm a Supreme Court justice and he said-
something like maybe this wasn't it, but they did. It was that they are the rules to simple majority. I much Mcconnell said You will regret this day and sooner than you think, and here we are you lock, the Democrats changed the rules because they want to win. The republic You can call hypocrites all day and night. Every body just wants to win. Now I happened to thank the Republic is actually have an argument. I think the argument is the Senate, Jordi was, it was strengthened. Twenty twenty, eighteen and Trump is the president. They want his agenda to be fulfilled. That wasn't true, though Obama and Obama's last two years we saw Republican Senate come in and they said, we work, we were voted because people than like what the president was doing and that's excellent, that's actually checks and balances, and so be it and guess what happened with the american people upset with the Republicans know, we're Democrats, of course-
Twenty sixteen! When the next wave of seats, you know what went when seats are popping up for four republican senators. Did they get voted out? In fact, they maintained for majority only eighteen, they strengthened their majority. Actually, I'm not sure if anybody had any set at what everybody had anything happens in twenty and twenty sixteen eighty senators, the poem China makers, where's the come up. It's where that, where where the american people saying while we didn't like with Republicans, did with Obama. No, it's just the Democrats. Regular people pride didn't care, thereby like no. We don't want that. They probably didn't want Obama to get the stuff through anyway Pelosi said the vacancy would galvanise supporters and told them arrogance. You can vote you can get up the vote yes, she's correct and I respect that. She repeated her veiled threat when stuff about the seven Oblast Astor, but to be clear, you're, not taking any arrows out of your quiver you're, not rule.
Anything out good morning Sunday morning she responded smiling. We have a responsibility to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. I don't know what that good morning son, you got to watch it cuz that clip from her when she's like good on Sunday morning I mean that seemed like a market I'm not going to say anything, but then I'll get a lot of flack for it, but it seems like some kind of mental episode. She like it stopped she froze. Not, I am able to say it seemed like a potential seizure and then he just brows up good morning Sunday morning, it's like what I don't like playing on mental health by gotta pointed out, because it literally happened on reading the quote you see one thing: I've talked about with Joe Biden and many other Democrats swell mostly Joe Biden is at the press. They don't give me the context of what really happened. They'll just finish the sentence for you,
This makes it sound like she was slyly going good morning Sunday morning. We have responsibility, but this was not an answer to the question. It seems very strange said we have a responsibility to meet the needs of the american people When we weigh the equities. Protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver. Well, what will that be Armageddon? So it comes from axioms Democrats, Armagh Armageddon strategy. Furious Democrats are considering total war, profound changes to two branches of government and even adding stir as to the flag. If Republicans jam through a Supreme Court nominee been lose control the Senate, this insanity- I won't stand for this Ok when you lose, you lose thing about this way. Your play,
game of thy soccer with your out your friend and you keep winning, and so your friends as no you you, you there's a new rule. You can actually awkward the ball twice you you can't take. It was in fact arm or you have to pass it and then sleight of what do your changing the rules cause you're losing? look how far the Democrats are willing to go now. You may not be decided, you may be a Democrat or whatever and a lot people have talked to watch their undecided or they can't vote for trot. Let ask you this. Would you really want to give the rule book to these people? So they can rewrite everything, so they don't lose again. That's ridiculous! Nine other Republicans when with the Electoral College and the Democrats are upset because it's not the majority. Now it's it's two percent below the majority, but these are the rules changing the rules, not it doesn't work. That way- and I do not want
who play a game with someone who willing to change the rules in that way. That goes for Republicans too. I dont like them either, but right now They are not in the wrong. Here we go on the table, adding Supreme Court justices eliminating the Senate, sixty vote threshold to an filibusters and statehood for Deasey and Port Rico. If he holds a vote in twenty twenty, we packed the court in twenty twenty one rat Joe kind of of masters are treated and then how long until we get the state of Jefferson, you know about that up in northern care. Fournier Organ Otto, they want a fracture off part of organ, make a new state. How long until greater Idaho exists. Next, nor Jefferson are the state of Jefferson how house what what if wanna make two new states, ok, add for more democratic senators. Then that's because you're losing- and I want to play with people who are losers- would change the rules. Democrats are enraged by June,
hypocrisy. Actual reports of rushing through new justice for president drop after stalling Obama's final, how many but they're lying there lying there lying there like. I will fully admit I was wrong about this couple years. I said I don't like the games they play. You know. Miss Connell was jamming up merit garland at all, and I will this- I think the Republicans have the real argument. Merit garland seemed like a really good dude. He was a moderate In fact, my understanding is that some people said Obama would never even choose a moderate like merit. Garland, then Obama did and there like war, we're not going to confront them anyway. So It is what it is. I think argument makes sense. I personally would have been like this. Just do your job, you know, but I guess one could argue that set its job was to put it to be a check. On mama and in the end, in any matter, you know why, because I do not expect Democrats, publicans do anything other than fight for their power? Now, I think they're fighting for what they believe is right. I believe everyone does, but this is different
you know playing within the rules. I accept this is something different. Dams aren't optimistic about blocking the nominee, but they have many ways of retaliating if they winds and control and our king there chops about real movement ideas that have been pushed futile for decades, for instance, the constitution doesn't fix the number of justices which could be changed by an act of Congress and the President's signature according to the national constitutions. Out of that, after when the presidency and the House and the Senate, and if they get all of it, that's what they'll do you wanna play these games? Ok, let's say we get there. You trump landslide red Wave, the house flips back the Senate, flips back we're Talkin Reagan, era, sweet, forty, nine states and then tromp says we're gonna, add five justices for justices. All conservatives rushing any semblance of progressive as left as a more
Liberalism in the court is that what you want because you're telling them you will do it. Why won't they if they, when you think about what they're saying right now, if we win you do that if you do this and then we win we're gonna break all the rules in order to change everything. Thanks for the idea, guys, then why? Why shouldn't the Republicans these people don't think at all? a man. They really really don't they mention ABC. Our policy was asked about impeachment as well. We have our options again. Look it's really dumb that stuff monopolise was like, and what about you know firing a machine gun to the air and screaming wildly you can you can ask one million questions. I do think policy should have set up come on, that's a little over the top, isn't it but she won't because nothing stopping the Democrats from just losing their minds, they say set a demo later trucks humorous, I'm call with his caucus yesterday after a moment of silence,
Does the skin, but Ginsburg do said what whatever, if Senate, if Senate? Oh here's, what he said if sent a majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell and Senate Republicans move forward, is that nothing is off the table for next year. Let's unpack what that means. The most controversial of the proposed changes to be adding two more justice to the court. That is insane the funeral in July right job for four, Jean Louis Obama called the filibuster rule, which requires a sixty vote. Super majority instead of a simple majority to advance legislation, a Jim Crow Relic trying to turn the federal district into a state would be a constitutional thicket Democrats, our tape talking on new about pushing statehood. Forty seek an porter. We go capturing the Thing Spirit among Democrats amid the court Fight Deasey statehood- makes no sense. You know why I actually to her lawyer talk about the saying that the federal government needs their own jurisdiction.
And so that their not playing favourites to states or under the jurisdiction of a state. The federal government needs to be independent. Thus we have Washington DC, and I said oh wow action. Excellent us if they were inside. You know if it was literally under the jurisdiction of a state. If DC becomes a state that see as a state has jurisdiction over federal actions. That seems like a bad idea. The federal government needs to be an independent entity upon itself that sort of blankets over the rest of us. I see the big picture. Many Democrats see the jewel success at filling. If the federal judiciary, with conservatives after Clinton's popular vote win, signed, the machine of democracies itself broken and they view these structural changes as fixes well they're, not their cheating, and they can't stop crying about it. You know you know what they want: the popular vote, California, California, if people move out of California may be and they could actually when the electoral College, the way things are supposed to be. Maybe if actually tried to win people over
Y men nor Montana, Arkansas or any will any one of these states they would actually when, but they don't. You There urban ideologues they live in their cities and they have a very urban simplified worldview instead of going in and talk two people in rural areas and saying? What can we do better? They say I don't care about those people on a want. Their votes, just change the rules, so we win you're supposed to fight for the votes. The left says, but because it literal college, our votes, don't count. Your vote is by states the states vote for the president. It's the federal government, it's out of it, supposed to work. In fact, one of the more interesting ideas I've heard recently was Ben SAS apparently wants senators to be appointed by state. I just later- and I say that's it- that Israel and you know why do you even know who you're state wraps are? Do you know You're state representatives. Are you probably don't most people don't get there?
making rules for your state laws. What? If, in order to get your your politician, you at the local level had to actually for your local wraps, and your local wraps then chose sums there to go to the federal government and havoc conversation about how things work sounds like a good idea. I'm not with the perfect idea about like a good idea. I'll tell you what there's a big problem here missing right now- you as most of you know, I'm I'm pretty liberal, I get angry emails all the time from look. I really do from like staunch. Serbia have sang like you're, so liberal and Unita yea, I understand I looked again. I'm pretty liberal. On a lot of issues. I am not a far left wing, not I'll. Tell you what our our reality is fractured, it is, is shattered. Ok, so we can sit back and watch the Mc Grath, say they're gonna burn everything to the ground unless they get their way and that's terrifying, Democrats, don't see it because they live in magical bubble world. I believe We are on the right side, I believe, are on the side of reality and there
and I believe that, as that actually go out to dinner, I've I've been across the country. I've talked to a lot of people from across the country. At that level. Pricing conversations. While I do think there are a lot of urban liberals who hate Trump, don't think actually know anything. Even my progressing friends who I talked to us. How can a progressive front recently didn't know anything about what happened with Carl Rittenhouse not all the details wrong. All the facts wrong and I was like dude, I will send you sources didn't know anything about the weird critical race theory whiteness stuff. I do. Let me send you some sources, if they're not reading this stuff than what formation or they're getting means maims. That's what they're sharing and I see this post all the time and I'm like that's, not true you're, making that up. Somebody made it up. Let me know what works. I love this. This narrative at the right is inundated by fake news when,
there. Actually not. There are too many sources on the right now. There are many wrecked people on the right who are inundated by fake news and believe it most people. However, regular trumped supporters, regular conservatives moderates and even the disaffected liberals in the walk away. Liberals who are now. What do we want to call on you? Not to I don't think I've run from walk away as conservative, but money have walked away from from the Democratic Party, many of them regular people and they can see where the fake. This is coming from, and this is the coalition we're looking at right now, a real coalition of regular people saying I just want the Democrats to stop. Take a look at the story, from our is from the new post majority of Americans, want Senate to move on Supreme Court decision? Pull? Ok, ok! So, let's take into consideration right. According to your post, most Americans want the Senate to move on on Supreme Court decision where's that, in most Americans, regardless of whether they are public and a Democrat. Believe the Senate should move for
confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court justice this year. Okay, easy enough at that. The people why The majority of voters say Trop should not nominate a supreme court. Justice wait, wait a minute. What's going up from the hill a new all says from the same day actually published on the same day, the politically ever times that most people don't want Trump to nominate a Supreme Court Justice UK. So me get this straight. You dont want from the nominated anybody, but you do think the Senate should confirm some body. Ok, you know what man, I don't even know it's gone on in this country anymore. To be completely honest. And I'm being a bit facetious. What I mean by that is in terms of the media are obviously I read the news, although every damages and decent idea of opium,
are saying, is happening and what we see in videos, but here's what I often say you know on unless my other channel Youtube com slashed him casts news, I'm I talk more about like things that happen? This channel is more about like political analysis and opinion with some big news stories if it really does down at the cycle- and I often talk about Anti Father riots. Likewise matter proud boys and stuff clashes. There's videos of this. I can watch the videos. I say there's a video, I watch, I washed all these videos here. The facts called journalism. You know when it comes to politics, however, the poles, you can find a pull for anything you look at the Trump real, clear politics average in it says today you ve gotta, think, like Reuters, like trot minus it yesterday recipes and trot plus seven so which one is it whichever one fits your confirmation bias so which is it well I'll? Tell you what the left are going to share the story where they're, like most people, say truck Geneva, nominate somebody
conservatives owing to share the one from the from the new posts and most people think they should nominate and they should confirm so you know what all matters. I guess is you go about you? everybody knows about it. You did you gotta, do it because the left is right about one thing: they ve said that you Joe Bite- We absolutely must landslide, so there can be no question say MR for Trump Trump must landslide now the China that China game at their sang, even affront Lancelot November. Third, he didn't really when we can't we can do to function. Why the media's, cheating social media, cheating these these, these leftists dont care to play fair. They just want- power, and that means that the last people should be allowed to who should be allowed to have them when when the Republicans play the same game I'll Simon right in just the same way as of right now, Europe
We can start changing the rules they one. That's it may in calm hypocrites, that's fine! They still one to talk about impeach. And overhauling all these things? They ve lost a man, they ve lost it about lived there, ex seconds coming up at six p m over at Youtube got come slashed him cast news, mother, Channel and I'll see you all them the writing is back on in Portland, though it seems like the numbers, maybe a bit smaller there. There definitely back so, hopefully the feds tromp Portland, whoever gets back to what they were doing and shut it down a s. P. However, last night it appears there were no arrests. There was also another met, major protein in New York City, with nearly one hundred people getting arrested now Fox NEWS, as nearly one hundred exact numbers. Eighty six This was actually over ice and a story. About forced, hysterectomy, crazy story
But it's not a story I'm leading with, because the protests have happened. Workbook will go through them. The big news, in my opinion, is that Andy Foger tricked I the proud boys into showing up in Philadelphia, acting a fool and attacking regular people. I wonder what the proud boys plan was with. Bouncing these events saying they're going to I mean maybe going to go to Portland. I don't know for sure at this point, but I can tell you this. The proud boys said they would be in Philadelphia. Antifa began to panic is that they they they announced a counter demonstration. They showed up for the counter demonstration proud boys showed up, so they started attacking each other. They started attacking women and they started attacking journalists, I gotta say as far as politics go: this was actually clever you, I've, I've often talked about how the proud boys, want to go to Portland, and I think it's a huge mistake because
who's gonna, show up fight people and the media is going to make the proud boys look like the aggressors. Now there some arguments from the left where they'll say will, then why are they coming to our town and they have a first amendment right to do so, so you don't have a first I'm right or any right at all to attack people, but the media. On their side. The media likes to claim that anti far are just anti fascists who are trying to fight the evil. Bigots so doesn't matter. You could be a bad person, but you still have a right to walk around saying things. Anti forward attack The media would frame, it is bad for Trump and they would try and scare people blaming tromp right now, trumps major advantage in the election. It's the rioting and Trot needs to stop it. So we ve seen the day before when the right started back up in Portland, the feds came men and it was, it was heavy handed. Eleven arrests dense, small, they flanked around from behind default and an arrest them
but even realised what was going on. They didn't sure they do the same to send the message that under Donald Trump, the writers will be shut down and then are Joe Biden. That will be the case, this is why so dangerous, if a bunch of right wing groups ready in each in for a fight, show up to various cities and start doing it, and that's why I think the story is the most important are the problem boys man. They pull the fast. What I Nancy fought by claiming we're coming out anti first shot up in mass numbers and now antsy far looks crazy. But guess what is the media going to talk about anti by attacking regular people. Of course, they don't Brennan struck the walk a campaign got physically attacked, like twice in the past couple of weeks by black lives matter, arrests. Where was the media? In fact, he even pointed out one day went what one at times when they were chasing after him screaming shoving an attack him saying crane, slurs against him and at his friends it was right there watching it happen, they don't care. They're, not gonna, reported there
on your side. There's there there look, and I wonder how much of this is driven by people who all feel the same way like this is bad, but dont want to stick their neck out because other spineless losers. So you end up with people working for local news, affiliate, saying I know, The rioting and attacking people while screaming homophobic slurs is bad, but heavens, for you know, I'm not going the one to say it think about how crazy that is, and how beneficial at as to actual racists and bigots, scaring regular people so that they don't speak up and these videos are not so what do we end up getting in Philadelphia, while the reason why I think it significant for all those reasons mentioned, but also that they attacked a woman and they attacked what their own. Do that this briefly yesterday, one of my shorter segments, but they literally chased, and one of their own anti for deeds. Thinking. He was like a
proud boy or Nazi and started attacking M smashing up as windows and he had to leave and you what I've done. A lot of people are like now. You know what it feels like reminds me of that scene and was it a thorpe before rag neurotic you don't mind about where Loki is watching Hulk fight for and then the hulks slams thorn on the ground and then look he's like now. You know what it feels like in their like huh yeah anyway pop culture. Reference remember, pop culture before the world fell apart, remember when they were movies. I remember those days now? It's all politics, here's a story from the post colonial, but I also mentioned before we get into this a big, a big elements of what I want to talk about tonight up tonight this morning, I'm tired man. We worked on night. What are they gonna talk about? There's a video from Andy no, and I believe it's from Portland about what will look at it where they force these guys and a truck to raise the best and say black lives matter in the guys are confused like ok and they said still despite
still smash up the truck, because these people don't care What they really want is for you to suffer. They want you to feel pain because their lunatics, their crazy unhinged people, so they need an excuse. They'll say raise your voice, say black lives matter and you're like ok, no, it's not enough, and then they should asked the windows out of the vehicle. Cyclops cycle paths- men we'll get to that The tv show up for non existent, proud boys rally in Philadelphia attack media instead and these media people. This is why they won't speak up because they know they get physically attacked and they don't want to so they high please anti, for they say, police will beg you and I smacked around because their pathetic spineless crybaby losers,
from the post colonial. They write protesters gather on Saturday when there was an ex when there was an expected, proud boys rally in West Philadelphia Clock Park with a proud boys did not materialise. Protestors attacked independent journalist, James Clued and LISA Reynolds BAR bonus for bonus, was attacked. Her air pulled this video went viral because some anti for dude snuck behind a woman who wasn't doing anything and just pulled while I was there most other day, like where's, this dude dad. You know it reminds me of the song twenty our century digital boy by bad religion. About my dad being a lazy middle class actual whenever one of the war, the lyrics and I'm just thinking like how many of these people grip of the suburbs and their day it is like an out of shape. You know middle management of paper company hands on accounting and he's like well son. Sometimes you have to
Paula woman's hair to send them a what no but I'll tell you what you didn't. Do he didn't say: son, don't hit a woman, I mean look if you wanna equality. I guess you're made us at any of us all about, but you don't see anti for going to pick and fights imply. The hair of deeds. You know why, because they know, though, gets stamped out so that they go after people that they think that they can attack and get away with it. How this is just it's too so ridiculous. Klute was chased from the boxes, the duties just filming, so We will vote on it as a plans for the counter protest began when opposed appeared on Facebook, stating that there were a proud boys rally. This led to the farmer. Market shutting down, but the proud boys did not arrive to Clark so. This is the fly around. They said belly of the beast. Twenty twenty Philadelphia, proud boys joy. The Philadelphia, proud boys, another Patriots in the valley of the beast to demand an end to anti for terrorism, calling all patriots. Here's what I find
funny about this flyer you'd think some people would have shown up for it, but the proud boys didn't so. There was not like a single errant truck supporter who was like I'm gonna. Show up because I heard it was happening they didn't show up is just adds for attacking regular people as the day in time arrived no proud boys were reported to have shown up, but there were protesters and media press the post colonial was on the scene in Philadelphia, Clock Park and saw James Clogging, Loser Ronald Barbuda targeted by anti of activists are. This is the flier that and if we put out saying proud boy, fascists are coming defend. West, Philly, plug and cameraman barbarous, ok clue covers protest at interviews has per, has a pretty wow guys parsimonious copy editor. What shocking footage. Depicts antifraud harass include even demanding obscene favours from him. What Anti VA pulled Barbuda his hair whereas the attempted to escape the mob clog attempts to escape in his car,
is this is this is not correct at all? This is article. Is is really really bad? Ok, articles really really poorly written dude, who was chase to his card, was not car was not clue. This isn't one of the what while you gotta fixes articles its her trash. So anyway, let me show you what's going on with the actual rise over in Portland. Now it is true what the Our boys did not showing up, but that article was got her so for that I apologise but die what happened in Portland. Isn't it is it is an important. I got it. I got Simon. What happened in Poland is an important reminder that these people dont care about their cause. They don't care. About what you do. They will come for you when they were smashed things up and if you think you can keep your head down or pretend to support them, they won't work they eat their own. We know they eat around and you know tweets Vietnam Anti for important, took over the street outside the central police precinct after
smashing businesses they ve blocked the road for hours. They make. The passenger of this car, give the black power salute and chant black lives matter. The truck was smashed up later, the matter in this video. You can see them saying, say it say it and the guys I I said it. No, I got in here. You say it again and he's like okay, and he says it again doesn't matter. When a country or negative smash things up, and so, I gotta, be honest- you can always just jump over to andy- knows twitter accountancy. Exactly what went down last night. He says a single arrest overnight, nineteen twenty September in Portland as a law, Large mob of Vietnam. Antifraud marched through downtown smashing up businesses events held a street dance party in front of sent central precinct to celebrate how there were no cops, no cops, no arrests! What's going on when it came to the ice facility. They got crushed it. Maybe they realized, you know what they're gonna get away. With whatever they want, if they, if they go after Portland pity, because Portland
he d under TED Wheeler has been completely incapable of getting anything done, and I don't blame them you know specifically. I know they want to do their jobs, but the day want a rest any of any of em. That's why I think, when the feds, when in a lot of these people just, were gone why don't I who these people are? Maybe the same people may be Trump really didn't. You know, get it to stop, maybe He was the wildfires sir, seems to me that a lot of it still was the feds. We know for a fact that the FBI is charging many, these anti for people, but the protests continue over. It Mitchell panels have so just what it will do. General protest right up there we have for your protesters rally outside Mitch. Connell's Louisville home in wake of Ruth, Better Ginsburg death, The reason I highlight the story is because these people, went into a CBS answer but smashing things up, while the art, are damaging the window to forty five people. Women got arrested, shows up Louisville at your police officers arrested. One protester ass she attend
to remove her car from the sea parking lot how are the scene said? The department had planned to toe the woman's vehicle because she was not pay turning the business and after them, and went inside the store to purchase a six pack of beer so that her car would not be towed the office arrested her on charges of disorderly conduct, an improper parking violation. According to a video from Courier Journal, reporter haze gardener, he says Parliament. Woman has been arrested, CBS one block from a common house. She part of CBS, but was not a customer and police told her. They would tell her car she tried to buy something and then move or car a police didn't allow that following arrest. Several protesters entered the city s where they chanted in the store. One kicked a glass door, damaging it officers under the store and ask everyone who was not shopping to leave shortly after me, because of the Al Mps, special response team arrived to clear the scene,
with the story of the truck getting smashed up, some lady was trying to use the parking lot to deceive. Yes, I really dont care should they have removed, or whatever I don't know, maybe not, but what gives these people the sides of entitlement I honestly don't know I imagine that guy link LISA Reynolds Barbuda, his hair. Maybe no that may be a bad father. I think bed, parents across the board, of course, but come on man. What we need is a dead gonna teaches kid: versatile, dont attack people, don't attack people behind and dont tech women. I guess it is all about that equality and he thinks you know biological sex doesn't exist. Then he brought his and see a difference. And it's no problem attacking women. There you go. I guess regular Americans, on the other hand, would probably be not too happy with the idea that they go wrong doing this. But then there are to go to tv S and they keep harassing PS for some reason, they did is indeed see
Dudes were shoplifting. Just the other day with story broke subdued were shoplifting. For managers stopped them and the cops came Impress George said to put the stuff back, you ask and leave you can't come back. Protesters showed up and blocked the store cause us much trouble in not indeed, well said a protest that went down in New York City in this one's this one's interesting to me, because almost a hundred people get arrested, so this mass arrests for for New York, this kind of a big deal, and it's over the story about ice, giving forced hysterectomy I've looked into a little bit. But we should look into a lot more, but what I've seen so far as people saying once again. It's one of these stories: that's not necessarily widely confirmed or substantiated, and so I haven't been able to actually dig into it, but people are still coming out the streets and protesting this they want. They want to abolish ICE Fox news reports, police arrest, eighty six people at tents abolish ice demonstrations in Times square and near and wipe
headquarters in Manhattan Saturday, videos, but that offers began. Making arrests as protests are stepped off. The sidewalk and into the street video from the scene showed police arresting hysterectomy is an immigrant women obtain it, this facility in Georgia, one protest or in Times Square Isabella Leyva wrote on Twitter. That officers began making arrests as protests are stepped off, the sidewalk into the street Very often the scene showed police arresting several demonstrators as they sat in a straight line. Tell you right away if it's true that ice was performing unneeded hysterectomy is that psychotic and then horrifying abolishing ice, nobody arrest, those people, that's that's! That's that's! What nightmares are made of. I am not entirely sure it's true and again, that's mostly because I have to dig more more entity stories by. I always try to be really really care for the stuff man, because you know that, fortunately the media law, so much credibility. So unless I can see a video of it, there's not much you can go on, so you want to know why
talking about anti thought. You wanna know why I'm talking about what happened in Philadelphia, this fake, proud voice, then well, the port, the Post colonial story was was was just trash was completely wrong, and so I should have you set as a sore sets. That's my mistake. Do no sources that were specifically on the ground that had I've. I've confirmed it essentially have talked to people who were involved and said. Yes, it was a fake staged event. God these people who got attacked, went to their car. That was that that was all wrong. The post I, their car was anti for, but I can see these videos of this I can see. Videos of protesters getting arrested? I can tell you exactly what they are doing and give you my thoughts on it. I'm so what's going on with ice at a faraway facility? Where there's no journalist I can't and the problem is there are no journalists. So what should I do? Well Tell you what I'm doing I'm currently in the new building. And we're going to be hiring real journalist and we're going to have them actually do fact check and verification fact checking and verification, and if these news outlets won't provide information to corroborate, we will not say
it did so Venues Organisation says anonymous source claim this will say: what can you provide us to prove You actually have a source in the stories, true, otherwise we're in a market, unsubstantiated and say, though their source may be legitimate and there are under no obligation to share their their sources. We understand this. We were not able to independently confirm their story is true, a layer on top of a layer so lock these protests came out. They got arrested right. It is what it is, but we do need real journalists, so we can understand. What's really going on the media got attacked in Philadelphia? Are they going to report that anti viral violence in lunatics know probably not going to ignore it? you know why cuz and people show up to their house and people will do to them what they did to Andy know. But how do you know is not a coward, so he doesn't stop that granted he's not on the ground and that's because they'll actually stop him physically, like you know, they beat the crap out of them but he keeps doing work to the best of his abilities and now is probably more effective and get even more followers now is
we're getting olives information, he's calling the police departments that's real journalism and boy. Do they hate him for it? How dare he publicize that people got arrested? Look people are innocent until proven guilty, but at least is covering, so good for him, but we need a lot more. Journalists were actually gonna do real work. Otherwise what we get our media, who are too scared universe, a meme that shows you know Dodge Meme of a super ripped dog and the little sad whiny dog and the rip dogs as something honey dogs hasn't pathetic. The that there's a meme where the Ritz Doggies journalists in the night in twenties and their wearing, though you know that hat with the brimmed hat or whatever the pressing in it and there like the mafia, may come and kill me, but this story, Musket Old and in the wine you little dogs, as a person called me, a mean word on Twitter, it's worse than that journalists today aren't just the ones complained. What mean words on twitter, the actual journalists
reporters who work for these local news outlets our like I'm, not getting involved in a violent Angela. I'm not gonna. Stick my neck out and complain about it. They'll shop to my house. So what are these? Are the problems, the bad guys? What The problem is, don't show up yet a bunch of bad guys. You can report about it patiently knots And then a New York, you get a mass arrests in Portland, you get more civil unrest, and because we don't have a media willing to stand up to the leftist mob, both in the streets and in our cultural institutions. Everything just keep pushing further and further left to to absurdity to absolute absurdity like watching the Democrat debates on their like no borders. Decriminalize border crossings moratorium on deportation.
Health care for non citizens like did you're insane where's regular America stand up to this stuff. I think they exist. I think one of the problems we have is that too many people are spineless. You know we'll see how things play out, but based on what has been going on in the past few days, I really do feel like if, if the Democrats don't each humps gonna landslide again starting to feel like twenty sixteen all over again I mean we ve had glimpses of it right, but Are you I look at what's going on with the riots assent and I see the trump flags now I'm I'm sorry. Man area it does seem like we are headed for twenty sixteen red x. Now. Look the media's pulling out all the stops in their smearing tromp. In there I am in the polls, a bite winning and at a certain point I said to myself. You know what you know, what these regular people
there are two: they are they already know. The origin is bad because you told a million times so what effect will it really have sang at fifty billion times? Now? I'm not entirely convinced that. Well, because the election is coming up in like forty four days or whenever this is the time, they really want to shock the psyche of the average American. So the best thing Do as I people know about, what's going out with these riots and call it out- so they really know what's happening in our streets and and what may happen if Joe Biden wins outside this violence is inevitable. It is November, third, there will not be results, trumpet, probably landslide, and so he didn't win and truck, tries to say he does will ban him whatever the Sunday morning. I'm tired. So I forgive me you're. The portmanteau this really guys fix it, but only with their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel are probably bit. We
upon lax or try to build the studio out, so I shall see you all at one on this channel again, thanks ranging from the gateway Pandit Black lives matter activist, wearing justice for Brianna Taylor, shirt walked into a Louis will, bar and murdered. Three people, I have been digging into this story, trying to figure out who the sky was. Why he did this, and was this political and of course I have no idea. I can't find anything Dont know this man's motive. What we do know is this happened now say a few things: there's an image either go off on the gateway. Showing him wearing some kind of t shirt. I dont know that's a brandy, Taylor, T shirt, I've looked it up. I couldn't verify that I've seen people sharing the image saying the same thing I couldn't verified. I have no. I what image comes from, I have no idea that got that that images, even this guy, it's been very, very difficult. So I've also there's a couple.
Stories. There's another story in Philadelphia about a police cruiser that was torch, decouple people were arrested and theirs. There seems to be a reluctance among the media to talk about what this is. Who this guy was. Why he did it and why other people may be torturing police vehicles. So I dont know what the guy's motive was. Any of their motives are. I thought about it for a second, I said if it was a white doom who walked into a restaurant and just shot three people to black people and a white person, they would dig into this person's passed they would find literally everything. There is to know about him and if there was- anything in any way. Conservative. You know it would be the headline I think about that dude who were now higher, went to the bar and he had, I guess he had a handgun was like a large magazine drawn up on around like that and he shot a bunch of people and they said he wasn't anti fa, even though he was literally anti of a pro active all over the place
and so that this bias seems really obvious the media. Does it want to admit that there are extra? miss on the left, taking spit certain actions. Now I think we need to be careful in that's why I want to do the segment in you, don't look. I see this story and my first reaction is: could be a black lives matter activist, saying something like it's time to go to war and then going and targeting white people well, apparently, where the guys you killed was lack. A lot of people are showing the story saying that he walked in and threatened killed. Three white people- I don't think that's the case yet we pundit doesn't even skinhead either. One of the guys was black, in which case this just a guy who happened to be a black lives matter, activists and supporter of run a tailor who had other reasons for killing somebody. I mean I'm not seeing their good reasons, I think, killing and killing people it's wrong period. So we don't know why this guy did this, and the same thing is true for what we saw with the arson along the West Coast,
and you know all mention a little bit about when I was Joe Rug and because this is important stuff as a pertains to us. You know, as as people in the media and people who share this content, we you don't know the motives were to be careful not to climate? Otherwise we are just engage, In escalation, so you may have seen Joe Rogan honest podcast. He said something about they arrested some you like that. You got he's crazy peoples on paraphrasing. You know, setting fires and stuff like that, I think you got these crazy people saying these fires naval arrested some some people here are some left left as activists for actually setting these fires. Will you got called out for it and then, in response to that Joe did a correct, and where he said, I saw one thing: we're guys had a fire somewhere else and the other stuff wasn't true making it seem like
there's no arson at all, and therein lies the problem of trying to break down what this is and why it happening so the due to got arrested the Portland fight not put with the Oregon fires. We dont know why he started the fire. We do know that one guy was a black eyes met her activist. Maybe that has nothing. To do with him, starting a fire. This guy right here who walked in and murdered. Three people tell you this. I've looked at some of the details. I've looked at, This guy is definitely a black lives matter activist. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if you actually was wearing a justice for brutality, shook his motive in killing three people. Honestly, no idea for all. We know that the that it wasn't a random acts throwing These deeds were, you know, an stealing from him more. These do it's more like neighbours across the street and the cap plain lad, music in parting, or that we have no idea and we jump the gun everybody wants to make a political. At the same time, I mentioned with a rugged scenario. You go the other way and say it's not political about. You don't know this. Let me
I am looking at its history, and I think it's fair to say this: dude is a black lives matter. Activists ts, here's the ears, the story from W D, tiring doing all of the digging and the verification in the fact checking and look I don't Our people want to say I'm not a journalist. I tell you, I just put several hours into trying to figure out this guy wasn't looking at its history and I think it's fair to say this: dude is a black lives matter activist. He is right, here's the ears, the story from W e r B, dotcom bungalow I was owner in disbelief after three men killed in totally random shooting at restaurant totally random. They say what are you talking about? You dont know this. It could be a targeted killing. Why are they, including totally random? That's what makes it weird domain. We know the guy as a black lives matter activist, the first major I run out the wave rooms, it's random, it's random, while like that's weird, you don't we
but you're trying to make sure we don't think it was a targeted killing based on Sunday with black lives matter, which I don't think I think it was. They say this Joe. Bishop was still in disbelief the day after three customers were killed in a shooting at his restaurant Bungalow Jos, barring grill quote, I didn't think I'd be scrubbing blood off my How do you wanna Saturday morning, Bishop told W Deorbit news? I thought I was. Getting ready for everybody watch the ballgame bishop said he had just gone too sleep when got a call around eleven fifteen p m Friday from one of his. Energy, is about a shooting at a restaurant. When he got to this in one of the victims had been rushed to the hospital and Too- where's were lying on, the patio according to Bishop, it was normal Friday night at Bungalow Jos, when a man walked up to the restaurant and shot three customers, all men who are sitting in the patio area at point blank range. Nobody
ever seen the sky before Bishop SAD referring to the shooter. It was a totally random act, and just because this one guy who manage the business doesn't know what these guys relationships was or were. It was totally random act now. Maybe these three guys who got shot did know each other shore. But here look look, look, look. He says the men exchange words at any point in time before the shooting. According the Bishop quote, social media is full of people saying this happened, and that happened and wanted to get political with it. There was nothing political about what happened. He added. How do you know? How do you know? I take you now to Philadelphia to arrested for fill it I'll be up police car, arson in West Philly police say not related to previous car fires. What was the motivation for people to light a police car on fire? I know we're just making assumptions, maybe that one particular a cop.
The guy's money. I don't know, I think, it's fair to say the rate that the motivation ITALY has to do with the four months ever our non stop at out now around for months of anti police rhetoric, demoralization fighting riots- rest. So why would a man, a black lives matter activists, walk up to a group of people sitting around and shoot them as a lot of reasons, in fact, is an infinite amount of reasons I could say he was Johnny Gang and the gangs that, when you got it, you gotta do this to get in the gang. Sometimes I do that it was a it was a random hit and some Let's say one of the guys. Wives was like. I want to take him out. You make sure you kill other peoples that looks like it's random shore or he's a black lives matter activists he's been racial eyes like to his praise. World view has been he's been radicalized into a racial eyes worldview and he went up. And he was targeting the white people ended up killing the black. Due to I dont think that assembly
egg sense either, but I find it a weird that given immediate jump, jumping the gun from mainstream pressing, our political everybody stop it's not, and then you have, on the right saying like look at this story. Look what this guy did trying to I could seem like we know for sure. I guess all I can say is there's two big problems. I see here there's the bias. That everybody is gonna, try and assert. You know this proves what we ve saying all along you need to look at the story. Talk about this story The other issue is the media wouldn't tell us, even if they knew. Why is it that they pull up this court? Where the guy immediately says it's not political will hold on man hold on a second. If you just ran the story saying three people shot in random killing at in a restaurant in Louisville, that would be the end of it. No one ask any questions. The only reason there saying it's random and it's not political is because people have
I to believe it is because this guy's, a black lives matter activist, so their jumping on top the trash. Conversation before they ve done any groundwork. I've been googling. I've been pulling up. My data. This is a. U several fact checking and background checking databases on individuals Barely they are, I think, disguise a black lives matter activists. That's pretty pretty obvious and again at unaware photo comes from, but it just likes me as odd that they're gonna moodily come on states, not political, because any really get people believing it is they say: Louisville much more police officers responded the bark located on a whale whaler church road around eleven thirty p. To the men who were shot. Torreon Germane, Hudson, twenty six and William Scott Smallwood, forty eight were I was dead at the scene. According to the Jefferson empty corners office. The other victim Stephen Matthew, had twenty four died from his injuries at the university Michael E, rinds years work. It's really weird things out to Michael
Ryan's junior. Thirty three was arrested just after midnight Saturday, Saturday, after police found him crawling in brush, the restaurant according to rhymes arrest, report, police at rhymes is clothing, matched the closing of the suspect caught on video and that it had he had a handgun loaded, with several rounds that were manufacture by the same company that made the shell casings founded. The scene. Rhymes faces three counts of murder and is scheduled to be arranged in court His bond was set at two million dollars. According to the we will match our corrections online booking log. Why why Bishop ass, I mean I could understand if there's an altercation, but why I dont know- and neither do you know that anyone else. Why was this guy hiding in the bushes you'd think he'd shoot him and run A story is just weird. I tell you man, it's probably if its powers we as simple as a crazy guy data. Crazy thing you know just because you
happens to be a black lives matter activist doesn't mean that motivated the killing, but I will say I'm get worried, I'm good. Angry I'm getting really angry at all of us. I will stress for the fifty million time before we move on to where we get tee important conversation that we don't know what his motive was, We don't, but I will tell you this: U irresponsible and psychotic people in media propping this stuff up calling for more. I am sick and tired of hearing about people being killed, and I hope this as a political killing of some sort. Could you gotta understand? There are gonna, be people who something like you killed, of ours, we kill two of yours or something to that effect, because I've I've seen the aftermath of this in front of my own home in New York City,
Most of you know, I talked about it and several podcast several different episodes. I lived on that street, where the two cops got assassinated, burn Congress down, former CNN housed, prominent writers and professional professor all urge a violent response. If Ruth Better Ginsburg Supreme Court replacement is voted on before the election CNN resin, so on this guy is, is one of the most despicable and evil people. I have ever seen on the internet. Foreseen in my life and you know what it's funny, because I know You will know this guy and I can't believe what has happened to people. I've once considered my friends, but we are We are crossing the line man. This kind of talk from people like him results in people losing their lives. This guy has called
for violence? This guy is is is burn the entire thing down. I get it, it's it's vague, it's not specific enough could be figure Why? Why do we allow this to exist in our society to things high price while celebrities and personalities calling for violence encouraging violence and then a spineless media that won't do the groundwork to figure out why someone may have been motivated to commit some some some killing And you see it, you get some more right wing, guy and Val claim Oh well! He was a right wing, guys always clearly about his politics. Then you quite literally get this dude in Portland. Does Michael Rhino Guy executed Trump support? and when, where where, whereas the where's the press now
but they just say you know oh yeah well. Well, I'll be honest. They had a hard time disavowing that or hiding from it. That was reality. But the media is is absolutely works in defence of of black lives matter and leftist politics. They dont want to speak up that I want to stand out me and- and this allows look at the sky- we're shutting the kind. Three down if Trump and Mcconnell try ran through an appointee before the election, that's fine, we're gonna, shouted down. That's fine! he's not really saying anything, but there s no bird
it all down the burn, the country down the threats of violence. If you can't shouted down burned down and then you had, you know Donald Trump being sent poison just the other day. There have been some crazy right wing goods, some really crazy. Far right. What are you gonna call em deeds, but I'm I'm I'm sick of this. I'm sick of it at this point they say far right with the far right has very little to do with Trop supporters and the regular right, because you ve got these people. They call for right who quite literally support economic policy. More Bernie Sanders. It's a game, it's a manipulation. They will tell you it's it's right. It's bad! Therefore, Trump supporters are right, and so are that are so are all the other bad people. Therefore, all of the bad people are right wing period like they're the same thing. I ve often talked about the problem with trying to discuss like trying to break down what is far right
what is far left and you I can't do it because the left it's easy. When I say far left you got people who are quite literally socialist and there they are quite literally left as a deterrent, vast J, W all share their unified stupid world view on the right they don't. There is no the right. I really don't described the right. Is it trump supporters? Is it hot, never trouble? Conservatives? Is is it extremists ultra, who think the wife should be in the kitchen and they martyrdom of guns. These things don't overlap traditional serve additives. Do now. I believe, the same insane ultra like listen. You take any one of these people who, on a mass shootings free,
not going to find an agreement between them and Trump supporters, but you take these far left a sore throwing bricks and you put them next to it out cause your Cortez and they're. Gonna worry on almost everything, so less a man, that's that's the game. They play in the media so what what's really frustrating to me here? I see this story about this guy and vague Oh tell us anything. They omit stuff and I'm sitting here trying to understand why this happened and what are they say some political strand of ignore it ignore the fact this guy's an act was ignored effect locals, are calling about saying he's wearing a shirt justice for Brianna Taylor. Did this guy maybe think he had found the cops who killed her? We don't know, and that could be there could be a dream, all. I know this dude saw those guys earlier in the day and they called him ugly, but the problem is
we live. We live in a world where the media doesn't do the fact checking the journalist. Don't do the fact. Checking and they're not honest with us about. What's really go, on, instead of actually telling us why the sky may be viewed as a political. Why does maybe if it is a political act, they just say it. Not political, and we're not going to tell you anything else about this. We're not go find me has been created up cover the victims, funeral expenses outside Bungalow Jos, on Saturday, members of the community. Created a memorial for the men who Bishop said, work together, one of the man was his manager, fiance Smallwood was doing Smallwood was his dear friend S, admin very first customer had the place Bishop set of Smallwood. We like we well liked by everyone didn't have an enemy in the world. He was a regular. He was a fixture here. The time you come up here. There was a good, a good chance. Scott was going to be there in all in all his years in business, Bishop said he had call the police to Bungalow Jos, just one time:
sign about the door best described as restaurant. A family grilling Prob Pub there, my family, at my customers, my employers they're, just all my family. So why did it happen? Why did this guy? Do it I don't know, don't think we're gonna know, because if it turns out it really was some kind of deranged political motive. They're not gonna tell us the media, will not reported and they will withhold that I saw I've told the story about my time, working for ABC News, innovation that is called it has come to confusion where they are old me several times side with the audience. Is that that's what they told me remember tat, you got a side with the audience and I said what does that mean as a well? Our audience is progressive, so you know we're here to be on their side, and I asked does that mean if there is a factual news report that would offend our audience. We won't report it here. I think that's fair, that's what I was told
and I was- and I was told us again in a room full of autumn of people as we are preparing to cover the convention's yeah yeah, that's fair! That means it means the proud boys wave a little american flag on admitting the progress it means of a Trump supporter is walking down the street with little flag than some aunt. If a guy comes up from a punch in the face, well, look our audience is progressive. They like Anti five. We report this. It will make him angry search. So what happens when the tromp supporter gets up and shoves the guy to try by time to run away? They take a picture of him shoving it and the headline changes tromp supporter shoves anti fascist and that's it because you gotta side with the audience, and so I look at stories like this with this guy and when what do I see about blacklist matter activists, you know, we dont know why he did it and when the media finds out, they might say. Oh, you know, that's good
make a lot of people really angry. We shouldn't we shall report this. We shall report it, they probably won't and then what will happen, the gateway pundit well, conservative outside the daily wire well daily collar will and regular people are going to say things. The only way to actually know what's going on is to go to alternative media, and that is what is fuelling, at least in part, this device. I'd in our understanding of the world are world views are completely split and its because we well. We can't get the truth from from traditional mainstream press, because they will withhold things because they believed there the arbiters of public knowledge. In truth, I dont believe that I believe the public has right to know, and that means sometimes bad things for the public. A really does because some things are kept secret for their own protection like, like you know, government secret, stuff, but sometimes public right to know trumps security. Freedom over securing. That's that's one of the important issues. Look I just. I saw
the story, man, I see a lot of people talking about it, as are the biggest or in the world. I just hope to things. Ok,. Big. We be calm and reasonable when talking about this, because we don't know anything about it and that's an unfortunate but I'll tell you If you go around saying he did it for political reasons or you think he did it turns out, he didn't know the guys and they odium university from seeing the baggage shadows are some stupid reason. Then you're, gonna, you're gonna be wrong and you get you can jump the gun on the stuff. So I think I've my solution, I'm gonna be hiring journalists, and where and then, when I see a storeroom to be alike, dig every thing up: let's figure out what this is all about: and maybe will actually get a better understanding about. Tell you what I did a ton of work. My I got a headache. I've been doing, in digging and digging. I can't can't verify: have the stuff lotta phone calls got me, maybe try for girls going on and I've I've come up with with very little
I just wish the media would do a better job and they wouldn't allow these people to call for violence, but I'll leave it there. Next time, you'll be coming up at four p dot m over. Youtube Dotcom, Slash TIM Cast, it is a different channel. Thank you also much rang out, and I will see you all then Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying wish not to have Donald Trump choose replacement quote my most fervent wish. I will not be replaced until a new president is installed. Ruth Vader Ginsburg told her grand daughter, Clara spare up in the days before her death and pr reported. So let me get this straight NPR. You report that someone told you that someone else set a thing on their deathbed. Ok, not only is that not journalism, but the quote itself is one of the most tragic attack at manipulation. I have ever seen. Ok, you know what maybe route
Better Ginsburg was lying there and she's coughing, and she looks too granddaughter and says my most fervent wish is that it will not be placed until a new president is installed, as she may be. I have said it because she doesn't want Donald Trump to replace her, but this is just its look. I'm sorry. Man, it's possible, but the level of gullibility at the average person has to have to believe this is ridiculous. I do not understand why so many people are acting like this is what she literally said: it's too the nose man chucks humorous, have something similar. We should not decide until a new president is chosen. We need a new present twenty twenty five is that why you're saying because trumps gonna win right, maybe he won't. But what happens if Trop wins a new president? A new president is installed, so that means literally not tromp. Now I know trot mentioned that he said something like this. I hope I am the next president. Take note of your. You are the president. You well technically be the next president, but not what
in this context, our people actually believing this is real cause. I'm not not playing this game. Ah, we have video for actually saying this. I think you gotta be in well. Here's the fun part Biden condemns trucks. To nominate. Ginsburg replacement is exercising raw political power. Yes, that's how elections work Donald Trump as the President. Thank you buy you figured it out after how long seventy seven years been in government. Forty seven think it, but I think you know this by now. My favorite part about this is that he's critical of the Republicans who would not honour the dying which have Ruth Paine Ginsburg. Wasn't I have nothing but respect and admiration for with better Ginsburg. I remember learning about her and her history and the things she did fighting for women's rights and equal rights, incredible respectable. What I don't respect is the media, who lies to push political to push a political agenda or its out the
Democrats. So forgive me, I don't know this Clara spare woman, but I do know them the lies- and this quote was like you, Norman. If you're gonna manipulate somebody to try and get them to vote in you direction. You gotta be a little bit more subtle than that Vietnam. San is like this breaking news Raw Joe Biden, you gotta be a little more subtle you could use, it could have been. Like you know, in her last few hours she had a conversation with her daughter and our granddaughter. Could have said we we, you know we were really hoping that she would make it the election and Joe Biden would be all too. Nominates someone to replace her and she was really worried that if she didn't make it you know, Donald Trump would selecting a replacement, would be more conservative. Yet maybe that's all you d say me, that's it! Instead we get this really alike. Ham. Fisted quote that's
So on the nose, I would come on. Man look the other day. You know, I was a call me Covington. One against us Parliament comes out in the mind of lagging tromp calls in and the guy's name is cut. Bing, ten and he's a trump supporter, and it's like all of these things happen. Ok, so you know what maybe Ruth better Ginsburg actually said. This and you know, doesn't matter summits This, however, is writing the current season of life on earth. You got you guys, you gotta, get hire someone better than this. Because it's too on the nose. Ok Trop supporter named covering and winning I'm a man getting a call from job, because a Covington, kids, remember and it s a spectacle becoming those awesome is fight. Was amazing, its read that you want I'm just saying it's like how is this real life did, Americans work really say this. It's just so silly list, democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden on Sunday, said Senate.
Applicants should honour the dying wish of root justice, Ruth Better Ginsburg and not vote on a nominee to fill the vacancy before the November presidential election. Well, that's not what she said. Joe S, but she said she said until there's a new president. Okay, so after Trump Taylor quote as a nation, we should heed or final call to us not as a personal service to her, but as a service to the country. Our country, at a crossroads Biden, said during a speech and fellow There is so much at stake. The former vice president said Choice of the nominee to replace Ginsburg who died on Friday evening should be left to. Whoever wins the November elections election. It shouldn't know it shouldn't. I'm sorry, Republicans, one. You can be it because you can say whatever you want. I don't care you're, not in power. You dont have the billion make an emanation. You can confirm it. We're done conversation over, but I do not understand who
These people are who believe this stuff I'll show some interesting Kimberly straddle excellent point. She said Democrats will take to every media outlet to playing. It will be politically dangerous for GEO P centres to move if a nominee, the exact opposite is true. In twenty eighteen for Democrats, senators lost their seats for opposing Cavanaugh High Camp Donnelly. Mechanical and Nelson Republicans make you mark aims. You better get the job done? We ve already got what like us, isn't Collins and, I think, are not a who the other on Macao Ski, I think it was a pack of the names wrong. But when you get a couple Republicans defecting saying they will not vote the, can our monotony well, then, you can get prime married because the people gonna run. Remember it the republican voters, the independence, we support them
tat. You had a chance to get the job done. To get look, people don't like what the left is doing. These people are insane and Joe Biden is off his rocker yet yet still yet still they play these games just stand up for what you believe in ok and maybe that's what they're doing so. Fine you aren't you gonna stand for this Trump WAR room tweeted Joe Biden Quote its estimated that two hundred million people will die. Probably by the time. I finish this talk, that's nearly two thirds of the: U S population and we're contemplating voting for this guy. Don't I'll! Take this ass, he hands guy. Who does the you know? If you see the story about Tromp who believe this. Why would anyone believe this is crazy, so Donald Trump apparently made a hourglass shape. He didn't their claiming a newsweek that when tromp was talking about,
creating a female Supreme Court justice. He went like this with his hands. You know, curve thing you know like boobs and hips. He did not. Literally didn't but big just keep saying these things and people believe it. Can you Imagine having that kind of person you know being in control of our government. Yet look man look I believe. Everybody deserves: human rights, civil rights but I'll. I believe that like There say doctor and there's like a guy with a trench code on covered in, like you know just like food, must, Ernie sit never out of a friend of mine, and they then there's a guy who like has a heart attack. If the doctor says ok, everybody quick, I need help. We're gonna perform CPR about what is a doctor And then at the crazy I got no given you used a cheese, I'd be like I'm, I'm I'm centre the doktor on this one. So how is it that we come to this
point where people on the left just blindly follow these lies, and here is the point of making about the crazy doctor in them. In the end, the freaky guy covered in food. It wants to get the heart attack victim cheese, do not elect the guy who wants to give a heart attack victim cheese that that that guy voting. Imagine this way. There's a doctor screaming you have to give him CPR another crazy, guy's, going? Oh, no given cheese and about I'll think about it? What should I do the people who would believe something psychotic like what Joe Biden just said, two hundred million people will die by the time. I finish this talk, you may talk in a couple years are some that, due to a million what it it is true, it was I liked what how long were you speaking for twenty minutes. People hear this and they just believe it. They ease had something before about this. With my gun, crime is I'd like a hundred and fifty million people are dead. It's like whites, I just don't get it man, I don't.
What's going on. How is it that you know you're here, you're watching me talk we're having a good time. We're laugh and hearts all funny and their people read the news and our like wow Ruth, Better Ginsburg said that Hon, it's like dude, isn't that a little on the nose? It's like I couldn't. Let me right down specifically exactly what needs to happen. No new up this dislike you go. My most fervent dying wish that Donald Trump, not replace me I guess maybe she sat at sure, but I think she was a little bit more sophisticated than that and would have had a more interesting thing to say. But whenever man I'll tell you what we're getting we're getting a country where a bunch of really dumb people vote until it's funny. I know the left agrees to problem, but pay that's the way it has got to know what you do. You like people have a right to vote. So I guess the issue is: how do you educate people and provide them the information they need to? Actually you know that actually understand what's happening. Well, I guess yes, but I guess I have a task for you, then maybe not this video, but she
My videos in general, if you think I do a good job on down the smartest person in the world, I don't think I've Ali answers? I don't think I was going to write. I just try. I try to point out of started either, try to fact check things. I can tell you this fact: Jack twenty million people are not gonna die in the time that Joe Biden had a conversation. That's that's insane. When CNN talk, black holes and swollen airplanes. I that's very easy to backtrack that one and when it comes to Ruth Better Ginsburg, she may have said this. I just don't believe it. You gotta, give me evidence. So I guess, best thing we can do is share content, which is what we do share. Share my videos. If you think I do a good job and maybe that'll be the best we can do for now, but around. I got a couple more segments in just a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. A segment. I was talking about fake news. The absurdity of what people in politics were saying, and there Something of that are willing to talk about pertaining to an episode of your broken podcast, his apology and,
We ve been able to do it because I've just been work is much more than a bunch of other stories. I've been meaning to talk about it, but we need to do. We need to change our organs. Great because pie has is awesome, but he made a mistake. You see honest podcast. He said that apparently, leftist activists have been arrested for starting fight. There is up in Portland he then sad first, he says a bunch of people were getting arrested for this, and then he said something to the effect they actually arrested loved US activists. Let me show you this tweet from Alex Patterson. He says Joe Rogan lies to his millions of listeners that left wing activists are starting forest. Fires and organ this dangerous claim has been completely debunked. He then goes on say: Spotify signed an exclusive deals, Rogan four million dollars. He host conspiracy theories and spews hateful anti transmits information. This guy Alex Patterson works. Or media matters. For America, media matters as it can
piracy theory organization that operates entirely in bad faith to smear political opponents of Democrats and their progressive agenda stages way to explain it. For some reason, their considered credible by news garbage is an absurdity because they just literally make things up. My favorite thing that ever set about me was and I was literally reading the star Tribune, the monopoly structured, and it said it had alighted at its head Our may have married her brother and I was reading that and they claim I made it up or something that effect they were like. He pushed this wild conspiracy. Theory like this. It is it's in the very how it's like I that's. Why
I have the source all around me. So here's the game is played Jurgen. To make a mistake. He made a little mistake. He said people are starting. Forest fires occur there wildfires. I know it's maybe nit picking, but I guess they can get you. If you make even the slightest mistake. Yes, wildfires wildfires are being set, not forest fire. So that's a mistake. Joe also said, like something about activists getting arrested, people getting arrested while people are getting arrested, but only active. Best has been arrested, and so is this. This, the second I'm doing is not so much about rehashing the wildfires thing more so addressing how the media operates and how you get. These lies from the likes of media matter. So first, this individual for media matters clearly does not like Joe Rogan. Their job is lit, elite to just watch every single thing that someone like you
we'll do or I will do and then find a way to take something out of context and push bad faith in an effort to get them destroyed to destroy their careers. Well, something interesting happened. A lot of people started to ask questions. Joe Rogan issued an apology. For what he made a passive slight error about something he read it. That is even a journalist, Joe Rogan. Doesn't I was the news segment he's just a podcast he's a casual conversation now to be fair. You know, I think Joe Rogue into the right thing in issuing an apology, the only problem is up. The only problem is that is apology is wrong and that's why this needs to be brought up, because I've cover this extensive, and another thing to ours like. I was wondering if you was going to issue another apology, probably not, but I think he might have to other Maybe this video will serve to do well enough to inform people of the mistake that he's made. Now you see Joe Rogan. Wasn't that wrong?
The only mistake he made was the semantics. You argue not forced viruses wildfire because wildfire affects the brush and when he said activists instead of activist, we know for a fact that was one man. Send Jeff a chord. He is a blacklist better activist, a frequent of a frequent or of defined the police protests and he's been arrested at them before he was arrested for China start a fire. We also know that there are many many instances of arson affecting the West Coast. Here's a story from law and crime, six men in Oregon, charged for allegedly starting fires during wildfire season on purpose, Joe Rogan, is not incorrect in that capacity he just used the plural for activist instead of just saying,
one person and thus what does media matters do saying he lies. He lies you see what they're doing now. Is there implying intent to deceive? That's why I'm very careful about saying Donald Trump lies, or he doesn't, because how do you prove someone lied to you to lie? Is too intentionally deceive someone you can be wrong. Joe Rogan was wrong Europe is still wrong, but the point as it was an attack on Rogan, which resulted in an apology. Joe made a serious mistake, Jimmy a very serious mistake in believing that these people were operating in good faith or maybe Joe, but the knee I don't necessarily believe shows the kind of guy who would give in and give into the social justice individual people in the far left, because he doesn't seem like the guy
a guy who cares. Also, I wonder I mean these well off. Is he really that worried? I think that the attempted the apology was genuine. Some people suggested that he was being forced to do it. I don't think so, but I do think job has been duped and now may be hard to talk about this later on Joe tweeted, I asked up on the podcast with Douglas Murray and said that people got arrested lighting fires in Portland. That turns out not to be true those very irresponsible, not looking into it. Before I repeated it. I read one story about a guy: getting arrested for lighting fires turned out to be true, but the other I read about people getting arrested for lighting fires and Poland was not true. I repeated it without looking into it and it was a really effing stupid mistake that won't happen again. I'm sorry, I think the apology is well warranted. Important. If Joe makes a serious mistake about a very serious issue like claiming that activists are starting fires that can be very troublesome, especially because law enforcement was saying, stop spreading. These rumours and Joe is the biggest podcast in the world. Hate with great power comes great
sponsor building right at least Spiderman uncle seem to think so, but it's about it, but it sure so I think you did. The right thing don't be problem is at Jos. Apology went totally in the other direction. Creating another problem He said the other stuff. I re read people people getting arrested for lighting fires. Important was not true. I repeated it without looking into it was really effing stupid, ok, Wolden in Portland were these fires in Portland at least one in Andy, no points out breaking Portland police arrested. A man did I suspected of starting a brush fire using a molotov cocktails, firefighters extinguished, the grass fire before it could spread further Domingo Lopez, junior forty five was arrested. He was quickly released without bail. Now it well this and indeed exclusive jet Thomas thirty. Six has been arrested in Portland and charged with first degree, felony arson felony unlawful,
your apology to three point: two million views, that's bigger than sums sum of Jos Podcast and its direct message. Now look man, I don't I've Joe, doesn't say anything I'm just as it is. It could be the simple mistake he made there, not certain fires and floods and fires. Here's the problem with playing the game with these people. The nobody is they are setting fires, not leftist, but people people are setting fires. We need to know this law enforcement needs to stop them and we need to protect our communities Joe got duped by them by the media matters. People I whatever into putting out well, you know what a running up put it that way, I'll just point out that they operate in bad faith. We then see other journalists try men, Molly Nights, this is good. Please apologizing your podcast as well, so people here it conspiracy theories are the biggest current threat to our democracy. Thank you. Don't I'll just the mob, you can see how things are getting just absolutely crazy. Well, Joe, also made a video apology to three.
Point, two million views that's bigger than sums sum of Jos Podcast and its direct message. Now, look man, I don't I've Joe, doesn't say anything, I'm just its. It is what it It's a market and it back, I'm not gonna, know drag people in accusing me of long. I think Joe was sincere and try I apologize, I think, in my personal opinion, and maybe already This could have been a few days, but I want to address this just to talk about the issue of fake news. It would be very appropriate Joe mentioned. Look. There are people starting fires. You know they're they're, not leftists, but there are people being arrested for arson and we need to make sure everyone is aware of this, because if you- a video to millions of people. Think it's not true nobody. He's doing this. Now, all you ve done is you ve gone another direction? You ve got in the other direction and are well. I think people have a right to know the truth. So it's
challenge to what degree is Joe Rogan obligated to be a fact. Checker does the craziest thing to me, but I think, like I said, with great power: comes responsibility and now Jos, in this position, where, if he says something, that's not and he did and any went to bar by saying there were left this advocating rested for that. Could help exacerbate these conspiracy theories. Now then maybe he doesn't does your correction, which he did do, but this is a big challenge: the channel, now. Is that Joe, his his fact check? His correction wasn't correct. So what happens now is I do do. Does a podcast, we're interviews, people and hangs out obligated higher fact: checkers ass kind of crazy. If you don't you think that would have Billy make Joe Rogan like if Jos got enough fact everything he does he's gonna be the biggest news show in the world if they expected to get everything right have all the time. That's the case. And this one of the biggest challenges with signing a big deal and why I dont want to sign deals with anybody under my my business and what it all comes,
I should not around me. So what go live down by the river in Havana, less But when you start doing deals of people, it's not so much about it's not so much about them. Forcing me to do things. I dont think Spotify went to Joe and demanded that he apologized, but I do think that he's a bigger target now and Spotify is a target now so Spotify may have ass. Poligized because they are taking heat for this, because the goal of media matters was to go after Spotify. You see spot. If I signed a deal, that was the plan. They got Spotify to get hurt and Spotify probably said YO. We can have this man, so I don't know if you can fix this. I maybe that's what happened. It was it was the right move. I guess Jose. Gonna have to hire some some fact checkers men and are not getting be honest. You can like tie, you can't eat. You can definitely afford it. The challenge, though, is come on. You're hang about Europe
conversation you're, gonna say some things that our true like what we're not infallible Joe We just sees things there's like anybody else and shares them. So what does he do read from a prompter? You can't do it. They're trying to destroy the Rogan podcast people at Spotify, trying to destroy it, and this is one path towards doing it I don't. I don't want to say to tell anybody there, big fans, you know what might happen but they're coming for Joe spy. FI is a potential weak point, we'll see that place out. Ah, I wonder if Joe cracked on the show or for already dead, but then that's my two cents. I live there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. How is it that we are seeing poles showing forty five percent of queer men back Trump. How
Is it that we see pole, saying thirty, three percent of black likely voter support, Donald Trump and that the latino community is supporting Trump in record numbers as well, but at the same time, white support for Trump is going down. But what is this Tromp supposed to be this white supremacist, the left says, but he has all of these marginalized communities coming into corner and supporting him, not the majority mind you but many of them. I think people are waking up. I think the red pill analogy the walk away. And pain, quite literally, walk away, Mean Brennan struck who founded the walk away campaign, telling people to walk away from the Democrats. I believe, with the Democrats he's a walk away. While he is also a gay men, I think he's had Burma negative words about the concept of queer like the phrase itself, but the sound this week is phrasing it it's a really interest. Story because I actually have the pole pulled, up, and they say it's quite different. Here's the pole from Hornet, they say, hoarded, ask ten thousand
game on two way and on the upcoming? U S, election Donald Trump accordingly, is weak, they say one thousand two hundred out, I'm sorry, one thousand hundred were in the United States? So here's what gets interesting. This aim: a recent survey of law thousand two hundred queer men and United States found that forty five percent planned on voting for private were for republican President Donald Trump, comparatively fifty one percent said they would vote for Joe Biden. The poles results fall very close to recent national pulling showing fifty percent of voters supporting Biden and forty three percent supporting trump. The pole conducted by the queer men. Social abhorrent actually asked ten thousand about users worldwide about the preferred presidential candidate, but while sixty six percent of world, why users supported Biden and thirty four percent support trump. The percentages. Among you s, men were much closer and I- why that is actually very simple: if you live in other parts of the world
you're, not getting access to real information, you're, getting mainstream information, you're getting mainstream media, so I've seen people talk about watching the news in Germany and in Europe, and they say they have no idea, what's really happening because on Youtube and find a video like mine have whoa what is this. I know these videos, these tweets. We don't get these on Armenia, so the world people are seeing nothing but negative negative stories about Trump, they say the one thousand two hundred men living in the? U S, forty nine percent, so that they do not support trump at all alive percent said they disagree with him on most issues. Nine percent said they agree. With Trump on some issues and disagree without on others, only twenty seven percent of U S base. Respondents said they either mostly or fully supported trump. However, ten percent of the- U S, men, who said they do not support trumpet all said they will vote for him regardless war, and that's probably one of the most important points
This study- you have often thought about this- is this is a growing. Nothing really doesn't get brought up enough, but by the left or by by anybody, really trumps approval. Writing is forty four point, eight right now in the aggregate, but what's his actual likely vote Turn up gonna, be because I'll tell you this. I don't approve of some of the thing Trump does the economy, however so think about this way. Trumps approval riding on the economy, but that's really high its way above its people, trust him on the economy more. And they don't they. They approve of him on the economy more than disapprove right. So how is it then that overall job approval is low? Well, because I think it's fair point out, tromp is far from perfect, but he's the better choice on the economy, the economy stupid. So how many people hate Trump Gonna vote for many way, how many people are good about against the far left?
against Joe Biden against left as anti terrorism I made outside of this. I am voting against the riot sets about. That's that's a big issue. I am voting against the war, I'm not voting for trot so much I mean I am but the bigger issued to me. We ve got serious existential threats. We get an opportunity now for peace in the Middle EAST are. We cannot pertaining to bring our true spectrum, at least I'm gonna take it with an opportunity to her the economy and the right, I'm gonna take it and no doesn't mean I like Trump as a person or as a professional They say when user responses were broken up, continentally the majority of queer man on every continent, supported by and more than Trump by margin, the five thousand five hundred and fifty four to twenty five percent hornet users in every country, except for to also support
I didn't over Trump, the only two countries to do so. Otherwise, we're Taiwan, where forty seven percent Support Biden and fifty one percent supported Trump. Let's go China and Russia, where was thirty, eight forbidden and fifty eight for Trump exit polls, but twenty sixteen present Elections found that at least seventy five percent of algae bbq voters supported democratic presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton over Trump reported fourteen percent favoured trump soon after the twenty election NBC News interviewed some algae beating you, voters from that. Fourteen percent contingent define that most were more concerned about issues of gun rights, undocumented immigration, job creation and stopping islamic radicals more so than trumps goals for the algae BT. To community though tromp was lauded by some Republicans for mentioning algae Bt Q community. During his speech at the TWAIN, sixteen republican national convention,
the ministries and has repeatedly rolled back preexisting algae BT to rights and ridden Amis breached the? U S. Supreme court in support of Anti gate discriminate discrimination. I dont know if I believe any of that one of the biggest problems is El Gb Dick you I too, a s p, plus or whatever it is it. I'm not translated to be me, I'm I'm literally. I think it's algae Bt Q. I a plus algae BT too. I the two in there somewhere out of the number you see a hard as even bigger up here's what happens at first, where the algae, BT, unity, is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The and there were a lot of people, I actually did fund raising on behalf of a non profit for the human rights campaigner for base for basically fighting for gay rights- employment nondiscrimination in things like that seat at what, when it's very easily defined, you know what you're arguing for it's about. You know fighting for who you love not as an interesting thing that happened with the less
community, whether talking about dropping the owl or dropping the teeth. And the argument I heard was that transgender isn't about who you love is about? Who you are so at something different? Not that I don't deserve rights areas like that, but that lesbian, gay, bisexual specifically about you, choosing to love somebody or not and are choosing. But you you're, loving somebody and then you know having your right to marry and be protected and not be discriminated against. There are some concern because there was there. I was actually doing fund raising. On behalf of the eight hour, see you and one of the concerns was that they worked supporting the Trans Nondiscrimination ACT. So basically, this bill is getting a past that sad Lesbian, gay, gay people, bisexuals, would be protected. The Trans community would not, and a bunch of like a bunch of activists, organism organizations got really. And were demanding they go all the way through my point when When you say these are the parameters- algae, BT, you were like ok, cool ya, like we're all in favour. What they're saying that you start adding a bunch of things to it.
And all of a sudden other like see. Donald Trump opposes this. It's like what have you added something to it. The trump opposes even oppose all of them. He opposes the specific things like algae bbq, Trump in favour of this. I think not entirely. I don't. I don't believe troubles and title, I believe, is in favour of algae be, but I dont believe that Trump goes. Words, Trans rights and and and what you know that that the q is the weird thing because I don't think it easily defined that's kind of appointment to not really be defined, but while Donald Trump is not the most hard core activist for algae BT rights, he's pretty when it comes to the lesbian, gay, bisexual community, although when it comes do. The Trans Community Tromp, obviously not so much a dozen do the things they want him to do so they say that is pushing anti great gay discrimination and things like that, and I entirely convinced I
leave it. So what are you that's right now? I know we're gonna see. Why is it that forty five percent of gay men queer man Support Donald Trump? I think it's because, as well as the left would say there another privilege, they have one now they like the status quo. They want to stay where they are made. That's a good hour for why they should go further. Maybe on an argument all the point, as people like what Europe is doing, whether he is for or against any of these things they like what Trump is doing the one add to this queer men will according do. I would imagine that this organisation horn, it would probably defined transplant man I'm wondering if they were included in this as well, and if that actually skewed it for or against Trump, I have no idea
I'd. Imagine based on trumped stances on Trans gender issues and gender issues. There more likely to oppose trump, in which case if they were included in this Paul than it actually skews low and Trump may actually have more than half of the queer male male community, as opposed to just queer men in general, which could theoretically include tradesmen Look, I don't know exactly what this means. Does it mean trumps gonna win, but it does show that I think Donald Trump has he's got a lot of support for Supposin marginalized communities. So how could he be this fascist, despotic bigot? When he's actually getting decent numbers from these groups? the left just says: they're, internalizing white supremacy, your massage any or homophobia, or is nonsense also the nonsense and they take away the agency from the individuals, and I personally I think, that's wrong. I think if there, as a gay black latino anybody to come to me and say they support trump. For this reason, as I ok, that's, ok, I'm
You get your opinion. I hear you, I respect your opinion. What's the others plays out, will this be a large enough voting block that it be completely honest? You know that the Queer Male Committee is not a particularly large voting block, so it may not be the most important, parameter in the world. In fact, it may be, unfortunately, offer trumped negligible, but I guess we can only just sit back and see how things play out More and more marginalized community start coming out in support of Donald Trump coming in more ways than that are needed missing. When I hear these stories, I'm pretty sure Brenda struck talked of this that he said it was easier to come out as gay than it was to come out as a trump supporter, and he gets physically attacked for being a trump support, and that's not ok, it's ok to get its act. For any reason, but how weird is in this way
I believe there next segments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m. Thank you so much for hang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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