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ANOTHER Witness Claims Ilhan Omar Is A Foreign Agent, Conservatives Push Back Saying FAKE NEWS

2019-11-27 | 🔗

ANOTHER Witness Claims Ilhan Omar Is A Foreign Agent, Conservatives Push Back Saying FAKE NEWS. It has been alleged for some time that Ilhan Omar was an agent of Qatar and Turkey.Recently a claim was made in a Florida court that Ilhan Omar, the far left democrat, was recruited, funded, and controlled by Qatari agents. They claimed that she swore allegiance to Turkey.Following this story the Jerusalem Post confirmed the existence of the testimony making the claims and another witness emerged claiming it was true.However several journalists including a reporter for the Conservative the Daily Caller have pushed back calling this fake news stating that there is no evidence, the claims are baseless, and they have never heard anything like this from other sources.But if that's true it means Imam Tawhidi is secretly colluding with others to spread disinformation about an American politician.Either way its impossible to prove so that being the case we should err on the side of Ilhan Omar being innocent of these charges unless someone wants to present legitimate evidence of wrongdoing.Americans should not tolerate foreign interference in our government no matter who it targets.

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Ladies and gentlemen, no matter which way you caught it, there is a conspiracy afoot. Recently it was reported by the Jerusalem Post, but a man and Ellen blunders. War in Florida court that ill and Omar is an asset of the Qatar government that they recruited and funded that she swore allegiance to air to one of Turkey, and that she was sharing sensitive yours information with foreign adversaries. Now that kind of story whereas a ton of evidence of which none exists, and it just one guy making to claim, but he did make a sworn deposition. He said that these individuals at this, but that's just hearsay now, if that's not true, it means there is a different conspiracy afoot, because we have several high profile personalities, including a montague a verified twitter account with over six hundred thousand followers saying this is the case, and other people are backing this up. So if a little more is not a guitar, yes it and the conspiracy is that individuals on Twitter are coordinating this information campaign to
harm, Ilyin, Omar or hurt american politics. I can't tell you, but again, no matter which, when you cut it, we got a conspiracy on our hands. Now I dont think it'll be ever never be possible to prove exactly who was right or wrong and proving a negative is outright impossible. So all I can say right now that we have a conservative outweigh the daily collar as well as other conservatives saying this is likely not There is no evidence to support this, and these are coming from critics. Aviano Marser isn't gonna. Do let's ride the Jerusalem Post and take a look at some of the alleged evidence and then take a look at how people are countering this and why its most likely not the case? At the very least, I think it's important to say Many people are sharing the story. Saying it's true, don't fall for the fake news trap. It is here, say we have no hard evidence and even if the sky, island bender is telling the truth, Qatar officials brow about this. Maybe those officials were lying so can we prove it now? Let's figure out, what's going on our first
away from the Jerusalem Post, which mind you is certified news guard as a credible news outlets, though they dont have a good correction policy, we want who finances them. They do not repeatedly published false information, so you gonna, take take your pick on who you wanna trust on this one, but before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, theres many different ways you can give the best he can do shit This video not tell you why a lot of people I see these means going viral saying, Ellen Omar signatory asset. She is that nothing is confirmed now, I'm I'm I'm glad to see There are many tromp supporter saying hold your horses, everybody, because you're gonna fondness trap the left is trying to lay for you know in regards to drop they're, trying to claim that hearsay equals evidence. It doesn't and we're gonna hold
Our politicians, the same standards in one or more should not be smeared with lies if they can't be proven. And, more importantly, even if you don't like her- and I think she has terrible policies- I think she's out- I think you know generally just do not like or as a politician, even if you dont like, I recognise the United States, has a process, and if people are trying to sell this information to harm politicians be ill and Omar Donald Trump, Devon, Nunez or otherwise. We should not tolerate that. You might not like her, but she was elected and we do things based on american way, not seedy underhanded, sneaky things. I do not like the idea of foreign governments interfering in our politics just because you know look there a lot of people who don't like her or pies gonna say because they know it's good for them. But I don't play that game that that kind of stuff disgusts me. I don't like it when the left publishes fake news and smears, and I don't want to see it coming from the right either. What's the story,
Ilene Omar denies being Qatar asset. Witness confirms Jerusalem Post report, the democratic congressmen is said to have passed information to Qatar, which it was subsequently handed along to IRAN. But that's coming from a statement and what's being confirmed, is that the deposition exists now publicly available. You can go and read it, but there is now you have this man Ellen vendor. You have you have a mom to Haiti. They have another doctor who I will promise tweet in a second all saying it's true. So which conspiracy is the true one. Let's red Jerusalem Post reports, Congresswoman Ilyin Omar was recruited by a foreign government received funding from a foreign government and past sensitive, Formation through intermediaries to IRAN, a Florida court has been told as the Jerusalem Post confirmed. Yes, but listen. The Florida court was told this. It doesn't mean it's true. We can confirm the court was told us, though speaking to the post, the offer
the common denied allegations the claims came during testimony by Kuwaiti, born canadian businessmen, Ellen Bender, who is giving evidence in the trial of Sheikh Colored, been Hamas Victoria Mirrors Brothers stands. Accused of ordering, as american bodyguard to murder, to people and of holding an american citizen hostage position obtained by our rabies. English was authentic hated by the attorney for the plaintiffs. According to the publication. Now I did go over this story the other day, but I'm gonna just get to the context. So I can get to the de bunking of this story. Speaking from Toronto by video link, Bender told the Florida District court that he met with Qatar Secretary to the Emir for security affairs, Mohammed been a mad, then Abdullah, Alma not and to other senior Qatar officials according sworn deposition, very officials told him if it wasn't for our cash. More would be just another black somali refugee in America, collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends binder testified that the officials asked him to recruit
american politicians and journalists as Qatar assets, and that, when he objected, was told that several prominent figures were already on the payroll Omar was described as the jewel? In the crown legal, honest it took to assert more about this, but I want to make one one important point, as we move forward This could be a honeypot trap for conservatives to get you to believe and absurd story that is without evidence and that when it turns out it's all fake weapon eyes that against conservatives in the Trump impeachment saying. Oh look at all the Republicans who believed hearsay fake news with inflicted on trumped because you know All of the all the stuff coming out against trumpet impeachment is mostly hearsay. This is beyond hearsay, the people or posting. This are walking into a trap. Now, let's look I'll, tell you woman? I have no idea where the nor is coming from and why I can see MT. I hear you, I six hundred thousand followers saying he know It is true, and you know, categories are trying to get a twitter account taken down. You have other people claiming it's true, so who's the liar, but here's what we get from the daily collar and
surprisingly, daily callers, no fan of ill Hanno modest, the conservative Alex Tucker Carlson's outlet, how a fake among the crowd and esteem brothers and the Canadian aid roles in a dubious story about ill health, Omar and Qatar but hold on men. I get it you it's hard that you can't prove a negative right. There's, there's no way to prove is isn't true for the most part But we do have any evidence otherwise, and this is daily caller asserting a conspiracy in the other direction. Look man this One of those challenges where no matter what you do there is a breaking news story of high profile, verifiable. Like me, no credible news outlets claiming one thing or the other: here's the daily All are they say a Jerusalem story suggesting that rap Alien Omar could secretly before an agent for the nation of Qatar is highly dubious, the store is based on the claims of Alan Bender, a self described fixer for the Saudis who are cutters sworn enemies
he claims, Caturia official, summoned him and divulged their innermost secrets. The accusation appears to be part of a campaign by a mom of peace, Mohammed Tahiti who positions himself as a western friendly, anti extremist Muslim, but who said under an ultra conservative click. The story says: foreign elements are pushed a dubious story targeted at american conservatives that alien or is a secret agent of the nation of cutter that the claim comes from a deposition from a canadian self described problem solver for the saudi ruling family, the arch nemesis of Qatar, who gave two hundred pages of testimony that offered a haphazard smorgasbord of nations against the country. He goes on to say the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation Review the deposition and deemed it not credible, even gets Omar. Job wrong repeatedly, calling her a senator now I'll stop there. I understand that this guy might not know who she is at the very least he's testifying in a sworn statement that he was told
by categories. That doesn't mean he needs to know anything about her. He might not really. She's out. They told me about her senator submarine. She believes Ex wincey. The most important point is not that he got a job wrong. It's that he's just telling us what he heard from someone else. It's entirely possible. The Qatar is water lying because they wanted this information. Now someone else posted a funny tweet. I wonder what the Jerusalem Post has still had Omar well ill hand. Omar supports boycott development and sanction bs. So I'm not surprised that there are going to be people more or less than sympathetic when a possible fake news story emerges, they gonna say the Jerusalem Post published. That quote a Florida court has then almost a secret for an agent and the story rapidly began making the rounds. Among american conservatives and the deposition, Bender attested obligatory, called him out of the blue, flew into the Royal palace,
shared their misdeeds with him and extreme detail, despite his prior association with their rivals the deposition in lose all manner of accusations such as that Omar is a we'll call. It adult activity. Maniac get the point, and that reported at CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times are on the Payroll of Qatar. Bender appeared eager to expose all of the dirt. Inexplicably said, rather not provide key details such as the names of the reporter supposedly taking bribes quote, I rather not say, as I know the name and details he's out of CNN I'd rather not mentioned specific names, but I have yes several names. He said of the New York Times. Bender did not return a request for comment and the deposition. He said he well sometimes intervene on behalf of members of the saudi ruling. Families mediate solve their problems and it s the case and tromp is you know supplying, but to Saudi Arabia. It stands to reason what they're there a lot of people who don't like ill hand, Omar she's, Anti tromp she's far-
left she's anti Israel, there a lot of people who don't like her, but I tell you what I am not one who will ever assert a conspiracy. So here we have a guy who swore and a statement with no proof and that's all we have so there are starting a conspiracy genocide. I can't go that far man. I can't tell you what to believe, but I'd. I will show you some more evidence. First, that the daily collar goes on to question the credibility of a mountain Hedy. I don't think that's necessarily relevant for the most part, though they say tat. You would not tell the Daily Colonies Foundation, which of his colleagues had supposedly entered into secret agreements with Qatar. Listen. Lying to claim someone's less than credible over disagreements, I think is irrelevant. Show me the evidence. Otherwise I don't see the point in having a section I get it. You want to question the credibility of its individual. I've got to tell you what you got proof I dont like games where it's like: hey we're, gonna. U know targeted individual targeted credibility, incentive came at the substance of his claims. However, here's where gets really interesting, you may be familiar with the cries and steam brothers. They were
After wing social media manipulators, I dont know how to describe them in my opinion, and they were. They were banned for social media from an escalation, but apparently they had private information where they were told. I believe by Bunda that you're, so they say they said Anne in early August they say: Bender changed is on farm. Sorry, on on its on Tuesday, opposed for the brothers Facebook page offered by one of their wives, so that four months ago Bender contacted the present stiens to tell them that are Hedy was working. Our cutters. Enemies to spread lies about Omar, just another conspiracy that an early August bender changed his tune, and so the tunnel. Allegations were true and it appears that something happened in August, which both also lay and Alan vendor against cutter, whether it was another foreign government paying them Saudi Arabia or some their international battle in the Middle EAST. I am not one hundred percent certain I say it is unclear by Bender would contact the crass instincts,
How says, as the right wing media runs the story, even though prominent conservative reporters, we have covered Ellen Omar or cutter quickly flag as baseless and the important point. So listen man. I know many people not might not care too much about the absurdity of accounts. Where's he thier. Whichever side it is, but a lot of people are So if you think this is important to break down the baseless, none of it and challenge it and please consider shyness the best it's. That is the best way to help interesting Lee. So the crescents dean's did seem to have some insight into this operation Tahiti as Tahiti build suspense endlessly on Twitter about our second witness, what emerged the presidency but it would be, a man named Abdulla also lay, and they turned out to be right out. I tweeted similarly thin evidence a short time later. So let me If I have this disguised tweet pulled up this, is it this guy's verified on twitter? They say you were sent to forty four years and present asylum seeker in the UK kuwaiti journalist Phd in economic development he said, and on twitter
famous doktor Abdulla also late- and I was the guest of the Qatar government and Prime Minister for six months- I learned of their operations in the west and can testify and confirm that everything but our said in his deposition regarding Ellen Omar and caught her is true. I am also owing to assist in any investigation about cutters activities in the west and their ambitions to. Once you s politics, he then provides is email. Here we have David Steinberg, David Steinberg has investigated ill. Had a large relentlessly, in fact, is one of the principal reporters covering her campaign. Finance abuse, our potential strange relationships, and he treated, s folks. Many of you have contacted me about the ill hand, Omar Cutter, our connection alleged in Florida Court proceedings No source of mine has ever mentioned anything about this. I have seen nothing verifiable. I could not be more sceptical of the stories veracity heap in mind. This is somebody who is investigating ill hand Omar and is providing information that conservatives have you
against her. I'm gonna want to claim that anybody is trying to take her down or like that. This is not a fan to say the least, and there's more, this verified twitter journalist wooden shackle, I believe, is a journalist he's a foreign policy, national security and tech alumni for the eye. W P, verified twitter account sang bad faith. Actors continue to spread false information about Elaine Omar being run by cutter. It is one hundred percent nonsense. Both she and caught her have committed many misdeeds. The cutter Omar thing is dumb and it hurts real investigative reporting of the two I received this opt out over a year ago and investigated it. There's nothing there. It's part of the information wars between culture and its gulf adversaries. Don't fall for the stupidity, please. Yes, there are uninformed people, war taking money to push the stupidity where's the proof of the allegations it doesn't exist and for those asking no, the fake amount does not have a single piece of
There has been so much Sal reporting on Ellen Omar and caught her separately and much more to uncover it is shame that a bunch of foolish people are running a disinformation operation that only sabotage legitimate time consuming work that real investigative journalism requires. He says this in particular, he is shamelessly spreading disinformation to millions of people and getting paid to fool you. He has no evidence to back his claims and he has been yelling about this for a year. Where is the evidence he's getting need to peddle this information at low as to the low any shows an image of a mountain he's twitter account. He says in particular Ansari in this particular in it, the deposition being cited, comes from a guy who was recruited to spat, spread a bunch of bs this information Position is one baseless conspiracy after another. This up is so dumb that it ends up being ends up helping the accused parties welcome to MID East info ups,
and under the guy who made the accusation and the deposition gave his testimony citing other people are sources for the info. This protects him from fact: accountability or legal low back. He is a pay to play guy. Just like the fake among both are compensated by saying people. He says I was hesitant to give further info, but this up is doing massive damage to the credibility of real journalists on the all more and caught her beak. This is an anti Cavanaugh Trump Russia style, moronic up it plays into o Mars hands, and now you can claim to be the victim of all story. He then goes on to link the daily collar. Now, let me, let me tell you something: Jordan, Chateau is anything it is in no way it appears, Miscentes tweets leftist or is a conservative. It looks like he's very, Such a fan of the president I dont want. I am not trying to insinuate anything Jordan, but his tweets are those that are not left wing, their morceau likely to be right wing. But this brings me to the Augustine
the big issue who is making it up. Are these journalists working servants saying don't fall for this telling the truth I gotta say based on the evidence, you should not be believing this story and that that was the point about it in the first place. Now, listen, I'm not saying it's not true I'm not saying it's, not possible. I'm saying there is nothing. There is no reason for people to between this out posting photos and sang ill hand. Omar is acts. It just does not exist just because someone's wonder oath that someone else told him is not evidence and does not prove this is legitimate and I'll. Tell you what I get really really angry here? What these foreign individuals who are trying to smear an american politician. I am not a fan of Omar and you don't have to be to be angry about for individuals trying to screw with our process our democratic institutions, our continent, the republic. If Ellen Omar Pit has bad policies, we challenge that, through our are our governmental system, not by
entertaining these smear campaigns from people who can provide evidence. That being said, you're going to call em of peace a liar, because he's been saying over and over again, this is true. Now here's the thing he's claiming Republicans are coming out against this story because it mentions cushions and in fact does in the latest story from the Jerusalem post. Eleanor deposition text. Also names are sore and cushions as Qatar assets. I gotta say that is awful. Convenient. Now look no matter which, when you cut it, as I said, we gotta conspiracy, the own real thing you need to keep in mind is that all of this is unproven in any which way and we should not be outright assuming Eline Omar is or isn't in any capacity. But I'll tell you what the game being laid before us in politics. Is there if tromp is innocent, why Shouldn T testify and have other people testify, and they say that and if that's the standard, their setting, then
yeah Ellen Omar will have to make a sworn statement that it's not true. However, that is it only dangerous, I mean look. I get it's dangerous maternal rope tromp into this nonsense. Can we allow foreign actors to make statements that result in us requiring investigations that includes Ukraine? That includes the Mps in Ukraine and Victor Shokhin? I get it, but I tell you the problem. First, they claim Donald Trump was you know you abusing its power because wanted investigation into Biden embarrassment. Then we need to determine whether or not there was actual corruption between Bide in Burma Hunter by MID Cetera. Then you get Ukraine officials claiming their is. There are people who want to hurt this country, and that includes people like Eleanor, because I know she's an easy target.
I will not tell him in, but I'm gonna have to side with the journalist saying there is nothing to back this up. I don't know much about him onto Hedy, I'm not gonna. U no claim that he's a liar or being paid, because that's equally absurd. The left calls the right, drifters and and and and and and what are we supposed to say if amount, ideas correct. Well, then you better publish evidence, but until he does, you'll need to stop share. The store? I mean it? I've seen twenty thousand thirty thousand retreats on these posts. May. These claims and the evidence will come and it never comes in never does, and as I don't care who is making the claim it is on fair to smear Ellen, Omar unless proof exists and a sum tweeted, I wonder what the Jerusalem Post has against alien Omar. I'm not Ankara's on pulses lying, I mean they're there but a outlets, but all they're doing is reporting one guys testimony. So in the end, is there a grand conspiracy? Well, unfortunately, yes, there is, we don't know which one is
real one, but I'm gonna have to lean towards the story about Eleanor working for contact for Qatar is baseless, unfounded, and if you want to claim it's true, you need some hard evidence. That also makes me question why people are spreading the story, why you have people who are seemingly unrelated backing up. All of these claims are they being tricked. I don't know I tell you what, if three or four people come out sang yes, this is true but ill and all mark you gotta conspiracy is it a culture is collusion to spread decent nation, but an american politician still a conspiracy in the end and on the Italian I operate on evidence and we have none in any which way, but I'll tell you what please stop sharing this ill and store. It sounds told
fake. It does and for four months ahead in otherwise you're gonna have to present a real evidence, not just claims that people are coming after you. We need real evidence and I'll tell you what I'm getting really really angry about this, but I ll leave it there. Let me watch thing: the commons below next video becoming up at six p m youtube com, slashed him cast news, and I will see you all them. To all the Democrats out there, I want to remind you, you asked for this now knew about the call between Donald Trump and Ukraine. Nobody cared and ultimately didn't go anywhere. There was no announcement There were no investigations, it was done and Donald Trump tries. You might nothing happened now, might argue all would only it only ended because trumped up cotton, I disagree. The president of Ukraine, it didn't do anything. Ok, the story was Joe Biden was corrupt or something that effect because the sun was corruption affecting a son. I don't care
The point is, we are now in Hunter Biden, world and Joe Biden has been dragged through the mud, but I will do my. I will tell you one thing: I'd be willing to bet most. The Democrats would watch a video like this, don't like Joe Biden either, so that in that regard, hey it's a win win for everybody. Isn't it here's the story hunter by in suspected of smoking crack in Dc Strip Clubs vip room. You know this is not surprising. Apparently he got discharge or make out the crack piper somethin like returned. A rental car to crack but who are they thought they found cocaine this system or something like that? The dude clearly isn't all on the level, and now Joe Biden and whenever it is, he was trying to do. Try ass. He might I mean he is the front runner for now. Well, there's gotta be bad bad, bad, Betty's, I'll, tell you what if there's a narrative going around that hunter, botanist, corrupt and Joe, is helping him and you sprinkle little crack on it guess what people are gonna be more inclined to believe
Now, you might argue none of its true great. You could have let sleeping dogs lie and this wouldn't be an issue. This is from twenty eighteen, apparently, some strict club smell burning, styrofoam or something, and they knew what it was, and so there are like hey. Do you can't be doing this? All you had to do was just campaign and issues? Americans cared about focus on that You don't like about tromp that our policy oriented and character oriented instead of like scandalised scandal, you can't prove. Instead, what happened was maybe was on purpose. Maybe Democrats were like we gotta get. Why not the rays because they want Bernier warrant. I don't know, but I'll tell you what I can the story to Brok, Obama saying Joe doesn't have it. All of this is surfacing now I mean the Obama stuff about by to promote a kilometer campaign right. This made would have come up. I guess Jos Running, but all of this interest in Hunter Biden is on earth because they had to have impeachment
because the whistle blower came out so the whistle blower met. You really help Donald Trump I'll. Tell you what, if Joe Biden according to build more is the only so you can beat tramping Ohio well, each knock them out of the race. Bravo, because no one knew about trumps phone call. Nobody can about what trumps, as does the landscape and neither did Zalewski who did nothing in response to Trump say: hey. Do us a favour? Nothing happened. Nothing happened They say all but troubles withholding aid. Ok, you know what man look I got. It may be fine whenever the point is once you up that can of worms. Here's the news- and this will those that easier to the democratic establishment. If you thought Biden was and he was your safe peck well Adam Shift, just ruin that, for you read the story from page six Hunter Biden suspected of smoking crack in DC, they call it a jiggle doing trending. Now I, like the actual thousands drip club, but though the training
says it's a giggle joint, Ok Hunter Biden was suspected of smoking crack inside a Strip club where he dropped thousands of dollars during multiple visits. At the same time, he held a seat on the board of a controversial ukrainian natural gas company. The posters like, let me stop right there. Let me stop on tourism by every measure, whereas most corrupt We heard the testimony. It's almost like Adam ship, one to make sure everybody knew Joe Biden kid work for crept company. Not could you not? You had vulgar Morrison, you had can't they're all testify. Where is my was kind of corrupt. So what so? So all you're doing is dragging under binds named to them on this why so many independent voters have flipped on impeachment there like women, you mean to tell me your witnesses think, whereas most corrupt and you're mad at you, for asking about it? That that is absurd, especially I think at least to fund at play huge role in this when she asked her. She asked give about
you're, not gonna, annexing myself, I wear the point. Is we learned that everybody thought there was a conflict of interests, release the potential for one? We learned from George can't that we probably should be investigating this, and we didn't I at least to fund it pointed out. Yet we hear about economics. That was a point that, during her preparation with the Obama administration, they specifically asked about this here's. My question: why didn't? Why did Joe Biden say? I can't do this my son's on the boards conflict dressed. Why did they get literally anybody else to do it? Well, here's the news. The incident which took place at Archibald Gentleman's club in Washington DC late last year, represents the most recent alleged drug use by Biden. Forty nine was acknowledged six since in rehab for alcoholism and addiction that included a crack binge in twenty. Sixteen, a crack binge
let me let me ask them if I told you that there was a dad and his son was a crackhead who got a job based off of his name and was facing prison time through a corrupt corruption investigation. If I told you that and then I said, we think the dad intervened to protect us on what you believe me, I tell you what you would Anybody would do that for their kid. I know, even if they know, is wrong. If it was your kid who is facing a proud and you knew he was on crack at will not every dance somebody I believe you know what man it's like I've seen stories like. If you can't fix some, perhaps they really do need to get knock on effect. That's how you? What? If the story was not about Biden, the press would be like, of course, the dead intervened. Think about this kid is- is doing drugs he's, throwing it let's wait around to job for a corrupt company that under investigation, then he calls his dad panicking being like do
by going to do in deadlock, don't worry, don't worry I'll, come I'll, take care of it come on and the dad comes in and takes care. It form, wouldn't wouldn't most that's do that even the people don't hold their own accountable. Ok, they they think. I would rather make sure my kid doesn't go to prison or get indicted in this plus it made me, look bad I hope that that look because bite in the door, like there's, no evidence there, corrupt commanded, no evidence of excise on everyone testified, whereas most corrupt to an extent the guy needed to be investigated and the and your kid who crackhead is is serving on the board and no one knows why and he's get now. Money. Eighty three thousand dollars a month apparently and its slogan, cracked. Same time. I'm sorry dude me about it. I think dedicated to save the day. Workers at Archibald slogans about three blocks nor for the White House said Biden was a regular there with two bartenders and a security worker all instantly recognising as photo and one worker
by name Security worker Rocco Petrovitch, said Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the democratic front runner to challenge Trump next year would routinely hole up in a vip room and drink during this visit. Now that's fine, I'm totally. Ok with that It's the crack, I'm not ok with there was a smell of burning styrofoam, the vip room. We told him nothing. Little can go on in their letter said we didn't see anything illegal after you have spoken to the smell stopped the IP employs suspected. It was crack yak. As we know it corrects smells like right. Inter Biden- and I was the royal we I dont know it corrects muslim hunter buttons. That aspect wine from the south side of Chicago, so I would be surprised when did small before Hunter spent, thousands and thousands of dollars in the Archibald VIP Rooms and paid his bills with credit cards that didn't have his name on it, while that is where do they do is corrupt man come on. This is the definition of corruption. I'm I'm sorry going to strict clubs smoke
crack gettin jobs that we don't know what it's literally mafiosi, corruption, it's a dude poos doing crack and getting paid. Do God knows what, in a foreign country for company we heard under their impeachment, testimony was crop? Can we please, can we It's ok. Can we please investigate what he was doing and I'm sorry if Joe Biden Intervened- and there was an The haitian going on or not I don't know all I know, is listen. You won't have a debate about it. Fine, let's take up the facts. Let's get formation out and remember, Democrats, you asked for this. You want to make sure everybody the name Joe Hunter by Joe and Hunter bite him. Why truck talkative Lansky about a congratulations. This is why now let me ask another question: if I told you there was a crackhead who, son of a government official got a job on a corrupt company, and then is dead. Cabinet intervened, We gotta get mad at tromp for being like. What's going on here. Ok, tropic, elitism, even drink is like a german foggy, accuses listen in this story
I tell you what that's real more and come back to this. They say the club generally we're wired customers to use credit cards that match official ideas, but Hunter was a bit of an exception whenever, in town. He came in for two days in a row, disappeared and came back. A month later, Archibald current owner Dan Harris didn't returning emails. Income at the time of the incident. Hunter was a board member of ukrainian natural gas company charisma, which reportedly pay them as much as fifty thousand dollars a month. That job lies at the heart of an ongoing impeach, an aggregate sharply. We get it trumpet eyes quid pro quo, whatever Hunter joined, whereas mocha we get it. Let me die some that's ok, we had some more information in an interview with ABC knows last month, Hunter denied a suggestion that he wasn't qualified because I didn't have an extensive, knowledge about natural gas or Ukraine? No, but I think I am now just anybody else was on the board. If not more, that's not helping you do a corrupt company with a bunch of random people who don't know anything about natural gas sounds weird the dude running. It is corrupt.
He was apparently siphoning money from the taxpayers and yours So why nobody else at any knowledge about natural gas, but does not open your case. Dude, it's tonnage is proving the point. Hunter was currently embroiled in opportunities. You know what men are I hold on whom we got a guy? who apparently be I'll, be careful khazar allegations he apparently like cheat and his wife with his dead brother's wife than many hooked up with twenty year old athlete got pregnant. He smokin cracked the whole time going to strip clubs. It's on the board of a company that apparently under investigation at the very least the government- the? U S, government wants it to be an investigation and then, when he turns up Joe Biden, pops up and says, if you, if you don't, have the guy fired and six hours yank the billion dollars now all this is predicated upon whether or not victor choking in Ukraine actually was investigating knots contested, I suppose, but I'm a tiresome according to sworn statements and statements from them
of parliament in Ukraine. Shokhin was investigating Maremma. Now, maybe it's not true, but I'll tell you. This after Joe Biden came in and said fire the guy. The new guy cleared the founder of Burma of all wrong. Doing that does not sound like they wanted corruption to be to be uncovered. It sounded like they were, covering up the corruption lookin. If you're gonna try and convince me that this company is corrupt, we must investigate, and then you get a guy appointed who then clears that company around? I don't believe you do believe you I'm sorry. It sounds to me like you are like how can we justify firing? A prosecutor was investigating problem. He's not investigating corruption. So why clear the guy wrongdoing and it wasn't until twenty eighteen- they start looking at this guy again, but he's flood he's gone. Weird! Isn't it so here we got crack. Crackhead Biden hang around clubs and credit cards aren't even his. What would it
This and Trot says what's going out the violence and all of a sudden I wanted it an inquiry. I'll tell you what I I'm real american happy, I'm let this happen right now we're seeing as the Democrats failed miserably as a bit of catharsis in that when I don't do this? Your shooting itself in the foot? Stop stop stop. They did it well, there you go now. You got some Democrats who resisted from the beginning. You gotta you are safe, blue Democrat Michigan, saying we're out of. Well, if we should do this, even Adam chef isn't shore, and this is what you get so, maybe maybe the plan all law was to make your hunter Biden would take down. No. I mean Obama won't even doors the guy, because outline this story, Obama once admitted Joe Biden, doesn't have it for twenty twenty bed setting and have a strong connection with the voters. Obama won't endorsed by. Maybe they don't like em. Maybe they didn't want to do this, but what their choice then Elizabeth Warren? I don't know man, they gonna say you know, there's a profile of bite and we get it. Man Hunter was
We thereby his former sister in law, Hayley Biden widow is older brother, Delaware, attorney, general bovine, who died a brain cancer and only four point: fifteen hunters, first wife, Kathleen offender divorced from him here ABC Nbc. Last month, hotter study done Esther asked us estimable things and things. I regret esteem of all things. But was now in probably the best place ever been ever been in my life. Why did you stop smoking crack his personal lawyer and spokesman, George Mozilla's didn't return or quest for comment while up? Let me stop, may only be fair. He says that of smoking crack for all. I know you was burning styrofoam in that room for some reason or for all. I know the people at the district VIP Club, just don't like the guy, but listen Currently, there is a story about how he returned a rental car with a crack pipe in it, and that's like this falls with everything we know about. The guy sought. I'd tell you: men was this week.
Democrats just so bad it literally everything that it keeps backfiring miserably and when I say yeah I think that's it. I think they'd, like Joe Biden when I think he's a strong establishment candidate, Barack Obama won't endorse him, though, because they're scared of losing. That's it. I think I think, Obama. Yes, endorsed anybody and I think the reason as they don't know, who's gonna be the strong purse. Luck if Obama comes out now and makes an endorsement. What's he gonna do like than change them, nourishment when the primary is over, I think Obama way to the primary is over in a private. I think it is too. I think Bob, I think, binary the nominee and he's done he's done meant. Can you imagine a debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump? I talk about how Tromp will just go after him for being sleepy Joe old mumbling, muttering, not trouble. I can't do that. You need to anymore. You know, I'm just gonna say he's gonna, say your crackhead son working for a corrupt company and you think people should vote for you.
How can we trust you when you're family is involved in this kind of corruption? Isn't enough, look I tell you what trumps known for that branding he's for saying, sleepy job little Marco Lion, TAT, low energy policy not causing crazy, Joe and Sleepy Joan all that stuff. He even anymore. He slowly like Joe Biden, whose son is a crackhead. He wants to be present and that's it I'm sorry man when you want to run for office like this, your family does affect you and it's on four
I mean Jos, presumably not a crack at. I have no reason to believe that he is granted. I mean, maybe you know, adolescent fall too far from the tree. I want accuse drove anything. It seems like a guy who's service country, a lifelong. You know public servants, fine, but I'll. Tell you what man your kid is weighing you down and is when you down bad outsource Democrats I'll say this: you know what, if it turns out the Democrats wanted to knock by not of the race. Congratulations, you nailed it impatient inquiry everything! It's perfect, exactly what you need to make your Biden couldn't win. If you wanted. By into when we're hoping to hurt tromp, you know it's fine. Is that a lot plan apparently was that they want to inundate the press with negative stories about Trump and what ended up happening at first of all, the press is already overwhelmingly nag negative towards trumps. There really change anything.
And all I get it c b ass in a budget is other atlas or put not fake news fine whenever, but what about this hunter button? You just gave the Republicans more ammo than than they could ever hope for because we're gonna talk. What are we talking about? How the Democrats look period, and I tell you what come twenty twenty there going to be congressional races, we're publicans arena say, look at what the Democrats have become their front, runner intervening in corrupt and crops in case because, as has been investigating, turns out of sun smokin cracking to Strip club. Is that who you want to vote for now? Look my appeal and here isn't abiden, but this is the party there defending that will play out. I assure you, they're gonna be super packs and they're gonna show this they're gonna show a screen shot of this, and it's gonna be all grainy in red and some ago Hunter biting accused of smoking crack in strip clubs. Not the leadership. America needs not what
America deserves we're. Gonna see it's all across the board. Those very this very obvious. Like political yell at you get the point, a wrap it up, I'm just some guy you're, not gonna, admit it's frustrating. I can't I can't at a certain point. You have to believe the damage Do it on purpose seriously. How can you failed miserably over and over again unless you're trying to get this outcome? No idea, that's what? If Obama doesn't like biden- maybe maybe they're really, like Biden get out of the raised when you know in whatever man I'll see you all at one p m on this channel. Thank sprang up. Our parents should be proud. Our ancestors are certainly smiling upon us, for we have done it. We have reached the apex of human ego and pleasure,
we can see several things affecting our society in ways that are too. It took technically a negative that bodes very poorly for the future. The first story binge drinking has doubled among american women without children in just twelve years study reveals, but how but we live in a society where violent crime is collapsing, where women are free to be alcoholic drunkards who d will the amount of binge drinking drinking and just twelve years, keeping in mind that twelve years is a semi generational gap, meaning as time goes on the future generations drink a whole lot more, and this brings me to the next point that fertility rates are at record lows. Well, how could this be Well, we have no responsibility, and I know I open the videos. I'm I'm kidding. Right, obviously, is a really really bad things for the future, and the solution is I'll. Tell you that's the point I'm trying to make is
we are now in the self gratification generation. Everything is about the individual. Everything is about the ego and the self. Nothing is about the community or the common good. Now people will claim their fighting like the world a better place, but that's not really true. Almost all of what we see any look, that there are people who actually try to make it work better, but from video games to internet rage, bait fights everything is just about instant ratification, instant cetis fashion. Actually, if you saw the Joe Rogan Park, podcast with Joe Jacko and tall see just the other day, but jacket was pointing this out that everyone expects everything to be instant, instant gratification and he's right. It's how the news works its, how the debates work. It's how humans are now functioning. Everything is on a condensed time one. So these two stores I highlight not as like a dig against women or anything. I know some people might be angry when Why do videos about relationships and suchlike? This there's like outrage, parliament, let me tell you something. First of all, if we're look
at a generational issue, where are the USA intervals twenty one percent of women between thirty and forty four who didn't have children report binge drinking. That number doubled to forty two percent by twenty eighteen, according to New Columbia, university and washed, and university research now has a lot of reasons, for it could be depression, it could be alcoholism. It could just be bored or more self gratification, but what happened into doesn't sex or from then to today That's resulted in so many american women binge drinking your problem here from a lot of traditional lists that without children there going unfulfilled, are somewhat that I dont want. Honestly, I don't know. Sir We believe that the case, I think in some instances, probably, but I think- what we're seeing as everyone is being told that the world's about you, actually millennials, they ve called the Mimi generation, so
other reasons that people had given the kids in the past was, I think, primarily it was just what you did. It was like you grow up and those we're things you're supposed to do. Some people get married that goods the war unhappy, but then there is also the sense of duty, and I think this falls more to religious circles right that it's your job to to propagate your you know took to pass on your genes to create a new family and there's. A lot of reasons is a lot of raising the people if animals, but today, every is about you and what you need. What you want, what you deserve? That's why I'm here everyone's always complain, but how they are offended. That's why businesses are bending over backwards for ten people who complain. That's why one person will make ten accounts and pretend to be ten people because everybody wants something to satisfy them just for them, nothing else. Where do we go from here? Well, I'll, tell you what I'm not super concern people binge drinking for the most part, Vonnegut Draw came in part two year, but this is. This is ultimate. I don't know
really just the ultimate individualism and people are masking that with collectivism. Pretending, like they care about other people, but really everything their pushing politically is about imports, themselves, but I don't wanna focused too much on the drinking thing I want to highlight this not be, and I know it's about women. I think that was interesting, but let us be real, like everybody is drinking right, everybody is partying. Everybody's gaming. Men are not going to school. Men are not growing up and not getting phantom Mary, the not having families. This is happening more and more, the result of which record low fertility rates. That is actually interesting points being brought up in this new I'm story because they simultaneously claim that when there is opening? The market mean there is a need for certain roles. People have families like we need certain amount of people for certain job. And when the resources are available than we have families
They also then say that we should worry, because immigration is replacing the lost children, so the kids who aren't being born are being replaced by new immigration, but think about what that means. It means that if you have and availability of ten houses- and you have you two hundred people- you can have ten families in the next generation, but if you bring and emigrants there are no extra houses, we have a housing crisis, a homeless crisis, and so with with the record immigration we ve had, it makes it increasingly difficult for the United States to carry on, in a communal sense, now look you're gonna find a lot of people on the left saying so what people can do whatever they want, and you know what act that kind to agree, and this is this, that the big challenge with being a staunch individualist. This is what you'll see. Ok, people want to trigger dopamine, so they play video games all day. So they go to naughty adult websites. They dont focus on what they can do for someone else. They don't focus on planting the tree
whose shade they know they will never sittin. There are enough I'll. Tell you what the point is making the very beginning about our ancestors smiling upon us. We did it. We want congratulations! All that hard. You dead, planting those trees? We are sitting under an abundance of shade while fruit falls into our laps and we have nothing to do. There's no great struggle, there's no great war. There's no need responsibility. Robots are due in half the work and we as well the Americans back in our lazy boys watching sports eating chips. Playing against with nothing. To do and are women are binge drinking, but isn't that what the goal was to make a better life for everybody. At what point do we stop? How good? get and one does the mission cease to exist. You know somebody had to live in dark there, like. What can I do to make sure my children have a better life? I build a nice house make it last for a long time plan some trees in that when they
asked, there's a house there's trees, but now everyone's got everything. There's no duty, there's no work, and maybe maybe it's an inversion of cause and effect may be the reason people aren't. You know fulfilling omission. Maybe that's the reason there not getting jobs may be the reason they are playing video games. Maybe the reason women are binge drinking is because they aren't having families. They have nothing to fight for it, there's no kids and they must protect, now for a lot of people who are willing to bet that if you looked at some with kids, they would fight twice as hard to make sure they got a good job they are a good salary, either man or woman. They probably drink less that everybody, but I think what we are seeing among loafer, Letty drinking gaming met net may not go to school. It has to do with the fact that people aren't having kids, and I also think it may be. The result of all of you know. All of these almost up. We were told me your kids about how bad it was to have kids right. They didn't want teams to get pregnant, so they beat us over the head with like all you can do what you can do it you gotta, be safe. You got all these things,
and it led, in my opinion, to a lot of people who are like than another. No, we can't do it. We're not safe we're, not ready, whereas the previous generations just did it as a thing Riyos like now is the time to do it, and you know I read some stuff about. You know them and and when people plant Children- and I say pete- there's never right time, no matter what do. There will always be challenges. There will always be a roadblock and its people who just have kids, who end up having families. Now that we ve been told run over and over again that there is not enough there's not resources. Schools are bad and we have all these problems. Nobody wants to do it combine this with the people horse and climate change, as you know, is so dangerous. We can't have kids and you're, not gonna have people who are tied to a community who are looking for support, who want to to succeed and leave. You know plant that tree that their kids will sleep under. So think about, what's with this mean for the future, if it and if people are primarily driven to make a better future because they had kids, I'm not saying it's driving. If that's the case,
I don't have kids there's no reason to make about our future right. It stands to reason that the future will be kind of bad. I don't know, what's going to happen, I feel simultaneously, we ve got it. We know we have a couple problems. Look if millennia limit our binge drinking. I think that's a problem like I don't drink and I think it's fine to have spirituous beverages on occasion in get drunk and problem dear thing, but binge drinking doubling in thirteen years that guy that's kind of crazy and then look at the rates of men going to college dropping dramatically while I uniting their back on actual in a big fan of college anyway. So if these guys are getting jobs, fine, but we have a ton of guy or unemployed single losers, and I don't mean to be completely disrespectful, but I think about what it means to succeed into went to build something to accomplish something. And I'm not saying losers as an insult. I'm saying like there are winners and losers, man and new monitoring to be disrespectful, but if you dont work, if you don't get up, if you don't walk, if you dont build, then you're, not winning,
anything ok and I'm I'm I mean losing ended in the literal sense, not not a derogatory way. If you're somebody, you find yourself sit around playing video games, man, you gotta, get off that. I believe it against all the time, but that comes secondary. That's a hobby! That's fine! That's like you know you, like, relaxing and for the most part, how many people are building many people are having. Families number seems to be going down this out when we read some of the story for you from the New York Times, the rate of births fell again last year, according to new government data, extending a lengthy decline as women wait until they are older to have children also limit Lemme go right back to through the self gratification reality. You men and women who want to succeed in their career to make themselves more. You know either wealthier more successful to accommodate their life. I don't I don't see people as launching careers because their goal is to have a big family.
I know some people feel that way, but in the end everything has become about the self, not the community. We have no shared purpose. You know America in the past the past several decades way. Back when, like the moon right, we went to the moon. A lot of these things were like what was our mission as America together what we believe in when I really believe in anything anymore, I mean water, confiding for today Orangemen bed. Now for real, it's like you got people support the present because I want you know, says it wants to make a mega great and their people who feel part of community and other people hate those other people. There's no there's no! You know grand unity among United States to build a better. I to challenge the artificial intelligence being produced by China. There's no great, there's no great mission. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to do anything. In fact, money laughed outright hake this country- and I know it's hyperbolic because they always made fun of conservative but listen they march. The streets chanting make California Mexico again make Texas Mexico again they complain all day and night about what America does. They accuse America being the worst country on the planet
unsafe for women. They don't care, not everybody. It's it's a growing facts on the left. So what would? What do we have to see? What would it? What is the future have in store for US I will say this: the fertility rate is down, but, as I show you going back to doesn't sexes, conservatives are actually starving more kid. So maybe this trend will reverse itself. As you know, many of the immigrants that are coming in a religious and they're going to have a bigger sense of purpose and faith, not not personally my philosophy, not a big fan of religion. I don't need religion to guide me into working hard in accomplishing things, but a lot of people who don't have that dont care. They see no purpose in life. There's no there's no grand reason, and there are a lot of people who find faith. Face becomes their reason to do right, too. You know to serve the laws on like that, and there are advantages to that in terms of creating a society with longevity. Stop this way right now, I think it's fair to say we are the Mimi
My generation they Millennials robot Genji, yet as a kind of young, less so you're going back memorials for sure. It's all about what I want. What I deserve what I should have an end- and I mean you look at a lot with the Democrats are running on that millennial. Support and its complaining about billionaires have too much too much. They shouldn't exist. Violent gave a billionaire exit, I take issue with a lot of the ways: billionaires can exert power over government and policy for sure, but if someone build something Aviano, whatever men now, they'll tell you that these people are stealing that we should tax them all of these things and cyclists and men. At the end of the day, I like what Corey Booker sad when we talk about, we need to talk about entrepreneurship and creating wealth. We d folks on individuals, and why They don't feel fulfilled. We focus on individuals. What will motivate them and you don't say to anybody who find themselves accept than their parents basement plan in a war craft or whatever game you, kids, applying these days outer worlds literally,
just start doing something like even if it's nothing literally just go up and walk as far as you can, even if, if, if you have no idea what to do do anything I within reach Rocco but ICE is walk round like when I live in Seattle. Briefly, on, like I had no idea to do, I want now all around the city to various neighborhoods different shops, and I just tried learning in and looking in listening. You gotta start somewhere, and I know for a lot of people. They don't know where to begin, but maybe it's gotta do I'll. Tell you what I think that the future, let's take a look at everybody right now, was all obsessed with themselves, while they're gonna they're gonna die. I mean humans. Do they're gonna, get old they're gonna and they're gonna die. What comes next? What's the what's? What's after Genji, what will this country looked like with declining birth rates? What would it look like with people who have no purpose other than enriching themselves? It's really funny how you have all these people, always Democrats Talkin,
the billion, is and how they should exist and that its greed Bernie Sanders says billionaires are greedy. They think they are addicted. While I look literally anybody else, man the same thing that draw the billion or to be a greedy attic too wants to claw money and value is: drives literal anybody else. Why do you have somebody who is desperately trying to become now a senior manager at a digital marketing farm in New York City, What men and women alike you know, Annie who says I want to be better. I wanna be better. It's all. It's it's all written in the exact same thing, some people are smarter than other peoples. They figure navigate that system. I no argument the call exploitation, but how do we get over that? And how do we start encouraging people to plant trees? in whose shade they know they will never set. I have no idea, I mean
Does anyone know what I'm doing for the future right? I sit and complain on. The internet is going to make a place the world butter, although I hope I mean I'm doing something right, that's all. I can really really say so. You know that the point of this video wasn't to complain about women drinking your mouth having kids. The point was to highlight that men and women alike in this generation they're not doing anything. Look I get it man, it's great to be to see you right, you're at your mid level manager to marketing firm? What does that mean because eventually you'll die and someone else will come in and then what do we really need a lot of these jobs? I honestly don't know, I don't think so. So what but I'll tell you this to what's the point of perpetual criminal growth,
matter. If somebody as a family and then in fifty years, there's an America eleven, I mean if the goal is to make the world a better place for everybody. I think we're heading in the wrong direction and in the coming years, there's gonna be a decay and expertise. There's gonna be a bunch of self interested, selfish, attics drinking and doing drugs yeah. You can have a great job. You know it's it's fascinating to see that the military industrial complex all run by women, but is it really changing anything on an omen? So anyway, let us up at the point of making, as I go back to what I said at the beginning, that our ancestors our smiling upon us, we have reached the pinnacle of what we should ever hope to strive for. We have eliminated diseases, We are sitting in temperature, controlled buildings, for the most part what I'm Talkin about America. For the most part we have eaten air conditioning. We have clean water like we're. Not gonna worry about food is so abundant were becoming obese. We got hot water on demand, we got electricity, we live in an in depth and a future futuristic.
Now. Utopia, almost as I Louis you case it, everything is so great, but everybody is still so mad but at the same time we are facing expansion of the dust opium. So I say you told me in the sense that like could you imagine a hundred years ago, the idea of no disease medical care. You know, to the extent that it is not. Everybody can afford basic care, but you have basic care that the idea of air conditioning that you, would never sweat. You could literally sit in a room. It feels like spring time forever gonna crazy, but it can't last forever. Can it you know with all of the complaints or the environment, climate change and the world etc? Well, nothing is being done to make the future better, but I guess if you, if you, if your concern, but over population, then perhaps a declining for till it is exactly what the climate change people want. Our! No though I don't think the issue is not having kids. I think issues and still
value and values the next generation to make sure that you know things get better biogas. What's the worst case scenario, humanity fails, cease to ceases to exist and the earth travels on doing its thing and then maybe in a couple of minutes, hundred or tens of millions of years and new intelligent form of life emergence as wow look at those people who used to exist and don't anymore, is all sorts of questions on marketing international leave. It here aren't eleven what you think I just saw these stores and followed. It was worthy of a rant of August asking the question where we going. What are we doing or do nothin wife? Whenever men will see what happens stick around? I will see you all at four p m on the main channel you that calm slashed him cast. Thanks rang out, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the forty fifth president, these United States Donald J Trump. Now for those that are listening, you can't see the various photograph is Donald Trump had photoshopped onto Rocky Bobo s body, and this image was
We did without caption by Donald Trump himself, possibly one of the most glorious its ever made. It's hilarious and even many people on the left, who don't like Trump, are laughing about it. Now, of course, you can expect to get all of the outrage or confusion from the media, but, let's be expected, I must say I believe Donald Trump may be the greatest troll and I can't swear because of you too, but I s pose, he just it's just what what is tweet. I dont know some people have said it's the anniversary of rock it's not. That was the twenty first. I checked, but you gotta admit Donald Trump, so funny, guy on its own um? I was invited the White House for social media summit. I was home to try and be a voice of reason for a lot of people who might freak out low, but too much. There is biased against conservatism, these platforms for sure, but I wanted to make sure I could highlight the anti establishment left and the bought and other biases and other problems the social media companies bring as they go to power.
I'll. Tell you what man I was sitting, maybe like fifteen feet from tromp ass. He went on and talked about social media and an industry. And the dude is hilarious. Yes, he's an entertainer, he knows how to be funny. He was self deprecating and it was funny We'll talk a little bit about this gazette story is that during the pardoning of Turkey's he was trolling Adam shift. Its this guy is is a funny guy, and you know I love you. Like them, because they want some soup during serious president. What tromp is man trump? Is it it's kind of like? I think a lot of people like em cause your mind. You of that obnoxious due to the bar, was making jokes. You laugh about it. You know sometimes gets maybe a little inappropriate, but he's he's he's funny and he makes people feel like their part of the crowd. Blair white famous you timber
comment on the tweet goat greatest of all time count. Angular says it's literally just a meme, but it has all the usual suspects screeching. Yes, yes, indeed take a look at this matter. Christians and says New York. Times Washington, post snowball effect? Please facts check this a sap I dont think Trump as a champion. Boxer will not create incentives and other projects for you to her. You got your wish because here's, the Washington Post, tweets tromp tweets doctored phone. Of his head and Sylvester salons body unclear? I don't get, it do beg my wrist. Was doctored. I thought tromp was a champion boxer who could have seen this coming. Why would from do this? Yes, certainly why? What Donald Trump tweet a photo of his head unlucky belt, both his body,
investors salons body? Well, it leads us to the Washington Post story, Trump tweets doctored photo of his hands. Loans body unclear. Why and it says president tromp put it a doctor. Vote on Wednesday that showed his head superimposed on the body of the actors, Sylvester alone, who was shortly and wearing boxing attire. The image appeared to have been taken from most of the materials for Rocky three one in a series of movies focused on the boxing career of the fictional Rocky Balboa, which debuted debuted and nineteen eighty two. It was not clear what inspired trumps tweet a wider spokesmen did not, Immediately respond to requests for common, I you know, I can't tell you what's on trumps, mind. I can't tell you the tweets funny, and I can tell you that it's got everyone talking about the tweet story after story now. Here's thing, here's other daily beast- puts it to tweets bizarre picture of his head on Sylvester Loans body from Rocky three poster
It is amazing that I'm four minutes in on explaining to that the President of United States tweeted a photo of him as Rocky Balboa. Its truly incredible, that's the point it is. It shifts the dialogue, it changes the narrative and makes supporters laugh. It makes the left freak out. Admittedly, though, there are some leftist tore saying you know what man. Bravo, it's a phoney tweet, but there are a lot of people were outraged at the president, is besmirching the good name of the oath of office of the President, and for me, I'm conscious, like kicking back, my feet of laughing ass? If all goes down, you ever see, what's a movie with it, with a gouty quest where it supposed to be like a bunch of people who are basically STAR Trek. It's like an aliens actually common think their actual space adventurers. There's the. Why guy, who just laughing the whole time that there are better by aliens, because it's just like United, so crazy and we're gonna, I'm just gonna. Go with that right outside feel right, there's a lot of things you can be angry about.
But what you gonna do men, you can't you tried to impeach presence, not gonna work. If you get our anger, try to move up now, you know what do I think it's appropriate for the poor, between these hilarious things now, but I'll admit their hilarious and I'm not gonna get all bent out of shape, because what you gonna do man gambling to go with the flow, Now I will I was a little dismayed as even than your post saying he treated doctored photo. I had other call everything doktor inside dude, it's a mean. Somebody put public trumps, add Hunter Rocky Bell, boas body, but this isn't the first time and Donald Trump has has troll and as I am the first time this week, just the their day. Tromp used the annual turkey pardon to troll Adam shifts impeachment hearings. I can do not didn't you do something, similar where he joked about one being sue like someone that he did some some jockey thing and then he said the knight, circuit was appealing at our something or or striking it down. Tromp is a funny guy he's not you know,
he's, not taking things are seriously animal. One too. I guess I don't tell you read about how Trump made those by claiming Adam ship had subpoenaed some Turkey's They say the shadow of impeachment darkened, even the light hearted Turkey part and on Tuesday, when President Donald use this speech to make fun of the top Democrat leading inquiry. Adam chef president's have part have been pardoning Turkey's as far back as Abraham Lincoln Administration and its traditionally affair. Affair with young relatives of the sitting, president taking part and the president's typically giving a humorous speech trump? Certainly a jokes. The opposing party may not have found them so funny ever detailing how the turkeys named bread and butter had raised by the farmer. Well, he Jackson and North Carolina Trump proceeded to crack. A joke about how Rep atta mischief was eyeing to have them testify vows intelligence.
Many thankfully, bread and butter have been specially raised by the Jackson's to remain calm under any condition which will be very important because they already received subpoenas to appear and Adam shifts basement on Thursday. It's true hundreds of people have. It seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft on Turkey. The president added seeming to me, a joke about his decision. Nepal. U S troops out of Syria a laughing turkish troops to attack the long time? U S. Alleys allies and the Kurds is at its heads that that's a story but bread and butter. I should note that Unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met trump- said reference how some of the officials compress fight in the imperial hearings didn't witness certain events percent never even talked to the president. Trump ended the ceremony by pardoning the bird named butter butter, bread, the alternate while also get to spend the rest of its life at gamblers. Rest at Virginia Attack University and that folks,
is the story about how Donald Trump made fun of Adam chef while pardoning Turkey's from near death, but you know what men, I guess the question I have his showed our president be a funny guy. Here's what I see with all of these democratic contenders, why the Republicans lost a trump, why the Democrats lost a trump and why the Democrats will lose again. Compare the personality of trumpets, entertainer, a tv man, a showman who can make fun of himself who can make fun of other people? He has a special ability and then reality is that people can say things about him and he can turn it into a joke that makes people less. It's almost like that that the Democrats are firing there energy blast and he's redirecting an order or an avatar reference absorbing the lightning and firing it back now. Trunk gets. You know he gets angry alot of fake news for sure, but when I watch Trump speak all of these things, they accuse them of these. Like these, these negative things is insults. These accusations he flipped around and made them self deprecating
defusing them making his supporters laugh is clever. So look I can't tell you why the president would treat this photo because I can't read his mind. I'll. Tell you what trumps humor is one of his greatest abilities. Tromp supporters are laughing to the job. Online. You have means emerging from the Donald and other areas of the web that are funny that inspire political ideas. I'll tell you what this image of Donald Trump as champion boxer its creating the image that Trump is a winner, but he's that Champion and it's silly and it's funny and its irreverent then, when you see the media go, why would trump do this? It makes people feel like their their fighting back against the establishment. Now, I'm not gonna speak for everyone and I'll. Tell you what trumps humor rallies, people, the Means rally, people and they feel like they too, can be a part of the food
think about a group of people are laughing and you walk over. Ok, what's funny guys, I want to be on this and then you look over the left and what you see an angry me: you're gonna love what would jump on a boxer Hiram by say nobody wants to go over there and of the humbly dodoes angry about everybody having a good time it's like, but the Democrats in the media have become buzz, killing ten from family guy that, whenever someone's making a joke the time they the in to be like here's, tromp posting image of him as Rocky Balboa and it's hilarious, media goes. Why would trump publish a doctored photo every one? It is clear and I would like all we got it. Dude, it's Photoshop its met, its not meant to be Sears. No one literally thinks the dude is: is Rocky Balboa? Maybe some people do but they're, probably in special places, for the criminally insane
anyway. I had to do a video about the king of the Trolls Donald Trump British, but it's really about humor. It is again so I wonder if, if that's an asset is other, these other politicians won't have, because there also stodgy, trumpets, funny and and and more reliable. Then these suit wearing listen as president. I will do ex yet will trumped up there any any laughs and he's he's he seems real and people like it. I ll leave it. There's two gonna get a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Illegal immigrants were tracked and underpinned by ice. Actually, it's a bunch of legal immigrants who are tricked and then deported by ice, but ice claims. They knew it was a scams only stop here.
Friends who are tricked and then deported by ice, but ice claims they knew it was a scam. So me stop here and break the story down this from the Detroit Free Press, ice arrests, ninety more students at fake university in Michigan. We now have an argument over whether or not this was appropriate. You have I sang. There were no classes, there were no teachers, they should have known. It was a university. However, the d, a chess and an accreditation website listed the university as legitimate. You have legitimate and of individuals here on student visas applied for the school never went any classes, then ended up getting deported Yemen is whether or not it was the fault of the students. If ice was legit. Doing this now me personally, I think it's bad, listen, man, I'm not going to go on soon that every single student was aware of what was going on up this wait. Let's say you legal residents with a student visa and they say you ve, got you know two or three months to apply
school and get an otherwise you will lose your legal status. Many of these students had views. But their schools loss accreditation, so they had no choice but to go, find a new school. What happens when you pay a thousand bucks cause? Yes, they paid cash and then turn I think you're sitting there waiting for like one do I start. Where do I go, and no one ever talks to you and then all of a sudden you find that you wasted your money. You have nowhere else to go and ice comes not going adorns it's time to leave. Now that sounds pretty pretty messed up. I think it's fair to point out, though recruiters the people who are working for the school to sign people up are being are being criminally charged because apparently they know it's a scam, but does it mean every student. I know it's a scam, but but what both me stop here, we stop eternal immediately gonna, be a bunch of you, no more! I will not describe. It is probably a sect of tromp supporters, immigrants and now you know what man it's therefore due diligence, whatever fine Not here to argue, you know I'm not going to say no lean towards this being wrong, but also how I would remind you of something very important.
Obama AIR policy. The fact school was set up during the Obama administration, not the Trump administration. So in the end, even if this was right or wrong, it's not, negative reflection on Trump or you know, or otherwise. Now leftists are using this to criticise ice thy. Think that's fine, look man! You can assume that everything ice will do will be perfect, nobody's perfect. You like the idea of immigration force. That doesn't mean we should accept. This is legitimate. Let me show you what they said to very confusing story is about. Fourth, it doesn't mean we should accept. This is legitimate. Let me show you what they said to very confusing story is about two hundred and fifty students have now been arrested since January and emigration violations by ice as part of a sting operation by federal agents who enticed foreign born students, mostly from India, to attend the school that market itself as offer.
While others are contesting their removals. One has been allowed to stay after being granted lawful, permanent residence status by an immigration judge. So basically it's like I described it in January of twenty. Sixteen. It was during the Obama administration. The ice set this up, and apparently it's not the first This has happened. You then have students, they say they will act. But let me just read: students had arrived legally in the? U S and student visas since the university of farming. Ten was later revealed to be a creation of federal agents. They lost their immigration status after was shut down. In January, the school was located on northwestern highway near thirteen mile road in farming and hills and staff of undercover. Gents, posing as university officials now hold on their another important point. Doesn't sound like there were deported while the school existed. It sounds like in January ten months ago, the school shut down and these people didn't go and find illegals illegal school to attend. How are they pay for? Its has got him. It is a weird story,
they say out of the approximately two hundred students arrested on administrative charges. Nearly eighty percent were granted voluntary departure and depart the United States, so most of them just when they left they weren't. You know loaded on a plane. They went and locked themselves the Detroit Office of ICES Homeland Security Investigation, told the free press in a statement Tuesday, out of the remaining twenty percent about, half of them have received a final order of removal. Some of them were ordered removed by immigration, judge and others were given an expedited removal by. U S customs and border protection. The remaining ten percent have either filed for some sort of relief or contesting the removals with executive office for immigration
you I said in March that a hundred and sixty one students had been arrested, which has now increased to about two hundred. Fifty ok. So it was only a couple months after it shut down that a hundred and sixty one students have been arrested and you have the common and let me know if you think, because I'll say this man they mention that. Actually let me read it attorneys for the students arrested said they were unfairly trapped by the. U S: government, since the Department of Homeland Security had said on its website at the university was legitimate and accreditation agency that was working with the Euro on its sting operation, also listed the university as legitimate. How can you follow them? If you tell them it's ok, now ices arguing they should have known better because they didn't go Many schools for this at attorneys for ice and the deal J maintain the students should have
when it was not a legitimate university because it did not have classes and physical location. What does that mean online classes there? A ton of accredited online courses aren't there. I mean I don't know some see. Bt programmes have classes combined with work programmes at companies which case how would they not know their true intend could not be clearer assistant? U S attorney. And and Helms wrote in a sentencing model this month. Awful rub piece out represent, was one of the eight recruiters they say while enrolled at university. One hundred percent of the foreign citizens never spent a single second in a classroom. If were truly about obtaining education, the university would not have been able to attract anyone because had no teachers, classes or educational, services, not only that the recruiters its being alleged, that they knew it was a scam and the stew. No it's a scam too, and they were given a wait. Wait nudge nudge then, but you still have the problem of the website. For the h us said it was LA jets autonomy.
I don't wanna, but at least at the very least we can always say: listen the things that ices been doing, whether you like them, or not, date back to the old bomber era and even the Bush era. Well, we know Bush created the age ass, o bomber was the one who started these policies are bombers, the one who commission, and these cages and Obama I shouldn't- and I should say it was during his administration that want to blame trot for all of us, but actually a lot of it on down under Trump legal Immigration under Trop is written dubiously down crisis. That's another issue. But I know that immediately that the recent are seeing the story. Pop up is because a leftist pointing the finger at Trop, Wallace him and I'll tell you what does
no about literally every single thing happening in this country, all the time. Of course he doesn't. Does he know about this? I really doubt Trump knew about the nitty gritty of these individual sting operations. Are these not in ice he's? The president should should should this be allowed? I don't like the idea. I don't like the idea of the FBI doing stings, setting people up in encouraging them to commit crimes than trying to catch him. If these people spent hard cash and they did and they could have found a legitimate school and they would be deported, I don't like the idea of tricking legal immigrants into losing their status. That being said, I understand the accusation that they should have known or that they likely did know if it's true that some see BT programmes have classes combined with what
programmes. The question, that's being that the context missing from here is how many of these people arrested did not do anything like that. Do they cited for school pay money, and I just sitting there room all day playing video games because that says to me they knew the recruiters are being charged has. Apparently they knew as well that it was not legitimate. They say in the memo federal prosecutor. Bakers, have the case. Raises questions about the EU s Foreign Student visa programme maker wrote that immigration and visa programmes have been hot button. Topics in United States for years national scrutiny has only been increasing, fairly or unfairly rent pieces conduct casts a shadow on the foreign students Visa Programme in general, and it raises questions as to whether the potential for abuse threatens to outweigh the benefits. Here's what it comes down to. I think the real issue here for ice is not about catching some.
Migrants in it and in an I gotcha scam. I think it's the issue that there are a lot of schools that art, legitimate schools and begging, accredited students. Now they can get visas by attending school and they don't actually care my getting education. The argument, I suppose that is the point of a student visa is to be in class and be learning and many people don't do that they're, probably a lot of people who think operate this way to perhaps for these people who were deported this is the norm and they didn't realize anything was wrong that but think about how many people might do this thinking, it's fine to pay for school, but not actually attend. Maybe that's the bigger argument here. If they work, she's going to class, but paying for it. They assumed as long as I'm enrolled in school. I can live in America and that that the argument not from ices, if you want a student visa, it's for being a student. How many people who want to be students can't get one, because these people are occupying
but then just living here, that's complicated man, as per usually always complicate. When I first saw the story, we it out ass kind of shock like wall. What the f there were, their tricking legal immigrants into a fake school, I'm not Amelia. Eventual said, there's gotta be something else here and sure enough. There is sure enough. There is its argued that these kids knew was a scam and ultimately happened on under Obama's watch, so it's not so potent rise to claim that tromp is doing these things, but hey man, people are gonna, give ice some fleck, apparently this dude he's a Mercedes ashamed. I made a very bad decision to recruit students that bottom bought. Shame to my family name is I wrote a letter he's asking for forgiveness, but some he's been sentenced to
here. He will be released into the three months because of time served. So I don't know man it's complicated. It really is, and I say that fifty billion times a day because on the milk toast Spencer, who can't tell you, you know this airily, what's the what's right or wrong, I will I will say this, though I can give you some some definitive statements. If these people are knowingly displacing true students who want to come here, then yeah deport them straight up. If they warrant attending any classes, then it sounds to me like they at least knew they weren't legitimate students and that's the most important context. Whether was right or wrong forget just a climate of legitimate school. These people weren't actually going to school and that's the point you're not going to school. Why do you have a student visa and that's gonna? That's not fair to students who actually want to come here, but let me know if you think I don't know: thanks Obama, I guess I ll leave it. There's two chronic got one more thing coming up in a couple minutes, and I will see you all shortly: hey
crimes seem to be happening quite a bit in New York City for along This time I say over the past several months have been a lot of videos going viral of orthodox jewish individuals being beaten and attacked and their not being attacked by the all right or white supremacist, their typically being attacked by minorities. But this is the kind of hate crime. You don't hear too much about how about this one actress, forty three is left bloody and bruised after being jump by a gang of ten thugs who spewed vile racist abuse at her ass, she left a swank in New York bar and she now needs plastic surgery to save her career. Apparently they were screaming, get the white bees, the white Mother efforts, dirty white bees, etc, etc. Course. You'll see this and daily mail and conservative outwards, but you're not gonna proceed on mainstream television, they're, not gonna, tell you! I you know it's really mine blowing to me. I mean we do have stories in the New York Times because out man is, and slashed steps away from synagogue in New York City.
I don't have you seen these videos man, but it's it's horrifying are due walking down the street mining us business happens to be orthodox. You and a bunch of dude run up chasing after I'm beating ottoman, stopping them and tongue of these videos keep emerging. Now. I've seen many Let's talk about ashore, but why isn't this? The narrative? Why, is the narrative always about the all right. Because of you know, one of that that happened a few years ago, which was bad and got a ton of coverage, but wizened this considered a big problem. Why are people bring this up and talking about this? A lot more? I dont know what about this. You know that, but the I visited Tyrians will tell you that this was it there's no such thing as racism against white people. Or what would you call this prejudice? I'm sorry it's based on well, that's what I do want to run. You know not what will dive and a little bit about going out with the orthodox jewish communities? It's it's a part of this story. Now we only ever here
a one sided narrative or that it that tends to be the case. We are obviously the New York Times reporting it mentions clear, but all of these activists and these digital outlets Lino Buzzfeed, wherever they don't talk about this kind of stuff. They say an actress has shared an image of her bloodied face after she was allegedly beaten by a gang of ten to fifteen thugs sparked by a New York bouncer who spewed racist abuse, Jennifer Agostini forty three revealed the shocking image of what her face. Looked like following the attack Sky Room BAR Manhattan around three m on Sunday that left her with facial, scarring and multiple lacerations The incident and african American Security Guard allegedly called the movie and tv actors and our friends white mother efforts, dirty white bees and yelled f, those white bees and their money August. Any had visited the venue from eleven p M Saturday to celebrate from our friends birthday and the group enjoyed VIP bottle service that cost them over nine hundred dollar.
I mean he's photos that farmers are brutal. She's she's got black eye. I swollen covered in blood I'll, tell you what man, I don't know what which she could have done to deserve this Hearn or friends, getting beaten down like
Maybe maybe she's a snooty forty three year old VIP who thinks he's better than other people and sat awful things, and so she got you know attacked for it. I don't look man in America, you maybe in person doesn't mean anyone has a right to punch you in the face. Well, after the store ensued happens, they say legal documents state that after they were turfed out of the special area and moved out of the non vip floor, they paid up and one to the lobby. But when a member of her group remembered the venue still held the card on which the threat of an author infidelity was held, they intended to go back. That's when a six foot to man sees the two men wearing black turtleneck identified in legal documents is about are allegedly pushed one of the women. It was just the stampede as we were, leaving we got washed and assaulted by. I can't tell you how many people against any told them your post according to attorney papers, requesting the van
release footage from the incident. Swimsuit model parent, Donnelly's, Garcia. That's it that's the name. Forty six was beaten about her face body and limbs and obtained several scalp lacerations, her husband cow, Stuart says he had come to the defence of women of the woman, but they were beaten to the ground, but what he described by what he described as gang members, who are the bouncers friends, Stuart noted his toe had been amputated recently and said in a petition that he was thrown the floor. Both he and another petition are christian, celerity were beaten about the face and bodies or even the due to try to break the fight up, got beaten, crazy. I look man, I'm not gonna, pretend like these people are completely innocent, but the reason I bring the story up is that things like this happen.
Seen things like this happen and I think anybody being targeted based on their race. I think general violence you know is bad. This may be the result of a bar fight and they might be claiming that this is the case because they lost, I don't know, but the reason I want to talk about and highlight it was also in line with other stories that seem to be overlooked for the most part. Obviously that its being reported on, obviously the new posts in your times have talked about stories like this, but when you look to the main narrative, when you look to what emerges on social media, what goes viral and what is shared in mainstream discourse, it's never the fact that you know racist attacks asked based no hate crimes go in every direction and the craziest thing. That means these viral videos about these orthodox church individuals being targeted, attacked just for their religion. Why isn't the narrative? Just like hey man, stop the hate period? Why is it always about white people and ragging on white people? They say the Brooklyn
Agnes any appeared smiling at winter con in New York on Saturday the same days. The incident the Brooklyn to STAR August any says, now look into having surgery to improve her appearance. I was pushed to the ground and eight individuals jumped on top of me and brutally assaulted me. I've had five years in my had my whole eyes closed. I am going to have numerous scars on my face. I'm a lead On the series in March- and I have to now go see numerous plastic surgeons and I also have to go back to the concussion centre to MRI my head steward, set She has a black eye and has been having a lot of headaches. My whole entire body hurts, he told post they were punching. And kicking me on my body, the owners. Sky room may now have their liquor licence suspended due to the incident as the legal position states, it could be the subject of litigation it
unclear whether the security member was staff or hired from a third party company daily Mail did not receive an immediate response and the venue abolitionists on Wednesday, apparently in the suit their demanding that the bar retain surveillance, footage of what really, how because of that, and that's what I want to buy one of the stores. Maybe I'm wrong about that. That's my understanding, I'm gonna to err on the side of maybe these people were a little snooty lil entitled. I don't know. I don't think it's fair me make assumptions unless you can prove it. They were just beaten up by a group of ten to fifteen individuals who they don't know, and I think stories like this often overlooked if someone screaming racial insults at you or what's up over the next door, Has a story is also from just a twentieth but a week ago, if these things are happening, but for some reason their omitted from a narrative for political reasons, we get serious problems, ok I really really take issue with this idea that it's only white people who are racist or whatever it seems to be a
two to change. The argument, change the narrative so that these instances purposefully get overlooked. Look. I don't know what you're gonna get out of it. I think, in my opinion, we want to protect everybody. I don't care what the cholera skin is. I don't care for. You know you're, gay, your straight trans. You deserve civil rights and no one has a right to attack you now again, the millionth time, I'm reading this from the New York Times they say Orthodox jewish man was stabbed and slashed in a suburb of New York City on Wednesday morning. Steps away from a low synagogue and left bleeding on the ground. Local police department of the attack was under investigation. And decline to say whether they believed it was a hate crime. And that's the point we'll meet. You declined to say why we ve seen tons of attacks. Ok, there's viral video of a guy running on the street people chasing them. There's a video of people jumping a car and chasing down a jewish guy. Why
so hard to say their targeting targeting them specifically. For these reasons you know if, if, if the narrative, if it was inverted, they would have no problem, saying of course sake. I'm of course we're investigating it. What was crazy to me is that the jewish community is absolutely a margin. Lies committee, but for some reason, for some reason like I can understand why they play these games with white people. Who are the majority in certain cities? I still. I still think we look if somebody sites you know racial hatred at as part of their attack, then yeah. Well, there you go visible laws that were created for reasons, not that I think it makes any sense. I think an attack as an attack and the motivation where it is less relevant to an extent. I guess they say that Michael be spent, an supervisor of the suburbs. Romano, which is an rockland county, just north of Manhattan, said it certainly a possibility. The attack was crime. Stabbing was an anomaly in the town which respects and so on
So this is the sombre. This is not the same as all the other stories we we ve heard all make sure that's clear. They say it's hard to think about other attacks on people in the jewish community, police chief Brad? Our wider did not write the possibility at a new conference on Wednesday afternoon, but was not at that moment willing to say that this was a hate crime. It is possible, wasn't you know, could it be hate crime, of course, he said but noted that the police had a legal obligation to meet before making that determination, Rockland County as more than three and twenty thousand residents according to senses, figures from twenty eighteen, more than thirty one percent of those residents are jewish. According to the state, which also says that Rockland has the largest jewish population per capita of any county in the country, Police officials gave few details about the attack. Saying information was still being gather, so I'm I'm. I'm going to give us to keep us one, as short as I can, and there's a reason why I want to highlight a couple of these stories and it just because I didn't expect them to get a ton of play outside of outside of the articles that were written about them. So when news breaks
you'll, have historical say: acts happened to why and what gets amplifies typically follows a certain narrative. I really don't expect this story the man at the synagogue or the actress being beaten to get a ton of amplification from journalists because it doesn't fit the narrative, so I can say that, but in the end I wanted just. I want to highlight these stores. I want to talk about them, because I know that this is likely Hence the store in the New York Times. Like all the other viral videos I saw are not gonna get played, we're not going to see all these journalists. These lefty outlet say like hey this travesty in something must be done about. It will say it once or twice it'll go wait! No one cares, but if, if if the races were inverted, it would be, it would be huge if it turns out the guy tax, the jewish guy was was it was a white supremacist are all right or something it'll be the biggest story in the country. If it turns out the endeavour, it was a minority. No one will care, and that makes very little sense we,
to make sure that if anyone is being targeted, jewish or otherwise, if their white, because of groups of people, don't like you based on your race, we highlight these issues and say you can't do this. Stop it's wrong
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