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Bernie Sanders Far Left Revolution has Already Failed, Democrats Keep Losing Because Of Their Bubble


Bernie Sanders Far Left Revolution has Already Failed, Democrats Keep Losing Because Of Their Bubble. Bernie Sanders, the far left, socialists, and even many establishment Democrats seem to be trapped in an echo chamber so bad that they can't figure out why they keep losing.Democrats and progressives keep losing to Republicans for a lot of reasons the first of which is an inability to actually reach regular people.A left wing politician from Sweden recently called out Sanders campaign as being too far left and have no "regular people"This is what many of us have been saying for a while and because they refuse to accept reality they will end up losing to Donald Trump and the republicans every single time.

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It's starting to look like Bernie Sanders. Far left revolution has failed. His tanking in the polls, Joe bite and is now skyrocketing. The poles and the five thirty eight prediction model has Joe Biden within ninety four percent chance to win the democratic nominee and taken out with great assault, because poles can and have been wrong and protection Those aren't, even if they're worth getting flit back and forth all day and night, Bernie Sanders for a brief period was the front runner and the progressives thought they were going to win You can actually see the gradual melt down in the faces of some for progressive pundits, as they start to realize are losing which brings me to why they keep losing an up ad today for the New York Times. One of the arguments put forward is that they are stuck in a bubble. They have crafted a narrative with misleading questions and poles to fluff themselves up to make it seem like they're doing better than they really are, and you can see this when you look at the meltdown of the young Turks on Super Tuesday, they were convinced
Don't you said this? Is it we're gonna when I'm so excited convincing himself? They were going to win. And as the day went on and Joe Biden, to win. The shock was visible. In fact, at one point, the young Turks House was now early in tears, at least to me. It seemed like a lot to cry. What we're seeing now from progressives is claims that the super Tuesday primary was rigged. And I dont mean rigged. In a sense, the Dnc use their crony establishment connections to prop up their friends and pushed down those they dont like I'm talking about their actually arguing the exit polls don't match the hard votes. This can't be right. How is this possible? Well it's possible that Bernie Sanders is a seventy eight year old Socialist, who just had a heart attack and Americans dont want. Socialism is also possible that burn Sanders, is so far left that even the Scandinavia, in countries he's praised as an example of what he wants have rejected him not kidding Denmark in the asked has said no Bernie.
Socialists were social democracies and recently the ruling, party of Sweden said that Bernie Sanders was far left and at an event there were no regular people. Because Bernie Sanders is trapped in bubble world, along with the rest of these far left activists. When we Look at voter enthusiasm. A poll shows that older people are our favouring Joe Biden, their excited Younger people are upset by bite and they want Bernie Sanders the problem, as young people don't vote, young people don't work and young people aren't running the economy to a took for the most part, its working class middle Americans who are doing this and guess what turns out? They don't want socialism. Not your asked me. I am shocked to see their going for Biden when you ve got to see, but they really hate tall, see Gabert fine. I know there are a bunch of other democrats that we're still running but to choose of these two people to me as just downright shocking. I do not see how Donald Trump loses in November, but the
progressive spoken it looks like everyone sang Joe Biden, Joe Biden dominated on Super Tuesday Going into Michigan this big and very important state bite and is leading Bernie Sanders by MID, like double digit, substantially like twenty plus per cent. And in some Paul's around sixteen percent, but its huge. Bernie Sanders is just out instead of talking about why they failed. They they keep themselves trapped in this echo chamber, where all they can do is cry foul and scream. It was rigged against us. The system is rigged against us. Now, stop I'll be fair. I do think the Dnc plays games. They let Bloomberg in the debate. They changed the rules to make it easier for the guy and then change there so make it harder for Dulcy, yeah, absolutely think they're playing games, but with Bernie at something different. The poles are going against him. The voters didn't turn out.
Hey. Look I like tells you, but I know she's not going when I'm a realist, I'm not going to pretend like the whole thing is rigged to a certain extent, a separate wouldn't. Let me may try separate this language. I mean rigged in the sense that a guy actually went, install a box about and ran off with it and switched it and stuff. The ballot. I know the establishment plays dirty games, that's a fair assessment, but to act like them, hard numbers are being changed, is just absurd. These people, trapped themselves in an echo chamber where they were convinced they were going to win and it led to their downfall, because and even the scandinavian countries say you are too far left. If you don't listen, then you you're gonna lose because even the far left countries. Thank you ve gone too far left. So, let's break down exactly what's goin, I will take a look at some poles and see why it is yet these progressive and many Democrats in General just cannot accept why they are going to lose limit. Let me make one more point: people look at my content, particularly in this
unless a look at all the things, timid, saying about trumpets all good for trapeze, defending the President nope now, I think, unbiased for sure a lot of people say I'm objective whatever you call me whatever you want but I'm telling you what I see as I see it, and I a democratic party that is completely out of touch and fractured, and I see Donald Trump with real, though, a record high approval writing in the past month with a record economy, save certain issues that you know the market was doing pretty going pretty wild oil prices were dropping theirs. It there's a lot of you know in answer t moving forward, but unemployment is way down. An things seem to be. Pretty well for four tromp, for the most part will see how things plant excellent weeks with Israel. Facts are an end with record, not from the GEO Pee on Super Tuesday when they didn't need, devote form to ignore. That is too to fail. So they'll, look at me and say TIM's by
he's conservative, all stuff, and I'm like I'm just looking at the numbers and the president is mustering that support is exactly why they lose us, but check this out. Here's a story from vocs the problem with saying the democratic primary is rigged, an expert on actual election rigging debunks, the conspiracy theory now before we move on, makes you gotTa Tim cast outcomes. Lush done it. If you'd like to support my work, their several ways can give the best thing we can do is share this video. You tube the other day. I did a video on trumps voter turnout and they flag debt, and I can't even tell you what they fly that as because even saying it would probably result in this video getting getting flagged again. It was accident. They said, but in reality it seems like you too. Well, here's effects that their actively suppressing my content to a certain degree of had been carefully. I framed this, but they ve. You know her. Mutton channels, like mine and others have been hurt in the algorithm when all operating recommended not to new subscribers. At least
and it's been met it much more difficult. We ve also deal with false flagging and things like that which suppress video viewers, ship and and and and such so, if you Help me overcome that sharing. This veto will lead out, but also don't forget. A lot of you haven't subscribe and if you want to make sure you get my content in the future, the subscribe button below hit the notification bell that whale at least sometimes get an email. My videos go I don't want to read the story from box too much because you get the gist of it. Let me just wait a little bit. They say in couple weeks, people from the from President, our Donald Trump, the supporters of Bernie Sanders to top republican operatives have begun to loudly proclaim the democratic process. Your primaries being rigged against sanders in favour of former vice President Joe Biden now before VON. I want to say, I agree its rigged. In a sense, the establishment will change the rules to benefit Biden. They'll, you know, use their crony connections to push shouts Anders. Who is not a day.
Grant. But I'm I'm specifically calling out vote vote manipulation like literally changing votes, Reed, the conspiracy theory, is that establishment members of a democratic National Committee and liberal media elites are so terrified that democratic voters, Elect Sanders, a democratic social has to be the parties nominee at their actively can firing to ensure that doesn't happen in certainly, the Sanders campaign itself doesn't make this case, but its increasingly Popular narrative, hashtags like rigged, Dnc and rigged private. We're even funding on Twitter last week, but exports have studied actual recollection in places like Russia to the notion that democratic primaries being rigged is completely bogus and they warn the perpetual in this narrative could deeply harm the legitimacy of the election and faith. And, U S democracy itself. Now I want to qualify what I've been saying. I think it's fair to say they been playing games. If you want to call rigged. Vox is wrong. It's just, I think, you're being hyperbolic. I've done that too. I think
fair. However, there are a lot of people who are adamant that Bernie Sanders is only losing because the system is rigged against on, because the establishment is playing dirty gangs. I am not I am not necessarily of either opinion that Bernie as a Socialist America's reject or the Dnc is rigged. The reality is both are true Americans overwhelmingly do not want to see their taxes go up for whenever Abronia wants to do and see private health care abolished, while depending on what you read, but it seems to be the case is also true that the Dnc is trying to keep a Bernie out there, both true but to what degree each plays a role amok. I can't tell you, but these weapons are happening, is get progressives who are absolute entrenched in the belief that Americans want socialism, they Things like we are truly a progressive nation and they espouse poles in numbers that frame it in their favour. Instead of looking at reality, gallop for instance, says America is centre right, that's true.
By most anecdotes and by the data now, when you look at it dual Paul's. You can probably sought to create a narrative to convince yourself. Americans want far left policy, but let me tell you some, even if that were the case, when scandinavian countries say Yaller too far, left Bernie. Then perhaps the problem is that Americans are progressive. It's that you have gone off. The and I want to show you now a real hard example of what actually happening Michigan Democrat primary pole buying at fifty one percent and standards that twenty seven I'm sorry, you are just not popular. Ok, other that I should say that way: birdies absolutely popular, but you are not what the democratic voters most Americans want. You have convinced yourself that your evolution is what Americans are after you use poles to selectively prop yourselves up, and I have talked about this problem Over and over again keeping in mind, I I do use individual poles myself. I try to point out. Poles can be wrong and have been wrong.
And when it comes to approval writings, I use aggregate pulling, which can still be wrong, but at least as much better individual pulse, and I have seen so many progressives they wait until static appear- and that's a hot that proves it static in pulling- operates as such if, if an organism and produces ten Paul's that also Bernie Sanders is unpopular. All of a sudden there's one pilots as Bernie Sanders is very popular progressives like to grab that one per, and say there it is Bernie Sanders is pulling so high. That proves it while ignoring the rest of the poles. That's called noise, sometimes blips occur. The same is true for Donald Trump were writing. There are some stories, some some outlets, that of sad boom, Donald Trump, providing higher than ever
I don't really like to use that I like to use the aggregate there's also been poles that they say his disapproval higher than ever, and what am I seeing progressives will latch onto disapproval higher than ever to claim Trump is in the worst shape has ever been in, but when you compare it to ten other poles, it's just noise. You don't need to ignore it, but you factor it into all of the other polls. That's why it's a which brings me now away from Michigan to aggregate national polling. I'm sorry, Americans, in the devil- Credit party just do not work a socialist. Now it is fairly. There is a civil war in the democratic and in the Democratic Party you have thirty five percent of people wanting Bernie and fifty point three wanting Biden. I'm surprised to see this because Bernie was the front runner a brief period but Joe Biden was pulling in the lead for quite some time, and this shows me well one thing: I've stated many
times is that the democratic voters seem not to have any principles gazelle vote who for whoever they think is gonna win, but it could just be that people don't care about policy which, I think is fair to a certain extent. Or it could be that most Americans were maintaining their support for Biden at least seventeen percent, because they don't want socialists or did not want socialism. Take a look at the College Airy Union in Vegas. Now it seems like, for the most part, that many of these union workers defied leadership and ended up voting for Bernie Sanders but Base They didn't want to lose their private health insurance. However, you want a way that is up to you. Leadership set its bad. Many voters still went out and voted for Bernie. So whether or not Medicare for all is something America truly once you're gonna find pulls across the board, saying one one thing or the all. I can really tell you is that in the end, it is to an extent a rejection of socialism, but it also is to extend the democratic establishment propping up the person they want, but it comes down
democratic voters. The voters themselves are just saying they want Joe Biden and now We can see who will win the twenty Twond Democrat primary Joe Biden at ninety four percent. I want to show you why I think they lose, and it's part of this this up, at which I found really interesting from New York Times. The simple reason the left won't. Not losing progressives need to care more about winning. I'm sorry that this from yesterday I was wanted from yesterday. Its fascinating he makes really interesting point. I gotta repudiated bitter this. How did the political left wander the opportunity that was the twenty twenty primary campaign, the Trump president yes has tremendous energy among progressives. More than half of the Democrats voters now going as liberal most favoured care for all a growing number are unhappy with american capitalism. This year's campaign offer the prospect of transformational change with a we're Craddock Novelty, who was more liberal than any in more. Half a century. Instead,
The nominee now seems likely to be a moderate white grandfather who first ran for president more than thirty years ago and whose camper promises are returned to normal, see. True, standards can we can come back, but it would need to be a big one among people who vote super Tuesday itself rather than in early before Joe by one, South Carolina Biden, trounced Sanders the race would have to choose fundamentally for centres to win. If he doesn't, the obvious questions for progressives is what went wrong and how they can do better in the future. I think there are some clear answers in peace answers that anybody, regardless of ideology, should be able to see at encourage the neck. Generation of progressive leaders. To think about these issues have an open mind. The biggest lesson is simply. This, the American left doesn't care enough about winning well to an extent. I disagree x. I said repeatedly that the polls show they only want to nominate who they think will win, but a
says? It's an old problem, one that has long undermine, left wing movements in this country. They have often prioritized purity over victory. They wouldn't necessarily put it in these terms but they have chosen to lose on their terms rather than win with compromise. Let me break down what I think he's saying he saying something different to what I just said: the progressives, the purity test. You must be pursued period. You can never back down. There is no compromise and if that's the case, you're gonna lose because you got a compromise, the swing voters he says, but little implement. Let me jump down progressive activists are right about public opinion on some of these issues. Most Americans do favour higher taxes on the rich. Legalization of marijuana, additional gun control, but too many progressives art. An honest analysis of the politics. They are instead committee, but the journalist, Matthew, Iglesias, has called the Pandit fallacy. They are conflicting their own. Pinions with smart political advice. They aren't you
to believe what they want to believe and that could not be a truer statement at all. It's exactly what I've seen when I make a video Donald Trump Record GEO P. Voter turnout in incumbent Mary Season, Donald Trump Record Town Hall ratings. They say ten, why are you defending tromp? I'm not I'm simply. Calling you what's happening and if you reject the facts on this, sources of Donald Trump. You will lose when I set impeachment would fail, don't do it, they lost I said over and over again the scandals are bad you to break away, talk about kitchen table issues and they refused and they lost its, not just the progressives its though it's the Democrats for the most part in general. They just see what they want to see. This is their grand plan scandal impeachment, and it was so obvious that it wouldn't work. When I say you need to become moderate. They say. No, we don't more progressive and guess what the progressive wing didn't shock to vote.
Bernie Sanders ended up capturing just regular, democratic voters who are enthusiastic about him. That's it the youth They went after that too, did not work kitchen table issues that young people don't care about, and you pandered identity and I said: don't do it and what happened? Elizabeth Warren got slammed and she dropped out and lost because she started pandering on identity and this was exposed by her own or by their task when her own staff members were saying they were tired of it, but they didn't listen they only see what they want to see. So for me, I can call out and they'll say no TIM's only saying this because he must be right wing instead of realising the facts. Are not on your side. That's why Donald Trump one in twenty, sixteen they could not see out of their bubble You want to see a really bubble. Breaking story check this out from the weak, a left wing publication,
democratic, socialist Bernie Sanders is too far left force. Weakens ruling social Democrats, officials that Sweden of all places swedish official for the social Democrats has Bernie Sanders is too far left. If that is not a wake up call, I do not know what is and I'll give you a hard example of what they are talking about, for one thing: they they first say that limit. Let me show you quote we were at a Sanders event and it was like being at a left party meeting. He told Sweden's Hence our dog, but it newspaper according to one translation, it was a myth you're a very young people, an old marxists, who think they were All along there were no ordinary people there simply, but they are convinced. Bernie Sanders at a centrist. I'm not exaggerating. This is the bubble there too,
then there was a mean going around among Bernie supporters showing Bernie as a centrist. Are you nuts, even Sweden, says he's too far left far left. Sweden says Bernie is too far left yet activists in America insist that he is centrist, Joe Biden, has actually conservative. They have lost the plot. I'll. Give you a hard example from the debate: PETE Boat, a judge said What is a radical idea? Is com neatly eliminating all private insurance and part of how you know it is that no Industrialized country has gone that far Buddha said he used Denmark to illustrate its point, saying that even they have not abolished the possibility of private insurance. In fact, in many of these countries Have national health service? You have your base level care, and then you have private
parents for more serious ailments, something I've actually set is probably a good idea. Think about it. This way. Let's say you, you break your hand, well getting stint and an your hand. You know properly satin everything the bounds set. Most doctors can do that if they have. The time, in fact, is probably some you know, paramedics it and probably set up Are you now? That's not that difficult to do you go and they say working to patch up. Let's ain't, it stretches we can pursue a policy of a more serious ailment. That requires a very expensive treatment. That's where things become difficult now, many of these countries. They go one step further. They will cover all the costs of even more difficult to cure ailments. I don't go that far. The point is Bernie Sanders and some other than some other candidates said outright. No private insurance, just medical for all when even Denmark doesn't do that and Bernie has said he wants to be like Denmark. It's no surprise, then that's why
as a social Democrat from Sweden. From that, that's the that's. The left wing party in Sweden, mind you said Bernie is too far left. This is what we end up, seeing in every circles. Hence labour civil war over Medicare for all threatens its twenty twenty clout in union the primary states Californian in your New York in Michigan, the fight over single pair healthcare as fracturing organise labour because men, union members and even an and much of the union leadership is in favour of you choosing what health care you want now. I certainly think it would be great if we, if we guaranteed coverage for everybody, but Getting rid of competition in the healthcare marketplace will only lead to more problems. I dont know how you solve these problems. I think it's a great ideal, but is it truly possible? Probably not- and I think
what I've, what I've? Typically sad as you know, make sense a public option, some base level care, perhaps an supper, and then you get supplemental health insurance that guarantees that everyone gets access to simple care like if you need stitches or to fix a broken leg, to set a bargain bone and get like a small cast her. Something don't ask me, though, I'm not the export. All I can really do is tell you that what they proposed is not wildly popular on the left, its popular with the activists who live in a bubble and just see what they want to see. You can see it exactly in Genk Yogurt on the young, Turks melting down. You look, I'm not trying to be mean that I want to make our biggest clearly time, but he was nearly in tears when
any Sanders lost on Super Tuesday? He got fourth place in a moderate district in California, see a twenty five. He ran. He got fourth place five percent of the vote. Not only did he not even cracked, the top three, his famous you'd, think with all of his money and his wealth and and and the people who follow him. That would have gotten him something, but no twin, is not real life. The internet does not exempt looked. It is, is an example of your home district. What these people online? don't realize the Twitter Roddy, the far left and the democratic chase after them is that what there, Sir as a magic operate, this white imaginative. Every city in this country had ten people who literally every had ten people who are pressing when they all follow you. You think that you ve got. Georgie support because look how many followers you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions but when it comes to
actually voting in a district, its dominated by moderate voices. They have tricked themselves into Think north Amerika wants and then you see, curse, Jello Brandiles, with worn pander to the identity crowd and fail miserably and then Bernie Sanders refrains a little bit but goes further. Socialist message. It gets a little bit of a little far because you know there are people who support more progressive values. That's true, but in the end Biden wins. They have tricked then files into believing things that are real because, instead of assessing reality, they are just putting them. So in the back saying we're winning we're winning. They dont want to see the facts. They don't Looking at my videos, why taught by the Democrats spiralling out of control the civil tearing them apart or trumpeting. They do want to hear it. They say TIM's, just framing it to benefit the the conservatives. Now you know what men I've called out tromp on a lot of different things. The fact remains right now he
is doing really really well we'll see you again. Will see what happens in the coming weeks, the economy, but so far he's been doing well, and the Democrats have been doing everything wrong. Impeachment failed the scandals all the scandal. None of that worked, they didn't campaign. I couldn't issues and now they're risking losing their house majority and that's what they get. I have only told you what I see is really happening. It turns out, at least to a certain degree: I've been right. Bernie Sanders appears to be failing. Now. I will give you this caviar. It is entirely possible five, thirty flips around again the pole, were wrong about Biden in some states. What do I really know honestly can't tell you I can say that have been right on some things and they don't want to hear it, but I really do think that binds can be the nominee. I think that's what we're headed and that support. I seem to me because I was wrong in the past about this. This is the reality for me. When I look at the current data, I will give you my opinion and that will change as the data changes. I thought by
was out. I was like there's no way disguise the front runner. I was absolutely wrong, but I'm not rooting for or against Biden, Bernie or Trump. That's the big issue here the people who want Bernie to win we'll just say good things about him. In fact, there was a really funny post some journal, were sharing tweets from Elizabeth warns campaign staff and one of the quota paraphrase yelling at a journalist sang. I should have expected you not to support our campaign fully or something like that, as if the journalist would do that. Well, yeah, guess what that's what these these people think? They think that if you come in as a journalist, all you gotta do is tell the world how great this person is. Not, I supported tools he gathered. I support it, your young and I have no problem saying tolls. He is wrong about nuclear power and Yang is wrong about his flagship programme on you. Be I but I like them for a lot of other reasons, and I thought was worth getting them on the debate stage. If you can't accept your faults in your failure, you
lose. It is life lesson one or one. If you keep telling yourself, you didn't write or it's not. Your fault then, how will you ever solve this problem? what we are seeing now with progressive. They refuse to accept their failures, and so what's gonna happen, the democratic establishment will sweeping Donald Trump will will dominate November, but will see I'll. Tell you what I dont think I'm always right. I'm looking at the data right now. I'm lucky. The reactions are super Tuesday. Right now. For all I know, the poles are wrong. Bernie Sanders sweeps tomorrow, and you know what take that one with you as if I'm wrong, I ll be the first to admit it. I thought the Republicans order, one in twenty team. I was in the in the house. I mean I thought Joe Biden was completely out boy Was I wrong I'm wrong, often enough, but it's more so about this. When I'm giving you opinion, I'm basing it on current data and things change, I think it's silly to believe that anyone could predict the future, which is why I really
like doing it. Five, thirty eight limit. Let me show you one more thing before sign off: look at this wild roller coaster, I'm trying to figure out what was going to happen and they're supposed to be the smart ones. Who can predict this stuff? No one really knows for sure the poles wrong. Half the time we have no idea. What I can say, though, is that overall, it really does just seem like the far left refuses to accept when they made mistakes and, if that's the case to case they will never solve these problems to actually win in the future. I leave it. There stick around next diamonds. Coming up at six p m, you tube Dotcom, slashed him cast news and see you all their no matter how many times we see an instance of social media censorship being completely biased against the right. You still get these facts. News journalist saying that there is no evidence that these companies are biased and I'll, say you're, just missed
stringent enforcement action, blah blah blah they'll, say so and so claimed comma without evidence, comma, that a social media company was biased. You know, I don't do that to me, they just say TIM pools, opinion on social media censorship, echoes that of conservatives. Well, the reason but me because I always show evidence when I talk about it. It was back in, I think, may have twenty fifteen I'm sorry twenty seventeen. I can the exact date when gives MOTO the left wing publication said employs at Facebook routinely suppressed conservative news outlets in the Facebook trending section. It is a fact, and now we have more. Since this story from the daily collar ass it a follow up on a story. I did yesterday morning, New York Post report, deletes tweets that exposed socialist Youtube or, as wealthy background to get his twitter account back. Let me tell you a story: if you miss this yesterday, you really gotta check it out
there's a man named Carlos Maza Visa socialist. He worked for the left wing site vocs. He got, I think he got fired. Are you laugh to show is cancelled, will put that we are put to cancel the near quotes, we really know what happened but he's making his own Youtube videos he's the guy who got Stephen crowded, demonetized. He tweets about how we can't take advice from It was it turns out. He comes from a family of extremely wealthy individuals and, according to the new posts story, registered to vote at eleven million dollar mansion, and I think it was Boca return congratulation God, Sir, you are a silver spoon socialist someone who's, never in any capacity experienced any hardship in your life. Trying to tell me in class individuals how they should and their money or where our money should go. I love it. It's always. These Silver spoon, socialist? Isn't it when I was at occupied?
strict and tell you how many people that were there were trust fund. Kids, their parents just paid for everything. How, whilst you think these people could not work and organise a protest like this, they think they know what they think they know what's best for everyone else, but they ve never done anything hard. Carlos Maza, this guy, he tweeted these as of James Carville House. What's that the tweets are still up surprise, surprise now I mentioned yesterday that this was an instance of social media censorship. John Levine had his twitter account locked the guy who actually did the report exposing Carlos MA, as a silver spoon socialist. However, he got its account back. He says, update Twitter. Locked me out of my account last night over some of the cosmos reporting. A rent for the company tells me that their action against me was an error. Two are too long and Reed I'm out of twitter jail and all my Reginald postings here remain live. You said I want ain't ever gonna make a fuss about it. This is the halt. This is the
wait. The whole monitors didn't want you to see, get it everywhere. What's that between gone, you see, here's a ended up happening. You wanna talk about bias and social media John Levine than tweet a second update, despite initially calling their decision to lock my account an error. Twitter locked me out again: few hours later over the same Carlos Maza story, I ever loved, they deleted the tweet and I'm sharing with you some of the timeline here. This is orwellian, let's, let's pullup Johns tweet, so John. Initially had the companies. I always sorry for suspending you in the came back and splendid him again, I'd be willing to perhaps there is something to this in the cross Maza coming from a bit. Let me slowdown cost I was extremely wealthy families, which is probably well connected. The tech industry considering his step dad started as a company called ultimate. Nothing was called ultimate softwares. What would the discovered, apparently, the cup
He was sold for eleven billion dollars, they scorned to than your post. So perhaps some ones privileged a silver spoon family stepped up to protect him because calls Maza has faced no suspension for instigating foreign, fighting violence, calling people to violence and post in the home of James Carville that it's a free pass. Welcome to the game. Welcome a social media censorship. So here's what twitter upon further investigation. These tweets violate our twitter rules, specifically our private information, policy, the account will remain locked until the tweets are moved and there, and that brings me to the daily daily color story. Job Levin had to remove some of his reporting, because twitter, sad only in the journalists instance. While sorry, the conservative journalist I guess I do not want to call John, if he's not a conservative, but your post, while this has to be removed.
But Carlos Maza, saying milkshake them all in posting photos of James Carvel House. Well, that's just fine and Danny Ainge. It three develop little story and then I've got some awesome. Personal news about me we're facing some of its political bias and you're gonna love this one you're not yet near purported Jonathan Levy, deleted his tweeds, exposing self describe Socialist Carl's mosses tie is to his elite, wealthy family after was locked out of account by twice by Twitter Levine, Pour it on Mars is wealthy family origin Saturday, revealing the former employs? Family has multiple mansions in Florida sees me and inexpensive high rise apartment in New York's upper west. Side man, you got. You got you gonna love these. These socialist remember when Bloomberg called out Bernie sang the most prominent social. In those countries, a millionaire with three houses. What am I missing here and burns risk
Hans was yes, I work in DC. I live in Vermont, unlike most romantic I've a summer camp or like many romancers, I'm sorry, dude is that what that was your excuse? Drawing just driving three houses do come on note and are you? Are you kidding this limousine liberal and silver spoon socialist? I love it. I love it there, order also treat out photos of Moses Family Mansion resulting into it, walking out of his account for violating their private privacy information policy until he was forced to delete the fault the posts according to Levine, I initially cholera yeah we were. That part is that was around our William Modest Pair according to my sources, help pay for one of his afford his one better, informed and Menhens EAST village. In claims that a one but are important in that neighbourhood, typically costs and upward of three thousand dollars among. Yes, that's true Moslem! I have roommates. I don't know, I'm not gonna make assumptions about how much there giving him quote my mom,
your fiance are very wealthy. Thanks to a software company, they started together when I was a kid as a result to live a life of tremendous privilege. Let me just point something out you guys for it for two understanding socialists, when you grow up, And literally, every thing is given to you on a silver platter, with a with a sigh we're spoon right in your mouth and You go to school where everything is given to you by the administration. You're told us to do, and you bend, no money to go there because, like Maza admitted, he got to go to school debt, free of course they're gonna become communists and socialists there sitting there thinking life is hard. How come no one's giving me stuff? Why does the government give me stuff? Hey, that's a good idea if ever, just got free stuff from the government that life would be better for everyone who right that's what they think that on our stand, that when you tax people, it's every one paying and if you tax people more than they have
Then they don't have any money and there is eight there's an upper limit to what you can actually get out of people and if your taxes, everyone's money. Then they know that if they work for anyone to get money. They will get nothing. So why bother doing it? Socialism doesn't work it doesnt work. It makes no sense. They have these utopist, very only because they live in bubbles. This is this is as some kind of arrangement, I'm not I'm not kidding when you have never experienced any kind of struggle you ve ever had a grow, your own food? for your food or even work a job to buy your own food. Of course you realize the conservation of energy that you must have an input that you must have income in order to spend while they don't everything to them. Is this paper Jewel money machine, we're all they do is sit around complaining and money just appears yeah, that's socialism for you. So
We must as a media as a safety net. So we get that. Let's get better social media censorship, here's the posts! I cover this yesterday, where he was you know, posing pictures of James Carvel House out Exterior too, and then we have this milk shake them all, humiliate them at every turn, make them dread public, organizing Carlos Ma literally called for crimes. That's battery, throwing an object at someone, a sultan battery in some jurisdictions like in Illinois. You get on battery charge for that, on Twitter, Twitter is taken a doubt is literally inciting violence against Trump supporters. Yet John living a reporter who supposed him as a hypocrite and goober wealthy elite with a silver spoon in his mouth he's the one who gets locked out of his account Could it be political bias? I would say absolutely S. Could it be that much? his family art guard tech centred multimillionaires with connections and made a phone call. You, I think, that's probable, too
Carlos Maza, is basically a toddler right, he's a little kid who doesn't work for anything and he sits around crying to demand demanding that he wants something and, of course he play. He plays the thing where he's like I'm trying to advocate for a system that would take power away from me, no you're not no. No. We know how these things work. People like you want to be the party in charge, and you will always demand stuff. Well, ignorant people like Mazda understand what happens after they get their little revolutions because there, the first people to go well, let's move on now couple more things to cover in terms of censorship and social media and The next one will be a little bit personal. I tweeted this. The other day you two decided my video talking about massive GEO p, voter turnout and trumps Town Hall writings constituted
discussions of quote modern acts of terror and demonetized. My video awesome yup so on my main channel, which is due to be calm, slashed him cast very differ from this one I typically and for the most part, only talk about the current political cycle. This is part of an ongoing algorithmic evolution where Youtube is trying to box me into a corner. It's why I started this channel in the first place, because I am not stupid, not cinemas, where's person, the world ahead, take precautions rent. So, at a certain point, when I making videos for my main channel, I decided to create this channel two for what I would call run off. Content content that I dont think was big enough to be the biggest story of the day. In certain circumstances, I then started making many segments. Why do about five segments? five seconds on this gentle every day, and I do one segment on my main channel now over time. You do this
making the rules crazier in crazier and more and more difficult to actually produce content on my main channel their squeezing out. Basically, everyone fortunately the people who run you do not pay attention to this channel, so it seems to be ok certain regard. So here's what happens if I do a video on this channel that talks about something on a shocking or whatever, some breaking news, maybe there's something happening around the world. It will probably be demonetized its typical. Almost free video I do on this channel gets demonetized initially rarely do they get monetize right away about a day later they get monetize so like ninety percent of all the videos are produced on this channel our good a day after the fact which presented the first problem, Youtube deciding that my video was a man an act of terror when I was literally talking about Fox NEWS writings makes means that in the first when ninety five percent of all views come in. You get nothing nothing. Then they go
my bad and they reinstate it, and then you get nothing because the views don't come back. People already saw the video and you know it. Fine, I get it it's why d to, but on my main channel something else happens. They actively suppress videos if they flag them as modern acts of terror. This demonization wasn't just bout taking income away? It was about making sure people could not see it by limiting the reach on this channel, which is not part of what's called self sort self certification. If my video gets demonetized They typically do. They still go out to the same amount of people, regardless so even we'll make money. I don't really care because Youtube is running these videos, like normal on my main channel, why common main channel, but you tube, accomplished him cast if they flag a video they suppress it, they shut. Bandit. I started getting messages from people saying the video wasn't appearing, that it was in improperly despair, displaying comments likes and views, and that's exactly what happened
when they look at my video and falsely flag it- and it's happened recently- one of the big bang. One is that there is a new story which I'm not going to mention that when it first broke was totally ok to talk about, I made a video and they said you're all good. This subject is totally fine for modernization. And then, two weeks later, when the story escalated, they said no, we ve back in decided to de monetize this video and that what what happens, the more videos you have demonetized the higher risk. Your channel gets now they're trying to democratize everything, but the point is when they, when they d monetize this video about Trump, and they put these strict rules, my main channel, they make it so that the Only thing I can do that channel is specifically talk about, say the Democrats and Republicans people ever have asked me. Why is it Your main channel now almost exclusively talks about tromp Democrats, Republicans, Congress, politics whatever and its because the channel is effectively dead,
now? You? You still see those videos ripe while their not being recommended, and if I deviate from those subjects at all, they suppress the content and the demonetized it. So I have a choice I can. I can put my political commentary: stockbroker pertaining to tromp Democrats, Republicans etc, which I still do a lot of on this channel. Or I can just say, I can't do anything on the channel. I tried making a video about anti fa when there was this big thing that happened. They suppressed it and call it modern acts. Terror, and when the video went live, it got something like two to three percent of the view that normally gets because Youtube Shadow banned completely disappear. My channel at an opponent anyone's I wanted a video. I deplore a bunch of stuff like Mute, some stuff than all the sun put back to normal in the views shot back up. That's the game that you, too has been playing with my main channel. That's the censure censorship, and this is where it get it's that, though the worst example is there
that when I make a video sank, fine on, I will play by your rules. I will make this video specifically about political political content in a political issues happen in the industry, and I gotta admit I do think it's fair to say that the primary is the election of thing to talk about our are rather pertinent. I say fine, we'll talk about this. They falsely flag, my content, calling a discussion about Fox NEWS, writings, a modern act of terror and then the video gets suppressed, and then it makes no money and I'm sitting or thinking. What am I supposed to do? That's what Youtube has been doing not just my channel, but many other channels. There are many channels who have worse than I do is I actually have a contact at Google and when this fund, happens, I'm like, while there we go there there. There's that wasted on that content. They say that Irene, go to Google and they say we're we're getting right on it.
A day later say we fix it for you, no problem, you fix it. For me. I'm a human being watched my video and flag as terror, It was confirmed by manual review that talking about Trump and his record writings and GEO people we're not was terrorism and so the video get suppressed. Day later they reinstated, but it's too late. They stopped recommending. It makes no money, that's how it works and fat continues. Don't be surprised. If has a negative impact on the politicians. You like the left or right. You know for the life of me. I can't figure out why people on the left, who are supposed to fight against this, have been advocating for a long time, except for one thing: it benefits them now. They'll they'll claim that you know algae BT. Creators are being negatively impact. If that's true
I'll say all week, its weakest suppressed do yeah to a certain degree, but when, but as soon as you come out and say, look here's evidence John Levine. If any are post got suspended and then reinstated and suspended again, they'll say that's just in Attica. Since then you ll, say yeah. What about me is like the eighth time this has happened. I a viable, MR videos there's like eight videos, because so there's a programme on Youtube called self certification, meaning when you upload a video you list, if there's any you a funding content in your videos like swearing or discussion of modern acts of terror, and I put know of worse, because I'm a milk toast funds are talking about Donald Trump and Democrats and ninety nine percent of everything is ok, but periodically they go in and falsely flag. My Those- and sometimes I say, what's the point, the video is dead. It's already beyond its of its twenty four hours of views won't come back. The news has become less relevant. It made no money. Why bother dealing with it and then what happens as they use that too,
suffice oppressing morbid content, saying well, you're high risk. Look at all these these de modifications, so even though my videos- should be monetize. Even I dont even swear in these videos than matter they'll go, and I did a very oh, it was about, I think, bill more and they confirmed it I have no idea why and there's nothing that you can do about it, because a human being at the company said so now, mistakes happen, I get it and made, This is a mistake for the mistakes always flow in one direction or I'm sorry, they tend to flow in one direction. There have been many people on the left who have been suspended and banned, particularly aunt war progressives, but here's how it always plays out. It always plays out with some fringe lunatic leftist who comes from a you know: a multi million dollar multimillionaire family litter
Lee advocating for violence and twitter, says you're all good buddy and that's it and the reporter who exposes the guy is the one who get suspended on Twitter. Give Jonah follow Levine Jonathan on Twitter, because he's the one was exposed this and has taken a hit for it. Twitter is a trash website. Youtube has its problems, but I will I will wrap up with what saying this. There are some pros and cons the proposed a social media that look for all the faults of Youtube I'm doing really well you're able to hear my voice right now. On this platform, they do recommend my content to a certain degree. Oh I'm complaining, but I want to make sure the net a mixer realize I do think: there's a net positive to Youtube and twitter for the most part, there's another big mistake being made by these companies that needs to be addressed when you only
ban the crazies on the right, and you ignore the crisis on the left. You drive people in droves to Donald Trump. You want to know why, from the outside the untrained observer, the initial, added passive, liberal or passive, liberal or country in about country logs and a twitter, and what are they see? A loser six socialist for dreaming about attacking people on the streets and the other crazy people have the right. There. All gone
so the only right wing people they sees a suit wearing man with a tie saying well, I for one think our economic policy could use a good reform and I'll trumps. Tariffs have been a net boon for us for this government and you're like well. Not enough. That's true, but I hear what you say and then you lose your left and asthma sank, frown milkshakes at people and you're like that is not a policy position that I would like to support. That doesn't seem to make sense and that's one of the biggest pitfalls, the backfiring of social media censorship. If these companies don't realize it and they haven't, they are going to create an environment where you have psychotic. If creating screening cancel culture, which has happened, trying to destroy people's lives, which is happening and you're gonna have any one on the right who might be deemed crazier fringe purged. So the only visit People will be clean, cut conservatives with good opinions with strong arguments. They are key they think they're going after their ideological opponents, because their only
going to allow certain ideas to flourish, but instead they allow people across Mazda, say insane things and get away with it. I live there stick around next month's coming up at one p m in this general, and I will see you all. Then. Chaos is erupting in ITALY, riots breaking out of twenty seven prison. Six prisoners die. People are trying to fully as a massive quarantine. Isn't down the northern areas of ITALY, sixteen million well being locked down and their stocks have plummeted by eleven percent. All of this due to corona virus fears. This is panic, and I said before panic is probably going to worsen, iris now. There is good reason to overreact, but never to panic. Before we get into this, I want out, about what happened this morning, because a lot of people are falsely claiming that the drop in stocks today is based on the krona virus rose and familiar this morning when trading began on Wall Street there was an immediate and massive drop off it caught triggered one of these
airport circuit breakers at us at. I believe it was seven percent loss. They froze trading for fifteen minutes its recovered a little bit, but as of right now it is down five point: five, nine percent. This has every to do with Saudi Arabia big oil and dropping the prices and probably very at all. To do with the corona we ve seen the market going up and down due to crowded spheres, there's an empty. On airlines. For instance, this massive drop is because overnight the price of oil dropped dramatically. Mostly due to Saudi Arabia. These are are, for the most part, entirely different news stories, of course, blue marks on twitter arc inflating the two and screeching that its Donald Trump fault he's not getting, as you know, and all on the corona virus, and I will say I think Donald Trump is playing this much too lightly. In fact, money. The Trump supporters of amounts hang one man. Basically the same thing
but I get it there is that there is a real challenge. Your first, let me show you this tweet from Well Chamberlain. He is a trump supporter conservative. He said perhaps the worst tweet of the presidency in response to this tweet from Donald Trump who said last year, thirty seven thousand Americans died from the common flu. It averages between twenty seven thousand and thousand per year. Nothing is shut down life in the economy go on. At this moment there are five hundred and forty six confirmed cases of kroner virus with twenty two deaths thinking that and will say this is the worst tweet of the presidency Rock and a hard place men. So I agree the twins, bad. I think tromp could do better. I don't think it's the worst possible tweets ever made to be completely honest because you need to look over it, happening in ITALY, and in this regard its I can't tell you what Right course of action is for the president. He needs to make sure people don't panic, but I personally think he needs to do more to let people know you. Ve got a curve yourself, but perhaps
it's a powder keg and no matter what Trump says. If he says anything in the direction of this could be bad people will panic like they are in ITALY. Let's read the story from CNBC, they say Italy's massive corona virus, quarantine provokes panic and prison riots. Stocks fall, eleven percent, ITALY's extended quarantine, restrict extended quarantine restricting them went of people and its industrial Northern Heartland have provoked panic. Among residents and accentuated the countries North South Divide, Prime Minister Jap, I can't you signed a decree on Sunday imposing restrictions of the movement of people in the northern region of Lombardy, the epicenter of the outbreak in ITALY and fourteen other provinces across the north until April. Third, the measures now affect more than sixteen million people blaming banning them. Sorry from moving in and out of those areas, the publication of a draft decrease.
Saturday afternoon by newspaper revealing the forthcoming wider quarantine measures, prompted panic among residence trying to get out before the restrictions came into force after midnight media report said bars and restaurants emptied and thousands of people tried to leave the region in cars and trains where there were reports of shoving and pushing by passenger passengers. Violent protests have broke out in twenty seven italian presence against krona virus restriction, with many inmates asking for an amnesty due to the virus margins. He news agents an essay reported Monday, citing local sources. Some twenty inmates had managed to break out of fogey a prison in Puglia during a riot Monday morning I say, said citing we'll sources shop, prison. The area were told to close their shops in the vicinity of the prison prison unrest broke out in a prison in Modena Sunday afternoon after inmates were informed, that visit from relatives had been banned to prevent the spread of infection and the south.
Relatives of detainees. In a what poky Oriole prison in Naples, entrepreneurs his words clashed with police against the government ban. Now before we move, from their here's. The update from CNN six dead in ITALY. Prison riots after visit, suspended due to krona virus scene and reporting six prisoners have died and avoiding a prison The riots broke out in several italian jails. Falling the suspension of its to curb the spread of the virus riots occurred in on Sunday in Modena Frosinone Naples Pie Visa Alexandria and finally, a presence according to a statement by the Italian Justice Ministry, Disturbances ended on Sunday evening during the vote in a prison riot prisoners occupied the entire prison, including the infirmary worthy got hold of various drugs, including methadone director of the italian penitentiary system, Francesco Bossin, teeny sadness said it in an interview, Monday Two of the dad died of an overdose one of one of inhalation of toxic smoke and
Ray died. After all, the inmates were moved to another prison. Those deaths are still being investigated, boss, it boss antennae, Spain. That a prison in Sulaco in southern ITALY was the first to write last Saturday leading to- wave of revolts. Now we have bedlam in it and I'm gonna warn you right now, if you think it can't happen here, you are wrong now, you ve absolutely. Should not be panicking because, if even worse She may you probably any, and you ve been listening. You probably already went out and bought some supplies, but I'm a taste crazy right now, men we went shopping the other night and, for the most part, no real problems Go to the store, there's not massive lines, but I was eyes to see in in the local Mark near me, tons of supplies are gone toilet. Burma has been mostly bought out, waters mostly bought out. I think it's funny that the first thing people go forest toilet paper. I don't know why seriously and not food that
he is kind of strange. What do? Ok. There was a lot of food that was basically sold out and you know some some supplies for the most part there, a bunch of stores of my everything seems to be decently. Ok, for now that's just my area. I honestly, I'm kind of surprise to see there have been shorted a shortage of some supplies. Does the shelves or are you know, stripped bare of a lot of products? I really didn't want to believe or just didn't believe, vote actually come here. When I heard the stories about New York and Washington and why, unlike because they have confirmed cases, will now Philly has some confirmed cases, the shops near me start panicking as well, but take a look at this story. Faulty on shutting down corona virus Apis enters anything is possible, I hope you're paying attention to the stuff. I hope you are not panicking. Doktor, Anthony found director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious disease said Sunday, he doubted the? U S would have to impose measures as draconian as total shut.
Ordered in some regions in northern ITALY to halt the spread of kroner virus, but said anything is possible. Excuse me, we have to be realistic. I don't think it would be at home, They could be as your Conan as nobody and or nobody out, but if we continue to get cases like this, particularly at the community level, there will be what we call mitigation where we have two essential. They do social distancing, keep people out of crowded places. Take a look at seriousness. Do you really need to travel, and I think it's particularly important among the most most vulnerable thought you said on Fox NEWS Sunday: you dont want to alarm people, but given the spread, we ve seen anything is possible and that's why we ve got to be prepared to take whatever action is appropriate to contain and mitigate outbreak. He added value also addressed reports that health experts on the White Ass, his corner virus taskforce had been
were hauled on the recommendation that elderly people refrain from air travel on the come back to this, but now I want to point out why Donald Trump is wrong in this tweet. He said last year. Thirty, seven thousand Americans died from the common flew at averages between twenty seven and seventy thousand per year per year. Right he's others five and forty six cases ok hold on here's a problem. Current flew season has been in effect for several months. I think I think, maybe even two or three months longer than krona virus has an corona virus. Is expanding exponentially they're saying every you know between seventy nine days. The number doubles the reason why we are seeing substantially more flew infections is because it's been around lot longer, and it's not just that. It's that the flu does occur all throughout the year, but flew season as it is in particular point the numbers they ve track for this year started October. I'm pretty sure it is entirely possible
I flew could be worse, but if the mortality rate of corona virus is thirty four times higher than that of the flu, I think something we absolutely need to paint be paying attention to and trump as is miss. Look I get it man, I don't. I it's very difficult. I look at this tweet from Tromp, and I say I dont like, as my initial reaction know, that if Trump tweeted right now, you need to take care. You don't be prepared, we're walking. This could be serious. The media, Would slam em for inciting panic in Australia when, when the Prime Minister, amounts. Ad hoc of ours is bad. People raided stores are fighting over time Paper, there's literally woman got arrested a guy got taste and they would blame Trump for that challenges It seems trumps only option is to try and keep people com. I'm not gonna pretend, like I note. The right answer is, but you know how I'm talking about a right I am saying this could be serious and please do not panic. I can't stress that enough. You will hurt yourself if you do.
Based on my opinion and how I sing it. I kind of feel like Trump would need to say something more direct, but man talk about Iraq, hard place. This is why you'll never see me be interested in politics. Never because what's the right, answer. I don't know man, I really dont know. Certainly Tromp supporters are our calling about saying it was not not a good idea, but it is hurting trump. I believe it is fair to say it is hurting trunk to a certain degree. Tromp recently had its highest approval. Writing ever at forty six point three in the aggregate and his fallen down. Now to forty four point: seven, first of all, forty four point: seven is still really really high for his presidency, but he is taking ahead in his approval. Writing, probably because of the criticism is getting over the krona virus. I'm not going to tell you that he's east he's You now blundering this, you not making the worst making the worse even worse. I I lean towards probably should be a little more. I don't know serious and alarmed he's really turned down play it.
All I know is that if trunk came out and said this is gonna, be serious bunker down, they would say: tromp is inciting panic and go after him. So what do you do? I think, no matter what happened. Tromp was gonna be blamed for this. Even trying to blame for the market dropping when that was Saudi Arabia. So that is what it is, but let's get back to the story from the hill found, she said quote: here's the deal. No one overruled anybody about saying this let me say loud and clear now, right now, I'm telling the american people based on everyone's agreed upon in the task force, if you weren't individual, with an underline condition, particular really an elderly person with an underlying condition. You should start to distance yourself from the risk and, above all, don't get on a cruise ship. He also addressing the specific case of the grand princess cruise ship, which will dock in the port of and, after being turned away from San Francisco. I recommend very strongly in our meetings that we get those people off that ship. We don't want to
repeat what we saw with diamond princess, where the ship became almost a hot spot of transmission. I feel strongly about getting them off their, how she said appearing on an end, sees me. The press voucher emphasise the risk to health otherwise vulnerable people telling Chuck Todd. I think right now something that's important that I hope the american people appreciate is at the risk of getting trouble with this infection is overwhelmingly waited towards people with underline conditions on the elderly. You don't want to go to a massive gathering, particularly if you, if you're a vulnerable person, my understanding as right now the average age of death is eighty one. Which is exactly what we would have expected underlying conditions: the elderly people with weaker immune systems. There are people who have been younger who have died. We have seen videos of people collapse in the street with that's, probably substantially less. The mortality rate is higher Now, it's possible that once we start screening, the mortality rate will dropped dramatically.
Leave. The mortality rate in South Korea is point six. For two reasons, we have a more accurate picture of how many people are infected. You can actually just do the math butter. More importantly, when you're screening people your catching early and hospitalized them hospitalized them before it's too late. So that's a good reason to actually start launching these tests, which the government, the? U s a they're gonna be doing, will suit happens now. Here's where things start to get pretty worrisome. We saw how bad it got near on ten percent of the members of parliament are infected. Several governed officials are dying in others, corroded virus case at sea pack brings outbreak closer to Trump threatening to up and his routine amid reelection bid. Not just that, but TED crews is gonna, be self quarantining. Many people at sea back were shaking hands and meeting with somebody who has now tested positive. There is concern that the virus may have been spread to basically everyone Donald Trump, a seventy three, so I
certainly hope, at least in private he's, taking things very very seriously and everybody knows tromp as a German. I hope he doesn't like shaking hands and things like that. So maybe that's gonna play to his favour. Right now. There's there's concerns over, say, Bernie and Biden, one of the things that they can talk about echelon up. I have this story pulled up. I thought I did ok, I do. I do have it here, despite virus risk, twenty twenty hopefuls keep up campaigns for now. Bernie invite nor both old there very close to the median age and of up an and having a high risk to being susceptible to the krona virus. And they are going out and high finding people and shaking hands. I hope they take this seriously. I really really hope they do. It would be a very, very strange thing to see them for whatever reason unable to continue and falsehood effort is still in the re, so I dont know own happen. If joy
Biden and Bernie were now unable to continue their campaigns about saying because they lose their lives. Maybe they significant incapacitated, I'm just saying they should take. This seriously, you look. A lot of people want to say. Like Trump was saying it's like the flu, please man, this could be way worse. Now, the panic is what I think we should be more concerned about. To be honest, that's why I said: have emergency food go shopping cuz? The panic is worse often than the disease itself check. This out. This tweet from Steve Stagger here's the gentlemen anchor for nine news in Denver are United Flight from Eagle Colorado to Newark New Jersey. I believe Newark was diverted to Denver because of disruptive passenger On Board Denver police tells us three, passengers were upset because a single hasn't was sick on the flight. They didn't make any arrests the flight redeposited for Newark according to
night, it's on assuming that's Newark New Jersey, but there's probably tunnel places named Newark were planes by flights. But no work is the obvious. One. People on a plane saw someone second freaked out so right now we have five hundred forty six cases in the: U S, it's likely to be in the thousands may be tens of thousands. Because most people s trump sad, get it. Don't even notice, go to work in a coffin bet, they're fine, most we'll get some kind of minor cold and don't even realize eighteen percent hospitalized. Three point: four percent globally have died. The numbers right now are very, very low, and for the time being, it really does seem you're, much more likely to get the flu. Then you are to get the news that the novel corona virus, but the krona virus people have no immunity to and panic sets in how you get people to prepare without panicking. I have no idea,
I've had people message me saying: TIM you're, freaking out too much your ear. You know your stressing people out things like that's like listen. I don't have to tell you. I see a lot of people trying to climates and media hype, making everything worse. Maybe that's the case. It could just be the media's latched onto the story, but take a look at the actions of China and in this instance as much I'd love to I'm, not gonna, blame the media, China locked down their country, they barricaded people in their homes. They knew something we didn't now. ITALY is under hard quarantine? Is the virus continues to spread throughout the entire country and their having rights in their presence? The right a fair to save panic. Maybe look. The quarantining of sixteen million was apparent, but people are fleeing, but take a look at what China is doing. I'm gonna go out and err on the side of look. I think China's knots, but they knew something we didn't that. Maybe they know the actual death rate. There's videos of people being barricaded in their homes being dragged away, people are locked in their houses. There there's met in suits
in a building sprang the disinfecting chemicals everywhere. China reacted to this war, like in in a way we ve never seen for these other viruses like Sars and murders. Elisa my understanding now is the? U S military announced back in the beginning of February a month ago that they were gonna, prepare for a full blown global pandemic. Actions speak louder than words. You ve got all these agencies and other governments reacting to it an absurd degree, and it could be because everyone's panicking or it could be because it's actually really really bad, and they are not going to tell you because they're trying to prevent a panic, and that is what worrisome and then only makes panic worse. When the surgeon general came out and said, please stop buying masks, they don't help. What happened? A ton of people rushed to go by mask so listen, hopefully it thing we want to be wrong on this one, but there are some people saying, I think, was the American Hospital Association predicting ninety four million infections. I think globally, maybe even in the? U s an entirely sure but
they're saying by July. We could see ninety four million infected there you go. Maybe they just hate Trump, maybe as some people, I think all I've oranges hates Trump so that using as against them, there is a part of those. Are our article linear, I was saying that things are not as our coming down with it the Bell curve. I honestly don't know: I'm not gonna play politics on this one to the best of my my personal ability from what I've read and write, what I've seen you can blame the media say their hyping things up, but you gotta look at the mill. Touristic. Actions of China is other governments and it seems like it's more serious than there actually letting on, and that may be because if they came out and said what is actually happening, people would freak out even worse than they already are. Take it all with a grain of SALT and Europe have the figures, while yourself as the best I can do, I leave it. There stick around next islands coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him cast into the different channel, and I will see you then feminist
have been protesting in Mexico for quite some time on and off and recently with international women's day we saw on now or wave of violent protests and writing mostly from feminists, which result. In quite a while. On than an untrue to say it's funny, I mean it's funny: unkind of scary Mexico, any feminists, accidently firebomb themselves in pro abortion protest this is the post colonial. I do not believe it is a fair and accurate assessment to call it a pro abortion protest. I know a little bit about the Sk in protest, I was actually just down there and talk some people, but before we get an all, Let's reed and see what they say and I'll try and break down. What's going on and on yeah, they actually did firebomb themselves. Guph cringe hard cringe. They say. Demonstration turned violent protest in Mexico City yesterday saw parts of the city flipped upside down by internet
women's day, protesters protesters ransacked, typically typically com city spaces near the much pop metropolitan cathedral. As well as the National Palace, which is where Mexico's President Andrei Manuel Lobo Lopez, Oberdoffer commonly referred to as Emma resides a video of ammo trying, toothpaste, apparently ok the March was organised by feminist groups and, according to the government of Mexico City brought out over eighty thousand women men. Public landmarks. We're vandalized, including bus station monuments in private property Her most seo cathedral was also destroyed as violent protesters were seen, smashing glass as- goers indoors used pews to block the doors. A viral video shows a pie testing tossing a molotov cocktails at the president's residency and attempt which Sif swiftly backfired. Now I'm going to play this little Clip
and I think you know, look at bombs. For those that are listening. What happened was a group of feminists. It is mostly women and someone behind him and tries throwing molotov, which falls right into the crowd burst into flames and ignites one of the women which they then rushed to triumph out there is theirs. It there's a saying and it's very important place. Stupid games wins stupid prizes. In this instance, You don't know what you're doing you want to throw fire bombs at people for stupid reasons, congratulations historically the firebomb underpinning a feminist group at one point in the video a feminist as can be seen with her pants on fire before quickly being doused with a fire extinguisher,
tensions in Mexico remain high, the country needs to go through social and economic woes. Gender based violence is a particularly struck, a particularly striking issue in Mexico. As an estimated ten women are killed in the country each day. The government has been a key of inaction on the issue. City officials did say that the majority of the protesters marched peacefully. It was the man petrol bomb, throwing radicals officials say that turn situation, violent, sovereign peoples, seven people were arrested, thirteen were taken to hospital reports f news agency now I dont, know why the post mommy. I wanted to call a pro abortion protest because Far as I know, based on my soul, says who are actually in Mexico and the other stories. I've read in the people, life personally talk to that wasn't the case. The issue was violence against and which I will also partially debug. I think it's fair to say if ten women per day are being killed protesting. That is fine, just because there are other problems elsewhere doesn't mean. You can't complain on problems that
fact you so I respect that. I dont respect someone throwing the molotov cocktails and especially not when it lands on them. Please don't do that. The reality is this. The protest. As far as I know wasn't a pro abortion protest. The protest has to do with gender based violence. We can see the story from the Washington Post, not like. I trust the Washington Post all that much tens of thousands of mexican women protest. Femme aside Jen based violence. So look I'm sure to an extent these feminists approach choice, but to frame it as a proportion broke. A pro abortion protest is just not accurate, accurate, but let's talk about statistics. I then I'll tell you a story, see I'm not complete. Look, I think protest is good. I think if you face problems and you want solutions, you gotten peacefully protest and even engaging civil disobedience like blocking roads, more power to you now, if you engage in civil darkness obedience and get arrested. Yet
that's paying the price you're. Trying to you, know, you're breaking the law, you get a slap on the rest, you'll pay the price for what you did, but I respect civil disobedience, violence and destruction not so much. There are complicated questions pretend to american history, like the Boston Tea Party said actually actually a really interesting point that was brought up by Hank Newsome of Black lives matter saying you know, many Americans will celebrate the Boston Tea Party, which was an act of vandalism. I believe, against. You know private imports of t, because the tea tax and they destroyed it all by foreign in the water and they wore masks to do it interesting points to bring up regardless of our history. I am not a big fan of people getting violent and smashing private property and and and breaking things, but I do think civil disobedience is that good middle ground. Here, that's really going on them in Mexico they are protesting. Femme aside sang women are being targeted, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard it all. Before you see feminist like to claim,
are the victims of all of this. Whatever you know what man I'm just I just want to hear. You know I check this out homicide victims by gender by country, and what do you think we're going to find? Well, let's hop on down to all Mexico here at number, four, with the most amount, of homicides. We can see that Eighty nine point, three of them. Eighty nine point: three percent are male go figure and then we can see ten point. Seven of the victims are female. Let's do some quick math if their claiming that ten women die per day Women make up. Ten percent of those that are killed doesn't stand a reason that ninety men are killed every day. Homicides. So don't let me stop you from protests in because all I'll be I'll be honest. I don't care if you want to protest, something it's not as the deal is something else. If it affects you in Europe,
about it, you want to see it solved. I can respect that. However, off, do we see leftwing protests like black eyes matter, particularly they they put it. There was a comic that went viral about black lives matter where there were two houses, one was fire and the other one was catching a little bit of the fire and it was White Guy bring the whole on the house voted with a little bit of fire, saying all lives matter, and there was a black eye next to him like looking confused, why he won't spray Thoust, actually burning down. That's the argument. They say why are you addressing? The small problem is that of the big problem. First, I would like to apply the same logic here to Mexico, because you actually have ninety men per day. I mean there's this. That's probably don't at it that way, but if only ten percent of people killed our women. Ninety percent of men should you be protesting and are vital. And are not even go one step further and edges violence in general, including the women, but but I'll tell you what, like I said: if they want to protest, that's fine And I do take issue with postponing calling a pro abortion protest, because when I was
Mexico, visible good, I was told, and it could be wrong. It's not just about women being murdered. It's about violence against women in general, and I think, if you wanna protests that I don't What what's the problem? If you want to go round bashing skulls employing Maldives? Now I see the problem and you report. You have sound when you Malta, your own people. Please don't do this, that's insane, but I'll tell you a not family friendly story. You ve been warned when I was there. I was talking Some people live down there about what was going on. I was there in December, what's going off the protest, why they protesting wise their graffiti and said one of the stories, at least, is that it? woman was walking home. What a squad car police officer started following her. She got nervous because they were creeping behind. Her went to a house or random. On preventing like it was hers and rang the doorbell knocking trying to get inside, because she was worried as this
Regos and Anne and keep in mind. This could be incorrect as what people are telling me on the ground. The cops got out took her in called their bodies brought to some location and they proceeded to have their way with her against her will to keep it at least a little bit. You know the language a little bit less simmered down. If these things are happening, don't be surprised when you see protests as read that direct results of the individual, actions. So, while we can look at the murder rate and say more men are killed, maybe these feminist should focus on. That is also important to point out that some of the reactions are about individual people. Like they're, not necessarily saying you know there ignore that men are killed too many of these it s our saying specifically this woman, we want accountability. We want justice for this one woman and now as a catalyst for a lot of the big bang us so now you can see you got a bunch of people marching and it looks like this.
Protest was for the most part peaceful. I got no beef, you have a peaceful protein. March around singing songs. I encourage that I'm stoked by that, in fact we have the First moment specifically saying right to assembly protest all itself. We got that good stuff, it's part of freedom and I respect it, but it's the people, who deserve the Malta. You know it's it's this. When you go out and you do this, I'm sorry to say, but to an extent you deserve this. Now I wouldn't wishes on anybody. Fire is is scary thing. You know you can get burned real quick, but if you're gonna go around trying for a bombs at cops. Well, then, you kidding yourself is a bit of an instant karma. You you, don't you you don't have the right to injure other people and to cause harm to them simply because you want something implemented that can't be democratically implemented. That's that's the important part here. These protesters, vague, allow and say I want acts. Well, guess what, when it comes to the public, they don't agree
you dont, then have the right to go, throw things at people and when you get hit, I can only laugh. Man, I hope everyone's ok. I wouldn't want this to happen, but what we want me to say you'd The hurt someone else with fire and instead you just hit your own people, better than the innocent, he, like you know what I think the people actually got. It worked sent innocent data no common, but what can I say play stupid games when stupid prizes are already Look man, I don't know all the nuances of the protests in Mexico City, but I got no problem with peaceful protestors and I don't think anyone else should either, but we should call this out every step of the way at least We get something that's kind of funny out of it. I leave it stick around next augments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly: we ve got some corona virus updates for here at home and a couple that are really interesting. I'll drop is gonna, be overlooking a potential stimulus package to deal with the economic fall out of the crowd of virus.
But I want to start with this story because it made me laugh Cuomo Channel just pure row. Amazon, Ebay, buy in Do sing New York made a hand. Sanitize are now you may be thinking. That's the funny part. It's not just you wait. You see Governor Cuomo said why should we not turn a hot profit during this image? John C, as people who are rushing to the stores and buying up at hand sanitize or so they can make sure they don't get that disgusting a virus we're losing out on their brain? I got an idea: let's make New York Brand and senators? What we're gonna do is but brewer gone about job right. Well, how do you think New York Megan that hands advertiser. I love it. They started to use prison labour. Ah, don't you love the democratic institutions where they lock people up for non violent offences and then go on to use them in prison to make cheap products which they then sell.
I will never understand why there are conservatives who will defend out some of the policies of like Bloomberg, Andean out and the blog. Your call, Well, whatever it's like when they start that that there's a video going virals got thirteen million views of young black men being pushed up against the wall by a cop saying what did I do at many crimes and then a bunch of cops run out from the ground and arrest the guy? Now No, what happened- and it is really because you know if you come out to earlier and you're like this injustice, and it turns out, he did something you know like an idiot, but let me tell you What man I lived in! York. For a while, I know all
all about stopping frisk- and I know all about the things Michael Bloomberg was doing Bloomberg straight up said. We need to stop more black and brown people like do that's not the issue, the issue of poverty because of your policies. Ok, please! I dont get why you know Trump or any conservative would defend stoppin frisk for two reasons: its literally a gun, control measure that targets innocent people and then and then, and to those people, often end up getting arrested on trumped up. Our job to justify the stop in the first place. Now it's true that it might help in some capacity, but as far as I can tell from the studies done, it doesn't so here you have a city that pushes these democratic policies which keep these people in poverty and poverty breeds cry. And then Bloomberg justifying his gun control measures to, but by going after poor communities and saying it's a racial issue, men that gap is awful, just absolutely awful and used to get those kids.
Then I'm getting arrested and charged on nonviolent offences because like It's a violation of the fourth amendment then go. To jail, some go to prison for various for various issues and they end up and being used for cheap labour to produce hand Santa ties for the outbreak. This is marriage is Tokyo stuff? Please do not defend these people on their policies they are insane racists, they are once they perpetuate poverty and for some and I got for although shade to these to a lot of new Yorkers, they keep voting for it. Tell me why I dont know took us out from today from the verge faced with shortages of hand, sanitize remit, the new code of ours Outbreak New York state as decided to make its own hands. The ties are will be made by inmates at correctional facilities. Said Andrew Cuomo, who announced the products development at a press conference on Monday inmates can make a thought. A hundred thousand gowns per week according to Cuomo as the corona.
Reckon the USA spread. Hands. The time has been flying off the shelves, while price gouging has pushed prices sky high. New York declared a state of emergency related the outbreak on Saturday. So far on forty two people, the state have tested positive, recovered nineteen the disease caused by the novel corona virus to prevent the spread of the disease public artificial. Are asking people to wash their hands. We get at New York. Hands, entities or homeless, as will be seventy five percent alcohol and be made available to government agencies, prison schools and transit agencies. The first area together entities or will be new Rochelle, which is a large number of cases. The hands entities only made by core craft, the part of the States Department of corrections in community supervision that manufacturers products from license plates two pillar. The average wage of these facilities was about zero dollars and sixty five cents per hour in twenty fifteen to twenty. Sixteen, according to a report from the Gothamist and are particularly vulnerable to outbreaks, including the current one, hey
I know I was being a little hyperbolic when they want to cash in on that Green say is buying. These products is expensive. I can just get the inmates the do at a cheap labour for cheap products. That's what we're talking about right. That's the good old Democrat policy, good on you, Andrew Cuomo, Lock, people up. You can build a blog theo. You get microbes. Bergen. New York, city, lock and people up on trumped up charges push these policies that perpetuate poverty because, as we all know, poverty breeds crime. When people become desperate when people are educated, when people grow up without father or mother yeah, then you can breed your poverty lock these people up and use them as cheap labour to two to supplement state products. I find that all completely disgusting and I'm surprised there'd, be any one who would defend any of this. Well, let's move on to a little bit more interesting news in the financial the kind of virus. So there's a story from this morning, orphanage Avenant, I'm sorry Trump, two way, corona virus
stimulus options Monday, including paid sick leave. Advisers were preparing to brave the president on a menu of options to short the economy. According to people familiar the discussions, cool I'm down, I mean well see we'll see what this place into, but keep in mind. If they do like a money printing or some kind of stimulus- that's going to cause inflation, but You know it is what it is. We ve got a series problem right now the market to commit a major hit, and this is most of oil, but krona virus plays a role in what what we saw in the past few days. So any The government can do to stop, and this is exactly what, therefore, in my opinion, to sort of you no step emergencies because the markets taking major Hudson, we got him. You no kind of play referee on this one. I don't know exactly what will happen, but I'm hoping to see them, do something to make sure that ever does happen. Whatever panic ensues, people will make it through this one with very little harm our business to themselves to their savings so
What will see right now that the stock drop off we saw this morning has to do more with oil prices in Saudi Arabia and less to do with corona virus but of course, krona virus being the hot media? I think all of these media outlets got to say that the corona viruses the cause, which is just not fair, absolutely not fair. It plays naw, that's fair to say, but the cause was that overnight, Saudi Arabia oil like crazy, dropping it by like twenty or thirty percent, which is nuts and the market opened up, got hurt, got locked. So I'll leave that where it is, but I wanna talk now about the what one last bit of the corona virus updates hear this from CNN It has now decided to call the corona virus outbreak a pandemic with this article from Sandy. Cooper. They say, starting today, you will notice Cnn is using the term pandemic to describe the current quota virus outbreak. It is not a disease, Can we take lightly while we- it sounds alarming. It should not cause panic. So why? Now? the World Health Organization hasn't called the Krona virus outbreak a pandemic nor
The: U S: Centre for Disease Control and prevention, at which point I'm gonna up and say CNN, probably shouldn't call it a pandemic. If the official international and national institutions are doing so. But I just like what the market you know collapsing, they gotta get sweet sweet in a rage Baden there. They say, but epidemiologist and public health back experts Argue the world is already experiencing a pandemic because that, because of the corona virus there now over one hundred thousand cases and over three thousand deaths attributed to this new virus. In one day last week the number of new cases outside China, where the virus originated, was nearly in times higher than the number of new cases in China. This virus was has this virus has found a foothold on every continent, except for Antarctica in several countries the number of cases continues to climb. The thing is, while I certainly think it's important to track the crown of virus
I do believe the media is making things a bit crazier for sure, not everybody. There is a hard line to drop of you know between when your panicking, when you're not I think tromp in many supporters have begun downplaying this, and that can be bad because the mortality rate is decently high, but it is at a point out my opinion, that is over reaction for sure and CNN is now trying to justify why they're gonna call a pandemic in a way it sells better they're gonna, say we ve, you know the quota. Viruses been operated a pandemic and then not tell you with It really does their arbitrary editorial decision, their rights, These countries have distinct, sustained community transmission of a substantial sum sort. That's true. This was it. A criteria for pandemic are not universally defined, but there are three general criteria: a virus that can cause illness or death sustained person to person transmission and evidence of spread throughout the world. The CDC says a pandemic is an epidemic that has spread
over several countries our continent's usually affecting a large number of people. While an epidemic is an increase, often sudden in the number of cases of a disease above what is normally expected in their population in that area Eight February CDC, Doktor, Nancy mustn't Mazzoni said the fact that this virus has illness, including illness that has resulted in death and sustained person or persons is concerning these factors meet two of the criteria for pandemic as communities. Is detected in more and more countries. The world moves closer. Towards meeting the third criteria worldwide spread of the new virus lesson I understand, don't got what we're on a rock and a hard place for me what we're on a rock and a hard place for me. When I make videos, I don't want anyone, a seriously important story. High mortality rate fast spread regardless.
Whether or not there are other diseases that could it could be worse. We got a serious issue idea. We shouldn't downplayed, it's also having a major taking a major tall on panic, buying on markets supply chain, and you know that the stock market itself so to ignore this right would be a bad idea. The other challenges, how much media actually causing the panic itself, and that's other serious concern, but I don't want anything we can do about it. Humans react the way they react, I'm not entirely convince CNN should be calling it a pandemic right now, if the other it. You know, if the international national organizations that trying to salve our not doing it either they're gonna make the editorial decision, but for you for the for the rest of you yet to make these choices on your own, whether or not you think it's really that bad. You gotta, do your thing I'll tell you what people are panicking and that's it. And idea I'll leave it there stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. If there's one thing the Bernie Sanders Progressive laughed and the Donald Trump Populist right can agree on its. That Joe Biden is.
Facing a severe cognitive decline and why, there are many people that want to argue Trump is as well. I'm sorry, it's just not anywhere near what Joe Biden is doing and just because Donald Trump has gaffes, doesn't mean he's facing cognitive decline. Granted there all really old people runaway more to the point In light of a recent video that went viral where Joe Biden said, we only Reelect Donald Trump Bernie, the media is pouncing on Bernie Sanders supporters. Why? Well, let me see can t some. You I've seen this video Danske Aviano who, while works, Donald Trump. He handles of social media said it. Was I believe that was a saint Louis Rally where Joe Biden sad We can only real like Donald Trump. In fact, my understanding was that actually Kansas City and the full court Joe Biden was he does form
when gas, and we can't when he says we can win reelection. We we can't when this reelection, I'm sorry we can only reelect Donald Trump. If, in fact, we get engaged in this circular firing squad, we have to have a positive campaign. That's the full quote. So what happens? Is Joe Biden says we can only reelect Donald Trump if in fact, but in that light pause the clip leaped. So you only here Biden say we can only you know we can only reelect Donald Trump. In my opinion, that is an out of context quote, and I have no fear of any body trying to prop up and so Twitter label that, as a manipulated, video clip Bernie Sanders supporters hopped on board, with the same narrative and tromp supporters and barns borders went after buying over this one, but I'm sorry it was just not correct. However, I'm going to be a bit in agreement with a Trump supporters who are kind of
I read that Twitter slapped a label on the video sang manipulated media, because, because how many clips have been posted by any body that dont flagged as being manipulated and they only now singling out Donald Trump? The answer is pretty much yeah. That's the problem. If you wanna be upset the videos out of context, don't worry our people. Do this thing all the time it's par for the course in politics. I am not surprised Danske. If you know what put out. What literally they do this all the time, my entire life. So what's changed social media companies and the press are biased against the president So he gets that special little tad when he retreats out. Not only that Donald Trump himself didn't make the video you just retweeted it danske me no got the garage, wrong. Someone may have just send it to him. So there pointing out Biden said something What you wanna, assume Mal intent by all means, go and do so. I can't prove it. It sounds like Ask me no just got something wrong. They then slap
manipulated clip on it to make it seem then, like trumpet and ask of you know a whorehouse purposefully did this. They could have just put something like, madam. You know that this videos messing context or or just put a link. Like listen, abundance, full comment in contact or some like that. The bigger issue I have, though, is the flagging itself. They're, not gonna, go around for the most part flagging Joe Biden as you are that what about that clip where Joe Biden said, I'm right for the? U S, Senate, and if you don't like it, what for the other Biden? Are they gonna put it? lag on that were there like infect Joe Biden, has not running for the? U S enemies running for the president. No, they don't do that when oh, but it something dumb and wrong. They don't put a flag on it. He just gets to say whatever stupid nonsense he wants and when the president
that you better believe they're gonna swoop in you know, and and and an issue that that marker- because these companies are biased case in point the first second, I did this morning, John Levine of the New York Post reporting on a socialist got his twitter account suspended, reinstated and then suspended again. Yet the duty was reporting calls. Maza did literally the same thing. He posted photos of James Cartels, house he's even called for incitement and twitter does nothing look. Then. I have no problem calling out if, if tromp or anybody puts out a clip, it's out of context The issue I take in the bigger picture is that when you only have one sided enforcement, don't be surprised when no, One bowl leaves you and there's the bigger problem, I'm seeing a bunch of trump supporters who believe the cliff is legit, and when I tweeted that the act that the act quote, we dance community, here's the full quota
the video someone said no that's different rally and, unlike with different rally, it's a verbatim quote in both clubs, implant side by side and see that the one clip ends before by even finishes has his sentence. When you hear the full sent listen man if it was intentional, which I can't say it was by us, I guess you don't to do it, but regardless social media companies are going to argue to do it. The only to enforce the rules in one direction? You're gonna see factual agencies, Pounce, Donald trumps, publishing information to smear Biden expect more calm down framing, as everything did. Donald Trump publish a retreat of video that pulled by not a context one hundred percent. Absolutely I ain't, no prom sign it. Does twitter enforce in only one direction. Eighty to ninety percent of the time they do,
They won't. They are more likely to remove a conservative. Now, here's the funny thing: what do you think what he thinks he and ends up upset about that? They have this story. Twitter, boches fact check of manipulated Biden, video retweeted by Trump Twitter said it would take action against misleading video former vice President Joe Biden, that was retweeted by President Tromp, a major action that courted blow back from the way but then the social media company botched it. On Sunday, Twitter said would label that deceptively edited video posted by the wider social media director danced Camino as manipulated media by now. However, the label still wasn't showing up for some users. Ok, this exemplifies exactly why Twitter is doing everything wrong their biased doesn't work. It makes things worse, but I'll go Bravo to the media that we're freaking out. Oh no! Oh! No, for if I say truckers, deceptively editing, conduct not listen, just correct it and move on that's about with about the best you can do. The cliff was wrong is at it. Here's the big issue,
Twitter was going to label this video, they didn't so now. Some people are going to see and think it's true. Other people are going to see it and think it's fake, but not only that I mean look. What you what's your assumption, that its manipulated in the first place it, what what is manipulated, mean there's, there's insinuations and it's really hard to balance, but twitter now is going great too disparate realities where some people say it must have been a real clip and others look at it seats and manipulated. But now here's the best part this exemplifies how Twitter is screwing up, because Twitter can, possibly police, literally every single clip uploaded to its platform. So what perhaps someone from literally making a video and then just what the president doesn't really does. Doesn't retweeted. So twitter doesn't flag. It.
What would happen if Nancy Pelosi or some Democrat publish something that was misleading. Are they gonna flag that that's the problem? Twitter doesn't have the capacity to fat check literally every single video, so when they only do this, they create an assumption that if they don't see the tag, it must be true Now, I'm not gonna public Americans are stupid, but there are. There are going to be some people who will see a fake video Believe it a lot of trouble. Supporters believed the clip ended. Where ended it didn't when twitter. Only can fact check in one direction, then the left will start believing fake news and the right will stop trusting media. Where do you think that brings us disparate realities? and rapid polarization. The problem of social media censorship in this regard, as I've put it, is that you'll have the right and left and the crew
these that are associate with the right get purged, but the left is allowed to run rampant. This is not going to help the left. It's going to hurt the left, because now people are gonna go in believing in saying things. This is another pervert example of that. If somebody is uninitiated, not not politically active and they go on twitter- and I see that tweet from trumpets has manipulated, media They got up bide, never said that and they look to the left and they see people screeching about Russia Gate another insane. Nods and they go. This must be true all of a sudden, your left with a lunatic who believes insane things and then they lose because sane, rational Americans are confused. What would the way I try to explain to people is when you have the laughed veering so far to the left, I believe part of it has to do with Twitter and Facebook and Youtube in an inability or in a lack of willingness to actually police. The crisis of the left now take someone who voted for a bomber. They don't really pay attention to politics.
They're just sit around playing video games here is them and the left veers to the far left one day they walk outside its been for years and the last presidential election. Or like men that Obama guy was really great. You know he did the poor lotta people, I like his pulse immigration and They go to a rally, and there are like- I wonder, the democratic talking about today, because I've been paying attention to past couple years and you had some stage sang open borders, nobody we're tations at all down the wall and their dislike won't wait what and another to their left and as someone with a pink mohawk screeching about how biological males should compete against biological females are yours we wait hold hold on. How did I get to this point? Who are these people? I dont relate to them. That's the bigger issue, I guess, but I won't make this one super long. Suffice it to say, look man there's a. Chris is going to go around across the board. I think it's bs. It's on They will see a media pylon when Donald Trump Retweet, something because it was taken out of context.
Yet there are literally journalists for NBC and about other islets who have done the same thing. Me and I dont trump every single day. Remember that clip ABC where Tromp was with the presidents of the Prime Minister of Japan and the Prime Minister Poor he's a splash as all of the fish in the toy upon so Trot follow suit the cameramen zooms in deceptively. A video, and that was a b c. Where was the flag for that video? So look again, I got no problem calling out the present.
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