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Biden Camp Issues WARNING That Polls Are WRONG, Trump And Republicans Already Have HUGE Advantages


The Polls are wrong and even the Democrats know it.Trump has voter registration predicting a win in key battleground states and he is performing well in early voting and mail in voting.But while Democrats are worried that the polls are wrong and they are under performing they are still winning. Republicans need to get out the vote and for some reason aren't showing up in early voting numbers which could spell doom for Trump on election night.An influx of Republicans could actually cost Trump votes if polls get overwhelmed by in person voting on election night.

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There's something different about this election cycle that we didn't see and twenty sixteen and twenty sixteen Trump voters wanted to give that big. You too, the system the way Michael, more described the biggest after you and history, and they did so no matter how much the press said Trump would lose. matter, how much they were demoralized. The Trump voters went out and they said Donald J Trump, this time around. However, you have the anti tromp trumped arrangements syndrome, rage we all know how insane people get when they think about tromp right now is a vow RO, a video of a woman's screaming at the top of her lungs. Wake up we're losing our democracy, it's pretty nuts that woman's definitely going to go out and out, and I dont know how many people on the left. I feel that way or fuel cells
but I think it's fair to say a lot of them do trump. Derangement syndrome runs. While that means this time around. You have the trunk voters will crawl over broken glass to vote. for him, you have moderate individuals who didn't vote for tropical sixteen now saying they well people like me, and you have people like Johnny, rotten, famous punk rock legend, who said twenty. Sixteen voted for Hilary now is voting for tromp, but you. Also have the anti tromp rage vote. So it's really difficult to predict. Who's got the edge, but I can tell you one thing right now. It is very easy for Donald but to have good news, you may notice. I make videos now my man good news for Tromp Great NEWS, which opt trumps waiting here, trumps winning their it's all about framing, it's all about my I am as well. I see this stuff, like men, that's good news, but I see this because of the mains, We media narrative, Joe Biden, sway
They say double digit led by turns up front bite and taken a battleground states. Trumpets down Trump is losing and they don't give you the full context, and so really easy to be like wild trumped up, so it's good news for Trump. In reality, I think we do have really good news for Tromp Biden, maybe may still be winning. we believe the pole, but a lot of reasons why we shouldn't believe the poles. We just don't know, but I can tell you one thing with the trump rage about it There is an open Europe as a Democrat. I really need this because the media has been saying over and over that Joe is winning, and now the bite in Camp has issued a memo. It's not true. The other day we heard Joe Biden campaign saying we're not winning we're, not by these huge numbers. The poles are inflated. You need to go out and vote. That's why the anti Trump rage vote is so important.
You see two twenty, sixteen people or like who cares we're gonna win. Hilary is gonna win now nobody believes it so the binding campaign, which is a member warning, that Trump is neck and neck in several key states, it's the anti trouble rage that is going to make sure the Democrats, go out and vote, and that is a big risk. Donald Trump, but tromp has some really good news, notably this dividing campaigns. Trips, admitting the poles are not correct, and now you have trump voters seeing Argentina truck campaign, seeing ridiculously good numbers in many or of states with early voting taxes, for instance, does It seemed to be in play. The poles protects us right now are really good for Donald when the republic in Moscow at the polls, the earth, voting results and mail in voting favour. Republicans it's supposed to favour down crash early on which are the same thing with Michigan. Yesterday, though, today the number
of swung in favour of Democrats over in Michigan. Suffice it to say, however, from target early target smarts data, it looks like Donald Trump and Republicans there actually doing pretty well Democrat are underperforming in many key areas and that's why the bite in camp is issuing this warning. The Media comes out and won't shot up about how Joe Biden is winning. Perhaps it's the truth. Perhaps he is perhaps as a grand conspiracy, the media's all fake, and it just trying make Trump look like loser demoralized base, not believe that that will work anyway, transport protocol of a broken glass, it could just be that whatever happened and twenty sixteen is happening again, and it's happening a grander scale. Could it be that this election really about where people get their information and where they source it from mainstream media top down broadcast versus decentralized internet and Trump voter the internet voters and Joe, but
His voters are the tv viewers which would explain why in the town halls, Joe Biden got more television, viewers and Trump got more on. I viewers to me that makes the most sense, but let's let's what's this stop written here, let me show you the Good NEWS for Donald Trump, like I said it's easy for trot to have good news, but here it is the binding campaign is warning. The poles are not accurate, they're. Not so. With all of us saying the Poles were wrong. Guess what you were right. They were wrong. That's right, storing, altruism data. It's all good news for Trump. I'm sorry. I gotta say it I'm going to show you was a threat from Nate Silver breaking down how people try to make them claims. I want to be reasonable and rational, but I think I think trumpets is good, is gonna enjoy this one tell you what before we get start, However, the TIM cast outcomes lash donate. If you would like to support my work there, many ways give us a p o box, you understand me stuff with the best thing you can do is share this video I'll. Tell you why.
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Key states dividing campaign. I stop right there and just listen. I've got a video Should I sang Trump as winning in key states? Ok in key early, voting, Michigan, notably in an undemocratic, are underperforming the biting camp, ain't coming out in saying: yes, ok, doesn't necessarily mean that Europe is in the lead. It means that he's winning these egg is gaining in the rice or I should like to clarify the button. Campaign released a memo warning that President try can still when the race and his neck and neck in several battleground, even the best polling, can be wrong and that variables like I do mean that in a number of critical swings states, we are fundamentally tied genome. Dylan wrote in a three page message: release on Saturday Dylan raised trot. Surprising when over Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen eve,
as poles showed the former First lady leading in the polls in the run up to the election, if we learned anything from twenty sixteen, it's that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to claw his way back into contention in the final days of a campaign, through whatever smears or underhanded tactics, he has at his disposal. Oh yeah talk about the emails. I imagine Dylan urged Biden supporters not to become complacent his trunk and still went, and every indication we have shows at this thing is going going to come down to the. Why you're get out and vote bring your mom bring. You friends bring anybody, you know about you go vote, you better, do it. I don't care what you are voting
I don't care, I believe in the I believe in this country and I believe in people I believe and people voting, even if I don't like we are voting for uniform for by GO had do it. Just please go vote. You wanna vote for trot. You want trumped, wouldn't you better go about Joe Jorgensen, one percent over Green Party. Do your thing. Vote Dylan urged by the support is not to be. Complacent. That's the important take away the races closer than polls indicate. You said that die. Your memo comes as binds leading. The poles appears to be ebbing following the posts report from last Wednesday about the democratic presidential candidate, Son Hunter hunters, business dealings in Ukraine. I want to mention that the survey notes shy. Trop voters could swing the election. I got another article, but the first thing I want to show you is this. I did. I did a whole thing on this. We check it out just a just to give you the context are: section. Twenty twenty pull respondents honest about their vote. You got a bunch of Phds coming out and straight up, saying,
ten point? One percent of Trop supporters said they were likely to we on fruitful on phone surveys, double the a number of binding supporters, ten percent of Trump supporters unlikely. That means Democrats. That means moderates, and that means Republicans. That means in each of these get about its high to calculate how that will benefit trumpet the ten percent swept across the board. So when they tell us that Joe Biden is up, ten points could actually be the other way. Around now because they're lying does. It mean they're, saying that a vote for Joe Biden some could be saying there and about four George organs and or does not respond at all, but this research tried to figure out where people are people really lying and not the first survey to find these results. So the poles are wrong. Joe Biden says they're wrong. It's a neck and neck race, you better go
out and vote will check this out. Joe buttons pulling led slips in wake of post report on Hunter am entirely convinced that anything. that happens now going to change anyone's minds, but I'll tell you what the hunter button. Revelations the email leaks. It's gonna play some kind of raw, listen Donald Trump one. Some states by slim margins, slim like a few thousand votes. So these revelations about Joe Biden being crooked. Might not convince anybody with Trump anxiety. Disorder it might not convey any staunch liberals, but there may be a decent man. people who just shrug and say I don't know about tromp or whatever, but this buying things well of Africa, even if it's only a few votes, it's good for Donald Trump, while the post believes that there were Boarding may have played a role to this out. They say the eye: He didn t I peeping national tracking Paul released Saturday puts abundant at fifty percent in the head to head match up with trumpet forty three, the seven
when is well outside the surveys, three percent margin of error, but the pole, One thousand and nine unlikely voters are binding support slip by just over two percent since Monday and found an increase of just under one percent for the incumbent, actually says to me. The laptop story played a role. You know why trumps not making any gains So it's not it's not a swing for Trump. It's a move away from Biden, meaning people may I've. Seen negative press about Joe Biden said: I'm not going to vote for him. A marketing we're drop either diabetes, ivy detail, survey found strength for Biden among independent voters who split their support between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen, but now back the channel, your by a nine percent margin. The result also hinted at the possibility of a substance. A number of shy trump voters, the electorate, while forty, seven percent of respondents said they believe that their neighbours our trouble porters only
thirty six percent say they are surrounded by Biden, backers, ten percent Swinger. Imagine that trump. By seven margin of error. Three and a shy vote of trot for Trump of ten points. According to cloud, research trump could be winning. But let me Let me say something to these tromp supporters. You jump supporter you, Tom, voter, ok, listen! I'm one of over trot for a variety of reasons, a market to pretend to be exceed, about it. I'm not gonna put on a mug at our wave, a flag, I'm on a roll, my eyes and say: ok, yeah, ok, Trump, that Germany vote for trot right. But let me ask you a question: Trump lost the popular vote in twenty sixteen when it Everybody knew Clinton was gonna win and everybody got complacent. Tromp lost the popular vote, not a popular vote as a matter of electoral colleges where its trot one. Some states by only a few thousand votes, do Do you believe that many people stayed home because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win? I do
A lot of people are like Hitler is gonna win. Why bother voting, but those people may have been Trump and Hilary voters. You see, that's why I think it's gonna be neck and neck trump. Voters probably thought Trump couldn't win, so didn't bother voting. But here is my question as close as the race was. A lot of people are saying: trumps got it in the bag. Trump didn't really have but in the bag and twenty. Sixteen in terms like he didn't landslide, it was an electoral lands likely one battleground states, but he won somebody's battleground by slim margins. So I'm ass you now do you think that these these left these these trucked arrangements interim people are, are not gonna come out in force. I think they are. I hear from too many people, too many people say that Gonna win its nobody jumping up. You can have that attitude. Men so I'm not so sure I am not entirely convinced there there. There are poles across the board
the poles are wrong. We know there's a shy trump voter. Everything is confusing. We don't know. What's gonna happen now say that early earlier voter data and absentee right now, taxes is go in red and is not in play. Michigan is, is Democrats are under pressure, in Michigan down are performing North Carolina and several other states compared to where they should be theirs. Old doing well. But so Democrats are doing better than Republicans in early voting, but everyone fact is that the issue is that they're not doing as well as they should and there's a bunch of other We should look at, but I gotta be fair gotta be reasonable and I gotta be rational check this out. Nate silver says the other when that happens at about this time, is that the side that significantly trailing and poles we'll have to construct in? We singly elaborate narratives about why there actually winning or will come from behind. despite the seeming evidence to the contrary and those narrative, and to be stated with a high degree of confidence, because the weaker the
Argument on the evidence, the more people tend to bolster with town effect, emotional appeals, etc. I think they'd suffering But the point I think you're gonna see a lot of people saying trumps winning actually now. I think there is good reason to suggest Joe Biden as winning, because he's got the pulling it We know the poles are wrong. I'm Joe Biden Campus saying that still the way I see it as you go along, of people on the left who have trumped arrangement syndrome and they are going to vote? They are fervent gotta, be fair. What little limit Lenny calm down little, but let me walk that back a little bit honestly, I don't know it's gonna happen. I think there's really good arguments on both sides. The trot vote, one,
to get that a few more people are voting for tromp now than it in it than they did in sixteen. For a variety of reasons. People like me, people like Johnny Rotten, but a lot of people who have love become trumped deranged are going to vote as well. We really don't know this is neck and neck. It's gonna get intense, but I've got good news. I've got really good NEWS for Donald Trump, I'm not going. play games. Ok, I'm not gonna pretend that Joe Biden is winning just for the sake of trying to be like onawandah, listen, Nate Silver says people are gonna, try and justify why their guy winning! Well, you know I've got my biases. I will be voting for Trump for a variety of ways. And I do think he's got some at. Is that some advantages? I don't know it's gonna happen them voter registration. pattern gives Trump an edge invisible to poles in Florida Republican, voter registration region, like historic levels, like its narrowed, the gap between Republicans and Democrats to historic areas. The letter our vote in Florida overwhelmingly Trump. This
registration pattern suggests in key. Battleground Trump is on track to win What allowed people don't realize that the Republican Party is actually a lot smaller, the Democratic Party and the Republicans win. because of independent voters. Let's take a look at trumps. Job approval. Writing right now. Forty four point: eight percent approve of Trump. Take a look at tromp very early on we'll have data from before Trump was inaugurated for the Armenian coupled couple, not really anything there almost immediately. He was down in its first year, troubles averaging like high thirties as of today, the aggregate pulling for tromp is forty, four point: eight that's higher than average for his entire first term, and I note that means, but I can tell you what what what we can look at favour ability, trumps, favour ability right now is higher than when he was elected his favourable. It was the high thirties and today forty three point: two trumps favour ability is
higher. Now his unfavourable anyone, a guy like that, was so I ridiculously high. Was it like fifty or sixty percent trumps on favour ability is down. I think this points to a really good reason why we should say Trump is going to win, especially Wincey Biden, getting worried and is kept. putting on a memo sang its neck and I'll. Tell you this. I wonder with binding memo. Is it really that its neck and neck and they're putting this out or there some other scenarios? It could be that I didn't actually winning, but they ve started to lose a little bit. So they want to light a fire under by saying it's a little worse than it really is, or it could be said, they actually worse than it really is, but like Nate Silver sad, they need to justify why there actually winning its neck and neck were winning. We need you to come on boat, they were doing really really well. They would need to do that. Trumps. Favorability is up. His unfavourably is down, compare
where he was when you liked it last time. I think people like the job is doing they find him unfavourable, but they like dead money. There's a lot of things can change the game. We can't really predict notably mail in voting check. This out Pennsylvania rejects three a hundred and seventy two thousand mail in bed. Applications following primary confusion. Report of the Democrats, male votes are going to overwhelmingly be Democrat. That's really good news for tromp? So let me tell you if it's really neck and neck between Trumpet Biden, what disadvantages does tromp have now The disadvantage is solely on the Democrats. There, though, and swore voting by mail and mass and theirs a higher rate of failure for male in voting. If you have the Democrats and Republicans both equally fired up, you ve got the right.
Were the Republicans have gained individuals like me and Johnny Rotten, for example, a lot of other people too? I can talk about what I know some celebrities who have for Trump and you ve also. People on the left who have developed trumped arrangements under many want about. There is good reason suggest neck and neck in that regard, then the vote happens. The trump supporters go on person, their vote counts and the Democrats vote by mail and their votes are rejected. That's a trump advantage, Nate Silver says people want to make excuses for why their candidates really winning maybe, but what am I supposed to do when it Joe Biden himself sang trumps, actually competitive right. If I just came out and said the Poles, wrong drums, winning than I but agree with made silver and maybe we're just trying to make it seem like job is winning but Joe Biden them stuff comes out, says this and then I got be like maybe, it actually, winning this one has a lot to go through I mean
you know Joe Biden lied about union endorsement, why would unions and p? I endorse Joe Biden when he's in a ban franking, he I'm not going to ban Frank, do there's like eight hundred videos of you say you gonna Van Frank, and I was on an eight hundred m, exaggerating but there's does it there's a lot? Tromp is doing really well in battleground states from just the news trot me Panes large, leading small donor, fundraising Biden leads among big donors, although trot were raised less money than Joe Biden. Joe buttons. Money is coming from Wall Street. Let me tell you why that's significant it may help Joe Biden, they might not trump notoriously under spend in twenty. Sixteen as well The media coverage has been overwhelmingly about Trump, just like in twenty. Sixteen, you get a hundred billion airs
dump tons of money into Biden packs, so the commercials can run promoting Biden. Ok, what's it going to generate company votes, you get Donald Trump and he makes his money from a hundred thousand. people will job. I got a hundred rich people, votes trumps, got a hundred thousand regular people votes and, although Trump can't reach as many people, Joe Biden might close that gap because of the big money, but will it reached the amount of people who are donating to Donald Trump? I don't think so. I think there's one thing more powerful than a dollar a human vote. So if Joe Biden has given an a cop out, you know a hundred or two hundred million more than than Donald Trump. Is that really gonna translate into votes yeah, going to translate into the thousands of votes that Trump already has now, and there is, I think, it's good news for tromp across the board. I know we all know we all gonna make pretty. Hence we all want a desperately know. What's gonna happen, but we don't and I've seen a lot
posts on Facebook, their real scary, I'll. Tell you one thing: the leftists that follow me from Occupy Wall Street? Don't care about the election at all. They don't like Joe by they don't like Donald Trump, many of them really hate, tromp and the will to and they would defend Biden, but the only thing see from them is how much they hate both of them and a lot of them are talking about conflict coming me, as is very very worrying in turn, So the tram supporters there's ridiculous levels of enthusiasm. People are going to go out and vote and they're gonna make a holiday of it right now in early voting in absentee they are product. Democrats are crushing Republicans now the question is based on. That Why aren't Republicans voting in person early? This is the really bad news for Donald Trump. Think about You might not want a male male, your vote, but you can show up to vote. The numbers were seeing are really good for Republicans, but why
publicans, showing up in early voting. Joe Biden went by in person early. You can go and now in many places you know you look it up, I don't you which state urine, but why the Republicans coming out. Why aren't the Republicans voting in person right now so important question like I said, there's a lot of things. It suggests Trump is doing. Well, I don't know but I will show you something else. I must a couple more things. This is a tweet from ice Cube deal Julie, tweeted, the inside story of how ice cube, joined forces with Donald Trump he says, joined forces, stop pushing his bs headlines, I wonder how much the fake news really has manipulated our hour our world view and tricked us and how much everything I said. May just be bunk, let me explain ice cube, didn't join forces with anybody. Ice cube has a plan for Black America apparently Joe Biden campaign, sad, we'll talk about it later and trumps campaigns,
Let me hear you got to say the meat, you ran wild, claiming that ice cube was teaming up with trot for some plan and ice cube like what are you talking about. You just asked me what I was doing and the media saying they joined forces. Make about that. This creates a perception that ice cube. Who is not offend tromp has changed his tune. He didn't he's just trying to figure out how to improve the lives of black Americans. So the media does this, why I don't know, but it creates a perception that Trump is doing better than he really is. This says to me with a binding guidelines with the ice cube headlines, whatever out ice cube. Otherwise we really really have no idea, none whatsoever so that I just wastes twenty five minutes of your time. Perhaps maybe not I don't know was so so I'll tell you what my opinion is right now, opinion changes from time to time, I'm late towards a Donald Trump victory, I'm late.
Towards Republicans winning, but I really think that a good, strong possibility, Democrats sweep everything Joe Biden Campaign memo says to me. Their worried. They told us the Poles were wrong and that's good news for Trump, but how many people- have become too confident. I've made I've made segment. I'm like I'm. I am not entirely sure trumps, gonna win and I've people say like now, you're wrong, trumps, gonna, win landslide. Why would you Why would you say that you don't know and you better you better fight tooth and nail you better fight like you're, like you listen, you want to talk about an uphill battle for Trump. As a sheer cliff you are your scaling. An inverted wall trying at this victory, you better do everything in Europe. Our salami. Let me reiterate this point the point earlier at the point of making earlier about twenty sixteen tromp, narrowly one key battleground states giving them an hour
huge electoral college victory taken all those people voted for Trump and throw it all dropped arrangements and Germany's gonna lose now. Of course, some people didn't think tromp was gonna and so they bother voting they'll, probably vote now and Trump has earned new voters. People like me, But I'm telling you man, we just don't know, and it's a strong possibility that my option. Mobs of far leftists come out and vote in right now need silver was saying that Republicans should be worried because republicans aren't turning out to vote early. they better hope that there is going to be a massive wave of Republicans voting in person? I'm sorry, though, that still really bad news Republicans because it is really long wait times, and it means that Republicans are less I could have their about counted in person if they're, there all day and in the votes that polling stations closed, they can't get in. You better, go out and vote and vote early, but that's a good reason to suggest it's actually worse for Trump. Then we realize
Election night is gonna, be a hoot almond, have all bunches snacks and drinks, and pizza we'll have a ton of people in we're. Gonna be live streaming so, as I often say, help your ruddy rollercoaster is about to start and we'll find out next augments come up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news thanks for hang out, and I will see you all than men people like to say that anti fa short for anti fascist are the real fascists, and I usually said it's not true, because Fascism has a nationalistic component that fascist or authoritarian nationalist there are some arguments that some fascist wanted to seize territorial b and take over the world and stuff like that and yeah they kind of did. But it's based on you know, fascism, it it's hard to define because a bunch of different economic, different definitions, but I dont think Anti foots the bill, but I can't see
Thus there is close as we can get to active fascists. They want some kind of authoritarian system, they get violence in defence massive multi national billion dollar corporations and the government and the federal the FBI initiating an essay. So what am I both the site? You know these The visuals might not hold the ideology of fascism within them, but they certainly act in defence of authoritarian Globalism, my guess is probably better way. To put it, I don't think they care about United States find it don't think what they're doing is gonna benefit the? U S nationally, and in fact I think it will hurt the U S nationally, but what they're doing is supporting these oligarchy oligarchy that the oligarchy these massive multinational billion dollar corporations. So the other day in San Francisco, a free speech rally was being put on protesters were a minus entities with permitted were upset about sense,
a ship on social media. There is no denying it at this point. Ok, the New York Post and House DOT, Gov worst suppressed by twitter and Facebook, and they are only ramping up. Their son their ship of information on people. Don't know this, but you know that Facebook and twitter sensor information in private messages to I'm not kidding. There was that. What, when that, when the homely or post fiasco happened, you couldn't dm someone the story. So why is it then that anti far shows up and physically beats people saying we should allow these corporations to control everything? Why? Well it's because Anti far, actually, whether they believe it or not, support fascistic organizations and actions. Some people have argued that fascist fashion
where's the lucrative merger of cooperation and state for the benefit of the nation, and so I get because net nation is really a component of of fascism maybe because their thinking of a one world government or a one world system, but I want to call it. You can't really call a fascist but it is for shifting. It is a four terran, and I want you to really think about this over the story. Trump supporters protesting twitter censorship, clash with Anti fought and be alone activists in violent scenes in San Francisco, no. I got a better one for you, one of the organizers, one of the speakers had his teeth knocked out he's a black man. He was punished and attacked by White Anti fought So there certainly not anti racist and theirs certainly not for free speech or freedom of the individual. They certainly don't oppose fascism per actually that's the best way to put it in its really fast how about anti racism one as it is a good thing that it is not enough to be racist. We must be actively anti racist and
he racism wants the exam act same thing as racism. It's the same thing from from any colloquial understanding about racism, as you talk to regular personal as they are the same thing now. do these individuals, here's what happened they started saying, racism is prejudiced, plus power, and now today, changed they need a word for racism because they want racism. This is are they change the definition of racism now there's an anti racism to mean quite literally racism, discrimination against people based on race, at first. That was our understanding of racism, and it was bad, then, I don't wanna. Racism is prejudiced plus power. Therefore, only why people can be racist and then a bunch of luck. What, then I said now, let's be anti racist and enact all of the exact same policy repeal civil rights, Lala they're, doing California and call it anti racist. Congratulations! You ve brought back race
some by manipulating the laughed and they fell right. They walked right into these people. Don't it's! It's quite sickening to me I'll, take a look at fascism. I don't it's fair to call anti fascist, because again there they're not all about the nations they don't like that, but they certainly aren't anti fascist there actually pay a fascist and I literally meanness they themselves are not, but they actively support fascism. You have these companies like Twitter and Facebook right. Clearly, these companies Want Joe Biden to win or they live in a world where their worldview is based upon Joe Biden being right and jumping evil. They are biased. This is about the country. Not the world. Twitter and Facebook are acting at the inn and an income.
Answered not maybe not deliberately, but take a stand alone complex. They do these things that benefit Joe Biden. Uncommonly Harris for the nation for the United States, Anti FA comes out, and is the militant arm that protects them very go the that they use semantics. What would clearly not fascists were anti fascists. Well, let there clearly a fascist. I don't care United States, but there is certainly going up beating those who oppose fascism ass. The funny thing they take these words on purpose, because who wouldn't want to be anti fascist? Funny, what's real debate about this and then we're talking about something really interesting bill MAR actually did a segment. Waste calling this out. But what I find We really annoying about Bill Mars. How much of Bill MAR is one
the lowest information personalities, I've ever seen seriously bill. You do not know anything about modern politics. What is as you like. You, Google search a story. Three weeks later, in your like wild realize that was happening. Do has been going on for a hundred and Fortys summer days and you're. Just now, like woe anti far incredible, I love one bill MAR a week after Covington. Okay, so like the Covington KIDS thing happened to the Lincoln, understands Lincoln Memorial, and it was like two days later: everyone, cows Iwo. We got that one wrong and the next Bill Mars. Like you see, these govern didn't, gives psych bear hooker Then you're shall live. Don't you have? Google ok, but I mean I'm being me. Bill did call them out. Saying that as far as butter Elect or might actually elect a woman whose full on Anti fa unease is calling it out? So I can risk
that, but want to show you a little bit about what happened in in every just. They say, free speech rally was organised by right wing group team, save America after Twitter, blocked circulation of in New York. A story about Hunter buttons, emails and locked. The Trump campaign account this week. Hundreds of counter protesters turned up holding black lives matter signs, while others were dressed in black clothing, with their faces, covered and waving flags for violent left in group, antifraud, others, war, tee, shirts, claiming membership of the Anti fascist action group, one six, one: crew, the teams. America event ended up being being called off before it even started as violent clashes broke out between the two sides, minutes of people arriving leaving several in need of medical assistance. It wont. Let me ask you just please share this, so people can understand what's happening. We are very, very close,
to an election. I normally don't do the whole share. This video accept my main segments, but this is important share. This video tell people to look at this. It's very, very simple one group of well says a small handful of oligarchy companies and tech moguls should not control electoral system they should not silence the american people if their left right. It doesn't matter, I'm I don't like censorship at all. A group comes out and says it is wrong. That Twitter is censoring the New York Post and these various news out So I'll tell you what many of the people on the left the tribal is left want, Joe Biden to win and hate trump. They will absolutely support and defend authoritarianism and massive billion their wealth. Let me tell you something you want to know who the real resistance is its people, like you and me, you're gonna. Why Bernie Sanders? Is he the resistance now
He stopped saying millionaires as soon as he became a millionaire. Now he says billionaires now it is the billionaire class in this country of which has a few hundred for sure. It's a problem, I believe, as a few under maybe not now, I think there is nothing for nothing for was list You know I've that Joe Biden, is receiving more donations from Wall Street and the billionaires than dial trumpets. None interesting. What's the What's what's the resistance going to say about that you're on the side of the matter, of multinational corporations you're on the site of Nike and Coke and Pepsi you're on the side of Wall Street. You stop and think about that you ever stop and say: hey, wait! A minute! You're standing next to Wall Street remember Occupy Wall Street those forty one trumps got a lotta problem.
Definitely does, and I'm not even I'm not even hear talk about that. I'm here to talk about one thing: the right to communicate with with with each other. Do you think there ever could have been an Occupy Wall Street? If what's what what we're seeing now with Twitter was happening back then you couldn't have it occupy would never have happened. The mainstream media was ignoring occupy The mainstream media was down please smearing the activists, and so the activists started using twitter account and Youtube account. and face what counts, making their own newspaper called the occupied Wall Street Journal. That's left wing activism. That was only possible because free speech existed on these platforms. So here's what they do right now they say, oh, but this story is bad for Trump. Are I'm sorry it's good for Trump and its
fake and Giuliani. I was I mixed up. It's bad for Biden and all of a sudden these people like, oh no, we have to help Biden because trumps, a fascist. Are you kidding you stand side by side with Wall Street Banksters. You would stance I'd buy side with oil companies with Nike with the billion. As that Bernie Sanders calling. I love it so much it's my favorite thing. I want to stress this point. Bernie Sanders comes out and a yell so all the people, the billion is in this country and they turned around. Goes your job, the billionaire funny your campaign. I love it. That's it happening literally that happening, and so when these part, when it when these people come out, is that this aid to right wing group is not funny. that's right, wing to say hey! We should have liked right to speak to each other. They get violent, so I've had to take out the more vi photos cause you to present, allow it, unfortunately, but that one organizers teeth knocked out, and so we put up a very saying Joe Biden, this is what your idea
instead to me- and now he tweeted Anti for attacked me for no reason and facetiously I had this is false. Better reason, too, terrorize. They want everyone to know if you speak up against the oligopoly: the billionaires, the corporations Wall Street and their cronies in the establishment. They will knock your. Teeth out these people wart having a rally waving little american flag, screaming trump and and and build camp sites like that they were saying Twitter but not be censoring information anti. For said, we will knock your teeth out because you dared to oppose the billionaires you dare to oppose Wall Street, the crony corporate politicians who have been four forty seven years, you oppose them. We take your teeth, that's what they said. That was there. reason. That's what's happening right now. You want to know what the resistance says. It's you and me.
Now Bill MAR. I guess finally started the realise, maybe use Google a little bit and I know who he employs. but I am really really disappointed in the guy. I don't be so mean because bills actually doing a pretty good job right now. Talk about it. He's got a big audience of many people who are you know, independent left, leaning and and moderate left You can see many people do not like what's going on, but bill please just read a newspaper, you know it was the famous quote from Thomas Jefferson, a man who reads: nothing is better informed: Then a man who reads the newspaper. I get the point of the statement, but seriously you can we low, but just a little bit right, you can go on Google and be like anti fa. That's the if come on man, so Bill says: Portland YA got it right, because people in Portland tore down Abraham Lincoln.
Tv us is a terminal illness or should they from anxiety disorder as they actually call it apparently, but let me let me Let me, let me explain: you have right now. Donald Trump on us right now, but you had Donald Trump saying they're tearing down the. Can better statues. What's next Jefferson, Washington, Yup Jefferson in Washington torn down. and then just the other day at a rallying enormous Keegan Trump would trouble saying you know they come to me. That's a trouble. right now. I was right about what they said. They started tearing down washing Jefferson now, the common for grant. Now they tore down Abraham Lincoln Abraham, Lincoln and billboard, I dont understand who I would do to earth is valid and his guest is like if you cannot tell the difference between Abraham Lincoln and a confederate soldier. Ol man if only these people actually did a Google search actual tell you what, for
hello, James Lindsey, on Twitter, because he'll tell you all about why they do these things. They don't they never aired about confederate soldiers. They want to. Straw. I american history and culture Abraham. lincoln was an expansionist colonizers one king was Jefferson. Was the confederates? Were they all were, but they know they're not going to recruit anybody by saying hey want to tear down sensitive colonizers about what that means. They say the confederates were racist. And regular liberals, people like Bill MAR who don't do any research go well, I agree with that make sense and then once they tear that I say yes, but this guy, he was a slave owner to ok that I get a term down, but this guy he was expanding the country that allowed for the oppression of indigenous peoples. Oh yeah, I be ended. Slaver yeah, but I mean come on, wasn't what was stealing the lehne,
worse. They say: oh, the tear down Abraham Lincoln, then they tear down listen S grant and HANS Christian Hag and more more and more than just keep doing it and Bill Mars late to the poor but look I'm glad Bill Mars at the party, but Bill seriously. It's almost He does no research at all I'll. Tell you what I will I will. I will absolutely but a large sum of money that bill doesn't revenues. I mean it. I really do I think bill probably gets a tweet here and there I you know, someone send them a story about won't. He read it, but here is that I'm when it would at what I mean, I'm willing to bet that he shows up. He phones it in here up in the morning and he's you know guys hung over his days. Glass off his eyes are all right. He's a man like something to drink. He smokes. Why are we so? It's probably not The cap has awakened back and is all blazed out in his eye oil what's happening today in their like. Here you go bill, we pulled
these stories and he read them in his eye Lockerbie joke about that. Right me, some jokes about that. Goes any sets in a row, many funds it in, I think bill. Does this I think a bunch of leftwing pundits do this and I think, a bunch of right wing pundits due to. But it's me it's the tv people. I mean that people on tv, for when they're not paying attention bill mark- it wouldn't. Let me read this: actually it's it's! It's interesting. This eight march took aim at recent protests activity in Portland on the October, sixteenth episode of real time, during a socially distant discussion, CNN Senior, pudding, analysed John Avalon and a soul editor of Commentary Magazine no Rossman more brought up the October a lot of the vat in Portland during which a group of damage There's tore down a statue of Abraham Lincoln. In addition, engaging another act of destruction. The protest was rather than social media as indigenous peoples day of rage, seemingly baffled by the toppling of Lincoln Statue MAR said I've
to give a shudder to Fred armies and when he did Portland IA, he got it right, but I guess I'm, but I guess I miss the lot of what's going on in Portland the mayor. There had wheeler is about to lose. If someone was probably anti fa bill, we ve all been talking about this online for months, How I'm? How interesting is it that he so far behind us? You know, I think about this too. I don't really want real time anymore. I used to but he's so late to the party like. Why am I gonna go to on bill. More here talk about last week's news with no in with that with such a like bill is one of the lowest information pundits we have right now I don't mean to be mean, I'm saying that it's important to be up to date on everything I do I wake up in the morning and I read a bunch of news, and I see this literally just happened. story about the violence and that that was just the other day. I might haven it happened yesterday, sometimes do store. A couple days ago, because I think as well
bent or was it, was glossed over. The bill MAR he's like you. What's going on in Portland Weather some have been watching riots for several months. Bill was seeming lease and Toilet playing our low tetra or something on a phone or candy crush seemingly baffled, More was referring to the race between had Wheeler and Sarah yeah. I honour room who, according to One poll showed her winning by eleven points MAR called Lincoln, pretty woke for his day. Avalon additive, you can't figure the difference between tearing down a statue of the Confederate General Lincoln. You should probably said that what out there it is What this election cycle is not authoritarian regimes. Libertarian is not left forces It is not communist versus free market. Capitalist is not freedom versus tyranny. It is low information versus the informed, that's it because you need you talk the left. They say we're for freedom. Trumpet
ash EST, and your like. Do you have no idea? What you're talking about is the craziest thing to me when, like Joe Biden is ok for forty seven years and their like, we need Joe Biden that help us stop trumps. Fascism, do you read the news at all? Now, here's it happens, a lot these people on the left. Only watch mainstream media. The only watch tv, if you get your news through read it, and if you get your news that I cannot bear popular at and you get your news of the mainstream media. You don't know anything about Hunter Biden, you know any not know anything, but Joe Biden chinese firms, the equity being here for him and his son's name. That's how you circumvent the legality of using your son is an intermediary even in the family. You wouldn't hear when you that, because twitter and face book, have censored the information. So when people come out stop the censorship and then left us
up and say you dare cross the billionaires. You dear prospect, Dorsey. We will take your teeth. That's what it's all about! How dare you define Mark Zuckerberg, you butter, lick his That's an antivirus saying so active might not be fascist themselves, but they certainly fight in favour of billionaires, certainly not something Bernie Sanders claims to support, but Bernie, Anders also is in support of the billionaires and maybe the problem with people like Bill, more is that are left us is that are struggling to get information because billionaires, are restricting it and there too stupid to do a google search. Google restricts information. You can't google, my channel this channel. we'll come up on Google TIM cast iron well well made a new general. They put this shell a lot of. Or like to what is Youtube. Allow you to do you know what we want you're, not being sensible. First of all, I I I by all the rules, so I can matrix. Information out, I dont show
The photos of the videos are the violence and the angel like that. Don't show it and that's ok, but like fine. But they already removed this channel and my main channel Youtube com slashed him cast from Google. You cannot see them on Google. I wonder why I've asked about it because I know people on Google and they don't respond. They they have put me on a blacklist, so I tell you, what's happening you and me you watching this, you listening to this, maybe It wants to do this on on Itunes or Spotify. Admittedly much much Smaller audience on the podcast platform than on Youtube, but Youtube is doing, in my opinion, is creating an echo chamber if you can't search for my content. They only recommend it to people who already are in this circle that way. The informer She doesn't get out to the likes of bill. Mar you'll, never see this default. You two views. Gonna get Jimmy Camel and then your post story
going to be censored and there still this day a name I can't say on Youtube, because that crossed the line apparently, but there are ways to get the information out sharing That's why I've been saying all the time you got a share, this video and they measures press that that point, more importantly, on my main channel, they have black listed this channel from Google so people will not find the information if they search for it. I wish I just Google search it. You can't and who is standing guard for the likes of Google and Facebook and twitter Anti, and they will knock out your teeth. If you dare oppose the billion there's so bell. Maybe you just don't know because Google's restricted access to the information may be unit. Actually go out and ask people. Maybe you should take some time out every day, to do your job and inform yourself as
harder and harder to do. I would say comes more and more than a youtube. There is no excuse for being lazy back respect that he's talking about it. I can anyway, why, come to our brave new world, outlived their next necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel- and I will see you all then, hopefully the, image I am displaying on the screen right now for those that are just listening is a bunch of me. And on a stage in giant plastic bubbles in the autumn Hence, as their performing music are a bunch of people in the crowd, also inside plastic bubbles- and I tweeted it kind of feels like we're in and where are we in an insane experiment to see how much You can get away with before people sick. What he up. What's going on, do people really by this stuff? Ok, listen, no problem when a mask, but putting people in giant plastic bubbles now you'll across into line
luggage segment isn't about cove at or anything. I just had to show this to kind of get to the absurdity of everything else. because think about what you're seeing with this bubble we know when we see people in bubbles that is insane, but when it comes to politics, if you'd just trust the media then you're gonna go and assume it must be normal, but it also absolutely and sing. Now. This segment is about the debate, moderator being biased and trot, not getting a fair debate. They won't ask Joe Biden, tough questions and I'm willing to bet they won't bring up Joe Biden, though, that the job I e mail scandal in the next debate, but hey we have come to expect this kind of being here before I get into trumps complaints. We have, however, breaking story from your post about deep democratic ties with this new moderator check this out from the recount Jake Tapir calls out Laura Trump for
when we mocking Joe Biden, Stutter Floris as first and foremost, I had no idea that Joe, but ever suffered from a standard. I think what we see anti out what we see and Joe Biden onstage is very clearly a cognitive decline. Tapir isn't having it Jake Tapirs, like he's, got a daughter, Joe Biden slaughtering my response. the regular people really by this give give me a break tapir Joe said two hundred mill in people we're going to die recently, he didn't stutter. His brain is just about broken. In fact, it's her right above right there on pointing at unscrewing. I have artwork from a jeep. Eighty five on Twitter, Instagram of Joe actually not just posted here we, the image it is estimated that two hundred million people will die by the time. I finish this talk and that time is now, and then Joe Biden, fires, lightning blast. That vaporize is the audience and it is wholly areas Joe, but an actually said
This are people still believing what their seeing in the media Joe Biden starter ring he's saying the wrong words, its he's not he's not he's doing stutter, where sometimes I stutter he's under his daughter, where he'll be like at at at at at at its ETA stutter. Ok, we're Joe Biden is doing is going. You know two two hundred forty seventeen o three thousand does. Four words. She doesn't know the words and, more importantly, coming up and saying it is estimated that two hundred million people will die by the time. I finish this talk, who submitted by your oh and for what? Why why that's just wrong? Joe Biden just ain't all their the reason I highlight this before we get into the deep democratic ties. The debate moderator I'm just want to highlight the absurdity of what is being put in front of us, and I ask you
I'll come, and let me know at what point do you say this? insane. I dont believe you any more. The clown show is over. The curtain has fallen, we're leaving the theatre you're still dancing around honking. Your clown knows. We know it's just how many people, by the stuff to trade up Kristen, welcome upcoming presidential debate. Moderator has deep democrat ties. You know, ah Steve Scully Journal now do airports for journalist. He was supposed to be a moderator for the second debate, but he tweeted too Then he scared, mochi, asking for advice begin. His big story goes, I was, I was hacked, oh no, I was hacked and he wouldn't act. He lied and then he admitted it because the feds we're getting involved. I guess, and he got caught now we're playing those games. You so he's,
suspended indefinitely. Apologized will see at a place out that's the first guy as soon as that happens, Kristen Walker, deactivated. Her twitter account couldn't see anything she had tweeted? There are only limited archives to look through. She then reactivated her couch shortly thereafter, and you know why that is damning and I am calling right now for her. Disqualification is a moderator What did she remove? Yes, you see she'd accurate account. Now nobody can find it, nobody can see. What's in it, you can't see and ever tweets can see in your photos and then she comes in She reactive it when no one notices and then quickly deletes everything. That's the point of the activating. We don't know what she got rid of. Well, here's the story from John them with near post, all eyes are turning to NBC News. Whitehouse correspond, Kristen welcome as she prepares to host the third and final presidential debate, Thursday
President Trump and Joe Biden was square off at Belmont University in National Tennessee than ninety minute debate, starting at nine p m welcome. Forty four has been the wider. Corresponding at NBC. News is twenty eleven after working as a news reporter in Rhode Island, but trot supporters who took issue with hard questioning by previous moderators, like risk Wallace and Semantic Guthrie, may find themselves pining for those combative house after welcome is done with the president. Welcome comes from an established democratic family who have poured cash into party coffers and two trump opponents for years. Tell me: is there anybody who still believes we have a functioning press this country, or are they just establishment cronies propagandizing for their political overlords? Her mother Julie welcome a prominent role
Kate Broker in Philadelphia and Father Harvey Walker. Consulting engineer have limited tens of thousands of dollars to democratic candidates and close to twenty thousand dollars to Brok, Obama alone. There was also three thousand threat for Joe Biden Swain twenty campaign, two thousand one hundred for Clinton's doomed. twenty sixteen effort against Trump another seven thousand three hundred was contributed to the Democratic National Committee between O Foreign, twenty twenty and twenty twelve wealthier and her family cell right at Christmas at the White House with the Obamas, I'm a stop right there, it's Trump's fault trump. This is your fault, because the buck stops with you. It's your campaign who approved this. We were here's. The here's, a journalist opposing for the third debate, seems good to me. Here's a picture of her with Moroccan Michelle Obama. I see nothing wrong with that. I do.
Come on spending Christmas together? Look, the bias is obvious, and I tell you there's a lot of people were lie. You know o Chris Wallace was bad for these. In this reason, Chris Wallace was awful, because I'll tell you what bias really is biased, is when you don't ask Joe Biden to condemn Antigua Donald trouble. You condemn white supremacy for the seventieth time. While we want you to do it and then Trot says what about Anti fought and we're not talking about as far as an active on the audience gives a thumbs up to Chris Wallace than you know shows Mfa. I, like you, know this house in their walking away. Putting the Malta cocktail fire up. Your post says no. Chris Workers party registration is not listed. She was a registered democratic DC and Twelve and Rhode Island chosen for due out walkers ten years of she has earned it. Reputation for scathing style of questioning. Mr Perry Yes or no. Have you ever worked for? Russia yes or no, she demanded during confrontation and JANET
where twenty nineteen, the treatments is in stark contrast: we're handling of Democrat politicos in March twenty sixteen Walter was busted on live television tipping off Hillary Clinton, communication director, Jennifer Palmary about at least one question- You plan to ask her during a post debate interview in Michigan at the time, Clinton was locked in fierce fight for the democratic nomination against Bernie Sanders. I'm going, to ask you about Flint Walker, said of the Michigan cities and infamous water crisis. Welcome deleted her twitter account twig heading off a more complete look at our past to putting up a more complete, looker past statements, views. It was later restored. Anyone has ever done with Walker Notion activist, not a reporter, the White Press prestige, views are the same way. They would a yo or policy if they walked in the office. Senor White, Ass official told the post. You know what I want. I don't care to hear it. I really don't listen. I got my issue with fake
I got my issue, the media lying to everybody, but that's on you truck campaign. You negotiate the terms of these debates and you don't have to do it, but I guess you know it. You know, I think two things one truck needs the debate Does there some really good news coming out in the past couple of days? Really good news is tat. I M a main channel over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. I covered how, in Michigan early apps. Devoting shall Republicans beating Democrats, which should shock and terrified Democrats. because early voting in mail in voting favour, Democrats, but Republicans are winning. That means at a massive Diaz de seventy people, seventeen disadvantaged for absentee ballots. The Republicans are still winning. Says to me. That's all Democrats are gonna end up well below that threshold in the final results, so there is good things for Donald Trump. I wonder if
tromp is banking on people being annoyed by this hour. I will take you back in time. Come with me to my time, machine and uranium, or you may remember this moment when Jordan Peterson he's doing an interview on. I think it was Channel four and then the UK. And there was a woman who are you not on a second member, her name, but every single You know you, don't I'm talkin about every single time Jordan Petersen would say something like you know, I believe in in freedom of speech. so. What you're saying is people should be allowed to assault and attack people and call for violence need be like what I didn't say that and no matter what waste adjectives. So what so? What you're saying is and then she would just crazy that work, really really well for Jordan Petersen, because regular peoples Ah, the absurdity of the press and discredited the rest of the media democrats. don't seem to understand the damage they do when they play
stupid games, assuming the american people are stupid. A person is smart. People are dumb panicky right, we ve all seen men a black, that's the quote from my from agent k what that means, as if you get a bunch of random people in an area and say something The diamond, their panicky in people won't think clearly, but if we take each and every one of these individuals- and you say stupid things to them eventual- they say, I'm not sure I bought a bully, If this anymore, because what you are saying is, is kind knots, and so let me go back that first tweet as an shocking that says exactly why I brought this up, look this photo again for those that are lessening it is a bunch of people in giant inflatable, plastic bubbles. and they're playing music, and it is this. Do Buddhist weirdest and creepy as thing
I have ever seen an airline CBS. Now I tell you this. I do believe that there are a lot of dumb people in this country, but also if there's a lot of regular people who are not stupid, just maybe ill informed, maybe ignorant. If you go to a regular person, regular old person, not super political and say what a fight Would you, Joe Biden, was selling out the american people for chinese cash using his son as an intermediary irregular person. Might like why that sounds crazy man, you better show me hard proof, a job. I bid. That's. Why you're in love, because those stories are coming up with a segment about that. Ok he's my point: you tell somebody that and they're gonna start as they should show me proof. What, if I were to tell you but the media's driving people insane and making them do radically Silly dumb things like, I don't know,
that inside giant inflatable plastic bubbles because they're scared of catching a virus with a relatively low mortality mortality I do think it a serious issue because they do that probably say like war robot that show me some proof. Here's a photo look at the photo now tell me you can like Europe Kay, with the way things are going link, I think any say, persons. Gonna look at this and be like something: does it make sense? You write something doesn't make sense. Look at this. Tell me you think: that's normal! You don't! I know you doubt I know no one does there. Maybe people scared to speak up, look at cancelled, but no one thinks this is normal. Now, one person and anybody. Pretending is just saying that cause they're scared of getting cancelled This is the image that I think slaps people in the face and they are questioning their reality. Know about that. Joe Biden thing. I was telling you about now be Bartleby
I mean if you see after I seeing after seeing this, how believe anything almost anything, but could you imagine going back in time one year and tell them this emails would drop that show that Joe Biden was using a son as an intermediary so that he could take We need a chinese private equity firm, won't make maybe two years ago, or even a few years ago, at the same, time people were standing in giant plastic bubbles playing music, while others were buying weird plastic shields that can be lowered and raised because are worried about breathing on you like this. It is called the Z shield and I'm showing you the absurdity of where we are currently at our culture, and I'm telling you
got to be a certain one of the cop walks up and you like folds the shield up. I got to say two things about this at a certain point, you have to question what the ever living is going on. This can't be real life. Okay, these plastic shields don't work. They are advised against ridiculous plastic bubbles also probably don't work and have to wonder if people can breathe and these things I guess they can. The segment is about the media, and so the manipulation of media and its us seeing insane open reality right before our eyes, and so I tell you this. If I oh you that NBC News journalist is a Democrat who is going to stack the game against them drop all of a sudden. I imagine an average person a saying. Well, actually that sounds reasonable because I just saw a bunch of people and giant plastic bubbles bouncing around. That was not reasonable. You see you
Tell people there's buy for the price and say well, maybe I don't me proof now it just like. Well, that's listen, crazy in Spirit Guy comes to me and says they're all in bubbles they're all in plastic, but with all the people on stage them giant plastic bubbles, the plastic bottles are coming and going to be. Like that's crazy, that's just in saying that's where we are. If someone came up to ranting frantic about the plastic bubbles and with our present plastic bottles, you'd be like dude calm down. That's knots after photo heard about. I know I saw the place it published two. This is crazy. These people have lost their minds. The point is that sounds knots right. Will you got tromp calling out Kristen, wealthier? Here's what I think the trunk campaign they negotiate these things, so I will go back to others. It is two point one. Maybe they had no choice. Tromp needs a debate. There is good news. Coming up.
trot, but trumps Trump needs the debate. He needs to get up there. First of all, he needs the let Joe Biden just say stuff. Let him speak because Jos NUTS, but he needs to get as much larger out their second. I think tromp wants to use the up. Trinity to pull off like I was saying with Jordan Petersen. Imagine that mom we're troms gonna, be like we did a lot of great thing for this country, unemployment. All time record low, best numbers of our lives in the accordion thing that does that his hands, and then the matter is gonna be like, but but actually tromp, you're really bad, So what you are saying is that you hate people and want them to die, and then trumps gonna be like what are you play she's, not really going to say that I think what tromp, maybe hoping for with these adversarial moderators is to prove his point about the media being broken, which is exactly why I show you the bubbles. Also, I think the bubble things really really funny and I wanted to incorporate it somehow into the segment. I think people
see the bubble thing I think Donald Trump Town Hall was Evanna got three was Trump will stepping into that ring to prove to american This is how they lie. This is how they cheat. Of course you got the tv S, people the trappings. I did a sort of people saying like that's how you do it Vocs outcome was like now. That's how you interrogate Trump. I don't want to see an interrogation of the president. I want to better understand its policies, and I want to what about four? lotteries that I want about forbidden and I'll? Just lay it out really simply Joe Biden is the establishment, that's That's about it. I mean there go I'm up what we're gonna write. Whenever I bring up Biden and corruption stateless when people say will trumps corrupt too and, unlike sure, ok, you know what I'm not even bother arguing this trumps. Not perfect. Is that a lot of dumb
thanks a lot of really bad stories about tromp in his business and how he ran his business. I think tromp is a funny guy. I think he does want help this country and I think Trump. Does lot of bad things, because, because what I don't know he's a billionaire and met the he's, probably dont bad things. Whatever lets us how care tromp as an outsider you got here. these agreements, we got this, which often the least we got a record economy I'll, take what I can get his band critic. Rice theory, that's very, very important and he's very clearly not one of the establishment cronies and their freaking out over it. So whenever people say yeah well, Trump is crap with his kids are doing. I just say you know what I'm not going to argue with you. I give you that one one hundred percent nobody's been doing it for forty seven years. Don't let them back in Italian. tromp since the next few years at about four somebody else. I want you to think about something. If the F B, I really had this. This aim is that this hard drive, the laptop or information
with Hunter buttons emails, and they actually launched this investigation as they probably should have into Joe Biden. Joe Biden probably would have lost and you know who would have one Bernie Sanders, but the progressive left is too busy marching behind the Pied Piper tunes of these fake progressives, who then come out for Joe Biden? Let us be honest: Bernie Sanders is one of em come on. Bernie Sanders goes the millionaires. The billion is there a problem they shouldn't then Bernie said This makes a million dollars, won't we'll just a billion. As you know, the billion as this country, then Wall Street hats dumping cash into Joe Biden campaign and Bernie Sanders like Bout Dat, overburden. Sorry, I'm not playing that game! You want you all to prop up the krona. establishment, enriching themselves off of your back and by all means go. Do it, with my blessing, you'll get the country you deserve. But if you want to
If you want to challenge that system right now, I really do feel the boy proper to do. We have to to fight back against the establishment is Donald Trump and I have never been a big fan of the guy. I'm currently not a big fan of the guide. I tell you this does a lot of things. I think Trump, those bad, I think, troubles ok for the most part, and I think he's done good on foreign policy. somewhat he's not is far from perfect is the perfect candidate, but compared to Joe Biden, men did almost a saint, I say almost, I am exaggerating very obviously, anyway. I don't get too much into the Pollack political sovereignty, gotta segment coming up at four p m for that. But here's the point trying to make the establishment machine includes these. These Democrat moderators, who are clearly biased, who lie to you, think about this Steve Scully lied to all of us. I was hacked, he said and he was forced to admit the lie. how many, how many more of them are lying in much the same way. This woman.
That this, this new moderator, Kristen, whelk, welter, deactivated or twitter account we know what she head or what she was deleting. She was cleaning up shop. If you, if you would ask me, we can see them She we can see the puppet strings. We can see the game there playing now. I ask you Do you want to live in your giant plastic bubble? Maybe you do or do you want us to step outside and breathe and breathe? Some fresh air figuratively challenge the system I got a lot of problems, man, whether anybody tries denying it and and playing sycophant for tromp, I'm more happy to argue a more than happy to, because tromp is not great. This kind of ok at high, put it but he's way better than Biden and on the key should I care about economy, foreign pos, I'm happy and critical is there unhappy with it so I'll take what I can get. More importantly,. I want to live in the plastic Babo man I sort of left alone right.
We can only, as I always say, see how this will all the out, but I got really good NEWS for Donald Trump and the next segment. His is Joe Biden, got getting hurt by the Z mail, so stick around next islands coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. It is my main channel two different channel from this one, and I will see you Joe Biden lied about getting endorsed by the boiler makers union. They actually enjoy Donald Trump. Let me repeat that the boy, boiler makers Union endorsed Donald Trump, one of the largest chap, not the full union, and Biden said in his town hall. They endorsed him. The unit is furious. Apparently Bunch of union members are calling up there there, like a union leaders. We talk about Indoors Biden. What neuralgic? No? We didn't. We don't know by talking about bottom line. Why would any union endorse Joe Biden he's backed by Wall Street
He is the candidate of the millionaires and the billion as including millionaire Bernie Sanders market about for the millionaires in the billion is up but for a literal billionaire though Donald Trump is being backed by small donors, he himself as a billionaire whose losing money on his campaign- Ultimately, I don't really think that matters all that much as Montana, my guy, you know look as ours ideas. Good will apparently trumps These are good enough for union workers in Pennsylvania, check the story up Pro Trump union lasts Biden for lying about endorsement. They say from the free beacon, atop official. What of Pennsylvania, most powerful labour group slam democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden for falsely boasting of the Williams, endorsement Sean Steffy, a trusty with boiler makers, local one, five four so that its members were shocked to hear the democratic nominee claim there support on national television, while Biden,
into have sat down with you in union Union leaders to have an in depth discussion about his plans. Steffy said the Biden campaign never approached its membership. Violence, criticism to fracturing led local one, five for the largest local chapter of boiling actors in the country to endorse President Trump wait. A moment of disbelief when our members are blowing up are blowing our phone up because they said we flit flopped on our endorsement Steffy told the Washington Free Beacon, nobody from a staff. Nobody has ever spoken with us, so I don't know where he's come, where he's coming up with that, not only Biden lie, but their endorsement he claimed they sat down with union leaders straight apply by not when a busy town Hall moderator George Definite plus brought up that somebody from a guardian members? Do not trust buttons claim that he supports the franking industry dynamic at risk I know that the boiler make urging an overwhelmingly endorsed me. The union's national had come this has not endorsed any candidates and the twenty we re swell
local one. Five four endorse trump in September by the nest insistently equivocating on the issue of fracturing when asked whether franking another also fuel industries will have a place in the bite ministration. The former vice president, has said he would make sure it's eliminated and oppose subsidies for the industry. There are many has since adjusted his position to only oppose new franking licences on federal land, commonly errors, the democratic vice President Domini also said there is no question. I'm am in favour of banning franking before she joined buttons. Ticket dividing campaign did not respond to requests for comment. Aviano, I'll be out with you. I don't think button or Harris want to ban for acting. I dont think they were lying about Frank about banning racking to get the progressive vote in the primary, and I think they're both only corporate say. What are they gonna say to make money nobody's gonna
walk away from all that sweet, sweet, frank and green knots. That's money right! There they're not gonna ban it, though I tell you what a good reason not to vote for them is that they are liars. Steffy said that by means of publication unflagging pushed the union, which represents the Pittsburgh area to support trump, like only that's. Gonna mean Sean Parnell, wins the congressional seat bite and said I will do away with franking than it was. It was just Frankie on federal land, so I dont know what his story is. He said, but I do know present Donald has embraced our energy independence and wants to grow the end the structure on energy and the boiler makers absolutely wanna, be a part of it backing as emerged. To be a key campaign issue in the battleground states. That rely, on the shale industry, Michigan and oh hi together have more than four hundred thousand workers. in the shale industry Albania alone has threatened. Twenty thousand workers has has leaned into his guns, consistent support for the fracture natural gas industry,
During the campaign season repeatedly saying that Biden wants to ban franking the National quarters of the boiler migrating and did not respond to requests for comment. Now you see store like this, where you know Joe by full of it. We get these guys coming out saying we do not endorse him and what happen were it not for independent media. Do you think CNN is going to cover this now Ryan's delta recently said that Donald Trump is dominating the airwaves. He treated this just recently and he said it reminds me of the old saying that a plane crash gets the ratings are somewhat that any sad but No one ever talks about the planes that land safely. That's a really good point. and something bad happens to Joe Biden. Nobody cares when something bad habits drop. They run full speed. Now as we enter this wave of censorship. This is when you to realize whites important, we have an alternative me, a space, which is why I was. I subscribe to this too.
and all share these videos do every can. This channel is blacklisted, no joke the channel you're watching right now, blacklisted on Google, you cannot Google search it you! What you can't you'll find, other channels, you'll find you'll find playlists. You will find this. That's why it's important. Let me show you some twitter removes misleading tweet from top Trump covert adviser Doktor Scott ATLAS. That's at masks, don't work, Doktor Scott ATLAS a government official, giving advice on covered and he got he got. I think, actually got banned on twitter Does not this one but that they remove the tweet from him and actually suspended as account, so people were actually quite shocked to see a government official getting rootless. Let me read you the story Twitter is removed a misleading tweet from Doktor Scott ATLAS. Doctor a government doktor told
us what we showed or shouldn't do and twitter removed it. They're gonna get you killed, that's the where social media manipulates now Aren't you to show that story to people support by? Why do you live? being supported by the union's more power it's an issue of. Can we get the truth and if we didn't have dependent media, probably not it would be restricted, and when you have visited twitter it look. This is this. This to me is us. Crazy ATLAS has been on the the virus task forces the pandemic began in the. U S then use examples areas where he said cases exploded even with mandates, ATLAS included the following locate and the tweet allay Miami. Why Alabama France, Philippines, UK, Spain, Israel masts in facial, come brings our used, prevent people who have the virus are infecting others. I don't say until you right now. What do I say if I ignore the government adviser uncovered in the task force? Will I get banned if I post what he says? Well,
band honest. I have no idea so out of our. I can't give you any real advice on this anymore. The media this fundamentally broken the censorship, has become a very, very serious problem and if channels like mine and others are removed. You well, get to learn about the lies coming from the establishment, So what do we do matter? Oh, I want to do a whole thing. I wasn't like starting this obsolete, do a whole thing on covering, like that. I just think Censorship is actually terrifying. Considering the car abiden line, they say Twitter subsequently remove the tweet, but ATLAS follow up with a response saying that since the right policy is real Donald Trump Guideline Use, mask for their intended purpose, when close to others I shall be high risk, otherwise social distance. A twitter spokesperson, told CNN tweet was wrong because it violated the company's covered. Nineteen, misleading information policy towards the atlas violated the palace that prohibits users from sharing false? misleading content related to the pandemic that could lead to harm in region.
Week. Several states have shown an increase of covenant infections. If the government, the president, can't give the country accurate, Eddie because it will be censored. I think we know was actually in charge of this country. A twitter is rigging. The game too there is, is manipulating people and they're lying an end there, how Bing Joe Biden. It's really that simple man ATLAS nodded a document from the World Health Organisation. That reads quote the widespread use of masked by healthy people in the community. Setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence and their potential benefits and harm to consider the World Health Organization said that, so why does adviser setup? search down. The only explanation is that twitter and Facebook are doing everything in our power to help Joe Biden win. His remarks come after a month. Nbc news reported report. CDC director, Rubber Redfield, suggesting it
conversation with a colleague that ATLAS is arming, trot with misleading data about mass than other issues. Everything he's as his false redfield said during a phone call made in public on a commercial airline according to and be see, please their lead trumps, private information ATLAS neurologist as an expert on infectious disease. I dont care, they say I did support have also question the other dissidents, the males yet a yacht on the censorship. So we know it's going on. I am I you're like we're in very serious trouble and I'm not confident that trumpet publicans or anything about it. I mean it. The Republicans had enough, The tunisian twenty sixteen, I know they're about your rhinos blocking trump. They have an opportunity if they win, but so much. They have to do to shut down the lies, the manipulation and big texts, manipulation. The gay may already be lost, that's the thing reality are not to be pessimistic. Ok, Sledge Jimmy up if Trump loses he will,
those because Biden is allowed to lie and his own advisers can't put out statements from the World Health Organisation. They are cheating hands down an unlikely, getting and soon anyway, might like I set. My channels are blacklisted. I'm on Google or not on Google. It front loses. This is the last chance to pay vanity authoritarian, take over of the big tech oligopoly. I don't I don't ask put it, but when you He Biden getting protected in every possible way and lying about about the stuff. What do you think's? We things can happen. but maybe that maybe the people of this country going to stand up, and maybe it's too late for them. That could be the advantage Maybe the mainstream media lost its power already. I guess we'll see. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see well shortly in a tweet from the Trump or room? They are saying that Gretchen Whittemore, the dollar credit governor called for the president to have I'll be very delicate. Have his life taken from him? Ok, let me
slow down here and breakdown in an interview and meet the press. Gretchen Whittemore, the Democratic had a sign or stick or something. It says, eighty, six, forty five! those of you who are familiar. Eighty six means to get rid of something. Eighty, you know you a restaurant about YO eighty six, the pickles on table seminar, whatever? That means no more get rid of it now, what their suggesting is that it means kill, and they all that they show an image. What are actually limit. Let me show you so graduate more did have eighty six, forty five. It is essentially just saying get rid of Trump shore. There could be some more questionable meetings here and I want to show you what eighty six means I want to show you what they claim and I must say straight out. I don't think she was calling for the president to lose his life. Let's be real here. She was calling for him to
voted out and removed? Not that I, like the lady I dont at all, but I believe this lady should be voted out, so she can live her life peacefully as a crazy wine mama. Something engaging don't want. Shore bother anybody any more Our group governor, Gretchen, Wretched Whittemore, displayed an eighty six, forty five signed during her tv appearance. Eighty six can He shorthand for killing someone. That's true can Whittemore encouraging assassination attempts against president trumped just weeks after someone today Rice and laced package to the White House, then they then post. These two images Eighty six him Wikipedia a that's. American slang for cancelling something killing. Someone get rid of something by burying it ejecting someone or refusing service. Eighty six according urban dictionary says to get rid of originally for killing someone the phrase eighty miles out and six feet under was reserve, for someone who had to dig their own brave eighty miles from civilization and then get shot execution style all term.
Four eighty six originate from this, be an outcome. I'll or eliminating its supposed that Jimmy. What was eighty six on the end zone of the Giants Stadium shore, I dont first, first of all, there history of the phrase eighty six accorded with peanuts, actually really cool. Then we can talk about prohibition, opera, prohibition, era and I dont think just just right off the bat come on We can all chill out a little bit. Gretchen Whittemore is awful, but we don't need. any of this kind of you know bombastic absurdities, but I will I will point out something quite hilarious: Kyle Griffin, our MSNBC has the last word tweets. This is a ludicrous and dangerous lies. Stop Carpio you was to be as lies all the time you're. The last person should be talking we'll hears. Eighty six on Wikipedia they say I thought they were removed, killing someone will. Then, let's do this sort of? U history, so it look
like it was edited today, trimmed pop culture. Second, look at us there, Beverly changing the Wikipedia page for eighty six, because our thoughts go back in time. Let's look at all, but are all them. Let me show the article and what it means as of today when changes have been made because of Trump and I can show you what what it actually said before. This is the meaning eighty six slang term used as a true Is it a verb and the food service industry to get rid of something kind of like necks, colloquial German for nothing religion? Next, which means nothing and the dutch language. The term is part of rest, flying heard among restaurant workers in the thirties were eighty six met. all out of it? Walter Winchell published samples of similar restaurants lying in his newspaper column in nineteen thirty three, which he presented as part of a glossary it of aid glossary of Soda fountain lingo is actually really cool. They The most likely origin is derived from I e
an aside device numbers in electrical power schematics, but or world WAR two eighty six represents a lock out device, several other possible origins of the term. Eighty six have been suggested all dated before the nineteen fifties, this one school. Eighty six Bedford Street author Jeff Klein Thea, arises. The bar chum leaves at eighty six Bedford Street in the West Village of lower Manhattan was the source and its citizens to doesn't six book. He claims that police would call Chimbleys bartering. Prohibition before making a raid and tell the bar tender to eighty six as customers, meaning they should exit out the eighty six Bedford Street door, while the police would come to the PAMELA court entrance. So eighty six, the customers open the door to eighty six to escort. I didn't nineteen forty four. They said it was a refused refuse service, don't serve whatever and those other examples? I think it's really cool than my
come from prohibition, but I will show you how the political game is played. Nitrate up, we go to view history and we can see that today, changes have already been made, so I noticed this. over at the Trump WAR room. They show an image from Wikipedia that says, killing someone being highlighted a hold on when I gotTa Wikipedia is not there it doesn't say, killing someone, it just says: can't link getting rid of ejecting or refusing surface so where did killing someone go. Let's do this on October, tenth Some one made a change to the page. Let's see a previous A change was the there were, vision. As of one twenty, nine p m the tenth of October, it said, slang for cancelling something kill someone getting rid of some nor burying it there you go, they met. Can away more things in popular culture in the film fury showing Brad Pitt uses term have ever take battle. Pits characterised take us hidden away
Sprite the radio's. Eighty sixty is heard saying eighty six, forty five is a movement dedicated were moving from office, the forty fifth President's Donald Trump. This was removed as well, they say there there's Andy, there's Tom waits exit sausage. Ok, this was the tenth. Let's go back in history, the article and at a eighteen, fifty two years as universal time. I guess I'm a recording that late. So it took us out. We click preview on the eighteenth, fixed, a typo, its says, killing someone was removed and they claimed it was fixing a typo. I could you not check that out? Here's what it says on eighteen October fit Typo is what they did when they described it. Instead, what you see is that the phrase killing someone was removed now, that is where things start getting
stalinist, creepy creepy, to say the least. I I'm at a loss for words for this. Look at US they lied about what why they changed it and they remove, killing someone- and it's probably because today at why one fifty nine, they tweeted, eighties ex Forty five was on Breton Wittmus Desk in an interview it really, did mean killing someone and Wikipedia was changed because of it, only recently added on sourced plain drivers out. That's click. This preview, eighty six forty five as a move and dedicated removing from office. The fortieth president also removed in an amazing how Wikipedia functions it was changed because it looks bad for a democrat events in that absolutely not killing someone got added back and now there
an added war on Wikipedia because Gretchen Whittemore said eighty six, forty five and it can mean killing someone. now. I don't know when they added killing someone, but on all of us will stop us go way back Let's go to the seventeenth of July. On the seventeenth of July. It says killing someone it was there the whole time. I must stop. I do not believe that Gretchen Whittemore is calling for Trump to be killed. Thank everyone needs a chill out a little, but we do not want tensions escalating as much as I think I'll Griffin, is kind of like a duplicitous drifter. You don't even know what the word I agree with them that at least we should. We should stop and tone things down, but I wonder how far I can go back. Let's go back to the tenth of February on the tenth of February, it doesn't say killing someone. So at some point they add
killing someone, I think it does mean killing someone. So it's probably around July. It looks like the out of the phrase but what really matters is that today they got rid of it, because it makes Democrats look bad. This other media games played its how big tax functioning, and I remember when we saw on read it the EU was saying that he could swing an election? You think Wikipedia can't as well. We are and probably the worst that that the worst time ever recorded history I'll tell you why there is a period where in Cyclic. It has were hard written, somebody would research, they were right in encyclopedia and they would sell that encyclopedia that existed that information was there. They would be updates. You would get the new yearly addition, I remember as little, we had Britannica and we have to think function. Wagtails. I think I'm going to name right and it was like a through z, all the dictionaries and you
It too. We know hard, look things up today. They revise it in real time for political benefit, That to me is probably the scariest thing about this again. Wretched Whittemore is not calling for the president to be killed she's, just standing against him standing opposition to who he is, and I get it- I'm not surprised by it, but I can tell these Stalinist Wikipedia editors. Now that is freaky stuff, nothing about what happens in the mainstream media. The craziest thing about this is that there's no sourcing they're all fighting, but in media the same thing happen. on a very much more terrifying scale. There will be a new store that like hydrochloric. When is a really good example. Tat crunch, put out a a story saying there was a study being done. It was it was. It was positive. Tromp repeats it often everyone's like no, it's wrong. It's not true, so see something in the news repeats. It and they change it in real time? That's
there's no shared reality. Those of us that have memories remember what they say, says right here. Eighty six could be killing someone now its removed from Wikipedia, because it makes a democrat look bad. That's the name of the game. I leave it there. I got one more silent. Coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I'll see you all short. The police have a very serious message for presidential candidate Joseph Biden. Please stop too link people to shoot other people in the leg I love it. Joe Biden has no idea. What he's talking about any set us more than once You don't come on man at the cop stewardship of the leg, not shoot him in the in the kin to kill. That's a really bad. Yeah and shooting someone in the lag can still kill them. I get the sentiment and to be fair, I am
the games? I said the same thing I think it was a year or two ago I was like the cops, don't needed just shoot and kill somebody. There could be no shoot to wound and at all these people say you don't do that inheres. Why we ve been through this. We have laws for this. We have training for this. You only shoot to kill if you're not intending to kill, you don't shoot. So the idea Joe Biden is trying to expand the use cases for lethal force. Is a locker making, no use, cute when someone is threatening your life and you need to stop them period and there's a virus? he also went when Joe Biden said this people put it next to this video a guy's gonna knife and is running at a cop. The cop shoots him in the in the body several times and the guy gets back up grabs a cop by the arm round his neck and another cup with boldness head. That's the reality
So I think you know early on. I said this and how quickly educated and then I looked it up and I was like I am yeah. You really shouldn't just aim for people's lets. You don't shoot, must you have to use it? There's a bunch of other things you know I support MRS up like that, but the police are now ripping buttons repeated advice to shoot suspects in the leg they reject this incredibly ignorant suggestion is right. People whose only experience with guns comes from action movies should not be proposing, I just nation law enforcement groups blasted vice President Joe Biden for again suggesting training police to shoot. Someone in the lag is is a viable way to avoid fatalities. Decrying the proposal as dangerous an ignorant Durban ABC News, Town Hall, Thursday biting
if the shooting advice, while talking about broader police reforms which have been in the public conscience since the killing of George Floyd sparked nation, wide Rachel unrest quote. There's a lot of things. We learn that it takes times. We can do this. You can ban chokehold if it teach people how to de escalate circles dances instead of anybody coming out you in the first thing you do is to kill you shouldn't leg, you shoot him in the leg, but you don't choke him. I love this timeline. Yoda chokehold. Does I think I think I was one of others want to unite. People correctly are chokehold as an option. A cop could use before shooting someone when you put someone chokehold you're, not cutting off their air, your cutting off blood flow to the brain, which makes them pass out become passive and easily restrained. If you ve got someone who is on a murderous rampaging have the ability to the chokehold, it's a good thing. The issue was not chokehold
The issue as it is is in which the certainly is the circumstances in which chokehold we're being applied. Now he sang ban chokehold. Ok, you got. A guy was wanted around punching people in the face. What do you do? Well, you ve taken they thereby used chokehold. So now, what are they resort to their gun? Shoot to kill oh you're saying shoot him in a leg, so you ve gotten rid of chokehold to replace it with shoot them talk about stupidity, Police officers in law enforcement groups power- start the suggestion that officers were trained to shoot. Someone and leg rather than enter mass, the largest part of the body that has long been the firearms training target. You know why Imagine you are you're you're in a in a public place and a guy's coming at you said: your mass is probably the most likely you're going to hit. legs are moving the arm, they're moving, but enter mass is kind of in the same place on a thorough. You know running serpentine, wherever the cops. As I know, Joe Biden says Shemeah Leg, so he aims down five
there's bought ricochet, hidden, all lady Bohme. She goes down no aims Gunnar Mass and don't shoot unless you intend to destroy. detective and association tweeted former Vp Joe Biden suggestion that cop don't shoot someone like if they're coming at them is insulting and death. the straits as incompetence and inability to understand the grave dangers cops faced as they protect the public and themselves from violent heartless criminals. John Evans Present Buffalo police, Benevolent Association, told Fox NEWS that binding suggestion is, so lately ridiculous and incredibly ignorant the guy's clueless. and said- and I know he's just trying to appease- is left wing base, but it's real, but but it's a really foolish statement. Joe Gama Grimaldi, vice president of the national, fraternal order police dismissed biting suggestion as completely ridiculous, unrealistic and a pandering talking point shootings are dynamic situations, and we should.
To stop the threat. He told Fox NEWS is incredibly difficult to hit a moving target. The internal order places endorsed President Trump Police are trained to aim at Centre mass because the largest target, whereas aiming at alive, would be much more difficult because a smaller and moving target, my aiming at legs. We are much more likely to miss and we already only roughly fifty percent of the time commodity. Call they shooting he was involved about. Fourteen years ago, between being terrified, I was going to die. someone shooting at me and then I need to he met their legs is not realistic. Not only that it doesn't stop the threat, If somebody has done so she, then the legs and they fall down. They still have a gun. You shame in the chest. They are no longer a threat if they are no longer alive. That's the horrifying reality of what it's like when someone's trying to kill you. Now we ve talked about you. Don't our society various ways police could?
sable somebody without killing them a good example would be chokehold. Chokehold thought a good option. someone's firing at you without range, but don't we want to subdue a person with the lower likelihood of of of death. The story is the perfect example. Of how the left can never be satisfied because of relative perception. If you come from a society or everyone's getting shot over time and then find out here in the: U S, we use charcoal turn it back. That's so much better, because people getting shot all the time. What happens now the left we stopped shooting people we start doing chokehold. Then they say you don't need to do chokehold, you're, killing people Oh ok, but less people are dying because we're not shooting them anymore. You understand the van chokehold Joe binds us shemeah leg. Now more people are gonna die, they don't get. It said the burning fossil fuels and the like
the fossil fuels bow the world will end and people are going to die like millions are. You go, they say more. Course, and interviewed by Fox also it's a fallacy. Shooting someone like could be less lethal, especially for bullet hits the large the moral artery in their fight, but officers, fear the council if they missed the like completely and a astray or if their legs shot, slow down the suspect he had a chance. You harm the officer, ory citizen GO watch myth busters, they did this episode where'd, you need omit bosses that the two guys and they did one what who would wanted it the gun, fight, ordinary fight and they found, I think, twenty one feet I think it is, is where the knife always wins. Always the amount of time it takes for a four on out of shape. Individual, like is myth buster guys
to close twenty one feet, as is shorter than it is to draw the weapon and fire, let alone fire accurately. So they did was then that if a foam knife with a sensor on, and the goal was to run and make contact with the person was the gun. gone at a laser. That would declare contact within twenty one feet: the dude with the phone, the sensor blade, could make contact in the face and the network with the guy going for his gun before he could even draw and get a shot off. That's crazy, and thus I think it was that the episode was like who would like. Should you bring a knife to a gunfight? We often don't bring a knife to a gunfight, but I tell you what men cops power We have more to worry about from knives than they do guns in most circumstances. You know why, in a car they pull you over, probably a gun, because our mobile
is limited but of a cops out on the street. Yeah. I've done can be a problem, but it's it's. You know what your current unity space a knife is whack. You now watch these videos I watched a video of a police training and explain why there is no fighting fighting, not people knives. There was one thing where they did what they were like how will win a knife fight? Let's say you have a knife and your present has knife and the number One thing they said was: don't try to cut the other person's body, when they swing the knife, you step away, so that there's no way the rather than I can get close to you and you cut their hand. That's that's that's how they defend you defend against us. What they explained was if you have a fire and the person as a knife, and I d where I think they got off like fifth teen thrusts of the blade before the person who is being pummelled could even raw the gun and by then you're, probably already dying. Is
we'll get it they don't they do they talk about how, in like movies, you'll, see the got grabbed the knife hand and foot the person over now. Never gonna happen. You can't do it. You gotta run these cops notice and they know they can't just shoot in the leg- is something else life doesn't understand. If you see walking around with a with a baseball bat and he's violent Easter people swinging things and the cops as is a while just walk way man set of killing him. Ok, imagine us! The cop sees a gown baseball, bat me scream and I'm gonna kill you the cops. As you know, what I'm gonna walk away to avoid a potentially lethal conflict. he turns around and walks away and the guy with a baseball that is running around swinging and he sees an old lady cracks over that and she dies and then hey. Why don't you stop him? The cop could have stopped him. I think about look what happened and partly when the cop ran off. I know partner was very, very different, but there's a lot of constantly dont want issue people and they get ya that for not doing it, Joe
fine and has no idea. What is talking about this story is a really good example of how the left doesn't actually care to investigate, asked questions and figure with the right way to do something is, and so you know what when someone like Joe Biden gets an office, you think is really gonna. any kind of policy players. Here's my police reform, cops. You people and legs, never gonna happen. It's ridiculous! Well, that's good advice for Joe, I suppose, but I'll leave at their necks segments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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