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Biden Campaign is SPIRALING As Backfire From Riots Goes From Bad To Worse, Democrats BLAME Trump??


Joe Biden's Campaign financially supported BLM bail funds and Kamala Harris called on people to provide funds for the BLM bail fund as well.This money is used to get the far leftists out of jail. This is clear and direct support for the far left.yet now Biden and Democrats are desperately trying to claim that Trump is responsible for the riots even though he has consistently called them out and offered law enforcement support. Democrats of course rejected it every time.Now polls are starting to flip in Trump's favor as the riots backfire on Democrats.

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Joe Biden and the Democrats have lost control of the narrative black I matter, riots have become too violent to ignore and the bedding are starting to swing in trumps favour. You all know this, but Donald Trump has been offering a federal assistance, the entire time and the democratic mayors and governors have rejected it. Ever single time up until recently when the governor was com. Then said: ok, you know bringing federal law enforcement, bringing the National Guard, although now some locals are trying to get the governor recalled for his failure to take up the offer earlier, preventing the riots violence has gone so extreme that Joe Biden is now being forced to play on trumps turf? Initially bought and wanted to go after Trump on covered, but that failed, because people, are more concerned about their cities, burning down and guess what Joe Biden campaign staff directly we supported the rioters by paying for a bail pay, paying money into a bail fund
commonly Harris herself called on people to fund this bail fund for riders to get them out of jail, the Democrats have directly supported the riots and the backfire is going from bad to worse, rest. Musin reports upholsterer notice something interesting. There are no new. All coming out and someone else, There's only one half, as many of you have as many poles as there should be, and they all stop on August, twenty fifth: why is that? What happened after August? Twenty fifth? Well, Donald Trump gave his orange, except in speech, and mass violence started to erupt and Donald Trump supporter walking. Down. The street was hunted down and gunned down by far left extremists. Conveniently many poles are not coming out around now, and many people suspect it's because Trump has he's inverse. The trend he's now taking over and its exemplified by Joe Biden desperately trying to claim that Donald Trump is at fault for this, but in power
simply one of the weirdest tweets ever Joe Biden dared to say where the most insane things he could have possibly said does Anyone believe that there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is elected wow, does he possibly mean by that Donald Trump is the one calling for law and order, and the rioters are far left now. I'm not gonna play gay and say there Biden, supporters, they're, not they'd like to use Joe Biden and I'm not gonna, play then say Joe Biden supports the far left he doesn't. They certainly want to use him therein. Eyes the bigger issue, of course, we'll be more. Violence, have Donald Trump gets elected because the far left is try, to stop Donald Trump and Joe Biden has supported them in the past. Now, what I mean to say is Joe Biden not going out saying here here go riot, but his campaign staffers did offer financial support to this endeavour.
Jos, and so did Kamel Harris. They know they can use him because he is weak. So sure Joe Biden, I agree there we'll be less violence, because you will be giving these people inadvertently institutional power and they know when to keep their heads. I remember seeing one post my leftist, where they said it's easier to overthrow a week old man. Then it is a fascist. They don't like Donald, They think in saying things about him and they resist him with violence. But Donald Trump will shut down the writing. So you have your choices. Their stand tall and reject the extremists who are trying to take over in our cultural institutions and our government have Donald Trump, send out law enforcement to shut down the right and the violence or bend the knee and wait until they come too your home and threaten you? Well, I hate to make the story about myself, but now I'm being dragged into the fray, because Donald Trump liked a tweet thread that front from it from upholsterer pull watcher
Who was quoting me saying, read this threat, and now the press is bring up exactly what I said, but I believe my thread purple up her up perfectly encapsulates. What's going on with the Riots and Kyle Rittenhouse and how regular Americans feel we're tired of the violence and we're not blaming the kid who perhaps foolishly went out to defend a business, I'm black the media and the Democrats for supporting all of this- and I gotta tell you Joe Biden coming out and trying to blame Trump just makes me angrier. He actually tweeted, it was White NASH unless that are going on in starting the violence. Now, I'm sorry I watched for three months as the far left went out and engaged in violence When? Will you name them Joe Biden? While here is the story and will break down the poles and these attentions on all of this Biden, forced to play on trucks, turf, has campaign turns to racial strife. Before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my my work as many waging gives a p o box gonna send me stuff, the best thing can do. Shit
this video- I do not have a big marketing department like CNN, MSNBC or Fox NEWS, so The only way I get these videos out is the word of mouth. If you think I'm doing a good job and you want to support the video share it hit, the like button subscribe hit the notification Bell and, let's read the news: politico says the chaotic scenes in connection with Continent Portland Oregon arena binding the contours of the presidential race, shifting the immediate debate over how to quell the clashes, who on the unrest and which candidate is better suited to lead the nation through strife, Donald Trump, whose planning to visit Canosa on Tuesday is claiming the mantle of law and order even ass. He stokes conflict between protesters and its supporters. Tromp is trying to take credit for restoring order by loudly calling for an influx of national guard troops and painting Democrats as too fearful of alienating their base to denounce violence, and I completely agree with, I'll trump. Let me add, and I can show you some some perfect examples. I mean
oh Biden himself, his I'm sorry, Joe Biden staff, to be fair donated to a group that is paying a bail in writing Annapolis Apple Harris, here's, the tweet. She said if you're able to ship in now to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota during Amber what happened on the ground in Minnesota. When buildings were burned down and a corpse was found amid the burning rubble, thirty people have died and how will Harris was calling for people to donate. She called for people to turn it on June first, and this helps spark the increase in violence That, first week of June, with some of the worst riding and looting we have seen in this country in decades, Comma Harris and Joe Biden staff were funding. These people a trump is right to call him out. Joe Biden last week call for a halt to the violence though it took him longer than many Democrats, wanted the demo,
economically decided over the weekend that he would not travel to the pivotal bat battleground state on Monday. I'd have trumps visit instead of the bombing campaign plans to ramp up messaging. That trumps. Rhetoric has only inflamed hostilities on the streets. Begin with a speech in Pennsylvania. Monday quote: it's a very difficult argument to make when he has presented to the United States that the unrest and chaos it's happening on the ground is somehow not his responsibility. Deputy campaign manager, Kate Betting Field, told politico. He owns it, he's the president of the United States and he people are seeing a president who is failing to lead, and that will be a big focus for us as we move forward yeah. Well, guess what the binding odds are flipping and trumps favor. You can't play this game with me? I don't care, I understand. A lot of people might fall foul for it. I'm not gonna be falling Fort Donald up is constrained by the constitution. He can't just send in federal authorities Willy nilly to any any of these jurisdictions. Ted Wheeler has are reportedly had police stand down.
And the DNA in Portland has released people and Donald, offered up federal assistance just a few days ago and TED Wheeler said no and then a Trump supporter was targeted and executed. Yeah, that's not on Trump. You may argue, I guess Democrats, they want tromp to invoke the insurrection act and send in law enforcement, which is strange. Consider they called him a fascist over and over again for deploying secret police, which you never did. That seems to be there go to narrative right now, Joe Biden saying it's trumps fault, but when Trump did deploy federal unfortunate to guard the courthouse involvement in important. They called him they called him- a fascist, deploying secret police. This clearly no way to win for the Democrats, so I don't take anything. They say as as in good faith. Now I want to assess something interesting that Joe Biden sad. Does anyone believe there will be less violence at America. Trump is elected, You don't really understand what he sang. Many people are arguing on the left that what he's really saying
that Trump is inciting the violence and that Trump is the cause of the violence? But let's really break down what what this means. The far left is angry that Donald Trump isn't giving them what they want so What they are doing is burning down buildings and making demands Trump is refusing to negotiate with terrorism, Joe Biden, if you, elected, I do believe it is fair to say there will be some decline in violence, not a complete end to it, because bite and well capitulated to the far left extra. Demands. They'll come into your neighborhoods they'll start defending your police, Nell, abolish or police, and then the morality, police, the extremists will start patrolling and harassing and Bahrain you surrounding your cars and things like that. But you or you can argue, the violence will be less because Joe Biden won't deploy federal law enforcement shut this down tromp, as at least on that, to some degree I don't think Joe Biden knows
would he sang some people have argued he's essentially threatening people. Its points, as this tweet right here says, sounds like a threat. Yossi guess, debt nurses says: are you trying to blackmail the public to vote for you or else your anarchists will continue to destroy America? No, I think Joe Biden just doesn't understand how people feel I dont think Joe but in his threatening anybody he's just saying. Violence is bad because of tromp sure, because the far left is reacting to what Europe is doing and because many traditional d democratic are willing to allow the far left to rob about the streets and they'll actively support things like Deef on the police jobs, it might be coming out now saying he does not support defining the police, but these extremists do and they want to use him so yeah, don't bending I know I won't. I want law and order, and I dont want extremists burning down buildings, and I will not give in to their demands. That's not. His country works, probably the most shocking thing Biden tweeted was this
Donald Trump may believe, mouthing words. Lawn order makes him strong, but its failure to call in his own supporters to stop acting Like an armed militia in this country shows you how weak he is that a joke. We had one event where tromp supporters drove around Portland and Joe Biden has the nerve to try and act like its Donald Trump was doing this to me. It's rather shocking. It's also rather shocking that poles aren't coming out, as I mentioned before, Rest Musa notes where the poles I'm not going to play in any conspiracy ideas. Some people are saying. As far as surprising that's what we've been saying. I have no idea what the poles are at, but perhaps it's because the violence has gotten has gone too far and it's clear to most Americans. It's the George Floyd protest from lives matter. That is the overwhelming bulk of the violence. Ninety nine point: nine percent fourteen thousand arrested over thirty dead. So no it's not Donald Trump supporters. Conveniently around this time the pole stop showing up fine, I guess, but that's thinner than
That's emerging in the story from the Enquirer will bunch writes a killing. Chaos in Portland Trumps reelection scheme of a civil war shifts into overdrive all its trumps plan. I've. Seeing this narrative from many many people on the left that it's actually the that's instigating violence. Is the police? That's instigating violence, no one is making the far left go out. An attack people No one is making these extremists drive around burning down buildings, no one, is making them attack people. No one made the far leftist anti fought in Portland shoot that tromp supporter unprovoked twice in the chest. I say unprovoked. Because they yelled we got him right here. We got a couple writer pull it out: yeah, bang, Bang, according to the witness of a friend of the victim they were walking down. The street heard the shout turned around and the guy shot this man twice in the chest, unprovoked in fact pocketed killing. That's what's up
nobody made that men do that. So how dare you come out and say trumps rhetoric made it happen, traumas and telling the far left to go do this, could stop whenever they want, No one made the riders important attack the court ass. They could have stopped whenever they want whenever they wanted to, but they didn't, as I mentioned before, but in staff. Don't It is commonly Harris herself call for people to donate, but I think here's the ultimate rebuttal to the argument that Trump is making this happen and p r August twenty seven. Twenty twenty one authors argument quote in defence of looting how could we possibly exist in these realities at the exact same time where the left? been going around saying in defence of looking for years. Since Ferguson, Ona afar leftist writes a book called indifferent. Of arguing that looting is
challenging the idea of property, but you think Trump is the one making those all this happened troubles the one saying: stop the federal government just in just charge. Seventy four, or people in relation to the riots in Portland, many of whom they face twenty years in prison. You think that's inciting people, you think Enforcing the law and arresting extremists is provoking violence. I guess you could make that argument, because that left retaliates, but whose him opening them whose telling them to do it and pr. Ok, I'm not gonna blame and pr for interviewing author, but come on the left has been calling for this endlessly with support from democratic politicians, So I've had enough now, look I'm getting dragged into this mess. So let's go over it. I guess it's it's great to see that Donald Trump has one liked tweet and that liked he's from pull watch, which has read this thread, and it's me so here here I am, yes, the story is power,
hang up all across the media. They don't make a law, they dont go into detail about what my twitter thread was about but essentially about everything. I just said they just say Trump liked a tweet which says kind. Right now is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump, perhaps that, as far as they can go into my thread before it starts to make it a veto before it sounds really really bad for Democrats. I guess it's good their highlighting it because of regular people start reading what I actually wrote. Maybe they'll start to get an idea of what really going on in its country. Recently, a journalist asked Cayley MC about my tweet, because president liked it and she said that tromp was just trying to highlight information that many people may not be aware of where of information that while public wasn't particularly well known- and I respect that- I tweeted-
All right now is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump. Violent extremists were destroying people's lives for months. Thirty people were killed. Democrats region a federal assistance. Every time tromp offered it media lied about trumped, deploying secret police. Finally, some kid from a nearby town about twenty minutes. Dr decides to go up and protect business as an offer. Medical support to people even the rioters, he was threatened and shot. It Now the media is saying a three convicted felons. The extremists are the good guys. Several people die I did the Chaz and no one has been caught. It has to stop now. Democrats have proven completely unable to do anything about it and we can't even get a full boarded condemnation from Biden or Kamel up local Democrats have done. Nothing in some cases ordered cops to stand down the DNA and Moldova. County Portland is even allowing people who assault officers in some circumstances, to walk New York City Chicago in Fort Worth, have done similar the nightmare experiment
and allowing violent extremists to attack innocent people needs to end and so far only Tromp has shown willingness to do something about it. D Hs has targeted those they have jurisdiction over, but tromp has not intervened and local affair. Joe Biden is a coward hiding in his basement. F. If I vote for that, the far left is responsible for thirty two deaths and Democrats quite literally defended this and called for more flashback. Wait from Steve Guest when Commonly Harris said protesters should not let up and it got worse and it was there encouragement. We can all see what was coming. I so they kept saying protester because their gas lighting us these were protests for about a day or two, I raise them when they happened. But four months it has been violence and chaos, I'm sick. Of the media lies about peaceful protestors and am furious. I had to wake up to see a man crying ass. He lay dying. The Democrats have failed and it's time to let truck stop this even those
on some governor ever as agreed and finally accepted federal law enforcement. Trump has its problems, but he is better suited to fix the economy and deal with the extremists plaguing not just our streets, but our cultural institutions. Joe Biden, has a coward hiding in his basement all vote. The whole over the coward fin, while the media's asking tromp about it. Trying to me, It seem like people like me. Are you now using this individual cow Rittenhouse, but in the lens they have presented it as though he's a mass murderer, something he's not while he may be misguided and foolishly gone out and he shouldn't have. He was Someone who you know didn't had good intentions, but as they say, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. I dont believe he should have gone out, but I also believe the police should have a rather the writers, and I don't believe the writers have been coming out either. What you need to understand about Canosa is it. The people who have been arrested were not from Canosa, they say, as of twelve thirty p M August, thirty, twenty two
a total of one hundred. Seventy five people have been arrested of the people process during this week. One hundred and two listed addresses from outside of Canosa so thin about it. People are coming in from outside this city. Now so was Kyle Rittenhouse that I understand, but he worked in the city. I'm not going to I'm not going to play games power at the house. I believe, should not have been down there, but didn't a lot of this. Shouldn't have happened, people shouldn't be coming from out of the city and engaging in rioting, which they were doing and that's the problem I have with this. I think, in the end, it's all going to end up benefiting Trump Biden, condemns violence in Portland and calls on Do the same is a joke. Is this? The best Biden can muster up. I mean he is out of control. His campaign is in the gutter at this point. Maybe you'll still way. I mean he's up in the polls, but I think the poles are not correct and you and you- and if you have heard me talk about over and over again, but Donald Trump has routinely,
repeatedly condemned the violence in Berlin. In fact, Donald Trump was accused. Of deploying secret police to round up these rioters and they call them peaceful protestors and now Joe Biden once trumped, you condemn the violence in Portland. Louis, they say quote the deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland as unacceptable Biden send a statement. I condemn this violence unequivocally. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right, and I challenge Donald Trump to do the same. Did Joe Biden just Ryan play on both sides narrative, the one they smeared tromp over offer up over and over again I chair Lynch, Donald Trump to do the same? Ok, I'm glad you brought this up Joe Biden from political fact. Reporter both sides, sir, you said there was hatred there was violence on both sides- are the Trump response. Yes, I think there's blame on both sides. If you look at both sides, I think there's blame
on both sides, and I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either and if you reported accurately you would say the reporter than says the NEO Nazis started this. They shut up in childhood. Protest trumps had excuse me, excuse me, they'd put themselves and yet Some very bad people in that group, but you also people that were very fine people on both sides. You had people and that group excuse me. Excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest, the taking down of I am a very, very important statue and the renaming of apart from Robert E Lee to another name. Trump goes on to say so you know what it's fine, you're, changing history or change in culture, and you had people and I'm not talk, about the NEO Nazis and the White Nationalist, because they should be condemned totally, but you had many people and that group other than NEO Nazis in white nationalists and the process treated them absolutely unfairly. Now, in the other group, you had some fine people but you also had troublemakers, and you see
come with a black outfits and with their helmets and with a baseball bat. You had a lot of bad people in that group. That's the quote: that's the contact from the very fine people. Hoax Donald Trump did condemn both sides. Any infect praise, fine people on both sides as well, I believe that's accurate- could have been a bit more tactful. You know, but better better, planned out it's because of the imposition of his words that the media has been able to smear him as such, but I think it's laughable that Joe Biden thinks he's gonna come out now and act like Donald Trump is the one who needs to condemn violence. The only thing trump has done. They come around claiming that Trump is manufacturing a crisis to use for his re election. Then when they realise that narrative isn't working Joe Biden, claims Trump, isn't doing it laughable, to say the least. While they were praising the violence inadvertently mind you look. Look Joe Biden has condemned and
If I'm not by name he's called out, the violence is that these people should be arrested and I did praise him for it, but come on his campaign staff funded this commonly arrested as well, and this is what happened to the people of of Minneapolis from the Start Tribune skyrocketing demolition costs for riot damage, Minneapolis Saint Paul, delay, rebuilding they say one day after right Destroy the sports, dome, retail, complex or construction crew hired by the city knocked the building down because it was dangerously unstable. Then the city presented, property owners. Are they one hundred forty thousand dollar bill, for it would cost to Holloway the debris? We were really upset about that, so the property owner Jake him, whose insurance policy covers a maximum of twenty five thousand dollars and demolition cos. We thought that was high. We didn't know how much demolition would cost at the time throughout the city is building the business owners more than their insurance covers. These extremists destroyed the lives of regular people, the damn
rats called on every one to pay for their bail in Portland, actually released the extremists. What we seeing here, is shocking desperation from the left. So let me just wrap this up by saying one simple thing: we all know that the riots were led blight by black lives matter and the far left they ve tried, arguing that it's not real black lives matter. These extremists, they're just trying to co, opt the name, but what happened after the Chicago looting, black lives, matters, official chapter came out and said no defend this, we support at reparations, alluding as reparations. What did NPR run in defence of looting? You see, they didn't know how far was too far, and I believe, a big, a big reason for this. This push for black lives matter, in the reason their refusing to denounce it is because they're scared, they're going to lose the black vote to Donald Trump Paul after Paul is coming up.
Showing that Trump has tremendous support from the black community and I've seen the viral videos seems to be accurate. The Democrats know that if Trump gets more than twenty percent of the he wins guaranteed. That's the old rule in politics, trumps approval! Writing is bouncing around thirty percent. They know it so they're scared to call out black, lives matter, because it is overwhelmingly willingly popular among black voters. We know that black lives matter was leading the riots, not trump they're gonna keep trying to spend this narrative. It's not gonna work. It shows you how desperate they have become. I think the tides are turning for Donald Trump and and the lack of poles kind of shows it, because a few polls that have come out show that Trump took the lead democracy, instant, has jump in the lead. The backfire is going from bad to worse. The people of this country want law and order, and the Democrats are refusing to give it to them there between a rock and a hard place. I get it,
I need the far left extremist vote. Why I'll bring it back to Joe Biden, sweet and I'll wrap it up with this? Does anyone believe there will be less violence at America if Donald Trump, as is reelected? The far left, is violently resisting trumps policies, because Trump opposes far left extremism under Joe Biden? He will give them what they want. I don't think anybody wants to live in a car. Tree like that. So he's technically right. The problem is, there will still be violence there. There will be less violence, yeah you're right, Joe Biden, but there will still be violence and the problem is there will be no one there protect you cause tromp. So far has been the only one will willing to stand up now. Mind you. The violence has really hit republican areas, mostly democrat areas. It says a lot, doesn't it it's kind of pathetic, but only with their necks islands coming up at six p m over at you too, but not calm. Slashed him cast news. It is.
From general. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all them. New details have emerged in the targeted execution of a Trump supporter in Portland, the fray. Of the victim who is there seen in photos being held back by police, has given an interview exe meaning what happened. First, we have this tweet from Andy. No, he says the victim last night. The deadly shooting in downtown Portland is Erin Danielson who went by J. His family has been informed of his death. Portland police have not released details about their investigation and the shooter is at large now fourchan dug up the identity of the shooter and it turns out according to Oregon, live and many other sources. He had been previously the arrested for illegally care bring a weapon at a protest or I, but I'm assuming one or the other. I don't know the media means previously. But as we know, the district attorney refuses to prosecute and
Apparently this man was released now many people have brought up that. If you, if you actually prosecuted for illegally carrying weapons. At these events, then this man J still be alive. I think there's a two way argument against that, but will what will go through all of us? We also, of course, have Joe Biden calling out Trump, even though it's not his fault, and the mayor of Portland is actually blaming Donald Trump for this, even though Trump offered federal aid, the first and most important thing I want to bring up, is this this individual, I dont, know his name. He gives a first hand account of the fatal shooting any said at the guy who was killed, was his partner and that they were walking the their direction when they heard them only when they heard anti full yell of these far left us, we got a couple. We gotta, Got a couple right here: pull it out right here, yeah, he says they turned around and and the shots rang out, neither been
people on the left, who have claimed- and you may see mention this yesterday- that it was self defense that the far leftist, what sought saw this man J, Polar Bear MACE and so he fired in self defense. I do not believe that adds up with but they re yelling, the targeting of these individuals and the fact that they were walking the other direction. Based upon that information, I mean is very easy to see in the video that went viral. It's not self defence to yell. We got a couple right here, pull it out. Yeah sounds like a target it. Killing like these guys were waiting for an opportunity. I would argue that you know if, if the shooter didn't flee, he could try and make that claim. But I think fleeing shows he knows what he did. They targeted these men he fired and they ran another at large.
Here's the story from organ live man under investigation and fatal shooting. After Pro Trump rally allegedly took after protest rally, allegedly took loaded gun to earlier Portland protest as a forty eight year old men, who is accused of carrying a loaded gun at an earlier downtown protesters under investigation in the fatal shooting Saturday night of a right wing demonstrator after programme rally. Michael Forest rhino calls himself and anti fascist and has posted videos and photos of demonstrations. He attended since late June, accompanied by hashtags black lives matter a new nation and Brown Taylor. Now it's important point out. He didn't you say he was an anti fascist. He straight up said he's antifraud The specific wording rhino was raised in Sandy and has had a recent addresses in Northeast Portland Gresham and Clock Amis. He described self on social media and in a video interview with Bloomberg as a professional, snowboarder and contractor who s former military experience but hated his time in the army sources from the case, but not
authorized who speaks at police, are investigating rhino, a family number also identified him as a man captured in There was an video seen, leaving the shooting seen shortly before nine pm Saturday Aaron Danielson, a supporter of the conservative group. Patriot prayer was shot in the chest and died in the street. It was soon after most, cars in the caravan trumps supporters had left rhinos post indicate. He had attended many protests in Portland that be begun. Three months ago after the death of George Lloyd on July Fit that one of the demonstrations rhino was cited at two ten. A m on, and allegations of dressing a loaded gone in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police. He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were just dropped on July Thirtieth with a no complaint according to court records. The documents
dont indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Rhinos spent no time behind bars, rent Weisberger spokesmen from Autonomic County district attorney MIKE so. The office is still revealing that July case involving right all the day has lighting these people go on the surface based on the laws that exist This shooting last night could have been prevented because the police knew they had a violent acts, premised on their hands illegally. Carrying a weapon in their city stands to reason of DNA. Their job, he would have been in jail or at the very least, restricted and maybe not carrying weapons. After that, what I can say, a lot of people have brought up to eight arguments to me and made comments about you know as I do.
To keep their arms shall not be infringed as the really interesting argument that I think needs to be brought up. Should he ship should we hold it against this guide? we're having carried a gun at some point, because it could have prevented this murder as an argument say: yes, because it was illegal. He knew he was breaking the law and even You believe? Second amendment shall not be on the right to bear. I shall not be infringed. Most people probably still agree that you'd, apply with the law. Not everybody would but a lot of people begin generally do so and they fight too to change those laws like we saw in Virginia people came out and protested. This gun with a gun restriction, bill And ultimately, one and many are politicians in the government refused to do more with it, though many counties, many sheriffs refused to enforce the gun, gun control restriction. So it's free, to say the criticism isn't necessarily about the fact that he was carrying a gun
that he was a known extremists who is potentially dangerous and they let him go. But I do think it is fair to point out. Should he have even been stopped incited at all in a country that it adheres to the car. Intuition. Personally, I think, he's a murderer alleged innocent until proven guilty, but I believe if it is truly this method to the ship, I more concerned about a violent murderer than I am about the fact that he used a gun and I It's funny. A lot of people have pointed out to meet him at a very, very you know right wing argument or pro protein argument. While the issue is not so much that I think he should have been released, in fact, I think he broke the Lonnie should have been charged and and and and arrested, and it's gonna change law. You can change it after the fact, but the she was. If, if you went out with a knife, we would have seen a similar circumstance. Ok, if you went out any other weapon granted the gun made it easier, He was allotted range and he could targeted
individual and beep beep be precise. I suppose, and it made it easier for us to do so a beggar concern is about the crime committed, not the thing he was carrying, especially with second sacked. Second amendment however, I must stress if somebody breaks the law in a dangerous way, then hold them accountable and if he ended up getting charged with it, then I believe the proper response would have been filing a lawsuit, challenging it on second amendment grounds and then yet the courts to way and on whether they can actually restrict weapons and that's how you push back on unconstitutional law. Does My understanding is: there's no penalty for politicians passing on constitutional law. It has to be challenged in the courts, in which case he got charged. He should have been arrested. This never would have happened and then, if, if
for those that our protein way you file a lawsuit, challenging it and you might, when you might not, I'm not entirely sure the point, as there was an opportunity to stop this guy, and there have been several opportunities, it's not just about the fact that he was charged and wrote, released and never pursued it. It's about the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly offered assistance and they won't take it Portland Mayor responds to trot support us or stay the hell out of the way, really support us. I believe, Donald Trump has offered you support now several times and you kept saying no. Now both the left and the right
recalling for TED Wheelers resignation- I believe TED Wheeler may be the worst mayor in this country and I'm I'm sure, there's probably some dumb bumbling drunk small town mayors out there. But this guy takes a cake why people are dying, people are being harassed in their homes, three months of riots and nothing he's done has worked at a certain point. When you can't do the job you Defarr to someone else, I was talk about this with my friends when I try to explain how, like actual authority and hierarchy works. I say this: are we playing a video game right? So we ice plague, division, it's uh. It's fun games played anymore, but you ve got a team of lot for people when we would do these missions that much better than the game is like Euro. You know a special operations, guys with guns nearly storming in and taken out gangs itself. You play this game and we're doing a new mission, and my friend would be like you follow me how to do this level. We'd be I'll. Go get. No questions asked reads like your telephone tell but tell us what to do and will make it work. If, if we kept, you know failing and getting it
m over. Eventually they back our notice. Somebody else want to give it a shot and then someone else would pick up and get. Ok. Let's go do this for the most part we all just on. Her stood if someone's gotta plan we are gonna give them. You know where you got it lets, let's roll of your plan. If it doesn't work, we swap up and try someone else's plan. Ted Wheeler doesn't do He has failed now, over and over and over again. In the only thing he knows how to do as they are internet is bad. Now, it's your fault because you had every opportunity to shut this down and you don't you dont, you you're, getting in your d, I won't do anything either. Your city is garbage, I'm sorry to the people of Poland, yet really amazing hot sauce called Secret ironic. That stuff is amazing. I should order some of that. No joke! It's really good. I Ets, as my fondest memory of being in Portland, someone giving me a bottle of that sauce is, is amazing. Hot sauce or other than that you gotta. You got a bad day, letting criminals out you gotta mayor who can't do anything, but blame Donald Trump and a governor who also just can't do anything the
jeez suit, the federal government. They are so desperate to play tribal politics. They are siding with the terrorists I hate to say that word is dumb, word half the time, but they just straight up executed a trump supporter in the street, I would stress in this venture in an interview, is a video from the com. Sense conservative. This dude says they were walking other way. The guy yell we got him and they turn around like what's going on and the guy goes Bang Bang, yes, there's a puff of mace but think about it. You're walking, summoned. You yells, you turn around and see a guy with a gun. You pull out pepper sprain, he shoots you and that's what happened. They lay the story from acts Yos Portland mayor, TED Wheeler reacted on Sunday to trumps, tweets attacking democratic officials in the wake of the fatal, shooting sang I'd appreciate that that either he either the president Porthos who stay the hell out of the way Trump as made Portland, has seen more than ninety consecutive days of black lives matter,
who tests the city's declared what like twenty something right. And they ve been riots rub region. Video, the mayor standing there unease like people are expressing their rights. Explosions all around them. Amazing. A target forest claims it Democratic leadership is allowing violent rioters, inadequate overrun cities. They all Yes, really volume I'm talking about so my friends and their like, can you believe what happened with I'll Rittenhouse. I can you believe that militias are storming through cities. Unlike what are you talking about on rally. You think about this tromp supporters. Did one drive through rally important, that's it. I've I saw I sought to from somebody. I responded to journalism, professor saying something like I never thought it. The call to make sure my family was ok because militias were storming cities and I sincerely said I feel you to make several phone calls after the repeated Chicago Mass riots to my family.
Been going on non. Stop for months, the police need to put an end to this, yet I don't understand how it is that they ignore the three Months of riots and destruction and buildings being burnt down, I think it's because they don't care. I really do think because many of them, like the extremists but I also think it's because the media is shielding these people. The media kept saying peaceful protest over and over again, and I feel like that. That's had an unintended consequence of convincing Democrats they actually were peaceful protests. You see I've noticed this. I've noticed something. Democrats have a tendency to believe Twitter is. Do you know of a good barometer of public public perception and and and and public opinion? Not twitter is a bubble of far left extremists and light moderate centre right conservatives, because Twit brass band. Literally everybody else. Could you not say
tourists who say who speak up, get banned and staunch conservatives and conspiracy, people band instantly. So right now you have centre right Trump supporters and far left extremists, literally organizing violence. I warned about this a long time ago. You said I set aside this year, two kids ones wearing their but ones wearing a suit and the other ones, wearing radio clothes and he's covered an ice cream is hairs. All mass he's got, you know a cherry aid all over his face, a red ring around his mouth and your life These kids in your like jack you over there is messy and met a gross decades. Got it you what what's wrong with that kid? You other kids clean cut one nice little suit with his hair slicked beside the issue is not that, though the clean cut kid is clean. It's that he's not allowed to have ice cream.
You see the point, the point is: if you get everybody on twitter, but twitter only bans that the creep like that, the crazy you know conspiracy, far right, you know, extremists is types and then your your left up with much of regular trump supporters. I am not saying they only ban on putting everyone band- is that because they ban regular conservative as well. The point of saying: is they ve chopped off the more on personal conservatives and right wing individuals leaving nothing but a clean cut. Individual dictators are messy because apparent keeps giving them Kandian ice cream, so he gets all messy the left, is allowed to do whatever they want social media. So all the crane these are going around. Screeching shall troopers an autocrat trying to take over the country there will. Now. European election again, I'm not getting they screeched, the stuff endlessly. So twitter creates these bubbles. Where you have centre right, looks good to me and far left. These people are in
saying that Democrats go on twitter and there, like, what's the left, sang riots, our good, ok role with that message and right, Hitler. Americans are going, I'm I'm I'm go stand over here with these conservative guys cause like their weapons it's I'm wearing a beanie and just like you know some some like a casual clothes, but hey man. If that's the only difference we got other than like political wedge issues. I can have a beer and pizza with guys and watch the game at at at at the end of it they all we do is complain about disagreeing on my and unease. Now, relatively minor issues. I can't go the left. Those people are nuts, they say, liberals get the bullet do what they can I don't want to kill me, they just want to yell, Magua and stuff, and that ok post means and make jokes as a lot of things. Conservative want conservative about four I say, but the far left has gone insane and Democrats are chasing after it
I think the media saying peaceful protest over and over again convinced many of these Democrats. They were actually peaceful protest, I'm not getting and that's why they were supporting them. Not exaggerating when I say this Biden, staff donate to groups that pay bills in Riot Porn Minneapolis. I need you to share this and you need to let people know the people running joy abiding campaign have been financially supporting the extremists and make one thing clear thinking about this. Just before the segment. Have there been any instances where tromp supporters gone out and targeted somebody executed em. Now the clauses, if com, I believe right now is Kyle Rittenhouse Macao renounce, was attacked and tried to flee now I know a lot of the left. It's gonna be liquid about all the extremist white nationalist, oh shut up those people don't like Trump made that they ve even like some of the higher profile white nationals have come out, denounced trump
and Richard Spencer actually endorsed Joe Biden. Saying all right moment is over and the liberals are clearly more competent, but he's been saying that they don't like to admit it, but many of the people on the all right being at a detention. Dont completely disagree with many the policies put forth by the left. In fact, they agree. With a lot of it in reality, when it, when it comes to a Muggah hat wearing, you know, Trop Trot kind of person, the closest thing we ve gotten has been cow Rittenhouse, who is trying to run away from the rioters when he was attacked, someone fired and he were any fired back. I'm not happy about you, but I don't think the kids should have been but I thought that the riders to bury their neither the cops should have been there's a lot of problems that need to solve the former to get you blaming some kid who didn't like what was happening in his community and, yes, he worked in Canosa in Portland. It was them saying we got em right here, pull it out. Bang Bang targeted execution. My fear is that all get it'll get worse out. My my best advice, although all the trouble- borders. They were on the right. You better pray. Now,
one on the right seeks retaliation, you better cross your fingers and hope and better go to every single person. You know and make sure no but he goes out and seeks out any kind of retribution retaliation. This must be handled by law enforcement. First and foremost. It's the right thing to do it's why we have police, let them deal with it. More importantly, Donald Trump is starting to win in the polls. Because of this because everyone does agree, the police need to be the ones who I'm doing this, and the left is calling for defending the police. So so long as everyone just accepts that these crazy people are going out and the only way to stop it is launched. Then you're gonna see suburban housewives. Disaffected liberals, people, like me, say Donald Trump cuts. Are you this?
I have never been a big Muggah Trump Conservative and its funding as conservatives know it. The liberals, I claim otherwise but I'll- tell you this men if If Trump supporters actually did start going out and retaliating yeah that, then I see no hope, because I'm not gonna troubled have to come in and shouted down, but look traveller responsible for what individuals flying is flag. Do that I get but if it comes to the point where you ve got retaliation and conflict on on both sides escalate to extreme degree, then I'm out on arms there. What do you do right right now? I can tell you this: the Trump supporters, how the peaceful rally in Portland they just their driving around there are allowed to do. I respect it same thing is happening. I said about the black lives matter protestors who laid down in the street important. In fact, I like that the people do this, might my concern with the Trump support going into Portland, however, was that the left will get violent and deleted this escalation.
But I I, like I respect and peaceful protest. I think, is spent ass, thick ass. This we have a first a minute for reason. However, I don't like the escalation of conflict and violence and right now, Donald Trump and his supporters have been the ones maintaining the right to free speech and not targeted retaliation. As far as I can tell maybe a few, Sorry, I'm missing, but the general thing I've seen as at the left is routinely been violent and violent and violent just over and over and over again the left will try to claim that a free, a few fringe extremists represent trumps based. That's not true! So when I look at from supporters, I see people who, for the most part, aren't going on protesting for the most part are just when they do It would like walk away there, just chanting and their peaceful and their denouncing the violence. Every step of the way and I'll trump is the one calling for law and order. That's what convinced me that I have to vote for Even though I am not a big fan again,
who said I was. I was pretty clear that clarify this, because when it comes to tromp as a personality he's hilarious, I actually do think it is a great job as a comedian, and I mean that respectfully, like I've been I've been to his I've, been to many of us rallies. The dude knows how to do stand up, I'm not even kidding he can make a crowd laugh. He know it's almost like John Stewart ask talking politics and humour in one go and even being self deprecating in it and it works. What, in terms of you know, presidential politics voting was never the never guiles into. However, right We ve got a guy called for law, nor any means it and for the most part I've seen his supporters mean it to knives. Seen Trump supporters box people out, I've seen proud boys go industries and punk people downtown you listen. You have a right to two March pieces its anti fathers when starting the violence almost exclusively. And so on, like just get the cops in, but I note, but by I'll tell you that if people go on sea, retaliation is like that you'll be out I'm out for sure.
I'll tell you a lot of people feel similarly, so right now he's it needs to happen this Joe Biden staff doing this. I see that I recognise that funding these people, calling for more, not Donald Trump Donald Trump and his people have been saying. Stop enough. Stop that's what I want. No escalation, no violence! So your let law enforcement take care of this. I know their hands are tied behind their back. One of the biggest problems is that this do get arrested for a gun, charge and just cut loose law enforcement needs to deal with it in Portland, not happening, and that's why I think Trump is the right choice, because, at some point. I believe he will you not step in invoke the insurrection act or or are you know, we have already seen the d o J go after many of these extremists and that's it needs to happen. We need the lot waited law enforcement do, as I say, a million times men, but I'll leave their more details come out. Then I have more update next time. It will be at one p m on this.
Nl thanks rang out, and I will see you all them, as many of you are probably aware after a trump supporter was killed, walking down the street in Portland, Many of these far left us from black lives matter and aunt. If I were cheering for this saying things like, I am not sad that an effing fascist died tonight and then many one, the crowd start cheering celebrating the death of the man who is apparently walking the other direction when a far laughter, sad? We got a couple right here according to a witness, the friend of the victim they turned around and it was too late, but they're not just celebrating their funding Anti for be alarmed fundraising off of Saturday night murder, collecting for bullet proof, vests and kevlar helmets. As a scary, when asked that the front of the victim
basically sad, you know we need to get a handle on things because it's gonna escalate and he's right and I've been saying for quite some time, anti for right now, they're their fundraising for Bulletproof s, income our helmets, because their worried that there will be some kind of retaliation, this white very important to stress no one should go out. Retaliate law enforcement should take care of all of this, and if they don't it still better to hold back and wait, we got an election coming up right now. The right has then, for the most part, lied about and attacked smeared in the media and after one rally with Trump supporters driving through their cars, Joe Biden, the Democrats, our screeching about militias rating cities and I've had enough. I dont think
Americans are stupid enough to believe the line there, feeding them that its trumps fault for three months, black lives matter has been riding the last night it what it's not just look such about them fund raising There's more common police investigate possible, shot fired at allay tromp caravan. You see trumped supporters drove through LOS Angeles and its report that someone fired around ass. These trumps borders. The police then started writing buildings and people were apparently throwing things from their windows at these cars. So ask it mission does seem to be. I mean, I hate to say, crusade all the time but we're gonna see more escalation. That's why it's imperative that conservatives moderates tromp supporters? Let law enforcement handle this, but here's round a focus on. We know There were cheering, but their fund raising off of this they're trying to make money off of this to prepare for escalation right. State reports, it is reported by various observe
first, that Anti four p m on Sunday night are continuing to celebrate the murder Saturday night of Erin Danielson, who was shot in the middle of important steps and apparently identified as a tramper, because the patriot prayer hat, he was wearing Andy, no tweeted anti for our gathered at Laurel Hearst Park in Southeast Portland and are still thrilled over the deadly shooting yesterday, they basically called the victim a Nazi. Some are dancing in the park on social media. They are soliciting mass donations for more riot gear Not only are they celebrating there also trading on their celebrity step aside Canosa to raise money for needed supplies and equipment on top of their wishlist ballistic vast and kevlar helmets, Sir Some of the messages expressed concern that rioters might now be targeted for retaliation in response to the murder of Danielson YA, think they say, and you know tweets in response to the killing of a trump supporter and down on
Portland anti vote counts our soliciting for donations to buy more riot gear. They just received a shipment of bulletproof arrests and want more. They crowd fond on cash app and then MO no joke. Pdf shield. Has. Please boost right wing. Terrorists are really mad that we are coming together as a community to protect each other with ballistic gear. If you would like to donate to support getting more ballistic gear on the streets, please de Emmy right, terrorists. They say our mad that they're their fundraising for gear. Actually, I would say many people are mad and it's starting to reflect in the betting odds at the polls benefiting Donald Trump their mad at some guy was walking on a string a shot in the chest. Here's an not particularly pathetic display the woman claims. She was one of two may to rush to Danielson in the moments after he was shot and attempted to render first aid. She claims that when then police arrived the seeing just moments later. They pay, turn the other medical way and will not allow them to treat Danielson
she claims at was still alive when she was pushed away and that he died during the period he was not being treated while waiting for paramedics in an ambulance. She said I was one of two medics unseen when the man who died last night was shot I barely had time to begin an examination, but when the cops pushed and baton me off his body that man was alive when I left and it will haunt me for of my life that that they screamed about her, a real magic and none was unseen and that man not but twenty minutes later was confirmed dead When I closed my eyes, I can only see his face in the murderous rage in the eyes of a cop abusing me to force me away from helping him as best I could out of the copse know that she wasn't the person who kill them.
I should the cops allow a random person with duct tape on their arm to treat someone who has just shot and in fact many of these cops probably have some basic first, a training as well thanks for everyone for reaching out truthfully. I have no clue, but I ll start with meeting a bullet professed GS. W gets my Van MO is not as air memo. If anyone wants to slide their local protest. Medic some funds, one of videos of the aftermath of the shooting, does show the fur does show the first port and police officers to arrive at the scene, move to people who appear to be treating Danielsen away from his body but the officers have no way of knowing who the people are and whether they have any actual medical training for all the officers. No, the person's attending the gunshot victim might be doing more harm than good, or they might be the people who killed him through. Alligator tears. She managed to give. Her van information and asked donations that you can buy a ballistic vest as one thousand one hundred and forty five p dot m on Sunday night Portland Time
a twitter account no longer exists. I wonder how much money she raised. Perhaps she got banned for raising money in this way, But let's talk about what happened in allay, therefore raising their celebrating and they our doing more. It's not the trump supporters who have been going on for months, smashing and destroying in fact It's not. The Trump supporters have been going on for years and doing this police search department, buildings for three men following reports at someone, may have fired a shot at. Car caravan of supporters of President Donald Trump that road, through allay on Sunday Authority, said, police, responded sprawling complex shortly before noon. After receiving reports if someone was throwing bottles and other items at vehicles on Ventura Boulevard said LAPD officer. Drake medicine or time later, a collar reported that a man had brandished a gun and fire at least once at passing cars, no injuries were reported. One motorist reported a flat tire. Medicine said. Investigators didn't mean
they confirm whether a gun was fired quote now. We ve got three people holed up in the location and Swat is trying to find the medicine said, a police helicopter, circled overhead and authorities used a loudspeaker. Tell residence to stay indoors, said Chantal Bonnet who lives in a town house at the complex and the woodland hills. Neighbourhood I heard feet. And by my building- and I called nine one one at all. Stay inside and keep the door locked said bonnet. Who was home with our kids just ten and twelve. It was pretty scary dozens of cars and trucks, many with brought banners haunting shouted their support of the President as the caravan role through the sand from it. For the San Fernando Valley, the event was mostly peaceful. Medicine. Sad you see here is the important part, mostly useful. When the rioters come out for the left and destroy things, they say mostly peaceful when Trump supporters drive down the street and get attacked by far laughed and extremists they still say mostly peaceful.
As if to insinuate. It was the Trump supporters network, permitting the acts of violence by driving in their vehicles. It's a semantic game. They play, they say, The rally came the morning after a man was fatally shot in organ. Demonstrators have taken to the streets in communities across California. Emanation nation. Since the police shooting of Jacob like in was content. We know what happened with like a chose bracing for more demonstration Sunday evening in Sacramento. California said public transportation would be halted and that out in some downtown areas with another night of protest scheduled The large number of people expect to be walking on or near the light rail tracks and key quarters. Sack Artie we'll be tempered early suspending light rail and bus service. This is the weakened. We tend to see skirmishes and some low tier violence throughout the week Saturday, Sunday tend to be the worst now we have
man dead, when the Trump supporters drove away they got shot at as well. These far left us our fund raising for more gear. We need the police to be empowered to shut this down. Now, in l, they're. Doing it in case Swat is, is searching this building where they were, and the other is the latest story, and there were several people holed up in this building and how copper, circling overhead sounds like their pony the stop trying shut this down. I can respect that. They gonna say six people were around and a police officer officer was injured late Saturday night in Oakland California, after a mostly peaceful demonstration- I just you know what men it is not stop saying it. The media are empowering this by not calling it what it is vital and violent incidents, violent rights call it whatever you know, just call: What it is mostly peaceful demonstration for racial justice turned violent police, said
Some gas and smoke was used to force demonstrators away at after people hurled, rocks and bottles. It's no longer a protest when their throwing objects. People say in San Jose a crowd spray painted graffiti Saturday on Mayor SAM, the cargoes home, his neighbors quickly, banded, together to clean up the mayor's home the cargo set in a statement. The vandalism does not detract from Support of the black lives matter more, but these people are in cordial you're getting tired. By extremists they're burning? things down their killing people, and this is the fact less political play. We get these politicians. These damages Joe Biden himself had staff of Joe Biden staff members were funding the bail, the bail fund to get these people out of oil and even after their targeted, they say we still support them. That's called boot licking hilarious. When I mention you, ve got people burning down buildings, and I say the police should come in and shut it down as they keep looking that boat. Ten bucks,
Ups are shutting down people killing other people, that's not bootlegging. Yet it is these politicians These businesses, bending the knee to black lives matter after they get beaten there being whipped face and then they say. Thank you, Sir may I have another grow a spine. Stand up if not, and people who live here need to vote these people out. Many of these same neighbours, homes bear black eyes at our signs and they were pretty The true spirit of the movement and of San Jose community. They contrasts sharply with the roughly hundred so called protestors who stood by silently or even cheered as a flag was burnt with its literally the march. There's no other march. It's this. You talk about your movement, the people, or going around destroying things. Are the movement? Not you, stop playing silly games check this out. Josh Kaplan says FUCK six Canosa police arrested a hundred seventy five people from forty four different cities. Since unrest began a week ago, that's right
They come from all over. They are your movement. They fly the flag, they spray paint the message, and their literally screaming black lives matter, and they go well. The real movement or the people minding their own business, not protesting doing nothing but putting little signs in their windows. Why should I believe that Why am I supposed to believe that someone who that active in is not engage. Is the actual movement non sorry the people doing things? Those are the people I would say, are the movement. The ones I'm the flags and demanding of people, the ones calling for abolishing the police and cheering as everything its burn. On a destroyed around them, because I mean the politicians have been supporting the street level protests the whole time. And perhaps like I said earlier, it's because the media kept saying peaceful protests of the Democrats were like great peaceful protests are great and what was really happening was right.
Destruction, while the organ governor plans to end protest, violence and protect freeze each so they say, let's see what their planets. Organ Governor Kate Brown unveiled a plan that she says will end violence and arson and of Azeri? I have a plan to and the arson in Portland- oh, do you, you have a or have an arson problem and you didn't solid solve it. In the past three months You know what I can I can I confidently say and proudly my town does it have an arson problem. It is a plan to be solved most the time. When there's arson, the police in fire investigators come out and they tracked down the person who did it and they arrest them. Have you tried that Governor Kate Brown and violence, and arson in Portland actually live in arson problem would want to live there while also protecting the free speech, the protesters.
The governor unveiled, the so called a unified law enforcement plan on Sunday following a deadly shooting quote, we all must come together elect officials, community leaders, all of us to stop the cycle of violence. But this is only the first step. Real change will come from the hard work to achieve racial justice and its. But all of us listening to each other and working together. These people are awful vote about get rid of them. You know what man. This is not policy Ok, it is not a left or right position would be like. I support the police or I don't that's, that's insane how it. How is come to the point? it's a conservative opinion to be like, let's have police. What? What are you do with it? But what you have people romping around burning down buildings, if you? really want to argue that the left today that it is that I am being right wing by saying I for one don't like people being murdered in the street, be it by cop or writer. That's right wing I'm not getting. That is because the left ignore
or as all the dead from their own about. The last time you saw protest for David. Don't owe it was a conservative group marching peacefully. You know what this is democrats embracing extremists, because they're scared saying now because there on twitter too much and they think Twitter opinion reflects the public and that's why they started a freak out now and Blaine Trot for everything its turned on them They got to say nothing of brown. Such will be asking sheriffs deputies from both Clock, Emerson, Washington County, as well as officers from Russia to support Portland police in keeping the peace rounds. At Oregon. State police will continue to offer personnel resources and body cameras to the police. Bureau shall said: the where's attorney's office and the FBI welcome it additional resources to the plan the governor is convening a community forum on racial justice and police reform, which will include black protest
organizers and community leaders, as well as Portland, Mayor TED, Wheeler, Mayor TED, Wheeler needs to be recalled. I just got rid of the left agrees. The right agrees, and that's all that matters everybody agrees, get rid of the guy hate Brown launches her and she says one Mama county D, a will prosecute serious criminal offences, including arson and physical violence. Oh will that yeah right well known at me Lemme County sheriff's office will work with the system partners to hold individuals booked for violet behaviour and to ensure there is adequate jail space. You that's funny. My town doesn't need a plan that basically says enforce the law, my town. Does it need to remind the aid to prosecute crime? Apparently, Oregon has fallen into such arid chaotic disrepair that we actually had to put together a plan where she's like ok, here's my idea, cops arrest, people who break the law de prosecute people who break the law. That's what they're supposed to do.
Its literally the bare minimum you ve come out that I have a plan to stop the violence. It's called Bare minimum wow. You know this they wait till it gets so bad and so violent that they can do the bare minimum and it does sound like they're doing something I for one. I'm going to have police arrest criminals. The police are supposed to arrest criminals you're, not doing anything. You're literally doing nothing. Three has done previously organs, they police, well detail personnel resources, the Portland Afraid, but look look at this is literally like bare minimum. The governor is asking for Commerce in Washington County sheriff offices to support the Portland police beer with per snow and resources that something I'll give it a given that one organ state police, have offered over two dozen body cameras, the: U S attorney and the federal you're of investigation will commit additional resources for investigation there. You go there. It is ok, all right I'll back that one up all right, I was a little a little over the top.
By gas respect, and I sincerely mean it bring in the FBI and the? U S attorney's office, to actually start going after some of these Ino interstate criminals? I respect that. Now to many of these jurisdictions have said no to trumps assistance. It's not exactly what I was hoping for. We can actually have bolstered law enforcement, but is actually not been without its, not that. First of all, the first few points are still laughable. I think to be fair, we're gonna, have the cops do their job in India will prosecute? Ok did come down, calm yourself, bringing the feds and state police. Surely a good plan as it is it is it. I gotta be fair with that. I'm glad to see the governor is finally going to bring a bring, is gonna bring in the feds on this one. But more importantly, I think actually have a resolution per hour. I don't It would be a good idea if Trump did deploy pact throughout the streets. You know like, like F P,
something about your lawn for. Can I get I guess, but you know that. Let me let me go back when you walk back a little bit when I was just saying- and I just put this way- there is a fear of escalation. They do want to talk at Trump in the federal government having a state police come out, but having the FBI handle the desk work and the investigation the prosecution, I think actually good plan. So I respect that at first. You know my at my assumption was just based off the first three points, because Oregon should have been doing much more than they ve been doing they're, not even doing them in on the reason. The state police left in the first place was because the d I wouldn't product people are still be very critical and sang its laughable their only now just deciding to enforce the law. But I'll tell you this there's one thing: they ve done so far and its number six. Bringing in the US attorney in the Federal bureau investigation? Ok, I got out. Ok all right, we'll see others plays out, and I respect that.
She says the right wing group patriot per hour. Here we go the right wing group. Patriot parents ah proclaimed a militia members drove into down important last night arm in looking for a fight, every origami and has the right to freely express their views that fear of deadly violence, I will either wow wow naw. I can respect her bringing in the feds, but this is one of the most disk. Thing things. I've ever seen. I will not allow patriot, prayer and armed white supremacists to what legally walk down the street and then be executed The mayor has been blaming tromp for this. That the city is be look man, I'm sorry, the eyes. I see a lot of people. You know we're criticise me of my predictions earlier this year and a lot of your you know have are eaten your hats agony face. I remember when I said that covert would result in food. You know, food shortage is being stripped from shelves and supply chain disruption. Yeah we're here, my friends of incentives
photos or a bunch of different stores, gun stores, professional equipment stores. Everything's gone. I friends you can't even by bicycles, supply chain, is completely disrupted and are making. I made more predictions. I said civil war, but listen. If you can't wave a trump flagging, just drive around in your car without being accused of being the bad guy. The tribalism has become so extreme. I dont see I dont see negotiating I dont see conversation happen more like you're, not gonna convince anybody. You can't go to these people and say people of a first moment right there and say I don't care my tribe, or else I don't think the right is doing that. I think there are some rightwing people. One thing I noticed is that a lot of people are saying the the shooter in in Oregon. Was illegally carrying a weapon. Okay, well
I'll Rittenhouse was also charge of illegally carrying a weapon. I'm not here to play these games. I'll, tell you this Calvinist fled. He was running from the violence and the attack them and try to snatch the gun from many defended himself. Some one else fired. First, the guy in Portland targeted the Trop supporter, the far left his tart The transport saying we got him right here, pull it out and when the trunk supporters turned around, he shot him in a chest. It's a very different circumstance, but I am saying, one of the gun thing and unlike their certainly conservatives who play tribe, tribal politics, but I believe for the most part, the right is not doing with the left is doing in terms of tribalism. The right will can see when they're wrong, and that is why this fact liberals politically homeless and moderate types are joining the ranks of transporters and saying they're. Gonna vote learn about trump. Many people who are like you know like the guy that much but he's the only choice right. It's because Trump supporters aren't the one starting the ones. Aren't the one's going out.
The retaliation and they are the ones willing to concede fault on some issues, not all of em. But enough. So I'll tell you this. It needs to stop and I believe it's coming from the left. I can't believe you would say that once no surprise outlived their necks segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube, Dotcom slashed him cast. It is a different channel and I will see well then Joe Biden was back out. Campaign trail today. Finally, you know he's been hiding. It is based on for quite some time and he decided to say something about the socialist she said. Do I really do I like a radical socialist with a soft spot for riders really job an slams Donald Trump for linking him to violence and accuses president of poisoning our democracy in Pittsburgh speech the now sing, rivals leadership, Joe Biden do you,
Look like a radical socialist. No, do you have a soft spot for rioters? Yes, your campaign staff provided money to the bail fund too. Get them out and your vice president, a candidate? cobble heiress tweeted. She wanted people to donate to the bail fun for the people arrested during the riots sought or no point, I make us outside us when asked about and the ongoing rides and violent violence. Cayley MC enemy Roasted again. The Democrats and shows great not at the end saying that you know everything the press is doing is like the arsonists blaming the where the damage You like arsonists, blaming the fire fighters and I that's how I feel the far left and Joe Biden. You know they look Joe, but it's not going around riding the far left is Joe Biden. Campaigns have conall here to get the point they support this now they're complaining about it. Yeah, like a dear yes, Caerleon, Kennedy nails. It
What they also go. Look at exactly what she said and the reason I'm to get into too much about what Joe Biden sighted, because, as you can imagine, the dude could barely speak straight this, whether keep they keep hiding him in the basement he has one line. I could you not worries like? Can you believe Reed o o over it in one year more more than a hundred year against it. But you can you believe that more people in one year died than a hunt, four years on arms. Like Joe, I got no idea what you're trying to say: man- ok, listen! I can. I can sit all day and night and talk about the things I don't like about trust but come on of the Democrats. Really given us any alternative, one guy who is standing up against the violence. The entire time is Trump, I'm going to avoid Democrat and you get it retain party endorsing intersection Ozma going to vote for that either. I guess there's the Green Party, but look, I think tromp is best suited for fixing
and an anonymous outermost expect of me men. Of course, the media plays dirty games that normally do well K limit Kennedy to the rescue Whitehouse blasts, democratic mayors for unrest during protests, secure your streets. It is incumbent on Democrats to step up said prosecutors. Cayley MC Fox news reports, but Kennedy who is speaking a day before trumps planned visit Canosa blamed the uptake and violent crime in a number of Eric and cities undemocratic mayors and argued that the president's use a federal force was the only thing keeping american safe among the defined the police movement. It's not just that he's vocally opposing it. If we, if, if all the tromp supporters stood out of the way, the fall
left would steam role through and they ve already abolished the police in Minneapolis Andy funded in Seattle. So what do you think happens about a hundred and twenty nine departments according to one survey, have face some kind of de funding in the past several months, so yeah I'm going to call for the advocate, because as much as I think, cops got near the place parlance have problems. And reform is a good idea. That means more funding. It means more training, it means more programmes. That's the big look. When it came to New York. I lived there for several years. The big complain was they weren't trained? Well enough, the cops worked, train path. Billion firearm usage or in Europe, how to manage and unruly suspect, and so we more funding for them. Then they complain they have much money and taken away away and things get worse because of it exactly what's happening all
Oh here, there's a, although murder and twenty five major you at twenty metres to USA has increased sixteen point. What sixteen point one percent this year overall crime, including rape, aggravated assault and various property theft, is down five point: three percent through the end of may relative to this time. Last year, according to data from the FBI compiled by the New York Times, criminologist a tribute increasing martyr rights, which in many cities rose as cover. Ninety restrictions were lifted to a range of factors, including the fact that violence tends to end. Recent warmer months, no not alone I'll, get get out of here with for months last year. That's not that's, not answering anything tromp Strip, the Canosa the city is reeling from protest over the police, shooting of Jacob like the sweetest and demonstrators are calling for the officer who shot play crust in Cesky to be fired and face. Attempted murder charges the president It also comes more than a week after authority say seventeen year Old, Kyle Rittenhouse from Northern Illinois shot and killed two protesters, the defendants legal team claim he was acting in self defence. Will all point this out to it. I did mention the mains
They asked Cayley maternity about a true about a tweet that trot liked, which was my tweet thread where I was talking about Kyle, Rittenhouse, being the reason why I decided to vote for Trump, what they don't get into are trying to do is make it seem. Like I'm saying I, like, the guy went out there with the gun, none other than quite the opposite. The point of my tweet was at Kyle written us should not have. Out there. The police should have been tromp should have sent, but that the governor of Wisconsin should have accepted trumps offer for assistants a long time ago I mean a long time relative to how long has been going on immediately. He should have both of the National Guard, as requested How right now is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump. A young man who should not hat should not have been out there and was put in this position and yes, foolishly, took it upon himself. All of these things should not have happened. The rights shouldn't have happened. I mean that that the shooting of Jacob Blake should have happened either. Ok,
but that's that's a tougher question pertaining to this guy having a warrant you know going into this woman's home elite like illegally, when spouses are straining order being out with a knife, I'm not happy any that have. And a situation with cow Rittenhouse should not especially have happened, and now there trying to to act like this kid, some evil mass shooter as just a dumb kid in the wrong it's the wrong time and should have been there, and if our law enforcement allowed do their job, this would not have happened. That's the point. I don't think this kid should be locked up for a million years and I think that bull, attacked and bear some responsibility. But I wish none of it happened. I don't want to tell you, tragedy happens and you can't always give us cotton dry answer as to who is really to blame. But I'll tell you what don't attack people, it's that simple, our asylum in a Threed more as a Blake's death is ignited new demonstrations, as we know, make any said, trot does not plan to meet with blanks family during his trip was content, but instead will tour the damage done.
The city and meet with local law enforcement. She also deny the president's trip or another one schedule, the North Carolina, any political motivation behind them. Both was content nor Carolina. Key, battleground states in the upcoming general elections in November, and one's trump and democratic nominee, Joe Biden are locked in a close race. The president wants to visit hurting Americans when asked about violence over the weekend in Portland Oregon, where one supporter of the president was shot and killed after a large caravan of Trump supporters for and black eyes matter. Protesters clashed mechanically grew heated by a question about reports of Paint Bulger is being fired. You said, you're gonna, ask me about a paintball video when there's eight, when there is horrific violence, there has been indeed days of violence from an anarchist organization. Bravo, gaily republicans have fun us, whereas roundly blame anti VA a shadowy left wing, anti fascist movement made up of autonomous groups for much of the violence and looting that has followed. This is wrong,
I understand the idea of Antipater catch all turn. But this is a wortley black lives matter, supporters, their chanting, black lives matter. I've said it before. If you can out and say we want to communist communist revolution. Wave a flag you'll get like ten people, but if you come up with a flat saying black lives matter. You'll get a hundred. People anti far realised this and change their messaging tactic, so the people coming out our supporting black lives matter. Is it despite those claims that the OJ, as well as independent fact, checkers? I found no said aunt. If I was behind the protests, nor that any of its members were among those facing federal charges, you see there, it is it's just people coming out riding in support of black lives matter, Mckenna these comments and trumps upcoming meeting with Wisconsin long for comes on the heels of last week's orange, see where many in the GEO Pete cast the upcoming elections, a clash between law and order and anarchy. Tromp has denounced protesters as thugs while sharply defined
police and the organizer. The convention used recent were protest, wedded to paint a foreboding and violent picture of the future of buying denies trump. A second term. Trop is expected to continue to hit that thing when he travelled to canosa and there's one thing that matters they'll say to you: it's trumps, America, its transfer. Possibility wrong, doesn't matter they'll say I well, you know Kamel Harris top cop right, she'll come in and crush him doesn't matter. You does when this started. Tromp said no and what did bided and calm on many other Democrat say they cheered it on the democratic Harrison. Governors use taxpayer funds to support their message and paint black lives matter in the street. That's extreme, that's two extreme for me, and it makes me really angry offensive that they would take taxpayers money for
are they gonna paint, magua or blue lies matter? No, they ve denied that repeatedly. That's what matters. Tromp has consistently denounced this and he was right when he said no. It would because it was going to get worse. It did get worse and the Democrats ignored it and the banning odd started flipping and the pole started flipping and now, Donald they set to do better than expected, and then it's funny cause. You know few weeks ago there are like trumpets, double digits down. His cover response has been awful and no binding winning, but can't keep in mind things can change trump can turn it around. I thought that was particularly funding, because here we go and it's a Democrats, own fault, all I needed early on was on the rights happened, was for any one of them to say no to the people around burning things down while claiming the support black lives matter. No to the people waving the anti fascist,
eggs wearing all black smashing windows? No, I couldn't do it, of course, I'll try and lie now it's not really black lives matter. Doing this. It's out. You know why agitators talents ok tell that to the actual people who work for and organise with black lives matter, cheering for soft tweeting about it. Sorry, your narrative isn't gonna work, you embrace extremists in a desperate bid to win, and now you will have to look what it. What is it? What are you saying? Not us for this? What you report you so These are the people it. You know. I won't use any other idioms out with your report you, so you throw the sea that now you get what you get you you want to support this will. Then people are gonna turn on your, yet nothing else to say now leave their. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. There's a viral video
of a black woman talking about Donald Trump, and she says he repeatedly came out and asked for their support when he did not need it. He she said he one without support from the black vote. He only got around eight percent and he's still coming out and saying what do you want, Well, you got to lose helping out talking about low unemployment numbers interposed. Isn't he to do that? He doesn't need our our support. Sure enough, he is, and she said she liked and ass. I thought it's actually a really good point. I mean look, I'm not gonna, pretend like Trump, isn't concern about reelection and and looking at paths towards victory, but it is a good point. You didn't get elected by the black vote, but he's dedicated a lot of time and energy to bow to the black community, which I find very interesting, especially as we see the rise of many prominent black conservatives, particularly those running for Congress. I think Donald Trump is sincere. He's actually ended up, losing support among white liberals and a white urban individuals for everything. He's done, buddy
doing particularly well among Hispanics and the black vote right now. What The examiner says black voters pushing Trump to victory with support for Biden. Fifteen points down on our order. We have five poles now showing trump support in the black with black voters is like thirty percent or somewhere around there. If Trump really does Poland those numbers, it's a guaranteed win at what that's what the Pandit class at the news that all the news outlets in the pulse or saint. If twenty percent or more the black vote goes to trumpet get it a landslide done end of story. Now, of course, he could lose a lot of voters somewhere else. I suppose I don't see. That being the case, I think Trump is uniting a lot of people,
and that that you know this younger generation of conservative. They are more diverse. My think trumps. Gonna win because of it check out President Trump support from likely black voters is nearly twice what campaign officials believe is needed to win reelection and fifteen points under the level democratic presidential nominee. Joe Biden needs According to a new survey, the latest Johns I'd be strategies ia, my research solutions, pole, which was taken after last week, republican national convention- that featured several minority speakers, put trumped support from black voters at twenty percent for Biden. It's at seventy five for trumpet has twelve points more than you receive. Twenty sixteen and nine points more than campaign officials believe he needs to keep the White House one senior. Official recently told secrets limits that eleven percent. Then we win the polling analysis suggested at the rioting in cities and transit.
On an order. Stance could be driving more black voters into his camp and robbing Biden votes from a democrat, democratic parties most loyal base. They analysis said by should be pleased with the support among Democrats, women among Democrats, women and a spanish, but a lead us If I've had twenty among black voters can spell real trouble, a Democrat needs. Ninety percent plus and a high turnout among blacks, Could it be that Trans law and order message is hitting home among black voters who are worried about demonstration demonstrations getting out of Control Biden holds fifty two percent to thirty five percent among eighteen to twenty nine urals, but Morocco, mom Brok, Obama one with sixty six percent and await and sixty one percent of twelve among this Yo Young cohort Paris Denard the campaign senior communication
visor for black media affairs, told secrets quote: it is not surprising to see numerous Paul showing president trumps approval with black voters increasing after watching both political conventions make their best case. Black Americans are giving president tromp a second look and many First luck because they are learning more about his record and its of achievement and Joe Buttons old new policies that work against the black community coupled with binding, consistently offensive, bigoted comments. Several other recent polls have found steady support for Trump from black voters. The pole also found Biden leading Trump but the lead shrank after the republican convention in a two way, Rice Biden leads from forty to forty two in a four way race that includes two independence, who are pulling votes away from Biden. The Democrat leads forty five percent to forty two percent. You I've been thinking a lot about this right. We had Billy print gown, I r l p.
Cast just a week or so ago, and he is a black conservative. Trump support are running in North Jersey, seem like a cool dude, regular guy. Pretty really smart was an amazing part. Yes, I think I may have been one of our best shows I is, is like a regular guy, who's, hip and fairly socially liberal, but still conservative a lot of ways, and it says to me that you know one Donald Trump campaigned and he started saying things like what have you got to lose? I think a lot of you or listening. I have to imagine there's a lot of people who live in Chicago who live in Baltimore other cities who started thinking. You know with with the Democrats policy positions dominating this city for this long and nothing's improved than seems it seems stagnant. Maybe we do have nothing to lose like how much worse could you get for Chicago war? Baltimore I mean I could probably get worse but its prey, bad. I think a lot of people just said whatever our role, the dye right, why not? But another started. Look into it more and more and more and you know, is really
I was thinking about this recently. Really it is. You know it's a tough subject, but I was thinking about Congo. West I've talked about how he is a very, very influential and prominent voice, especially for young black individuals in this country, not that, I think, he's the most influential on what the most important alot of people, but this people look up to him of all races, and I was thinking about you know he came out for Trump and he got smeared and destroyed in the press. First,
thought. Why did he come out in support of of conservatism, of Donald Trump Republican Party? And I remember it was he said he liked what Candice Owens was saying, and then I thought about Candice Owens she's, also a black conservative and she endorse hate and smears, and you could call the whites of premises all the time and I thought about like what started all this. Well, I think for one you needed individuals to rise up and push back, and you had that with people. I can do so and- and I have many more black conservatives, but I remember something really really profound like profound with Congo West when he had this campaign: ral any talked about being pro life and he was brought to tears talking about abortion and the black community and how it negatively impacts. You know him in his community and boy: did they smear him? You know. I heard one
and I believe it is true that the Democrats say or politico say. The key to the black vote is through the church, and I was always confusing to me, because conservatives have always been much more. The Christian Party, the other religious party, to say the least. Now they are seeing a lot more. You know a thesis and secular voters coming and because of social justice issues, and I mean specifically like the far left insanity, because I I always thought about this. Wouldn't would it make more sense if black photos tend to be slightly more conservative religious to vote for the Republicans? Why is that? I don't think about things that Kenya West was tat. About. He said that he was told you're a Democrat. That's the way it has to be, or else that, basically they were destroy his career. If he ever came out and talked about what he really believed, Well now, can you I got a few monies basically untouchable, not completely vestal smear and try to destroy him, but do the billionaire, I'm pretty sure, and so now he's ease breaking
mould- I was I was I was. I was thinking about that speech he gave when he talked about abortion and being pro life and how he was brought tears and, unlike You know the media called him unhinge. They said he was having an episode, Enid Medication, and, unlike now, that's not what it is. You know it is I see this as a guy who is whole life knew what was right to him knew what he stood for an knew, what it meant to be to be christian to go to church, but he was told by everyone: don't you dare cross us or will destroy you think about living a life Where you know you can't tell people how you really feel and then finally, how our howled Congo was cut, Kenya, West as but finally, after decades he gets the courage to finally stand up and speak up. Annie,
says what he believes and, of course he knows gonna be destroyed for it. I can only imagine, after decades of being of having your belief in your views, repressed and I'm talking about something you. You know that people like how you view as a supreme evil. It is. The guy was pro life who talks about the you know that the amount of abortions that affect the black community and he's been told, shut up or else like real threats. Real fear, you you'll, be cancel. Your life will be destroyed. Everything will be taken from you and now he stands up any says we'll use when a bullet profess. Wasn't he somewhat that yeah, because he really is scared because he's been told his whole life, what it means? If you speak up and talk about what you really believe, but the church the church they believe these things is that these are what they hold true themselves: Cornish smashed through that guy,
ass an you could see the emotion that came along with it is not the only one. That's why I think a lot of people in the black commuter coming out for Trop at least the poles are showing it may not be true. I mean I don't love in a surly believe the poles as it is, but I've I've long fought this. I can't begin to tell you you know what what it must be like to grow up in the by community. I have no idea, I'm I'm my speculation. My opinion is based on watching from the outside. Of course, I d drop on the saucer Chicago, so I have certain opinions about growing up in places like that, but I'm not black right. So I d text to conduct a Kanye and those individuals, Billy Bay, Kimberly Classic, but it really does seem like people are fed up and their finding a path to speak out and their finding that tromp as he does speak, then I may look trumpets moderate. He really VOX dot com said it, but he's also republic any holds many of those values, and so this
he was like a good play, a good choice for many in the black community, another standing up and sang it took us out. The betting odds for trot began to flip. I mentioned the pro life up with kindness. I thought was interesting, but are aligned with one last point. We seen from gallop this this caricature of what the black community is doing or what they want is a racist depiction from the Democrats in it. Not fair, I'm reminded of that Ami Horwitz Video, where he goes to Berkeley and asks young white people. If voter I d as racist and they say a whole bunch of crazy racist things about like, you know black people not below the internet or knowing where the envious and then he goes to a black neighbourhood and my favorite line from this whole bit. He did wasn't it asked the guide you're the envious of Argos, yes over on twenty February, as if he was giving direct of course, the Duke no no new or the DMZ was it's because he's Democrat,
these young progressives our overtly racist and that's. The party has attracted by pushing these narratives. Now Joe Biden still has no seventy two. Seventy five percent support, depending on which Paul you're looking at something like tromp, is oh, is is: is it winning over every single member of the black community. But a lot of people are you listening and their speaking up and they, like we ve, got to say if this poles are correct, Trump already won and Joe Biden can do anything about it. Perhaps the reason the poles are wrong is cause. These pollsters are ignoring trumps, true base black voters who never voted before and Non college educated white. The posters can't reach will see outlays out. Assuming there's no foul play, I lived there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Recent
Lee the CDC provided us with an update showing that six per cent of covert deaths are solely covered and ninety four percent of deaths include co morbidity, some two or three come orbit. The weird thing about it now is that Twitter is actually censoring people for brain us up slightly Fred aimed incorrectly. I could you not so the four the forcing ought to show. You is the official source. I got several from the Atlanta, whereas the Atlanta Journal Journal Courier CDC. Ninety forward that kind of irish related deaths have underlying medical conditions. We ve On this we ve known we ve known about you, know the bulk of dying having underlined medical conditions, Comber Betty's for quite some time now we have the official number. They shouldn't be surprising to anybody, but for some reason the narrative machine, in social media will ban you if you say this incorrectly. So so perhaps this video feed me won't actually see the light of day but ah Allah I'll do my best.
A J C says only six son of Kind of irish related deaths in the. U S have covered nineteen listed as the only cause of death according to the Atlanta based Centre for disease can draw. Prevention according to the CDC this we know they say on top of underlying conditions and kind related deaths include respiratory failure, vascular, an unspecified dementia heart failure, renal failure and intent general and unintentional injury. Gay wait all the minutes, intentional injury? What's u means but he died because they got attacked and they had covered of times it was a cold death, yup, unintentional injure you mean somebody. Fell down the stairs, but they had covered so they called it a covert death up. Well, what percentage of the cope with death our people falling down, stairs again being eyebrow, but like I've, we ve heard the stories we ve seen that that the interviews this is true. There are people who have died straight.
Of being like crap, got a motorcycle crash and the like out that govern death. Now I can't believe it, but there actually reporting this we're here is that of happening. Let's let me Let me show you the CNN story. Persons funny Twitter, amuse Twitter moves Q and non supporters false claim about corona virus debt, stats that Trump had retreated really hears. It CNN says twitter on Sunday took down a tweet containing a false plain about Kova deaths. Debts that was made by a supporter of the baseless June on conspiracy theory oppose that tromp had retreated earlier today, The tweet, which has been replaced, the method saying this treaty, is no longer available because it violated the rules from MEL Q copied from someone else's Facebook Post claimed the CDC I had quietly updated. Its numbers to admit that only six percent of people listed as Covert DAS actually died from covered so it's, the other. Ninety four percent had two to three: others serious illnesses. That's not what this sea
Do you said hey wait. What didn't I just read? the age AC, showing us that's literally what they said it as of Sunday at four p M Eastern Twitter had not remove a second tweet, also repeated rip retweeted by the President on Sunday. That's rather the same false the second tweet by truck campaign, adviser, Jenna, Ellis linked to an art on the right wing website gateway, pundit that was based on the queue and on supporters. Tweet CNN. As reach out of the White House for comment on trumps tweets, the CDC latest. Regular, updates to a public stats page on the pandemic. There was nothing especially quiet about it. That's an opinion said that for six per cent of the deaths, including the stats covert, nineteen was the only cause mentioned. On the deceased persons death certificate. That is not at all the same with saying that only six percent reported actually died from covert. It simply means that the ninety four percent were listed as having at least one additional factor contributing to their death. Talk about our
viewing semantics right, for example, the other. Ninety four percent includes people whose deaths debate licit both covert and obesity, both open and diabetes, both covered and heart disease, among other conditions, isn't that what they said people can with these conditions for years, but if they get infected with covert and that they could die quickly. The fact they also had underline conditions does not mean that covered was not a major reason or the major reason they died when they did this. De Dc did not say that CNN, injecting their opinion and their content fuel analysis into what the CDC meant. That's why I bring the agency, because they specifically said just this, according to the CDC ninety four percent of cover related deaths had other underlying medical conditions called Co. Morbid is six percent listed only covered as the cause of death and
of story. If CNN wants do a contextual analysis there free to do so, but to act like their correct into the present is wrong as fake news, I'm just showing you at a J C said: if that's that's too much for you to by all means they could then here's a story from the we pundit, CNN and Twitter target President Trump and the gateway pundit won't allow us to share the actual covered nineteen numbers from CDC website that don't fit their narrowed. They say. Last night we posted an article about covered nineteen shock report. This week, CDC quietly updated covert. Nineteen numbers.
Only nine thousand two hundred and ten Americans died from covert alone, the rest had different or other serious illnesses. That's true! I what's wrong about that. It is a bit it say you won't die. They just said the other had other issues, while I don't I don't understand the gist of the article is that covered. Nineteen is not nearly as deadliest first projected by the who and then by doktor voucher embarks based on CDC numbers. This past week, only six percent of us attributed to covet were instances where the only factor was covered. The point there trying to make in their contractual analysis is that if you do not have a co more, you are very, very your much less likely to die as a victim of Covin. I think that's a fair analysis. You can argue it, but I don't see why that should be taken
down from the CDC website. They say for six percent of deaths covered was the only cause mentioned all right, Melcher, here's, the actual tweet. She said this week, the CDC quietly updated now, listen. What are they quietly? Did it or not, is, just an opinion. She sat the others. You know odd, had two to three other Elvis's, and the overwhelming majority were a very advanced age. They say we used melt, use tweet in our report and the President retweeted molecules tweet, but they Twitter took down the tweet they notified well. The tweet that used actual CDC data violated their policy on misleading information covered. Her account was suspended for posting from twelve hours so unit. I did I tweeted. Basically the same thing but linked to the sea and an article and my tweet remains up, I think this is very obviously an attack on particular individuals, probably bunch of leftists flag, the tweet Twitter gave and because they don't know or care about
context or the truth, but the funny thing is even though CNN claims its fake it a fake tweet, they literally confirm the same thing. Just a slightly different contextual announced, They go to say there is no secret of the fact that pre existing conditions can cause people to experience more severe problems have covered the cities. He has long said that older adults and people with underlying health conditions are more likely. It's not a secret. We ve known this. Why are they taking down? The CDC told and in July, that covert will end up as a top ten cause of death for twenty twenty. The final ranking so look. Here's here is that the NIT picking them doing so see it on its saying they did die from covered by it. They had underline condition, whereas the other group is saying yes, they did die from other conditions and they had covered I wouldn't worry over to say both are true. I guess the argument from seeing as you could be obese and live an undercover and die, but thou at that.
That argument means that every obese person gets carbon and dies. That's not what's happening, many people who are abusing the do die, but as ever single obese person who gets covert die. No in that case, I think Siemens analysis is incorrect. Yes, it plays a role, but I think it's fair to point out if you're a healthy funk, you know how, the average individual, with no comb Arbutus you're, probably going to be fine, see so that this is the problem. I've been talking for quite some time that you're not allowed to engage in any kind of talk that we can solve this problem. So here is a solution here. If what the CDC saying is true, and I assume it is, then we can start to open up many of our businesses safely and securely, while protecting those most vulnerable weakens. That regular. You know people know come about. Como Betty's will be just fine so long as are not universally relatively old. Younger people will be fine. They don't you talk about it. So the only result, then
that the general public can only say lock down until we get a vaccine, they might take this video down. Maybe not, hopefully it stays up, but that's what we need to do. We have real conversations about solving the problem. You that's this room at New Jersey. They ve officially bend indoor done again. Finally, I don't know I guess: a lot of businesses are permanently closed forever and the economies have been ravaged and destroyed, Men are really does feel like they just squeeze this for all its worth, to hurt Donald Trump. Why? Because it's the Democrat cities and states that did it not the republican ones for most part, and the republic in one seem to be doing fine. Now you can view that these democratic These are more dance. So that's fair as point. Ultimately, I think it is better. If you believe they did on purpose, because you can't prove any of it all that matters is they did shut down. It was bad for the economy, they did arrest people for opening businesses,
and now their state economies and their local economies are being destroyed and people are met about it. So up. If we can't talk about these stories, if you can't even tweet hey, look at the CDC sad, because I don't like your opinion on it or your framing I don't even know what banipal at this point- and I said it before I've. I've talked to Google, I said: listen, I Dont know what I can or can't say, because your rules make no sense and their vague. If this
against the rules but see it doesn't use it. You can't just post that the actual linked to the CDC, I'm sure fine whatever, but then don't expect, expect people to trust media. If that's the case or trust social media and don't be surprised and antitrust comes. We are big big tech platform platform, deeds Alida their necks, Agnes, coming up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang it up and I'll see you next time.
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