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Black Lives Matter DEFENDS Chicago Looters, Say Looting Is Their RIGHT As Crime SKYROCKETS Across US


Following the mass looting organizers set up a protest to defend those arrested for looting.Democrats have gone too far supporting what is now a criminal organization praising looters and rioters across this country.Support for Black Lives Matters continues to fall and opposition grows as more and more BLM rioters destroy businesses and loot.Chicago saw over 100 arrested and some estimates say 13 or 19 officers injured. Yet even still Democrats across this country support defunding the police or pushing the message of BLMWhat little good will they earned is starting to fade and perhaps only Trump will take this seriously. Crime is skyrocketing in other cities and there seems to be no end in sight.

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In response to widespread looting and riding in Chicago over one hundred people being arrested, and nineteen police officers being injured, lives matter organ As the rally outside of Chicago Police Department in support of the looters saying looting is our right calling it. Operations, saying they don't care If someone wants to loot these businesses, because those businesses have insurance- and that's not true as a horrifying photo of a small business that was totally ransacked and destroyed, and the fan hugging each other. Looking amid the rubble of what was once their store, people don't seem to actually care about any real political cause. It's just an excuse to steal things, the other day, When we saw this looting and writing there was a political message, and there was no extreme encounter with police for the most part. A man who was arrested and charged with attempted murder of police officers, who was firing a weapon at them wasn't even killed. He was injured and brought to the hospital people thence
right. Rumours people I started the rumours and then decided to start looting if anything, it's he was like. They were waiting for any excuse to begin widespread, looting throughout Chicago and, of course, them There has condemned this saying: they're, not protest their violent criminals. Even the DNA Kim Fox, whose you know people have criticised, can fuck I said that she will uphold the law in this regard, but in the past him Fox actually released. People who are involved in the riots from back in June, now not maybe not released but dropped the charges, on hundreds of individuals claiming they didn't have budget to actually deal with this May. This shows exactly what the problem is. The funding the police is not the solution, and now we're seeing the real ramifications of this business is being destroyed. People's lives being destroyed people in New York are fleeing, and while we have black lives matter in Chicago saying, looting is our right calling for
the DE of police, we have been. Act, law makers in New York City saying no it's an overwhelmingly white movement that wants to colonise these minority neighborhoods by taking away their law enforcement which keeps them safe, and this is backed up by data from gallop showing eighty one percent of the black community likes the. At the time the police spend their neighbours. In fact, twenty per cent of those people a little bit more actual We want more police, or at least the to spend more time in their communities, so who is back this extremism that demand and as a right, unfortunately, Roy Geller people who are actually the victims are joining in saying they support this, and I absolutely denounce and reject this. If you are a business complaining, about being loaded, but then you come out and support the movement. I'm sorry, this is, you're doing these groups only
operate because politicians think its popular, it's not popular, but they're going to keep defending. Now. Good on mayor, loyal light social cargo for calling out the criminals and forty acres fox our arms ice to oblige us to state attorney for calling out to criminals, but they have rejected support from the feds could have stopped this, and the same is true in New York City. They also rejected support from Donald Trump when he said he could have the feds help launch horsemen. Now what are we seeing? Thirteen year old kid getting robbed and a mass exodus from the city as crime skyrockets they'll, the Plaza response we're. Gonna buy up the ante buildings as at their plan. That would seem like it let's check out what's going on in Chicago. I let's see what their argument is for. Why looting is a good thing before we get darted, had over two TIM cast outcome: slash donut! If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give the best thing you can do subscribe to this channel about half the people who, My videos are actually subscribe. So if you want to make sure you actually do get access to all my there's, an they come out, look just below them.
The player and there is a red button, give a little tap work and now you are more likely to actually received notification of my videos but hit that Bell and the like one the really want to support the channel and make sure you're getting access to my content. Here's the story, from the daily mail looting, is reparations, be alarmed protestors, gather outside Chicago pity, in support of leaders who ransacked city Sunday night as organ your claims and thing they wanted to take. They can take because these busy does have insurance. The great lie as it were. It's just not true us. What's radon Lives matter, Chicago early Monday's looting of stores was a form of reparations as the group how they oh just a Monday night, in support of the more than one hundred people arrested after an evening of violence downtown Chicago was otherwise quiet after authorities cut off access. Drawbridges leading into the city pulled up and freeway exits blocked after riots. Marked by a false rumour of a child shot by police at least there.
Team police officers were injured, as the violence claim an estimated sixty five million dollars in property damage and, let it be said, unknown, blue lives matter supports the rioting. That's it there is. No. Sure, just extremists taking over a peaceful protest. No, they came and said they saw port. This thereof, transport operators who didn't care about the political cause The organization has supported this, so please don't give me any excuses about just a small handful of extremists that are Co. Opting the movement not true at this point anybody who comes out for black lives matter is in support of this, because the organization supports it. You can argue wherever you want. I dont care aerial action, a b, a lamb, organizer called the looting reparations. I dont, if someone decides to loot a gucci or Macy's or a Nikes Nike store, because that way sure that person its net make sure at ports has clothes
thing they wanted to take. They can take because the businesses have insurance check this out in insane on firms. Guy raw material, crazy? This is draw which is leading to Chicago were lifted to prevent a repeat of the I Sunday night. This to me is just crazy man. Lamplit. Let me show you a map here. This is Google maps. Zoom zooming, take a look at this. You can see. There is a sort of peninsula formed by the Chicago River and Michigan, and a lake Michigan, where you can see all these drawbridges. Could you imagine being trapped side of the rioters or being unable to move about your own city out of fears that these people what loot and write again now there were still some ways across four short emergency access was still available, but for the most part, bridges, shot down, here's a photo of them in them. And whose actions sparked the unrest twenty twenty year old,
Brow Allen was charged with attempted murder of police. So, let's make it clear man is being charged with attempted murder of police is afforded them wielding a gun and pointing at the camera, something we see its fairly common in Chicago. The cops shouted down, they fired back, he got hit and shoulder, I believe, and was hospitalized he's still alive, and this was grounds for widespread mass looting of the magnificent. Of the magnificent mile, the gold coast area goose island near north side, all of these neighborhoods. Now it was an opportunistic attack by criminals. They don't care about this, but I'll tell you. When black lives matter comes out and says they support this and they defend it. Well, I just goes to show that what they were doing is in the name of black lives matter, we can call criminals, an opportunist, but black lives matter. They like they're doing it to deliver these photos. This is what your city is going to become. I mean I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't announced this. What you're city is
used to be my city. I left for you now for many reasons. Partly thus escargot they swat vehicles in an intersection on the West side of Chicago? We at this more looting and theft was appointed early Monday sweet teams responded to the west side. Look at this is crazy and we can see tests held on Monday evening, organised by black lives matter as authorities asked for more violence. You know it. They are going to come out They are going to support this I've. I got some more quotes for each of us up. They said we don't need police. We need care, is a quote. There's no such thing as a bad protester Atkins said we are demanding that police be defended, police should not be here, not exist. I'm sorry, I thought defined didn't mean abolish. Especially because we are giving them all this money to beat and terrorize us were given them this money when it's the in an actual pandemic, and people need care now but you're giving them police. I say, however, word spread throughout the neighbourhood about fifteen,
old boy, and it was it, was alive. I don't even think the misinformation matters where the end of that a police who are supposed to protect shot. Somebody who was not endangering somebody written down civilized man. So what they do you ever see the video conservative personality, Jack Basaltic, standing on a street corner, someone punches in its caught on camera, police, literally watch it happen and when the cops lot, they turn around and come right around the world starts yelling these far leftists. He didn't do anything, nothing, happened and they're laughing and smiling about lying. That's what they do. I've I ve been a big fan of the c p d, but come on man, this guy's pictures of himself wielding a weapon. I do not believe cops are making up the sky shot at them that it's weird spirits. He theory insanity. They say Atkins said people are also hungry. Unemployed need resources which boiled over into people resorting our joint eluding. Oh, yes, looting. Gucci and the Tesla dealership all about food right cause-
The court has now what she was claiming has hitherto, says. I think the is fine people pro asked. However, they need to people. Do whatever they need the Businesses have insurance, they can get it all back. We can't get our I'm back once they kill us. We can't get rid of that trauma. Once you been attacked by a police officer, silly silly games absolutely so games all lies. They don't have insurance, that's just that is not true. Some stores do, but you just a fine, Luna Gucci, I'm sorry now Chicago ass to clean up the city is locked down the downtown area. To me, it's just. So lately insane Kim Fox. The dna is being criticised because their varied look she's been releasing people, I'm sorry. Releasing, but she's been drawn being the charges against people at a much higher rate that are predecessor, and while some of this is probably good, absolutely lead to serious problems. There isn't my it sets. It's good is. Maybe prosecution is better overzealous in the past, its hardest
gentlemen? I don't know for sure I do know the writing the rioting back in June. She absolutely dead cut loose. When it came to the writing the rioting back in June. She absolutely dead, cut loose around eight hundred or so people. I wonder how many of them were involved in the chaos that took place. Monday came Fox defeat in response to Chicago looting says offenders will be brought to justice. These criminals were emboldened by no clock consequences in that in the criminals some says, see superintendent Brown, Cook County stated When he came Fox, defended herself against claims, she doesn't do and to bring looters to justice. She was criticized Monday, we're not prosecuting other looters to the fullest extent of the fullest extent. The unrest. This summer, that sparked following the death of George Floyd, More than one hundred people were arrested overnight. This we understand we have made the case. We have the videos. We have the officer testimony these people,
to be held accountable and not cycled. Through the system. Lightfoot said: that's the mayor, Lightfoot urged those overseeing the cases to step up, which is something so Lieutenant Brown says they failed to do following the George Floyd Riots. They say protest. I say right, he's had a lot of arrests were made, but not prosecuted and fullest extent. These criminals were emboldened. By no consequence in the criminal system, Brown said the notion that People believe but they are somehow empowered because they because the people were not prosecuted is simply not true Fox said. Well, I'll. Tell you this, I somewhat, his family, in Chicago as somebody actually asked about. What's going on, that is not the opinion of regular people in the city, the opinion at least the people I know the city is by releasing all of these people and but because of the rise in the protests, these people, the rioters, the looters no longer fear the police. As a very humorous moment, the Monday early Monday, Sunday, night rights where a view nickel pulled and yet
but one of the looters go home and they yelled you go home, they didn't even care the cop couldn't don't thing. All he could say was go home, and this is what you get Kim Fox she's box, also called on the officials to work together rather than put fingers ass. She defended our offices role in prosecuting looters. She claims only threatened if I've looting, arrest, see beady made during main June were considered felonies. She added at the core still not open back up until July. First and those cases are still pending. Those cases are coming to court. Now we are now in the August hearing and status states. Now she said making a point to add that none of the case, were dropped on another fell in me: swore dropped. But let me bring you back in time of June, Thirtieth Drop Fox dropped to meet. Our charges related to recent protests check this out Cook county states, attorney Kim Kim Foxes Office has instructed prosecutors. They should be inclined to drop certain misdemeanor charges and so felonies under certain
from stances related to protest against police brutality Shore Maybe it makes sense in some capacity but I'll tell you what, when you publicly you're, going to be releasing people don't be surprised and get emboldens. Eight times go loot and party, and this is what you get. But let me tell you what really bothers me now I can hold these government officials accountable. I can criticise to the extent that it can criticise them. I can criticise For their role and emboldened in this, but I highlighted this it's the one earlier segment. Seattle this owners fed up with crime worry about cut, the police department and there is an hour, The amazing passage in this story. They say. Sadly, to become routine. We ve gotten calling the insurance company boarding up windows and protecting the store it just exhausting two of his three stores haven't had five times since protests began. He offered that unnerving feeling he has now goes away for him in his staff sky, but as a low tension that never goes away months and said, and now with with Seattle police.
Budget cuts on the way Then he says we fully support the black lives, better movement and want to see change just showed you in Chicago the black live matter. Movement advocates for supports and fence, looting and looters. How dare Are you boot liquor come out and pray Is this group saying you support them while crying about them damaging your business? Let me tell you what a boot liquor is not when someone says I support the police in I do stop violent riots. The left goes, you're a bootlegger. No, that's not a bootlegger, that's u sang, that do your job police and keep the community safe and stop the violence I'll tell you what around and is it's a business owner that says we're so fast up with the riots in the people, damaging our property and in turn around and say, but we support everything you do. It got on their knees and they licked the boots of black lives matter. At this point,
National organization is not denouncing the violence. Local chapters are so poor Tang, the violence. I mean this, does not even exist, not even an exaggeration. It is avert their supporting the violence. So how dare you in Seattle, where they just drove out their black female least, if she went she's resigning. How dare you support this movement? It's absolutely insane, but let me show some took us out from six appall. Do you so port or oppose the black lives matter move now. I've shown you this several times because we keep getting up dates as iter up more and more people are opposing black lives matter. As time goes on, support has dropped. Now, too, forty, nine percent, with opposition at thirty seven percent and twelve percent on the there there not necessarily on the floor there on the fence two percent. Are unsure twelve percent, neither port, nor oppose- I guess the sang leave me out of it. Thirty's ten percent its increased
the start of the riots from twenty eight percent up to thirty seven feet, following the George Floyd Incident, support for black lives matter, skyrocketed to fifty three percent. Its now follow down to forty nine percent in the past couple of months. Why? Because the rioting does not stop and because now people are under realize it's really going on the looting. It's a part of their play book, it's part of the game. They say hey good. Now these people can buy stuff its reparations. It's our right. They say in defence. Of looting. So let me tell you people argue about anti fa. They want to see an antivirus, a tear organisation where we want to call it. This isn't anti fa. This is but act lives matter a top down national organization with leaders with chapters with membership with a national organization that receives don't. Donations through act, blew a progressed the fund, raising platform if these people are added catering, for political for crimes to push
political or social change. They are engaging in terror. If black lives matter comes out and says they support it on, not now domestic terrorist organisation? Well, we ve got blacklist protests internationally, but to the extent that there like it I don't think so. We don't really Have domestic terror organisations in this country because of the first a But let me tell you shouldn't these crimes being have the same as Bill BAR is going after I going to the deal. Is going after anti fun if black lives matter groups when. Around Chicago, destroying everything and the organization says good. What they're doing is it's our right. There they're taking credit for their support, putting it. They were demanding these people be released from jail. Are they not supporting terror? They are, as far as I can sell and look man as the work it sad for me who oppose funding and- and why pity these black lawmakers, Sir
Ro Black City Council members have lashed out at progressives. Compare calls to define the police to colonization and political gentrification. Yes, that's right. We ve been hearing from black lawmakers in New York and activists sang bring out or police back. They do not support it. Funding. The police crime is then going up, people have been getting hurt and it's because of black lives matter Absolutely as they are tearing down the system they are advocating, for violence against businesses small businesses, and it's it's getting that point where it needs to be called out from gallop Black Americans want police to retain local presence here. It is to this out. They say aid. The one percent want police to spend the same amount or the same about time or or time in their area, so where does this narrative come from about? You know these?
and it is wanting police to be defended or abolished. Well, it comes from over from I'm a group of people that is overwhelmingly white. I bring you now to the Brookings in where they say the diversity of the pro best in the U S. Fifty four percent is white. Right. The majority of these protests are white people. The next group is a black hole begins at twenty one percent. It slightly disproportionate active to population demographics. There are more black people joining the protests percentage wise, then there than there are in this country. That's that's! that's good for black eyes met- are chosen. There is interest among the black community to support black lives matter, still the bulk of their support. Fifty four percent comes from white progressives. White progressives coming into these neighborhoods and demanding they take the cops away. That's privilege That's literally what you would call, I suppose, class privilege or Hale use their language white privilege. These people from middle class upper class neighborhoods, who don't
have the same level of crime as some of these poor neighborhoods are demanding the police be defended and its results thing in the obvious, looting, crime and all of these problems Now we can go to you know New York. We do not welcome it. All of these mayors were offered federal assistance, we got that we got that we have the law enforcement, guys, ready it is in line with what we saw. From lorry Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. All of these mayors were offered federal assistance. We got that we got the We have the law enforcement, guys, ready and waiting you. Let him know what you need that are there, and they are therefore you and these politicians rejected it. They said no and then violent crime, looting escalation and it's their fault because its but in my opinion just about whether or not they accepted federal law enforcement help, but that their own willing to use their own federal law enforcement. There d funding their police, not all
defining their police, what they refuse to allow the feds to come in and help- and that brings you here thirteen year old Son of Nypd Deputy commissioner, robbed near centre. Park now we got thirteen year olds, getting robbed third, ten year olds getting robbed in New York city? You know a man I imagine is only going to be getting worse because I want you to think about this soup, What for black lives matter is still forty, nine percent opposition at thirty seven percent. That means the plurality of people still support. Not the majority anymore, slightly less Do you think that means for these groups in Chicago that are saying good, looting is good within them. It means the looters are emboldened. It means they have political support and it means they know if they go out an egg. Attacked or arrested they can use that footage to make everything worse for the city and the police, because a lot pretty good with people are paying attention to actively support the living. You want to know the most horrified.
Thing to me about all of this is, is that we have these photos of people whose lives have been up, ended and destroyed. There's this I will follow. I dont know if we have it of a family standing in their business, a small business. Not one of these major. You know legacy you, luxury, merchandise, stores, they're looking at all the destruction, they are people look at their city lying in ruins, and you have these people laughing say You no good on them and I'll. Tell you what really we got to me. Man is a high profile, progressive that I know while decently known celebrity, posting image. Talking about how who cares about the looting you now you know. I'm gonna cry about looting, box stores or whatever that have shut down small businesses. It's a it's propaganda, as they say, I'm I'm I'm wondering do any of these people realize it wasn't just best. That was looted. Sure it was apple, it was best buy. Was all these shops
but it was small businesses. Look at this Ross, is what does this cold beer Oh data were the sandwiches look at this. I see The was smashed small restaurants and stores came under fire worker. Rossiya clean up the streets outside the store. Oh yeah, that's the Big Box store, that's that's! that's was being targeted and they have insurance. Now. I've just like these people dont understand. Other world works the donor standard What a hard day of work is they just want stuff and, are blaming every one else and their active supporting the destruction it spread and other cities, crime is skyrocketing in New York and now we're seeing a mass acts. As from New York City Start spread. The news New Yorkers are leaving today. First say they are inundated with people leaving the city. New York These have been relocating other cities in hordes amid the pandemic, moving company They business is booming. As people move out of the city.
I got bad news for the movers in New York, though yeah that's not to maybe a whole lot of business after the fact Florida L a foreigner where the main destinations people are relocating to now. It has a lot of a lot having to do with Corona Virus I think it also has to do with the explosion in crime. Two hundred and eighty six percent increase in the upper West side. Thanks, that's defending the police. Thirteen year old kid getting robbed, yeah DE funding, the police, refusing federal assistance and supporting groups that defend looting. Here's the kicker! build a blog without any legal process used taxpayer funds to paint act lives matter on fifth avenue in front of Trump tower. He then had the Nypd protected. This was the illegal. He abuse this power. He had no right to do this. He did it anyway, Then these cops come out, decide that defend both applause. Yos RE election campaign and black I've matter simultaneously defends the destruction of these communities. They call for the disrupting the
nuclear family. They support looting and destruction. And the mayor of New York City paints theirs, Logan industry. This is it is where we're heading so long as these groups continue to support black lives matter, they will be emboldened and it will get worse now, of course, as I think it's fair point out, I and mention the plurality of people support black lives matter, but opposition. Increasing every day and support is declining every day. So perhaps perhaps this will backfire on them, but for now important that you know, and you tell others that Chicago the official black. That's organist, eight black lives Matter organization, said good to all the looting So when your neighbor gets looted when they come to your ass, an evangelize, your property when smash your windows. Just remember, it was supported by this I'll leave their necks, he's coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang out, and I will see you all their Seattle Police Chief Carmen
has resigned amid a vote by the Seattle City Council to De Fund Thou police. Now they call it store cut to the police department budget, but it's actually relatively small. In fact, the DE funding of the police was so weak that one of the far left City council, women, got mad and voted against it, demanding a fifty percent reduction to the police budget, while hey Shell, dont worry you're still getting what you want The police are gonna, have their salary slashed, as will be lay offs and they're gonna be completely demoralized. We all of this story, following this vote Carmen best black FEMA police chief, driven out by Seattle Council, they were going to slash the police chief salary by just over twenty thousand dollars. And this is a black female police chief and it's all in the name of black lives matter. Well, congratulations. You are defending your police and now I'm gonna throw it to Seattle, business owners. You know what men we had right, but Chicago
Seattle Portland, once again, portly was riding just last night. Yet you get it manner. I've got some stuff to show you, but what am I supposed to say at this point? We know what's going on night, seventy four! and yet you still have these people publicly declaring their support for black lives matter, and I am sick of it. Seattle, business owners fed up with crime, worry about cuts to police department and guess what they say: we're Bobo. We support black lives matter. Oh yes, you do you support. The people running around smashing up your windows and then you the nerve to complain about people smashing up your windows. I want to hear it you're concerned about cuts to the police department. You publicly support a movement. And where one of their demands is defined. The police shut your mouth. I am sick and tired of hearing it You have brought this on yourself. Every single you're like yeah yeah. We support everything there doing. Oh no, why are they doing it to me, because you ask them to
I'm not even met the black lives matter, writers and extremist right now in this one, and then the business owners whore giving them public support. These people are only able to do what they do because of some more support of these groups, because the This will put the flies to yea, wrote we're ok with all of this and then come on your own. Oh, no, look look at all the other other destruction, but we support you know a man, not all this is happening. As homicides around the country are skyrocketing and what it will end and what do we get now we get DA's who say we will not prosecute straight up so now we're hearing more and more stories about these black lives matter, extremists, smashing things up destroying property and being release, and what do we hear from these people in cities? We support this. What are you talking about? Why are you supporting this call? It out You know the other day in Chicago following the mass looting on Monday or sought so weird mass leaving early Monday morning
and then later in the night we saw black. I met a rally they're holding up a sign that sad, our futures have been looted, loot back or something like that. That's right there embracing the looters went around stealing and destroying in the name of social justice. So all of these businesses, all of these people who claim they support this. You are doing it to yourself and don't expect me to come and clean up the mess. You wrought you brought it on yourself and now you want mice, you Norman, look I'll, tell you what there's the door there's the exit right, what it means there is a way out of the mess you created for yourself. Don't expect me to do all the work for you all. You do is walk out there. Don't say I do not support this. I reject this, but so long as you're sitting or standing side by side linking arms, these people saying you support them when they turn around and back some skulls, that's on you not me!
Let me recall that it was while the police chief- and I will talk about what these these big hypocrisy, these business owners who are supporting a movement and complaining about it. At the same time, common best Let first black female police chief will announce your resignation, Tuesday, at eleven a m just one day, after the Seattle City Council, devastated the police department, with reckless budget cuts, best informed off there is decision to retire in an email late Monday night. It is effective September. Second, to be clear. Best is being driven out by council members, taking the sitting on a destructive path. The budget cuts. One hundred officers will now lose their job, the majority of them likely officers of color best. However, won't let them go. First, she stepping down seemingly in protest of the council's actions, will thus be a wake up, call the natives, yellow, we'll residence rights, up and demand the council stop listening to a small group, on reasonable fringe activists. Time will tell, go out and say:
No you on the way must I know because of stories like this man, it's a data. Special kind of stupid to be alike clapping and she as people riot in Luton destroy everything you're like a I support this and I want come, smash your window, you go oh no. How could this have happened? Took us up, they say to those from the other night. Two people are in custody and for others may be charge after eight businesses were hit by vandals last Seattle first help. Some businesses are fed up. They worry if this is happening before s petticoats. What will happen afterwards? Yeah, Seattle, police, said, the individual's arrests were part of a group of protest that began Cow Anderson Park Sunday night, nine, one one cow, I started coming at around ten fifteen p M police said they are private, seventh and EAST Medicine Street a few of the arrested, for allegedly in the midst of smashing storefront windows, smashed storefront spray paint clean up and board up. It feel
as if it's the new norm for some business owners its edge, it is just an unnerving experience, said Jamie Munson from first EL the capital held two months since pioneer Square. Simply Seattle store the same. Seen sadly become routine. We ve gotten. But had calling the insurance company boarding up windows and protecting the store, it's just exhausting, Two of its three stores have been hit five times as protest to begin. He offered that unnerving feeling he was never the honourable feeling he has never goes away for him. Staff. I describe it as a low tension that never goes away and now, with a speedy budget cuts on the way we fully support the black. This matter movement and want to see change as a special kind of stupid right there. I'm tired of a mountain of it. We just watch. Listen, we want mass looting and riding thrashed Chicago in June Lorry Life, The cargoes offered federal assistance. You'll get your unit
take order from the president. He say: ya got some stuff. You want to use it. Imagine if, like you, gotta, do your dog to dump on your on your flown, your kitchen and your body is like. I got him up in my car and you're, like our need. Only lessons on cleaning from you and your like it. Ok sure, that's what you get and now Chicago is has been ransacked and loaded and the black lives matter. Groups are supporting the riots and the looters demanding they be released. It is not about any. Of this nonsense. Anything to push metalogy is about power. It is about stealing, is about theft and it is about destroying these systems. So, if you're as dumb as this I say we fully support the movement as they repeatedly routinely destroy our businesses, men, special kind of stoop I'll. Tell you what I think about this. He straight of saying as multiple stores he has anxiety. Eddie, yes to call the insurance company over and over again, and then he dares to say this, I'm sick of this man. Perhaps if you stood up
The city council would have just voted to refund your police. You morons, he said he, but he said he like many business owners who feel stuck in the middle, they worry cuts are hasty. Munson is like Steam, Business Association, leaders who signed a letter employing so the council not to to make some of the cuts. No, you don't get to do that. You don't get to say please I reject the demands of black lives matter, while announcing my full support for the movement. These people live in some kind of fantasy land where they think they're some like magical group of people, that's all heroic and utopian have you listen to any of the demands of these people that they talk about dissolving the nuclear disrupting the nuclear family, I'm sorry, but more important. The people marched ground, smashing things up their flying those flags who do you think those people are your life we. I support you. They think the council has made decisions about without enough public input and no real plan. John
Those president of the downtown Seattle Association sign that letter so did executive directors of the alliance for Pioneer Square Ballard lines and see I'll, Chinatown International Business improvement area of you, not you resent I'm glad they defended the police, I am glad you know why that's called that's called democracy, if his business owners keep wanting to announce publicly. They support this movement. Will then you're getting exactly what you ve asked Now your letter is meaningless. You know, you know I'll put this wipe actions speak louder than words, and if you stand up on a pedestal- and you are now Instead, the press and have the publish your name saying you support all of this. Will then I'm I'm so happy, I'm so happy for you unhappy. The city has done the right thing to uphold what you have supported, perhaps at a certain point people like Monson will actually denounced this publicly and say I dont support it shows when it. Comes to limiting cities, investigation shawls when comes to eliminate the sage investigation team in the midst of a homeless crisis. Ah there's this is a quote from and I think it through
plus a reckless out of decisions that is not going to result in more just policing for black lives in a community which is desperately needed. It's going to make the problem worse, not better. It's going to be more difficult four neighborhoods dealing with significant encampments and work and we're going to not get help. To the people who really need it. He said prior to debate about cutting s budget, one area and pioneer square that at a few tense he says it now has about seventy tents, pointed to a new encampment that that recently set up and any park and concerns. After a recent hepatitis a outbreak at a ballard and causes wonderful eyes live in Seattle. I used to live relatively close to Ballard, and now you gotta have a outbreak great. Thank you. People of Seattle, for making the city uninhabitable is this. The problem that we are being a spike in homicides in many different cities I'll play what the problem is. We got a bunch of irresponsible image shore entitled
visuals, you got you got an I'm sorry, man, I'm really really frustrated by this. Like the amount of entitlement of a business owner to support the the rampage them once of rioting the death and then be alike. But what about my stores? The only reason these people are able to do. This is because these morons keep coming out and supporting them. And that's it, and so the city does what the city does. They say we got all of these budget messages of support. Everybody loves the murals they're putting signs in their windows. Ok defined the police police chief resigns, another going, oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Not! Oh! No! Oh! Yes! It's what you asked for this in the wake of cover, Nineteen lockdown a troubling surgeon homicides, always always that when this New York Times it's it's in the wake of covert nineteen lockdown gee, I thought it might have. Something to do with our now D Aids
releasing people thirty people dead and the George Floyd Riots, thirty people dead, and I thought maybe it's because they keep releasing criminals. Yesterday there was a report that Kim Fox of Chicago had been riddle. Dismissing felony charges against criminal suspects at a very, very high right, thirty five percent higher than her predecessor, Now a lot of these were narcotics charges, and I gotta admit I'm I'm. Actually. I have no problem with that, for the most part It depends on the charges are for short, oh no, but if it's like pot related charges dive on carrying a release these people, wherever men nonviolent offences, it's mostly ok, but she was releasing. You knock aggravated assaults and homicides. She was dismiss any charges at a higher rate than a predecessor, and that to me is is strange because if they have the evidence to go after these people, you shouldn't you should see a static number and the amount they dismissed right. If five per cent of all you know charges
are brought against somebody trying to be flimsy. Well, then, those to get that they had dismissed. Why would the number go up unless she's, taking a more lenient view of watch? You know is actually so the point is, she's giving the benefit that out to a lot of people and LO and behold, crime is up, but we Let me show you what's goin, on whether we got some news from our Andy: no Demetrio Hester forty takes a celebrated Portland, be Elam. Leader was arrested and charged at the North Portland aunt. If a riot she's a long criminal history in Washington, state that includes charges were prostitution, theft, assault and domestic violence, and then he says quickly released and charges immediately, not pursued molt Noma, county DE declines, charges against Demetrio Hester well, and he points out DE my dress, her who was arrested charge. And release yesterday is back at another unlawful assembly. The deal office, announced immediately. They wouldn't pursue charges against her here. Here rob you Norman
I'm getting out of this area. I'm get not a new jersey. Film Murphy is a lunatic these. These these democrats have lost their minds and I will be shocked. If they win it, will it will be insane? I am sickened now I'm seeing people on Facebook or talking about how you must support these Democrats, and I just don't believe I really don't. You gotta be blind to see what the what people are doing, a psychotic wrote this the how many times you cops gonna arrest these people warped burning, gonna burn down buildings that keep releasing on. More importantly, I'm just united. Saw opposed from local business owners in my area and there being threatened directly by the governor. You know the story of ATLAS Jim. They arrested the business. They're doing it again. Their allowing all of this may have in chaos more riot, slimness Andy. No overnight the tenth eleventh annual riders attack, the police present again officer was hit in the face with a metal box
riders, the rock sex and water bottles, only nine were arrested and at the stopped it's not going to stop, and there are people who are actually supporting this. I am I am. I am deeply offended by this by the people you can tell how angry I am, who stand back and say they're going to vote for what these people are doing. These unconstitutionally text this this nightmare, policy. They need to be voted out. We need, I mean, look in my opinion the moment any one of these leaders declares some an unconstitutional, authoritarian edict. I think it will. I think we got us on how long the books, where there could be a quick redress of grievances, and when you get, someone like film are for your Cuomo or new, some or org our city and allay as soon as they announced that they intend to violate rights. You get it you special especial cop walks and custom and walks him out. You other doing an ally, this is going to shut up people's water and power. If they peaceably assemble
now. I know they said party partners our care and call. What have you want same thing called a party? I called a peaceable peel. You know peaceful assembly but they're not another, their shutting down churches, Norman I'm over it I'm over, I'm I'm, I'm I'm I'm over in the sense that I'm just fed up with these people who are now coming out saying you must vote for buying and stuff like that. Are you nuts you want this? No luck, I mentioned before people like to say that this is trumps America hold on. What's going,
Seattle is the fault of the Seattle Residence, one hundred percent. I am. I am at the point now where I believe too many people have skirted their responsibility. Let me be clear: if you were to these people in Seattle in Portland, and you do speak up and you do saying. No, bravo, an amazing job, and I mean it sincerely if you're one of these peoples gonna come out and support all of this and then cry when they come for you. What what? What? What? What am I supposed to do that you got exactly what you asked for it is made em it is, it is, it is chaos and the narrative has crumbled. Outta this Wall Street Journal appear Editorial board, looters rampaging Chicago and arson returns to Portland yeah, there D funding, police, the chaos will get worse and you still for some reason, have people saying they support this and they're going to be voting for these Democrats. Then what have you lost your mind
at what point is too is enough enough. You and it is. I am sick of the people who say, I'm gonna, just hide and I'll be ok I'll, keep my head down and that many of these people who are saying they support the movement. Now at this point, the movement has become a group of wild extremist, robbing around smashing and stealing in Chicago Exam what they did and when they got arrested a hundred over a hundred arrests, black lives matter came out defending these people
who were shooting guns at cops. Nineteen officers now injured, ramming cars into windows, to loot stores, shooting gotta got shooting bullets into the window of a gucci trying, breakin and black lives matter defended them. I am not exaggerating, they came out in defence, it's it's it's it's ridiculous, and here is the best part. Indeed, fund police cities with rising crime. Getting a gun is no easy task near impossible to get a permit strict. Laws lack of shops pandemic, related delays contribute do difficulty, congratulations. My friends here is a new reality. Criminals have no problem getting guns and they don't care now. They're, not scared of Amsterdam whenever they want, they have support from black lives matter in Chicago people were shooting at cops, one guy was shooting into a window. I what happens well,
regular law, abiding citizens struggle to actually get weapons in places like this in New York in Chicago Allay, it's rather difficult relative to many other places, New Jersey, especially difficult. So you have criminals romping about damaging destroying. You have district attorney's that will not press Give them you have local business as clapping and cheering you keep doing a pic doing this match up your windows, not every business I'm just met the ones that are supporting this and you can't even you can't even defend yourself. You can't even defend yourself Sinclair. Well, isn't it I reminded of the troop of you, know someone trying to break into a guy station orally. Note steel rob a gas station. The guy pulls out a shotgun. They do it movies all the time. People realize. That's not true for a lot of these big cities. They walk into a gas station in Chicago you can do is say yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Please can have another when they come in with guns, and sometimes it just kill. You we are rule in Chicago
I'm not sure. If everybody follows this, but especially when you're at when you're you know living on the Southside, when you're pulling up to a red light, you always make sure to leave one full car length in front of you. You know why because if you pull right up to the car in front of you in a light they run up and then they carjack you and their armed. They have guns and you can't do anything, but if you leave a full car length in front of you open and you keep at space, as soon as the people start running towards you. U slam the gas in peel bout. You knew that space. That's that's a rule. That many of us in the outside for the most part this outside
and states attorneys releasing people their prosecuting. People like the mcclosky would defend themselves there, making it almost impossible you for impossible for you to get a weapon to defend yourself and when you do have it, you get them classy treatment. They claim that was a crime. Yet, when they march around with guns in the streets, I can often this guy Garrett Foster. Oh he's a martyr he's a hero because he was marching with a loaded rifle he is allowed to do it, for sure, is that everybody else to get a weapon to defend yourself and when you do have it, you get the mcclosky treatment they claim. That was a crime. Yet when they march around with guns in the streets, I can often this guy dared foster. Oh he's a martyr he's a hero because he's marching round the loaded rifle he's allotted to it for sure. Isn't everybody else. Meanwhile, the police are being defended. So now I'm sorry, you can't just call the police anymore. They say what what do you need? A gun ford. You call the police not more, you can't, because a cop
and only then and the rights are happening so common sides are on the rise. Oh, what's that you defend yourself and potential for murder? Sorry, you can't get guns in these jurisdictions. If you have, if you still live in these cities and you praising this shame on you. But if you live in these cities and you haven't got not yet this is your wake up call. This is your warning. You know what I know a lot of people can't do it. If it were me, I would just leave everything behind and I've seen the stories people have trash their furniture, tossed everything out. Unjust, fled these cities. The election is coming. You think it's bad now, not kidding, I'm doing everything in my power to move extremely quickly and it is very difficult. I get it's rough, especially I'm in the cupboard pandemic. So not everybody can do it. But if you got family to got friends then I would recommend getting other cities. Men are leaving their next Eichmann coming up at one p m on this gentle, and I will see you all then
there's been a viral video going around of a police officer, seemingly choking a woman and choked slamming her, because she was refusing to wear a mask. This took place in Australia People were sharing, it say: things like this is getting out of hand. It's getting knots You know, I saw the video and, I said sure, whatever there's probably of context. I dont know here. So it's important to make sure we get all the facts as it turns out. This woman was in fact, being at least held by the neck. Apparently, The officer was trying to keep her head turned. You could spend a known as some people are saying, though she was saying things like, I can't breathe, and he does choke slammer to the ground I woke up this morning there by force whether you like came across. This subverted justice served. Yes, people love just They love seeing videos of people who do bad things getting their comeuppance sure enough. This video is posted to these somebody, but not just posted to it
the moderators have placed it at the top sticky debt, meaning it means there by force, whether you like it or not, and they call it police justice as videos horrifying. It's got. Thirty seven thousand foreigner and semi upvoted points and the comments. Are you know it's how absurd actually hilarious? What we are seeing is overt authoritarianism in Australia where their physical, the abusing a woman for not wearing a mask and here's the best part. My friends, Why do you think it is I'm talking about this? Is it because it's shocking to see police body slamming a woman to the ground, or could it be that she had a medical exemption? That's right! The police never actually find or charged this woman because it turns out She did in fact have a medical exemption, so the police, or harassing a woman who was supposed to be wearing a mask for medical reasons and they physically attacker, and then charged with resisting arrest? Welcome? to real authoritarianism and
I call this justice. The laughed says its justice when a cop elite golly for no reason bodies, slams Owen, while choking or what happened. I can't breathe the scary thing about it: is that many of the comments on the red thread are praising this saying you get what you deserve to have a title: they used This is how the australian police will deal with you. If you treat public health and safety directives as a threat to your masculinity or not job concern pretty amazing The reality is, this is how the australian police will deal with you. If you have it, medical exemption and they make assumptions about what you should be doing by edict While she was following the law to be fair, she gave the cop the business, gee. You know he was asking questions and she was like you know, basically f off, and so he decided to get physical and abused this woman, which is insane
I tell you what man in a straight line it seems like you, don't have the same rights you would get in a country like the? U S, second, its fairly obvious. We have something great called the constitution, its being torn apart, its being crapped all over and I grow up, I'm more and more worried every day. When I see things like one point: five million describers on justice served and their claiming that police, brute brutalizing, a woman who did nothing wrong is justice. At the same time, all this about George Floyd. I find it. I found a very interesting well. I want to show you this. I will show you the inversion. This is what you get from the left. They praise this, they cheer for it. Now you have a choice. You can join the right, which is a large, tend full of liberals. Moderates. You know conservatives I'm supporters and many and libertarians or you can join the left, which is anti pump resistance people, not real. Liberals, because, like actual liberals now they're out into the stuff or the far left its that that's it you can choose now
Far left you'll get brutalized by cops, they will riot in your neighborhood. They will destroy your businesses on the right. You will get support for police they'll, defend your business. They'll defend the police will still be critical of police brutality for sure, like Glenn back and rush Limbaugh, for instance, criticized the place of the George Florence it I can respect that. And you will get this smash mouth lead. Singer, says: f that cove it s during pact concert, at Sturgis after two hundred. Fifty thousand rowdy, bikers gathered in South Dakota for annual rally amid pet pandemic. Take a look at these. Those men, these people- are having a good time. Not until I tell you this was an hour the story about what happened. This woman, give you some hard facts about. How should I Michael exemption that discharge or for anything the boy I'm trying to make us Perhaps you find yourself on the left. You dont, like the idea that hundreds of thousands of people dont care of a pandemic. In order to make things worse, I can respect that position. I can't respect the authoritarian position,
of abusing a woman while you just came out and condemned the police before for choking a guy debates, it reeks of pure hypocrisy, but let me just mind you when they say defined the police. They are actually want to end the police. They want to be the police they want to replace the police with themselves. They ve already done it. Well, attack, they say, help help call the police, when there tacking, someone else, they say: abolish the police place or pegs. All cops are bed. So, if you would like too, you know side with the right, and I don't mean like every single person, you'll be at a party, you'll, be enjoying food and you'll do what you want to do. They'll tell you don't. You know f that authoritarian whatever nonsense, you join us they will mark you, as you are beaten by police or by the rioters. Here's a story, police seem choking woman in video for not wearing face mask there. Does bystanders record footage of a few?
nickel altercation between Melbourne police officer and a woman over a face mask yesterday with the officer currently choking the woman in the viral video, the videos, those police talking to the twenty one year old Saint killed a woman on a street In Collingwood, there appeared to attack walk away, but was blocked by the officer who grow Sumter and put his hands up to your neck them and shouted he's. Choking me as though we resisted There was a struggle along the street, the office we're still had a firm grip on the woman ass. She continued to pay he's choking me and screamed get off of me. A female officer approach stolen as the mail appended to the wall, the only being choked kick in the direction of the female officer as she started to approach. Look what we're doing over a mask said: the man filming the video during the altercation got an excuse for not wearing a mask. He has heard saying in the video she went to the after yesterday, what your meter and a half distancing said the man in the veto to the police. Your hypocrites ask yours. Else. Why you're attacking us? I think city,
since the man filming said. Why am I under arrest asked them in a purely repeatedly assault Romans, her thank you. Grabbed me. I did not assault you so the woman onto the doktor she mask exemption. The cop attacks her physically and then acute is her of assault Yemen and make I am to want to abolish the police, but their cheering for this now. Ok, maybe not all of them, but their claiming that to defend the police, but they are cheering for this now. What do you think would happen? If police in every jurisdiction. Did everything the left said. They would say, praise the police. Please the looters released out, though the writers and defend from our enemies and we will support do they say that's what they're saying right now choke the woman ha it's funny. It's justice! That's what an that's and that's what what you could expect quote: I'm Chris got from Melbourne was police station to the officer after being asked by the man filming a representative from it Tori Police, told Newsweek at the woman refuse
to provide a notification for breaching the chief health officers directions and calling on a Monday officer for patrolling on Wellington Street when they observe twenty one year old woman not wearing a face covering about five p m on the tenth of August police made the decision to arrest them an she failed to provide her name and address she all oh did not state. She had an exemption for not wearing a face covering. She then became physically aggressive and kicked a female officer to the upper body. We continue to resist arrest and how do we take the ground before being arrested the female office. Was transported to hospital for observation. This to kill the woman was taken to a police station to the firm identity and has- been charged with resisting police and assaulting resist police and assault police. I guess it s really frame it. She, not receive a fine for failing to wear a face covering because she later told the police. She had an exemption. Here's the issue, don't like the idea of her kicking the cop, then does a mistake
But I don't like the idea of a cop walking up to a woman and grabbing her by the throat and folks slamming her over this. I don't like the idea of the cops didn't George Floyd either be consistent in your complaints will absolutely criticise us woman for giving the caught the business when she didn't need to. She needed only say here, so I am I the medical exemption. How does that sound be polite? She went to get in writing the cops, and this is what ends up happening, however, I could understand, them doing something like calling in back up and sang work. Where were we fine you or come on man to be completely honest, just being like! Ok, fine! Whatever backing away, and letting the woman walk around a mask on its absurd or the Could Astor listen you'll want to escalate. Do you have exemption? Is the region not wearing a mask? Ok, fine. You choose your battles on the pulse, is choose to chokes live a person. We got a problem. I have ab. Absolutely no problem criticising the police when they do this specially strata. I have no proof,
from criticising the police in New Jersey in Dallas, in New York who in force on the constitutional edict in the United States. I do now like seeing people show slam someone like George Void, or this one not mind you. The body conflict for George put forward came out. And it makes a very, very different picture- he was resisting quite a bit and he It does way out of the car, but, more importantly, he also said hold me on the ground several times at the very complicated story. I do not like the police, how they engage with a lot of people. I do not like to be the place engage with here, but must be real, how Can you ignoring the nuances situation, praise these officers praise them? while condemning the officers in Minneapolis. It is pure hypocrisy, absolutely accuracy. Again, stress, you comes up to man. You know you you I can only advise you, as per the United States, but I would say, is depending on the circle
Science is at its most circumstances. I don't I don't answer questions. That's it end of story. Them are being detained, ok, they're, my free to go Thank you. I won't. I won't I'm sorry mandate that you know I'm I'm I'm I'm somebody who is a bit of a beggar or about my rights into my mouth business, what we can do that in Australia. So I'll tell you what if caught takes it from asking a question or stopping you and then flips it to choke new and slamming on the ground. I am not a fan I err on the side of freedom over security, and I gotta tell you this was absolutely not necessary. Absolutely not now, here's it scare look, that's what's governed justice served. They say why you just follow the effing rules. This these ass is great of all these effing losers. Now we're I get a mixer. I'm confused is twitter is as bad. Don't wanna get on the wrong side of the right hive. Mind that's for sure for protein to be liberals, you guys sure do get hard as F watching police F with people be up. They. They pretend this
sobered specifically, they got the rain a flag. As you know, racism, they pretend to be on the left, but they love posing videos of police, beating people, people you don't see the difference between this and police, murdering peaceful protestors in America. Streets are. The reason for our country regressing the pulse conveniently left on the part of the video that shows what led up to her arrest, whom I thought, chokehold were bad. Is that only with the black guys know because in America they would have shot that person in the back twenty three times and then beat their body with clubs. This is what you get in the conversation from Simon? Listen if you believe this woman should have just complied, and this window happened. I can respect at night. They that's actually fairly troop, whether or not you have to comply with police is a difference. Different story in United States mete out for the most part, the ending and in Australia. I guess you do the only Only complaint, I really have, is the lack of consistency from the left. Ok, you ve. A situation where this week
and is being of a you know, attacked by a cop thrown to the ground and choked, and they end they cheer for it lets what's your over to the other side. It's gonna, run the right man. Let me tell you what If you take a regular person an you show them a video of women being choked and slammed the ground they're to be like men. Scary, that's really scary! Over a mask, while that scary, you, then This video of smash mouth cheering to a big happy crowd in there all celebrating his Ike man. If that, as you know, we have a good time, yeah cheering and its exact what I've been saying for a long time. Here. Here's how I've try explaining to people the problem of the left versus the rightness country you're standing in the middle of the street to your left as a bar. If you're right is a bar on the left side, if a bunch of angry leftists smashing windows and screeching and screaming on the right. It's a bunch of regular, looking guys having beers. You look over Often they say: hey, hey, ignore those guys their fascist come here. You look over what they do. They question.
Do they challenge you. They tell you, shut your mouth and do as your told and you back oil at work. Oh, you walk over right in what you get you gotta bunch, There's a beer saying I came, I'm gonna get your beer! come over here I'll, get you a drink. Let's have a conversation about politics. That's what we're seeing right now at mass scale on the left. They will cheer when the police beat you if you're not on their side on the right, they will say: F, that stuff come on Mount have a good time, witness the Sturgis, recycle rally continued for its fourth day. On Monday, after a raw, this concept on Sunday night in which grew out of this concerns were laughed off by the lead singer and mass was masses, Steve Har, while the fifty three year old front men of smash mouth, opened. His band set with a rant caught on video against the virus. We just killed more than a hundred sixty K. After hope it ass. He yelled experts have warned that gathering which is to bring tuna. Eighty thousand people to the city so to the city of seven thousand, had a baton, to become a super spider event. That's not true! All they have to do
who is hold up a sign that reads black lives matter and then all of a sudden the virus will stop spreading right. I'm kidding the exceed we often hear from the left as well, when they pay, ass, they wear masks. Yes, when they re yet they wear masks and many are wearing masked but shut up. This idea that, like wearing a mask, prevents all spread is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Then you get. Mocking people. They say, like Herman Kane, for instance, had covered and they say, and he wasn't wearing a mask- refused to wear a mask, and now he dies of covert and dislike. I thought I thought covered wasn't supposed view from catching it. I'm so I'm sorry, I've got the mask, wasn't supposed to stop you from catching it, but to stop you from spreading. It is out of the complaint about listen, just because you're wearing of ask doesn't mean you stop the spread. That's ridiculous, of course, people that their mask off to eat people do not have to pick. Their mask offer a variety of reasons. Okay, and it still is the are droplets an end and the virus can still come out of the mask too at a much lower rate. I'll tell you what you
may spread more and about like this shore? Well, that's! our choice, I guess but you're still, Definitely gonna be spreading at a protest so if there- on a claim that worrying masks. Therefore, protest stout spread, oh shut up. There was there was there was a direct in Greece, following a correlating with these points, tests that there is an increasing covin, sparsely populated, South Dakota, has been relatively spared by the pandemic. So far as of Monday There have been a hundred and forty six deaths and nine thousand five hundred cases g and they never locked down. How weird is that again, you gotta can I would have stayed with Republicans. Your business remains open. There was a big list of staff it's on states and their GDP and south, The quota was one of the only want that actually takes up a little bit. Everybody whose Clapping South Dakota Man, That's I guess I guess you should move there. The buffalo chip it can't ground. How Many of the bikers and putting on concerts was reportedly at half capacity, but many of those attending we're not wearing face masks. Psmith Mount smell. Whilst manager. However, pre
is the organizers for the worked on beforehand and said the band where's were confident of their own if in their crew the promoted a fantastic job with their covered protocol, he told billboard They are very strict social distancing us little distancing and mass policy in place for all workers. Everything Baxter Sanitized the band their own covet addendum to their rights as well as the promoter and venue adhered to all of our requests. We speak endless hours, advancing this event to make sure that was that was pulled off safely as possible, and we are very happy with the outcome. Take a look at this photo all these bikers all these bikes, our spaced in parking lots with with providers like a normal parking lot and their separate from each other. Is it six feet actually from person to person device? It may actually be just about six feet. So I'll tell you this There are sanitizing backstage if there you know, properly spacing and social distancing and doing with this possibly doing
why should we assume it will be a super sputter event o because it's not a black lives matter riot? I guess it's outworks right. Hey said, smash mouth Smash mouth felt very good from the stage, however, as the performer as perform he said they did not have any control over which protocols attendees followed That said, most of all of them were on their motorcycles, which eliminated a lot of the physical contact between attendees and actually created a forced social distance. That's true masks. Ash Mouth Organization is taking this pandemic very seriously and has taken measures to if our band crew and fans as safe as pie, during this time. On Saturday night as easy top tribute band played to pact masterless crowds? Well, he Nelson and Leonard scattered, were due to play but pulled out due to the pandemic at Monday's. What on the rally press conference Joe Van De Water Sturgis Police Chief, said department has had sixty five You were calls than last year, but there have been more misdemeanor drug arrest and non injury incidents that Department of Public Safety reported that police
made eighty four arrests from driving under the influence or drugs. The fences during twenty four hour period, spy. From Saturday and Sunday morning. That's up from last year, when seventy six people I've been arrested in a similar timeframe, get yours the point whatever your opinion, as I can understand, if you could goal of star just because your way about the spread, but I can't stand for the hypocrisy, the eye, here that the protests are all wearing, producers are allowing masks is wrong and not true. Look at any of the photos and you ll see. While many are many art, you're not wearing masks type we have Is a politicians also not wearing masks out in public if you're upset with this and you are not upset with a black eyes- protests you're a hypocrite. If your choice, for a woman being choke slammed the ground and held out while she is, I can't breathe for not wearing a mask, but you're upset about George Floyd. You are a hypocrite and that we can get the issue here. While I understand that the initial other bidders
it's in Australia on United States. It shows you the sentiment of many Americans. We are in we we are facing morality. Government I've been telling you it's gotta, be coming for cop, some time, and you can see the divide. What will happen beyond Number, as I always say, is beyond me, but take a look at South Dakota, no lockdown. They threw a prayed for their a parade for there they're holding a big rally and they're laughing and partying together year. The New Jersey, the Governor S. Three, running small businesses is forcing them the clothes, his arresting people, New York's doing similar things. It is a night let tell me of authoritarianism in blue states things seem relatively cheap for the most part in the red states. Now. What does that mean? I honestly It means that the Republicans are having an easier your go things. I guess it mean that the sunbelt states that didn't lockdown are doing a lot better than those that did and surprisingly new work in New Jersey where, where
basically the epicenter was saint. George New Jersey, because of the New York Metro into the Jersey side, these are democrat, run places, I did everything wrong, are being paid is really happening right. Why is it that we can see a super spreader? You know in a suit spread and all other states. There's no reason for it tell me: why was New York and not LOS Angeles, tell me why I was LOS Angeles. Why? What? Why was the ark and now say you know. South Dakota there's no reason: if the spread per person. You know it could be population density. I suppose that is explain why Chicago and Allay won. His heart is New York, because New York failed, New York failed and if you Spain is authoritarian places. Fine I'll tell you what to do but the middle of nowhere get away from all these crazy people. That's as these weight of way to put it South Dakota like a safe bet, there taken care of their pay Well, not too many people there in the first place and there a good time of it. I'm gonna stay away from these places where you ve got liberals cheering for police brutality when it benefits them and decrying it when it affects them.
Are you know their ideology or there? You know their their political point of view. I leave it there. Next migrants coming up at one. I'm sorry four p m over at TIM, cast dot net. Thanks rang out now see you all there in what will come this a surprise to absolutely no one. So long as you been paying attention more now, county, DA's office won't prosecute. Many arrested in Portland Protests, protest slice it again for you, Portland protests. I actually agree with this one hundred percent by all means- if somebody is peacefully protesting and they get arrested for some nonsensical issue, they should be released. Slap on the rest, the only problem- we're not talking about protests, port and is experiencing protests Portland is experiencing violent riots. Now, for, like seventy four nights straight, wear black, clad individuals. According to the mayor of Portal himself, tried to murder a bunch of cops by blocking the exits to the police department Building and then trying to set on fire now so broke through the barricades in the door of the police,
Union Building and tried to burn that down to have gone to read it Joe areas and then actually attacked local residences. So no protests I'll tell you what you show me: a peaceful protest, and someone being arrested for peacefully protesting, and I'm going to agree if you for the most part. You know when we see nonviolent civil disobedience, people get arrested and typically, that Charges are a slap on the rest, a court supervision. You go home, you're good to go. Just don't get in trouble again, anything it pretty. You know they receive a protest thing. They typically its listen. If you're like marching down the road- and they say ya, can't be on the road, and you say well, were we're gonna rabble rabble in the road. That's ok, we're arresting and you got being arrested. They actually are releasing you and often the charges are dismissed because you just Ro testing, you not. I mean these people are aiding and abetting violent extremists. Now, of course, The county dna is saying: felonies, yes, people deliberately causing damage will prosecute, but those who provide
a human shield, the fence. Now you good to go so what they want to get from this while the obvious more crime, more riots, nonstop every night. Until I as the election or whatever? I guess we'll see here the store, from Oregon. Live, they say Mould Noma, county digit attorney might Schmidt announced on Tuesday that is office will not prosecute many protestors who have been arrested during recent Portland demonstrations. Just just stop do I have to added these articles through the Ngos, the source code and change it to change all senses of the word protest, a rider and demonstrations to rider Schmidt, said office will present presumptive. We decline to prosecute those whose most serious accusations doesn't involve deliberate property damage theft or the use of threat force against someone else, charges that fall under that category include interfering with a peace officer. Second, Bree, disorderly conduct and rioting among others. Quite literally rioting. Stop.
Saying protesters organ live, they just said: if you're arrested for rioting, they will not prosecute. So they have said. Rioters is That's so hard to understand those whose most serious accusation involves a city. Ordinance violation will also not be prosecuted that I get man jaywalking, ok, fine blocking the road, ok, fine, but rioting come on man as prosecutors. We knowledge, the depth of emotion that motivates these demonstrations and support those who are cynically engage through peaceful protesting Schmidt, who recently took office statement. We will undermine public safety not promoted. If we do not take action to bring about immediate change prosecutors will score Now the cases of protesters accused of resisting arrest or assaulting a public safety officer and consider the chaos of a protesting environment, especially after tear gas or other less legal munitions have been deployed against community,
numbers and mass. Quite literally, if you assault the cop there I'm not going to prosecute you. This is beyond insane protesters accused of crimes that caused only financial harm, will be offered, can do You told us missile after paying institution or making other amends and then they'll go out and do it again because guess what they're well funded bail groups will pay for it and they'll be back out on the street. Vandalized proper attacking people and allegations of intentional physical violence against civilians and law enforcement officers such as assault, and arson accusations will be handled according to the district attorney's office, normal policies, they don't know me. The district attorney's office is neither condoning nor endorsing the conduct that led to the arrest or so creation of a person, Davos at a prosecution, decline decision does not share. Each Oregon law, the new protest policy, was unveiled as protest against police violence and anti black right
some are set to continue for their seventy six. Seventy six today, Tuesday, hundreds of people have arrested during the demonstrations. The policy also came the day after the district attorney's office declined to prosecute activists, Demetrio Hester, whose Sunday night in police custody after being arrested during a protest in North Portland, and now I bring you to the best part of this segment: I have already complained numerous times about how they say: protester and demonstrator, but then literally say rioting charges and make this clear The media is absolutely framing this to defend the extremist or engaging in violent activities or, at the very least, protecting those who engage in the throwing of explosives, setting fires, destroying property, the media is also protecting these people, so it works and multiple layers. Okay, you get the extremists the weapons in the explosives, then you get the peaceful protestors.
Airports who link arms and protect them from the police. These people have now been told they will not be charged, even if they assault the cop, ok, they're rioters right there assaulting police, officers next week at the media defence saying there simply, demonstrators are simply protesters, but now the media, one up the game, they mention Demetrio, Hester, they're, not gonna, prosecutor right. Here's! How ABC does it this way. Abc New said your love. This one hate crime victim arrested at protest won't be prosecuted, way way way way way way. Hate crime, victims When I first saw this story, I saw the headline it sounded to me Like somebody was at a protest victim, is to buy some racist charge, the rising with a hacker. And then arrested the victim huh. What's how could this be an actually read it? You see, sir
Oh years ago she was the victim of a hate crime. Now, she's being arrested for engaging in a riot and their framing as though she is currently a hate crime victims. This one I got. I gotta go to a be seen as you take the cake. The fake news frothy for the day those two ABC, they say authorities, say a black woman who became a leading activists of the black lives matter, movement, for she was assaulted by a white supremacist three years ago, won't be charged after her rest early Monday, early Monday, angered protest leaders in Portland Oregon, so the activists, the extremists, the riders. They got mad. So what is the city? Do you are free to go them please and then what did she do immediately? You again like right afterwards, look at this I say to Nigeria, has to forty six was booked on suspicion of disorderly conduct and interfere with a police officer during the, does that began Sunday, night level, Noma County Digital
his office later set. Hester would not be prosecuted but offered no further details. Pastors arrest drew a opera, beauty from national black lives matter activists who are increasingly focusing on demonstrations in organs largest city damage. Straighten, says ABC News. After her release. Asters but at a news conference that she would keep protesting and join others in announcing plans for a fundraiser descend, black mothers to Washington DC. I was born and bred to do this. This dream. Come true, Hester said tearing up as the crowd, this is a revolution and we we're getting reparations, we're taking it to DC baby there. You go, revolution, nothing less. They say the dna is in on it. These politicians, the Democrats are in your unit, I think, has gone on I've. I've likened it to the one ring of Lord of the rings, the left, the Democrats think they can wield its power to try and when the presidency it will
work is hurting them and that's the point k you where the ring help, you you lose your mind and then you get stuff by you know the ring raising turn into one or whatever. I e the Lord of the ring reference. You probably get the point as they are Abbe. Lately, turning into these ring Wraith Demon, Europe's or being this ridiculous, its infecting the Democratic Party and its ends becoming too late. It's hurting them. It's weakening their past. It's an emboldened, the right, it's giving tromp a great argument that it was right the whole time- and this was the mistake- I've set it over and over again. If the Democrats came up the candidate who upheld a lot of the same policies has Trump and Bernie Dead, at least Bernie back and twenty fifteen. But this individual was proof. National common charismatic bone landslide victory, no question about it. Instead, what we get senile old, creepy sleepy Joe Biden modern and mumbling can't speak strain of the universe,
apparently pick the VP recently I will, but, but by the time you watch us, maybe they announced it. The dude, like the party, he can't speak, he's creepy, he is used. Deeply offensive and racist, that's the best they could offer up. Meanwhile, the people getting other places are desperately trying to play this black lives matter game, because They're scared scared of their scare that Donald Trump really is getting a lot black support. All Kenya, West Hodge Twins, Terence Williams, a lot of people, a lot of people who are supporting the president and happened happen to not be white. It's not just the black communities. Gotta lotta latino. Support too, So, of course the Democrats do everything in their power and it is unfair Fortunately, a surface level solution. They support black lives matter. In my opinion, it's just going to make it all worse, because people don't like riding I've been wondering myself if they're trying to help
the man impeachment. These are all these scandals investigations. They resulted in trouble raising record money. You know throughout these past several years and now here oh they're, playing the same game, releasing writers and an industry telling us right now, look we also the Justice Mallette thing right, we're all upset bite, we got Hoechst now they're saying you know what these people willing and when I'm gonna prosecuted, if their riding Adam GO, then the media as their protesters. You know what matters just so sick of it I'm so say good, I'm sure most of you are as well. Hopefully this a wake up call for people you riot, they cut you loose if you're a good law abiding citizens, whose, following all the rules you get punished, they destroy your Is this your home, your town? So I hope you vote against these people I got a couple more segments coming for you too few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Pro cop group sues may your blog YO for denying blue lives matter? Mural Bravo
but Sir and Madam's, who are so? How suing this mayor? Who, without going through, no process use taxpayer funds to paint a political slogan for himself. In front of trump our in New York City and then brought on point seven cops to defend it. I'm I must admit, I am rather upset but the police who defend this man's reelection campaigning, but sure fine, I guess he's now. Being sued. What I wonder is bigger than just this lawsuit why I did build a blog. You decide to paint black lives matter in front of Trump tower. I guess, because it sends a message to Donald Trump High Trump you evil, bigots. Aha right is that the plans at the idea and buy it. I because Bill the Plaza may build a you made a statement last week about buying up buying up empty buildings and turning them into public housing makes you wonder,
Let's build applause, shows real plan. Why is he seemingly doing everything in its power to destroy this city? and why are we now seeing the collapse of retail chains and people fleeing the city. Small businesses are dying, and this isn't just in New York, but in Europe, especially retail chain abandoned? Manhattan people fleeing the city and other blogs YO is breaking the law. I wonder why I have a general idea, putting a giant black lives matter, mural illegally in front of Trump Tower, probably he's going to drop the value of Trump tower. Think about it. You ve got people showing up splashing paint. The cops are in front. The road is blocked, not a very good property to be up there. Trying to be smart? The name to dig in ITALY story the value of this building and many other buildings, and then surprise, surprise is the Plaza wants to use city resources divide up, even though they are facing
forty billion dollar. Budget shortfall lay off like twenty two thousand people, what they strange and corrupt city. Here's a story from the post. They say a pair of pop pro cop groups are suing mayor, build the plaza you're, being denied a blue lives matter, mural akin to the on black lives matter had splashed across fifth avenue. The post has learned the law. Filed late Monday by blue lives, matter and Y, see and standing up for, and why see in the southern district of New York, accuses the Plaza and Department of Transportation. Commissioner Polly trot and burn a vial. The group's first amendment rights by allowing city property to be used by private speakers. Yet bidding a similar mural supportive of cops here here. Bravo I am not saying this because I support the group itself. I'm saying is I don't care what your message yes, if they're going to paint black lives matter, then you have a right to have your message painted as well with tax payer funds and support
from the Nypd period. Equality, The under the law? They say The black lives matter message is highly political, generally understood by the public to be too and support a general Ante police message includes extreme measures as defending the police and ending police activity, including the suit rates blue lives matter founder sergeant, Joe importer, impurities in territories told the posts on the that he simply wanted to be granted the same privilege to bring to light a cause that we so Believin would change directory of equality for all those with the same interests politicians have gotten away from equality in fairness for all and have given the privilege, certain groups he added the co founders of standing up for and why see, Jason Cullen and Tatyana David off. At the mural is meant to honour, cops and boost morale, the mule
is the smallest thing we could do to show our respect for them. During these controversial times David offset, the two spend a letter to his in our last month. Requesting the pro cop you're near Nypd headquarters in downtown Manhattan, but the blog you refuse. Whose declaring, in late July that black lives matter quote transcends any notion of politics. This is about. Something much bigger than any one group city all did not immediately respond for common malleson. I think mostly about build. The Blasi owes re election campaign. I thank you. Wants to show the city that he's progressive, that he's plastering match over the place and therefore you should support him, even though he did it without a permit it illegally use taxpayer funds and he had the Nypd protecting it. But there's another aspect to this that I mentioned earlier on going to negatively impact property value. At a time when the city is already facing, a major collapse of its retail industry chains are pulling out people
fleeing the city, and it is generally just getting worse for everyone here. Why would build the blog, your prioritizes political message and then lie saying that it is transcending politics here, drawing the city on purpose. I've set its several times and he's got body. The governor Andrew Cuomo, helping him. They set up checkpoints there mining people ten thousand dollars for violating the covert quarantine and You come to the city, it's forty in days of lockdown. Otherwise, you get said fine, forgive me for thee, work that is going on outside. I apologized for Noise Our time says retail, means abandoned Manhattan. It's on Sustainable. Some national change, both retail and restaurants, are closing outlets in New York City, which are struggling more than their branches elsewhere. Yes, the maid.
And the governor, are doing everything, at least in my opinion, to destroy this one's great city. Linear time says for years, Brian Park Bryant part grill and cafe. Midtown Manhattan has been for the country's top grossing restaurants, the star property our restaurants. Portfolio of twenty restaurants cross the United States, but what propelled into that up has vanished. The tourists are gone the office tower surrounding it are largely empty and the restaurant one thousand seat dining room is closed. Instead dinner this cooked and served on its patio and the sky build down. Restaurant brings about twelve thousand dollars a day and eighty five per and plunge and revenue its executive chief chief executive said five months. Independent The drastic turn of events at businesses like Bryant Part grilling, cafe that are part of national chains show how the economic damage in New York has in any case has been far worse than elsewhere in the country in the heart of Manhattan NASH.
Chains, including J C penny. Kate, Spade Subway and LE pen accordion have shut branches for good many others I ran like the secret and the gap have their cap type, follow patients closed in Manhattan, while real other states Michael, Einstein, the chief executive of arc. Restaurants, who owns Bryant Part, grow the cafe and nineteen other restaurants. Sad. It That's how you will never open another restaurant in New York. This is the end of the big apple. There is now recovery from this fifteen days to slow the spread turns into five plus months. These businesses are closing permanently and they will never the open again but bill. The plaza will take the opportunities to buy up this property using public funds to turn it to public services may be that, the intent all along thereof, out of interests, you know politically to both your black lives matter and to use,
covered to hurt Donald Trump reelection, but what these Democrats did not real, eyes. Is that supporting these fringe extremist groups? They are being taken, have taken advantage of, and they will never recover from this, and maybe they dont care. There was a Gore game. I talked about this, the guy MC rats and never trumpery establishment politicians how the war game to play out too, to plan out sort of what would happen. In an election night, John Podesta, ok, was part of a Hillary Clinton campaign said he would not can see if you lost and he would rather have the west, states secede from the union, or at least threatened to do so. They are so adamant about refusing to concede they destroy every thing, and they are now the plaza was a radical he's. A visa fringe. Far leftist
he's endorsing all of this. His daughter was arrested for engaging in the fringe. Far left extremism out and city is being burned to the ground, he's gonna, buy it up and then establishment. Democrats dont care. Why it's better then the losing, I think, partly because they might get indicted some of them when John Durham releases report, we'll see what happens, but their snare shaken in their boots, faster, would rather see the country crumble then concede if he actually law in Belgium, Plaza was taking advantage of the situation we get the establishment Democrat embracing black lives matter, the riots, extremism exacerbating problem of covert burning this the ground, don't know or care about what comes next, what comes, excess people like the plaza swoop and take the buildings over and turn them into far left radical arrow government programmes, New York, now, what a terrible investment all these people who own real estate artery selling at a major loss there many get there.
To be giving it up to build a blog you in the city who can then using the power of the law all of a sudden enforce the law reefs the police and then boom property you skyrockets, and they will be the city they will rebuild the city in their image. This is what you get when you were born when you embolden these fringe extremists, its admin I really enjoyed living in New York for quite some time. But it's just go. In crazier and crazier, and this is it You know the city's burning down. People are fleeing figure, lively, to build. A blog yo is illustrated lying to people straight up, lying mural, for you know we quality under the law. You can't run your business shut up New Jersey, a similar The governor recently stated to all the businesses that he's these threatening them outright. Will company will shut you down for good, but guess what happens if these This is don't reopen. They get shot down.
For good anyway. So many are saying effort and their opening up the governor gonna comment, is stop em out. Welcome to the nightmare state man feel if you live in a blue city or state you best get out, but they're they're encouraging it. Hopefully cover from this will see our plays out November stick around I've. Another summit coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly- some work crazy person tried cancelling a simple store manager named Andy posting, a photo of him insulting him and trying to get him cancelled or fired from his job and just like with target Tory They have seen the story where some crazy resistance left us tried, shaming, a low. You know a regular store clerk store worker We are now seeing Kroger Andy raise tens of thousands of dollars. It was raised by target Tory for him to go on a vacation. The dude seem stout. This is Happy story with a Social justice twist. I suppose
international business times. Daniele becomes the new Karen after Kroger's. Door incident. Here it is you I've seen the story a few days ago, Danny oh, my god, oh says I was threatened with assault at Kroger in Louisville, because I another customer to wear a mask and she refused IRA or it to a manager who found her and talk to her, but fears to do anything more name is Andy and HEAT not want twitter to know that what an awful person using- the platform to target eighty four Daniele mosquito. Eighty four thousand followers tweeting out this bumblebee low dude over Kroger to insult and take down regular people? That is their game. They want you to live on your knees, begging them for safety, begging, for forgiveness. Please don't hurt me, please don't attack we destroy my life. What did we see in Louisville?
they went around a small businesses and threatened them. You it thus money, Otherwise this happens. And then a dude shattered a flower pot. They were shut, I'm down the business owner said that it was mafia tactics. They were demanding it, but his part. Their repercussions for non compliance. They, frightened social media activity against them, basically, council culture. So what they do you see? They target small individuals like smart, low profile, individuals, regular people working regular jobs to terrorize them. It didn't work. This time, you lose the creepy weirdos, have lost Andy is just a regular or guy. Look at his dude is mine and ozone business working. What is supposed to do? What you're gonna do he's gonna dream at somebody do not want to ask. Is that the authority to do that so Daniele tried to get in trouble, but an unfortunately for her and fortunate for everybody else. It didn't work target Tory to the rescue the story of target Tory
someone tried buying a toothbrush for one cent, because Splay model said one cent and he told them, she could do it and it took picture over any shamed, her on Twitter and she may this funny look of rolling her eyes and every but he came to her defence saying leave her alone. Do she's, not a billionaire she's, not registered lady works. It targets. While she ended raising a ton of money. With the help of several people on twitter, and now she's returning the favor for Kroger Andy. Here's the story, tar it Tory launches fundraiser fellow viral retail retail worker Kroger, Andy ass. It use its manager who was nicknamed forget Tory when a customer shamed her online has now come to that France of another viral retail worker, dubbed Kroger Andy and has raised eight in thousand dollars to send him on a vacation, you'll love to see it a wholesome, wholesome story. They, say tat a Tory Parodi, a manager Our target Saurians Swenson Massachusetts jumped
the fray, when a customer gripes on Twitter about Andy, also manage to Kroger in Louisville Kentucky in a tweet. The customer, You almost got o explained that she had gone the Andy after she private, another shopper about not wearing a mask and threatened and with right with assault. So we know that story, His name is Andy and it does not want Twitter to know that, but parodi was quick to take a stand in support. Of the fellow retail employ saying. Can we up using social media as a tool to shame people at their place of work. Dear Andy, I didn't want twitter role to know my name either turns out it isn't half bad. She wrote the internet rallied around Parodi by I can January after a customer called the cops when she Solomon, eighty, nine, ninety, ninety dollar, electric toothbrush for one cent displayed price on a shop window, the displayed ice was for the display model. It was ignored, functioning piece of plastic and its had one cent, because at that had a label it, so they could properly put on the shelf or something the guy
then set out as one cent I get the tooth brush and she said no, it actually doesn't work that way, so the dude shamed her she ended up getting a bunch of only through a go find me cause rad people donated to centre on a vacation out you enjoyed it. Twitter users took her son and critical fund me to centre on vacation. And Prodi announced. She was returning the favour on Saturday with a fundraiser for Kroger Andy The gulf phoned me that I received, after my ordeal, changed my life and afforded me an epoch and needed vacation. Let's do this aim for Andy. She wrote on the Gulf on me page, which has raised eighteen, eighteen thousand dollars after Sunday afternoon, while it's more than that twenty one thousand dollars to under and ten for the regular guy who it nothing wrong was mining, is on business and was harassed by council. Culture outrage mobs. This is the key this. Is how we do it? I wonder if it could be something similar to protect people who might cancel first, making their mind on other opinions. I've talked to a lot of
people have told me they really do like Donald Trump they're scared to say it. I've talked a lot of people who say they don't really like trumpet. They feel that they need to vote for him. It's it's the right thing to do and they're scared to site. They could lose their jobs. Fortunately, for Kroger Andy broker actually tweeted out support for him. I love it Kroger. This was awesome. Cats culture is a blight on, on our society, and it creates nothing. But anger and negativity make it stop Uk Crow I can do whatever they want with their with their political messaging. Whatever I don't care, what doing the right thing to do, their employ. You did nothing wrong. Bravo. I appreciate it took us up twenty one thousand dollars, I hope the man makes way more than this. I hope people don't away more than this because We need to send a message. That's the point to these people who would shame somebody? he's doing their job, trying council them through bullying and threats. We stand for bullying, and you know what
You try to shame this. Guy will now he's going to celebrate it use. But a demand they do what you want, no woman. Given cash and tell him you do what you want. Andy. Don't listen! The crazies do your thing. You did the right thing. You did the best. You could and now we want to make sure you have the cash for your own freedom better. They caches its access it. Independence, that money will allow him to make a decision for himself. You know what I'm gonna I'll go on a vacation, I'm gonna go to Hawaii, I'm it well fortunately right now because of go very probably can't travel all that far, but there's a lot of places in the? U s you can travel to. I reckon and going up to say, like Barrow Alaska, go off as far as you possibly can now. To me something a dream: vacation, just the furthest. Most point of United States. Try that one, but what you do. What you gonna do anything I'll tell you what this is the this is that I'm so too, I'm stoked on this. The far left wants you to bend. They want you to do what they want you to do
Giving someone cash is the opposite of this. This is the good the light, the right, the good, the good guys here right, What you are doing when you turn into a man like Andy or target Tory, is you're saying I'm not gonna tell you watch it. What what you need? I am going to let you choose for yourself and give you the ability to do it, that it is the opposite of what the far left wants to do is People are gross but check it out. We got. We had some coolness, your we actually have found Kroger Andy. He treated her picture. He looks allow, better when you know like actually prepared to be caught on camera smile on his face team Andy. I am Kroger Andy Tar Tori announced he's been found. He is over whelmed by the bye. Everyone's support he's very thankful. The gulf me the time. Nineteen thousand five hundred dollars she said we transferring the funds over to him and posts. Screenshot when completed now, target Tory an Kroger Andy. I have, but one simple bit of advice pay your.
Taxes, ok, actually, there's really interesting. I dont know I felt like I think you could argue these are gifts. This might be tax free for real. You can give someone give that's not, that's tax, free up to a certain amount. Nowhere experts Think anything from these people for anything there hiring than the do a job there not paying off any debts or anything like that. I'm not attacks don't take financial advice for me, I'm tellin you! If you, see a windfall make sure you do what you have to do in terms of paying your taxes, because they might say no, no, that's a large sum and you gotta pay taxes on it, but so I suppose it's an interesting new world with with the internet, and we are seeing now all of these people expecting nothing in return. They are choosing to give this man money I wonder how it would actually work out. This read out to see more of this. In fact, I would actually be cool, isn't and there's another actual bit of advice. I guess for four target Tory Maybe you guys me
Maybe you or somebody else somebody interested could script could set up a foundation or non profit that provides grants to individuals who are threatened by outrage mobs a safety net for peace. Where mining their own business and get target with these, Greece creepy nonsensical attacks, a train straw your life. It had something to do It's the easiest thing in the world, but I hope whatever this is continues, and I hope that peace or who try to shame them learn their lesson. What is a little bit, I guess concerning is what. If people read Why is this and try to exploit the phenomenon member when people would like right on research on unreceding no tip for you, because you're, a Unama, jerk or whatever, and then some people what then post the receipt and be like look what they did. They said no Tipp people realize what stage these things exploit people's goodwill for cash at. Is it That is a concern for me here. I'll. Tell you what, for now, it's a wholesome story where the the the woke far laughed Bali.
Failed, and this happy do not just have a really good time. It's like it's almost like a winning lottery situation. Right, I'm excited, I'm glad that target. Tory is doing well for herself and she's Avenant having good time and she's paying it forward and help out, Kroger, Andy and good on the men. You know, hopefully, after the election. After all this, whatever nonsense, we come back to a point of civility. We get passes, cancel culture psychosis. For now I'm willing to accept the good will of the people to support these just took to support target touring car randy but we need this council culture far left off to end, as will really need for now I'll. Take it and gets all live there. They sprang out everybody stick around next segment we tomorrow at ten a m, and I will see you all next time.
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