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Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Job


Antifa and BLM Leftists are anxious and panicked now that people know they have been arrested for rioting in Portland.Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting arrests made by police in Portland and now the people arrested are facing karma. One man lost his job and while his employer claims it had nothing to do with the arrest an email they sent seems to contradict that.It seems like for the longest time these people were acting with impunity mostly because the media shields or downplays their actions, calling them peaceful protests. Even in this regard they seem to be critical of Andy ngo just reporting on the arrests

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It seems like the Portland riots are winding down. Things have been com for several days and there could be a lot of reasons for this, but I think the main reason is that the feds deputized Oregon state police, and that means if they arrest someone at one of these violent riots that personal be charged by the feds you see, the local dna, was not charging many people who got arrested well. Something else happened that may have brought about some kind of justice It also came with it some kind of complications, but suffice it day. Anti thought is now facing a council culture backlash. Many of these far leftists went out to these riots. Thinking they are the good guys in the heroes and they engaged and acts of violence for which they were arrested. Journalist. Andy no was compiling luxury send information on the arrest of these individuals, because the information was public knowledge and that's typically, what reporters do not end, while any no may have a particular focus on Anti fought, mainly
because he lives in Portland and the rights been going on for several months. He's just documenting public information will now you have the story from Willimot weak Portland protesters say their lives were up ended by the postings of their mug. Shots on a conservative twitter account in fact It may be that one individual lost his job over this. The company and they lost business and were forced to lay him off, but it had nothing to do with the protests, even though the apparent send a strongly worded letter saying you ve heart this business with your and your violence, we're seeing another backfire over in Minneapolis. This story is quite hilarious. It's only been a few months since they voted to completely abolish them police and now the city Council is freaking out because crime, skyrocketing mind you may never actually abolished the police, but
crime is skyrocketing and their constituents are furious. This game there playing doesn't work. The far left wants to use council culture, and they freak out and their friends in media defend them when they have to face the consequences. What was it they said? Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom. From consequence. Some of these people claim their getting threats now that is wrong outright and even Andy no condemns this. But if people are going to be sending you mean things over the internet. Well, freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. And everybody was been defending defending freedom of speech. Understand since that it doesn't give? You are right to be violent, so we got a couple stories to go through its not just about anti up. It's not just about the failures of many the but now Josh Holly's actually proposing a bill to help the police. Surprise. Surprise
as the Republicans went the other way on this one, and it seems like regular people like the police and want this, but first, let's go through what's happening to these anti for types now people have learned their anti fought and they got arrested for violent crimes, but we get started had over two TIM cast. Dotcom, slash done it. If you like, is what my work. There are many ways you can give it a p o box, you like a semi stuff, but the best thing. Can do is share this video. If you think what I cover is important, you didn't make good points. Rely on word of mouth from viewers like you to help support the growth of my channel cuz. I don't have a big marketing department like the mainstream media, but also don't forget to like subscribe, hit, the notification belt and, let's revenues from Willimot, weak Portland protesters say their lives were up. Did by the posting of their mug shots on a conservative twitter account what Andy oh, is doing is legal. The mugshots are public records. Andy no told Willimot week that it is his duty to report on protestors
I've been arrested, while Andy actually published the full email response he gave they dont included in in this peace bullets red. What's going on with these anti for types they report on August, seventh, black activist, Regina Grey, was tackled by Portland Police at a protest and charged with the sorely conduct resisting arrest and interfering with an officer that same day, conservative Portland activist, Andy NO shared graze, name and mug shot on Twitter. I'm going to stop right. There is that have already tried poisoning the well conservative activist and he knows a journalist. What makes him an activist the advocating for policy. Is he going out with a sign? What is it? doing that is activism, he's calling out crime, but these our crimes there already on the books he's not calling for new laws. You see happens is after these anti for people face some come up against the actually some justice they get arrested and their information. It's really
their friends in media run to their defence, but read more quote: gray. Thirty is charged with interfere with an officer resisting arrest and more no wrote on Twitter. She was arrested at the violent anti for protest in Portland and quickly. Bailed out gray is frequently photographed with kids at protests and ran about white terrorism. The photo retweeted by foreign. Seventy five people, twelve nights late August nineteenth a man showed up on the doorstep of grace mothers. Aside home. He was soon A nervous looking- and he asked for Regina by name says, listened a Fisher Grace mom he mentioned gray Son. I noticed a gun in his hand, fishers the door and called the police. Will then what happened? The guy just leave grace children, nine and for whom she brought to protest with their prior to arrest. Fear for her life. She was bringing her children to riots, there's, tear gas everywhere. Sure ok, quote
they're scared that someone's going to kill me gray says my first instinct is to say no, that's not going to happen, but there's a huge risk now. Here's the important part of the story grey no direct evidence. That knows robust social media presence is the reason armed men arrived at her moms house. Really, then, why did they bring it up? We dont know why this I showed up. We don't know what the motivation was, and maybe she just owed him money, but you see the game, they are trying to play. Now I think it's it's obvious. Many disputes are probably getting some kind of message, isn't people from people online that are despairing? in well that's free speech. Now I absolutely candy a guy showing it if this guy really show because he saw someone get arrested online. This is nuts, don't do that. Nobody should do that and I hope they called the police, and I encourage them to do so. That's what police or for I'm glad to see that
her mother did call the police, seemingly her mom, doesn't share the same sentiments about defending the police and attacking copses that that her daughter does, and hopefully the police came to help her, they go to say knows. Providence has been catapulted by Portance protest, he's editor at large, the canadian conservative website called the post millennial and is also regular gas on Fox news. Last year he was assaulted in Portland, Anti fascist March, where masked assailants punched and kick had no more than seven hundred thousand followers on Twitter, meant of whom share the belief that Portland protesters are a threat to national security but Grable You know what his followers are watching her and she is not. The only one Willimot week has spoken with two others who have been arrested at Portland Pro test and had their names and mugshots treated by no and claim there I have since been disrupted quote We ve been lying low and, to be honest, we ve been staying at home.
With the blinds closed says Philip Wenzel, whose mug shot was shared by no one August fifteenth. I can't get over twitter trolls, I'm sorry! I can't get over twitter trolls. But what gives me the most pause is the one percent that have genuine threats. Maybe you now know how many other tromp supporters felt when you guys were doing the exact same thing? It's a two way street here critics call knows: post dioxin or posting personal info I want to make their lives unpleasant, but what no is doing his legal, the mug shots, are public record. The arrests happened no told Willimot week. That is, it is his duty to report on protestors who have been arrested, given the risk that violence and riots presented the public and also its kind of silly to assume everybody's, getting their information from Twitter, username Followers, but most people, the auto, moved like eighty percent of Americans are not on twitter. Could it be the guy showed up
someone's house, because he saw her in a police database, probably more substantially more likely no wrote quote, I believe hey dude, is a journalist includes informing the public about individuals who are believed to be uber or believe by criminal authorities to be sufficiently dangerous to the public that they meet the standard for a rest. Portland couple Erin and Philip Wenzel started their evening Friday August 14th, as they have more than ten times before that sounds like they have evidence. These individuals partook in multiple riots but shore, they donned their protest outfits, full gas, respirators masks by comets bulletproof vast for Philip, who has been in front of protests as part of the Drum Lung Erin. A medic telling a first aid kit usually settled in a few rose behind the lines of drummers. These people are large bang. They are playing a stupid game. Oh go play the game and I'm an army would be the magic and you'll be the drum drumming men there just Larkin. Well that night, Philip was around
then, when the two of them were sandwiched between two lines of officers during a smoke filled cat, a confrontation captured on video. That shows several protest, there's cowering under yellow shields. Ascot push them to the ground, noticed the framing. From this article, of a young ones. Those interaction with police shows him shielding his face on the ground as a half dozen cops tackling he was arrested, charge the salting a police officer, resisting arrest, interfere with police and disorderly conduct and release the next day, the next more no posted, is mug shot on a twitter account. Writing that Wenzel was arrested at the violent anti for protest no also posted a biography of Wenzel from the law from where he works. As a paralegal in Twitter in Twitter responses to the thread users added threatening comments, and more personal information about the Wenzel, including the names and ages of members of its of his extended family. The Wenzel quickly DEC, made all of their social media accounts Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the next day, Philip ones received they voicemail threat on a cell phone from somebody. John in Michigan, who said
have you know, I'm seven foot and two hundred and eighty pounds, the ones alerted their employers and August Eighteenth three days after no posted the mug shot, Philip Wenzel Bob said Elizabeth Christie law firm, sent him a letter of the firm had received fifty threatening or harassing communications since as a rest and here's what you said to him, because you have chosen to engage in activism that has resulted in violence, physical injuries and negative publicity for the law from there now a major distraction from the business we are doing a threat to my a bit, but he to gain new business and a threat to our employees. Safety Christie wrote in an email provided to Willimot weekly three employees, if you're learning the firms response to one's arrest, announced their resignation and support of him ass. A temper tenth in a letter shared with Willimot weak, the fur I'm told Wenzel, and it's eleventh letter that you would be like he'd off effective September. Sixteen citing a lie, loss of work, leading to a reduction in staff. Elizabeth Christie, managing attorney at the farm,
Willimot weaken an email at the laugh, had nothing to do with Wenzel protesting both Wenzel safe. They now suffer from anxiety, Wenzel Shave his beard to changes, appearance and now where's, a hat when he walks his dog prize surprise. Andy no actually document are actually has a video of one of these guys getting arrested, I'm sort of Philip Wenzel getting arrested and in the here what appears to be this man and he try stealing a baton from police, as he resists arrest and several officers try to arrest him their showing up for riots and because the least in the dna of another, not the police but with, but because the district attorney was not doing his job and charging these people, even though their crimes or on camera. The cap
released. If it was not for Andy. No, there would be nothing nothing stopping any of these people from just continuing on and going nuts, but what we are seeing is what to the left referred to. As consequences, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence. Now, of course, these people aren't get engage in speech there engaging in over violence and fighting with police, but from their perspective there just protest in peacefully right after the mainstream media would say: ok now regard than ice, I throw it back in your face. People have your photos, your videos, you, Arrest records are public knowledge and now you're going to complain, you're losing your job over this Malleson. They said the laugh had nothing to do with one's protesting, sure they just don't wanna violent riot showing up there opposite smashing their windows. We can already see from the email they lost business because of him, and then He got laid off because they lost business easier,
I work seek out. He got fired for riding cancel culture is coming for them all the same. Regular people, don't wanna play these stupid games when we left alone, but so long as the media keeps defending these people, then many businesses will just stay out of it. Fortunately, there are journalists, like Andy know who will port on this and then other people who don't want to be involved will have to that will it'll it'll bring about balance. If you only have mainstream media things are peaceful protests and the right is bad. Then only the right will be getting cancelled, but journalists like Andy, no publishing information talking about who these people are and what they did. Then we'll call their employers and out goes both directions,
Andy no published an email in response to the to the apiece he's had Portland Paper won't weakest, publishing a story about right arrest. He swore upset. I post public records is my full email responds to the reporter. He made a really good point. He said. Basically that is as I feel, that if transparency and the of the right to know. If you feel that transparency and public right to know should be out Wade by a rusty rights to privacy. This is a complaint for the legislature, not for a journalist reporting in compliance with state and federal law. He says a better question would be. Why do some journalist feel compelled to hide the identities of suspected criminals from the public? Another would be whose interest as it does, the suppression of criminal arrest data serve a really really interesting point serve. It serves anti fa, and then you see how they frame these stories. They come out in defence of the people arrested for violently rioting there on video
the post millennial, issued a kind of response to the very funny headline. Progressive news outlets comply. Means that Andy knows coverage of violent crime harms violent suspects. Will I think people are innocent until proven guilty. However, I dont think you just prove guilt through a court of law guilt can be proven if I've seen a video of someone doing something and sure enough. One of as they claim that arouses. He was tackled and cowering is actually reach listing cops. He gripped the baton and tries and pop tries to put away from them while these people are getting come up and now because journalists are just on the left, I mean it wasn't supposed to be that way, but mostly as but so long as we have journalists. On the other side calling out anti fun, there may actually be some social pressure to bring us back to normal, and this why the story is so important. My opinion individual shut down their social media accounts their staying at home. Of anxiety, they closed close their blinds? Well, they were committing crimes. They were arrested for committing crimes. These aren't games. These put these
people are doing what's called live action role play warping, they're, going out their part ending to engage in LA revolution because their board, I ass. I don't owe their motivations, our maybe they're, really just alluded, while they're going out there hurting people and their causing problems there, helping Donald Trump when another getting called out and now they're, not so sure they want to go out anymore. Of course, many of them are claiming their getting death threats and then and he knows supplying lists to far right now, he's not he's just tweeting, but many of these people should not feel that they have a right to do this look in society. The reason people the war don't do things isn't always because they feel the cops are gonna arrest them. Sometimes it's because they are concerned other people, their neighbours, will not appreciate what they do, but when they can put on a mask and go out and do it over, they want no alive or saying you think they'll keep doing it well now Andy now, a member of their community in terms of Portland, has revealed therein
I should say, revealed but published information about them from open from from public sources, telling people who they are and what their doing so what journalists should do hold people to account now. They dont want to write anymore because it's going to be bad for them because, their violent and dangerous and regular people will stand up to that now that they know who they are. So, let's jump over too many apis. Where I want to talk about the results of defined the police and the results of these writers. You see the problem, I see as coming off of what I just explained is that the media just blindly follows the far left, even if it means off a cliff. We dont want our society to favour the far right and we don't want to favour the far left. But I believe it was Jordan Petersen who said that we know when the far right goes too far. We know the right goes too far. Now it's far right, we gotta hate, put a stop to that. We do seem to know when the far left goes too far. So
the end up, seeing our rights for a hundred and six are so days in Portland. Finally, now slowing down and we see cities blindly deciding to abolish their police like Minneapolis from MP, our news with violent crime on the rise in Minneapolis City Council asks: where are the police? Well, maybe I got rid of them. Maybe that's where they are. It actually get to vote that I believe they did. Vote were abolished, but I don't think anything actually happened yet because well they can actually figure out how to do it and will not. Crime is on the rise and people who live there are furious. P R reports? The meeting was slated as a Minneapolis City Council study session on police reform, but for much The two hour meeting council members told police Chief Madonna, are a dando. That's our constituents are seeing and hearing street racing, which sometimes result and crashes brain, daylight Carjack, ings, robberies, assaults and shootings, and they ask
our Redondo, what the department is doing about it residents are asking. Where are the police said Jamal Osman? duly elected council member of Ward six, he said he's already been inundated with complaints from residents that calls calls for police aren't being answered quote. That is the only public safety option they have at the moment, mpg they rely on empty and they are saying they are nowhere to be seen. Osmond said: well, that's funny from real, clear politics: June Eighth Minneapolis City Council, president on dismantling police wanting to call the police comes from a place of privilege, white privilege, Prob we so City Council, President LISA Bender, Minneapolis, told CNN Brook Baldwin that wanting to call the police after your home is broken into comes from a place of privilege. Well now, they're calling in the council complaining because the cops aren't showing up. There's two potentials here
Crime is skyrocketing and cops are unable or actually, if there's a couple scenarios cops are unable to deal with all of the skyrocketing crime on other potential is a blue flew type situation where the cops are our defiant. You want to abolish the police insult us, demonize us and arrests. Officers doing their job. We're not gonna help you any more, and so they won't answer calls. But there is another situation and its that the cops are scared to end The calls I know I know maybe you're saying all the cops aren't here no hold on yeah. I think the cops might be scared. Why won't? What? In the in the George Floyd case, the defence? I think fora for the officers are Autonoe for all of them, but someone put about photo from the Minneapolis Police Department Training Manual, showing some one kneeling on someone's neck. Now I don't think that's a good thing. I still think it's bad, but these people were told
Do it and now they're gonna be arrested, they ve been arrested, are being charged. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm saying if you're a cop- and they tell you, do this You see a cop, do this and get arrested. You're like I, don't know what I can do anymore, so I'm not going to do it so ones one says we gotta call for domestic no way did now. I come into that you, nuts I'll, go to jail bill arrest me. So the cops are responding. Congratulations! You read what you phone as always. The greater point of this segment is media criticism, when the media does not call out the anti for people when they shield their identity, who are they serving their serving extremists who are going out and planks? stupid games because their morons and the like, it's fine work, but that that turns into actual policy and then you see Minneapolis say we we're going to a ball
the police, I kid you not, and they say it's privilege. Oh you up police to come and help you that's privilege, and now the poor people are suffering didn't. We all predict this. You see the media didn't rip. Port on the on the important things the police. Do the media doesn't report when a cop get shot? I mean the local outlets. Do. Did you see the video from Tulsa New officers are trying to remove a guy that had everything right. Forty lawful orders get out of your vehicle, the guy parents had yet it had. A gun had under a seat Probably I do want to get out of his car. The body camera footage is haunting nightmarish, because this guy, you know he shot these cops. And where is the national outrage, where CNN Msnbc Nbc Cbs Abc, whereas where the big headlines story shock to the nation I mean it was George Lloyd was everywhere you see when the media favours the left, then than the pilot
she's just say you got it whether or not anyone actually wants these things and the people of Minneapolis don't want this. They want the cops back and now people are calling. These works I pushed chief Madeira, are adapted to tell them how the department is responding to the violence used. I'd, say, five thousand chief I'd say Madeira are to tell them how the department is responding to the violence used. I'd say five, which I was a chief I'd say: I'm not we're we're experts in your plans to defend and dismantle abolish the police. Don't worry, we got police are gone. You don't want us. We won't stick around. The media is, what's creating, All of this, and when you see journalists like Andy, no actually calling out anti fuss, price. Surprise! All of us button. There worried! Oh, no, we better not riot anymore. You shouldn't have right it in the first place and now they're not going to now they're realising freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence to stupid, sang
everybody knows that if, if you went outside and yelled, you know something people would be alerted to that thing. If you sign we're like bees, bees out our killer, bees are everywhere, then people would have, kind of reaction. There would be a consequence to that. I think people realise that any action as a consequence, but rioting has consequences, and it is Not your right to riot? But for how long do we see the instrument media saying peaceful protest, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful and they were anything but peaceful? They were violent riots. So I'll tell you. What is why independent media so important, I hope the people of men, plus get their police MA am not entirely convinced they will here's Ellen. Let me read the last little bit of the story, despite the uptake of crime in this in his ward Cunningham, who supports the creation of a new community safety agency to replace the police department, set its particularly important now to start instituting some of those public health based approaches to
violence prevention recently, the council took more than one billion dollars in the police budget to hire violence interruptus to intervene and diffuse, potentially violent confrontations. If we have these systems play in place, we are getting ahead of the violence. That's why I have advocated so strongly the violence interruptus, because if they are interrupting the violence before the guns are being fired, the MP doesn't have to respond to that violence seriously. Did you watch the video of the copse trying to pull the guy from his car? They they they ordered about forty times, and he wouldn't listen they they. These people have no idea what the police do. They really really have no idea, and it's supposed to be the the journalists job to inform people about SK going on? But they are not doing that either, and so people have no clue now. There is one hour that at a really great job, they took a police, an anti police brutality activist and put him through a use of force, training scenario where he found
old completely in one scenario, a guy was casing a car and then he was talking to him and the guy tag them, so they were using you like mock guns and ears, like you is that fast was a split second, the next we there's two to us. I argument any approaches and the one guy starts walking or them say what's your problem and then a tax, the guide. So again, it's it's! A mock shootings. Essentially two is an analog to shooting he'd and then he said I didn't realize compliance is really important. Yeah violence interruptus. What do you think the viands interrupt. There is going to get killed. The violence in Europe,
there's going to show up and they're gonna get shot? These people have no idea what police do and I'm for police reform, but this is childish, so the ends of a people they need to realize, come up and is coming their way. It's not just gonna, be them in parliament to be people everywhere, and he noticed just cover. Portland covers all of these rights, and there are many others doing the same. It's only a matter of time before people get sick and tired of your violent riots, if they find out you are and they call your employer. I dont like cancel culture. I think it's horrifying. That's the world we live in now need to do something about it is to change it, but it's happening unit. I dont like if somebody speaking the time to fired, that's disproportionate. Ok, you speak something you tell someone, don't say it again, but you got violently right. You get arrested, arrested front, but I guess we can only wait and see what comes next. As per usual, the people of many apple you're not going to be suffering under the failed policies of their city council and because the City Council just believe
we think they heard on the internet, and these anti VA types are now going to recognize. You can't go out and riot because people well you'll lose your job only with their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Left him cast news thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them couldn't have predicted it more perfectly. I said several times. I warned they will I'm to your house the angry mob, and they will. Demands and the police have to decide how to stop the unrest in the street, and you know what the least will do the police will arrest you, arrest the mob. They will say all those first amendment right, I guess, and what, if they arrest one person more. Shall what now it's easier just to arrest the homeowner and that's exactly what happened. The story from the post, Colonial Milwaukee man, mob by black lives matter activists, were arrested for trying to defend his arm. Now at first,
when I saw this story, I thought were dancing on the line here. You know why the guy got arrested for brandishing a shot gun. He holds it up, he pumps it and then he paused said through the window. I think the window is closed. What is pointing it out through the window? Well, that's apparently Y gotta, We don't know for sure why he got arrested, but many people believe that's the reason now based on that alone, you might be so Well, I mean the people were just in the street with bull horns and lights, and he pointed a shotgun Adam I mean now is brandishing a weapon. Well, as it turns out, many of these same activists and one of most prominent who are a man whose name we know had all so gone and staged a mob event outside another house a couple months ago, where they burn in that house to the ground. For no reason: ok wasn't on the ground it was, it was torched the whole, but the fire engulf the building. It didn't completely collapse
I gotta make sure on being very specific vision of the media law to twist things, but yes, one Particular activists has been going around leading many of these groups of these of these protests. So many many of the much of this unrest, one of the houses they went to their were apparently to young girls who are missing. That's right to you. Gross missing in the community are outraged somewhat. Fourteen seeing them in one particular neighbourhood and police went around couldn't find anything inside it wasn't that these girls weren't critically missing, because only then a few hours So apparently, this guy shows up in touch live streaming. They fight one house and start demanding the people inside release. The girls or whatever the girls weren't there. So they burn the house down. They they bade they set the house on fire. I put that way just be mortal civic turns out the girls weren't even missing now just ally playing at a friend's us. So this barbaric shows up to this guy's. How scotch he's got a trump flag? Honest porch,
They are calling him racist, they say harasses the neighbourhood that may be true. There's a video there people anywhere. The guy is yelling or somebody is young. Raises things I'm the guy is. I have no idea of its same guy and even if it is a what what makes you think you have a right to go around yelling of sundays and flashing lights in their homes, but he has no right to do the same thing. Job to his house. The same mob that had burned I should the same, but in a similar fashion, with money, the same people to a mob. Had set a house on fire, and this guy shows that he's got a weapon. He gets arrested. They will come to your house just like this. The cops will arrest you. If you try to defend It's not the first time it won't be the last until the last time I make a video about it. Let me read rate rate, read through these stories and show you exactly what's going on it's a story from Postcolonial Milwaukee man mobbed by Belgium activists arrested for trying to defend his home Libby, Emily
imposed on your rights activists in Milwaukee. Wisconsin staged a protest that neighbours home on Monday, alleging that was racist police work. Old when the man could be seen holding a gun and then he was arrested, the story was reported on Twitter by Kitty Shackelford. I dont know who Kitty Shackelford is tough, but apparently this twitter user Kitty Shackelford just found the live stream on Facebook and started uploading clips, and I also think it's kind of funny that black lives better activists, call the police on you and I wanted to fund the police. I mean: that's that's a big big call to action. They have won an emission payments, but when it comes the police arresting you and giving them what they want. They cheer for this, and they did so. They don't want to defend the police. They just want to be the police, and now the mob has gone to a man's alma trump supporter and he's been arrested, proud, watches, laughs and sings you're about to go to jail, an officer
there's the man home and seconds later, escorts him out in handcuffs the crowd goes exude. Really wild of applause and cheers you're about to go to jail. Voice, calls out over a microphone while other activists scream a few peat and don't arrest me arrest, pistol, PETE. What are the cops arrest, this man, what but instead they have that actually did anything. That was claimed against them is in Wisconsin. I actually serve shuttle does up on over shore. Is it a good deal of the right to stand your ground or to find your property? What did he do that warranted his immediate arrest by cops? Who did not stage any kind of investigation. I have warned all of you as well: at the police with smile on their face will enforce unconstitutional edict. They're gonna cost they're, gonna, say governor says so. In this instance, it's not edict the its them saying it's easier to arrest. You then
deal with an angry mob and that's what will happen when they come to your house kitty, Shackelford tweeted, I'm still trying to figure out who, whose house this is in no way Milwaukee was content, seems to be outside the house of outside the house, who deal? I'm saying pointed it got at them. The title of the video is we still lit. This goes out to all the racist neighbours, so I assume it just a local racist. In fact that is the case. It was a case. It was a local racist and they said there Engross house, Katy tweeted be alarmed group, including children, pouring out a summons property that they seem to be harassing after he was arrested by police they're, calling him probation, PETE are celebrating his arrest. Now I wonder why it is that is manifested the point this weapon. Could it be like I mentioned earlier, at these individuals, the same ones had been front of the house that was set on fire and he was war. They would try to set his home on fire and they were shining lights and screaming and playing music industry. Maybe it's the reason, or maybe it's because the war
lucky activist VON maize was arrested and allegations of burglary as party to a crime. This, of course, is the man who posted on Facebook pull up at five thirty today, this neighbour. Thanks, it's cool to harass black neighbours, calling them the inward parade confederate flags around, she loves going other folks houses and throwing parties they ain't for. Let's show how it's done: ok, so, a man who was previously arrested on suspicion of burglary and I'm not sure what I've been with us charges post that he's come thanks to your home, the same man who had appear, in front of another house that was set on fire and that guy's in front of your house, with a bunch of other people and their screaming Do you have a right at that point to assume the worst and defend yourself? Perhaps we're still on the line or perhaps where over it. I think Considering? This is a community. Many people on the outside won't understand at this guy in this house, he probably knows who this dude VON Mazes, the dude VON May.
It has been arrested before this dude VON Maize livestock. These events and he probably said that's the dude, who got arrested for suspicion of burglary about saying guys guilty of burglary, but this guy might see that insight, This is the guy. This is the guy who went and lives dreamed and got a bunch people to show up to this house and then set on fire. Maybe that's what I was scared of the matter. The cops arrested him and then the craziest thing is you got a guy who was arrested on allegations of burglary VON Maize in envisages AIM in Milwaukee, and they rest the guy taken from his home and leave those people out in front of his house. It is only a matter of time before someone throws a brick and then someone kicks the Jordan and then We're just ransacked the house. You see it like. I said it all happens in increments. And right now we're at the arrest the homeowner phase. I kid you not
Bob job to his house and they arrested him get away from cities. Men. It is far away from sees as possible make sure your inner community. That's that you trust with people. You know no, your neighbors talk your neighbours, because in the mob comes for you, the police will arrest you well. Come to morality, policing. I said this would happen over and over again. Here we are I remember when I went to TED Wheeler, Sow smashed up all the windows on the first floor, the condo building and through flaming debris into it, and I said you see what its mob mentality. One person does one thing and before you know it does an avalanche and the snowflake doesn't blame itself for the avalanche, go back and see. What's gonna on getting Shackelford This is what was going on inside the house before he pulled the gun on them. They went specifically to his house to protest him for being a racist.
The homeowner was arrested and the crowd remains outside. They seem to have gone on his property, w E, F Milwaukee. Should this guy be a racist in my opinion? No can he be erased this? Yes, that's America! I don't like racist and if this guy really was going under those things, I'm not a fan, but guess what their power probably lying. You know when they went to this house and set it ablaze. There were no missing girls inside I'll tell you what happens. This is why mob of mentality is dangerous. This, why the police needed come out immediately shot down the mob, because one guy will, you like that. Do the racist and I've got rabble rabble, rabble I'll, throw breaks and start fires. They have no idea. What's going on when, Luke Cowskin, you might not from we arch, and was in Hamburg, Germany for the G20, he was walking down the street with a journalist who was John. And someone yelled nazi shrine, honed or some whatever. I Nazi PIG, a bunch of
and people ratified, punch punching in the face and had kicking omen. Why, they did know who he was someone just yelled it that's mob Mantell So how do I know this guide anything wrong? I doubt it and that's probably why This guy was showing that he had a weapon. If you can, since you, my house, I will defend myself. If you try to hurt me at or damage my property, I will protect myself in my problem. I mean really funny when the when this house is burnt. Ok is Chaotic saga unfolded, you know the girl we're missing, they weren't really missing, nay, ought actually weren't missing at all, and so here's what happens? They say look accurately what let me, let me jumped to the point where we can find our friend VON made at about ten fifteen, a m one may is a highly visible community activist arrived the scene shortly after police, perhaps,
dozen people were already there when they have begun an hours. Long live stream. Video over Facebook, which tune grab the attention of several thousand viewers in the opening minutes of video. He addresses the camera and spoke about the difficulty of getting a missing persons report and that community members had set up their own system by a social media for a listing missing people. He said he went to North 40th street because a home there had a reputation for housing missing children unattended to help find them. People feel like the police. Don't do that! Don't do expletive So a lot of this expletive is taking our own expletive into our own hands, while police searched the home under forty at St Maize and others walked around the neighbourhood, knocking on doors and search the girls, I returned about eleven, a M police had left the scene in the crowd had grown larger. It's happened before The police show up they leave because I can't do anything. The mob then starts fire to a house because they just believed something. Without
but since they didn't care, didn't know what was going on in a where the girls were on the girls, weren't actually missing. This house it is going to come down, may sat. I'm Tellin ya. It's too many people, even before the gunshots as repeatedly were made remarks about how we pretend Billy chaotic situation was brewing before the gunshots, so could it be that this do shut up before at these people at black lives matter in the streets and the revolution fast in the streets there have been gunshot. Tat is before they had set a house on fire before, and this guy decided to defend himself while he's been arrested, he's been arrested and People are planning more Cassandra, Fair Bank for the gateway, pundit rights, black lives matter, bringing protest parties to Trump supporters homes. Facebook account still active. Despite repeatedly posting addresses of conservatives, now I always say this: I do not like the gateway pundit. I do not think there are good outlet.
Because I'm your Fairbanks does do a good job and I trust her and she actually shows the posts she writes on Tuesday evening attracts a porter was arrested for her. Building a shot gun by the window of his home as it was surrounded by a mob of far left lunatics as it turns out. It wasn't this group's first time showing up at the home of a random person to protest and intimidate on Facebook. Page called as this tour, twenty twenty VON L, maize Amanda describe himself as Milwaukee Malcolm X has been posting person? information on Trop supporters. The pages littered with people's phone numbers addresses and calls for crowds to shop at their homes for protest parties they are going to come to your house for no reason other than accuse you and they accuse you of being a racist. That's it and you, might not even be a trump supporter. Wake up share this video. Let people know what's happening, as you probably got one or two
in fact, sit or friends or in a liberal friends who are lyin on now I'll be fine. As long as I keep my head down, the mob won't come for me. I can't believe how many people say that How many people said they won't speak up? Cause want to be safe. Death comes knocking door to door, and you think he'll pass over your house yeah as people take red paint and right black lives matter above their doors, in a desperate bid to beg them for safety. It won't work. Sometimes it works. Sometimes people put the signs up in their windows, helping the people spare them and, it doesn't matter, there's a really funny photo of like a whole foods lobby. Sign saying we support black lives matter. Wherever and like you know, and racism and all the windows are smashed destroyed. Smaller shops might get a pass it. So it's so hilarious. Isn't it take the Red but it above your door is not how it works. So we can see Cassandra's posted this facebook, you into the facial post, former Milwaukee,
police Chief Alfonso Marilla was also targeted by the group who repeatedly held protest parties outside his home quote the protesters said they're, bringing the fight against racism in front doors but aldermen nuclear Dodd. Who represents the fifth this where morality lives, says the protests are a nuisance and a threat to public safety that must be addressed immediately. The Milwaukee Journal, Sentinel, reported in July morality, was demoted back to a captain in August for using tear gas and pepper spray against rioters. They're gonna come near house, they believe they have the right and they believe they have the right to attack police. Take a look at us from Boston Review, dot net. I don't know what this the sources of an old Boston review is, but apparently they make reference. Two VON amazed, the guy who calls himself no Walkie Malcolm X, the guy who's going to people's homes, the guy who's in arrested on allegations Burglary in the past is going around to people's homes and hears what he said.
In this article they say thus VON L, maize, a respected community activist in Milwaukee, immediately responded to two Floyd's killing with a call for law policy and legislation to allow for legal defence against unlawful arrest. Sang quote. I think you should be able to defend yourself against abusive police, for instance. If a cop violates my rights and is violent with me, I have a right to defend myself here: maize, harking back to the not violence, philosophy of no walking and double icy p commandos. Given the fact that people Violence in black communities is routine and sometimes exceptionally brutal. We must not criminalize the acts of self preservation and community defence through which people an activist try to defend themselves. What he is saying is He believes they have a right to resist arrest if they feel the cops are doing something wrong, but whoever thinks they deserve to be arrested. How many hundreds,
how many people use it. I got. You got me officers as committed a crime put her. There are put my hands by my back. Some people do, and sometimes the cop still get aggressive with people and often the cops will say it is a lawful order to exit your vehicle. The guy's gonna say no and undergoing I have right to defend myself against you know. Police need failed to make arrests. So times. They make unlawful arrests. We need reform from better ways to deal with unlawful arrest body cameras, help and having them always on and penalize and cops who use them for stops. We also have to recognize body cameras, help cops the good cops I've talked to a lot of police who say that good cops like body cameras, because it protects them and if he saw the vigour that came out of tolls us horrifying video, we would not have known what happened at his officers. Were it not for their body, cameras, body, cameras, protect the officers and an that's why
a bad cops, don't want them. I've heard over and over again cop saying, oh no, we get have that I don't care. There are good cops out there who want to be protected. They want people, filming, I've seen there there's videos where one coppers like. Let me help you film, as a guy was being detained because they know there's a lot of scrutiny on what they do and they want to show the world, I ve done the right thing. Of course. Maybe there are some complications with body and was one of the best arguments against them. Is that police can selectively turn them off, use it when it protects them and then say, open mouth open malfunction, whatever don't care body cameras, I think I don't know- maybe it's the end, albeit solution. I'm shows lobby our work out before we just say body cameras are the answer, but fighting with cops. That's the skies solution. So listen, this guy will say he has a right to defend himself. Ok, what about this guy Milwaukee did it? Did he have a right to defend himself against the police,
police, went to his home and he got arrested. We assume we got arrested, it could have, but you could have been detained. Apparently the Milwaukee policed and issue a statement either way the cops came took away. Should he have fought the cops they are coming into his house. You can do anything wrong the mob without worthy up where the oppressors We have maize, apparently, should have a right to do that. They say the cat of came came to a head when activists is puzzling again call the man out directly. Lights are shown on his home, which dogs at american flag and in all aboard the Trump train sign. The activists turn their attention to the home, the music no longer plays and act with addressed them out their full voices. Orders of megaphone everybody believes the baby's a voice says them it can be seen inside holding has gone as actress coma by name, so they claimed the sky was our is a racist. They claim he parades aroused confederate flags, there's no confederate vagina.
Property and imagine if the guy was gonna go March around confederate flags, you'd have one now, here's a trump flag and an american flag. That's all it took you to sit around and wait because they are not doing anything about it. The police, just came and arrested him. I would like to know where the d o J is right. Now I know I know in Missouri the governor sad that he will pardon the mcclosky is a similar situation. I did ultimately get arrested, not immediately in their guns, were seized, their facing felony charges for defending their property. Here we go again. Well Milwaukee, while the governor defend this guy. I doubt it pretty sure they do. The Democrat could be wrong. I doubt it so we need the feds to start coming in in cleaning up I'll. Tell you some if these cops came and arrested the homeowner and they knew what they were doing. Those are corrupt. Cops their corrupt, Police officers are supposed to be defending our constitutional rights
If you are in your home on your property, minding your own business and you have a gun, you have a second to write the second minute right to bear arms. Why would they go in and arrest this man sure I get it brandishing? Is illegal. But these cops, who would allow this mob too? To harass I mean threats. Ma's outright harassment charge these people with harassment. The cops would go in and arrest the guy you're not going to enjoy police who don't believe in the constitution. If we come to What is the side where the cops just say, whatever the mob says go? You are not going to have rights anymore. No one will the mob will just tear everything apart and get whatever they want. Spineless police, corrupt police- I truly be This is corruption are not saying specifically what the cops these individual cops out. Another full circumstances. What saying is any cop who enforce unconstitutional orders, knowing their doing it or not. Even caring, that's corruption. Now, of course, I hear from all these people saying the cops got to follow.
Borders, they don't know exactly why they're doing what they are doing. Well, maybe they should maybe they should brief people on everything here. So we know This is what happened. The mob showed up. Here's a guy and the cop can say you want us to arrest, because in his own home and he's gonna gone to defend it, I'm not doing that. Why would I do that right now? What do we get cops will just walk up and do whatever their told and if that means some corrupt, governor or mayor says, do it the cop do ok, and you'll end up seeing salon owners getting arrested Jim he's getting arrested and then what We live in a society where the mob can show up and make a demand and the actual say? Ok, I don't live like that. These cops gotta be held accountable, seems everybody else. The mob wants the police on their side and guess what, after all, is said and done. It's amazing, the cops would just say yes to this, perhaps at some other circumstances may be. The guy got her.
So for something else. You know it's entirely possible. This guy had a warrant maybe the guy earlier in the day, was seeking punching some of those. I have no idea, but as it as it as it appears now, it seems as though it was you know he was brandishing a weapon and the cops show up at me. Or yelling it. But I would also add that by being very very clear, the police are not issued a statement as to why he's arrested so you need to understand he could have arrested for a million different things. We just don't know we we really doubt for all. We know this guy was a wanted criminal and the cops were like we got a warrant for his arrest and it was a coincidence, in my opinion, looks like he got arrested for trying to defend his home I'll leave their next time. It's coming up at one p, dot M on this. And I will see you all them. Tucker Karlsson recently had on a doctor a whistle blower claiming that China, government intentionally released covert? Nineteen saying quote: I worked in the World Health organization reference lab, which is the top corona viral.
Lab in the world, their opening paragraph states, the chinese- government intentionally manufactured and released the covert nineteen VI, rest that lead to mass shutdowns and deaths across the world. A top virologist and whistle blower told Fox NEWS host Tucker Karlsson on Tuesday, Karlsson specifically asked Doktor Lee men gun whether she but leave the Chinese Communist Party released the virus on purpose? Yes, of course, its intentionally. She responded on Tucker Karlsson tonight. The doktor has since been banned from twitter gone no longer. Able to speak with around sixty thousand followers. Social media has removed this actual doktor from social media. This probably a lot of people who believe this and believe her. I can't discredit
I'm not a doktor, and I didn't work for the World Health Organization, but I can rain on all of your parades, all individual parades that you're having apparently anyway, look. These claims are said to be unsubstantiated according to many members of the media, but we have seen many different stories and claims made throughout this year that it was either created in a lab, or at least from a lab or something to do with some kind of development. In a lab, we ve even seen mainstream media at the Washington post at run up ad, entertaining the possibility that this did awry. To date in the lab and was leaked so far. The maid, stream. Narrative, that's persisted is that it is not true. So perhaps the best we can do is take this whistle blower at face value and say: well, maybe the telling the truth I mean they work there. We didn't and the child The communist party is not not a good group of people, their running concentration camp
so they have reasons to kind of disrupt everything they hate trump. Maybe that's! The motive but there are reasons to doubt this story. I don't think it's fair, just assume because you have a whistle blower. The story must be true and I certainly wouldn't trust the Chinese Communist Party without hard evidence, even a sea when someone coming out saying they worked in a lab for me is just not enough. I would just say at this point I dont know, but let's these stories and how to break through the history of whatever with covered and how we got to this point. Fox news reports. Yeah said, more evidence would be released but pointed to our own high ranking position at a World Health organization, reference lab as a reason to trust her allegation quote. I worked in the World Health Organization, reference lab, which is the top cronies.
Lab in the world in the University of Hong Kong and the thing is I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China involved in the hospital Also I work with the top corona virus virologist in the world. So, together with my experience, I can tell you this is created in the lab and also it has spread to the world to make such damage. Yarns comets conflicted with the opinion of Doktor, Anthony Fetching director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious disease and White House Carnivores adviser who previously cast doubt on the idea the virus was officially created in May he told them tat. He told national Geographic. If you look at the evolution of the virus and bats and what's out there now is very, very strongly leaning toward the virus could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated the way the mutations have naturally evolve.
Other scientists, have pan the idea that covered served us sort of bio weapon always released by a lab Fox NEWS previously reported. Yeah back in July when she blew the whistle on China's alleged attempts to suppress information about its handling of the virus. With a vast network of contacts in chinese medical facilities. Yeah attempted to gather more information about the virus, as China blocked oversees experts from conducting research in this country. Now what stop there there's a lot of red there. There are a lot of reasons to believe China is doing something nefarious or dirty we saw He stories that early on China knew that there was human human transmission with quota virus and withheld the information. Then had chinese individuals loyalist another country start buying up medical gear and shipping it back to China. They knew they were going to face a very serious pandemic and they were stripping resources away from other countries to save themselves,
self preservation. I get it with China's also authoritarian and a bit despotic while their communist, so there, are not going to tell the truth about what's going on and what I put it passed a night psychotic regime like the Chinese Communist Party, who has concentration camps, when I put it passed them to manufacture of ice, I would not by our own scientists are saying it's likely, not correct that it was created in a lab. Simply will that's their expert opinion? I'm not a scientist, and I got a point up. Go right to it. This woman worked at the University of Hong Kong. Well, I hate to say it, but we're dealing with bias. Do you think China is bad if you which I should say the Chinese Communist Party. If you think the Chinese Communist Party is bad, then you're likely going to side with the Hong Kong University workers as many
you know China is suppressing the rights of the people of Hong Kong and trying to basically absorb what was once a british colony, the people their enjoy freedoms, like yet a while they they did for a while now the Chinese Communist Party, moving in and trying to crush that I'm not here to impunity, honour this individual. This doctor, young, I dont, know exam. We what her loyalties are but she's coming out against the Communist Party of China, accusing them of a very serious infraction, and I gotta say no But since I know I know the media often says without evidence, but we need documentation something to back up these claims. Now it is fair to point out there have been many stories and many other people who have said this likely came from a lab. Whether was intentional or not. That's a bold statement to say was intentional. What's read more, they say Her revelations field ongoing complained to the chinese government failed to tell the world early on about the viruses threat. Specifically, she believed the chinese
urgent, ignored research that could have saved lives. The state department did not immediately respond to foxes request for comment. In response, her former employer, the University of Hong Kong, criticized for account a press release noted that the content of the SAD News report does not accord with the key facts, as we understand them quote specifically doktor, yet never conducted any research on human to human transmission of the novel. Corona ferris at the University of Hong Kong during December, twenty nineteen and January twenty twenty, her central assertion of the said interview yen, who said was one of the first scientists in the world to study the, I will quote a virus fled China and currently fears retaliation. She was allegedly asked by her supervisor, at the university slash who reference lab doktor LEO Poon internet nineteen, to look into the odd cluster of Sars. Like cases
coming out of mainland China at the end of December twenty nineteen. Now it's a bold claim to say that it was intentionally made and I think it downplays another serious issue we have with China that I think might actually be more relevant and more important. They are mass polluters, they have a private devas. This thing called gutter oil where they people literally pull oil out of like food waste lines, and re boil it to serve. The people were negative garbage another Duncan it and there have been Historically other diseases that have emerged out of China. So if you were to come to me and said tell me that, though they wet food market that was filthy, you know anything but sanitary I'm gonna believe it. If you could tell me
that the chinese government engaged in a plot to manufacture a bio weapon that they could release around the world the damage at eminently, I got a million more questions. What was there and goal? Why did they do it? How many people were involved? You see how this works out as well, not a fan of conspiracy theories. It is possible, It is possible now. I will also say, as rather scientists to have claimed it is unsubstantiated and we disagree free? These could not have emerged in nature. Things like that? Wouldn't it be the in This of China to bypass any kind mainstream or normal analysis of where this virus originated from like stealth. If they were really going to intentionally create a virus, they wouldn't just make look perfectly man maiden then release it is people billet, yellow. This thing looks like those manmade. Wouldn't they want to make it look like a hodgepodge natural evolution but make it more effective. That's literally, what a weapon would do they wouldn't want you to know they did it. So we can
get a bunch of other things out of China's lying about their covered numbers in their deaths we seen throughout the year or or they knew what was coming, they did they prepared, for. It still doesn't mean manufactured it in the lab, and I got to say this: doktor needs to come out with hard evidence other than I just work there, because I mean listen as much as I would prefer to believe now with the Chinese Communist Party is evil and all these things out Saki. I do believe that, but as much as it might be preferable to believe that all the problems we weren't, you know we're being hit by come directly from China as an intentional attacks. Got us. It might just be that they're a negative that that there they have negligent sanitation- or you know health services, and we ve seen virus like as happened before, and I think the bigger issue now that we are facing in the U S has more to do with the Democrats. Refusal to accept that things are getting a lot better and and
major spikes, it's all long since behind us, so we should probably start getting back to business. In many places. Are I gotta be honest? Why No, I don't care about the story, don't even know Carlson's running this woman statement, I mean you, don't think it's his show while Twitter suspended Her- and I think that's the wrong move I think me doing a video like this in explaining my doubts. It's the best AIDS the best way to actually address this I'll, tell you you might disagree with me feel free to comment below. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think open discussion about what she sang is extremely important, otherwise she's gone. Going to tell people. People are going to hear and if you banner they'll just believe she must be telling the truth, but I think about the bigger conspiracy there. What is it that China is then working with some people in the: U S, government I mean hey, I wouldn't be surprised. We a long time have been selling out our country to chinese interests and our manufacturing overseas, so it could be the case, but I'm not a fan of conspiracies. Ok,
you want you want to come at me with the stuff than you are and how to get me evidence. I do think there's another point made before we the twitter thing, though, when do we take the word of experts at as valuable as by Chile in the field of journalism, I was reading something from news Garda. I did talk. Was a long time ago, news guard for those in our food here is a service. I use that rates news agencies on their credibility there worryingly biased wow, thereby getting worse and worse, every day, where the like find a conservative website, this guy Three bad articles will say the whole thing is bunk. Like do that's like three articles I can go to ABC Nbc near times and fine ten times the amount of art, those that are bad misinformation, because people make mistakes. But anyway, I digress. They had given a negative writing to what they determined to be a conspiracy theory website. Now the website was talking nine, eleven and false flag, attacks and stuff like that, but they actually cited form.
Are you ass intelligence and they had them on the record, but they still said it was fake news. Why I'd I'd? I dont understand this, and this is one of the biggest pre ones in journalism? Right now, we have a viral adjust, confirmed, virologist straight up, saying that they worked in this lab and they know to be true. Twitter has suspended its individual. Why? How does Twitter no did twitter do an investigation, and why would we determine that this individuals statements are not credible? We can't we know that their actual academic, we noted as their actual doktor. They worked in this university and they're saying something. What do you do you see there many experts who go on MSNBC and CNN and other other channels and say Donald Trump works for Russia. Should we ban Peter struck yeah, you know him he's the guy who was tweeting what laser page about insurance policies against Trump, the other them all up. The lovers trump tweets: here's a guy who believes to that
Day he went out you some interview and said that Donald Trump is compromised by Russia, so gay then you get a bad him next, isn't that these stabilizing our country? Why is that opinion allowed because he's an expert he worked for the FBI. Therefore, what he says must true, ok. Well, then, what about this doctor? If you're going though I assume Peter struck as an expert who worked in the FBI knows what he's talking about trust him. Why would you This virologists is wrong and ban her and Ben conversations around what she sang. Therein lies the problem. I think there's that there's that there could be um veracity to stocks claims. While I put it this way, there may have been a long time ago, but mother didn't find anything. There was no evidence, so he's probably wrong. At this point I mean because mother was looking for it. If we launched on, Inter Governmental, international effort to investigate the origin of kroner virus. What,
China and and and dug through all the labs and had all of the former officials testify before an intergovernmental panel. Then I might believe it when they say she's wrong. But, when China blocked our efforts when they lied and we dean. Several other people make similar claims. Then I say what we gotta whistleblower: let's hear what I have to say when we, started the Russia Gate thing? For instance, I absolutely set out there I'd be something there. I actually entertain that now if you're gonna die, but if it then is the right move. Let's have it astrogation see what's going on for the good of the country, and the Democrats could never let it go to this day after Peters, drug and his own allies did an investigation found no Evan. They still believe tromp is owned by Russia. Okay, so Ban Peter struck ban him from Twitter he's an unchanged conspiracy theorist, but they don't and there
eyes. The problem twitter suspends chinese virologist, who says covered nineteen was made and will lab Doktor Lee men, Yang a former resort, Hong Kong School of Public health when dark on the platform after she accused China of covering up evidence that the deadly virus came from a lab and who hung they dont, while the people than others truth? Also, that's why I got suspended. I got suppression and I am the target. I am the target that China Communist part. Wants to disappear. She told Fox NEWS House, Karlsson. Karlsson then responded I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt I'm going to assume you're, not an anti chinese racist. So it's not clear why Twitter would shut you down or why you're being ignored by the rest of the? U S, media. Why is she being ignored? Put it a clue, and to combat the post on Wednesday, the whistle blower released a paper on Monday on the open access repository website. Z. Note that she says backs up her claim,
and shows how the virus could be conveniently created in a lab setting in six months. The paper which was co author with two others claims to note how Sars covered two shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with naturally occurring zoonotic virus. Ok, then,. Well I'll walk back a little bit. What I said earlier on she's got a paper out. We ve got a bunch of other papers for Many more doctors saying it was naturally occurring. I don't nessus. I think it would be strange that you have all these other scientists. Secretly working with China, I damn sorry. I just can't buy that. You know conspiracies happen, and China's got there there tendrils in there and their interests all over the world, but come on doktor found. She is on trumps task force and they it's funny when the media tries to pit trumpet voucher against each other and they it's funny that people don't like vouch units like pigs on trumps task force
then the whole time I still can't believe covert as an issue, but that's what the EU there is about. This is so important. Is that Joe Biden Strategy right now against Trump is krona virus response? if it turns out that this was a buyer, weapon released by China than Tromp is completely off the hook, one hundred percent and China's responsible now to be fair. I think China's responsible, I think, even if it emerged, you know that the main, if, even if that the main narrative is the crack narrative, which I have no reason to doubt, it emerged in this scene of food market whatever they lied. We know they lied and we know they were hoarding materials. But now they're coming after Trump back in, I think was February. Business insight around the story? Talking about you know. We can see here that that the seafood market is very, very close where this idea they say, but how Joe of the South China University of Technology previously worked, and one in the paper here
just the killer. Krona virus probably originated from a laboratory and we'll hung and was tracked out accidentally by an unsuspecting scientist. The branch office of the wine CDC is located about six hundred meters, less than half a mile from the one on market by a main roads, though it's not the Chinese, he disease only site in Wilhelm. So here we are I've heard this before now that store at study was retracted. I don't know what that means. It was bad or not. It's true. The market is really close to the war. On CDC, as a really mean anything The real issue for me is is about truth and media with social media banning doktor Young now she can't even engage and that's a bad idea. You're gonna create conspiracy there s the other, the other issue I haven't I was reading. This is like. Why? Wouldn't we just trust her? Why would we site that's a whistle blower? I mean think about it. You got as others I intend to work at a university saying: she's, lying she's, lying yeah, well, she's a whistle blower they're not get it
means if they knew they are not telling you that's what a whistle blower is as a menu. Blindly trust whistleblowers just means if I'm gonna take the word of Peter struck that Donald Trump is working for Russia. Why would I ignore this doctor, and therein lies the bias of the meeting other frame things they call everything. Doktor Yon, set unsubstantiated and said: well she put on a paper that enough. Look. Let me be honest, I do not believe the kind of Irish was a by weapons. I really don't and edit and end I'm I'm open to all the possibilities, but need hard evidence for now. I think, A simple solution is is, is, is I think it China pollutes like crazy? They have horrible human rights, can out human rights records, horrible living conditions, not every single person in China, but many
people are living in serious poverty and poverty exists everywhere. Look in sandwiches going up poop all over the street, and we have typhus breaking out now like the homeless and happens here too. If we can see this in California, why couldn't we see it in China? China pollutes like crazy. And they wouldn't they lied about it and let it spread because they don't care that to me makes a ton of sense. I dont need to believe some theory or as an individual whistleblower that China's it on purpose. Maybe they did. Maybe they did. If there's one paper out now, it's hard to know. What's what what's truly really really is because we're gonna get a ton of mainstream media, saying it's not true. It's unsubstantiated an unarmed I'm gonna be like. Has anyone subsidy
and you need anything else here is how it works. I looked the news and what I see a handful of scientists sang. This looks like it was a natural evolution. These things happen. I say well that's true that I see this doctor putting up putting on her paper with set with a couple others saying. And may I say okay. Well, we have this study to every other studies. No within what am I supposed to believe, I'm sorry, I defer to the simple solution pro finally emerged and unsanitary conditions, and it is China's fault, it doesn't need to be a grand conspiracy. In fact, the negligence is worse. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna, put pretend that China's any control of what they're doing. I think that the communist parties is is so unable to actually function properly, they're, putting people in concentration camps, that's not efficient, it causes problems but Philip, and not to do
because they don't know what they're doing don't know how to do anything. So when you have poor living conditions and people, you know with with crazy animals and a wet market and a virus emerges, I'm gonna be like gap sounds like China, because they have a crappy government that that there is an argument that the nineteen eighteen, a fluke spanish flu, actually originated in China, and that's why they didn't have a partake, really bad flew season. They all kind of got it. Then they had partial immunity at mutated. Traveled around reached the? U S in Europe, combined with World war, one is extremely bad and then went made it back to China. People already have powerful immunity to it. I think that's just a simple solution. Man, but I leave their next migrants coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast.
It is a different channels that I will see you all. Then Bill bar is done playing games. He is now recommending sedition charges against anti far no joke the Wall Street Journal reports BAR tells prosecutors to consider charging violent protesters with sedition to bring a sedition case. Prosecutors would have to prove. There was a conspiracy to attack government agents, or officials that pose an imminent danger. Now, if I were to tell you that we were we're right, inching close towards civil war. Would you believe If we now how many leftist you pay the rest of us magnified Allah, universities and charges, or they had a freak out and say no, but it's billboard wrong. That's the other crazy thing! I don't think
He is thoroughly forty one on the milk toast, but set are unable to call me. The conspiracy got em, like I'm rate in the Wall Street Journal dude. If bill bar such bringing about sedition charges, if it even happens. Ok, first and foremost, if again, I think we're internet direction, the left will freak out and say this. Is it This is the fascism, in fact probably sang it already. Last question do HU, the far left us to our riding Hate America Jack are: they quote: Dating actions to cause harm to this, to the U S, government and to attack its agents check. So why are they committing sedition? Well, although lawyer
a b. That's red attorney general, William BAR till the nations federal prosecutors, to be aggressive when charging violent demonstrators crimes, including potentially prosecuting them for plotting to overthrow the. U S, government people familiar conversation said in a conference call with you as it turns across the country. Last week, Mr Bar warned that sometimes violent demonstrations across the. U S could worsen as an avowed presidential election approaches. He incur
which the prosecutors to seek a number of federal charges, including under a rarely use, sedition law, evil and state charges could apply. The people said the call underscores the priority Mr Barak, given to prosecuting crimes connected two months of protests against racial injustice that have at times become violent and lead to major property damage, as President Trump has made a broader crackdown on violence accompanying the demonstrations, a key campaign issue: U S attorneys have broad discretion in what charges they bring that our processes of charge more than two hundred people with violent crimes related the protests riots. Most of whom face counts of arson, assaulting federal officers or gun crimes, FBI officials earlier this year, proscribed the perpetrators has largely opportunistic individuals taking advantage of the protests. In more recent months, police officials say they
alarmed by the presence of armed fringe groups from both sides of the political spectrum. You know, I'm not completely convinced Donald Trump will win and I go back and forth on this, and lots of people are like that. I do but we're going to do to information changes and things have been for being back and forth but I've seen some articles, and I just gotta say I really don't know, I'm not. I'm not convince. It's gonna be a hard core landslide, but there are you know various stories that can emerge, but that that want to show you one reason why you should be concerned. You should be worried and I'll bring you to this go find me. Help BS use Alley CAT Patterson. Why Alley cat she raised forties thousand dollars of a fifty thousand dollar goal on her go on me one day ago, and you know who alley CAT is why she is a woman arrested for arson. So I think about money,
Donald Trump has raised a lot of money, Joe Biden for a lot of money to black lives. Matters raised a lot of money, and these individuals raise a lot of money. Does doesn't seem to have that combined effort? Now it could be an issue. Organizational power like I've said the right does not have it, they don't the left. They organ org, ice protests faster better more effectively and that's why the far left- is dominating the their narrative dominates major corporations and sports broadcasts, even though it hurts these companies because they organise better. How do you get someone fired from their job they'll product tweet, everybody email, this company it works. The right doesn't do that, so it could be come November. Conservatives all go in vote and regular Americans I'll go and vote and then Donald Trump wins money that their raising may come from a fringe faction of die hard zealots, but Trump has it
strong base to where's the fund raising for Trump supporters, I've seen some right wing fund razors, they don't make any money and of an atom aside, go. Fuck me, bands, half of them. So when I see this. Bs use, allocate Patterson now dont know actually committed the crime innocent until proven guilty, but being to raise forty seven thousand dollars in one day is substantial about this bail and legal fees for Taylor enter one day ago, twenty four thousand dollars and help black wise matter and Trans activist elects a w who was arrested with allocate ten thousand five hundred and twenty one free beacon says the President of Violent Franklin, Marshall College, is helping is money for a student arrested during riots in Lancaster, P and charged with arson among other felonies facing
pressure from the student body to speak out in favour of junior CAT Patterson University President, Barbara Oatman took the social media to thank students for creating a go, find me for Patterson and wrote that many of us in our community will be contributing. That's right. The far left can commit arson. Violent crimes go find me allows this but I do not call Rittenhouse he's not queues of any crime or even hate crime. Novel Bell ban him they'll banned the right in two seconds, the leftist better organised. This may be the last bastion the last the last fight the right has period and that's I feel like when I see billboard talk about sedition. I'm, like you know what man, I don't care of people, think it's crazy civil war, luckless listless just break it down for a second. No there's not be too big, marching armies, Bobo pop up at each other in the fields- and it's not necessarily I'm gonna, be you know that the specific, actions of names? It could be a cool it could be over in
day we over in a week. We are going through a period of cold civil war, and it's not like. I was a Princeton professor said, me, and I believe it was on Anti tromp, prince and professor, but what I think may happen as we are coming to a point where their extreme divergent world views on America. It is inherently evil and racist and while America's great harassed these people physician. I think if you stay on the path of american citizen, the one that we ve been for a long time, you'd, probably cycle Bill bar and say the people who are seeking to overthrow the government and burn it all down are committing sedition. They lie, they say they have the right to do it. You don't have a right to commit sedition. Sorry. Whether or not you can actually get sedition on his outer now, but we're getting dangerously close anyway. Here's my thanks go to happen as of right. Now you can See that this individual went out and committed or hours, accused arrested for community masks extreme acts and was defended apparent.
Defended by visa by the President of the college, wow. Because in their world they are just in Bill bars world. He is just and these two worlds cannot co exist. So there comes a point some time after this election. If the Democrats win then you're going to see a lot of right. Wingers half do then accept that arson is allowed by these people, but not yet the religion. The cathedral they're allowed to burn, things down and attack you at your home? You see the video I talked about this morning, my first segment where they shut your eyes house and then he got arrested. Are you eleven that world will there be an actual resistance, The authoritarian take over what it was about the inverse. What happens if a Trump winds reelection Bill BAR says it's sedition time And starts rounding up these people arresting them in charging them. Do you think the left will just sit backward? You think lot the resistance lobbies assaults,
will actually become an armed resistance. I I see a way out of this and it's funny because people like every four years, these aids, the most important. Action. I've heard it all before yeah. You heard it all before accepting our two point. With months of a violent a pandemic. Looting, riding arson, endless media coverage. There has never been a time like this in american history, at least according to several different historians. I look at the fund, raising capabilities, the organizational power of the left, and I say that as a major disadvantage, the right disadvantage for the right is an advantage for the left, and I think about this way. If outcome election day, we get results from various outlets, Trump, one, no Biden, one. What does it matter there? Is this going to be a complete frank. What will the secret service decide to do? Who will tell them? Who one I mean tromp still, president, so
Imagine he would say, that's not true. Here's the source I won. Still has until January twentieth, Hell stubby president. So what will. You do and what will happen. I dunno but seditions bold charge bill barring plain around anymore, but these people are playing around either people like a joke, that their weak, a lot of them are weak, but there still groups on the far left that are armed and preparing. I think the right is gonna, be better prepared and more brutal NOME Chomsky says so he agrees and that's Big mistake: the left is making. He said when you enter the arena. Violence, the more brutal guy winds- and that's not us- it's definitely not, but there is
certain factually left. That is the most brutal unhinged arranged violent lunatics. They they worship, Robespierre. They want a chop, everyone's heads off feather nuts. I don't know exactly what will happen come November, but I'll tell you this. I highlight these fund razors not to us assigned guilt to these people out enough. There guilty of any crimes have been arrested for them and they have a right to defence that I understand, I'm highlighting the left has organizational power. The right does not so if you think the right kind of watch out there and just make a clean sweep and just get this down you're wrong. It could be something as simple as come election night. Nobody knows who one both trumpet body play. May one and then one secret service agent just turns the Trump and says Sir NO or com January twentieth trumps has I won, and one secret service agent, just as now oh and pulled him out and all the other guys like I don't know, I don't know, I guess that's it. People realize man, you don't live in this matter.
Google world of hard, rigid rules. Life is not a computer program. Trump could all right. All right now get the dune buggy and just drive away, never to be seen again. If we really wanted to send multiple think think, that'll never happen, one ass, it could play, could physically happen. People put too much faith. They over estimates overestimate how the system functions at his delicate. Who knows wildernesses, maybe we'll just see the right wing and Bilbil goes and rests all of these anti american people, and we get massive use of sedition. Us sedition, actresses, sedition charges will seamen. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes to around and I will see well shortly. No, the Babylon be just the funniest satirical outlet. Look at his story. It's silly CNN, criticizes Israel arab leaders for shaking hands in the middle of a pandemic up AIDS
a full areas? I mean CNN, wouldn't do their lives, they got a fake image. White house disaster, Trump Middle EAST, leaders, ignore social distancing, the Babylon B is just the funniest fake news website it satire it's I'm supposed to be real. You know you know, You know CNN, shames Troms large crowd, little social, social, distancing at White House event, marking historic, MID East peace. They'll come on. Are you kidding me? It's not even been a day the Babylon, be a couple hours. I can't pull, I don't know who wrote the story first, but sorry Babylon, be you wrote real knows you. Real news- and I think I think we should all come, and I have some criticism further Babylon B for writing real news over the Babylon B
If you writing, real news would be a kinda CNN, writing fake news, you see and when seen in rights, fake news, while I criticise them, so I'm sorry I've got a criticized. Satirical news website Babylon be for publishing real news all the real lose always trying to talk about what actually happening the actual. It's really amazing. Now there It is still a joke article with by quotes, they say the ceremony of rapid into chaos and at and peace talks collapsed after an argument, arose over the product cut pronunciation of Jeff, the founder of the guy, who invented it, says, Press Jeff anyway, here's Fox NEWS reporting cnn- appeared to bury the led by sounding the alarm on the large crowd and little social distancing at the wider event commemorating the historic, peace deal between Israel, the? U N, in Bahrain on Tuesday, President Trump. Was joined by israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. You, I e Foreign minister up
I've been side on and Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid, been amid all colleagues to sign the Abraham accords, something the president hailed as the dawn of a new Middle EAST overseeing its coverage of the event was less focused on the ground, breaking peace, peace agreement and instead shamed the White House for hopeful as for holding such an event amid a pandemic. I'd like you all to just absorb this for a few moments, the Babylon, be they ve synchronized. Fate like we're dissimulation Army, you know that it is. This can't be real. You know, people of the clown world mean that those that that that what's have is just absurd, certainly, but I can't do it. I can't talk now. What's happening is so absurd that certainly this whole political
a world. Our new cycle is being written by clowns. It's a joke! Isn't it during our three p M programme, see at an anchor brook ball an accused, the president of denying the science of quota virus citing over one hundred. Ninety five thousand deaths and the over six point: five million cases in the? U S She later negatively emphasised the hundreds of people that attended the outdoor whiteness event and knocked the president for holding a pact indoor campaign event in Arizona Baldwin highlighted these events have taken place far the released recordings of trumps interviews of Bob Woodward. The early months of the pandemic spoke about the dangers of the virus with veteran journalist, while striking a different tone publicly at the time. I would address something There, the Wall Street Journal at a really has a good article about this, where they talk about contacts being stripped and what that means. As when we talk about a quote being pulled out of context, most people think it means. If I said
I had this one guy come to me right and he said he didn't like chocolate. I screen or outside those as message a guy came to me right any said. I dont like chocolate eyes criminals at what. What do you mean? You know like chocolate. I screen you then click out the quote. I dont like chocolate ice cream and make it seem like I'm saying it. That's typically. What people me, when I say pulled out of context, is another way to pull things out of context You remove them from the time period of the new cycle, see now that hindsight is twenty twenty and everybody is, you know, knows about the negative covered when tromp was talking about covered with Bob Woodward, he was telling by thanks. Everyone already knew, but seat. Now that we're in a different period they can re frame it. Nobody knew tromp was lying. Ah, that's outworks muttering
or Baldwin later turned to see what else correspondent, Caitlin Collins, who was accompanied by an honor gravity, replied Trump holds White US event with large crowd. Little social distancing is this. This is real. I just can't believe it's real, because I have the Babylon be with the with the active put it that way. What tromp Middle EAST Babylon be wrote, real moves. I think we should all core tweet tweet the Babylon B and let him know your outraged at they have published real news and they ve gotta, get fake fact check, to make sure there articles are fake. Before publishing I mean, can you believe the embarrassment for the editors, the Babylon B, the Collins report that there were more masks at this event than previous ones, but called for delegations but credited foreign delegations who wanted to adhere to stricter protocols. She noted that many top officials who attended the event work. What we're seeing not wearing masks, including attorney general, William BAR Education, Secretary Betsy Divorce,
corona virus taskforce, member Doktor Scott ATLAS she went on to compare- is feels handling of the outbreak which is released a nation wide locked down due to a resurgence of the virus requiring Israelis to stay within fifteen hundred feet of their houses, stressing that the rules are much different for president trumpet his administration is a striking difference. Isn't it now? I want to be fair. These articles were published on the same day. I don't know who published first, because the Babylon be has the date, but not the time. So I am not entirely sure and the article wished by fought a Fox news about CNN was published about twenty hours before so I'm recording this around like round three or so p m. So it's you. No seven p m last night Isham getting my math right It's very likely. The Babylon be wrote their story first. So you know what all ride. All apologize. You guys wrote the fake news. First, your psychics thou go by
yourself: some lottery tickets, you called it the sea, Anchor than welcomed Doktor Rob Davidson, who she builders emergency room physician without disclosing that he was previously a democratic congressional candidate and twenty eighteen to pile on the president, suggesting he doesn't care about the potential health risks from the White House CNN, carried on its overly negative corroded iris, focused tone toward the Abraham Accords, signing throughout its programming news, busters managing editor Curtis, how slam the liberal network for downplaying what he described as a monumental achievement from the Trump Administration, despite having debased itself as if as full of hypocrites. When it comes to enforcing crowd of pandemic guidelines, CNN doesn't actually care about ethics. So they'll offers holdings about who is an isn't wearing, masks or socially distancing and that's what they did today.
The crying the Abraham Accord signing how told Fox NEWS radio housed Buck Sexton blasted the anti Trump network. In reaction to its honour graphic, highlighted, the lack of social distancing lover gets their hacks, it CNN no mention of Middle EAST peace. White House event with large crowd little social distancing. As if that's what any of us cared about, I mean I guess they do whatever So once again see it and manages to be the worst news network, but the best comedy channel Sexton wrote even the conservative satirical website, the Babylon, be had some fun at the expense of sin and running the headline. Cnn criticize Israel arab leaders for shaking hands in the middle, the middle of a pandemic CNN has a history, but but what we use my question did the Babel. I'll, be right. This in response to CNN, because if they did, is that the joke there,
joking that they had to shake hands for the deal? If that was the case, I'd say it's not the best joke, but I think they just didn't real I have seen it was was actually gonna be doing this. They can. I bring up Jim cost. Another fact quotes. I don't know. Maybe that was the joke. Maybe joke was that CNN literally was mocking out the peace deal ever central distancing, and so they added the handshaking thing. I kind of dont think that is the case, though I wonder because this was five. Twenty six p m September fifteenth when this when this was posted, I think it's possible that the Babylon be had the joke ready. They were gonna, be making fun of CNN. And now, when the peace deal, you doses started, they publish their peace earlier
and didn't realize, but you know what the big factor here is timing, so I guess I'll out I will I will. I will update and corrective it turns out. That was the joke. Ok, as they last month's unit tonight, anchored on one and use the Israel you, a peace deal to mock tromp after National Security Adviser Robert O Brien suggested the president be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, wonder why he wants a Nobel Peace Prize so badly? Oh, you know who has won right. Iraq, Obama, yeah, yeah, yeah, lemons, colleagues, Anderson Cooper and critical
Why did the subject altogether? As did their prime time, computers, ok, ok! So I'll tell you! What? If we want to get really is reserving the headline from Babylon B is shaking hands this image? They posted Trump Middle EAST leaders, ignore social distancing. Not I don't think they realized Babylon, be you published real news, get some faith in some fake checkers, fake, fake checkers, yeah, Diego Babylon, be needs to have fake checkers, making sure there articles aren't real. This is the first time either the Babylon be you gotta, psychic go buy, sell some lottery tickets. I think it's funny. I think it's are actually makes the Babylon be satirical, are article even better because they they understand that, like you, can see exactly what CNN doing and you know how absurd it is that you could predict their behaviour and then they do it. Amazing good job, CNN, Rob
I got one more Simon. Coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. You know I knew this would happen Joe Rogue. Sad. He wants to house this debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump FF. Or hours moderated, and that would be the greatest thing ever. It probably the highest raided piece of content ever made at any point by anybody, and I want to so tweet Hashtag Joe, must show and include Joe Biden must attend, because Donald Trump has already agreed to do it. But anyway I digress. I'm just going to happen. The hit pieces, the smears. How do you avoid this? It's simple, you see Donald drop, says I'm down, I'm in for the Joe Rogan moderated debate, but by I didn't can't handle for our sitting in a chair. You crazy. I do it's going to pass out. So how do you get him? So how do you are you? Are you Chris
circumstance an excuse for Joe Biden so that he won't appear well already we're starting to see it. Sonny slams massaging mystic racist homophobic, Joe Rogan after his offer to moderate debate. Irish Joel, most popular podcast or in the world the biggest podcast in the world His is Thou loads are great. Then CNN see announce digital footprint. Well, actually I think I may be comparable to comparable Joe Rogan total views from all his clips and everything it's it's. It's be it's in the hundreds and hundreds of millions, his podcast alone, two hundred million. So right now we want to talk about how to do the debates and wouldn't make sense to put the debate on the most watched platform and medium, which would be the jargon podcast. It would but they're not gonna, do it and they did an excuse for buying more here. It is
Joe bowed and Joe Joe broken. I combine their it. Joe Rogan is a big it and thus bite inspire gonna, be alike at all or our war. Where do the thing? But you know what Rogan and though you know transphobia wherever over at Google. What do you see as a bunch of other whatever stories, but now one of the stories popping Caitlin Jenner reacts to Europeans. Trance phobic comments. The hit pieces are going to go, cried you see, because the only way you get Joe Biden out of this is forbidden to say, I'd love to do it, but rogue. It is controversial and many people find his comments offensive. So, with all due respect, I am going to decline. When in reality it would be more like I'm too tired. I need a prompter. I can barely stand I mean how Joe Biden Gonna handle the debates as they as they are? Is there can happen, but it's gonna be asleep: he's gonna wake up like an hour before the before the show to get dressed in ready before that, the actual debates with the regular journalists he's into gold
on stage then they're gonna do their debate like two hours or whatever. I think it's two hours and then he's going to go back to the car wave and then go back to sleep and they is going sleep until the next debate and that's exactly what they sleep literally the whole time. Joe Romans had four hours yeah now joking around and Trump would do it so I'll tell you what I'll take I'll take, Donald Trump and generally and one on one that's all we can get, but I do know guys we really gotta make this happen. So what do we do? Hashtag Joe must show, but let's rate exactly what's going on,
Rogan on Sunday offer doubts that about. We now quote. I think president Tromp has debased the office of the presidency. I think. As a country we have lost a sense of decorum and I don't think a house like that should be someone who has given the honour- and I think it is an honour to host a presidential debate. Posten said Tuesday, I may traditionalist, as you know, I think that journalists should be hosting these debates are shut up journalists. When you talk about a Joe Rogan who has noted, we made massage monistic racist homophobic comments. That is someone that I have no interest in being given that kind of stage Joe Rogan made racist comments. What did he say? What what? What? What did Joe Rogan say? What about you we're about everybody? We are where we are. We playing cancel culture right now, I'll tell you what your Rogan actually is. In some capacity a journalist is Joe, wouldn't say he was
because there's an and who wants to at this point to be honest, but- journalists. As someone who collects and disseminates information was Larry King, a journalist, some would say. Yes, he interviewed people. Journalism right well journalists to interview, but journalists to other things. Now we're trying to knit picked a figure but the word means I'll tell you this. You can say that Europe is not a journalist and probably fair, because, first and foremost is a comedian and fight commentator and podcast host, but he does do things that are journalistic. He interviews, people and you get to use Youtube. You see what they believe in what they are doing. Of course, now the smears will become an inn, I say Rogan who recently signed an exclusive deal with Spotify, reportedly earn thirty million dollars in revenue last year, with a hundred three million downloads per month for the Joe experience podcast on Youtube, where we currently as more than nine point five million subscribers Biden and Trump are scheduled to hold three debates in September,
toper with moderators already announced Fellow CO host Joy Bay. Heart said He wasn't aware who what Rogan was and offered an alternative venue for a fourth debate between Trump and Biden, the view? Maybe we can do it by our said. The first official presidential debate is set for September. Twenty ninth in Cleveland with Fox NEWS Sunday, your Chris Wallace moderating well hundred ninety million downloads per month. That's great, I'm gettin the hundred not not to brag, but I will tell you this times are changing. I am sick and tired of the plastic media. The pr machine, and I think you are too it's probably why you watch content like mine, because I'm just a dude sitting in his room complaining on the internet, and that means a lot. It really does. I know it a b, a downplaying what I do and Jody something similar when he calls himself dumb, he's look at me, I'm just some guy but chose action
we really smart and, of course, I'm more than just complaining on the internet. I pull sources. I do a lot of fact checking and yes, I make phone calls to get comments. I love it. Or like does Temple even do journalism can limited. I literally made a phone call today seeking comment from an organization. I do it not super often, but enough taken argue that I dont do traditional boots on the ground journalism, but I'm fact checking every single day pulling up sources and then giving my thoughts and opinions very different world. Today, back in the day, you had these suit wearing stodgy men on tv saying today a news, a dogged backlit and the crowd went wild Boar eleven, and that was it today. News is more personal, more authentic, more hearing from someone you know and trust. So I'll give you my opinions. I try to be fair. I have my biases everybody does, but I fact check. I do and people want this. These stodgy debates are going to be a waste of time. You really
making about the debates you would use you should bag for debate between with job Joe Rogan moderating. You know why Donald Trump in this format, it's going to be, as I believe it is wrong to set this watching MIKE Tyson Box. A rolled the kids gonna be going other Bulgaria walkin around and trumps gonna, be like Bobo Bobo and the guys in the baby's flying over up in the air twenty feet down explodes some reason. I have no idea why trumps going to say one thing: one thing to Biden excuse make your staff. Your staff bailed out the rioters job bite in America and what's the debate I was gonna- do while tromp now, maybe they're, hoping that the reason there going fast they want to stack the debate against Trump, the moderators going about Trump, your lying and whenever Biden talks
because I well actually not think trouble not the floor, because regular people do not care for this. Is this broke in plastic news? anymore, so the moderate and I actually tromp there weren't. You know this: many deaths, trumps, gonna back. I don't care. I don't want to hear. You know why you're putting an authentic internet kind of personality, trop worthy- I don't mean authentic in the sense that he's always honestly, don't think he is. Are they got than to get his personality comes offers like somebody is actually being honest with you, because you just talking time like I am now you take to plastic people going today. I will propose a new now and then you'd Donald Trump Guy now. Listen to me, I'm gonna tell you guys about exactly. We think the regular people watching tv or me thinking. Got me thinking. This guy seems like you just telling me it like it is, and they like that, the other guy seems like is made of plastic and has is talking about that's why you meet this to happen on the job Rogan experience you needed to
and well seen and read this article. A Joe Rogan debate between Trump and Biden is just what we need. While you see, maybe you can actually happen from our Stuart, who writes it was sixty years ago and tens of millions of Americans tuned in turn on the television for them or radio to see J F K face off with president with Vice President Nixon in the nations. First, first televised residential debate, the assessment was that Kennedy, one by looking ten and fit while Nixon looked like death warmed over. It was at that moment that presidential debates became a full contact, electronic spectator sport. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that there is Kurt as current chatter about foul mouthed comedian, an Emma commentator seeking the house they for our presidential debate between trumpet biden- that's right jargon wants to do it. Voters would benefit from watching a debate before they cast about. As
unconventional. As this particular one may sound an unlikely as it is to happen. It actually raises an important campaign. Conversation for three reasons: early voting, expanding the electorate encouraging critical thinking met last one, that's it. I don't want to hear the plastic talking points tromp. You have thirty seconds to respond, says Chris Wallace trumps as listen. We're gonna do best we got a great immigration planets coming up in a field, as you know, in a couple days all announce it. Thank you very much and their time and then trouble. Besides all the trouble be talking or even even Biden, but it will be like your look. Look fat con man, you know the thing I got a big plan, it doesn't have ten seconds. Laughter goes and here's the plan, Workin enact it's gonna beat were TAT time. I so dumb it. So diamond archaic. It's about time. You sit down and somewhat Joe was irregular. Dude looks at bottom, Yugoslavia was pot still illegal, and then they're? Just like an that's what I want to see. I want to see Donald
say: environs, America invite and violence and then just gonna be alike. But your president, just like a regular question, but your president and then Trump can get his answer and then vine will say, don't look at me. I'm not the president he's the one it's happening under his watch and Jos go back I'll, go point. What's your response? Jos, can ask questions regular people, a pocket, real questions, it'll be real. It will be real. Let's make it happen. Hashtag Joe, must show and make sure when you tweet, the hashtag, you include Joe Biden must attend the debate with Tromp hosted moderated by Jo Rogan. I want to see it. Everybody wants
I see it. We all want to see it, and I will. I will we have to make it happen: art I'll leave their necks augments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m on this channel. Thanks, perhaps for hang out- and I will see you all them.
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